A fate worse then death.

Author: John 'Hatten' Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

Sorry guys this is just thing that popped up in my mind. :)

and THANKS Charles Parker for your help in clening up my gramatic errors.

Xander snuck carefully out from the library it was just not safe anymore his enemies were sure to search in that place first. As he walked across the corridor he cursed Giles and Angel again. If that watcher kept his mouth quiet about the Zombie incident and that he was the one that forced Angel to help him Save Buffy.

If only they had kept quiet his enemies wouldn't know about it. And then he would not be in this terrible situation.

A shadow of movement saved him and quickly before the guard had time to turn around Xander dove inside a restroom. Luckily no one was inside. He was especially lucky, considering it was the girl's restroom. "Cool" Xander said, watching the large mirror and clean floor of the toilet "They must actually clean the girls restroom." A pair of feet suddenly stopped outside the toilet. Xander could hear his enemies talking outside.

"He is not in the men's room and eww it was totally unclean," one of them said. "Shall we check the girls room?" the other said. The last of them said, "No wrong individuals may find us. Best if we continue tomorrow we will get him let's go home"

Xander breathed out a sigh of relief. Finally he was safe and could leave the school and go home. As he walked out a pair of strong arms suddenly grabbed him and locked him a hold.

"Hi Xander. You really didn't think you could escape, did you?" Buffy said. Willow nodded, "you can't get away". Cordy added "yea you're a hero, time to face the consequences of you actions." Buffy spoke "We will give you a wardrobe make over. Time to lose those Hawaiian T-shirts. Angel even agreed on paying for you new shirts and pants."

Cordy added "I think leather jacket will look good on you hero boy!" Willow agreed, "That's right Xander you are a hero. Time you look like one time to go and shop till we drop." Faith nodded "Yup Boytoy I bet you look good in leather and I know exactly where we will get some."

Xander's screams of fear and calls for help went unheard by the grateful females.

Angel looked over at the librarian, "that really felt good to do."

Giles without looking up, said, "better him then us."

Angel agreed, "To true."