A Furry Moon

Author: John "Hatten" Carlson <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

Disclaimer: Do i have to? Aah well i do NOT own anything in movie or TV form.

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Lord Talon

Erwin 'Pee Wee' Talon


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Strype.. Brittany boyfriend.


Jetta and kids. Jetta = Xander Half sister.


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The enemy






Chapter 1
The hunt.

Xander sweated as he run. This was NOT good night.

First he manage to save a girl from a demon that was good.

Then he discover that the Demon had two BIG BROTHERS more then 8 feet that was bad.

And then he finds out that they got angry and started to hunt him.

That was really bad.

He really wished he stayed in Sunnydale.

Suddenly he found it the perfect hideout.

A bar no way no how the demons would find him in their.

He was almost at the door when he heard the voice.

"I think the human scum is this way"

Xander rushed inside and froze.

Around the bar was demons vampires and something that most likely was an Alien. Or played one in the movie with the same name.

He was just trying to walk out when IT spoke. "Do you like a drink?" Xander blinked. "Im not food am I?"

The 'alien' laught its inter mouth drifting in and out from its out Jaw. "No human this is a No fighting zone. Right guys. And why is it a no fighting zone."

The demons and vampires spoke as one. "If we fight you eat us," and they laught happy.

Xander blinked. "Ooh. A Bud then."

The 'alien' nodded and gave him one.

Seeing Xander staring at him he shook his head and part of the tail. "Dont worry kid. I aint like the thing in the movie they gave me the creeps.

I mean One of us be seen by a freaking drug using Hollywood creep and he use our image in a movie and now we like the biggest bad in history.

The monster in the first movie looks Just like my brother.

Last night he was out walking the freaking vamps and a Slayer ran screaming from him. It's sad really most of us are actually nice demons."

Xander sighed and tuned out the demon bitching. "I see. Can i get five more?"

The 'alien' like demon gave him his beer and took the money as Xander walked to a table in the corner.

Now when would the demons hunting him give up.

Hour later.

Xander still was sitting drinking not really knowing what to do.

When suddenly. "Are you alright kid?" The Demon 'Alien' said.

Xander smiled. "Naa two Polgara demons are hunting me just because i put their brother six feet under to save a girl life."

The 'Alien' Demon nodded. "Impressive. Polgaras are hard for humans and demons to slay."

Xander shook his head. "Funny you say so. My friends thinks Im useless in a fight. Whats you name?"

The alien demon grinned as usual and drooled a bit. "I dont think you human could say it. But you can call me Shraa."

Xander nodded. "Shraa. Right."

Shraa nodded. "Now like another beer or. Advice."

Xander blinked. "Advice. And probably a beer."

Shraa got on his knee in a comfortable position to rest as he talked. "If you friends thinks that and treat you with no respect as it sounds like. You might ask you self. They might be YOUR friends. But are YOU their friend?"

Xander looked curious "Huh."

Shraa looked at him. "Think about it. Friends do not call each other useless. If so you might be their friend but they might not be your friend anymore."

Xander frowned feeling angry but the intimidating monster of a demon looking so much like the beast Ripley had problem with made him less then willing to attack. "THEY ARE my friends."

Shraa nodded. "If you say so. But boy you need some real friends and sunshine in you life. You know a slayer right."

Xander nodded careful. "Yes what about it."

Shraa drooled. "He have books with information about my kind. Read it."

With that the demon Shraa walked away to clean a table.

Xander blinked. This was a strange night.

As the door opened he knew it would be stranger.

Whistler the balance demon walked inside.

Xander groaned. "YOU."

Whistler blinked. "You. I know you. Where DO i know you from?"

Xander blinked. "Xander. Sunnydale. I help the Slayer. I try to help the slayer sometimes."

Whistler study the boy before grinning. "Yes youre the kid. Alexander. Great meeting you. Would you mind if i sat down?"

Xander shrugged. "Please do. Even Shraa seem to think i need cheering up."

Whistler looked at Shraa. "Ooo a Rukara. Not surprising. They are good guys except if they get angry. And empathic your emotion probably made HIM depressed."

Xander snored. "So he was cheering himself up then."

Whistler nodded. "Yup. But he is a nice kind of demon. Once created as guards looks more dangerous then they are."

Xander smiled. "So no acid for blood then?"

Whistler smiled. "No no acid but poison the blood actually turns gas form in contact with air and it kills you. Going up against him kid use a gasmask."

Xander sighed.

Whistler sighed. "So whats your depression?"

Xander. "Life no respect. Yours."

Whistler "Angel. His fucking Lolita fixation on the Slayer.

Ooh man i should have seen it.

So many died and upstairs they blame me. They dont say it but you know

Xander study him feeling pissed a moment then thinking it over. "I i really dont think its your fault. First yes. But thinking it over.

You made a mistake.

Did you know about the Curse weakness?"

Whistler shook his head. "NO no. I believed it was permanent and if it had a weakness he would know. After all most curses is made to be broken."

Xander. "Stupid fucker."

Whistler nodded. "So right.

By the way thanks for the lie and that you forced him to save Buffy. You got loot of respect from the guys upstairs."

Xander blinked. "Really?"

Whistler nodded. "Yup. Some even wanted to ask you to join up as a champion. But we could not consider you blood."

Xander frowned. "My Blood whats wrong with that?"

Whistler smiled. "Your unique kid and outside the PTB right to interfere. Only IF you chose and actually ASK them contact them can you become a champion. "

Xander frowned. "Why?"

Whistler. "They are the overseer of Humanity kid. And you might not know it but about 30 years ago you moms foster parent tried to cure her curse she was a Were-wolf.

We are talking about the real deal here a born were-wolf with control over her change and all.

All they did was hide it block her abilities and slowly turning her to depression during full moon. And eventually to alcoholism. Its to late to cure her now but. When after she married you dad she had a secret affair with a handsome man a real Were-Cat your real father.

Xander blinked. "So what am I?"

Whistler smiled. "You are a Were-Chimera a hybrid between cat and wolf. Were-Chimeras are Extremely rare. And your bite dont create more of your kind.

Any kids would probably be wolfs or cats not both."

Xander frowned. "Then why have i not change."

Whistler. "Because you never learned how. Your a natural born were and a mix. To shift you have to learn meditate find the inner beast or something who knows.

Ever wonder why you survive so much abuse fights with vampire your dad?"

Xander blinked. "No i i just thought i healed fast."

Whistler smiled. "Lets drink." He said grabbing his beer.

Xander study his own beer. "Could you help me?"

Whistler spit his beer over the table in surprise. "What i don't have the time i. Actually i do have but i. What the hell.

If i start train you kid i will train you in more then just changing and controlling it. I talking about fighting and the works.

I dont train a quitter you understand?"

Xander study the balance demon. He looked slimy Good fashion sense but slimy and weak but Angel feared him so maybe. "Alright if you can prove to me that you actually knows you stuff i will be your loyal and obedient student."

Whistler smiled. "Crap. All right. I do hope you learn fast Im not a good teacher."

Xander. "Well Im not a good student so."

Whistler groaned. "By the way. First lesson. Run out and escape from the two Polgaras if you survive i teach you more."

Xander looked at him. "What. Alright stupid demon." He said as he run out.

Shraa walked over. "Beer." As Whistler nodded he continued. "That was not really nice was it?"

Whistler. "No. But his heritage will only wake IF he is under what he thinks is deadly Danger. Tonight is full moon combine with the beer his control is loose and with enemies after him. His chances is great that he will get his heritages."

Shraa drooled. "So you set him up then?"

Whistler. "Nope. Just pure dumb luck. I hope the kid survive."

The two demons was silent a moment.

Whistler. "I warned him. I am a bad teacher. Why do you think Angel is afraid of me?"

Shraa shook his head. And walked over to clean a table.


Xander looked at the side as he carefully watching the corners after his two enemies. When he bumped in to something. "Crap."

"Human. DIE." The demon Screamed. Trying to stab the puny human with his bone spike.

Xander failed to dodge but tripped on a pair of cans avoiding the spike with pure luck of a drunk.

"Ouch." He said as he rushed to stand up the Polgara came screaming after him. "Die Human Brother he here."

Xander. "This is not my night." He said as the other demon came running from the other direction.

The two demons started to slash cut and stab at him slowly cutting his shirt sunder drawing blood and grinning. "Pain we will torture you then you die."

They said cutting him small pain full cuts in the skin.

Xander tried to stand but a kick send him down again and a then he screamed in pain as a bone spike was driven true his left leg.

Falling back screaming he could see the moon above him.

He stopped screaming even as the demons started to cut him and rotate the bone spike stuck in the leg.

He could feel the heart rage faster and faster. -Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom-

And a pain like floating steel was poring down inside of him and he screamed in pain.

The Polgara brothers stumble back as the human slowly stood up his face was furry picture from a nightmare.

Long claws strong and sharp long furry ears and eyes like a cat and jaw like a were-wolf.

And his cuts healed. "Die." IT growled out as it jumped the two shocked demons.

Xander howled in fury shaking his furry claws against the last Polgara bleeding body.

He then fell over unconscious.

The Polgara rushed up and ran away hoping what ever that was would not come after him. Brothers or not his life was more important then a pesky vengeance.

Beside Mom could always give him more brothers and then he would be the big-brother.

Chapter 2
The Sunny welcome...

Next day.

Xander sighed his body felt tired worn out and he had lost a lot of weight. But he did manage to transform him self back to human and to the monster chap twice.

Looking around he did not find Giles even if the librarian said that they he would pick him up.

"Crap why must the bus station be so far away from school." He complained as he started the walk back to school.


Walking in the library he found the gang their still researching the something about the resent big bad.

"Hi G-man." He said angry. "Here your book."

Giles blushed. "Ooh thank you Xander i i forgot about you sorry."

Buffy. "Xander where have you been. You better not have been hunting on you own. You defenseless after all and clumsy."

Xander raised his eyebrow sighing wonder if Shraa was right or not. "Giles. A demon named Shraa helped me yester day. He looked like the monster from the movie Alien do you know anything about them. It said it was a Rukara."

Giles cleaned his glasses. "Aaa well they are guards demons only aggressive IF you attack what they are guarding. And they are rather friendly and empathic. Why did you fight it and if did it bleed?"

Xander. "Naa he just drooled a bit. Friendly guy or girl."

Buffy frowned. "Xander why were you talking to a demon. Your helpless."

Xander sighed. "Im going home i am tired."

Willow frowned. "Xander what were you doing. You cant fight."

He shrugged. *Maybe the 'alien' like demon was right that he was their friends but they were not HIS friends*.

Buffy frowned grabbing his shoulder. "Xander i was talking to you." And forcing him to turn around. "What. Were. You. Doing. Their."

"Talking to me toots." The voice of Whistler said from the door.

Buffy blinked before remembering who it was. "Whistler what are you doing here?"

Whistler grinned. "Like i said. The kid and i was talking. Coming kid."

Xander blinked. "But but Im tired. And Hungry."

Whistler nodded. "Yup best time for this lesson. And call me Sir or Sensei."

Xander sighed. "Alright Sensei Sir. Im coming." Tiredly dragging his feet he started to walk out.

Buffy blinked. *That was creepy.* "Hey i was talking."

Willow, *blinked that was strange.* "What Are You Going?" She said. Giles *that was highly unusual.* "O my." He said.

OZ. Wonder if i should try pink hair tomorrow. "Hmm." he said.

Cordy *that guy had worst dress sense then Xander.* "That guy have worst dress sense then Xander." She said.

Even Whistler stopped and looked at Cordy.

Cordy blinked. "What its true. He like a pimp runaway from the 60. " Buffy groaned. "What are you doing to Xander."

Whistler raised an eyebrow. "Thats between him and me toots."

Buffy growled. "No tell me Im the slayer and his friend."

Xander pushed her shoulder. "Stop it Buffy. Friends respect each other. What he and i will do is between the two of US and if i find one."

Buffy growled angry. "We are you friends."

Willow nodded. "Yes dont be stupid we are their for you."

Cordy. "No your not."

They all stared at her.

Cordy shrugged. "Kind of like the two of you are letting Faith sleep in a dumpster of a motel. Ignoring her or back talking her. You are doing the same to him."

Willow. "NO we are not what about you C Cordy. You do the same right." Cordelia shrugged. "Im not his friend any more not after the fluke. And its not MY responsibility where Faith is sleeping its Giles and Wesley."

Xander shrugged. "Giles is that true. You and Wesley is letting Faith sleep in a motel."

Giles cleaned his glasses. "I i did not know. And i believed Wesley would take care about her."

Wesley. "What she have not asked me for anything."

Xander blinked. "Man i knew Wesley was a worthless piece of human filth Rupert. But i now understand so are you."

Giles dropped his glasses. "Now see here."

Buffy frowned. "Xander."

Willow babbled.

Cordy *Not worthless just stupid and blind and emotional handicapped*she was thinking.

"Not worthless just stupid and blind and emotional handicapped." She said.

Xander ignored them. "Lets go Sensei." Talking in a more silent voice. "Could we drive by Faith place? I i cant leave her in a Sunnydale motel its not right."

As they walked out Whistler looked at him. "Are you asking for my help so that you can help Faith."

Xander "Yes can you"

Whistler nodded "Sure all you hade to was ask. But their is limits. And kid what ever you do Never ever sleep with the slayer until after a least an after half a year have gone.

But remember IF i help her you owe me a favor. And the PTB will collect."

Xander nodded. "Right."


Faith stared at them. "What do you want?" She asked.

Knowing the pesky messenger.

Whistler grinned. "Well cutie. What i want is a training partner to teach my student how to fight. What i offer is this. Better room to live in. Lots of food.

And travel with some one that literally dumped his friends after he found out how they treated you."

Faith blinked. "Who. Did that."

Whistler smiled. "My student. A young Were-Chimera that only recently learned about what he is."

Faith blinked. "OZ did that for me."

Whistler. "Nope X-man did it."

Faith blinked as she was thinking *but Buffy said that he was literally worthless in a fight. Cordy about him blind by his lust following the bottle blond like a horny dog.*

What she asked was something different. "Xander. Is a Were-what?"

Whistler groaned. "A Were-Chimera. A Unique mix between two different types of Were-animals. In this case a Were-wolf and a Were-tiger."

Faith nodded. "A Were-what in other words. Were-wolf like Oz."

Whistler. "No a different type of Were. But lets go i have a lesson that he needs to learn and he is tired hungry and bitchy and waiting in my car. I think you like the lesson and would like to join him believe me you will like it. But it will cost me that i know."


Xander blinked. "Your crazy i i cant do that."

Whistler smiled. "You lost weight right."

Xander nodded. "Yea."

Whistler smiled. "Transforming and detransforming take energy you need more food. This is one of the less pain full lesson you eat and i order you food.

And you remember exactly what i give you for kind of food."

Faith looked at the huge pile of food Whistler had order home from a restaurant. Most of it was Xander.

Xander nodded and started to eat.

Whistler grinned. "thats Bovine. You need a lot of that for you claws. Really really good for you claws.

Best would be Horse or Zebra but they are hard to get in USA.

Pig lots of fat good if you have to transform often keep you weight loss away."

Xander nodded silently. As he started to eat. Listening trying to keep his tired body from sleeping.

Whistler continued to talk. "Tuna Bad for you boy. For most Were-cats its like a drug. Remember that Faith never stand between a Were-cat and a tuna sandwich."

Faith frowned. "But i like tuna."

Whistler. "You like your hands more right?"

Xander nodded. "Right Eat Faiths hand if she holds a tuna. I remember."

The two looked at him before they started to laught and giggle.


Xander tried to stand up he felt like a beached whale.

"I cant eat more."

Whistler smiled. "You transformed yesterday right."

Xander nodded. "Yes."

Whistler grinned. "Do it now and here."

Xander frowned focusing he slowly started to blur.

Black and white fur burst out his mouth suddenly grow a flesh rendering fangs eyes and ears like a cat claws long flesh cutting monster and a tail burst out.

But he still looked like Xander but bigger and part Tiger.

Standing up his ears almost reach the roof. "Im hungry again."

Whistler nodded. "Yester you burned a lot of weight. And what you ate today barely manage to recover it transforming allows you to absorve the energy in the food faster but your still needs to eat."

The Tiger/Wolf sat down and started to eat like a hungry wolf.

Faith flinched putting her Stake away. "Woo you look wicked cruel X-man."

Xander nodded. "Yes but i feel bigger then yester day."

Whistler smiled. "Your a Chimera boy. You can turn to a wolf full four legs looks like a dog kind of wolf, A hybrid wolf-man like Oz, A Tiger like those on TV, A Tiger-man. OR a half tiger/wolf animal. A Tiger-wolf-man.

Right now you completely a Tiger-man."

Concentrating the tiger-man suddenly grew shorter his tail more fussy and his jaws more powerful and looking more like a wolf-tiger-human mix.

"Like this." Xander said.

Whistler grinned. "Right. Remember this is the first time you transformed so you need to eat a loot of food as the Were-magic is right now creating this body for you."

Faith blinked. "So he needs to eat his own weight in food right now."

Whistler smiled. "Right. But his own weight in food many times."

Seeing the panic look in Xander eyes.

Whistler calm him down. "Dont worry kid Its ONLY during your FIRST transformation you need crazy amount of food." Grinning. "Or after you been hurt really bad."

Xander nodded feeling his body raving after more food he continued eating.

Casting evil eyes at Faith that shamelessly ate part of HIS food.

Whistler grinned as he called for more food delivery.

This would be a long long night.

The school Library.

"I see." Giles said.

Buffy frowned. "What was that."

Giles smiled a grim smile. "It looks like Faith Williams have moved away from the motel. And i cant find Xander."

At that moment an angry Wesley stormed inside. "This is outrageous." Giles "What?"

Wesley frowned. "The Council called one of their contacts have said that Faith is on a mission from the PTB."

Giles. "Yes and whats so outrageous about that."

Wesley frowned. "The council order me to follow her and i have no idea. They said Get a car and search after signs of destruction."

Giles. "Yes yes traveling will do you good. Did they say what kind of mission she on?"

Wesley frowned. "Only that she was asked to help them train a Were-Chimera."

Giles nodded. "Oh my they are rare. I only heard about one existing for the last five hundred years."

Buffy blinked. "Were-chimera Huh"

Giles cleaned his glassed. "Huh is a rather good word to describe one. Did they say what kind of chimera?"

Buffy blinked Giles actually approving her choice of word was frightening.

Willow looked up. "Excuse me whats is a were-chimera?"

Giles was just trying you talk when.

Wesley "A Were-chimera is a rare type of Were. Its the result after two different types of Were-animals mate.

Example the last living Were-chimera was half Were-cheetah and were-lion."

Buffy nodded. "Fine so Faith is free order to run around and train a freak why do she gets all the breaks and easy mission." She sighed and sat down. "Well we got to find Xander he is probably in deep problem right now.

And I cant believe him HOW Could he talk to us like that."

Giles study his own image in the glasses but all he could see was the mirror image of his dad laughing at him mocking him from the deepest pits of hell.

Wesley nodded. "Yes he was quite out of order."

Giles spoke up. "Aah be quiet you bloody peacock. You have a slayer to find and help. As ordered."

Wesley nodded as he walked out a bit angry but something in Giles tone of voice said it was not time to argue.

Willow looked up. "I could do a spell and find him."

Giles looked. "Willow that do sounds like a good idea but what if he do not want to be found."

Willow frowned. "Im his friend of course he wants to be found."

Cordy snorted. "You keep on telling your self that."

Oz blinked as a strange idea rushed around in his head. *Whistler balance demon agent of PTB + Xander student OF Whistler + Faith on a mission from the PTB to train a Were-chimera = Xander IS a Were-chimera* He blinked a bit saying the only thing he could in a situation like this. "Hmm Strange. Xander said that Whistler was teaching him things. And Faith is on a mission for the PTB."

Giles nodded. "Yes he is but thats not important right now Oz.

We should try to find out more about the Were-chimera who it is.

its much likely to be one from Sunnydale."

Willow nodded. "I do a search on the computer to find a clue. But we still need to find Xander."

Oz Raised an eyebrow. *they actually dont respect him.* He thought to himself only realizing it now.

"Blind or stupid. Who is what in this room?" He said a bit irritated after all Xander was a fellow man in a room full of girls and English and that made him a brother.

Buffy frowned.

Willow frowned. "Oz," but the silent were-wolf said no more just kept on reading.

Giles cleaned his glasses. "I not sure why you are so rude Oz but really."

Cordy grinned. "Ooh you right Im blind they are stupid. Thanks Oz cool." She said before grabbing another book and started to read.

They blinked Oz grinned as he continued to read.

Willow. "Oz tell me what?"

Oz looked up. "Its not my secrets to tell. Use your brain." He said.

Willow frowned she did not like that he had secrets from her.

And she hated that Cordy obvious knew.

Giles cleaned his glasses trying to figure out what Oz was talking about.

Buffy growled. "What TELL ME NOW." She screeched.

But Oz was cool reading only raising an eyebrow ignoring the angry slayer.

Cordy looked up. "Giles put a leash on Buffy before she attack us." Giles paled then he remember Xander word. *Useless and Cordys Emotionally handicapped.* The words played ping pong in his brain before he talked. "Buffy sit down. NOW."

Buffy blinked. "But they they."

Giles "Sit down. We can ask friendly. But thats it."

Cordy snorted "Its like Obvious you must be blind or stupid like he said. In Buffy case and willows stupid is the word. Im like gone see you looser later. Oz thanks, Cant believe i forgot about that."

Oz nodded. "Its cool" and continued reading.

Beside him Willow and Buffy were fuming in anger and curiosity.

Giles sighed wondering how to formulate a question that would give them the answer.

Chapter 3
goodbye sunny Sunnydale.

Standing in the middle of a warehouse was Xander currently finishing off the last of a heavy breakfast. Whistler said he would need it.

Xander stretched even if he had change body lots of time no pain this time.

Just feeling good he really liked Whistler training so far and today Martial art training would begin.

Whistler smiled as he walked in Faith behind him grinning evil like. "All right kid. Now go Were. Hybrid."

Xander nodded turning in to his animal-man shape choosing a mix between wolf-tiger. "Alright what now some katas or what ever."

Whistler Grinned. "Nope first lesson is Do not get hurt in a battle" Xander blinked. "Huh and how do i train in that."

Whistler. "Motivational pain this is where Faith and Wooden stake come in handy."

Xander blinked turning to Faith.

Faith smiled. "I hunt you run, You dodge i stake Beastie-boy."

Xander gape. "But but."

Whistler. "Stop complaining. Its Wood it will NOT kill you permanent. Only Silver or extreme overdose of violence like ripping you head off. Dont be a wimp. Now Faith remember hit him where it hurts its great motivation."

Xander swallowed. "Wait cant we talk about this."

But Faith only grinned and he really did not like the 22 revolver Whistler was aiming at him.

"I need some gun training."

With Bullets whistling and Faith running after him Xander started to run around in the building.

Now he knew why no body liked Whistlers type of training.

Angel nodded listening to Buffy complaining.

He then listen to Giles reconstruction of past argument and what Oz said.

He frowned a bit swallowing his fear. "This is not good."

Buffy. "Huh what?"

Giles. "Do you know what he is talking about?"

Angel nodded. "Yes. Its obvious the only human that putt the fear in both ME and Angelus is now a Were-chimera.

And some Were-animals ARE stronger then a Vampire Buffy."

Buffy frowned. "So its a enemy."

Giles wonder the same that would not be good.

Angel "No its a friend. Both times i deserved it."

Willow nodded. "Right whats the Were-chimeras name then?"

Angel looked at them then looked up seeing Oz eyes looking hard at him. "I just say that He forced Angelus away from Buffy when she was sick. And he made me more afraid of him then the Master. And thats why you where revived from drowning.

I think it would be best for safest for me and best for you if you figure it out yourself."

Buffy frowned. *Who could it be* She was thinking.

Oz looked curious. *I did not know Xander did that* He was thinking. Giles cleaned his glasses. *This was most irritating* he was thinking. "Next time Angel we have a secret helper i would appreciate if you told us. Not kept it for yourself.

I expected this kind of immature action from Xander but not you."

Willow looked up. "Xander, if the Were-Chimera Forced Angel to save Buffy Xander might know who it is. Angel did take him with him after all. SO Xander might know."

Buffy Nodded. "Right we have to find him." She gave Angel a dirty look. "Why did you keep it secret?" She complained.

Oz blinked. *They cant be this stupid. Can they.* He thought for himself and had to close his mouth in shock.

Cordelia just laughs and laughs.

Giles wonder why they would not tell them.

Angel shook his head. "Remember Buffy Whistler is a agent of the PTB finding HIM is hard and Xander Is training with him."

Buffy nodded. "Great we just have to find the Were-Chimera some other way then. Why cant you tell us?"

Oz raised an eyebrow. He could see that Willow was thinking something.

Willow "Could we find out if any known agent except Whistler been in town any person HE or she talked to that could be the Were-chimera. Unless Whistler is training Both Xander and the were-chimera and slutty Faith is with them and Xander might." She growled the last part.

Oz sighed. Smart girls were sexy in his opinion they made him horny. Right now Willow felt really ugly and unsexy in his opinion.

Buffy nodded. "Yes Xander is probably enjoying himself right now. But knowing Faith she is probably riding the Were-Chimera instead."

Training place.

Faith grinned. "Ooh poor beastie-boy are you tired." She said from her sitting position on his chest.

Xander nodded weakly. "Tired, hurt. Tired hurt."

Faith grinned. "You know this is kind of fun a training dummy that just keep on running."

Whistler smiled. "Thanks Faith. Now get up kid. I said training would be hard. What have you learned."

Xander whined. "A stake in the groin really really hurts more when its pulled OUT then in."

Whistler. "And what else?"

Xander. "That i dont have a chance against Faith."

Whistler. "Then you havent learned a thing." He sighed. "The more hurt you get the more hungry and tired you get. Sure you regenerate blood lost limbs and the works but you need to replenish energy. So letting the enemy pound you is not a good option.

Learn to dodge."

Xander watched him. "I DID."

Whistler "Then Do it differently. Where like Mr. Walk in to walls jump her stake. Break you bones, Catch my bullets and fall off the catwalk in to the floor"

Faith grinned. "Dont forget the forklift you stabbing yourself on that was so funny."

Xander sighed. "But but."

Whistler "Remember kid. Your body IS completely different from your human body RIGHT. You balance is strange and different.

You have a tail that you can use to balance your self when turning during a run.

This take time to learn and pain is the best teacher its for you own good. And you did good even great for a beginner. Well saddle up after you two have eaten we are driving out to find a teacher for Beastie here. An expert on Were-animals."

He frowned. "And i think we have to talk to the guys on Agency for paranormal activity. A proper document from them would help you a lot. But first a trainer."

He looked at Faith. "I think you will learn a bit their also."

Xander nodded then froze as a roaring sound from inside of him told everybody with in the building that a hungry monster was inside.

Faith grinned. "Wow Beastie-boy you really are hungry."

Xander blushed under the fur slowly turning human.

Whistler grinned. "Now hurry up we are going to Atlanta, Georgia."


"Angel" Oz said.

"Oz. Do you think they are under a spell or just blind?" Angel said.

Oz Sighed. "If they are under a spell how can we check it."

Angel smiled. "I know a witch. But if they are not what then? Tell them or?"

Oz "No no i think it would be best for them to figure it out."

Angel nodded. "Well Me you and Giles do have a problem with Xander gone. We miss on person in our boys poker game."

Oz nodded "Any idea on a replacement?"

Angel nodded "No."

The two allied fighters sighed.

Willow grinned. "I got it the perfect spell to find out where Xander is."

Buffy smiled. "Do it."

Chanting and putting a piece of crystal over a map Willow paled as the crystal moved outside the town map of Sunnydale. "We need a bigger map Buffy."

Buffy nodded. "Right." Hearing a 'think' sound she blinked. "Should the crystal continue moving by itself."

Willow shake her head. "No i i might have made it a Xander finding crystal. We better capture it."

But it was to late the crystal was suddenly accelerating in the speed of a moving car going straight out from the library thru the window following and accelerating towards Xander.

Willow paled. "Crap. That type of crystal cost almost 50 dollar."

Buffy sighed. "Well at least no one is hurt."

In a moving car. A cab.

"Ouch. Ow ow." Xander screamed.

Whistler and Faith looked irritated at him. "What?" Faith said.

Xander held up his foot. "Look."

Faith blinked deep in his foot piercing his boots and stuck in his flesh was a piece of crystal. "Ouch this really is not your day Xander. Here let me help you."

Whistler shook his head. "No i dont like this Faith help him later now we drive some crazy fool must have shot that thing probably with a air gun or something."

Faith nodded. "Right a sniper with a Air gun shooting rocks. Drive and fast." She was worried.

Xander sighed and whimpered in his human shape his regenerative ability was slow like a human until he transformed.

And the rock stuck deep in his foot really hurt.

Who could be so sick that they shoot innocent guys like that.

Chapter 4
I'm On the road again....

"Hmmm mmm midnight hmm mmm King of road hmmm." Whistler was singing happy driving his car north away from Sunnydale.

Beside him Xander was sitting eyes glazy looking like the kid was daydreaming.

And in the backseat Faith was currently rolled up like a sleeping baby.

"Where are we going?" Xander finally asked. Hoping that it would stop his singing.

Whistler. "Ooh i was first thinking You Half-Sister but her pack of Were-wolfs are kind of eat first ask question later."

Xander blinked. "I have a half-sister?"

Whistler nodded. "Nice kid a bit angry at the world and suspicious at family cant really blame her you know not consider your daddy. But lets talk about something else."

Xander. "But my sister?"

Whistler. "Now that is something you will find out more about later. Now where we ARE going is Atlanta, Georgia their is a nice doctor and his family that will help us."

From behind in the car a voice was heard. "Are we going to Drive to Atlanta, Georgia?" The voice of Faith said.

Whistler. "No kid. We are going lift with an airplane.

I know a pilot if you help loading in and out he will let us come with us."

Faith frowned. "I think i heard about Atlanta weird central right tails of were=monster aliens and leprechauns."

Whistler nodded. "Yup Times even hade a short article about that."

Xander blinked. "What are you telling me that were-animals are known to outside?"

Whistler sighed. "No not really in some areas yes. You have to understand Xander.

Demons and do their best to magically suppress humans knowledge about their existence.

Areas like Hellmouth its really easy the whole town have like a dumb as a brick on them and most keep their eyes closed ignoring Vampire and Demons.

Outside its a bit more difficult newspaper really do not like writing about were-wolfs and vampires their readers think they are stupid when ever they do. So they dont write about and well.

Its a secret existence because of that.

But in some areas like Atlanta so many civilians have seen that they are not affected by the Spell and in that area at least Were-things like you are commonly known."

Xander sighed. "And hunted right?"

Whistler. "No not hunted." He grinned as they continued driving up to a private airfield. It looked like his friend had a big load of cargo to load in the airplane that was great.

Time for the kids to work they needed to build endurance and strength after all it was training.


Angel nodded. "Here 10 pieces of gold. You do the spell now."

The Witch nodded. "Yes do you have pieces things belonging to them."

Angel nodded. "Just clear up anything messing with their heads."

Frowning a bit he put three things more on the table. "Better clean up me, Oz and Cordy in case some one IS messing with us also."

The Witch nodded this would be a hard work but she liked helping others as long as they paid her gold. Thinking she decided to include one more after all they played poker together in the womens poker club.

A wave of magic flooded the room then like a missile it attacked its targets.

Buffy. "What was that? Uuh." She said just realized that kissing Angel was like kissing a dead guy. She said as the attraction spell was gone.

Giles. "What was what?" He asked not really felling anything.

Willow frowned. "We must focus Buffy." She said then blinked. "Oooo so thats what Oz was talking about." She then suddenly started to cry. "Im a bad bad friend." She said as the spell affecting her was gone.

Giles and Buffy looked surprised at each other but before they manage to get to her she ran crying out of the room.

Cordelia grinned then stopped. "Crap i need to put a gag on my internal Bitch." But not that much had change after the spell had cleansed her.

Oz grinned then blinked controlling the werewolf was easy he finally knew how to do it. But first something important. "I go and help Willow."

Angel blinked. Then growled as he walked the last part in the library. "Hi Giles." he said shifting in and out from vampire face.

Giles "Yes hi. What make you so angry? If i might ask?"

Angel "I just remember A vampire bitch i dusted.

Darla made a spell so that what ever would Break my soul curse i would seek out and that would seek ME out."

Giles blinked. "Are you sure?"

Angel nodded. "I paid a friend of mine to cleanse any magic affecting our behavior. Its true.

Im sorry Buffy but i was love made by magic."

Buffy listening felt wave after wave of sadness then nothing and relief. "Eee i see. Well hmmm." She said sitting down. "So now that nothing is effecting you brain. Can you tell us who the Were-Chimera is?"

Angel looked at the slayer and Watcher. "You have to be kidding. Your mind is cleansed you have the clue and you still dont see it." He shook his head walking out leaving an irritated Slayer and Watcher behind.

Suddenly the door Opened as a angry Joyce walked inside.

"Giles we need to talk." She said.

Giles nodded. "Quite right what can i do for you?"

Joyce stared at him. "We all know that Buffy is the slayer. I just realize that the watcher YOUR boy club claim that SHE work for you Right?"

Giles nodded. "Thats right."

Joyce grab him in the tie. "Then why the hell have you English bastard have you not given her payment? Where IS her pay? OR is she a slave?"

Giles stuttered. "I i its a calling not a work."

Joyce "If you English fools thinks SHE is working For you. ITS a work now hand over the money. Or by god i will see you and the other Watcher in court." With that she walked out.

Buffy nodded. "You know Giles she IS right. I should have payment and probably a police officers pay with risk bonus and all. Fix it Tweed guy or else"

Grinning like a greedy cat she walked out.

Giles sighed. "Bloody hell." The council would not like this.

Outside Sunnydale...

Wesley walked out from the car. "Let see according to the crystal Faith is currently in. This cant be right." He double checked its magic frowning. "Alaska Why on earth is she in that place."

"Im Im freezing." Faith said as she snuggled up beside the furry body of Were-Chimera Xander.

Whistler rolled his eyes. "Its a free flight, Dont complain."

And the plane with a huge sign -Alaska Cold cargo- continued flying east-north-east.

The pilot grinned only Whistler would be greedy to lift in his flying freezer. But finding out that their was two more stupid idiots was really fun.

In Atlanta.

"Darling tell the helpers to prepare some room. I think we are going to get guest soon."

His wife nodded. "Any idea who it is Theo?"

Theo shook his head. "No but i think were in for a funny day or two Julia."

Julia his wife rolled her eyes. "Crap." And the two grinned at least something strange at home would keep their kids from doing something stupid or dangerous.


"You Bitch you blow up my laboratory." One girl voice screamed.

"Dont call me Bitch and it was ONLY one room." Another girl voice screamed.

The two parents sighed well it would keep the kids from doing something stupid or dangerous OUTSIDE the house.

And they continued reading and relaxing.

After all an explosion was nothing to be worried about.

Chapter 5
Seeing Atlanta...

Whistler grinned. "Alright Kids now this is how we are going to do things. Faith. You Patrol the town By yourself this is a town with almost NO vampire but plenty of other strange things so hunt only vamps. And have fun Faith.

Xander enjoy your self have fun. You need time for on your own.

Hunt vampire or find a demon bar just have fun."

Xander frowned. "You have a mission and thats why you dumping us here right?"

Whistler nodded. "Yup. But what i said is correct both of you are a bit of lone rangers and traveling cooped up like we have its good to take some time of from each other. Here you go kids. See you in two days." He said throwing them a bunch of dollars. Before he faded away.

Faith sighed. "I think we should do like he said Beastie-boy."

Xander frowned. "Why you may need back up."

Faith grinned. "Xander. Every time I go near you flinch. Not surprising consider the training we put you thru. But i aint you enemy really."

Xander nodded. "I know its just."

Faith. "Whistler said it. YOU not ME need time by your self away from us."

Xander nodded. "Yea thanks." Grinning more and more he walked away to hunt the city by himself.

Faith snorted. "YOU DONT NEED TO LOOK SO HAPPY BEASTY." Grinning she walked away in a different direction.

Much later...

In the dark corner of an ally.

"You do understand that i dont swing that way." Xander said in his full Were-Chimera-tiger body. He was towering over a small petite male Vampire that literally wished he had grabbed something other then this guy or thing.

Small Vampire. "Sorry i thought you were somebody else. I just go now right?"

Xander frowned clicking out his claws one by one. "Naa dont think so." And Grinning evil.

The small Vampire frowned and vamps out. "You aint going to get messy." He growled.

And the fight was joined.


Xander grinned who knew that a Vampire that small could be that good in fighting if the vamp hade not tripped he would have died.

Now he was tired dusty and bloody.

He was unused to His new size and quite clumsy.

But his Were-Tiger strength was almost as strong as a Slayer and healed lot faster.

Not forgetting the vicious claws.

Growling a bit he turned human again. "Ooh man i need new pants.



Xander had walked in at a small dinner in the Mall he was lucky that they had one open almost the whole night.

New pants the vamps money had paid him and new shirts.

And a huge truck load of food ready to be eaten.

Looking around he saw only full tables except.

Walking towards the only table with room for one more he study the three individuals. That sat their all his age.

A girl with short black hair cut in a pageboy style she looked short willow size but well trained a tuff girl and.

Then another girl. Also short but long red hair and he could hear her talk from over here talk and talk with California dialect.

The last one was a guy also on the short size gold haired short cut. Looked friendly.

Grinning he walked forward. "HI guys. Im kind of out of table would you mind if i sat here?"

They all watched the short haired girl a moment.

"What Ooh For *'****** must you two boneheads always look at me for ideas." She looked up at 'Xander.' "WELL What the ***** are you ****waiting for a **** written invitation. Im Lydia."

Xander smiled weakly that girl could make a sailor faint by swearing. "Im Xander."

The Bubbly girl. "An Im like Moisha. Im so glad to meet a cute guy like you its like Wow Eye candy for free."

Xander blinked. "Aah Moisha got it."

The boy Grinned. "Hi Im Romeo."

Xander sighed. "Ooh. You do understand the pain i am suffering from right now."

Romeo blinked.

Lydia "What **** Pains"

Xander smiled. "The pain i suffer from NOT making a Romeo Ooh Rome Joke."

Romeo and Lydia both laught.

And Romeo grinned. "That was original."

Moisha. "I dont get it."

Lydia "Your California right?"

Xander nodded. "Sunnydale its from outside."

Moisha. "YOU'R From the Hellmouth, Ooh My God you like Seen vampire ARE you a vampire. No you dont like Look dead and have a crucifix.

Its like So Cool you Like hunt Vampires."

Her two friends froze and groaned yet another potential friend would think they where like nuts crazy and freaky.

Xander "You know about the Hellmouth. And about Vampires."

Moisha nodded. "Yea like Totally warned only a fool like live their or visit it."

Xander grinned. "Well i live their and i do hunt vampires. Even some Demons."

Romeo frowned. "You hunt other things then vampires and demons."

Xander swallowed. "No I have a friend thats a Were-wolf. The idea of killing him would be wrong."

Unseen by Xander they all relaxed.


"So then the **** *** hole took his **** Gun and we like ***** run like Crazy." Lydia said.

Xander grinned. "Well i have one that can top that."

Lydia leaned forward. "I dont believe you."

Beside them Romeo slowly grabbed Moisha. "Come i like to talk to you."

After walking out of hearing.

Moisha nodded. "Yeh what about?"

Romeo grinned. "Lydia likes him let leave them alone for now."

Moisha. "But Romeo i like to see if she gets lucky can i stay and watch."

Romeo sighed. "No."

Moisha. "If i go like a rat?"

Romeo froze. "I go with you."

They walked back. "You Lydia me and Moisha must go on a on."

Moisha blinked. "Like to the ladies room. Romeo and me really need it." She said in panic before grabbing a blushing Romeo and walking away.

Xander blinked. "That was strange. Is he a cross dresser or?"

Lydia nodded. "Yea like completely." Seeing Xander Shock look. "OF course not they are like giving us some time for ourselves."

Xander nodded. "Good. Moisha like completely rubbed me the wrong way. Nice friendly but. So Happy sugary over eager happy."

Lydia grinned. "Yea but friendly."

Xander nodded. "Yes. Great girl but not my kind of girl. What do you say about going for a walk or to the movie?"

Lydia blushed. "Aaa **** movie sounds **** nice."

Under the table 1 Rat = Moisha "Pipp pip Squeck." = They like look so cute together.

2 Rat = Romeo "Pipp Squeck" = You think they will see a good movie.

The two friends carefully sneaked after their friend and the new friend.

In the movie...

Xander grinned he liked Lydia she was cute really smart tuff and well she had an exotic way of talking. And she smelled really really yummy.

"Here you go your Popcorn." Xander said handing them over to the girl.

Lydia frowned. "You sure you **** can afford paying for this."

Xander. "Dont worry a Vampire is paying."

Lydia. "How the ****?"

Xander. "Dust to dust. But the money i take."

Lydia. "You **** crazy but i **** likes you. That." She blushed.

And they started to watch the movie.

Movie Minion. "I i Am sorry but we can never be together. Cant you see it. You are my master you come from a complete different world. I i Im sorry." She said running away tears flowing.

Evil Master mind. "No Dont leave me."

Xander frowned. "This movie reminds me about real life its scary."

Lydia nodded. "How **** many have you met. Evil Master mind."

Xander blinked. "Four or five i think."

Lydia nodded. "Cool. Any one dating a Minion."

Xander nodded. "Yea but it did not work out. One even tried to date the slayer. He was a vampire of course that did not work out."

Rat Moisha. "Pipp Pipp, Squck." = Ooo No she going to kill herself i cant watch Its so sad.

Rat Romeo.. "Squik Pipp piiiip" = Its a Movie grow up. "Squeck Squeck" = Where did Xander and Lydia go.


"So my lady where to now?" Xander said.

Lydia frowned/ "I heard about a ***** demon bar what do you say?"

Xander shrugged. "Im game."

Lydia. "Thats *** Great. Lets find out if its ***** real."

Outside the bar in a cemetery.

Vampire. "Look lunch."

Xander grinned deciding to keep the transformation away from now. "Look dust bunnies."

Lydia frowned hoping that she did not have to get involved Vampires were tuff for her to fight she could fight them but barely.

She hoped Xander could hold his own.

Xander let the vampire rush him and he dodged driving the dagger between the eyes. He was lucky this vampire were more stupid then a normal one.

The vampire fell down paralyzed.

Lydia blinked. "What its ***** Stake in the ***** heart. You need a *** road map or *** what?"

Xander. "If i do that the money dust also."

Lydia grinned. "I help you."

Short while later they robbed the vampire of everything including a gold belt buckle.

Xander. "I think Romeo would like this one. Not my stile but on him." Xander said.

Lydia nodded. "Your not gay?"

Xander. "No Im not." He said in angry tone. And kissed Lydia.

Faith had asked him that many time as she was curious why Mr. Hormone would NOT try to have sex with her.

Lydia "Oooo that was so good."

Xander "o yea. I Im sorry i just could not help myself."

Lydia smiled. "Naa i dont mind." She said kissing him again.

They walked in hand in hand.

Lydia Screamed in fear seeing the huge Alien like Rukara demon behind the bar.

Xander grinned. "Dont worry they are rather peaceful unless you hurt what ever it is they guard. And they are empathic. Two beer. Do you have family in LA? A Guy or girl Im not sure with your type. Named Shraa gave me some advice."

The alien like Rukara demon nodded. "I know Shraa HE is my Brother." Xander "Well its a small world. Hi Im Xander"

The demon looked at him a short moment. "Im Shriiik."

Lydia finally stopped shivering. "Im sorry movie Alien just is the **** scariest thing i ever seen. Nightmares for months."

Shriiik nodded. "Well its kind of my fault in my young days i used to terrorizes a human who know he would go and get inspired to make a movie out of it." He sighed and started to clean glasses.

Xander blinked. "Lets find somewhere to sit this is just to strange." Lydia nodded.


"So call you tomorrow." Xander said.

Lydia nodded. "You better or i go **** crazy on you."

Xander "I will call. I like you." They blushed as they kissed each other.

"OO wow LIKE Group hug this is so romantic." Moisha said suddenly rushing over hugging both Xander and Lydia.

"Well if the two of you like marries and have kids i can like be Aunty Moisha and if you need a second girl in a like a Threesome.

You like Know me Im like completely Bisexual."

Lydia eye twitched. "Moisha i will hurt you."

Xander grinned kissing Lydia deep. "Ignore her i do."

A flushed and grinning Lydia nodded "Yup ignore Moisha yep."

Xander walked away.

Moisha. "That was like so cool he is my hero saved me from monster Lydia complete like SO great guy. Your so lucky." She said hugging and crying over Lydias shoulder and squeezing her butt.

Lydia *Ability to ignore Moisha gone. Hurt Factor 9. Break bones.* "Moisha."

Moisha "Crap."


Willow, Oz and Angel and Buffy and Joyce and Cordelia was sitting around a table.

"We need to find out who but the spell on each of us." Angel said.

Joyce smiled a thin cruel smile. "I know in my case. I can trace the memory back to the week after you Buffy become the slayer.

It was a Watcher.

They wanted me easy to manipulate. So they made me forget the proof and evidence of Vampire i had seen.

Im sorry Buffy but their manipulation IS the one reason i put you in the mental hospital during a month."

Buffy shrugged. "I forgive you." Inside she was planning bodily pain for Wesley. Giles she liked he was like a Father.

Willow nodded. "And the spell on Buffy?"

Angel. "That was the Vampire Darlas fault she put a spell on me during the 1905 that she claimed would pull me and what ever would be needed to break the spell towards each other.

We believed it didnt work but after the spell was broken i kind of strange i like females that are well 20 the youngest and you Sorry Buffy are a bit to young."

Buffy frowned but nodded she felt the same way and Uuh it was like sleeping with the dead a big creep factor. "I so wish i could Dust her again."

Oz nodded. "Then who put the spell on US then."

Cordelia smiled. "If its on us. Remember the main thing the Spell did was trick us to be a bit extra bitchy to Xander.

So maybe who ever it is hate Xander."

Buffy frowned. "Why he a normal guy."

They all watched her. "Buffy use the brain all clue are their."

Joyce said. "Think about it. I know you can."

Buffy blinked. "What Mom Tell me."

Joyce sighed. "No Buffy you should figure it out for yourself. If not you will just continue to think everything should be explained to you. And you never learn to look deeper then skin deep in others."

She said in a firm tone of voice.

Buffy sighed. "Its so unfair. What IS Xanders secrets. I figure out that he probably Know who the Were-chimera is but." She sighed mentally going over the clue one by one. Maybe Giles could help her.

Joyce shook her head. *This is it. From now one NO more bottle blond colors in her home. It was obvious the paint had creaped in to her childs brain.*

Oz raised an eyebrow and sighted. This could take time.

Alaska Anchorage.

The snow fell heavy around Wesley and it was freezing cold. "Lets see now," he said pulling up the crystal that would give him a clue where Faith was.

"Aaaa Due West and surrounded by salt water. What are you Faith doing on a ship?" Wesley said.


Faith. "This is pure heaven." She said floating in the bubble pool in her hotel the canister of bath salt was emptied in the pool and the smell of roses were heavy in the air.

PTB oracle.. "That was not nice." The male said.

The girl grinned. "Its almost truth i just change the direction but everything other then that Is true. She is surrounded by Salt water."

The male nodded. "I know but its was MY turn to misdirect the Watcher."

His partner sighed irritated that he remembered.

Chapter 6
Meeting up again...

2 days later....

Whistler sighed. "I hate to wait."

Faith nodded. "Me to. Where IS Beastie?"

Then they saw him hoping out from a car their three other teens were sitting one male and two female.

The tuff looking black haired girl gave him a deep kiss lust filled kiss.

And then after shaking hands with the male driver and escaped the kissing red haired girl he gave the black haired girl one kiss more this even deeper it looked like they were seconds away from jumping in to the bedroom.

Moisha. "This is like completely unfair. Right Romeo?"

Romeo sighed and grabbed her and dragged her back in to the car. "Let Xander and Lydia say their good buy."

"I will miss you." Xander said.

Lydia. "You ***** call me you have my **** phone number. I will So **** miss you. You big ***hole" she said sniffing.

Waving his hand he walked away the gang was really fun to hang out with.

Except Moisha she made him nervous sneaking in to his and Lydias bedroom trying to make it a threesome.

That was completely freaky.

Faith blinked and blushed. "Wow that girls mouth. Not even I say those words."

Whistler nodded grinning a bit. "Had fun Kid."

Xander nodded and blushed a bit it really had been fun his first time and Lydias also.

Whistler smiled. "Then jump in the car we are driving to see our goal its in the other side of town in the villa area the Rich part of town."


"Wow that that not a mansion thats a freaking country." Xander said freaking out as he saw the huge walls protecting the estate belonging to the Digger family and friends.

Whistler put the phone down. "Great kids i was afraid i would have to 'prove' myself but Dr Digger said come one in he was expecting us."

Xander. "Huh he did not know?"

Whistler. "Nope. He do own a lot of favor to a friend of mine i was planning on switching favors."

The yard was huge and the Mansion intimidating several cars motorcycles and Jeeps were park outside.

At the gate a tall well trained man with beard dressed in a skintight black uniform stood waiting. He looked almost 50.

Beside him a beautiful blond stood she was almost a head taller then him well shaped and extremely well trained some small scars were visible this they could see was a real female fighter.

A Rapier a sword hanged by her belt looking like it was part of her. She looked like early 20 something.

Whistler. "Hi Doctor Digger and Arms master Julia. Im Whistler a friend of Duke. I have come to ask you for a favor. My young friends need some training in fighting and well scholastic and other things. I am ready to switch favors you DO own him a lot."

Dr Diggers frowned. "Are they used to strange things?"

Whistler. "They come from Sunnydale."


In the dinning room waiting for the rest of the family to come down stairs or upstairs or from where ever they were.

Faith could finally not keep her mouth shut. "So Doc who and what are Julia i heard you were married with kids and all."

The older man smiled. "This is my wife Julia."

Faith looked over the 'girl' she looked 20 tops. "Ooo Like them young do you?"

Julia frowned. "I am not Young girl i have a 3 dotter older then you are."

Faith blinked.

Dr Theodor Digger smiled. "Its understandable Honey. You see Faith right. Julia accidentally got caught in a magic spell a curse when we cured her from the curse she become young again.

So my wife one year older then me suddenly become half my age."

Julia grinned. "He likes it much more then i do girl."

Theo nodded. "Well i can be a faithful husband to my lovely wife and still get a younger model what not to like?"

Xander shook his head.

Whistler nodded wonder if he could talk to his wife about doing something like that.

Faith tried to figure out if Dr Digger was a nice man or a disgusting asshole.

Then the door opened and a gang of individuals stormed inside.

Two girls really made Faith and Xander stare.

She was tall 7 feet an inch shorter then Xander Were-chimera-tiger hybrid form but she was obvious a were-Cheetah slim built for speed.

The other girl was shorter also a Were-cheetah but her hybrid form looked more human then the first girl.

Xander "Cool."

Faith nodded.

"Master who are they and do we have a mission or something?" A man said he looked 22-24 year old.

Dr Digger stood up. "Do sit down. This are Whistler he is a Balance demon. Do not worry Balance demons maintain the balance between good and evil.

And the younger is Xander and Faith the Vampire slayer. Both of them are going to train under me and Julia. I would like you all to help."

They nodded.

Dr Diggers turned over to Xander and Faith. "I like to introduce you.

This young man calling me Master is my student in the art of magic Seance. I like to warn you he have a condition that he cant control. He can see what any day dreams you have so do not be embarrass or angry on him."

Faith grinned and started to daydream.

Soon she had Seance blushing like crazy.

"Cool he could see it." She said happy.

Julia smiled. "Obvious it takes more then that do shock this two."

Dr Digger smiled and continued. "And this are my daughters, Brittany" he said pointing at the tall Were-Cheetah girl about 21 year old. "And Brianna." He said pointing at the other Were-Cheetah also 21 year old. "And Gina." He said pointing at a human girl with glasses. Cute and well trained about 22 year old.

Dr Digger smiled. "Their are also some other individuals living among us. I let you meet them later it can be shocking and confusing at first."

Xander nodded. "Hi Im Xander."

Whistler grinned. "Kid why dont you show them WHY you need help."

Faith grinned. "I love it when Beastie boy do this."

Xander nodded and his flesh was twisting and suddenly he grew fur and a huge 7,3 feet Were-Tiger sat in front of them.

Brianna drool. *Stud muffin. Mine mine.*Gina. Drool. *Stud muffin.*Then Xander concentrated again and he slowly shrunk more and more Were-wolf-Tiger-Hybrid until he become a shorter only 6 feet tall Were-wolf.

Silence was absolute then.

"REMARCABLE." A real Were-Chimera. Dr Diggers said.

Then. "Dad whats is he?" Brittany said.

Xander. "Im a Were-chimera a mix between two different types of Were." Gina shook her head. "No no way according to info mix married get kids that are ONE not both."

Dr Digger smiled. "You are both correct but in extreme rare times their is a genetic defect that can let a child of mix parents become a Were-Chimera. In the past it was highly sought after.

And on Jade it still are highly respected."

The girls nodded looking at him.

Two of them clearly drooling.

Xander. "I i go and find new pair of pants. Could you look the other way."

Brittany smiled and turn away.

Brianna and Gina took forward cameras.

Julia sighed. "Girls. Turn away or strip."

They turned away growling on the unfairness of life.


Whistler smiled. "So its set i pick them up in what one two month?" Dr Digger. "Lets make it three month. Sure you boy can take the hard training."

Whistler. "I think so. If not he survive."

Julia grinned the hard training most Were ran away before it was done but if they hanged in their they really could learn fast and improve a lot.

Xander. "Do i get a day by my self or what"

Julia smiled. "Every other week yes. Why?"

Xander blushed. "Well i i."

Faith grinned. "Beastie boy have a girlfriend."

Behind them.

Brianna "Crap."

Gina "Crap and a bucket."

Julia smiled. "Now that is nice whats her Name?"

Xander. "Lydia she is so wonderful. I just afraid what she will say if she discover that Im a Were-chimera.

Sure she knows about vampires and like to hunt them like i do. But she just a normal girl."




Julia "Lydia whats her after name."

Xander "Lydia McCracken really sweet girl."

Brittany blinked. *He is dating one of the crazy were-rat girls that been trying to kill me and that are scared stiff of anything thats a Were-cat.* Giggle laugh.

Brianna "Muahahahaaha" Giggle laugh.

Gina "Interesting." Giggle laugh.

Xander growled. "What? She is a sweet girl."

Julia smiled. "Kids. We have met on less then friendly terms. Just be careful." She said thinking. *Now this will be fun thing to see*.

Fiction: A Furry Moon. Part 6b.

Disclaimer: Do i have to? Aah well i do NOT own anything in movie or TV form.



Warning Forgot about this in part 6 so this is a short part...

Meeting up again...


Silence the only thing that was heard was the air going in and out from a 17 teen soon 18 year old girl.

Then suddenly. "Oooo my god. Xander he is the Were-Chimera. But but."

Buffy rushed to the phone and called a number. "Willow Willow Its Xander he is a Were-Chimera."

Phone Willow. "Did you have a slay dream or what?"

Buffy "No no i i just realized it i cant believe i did not realize it you like almost told me. And why did HE not tell us we are his friends right?"

Phone Willow. "Buffy after midnight sleepy goodnight." With that she put the phone down time to sleep.

Over in Summers home. Buffy stared at the phone then she looked at the clock. "Oops." She said.

Giles home.

He sighted nursing another cup of brandy it was late and he was tired.

Just the day before he had finally realized that it was Xander that was the Were-Chimera.

But that was not bothering him right now.

No what worried him was the council.

The fact that Joyce Summer finally broken free from their control was worrying and they feared that if she contacted the court Section M in USA would get involved.

If so Agent M the chief would Give Buffy and Joyce a protection.

And the slayer would be out of the councils control.

Knowing Joyce she would make a ruckus until the Council paid Buffy what she consider due payment and gave her equal say in council things that concern her.

The council would not tolerate that.

Giles wonder how long it would take before Wes would call them and tell them. And then the assassins would arrive.

Or how long it would take for Joyce to call the Watcher council.

And then the assassins would arrive.

Either way. Giles sighed he had no idea what he would do. Die fighting trying to protect Buffy and Joyce was a given choice but to stop them.

Taking a big drink of the Brandy he finally knew he was just as useless as his father. A big talker with no common sense.

Ignoring valued members of his team going on blindly like a fool.

No ass the glowing shape of the moon slowly said good morning and the sun rise above Sunnydale Giles was still sitting in the chair thinking wondering and trying to find a solution and finding none.

Atlanta... Next day.

Lydia paled. "Br. Brittany." She said stammering as the taller Were-Cheetah held her up in the air in only one finger.

She could feel the terror of the Doom Gaze on her.

Brittany grinned. "Now i just found out that my Mothers student have a girlfriend. He been, Ooh she is SO wonderful. She is SO cute beautiful and kind. YOU know what i did?"

Lydia shook her head. "No what did you do?"

Brittany "I ask. Xander whats her name she sound like a wonderful girl. You know He said Lydia McCracken. SO i wonder. What are you Rats up to. I will not let you hurt MY family. I will NOT let you hurt that kid."

Lydia blinked. "What **** the **** are **** Xander doing with you ***** family."

Brittany growled. "Dont call my family a ***** family."

Lydia. "oops. But what is he doing?"

Brittany "Whistler his teacher asked My dad and Mom to teach him and the Slayer Faith how to fight. Now what are you plans?"

Lydia. "No ***** plans its the ***** truth i ***** Promise. Me Moisha and Rome like **** run away ***** fucking ***** hole of a *****Leader. We runaways promise."

Brittany growled. "Hurt my family or my friends RAT and i WILL have you for dinner." She said before turning and running away faster then most racer cars. She would never eat a were-Rat but the Were-rat believed it so fear was a good motivation...

Moisha crawled out from her hiding place. "AA Not so brave when we are TWO Were-rats.... Cheetah..." she helped Lydia stand up. "Dont worry i type made her run away."

Lydia gave her a dirty look. "Right ***** right miss hide under the **** dumpster."

Moisha blushed. "So like any help to dress up for a date with Xander." Lydia nodded. "I like so going to look **** best i **** can. NO ****way that ***** bitch will ***** scare me away from Him."

Chapter 7
Training begins.

Faith blinked. "You what?"

Julia. "Im bringing in some help from Jade I am the arms master their."

Faith blinked. "The what?"

Julia sighed. "Jade have about 20 Weapon master champion of the art of war.

They must know and be able to fight with weapon and unarmed. Most know how to use the Ethereal stream or in earth its known as Chi flow.

The Weapon master of jade constantly train and if you manage to beat a Weapon master in the Tournament of Arms and show skill and loyalty you can take the title of Weapon master.

They are also kind of like champion fighting anything evil removing demonic or technologic monster that arrives in Jade.

To become Arms-Master you have to face each of these Weapon master in duel and win. You also have to have the recommendation from four Weapon master that you would not abuse the title of Arms-master."

Faith swallowed. "So what you are saying. That the Weapon master IS the best of the best. The 20 best fighter in a whole world."

Julia nodded. "A world the size of Earth but power by magic not technology."

Faith looked like she found god. "And to be Arms master you must be better then they are right."

Julia nodded. "Quit right.

But i do think Dad let me win when i fought for the title.

He usually is lot trickier in a fight then that."

Faith study Xander then Julia. "So how much are you going to teach us."

Julia smiled. "First Im going to teach young Xander to walk in his hybrid bodies then Im going to teach him to fight really fight.

The same to you but Im starting with basic hand to hand then swords and knives. Some meditation to let you reach the Ethereal stream. I think in earth they call it Chi or Ki. You can use it to boost you own power live longer or heal faster shoot blast of pure life energy quite deadly against vampire and a lost art here on earth. Now lets start training."

Faith nodded and the two walked to the training mat.

"Uuh Girls what should i do?" Xander asked.

Julia smiled. "See that small and long pole. Jump up on that and walk over to the other side. If you fall down the spikes on the floor will hurt you not kill you.

After you on the other side. Continue their is pillars in jumping distance from each other. And of course once you done it then do it again in one of your other forms."

Xander stared crap that was high-up this will hurt stupid tail always in the way always trailing to hide between his legs.


Finally eating dinner and relaxing.

Dr Digger smiled. "So how go training?"

Julia. "Quite well actually. Xander only hurt himself bad twice today. Its shows that he is motivated i believe he is a good student in the art. But i think both Xander and Faith have problem understanding my meditation methods."

Brittany grinned. "So Xander. Who are you father and mother. Their are not that many Werewolves and if i understand correctly their should be NO clans of Were-tigers on earth they all left for Jade."

Xander sighed. "Well my Mom was adopted and they binded her power.

Where she from they never found out she was like 2 years old.

And my dad I have no idea. Apparently Mom had a one night stand with a man that i know was a Werewolf.

But Whistler said i have a sister cant wait to find her."

Brianna and Gina looked at each other.

Gina. "If you give us some blood i can do a DNA search i have lots of computer files on known Were-Cats in their. If you mom have any family on Jade we will find them most likely."

Xander smiled. "Thats great. What about my sister?"

Brittany. "That might be more difficult lot of the Werewolves are dead or disband after the crazy leader betrayed both his own Wolfs and my people leaving me the only one left."

Xander "Ooo. Well if she is alive she might be more easy to find then. Whistler said her name is Jetta."

The sound of glass falling to the floor was heard then.

"Jetta. Thats so fun Brendan would rotate in his grave if he knew that his kid was a Chimera wolf/tiger." Brittany said grinning.

Xander. "Uuh yes."

DR Theo Diggers the father sighted. "Jetta IS now a friend of ours. She is the daughter of Brendan a Werewolf version of Hitler. He literally destroyed the Were-cheetahs just to get power to rule the world and enslave his own Were-wolfs.

Jetta manage in the end to kill him and destroy his mage book holding his powers. Brendan was crazy and hated any were-cats. Sadly most of his power came from an evil person named Gothwrain a master mage and a were-rat. That still cause us problem."

Xander swallowed. "Ooh so Im the child of a monster then?"

Theo. "I would not say that. You are YOU not your father. My own dad is currently in the realm of dead an evil undead Lich king that more then once tried to kill my whole family. I might be the child of a monster like you but i am NOT a monster."

Julia nodded. "Its important more then ever that you know how to fight Xander. Jetta is the current ruler of the Werewolves. And many might tried you influence you to fight her for the right to rule.

As Brendan son you have the blood of kings in you."

Xander. "Crap Im almost afraid of finding out if Mom have any family."

Gina smiled. "Dont worry Jetta is nice. As long as she knows that SHE is the Alpha Bitch then she is kind cuddly and friendly."

Brianna. "Now its mine turn lets go and study." She said smiling happy.

Xander frowned. "Uuh two questions. 1 how come you and Gina is acting school teachers for me and Faith. 2 Your a Were-cheetah and Brittany said she was the last whats that about."

Brianna smiled disappeared. "I have full college diploma on more things then i care to remember so do Gina.

Two years ago my sister were cursed with bad luck they tried to trick the curse by creating a mix of their DNA inside a healing tube. But the curse created ME instead i was born with both of their memory the first month i i did all i could to murder them then dad manage help me. Im not real person."

Xander blinked. "You look real to me." He said hugging her. "And you feel like a real girl to me. Lets go study Im sorry i asked."

Gina nodded. "You are my sister Brianna we all love you."

Brittany smiled. "And you do know that now days i say Im ONE of the last Were-cheetah not the last like before."


Willow frowned. "So who can be twisting cursing us and Xander."

Cordelia. "Looking at the curses its seem only around us that hangs with Xander. So i think its aimed at him."

Willow nodded. "Yes. But who would hate Xander that much?"

Buffy grinned. "Angel. Xander lie made me put him in hell that good reason for hate right."

Willow. "Really then why did Angel help Xander by removing the curse." Buffy frowned. "I i Im the slayer not a detective."

Oz frowned. "Larry."

Cordelia. "Maybe Xander Did humiliate him a bit."

Willow "No no. Xander and him are friends. He said that Larry had a secret that only He and Larry knows one that could destroy Larry reputation with the other guys."

Buffy smiled. "What is it?"

Willow frowned. "I dont know."

Oz raised an eyebrow. "Then who else do we have?"

"WHAT ARE YOU DELINQENT Doing." Snider said as he walked in to the hall where they were sitting. "And where IS that Loser Xander.

According to the teacher i finally going to expel that cursed Loser. Now Dont you have places to go to?"

Buffy blinked. Then smiled. *Xander said in his E-mail to Willow that he hade private teacher that would help him finish high school.*. Willow blinked. Then smiled. *They had a suspect.*Cordelia rolled her eyes. "Its so obvious you stupid excuse of a troll." She said standing up.

Snider turned Red in angry but before he got a word out from him.

Cordelia walked forward grabbing the troll like principle neck holding Buffy stake towards his heart. "You cursed ME and of course Xander. WE know it all. Just one thing before we hide you body.

WHY DID you do it?"

Snider stammered in fear. "I i its his dad fault I hate him and Im going to turn his son in to loser."

Buffy blinked. "He is the criminal." Silent reined then. "Great.

Giles said that a slayer might need to kill evil wizards. Give me the stake." She was drooling finally justice.

Snider fainted in fear.

Willow jumped Buffy arms. "No. Not in school. Wait we have to tell Giles."

Buffy frowned. "But but i was going to stake him."

Oz "Later Buffy later."

Cordelia grinned. "Lets take him to the library. Now follow me." She said waking out like a Queen.

Willow growled. "I hate her."

Buffy nodded. "Yea but we must hurry or some one might see us."

They followed after carrying the unconscious Snider.

Later Atlanta.

Theo smiled. "Here Xander. You can borrow that car." He said pointing at a rugged jeep.

Xander smiled. "Great."

Theo nodded. "Im sorry for how it looks but i i think its unmodified. The girls have build in booster rockets in my BMW and some kind of Jump jets.

Made it bullets proof and a Gatling gun in the front.

Now i am afraid of driving it.

But that jeep i am almost sure its unmodified Gina and Brianna just keep on modifying everything." He said with the tone of voice only a man afraid of technology could have.

Xander blinked and was drooling. "If you dont use the BMW i could borrow it. Im not afraid."

Theo "No way that that. I get the key just be careful."

Grinning madly Xander was driving away to his date with the highly illegal modified BMW.

Finally she came down looking like a goddess in jeans and silk shirt.

"Hi Lydia." Xander said. Leaning on the car.

She gasped. "Thats that ***** of Diggers ***** cars." It was easy to recognize them their number plates with -golddigger- was easy to recognize.

Xander nodded. "Yea Dr Digger let me borrow it. Nice guy."

Lydia sighed. "I. I have to tell you something ******* not nice about ****** my self."

Xander smiled. "Do tell."

Lydia sighed. "Me and my friends used to work for a ***** evil ****twisted man. He raised us **** assassins. Our **** was Brittany and the Diggers. ****** Failed.

And now we decided to ***** survive on our own outside the clan."

Xander frowned. "So are you trying to assassinate any one of the Diggers."

Lydia shook her head pulling down the shirt showing Xander a nasty burn on the neck. Burn after a silver dagger was pressed against her skin burning her body and soul.

"No ***** way Im so **** out of that.. He liked Torture us more then ****** once. Even ******* Brittany and the ***** Diggers been nicer to us. Even after we ***** tried to blow her ***** head of with a ***** bomb necklace."

Xander swallowed as he hugged her. "I believe you. If i ever find the creep i will kill him my self."

Lydia nodded. "I dont think you could he is to dangerous." She said with no swearing once.

Xander just hugged her closer smelling her yummy body. "So am i Lydia. So am i." He said while what he was thinking was. *Or will be once i learned how to walk like a cat and walk like a wolf stupid tail.*

They sat down in the car smiling.

Lydia "So what the ***** are we going to do now."

Xander shrugged. "I was thinking a drive in movie and some food. On the way let us test this car see what it can do."

Lydia "Right Full test drive then." She said grinning happy time to push the peddle to the meddle and do some street racing.

Car AI. "Order acknowledge. AI Override for test drive engaged."

Suddenly the car speeded away towards the harbor with Xander and Lydia hugging each other screaming in fear.

Car AI. "Sub mode activated."

Splash was heard and the BMW was diving under the sea.

Xander blinked as they raced forward in full speed driving by water jets. "I think i understand why Dr Diggers is afraid of the girls modifications."

Lydia nodded. "You think we are safe?"

Xander. "I i think so."

Lydia smiled. "You know we are alone."

Slowly they started to make some other kind of noise while the BMW was diving towards the test range where the targets was located.

Digger mansion.

Brianna. "Gina have you seen the BMW. I was going to test drive its AI and dive bombs."

Gina frowned. "I i dont know i have not seen it." She started to write something in the computer. "Ooh it looks like Dad borrowed the car to Xander."

Brianna shrugged. "Well He is in for a surprise if he activate the AI."

Chapter 8
Just another day...


"Wake up." Giles said in a hard tone of voice.

Snider currently bound and gagged blinked and looked confused around. He had NO idea where he was.

Giles let the Ripper out to play. "Now why did you try to destroy Xander life and OUR life with magic?" With that he remove the gag.

Willow suddenly spoke up. "Giles according to the computer file Xander dad was a bully and his favorite victim was Snider."

Giles looked sick. "So just because Harris Senior made you life hard in school you tried to destroy Xander life Is that correct?"

Snider nodded. "He deserved it i will destroy him and every child he have."

Buffy. "This is boring. Giles you said i could kill evil mages. He is evil can i kill him now. Please." The slayer and the school girl in Buffy was screaming in Blood thirst killing the Principle felt so right a good deed and a fun thing to do.

Snider swallowed in fear he could hear the hope of doing murder in Buffy voice. "I I did not do the spell. It was the mayor i work for him."

Giles. "Really why should the mayor do that for you?"

Buffy frowned killing the mayor would not be that fun.

Willow started tapping on the computer.

Snider "He he is the one manipulating this Town even the Vampire obey him. He needed some one to keep a eye on things in school."

Willow looked up. "Giles. Look."

Giles walked over. "So two pictures one black and white of the same man."

Willow. "That is Sunnydale First mayor and that is our current mayor."

Giles frowned. "They are the same. Remarkable. Snider, What do you know remember you life may depend on your answer."

Snider paled. "Nothing except that he founded the town.

And he once said he would turn himself in to a demon when the time was right."

Giles frowned. "He is planning an Ascension to Demon. This is no good." Snider nodded. "Can you release me now?"

Giles smiled. "A petty man like you that attack the child of a childhood enemy. I think not letting you run loose in town would be. Irritating and dangerous."

Willow looked up. "Beside according to the hospital Xander 'dad' cant have kids he shoots blanks and always have been. Xander mom must had lover."

Snider flinched. "No no."

Buffy. "Can i kill him?"

Giles groaned. "No Buffy. Not yet. Snider IF you run we will let you live. If we even suspect that you cause us problem you will be drained. Angel could you take this guy out of town."

Angel nodded. And the two drove away he slowly let his vampire face be seen lowly muttering how sweet the blood smelled from snider.

A pale shivering Snider was dumped on the side of the road far away from Sunnydale by a bus stop.

Angel gave him one ticket no return north. "Keep warm." He said driving off.

Due North.

Wes growled the ship had nothing but illegal aliens in them poor Russians trying to sneak in to USA.

The crew of the ship was planning on drowning them Wes and the coastguard had arrived in the last second.

That DID make him some what happy.

But where was Faith.

Tired he decided to visit an old retired Watcher Adolph Hargrow that lived up here and they had talked what he said had made Wesley in an even worst mood.

Adolph Hargrow. "I see. You do know that the crystal you USE is calling for guiding from the PTB.

If it showing you something then THEY are guiding you to Faith as you are her Watcher.

But you said so far they have guided you the wrong way is that right?"

Wesley nodded. "Quite. Why you said they were Guiding me."

Adolph nodded. "They are guiding Faiths watcher to her. But Do Faith respect you Wesley. Did she follow your order?"

Wesley "No she is completely undisciplined. And she refuse to give me the respect i deserved."

Adolph smile was hidden behind his tea cup he knew what the PTB was doing. "They are giving you THE Walkabout.

When YOU have learned the lesson that they are showing you Wesley they will let you find Faith.

After all the crystal will help a Slayer watcher to find his Slayer."

Wesley looked up suddenly things clicked time and time again he found things that he needed to do. Civilians he needed to help. "Those bloody bastards how can they I AM her Watcher."

Adolph smiled and then Laughs.


"Hi girls." Xander said.

Brianna and Gina blushed. "We are sorry about the Car."

Xander shrugged. "Me and Lydia we loved it. By the way could you test if i have a family in Jade today."

Gina nodded. "Yea wait here."

Moment later she came back with a needle and a test tube. "Hold up your finger." After getting one tiny drop of blood the two genius put the computer to work.

Gina "This could take days unless you have a direct family it will make cross references and it might have to upload more information from the memory store i have." With that she pressed the button.

Five minutes later. "DING DING Uncle found." The computer said.

Xander blinked. "My my mom had a brother."

The two girls blinked. "No way not him. But it might explain a lot."

Above them the Holographic image of Tirga Edge Guard and playboy was seen smiling a rough happy smile.

Chapter 9
Learning to walk.

Xander blinked. Then he looked up from the computer screen. "Theo... Theo. Dr Diggers."

Theo blinked. "Yes Xander what do you want."

Xander. "I think you should read this."

Theo nodded and walked over. "Its a E-mail for you. Are you sure you like me to read it."

Xander nodded. "Yea its from OZ he said that i have a curse on me and that the Mayor of Sunnydale is planning an Ascension to demon hood or something."

Dr Theodor Diggers famous treasure seeker house father arch mage and former secret agent. Blinked. "Ascension that not good."

He started to read.

Now and then he looked up studying the young mans aura it was like the letter said Xander was cursed a spell that would make any one eventually think of him as some one useless.

Theo nodded. "You are under a curse. Give me a day and i can remove it. Its a strong compulsion curse making any one sooner and later begin to think of you as useless and worthless I think this curse might explain why your friends turned on you. I can easy remove it for you."

Xander nodded. "I would be extremely happy the sooner you do it the better."

Theo nodded. "We will it tomorrow morning. Do not worry. I have to call M on Section M. They deal with these kind of things."

Theo started to walk out then froze. "Xander you said the other slayer was in Sunnydale her Watcher should be informed.

And it might be good for the slayer to finally meet other fighters for the forces good. Talk shop and you know compare payment the usual employed fighters do."

Theo said remember the days talking business with other government agents it always ended with talk who got the biggest paycheck and he always lost.

Aaa the days being poor government employee.

He looked around this big mansion once again happy that was long time ago he was poor.

Xander blinked. "What payment? The watcher Never ever pay the slayer anything. Faith had to live in a stinky motel on money she manage to get from raiding Vampires."

Theo frowned. "Really is this so Faith?"

Faith nodded. "Yea its like a honor to be chosen or something like that. If we want money we have to find work also."

Theo nodded and sighted. "Then i have to inform M about that.

According to the United nation declaration on champions chosen by higher powers and the organizations that helps them and employ them. Must pay a salary depending on the risk involved.

A Slayer should have equal pay of a Police Detective including Medical insurance."

Faith blinked. "What. Are you kidding?"

Seeing the rest of the room just shake their head No.

She started to growl in fury. "IM Going to Kill them." She then walked out literally smoking in anger.

Brianna sighed. "I go and help her. She needs to know which explosive is the best to remove body parts." With that she walked out.

Xander "Im going to call Joyce. Could you ask M to send a body guard to Sunnydale. I believe the moment Joyce finds out the Watcher WILL try to assassinate them to silence them."

Theo looked at him "Sure. What are you going to tell Joyce?"

Xander grinned. "That Buffy should have a income. That she should NOT had to borrow money just to pay for Buffy time in hospital.

And where she can find a good Axe or shot gun before she have a talk with Giles."

Theo nodded. "I see well i do hope everything go well."

Xander nodded and started to make the call.

This would most likely be a long day.

Inside the Lab.

Gina frowned as she talked to Brittany. "Well It looks like its correct. Xander Mom IS sister to Tirga of the Edge guard. His Twin sister. The funny thing is Tirga IS about 25 Xander mom is over 41 now."

Brittany looked curious. "How that happened?"

Gina "Well according to old report she disappeared the same time a evil crazy master mage was going berserk cursing and throwing fireballs. The mage had a power ball and the Edge guard manage to destroy it.

The explosion destroy the mage the four Edge guards and the house she was in.

Now ONE piece of the bodies or the house was ever found again.

I think it might have been cast out thru space and time."

Brittany nodded. "yea i hate it when those things happens."

Gina nodded. "Its a pain every time. Remember the T-Rex."

Brittany nodded. "Ooh yea i was so happy i cried when i was home. But he tasted good."

At the same time in another world...

The man tall with yellow fur and black strips grinned at his image his fangs was glittering in the mirror image.

He fix his hair so it looked rugged yet well maintained. It took lot of hair gel but the ladies loved it.

Time for Tirga to finally meet his Nephew and maybe flirt with the Diggers ladies. "Aaa so sweet a young sister son to teach all i know about the ladies." He said.

"What did you say?" A short Were-jaguar and his currently On and OFF girlfriend Sheila asked.

Tirga paled. "I Im going to meet my sisters son and you know the young kid needs to learn everything. My twin sisters son he can barely walk. Its true he barely knows how to walk the tail you remember we all have that problem."

Sheila frowned. "You were planning on flirting with the Diggers girl right?" Seeing a letter sitting beside him she grabbed it. "It said here that he is 17 teen. How the Ooh time spell. I better come with you."

Tirga nodded. "So lovely i am so happy." He said mustering as much happiness he could. *Crap i was hoping to get somewhere with Gina or Brianna. But on the other hand Sheila must be in her human body.* He started to grin.

Sheila stared. "You just remember that i have to use my human body right?" The Were-Jaguar said. Slowly turning in to her huge human body almost as tall as Tirga the Were-tiger.

-A normal Were-cat hybrid body the mix between human and animal are bigger stronger then the human body.

Sheila have a birth defect making her HUMAN body stronger bigger then her Hybrid body.

So she is as big as a normal human in her hybrid body or as big as a normal 14 year old Were-jaguar hybrid body is and she IS about 22 year old.-

Sheila smiled. "So when do we leave?"

At the same time on Earth.

Moisha. "i i why are we here?"

Romeo. "I agree why ARE we here?"

Lydia "Because **** said i should make ***** friends with the ******Digger family. And if i ***** have to then ***** you have to."

Romeo "You do know. Me and Moisha are NOT going out with Xander."

Moisha "I might if i can convince Lydia that a threesome is more fun."

Lydia growled. "NO threesome not interested. Romeo and Xander what did you do yesterday."

Romeo grinned. "Played computer game you and Moisha was working."

Lydia grinned. "Right **** he ****** is ***** youre ****** friend and My ***** boyfriend. And His friends should be OUR ****** friends."

Her two friends and in a way 'family' nodded paled faced in fear they rang the gate bell of the Digger mansion.

Brianna blinked as she watched the three were-rats ring the bell. "Thats a new."

A small voice at her feet said. "Mom can i blow her up?" It was a small extremely cute AI robots one of her many Peebos a Peebochu MK2. Fully loaded with micro flame thrower micro Gatling gun and cuteness camouflage.

Brianna frowned. "I i. Dam Xander would be angry. Go and spy on them IF anything attacks us use the grenades."

The Peebochu Mk2 rolled away on its glider silently and unseen.

Brianna stopped working for a moment on her next idea. The Peebochu Mk3 Slayers helper.

-Information. This guys actually exist. Brianna in the Cartoon more or less stole them from her favorite anime. You probably know which one. And yes Brianna is crazy and proud of not all crazy scientist are trying to take over the world some fight to protect it-


Finally the door opened and the three were rats paled.

Julia Brigand Diggers stood their her rapier on her shoulder and a grim face. "What do you three rats want. I have not interfered with YOU Lydia dating Xander. But what are you doing here?"

In the tall grass the Peebochu Mk2 hide unseen by any one its weapons flinched as it saw lots of birds it loved to shoot them down. Even if mommy Brianna got angry. "Birdie boom boom." It whispered silently for it self.

Lydia swallowed focusing on not using bad languish to make Julia angry was bad idea. "We come to ask you and your family for forgiveness. We do not work for Gothwrain any more.

We we are runaways.

And i like Xander."

Julia sighed. These three had time and time again tried to kill Brittany and Brianna but always failed and always using stupid methods. They were even younger then Brittany and Brianna.

She knew they that Gothwrain probably tortured and murder those that failed him.

And they were kids 17 year old kids.

Kids that had bad luck in life.

Kids that never really had a chance in life but were chosen from birth to become assassins of Gothwrain.

Something they were really bad at doing.

They did not have the killer instinct in them.

Julia put her weapon away. "Alright follow me Do not do anything stupid."

They nodded and followed her like three scared rats or teens.

Later in the laboratories. Where Gina and Briannas computer can monitor and find out if any one is lying.

Xander blinked. "Your a Were-rat."

Lydia nodded. "I'm So ***** sorry i did not tell you. *** You angry." Xander shrugged. "No their are things i have not told you so about me but i will tell you."

ON a higher plane on existence.

"Look" A PTB thing 1 said.

"We could send the key to them." A PTB thing 2 said.

PTB 1 frowned "When time is right it would be a good choice."

PTB 2 "Key would get protection of the slayer and the beast men."

PTB 1 Grinned. "Look things happening. I say we grab the key and remake it now."

PTB 2 frowned. "What ooh thats smart."

PTB 1 "i tell the monks. Lot simpler this way."

Gina frowned. "Look i can help you with the silver burns. Just come over here. This mixed with your blood and injected will boost your healing ability and remove the silver scars."

The three were rats one by one walked forward as their ugly scars vanished.

Moisha blinked. "Why like are you doing with the rest of my blood." Gina smiled. "I put it inside here for the computer to analyze and eventually store its DNA information. That way i can scan for sickness in advanced and do other things. I have you guys, Faith and Xander blood in their."

Then suddenly the wall exploded and the room filled with smoke.

Forgotten and unseen the Peebochu Mk2 waited for his chance to blow something up.

A tall woman dressed in black skin tight armor holding a big custom made shot gun walked in front behind her a man dressed in a mage suite and a ninja walked inside.

And behind them fourteen others came walking.

Julia frowned. "What do you want?"

The woman Zelda spoke. "My master Talon new friend have given us power superior to yours Family. Finally My master will have your daughters DNA."

Julia grinned drawing her sword around her family and the friends did the same thing.

She focus on the Ninja Dashi was his name and he was an impressive fighter.

Brittany focused on the female fighter Zelda. They where old enemies.

Theo powered up his magic focusing on the mage.

Then suddenly a burst of light a Light gate from jade opened and two friends dropped in Tirga and Sheila.

And the bad guys attacked.

Xander growled attacking one of the bad guys only to get kicked back. He blinked. "They are Vampires Theo they are protected from the sun."

Theo growled. "So you are protecting Vampires now?"

The mage smiled. "Not my doing a chemical mix Master Talon did. But our new allied knows a lot of technology and she is quite good at enslaving the undead."

Tirga growled grabbing his two magical Nunchucks he attacked fire burned around him hurting only the bad guy as he struck them down.

Gina blinked. "NOO Tirga not in here." She screamed seeing the flammable gas tubes that had been hurt. "Crap Hide."

BOOOOOOOOOM and the room exploded in huge a huge fireball.

Peebochu Mk2 throw his grenades on the Were-rats. All of them powerful stun grenades.

Just in case he throw one on Xander also. He was dating an evil girl that tried to hurt Momma so he must be evil.

Xander and Lydia was sent flying by the duel power of the explosion they crashed in to Faith and the three landed inside a strange tube like object that Gina had found years before in a crashed starship.

The computer responded fast. "Shielding all non combat and non hostiles in room. Activating fire fighting protocol. Activating DNA splicing and cloning. Activating. System error detected. Fixing error continuing with program -YES- -NO- you chose Yes."

Gina blinked "I did no such thing."

AI "To late miss.

THE PTB "Now."

Zelda and the other bad guys seeing that the fourteen vampire was dust because of the explosion they hurried away running or teleporting.

Moisha "Uuh pain."

Romeo. "More pain. Something heavy is sitting on my head."

Julia frowned. "Im not heavy its the armor." But she hurried to stand up.

Then a strange sound was heard. "Ping. Object cloned. Successful."

Julia blinked.

Gina groaned. "Crap."

Brianna "Crap."

Theo. "what the?"

Inside the copy pod they saw the unconscious body of Faith, Xander and Lydia.

Gina eyes turned to the other pod where the clone should come from.'

Inside she could see a nude extremely cute 14-16 year old girl sleeping as the machine slowly filled her head with information copied from the other three.

Gina groaned. "Crap."

In the Higher realm Of the PTB. "Hi FIVE."

Chapter 10
The Definition on Family.

The women was tall and furry with sharp fangs a Werewolf holding a pair of kids that really enjoyed this exiting trip.

Around her four other werewolf were walking and protecting her children and her.

"It looks like some one have attacked the Digger mansion. Be ready for anything my half-Brother is in their." Jetta said as she hugged her kids Pojo and Alera closer to her furry body.

Ding Dong...

The door bell rang.

Theo Digger sighed. "Wait here we explain what happen after this."

Lydia nodded. "You **** right."

Xander smiled. "MY ears still rings from the explosion."

Romeo frowned. "Xander what ARE you? Not a werewolf but."

Xander sighted. "Im a Were-Chimera."

Moisha. "That's like so cool. What is a Chimera?"

Xander smiled "It." Suddenly a voice interrupted him.

"Hello so you are my half-brother." Jetta said she then blinked and growled in anger. "What ARE Those Rats doing here? They tried to kill me once."

Moisha "Gulp. But only like Two times so you forgive us right? We like tried to kill Brittany like fifteen or more time and they forgive us right?"

Jetta growled. "Two times?"

Moisha nodded happy.

Lydia. "I will hurt you Moisha so so much."

Brittany frowned. "Mom why ARE we forgiving them?"

Julia sighed. "They are kids.

Gothwrain forced them even torture them with silver to punish them and forcing them to work as his Assassins.

They no longer work for him."

Jetta sighed. "Are you sure Julia?"

Julia nodded. "Theo used his magic to make sure they were not lying." Jetta smiled a cruel looking smile of a Were-wolf alpha then turned to her still shocked half-brother.

Xander cleared his voice. "Hi. Im Xander. So half-sister?"

Lydia. "Could you ******* explain more about the ***** Chimera thing Xander?" Her curiosity forced her to ask what the hell her boyfriend was.

Jetta. "Growled Quiet down rat or i hurt you."

Lydia "Eeeep."

Xander turned werewolf/Were Tiger hybrid and growled back.

"She is MY girlfriend. Sister or NOT hurt her and i hurt you right back." He hoped she did not notice that he still had problem standing straight in this form.

He finally master walking and running but standing he still felt unbalanced in.

Jetta blinked. "Im the Alpha boy do you really think? What the hell are you?" She said as his strange look suddenly registered.

Theo Digger sighed. When it rained it pored. "Sit down. He is what is known as a Were-Chimera.

And NO they are not dangerous or evil. In jade they are highly respected."

Jetta frowned. "What IS a Were-chimera?"

Lydia "That ***** thing ****** i like ***** To ***** know."

Xander sighed and sat down. Stupid tail. "You all know if a Were-wolf and a Were-cheetah would have a child it would be a pureblooded Were-wolf or a were-cheetah depending if the mother was the wolf or the cheetah. Right?"

Lydia. Jetta and the rest nodded.

Theo looked proud Xander DID listen to his explanations.

Xander continued. "A Were-chimera happens when a female with ONE unique genetic quirk that are a were have a child with somebody that is a were of a another type. A Chimera is a mix between two different types of Were. My dad was a Were-wolf." He said turning smaller and completely Were-wolf. "And my mother was a were-tiger." He said turning completely Were-tiger.

Lydia "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

Moisha "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cute butt Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

Romeo "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

Jetta sighed. "If i did not kill Brendan our evil father already i would kill him again."

Xander ignored her. "Lydia. LYDIA." he said. "Im sorry i did not tell you but. But i really like you and when i found that you where a Were-rat i i was afraid you hate me because Im part cat."

Lydia twitched where she sat. "I i."

Moisha blinked this was so romantic. "She going to Like Think about it."

Xander blinked and looked at Moisha. "Alright."

Moisha "Aaaa dont look at me."

Xander turned his eyes away. "Why?"

Romeo "The Doom Gaze. Aaa dont look at me." He screamed as Xander turned to him.

Xander sighed feeling hurt now. "What IS the Doom Gaze."

Brittany nodded she never found out about that.

Lydia. "Are you ***** stupid dont **** know."

Xander "I only known i was a were-chimera for about two month i think!"

Romeo "When Iceron created you Were-cats to hunt us Were-rats down to murder us his first creation.

He gave you the ability to paralyze us with fear by looking us in the eye when you in your animal or hybrid form."

Xander blinked and looked at Romeo. "Really." Surprise in his voice. Romeo shivered and froze as the full fear then. "What the hell." He said. "I should be paralyzed now. Brittany could you look at me.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." He screamed in fear as he looked in Brittanys eyes and become paralyzed by fear.

Brittany. "Look like it still working for me."

Xander smiled. "Im not a Were-tiger Im a Were-chimera it might not work. Right?" He said looking straight at Lydia.

She swallowed her fear and slowly looked him in the eyes she then smiled he was kind of cute big strong and dangerous looking but not awful or scary.

"Right ***** right no ***** Doom Gaze."

Romeo still shivering. "Like stop staring in me in the eyes please" tears falling.

Brittany grinned this was so fun.

Julia "Brittany DO not look them in the eyes.

Brittany growled. "I never get do anything fun."

Jetta. "Why dont we have the Doom Gaze."

Moisha. "You was Like us was created before our attempt to kill Iceron so it was not built in you."

Faith put her ice bag down. "Now that this FUBAR is talked about.

Who or what IS that girl?" She said talking about the mystery 14 year old kid that still slept the sleep of the innocent.

Gina swallowed. "Well thanks to the explosion. You Faith, Lydia and Xander was thrown inside a Alien copy machine i had found.

It copy you."

Faith nodded. "So she like a clone of me?"

Brianna. "No only 30% Faith. 35% Lydia and 35% Xander."

Xander blinked "What?"

Lydia " *****?"

Faith. "........"

Moisha "Its like Can i be her Aunty Moisha and Romeo is like Uncle Romeo?"

Jetta blinked. "What the hell. Typical the Diggers if something strange can happen IT will happen."

Theo sighed. "Gina, Brianna what is the strength thing you have not told us about?"

Gina sighed. "Well this is strange. First of all she IS a Were-chimera. Rat/tiger mix. Talk about the cat that captured the rat."

Julia "Gina."

Gina nodded and continued. "The next strange thing inside of her a HUGE energy signature is. A Transdimensional energy type."

Julia smiled. "Would you explain this in terms of some one that are Techno phobic can understand." She said talking about her self her husband and probably any body that DID not have uncountable University degree before age 12.

Gina that DO have uncountable degree before age 12 nodded. "Well Transdimensional energy is what my computer can read anytime somebody teleport with magic or technology. Or open a gate between earth and Jade." She said looking at Tirga and Sheila that was sitting silently nearby.

Gina continued "If the energy used to open a gate between Earth and jade is a cigarette in strength then the energy inside her is similar to that of the volcano Krakatoa explosion 1883. It destroyed a whole island nothing left."

Theo blinked. "That much energy it cant be."

Xander "I dont care SHE IS family can you remove it."

Lydia nodded.

Faith nodded. "Beastie-boy is right SHE IS my family."

Lydia. "Yea ***** remove it Family she IS. Beastie-boy ****** i like the **** Nick name."

Brianna "I we cant its part of her."

A voice interrupted them. "You cant and you should not do it." Whistler the balance demon said. "Before you get angry on me.

I did NOT do it.

You know Kid i said the PTB would demand a favor of you for fixing training by the best."

Xander nodded. "Yes."

Whistler "This is it. They put the KEY inside your new that child of you. Your work is to protect her so that NO body murder her or sacrifice her. Specially Glory the hell goddess."

Gina "What is the KEY?"

Whistler "Its a key to the dimensions. A crazy hell goddess named Glory likes to use it to go home. But doing that using the Key would destroy Earth merged it with other dimensions."

Seeing the look on some of them he continued. "The kid sleeping upstairs is a complete innocent girl. A real Human were-Chimera.

The PTB did fix her memory so she at least dont look to stupid."

Xander sighed. "I will protect her. With my life."

Lydia "She ***** family we will protect her."

Faith "Me too."

Romeo smiled "Ditto."

Moisha "Go with out saying."

Jetta "No hell god going to kill my nice even if she a half a rat and a tiger."

Tirga stood up. "I will help also. She is cousin. Xander IS my sisters son."

Dr Theodor Diggers smiled. "Fine so will the Diggers we will help." They turned to Whistler but found only an empty chair he was gone.

Xander frowned. "Theo. We need to find the hell goddess. A preemptive strike. Investigate using cameras from a long distance.

Then find her weakness so that we know what to strike if she attacks."

Brianna nodded. "I can send some of my Peebochu to spy once we know where she is."

Theo "I can ask Section M." This would be a hard year.

Then a female voice was heard. "Hello. Would anybody know where i am and what my name is?" A cute brown haired girl dressed in a Lab coat said.

She blinked. "Mammas and daddy. Could you tell me please i forgot or something."

Xander raised an eyebrow. "Daddy."

Faith "Mammas."

Lydia "Mammas."

The girl. "Uuh yes i think so. You two ARE my moms right. And you are My Dad right or or is that also wrong?" They could hear the panic in her voice.

Xander hurried up and hugged the younger girl. "Of course Im your dad. And they are your Mommas right?"

Faith and Lydia nodded weakly.

The girl cried in relief. "Why cant i remember my name and and childhood its fuzzy picture being a girl being a boy being another girl."

Xander "Let us sit down and i explain.." Lydia and faith Hurried over the also hug the girl.

Long talk later...

The girl looked afraid even more now. "So Im a mistake made by a computer. Thats all."

Xander "NO way you ARE MY family."

Lydia nodded. "Right ***** way. Your Family. Any ***** claim other **** wise i ***** going to ****** Hurt."

Faith. "Your Family kid. MY family. And DO not use bad word in front of her." she growled to Lydia.

The girl. "Why **** not?"

Faith paled. "Thats why."

Xander smiled. "So what should we call you. What do you think"

The girl blinked. "Good question."

Dr Theo smiled. "Well its getting late why dont we sleep on this and let the answer come to us with the next dawn."

Faith smiled then grinned like a crazy slayer. "Dawn a perfect name your like a new ray of light in our life.

More family for us to love."

The girl blinked. "Dawn is I like it. HI Im Dawn." She said.

Xander grinned like a proud dad. "Not a day old and she talks and walks and have a name Im really is a super dad."


Ding dong.

Giles open the door. "Hi Joyce uuh." He said in pain as her fist struck him hard.

He blinked he never knew Joyce could hit that hard.

Joyce must have read his mind. "Amateur College boxing two years champion." Before Giles had regain his breath or stand up Joyce had pulled a shot gun free. "NOW listen UP i just found out according to the UN Champions like MY Daughter should have Paycheck they should have medical insurance.

Thanks YOU Watchers i was brainwashed and I have to borrow money just to pay for Buffy medical stay.

You stay away from Buffy OR you pay what you owe her and the debts i have with the bank Understand scumbag."

Giles sighed. "I understand. But you do not understand I am trying to protect your child. If the Council find out they are going to kill you and her."

Joyce growled. "If you Really really had any care any love for Buffy YOU would have called the UN and reported the watchers LONG time ago. Good by asshole."

Giles just sat up on the floor report it to UN. He almost growled in fury. If he ONLY had thought about that years before. It would have solved so many problems.

He remember Xanders word and Cordy that awful day he left them with Whistler.

------------Flash back------------------------------------Xander blinked. "Man i knew Wesley was a worthless piece of human filth Rupert. But i now understand so are you."

Giles dropped his glasses. "Now see here."

Cordy *Not worthless just stupid and blind and emotional handicapped.*She was thinking.

"Not worthless just stupid and blind and emotional handicapped." She said.

------------End flash back----------------------------------

Giles sighed. Right now he believed Xander was right. He really was a worthless piece of human filth.

He was not stupid or blind and emotional handicapped.

He was worthless piece of human filth a former demon raiser that tried to do good.

Giles cried once again he hade betrayed those he loved once again.

The solution so simple so straight forward that he should have known he should have call them long before. But right now tears were falling as he sat down hugging himself.

For the moment the Mayor was forgotten as sorrow was the center of his world.


Wesley looked at the man. "You said you were from what?"

The man Azako. "The Shamans. You Watcher have a treaty with us And we need your help."

Wesley nodded. "Right what is it?"

Azako frowned impolite guy for an English.. "Our Chosen one the future Shaman king have been kidnapped we need you help to find him." Wesley groaned. The PTB really really hated him right. "I help. I even have a crystal of finding. Do you have anything that belong to him. And why is he kidnapped?"

Azako grinned. "I have things that belong to him. And HE is kidnapped of a rough version of our organization. They are planning on forcing him to work for free. Like a slave."

Wesley blinked work for free a chosen slayer worked for free it was the normal way. But thinking that was slavery was a bit Bizarre right.


A pair of dark dressed individuals ONE extremely bad dressed his pants shirt was at least two size to large. "So where are the girl and her mother" he said.

The driver "The summers are next block away. Remember This is a Hellmouth the fix that a Were-wolf have to stop the curse from spreading do not work inside its magic field so be careful. Remember their are Assassins after the Summers our mission is keeping them alive. By ANY or all means possible."

The Were wolf agent nodded. Irritated that he could not wear spandex or something that change size."


Inside a boring and almost forgotten building Agent M sat down reading the reports.

As boss of Section M USA agency of Paranormal research and defense he was a bit angry.

"Get me Furaka." M said.

Moment later a man scientist walked inside. "Read this report Theo send me."

Furaka nodded. "That was strange. Vampire. It must be Margaret Walsh only she knows the design."

M nodded. "Send out a team IF she joined forces with Talon the two of them must be removed."

Furaka nodded but. "Are you sure about Talon he is like 13 years old?" M looked at him. "That 13 year old have been sending out Assassins and terrorist even robbed our gold reserve. Sold weapon to Terrorist.

Tried ONCE to mess with the Presidential election and attempted murder on ONE president.

I do not care if he is 13 years old super genius from this point He is adult."

Furaka nodded. "I will fix a team." Talon might be an evil maniac but in Furakas book he was also an idol of brilliance.

M smiled. "I know you are impressed by his intelligent but think about this. He use it only for evil."

Furaka nodded as he walked out. He would fix the team of killers.

But a friendly E-mail to warn Margaret would not hurt.

Chapter 11
The Definition on Family.

Ring ring ring. The phone alarm was calling out.

Eventually the owner finally manage to get to it.

"Summer, Joyce speaking." Joyce said in the phone.

Xander smiled now their was a voice he missed. "Hi Mrs. S."

Joyce smiled. "Xander how are you? We missed you like crazy. Did you find out about the curse Snider put on you.

Buffy and Willow are heart broken that you left they cant stop blaming them self."

Xander sighed. "You can tell them i will be back i just have to clear up a thing or five or six here. And I am fine.

Have a bit of a problem learning to walk again.

And i got a girlfriend a wonderful high spirit girl name Lydia."

Joyce smiled. "Thats wonderful i love to meet her. But what do you mean learning to walk."

Xander grinned. "They did tell you that i am a Were-Chimera. I have three full animal shapes a wolf and a Tiger and a mix of tiger-wolf. And i have three hybrid shapes.

Tiger-man, and Wolf-man and tiger-wolf-man.

Let me tell you Joyce the walking with a tail is NOT easy the freaking thing have a will of its own."

Joyce smiled. "Well if you stop thinking and just do it. You might learn to walk with no problem."

Xander grinned. "Well thats the small things that happened. The big things is this. I met my Uncle he like 25 years old a Were-tiger.

And a kind of a police an Edge guard in a world that use magic instead of technology.

Apparently Mom manage to get teleported thru time and space and ended up here on earth."

Joyce blinked. "Thats unusual."

Xander smiled. "Naa not that unusual Gina and Brianna had an accident with a time machine a while ago. They let me taste some dino burger a T-rex steak best dinner i ever have."

Joyce blinked. "Xander do you feel alright?"

Xander. "Yea its kind of hard to believe right?"

Joyce nodded for herself. "Yes it is."

Xander continued. "Well thats the family from Moms side. From my dad side i got Jetta. She is my half-sister. Great girl the leader of the Werewolves and her kids Pojo and Alera both are about 6 years old adorable."

Joyce smiled. "So did you meet your dad. Your real dad."

Xander frowned. "No not really Jetta kind of killed him. But she had to.

He was crazy megalomaniac that tried to murder every Were-Cheetah in the world and enslave every Were-wolfs so that he could rule the world."

Joyce. "I i. Are you sure you are alright?"

Xander answer correctly. "No Joyce Im overwhelmed. Then just yester day an accident happened no one was hurt but. Me Faith and Lydia got thrown inside a cloning machine.

And now Im the dad of a 14 year old baby girl. Name Dawn."

Joyce blinked. "...... You are joking right?"

Xander "no... Im not. She is lovely Joyce.

She looks just like her mothers Faith nose, Lydias eyes and ears.

The computer gave her some of mine, Faith, and Lydias memory luckily it edited them remove the bad stuffs.

Faiths family was worst then mine Joyce we are talking abuse.

And Lydia she grew up raised by a mad man to be an assassin for a clan of Were-rats."

Joyce sighted. "Do you love her."

Xander. "Yes Strangely its the best thing that happened to me. But Im so afraid i am only like 3 years older then her i fell more like a big brother then a father.

And she thanks to the computer things of me as Daddy Xander."

Joyce blinked. "Did you say MOTHERS as in plural?"

Xander. "Yes i said ME, Faith, Lydia got blasted inside the machine. Faith and Lydia IS her mothers.

She thinks of them as mothers."

Joyce groaned. Her headache just become worst. "I see. By the way are you the cause of the body guards that now protects us."

Xander. "I think so. Dr Diggers called a friend and he sent them over."

Joyce eyes looked like an owl. "Did you say DR Diggers? As in Theodore Diggers. Father of Dr Gina Diggers and Brittany Diggers the famous archeologist and researcher."

Xander "Ummm yes. How do you know about them?"

Joyce sighed. "I was listening on a lecture Gina Diggers was holding in Jael university. She was about 13 year old cute girl recently a Dr in Archeology and arcane languish and art.

It was fascinating. Her younger sister was funny she was dressed up as a cat with tail and all."

Xander "Yup that Gina alright a bit boy crazy but friendly. And Joyce Brittany her sister IS a were-cheetah that was NOT a make up that was her cheetah-girl body."

Joyce blinked. "Ooo... So your tiger body would. Look like." She swiped the drool of. "Look like a hunk a huge yellow black striped hunk of a man with claws and tails."

Xander blinked. "Uuh yes."

Joyce smiled. "Lydia is one lucky girl. Having her own cat to play with."

Xander smiled. "Not so sure about that. Lydia is a Were-rat Joyce she is kind of nervous seeing my Tiger body."

Joyce blinked. "I i. What about your child? The name is is."

Xander "Dawn and yes. She is a Chimera like me. But a mix of Rat and Tiger. Poor girl. But what has happened on your side?"

Joyce "Well i forbidden Giles to talk to my Buffy unless he cough up the money he owes her and me. And an apology.

The Mayor is under investigation by the Agents our body guards.

They claim they have a plan on handling him.

Then Yes, right a new neighbor have moved in.

Cold bitch i say friendly but just cold a Margaret Walsh and her son Talok Walsh. Or something.

Cute kid but he looks angry."

Xander nodded. "Well any reason you tell me about them."

Joyce nodded for herself. "Yes Buffy suspect them for being evil witches or something."

Xander frowned. "I dont think that. But i have to say good by now."

Joyce smiled. "Good by and call Buffy and Willow." yes Talon was it not Talok.

Xander "Yes i will goodbye."

Smiling Xander walked down he had questions he needed to know about the young and evil mastermind Lord Talon. And then training.

"Daddy could you help me?" Dawn desperate voice said.

Xander blinked "yes what can i help you with?"

Dawn looked down. "I was trying to tie my shoe like in the memories but something was wrong and now Im stuck."

Xander swallowed his laughter she some how manage to bind her own fingers stuck in the shoes. "I will help you.

I think we need to check what other memory or skill you have thats is twisted or wrong.

Like do you know how to swim?"

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Of course. Lydia, Faith and you all know how to swim. So i can swim."

Xander finished tying up her shoes. "Like you knew how to tie the shoe."

Dawn blushed. "Ooo. Maybe i need to test that. Could you help me?"

Xander smiled. "Lets make it a family thing. I need to learn to swim in my Tiger and wolf body. You need to learn that also.

Let us all go and have a bath and swim day. I ask the Diggers and then we can all go."

Dawn grinned that would be fun.

And together they walked out.

"Dad what is Sex. My memory have not explained that for me."

Xander swallowed and looked pale. "Oboy."

But luckily.

Julia diggers that had been walking by smiled and interrupted them. "Xander let me handle this i am a mother of three girls and have done this before."

Dawn nodded. "Great then what is sex?"

Xander sighed as he looked at his now 14 year old? Clone? "She clearly have a lot of knowledge missing."

Chapter 12
Actions in life....


Margaret Walsh grinned. "Did you get it Zelda?"

The tall female bald beauty nodded. "Yes Miss Margaret i did."

Talon the 13 year old genius grinned. "Good. Then let us begin. The fact that we do not have were-Cheetah DNA is a lost with an army of were-cheetahs i could make USA the ruler of Earth like it should be. But your Cyborg combined with my Genetic improvement will be a beginning."

Margaret nodded. "What about the wanted post on us. Lord Talon." She hurried to say so that he would not be angry.

Talon smiled. "No real consequence. The Government is hunting ghost right now. I change my looks and yours Doctor Margaret they will not find us until i am ready to be found."

Suddenly a man stepped forward from the shadow making most of them jump and the computer to speak out. "Intruder. Negative Ninja master Dashi is back."

Talon growled angry. "One day Dashi i will find out how you sneak in and out with out my computer notice you."

Ionis the mage working for Talon nodded. "And i truly wish you told us how you sneak by MY magic alarms."

Dashi just looked at them no emotions or anything. "Its a ninja secret. My Lord Talon."

Talon nodded. "Fine fine did you get the tools i send you out to get?" Dashi smiled. "I found something even better. I will get the tools later IF you still are interested."

Talon frown of his entire minion he only trusted Dashi and Ionis initiative ability. "Tell me and i do hope its something good."

Dashi nodded. "In this area the ability to curse another to become a Were-wolf is active. THE cure from the bite of infection do not work inside the Hellmouth.

I think the same would be for a Were-cheetah if Brittany or Brianna would bite one of us inside of Sunnydale. You my lord have your DNA. But thats the minor thing i found out.

The young man Xander is a Were-Chimera a mix between a Were-Wolf and a Were-tiger able to become both if he wish."

Talon gasped. "Thats. Alright lets ignore the project Slayer for now. Margaret tomorrow you and me starts plan to trick the Diggers to town." He then sighted.

"And now i have to go and do my homework." The young said truly bored having uncountable University degrees as Doctor and Professor in anything from Medicine to Mechanics going to 'normal' school pretending to be a normal kid was truly awful boring.

Worst was the jocks that constantly stole his money he would assassinate them as soon as he could.

Margaret grinned. "Lord Talon a suggestion A+ get you attentions so will a D- try to do something less noticeable."

Talon rolled his eyes as he put on his glasses.

Doing less then his best was hard and irritating.

Sunnydale graveyard...

"Youre kidding me." Angel said Shocked.

Buffy shook her head. "No apparently Xander, Faith and a another girl his girlfriend got cloned or something and they now have a child a 14 year OLD child."

Angel sighed. "Thats can be confusing."

Further conversation was interrupted as a newly risen Vampire burst up from its grave.

Short staking later...

"So what are you going to do now?" Angel said as they walked towards home.

A voice interrupted them.

"Back up sucker. Slayer your coming with us the council like to talk to you." An English speaking voice said.

Beside him five other thugs were standing holding guns barely seen ready.

Buffy swallowed. "And if i dont?"

The Watcher smiled. "Then you die." Suddenly he blinked as a red spot were gliding over his eye.

A man dressed like an actor from MiB walked out. "She will go home. I have six laser sighted sniper rifle aimed at each of you. Look at your chest area."

Each of the watchers goons and the watcher did that and a red point was glowing aimed at the heart.

The Watcher swallowed. "Who are you this is official Watcher business?"

The man showed him an ID. "I am Artedo Milianto representative of the UN paranormal unit of defense. Surrounding you are Member of Section M. You watcher have overstepped your bounds. Illegal forcing the Slayer in a near Slave like working condition.

Magically raping the mind of her mother.

Trying to murder her to silence her."

Artedo Milianto grinned an evil twisted smile. "I would say that the sun would go supernova before ANY one of you see the light of day again. Unless?"

One of the Thugs. "Unless what Sir?"

Artedo smiled. "The UN need information about the locations of the Potential Slayers being raised in a slave like training condition.

Like the now death Kendra was.

Turning UN and USA witnesses you six might serve only five years instead of lifetime in jail.

We might even give you a nice private cell. NO love crazed gay rapist named Bubba.

Your choice are you giving up dropping your guns we can talk more."

The watcher and his thugs dropped their guns as fast as they could.

Artedo smiled. "Miss Buffy. Mr. Liam i thank the two of you for your cooperation tonight. Our trap worked like a charm I do think Joyce have some food surprise waiting for you."

Buffy smiled. "No thank you." She said walking off ignoring the angry and afraid Watcher and his thugs.

Sunnydale home of Giles.

"Can you blame them?" Willow said.

Giles sighed. "No Willow i can not. I wish to help but. I been thinking things over and I failed even you.

I should have warned you about the Threefold rule more. But i just?"

Willow sighed. "The agents of Section M told me showed me picture proof they said i could get a teacher from the council of mages.

It was scary why did you not tell me?"

Giles sighed. "I i was busy i was afraid and i dont know HOW to tell you. Teenagers just confuse me not like books. Books i understand not girls not teenagers."

Willow looked disgusted at the man she so recently wished been her father. "You really are something. Giles i still believe in you. I still believe you and us can become friends again. Work together again. But get you head out of your asshole."

Giles blinked that was not normal Willow talk. "I i will try."

Willow. "Dont try Giles DO." She said walking out.


Xander "Blubb blubb. Dog swim was harder then i believed." He said in his wolf-man body.

Beside him his half-sister nodded holding him up in the water and smiled. "Just relax. Cub you get it soon."

Beside him swimming in circles around him was his 6 year old sister children Pojo and Alera giggling and making fun of him.

ON the side line Faith and Lydia was standing looking angry at each other.

Faith/ "You hold you ****** mouth shut ****** and dont ****** dare use foul language around so Dawn can hear it."

Lydia "I ***** do **** not **** foul language. I use strong *****words. It Gives **** girl **** character."

Dawn blinked this was ***** fun seeing her Mothers argue she learns **** SO much now.

Moisha blinked. "Like Character to make a Sailor blush by talking Lydia." She looked at Faith. "But she make them blush by how she is dressed. Like wow what a family."

Faith and Lydia looked at each other. "MOISHA. Keep out of this."

At the same time in Japan.

The were-rat bow. "Its true Lord Gothwrain, Your three runaway Assassins are working and living with the Diggers."

Gothwrain growled. "Find out more. Attacking the Diggers directly always fails. If we can find an easy target to kidnap they will come to us and that will be their doom."

His minion nodded and left the old Were-rat Mage alone studying the picture of the Digger family.

His run away assassins Moisha, Lydia, and Romeo.

The Werewolves, The Unknown Were-tiger and Were-Jaguar.

Xander and the unknown girl Dawn.

Who would be the perfect target to kidnap.

Chapter 13
Going home...

Xander sighed. He was going 'home' if Sunnydale really was home anymore he was not sure.

Anyhow this really was not how he imagining the home coming to be.

Personally he thought it looked like a circus.

In this Van his family sat.

Dawn Harris.


Lydia McCracken his girlfriend.

Tirga his uncle. A were-tiger from a world that used magic not technology. He was really nervous sitting inside a technological machine a van. And his girlfriend Sheila a Were-Jaguar. Both of them Edge-guards a sort of elite lawmen in the world Jade.

Then Jetta his half-sister a Werewolf Alpha the ruler of the Werewolves. Or as he understood THE ruler.

And her kids Pojo and Alera.

And tagging along Lydia came Moisha and Romeo.

Xander really did not mind Romeo HE was fun. But he was really really tired of Moisha right now. SHE was TO friendly.

--------Side note-----------------------------------------Thanks to Dr Theodor Diggers Made some calls and now she was Dawn Hope Harris.

With medical proof that she suffered from amnesia complete memory lost of childhood. His half sister.

Faith family was not the best and she said that for Dawn best no real official connection should exist for her safety.

The same had Lydia said.

----------------End Side note-------------------------

And that was the first car.

In the rest came the Diggers.

Julia Brigand Digger the mother happy that she would get the chance to fight some Strange powerful Demons and kill them it was like going on a safari.

Poor demons the Julia was Nr 1 fighter from the world of Jade.

Earth might brag about the Asian fighting arts but they have NOT seen the skills that evolved in Jade. Julia could kick slayers ass with out breaking a sweat. Even Faiths.

Faith and he had been training under her now for more then three months.

Then Dr Theodor Diggers or Theo. The father. Arch Mage in the conclave of mages in earth and in Jade. Also a semi retired former secret agents. And treasure seeker.

They had a private car an antique classic Ford that Theo was driving and NO improvements were made inside.

Then the Girls cars.

That Gina was driving.

Inside was Stripe Brittany boyfriend. Xander had almost swallowed his tongue. He was an Alien a really alien prince from the World Kryn. And he looked like a tiger man no were-tiger powers here but he had powers impressive powers.

He was relaxing a bit on earth with the love of his life Brittany.

Also was Sander and two other Werewolves that was Jettas protectors.

Normally Brittany and Brianna would be sitting next but sitting still inside a moving car was boring.

Specially on the Highway where they right now were running in their cruise-speed 260 mph. Well Brittany was running that fast Brianna was a bit slower only 200 mph.

But they left the cars behind in a trail of dust.

And the last car belong to a Government FBI representative who mission is to see that Stripe was alright.


They had stopped to drink a bit and rest.

Xander looked over the gang.

Dawn walked up and hugged him. "Daddy According to the memory Sunnydale is a strange town. Is that true?"

Xander blinked looked over the gang. "Naa No more strange then the usual."

Dawn nodded and walked over to Brittany and Strip. "Hi Brittany if i turn rat could you carry me next time you go running." She said using her full puppy eye attack. "Please the cars are so slow."

Julia. "So kid whats bugging you."

Xander "Home is bugging me. I dont know if where it is. I i was badly treated in Sunnydale but it was because of the curse.

And now Im going back to my former friends.

I should forgive them they were effected by the curse but its hard. The worst thing is that Death boy was the one that actually cured me from the curse.

I hated him so long just because he is a vampire."

Julia nodded. "Well consider the curse was meant to destroy your adopted-father life and any future children of his.

Your mothers alcoholism might be because of that curse. And Tirga likes to talk to his sister."

Xander nodded. "Yes we have to save mom. And if we can restore her Were-tiger body. You know i been wondering HOW could her adopted family Grandma and Grandpa lock her were-tiger body away. Its high magicer right."

Julia nodded that much she knew. "Yes locking it away IS high magic." Xander smiled. "Then how could they do that. Grandma and Grandpa both of them was religious believed ANYTHING magic was evil and twisted."

Julia frowned. "I i see. I have to ask Theo about that."

Some time later...

A huge sign -Sunnydale turn left 5 miles-. Was on sitting by the side of the road.

Behind it a police car was sitting waiting for speed offender.

"I Been working now 5 or 8 years on the road. It can be a dangerous work being Traffic cop. You be surprised how many guns their are out their." Officer O'tool said to the camera man in the backseat.

His partner McMurphy nodded. "Calm days is in this line of work happy days. You see thing nothing ever surprise you anymore."

Suddenly the radar alarmed screamed.

"Holy *PIIIP* they are driving more then 200 Mph. Probably a gang member." Otool said.

McMurphy pressed the cars accelerator. And they were of in full pursuit.


Brittany fumed. "But but Officer I WAS RUNNING.

Do any one of you see A Car. Or a Motorcycle or."

Otool growled. "I dont care The sign say 70 Mph. NOT 210 mph. Now take the ticket and be glad i cant take your driving license."

McMurphy nodded. "Like i said in this line of work nothing surprise you anymore."


With a still angry Brittany they finally arrived in Sunnydale.

And in time just a rare number of days the school finish would begin and the Mayor would try to become a demon.

Xander hoped section M had really really good plan in dealing with that.

He was going to do something far more difficult.

Meeting his friends to find out if they still were willing to be his friends.

Chapter 14
Family and Friends....

Outside Summer home in Sunnydale a strange group of individuals were standing.

Faith. Currently she had a Peebochu Mk 3 Slayerbot that Brianna given her attached.

Lydia. Currently looking human except small buck teeth.

Dawn. Looking human but with small pointy ears.

Moisha. In full rat hybrid body. Cute ears and tail.

Brittany. In her Hybrid Cheetah body.

Stripe. As usual looking like a tall cat man dressed in expensive style worthy of a prince.


In her hybrid cheetah body. With a belt with two attached Peebochu Mk 3. In their ball form.

Gina. Complete with her best jeans and shirt looking innocent and sweet. But Xander knew that cute boy crazy 22 year old probably had lots of hidden weapon on her somewhere.

Julia. Looking relaxed but her rapier sword was hanging at the belt. Theodor. In his black mage suit holding hugging Julia with one arm. Tirga. Smiling in an Ooo i am so great looking guy specially in my Were-Tiger hybrid body. Sheila. Standing a bit away from her on and off boyfriend. In her small Were-jaguar body the 25 year old were look more like a child compared to the other were-cats huge bodies.

Jetta. In her Were-wolf body.

Sander. IN his werewolf body.

Romeo. Looking human and quite nervous surrounding by so many were-cats.

And then Xander He sighed wondering if it was a good idea to let the Digger and his own family come with him for moral support.

Lydia grinned. "For **** sake Beastie-boy calm down."

Xander nodded and rang the bell. "Julia Sensei be ready Buffy might do something stupid."

A short moment later Joyce open the door. She blinked looking more behind him and on him then. "Buffy Its its for you. Hi Xander." She said stepping aside to let him come inside if he could.

Buffy came hurried out. "XANDER. Oooo Shit." She said rushing the strange army of freaks standing outside her Stake held ready. NO one endanger the life of her family.

"I dont know what you want but NO eating my mom." Buffy yelled as she hopped out attacking the first 'freak she saw.'

"Eeeeeep." Moisha yelled then suddenly the stake stopped an inch from her heart by the strong hand of Julia Brigand Digger.

"Calm down Junior your twenty years to soon to early to beat me." She said grinning as she kicked Buffys legs dropping her on the floor.

Buffy started to roll up again but a firm pair of arms gripped her hands. "Let me go Im Im."

Julia "I said Calm down Junior."

Xander grinned. "Hi Buffy. These are MY friends Buffy. F.R.I.N.D.S not enemy."

Buffy blinked looking around. "You sure."

Xander nodded. "Yes they are Were-wolfs and Were-rats and Were-cats. Not demon."

Buffy looked behind her doing a good exorcist imitation "What about her how can she hold me Im the slayer she just normal"

Julia sighed. "Ooh get of your high horse girl. I was fighting things long before you where even born."

Buffy looked at the 20 something looking female. "Sure sure."

Xander nodded. "Buffy she is over 40 years old. A spell made her younger its true."

Julia grinned as she let go of Buffy. "Going to fight anymore Junior."

Buffy narrowed her eyes her competitive nature really had things against being less then the alpha.

Faith smiled. "Give it up B. Julia been training me for Month now and I Still cant beat her up."

Buffy backed down a bit. "Mom."

Joyce nodded. "Let them inside i think they are friendly."

Lydia "You ***** right about that. Hi Im Lydia ***** Beastie-boys girlfriend. Glad to meet you."

Joyce nodded weakly. "I i see you have a colorful way of talking.

Dont do that."

Later After a phone call.

Xander frowned. "So Giles is still on the outside."

Joyce nodded. "Yes i cant forgive him what he did against you is mostly because of the curse. But against my daughter and me.

As a Watcher he knew about the UN resolution and knowing he should have contacted them giving them the evidence they would need.

But instead he kept silence and betrayed us all."

Xander nodded. "Possible. But i still think that he did not do it out of malice but out of confusion. Remember Joyce he was trained by the watcher probably conditioned in to ONLY accepting ONE type of action. Thinking outside the box would be almost impossible.

He was in his own way brainwashed loyal."

Buffy blinked. "I i. Mom i have to talk to Giles. Xander have right he must be feeling awful and he always tried to be their for me."

Joyce nodded. "Your are right. So are you forgiving us and the girls for the way they treated you."

Xander nodded. "In a way. But i still will keep my distant. The spell might be broken Joyce but part of it will remain it will influence them make them think less of me."

Joyce frowned. "I see. Mr. Snider have a lot of things to answer for."

Jetta nodded and whispered to Sander quietly so no one knew what she was talking about except Sander. "Call the hunters. Tell them to Capture Mr. Snider he will learn the error in hurting my baby brother personally."

She smiled.

"Hi i Im Willow." Willows voice said.

Dawn blinked. "You ARE." Hug. "Hi Im Dawn. Would you like to be friends. Dad talked about you a lot."

Willow blinked. "Dad. Ooo Joyce was not joking was she?"

Buffy came inside again. "I called Giles he will be over shortly."

Later the badly dressed Giles came over they could see that he had not shaved in a week and his shirt look dirty a fragment of a Englishman.

"h. Hi i Im. Rupert. Giles." he said to the strangers. "Joyce, Buffy, Willow, Xander, Oz i Im sorry the way i acted i betrayed you. i Im sorry."

Xander walked over. "I forgive you. Giles. I think the Watchers training was created to stop any field watcher from turning on them brainwashing Giles. Follow the orders dont question them."

And slowly the night grew darker as friends and family joined up.

Neighbors house.

Margaret Walsh. "They are here. Wonder why?"

Erwin Talon the 13 year old evil super genius shrugged. "I dont know. But we have to be extra careful now. Even in our disguise they might recognize me."

Suddenly a voice from the shadow spoke. "My lord Talon. Should i prepare a fight now or wait a day or two against Brittany or Brianna" Dashi the Ninja said.

They all jumped in shock.

The AI computer growled how the hell did that HUMAN sneak by its 100% fool proof alarms and sensors.

Talon stared angry at Dashi. "Just see that Zelda and the rest are not found out by the Diggers. Also IF you can try to capture one of Briannas Peebos or Peebochu.

I like to investigate what how advanced they are."

Dashi shivered. Capturing a Peebos was painful they were the early version of the Peebochu a self-propelled half-AI robot carrying anything from an EMP-Generator to a miniature warhead or stun grenades. They could seek out and find their target themselves and wait for the right moment to strike.

Extremely cute and pink and hard even for a ninja master to discover in time as they hide in the grass sneaking up on you before going BOOM.

The Peebochu were more advanced and they did not go Boom themselves they carried bombs or micro-Peebos with them.

Dashi sighed. "I see. I will try my best My Lord Talon." He really did not like them.

Next day.

Buffy smiled. "And the Agents from Section M let us borrow these guns to destroy the Mayor nice of them."

Brianna grinned. "Ooo the Gyro Jett pistol. A mark five. They are good. That a Plasma Torch rifle perfect to barbeque undead.

And the baby of the family the 30 mm Vulcan Gatling Cannon you are the one carrying that one Buffy."

Buffy nodded. "Not relay carrying i kind of fly backwards when ever i try to shoot with it."

Brianna nodded. "Their is a trick. But it helps if you have a battle armor on." She said lifting the portable cannon with one hand.

Buffy blinked. "By the way how come you know so much about them?" She said before gabbing HER gun back again.

Brianna eyes narrowed she liked the gun. "I designed them. I built them all of them. And i have my own Vulcan its pink."

Gina rolled her eyes. "The Vulcan is normally from a Thunderbolt she just made it portable. If you strong as a slayer or were-cheetah that is."

Buffy nodded still hugging her borrowed Vulcan. "I see...." Her whole body said one thing. My baby dont try to steal it.

Faith sighed. "So what gun will i use then?"

Buffy hugged the Vulcan closer. "Not this one."

Joyce smiled. "Well Buffy you need to go to school now. And Leave the gun here."

Buffy sighed and left the gun.

Joyce looked happy. "And the pistol."

Buffy growled and let the gyro jet pistol be left behind.

Outside she found a surprise.

"Xander what are you doing here and why are you walking around looking all Grrrr?" She said at Xander that currently was in his Tiger-hybrid body.

Xander sighed. "Julia idea. To get me used to this body. I still have problem controlling my tail. Sure i am stronger then a vampire and faster and more flexible.

But the tail still make me trip.

Just a month ago i fighting a Vampire in one of my hybrid body and I had to turn human before i could dust him." He shook his head.

Buffy nodded that would be a bit embarrassing. "So how go the training with Julia then?"

Xander grinned. "Really good Buff. She said Im learning the mental part of Ether real manipulation really fast. Of course i still cant hold my own against her or Faith she literally improves with leaps and bounds."

Dawn grinned. "Hi dad. Lets go to school."

Xander smiled. "Dawn honey call me Brother. I am to young to be dad you know."

The 14 year old girl nodded. Taking a hold of his hand and Buffy hand they walked to school.

ON the other side of the road Edwin Talon stopped his 13 year old heart evil and twisted suddenly started to beat faster. "Magnificent. Like a ray of sun she illuminate my day with a glory like a super nova. I wonder what her name is?" For the first time in his life things other then taking over the world changing other DNA and assassinate anybody that humiliate him filled his mind.

A passing 14 year old football player took his time to smack him on the head. "Look where you going geek." Laughing he walked away leaving the fuming and angry Talon on the ground.

And his mind was right back in planning vengeance.

Chapter 15
School times.

Xander walked up the stairs in to school he just transformed back to his 'human' body now days that felt so wrong his hybrid bodies the chimera-man version or the werewolf or weretiger hybrid felt more Right for him.

Being human right now was only because he rather not scare anybody.

"Look Its Loser boy Harris." A football player said.

Xander raised an eyebrow.

One of the other jocks. "Yea Back in town hiding behind Buffy. Who that aint she a bit to young for you?" He said pointing at Dawn.

Dawn nervous hugged his arm. "Da. Why are they talking like that?"

Xander grinned. "They are jocks stupid brainless Asshole that just keep on pushing just to find out whats going to happen and they never learned that Curiosity killed the CAT."

One of the Football-player rushed up. "Hey LOSER boy. I going to beat the hell out of you and have fun with your whore."

He froze in fear as Xander suddenly became an Over 6 feet growing fur sharp claws and small fangs.

Were-Tiger Xander walked up towering the football-Player.

"She IS my sister Asshole. IF she gets hurt you get hurt." He said lifting the player with one claw.

Buffy grinned. "Wicked. Xander dont hurt him to much."

Dawn nodded. "Yea. Buffy what is a whore?"

Buffy froze. "I eee." Blush. "Do you know what a prostitute is?"

Dawn nodded happy. "Its like a Catholic right?"

Buffy groaned. "No not exactly. Talk to Xander." She said as she ran away.

Xander growled. "I will hurt you so so much now."

One of the football-Player. "Hey Buffy you you must kill the monster or something."

Xander twisted the football players arm until he was screaming in pain then he dropped him. "Next time i will break your arm understood." Looking at Dawn "Lets find a place and talk Alright Dawn."

Buffy sneaked out from her hiding place. "No Xander is NOT a monster. He like a normal Were-Tiger dont you guys know ANYTHING."

She said rolling her eyes.

Jonathan. "Were-tiger. Ooo you mean like Brittany Diggers in Archeology Weekly."

Buffy nodded happy. "Yea Britt is cool. Not like Brianna weapon stealing and bragging i have more fun weapon then you have and i will not give them to you.

Except she is a Were-Cheetah." She thought over it.

"And boy do Britt knows how do dress her self i mean i am talking Tiffany only the best of the best. Probably cost a fortune."

The crowed looked at Jonathan somehow understanding that the geek probably understood the situation far better then Buffy did.

But most Cheerleaders flocked around Buffy finding out what a Were-Cheetah dressed like was some how more interesting.


The Principle office.

"Good day to you Mr. Harris." The Principle said. "You may call me Mr. Franklin."

Xander nodded. "Thanks Mr. Franklin. I do believe you have the information about me in the paper."

Franklin nodded. "Yes i quite unusual i did not believe in Were-wolfs and other myths and now having one in my school its quit the honor. I wonder what next Vampires." He said laughing.

Xander shrugged. "I dont think so. Vampire is nothing more then a dead body animated by a demon the only fun thing a vampire likes is torture rape and murder. Quite nasty. And the main reason why Sunnydale have large number of deaths in a small town anywhere."

Franklin blinked. "Your kidding right?" Something about a Were-tiger-wolf hybrid. Claiming Vampires were existing gave credibility to the outrageous claim.

Xander shrugged. "Look at the death number your self. Dont worry me and my friends will try to keep them out of school. Its a place of learning after all."

Franklin nodded. "I i see. Well i think it might be best if you kept in your human shape as much as possible."

Xander shook his head. "No my teacher said i should be hybrid as much as possible. And before you try anything. Would you force an African American to hide his skin just because HE is different. Would YOU hide your skin just because YOU are different from most." Xander grinned he could see that Franklin probably had a mix of African and Indian blood.

"I am a minority racist ARE hunting me trying to kill me just because i can shape change. I have the right to walk proud looking like my true self."

Franklin nodded "I see. Well i think we have to talk to the teacher and the student." He grinned. "Normally i would not do this but. I will be behind you 120 % IF you do me a favor."

Xander blinked. "What. Im graduating i already done the test in Atlanta so technically i am only here so i can spend time with my friends."

Franklin smiled. "Your. Sister are going to start here right. If you do this more Good will and friendship will be created."

Xander growled like only a human size tiger could. "What shall i do?" His eyes promised pain and suffer if it was something bad.

Franklin grinned. "Next Tuesday we have a football game AND i need a strong fast player so we can crush the other team. I want YOU to be that player. The Sunnydale Tiger. WE WILL WIN." He said in a tone of voice that send shiver of fear in footballs player around the world.

Xander sighted. "Your nuts. All right i do it. Only ONE game before school is finished right?"

The Principle Franklin nodded happy. Finally Sunnydale razorbacks would stand a change against the LA Tigers.

Kind of ironic that a Were-tiger would bring them down.

Franklin smiled. "I have ONE suggestion. You and your Sister will accompany me to the class she will begin in next semester. Their you can explain the weirdness of your race. And after you and the coach can work out a training."

Xander nodded. "Ooh yea i probably have to bring Julia she IS my sensei. But i dont think she would have anything against helping him train me."

Franklin smiled. "Of course but our Coach is a tuff guy your trainer Julia might be offended or get scared by his brutal methods."

Xander blinked. "I dont think so. Julia IS best of the best."

Sunnydale Oz home.

Jetta looked at the young man. "Your a turned Were-wolf right?"

Oz nodded. "Yep."

Sander blinked. "Who i mean NO werewolf or were animal can turn by bite anymore."

Oz smiled. "The Hellmouth disrupted the magic stopping us from doing that."

Jetta nodded. "I see. How did you escape the Thrall effect then?"

Oz blinked. "Thrall?"

Sander. "Slave effect a turned were-animal is enslaved by the one turning him or her. Only love or extreme hate protects against that."

Oz nodded. "My 2 year old cousin bit me."

Jetta blinked. "2 year old."

Oz nodded. "He did not like to be tickled."

Sander growled. "So is he a natural born were-wolf or what."

Oz nodded. "Yes. His mom had a affair with one of your kind."

Jetta nodded "I see."

Oz smiled. "So am i part of your werewolf nation then."

Jetta smiled "You are a turned werewolf your children will be full members. You can be one IF you manage to control the wolf and that Will take years.

And a turned werewolf is not as strong or powerful as a normal were-wolf."

Oz smiled turning in to his animal shape that looked far more animal and smaller then the real Were-wolfs hybrids body. Then he slowly turned back in to his human shape. "Been werewolf a number of years. When the curse effecting my brain was gone i figure it out and now."

Sander grinned. "Your one of us. I will come by with the rules and regulations that we live under. If you lucky you might become the Alpha in this area. But remember Jetta IS the Alpha over our nation by power and blood."

Oz nodded. Then frowned. "What about Xander?"

Jetta growled. "My brother can challenge me that is correct. But he would never survive a Alpha fight against me."

Outside Sunnydale...

A pair of trench coat wearing man in fedoras walked up to the man working in the desk at the motel. "Excuse me have you seen this man before?" He said showing him a photo and 50 dollar.

The man behind the desk. "Yea Snider something room five fourteen." One of the man took the photo back pushed over 5 hundred dollar. "You never saw us here. You never saw us steal the security tape and you were sleeping the whole time right?"

The man nodded. "Sleeping right."

The trench coat wearing guys smiled a feral smile. "Good take another five and go and sleep." One of them said giving him five hundred more.

The man hurried away blinked as he taught he saw dog tails wagging under the Trench coats. But he got 1050 dollars just to ignore anything and HE would ignore it.

The Were-wolfs grinned their prey was sleeping carefully they picked the lock and was soon standing above the sleeping Ex-principle Snider.

"Chloroform." One said and soon Snider was carried out still sleeping bound and gagged in to a waiting car.

Jetta had a thing about those hurting her family and this one would pay dearly for that.

Sunnydale School...

"Xander Im afraid." Dawn said.

Franklin smiled always warmed his heart seeing a close family like this.

Xander. "Ooh dont be honey."

Dawn nodded. "I wish Mommy-Faith or Mommy-Lydia would be with us.


Franklin blinked. "What was that about?"

Xander sighed. "The truth or the false version."

Franklin dragged Xander behind the corner letting Dawn wait in front of the door. "The truth."

Xander "Strange accident with a cloning machine.

Me and two girls accidentally was throwed inside and Dawn was born. She have partial memory copied from us.

Remember this SHE IS my child.

I can smell her blood its my blood my family."

Franklin sighed. "The false version."

Xander "My half-sister that suffer from memory by a accident she lost her parents died in the accident.

She emotionally consider ME her brother and Faith and Lydia to be her memory is spotty in some areas and will never be recovered.

Like me she is a Were-chimera. But a mix between were-Tiger and were-rat."

Franklin sighted "I see. Why is she not in her animal-hybrid form like you?"

Xander grinned. "She is young it take time for a were to build up the energy.

Most come from food but an important part of it comes from the sun and the moon and that energy takes years to store inside of us and to build up larger supplies."

Franklin nodded. "I see."

With that they opened the door to the classroom.

"Hello class." Franklin said. "Mrs. Hakensteel Im sorry for interrupting your class.

Mrs. Hakensteel nodded. "go ahead." She said in a strict tone of voice.

Franklin smiled. "I hope you know who i am."

The class of 14 years old and some 13 years old nodded. "The Principle."

Franklin smiled. "Well today Im with a new student that will start in your class next semester and she is going to try out. I like all of you be extra nice to her. She is suffering from memory lost and her brother is the closest thing she have for family."

He waved and Dawn and Xander came walking in.

Edwin Talon blinked forgetting the humiliating black eye he had.

*Its her my goddess*.

Franklin smiled. "The girl is Dawn and that is her brother our new football champion."

Xander groaned. "Yea sure."

And Franklin continued. "Now i all of you know what Racist are and IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED IN THIS CLASS."

The student trembled.

One brave student actually raised his hand. "But sir Dawn and Xander is white how can they be pro pre attacked by Racist."

Xander grinned. "My people have been hunted murder by normals just because we are different. Still today their is some that actually hunt us skin us and murder us just because we are different."

With that he shape changed to his were-wolf-tiger hybrid body.

"We are peaceful and friendly. But yet their are those that try to murder us just because we are different. Im Half Were-wolf and Half Were-tiger a real Were-Chimera."

Erwin started to drool a army of those and he would be invincible.. Wait he was Dawn his goddess brother. Crap.

The class blinked a real monster. "Cool," was what most said.

Franklin grinned. "And the best is HE is PART OF the FOOTBALL TEAM." The class jocks cheered finally the school had a change of winning. And the cheerleaders drooled.

Dawn concentrated she had energy almost almost -Blink- Suddenly she was gone and a shorter and cute Dawn with rat-tail and ears were standing next to Xander smelling yummy.

Xander sighed. "And my sister is a Were-chimera also. But she is half Were-tiger like me. And Half were-rat." He turned himself completely were-tiger growing bigger.

A girl "Can you turn completely tiger Sir."

Xander nodded. "I can turn completely animal. Wolf, Tiger, Tiger-wolf, And hybrid body looking like a human but with tail and claws."

Behind him Dawn was concentrating. The power of the moon and the sun gave the were the energy they needed to transform sure the energy to uphold the new shape came from food but not the transformations.

-Blink- and a mix between Rat and tiger stood their.

Cute furry and really really tired. "Da. Xander Im tired."

Xander smiled. "Excuse me. Could Dawn sit next to the window. The transformation take energy that we absorbed from solar and lunar energy." He looked at Dawn. "Sit by the window and you feel awake again."

Dawn nodded. "Huh." and sat down by the sun. Letting its warm rays invigorate her. "zzzzz ha Purr purr purr purr."

A girl. "She so cute." Blinking she wonder if the cat-rat-girl would like a pink ribbon or a necklace with a bell on it.

Lots of other kids were thinking similar things.

Some teenaged boys were exchanging the word cute with sexy but boys are boys.

Edwin blinked his goddess was Genetically a higher being.

Mrs. Hakensteel smiled. "Well lets continue with the class."

Xander nodded. "Dawn i see you later."

The half sleeping girl nodded. "By by. Purr purr," sunlight her only weakness. "Purr purr."

Chapter 16

Tyger! Tyger burning bright in the forest of the night, What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry.

In what distant deeps or skies burnt the fire of your eyes?

Part of -The Tyger: By William Blake.-

"Im Afraid." Tirga the Were-Tiger and Xander Uncle said. He swallowed nervously in his human shape.

Dr Diggers smiled. "You do fine."

Sheila his girlfriend in her TALL human shape towering over him hugged him. "Dont worry."

They were standing outside the Harris home where his sister now lived as the Mrs. Mary Harris. He remember her as Tigris his twin sister.

They were about 5 or 6 years old when she 'died' but now to find out that she only been transported back in time and landed on earth. It was frightening.

What if she refused to believe them? What if? What if? Tirga was scared really really scared.

Theodor smiled. "Calm down Tirga."

They ranged the bell a fat ugly man smelling of beer opened the door. "What do you want?"

Tirga. "We come to talk to your wife Mrs. Mary."

The man Mr. Harris frowned. "What about?"

Theo frowned. "That is between us."

Mr. Barry Harris Growled. "Unless you show some official ID get the hell out of here."

Theo really hated this mage trick specially after the perversion the movie had made it feel like. "You do not need to see our Identifications." And he pushed his aura out confusing the mind of the drunk.

Barry blinked. "I do not need to see your identifications."

Theo smiled. "We can come inside and talk to your wife."

Barry nodded just what he was going to say. "You can come inside and talk to my wife."

Theo smiled friendly. "Im going to the pub."

Barry growled and screamed to his useless wife. "Im going to the pub." And started to walk out.

Theo could not help it he lost it right their. "This are not the droids you are looking for."

Barry growling walked away towards the Pub. "This ARE NOT the droid Im looking for." Maybe some one in the pub would know where the droid is.

Gina giggled. "That was fun dad."

Theo blushed. "Well lets walk go and talk to your sister."

Mary frowned turning her face towards the wall to hide the bruise. "Im sorry but what can i help you with." She asked wishing they could go away so she could hide away in the bottle again.

Tirga frowned. "Tigris its me." He said.

Mary paled backing away. "No no no thats a dream a drunken childhood dream. Where have you heard that name before." She asked in fear.

Theo. "Calm down."

Mary. "Im calm."

Tirga. "Im Calm"

Gina. "Im calm. Hey dad not me."

Theo rolled his eyes. "Sorry. Let us sit down and i can explain."

Mary nodded and they sat down in the living rooms sofas.

Theo smiled. "My daughter Gina over here is a scientist Doctor among other things. She was searching after Alexander your sons family by NAD an."

Gina. "Dad ITS DNA not NAD."

Theo sighed. "Sorry DNA. We found out that Barry was not Xander dad. But also that you are adopted and we found your brother. Tirga here IS your brother."

Mary shook her head. "No no he to young he cant be Tiggy."

Gina smiled. "He is. Do you believe in Magic Mrs. Harris."

Mary paled. "No no i do not."

Theo. "Yes you do dont you."

Mary shook her head. "NO i cant believe in magic only evil believe and do magic."

Theo sighed. "Their are plenty of good magic user. Magic is a tool for good or evil." He pushed his magic aura once again. "Think about it remember your childhood remember remember."

Mary paled tears started to fall. "Tiggy why cant you save me where am i. What what happened?"

Gina suddenly remember where she lost her car keys 3 years ago.

Tirga looked at Theo. "Can I?"

Theo nodded. "Go tiger."

Tirga turned himself to his Were-tiger hybrid body. "Tigris its me Tirga. You where lost. We lost you in time in TIME Sister. I searched years until i believed you were dead."

Mary cried. "Im Im not Tigris anymore Mother and Father took it away from me. They said i was demonic they cured me." She sobbed crying in tears the pain was still tormenting her making her fell like something was missing like a part of her was gone.

Theodor. "I can easy help you. They only bonded your transformation. Its easy to cure. Once a Were-tiger. Always a were-tiger."

Mary looked. "But my child is he?"

Theodor smiled. "He is a Were-tiger in a way."

Mary frowned. "In a way."

Theo smiled and sighed. "Well the father of Xander was a werewolf and Xander IS a Were-chimera."

Mary blinked. "Huh."

Long explanation later.

Mary frowned. "I dont know if i should believe you."

Gina. "Well it can be hard to understand or believe but its true. You have a 14 year old grandchild now."

Theo smiled. "So should i free you from the binding."

Mary looked up. "Tiggy what should i do?"

Sheila Tirga girlfriend hide her giggling Tiggy that was just TO cute.

Tirga. "What ever you feel like."

Mary looked at Theo. "Do it. Will it hurt."

Theo smiled. "No Mary Tigris it will not." A golden spark aura glowed around them and the permanent bond around Mary shattered like ice.

Mary sighed took a deep breath. "I hope its true i hope its not a lie. I hope i have not dreamed it all." With that she triggered the transformation.

And for the first time sense she was 10 years old alone on earth going from foster home to foster home Mary was whole again her huge Were-tiger body ripped her dress sunder leaving her nude.

But she did not care. For first time in over 31 years Mary was once again Tigris.

Inside scars and cuts were healing years of abuse and alcohol misuse were healing gone in moments by the magic of her blood.

"Grroooowrr," she growled out her fury and joy of being complete again before hugging her brother.


Gina. "One question. Why did you marry Barry He scum."

Mary Tigris smiled at the young girl. "I was depressed i felt i did not deserve anything better and he asked me. I i cant describe the pain i been living in.

Nothing really mater to me.

Alcohol was the only thing that really remove the pain in my soul.

And then Alexander he was my joy then Barry started to scream and hit me to get Alexander to be quite and i could not do anything i walked back to my bottles and lost myself.

I cant even understand myself anymore how could i do that to Alexander my son.

How could i do that to me." She said pain tears and shame filled her but still the joy of being whole again overwhelmed everything.

Theo smiled. "Many years ago in jade they curse Were-animals that breaks laws to be stuck as human for some years.

Most of them lose it killed themselves in depressions or go crazy.

Even a year is often to long time for them.

Alcohol can lessen the pain but not remove it as it grows stronger and stronger until they go crazy or kill themselves.

You Mary was stuck as a human for more then 30 years and yet you still are alive.

That in itself is remarkable sure you did mistake but consider the fact that you were essentially under a mental torture for 31 years a miracle is the only thing that can explain your survival."

Gina paled "Do they still do this in Jade?"

Theo shook his head. "No. They do not. At least not as punishment.

But to be a officer in the Edge-guard your Were-animal powers must be bonded for three months time and you have to live as a normal human."

Sheila and Tirga nodded.

Tirga. "It was the worst three months of my life. Weak helpless and unable to regenerate or lift a something small like a horse. I got great respect for normal humans after that being so easy to hurt so weak and yet so incredible brave."

Sheila grinned. "I hade not that much problem.

But thanks to my birth defect my Physical strength is in my Human shape.

The only advantage my Were-jaguar body have is the healing. But it was still painful in a strange way."

Marry nodded. "I see. Will Alexander understand."

Theo. "I think so he is a remarkable young man.

Give him time and space and he will understand and forgive you.

My best advice is understand that you are not the same Mary that practically abandon him.

You are WHOLE that was a hurt hollow creature that lived in extreme pain.

Learn about him get to know him from the beginning.

We explained about the pain a Were-animal from if bonded.

He said and i quote: -If she is healed i look forward to learning about my real mother.

I love her even if i never know her and i look forward to meeting her- End quote."

Theo smiled. "So you see he do not blame you. Just be understanding."

Sunnydale high school.

"Alright all players gather up. We have finally a chance to win against the Tigers. Xander Harris is player on our team." The coach said.

Larry blinked. "Xander. Holy fuck."

Jock nr 2. "What he is like a wimp right?"

jock nr 3. "No way He like a Were-tiger. He even lifted ME in one claw this morning."

The coach smiled. "here he comes."

A blushing Xander came walking in behind him a smiling Female tall female with red hair that looked really strong. And beautiful.

Xander was taller more then 6 feet a tail was waggling behind him and they could see cats ears sticking out from under the helmet.

"Julia i could have handle it myself."

Julia snorted. "Right you needed my help in making hole in the pants for the tail. And the ears."

Xander sighed. "Hi guys. This is Julia she is my personal trainer.

In fighting. My condition was IF i would play for you she help with the training."

Julia nodded the Coach walked over looked her over and was just about to say something stupid she could see it in his eyes.

With out saying anything she lifted him in by sticking her finger in his belt and holding him up in the air.

"Look here Wimp your to early to even touch me in a fight.

I kick guys and girls twice HIS strength in the arena.

Now lets see what we can do to get this Wimps you call players in to shape.

We have five days RIGHT?"

The coach still two feet from the ground hanging in her one hand grip. "Yes MAM."

Julia grinned an evil you will feel PAIN kind of smile that send shiver of fear in the back of their spine. "Then boys. You and me and Xander is going for a Training trip."

Xander groaned. The Green Berets training methods was childs play compared to Julias.

She dropped the Coach. "And you bring everything i written down on this list put it in the bus outside its mine. Use this credit card." She said dropping a golden Express.

"Move it fat boy."

The coach hurried out grabbing the list and the card. No way he had the guts to make her angry.

Julia grinned. "Xander lift that up that Sofa. Now boys. We are going to do something that called running laps. You run and Xander follow you."

Xander carried the sofa the coach used to sit on during training. "Here it is Sensei."

Julia smiled. "Did i tell you to putt it down Xander."

Xander hurried to lift it again. "No Sensei."

Julia "Good i saw this in a movie, The return of the Jedi. You run carrying me. Now boys start running."

The team hurried to start to run after came Xander carrying the sofa and Julia. Even with the Were Tiger strength this was really really hard his tail was constantly in the way.

ON the side lines.

Cordy. "HOLLY Shit." She said as Xander ran by them carrying a sofa and Julia.

Buffy frowned "I could do that. Really i could if i wanted to."

Faith leaned over. "And you soon will Julia heard you."

Buffy blinked looking at the running track where Julia was grinning and waving at her. "Crap. She is joking right, Right?"

Faith just shook her head. "Nope a Slayer can survive the same training a Were-tiger can. And we are almost as strong as a Were-tiger.

And Were-tigers ARE the strongest of the were-animals."

Buffy "But but."

Cordy "I am SO happy Im not a slayer. Ta ta Good by girls."

Faith growled. "Buffy you and me are going to sneak inside her house tonight and put itching powder in her bed."

Buffy nodded. "Yes vengeance."

Chapter 17
Preparations and fun.

Buffy frowned. "Sure you can handle vampires." She asked her current patrol buddy.

Tirga nodded grinning. "Yes dont worry good looking."

Buffy frowned. "Dont you have a Girlfriend?"

Tirga smiled. "So. What she doesnt know will not hurt us."

Clap clap clap. "So cute. The slayer and A Casanova." A vampire said clapping his hand around him more then twelve other vampire stood ready for the fight.

Buffy grabbed her stake and an extra stake holding two, one in each hand.

Tirga grinned as he transformed in to his Were-tiger body grapping his Nunchucks activating its fire magic.

Soon he stood surrounded by a burning fire grinning madly. "Lets party dust boys." And he charged the vampires.

Buffy blinked. "Thats unfair." And frowned why did HE have the cool magic weapon and she did not.

Vampire sire. "Crap." He did not have time to say more as the charging burning Were-tiger were attacking him the Nunchucks was twisting and rotating in the air sending small burst of fire out like a whip.

He was completely busy dodging the fire to fight back.

Tirga. "Stand still stupid dust puppy."

Vampire sire. "Eeeeeep No way that would be stupid." Dodge dodge dodge.

Beside them Buffy blinked and turned to one of the minion. "You know your Sire is a good fighter. He really knows how to dodge."

Vampire minion. 1 "Yea that he do know. But dont underestimate him he is good fighter and great in avoiding getting hit."

Buffy frowned. "Thats actually impressive."

Vampire Minion 2. "Why are we not fighting?"

Buffy blinked. "Oooo Sorry forgot about that part." She sighed. "Well lets start." She said as she attacked the vampires.

Vampire Minion 1. "You Stupid bastard why why?" Then he was dust.

Vampire Minion 2. "Oops." Then he also was dust.

The rest decided to jump Buffy and the brawl was on.

Tirga. "Stop dodging." Swing swing kick kick.

Vampire Sire. "No way." Dodge dodge dodge dodge.

Tirga stood still his Nunchucks swinging slightly as he study the vampire sire.

Continue fighting would Drain him on strength while the vampire would be able to fight all night.

Both fighter circled each other looking for an opening.

Attack jump-kick.

Tirga staggered back from the jump kick in his chest his claws strike the foot. "That hurt." he said. The broken bones was repairing them self as he spoke.

The vampire limped as he quickly put the fire out from his foot.

"This hurt to." He bent down and grabbed a steel bar.

Buffy kick kick stab stab. "Hey" kick in groin and Stab in heart and dust the vampire. "And NO Pervert grab my breast like that understand."

The remaining seven Vampire nodded.

And they continued fighting.


Tired and bruised Buffy and Tirga walked home.

In Tirgas case more like he was Tired royal as the were-healing had removed any bruise he had.

"That was ONE good fighter." He said.

Buffy nodded. "No not really. I saw the end of the fight Tirga.

HE was only great in one thing and that was dodging. During the end of your fight you were tired."

Tirga frowned. "What about that kick?"

Buffy shrugged. "I did not see that a VAMPIRE grab my breast."

Tirga blinked. "Ouch did you hurt him?"

Buffy nodded. "In the nuts stupid perverts."

Tirga nodded. "Just be happy you never seen the Death knight Rook. He is a undead skeleton thats a pervert."

At the same time in the Dessert outside Sunnydale.

Julia. "You only know what you been told."

Football team and Xander. "We only know what we been told."

They were currently doing katas training dodging parry and jumps by mimic Julia that stood in front of them.

Julia. "That the training of a fighter is really hard."

Football team and Xander. "That the training of a fighter is really hard."

The coach sighed he was to tired to even move the evil Bitch had made HIM trained also.

IF the Sunnydale Razorbacks did not win this match they never would.

Lydia came walking out of the bush. "Alright you ***** lazy *****Bums the ****** food is ready so **** stop training. And Xander get ***** cute but over here i ***** Like to snuggle."

Julia grinned. "You heard the lady lets eat and rest. We train more in a two hours."

The team hurried to eat and rest.

Most was sleeping as soon as they had eaten.

Lydia sighted. "Typical men always fall ***** asleep on you."

Julia grinned. "Dont worry Rat-girl. Once Im done with Beastie-boy he will outlast you in bed."

The coach groaned. "Why Julia are you forcing ME to train. Im the trainer."

Julia smiled. "So the team will respect you AFTER Im done.

They will know that YOU were TRYING to train just as hard as I trained them.

They will remember and they will respect you and follow your order."

The Coach frowned. "I see. Well i hope i survive." He said swallowing the food and fall asleep.

Lydia looked up. "Are you **** telling the *** truth?"

Julia grinned. "Na. He said i was good for a female. Im just torturing him."

Lydia nodded she did suspect as much.


Erwin Talon sighed. "Ionis what should i do?" He asked his loyal Mage.

Ionis "I do not know Master. The Affair of the heart is not an area i understand."

Dashi as usual surprised them. "My master you are coming of age. I suggest asking the young lady to go to the movie would be a good solution. Just be careful her family and friends are those you and us have hunted and tried to kill and abducted for years."

Erwin nodded. "I i will do that. About the jock what did you do to him."

Dashi smiled. "He is dealt with. I did not kill him as that would be suspicious but he is sick and will be sick for a month."

Erwin nodded. "Good. Why is life so complicated? Why cant it be as simple as trying to take over the world or change somebodys DNA."

The young super evil genius said as he walked out.

Behind him Ionis smiled. "Our master is finally growing up."

Dashi smiled. "That he is. We will soon face interesting times my friend. Good or evil or both i wonder which path in life he will eventually walk."

The mayors office.

The mayor frowned. "It do look like the slayer have some new friends over. Do any one of you know about them?"

The group of demons shook their head.

Then suddenly a voice spoke from the corner. "They are the Digger family. If you underestimate them you will die."

The mayor frowned study the strangers. "A were-rat. Welcome how may i help you."

The Were rat spy walked forward. "Its more how can I help YOU."

And the two started to talk.

Chapter 18
Play Ball.

"Yes thats right Silver bullets." The Mayor said in a friendly tone of voice.

The weapon smith a man looking like a slimy version of a famous TV star was used to dealing with criminals frowned. "I never done that. But sure if you need silver bullets then silver bullets you are going to get."

The Mayor smiled. "I will be very glad if you could make the ammunition before the end of the weekend"

The weapon smith nodded. "I can do that. But ONLY if you limit your type of weapon to ONE calibers."

The mayor nodded. "Well take 32-38 you know the one the police use. I can easy get those pistols." With that he walked out the door.

The weapon smith grinned looking at the silver in front of him. "Pure silver you said." He frowned then suddenly a idea clicked. "I be rich."

Principle Franklin smiled he felt nervous the players had returned from who know two days before the game looking like walking deaths. Julia said they would be fit for fighting in time As long as they followed her direct order.

She then had the poor boy Xander run home carrying a sofa she was sitting in.

Franklin wonder what kind of hold that sadistic female had to force poor Xander to train like that.

The day before in Harris home.

Julia smiled cruel at the tired looking Xander. "Xander remember ONE more month and the BMW with AI-computer, Submarine capability, Jet drive booster and jet-hover, Is yours. Of course the weapons missiles are gone but we installed a powerful Holy-Water cannon."

Xander sat up. "Ooh train me Mistress." He would have that car.

Faith blinked. "Boys promise them sex and they do anything."

Lydia blinked. "She ***** promise him a CAR not ***** Sex."

Faith smiled. "Sex or a hot-Car its the same thing for a Boy."

Lydia blinked. "Hmmm I ***** Can ****** live with that." She also liked that car.

Back to the Game day...

Cheering came from the visiting players audience the LA Raging Tigers, high school team had quite the crowed.

Dressed in orange and black striped football uniforms and helmet they looked scary and professional.

Then the door to the changing room opened and the Sunnydale razorback ran out.

Brown uniform some with fake Boar tusk mounted on the helmet they looked intimidating and for the first time ever they moved like a team hell bent on beating the Raging Tigers.

The Tigers coach frowned did they get a new trainer or what.

And last of the razorback player ran out the whole team took a deep breath in chock.

His helm was hanging from the belt as he walked in.

It was a man-beast tail wiggling behind him he was over 6 feet tall and His hands was lifted up towards the sky and in each of the big hands one Sunnydale Cheerleader sat waving towards the crowed.

Xander the Were-Chimera walked in blushing wishing that the Coach and Julia would stop humiliate him.

But that was not in his future the humiliation had only began.

Brianna pressed a button and surrounding the Footballs plan small robots activated their speakers and for once Briannas Genius was used for other things then destruction.

The music started to play as Xander started to run around the field still holding the Cheerleaders.


By: Heart Attack Eye Of The Tiger

Risin' up, back on the street Took my time, took my chances Went the distance. Now I'm back on my feet Just a man and his will to survive So many times, it happened too fast You trade your passion for glory Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past You must fight just to keep them alive ...

Cordy growled "Drop me once and i take you to the vet and have you neutered."

Xander growled right back. "I will not drop you unless their is a spike you can land on."

Raging Tiger player. "Holly fuck its real."


It's the eye of the tiger. It's the thrill of the fight Risin' up to the challenge of our rival And the last known survivor Stalks his prey in the night And his fortune must always be eye of the tiger ...

Raging Tigers Coach. "You cant use a Monster against my players."

Principle Franklin of Sunnydale High. "So you are racist. According to USA Were-wolfs and Were-tiger have human rights. Meaning they can play Football professionally. Or are you going to start hunting them and any one different maybe start burning niggers also." Franklin said his African and Indians blood was clearly visible.

The raging Tiger coach. "Eee. No Im not a racist. But But ANY player must be part of the school."

Franklin smiled. "Ooh he IS part of the school its Young Mr. Harris. Been in this school his whole life. He just recently came out of the closet."

The Tigers coach blinked. "Its gay."

Franklin groaned. "NO he revealed that he is a were-tiger."


Face to face, out in the heat Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry They stack the odds still we take to the street For the kill with the skill to survive ...

Romeo "GO Xander GO Xander." Screamed in chorus with the rest of the Sunnydale watchers.

Moisha. "He like So Sexy. In an Im a hungry cat like one that eat rats kind of way. But wow look at the tail."

Dawn was 'sitting or jumping up and down in her seat. Pink ribbons was put around her tail turning her from Cute to Cute on sugar overdose. "Go daddy Go daddy." She screamed.

As she Jumped up and down causing a small Cling cling sound from the beautiful golden bronze bell she had hanging around her neck.

As her best female friend gave it to her she loved it the sound was So funny. Cling cling.

Luckily her classmates had been told that after the memory lost she started to think of Xander her brother Was her daddy so they did not bother saying anything about it.


Risin' up straight to the top Had the guts, got the glory Went the distance. Now I'm not gonna stop Just a man and his will to survive ...

Xander stopped running at the center of the football field he softly put the cheerleaders down. Stood tall his tail waggling and his ears focused like a hunting cat.

Then he turned around putting the Helmet on and walked back to his team.

The judge and the Two coaches talked.

After not finding ANY rule breakers Xander could and would play.

The Raging Tigers had a feeling of doom hanging over them.

As the game started the Tigers was first grabbing the ball.

Xander jumped after the player running with his full speed. "GRRRRRR" Growling like an angry tiger.

Raging Tiger player 14. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Screamed like a girl and started to run the wrong direction with Xander after him.

Raging Tiger Coach. "NO NO Not that way You Fool the other direction. Ooh crap."

As Xander finally catches up he grabbed the player and lifted him by his shirt. And took a hold of the ball before dropping the player.

"Thank you." He said and kicked the ball inside the goal standing with in throwing distances.

With that Xander walked back.

Sunnydale school cheered in happiness they were leading.

On the sidelines.

Edwin smiled. "i Im Hi i i HI Im Lord Talon Edwin." He blinked did he just say his REAL name not his false ID as Edwin Walsh.

Dawn blinked. "Really your the super genius that tried to kidnapped Aunty Brittany and Brianna?"

Edwin groaned yup he did. "No no that would be foolish. Me a super genius and evil. What makes to think that."

Dawn blinked. "You said your name is lord Talon."

Edwin grinned the grin only a 13 year old can use when he is in full panic mode and a cute girl he likes looks at him with displeasure or something. "N no no ME no. You musts have heard wrong."

Dawn frowned shook her head making the wonderful bell go -Cling cling- Again. "No i heard you."

Edwin. "WELL I AM not."

Dawn frowned. "Alright then you are not. Beside a Super genius would not make a stupid mistake like that."

Edwin frowned. "You say Im stupid"

Dawn blinked. "No just that you are NOT a evil super genius. Your not stupid. But your not a genius."

Edwin "I am a Genius. I even have Minions."

Dawn blinked. "Really. But then you ARE Evil."

Edwin. "No how what. Argh i cant think. You you ARE stealing my brain temptress." With that he ran away in full panic.

Dawn. "What was that about." She wonder.

Her friend Lisa grinned. "Teenaged boy in love."

Dawn blinked. "Really thats so sweet. Who is he in love with." She asked hoping she could help the two get together.

Lisa blinked. "Your kidding right. With YOU Dawn with YOU."

Dawn blinked. "REALY." And blushed.

*She should talk to mamma Faith about this.

No wait she kill him just in case.

And Lydia she looked over. No no bad idea.

As would Aunty Moisha, Aunty Gina.

Maybe Grandmother or Joyce could help her.*

And the game continued.

Xander was holding the ball tight five footballs player from the tigers where piled on him trying to stop him from moving but he was slowly walking forward step by step growling in pain and fury. "Let my Tail go or i cut of your freaking tail."

The player holding the tail suddenly paled and dropped the Were-tigers tail much more safe to grab its foot.

Julia smiled. "Go X go X."

Faith frowned "You Sensei i been wondering. Who come you are so strong"

Julia smiled. "i am using the Ethereal stream ON earth you know it as Chi or Ki in Asia. Its literally the life force internally and externally that you pull inside of you and boost your body. And help us heal wounds."

She smiled at Faith.

"Here on earth you improved weapons and technology.

On Jade we improved the fighting arts and skills. "

Faith smiled. "Cool so if me or Buffy or Xander manage to do that i wonder how strong we could become."

Julia grinned. "Not that much stronger. Your slayer powers and Xander Were-powers is magic in its nature.

Meaning that when you boost your body with Ether realm the two different boost of powers will not combined. Only the strongest of the two will be improving your abilities."

Faith frowned. "So i be weaker."

Julia. "No lets say the Slayer improve your strength with 150% and you can boost your strength with the Ether realm to 155%.

Then the two empowerment will not combined them self to 305 %.

But instead you improve to 155 %."

Faith nodded. "So training like this is like a waste of time?"

Julia shook her head. "NO you still gets bonuses like be able to summon Ethereal energy and use it as a weapon.

And you can improve other things like your endurance.

But most Were-animals are TO lazy to actually start with the ether realm training they dont get anything for it.

They already have the healing and the strength so they forget that with proper training Silver would hurt less."

Faith blinked. "Thats the reason why Im right."

Julia. "I dont understand."

Faith grinned. "Thats why YOU a normal human can kick My butt and Xanders and who knows how many other Were-beast butt."

Julia grinned. "You got it i can boost my human power to equal or superior then most Were-animals and i one of the best in fighting.

But remember manipulate the ethereal stream is only PART of being a fighter. You must know HOW to fight Skill is always more important then powers."

Faith nodded "Yes Sensei."

"Touchdown." The judges screamed. And cheers from Sunnydale made it impossible to hear anything.

Later. Much later after the Victory Celebration.

"Ii hi. Litka and me are a tiny whiny rainy bit drunk i think."

Xander said waggling back and forth.

Beside him Lydia did the same. Waggling back and fort.

Behind him Romeo and Moisha was holding the two up as they guided them inside the hotel room the Diggers had hired for them.

Mrs. Harris. Mary or Tigris frowned but said nothing. SHE had spent the last 15 year being drunk as a skunk living in a pit of depression.

So she helped her son carrying him to bed. And carried his girlfriend to HER bed.

She was so proud of him he had literally given Sunnydale victory almost by himself.

Sure about half the goal his team mates had made but that was because the Tigers where stopping him by blocking his movement.

Somewhere else.

The short man was talking in the Phone. "It is done the mage ruling the town will try to kill The diggers. HE will fail of course but the Diggers will be distracted.

Once that is done we can easy try capturing our hostages."

Chapter 19
To graduate.

The man sat down on the Harley he was tired but grinned.

He found the information. He now knew what the Mayor was planning on turning into.

He smiled a bit as he put in a package and posted it to Giles.

His time to meet the Slayers was not yet.

Like the hunter he was he searched the area after any sign of hostiles or Cops after finding none he loaded the pistol with anti-Vampire bullets hollow point with wood and holy water inside of them.

When that was done he put the gun away and kicked start the Harley and drove away. "What a bloody work this is." The man known among Demon hunter as Lone Rider and once known as Wesley Wyndam Price said as he drove off in to the night.

Morning, Sunnydale, Harris home.

Barry Harris was silently studying his 'wife' and his 'son' he knew that Xander was not his by blood. After an accident during his teen years he knew he would never have a child of his own.

After his wife got pregnant being he was extremely happy.

But it lost it joy soon stupid kid always screaming and making a fuss.

But now situation was different.

Xander was a Monster a real Were-chimera.

And his wife was a Were-Tiger and she planed to divorce him.

Of course he agreed after all she said she gut him alive if he did not.

No Barry was afraid he was used to be the biggest strongest and toughest in the house. But now his wife AND Xander was bigger tougher stronger and more furry then he was. He hoped they would not eat him. Whats worst they seem to be crazy no way he could have a 14 year old Grandchild.

Xander frowned. "I i dont know mom."

Mary smiled. "I think its will be good for her. That Edwin kid looks like a nice child.

Why dont you let Dawn and him go out on a date one of your Were-rats friends can spy on them so that he dont do anything stupid."

Xander. "Alright i tell her. Did the boy tell Dawn where they are going?"

Mary. "No the 'boy' did not even ask Dawn. He ran away in fear screaming something stupid. Dawn asked me if SHE could or should ask him out."

Xander blinked. "Well alright its not like he is a evil master mind or something."

Later in School.

Cling cling cling the small bell rang with a musical cling. As Dawn happily walked the corridor getting friendly smiles and waves from the other students.

Her friend Lisa grinned. "Dawn you really DO like that Bell."

Dawn nodded. "Yes when Im Tiger or Rat the sound make me feel happy." Lisa blinked. "It do. But not when your human?"

Dawn. "No not when Im human then its kind of boring sound. But when Im Tiger its -cling- Purr -Cling- Purr -Cling- Purr. So fun."

Lisa blinked. "Must be a cat or rat thing. Are you going to ask him out?"

Dawn nodded. "Yea i think he is so cute." Dawn said smiling.

Picture: http://www.cheetaholics.netbiostalon.htm

Suddenly Dawn grinned. "Erwin HI. Erwin HI." She screamed as she ran towards the pale looking young boy that was currently surrounded by three football player that were going to mug him.

"What are you doing?" Dawn asked with a perky voice tail wiggling.

Erwin blushed. "ddd Dawn funny seeing you here. I i was was. What was i doing?" He said looking at the Jocks.

They blinked. "Hey Geek Give us your money."

Erwin nodded. "Aaa yes that i give you money and you do not beat me up. Correct?"

They nodded.

Dawn frowned. "Thats not right." She said.

The Football players leader. "Cat girl why dont you and me go out? Im in the team you know."

Dawn blinked. Then looked him over.

Thought a bit. What would Momma Faith do? And what would Momma Lydia do. Suddenly she gripped the player pants with her hands and RIPP them in two. "Its True its True. You are smallest man on earth." She screamed pointing at the half nude boy.

He turned pale pink as the whole school started laughing at him.

Dawn turned around gripping Erwin and ran away carrying him. "Cant fight now do that later." She said to the football players as she ran away.

Outside the classroom.

Erwin smiled. "well i i thank you."

Dawn blushed. "Your welcome. I could you ask me out. If if you like me."

Erwin paled. "I i i ask you out i Friday would that work."

Dawn nodded. "Cool what are we going to do. I never been on a date before."

Erwin paled. "I have no idea." He said frowning.

The two stood outside looking at the ground trying to figure out what to do on a date.

Lisa rolled her eyes. "Erwin you are going to buy her dinner. Then Movie and then home."

Erwin. "Thats a brilliant idea."

Dawn blinked. "Movie but i dont like Tai-food." Seeing the confusion she blushed "Movie is not a Tai-food is it."

They shook their heads.

Dawn sighed. "Stupid memory."

..Later at the Hotel...

The whole Digger gang and Scooby gang was their.

Giles "We have the information. Mayor Wilkins are planning on turning himself in to a gigantic snake and eat the student during the school finish."

Xander frowned. "This information where is it coming from?"

Surprisingly Dr Digger answered. "A demon hunter called Lone rider mailed us it.

From information he is a good guy but so far thats all we know about him. "

Gina smiled. "The moment he turned big and scaly we fry him."

Strype Brittany boyfriend and prince of the alien Kryn. Frowned, "not to say anything stupid why cant we attack now?"

Giles. "Because right now he is invulnerable from physical harm and is a skilled mage. And he will stay that way until after 101 days OR until after the transformation in to demon"

Stryp nodded. "Is he invulnerable from pain.

If not we can knock him out for the day by overloading him with pain. And Magic could the magic user in this group block his powers."

Theo 'Theodor Digger' frowned. "I can easy get a dwarven steel cage its design to block ANY kind of magic. Only mage from the outside or pick the lock would open it.

Abducting him is not our problem Stryp but what to do with him and where to put him until he is harmless?"

Stryp nodded. "Could the cage be teleported with a prisoner inside?" Theo nodded. "Yes."

Giles. "I dont see what this is about."

Stryp grinned. "We put the mayor down on Mars and leave him their."

Theo blinked.

Giles frowned. "No magic in the world can teleport any body that long distant."

Stryp. "I know that. I was talking about teleporting him and the caged to MY starship. My crew can easily handle driving him and dumping him on Mars."

Xander grinned. "Thats actually a brilliant plan."

Buffy frowned. "You have a starship?"

Stryp nodded. "My dad IS the ruler of a planet."

The agents of CIA frowned. "Why why could we not be diplomatic bodyguards to somebody normal."

Gina smiled. "I can get the blueprint of his home with the computer." Willow. "I I do it. I can computers."

Gina blinked. "Sure knock yourself out."

Brianna grinned. "I let my Peebochu scout out the area first."

Stryp grinned as his girlfriend Brittany hugged him he loved it when a plan came together.

Brittany. "Purr Purr Purr."

Xander turned grinning towards Angel. "So Death boy what have you been up to?"

Angel smiled a happy smile. "Well Fur ball i had a talk with Dr Diggers he bounded my soul to my body. NO more loosing my soul.

I can get happy and stay Angel."

Xander blinked. "Fur ball. You called me fur ball. No respect i get NO respect at all."

Lydia snuggled up. "I **** respect you Beastie-boy."

Julia grinned. "Lets talk tactic how we are going to get the mayor and when?"

Mayor home.

"This is great." He said looking over the huge stockpile of silver bullets.

"Finch," he said. "I like you to find me fifteen vampires that know and are good with guns."

Finch nodded. "Yes sir."

Wilkins grinned. "Now nothing will stop me from getting what i deserve"

Section M...

M smiled. "Pull back the hunting of Erwin Talon." With that he put the phone down.

The man on the other side frowned. "Is this a wise choice."

M nodded. "I do think so. Erwin is a resource we may have chance to profit from that resource finally."

He put down the file showing a picture of a blushing Dawn and Erwin.

M grinned. "Teenaged puppy love can make a good boy evil or a evil boy good."


"This is the target. Dawn Harris. Once we got her the Were-rats will be easy to manipulate. Be warned she IS a Were-Chimera part rat part cat." They nodded.

Chapter 20
Summers home...

"NO NO NO NO." Jetta screamed.

Xander frowned. "Why not. This is my home town. My Mother allows me and Im 18."

Jetta growled. "You are a cub. You only recently learned to walk and run like a wolf."

Julia smiled. "Jetta Xander knows how to run and walk now. And he finally learned how to fight. He is quite capable."

Jetta growled irritating. "It do not matter I am the Alpha he IS my brother HE stays."

Xander. "Im going and unless you planning on knocking me out their is nothing you can do about it."

For a Moment Jetta looked at her brother the other Were-Wolfs stepped aside this was not an Alpha challenge but still it was something needed to be corrected.

Jetta counted to nine to get her fury in control then Surprising everybody she jumped kicked Xander throwing him true the window and out on the back yard. "You are staying Cub."

Julia draw her sword. "NO body interfere this is between Jetta and Xander"

Buffy. "But but."

Faith. "Why?"

Willow. "But they are fighting."

Xander stood up his were-wolf blood sang in fury but his Were-Tiger blood screamed in Battle lust as he took his wolf-tiger-human hybrid body. "Im Going Sister. You are the Alpha of the Wolfs. But Im only half a wolf."

Jetta calmly walked out face looking pissed off. "You staying."

This time Xander ran towards her.

His hands slashing towards her using his sharp claws.

Jetta dodged the first arm gripped the other and twisted in a judo throw.

Xander started to fall but let the back of his feet kick out its claws struck blood as he landed on the ground Jetta foot landed on him transforming him in to a bone breaking pile of pain.

Jetta waggled back a nasty cut on her chest from the foot claw had she been human she would have been death. "Impressive."

Xander growled as he struggled to stand up. "I am Going."

Jetta nodded. "Alright brother you are adult so you can go. Remember I am Alpha of the Were-wolfs."

Xander nodded. "So i am going?"

Jetta. "YES you are." With that she walked inside again. "Im sorry about the window i pay for the repair."

Willow frowned. "What was that? WHY did you fight?"

Theo smiled. "Were-wolfs have rather brutal traditions in some ways. Remember they can heal almost any wounds except silver and decapitation so their was no real danger.

Jetta was only testing him and proving for the rest of the Were-wolfs that she still is stronger then Xander the only one of the right blood line to be the new Alpha IF he challenge her in a duel."

Faith. "What ever. Now when the Beastie-ones are done could we prepare for fight."

They nodded soon as the night dark fell they would sneak of to the Mayors mansion and UFO abduct him.

USA military Post...

"What? I of course i will do what you order SIR." The Commander said in the phone. And with that he put it down looking shell shocked.

His XO blinked. "What was that?"

Commander blinked. "Direct order from the White house. Do not attack ignore it and the aliens inside the UFO that will land nearby."

His XO. "UFO. And Ignore it. What the hell are they smoking and why dont they give us some."

Sunnydale Movie...

"Im scarred hold me." Dawn said grabbing Edwin tight lifting him from his chair and hugging him like a big teddy bear.

Edwin groaned. "Dawn Dawn its a movie calm down."

Dawn. "But but the dragon its scary. What if He dies. Can i hold you?" She said tears of fear in her eyes. Movie was really really not Mexican food.

Edwin blinked from where he now sat on top of Dawn with her holding him tight and peeking at the movie from behind him. "Sure i just sit here and watch the movie." He had a silly grin on him.

"Eeeep." Dawn said hiding her face in his back. Then she looked out again. "He survived." she said grinning the evil dragon was dead.

She started to relax. "Purr Purr Purr."


The Were-rats commandos grinned. "The moment the Diggers and friends attack the Mayor we grab the girl."

They sat down waiting.

Mayor mansion.

Clirr the tea cup suddenly broke in his hands. "You know had i been Japanese i would believe this was a bad omen." Mayor Wilkinson the 3, The 2 and the 1 said grinning.

His loyal vampire Trick nodded. "Sure boss. We are ready silver bullets and guns. Im planning on attacking four five hours before the sun is up they be extremely tired."

Wilkinson smiled. "Well thats is extremely smart idea."

*Pang* the sound of a gun was heard then.

"Bloody hell stop shooting me." A vampire screamed in fury.

"But its fun." Another Vampire said.

Trick Groaned. "I go and stop them."

Wilkinson nodded. "Yes remind them that silver is expensive. Vampires minions are not."

Outside the building.

*Pang*"Aaa take that."

*Pang*"He you missed."

*Pang*"My nuts."

Trick hurried out to stop the fools.

Outside the wall.

Gina looked at the computer screen. "It looks like 15 Vampire two that have a shoot out playing with REAL guns. All of them armed."

Brittany Brianna nodded. "Better let us Were go first guns dont hurt us." Brianna said patting her beloved Battle armor.

Anti-Gravity and other nifty things.

Brittany frowned. "Sister you are SO a cartoon geek. We are Were-Cheetahs we dont need armor."

Brianna frowned. "But its a cool armor i look good in it."

Gina sighed. "Just stop fighting."

Jetta and the rest nodded.

Xander smiled "Well i for one think Brianna and battle armor should go first. Then the rest of us. Send out your Peebos to explode under any enemy that hides on a distant with guns."

They blinked. "Alright." Gina said.

Brianna grinned. "Lets fight."

With that she activated the jets and flew over the wall and landed on the other side grinning madly. "HI Boys" she said aiming her BIG energy plasma gun a gift her sister boyfriend gave her. *Fomp* the gun said and a Vampire turned crispy critters.


*Pang pang pang pang pang pang pang"

Brianna grinned she was bullet proof.

*Pang Pshhhhhh.*The armor said as a bullet penetrated the fuel cell.

Brianna. "Crap. Crap and a half i knew i forgot armor on something."

*BOOOOM* the armor fuel cell said and Brianna was send flying blood and armor parts flying around the wall.

The Vampire started to laught.

The Rest of the were-wolfs her Were-cheetah sister, Xander jumped over growling in fury.

One of the were-wolfs landed next to the smoking body of Brianna. "She alive and healing." He screamed in the microphone. "But she is out for now." With that he lifted her and jumped back behind the wall putting Brianna next to her human sister Gina before attacking again.

The vampire stared to shoot but now the Were-wolfs was up close and personal.

So most missed.

Xander growled something was serious wrong with the bullet it burned not like silver but still IT burned.

He collapses on the ground gritting his teeth as he started to cut the bullet out with his claws.

Around him other werewolves were doing the same thing.

Brittany was running around in full Were-cheetah speed cutting stabbing and dodging Vampires showing them WHY the Were-cheetahs were once the fastest killers in the world.

Moments later the vampires were dust.

"Jetta look at this." Xander said throwing her the bullet as he leaned over a fallen Werewolf and started to dig out the bullets from his heart.

He hoped once the bullet was gone he would start living again.

Jetta frowned. "its not pure silver something else is mixed inside." Meanwhile Xander hold the bullet looking down on the fallen Were-wolf then he relaxed the wound was closing and he took a deep breath.

Jetta relaxed. "You saved him." She said in surprised. "What ever this bullet is remove them as fast as you can." She commanded her Were-wolfs.

Then nodded and the fighters started to run inside.

This time Dr Theodor Diggers his Wife Julia and Willow walked with them.

Mayors living room.

Wilkins frowned. "This do not look good." He said. Obvious the weapon smith must have tricked him. Pure silver burned body and soul on a were-wolf or a were-cheetah.

Then the door opened and Dr Diggers stood protected by his wife and daughters and five were-wolfs surrounded by Mage fire face to face with Wilkins that slowly started to burn with his own magic.

Wilkinss Vampires guards stepped back this was beyond them.

Silent only the fire from the two mages were seen.

A battle mind, skill, Power, and Experience was fought unseen by mortal eyes.

A battle impossible to really describe where magic of the highest order were fighting using the power of the Four elements to win.

And if you did it try to describe it would probably look something like this.

Dr Digger. "White Knight take black Rook."

Mayor. "Bishop take Knight. Give up Im more experience then you."

Dr Digger. "Rock take Bishop. But Im more skilled." He said grinning.

Outside the fierce magic battle.

Trick the vampire. "So what now?"

Julia. "We wait interruption and they would be angry at us."

Vampire minion. "So any one like to play a game. I see something beginning with a B."

Trick. "Are you stupid?"

Xander. "A Babe."

Vampire Minion. "No I see something beginning with Bu."

Buffy. "I know Bullets."

Vampire Minion. "You guys are really stupid. "

The magic battle.

Dr Diggers grinned. "Check mate i win."

Suddenly the room stared to glow in fire and electricity as the Mayors magic turned on him and he fell down twitching in pain and falling unconscious.

Trick. "WAIT dont start fight yet. What the hell do you see?"

Vampire Minion. "Buffy the vampire slayer."

Buffy blinked. "WHAT i i. Im going to dust you."

And the fight started again.


Strype smiled. "Thank you captain do be sure that he do NOT escape from the cage."

The Captain of the UFO a small private royal yacht grinned. "Dont worry i even find a beautiful place on Mars for him and the cage to rest in."

With that the Starship lifted and fly off.

Military post...

Commander. "Well i be a monkey asshole."

XO. "Me to. Are you sure we can't shoot them?"

Commander. "... I... No diplomatic crap and all. But it sure would be sweet having tagged and bagged an alien starship."

Outside dinner.

Erwin crawled forward he was bleeding and had a broken arm only five more feet and he could grab his mobile phone.

He was alive thanks to Dawn he asked her to bite him hoping the Were-chimera magic would make him survive.

Dawn gave him one big bite before they knocked her out.

Grab the phone.

He sighed a moment and then called a number he never ever called before. "Dr Diggers Its Erwin Talon. I i need your help. Dawn needs your help."

With that he fell unconscious bleeding on the ground.

Chapter 21
A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Dr Digger blinked. "JULIA, CHILDREN," he screamed.

The Digger family and the Scooby gang turned around to find Dr Theodor Digger standing their looking both angry and confused. "Edwin called He is hurt and he said he and Dawn needed help. Xander what can you tell us about Young Edwin. And what IS his full name?"

Xander blinked "He is a 13 year old kid Dawn things he cute. He his name is its. Aaa Now i remember Edwin Walsh. Why."

Dr Digger groaned. "Well he sounded hurt. And he said his real name. Edwin Talon."

Brittany, Gina, Brianna hearing the name of the young boy that tried to kidnap and do DNA experiment on Brittany for many years now. Ever sense the kid was 9 and got his first Minion. "PeeWee." They screamed their own nickname of him.

Xander growled turning Were-tiger. "If Dawn is hurt i skin him alive."

Lydia nodded.

Buffy blinked. "You cant hurt him He a kid."

Faith growled. "No your normal kid B. If he hurt Dawn i stake him myself."

Jetta frown even she had heard about that kid. "We better be careful its probably a trap."

With that they drove off tracking the phone location.

Arriving they found a messy place blood everywhere sign of a struggle and in a ally was the young evil genius lying in a pool of blood.

Julia frowned. "I cant see or sense Dashi anywhere."

Theo nodded. "Ionis is not in the area either it might not be a trap."

Jetta frowned sensing something in the air. "Were-RATS."

Lydia frowned turning rat-hybrid. "She ***** Right. ***** Fifteen Were-rats **** smells here."

Jetta nodded sniffing the blood. "Its from Dawn and Erwin. And some from were-rat."

A slow gurgling sound was heard from the body.

Jetta frowned. "He alive."

Erwin gurgled. "You sounds so happy about that."

Gina rolled her eyes and rushed over to give him first aid.

Xander stood still shivering in held back fury. Some one would pay. "Kid who did this?"

Erwin. "A letter on my back."

Gina frowned and pulled out a letter that was glued on his back.

Xander read the note. "That Swine."

Theo grabbed it and started to read. "Its from Gothwrain. Unless we bring them Moisha, Lydia, And Romeo. They kill Dawn."

Moisha shrugged. "Crap o man."

Romeo nodded. "Well better pack then."

Lydia nodded. "i **** miss **** Guys."

Brittany blinked. "Hey guys Gothwrain will kill you if we turn you over to him."

Lydia nodded. "Dawn is ***** family. We dont have **** much of that."

Moisha nodded. "We liked Run after we found out that Gothwrain like killed our parents brothers and sister.

He wanted three Were-rats to raised as personal Assassins that would never be missed."

Romeo nodded. "Dawn is family. The only one we have. We cant let him kill her."

A gasping sound stopped them. "Gothwrain is evil. He will kill you and THEN he will kill Dawn. She lives as LONG as you three lives."

Edwin said.

He was tired empty of blood but those stupid Do-good had no idea of the working brain of evil master minds.

But he had.

Gina blinked. "Your wound its healing faster then it should and your alive. How you bleed to much."

Edwin smiled. "The Hellmouth neutralize the Cure from the Bite. Inside the Hellmouth IF a Were bites you are Turned to a were.

I got Dawn to bite me before they pulled her away from my dying body. I'm a Were-Something."

Gina nodded. "Yes unless you have the Chimera Gene. You be either Were-Tiger or Were-Rat. Of course IF you have Were-animal blood from the past it might activate it self."

"HOLD IT" Xander growled. "Lydia, Moisha, Romeo. IF Goty get you.

Dawn is dead. So YOU stay." He turned and watched Julia. "Sensei What would you do to get a Loyal Student that would DO ANYTHING you said was training NO matter what.

That would never quit until you said your finished.

And Even doing the boring mental exercise meditations."

Julia blinked at the strange turn in discussion. "I would do almost anything." So far most of her student had no real commitment more interesting in work then really dedicate them to the learning.

So far her dream of training the next Arms master had been for nothing.

Xander blinked. "I am willing. I need fighters after we rescued Dawn.

You can get them for me. YOU ARE the master of arms in Jade. Call the Weapon masters ask for volunteers."

Julia blinked "After we rescued."

Xander grinned. "Goty is dead. And any Were-rat standing between him and me will die. I need a army to get to him." His blood thirsty voice sent chills of fear in them.

Theo lips was dried in the boy sounded like Brendan the blood thirsty mad man that was his father.

The man that almost exterminated the Were-Cheetahs and almost manage to Exterminate the Were-wolfs. "Xander Im not sure that is a good idea. We should try a peaceful solution first."

Xander turned towards him. "How many times have you not tried that before. You given Goty two, Three, Five time to change his ways. So far nothing.

He is a old Rat and you cant teach a old rat new tricks."

Romeo blinked. Looking at the presently Were-wolftigerhuman hybrid looking Xander. "Ooo Crap." He said.

Moisha "Ooh. Its Like the prophecy said."

Lydia "The Prophecy said: Eyes of the tigers, fangs of the wolf, Friends of the cheetahs Will bring the end of Gothwrain and force the were-rats in exile."

Moisha "Its like the MAIN reason why Gothwrain helped Brendan to destroy the Were-Cheetahs.

Their like NO were-tigers on earth as far as we knew.

He had plans on attacking and destroying what ever was left of the wolfs after wards."

Jetta frowned she knew about that. "Xander Im in."

Julia grabbed her husband. "WE are in darling. That bastard have tried to murder my children. WE are not going to let that happen."

Theo sighted he hated war and this would be a big one among the many small secret wars that exist on earth. "I am in. But we need to find a way to find Dawn. Gothwrain will have Shielded her from any magic or technology manners of finding her." He said.

Erwin smirked. "i can help you. Remember the legend of the Thrall.

Its true."

Jetta nodded. "One of the reason we Were-wolfs and the Were-cats removed our ability to Turned humans. IS because of the Thrall effect. Some one Bitten will not only turned in to a type of Were. But he or she will become enslaved.

Not completely slave but fiercely loyal." She blinked then grinned. "And able to sense his or her master anywhere."

Erwin "As long as Dawn is alive i can sense her. Right now she desperately wants us to save her. So i can even point at towards the direction she is. Let me call my minions. I can heal on the way."

Later. at Diggers hotel room

Surprisingly fast His minions had turned up. Dashi the Ninja, Ionis the mage, Zelda the female Fighter. And Margaret Walsh Cybernetic maniac extraordinaire.

http://www.cheetaholics.netbioszelda.htm http://www.cheetaholics.netbiosdai.htm http://www.cheetaholics.netbiosionis.htm

Sitting on a chair Erwin grinned. "And last my own private Vampire Slave. Come inside slave."

An irritating blond Billy idol look alike walked inside. "Bloody hell when i get the chip out of my head i will rip you in half."

Spike said.

Giles sighed in shock.

Buffy blinked.

Faith grinned. "Wicked."

Willow "d. do you know who that are. Its its Spike Slayer of slayers."

Erwin nodded. "Do i ever. He never stops from telling me. Again and alien Im big bad that and big bad that.

I am thinking about removing his tongue to keep him from talking."

Giles "I. Is he safe?"

Margaret nodded. "Completely inserted inside of him is a micro chip disabling his ability to attack humans Unless we order him to do that. Their are also a small bomb capable of blowing of his head but nothing more. Quite safe to stand next to."

"Muahahahaa Spike got tamed Muahhaahaaahahahaha." Came the sound of Angel suddenly loosing his Cool and rolling around on the floor pointing at Spike and laughing his head tears of joy was rolling from his eyes.

Erwin "Is he save. If not we could put a chip inside of him."

Xander "Hmmm. That sound like a."

Buffy "Xander. Angel is a friend. He got his soul back. Permanent. He only eats animal blood."

Walsh eyes glowed in curiosity.

If she was lucky maybe she could get a change to dissect something.

Theo smiled. "Well lets find out where they taken her."

Erwin grinned. "That way." He pointed. "Ionis could you and Dr Digger work out a way to make my directions more precise."

Ionis and Theodor looked at each other. The two had been fighting a lot always with Theodor being the winner but often with pure luck or winning by the smallest marginal.

Both respected each others powers and skills even if they was enemies. "I think we can do that." Theo said.

Ionis nodded. "Im sure of it."

Xander looked at the direction they pointed. "Sensei Julia Digger." He said. "Erwin pointed towards the airport. Do your family owns a jet plane or know anyone that do. Because they probably in the air now."

Gina looked out. "Crap he right. I call Penny Pincer and Ace or Kevin Koss and tell them to bring out the a fast airplane."

By the window Faith, Lydia, And Xander stood watching the sky slowly started to glow as the sun rose on a new dawn. And they wonder if their Dawn was alright or if she was hurt.

Chapter 22
Friends Enemies and other guys.

Kevin 'Ace' Koss stood by the airplane. A special custom made jet plane.

Beside him his girlfriend Penny Pincer stood waiting for the Diggers to arrive.

Then they saw the Digger gang came walking over the airfield they walked with a grim looks on their face.

Ace froze as he realized that it was more then the Digger family that walked their.

Dr Theodor Digger and wife Julia, Brittany, Brianna, and Gina the girls. Strype.

Then the Xander kid and Faith.

And Tirga and Sheila he met them before nice guys.

Jetta and her Werewolves fighter Sander and Bridik and Nadeen.


And an unknown red haired girl and a blond girl and a green haired young man he did not know who it was. (Buffy and Willow and Oz)

Behind Xander walked surprise NR 1.

The Were-rats. Lydia, Moisha, Romeo. Last time he checked Ranger O'Green put them in the Leprechauns jail for trying to steal their gold maker machine.

He some how did not believe they were free for good behavior.

Then walked surprise NR 2.

A big surprise.

Ionis the mage.

Zelda the female fighter. Big hairless, strong as a were-cheetah and beautiful she was easy to recognize.

Dashi the ninja.

And in a wheelchair a kid a 12-14 year old kid. Could ONLY be lord Erwin 'PeeWee' Talon.

It was pushed by an unknown female. (Margaret Walsh but he dont know her) And a coffin that Zelda wad dragging behind her.

Ace blinked and looked at Penny. "I think this flight will be more interesting then normal."

She nodded weakly as a friend and sometimes competition of Gina she also had her fights with the 'bad guys'.

Theodor walked forward "Hi Ace. While they load the plane i will explain everything."

Later after a long explanation.

Ace nodded. "I see. I think it would be wise if i picked up my F18 and fly escort this time. Gina, Brianna and Penny can fly the transport."

Xander blinked. "You have a F18?"

Ace blushed. "Aah well its really not a true F18. Its kind of a replica."

Gina and Penny grinned. "Sure it is. We helped build it. IT IS far more advanced then a F18 is."

Xander nodded not really surprised. After all he seen their cars.


The jet transport were flying on a low avoiding radar and tracking outside the F18 look alike were escorting them.

Xander sighed if only Strypes starship could have help them but its on its way to Mars. Or maybe back from Mars he wonder where they were.


"So look Mr. Mayor sir. Beautiful sights here right, You can see the sun rise in the distant and Look the Mars explorer. If you wave NASA will see you." The Captain said to the man sitting in the Cage now sitting on Mars only fifteen feet from the Mars Explorer.

Wilkins the 3 sighed. Here he was unable to get to his box of Gavrock unable to die because he was immortal for more then 180 days. The Cage stopped him form using magic.

And the starship just left him stranded on Mars.

This really sucked only one thing he could do.

It would always make some Sci fi fool nutty.

"Hi kids i am the man from Mars lets talk about the important of education." He said looking directly in the eye of the NASAs Mars explorers camera.


"Hawaii. The rats are in Hawaii." Xander said.

Theo nodded. "Well it make sense that they would have a hideout somewhere nice. I bet Gothwrain use it for relaxing."

Gina smiled. "Well lets land this thing."

Xander frowned. "NO can we use parachutes or sorting?"

Buffy "What?"

Xander looked at them. "Look the Were-rats probably IS guarding the airports its only logical.

If we drop down in parachutes they cant know that we followed them. And more chance of saving Dawn alive."

Gina "Alright we can do that. Brianna bring out the jump equipment." Julia "Do we have rafts then we can do a water drop."

Brianna grinned. "This plan DO have Vertical Take off and landing capability. We can hover over the sea a moment. No need to use the jump equipment just drop us off."

Short moment later the plan was remade.

The huge cargo jet stopped and hovering on its jet only twelve feet over the Atlantic ocean.

Tirga grinned. "I love girls in Wet-T-shirts," and he dived.

Xander just snorted and jumped after but grinned remembering he would soon see Lydia in wet shirts.

Dashi grabbed and hold Erwin as they jumped. Erwin had almost manage to heal completely he was still limping but.

And then the cargo was dropped down floating bags held it floating. One coffin complained loudly. "No bloody respect." Spike said.

"You think I like it sleeping next to you?" Angel said.

Spike frowned. "OO peaches you wound me."

Then Splash it fell down floating in the sea.

Xander treaded water in his Were-tiger body when suddenly he blinked why DID he hear the theme song from Jaws. Over active imagination.

A sharp pain in his leg told him something else as the shark bite him and dragged him down under.

Buffy. "NOOO Xander."

The small but strong Tiger shark dragged him under the sea.

Then suddenly his friend could see hot the sea suddenly was boiling with blood as the battle raged under the sea.

Gina frowned. "Everybody Get in the RAFT NOW. More sharks are coming."

Then Xander suddenly dived up. "Phuu Air air."

And they helped him up in the raft a nasty bite had almost cut off his left leg but it was healing.

Willow and Buffy hugged him. "You alive what about the shark is it?" Xander grinned. "Ooh he tasted fine." He said showing them his teeth. Julia grinned. "Good work your training in pain tolerance worked."

Xander nodded. "Yup i turned completely cat down under that made the shark drop its bite then i turned hybrid and sliced bite it and ate part of it. Completely Sushi."

Buffy blinked she realized completely that her friend was far more competent and dangerous then she imagined.

Erwin realizes that his information on Xander was wrong so wrong it was not even funny.

He was glad his plans was making a friend with Xander.

And the rafts filled with were-cats and were-wolfs and some special humans started to paddle to the shore of one of the Hawaii island.

In the sea a badly hurt shark were swimming for its life as real man eating Sharks were hunting him.

The Were-Tiger shark raged how could it go wrong here he was on his vacation from the boring work on IRS taking a swim and planning in satisfy his hidden lust of Human flesh.

And then the human he grabbed turned in to a freaking Were-tiger and almost made sushi of him only his Were-shark ability kept him alive right now slowly healing and regenerate him.

Life was just not fair.

And he swam for his life real BIG shark hunting him now.

Chapter 23
To go where others relax.

Dawn cried in her barely three month long life she never experience this much cruelty.

She was locked inside a small cage silver needles were on the wall of the cage. Only by sitting or resting on the cage floor she could avoid being stabbed by them.

It hurts so much she already had many silver burns in her arms.

Silver burned body and soul of a Were-animal.

Given time the scar on the soul would heal but never the scar on the body unless healing magic or alien healing Technology was used.

Dawn cried more. She could not understand how they could be so cruel. Calling her a monster a freak an abomination.

She wonder where her friends and family was, She hoped they were safe. She wished poor Edwin was alive, But the amount of blood she knew he must be dead.

Out in the sea...

Thomas sighed tired as the canoe drifting slowly towards the shore. Life as a Private Detective had their ups and downs Days of boring mind numbing nothing.

And then days of terror and actions.

He watched as the sun dusk fell days like this he could feel the pain of old wounds remember the nights in Vietnam.

Nothing really surprised him anymore. "What THE FUCK?" Thomas Magnum said as he watched the strangest thing he EVER seen come rowing by him in impressive speed.

It was a life Raft. A Big one. Inside was 20 'individuals' Armed to the teeth with so many weapons that it looked like WW3 was going to happen.

Five Of the 'Individuals' that Thomas only could describe as Were-wolfs.

One of the werewolves were clearly smaller then the other and looked more animal in its form.

And Three male human looking cat persons two of them look clearly tiger like the other striped fur but not like the other two.

Then 3 Cat girls One looked like a Jaguar the other two like Cheetahs. And two girls and one male that had rat tails.

Five 'normal' humans six females and four male one older and two younger one barely a teenager.

Thomas Magnum blinked as they paddle by him ignoring him completely as they hurried to the beach. "I wonder what Higgins will say about this. Crap they are going to land on Robin Masters estate."

He sighed as he started to paddle faster. If Higgins started to shoot at them they might shoot back and it looked like they had cannons.

Xander blinked from where he sat next to Tirga and Strype they were currently resting, As were-tigers they had far more strength then a Were-wolf but the Were-wolfs had more endurance could continue longer time then any other Were-animal could.

"Look that guy in the canoe is trying to race us."

Tiara blinked. "You right. Guys we cant let him win over us." With that he Grabbed a paddle and started to paddle helping the werewolves to go faster.

Xander nodded and grabbed his paddle speed race and pride was on the table.

Brianna and Brittany speed freaks blinked grabbing their paddles.

Thomas Magnum blinked as the BIG Raft suddenly burst similar to a racing boats speed as all the furry faces started to paddle like crazy.. "Crap."

One of the Non furry girls waved to him and screamed. "Slow poke."


The big Raft finally landed on the shore.

Xander and Tirga tired used their strength to pull the raft at to shore.

Suddenly a voice and the sound of growling dogs surrounded them a short old man stood their holding a shoot gun. Two huge Dobermans stood by his side. "This is private property Belonging to Master Robin And I must insist that you leave.

You are Were-wolfs and something other exotic My Good a Were-Cheetah. Well you are welcome but try to steal anything and i Will bring out the silver bullets. Do you understand?"

Xander and the others nodded.

Theo frowned a bit. "We are only passing by."

The short man looked at him doubtfully as he walked away. "Boys," he yelled.

Xander blinked. "That was strange. He obvious is English."

Nodding they started to unload the weapons the armor and coffin containing Spike and Angel.

A tired man in a canoe finally paddled at shore as they calmly walked away.

The short man walked up. "Unusual night Magnum.

Now every day you see a Were-cheetah and Were-wolfs in the same place.

I do remember my day in the African peace core and the battle the tribes of were-cheetahs and Were-wolfs fought it was terrible Magnum really terrible."

Magnum sighed. "HIGGINS what in the name of all thats holy ARE THEY?" The short man named Higgins smiled. "Were-wolfs Magnum have you not read story books."

Magnum stared out in the night seeing the last tails of the group slowly disappearing in the night silently with the grace of a hunter. "What do you think they are going to do here Higgins?"

Higgins frowned. "From what i overheard some clan of Were-rats kidnapped a child. They are going to save her."

Magnum blinked. "I need a drink."


Xander frowned. "So?"

Theo and Ionis nodded. "The rats are inside the building. With Dawn."

Xander nodded study the building. "Commercial and PR consulting. I knew Gothwrain was evil but doing commercials."

Gina nodded. "Yea he owns lots of company that specializes in Spam mail."

Willow blinked. "Buffy we have to kill him No matter how many Were-rats we have to kill. Goty is more evil then a vampire."

Lydia, Moisha, Romeo hung they head in shame.

Tirga grinned. "I suggest that ME and Sheila use our magic weapon with help of the mages to blow a hole directly in to Dawn place and then we Save her."

Xander frowned. "Good plan Send in Brittany and Brianna and Lydia, Moisha and Romeo to act as body guards. Me Im going to kill any Were-rats i find Except Lydia, Moisha and Romeo."

Faith nodded. "Im with You Beastie-boy."

Edwin. "Me and Ionis follows to save Dawn. Walsh put us and the other on the safe do not attack list then release Spikes murder ability.

Dashi i like you to find the leader in this building be brutal.

But keep him alive Gothwrain needs a survivor to spread the tales."

Theo frowned. "I i really think. We can save Dawn and just leave it at that. Why slaughter unnecessary."

Xander. "Because they have not learned their lesson. Kidnapping threatening and is wrong. Theodor i respect you but. You are naive. Evil can only win if Good men do nothing.

You have threaten Gothwrain before Right?"

Theo nodded. "I tried to kill him once and failed. Ever sense then he hides himself behind a army i cant reach him."

Xander frowned. "What did you threatened him with. And when was that?"

Theo swallowed. "I threaten to search him out and kill him and anyone standing in my way if he attacked my family again."

Xander smiled. "Good threat but useless unless you are willing to do it IF he tries again. Did he try again."

Theo looked away.

Julia the Arms master hugged him. "I understand my loved husband is a bit on the soft side."

Jetta snorted. "I for once is grateful for that. Or i would be death."

Erwin nodded. "I know what you are taking about. That is one of the main reason why i just kept on trying to capture one of the Diggers girls. I knew you were to soft to actually fight back Dr Diggers."

Theo "Good must hold a higher standard then the evil."

Buffy nodded.

Xander nodded "Absolute. But their are scales of good. Some of us are more Grey then white Theo. Some of us are more on the scale of pragmatic. I envy you having the strength to live like you do.

I can not.

Attacking my family one time i might forgive but its bloody unlikely." He said staring at Angel. "Angel knows that the moment i find out that Angelus is free again i will dust him."

Buffy blinked. "But but he is our friend."

Angel. "I am your and Xanders friend. But Angelus is Xander enemy and believe me both Xander and me completely agrees on dusting Angelus. Its just the methods we argue about."

Theo sighed. "Well let us attack then."

He and Ionis focus their magic powers finding the place Dawn was inside.

Sheila removed her sword the Ice-fang, cold wind surrounded her as the water on the grass froze solid. "Im ready just drain the power you need."

Tirga nodded his Nunchucks was pulled up and he was surrounded by a aura of fire burning the grass under him. "Just drain."

The two mages nodded and began pulling powers from the two magic weapons focusing it far more effective then the spells inside the weapon could.

Suddenly extreme heat and cold made the wall crumble down and exploded to dust and hole after hole formed as they dug a way to the room where Dawn was.

At the same time they were almost their. Xander grinning walked up to the gate guard. "HI any kidnappers inside?" He said in a jolly voice.

The two guards looked up then up and up and found them self staring in the eyes of a pissed off Were-wolf-Tiger thing holding a HUGE Gun towards them.

As one of them hurried to reach the alarmed button Xander pressed the gun trigger.

The second guard swallowed hard as his friend was shot in the lung turning were-rat-hybrid. Instead of healing the wound was smoking slightly.

Xander grinned aiming the gun at the head. "Silver tipped. They say its burning the body and Soul. Now Where is the Kidnaper that kidnapped Dawn My CHILD?"

The guard swallowed. "Inside. Are you going to let me live?"

Xander "If you do me a favor. Tell your Were-rats friend this Eyes of the tigers, Fangs of the Wolfs is coming for Gothwrain Any were rats standing by HIS side will be killed." Xander finished this by slowly turning completely Were-wolf then Were-tiger.

The Were-rats guard paled.

Xander grinned. "You do understand MY girlfriend is Were-rat. My child is Half Were-rat and half Were-tiger.

I only hate and will kill Gothwrain and any one standing beside him. Now rat run away and keep running."

The guard ran away.

Jetta frowned. "Why did you let him go?"

Xander grinned. "The boss inside will tell Gothwrain and he might kill him to keep the rumor silent.

But this one he will tell the other guards and the civilians.

And fear will be spread." As he said that Xander carefully but painfully dug out the bullets letting the poor were-rat live.

He only had a limited number of pure silver. The rest were silver alloyed hurt like hell and the wound did not heal until the bullet was out.

But it did not burn the soul or body.

"Lets lock and load. Remember aim at arms, Legs. Try to keep death number down." Xander said.

With that they attacked to building spreading chaos and pain and occasional death.

In another part of the building.

Dawn blinked as the yellow blurs suddenly burst inside from the hole in the wall Brianna and Brittany ran inside.

The guards jumped the guns but rain of bullets cut them down as the angry Brianna held no mercy after seeing Dawn bruised and crying face.

More careful holding a big gun Moisha and Lydia came inside protecting each others back they fired at any Were-rats daring to move.

Dawn smiled. "Momma Lydia."

Lydia smiled. "Keep ***** calm girl the ***** out of their."

Dawn giggled. "I keep ***** still." She then blinked.

Still limping Erwin protected by Zelda calmly walked inside.

Activating a small but fully functional energy blade looking like a dagger version of a lightsaber. (from his time as a movie freak) "I get you out Dawn."

Dawn blinked. "How you you should be dead."

Erwin grinned. "Your bite. I said IT might save me."

Dawn smiled. "So your like me now."

Zelda frowned. "Master Talon could you keep the romance to later.

Their might come reinforcements."

Erwin nodded.

Dawn blinked. "master Talon. You ARE an Evil genius. Cool or something." Erwin smiled. "Im considering changing side nowadays. Good might be Cool dont you think."

Dawn nodded eagerly as her boyfriend liberated her from the cage.

Other part of the building.

"Die." Xander said pumping bullets after bullets in to one of the kidnapers.

Spike frowned. "Bloody hell Dog-boy. That rather impressive each hit in a pain centrum on the arms and legs. But if you going to kill him heart or head work better."

Xander frowned. "Im working my way their."

The other were-rats from the kidnappers swallowed as their leader slowly died.

Xander turned to them. "I love Lydia she is MY girlfriend. And A were-rat. I love Dawn she IS my daughter, half Were-rat half Were-Tiger. By kidnapping Dawn you made your first mistake, By kidnapping her to murder Lydia you made your LAST mistake.

I will find and Kill Gothwrain. Any Were rat protecting HIM is a target until i find him."

He sighed. "The sad part is this. You do not believe me. Im a goody goody working with DR Theodor Diggers. Right?"

The were-rats looked curious wondering which answer would allow them to live.

Xander continued. "But you are mistaken. I train with Julia his wife. I hunt and killed Vampires and demons sense i was fifteen using only human skills and powers. And i only learned i was were-chimera THIS YEAR. I like to save humans from demons and vampires."

Xander grinned. "But I survived fighting Vampires and demons because Im more brutal then they are in a fight."

With that he shot two of the kidnapers in the head.

Spike grinned. "Bloody hell dog you are impressive."

Xander sighed grabbing his stake. "Spike look at me."

Spike looked up. "Yea what?"

Xander drove the stake in the heart of the evil chipped vampire. "Im not a dog."

The surviving were-rats commando that kidnapped Dawn looked in shock as the Were-chimera just dusted one of his own.

Xander turned to them. "Run away rats. I be coming after you to get Gothwrain. If you smart run far away remove yourself from him.

Anyone standing with him will die.

Run rats the cats and the dogs are coming. And we are hungry."

Jetta blinked a short moment Xander almost looked like Brendan their dad. She shiver in fear and disgust at the evil grin on Xander face.

Xander grinned evil as the were-rats ran away as fast as they could. "Lets go and find Dawn."

Later at the air port.

Dawn was hugging Xander Faith and Lydia close. "I was so afraid."

Xander petted her. "You be fine. They will never hurt you again i promise you that. I find the bad guy and he will never hurt anybody again." He said smiling.

Dawn blinked. "You promise."

Xander nodded. "Yes. Dawn out here their are good and evil. Most humans and most Were-rats or Tigers/wolfs are Good.

But every now and then an Evil man or female become leader often by tricking the good guys.

Some of them have can seems like a Cancer infect their followers putting the good to sleep."

He looked at Dawn that was listening eagerly.

Surprisingly so was the rest of the gangs.

Xander continued. "In our History Hitler was such a man. He like a cancer made good man and women evil. They were blinded by his talks and his charisma.

He started helping a whole country from starving and then continued with mass murder and war.

Gothwrain is like Hitler.

As long as Goty is alive his followers the Were-rats clan will be dangerous and act in evil ways."

On the side Dr Theodor Digger frowned as the word Cancer sickness echoed inside of him.

The idea of Gothwrain, Brendan, Hitler as a Cancer eating away the moral and ethic of a society was scary but somehow it made sense.

He never really thought about it that way.

To cure that kind of cancer you must cut out the infected tissue.

Meaning the cancer and the closest infected cells.

Or Gothwrain and his second in command.

It was obvious a dirty war would be coming.

His wife already decided to join forces with Xander so had his children.

He looked at the young man using his powers as an Aura mage seeing his aura.

Wave after wave of protectiveness love and compassion for his friends and family.

Buffy, Dawn, Lydia, Jetta even Him came from Xander.

Underneath it he could feel the fury the blood thirst aimed directly towards anybody that would endanger his friends.

Theo smiled he finally understood him. This was not a potential evil killer.

But at the same time it was not a Hero. But a real Warrior King that sat down hugging his child.

A warrior ready to do what ever necessary to protect his friends and family even killing them to stop evil from torment them.

"Julia i will help in the war."

Julia blinked. "What why?"

Theo grinned. "Because my dear, The king is dead long live the King." With that he walked away to find coffee leaving a confused wife behind.

Chapter 24
Preparations of the future....

PS: more picture have been included look laugh and have fun.

Washington DC.

Headquarter of Section M. USA agency dealing in the supernatural and alien matter.

The small Leprechauns raged as he walked by. "But What about Me Gold?" As he hurried after the agent.

Dr Diggers turned his eyes away from that and looked at his friend and former Boss Agent M the chief of this madhouse. "Hard day today."

M smiled friendly. He almost always smiled and looked relaxed even that time a group of demons took the whole building hostages he was smiling and looking like he was relaxing.

http://www.cheetaholics.netbiosagentm.htm "Yes Theo it is a bit stress filled this morning. But you know about that your self. We had to stop a group of battle tanks driving Leprechauns from attacking a Mafia HQ."

Theo blinked. "Really you stopped them."

M grinned. "The mafia headquarter was above a popular Caf Lots of innocents would be hurt. But Im sure your not here about MY work are you?"

Theo smiled. "No. I do hope you manage to solve the Leprechauns problem before they send in the rangers. Im here to talk about Erwin Talon."

M nodded. "Yes what about him?"

http://www.cheetaholics.netbiosog.htm http://www.cheetaholics.netbioslep.htm

Theo smiled. "He in order to survive had to become a Turned Were-tiger. And is suffering from the Thrall bite."

Agent M frowned. "I did not know that. How did the Were-tiger overcome the 'cure' of the bite."

The smiled. "The cure is a divine spell that stopped them from turning others by biting them. The Cure do not remove the ability it just make it unable to function.

Inside a area strong in dark magic like that of the Hellmouth the cure do not work and the bite is active again."

Agent M nodded. "I see. What about the one that bit him?"

Theo "She is a Were-chimera half tiger half Rat. Erwin was bleeding to death after him and the Were-chimera was attacked by a group of Were-rats."

Agent M frowned. "You are talking about Dawn then?"

Theo nodded. "Yes. Erwin asked her to bite him hoping it would save his life. It did and the Thrall effect is also working. Lucky for Erwin Dawn refuse to give him order or enslave him."

Agent M smiled. "So you like me to stop hunting the Criminal Erwin right."

Theo smiled. "Yes. Erwin risked his life to save Dawn BEFORE the bite. And now after the bite we can use Dawn to keep him under control if we need to."

Agent M smiled. "I will do as you said. Just keep a tight control on him. And specially Margaret Walsh she is a DR Frankenstein and DR Jekyll waiting to happen."

Theo nodded. "I will. Thank you."

Agent M stop smiling for a moment. "Now when business is over. How is your wife and family?"

Theo grinned. "Fine. Julia finally found a student Xander the Were-Chimera he promised to learn everything she is willing to teach him. Even the boring mental exercise in Ether realm manipulations. OR Chi manipulations."

Agent M grinned. "Poor guy. I do remember some of our agents after training with your wife."

Theo snorted. "She was trying to get them in shape. Xander IS in shape now days. The mental exercise is if anything more boring then painful or hard."

The world JADE on top of a small stony hill looking over a snowy grass plain.

Xander sat with crossed feet in a meditation position.

Beside him Dawn and Erwin sat.

And in front of them Julia sat. "I Like you to empty your mind close your eyes. Focus your senses internally search until you find a burning flame inside of you."

Dawn nodded happy. She then looked confused. "What if i have two Julia."

Julia frowned. "Its Sensei. And no you should only have 1. And their is no way you could have found it already."

Xander raised his hand. "Sorry Sensei i was overhearing when you trained Faith and i kind of learned this part copying you and her." Julia blinked. "Alright But Dawn you only have ONE flame."

Dawn frowned. "But i sense two one is kind of greenish the other is White."

Erwin blinked. "I kind find anything. Why Am i here?"

Julia sighed. "This training also is good in teaching a turned Were-tiger like you how to control your transformation. Sure your not ass strong as a real Were-tiger but far stronger then a normal Were-wolf. Now Dawn focus on one of the ball and try to make it stronger. Erwin try finding it again. Xander do the same with yours."

Xander nodded focusing his will making the fire inside of him burning stronger. He felt tired he felt dizzy and he lost concentration time and time again. But he felt some kind of fire outside of him almost like a river of fire slowly he tried absorbing his fire from the outside.

Dawn focus the white ball she felt dizzy and lost her concentration every time she did power that one. She turned her concentration on the Green fire. "Oooo sweet." She said and *BAMF* sound was heard as she disappeared in a green light.

Julia blinked. "What the?"

Then Bamf Dawn was back now holding a huge ice-cream looking really happy.

Dawn. "They got a Tuna flavored one." She happy announced.

Julia shivered tuna flavored ice-cream only ONE place had that.

The caf�in Atlanta and that only because Brittany, Brianna LOVED it and always bought ice-cream with that flavor. "I think you Dawn should train with Theo."

Dawn nodded happy not really concentrating she had Tuna flavored ice-cream flavored with real tuna. And cheese sprinkle on the top.

It tasted divine for the Were-chimera Tiger/rat girl.


"I feel sick." Xander said slowly turning paler and paler as he started to puke his guts out.

Julia looked surprised. "My god. Already."

Erwin blinked. "So Xander failed. Right."

Julia shook her head. "No he did it. You always get sick the first times you tried it. After a month or week in training he should be able to do it with out getting sick."

Dawn kept eating her ice-cream. "Purr, Purr, Purr."

Erwin frowned. "So why are you so surprised then?"

Julia. "Because IF Xander have tried learning by himself he manage to do this after ONLY three month of training.

Normally it takes five to six years.

The fastest anyone EVER learned Ether realm manipulation before Was under TWO month."

Erwin blinked. "Ooh. So who was that?"

Julia grinned. "Me. I was nine years old after watching Momma and one of her students i tried to do what they were doing."

Erwin sighed. "So unless i am as good as them it will take me what years before i do that."

Julia nodded. "Yes but you learn control your transformation after about a month using this method so then your choice to continue or quitting.

Faith have not yet manage to find her inner flame. But she thinks it boring."

Erwin focus on the still sick looking Xander. "If HE did it. I bet she will train with more focus."

Julia smiled. "Well Im letting my Momma train her right now she is great in training female fighters in the physical aspects of a fight."


Somewhere else. In the hidden city of Rats under Mount Fuji. In a small caf�

"And then the Were-Chimera said something. Tiger eyes and wolf fangs." A fear full looking man said to his friends.

One of the older paled. "He said, Eyes of the Tigers, Fangs of the wolfs will destroy Gothwrain and force us were-rats in exile."

The first shook his head. "Eee No just that he would kill anybody that stood in his path when he came for Gothwrain. What was that you said?"

The old one smiled. "Our prophets said that prophecy after Gothwrain freed us from the evil Were-cheetahs."

One of the silent once snorted. "Evil my ass. The Cheetahs have not hunted or murder US were-rats in more then five hundred years.

Then suddenly Gothwrain decide that they must be destroyed before they come after US.

Well now Gothwrain manage to get them and their friends Angry real good work guys."

The old one frowned. "Do not talk about Gothwrain like that HE is our leader a magnificent genius that keep us safe all the evils that hunts us."

The silent one snorted. "Hunt us. NOTHING have hunted us for more then five hundred years. Gothwrain is Paranoid fool a Crazy power hungry maniac. Your just to blind to see that."

The others moved away from him.

The old one stood up. "I dont think we can be friends anymore.

For old times sake i will not tell the police about your criminal ideas."

The silent one paled. "I Im just drunk. I go now." Cursing his anger. If the were-rat police took him he would be reindoctrinated or disappeared gone for ever.

And possible also his family. Dam Gothwrain and the rest of his race.

Jade in the town Seers Hamlet.

Onoli the leader of Seers hamlets Edge guard was currently reading old books of prophecy he frowned.

The prophecy of the king.

Curiosity was part of being a Were-cat and Onoli being a Were-lion was no exception he started to read.

Paling he looked over where Tirga normally used to work.

A future king that have Tirga family blood in him.

Or the blood of the Were-wolfs Brendan would cleanse the undead lands and return life to the land. Freedom or oppression would follow in his path.

Onoli sighted maybe time for him to have a talk with Theodor if anyone knew about this it would be him.

Chapter 25

Xander have been training hard with Julia after learning to access his 'Chi' she could start with the TRUE training. Unarmed and Armed martial art.

Faith faintly after finding out that Xander did it took HER training seriously and power by the slayer instinct to learn fighting fast she manage to learn in less then two weeks.

Dawn have been training with them from time to time. But mostly DR Theodor Digger have trained her.

Erwin Talon is training hard to get control over his were-tiger body. As a turned were-tiger he is more animal in his form and not as strong as a true Were-tiger. (Still stronger then a turned were-wolfs like Oz or a real Were-wolf like Jetta.) But he still go crazy under the moon. Only Dawn can control him during that time.

The return.

Xander smiled as he hugged the woman close. "See later then Sensei Julia. I will train like you told me everyday."

Julia smiled. "Good Faith will help you keep your training. And remember your mine during holidays. Beside you need to absorb what you learned make it part of you natural way of fighting and that i cant teach you only time will."

Xander sighed. "Well we will see each other again. We do have a war to prepare for."

With that he walked away letting Faith and Dawn say their good by.

He had a girlfriend to talk to.

Later in Lydia and Gangs apartment.

Xander sighed. "So. How you been Lydia?"

Lydia smiled blushed. "I i been **** great... No i missed you."

Xander. "Me to but you know."

Lydia nodded. "You *** training was more important."

Xander "I promised her. And you know what i have to do."

Lydia nodded. "I know. And i **** agree with you. Gothwrain have to die."

Xander hugged her arm. "Lydia are you fine with this."

Lydia smiled a tear filled smile. "I love you. You big lunk. But i i **** cant be with you man."

Xander blinked. "WHAT WHY?"

Lydia sighed. "For Dawn sake ME Moisha and Romeo have betrayed our own Were-rats every secret we know.

And i know i know to kill Gothwrain you have to fight your way inside Mount Fuji.

Innocent Were-rats will die.

Its the only way for ANY one of us to be safe."

Xander swallowed. "So you going to break up because of that."

Lydia "Dont you see it Xander. Right now i could pretend its alright but sooner or later i would start to resent you. If we break up now we can be friends.

We can be family Dawn is still OUR and Faith child ME Moisha and Romeo will stay with her and you guys.

But" She swallowed her tears. "I cant be with you anymore. Im ****sorry." She slowly walked away trying not to look at his puppy wolf eyes.

A friendly voice made Xander look up.

Romeo "Come on brother you be alright. Lets go for a walk."

Xander watched him. "WHY?"

Romeo. "Gothwrain. The only way we three can live is if he is dead. The only way YOU and other Were-cats and Were-wolfs can live IS if he is dead." He sighed as he sat down. "But to kill him we have to fight our way inside.

Many innocent Were-rats will die Xander.

The Three of us are essentially helping you murder the only one we could call Father."

He grinned painfully at the idea of calling the man that torture them every time they had failed but it was true.

"And what worst We will be the Judas, The Quisling that betrayed a man that is worship by our race.

Sure Xander if anything Gothwrain is a Hitler or Stalin, that hunts down and kill anybody that not a Were-rat.

And torture any were-rat that are against him." Romeo looked hard at Xander hoping his friend would understand.

"Gothwrain have a cult build around him. Most Were-rats do not know about the murdering of those that oppose him.

They believe HE is a savior a hero and Father of us all." Romeo said before adding silently. "Under most of our childhood so did we believe, until the first time we failed and got tortured. You seen the silver scars on Lydias body."

Xander "So she is dumping me because of that creep."

Romeo. "Lets go for a drink. You need it. I call Angel he is fun in party."

Xander nodded. "Yea lets go. Angel fun in a party when did that happen?"

Still even later...

Buffy frowned. "Xander their is demons inside of their."

Xander nodded. "Yup my favorite Pub in LA with my favorite bartender Shraa he a Rukara demon peaceful created as Guardians demons.

As long as you follow the rules no fighting He is a friendly guy."

Buffy nodded. "Rukara he. Could not be that hard to slay if he get crazy."

Xander nodded. "Your right you probably would have no problem. But Buffy the Blood of a Rukara is poisoness gas that can kill a human or demon. Even a vampire would be hurt.

A were-chimera like me would probably die i dont know."

Buffy blinked. "Ouch no fighting then. SO which demon is it?"

Xander grinned. "You see." With that he opened the door to the bar.

A high hissing sound was heard from Shraa the demon looking like the Alien in the movie Alien that Ripley had so much problem with. "Xander. So good to see you."

Xander grinned. "HI Shraa. Brought my friends for a drink or two."

Shraa nodded then study the persons. ONE really really pale blond girl. "Aaa Slayer its a honor one of your kind in here."

Angel grinned ever sense DR Theodor Digger had put a spell on him binding his soul to his body freeing him from the happiness clause he been much more happy.

After talking a bit they settle down relaxing drinking beer and having fun.

Xander smiled. "So what are you going to do on your Birthday Buffy?" She frowned. "I dont know. Im thinking relaxing asking Faith and the rest of the gang to take over my responsibility and just rest."

Faith grinned. "Sure i be happy. What about you Beastie boy."

Xander smiled. "Kicking Vampire is a fun thing to do. No insult meaning Angel."

Angel smiled. "None taken."

A nearby vampire growled at the insult but kept his cool.

Meanwhile in Sunnydale.

Quentin Travers was angry almost to a state of crazed fury.

Thanks to Section M in USA the UN have discover theirs abominable treatment of the slayer and the Watchers had been more or less put under direct control of the UN.

They would pay they would truly pay.

"Is it ready?" He asked his second in command.

HE nodded. "Yes we have done it. Are you sure its wise choice."

Quentin grinned. "We will be rid of the traitors. Buffy, Faith and any one standing next when we release the artifact. The chances they return are slim to none. If the labyrinth do not kill them. The Goblin king will." With that he laugh his normal 'evil trade mark laught' that more and more had a tinge of craziness in it.

One of the assassins frowned tiredly. "A bullet would be more effective."

Quentin turned and stared at him. "Keep your ideas to your self Tiberius you are just a hired gun nothing more. And you have only your self to blame for that."

The assassin Tiberius nodded. "yes Sir" he said as he walked to the window once again wondering how his life might have been if he only had the courage to break away from his father.

"Th this was a great idea Angel." Xander said.

Angel nodded. "Yea i heard about Caritas before its great."

Nodding they watched the girls sing.

Faith and Buffy doing...

Dear Jessie By Roller girl

---------Buffy and Faith--------------------------------Running, running, running through the love parade


Xander leaned to Angel. "I never expect those two to run from anything."

Romeo sighted "Probably running towards it."

-----------Buffy---------------------------------------Pink elephants and lemonade Dear Jessie hear the laughter Running through the love parade


Xander blinked. "Wow she do look cute up their."

Angel. "Faith or Buffy?"

Romeo watched the drunk Xander.

Xander. "Huh oh yea she look cute too."

------Faith---------------------------------------------Dear Jessie see the roses Raining on the love parade


Xander "I will miss Lydia" he sighed.

-------Buffy--------------------------------------Pink elephants and lemonade Dear Jessie hear the laughter Running through the love parade


Romeo frowned. "They are good."

Angel. "Yea just look now both are dancing."

Xander. "SWING IT BABY. Swing it."

Romeo and Angel looked at each other. "He is drunk as a skunk."

---------Faith----------------------------------Dear Jessie see the roses Raining on the love parade


Faith carefully pointed at the waving hands of Xander as they sang.

--------Faith and Buffy------------------------------------Running through the love parade Pink elephants and lemonade Dear Jessie hear the laughter Running through the love parade

---------Buffy-----------------------------------Dear Jessie see the roses Raining on the love parade

----------Faith---------------------------Pink elephants and lemonade Dear Jessie hear the laughter Running through the love parade


As they finally stopped singing the room was filled with applauding demons and vampires impressed with their singing.

Faith grinned. "So have the guts to sing boys."

Xander grinned. "Sure we do."

Buffy paled. "All but YOU Angel. I dust you sooner then hear you sing again."

Everybody looked in shock at Buffy.

"Trust me if you hear him sing you say the same thing."

Xander. "Romeo lets show the girls."

With that they walked up. Xander frowned his eyes unfocusing. "We sing this one."

On the side the Host frowned. That kid had a clairvoyant gift not strong but clearly able to sense things.

Duran Duran Wild Boys By Xander and Romeo...

-----Xander-----------------------------The wild boys are calling on their way back from the fire in august moon's surrender to a dust cloud on the rise wild boys fallen far from glory reckless and so hungered on the razors edge you trail because there's murder by the roadside in a sore afraid new world


Buffy. "Something up with Xander."

Angel. "No he just singing."

Faith frowned Xander face was so full of concentration that she felt spooked.

"Im afraid the Slayer is right." A voice said..

-----------Xander and Romeo----------------------they tried to break us, looks like they'll try again


"Calm down Im not a enemy I am Lorn the host. But i seen this before. That kid have a premonition probably only instincts no real understanding WHAT he felt is going to happen but it made him chose this song. " Lorn said.

Buffy shiver as she listen to the song.

---------------Xander-------------------------wild boys never lose it wild boys never chose this way wild boys never close your eyes wild boys always shine


Angel turned to him. "So you say he can predict the future?"

Lorn. "No just sense possibilities if even that. I can read destiny and i can tell you all have dangerous path to walk in the near future be careful and do not loose your path and you be back home."

With that he walked away.

--------------Xander and Romeo.----------------------

you got sirens for a welcome there's bloodstain for your pain and your telephone been ringing while you're dancing in the rain wild boys wonder where is glory where is all you angels now the figureheads have fell and lovers war with arrows over secrets they could tell


Faith "look Xander face he he looks completely focused on the song."

--------Xander-------------------------they tried to tame you looks like they'll try again

---------Xander and Romeo-------------------------wild boys never lose it wild boys never chose this way wild boys never close your eyes wild boys always shine


They walked down as the demons and vampires applauded the show.

Romeo. "That was fun Xander."

Xander grinned. "Sure it was." He blinked "Eee whats up with you guys?"

Angel, Buffy and Faith looked at him like he was a dangerous bug.

Then, "We let the host Lorn explain." Buffy said.

Suddenly outside blocks away you could hear the sound echo around.

"I am a WHAT?" From the angry voice of Xander he really hated any kind of prophecy.

Chapter 26
The Quest...

Theodor sighted. "Your right Onoli this prophecy of the king are talking about today."

Onoli nodded. "I see. So we have to find two potentials Kings then." He frowned. "Probably should search after a king or queen the wording might indicate that so it could be Jetta and Tirga.

The prophesy claim one from same clan of Were-tigers that Tirga come from and ONE with the blood of Brendan.

The prophecy claims that a good or a evil king will be the ruler after life is returned to the land of the undead."

Theodor smiled. "Actually Onoli their is a Were-chimera Tiger-Wolf young Xander 18 year old that have the blood of BOTH Tirgas clan his mother is Tigris Tirgas sister.

And Brendan IS his father."

Onoli swallowed. "I i see. But what about the good evil thing."

Theodor smiled. "He is a true king already in the heart of his soul. He is a natural born leader a warrior.

That kind of man or woman is a person that hangs in the balance between good and evil.

Xander is a good man he fights to save others. But he is no saint.

He do what HE have to do even things thats morally wrong."

He looked at Onoli sharper. "Xander i truly believe will end up a champion a savior.

I refuse to believe that he will fall to the lure of evil."

Onoli the Were-Lion and commander of the edge guards posted inside and around the town Seers hamlet in the world Jade frowned. "I do trust you. If it were not for your help Seers hamlet would have fallen when Rock and his undead knights attacked.

So are we going to tell young Xander about this or not?"

Theo frowned. "Xander currently is involved with stopping and destroying Gothwrain. The prophecy talks about the swords of kings. It have great powers protecting the user against Magic user and undead.

If Xander IS worthy of finding and taking the sword he have much greater chance to defeat Gothwrain in a battle.

Of course IF he chose to find the sword he IS destined to be the true king of the land. I think we should tell him."

Onoli nodded. "Well do so."

Outside of Sunnydale.

"Look" Angel said.

Faith "Looks like they had an accident we better save them."

Beside the road a car was resting it looked like it had driven off the road and was now smoking a bit from the engine.





Romeo walked out toward the car.

Romeo. "Like Hello is anybody alive." He said.

Xander. "It looks like only a driver and he looks unconscious."

Suddenly a voice was heard. "Stop it and go away from the bloody car this instant."

They turned and to their surprised Wesley was standing their holding a small axe.

Faith snorted. "No way you fucking hypocrite. We are going to help them."

With that she hurried forward before anything could be said to stop her, her hand had open the car door and touch the 'driver' "you all right."

Wesley. "No Its a trap its a bloody goblin."

Then the drivers head started to spin. "I got you i got you." It chanted and with a mighty thunder Xander, Angel, Faith Buffy and Romeo was gone.

Wesley. "Ooh crap. After i find Quentin Travis i make Swedish meatballs of him." He rushed to the bike and drow of.

Xander blinked and watched where he was.

It looked like an ugly forest dead trees everywhere and sign hanging from a tree point. "This way to the castle of the Goblin king warning labyrinth may exist." He read out aloud watching the sign arrow rotated in the wind making its useless for giving direction.

"Labyrinth may exist. I do think it is existing."

Frowning a bit sniffing with his nose. "You might as well come out."

A small furry thing looking like a Ground hog walked out wearing shorts. "Your not going to eat me then."

Xander grinned. "Are you going to attack me?"

The ground hog shook its small head. "No."

Xander smiled. "Then i will NOT eat you. But i might ask in a friendly way after direction or help."

The groundhog smiled. "I only heard that the King have prepared the labyrinth for his guest. Innocent he kidnapped paid by the Watchers. I i cant help you find the castle. But if you let me come with you i might help warn you about some dangers."

Xander nodded. "Right I think you fit in my pocket." He said grinning as he lifted the small guy up and started his walk he did wonder where the other were.


"Get away from me." Buffy frowned shiver of disgust as she drove the pervert gnome away.


"Wicked. So anymore tricks?" Faith said to the small fairy that tried and barely manage to draw a cockroach up from its small hat.

(Think rabbit and hat but in smaller scale)

Angel. "Thanks for saving me." He said in a friendly tone of voice. The family of strange furry things just grinned "No having you burn by the sun would be a terrible waste.

If you tell us a good story we will let you stay during the day and not dust you."

Angel nodded. "You want entertainment."

They nodded. "Or we kill you."

Angel nodded. "Thats only fair then. Think you have water to drink i might get thirsty."

Furry old thing. "Then two stories."

Angel sighed. "Alright two story BUT my life ONLY depend on ONE of them."

Silent raged. "All right now tell us."

And Angel began telling his story of his life making it more interesting then it really was.

Castle of the Goblin King.

Jarrod laught this was the most fun he had sense he toyed with Sara.

He stopped laughing hoping that his wife was not listening on him. He might be immortal, And king, and powerful mage, But Saras anger did scare him Even if she had NO power except over him. Stupid love giving him a weakness.

After checking that Sara still was sleeping He continued laughing in a evil goblin king kind of way.

World of Jade.

The mountain was glowing in the light of the rising sun above the snow covered hills the sight of hundreds of young and old dragons flying and dancing in the air celebrating their spring festival.

The sight transformed a beautiful mountain in sight in to a glory filled almost painfully beauty. Unseen by all as humans and were-animals were to afraid to walk nearby.

And their sounds songs of fire and wind was heard from miles away.

Dragon songs.

Dawn sighed tears falling as she watched the sight and listen to the singing of dragons.

She heard about this from Theodor and using her teleportation trick she sneaked away to see a one in a lifetimes sights.

Unnoticed by Dawn dragon watching mind the large Dragon landed beside her.

The Dragons wings sent burst of winds that almost made Dawn fall down but she just straighten herself up so she could watch the sights tears falling in the pure glory of what she was seeing.

The Dragon slowly put its head near the small were-chimera. Its Size was so big that its eyes was the same size as a standing Dawn.

Studying the girl it slowly decided to talk a voice smooth as silk and powerful as steel. "You find it beautiful young one?"

Dawn nodded sensing what must be a rock or something behind her she sat down. "The most beautiful sight i ever seen."

The dragon blinked as the girl sat down on its lips just beneath his eyes. "I see. Not many humans or Were-cats have the courage to sneak up her. Lot of us. The younger dragons eat a human that have the guts to go here."

Dawn nodded. "I understand that. If i was a dragon i think i would be insulted by something short lived coming her and spoiling their holy festival."

The Dragon almost grinned but stopped himself if he did that the girl might end up as dinner. "Im sure a dragon would not mind if the right person watched us."

Dawn smiled as she turned around trying to find her new brave friend. "Huh who putt this mirror here." She said surprised as she found only a big wall in front of her with a round almost cat shaped black mirror. "Are you behind the mirror" she asked knocking on the mirror.

The Dragon blinked in pain and his head rolled away "Do not knock on my eye Human"

Dawn blushed. "I i i. Wow you are big." She said to impressed and shocked to even be afraid.

The Dragon growled. "Im old we grew bigger and bigger the older we get." He put his eye in front of Dawn again. "And I do not like it when humans put their fist in my eye. I could go blind you know."

Dawn blushed. "Im sorry." she looked up "Are you going to eat me now?" The dragon looked at her. "I dont think so. Your to small."

Dawn blinked. "Ooh. Thanks." She was relived. "What do a dragon do for a living."

The dragon frowned. "We eat we sleep we learn magic. Actually its kind of boring from a human perspective."

Dawn nodded understanding. "Ooh i understand that. Except what do the word perspective means."

The dragon sighed. "Perspective you might say is the Way others looks at things. Did not your mom and dad teach you anything girl." Dawn frowned. "Im ONLY six month old. I was created by a magic machine. I got Some memory from my Dad, And some from Mamma Faith and mamma Lydia. But not much."

The dragon blinked. That was unusual. "I'm sorry."

Dawn "Why Im alive and i got the the best dad and mothers a girl could have."

The dragon raised an eyebrow at that. "Looking at you like this give me a neck pains." He said. "Would you like to talk more at my place."

Dawn nodded. "Sure my moms and dad always said never go home with strangers, Undead or demons. But your not a undead or a demon and i dont think you are a stranger anymore. Whats your name Im Dawn."

The dragon smiled at the perky girl. "Jump up in my claws Dawn. They call me Bemoth the ruler of the Dragon council." With the sound of bells Dawn jumped up in its claws that slowly closed them self in a protective embrace.

Then the dragons wings started to work and wings the strength of a twister blasted the ground underneath them as the dragon landed in his cave.

Dawn smiled. "Ooh nice cave. Is is that silver?" she said in fear she did see the bluish aura silver had in the eyes of a Were-animal but she really wanted to make sure.

Bemoth the dragon nodded. "Yes i keep a huge amount of silver to keep sneaky were-cats out away from my gold."

Dawn hugged its claw closer. "Just keep it away from me. I i hate silver they torture me with it."

Bemoth frowned. "Really who did that? Your mother or father?"

Dawn snorted. "No evil Were-rats. They were using me trying to capture my mamma Lydia she a Were-rat. Im a Were-Chimera rat-Tiger girl."

Bemoth blinked. "That was unusual. Well do not worry i keep the silver away from you. Just remember silver dont move so fast."

Dawn giggled as the dragon put her down on a huge rock and it put it self down in a cat like position.

And they began to talk.

"Bemoth." Dawn said after a hour talk. "Why do this stone have a sword stuck in it."

The Dragon looked at the sword. "Ooh its a treasure i guard until the right owner pulls free then i have to let it and the owner walk away." He sighed. He really liked that sword.

Dawn blinked. "So if i can pull it free its mine."

Bemoth nodded. "Do try pure strength do not work."

Grinning Dawn gripped the sword pulling with her full strength in ONE magnificent pull she put her full strength and speed as a were-tiger in that pull.

And was promptly went flying backwards holding the sword in her hands. "Aaaaaaa." Dawn screamed in fear as she and the sword suddenly was air born and falling fast towards the silver.

Bemoth blinked the girl had pullet Excalibur Free. "Ooh No the silver." He manage to put his claw like hands under Dawn saving her life. "Crap." He said realizing that the sword was not promptly stuck in the palm of his hands.

Dawn was shivering in fear hugging one of his claws. "Silver silver silver silver silver." She spoke in a terrified tear filled voice.

Bemoth put the girl back or tried by she was promptly stuck by his claw and he started to calm her down first. Hoping it would go fast the sword really hurt inside his pawn.

Grinning he knew that Jade future king Dawn would sure be an interesting ruler.

Still hugging the claw Dawn with from Xander side blood of Tirgas clan and the blood of Brendan and Lydias the blood of Iceron, And from Faith side the blood of Lancelot himself was a shivering trembling and crying like a child not knowing her ancestry or the burden of the future she suddenly was carrying.

Chapter 27
Walking the Labyrinth

Xanders path.

Xander study the forest paths going left or right different direction.

This really was a labyrinth he looked down at the small but sentinel Groundhog animal that was sitting in his jacket. "Would it be bad if i took a short cut thru the forest."

The groundhog. "Ooh yes bad bad. Forest live forest wall forest can eat you."

Xander blinked. "Alright. The paths then." Sighing he started to walk.

Buffy Path.

"Stupid forest." Buffy said angry as the barely manage to come back to the path alive again.

She looked around her their was four path she could take.

"Any mine mo what path will i go." She said counting and then walked of in a random direction.

Hours later she saw a wall with 3 doors in it.

Doors with talking faces.

Buffy. "Hello." She said in confusion.

Door 1. "Hello. A warning. If you open and walk thru the wrong door death or suffering will be your future."

Buffy blinked. "And which one is the right door."

Door 3. "That be door nr 1. Its the right door."

Door 2. "Dont trust him he is telling a lie."

Buffy frowned. "And you are telling the truth of course."

Door 2. "Yes. Ask me a direct question and i tell you the truth."

Door 3 "No he is lying. Its me that tell the truth if you ask me a question."

Door 1 sighed. "Girl I cant tell you which of us is safe to walk thru or which of the other two is lying or telling the truth. But know this. ONE of them MUST tell a lie if you ask him a direct question. The other one must tell the truth.

Me if you ask me a question i must be silent."

Buffy blinked. "Ooo." She frowned. This was bad. ONE would always lie the other tell the truth which was which.

Buffy felt she stood in front of a problem with no solution..

Suddenly like light of a rising sun she found the solution. "Alright Door nr 3. She held up her still beautiful boots. Are my boots beautiful." She grinned if Door nr 3 was the lying it would say it was ugly. Everybody loved her boots.

Door Nr 3 blinked its face suddenly grinned. "They are lovely.

Specially the reddish go so well with your jeans." It said lying thru its teeth.

Buffy grinned. "So Door Nr 3 Witch door is the one i should walk thru?" She asked.

Door nr 3 smiled. "Thats Door Nr 1."

Grinning Buffy opened the door and was soon gone.

Door nr 1 eyes watched Door nr 3. "You do know you sent her in the path of peril. Not Death."

Door Nr 3 grinned. "Yup. I believe in a fair chance."

Door nr 2. "You dirty lying asshole." It said.

Faith path..

Faith smiled as the small fairy danced flying around her head talking faster then Dawn on a sugar rush.

Fairy. "And then the flower was like TO big for me me. Ooh no."

Faith smiled. "What i will protect you."

The fairy paled. "Im not in danger YOU are Faith. YOU must run their are more Fairy coming."

Faith blinked watching the barely a half foot tall flying Tinker Bell like girl. "More Fairy coming and i have to run. Why?"

The fairy watched the forest. "Just run Faith run." She sounded fearful.

Suddenly a buzzing sound was heard like thousands big insects.

Coming her way.

Faith readied her stake she then saw it thousands of Fairy coming her way.

Fairy swarming. "Human Yum Yum. Aaa Human Food." THEY giggled as the dived down on Faith.

Faith. "Oooo fuck."

And then the? Brawl? Was on.

Faith slapped grabbed and was soon running for her life as the flying swarm of Fairy were hunting her like hungry Piranhas.

In the last minute she saw it a lake Faith dived in and was gone only blood floated up from the bite and cuts in her body.

The Swarm. "Ooo Human gone no our FOOD." It started to cry i really liked humans. As food.

Then Suddenly a angry Faith jumped up from the water using her leather jacket as a bucket she splashed water up in the air and in the Swarms.

Hundreds of Fairy fell down in the lake their insects wings soft by water. Drowning and swimming for their life now hunted by hungry fish.

The rest of the Swarm dived down on Faith and the struggle started again.

This time Faith stood her ground splashing and smashing the small evil bugs with her hands and now and then diving down in the lake to remove fairies from her body.

The Friendly Fairy. "YAAY. Faith Faith Faith

Angel path.

Angel grinned as he smiled at the furry monster that protected him and threaten to kill him.

"Thanks for your hospitality. So its this way to the castle." He asked looking at the under grown path a labyrinth in it self.

The furry monster nodded. "Yes. A dangerous path evil monster and undead roam the labyrinth under the ground. You be like home."

Angel smiled as he walked forward.


He stood in front of a bridge a lone undead man possible mage dresses with huge robes stood in his way.

Bridge keeper. "Halt. No one may pass the bridge unless he answer three difficult questions."

Angel blinked he was not sure but was not this in Monty Python. "Alright bring them up."

Bridge Keeper. "First Question. What is your name."

Angel Grinned then froze. "Liam, Angel, Angelus, Is the names i recognize i have no longer a family name."

The bridge keeper continued. "What is your favorite Color?"

Angel smiled. "Dark Blue."

Bridge keeper. "What is X if 5019 = 200 + 121 15 * X * 105X * 2."

Angel blinked. "Crap can i use paper." Seeing the Bridge keeper nod Angel started to search after X.

Xanders Path...

"Your not coming past me with out a fight." A tall bear like thing said in a friendly tone of voice.

Xander blinked. "Really. You just want a fight?"

The bear thing nodded. "Yes no one to fight in years."

Xander grinned as he stood in a ready position his were-tiger claws ready. "Lets fight then. If you keep away from killing strokes i will."

And the fight was on.

Hit Dodged kick and Xander growled. "Youre trying to stall me." He said.

The bear thing nodded. "Soon my pack is here and we will feast on your body."

Xander grinned letting more of his recently learned skill out to play.

Hit, kick, dodge, Jump Slash with the claws of his feet.

The bear thing waggled backwards five cuts in its face it struggled to get its bearing straight.

But Xander kept pushing.

Slash with the right hands claws Slash with left hand.

And the bear thing fell down.

Xander grinned. "So Food you say. I am not food. But you are." He said as he leaned over showing his fangs.

The bear thing said the only thing it could in its fear. "Mamma help."

The voice was heard. "Release him now."

Xander turned around seeing five more of those bear things. "Why should i. It said you were going to eat me."

Bear monster. "We are."

Xander slashed out with his Claws in the air. "Bring it on."

The bear monster looked at each others.

Then the leader frowned. "Maybe we eat something else. But release him." It said pointing at the captured bear monster.

Xander frowned. "But Im hungry. Wait if you could point me at the right way to the castle i let him go."

The Bear monster frowned then the leader pointed. "That path. Watch out for the stinking swamp it takes MONTH for the stinking to dissipate if you get splashed."

Xander nodded dropping the captured monster. "Thanks." He said putting his jacket on. "So buddy lets go."

The small Groundhog like thing smiled. "Yea that was awesome."

Romeo path...

Romeo grinned in his Rat shape he had luck and was right now sneaking after Angel unseen and unheard.

He waited if Angel needed help he would help the best he could.

The Were-rats grinned as Angel continued counting. He really wished he was good in math but he was not.


Lydia frowned. "Where the **** place have **** been Dawn. I was worried."

Dawn. "In Jade Mamma Lydia. Could you help me with this?" She said showing Lydia some nails and hangers.

Lydia nodded. "Yea what are you going to hang up."

Dawn "My sword i was thinking it would look beautiful hanging over the table in my room."

Lydia studied the sword. "Yea **** right in that. Come on i help you."

Dawn smiled as they walked away.

Lydia frowned as she watched the symbols in the sword Celtic runes. Exal... or Exai.... Something.

It looked like a real quality work.

Chapter 28
Running the gantlet.

Buffy Path...

"Crap." Buffy screamed as she ran for her life after her was a literally army of 'monster' probably zombie version of monster.

Around her were tall stone walls corridors and rooms everywhere in the labyrinth where she now was running.

Quickly leaving the monster behind she dived inside a room to hide. "I think that door was telling a lying to me." Buffy swore irritated.

Outside the room the army of Zombie monster ran by.

Buffy waited sneaking a peek out. "Safe at last."

A voice suddenly made her turn around.

"Hello their." it said in a slimy voice. "Do you have any Sexual Transmitted Disease that i need to worry about?" It frowned a bit. "Never mind i use condoms."

Buffy blinked and looked at something that could only be a tentacle sex demon with hundreds of male things. "No way. NOOOOO." With that she ran away better take her changes with the Zombies after all they only wanted to murder her.

The Sex demon sighed. "I hate it when they run." He sighed being a slow moving demon had its drawbacks. And putting on the condoms took for ever.

Zombie monster 1. "She got away. Let search."

Then a voice screamed.

"Wait for me." Buffy screamed as she charged them stakes and a small sword in her hands and a blood thirsty grin.

Zombie monster 2. "This is wrong why is she attacking not running.

That never happened before."

And the carnage began as Buffy charged them.

A hour later.

A tired and bleeding Buffy sat down and did some first aid.

Around her body parts of the Monster Zombies chopped in small parts. She discovered they were almost as strong as a Vampire but slower in motion. And you had to cut off the head and two other body parts before they died.

Zombie monster head. "Excuse me do you know where my body is?"

Buffy blinked. "I think its the body that fell down in the pit."

Suddenly she grinned. "If you like your body back HELP me guide me out of here."

The Zombie monster head frowned a bit. "Promise you first give me back my body."

Buffy frowned looking at the pit. "Its to deep. But if we find another zombie body you might get ITS body."

The head sighed. "Fine fine i help you."

Buffy grinned. She finally found a guide.

IN the Castle of the Goblin King.

Jareth the king smiled. "Good morning my love."

Sarah frowned. "Why are you looking so happy?" She said in suspicious her husband DID have a habit to kidnap and trick fools to run his labyrinth in order to test and gain power.

OR to let other banish their enemies to punish them.

Jareth smiled. "Its just one of those days. Why dont we eat our breakfast it will be a busy day after all the governing of the villages needs to be handled. You did say that you liked to help me with that dont you?"

Sarah froze. "Yes i would like to do that."

Jareth grinned. "I have an excellent idea. Why dont you be the judge today. I have a long number of criminals that needs to be punished. You are far more fair and just then i am."

Sarah blinked. "Alright... But if you doing this to keep me from finding out that have some innocent in the labyrinth i WILL be angry with you."

Jareth paled. "Would i do ANYTHING LIKE THAT?" He raged.

Sarah stared at him.

Jareth blushed. "Would i do anything like that very often."

Sarah sighed. "No not often."

Jareth smiled. "And you just recently stopped me from doing it. SO i must be up to something else." He cringed that could have been said in a different way.

Sarah sighed it would be ONE of those days. "What are you up to now?"

Jareth blinked. Then he grinned. Suddenly two crystal bubbles floated down from the roof. "I am only punishing two monster that earned the fury of the Watchers. You do remember them.

Both of the monster have killed humans."

Well in Xanders Case Were-rats but that was the same thing.

Sarah nodded they kept the vampires and demons of earth down to a minimum.

In the first crystal ball she could see a Vampire fighting a giant cockroach.

In the other she could see a Cat man a tiger looking fighting one of the Bear goblins with a brutality that was frightening.

"Well thats not to bad. They must have been really bad boys." Sarah said wondering why he kept it secret.

After all a Vampire and a Were-tiger that killed humans must be evil right.

Jareth smiled as he walked his wife to the breakfast table.

Xander path.

"You really hate me dont you?" He said looking up in the sky.

In front of him was the SWAMP. A sign the Swamp of eternal stench.

The groundhog in his pocket spoke up. "Its not really eternal stench. But IF you get splashed you will stink for months. Almost a year."

Xander paled. "Is their an another way?"

The groundhog nodded. "The web of Queen." It said pointing up.

Suspended above a part of the swamp between some old towers were a spider web.

A huge spider web.

Xander could see birds. Monster. Even a horse stuck in the web. "You got to be kidding me."

The Groundhog. "No you can climb it and walk it. Just watch out for the spider queen if she bites you she will use you for food."

Xander sighed a sniff of the swamp made his choice easy.

Being part Were-wolf it stench was painful.

With that he climbed an abandon tower where part of the web was stuck inside.

Groundhog. "Watch out for the sticky parts."

Angels and Romeos path.

Still in his Were-rat animal form Romeo watched carefully.

Being a Were-rat he had only human strength.

Luckily even in his rat body he had full human strength.

But the other were-animals the were-wolfs had got super strength and other magical ability.

His kind hade gotten other super ability.

Like the ability to sneak and hide unseen and unheard by almost anybody or anything.

And the ability to track by smell only the Were-wolfs were as good as the were-rat in sniffing out something.

Now Romeo knew one thing.

He would soon have to reveal himself the enemy Angel was fighting was far to many and to strong for a demon-type of Vampire to fight.

Angel swore in anger. Surrounding him was five vampire old alukah type of vampire the same type Dracula was.

They were weaker then he was a young one Alukah was only twice the strength of a human his kind the Demonia was normally 3 to 5 times the strength.

Of course an Old Alukah could eventually become up to 4 times the strength with old age.

But they could transform them self in to different things Animal, Mist, And they had hypnosis and other mental powers.

Luckily they were not completely evil like his kind was instead their beast twisted their instincts and emotions.

Angel frowned Stakes would only paralyze them. To kill them you must cut off their heads. Or let the sun burn them.

The first of the Alukah spoke. "Demonia we will kill you."

Angel sighed. "Im not a normal Demonia i have a soul."

A another Alukah grinned. "We do not care the taste of a Demonia is to sweet for us to let you live."

Angel sighed an another reason for him to dislike the Alukah type.

They loved the taste of a Demonia. Being weaker they normally stayed away as the Demonia also liked the taste of the Alukah. "Bring it on."

And the fight was joined.

Romeo waited he gripped a sword one of the vampire dropped after being stabbed paralyzed by Angels stake.

Crawling to the side he waited.

Angel dived down avoiding the knife stab.

He kicked out with his foot breaking the leg of Alukah nr 3 sending it down.

So far he manage to Stake one Alukah paralyzing it but he had to drop his Stake to force it to stay paralyzed.

He manage to break the bone in the head literally scramble the brain of another Alukah it would take him a day or more to heal.

And breaking the bone of Alukah nr 3.

He was really tired they had manage to break HIS left arm and it had not healed yet.

And "Crap." Angel said as the strong arms of one of the vampire suddenly held him captured.

Romeo sighed.

Sneaking closer he waited until the two still standing vampire and the one on the ground with broken bone where busy watching the now trapped Angel.

He sneaked up behind the one holding Angel gripping the sword in his rat pawn he transformed in to his Were-rat hybrid body and with ONE mighty swing aimed at the neck he manage to dust the Alukah holding Angel.

"What the?" Angel said as the arms holding him turned to dust.

Romeo grinned stepping up beside Angel.

The sight of a nude Were-rat holding a sword made the other Alukah blink.

"Lets fight Angel." Romeo said.

Angel grinned diving on the last unhurt vampire time to feed and gain strength.

The Alukah paled as the hungry and angry face of the Demonia-Vampire Angel dived on him. "Crap." It said then Angel fangs dived in to his neck and started to drain him before he had the time to turn to mist and escape it was dead not Undead anymore.

Romeo did what any wise Were rat would do attacked the vampire with the broken bone.

But the Vampire was to smart it turned to mist and drifted away to escape him.

Angel and Romeo watch each others then. "So how long have you been a nudist?" Angel asked grinning a bit.

Romeo sighed. "Ha ha ha. Very funny. Help me get the pants and shirt of that brain dead Vampire. Then we can continue."

Smiling Angel helped the nude Were-rat Romeo.

Faith path.

"So any idea where we are?" She asked her friend the Fairy.

The small fairy girl shook her head. "No but it stinks. Do you like to see a card tricks?"

Faith grinned. "Maybe later i can barely see the Cards you use in your magic."

The fairy pouted.

"Swamp of eternal stench the sign say." Faith read from a sign. "I do think we need another way." She looked around in the distant she could see the castle really far away. Then.

"It looks like a spider web. Lets climb it."

Buffy Path...

"You sure its this way." Buffy asked looking at two dragons the size of cars guarding a bridge.

The Monster Zombie head grinned. "Sure i am sure. But this IS the path of peril. Every way is filled with dangers."

Buffy groaned. "And sex demons dont forget them."

The Zombie head blinked. "They are not really dangerous. Unless you are a male."

Seeing Buffy angry face he explained. "After they raped you they help you out of here. But IF you are a male they will try to kill you."

Buffy blinked she really really hated this place. "Wait. They help you OUT of this place."

The Zombie head blinked. "Yes sex with female if food for them.

Murdering a Girl is wrong if they do that their are less chance the girl might come back for another ride."

Buffy blinked. "Come back for another ride?" She asked.

The Zombie head. "Yes. Some girls do. I never understand why."

Modesty VS Comfort and Curiosity raged inside Buffy she did have a theory that demon DID ask her if she suffered from any STD and HE did put on Condoms to keep him and her safe.

"No no way Im the slayer no way i would do anything that that perverted." But an easy way out. And she did have sex with Angel.

The Zombie head blinked as Buffy started to think and then turned and started to walk. "Why are you going back it finally asked."

Buffy growled. "Im having a one night stand." She said throwing the head away.

As soon as she got out of here SOME one would pay. Oh yes they will pay human or demon the one that send her in this place would pay with their life.

On Earth Quentin Travis felt a small shiver of fear.

In the Castle of the Goblin king Jareth paled wonder why he suddenly felt like running.

Chapter 29
Crawling along.


"Would anybody like another cop of tea?" Giles asked.

Around him Joyce, Dawn, Lydia, Moisha, and Brianna Diggers that decided to stay behind in the hope she could Blow up some big bad monster. All of them shook their head in a negative manners.

Joyce sighed. "Where are they? Buffy should be back by now."

Suddenly the door opened and a person from their past walked in looking angry. "I can tell you. Quentin Travers and his gang created a Trap for Buffy, Faith and Xander in vengeance."

Giles stood up. "What kind of trap. And if you had Anything to do with this i will."

Wesley walked unafraid forward. "I tried to save them. I failed."

Giles frowned he still looked angry. "Are they dead?"

Wesley snorted. "No no they are not trapped. Quentin called and wished them away.

They are currently inside the Labyrinth of the Goblin King.

If they survive they can return."

Giles sighed. "I see. Do you know WHERE Quentin is?"

Wesley nodded. "Yes. He have a gang of goons waiting. IF Buffy and gang returns they are planning on ambush them and kill them while they are tired."

Brianna growled. "Lets attack them."

Wesley. "I do not thing thats a wise. They are too many. Quentin have at least twenty mercenary armed with guns with him."

Brianna grinned. "Oooo Girls Activate Peebos army."

Suddenly a strange sound was heard from the guest room she was currently staying in.

"Yay Momma. Can we go BOOM on Bad guys." And an army of small Cute pink robots rolled down from her room.. "I like to go BOOM."


Wesley blinked.

Giles cleaned his glasses.

Willow giggled as she lifted one and petted it. "Mommy IS she a bad girl can i go BOOM." Willow hurried to put it down.

Joyce smiled gently. "I think we can take the watchers down.

Brianna are you sure they will not die when your Peebos go Boom."

Brianna snorted "Peebos Arm Stun explosive and Electro stun charge. And tear gas. Make it 1/3 of each."

The Peebos started to argue which would go permanent BOOM after all that was the most fun thing they knew.

Brianna looked at the shocked face of Wesley. "So where are they hiding?"

Wesley. "Aaa well they are in the Crawford mansion."

Giles nodded. "Well no time like the present. Everybody get your weapons and lets move out."

Dawn rushed up to get her Sword.

Joyce blinked then got a fire Axe. It did work against Spike that time.

Lydia snorted pulling forward a short sword. "I **** gut *** alive." Moisha "Yea Like completely. Oman stupid English like Bad guys."

Labyrinth the Web of the Spider queen.

Xander ran forward in his tiger form balancing was NO problem it was even fun fear of heights were none. "Look Xander." The groundhog said from its position sitting on his head pointing at the huge Spider the size of an elephant.

Xander stopped. "Its fighting something." He sniffed in the air.

Then he paled "Faith. Its fighting Faith."

The groundhog blinked. "Its religious?"

Xander ignored it for now. "Guard my stuff i be back." He hanged his backpack from a skeleton in the spider web.

And rushed towards the Spider as fast as his Tiger form could move.

Faith dodged as fast as she could the web was hard to move on and the spider move with no worry in the web.

Diving at the side she barely manage to grab on threads of the web and hanged on.

As she tried to swing up she noticed her mistake it was a sticky tread.

Crawling on the glue filled thread Faith moved in slow motion and the spider attacked in the last moment she manage to grab its fangs.

Poison dripping down as she struggled to keep it from biting her.

Then the spider head suddenly flinched back as it started to shake its whole body.

Faith was suddenly air born she landed crashing in the web fifteen feet away. What she saw made her froze still. A tiger a BIG one was biting and clawing and eating the monster spider. "XANDER."

Just before.

Xander ran as fast as he could and then with a mighty Jump he landed on the monsters back.

Driving his claws down in a mighty slash he started to cut the spider with his front and back claws.

The spider started to shake its body wild in its to make him fall down.

That was its first mistake.

Xander bit down to hold himself from falling off. A taste wonderful like Shrimps or lobster filled his mouth.

Were-cats do have weakness.

One is tuna fish its quite easy for Were-cats to become addicted to it.

The other is shrimps and lobster.

Specially Were-tigers have a weakness they can literally be sent in feeding frenzy.

Spiders Arachnoids are genetically related to both shrimps and lobsters.

Poor spider did not know that all its knew was that some one was eating it.

Xander fell down as the spider rolled around on the web.

Growling he started to attack his dinner again this time in his Were-tiger hybrid form.

Faith blinked. "A uuh Xander."

Xander growled. "Get your own food."

Faith nodded. "Sure i just sit down and wait."

The Spider queen was not stupid it was bleeding heavy and a derange Cat-man was continuing its attack trying to get on her back.

She started to run as fast as her 8 legs could carry her away from him.

Xander growled. "Nooo Dont Run. Food wait for me." And he started to run in after in his Were-tiger animal form.

His 4 legs proved to be much faster then the hurt and bleeding Spider could move.

Later. Much later.

Faith looked sick. "I cant believe you ATE almost the the whole monster. Thats just sickening."

Xander looked sick. "Just leave me alone i feel sick." And he did look sick and pale. He could not believe it he ate a SPIDER its was so UUUH.

Xander struggled to stand up as Faith helped him. "I so am going to tell the rest of the gang." She said grinning.

Xander just looked sick and ashamed of himself "Leave me alone".

His friend the groundhog blinked. That was unusual. "You always eat monster?" He asked his friend.

Xander sighed.

Faith giggled.

The fairy hid her self in Faiths hair after all she WAS a monster or something.

Angel and Romeo.

They were standing outside a gate. Angel carefully opened it and.

"Crap. The sun." Angel said seeing the light.

Romeo peeked true the gate. "No not the Sun Angel. A big Bird surrounded by fire guards the opening. But i can see the moon outside its sings to me."

Angel blinked as he put his hand in the path of the light. Slowly smoke started to rise. "Well it burns me. Not as fast as the sun do but."

Romeo sighed. "I heard about them. Its a Phoenix a real Phoenix.

If you hide under your and MINE jacket i can protect you. I think."

Angel study the smaller were-rat guy. "Are you sure."

He nodded then. "Not really. But lets find out After all its only fire it will can not kill me. Permanent."

Angel snorted. "Well lets find out."

And the two stormed out Angel mostly hidden under his jacket and Romeo holding both swords angels and his.

The Phoenix screech in fury as it dived down.

Romeo stood his ground tail waggling furious behind him as the Phoenix change its dived to him instead of Angel.

Romeo "Crap feel like a mouse. And that ONE big owl." With that he started to move.

And suddenly the Claws of the Phoenix struck, Romeo dodged a painful feeling in his back told him that the Phoenix claws had struck first blood.

HE spun around fire surrounded him burning him he ignored it as he struck out with the Sword cutting deep in the wings of the Phoenix and cutting it off. "Take that Chicken." He said struggling back away from the screaming Firebird.

The wing was resting on the ground vibrating for a moment then -BOOOM- It exploded like a fire bomb.

Romeo was thrown away and fell down his fur burned away and his hair gone. "Crap dont cut off anything it." He said for himself.

The Phoenix shook its head where its was thrown in the rooms other end. "CRaaa Craaa." It screeched in pain as the fire inside of IT slowly grew back the wing.

In the place where the wing landed a lone egg could be seen waiting to be born.

Angel looked over the fight. "Lets run." he said gripping The burned Romeo and rushed out in the labyrinth.


The Phoenix was still searching after them but now it was flying in the wrong part.

Then carefully sneaked forward step by step closer and closer to the castle.

Angel looked over at Romeo his burn marks had healed. "Im sorry about your hair."

Romeo smiled friendly. "Aah dont worry. It grow back." He then grinned concentrated on a hair trick all were-animals could do but mostly was used by the females.

Angel blinked in surprise as hair started to grow out the fur grew back.

Romeo smiled. "You think i look good in long hair." He said letting the air grew to his waist.

Angel. "No you look like a girl."

Romeo grinned concentrating hard this was harder. Suddenly the hair grew shorter and shorter until he looked like he had a military haircut. "Better like this?" He said.

Angel nodded. "Thats thats."

Romeo. "The girls love it. You should see Moisha she sometimes have a a new hair cut every day. I only learned because i AM a trained Assassin changing your hair is a good way to hide in the open."

Angel nodded weakly feeling a bit jealous he liked the idea of changing his hair.

As a Vampire HE always had exactly as much hair he had when he was turned he could change it by cutting it shorter. But next night it was exactly the same length.

Sunnydale Crawford Mansion.

The army of small cute and pink robots slowly and unseen sneaked inside and sneaked outside everywhere finding one after another of the guards.

Outside the electric stunners were charged.

Inside the teargas and explosives charged was ready to go BOOM.

Brianna grinned watching the camera transmission her babies gave her. "All teams ready get set on Five."

peebo. "Five, Four, i cant wait." BOOM BOOM, BOOM BOOOM.

Was heard. And they could see lightening illuminated the night as the external Guards suddenly felt like thunder had stricken them down.

Brianna sighed. "Looks like one had a preemptive explosion. Well it worked."

Giles blinked. "Yes quite lets go and gather them up."

Dawn nodded putting her sword back. "I get the one outside."

Giles blinked and started to clean his glasses he could feel power magic coming from the sword and that made him worried she was so naive. "Sure you do that. After i like to have a look at your sword. Dawn i i think i must check something it could be dangerous for you."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "No its not dangerous Bemoth said its safe."

Giles "Bemoth who is that?"

Dawn smiled. "My friend He is a Dragon. Really cool guy. Or girl Im not sure."

Giles sighed. "Really a dragon said its safe and you believe him."

Dawn nodded. "Yes Bemoth could have killed me what reason do he have to lie about Excalibur" With that she rushed off to help capture the bad guys.

Giles stood frozen. "E. Excalibur."

Lydia blinked. "Thats what it said. Excalibur. Why do i feel **** its familiar."

Moisha rolled her eyes. "Dont you like know anything.

Elvis pulled the sword free from a stone and become like the king of Vegas capital of France and then like he married Lady Marion but she like had an affair with Robin in the hood."

Giles started to clean his glasses. Fighting the urge to bash Moisha head in.

Brianna blinked. "The king is dead long live the Queen."

On the grass Dawn happy dragged two live but burned goons away wondering why she was the only one working.

Summers home.

With a thunder a gate opened and a silly grinning Buffy crawled out. "Woo home again. Time to go sleepy." She said struggling to get to the bathroom.

The demon had made her happy in more then one way. "I wonder should i punish who ever sent me their or should i thank them?" She asked herself.

At least she got the demons number if she ever wanted a repeat of that night.

Chapter 30

Sunnydale. Summers home...

"This is an Outrage." Quentin screamed.

He was currently tightly binded with rope and badly bruised and cut by the explosion the Peebo did on him.

Giles growled. "You bastards attacked Buffy, Faith and Xander."

Quentin grinned. "You cant prove anything."

Giles rushed forward kicking him in the ribs.

Suddenly Wesley grabbed him and pushed him back. "This really is not the way Giles. Really be calm. And you Travers" He said looking down. "Its a civilized world after all.

Please in the name of humanity help us bring them back safe."

Giles snorted.

Brianna rolled her eyes.

Quentin Travers laught. "I will no nothing."

Wesley took a deep breath. "Well then i just have to use a more civilized method to convince you to help us. Brianna could you bring me the Car battery, The starting cables, If you have some kind of body oil is useful.

And a steel needles and some lemons would be useful.

But I have to find a razor he has to much hair on his body for it to be effective."

Giles blinked.

Brianna Blinked.

Quentin swallowed. Wesley looked serious. "W What are you talking about?"

Wesley grinned evil. "Torture Mr. Travers. Torture. Giles, Brianna, Joyce if you come with me. So we can talk about the other tools i need." He said pointing outside.

As they walked outside the room were the Watcher were held prisoners Giles turned to the younger man. "What the hell are you planning on doing. I will not tolerate Torture."

Wesley grinned. "Do not worry Giles. Im not going to torture them Im playing a mind game. First we put the -tools- inside one by one and then we ask friendly hopefully they will talk with out us having to do anything."

Brianna nodded. "I see to break him and make him talk." She shrugged it might work but one thing tortured the cat like Brain of her Were-cheetah brain. "How do you use Lemons to torture somebody."

Wesley shrugged. "NO idea. I never torture anybody before. But i have used this method before some how the fact i have lemons among the pain tools puts the imagination in overdrive."

Giles grinned. "And the imagination will make them extremely afraid and then they talk."

Wesley nodded. "It worked before."

Brianna nodded. "Well lets start should we start with the heavy things first? Or the small things?"

Wesley grinned. "Start with lemons then the other things the battery last. I go and make my self proper dress. If you like to add something that looks painful please do "

Giles grinned he would bring some knifes.

Joyce blinked then smiled she would bring some matches.

Lydia grinned her chain.

Moisha blinked some spikes might look dangerous.

Brianna frowned then her giant Steel Dildo even she consider it scary.

Quentin and the rest watched in fear as Wesley put some gags in them to stop them from talking.

He then pushed in a table before walking out.

Then the 'cheetah girl' walked in carrying a huge pile of lemons.

Then the others came carrying other things.

Then massage oil Knifes.

Matches and fire sticks.

An evil looking chain from a bi-cycle with what must be dried blood. A small box with Spikes.

Some cables.

A BIG Dildo almost one and a half feet long.

A battery.

And a can of salt and pepper.

Then silence.

And silence.

The captured watchers and the fighters could only stair at the table filled with instrument of pain and humiliation.

And their mind started to work trying to figure out what the different tools of pain would be used for.

And fear filled their mind.

Then Wesley walked inside dressed in a ugly raincoat and plastic gloves the kind you use when doing the dishes obvious to keep the blood away.

Quentin Travers almost fainted in terror.

Wesley study the tools lifted a Lemmon. "Hmmm Good good. I really was afraid we be out of this." He looked down. "I dont believe any one of you would like to talk would you?"

The watchers started to nod their head in full speed anything to avoid the torture.

Wesley frowned as he pushed the gag away from one of them. "Well Lets take you out and Giles and me can interview you. One by one.

The one that do not talk or give wrong information will be torture. We will compare what you each said in a civilized way."

He dragged the watcher out leaving the other alone in the room looking at the tools of terror in front of them.

One by one they were taken out and put in to a side bedroom so far not one had tried to lie.

But according to the information the heroes had to find their own way out of the labyrinth.

Giles sighed. "Well we did get the information to summon the Goblin King. We could give him this guys."

Wesley "I think the dessert and a shallow grave."

Brianna growled. "I think Dad should shrink them to a feet tall.

Jetta kids might like some new toys." Seeing their shock face she grinned. "Dad did that to a bad guys and girl once.

They did run away being Were-wolfs children toys was to painful"

Joyce smiled. "Thats an excellent suggestion. I want My child back."

Then a tired almost sleeping Buffy came walking down stairs with a silly happy grin on her face. "Hi mom. Night mom" She said as she walked by them to the kitchen.

The gang just stared then.

Brianna, Lydia, Moisha, Rushed after her. And at the same time. "Is Xander and Faith fine?" Brianna, "are Like Romeo and Beastie and Faith alright sister?" Moisha, "where the **** is Xander, Romeo and Faith. Tell me *** sake." Lydia.

Buffy blinked. "Dont know. Are they here?"

Suddenly a rat like girl grabbed her and started to shake the tired Slayer. "Tell ME where ARE THEY?"

Lydia rushed forward. "Cool it Moisha." She grabbed the still head shell shocked Buffy.

"Wake UP Where ARE MY FRINDS?" Slap slap slap slap slap. And red hand prints were now on the suddenly waken and angry Slayer.

Buffy growled pushing the Were-rat away. "I DO NOT KNOW WHERE THEY ARE. I am so tired that i cant think right now. SO. LET. ME. SLEEP."

Giles stuttered. "B, Bu, Buffy It might be impervious that you tell us what happened and how you escaped the labyrinth. The life of our Friends Xander, Romeo, Angel and Faith might depend on that."

Buffy blinked, then blushed. "A i kind of found an alternate exit." Joyce smiled. "If you tell us then we might be able to contact the boys and Faith and they can escape the labyrinth the same way you did Buffy."

Giles nodded. "Thats an excellent idea. Buffy how did you escape Faith and the Boys might be able to use the same way to get home."

Buffy blinked and was suddenly awake. Some how she did not believe that Angel, Romeo OR Xander would consider Sex with a Tentacle demon to be an acceptable.

Faith maybe if she was horny or desperate.

Buffy then watched the room everybody including her mother was staring at her. She paled. "Their is NO powers on the face of earth that can make me tell you how i escape the labyrinth." The humiliation of them finding out would be worst then torture.

Joyce open her mouth but Buffy frowned. "NO power on earth. Mom"

Giles "I i see it was that bad."

Buffy nodded looking sad but that silly grin on her face just kept coming back.

Brianna blinked. "You hade Sex with some one or something. Was it good."

Buffy turned. "N, no way i i did no way i did that."

Moisha sniffed. "Like totally sex girl.

You smell like completely sexed out. Sister you have to tell us Was he good."

Giles stated to clean his glasses.

Joyce looked in shock at her daughter.

Buffy blinked paled blushed and ran away. "No Power on earth." And her door closed in a rather forceful way and was locked.

The Labyrinth...

Angels and Romeo Path.

Angel frowned. "I hate this."

Romeo nodded. "Dont worry the sun will be down soon."

They where currently hiding outside the castle now to find a way inside.

Then they could hear the sound of wings landing nearby.

Xanders and Faith Path.

They could here the sound of an almost crying scream echo around the labyrinth.

It sounded birdlike and big.

Xander looked at Faith and nodding they rushed forward.

IN the labyrinth they saw the most magnificent monster they ever seen A Griffin it back body was that of a Huge Tiger and the front was that of a falcon huge wings was on its back.

It was captured by a web a gang of Goblins were holding it down as its front claws where cutting and slashing at them trying to free it self.

Xander growled. "Stay back Faith."

She frowned but nodded as she made her self ready to help him if he needed it.

Xander turned himself to Were-tiger hybrid body and walked forward. "Let IT free." He said cutting of part of the web holding the monster down.

The Goblins and the 'monster' turned and watched a huge tiger man stood behind them holding a sword aimed at the Goblin.

Xander growled. "Run away goblins and you live."

The goblins swallowed before they grabbed their swords.

Faith walked out. "I listen to him if i were you. HE just ate the Spider queen. Ask our friends."

The Fairy and the Groundhog nodded and peeped out that Xander really HAD eaten a huge giant spider.

The Goblin looked at Xander with a terror filed mix of sickness and fear.

Xander growled. "I WAS HUNGRY." He never been this humiliated before and he could not believe that he lost it so much that he fell in to feeding frenzy.

Seeing the small Fairy and the groundhog confirm the story the Goblins slowly backed of.

Xander nodded as he releases the giant tiger/falcon monster. "So girl you are free to fly away now."

The Griffin looked at him as its spoke. "I owe you my life how can i help you."

Xander blinked. "If and only IF you could carry us closer to the Castle i would be grateful and you dept be fully paid."

Faith nodded. "Yea i thinks so. By the way. Why where they trying to kill you."

The Griffin rolled its eyes. "I like to eat them and they got angry." Xander blinked.

Faith shrugged their problem not mine.


The Griffin landed with a soft bump and Faith and Xander landed and waved as the big monster was flying away.

Behind them Romeo grinned. "So you two finally manage to move your lazy asses."

Xander and Faith turned and grinned as they found Romeo behind them and Angel playing groundhog in a hole on the side.

Angel smiled. "When the night falls let have a talk with the goblin King."

They nodded the time of reckoning would happen soon now they were a team and they would kick his ugly butt.

The castle.

Jareth frowned. That was unusual. "Honey what do you say about a vacation you could go and visit your mother and father and Toby your brother. I can sadly not come with you. Work work work. You know." He really hoped she did that or he would NOT be able to prepare the traps.

Sarah frowned. Normally he bitched like a spoiled child every time she visit her earth family. "I think i wait. Unless you have something to hide."

Jareth frowned. "Honey, Darling, Love of my life, Would I hide anything from you. Anything."

Sarah sighed. "In a heart beat. Would you like me to remind you about SOME hidden things."

Jareth pouted when the gang finally would enter the castle he would have to work real hard to stay unhurt. Life was just not fair.

Chapter 31
Meeting the King...

Outside the Labyrinth Castle.

The Three young males and one girl walked with no fear up towards the castle guards.

They looked strange even to the tall stubby pig nosed goblins that guarded the gates.

One of the male dressed in black his hair had to much Hairgel in it.

But the real strange part was that he must be a Demonia type of Vampire.

Not that the Guard knew that. They only saw some one that had what looked like a star trek Klingon head.

And he really looked seriously angry eyes glowing in a sick yellow glow and fangs pointing out.

The fact that he was spinning an Axe around and around in his right hand only increased the danger they felt coming from him.

The one in the middle was shorter a rat tail whipped back and forth and he had small cute rat ears pointing up from his head.

An Angry look on his face.

For the guards he looked like a rat goblin of some kind.

A seriously ANGRY rat-Goblin.

The only problem a Rat-Goblin was only a Feet tall and he was almost as tall as a normal human.

And a short sword in his right hand. A Rat-Goblin was TO afraid to even think about using a weapon.

The last male was really different.

Hair orange and black striped short fur on his arms in with Tiger stripes.

A furry tail whipping back and forth in an angry motion.

He did not walk he glided forward like a cat before it jump its prey.

He held a big sword in his hand.

The girl was beautiful dark brown hair body like a dancer and she was holding a sharp looking knife in her hands.

Guard 1. "Should we warn Boss?."

Guard 2. "I think so he said some trouble would come our way. You think its them?."

Guard 1. "No no cant be they are only four angry kids. Problem would mean something dangerous coming our way."

Guard 2 nodded that made sense. "But we should warn right."

Guard 1. "Well Yes i call it in." He turned around talking in to a small listening device in the wall. "Yea some kids probably angry and drunks on their way No problem.

If you say so Sir then we wait for reinforcements.


Guard 1. Swallowed. "Buddy grab your sword they are BIG problem. The cat guy eat the Spider queen alive." His friend turned and watched him in shock. "Its true HE DID eat the whole giant spider Alive."

They grabbed their weapons as the four strangers came closer and closer moving carefully forward.

Angel growled when they arrived in fighting distance. "Move it or lose it."

Romeo grinned. "Let us thru or die."

Faith smiled. "Think you can take us boys."

Xander "I feel hungry pork sounds good now." He said grinning as the guards paled. His were-Tigers ears were quite sound sensitive not as good as his were-wolf hearing but impressive still.

Angel snorted. "You eat a giant spider and you still hungry."

The guard breathed out in relief as the reinforcements came rushing four extra guards stepped up.

Guard 2. "Go away you will not enter from here."

Guard 1. "If you walk the labyrinth there is an entry point that way."

Xander smiled. "We felt like using the main gate. Me thinks their are more traps and tricks if we enter thru the official path. Am i right?"

The guards nodded weakly he did have a point.

Angel growled. "Now move it or lose it."

Silent wait started then.

Guard 1. "No go back NOW."

Faith was the first one that moved with a speed that only a Were-Cheetah could move faster.

Or Julia Brigand Digger the Arms master of Jade and her and Xanders teacher in fighting.

She focused her Chi to speed up her body and suddenly she was standing among the guards her knifes slashed out stabbing in the arms and legs.

Xander was the next to move he still had not manage to completely improve anything with his chi empowering except his physical tolerance of pain and he was not sure but his claws cut much finer now like they were super charged.

He crashed in the first Guard slashing his sword in an ugly uppercut almost spitting the guard in half.

Then Angel and Romeo followed kicking slashing and stabbing.

The battle took only five second to for them to win.

Grabbing the gate key from the guards they opened the castle gate and enter the castle of the Goblin king.

"Crap." Xander said as he looked inside the castle.

Stairs where everywhere some upside down sideways path was in the roofs on the side corridors opening that looked like they had NO connections.

Yet goblins were walking on the stairways that were upside down.

Yet Goblins here walking out from the corridors that looked like they had no connections.

Angel sighed. "Lets start walking."

Romeo growled. "Lets capture one of the goblins they are sure to know where the throne room is."

Faith grinned as she rushed away grabbing a guard and carried him back. "I got us a guide." She said.

Throne room...

Jareth sighed it looked like they manage to convince one of his guards to escort them to him.

He started to focus his powers armor and sword suddenly teleported to him and he was dressed for a fight.

Sarah his wife frowned. "What are you up to? Is it the vampire and Tiger monster thats coming?"

Jareth sighed. "Yes and some friends. It would be best if you could move out from here now. I will deal with them."

Sarah sighed. "Friends. Bad guys rarely have friends. Darling who and what are they exactly?"

Jareth knew that voice it was the voice that told him King OR no king if he did not do exactly what She said he be sleeping on the floor the next six month. "Aah Well honey pie its like this."

Then the door opened and four angry earthlings walked inside.

Sarah frowned.

Xander growled. "You ARE YOU the king?"

Angel smiled. "If so i do feel hungry."

Faith smiled. "You are going down Goblin."

Sarah sighed. "Could you wait a moment while my husband explain who and what the four of you are."

Romeo growled. "And if we dont feel like waiting."

Sarah "Then i will be angry with you."

Faith stepped forward. "Yea and what can you do. Bitch."

Sarah smiled. "Absolutely nothing. Except being really angry."

They blinked.

Xander. "I say let him explain. If he tells a lie we can correct him. And if Buffy is dead no mater what i will kill him."

Jareth sighed. "Cant we fight instead? Sarah." He complained before beginning to talk and explain with small interruptions.

Xander. "We did not wish our self here some put a trap for us."

Jareth continued.

Faith blinked. "Could you get me a Video on the Buffy demon sex action."

Xander nodded he really wanted one. "One for me also."

Sarah felt a BIG headache coming along.

Jareth continued.

Sarah. "You eat the spider queen?"

Xander "i was hungry." He said looking down in shame.

Angel grinned, "Do you have a Video of that?"

Faith and Romeo. "If so give us a copy."

Jareth continued. "And thats that."

Sarah groaned. "Could i ask the four of you NOT to fight my husband Im willing to offer a deal."

Jareth frowned. "We dont offer deals. Alright darling we offer a deal." Hell why did he married that girl he never had fun no more.

Using his magic and hypnosis he could take all of them.

It be easy even.

Well it would be possible.

But he was not afraid.

Xander frowned and turned to the gang to talk. Short moment later they were grinning.

"A Deal you say." He walked up coming face to face with the queen. "The others agree this is what we want for us all go back safe and with out anymore problem from you for ANY of us including Buffy.

I want our friend the Groundhog and fairy to be treated kindly and not be punished for helping us.

And i want the ones that made the deal with YOU to kidnap us to run the labyrinth. "

Faith "Dont forget the Video." She said.

Xander sighed. "Right the Buffy Video and Me eating the spider."

Sarah looked at his husband.

Jareth sighed. "Alright i agree. Beside kidnapping and forcing leaders of the council of Watchers to run the labyrinth will be interesting."

Xander "Good could you send us HOME now."

Jareth grinned as he teleported them home.

Sarah frowned looking at the pile on the floor. "You did that on purpose."

Sunnydale Two days later...

"Stupid bastard." Xander said as they finally arrived home.

Faith nodded the creep did send them back to the place they had been kidnapped from.

Except he sent them back NUDE in full birthday suit.

For the last two days they had sneaked along the highway NO One cared to pick them up.

They had finally saved when a hungry Vampire stopped and attacked them. Even nude they manage to dust him and steal some of his stuff and his car.

"HI everybody." He said as he walked in to his home.

Faith sneaked after him silently she had no wish that anybody should see her like this more then half nude.

Mary his mother smiled. "Hi honey how have your weekend been."

Xander sighed. "You will never believe me. But now i need to put on something." He said walking by dressed mostly in his own fur.

Mary blinked. "Ooh right. You better have a good explanation. By the way my divorce is finally free. I change my after name to Tigris."

Xander blinked. "Cool that was your birth name right?"

Mary nodded. "Yes in jade they dont have after name only clan name. Tirga clan is our clan. My brother is named AFTER the clan."

Xander smiled. "Well i think its a fine after name." He said thinking about changing his own also.

Thats all he could say as Dawn suddenly jumped him hugging him. "Daddy Xander, Momma Faith. Your back your back your back you back."


"I see they are back." Giles smiled as he put the phone down and smiled finally they were back.

Now if he only knew how Quentin Travers manage to escape and he would be completely happy.

The Labyrinth.

"HELP HELP HELP." Quentin screamed as a huge cloud of hungry Fairies dived down chanting. "Human Yumm Yumm."

Chapter 32
Going to school....

"Im nervous, Daddy." Dawn complained.

Xander sneered. "I KNOW what you are talking about Dawn. Im starting the university tomorrow you know i just as nervous as you are."

Dawn nodded. "I wish Erwin would be in my class like before."

Xander smiled and hugged her. "After he got his pardon he dont have to live a secret life and HE have many doctors and professors in Genetic and biology. HE done school already."

Dawn smiled. "He is taking me out again this weekend he is so sweet."

Xander grinned. "So should i follow you to school or are Lydia or Faith doing that." He swallowed after Lydia broke up with him he was feeling a bit of pain but lately they slowly started to become friends still family but no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. But it still hurt.

Dawn ponder. "Daddy i think i would rather go by myself. Im not a child." She giggled.

Xander nodded. "Yea rater fun Im just 18 and i have a daughter that 14 soon 15 year old."

Dawn nodded. "Thats the miracle of science."

With that they walked down to eat breakfast.

Mary blinked seeing her child and 'grandchild' coming down.

"Dawn what ARE you dressed up in?"

Dawn looked down her tight red leather pants that hugged her Were-chimera body and the skin tight top in blue silk that leaved nothing to the imagination. On the shirt was printed -Catgirls are fun-Around her neck a small cat bell in gold hanged making small bell sound that made all the Were-tigers and Were-chimera smile.

"Mamma Faith, Mamma Lydia and Aunty Moisha helped me. Dont i look cute Grandma?" She said not really understanding her shock.

Mary sighed. "Son why did you not not." She for the first time really looked how her loved son normally dressed.

Hawaii T-shirts in color that would make a junky think he was on a LSD trip.

And ugly jeans.

She was almost thankful that he currently was in his Were-chimera tiger-hybrid body so the shirt was skintight to his to big body.

Xander frowned. "Whats wrong Mamma?" He said not really understanding.

"I see. I think the two of you need some fashion sense or lesson in fashion." Mary said wondering if the nice Brianna or Brittany girl would like to go shopping with them at the mall.

In Atlanta a certain Were-cheetah on her way to Sunnydale suddenly grinned and packed down her and dads credit cards.

Mary smiled. "I talked to Tirga he and some of the Edge guard is coming to town. Are you sure this is a wise choice of action?"

Xander frowned. "No mom. But its the only one we have. Dr Diggers told me that they had four new attacks by the Were-rats.

And Me and Angel had five in Sunnydale.

Sooner or later our luck will end unless WE end Gothwrain rule."

Mary nodded. "I wish i could help you but Im not a fighter."

Dawn nodded. "Grandma. I been thinking. Locking a Were-animals powers away is difficult right?"

Mary and Xander nodded.

Dawn continued. "And your adopted parent manage to do that. How did they do it."

Mary blinked.

Xander frowned. "You have a point Dawn. Mom could you try to find out it could be important."

Mary nodded. "I have to talk to them then." She said with some bitterness in her voice.

Later High school.

Dawn swallowed nervous as she walked up to the school ground.

Her tail was swinging nervously behind her as she walked up.

Everybody was staring at her.

Obvious most had never seen a cat girl before.

But the guys drooling made her a bit nervous. She DID have a boyfriend after all.

"Dawn," her friend Lisa screamed as she rushed up and grabbed her friends. "So what happened to you during summer?"


Xander swallowed nervous as he walked forward still in his Were-chimera body.

Around him the student stared then hurried to look away.

Obvious most had never seen a Were-chimera before. At least they were polite.

Buffy growled as she walked up. "Xander How could you?"

Xander blinked. "What what did i do?"

Buffy pointed at his shirt. "That that T-shirt its Ugh and against your fur its." She shivered the combination orange fur with black stripes and brown hair and the explosion of bright colors on the shirt made her eyes bleed. OR it felt like that.

Willow nodded timed avoiding to look at the painful combination. "Buffy slay the T-shirt."

Buffy blinked and before Xander had time to react she ripped the T-shirt away and ripped it to ribbons.

Xander frowned. "But but i loved that T-shirt."

Willow patted his hand/paw. "Dont worry the student boutique is open then have T-shirts. We will even pay for a new one IF we can chose it."

Around them the girls was watching the Hunk of Were-chimera muscles that looked like steel was seen and the furry arms just looked like a perfect place to cuddle up to.

And many girls hoped that he was single.

Dawn High school.

Dawn frowned. "Lisa so a new Science and biology teacher and thats all you know."

Lisa nodded. "Yea but they claim he is a professor."

Then the door opened and Principle Franklin walked inside the tall man smiled. "Hello Im here to present to your our new Scientist and Biology Teacher."

With that he stepped aside.

Dawn grinned. "Erwin. What are you doing here?" She said happy.

And their he was her loved boy toy Erwin Talon the super genius recently turned 14.

Erwin smiled and waved at her. "Im Professor Erwin Talon. And i volunteer to fill in as teacher until some body could be found."

A girl in the front scowled. "Is this a Joke or something?"

Principle Franklin. "This is Not a joke Erwin. Professor Talon Is a genius that made his first doctor title as a Seven year old.

We are really lucky that he offered to help us out."

He grinned. "Normally i would be against teacher and student relationship but due to the nature and age between Dawn and Erwin we will ignore it.

But your grades and test Dawn will be graded and made while you are under observation by other teachers.

That way no one can claim you cheated."

With that the Principle walked out.

Erwin smiled as he sat down. "Lets begin the class."

A jock stood up. "Why should we Listen to you Shorty?"

Erwin smiled and pressed a button. "Reason ONE."

Suddenly a door opened from the equipment room a BIG robot walked out "Hurt-Bot 5 activated. Master Talon who should i hurt."

Erwin "Stand down Hurt-bot. And reason two." He said pointing at Dawn "My girlfriend can lift a car. Now lets start the class."

One of the girl raised her hand. "S, Sir the robot is it dangerous?" Erwin smiled "Yes. But dont worry it would only hold you down and cattle prod you if you dont behave. Now start to write as i explain the mystery and beauty that is DNA."

In front of him a hologram suddenly appeared showing normal DNA string of a human as he started to write information for the student to copy.


Xander sighed he was in the university because of a stipendium. And now he would have to pay the price.

College Football.

Football jock 1. "What the hell is that?"

Football jock 2. "It say its a pneumatic press. What the hell is that?"

Football jock 3. "It work with pressure it can probably create several tons of pressure. But i wonder why its connected to a work out machine."

Xander sighed turning in his Were-tiger body. "Its for MY use. And its mine training machine the school was kind to let me keep it here. It can maximum create a pressure of about a hundred tons."

Football Jock 1. "What the hell ARE YOU?" He was from New York.

Jock nr 2. "Its only Xander. Cool so you are joining our team then."

Xander nodded. "Yea got in true a stipendium."

Jock 3. "So how much can you lift."

Xander frowned. "In my tiger hybrid body i can at max lift about 4 tons." he remembers how he freaked out finding out that he could lift that much.

And how much he freaked out finding out that Faith could lift almost as much.

"But then i really mess up my arms. As a Were-wolf its about a half ton."

Jock 1. "What what its a monster a monster."

Jock 2."We already told you its only Xander. He a Were-chimp."

Xander flinched. "Its Were-chimera NOT chimp. A were-chimera is a mix between two different types of Were. Im half Were-Wolf and half Were-tiger."

Jock 1. Swallowed nervously as he backed away.

The rest of the gang rolled their eyes.

Then one of the jock spoke up. "You know. I was talking to the girl Faith and she had a Video with you in it."

Xander paled. "What?"

The players all turned to him as he continued. "Just let me say that Im glad Im not Spiderman. Any one like to see why?"

Xander groaned Faith had completely messed up his reputation.

He hoped she would not do that to Buffy.

At least soon he would get the chance to release some fury against the rats.


Agent M. "I see. Well good luck Dr Diggers i wished we could have found an alternate solution."

Dr Digger nodded. "Me to. But Xander have right the only way for us to be safe is for Gothwrain to die. About a month as soon as the fighters my wife and Tirga manage to convince are ready and the gang 'lord' talon gang is ready we are going to attack the rats."

Agent M nodded. "I like you to read this file. Its about Glory everything we found out about her. So far our agents have found NO weakness and its only a mater of time before she finds out that the key is now alive."

Dr Theodor Digger sighed. "Well keep searching. Me and the others in the Mage conclave still try to find out HOW a hell goddess from that dimension manage to even survive here on earth."

M nodded. "Well Im sure we will find a solution. Their is another problem Im not really understand my self. It looks like all the higher leaders of the council of Watchers is gone disappeared mysteriously like magic."

Theo grinned. "I think some of them might start to return soon.

At least those that survive the games of the Goblin King."

Jade the in the arena of arms.

Julia smiled. "So how many of you are with me?"

^I am. My clan stands behind you^ the telepathic transmission of Tsunami a short human male and the leader of the most dangerous ninja clan in Jade said.

Julia smiled. "Thanks dad."

"So will i. After all if my snuggle bunny of stealth and my favorite child is going to war so am i." The huge giant Female Mumsy Brigand said grinning as she held her axe.

Around them the others Weapon master frowned thinking things thru.

One by one some joined others walked out.

A small but powerful gang of fighter made them self ready for a war.

Edge-Guard HQ.

Tirga frowned. "So Any one with me?"

Garfield frowned but said nothing. "Im in."

Sheila nodded. "Im with you brother lets kick the rats ass."

One by one some joining others staying in Jade doing their duty as officers of the law.

Outside five Were-tigers was standing the volunteers from the clan Tirga joining up to help family in the war.

Earth the mountain hide Eden.

Jetta smiled. "So everybody ready?"

Her clan nodded they were not many true Were-wolfs warriors left but those that was were experienced.

"Then let us start by training in tracking Rats. Romeo." Jetta said.

Romeo "Hi guys. Im going to hide and you are going to find me. You do know Im a friend and allied. Right Right?"

Jetta rolled her eyes. "They know your on the right side kid.

Now run away."

In Japan the Were-rat seer and prophet suddenly paled his prophecy was coming true. The end of Gothwrain and exile of the were-rats.

"Gothwrain will murder me before that happens." He sighed for years they worked doing everything manipulate the hateful Brendan and the Were-cheetahs so they would exterminate each others.

Just to remove the risk that a WERE-CAT or Were Wolf would hunt them down and kill them.

And now a Were-tiger and Were wolfs were coming after them.

Life was not fair.

He and Gothwrain had not even manage to take over the world yet.

Chapter 33
Learning for the future...

"Hi Im Lin would you mind if i sat with you?" A cheerleader student said.

Xander blinked a popular girl was asking to sit with him. He study her then nodded. "Why not?"

Lin smiled and almost purred the other would be so envious he was one of the hottest of the football team. "So do you have a girlfriend?"

Xander raised an eyebrow. "Not at the moment. Why?."

Lin smiled "Well i would like a chance to get to know you if you dont mind."

Xander almost grinned. "Sure you do. But be careful i live a strange life." He sniffed something in the air smelled like gunpowder and rat. Were-rat.

Lin smiled. "Im sure you exaggerate."

Xander sniffed the air trying to smell the rat his ears searching after any sound out of the ordinary. While pretending to be relaxed.

Lin "So strong and silent. What are your answer?"

Xander Bingo their the Were-rat was and O Crap a Uzi, Xander grinned. "Ask me again tomorrow." Saying that He jumped forward grabbing the girl by the waist jumping straight up as high as he could.

Lin "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." Screamed in fear as Xander suddenly grabbed her and jumped.

The Were-rat started to shoot its silver bullets ripped holes in the University dinner walls.

But the Were-chimera jumped over his bullets as he followed shooting ripping more and more holes in the walls.

Pure luck made his bullet miss the other students in the dinner.

He followed the jumping Were-chimera with his automatic when suddenly *click* empty no more bullets.

Xander grabbed the big lamp hanging from the roof and pushed the cheerleader on top.

Down below the Rat stopped shooting and was grabbing a spare mag.

Xander dropped down letting his feet claws slash out against the Rat.

The were-rat assassin dropped the gun as Xanders feet cut open four big wounds in his face he waggled backwards grabbing a dagger and prepare for fighting close and dirty as the wound healed with the speed of his Were-rat blood.

Xander grinned as he grabbed a nearby table ripping of one of the legs holding it like a club. "Bring it on, Vermin."

And the rat attacked.

The Were-rat jumped forward slashing with the dagger the blade silver on the blade would make any cut permanent.

Xander dodged by doing a pirouette moving like a dancer the were-rat slash brought him close and he let his left fist Strike out in a bone crunching strike.

But the Rat dodged and his strike hit only the air.

Slowly the two fighter circled each other waiting for a opening

Lin screamed. "Stop playing and GET ME DOWN FROM HERE. NOW." She was still on the top of the hanging lamp only four feet under the roof and almost nine feet to the floor.

Xander bashed out with the club hoping to make the rat dodge and the rat he dodged and Xander kicked out with his full strength. "Play ball." Xander screamed.

The Were-rat suddenly was air born landing seven feet away from the power of the kick.

Xander hurried forward grabbing the dagger from the still 'dead' were-rat its backbone was broken but he was healing and would soon be alive and in the way again.

Lin. "LIKE Help HELP Im Stuck and i cant get down. Help me Im a cheerleader Im Important"

A gasp of air and the were-rat was alive some of its bone had healed the wrong way and he would probably need a skilled healer to fix that. Or wait month until his healing made it heal in a proper way.

Both waiting and finding a healer to re-Break your bone was painful that Xander knew personally.

"So rat how many is in town this time?" Xander growled.

He then blinked grabbed his Phone. "Faith were-rats in town protect Dawn." He called another number. "Lydia were-rats in town warn the others."

Then the University guards came running in close followed by the police.

Xander grinned as he held out the Were-rat. "Here he is. A were-rat be careful they can turn them self in to rats. Hard to keep in captured."

Then his phone ranged. "Xander here." He answered to the police irritation. "Yes thanks keep her safe Faith."

Xander looked at them. "He is an assassin from a group of terrorist they hate anything thats have cat blood. AND my friends are in danger. Could i give you a statement later? Their are lots of other witnesses to this fight for you to ask."

The police looked at each other then Xander phone rang again.

Xander "Xander here."

Lin Talking in HER mobile phone. "Get ME DOWN FROM HERE NOW."

Xander blinked and blushed. "Sorry." With that he jumped up to the lamp and carefully lifted the girl and jumped down.

Landing softly using his legs to soften the impact.

Lin snorted. "If this is a Normal day for you Im not interested."

Xander grinned. "Except that the attacker used a UZI this was a normal day."

The police looked at him. "You can runaway now kid we take your statement later."

Xander nodded and rushed away.


Brianna smiled. "Im sorry Xander i do have a small army of Peebos and Peebochu that guard Dawn and her school.

And each of you have at least five Peebochu that stand guard against Were-rats."

Xander snorted. "So how did that one manage to attack ME?"

Brianna groaned. "Probably because he was in human shape so they forgot to scan him after silver. And probably because they were distracted."

Xander blinked. "Distracted by what."

Brianna blushed. "Probably shooting birds."

Xander looked down seeing the small Peebochu pink and blue robot looking like a cute rabbit. Or if you really study it reminded him of a Cabbit Ryo-oki from the Anime Tenchi Muyo http://www.unitedanime.comneelick To see picture.

Xander sighted. "Do all your Peebochu kill birds."

Brianna blushed. "Well some only stun them but flying targets seems to be irresistible for them."

Dawn giggled wondering what they would say if they saw her friend Bemoth.

Xander smiled. "Well at least we have protection. No guards is perfect not even AI guards i guess."

Brianna frowned it was true but it still irritated her.

But tomorrow Brittany and her family would come to town and then they would go shopping for something for Dawn and Xander to dress themselves in.

Faith and Lydia and Moisha was NOT a good example for ANY girl in how you should dress.

And Xander the less that was said about his stile of shirts the better.

Chapter 34
Preparing for the future....

Theodor Diggers sighted as he drank his tea.

Giles. "Would you like some more Dr Digger?"

Theo "Yes and Do call me Theo Mr. Giles."

Giles smiled. "Then call me Rupert or Giles like all the rest of America do."

Theo sighed again. "Kids these days. They are to reckless. Were-rats assassins tried to kill them today ONE almost succeeded by attacking Xander in school. My daughters robots manage to find and neutralize ONE sniper outside their homes." He sighed again. "And what do they do the first day after wards. Go and shop cloths in the mall.

Thats a perfect place for assassins to attack dont they understand that."

Julia smiled. "Ooo Honey dont be a stick in the mud. They are young have you forgotten about that.

The two of us was just as reckless when we were their age remember."

Theo smiled looking at his wife she looked just as beautiful now as she did when they were 20 years old. Not surprising as she because of an accident became young again going from +40 to barely 20.

Not something HE complained. "No i remember honey its just its our kids i sometimes wish they were not so reckless.

And that they stopped stealing My credit card."

Giles sighed. "What i am worried about is the fact that lots of assassins Tarakans even Yakuza have been seen in LA What if they hired outsiders?"

Theo frowned. "Thats likely we better talk to the girls if they hired outsider my magic must be modified so must her technology things."

The BIG mall in LA...

"Woof Woof." Brianna said grinning as the blushing Were-chimera Xander walked out from the changing booth in his Were-tiger hybrid form.

Brittany nodded. "Looks great. Now try changing to human shape."

Xander nodded and shape changed in to his human body.

Suddenly the form fitting jeans and shirt was to big for him and he looked like he was literally swimming inside them.

Or looked like a 10 year old trying his fathers clothes.

Giggle laugh and more giggle came from the girls side.

Brittany grinned. "Now you understand why i have cut off jeans and shirt cut off shirt that leaves my belly button seen. In my Were-cheetah hybrid body it looks a bit Sexy. But at least i can still walk when i am in my human body. Or use a stretch material."


Xander nodded. "I i. But i look stupid if i walk showing my legs and belly. I look like a body builder on the beach."

Faith, "No way you look stupid Beastie-boy." Hide her drooling.

Buffy, "No you look good."

Willow, "You would look good dressed like that."

Moisha, "Like completely playgirl material man."

Lydia, "I **** agree with Moisha X. YOU DO look good."

Brianna, "Yea give us girls something do drool about."

Brittany, "you look good Xander believe me."

Gina, "now that looks great." She said snapping of some photos.

Jetta snorted. "You look good brother."

Dawn, "Do you think Erwin would look good dressed like that?"

The girls except Dawn giggled at the idea of the scrawny young boy dressed like a body builder.

Outside in a different part of the mall in a hired part...

"Terrakan Im surprised." One Japanese assassin said.

The Terrakan a big African-Chinese smiled. "Its not that surprising. Me like you were offer to join up and i did after a year or so.

They offer great retirement plans and insurance if a accident happens."

The Japanese nodded. "Sounds good do you have any details. My contract with the Yakuza is soon over and well Im planning to find a new employer. They are to eager to 44 magnum type of retirement."

A small blond Viking looking Assassin frowned as he walked up to his colleges. "Look over their. Were-rats Assassins."

The Tarakans growled. "Now days they let anybody inside during our professional Assassin conference. Even Were-rats."

The other two looked surprised at the venom in his voice. "You really dont like them do you?"

The Tarakans smiled. "No they make all of us look like fools and amateur."

A unanimous nodding among the three was his only answer.

The Viking grinned. "Look its the first speaker. Heard her talk before her tips in avoiding captured and making a new life is great. And the death traps blueprints you can buy from her is impossible to survive."

The girl on the stages looked old and with a burn mark in the face but 'she' smiled at his colleges and began talking. "Hello i will start with my tips about avoiding capture and remake your identity something we all might need sooner or later." Inside 'she' was grinning.

Only ONE person knew that SHE was a HE and using the money from this conference Mac he would murder him.

Were-rat assassin 1. "Our scouts have seen them our target is outside."

Were-rat assassin 2. "Are you crazy. The others will kill us if we bring our work to the conference."

Were-rat assassin 1. "Eee fools and idiots not expert like us Were-rats. Or are you chicken."

Were-rat Assassin 2. "You Right lets lets." He stopped talking on his hand was a red dot a laser spot and he looked around everywhere every assassin inside the room including the old girl on the stages where aiming guns, Daggers even clubs and Tamed poisoness snakes at them.

Were-rat Assassin 1. "Or or we could ignore them and be civilized." Suddenly the guns were gone and the conference continued.


"Hmmm i smell a rat." Moisha said but stopped as she saw a friend. "Blue what are you doing here?" She said to a surfer looking guy.

Blue "Moisha like Great to see you. Im working as a guard for the Assassin conference. You did get the invitation or what?"

Moisha blushed. "Its like we retired on the run man."

Blue nodded. "Ooh thats ruff man. Well say hello to Lydia and Romeo." Moisha nodded. "Yea i will its like great to see you."

Blue grinned. "If you like to need to hire anybody I can give you 50% off on my price."

Moisha nodded as she waked away from the friendly Assassin careful not to turn her back to him even IF he was an old friend and friendly.

Dawn grinned. "So what do you think?"

Guys working in the store and passing by started to drool.

Xander blinked. "You look great Dawn. And IF you are going to buy that. You must learn more about fighting from Julia."

Xander said with a stone hard resolve.

The girls looked at Xander surprised at his hard voice.

Dawn blinked. "Why Daddy do i look fat."

Xander "No But you need to be able to fight if you are dressed like that."

Dawn blinked wondering why she needed more knowledge about fighting just to wear this.

The T-shirt was ultra short her bra was almost seen.

And the pants where skin tight hugging her body and ultra short.

Buffy frowned then nodded. "He is right. Not only will the guys come after you. The vampires will also."

Dawn blinked. "Ooo. So i look bad in this?"

Xander kept his mouth closed for a short moment. "Yes." He lied.

Brittany rolled her eyes. "You look great. Remember my advice about your wardrobe."

Dawn nodded. "Never listen to your sister Gina because she is a geek, Never listen to Moisha because she a fool.

Never listen to Faith because SHE dresses like a slut."

Faith "HEY i DO NOT. Well maybe a bit but not that much."

Dawn continued. "Never listen to Lydia because she is to much of a tomboy.

Never EVER listen to Xander."

Xander "HEY Im not that bad."


Finally they were back in Sunnydale.

And Xander truly was glad about his Were-Tiger blood as the girls forced him the only male to carry everything.

Even with his strength it was heavy.

As he tired put the packages down a sound caught his ears.

Tirga and Sheila was around again. Fighting of course.

He rolled his eyes.

As he watched the living room inside fifteen Were-cats were sitting talking to his mother.

Five of them where Were-tigers the rest must was a mix of different Were-cats. He could see and recognize Garfield from what Sheila and Julia had said.

Gar was her big brother and fellow student of Julia And a member of the Edge guard an elite unit of law men/girls.

And their was a lot of female Were-cats he saw. "Looks like i return to a cathouse." He said grinning.

Mary his mother rolled her eyes. "Everybody thats Xander my 18 year old son. And a Were-chimera.

Hiding behind him is Dawn my grand daughter Xander child. She is 14. Also a Were-chimera.

And about the ages a mistake magic technology mix."

They nodded Technology was still something feared in Jade.

Not that long ago a mere 50 years ago you could Still be burned on a stake for creating the evil that technology are in Jade.

Luckily those barbaric rules were gone now only one to five years hard labor in jail was the result of doing that.

But most from the world Jade where afraid of Technologic consider it a sure way to lose your soul and most mechanics to be similar to a demon in nature.

One of the Were-tigers frowned. "So where are we going to sleep i its just to much technology in here."

Mary frowned. "I i dont know."

Xander grinned. "I know. The Amish colony. Outside Sunnydale i saved some of their life they said i could ask them for a favor.

Im sure i can convince them to have some guest living among them."

He just hoped they were not afraid of were-tigers, and were-panthers and jaguars and other big were-cats.

Chapter 35

1 and a half Week after the last part.

Life before the war.

Dawn was sitting carefully as far away from the side of the stone as she could. "And that what happen sense last time Bemoth. What do you think about it?"

Bemoth frowned a bit the large Dragon old even for a dragon was BIG dragon grew bigger the older they became and Bemoth head were bigger then most adult dragons. "I think your young friends is correct Dawn. War against the Were-rats IS the only solution."

Dawn sighed. "I know i cant find another way either but it feels wrong."

Bemoth laughed a scary sound. "You are correct. NO matter Why a WAR and Murder is always wrong.

Because no matter how innocent will be hurt."

Dawn blinked. "So we should not do it then."

Bemoth shook its head. "No sometimes NOT going to war or NOT killing is even worst.

Right now the Were-rats are exterminating ANYTHING thats different. Any type of Were-cat.

Any type of Were-Wolf they are murdering or plotting to murder.

Their leader Gothwrain they worship you might think of him like a poison thats destroy everything.

Leaders like that will eventually destroy their own people and nations.

So in a sick and awful way by attacking the Were-rats you will be saving them."

Dawn sighed. "So if go out to war to kill him we will do something wrong. And IF we do not we will do something even worst." She sighed tears falling. "This sucks." she said.

Bemoth smiled gently he rather liked this girl she was fun for a mortal. "You are staying behind are you not."

Dawn nodded. "They say i should. But i fight they are my family and no matter what i will not let my Mammas and Papa fight alone."

Sunnydale the Tigris home = Xander and his mothers home.

"Ice ice ooo Ice-cream. I found it." Buffy yelled dipping the spoon inside to take a taste. "Uuh what flavor is this? "What the. Tuna Scrimp flavored ice-cream. Thats thats sick."

From the living room a scream was heard. "You B watch out the Beasts have strange taste in ice-creams. The green bucket is OURS." Faith yelled.

Blinking Buffy pushed the disgusting mix of ice-cream and fish back. "So what are you doing when we are in school Faith?" Buffy asked as she sat down in front of the Video.

Faith shrugged. "Nothing much just goofing around mostly."

Buffy frowned. "Thats not good. What about your education your future."

Faith grinned. "Sorry B i already HAVE a university Degree in Accounting."

Buffy blinked. "How when where?"

Faith smiled. "Boston i literally lived in schools or biker bars when i was younger they kind of adopted me and forced me to go to school.

Then they found out i was really really smart and they kind of sponsor me to college. In fact B my school grades are higher then Willow thats ONE reason she was is so angry at me all the time."

Buffy blinked. Looking at the leather dressed girl. "You you."

Faith "Quiet the movie starts." She said starting to eat the ice-cream.

The university...

"I i cant." Willow babbled.

Tara stutter. "You liked the kiss right?"

Willow nodded hugging the girl closer. "I loved it but but i i promised my gang we are going out that day. But but we could have fun tonight."

Tara blushed then nodded. "I liked that."

The two blushed still hugging each other.

The Amish farm...

"Thank god for the food and may the lord bless our guest from far away." The father said.

"Amen," the rest said.

Garfield smiled. "We are extremely grateful that you let a gang of were-cats like us be guest among you. Most of us are afraid of technology."

The father nodded. "You are more then welcome. We do know the evil that lurks in Sunnydale and the slayer and her friends mostly Xander have saved us. Beside you have helped us a lot with our work on the farm."

The were cats grinned pulling a plow or digging a well was not that hard work.

So far all was fine on the outside.

Inside Gar or Garfield named by his mother after reading a cartoon from Earth. Was afraid soon to soon they would go to Japan and their fight a battle for life or death against a whole city of Were-rats.

The Digger mansion.

Mumsy walked around the nervous young Were-chimera. "So Xander my daughter tells me you are good fighter for a beginner. Care to demonstrate."

Xander. "Hmm do i have to?"

^My wife and the rest of us need to see how good you are, Young man^ the telepathic voice of Tsunami the ninja weapon master said. Years before Julia was born the man throat had been cut magic did saved his life but he lost his ability to talk forever.

Being a man of strong will he manage to do what everybody said was impossible train his brain in to talk telepathically.

Around him three other Weapon master and many students stood watching as Xander sighed. "Alright. So who will i fight against?"

"Call me Lilith." A young female Were-Jaguar a student of master Leep. Like Julia her self had once been.

Xander swallowed seeing the cute Were-jaguar walking up to him She was tall as tall as his Were-wolf hybrid body.

He frowned remembering each of the Were-animals had different physical gifts.

The Were-Tigers were the Strongest of the Were-cats and also really big.

The Were-Lion was the Biggest and also really strong.

The Were-cheetahs held extreme speed and great Dexterity.

And the Were-wolfs had extreme endurance great tracking ability.

The Were-Jaguar he remember were extreme flexible had the greatest hearing of any were-animal. They were great jumpers and climbers.

Xander grinned. Most Were-animals fighting style were to often limited the tigers tend to focus on their strength.

The Lion on their greater size and the Wolfs on using their higher endurance to tired the enemy out.

"Lets do it." He said giving her an appreciative look she was a cute and sexy. He transformed in to his Were-chimera mix of Wolf-Tiger-human hybrid. His strength stronger then a were-wolf but weaker then a were-Tiger and his endurance more then a tiger but less then a Were-wolf.

Lilith snorted. "That dont impress me much." She said standing in a classic fighting stand.

Xander grinned as he started the attack by slashing out with his feet.

Lilith grinned instead of dodging she grabbed the foot parried the foot and twisting it in a painful way forcing Xander to fall down in a roll.

Xander growled and grinned. "You worked on your strength. And you using a power based fighting style."

Lilith nodded. "I am train in the classic using my natural superior dexterity. But i also trained in strength based fighting arts."

Xander nodded as he circled around her careful not to make a mistake "Smart. Most expect you to focus on avoiding any attacks instead of parried them. Bet you win many fights this way."

Lilith grinned and attacked. Switching to her own race type of fighting. A mix of Tai Chi and capoeira, Deadly fast she moved like in a dance ready do doge or attack like a viper. And then she struck out two fast slashes with her claws.

Xander frowned parried the first missed the other. She started the attack moving like a power based attack like Karate and in the middle switch to what ever she was doing now.

He attacked a kick at the middle of her body.

She jumped it.

Xander used his Chi as much as he could to speed up his movement.

Grab and he had her in a tail grip. Fast he change to his Were-tiger hybrid body to get the arm range to keep her from clawing him.

Lilith. "Aaaa let it go let it go. Its hurts." She said tears falling.

Xander frowned. "Dont think so kitty. I can hang my body from my tail so can you."

Lilith frowned her arms could not reach him and hanging from her tail she had no real leverage to fight back. "This is humiliating."

Xander grinned. "Cute butt." He blushed. "Did i say that?"

Lilith nodded looking rather pleased with herself.

Julia shook her head. "Xander put her down. Im impressed Her skill is FAR above yours. Lilith you were careless and let him get you with a simple trick. Xander put her down now."

Xander. "Ooh sorry."

Lilith. "Just hanging around you know. Sorry master Julia i will listen to your advice."

Xander blinked. "You are her master?"

Julia nodded. "She is a student under Leep but he have no more to train her so she is getting her last lesson from me."

Xander nodded. "Ooh. Are you going to send me to another master when you are done training me."

Julia nodded. "Yes. Jetta will give you the teaching you need about Were-wolf fighting. And i ask Brod he is one of the weapon master a Troll really strong guy to teach you all you need to know about power based fighting. But thats a long time before that will happen. By the way how did you manage to capture her tail. I was looking the other way and missed it"

Xander grinned "I manage to use my Chi and speed my self up." Seeing the blank look he groaned. "I use the Ethereal stream to speed my self up."

The weapon master nodded impressed that a Were-cat learned that.

Lilith blinked most Were-cats did not bother to about the Ether realm stream.

Among the Were-cats fighter she knew only she and Garfield had any knowledge about it. "I use it also to boost my strength. But i just started" she said.

Xander grinned "Me also i only manage to do the speed trick the first time a week ago."

Julia sighed as the two young ones started to talk. "Well whats you opinions."

^i Think you have a great student in him^ Tsunami telepathic voice said.

Mumsy hugged her ninja close. "I think so to. He seem to be a great fighter."

Karia the Dark elf Weapon master frowned a bit. "He have great talent. But he lack experience he needs to fight against more opponents using many different styles in order to overcome that."

She frowned a bit. "I would not be surprised if he eventually became one of us Weapon masters in the future."

Xander blinked. "I Im from earth."

Karia "Your mother is from Jade your uncle is from Jade.

Its your choice where you like to live among us or among the humans."

Xander blinked pondering the future. He loved what he seen of Jade so far more wild nature that made his Were-animal blood sing.

But he also loved earth.

Karia grinned. "If your smart Julia next tournament let HIM enter it be a learning experience."

Julia nodded as she thought it over Xander still had no chance in the tournament where the best of the best were dueling each other just to get the chance to challenge ONE of the Weapon masters.

But it would be a great learning experience.

Xander grinned. "Can i Master Julia?"

She nodded "Sure but thats after we kick the rat away."

Japan under Mount Fuji in the secret Were-rat city.

Gothwrain smiled "So did you see anything special."

His seer almost the only one he consider a 'friend' shook his head. "Aaa no sir all is peaceful no problem."

Gothwrain frowned. "You look nervous why? Are the Diggers going to attack us have they found out where we live?" He asked in fear if so he would so kill that useless seer.

His friend and seer. "Aaa no sir. I i going to get sick soon I saw it in a prophecy. A cold.

And i i dont know if i will survive or not.

Im old after all." He coughed.

Gothwrain paled in fear. He was afraid of sickness you did not get to be HIS old age unless you were careful and used magic to keep you from dying of old age. But sickness could still snuff you out. "I i see i i go now. I hope its nothing serious."

The seer sighted as he sat down on his old tired bones. "He will kill me i just know it. The were-cats are coming and they knew where our secret city are."

The moment Gothwrain found out he would be a dead Were-rat.

And he just learned the magic trick that would keep him from dying of old age.

Life was not fair.

Chapter 36

They were standing in a jungle the rainforest around them were turning the daylight in to a dusk.

Buffy took a deep breath and brushed some moist away from her eyes. "So you do this often."

Faith nodded. "Yea Julia idea of Training." She said with a biter voice but her eyes gleamed in joy of the hunt. "We better start run or They will escape us."

Buffy nodded and grinning. "Yea cant have that now."

The rest of the team two Were-wolfs and Dawn and Erwin nodded and the hunt was one. As Team 1 rushed forward leaving Team 2 behind them.

Xander swallowed the 'Hunters' were closing in on him and Lilith. "Lets move we got to get to the safe zone."

Lilith nodded and they were running.


Savage Garden The Animal Song

When superstars and cannonballs are running through your head

And television freak show cops and robbers everywhere

Subway makes me nervous people pushing me too far

I've got to break away


"Ooooouuuuuuu" the howl of Were-wolfs screamed in the jungle as the first of the hunter jumped down attacking Xander.

Lilith jumped up driving her knee in the Were-wolfs face knocking him unconscious for now.


So take my hand now

'Cause I want to live like animals

Careless and free like animals

I want to live

I want to run through the jungle


Dodging Tree branches they were running as fast as their Were-cats body could handle it.

Lilith "Wait we are doing it the wrong way." She said pointing up in the tree before she jumped up almost nine feet high and started to climb up.

Xander grinned and followed her. He was far less agile in a tree then she was but still impressive speed they were soon among the tall branches and jumping from tree to tree.


With wind in my hair and the sand at my feet

I've been having difficulties keeping to myself

Feelings and emotions better left up on the shelf

Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie

Which one is more human


Dawn frowned. "Erwin they climbed the trees."

Erwin frowned. "We cant follow them."

Faith "Crap stupid cats." She said growling.

Dawn grinned. "I can."

Buffy shook her head. "No not on your own."


There's a thought, now you decide

Compassion in the jungle

Compassion in your hands, yeah


Slowly sneaking Xander sat on a branch looking down their she was his were-wolf 'sister' or enemy team 2 in this game of hunt Xander and Lilith.

"You were right they are trying to box us in." Lilith said.

Xander nodded. "Yup. My sister is a smart bitch." He said grinning. Lilith frowned. "Thats not nice said."

Xander grinned. "She IS a werewolf. And a female wolf or dog IS a bitch so its not an insult among werewolves. And they are not trying to box us in THEY ARE boxing us in."

Lilith "Then the game have turned from hide and seek to a game of take out."

Xander nodded. "I bet Julia knew this."

Lilith frowned. "Yea she is a bitch."


Would you like to make a run for it

Would you like to take my hand, yeah

Sometimes this life can get you down


Buffy frowned suddenly something BIG dropped down on her lifted her up with ONE hand and Jumped. "Xaaaaaaaaaaaa. Xander what are you doing?"

Xander ignored her as he grabbed the wood throwing Buffy on top of the branch before jumping to another tree.

Down below Faith growled. "Crap. NO Dawn dont." But to late Dawn waggling her tail in eagerness had started to climb after following Xander instead of helping Buffy climb down.

Lilith grinned as she jumped down on Dawn holding her rope ready to bind the younger Were-chimera.


It's so confusing

There's so many rules to follow

And I feel it

'Cause I just run away in my mind




Jetta frowned that smell her brother but where was he? "Crap." She said then it become dark as a big Tiger suddenly jumped her crushing her.

Xander carefully walked away from his sister in his animal body slowly turning to his hybrid body. He could see that Jetta was fine she was already healing but for now she was out of the game.

Lilith grinned and the two cats sneaked closer and closer to the target the safe zone.


Superstars and cannonballs running through your head

Television freak show cops and robbers everywhere

Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie

Which one is more human


Buffy "Help." But no one could hear her Faith had left her alone hunting after the two cats. Sighting she pushed the come and help me button and gave up.

Faith growled. "You creep she said jumping forward diving down and putting a jump kick on the surprised Xander."

Xander flied back by the force of the kick.

Lilith jumped Faith attacking with kicks and fist.

Faith grinned as she dodged and drove a full power Slayer fist in the tummy of Lilith. The Were-jaguar paled as she was folded double by the power of Faith fist.

Faith stood up grinning. "Dont worry you be fine in a moment. No."

"Grrrrrrrrrroooorgh." She growled of the pissed off Xander interrupted her Faith dodged as his fist struck out barely missing her. "Crap. Calm down Beastie." she said fearing that he gone nuts.

Xander growled as he took a deep breath. "I am. calm now. Lets fight."

Faith grinned and the fight was joined.

Behind her Lilith slowly stood up her interior mostly healed now.

Seeing Xander and the Slayer going all out and Faith slowly winning against the bigger and stronger Were-tiger she finally understood the power of the slayer.

And she jumped faith from the behind hoping the two of them could take her out.

Faith dodged the attack from behind parried the kick from Xander foot and drove a full power fist in his legs.

Xander "Aaaaaaa. Crap you broke my bone." He grinned as he focus on things outside the pain. To win the fight.

Faith grinned driving her arm bow hard in Lilith face.

As Lilith fell down Xander both fist stared to slash and hit Faith. The first two she parried but to her surprise his tail suddenly whipped down hitting her painfully between the legs.

Faith "Ooouoooo. Crap." Then the big fist of Xander came flying to her face sending her crashing down.

Lilith slowly stood up. "Using your tail nice move." And they started to run. OR Limp towards the Safe zone.


There's a thought, now you decide

Compassion in the jungle

Compassion in your hands, yeah

Would you like to make a run for it

Would you like to take my hand, yeah



They were sitting inside a small cabin eating.

Julia stood up. "Now i like to explain why i had this training.

First i liked to see if the two of you." She said pointing at Lilith and Xander. "Would figure out a way to use your ability and the nature to its full advantage. And you did.

This nature IS the home for any Were-tigers or Were-Jaguar the Cats your cat ability come from evolved in areas like this."

Xander nodded it felt natural using the nature and the forest.

Lilith also nodded she did have more knowledge about Forest not jungles.

Julia smiled the rest the of the 'enemy teams' Were-wolfs and the two Slayer frowned irritated except Dawn that only grinned equally proud of Xander and Lilith.

"The rest is to make things clear for the rest of you. Jetta, Buffy, Faith ALL of you except Dawn have MORE training and skill and experience then Xander and Lilith have.

And still you lost not because they where better or smarter then you but because YOU ALL of YOU underestimated them."

Slowly the irritation was gone as they ponder that.

Julia smiled "We are going to fight Were-rats on their HOME.

They will have nasty surprises death traps and they can turn in to a RAT small creatures that can sneak away in holes that we cant even put our arms inside of."

Brianna nodded. "Thats why its important that all us specially the leaders understand the dangers and know our different abilities and strengths. We will be using Peebos to drive out the rats from their hiding holes but the Peebos are only robots not really that smart."

Jetta nodded. "Fine fine. I understand power skill dont mean jack shit if the enemy use IQ. Well then we can be glad over having Gina, You Brianna and Erwin among us."

Xander nodded. The 3 of them were genius. Erwin manage to go out university as a 7 year old.

Gina did it at age 12.

And Brianna was a mix created by magic of Gina and Brittany as smart as Gina was and as wild as Brittany. With the complete memory of BOTH sisters.

Not really surprising that she and Dawn had become friends so fast both was created not born.


Back in Sunnydale.

Mary shivered as she walked in to the living room seeing her son back from the training trip. "Xander. I called my mom and dad. Th. They said they would come by tomorrow to talk."

Xander walked up. "So i finally got the chance to talk to my grandma and grandpa then."

Mary nodded "I havent talk to them sense i married. I was to angry and bitter." She studied her hands. "Still are i guess. They binded my powers pushing me in a permanent depression."

Xander hugged his mother closer. "I dont think they did it out of malice Mom."

Mary cried. "No no they did not thats only make it worst. How can i hate them when they only tried to help me? And because of that i become a bad mother."

Xander "I dont blame you. Dr Diggers told me and even let me read about how the binding worked. Its a miracle that you alive Mom.

A miracle thats you even had the strength to give me ANY love at all. Surviving that long you literally broke all record for a survival of some one bonded."

Mary nodded. "Still feel shame i i literally chose being drunk instead of helping you when you were young. How could you even call me mom after that kind of childhood?"

Xander smiled. "Because you were sick mom. Now you are fine again and i finally have a real mom. I love you i just wish we could cure you faster."

Dawn smiled carefully walking over hugging both. "Love both of you. And Faith, And Lydia and. I think i need longer arms so i can hug all of you." She said giggling.

Xander smiled "Well i go and talk to Dr Diggers. He should be here during our talk."

Marry nodded. "So Dawn what would you like to do then?"

Dawn frowned. "Cookies your chocolate Fish cookies could you teach me how to make them. They are the best."

Marry nodded happy as they walked in to the kitchen. "I even teach you how make the Cheese version you like so much."

Dawn grinned. Marry was the best cook in the world. Well Joyce came close but she really did not understand the glory of fish and Cheese.

Hiding behind the wall Faith sighed. Fish again. Even the cakes had fish in it. Tuna tuna tuna and shrimps lobster. Or horse meet just to get the claws strong and deadly.

She sighed wondering if Joyce could cook some food for her right now. Or maybe she should try fixing her own food.

No Faith sneaked out better ask Joyce if she could eat their with Buffy.

Summers home.

Buffy "Hi mom Faith said she be over for dinner. Whats for dinner."

Joyce smiled. "A recipe i got from Brittany Tuna casserole."

Buffy smiled. "Great i heard so much about that."

Later in the hotel the Digger sleep inside...

Xander walked out Theo said he be over as he walked by the bar he frowned Brianna what was she doing their.

Carefully he walked in. "Hi Brianna." He froze she been crying. "What happen." Xander said hugging her close.

Brianna swallowed. "I i. Strype asked Brittany to marry him. And i i love him."

Xander blinked. "ooo."

Brianna growled. "Its not that. I i have Brittany love of him her memory of him HER love.

And he loves her not me. Im just a phony a copy of her and Gina."

Xander hugged her closer. "You are Brianna no copy. Do you think Dawn is a copy. She is not and you ARE NOT a copy. You are a wonderful girl beautiful smart and sexy."

Brianna shrugged as the tears started to fall. "Thank you but it hurts it hurts."

Outside Brittany listen swallowed deep before going inside hugging Brianna from the other side. "I love you.

You are MY sister Brianna. Dont worry i sure you find a new love." she said joining Brianna as she started to cry in sympathy understanding her sisters pain.

Brianna continued crying it really hurt losing a love she remember but in reality was only a ghost.

Xander sighed he was glad he was water proof he could feel tears of sympathy in his eyes but dam it stupid cat instincts he would not cry a big male like him did not cry.

The Bartender sighed two crying Catgirls and one crying cat boy really scared away the other customers.

Chapter 37
Lets get ready to rumble

A week after part 36...

--"YOU Hentai BAKA"-- the girl said as she hunted the young man down the streets.

Suddenly the two froze in shock both readied them in martial art stance as a Bright light suddenly filled the ally and a gate opened individuals and strange monster some looking like cats holding weapons ready for an invasion. Walked out.

The boy shiver in fear. "Ne. Neko" He said in shock and ran away trembling.

First out was of course Brianna dressed in her new improved Battle armor.

Holding her Big 30 mm Vulcan Gatling cannon she made a good guard against any one trying to intimidate or attack them.

Next out was Brittany and Gina.

Then line after line followed them.

Xander, Faith, Buffy, Dawn that refused to stay home.


Lydia, Moisha, Romeo, Erwin Talon dressed in a modified battle armor with build in weapon. Ionis his mage.

Zelda the female fighter loyal to him.

Dashi his ninja master.

Then came the Were-wolfs.

Sander Jettas second in command followed by fifteen strong fighters

And then the Edge guard.

Tirga, Xander uncle and Weretiger.

Sheila, The petite Were-Jaguar.

Thorban a Were-Panther a master of stealth and music. Oz and him become good friend in record time.

Garfield Sheilas brother and a Were-jaguar himself.

Onoli a were-lion towering over the rest in his size. Also an officer among the Edge guard.

Then after them came members of the Tirga clan.

All in all Five Were-tigers carrying BIG swords maces and Crossbows or compound bows that only a Were-tiger would have the strength and Size to use. (Or a troll or Were-lion)

Then came the arms masters and their students.

Tsunami and fifteen Ninjas from his clan.

Mumsy Brigand in carrying a big axe.

Kari the dark elf warrior mage she walked as close to the shadows she could.

Rhaoton a Shadow elf that lived for the fights.

And fifteen students of the from different weapons masters that could not come along.

Among them Lilith a Were-jaguar that recently become a good friend of Xander.

Last came Julia Brigand in Digger and Theodor Digger. And the light gate closed.

Theodor smiled. "Well Japan. Dont worry the magic spell i put on you will let you understand what others are saying and they will understand what you are saying."

Gina nodded. "Well lets move out. Brianna and the rest of you that are furry or carrying weapons or have pointy ears activate the illusion device i gave you."

One by one they activated the holographic projectors and suddenly instead of an army of freaks and monster armed like an invasion force now stood a normal group American tourists.

Onoli smiled. "So what now."

Gina frowned. "We will move out. Find a place to eat some food and and rest a hour then take the rail road to Mount Fuji. It still a bit early."

The gang of 71 fighters nodded some food and rest before attacking a Were-rat city would be good.


"More Food." Tirga screamed as he flirted with the cute waitress.

Waitress --"Aiyaa if stupid man pinch me again i knock him out"--Old grandmother --"Granddaughter you do no such thing they are not what they seems.

Be careful.

I wonder if Son in law might know more about this."

Later in the train to mount Fuji.

Xander. "That food was really good."

All nodded it really was.

Julia frowned they sure moved like true fighter specially the old one. Maybe later she could investigate it.

The group was silent as the train carried them closer and closer nobody felt like talking or joking.

The rest of the tourists riding in the same part of the train slowly moved to a another part the smell of danger made them afraid.

Final the train stopped and they moved out away from the normal path of tourist.

Towards the two MAIN secret entries of the were-rats.

Silently with no words spoken they split them self up in four teams Two of them with a Mage each.

Theo in Team Alpha that would enter the main gate.

And Ionis in Team Beta that would enter the back door.

Team Gamma and delta would be the medical and evacuation teams as well as snipers if they spotted Gothwrain.

Xander took a deep breath removing his fears as he looked over his team the Beta. "Lets move. Zelda could you ring the door bell. Ionis see that the neighbors are not disturbed. After Zelda knocked on the door shoot the Teargas grenades"

Ionis nodded and putt a remove sound spell around the door and the area become Quiet.

Zelda she grinned lifting a BIG Rocket launcher 'Made by Brianna' stood printed in big gold writings on the rocket. "----- -----" She said but no one could hear her as the spell remove the sound.

The rocket impacted in the door with a HUGE *----* explosion that no body could hear.

And the door gone reveling a cave entrance.

Faith and Brianna grinned as they started to shoot in the teargas grenades a special mix created by Strypes alien race.

Similar to normal teargas you could avoid it by using a gasmask or swallowed a pill that made you immune for 24 hours.

Xander tapped Ionis on the shoulder "---- ---" he said.

Ionis blinked then nodded. "Right Dropping the spell." He said hoping it was that Xander said.

Xander nodded happy that the mage could follow order. "Lets move in. In four groups we move fast remember cover each other and watch out for traps. Peebo units clear areas."

The small Peebos currently painted like small cats screamed in joy as they rolled in "Geronimo."

"Yay Im going Boom first."

"Kill kill kill."

"Yay For momma and for glory."

And other things were heard from the cute robots small robots as they rolled inside hundreds of them.

They walked inside the Were-rats that guarded the gate were running blindly around trying to escape. But they had no chance.

Xander. "Use the stunners."

Dashi and some of the ninjas nodded shooting the Were-rats with a poison that would put them to sleep for hours.

On the other side of the mountain.

Buffy frowned why could they not let HER shoot the big rocket launcher.

Then the explosion silent came and the door was visible a cave inside was seen.

Around it Were-rats blinked in fear and confusion.

Gina grinned. "Tear gas grenades now."

Then the army of cute Peebos rolled in and unit Alpha moved inside.

Inside the secret city of were-rats.

Gothwrain blinked in anger as a guard rushed inside. "What is it why are you not knocking."

The guard swallowed. "Sir turned on the security channel five and two."

Gothwrain pressed a button growling angry at the guard. "This better be an invasion or i will have your skinned alive." He said then paled in fear as an army of Were-cats and Were-wolfs walked in thru the gates.

He swallowed nervously. "Call the city defenses. NOW dam it."

The guard. "I i already did sir they are on their way. But sir the intruder have silver weapons our magic alarm said so."

Gothwrain groaned in fear seeing Theodor walking always Theodor. He always would.

Then Gothwrain paled and started to shiver.

On monitor two a sight was seen that filled him with terror.

A young male Were-tiger suddenly transformed him self to a Were-Wolf. Then to a mix of Were-tiger-wolf hybrid.

"The prophecy. Eyes of the tigers fangs of the wolf." He said. "NO i will not. Guard Go now."

Gothwrain hurried up to his mage equipment they would not kill him with out a fight.

Chapter 38
Battle royal.

Suddenly the cave tunnel ended in a huge cavern lighted up by they could see a big city carved out from the volcano it self.

Thousands or more of Were-rats living down their.

And in their way was a small army of were-Rats armed with pistols, Swords, knifes, and small automatic guns.

A short moment the two groups stared at each others the were-rats tremble in the full fear as the Doom Gaze of Were-cats made them shiver then the shooting began.

The sound of Explosions and bullets came down on Xander like the sound of War Drums inside he could hear the Tiger and Wolf roar its fury and blood urges.

He could hear the anger and hate these shivering RATS had attacked HIS family.

He could hear the ancient fury of Iscaron once their lord and master screaming and judging the Rats to their extinction.

And everywhere he could smell the delicious smell of Yummy rats just ready for dinners.

And suddenly the world became Blood red in his anger as he lifted his Gatling in one hand and his sword in the other. Then he Charged the Rats.

And the Beat of drums was singing their song of death.


Twisted Sister We're Not Gonna Take It

Oh we're not gonna take it No, we ain't gonna take it Oh we're not gonna take it anymore


As Xander suddenly stood up from their protection Silver bullets flying towards him and towards the rats reigning death to both side a scream came unheard by Xander.

"No Beastie DONT. Get down." Faith yelled as He charged down.

The Gatling beat out a steady rain of death Silver bullet ripping the rats apart as and his strong legs carried him towards the rats protection.


We've got the right to choose it There ain't no way we'll lost it This is our life, this is our song


The Rats screamed as they saw the huge Were-Tiger rush them they fired bullets after bullets but not one manage to hit the monster the luck of fools protected him.

But his bullets was ripping in to the protections they had and in to the Rat-soldiers them self.

The invaders Faith and Team Beta continued to fire down silver death on the panicking defenders as they concentrated their fire on Xander.


We'll fight the powers that be just Don't pick our destiny 'cause You don't know us, you don't belong


Suddenly with a mighty jump Xander landed in the middle of the defenders.

"I am Death." He said in a furious voice as he attacked slicing the closest with his sword and still firing the big Gatling at the defenders that were standing further away.

Faith "Holy he made it. All right Team Beta move it. And be careful." One by one still protecting each others back they charged forward taking out Rat snipers.


Oh we're not gonna take it No, we ain't gonna take it Oh we're not gonna take it anymore


Jump, Shoot, Dodge, Slash, Shoot, Jump Was his life as he dived towards a another group of rats.

"Fall back run." An Officer among the Were-Rats said and the Defenders started to fall back.

Xander growled still in full pursuit mode.

One by one the Defenders dropped their guns and became small rats diving down in to small escape tunnels smaller then his arms.

And ran for their life.


Oh you're so condescending Your gall is never ending We don't want nothin', not a thing from you


Gothwrain held his mage bag tight as he watched the Camera transmission he was frozen in terror.

Death was walking among them.

Xander watched his team rush up to him. "Lets move. Faith Take half the team and support the alpha Team.

They probably still stuck.

Zelda gather up the rats guns and destroy them. "

He order them. A moment everybody stood still.

Xander growled and walked towards them. "You heard ME NOW MOVE IT.

And give me more ammunition. Im almost out."

Faith jumped. "Eee Yes sir." Something about Xander being cover by dripping wet with blood made her nervous.

Zelda nodded. "Eeeep Yes sir." She said.

Dashi for once decided not to sneak up on him right now instead he walked up and gave him the ammunition he needed.


Your life is trite and jaded Boring and confiscated If that's your best, your best won't do

Oh Oh

We're right (yeah) We're free (yeah) We'll fight (yeah) You'll see (yeah)


Zelda frowned as she and Ionis had put the Rats guns and swords in a huge pile. "Why are we destroying them."

Ionize grinned. "That way they cant return and stab us in the back."

Zelda she grinned that was actually smart.

Inside one of the hiding hole a Were-rat in its animal form Frowned that was not good the crazy cat was smart.

Xander on the other side moved forward sending bullets flying against any adult Were-rats he could find. "Death TO Gothwrain." HE screamed as a battle scream.

"Death TO Gothwrain." His team joined him screaming as the overwhelming smell of Yummy Were-rat send more and more of the Were-cats in to battle fury.


Oh we're not gonna take it No, we ain't gonna take it Oh we're not gonna take it anymore


Julia growled. "This will take for ever." She complained.

Theo smiled. "Dont worry my shield will hold and we WILL manage."

They were currently cut of by the Defenders.

Then Suddenly more guns were heard and the Defenders started to fire behind them.

Theo blinked. "Its Faith and part of the Beta team they are attacking from the behind." He frowned. "Lets help them team.

And the alpha team started to advance on the rats. And the battle scream of Faith was soon heard screaming by everybody "Death To Gothwrain."

Unseen by everybody a small Peebochu damaged unable to move its small robot body with any speed blinked as it saw a computer link up.

Grinning it connected to the cities speaker system and started to transmit the chanting. "Death to Gothwrain was soon heard everywhere."


Oh we're not gonna take it No, we ain't gonna take it Oh we're not gonna take it anymore

No way

Oh Oh

We're right (yeah) We're free (yeah) We'll fight (yeah) You'll see (yeah)


Inside his chamber the seer emptied his bottle of wine before fire one silver bullets thru his brain. It was faster this way.

Gothwrain stormed inside he would destroy the foolish Seer for not warning him. He froze seeing the dead Seer and a note -The two of us are dead-

Gothwrain growled he lived for Thousands of years NO way he would die no way.

Looking out he could see the city burning and in between the gunfire he could hear the chanting from everywhere. "Death to Gothwrain."

At that moment he needed new underpants.


Oh we're not gonna take it No, we ain't gonna take it Oh we're not gonna take it anymore


Oh we're not gonna take it No, we ain't gonna take it Oh we're not gonna take it anymore


Xander dried off some blood from his face in front of him he saw it a small castle build in the middle of the town. "Gothwrain YOUR MINE." He screamed out. "Ionis your with me."

Ionis The Mage swallowed. "Me why not wait for Dr Digger. He is stronger then me and he he barely can beat Gothwrain."

Xander grinned. "Your specialty is Water magic right. Theo specialty is life. And Gothwrain is Fire."

Ionis blinked. "Alright." And he grinned.

Fire mage had a weakness to water.

And HE had almost beaten Theo on more then one occasion.


Just you try and make us We're not gonna take it Come on!


Around the city the Were-cats where going berserk fire started to spread around destroying the town.

And the Were-rats ran for their life escaping leaving the burning city like rats leaving a sinking ship.


No, we ain't gonna take it You're all worthless and weak We're not gonna take it anymore


Theo frowned. "Many of the Were-cats are going in battle frenzy. This is not good."

Jetta smiled. "Remember the Cats were created by Iceron to destroy the rats. The battle just pushed them over the edge. They be normal afterwards."

Theo nodded he hoped so. He could see a yellow blur moving faster then his eyes could follow as his adopted daughter Brittany moved with the full speed of a Were-cheetah killing Were-rats faster then they could blink.

He was glad Lydia, Romeo was outside right now.

Moisha some how he almost wished she was inside the over friendly bubbly girl some how irritated him to no end.


Now drop and give me twenty We're not gonna take it Oh crinch pin


"Knock knock." Xander said as he send the last bullets thru the door opening them as he dropped the big Gatlin down.

Inside he could see the oldest Were-rat he ever seen looking at him like a rat seeing the cat. Magic fire surrounded him making him look like a demon from hell and a sword was in his hands.

"Gothwrain i presume." Xander said grabbing his sword tight.

Ionis by his side.


No, we ain't gonna take it Oh you and your uniform We're not gonna take it anymore


Ionis swallowed that fire mage was powerful he hoped he his water spells were stronger.

And mist formed around him as he started to protect both of them.

Surprising both Xander and Gothwrain attacked the same time.

A ball of fire was suddenly flying towards them as Xander rushed Gothwrain.

Ionis groaned in pain but the water shield he put on himself and Xander held up against the raging inferno the both of them now was inside of.

But he still felt like a boiled lobster.

And the clinging sound of Swords VS Swords was heard as Xander and Gothwrain started to fight standing in side the burning room.

Ionis swallowed it looked like they were fighting in hell it self.

And the walls suddenly cracked by the heat of the fire.


Faith stared at the castle. "Look" She yelled and they stared even hiding Were-rats stopped and stared.

Inside a raging inferno of fire they could see a Were-rat Gothwrain fighting sword against sword against Xander.

She could see that Xander evry now and then changed from Were-Tiger to Were-wolf that always made her confused.

Theo "Holly CRAP."

Julia "You said it."

Were-rat "Its the END of our city."


Xander jumped sending a flying kick thru the guard pushing Gothwrain back.

Then suddenly Ionis dropped his magic was finished he could no longer up held the magic.

And Xander screamed in pain as the fire suddenly started to consume him burning his body

Gothwrain stood up laughing. "You Die DIE." Then he froze in shock no way the pain it would be to much.

Growling in fury the burning body of Xander moved forward. "Lets fight." He said attacking Gothwrain again.

Gothwrain parried the sword but failed to see the Claws suddenly gripping him by his neck and lifting him up.

Xander growled in fury as he ripped the Were rats head off spitting out blood and flesh. Around him the fired died down.


Faith swallowed Xander stood their nude as the day he was born his skin was a 3 degree burn. Slowly healing by the magic of Were-animals.

And on the street Gothwrains head followed by his body landed dripping with blood it send shiver of fear inside the heart of both attackers and defenders as the burned body of Xander walked down carrying the human mage down.

Xander looked around. "Burn the city. Burn IT ALL. DO not kill children or rats escaping. But the rest kill them." One by one the attacker started to follow his order the hidden city of Were-rats were no more.

Theo swallowed. "Are you sure this is the right."

Xander stared at him. "This rats by manipulation manage to destroy almost every Were-cheetah and decimated the Were-wolfs. With NO home with no home they are now in the same position as the Were-wolfs and the Were-cheetahs are."

He looked around. "In exile they will not be able to attack anymore and us Wolfs and the Cheetahs have a chance to rebuild again."

Julia nodded. "Its a good plan but in the future it will create more problem."

Xander rolled his eyes. "I know. Our best hope is Dawn if she have kids. Her blood hold both us cats and the rats they might create peace in the future."

Julia nodded. "And you and Lydia i believe."

Xander shook his head. "No not Lydia she broke up with me. I have to much rat blood in my hands for her to be with me."

Around them the air filled with smoke as the city burned.

Outside the City...

Lydia watched as Were-rats started to rush out from the escape tunnels in greater and greater number.

Adults children old male and females.

They were running and smoke came out from the tunnels the city her home was burning it was the end of the city she was born inside.

Tears fell as she watched knowing that she and her friend had become Judas for their own race.

Inside of her she knew that a new life was growing a child.

She wonder if it was a chimera like its father.

Romeo and Moisha hugged her. "Dont cry."

Lydia snorted. "Why ***** not you and Moisha is crying."

Moisha. "We are like the emotional ones."

Lydia continued crying even more as she hugged her friends closer. "I i am pregnant it its his child. And i cant i just cant live with him anymore. I love him like a friend. But not like that. What should i do?"

Romeo sighed. "We talk to him. Lydia no matter what we are all family and we be their for you."

Lydia nodded weakly she loved Xander but not like a mate or husband anymore. But like a friend a brother.

Him destroying the Were-rats where just to much she could forgive him but not make love with him after that.

Chapter 39

Two month after the victory over the Were-rats...

They had return after a football game and where now celebrating the victory.

Xander Grinned watching the football team partied.

Buffy walked over. "So what are you going to do about Lydia."

Xander frowned at her. "Nothing. We are friends. I will help her support the child or children. But we cant be together anymore.

Every time i hug her i can see the dead were-rats i killed.

And she cant help to flinch i have the blood of hers on my body."

Buffy sighed as she sat down. "But you are the Dad of her kid."

Xander nodded. "I am. But if we would married it would not last. Now the child have a father that will love him or her. A mother that that will do the same." Xander laught. "And IF Romeo manage to convince Lydia he my child will have a GREAT step father."

Buffy snorted. "It still is not right."

Xander nodded. "Its life Buffy. Now lets party."

"What are you two up to?" Brianna said grinning as she sat down beside them clearly the Were-cheetah was a bit tipsy by the drinks. Xander grinned. "Nothing You like to Dance Brianna?"

Buffy blinked. Before she started to grin. "Faith. FAITH come." She said waving over her friend.

Faith rolled her eyes. "What Buffy WHAT?"

Buffy pointed. "Look Beast. I mean Xander and Brianna dont you think they would make a fine couple?"

Faith frowned then nodded. "I think so. Got a plan."

Buffy nodded. "Yea i do. Its kind of stupid but."

Faith "I aint the smartest girl in the block so whats the plan."

Buffy grinned holding up a scroll. "I found this. Its a spell to bring out your real emotion unhindered by your pride and fears. For a night."

Faith blinked. "Where did you get that. And why do you have it on you."

Buffy smiled. "i found it alright. And i i was planning on using it on myself."

Faith blinked. "Why on yourself."

Buffy sighed. "I stupid anger pride i dont even know how i feel.

Their is two guys i love and i cant. I dont know one of them is wrong so wrong but i i really love he, him."

Faith nodded. "I see. We could ask Willow she like to use magic."


"ARE YOU CRAZY?" Willow screeched. "I i cant do that."

Buffy pouted. "But Willow its for a good cause. And you can do it to me." She said grinning her two loves were nearby so.

Faith shrugged. "What ever Red hit me also. It might be fun."

Willow snorted she really did not like the skanky girl specially after she found out that the bitch was smarter then she was. "I bet you think so."

Outside in the dance room.

"Really this is to much sound for my taste." Giles complained. "I wonder what the girls are up to." He could see Willow, Faith and Buffy talking to each others now and then peeking out watching the them.

Wesley nodded. "I know i do hope none of them are going to do anything stupid."

Theo grinned. "I do nothing so. They are smart young ladies. Even if Willow is a bit careless with magic Im sure its only a stage she is going thru."

On the dance floor Xander skill in martial arts and his Were-chimera tiger/wolf body made him quite the hunk for the girls to drool over. And Briannas slim big breasted Were-cheetah body was just perfect for the boys to lust over.

A huge circle had formed around them chanting and clapping hands as they were dancing swinging their tails in the beat of the music.

On the sideline...

"Come one lover boy." Lilith said grabbing the surprised Dashi and dragging the Ninja on the dance floor as she started to move with a flexibility only a Were-jaguar could manage with out breaking their bones.

Her body was literally crawling over Dashis body all with the beat of the music leaving the Ninja feeling both weak and stiff.

Gina smiled as she danced with her boyfriend Ryan Talbot she really wished they could be more then girlfriends and boyfriend she was 22 dam it.

Willow sighed. "All right i do it ON one condition NO one will EVER tell anyone that I did this its our secret as far as the other know it was somebody else.

The spell will only remove the fear from those that have a love or like they are afraid of acknowledge. And i must do it to everybody."

Buffy nodded.

Faith shrugged she knew who she loved. Even if her love was interested in others.

Xander danced.

Brianna Danced.

Theo smiled wishing he could grab his wife and teleport them away from this place so that they could have wild sex. But that would not be polite.

Gina danced.

Ryan Danced.

Willow chanted. A wave of light washed thru the crowd.

Buffy grinned Grabbing the surprised Faith giving her the mother of all kisses. "I love you for so long." She said lifting Faith in her arms and walked out.

Faith grinned sitting in Buffy arms. "I can live with that."

Willow blinked that was surprising.

She carefully peaked out.

Theo frowned. "DARLING lets go." He said teleporting himself and his wife away.

Xander shrugged. "Look like your dad got bored with the party."

Brianna nodded. "Yea. Do you like me?"

Xander "I do. I i think i love you but Im a nobody your like a genius beautiful wonderful. And Im just a fighter a nobody."

Brianna hugged him and kissed him. "I have wanted you sense Whistler took you home to us."

And they continued to dance.

Gina "Ryan do you love me?"

Ryan nodded "I do. I love you and if i was rich i would ask you to marry me. But Im not Im just a wandering fighter a nobody."

Gina "To late you asked i accept."

Ryan blinked. "I ask what?"

Gina smiled. "If you could marry me." She said hugging him closer as she continue dancing.

Ryan blinked. "I did." He then grinned she said YES.

Wesley turned to Giles. "I hope you dont hate me but. I really love you man."

Giles dropped his beer and froze. "I i i like females."

Wesley nodded depressed. "I know." He said sighing.

Xander blinked as he watched Buffy carrying the happy grinning Faith to an empty bedroom. "Brianna would you like to go out to dinner with me?"

Brianna nodded.

Willow grinned operation true love was a raging success.

"Willow wh. What are you doing?" Tara said in angry voice.

Willow blinked "i Im. Nothing Love muffin."

Tara eyes gleamed as hidden urges and fears were gone. "Call me mistress. And move it my pet."

Willow blinked. "Bu but. I i."

Tara grinned gripping her girlfriends hands in her own stronger ones. "You need to be spanked." She said kissing Willow.

Willow blinked the threefold rule did not work this way but she was not complaining as her mistress and her moved upstairs.


Dawn grinned as she listen to Lilith telling her the strange things that happened during the party. "I wish i had been their."

Lilith smiled. "Yea who knew Ninjas had that much stamina." She said thinking about Dashi.

Xander carefully read the papers trying to get an idea on where he would ask Brianna to go he could hear from behind him movement. "Hi Faith, Buffy i do hope you had a wonderful night."

Faith grinned. "I sure have."

Buffy nodded behind her.

Xander smiled. "Im glad but Im also afraid that some body used magic yesterday it might not be real feelings."

Faith shook her head. "No its real. We were near Red when the spell hit us. Red said it was a remove fear spell."

Xander frowned looking over the two slayers that looked innocent and sweet as sugars. "Alright. If you tell me the truth i will not be angry."

Buffy swallowed. "We we."

Xander sighed. "Was it Willows idea or yours."

Faith blinked. "Mine." She froze as Xander looked at her. "Buffys." She corrected her self.

Xander nodded. "Only a remove fear spell. You said."

The two girls nodded.

Xander stood up. "Im not angry and i will NOT tell anybody BUT Im disappointed in you all."

Buffy looked at Faith "It was worth it." She said kissing her girlfriend she finally hade the courage.

Later next week...

Xander smiled as he and his girlfriend Brianna was coming home after a wonderful night of hunting vampires and watching the movie.

He froze seeing Julia and Jetta standing waiting for him.

Julia smiled. "In a year and two month time just after your 20 years old birthday the tournament of Arms will be held in jade.

You Xander will fight as MY student and as a part of the Tirga clan."

Xander groaned. "I see. I will do my best Master." He said bowing for his sensei.

Julia grinned. "Good. I will train you hard. So will Jetta and during the summer i have Brod to give you some training in power stile of fighting."

Brianna blinked. "You birthday is in two months." She asked surprised. Xander nodded. "Uuh yea so what? And how did you find out?"

Mary his mother grinned. "They asked and i told them. Your 19 years old birthday will be celebrated for once."

Xander blushed. "You dont need to make a big fuss of it its nothing."

Julia giggled. "To late i told the rest of your friends i think the world you kids use is party."

Xander groaned. "Ooh man."

In the world Jade and the undead realm.

Jonathan Digger once the friendly and loved Father of Theodor Digger grinned the grin of an undead Lich.

"Did you get the gem?" He asked his Secretary.

She nodded happy. "Like completely master."

The Lich king laught as he watched the yellow gem he would punish the fools that made him weak and the world would suffer in his vengeance.


In the world of Jade...

Bemoth smiled. "Great Dawn remember the laws is more then just writing in a book its what define a government and is in its on way a contract between the rulers and the civilians.

If the leaders can not follow their own laws then the civilians have no reason to do so."

Dawn frowned but nodded. "I see. Are you going to teach me anything more?"

Bemoth "Not today But do tell me what Im am so curious what have happened on the Hellmouth sense last week." Inside he grinned hearing her tell about the strange things happening was better then watching soap operas.

Chapter 40
The Tournament of Arms.

Times go fast if you keep your self busy.

Xander could barely believe his eyes it felt like yester day that he celebrated his 19 years old day it was wonderful the greatest birthday he ever had.

Then came Dawn first birthday as '15' or 1 year.

Now he had celebrated his 20 years on earth. He was adult a man a 20 year old man.

And he would fight in the Arena in the tournament of arms.

If he had luck and skills he might get the chance to fight the arms masters.

Big ugly Troll. "Hey you Tiger are you awake?"

Xander. "Huh what? OO yea."

Ugly troll. "Stupid kid. Name, Teacher, and clan?"

Xander blinked. "Xander LaVelle Tigris, Teacher Julia Brigand Digger, and Clan Tirga."

The ugly troll looked up. "Your teacher is Julia." He looked impressed as he printed the information down on the scroll. "Alright kid. Your qualification fight is noon tomorrow dont be late." The troll said giving him the paper with the time and place of the duel.

Xander nodded gripping the paper. And walking out.

Behind him he could hear the troll.

"Next. Name, Teacher, And Clan?" Say to the next fighter.

Outside the gang waited Brianna his girlfriend and if she agreed his fianc She hugged him. "So how did it go?"

Xander grinned waving the paper. "Im in."

Lydia holding the twins his kids two really cute Were-chimeras one ratwolf-girl the other Rattiger-girl. Smiled. "Go Beastie."

At her side Romeo her husband. Nodded "I hope you win."

Xander did think it was a bit strange but some how they were all friends and family.

Dawn nodded. "Yea Dad i hope you kick their butts."

With that they returned to the tavern they were staying in.

Tomorrow would most likely be a hard day and he would NOT like to fail that would dishonor Julia and she would kick his furry butt.

She said so herself.

The Retreat the name of the town where the Tournament of arms were held was filled with fighters thousands of fighters and hundreds of thousands of families and watchers that came from the four corners of the world just to watch the fights.

The duels tomorrow would be a qualification fights to sort away the bad fighters.

The ones that fight before did not have to qualified.

And IF you manage to win over all the fighters you could earn the right to duel against one of the Arms master and gain the title as a arms master yourself.

Xanders chances of that were small if even existing. At least for now.

The Tavern.

Julia smiled as her student walked in. "So your in then."

Xander nodded. "Im fighting tomorrow at Noon. A Durgal the cruncher, Student of Rakatha clan Dun-hill."

Julia smiled. "Dun-hill they are giants like mom live near the dwarfs. Be careful they are skilled fighters.

Now dont do anything stupid you have a big day tomorrow and i expect you to qualify."

Xander nodded. "Brianna lets go upstairs and rest."

Grinning they walked up.

Julia smiled. "Kids." she watched them walk up before turning and started to talk to the rest.

Next day...

The duel was held in one of the smaller arenas a fighting pit in the back of the arena of arms.

Durgal was big almost 10 feet tall and he held a big warhammer in his right hand and a shield in the other.

Xander bow down he was holding a long sword one with dull edges you could cut with it but not deep.

In his right hand and a short sword in his left.

"Good luck and may the best fighter win."

Durgal frowned a bit. "Yea lets the best of us win. ME."

Xander smiled.

The judge looked them over. "A clean fight no magic or magic weapons. Just skill." He backed away. "Fight."

Durgal smiled watching Xander movement carefully.

Xander walked circling around the giant slowly waiting studying the big guy for an opening or a mistake.

So far Durgal looked like a fortress build with out gates.

Then Xander grinned Durgal only protected his lower and part of his upper body.

He was so use to fighter that could not reach his head shoulders that he did not protect those parts.

Xander frowned could it be so easy or was that a built in hole in his defense a trap to trick a fool to attack and then BAM.

A quick stab at the chest with the long sword that the giant parried. And a small cut at the face that the giant barely manage to parry with the shield.

Xander grinned it look like the hole in his defense were real hole.

Then Durgal attacked. Slam crush, Slam Crush, Kick, Xander dodged and dodged the warhammer but the kick tripped him.

Xander landed hard on his shoulder Durgal grinned as he attacked sending the Warhammer down in a bone breaking hit against his chest. Xander rolled in a ball barely managed to avoid the warhammer as it crushed the stone floor.

Jumping up to a standing position Xander attacked fast and furious Durgal was good during attack and obvious could speed himself up.

Slash, kick, stab. Slash, catch.

Durgal parried with the shield two times then the last attack he parried with the warhammer but suddenly Xander dropped the short sword and before the giant had time to react Xander held the warhammer in a firm grip and the two started to wrestle the weapon trying to steal it from the other.

Xander waited pulled in the warhammer as strong as he could.

He was stronger but Durgal was bigger and used that to his advantage. Then the moment came Durgal attacked with the shield trying to break his left arm.

At that moment Xander dropped the hammer and stabbed his long sword up in the shoulder.

Durgal screamed in pain as blood started to drip down.

Xander walked back. "I win."

Julia smiled from the watching position. "Sneaky Im impressed."

Lydia snorted. "I dont understand why he even agreed on doing this. Its barbaric."

Julia looked at the young Were-rat they had become friends and she did try to stop using bad words as she was now a mother.

"Its tradition.

Long ago this world were controlled by demons.

The Shadows they ruled the world using technology and magic.

Then the mages came using magic and skilled fighter they step by step manage to drive the technology using demons away from this world.

But the true victory came when the first Arms master came. He or she learned to use the life that flows inside of us and outside to boost strength speed and tolerance and the arms master students joined in and step by step they drove the Shadows away."

Lydia frowned. "So just because of that."

Julia "No not only Jade have a problem the undead realm is part of Jade. Undead have a weakness against anybody using life force to boost their fighting.

Then is the fear that the Shadows will return it is prophesied that will happen if the gate is opened again"

Lydia snorted. "Still its barbaric."

Finally Xander came up. "So master Im in the tournament now."

Julia smiled "Great. Now we rest and wait to see when your first fight is. Then we do some training."

Xander nodded. "Im going to celebrate my victory do you like to come along. Julia, Lydia?"

Lydia grinned then stopped. "I i cant i."

Julia "I keep the kids safe. Run away and have fun your only young once."

Lydia smiled as she handle over her and Xanders kids. "Thanks."

Xander "Yea thanks. Lets get the rest of the gang." With that they rushed away to find Brianna and the others.

Xander grinned this would be fun he would finally see how good he was in fighting against real fighters.

In a competition not in a duel on life or death he could barely wait.

The End