A light in the darkness of the night

Author: Hatten_jc <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

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Chapter 1

The end of the begining.

Xander where standing agienst a tall pine wood looking out in the darkness pondering the facts of life.

"It shoulden be like this you know" Xander stated. A tall demon sitting by the camp fire look out to the human "What do you mean" she ask.

Xander look back "When the first evil died, We expected to fighting to lessen and it did just before it all when to hell" He said.

The demon smiled grimly "Not for us. Whey you killd the First the vultures started to fight to become the next ruler of hell." The demons growled a bit and tussed a bit of wood in the fire.

Xander nodded "On earth the quite years almost no vampire and demons activity"

"I do remember" the demon said "But in the helldimension. The fighting demons armys and hellgods where tearing eatchother apart backstabing and murdering." The demon look up at the fire pondering her past life "its no wonder that we loost when the powers got involved"

Xander "i wonder about that and what happend" The demon look up agien "They manage to kill the strongest of the hellgods then one of us panict"

Xander "So it was your side that did it" The demon look up "Im not sure. Suddenly we demons hade the abilty to choce between good and evil and grow old and die. just like you humans." The demons cast a bitter look at Xander "Dont take me wrong most of us are angy hatefull and have urge to fight. But now more and more of us try to live in peace. And some become crazy"

Xander smile "your thinking about the opening of the hellmouths" He said. The demon smiled "Yhea i am. It not that bad many demons now more intresting in ruling then destroying. Beside even the powers let us be now"

Xander closest his one eye "But our civilication is destroy the civil wars and army of crazy demons and humans nuckler attack destroy us" The demon smiled biterly "It did that but civilication is restarting it self human is fighting back some side by side with my kind. some of the helldimensions is use to grow food in now days."

Xander "Maby but its probly generation before humans can walk safe on earth. And probly soon most of us will be half demons anyway" he said as he satt down by the demon side. The demon look with sadnes at her frind "at least you are not my slave. And i know human will survive and prosper eventuly" She said.

Xander nodded resting his head at her sholder "I know i know Lilith. I know" he said to the demon. As they satt down togheter wondering where they should go and what they would do.

The End