A New Game

Author: John "Hatten" Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

Disclaimer: I dont own jack or shit.

This is a continuing saga of Xander and gang in a fantasy world.

PS: Feed back IS the Food of Bunnies. = What Im really saying is that i am a pathetic fool with lousy self-confidence in my writing ability that loves feedback...

Warrior princes = Buffy

Cleric = Angel

Demon goddess = Willow

Kragg Barbarian = Giles.

Ranger elf. = Xander.

Miss Pryde = A cat once dressed up as a Moon cat by her owner now Xander pet.

Joyce an elven of Pyar type.

TT = Tiberius Travis a human Fighter.

Mara = Etyren female Kragg barbarian.

Selia Clan Rigdari, House Furani.

Ghulik Clan Samar, House Samar. A friend and the King of Clan Samar.

Willow become a Demon goddess in By the Role of a die and are up to no good.

Buffy have finally given birth to Twins a boy and a girl named Hope and Rupert in part 47 of Roll of the die.

Xander is calling himself: Xander from the House and Clan Aled Most Elves have a clan and a clan is divided in different houses each house have 2-3 different Family.

Claiming that he is House and clan Aleda indicate that he is from a small clan and from the ruling family.

At part 1 of A new game its exactly a year after part 55 of by the role of the die.

Miss Pryde have manage to find her self a Tom-cat and are currently mother of five small cats.

Two female cats and the rest tom-cats.

Chapter 1

Part 1
We meet again.

Xander smiled as he hugged Buffy and the babies. "See you later." He looked at Angel friendly smiling human Angel. "And you to live boy."

Angel grinned trying to look angry. "We do that."

Xander sighed. "I am happy that the two of you decided to stay here." He said looking around the Samar fortress.

Buffy smiled. "They might need a Slayers help and my babies are safe here. They all help protect them."

Xander grinned. "Thats fine i would not like anything bad happening to Mine godchildren."

He turned around. "Giles. No thats wrong Dad I be seeing you."

Giles the librarian nodded. "More then you think boy. Im going to the Kragg mountain for the life festival then i planning on going east seeing and learning more. I planning on seeing you in Alarin."

Xander frowned a bit. "Ooh what about Buffy."

Giles smiled. "She have Angel AND Joyce i am going to come back here they are my slayers after all."

Xander nodded. "Well then its me and Selia."

"And me DwD." TT said grinning.

Xander sighed. "TT.. your... coming with... us how.... wonderful."

TT nodded happy he could see Xander eyes were twinkling. "Yea planning on seeing the world and making lots of friends."

Xander smiled. "what about your girlfriend."

TT "She is married nice guy but a bit stiff.

I dont think he really like that his wife have a human lover.

So it good for my health being faraway."

Xander nodded. "I see. Welcome then."

Selia looked up at the Blimp that were still standing their now a statue a symbol. "I miss traveling in that thing. Fast and comfortable."

But the order, 'Brothers of the Blade' the new warrior order created by the Samar had two new built Blimps stronger and tougher.

Among the Warrior orders they were new but had already got a reputations as tuff and brilliant fighters.

Now all the champions of the Samar battle had a silver cloak buckle symbolizing that had been THERE in THE battle that they were Brothers family and friends.

The buckle had no real symbol of ranks except the Samar king the one they swore their loyalty to his was gold.

Symbolizing he was the dad of their family.

And Xanders had of some reason been given a shield with the symbol of the order painted in gold.

It was a future clan treasure a shield of honor.

Currently he had Miss Pryde store it away in her subspace Pocket.

Last Xander turned to Miss Pryde. "So sure you like to come with me?" He asked.

Miss Pryde nodded. "My kitten do no longer need me for food. And King Ghulik have promised to raise one of the females kitten hopefully she will stay here and help him.

The My other baby i have to leave in a Mother temple the priest will look after her and raise her."

Xander nodded. "You could stay and the Dwarf would protect them."

Pryde shook her head. "No. They have greater chance of surviving if i leave them. It make me sad but i live longer then humans we meet again and i will have more kittens."

Xander smiled. "Well your welcome. And So are you," he said to the tired kitten that wonder what all about.

Humans stupid why could they not pet her.

Miss Pryde smiled stupid humans did they not see that both of them liked to be petted.

Putting the cats in the carrying bag Xander jumped up on his horse followed by Selia and TT he rode of in the sunrise for adventure and a game.

Part 2

A large number of Sausage was slowly roasting over the fire spreading a delicious smell. Under the fire wrapped up in bark were potatoes slowly being baked.

TT turned his head away from the food once again cursing the lack of Microwaves and fast food delivery. "So what are your plans in Alarin Xander?"

Xander frowned as he stopped working on a strange gizmo. "Im not sure First i think i have to drop by Consabrien and visit the Knight Sir Verdukar the Dragon. Probably irritate him a bit to get a not cryptic answer. Then their are things that interest me."

TT nodded. "Verdukar a dragon thats a Knight. Can he ride?"

Xander nodded, "yes he is a defender of the throne so one of the kings gave him his spurs.

And no he cant find a horse big enough.

Its a standing joke and saying 'If Sir Verdukar learns to ride, then you must learn everything' Meaning that a person can be good at what he do even if he lack an important skill."

TT "So piss off a Dragon. You do know a wise girl said to me 'Do not anger a dragon because you are small and taste good with ketchup'." Xander grinned. "I will do my best. Beside their are things i need to do their.

The clans in Alarin the Learams home have decided that i should inherent a small castle as the lord of the land.

So i need to go their and see the sheep herders working my land."

TT frowned "Why you did nothing to or for them."

Xander nodded. "Yes but many of the Learam believe in THE Dragon."

TT blinked. "Huh they worship dragons."

Xander. "No they believe the whole universe created by ONE dragon. That dragon later created the gods.

And the Gods created LIFE.

When that happened THE DRAGON created dragons as HIS/HERS agents in this world.

The Gods are Above and beyond the Dragons.

But even the gods but even the gods do not order a dragon to do ANYTHING."

TT blinked. "Ooh... I see i think."

Selia came back. "Its complicated most Believing in the old belief worship different gods but they obey dragons as emissaries of higher powers. The Lumial as symbols of order helping them to improve them self.

The Morchas as symbol of change chaos and punishment. They test the strength of individuals and whole civilizations if they are weak they will burn it down."

Miss Pryde looked down at Kitty her eyes were glowing as she spoke mind to mind with her kitten. "You see mortals to often talk about non important things. We cats do not. But our mission is to guide and help important mortals to do that we have to listen and learn about the stupid things they talk about."

The kitten Kitty frowned that was so stupid. Why could they not pet her. Finally TT started to pet her.

TT sat down picked up the small kitten. "Well Im hungry is the food ready yet."

Xander frowned. "Aaa in a minute."

Two month later.

"Finally no more mosquitoes." TT said.

He looked over at his elven friends. "Why are they bothering me so much and not you?"

Xander smiled "should we tell him"

Selia "WE did promise to do that once we were out of the forest."

Xander nodded. "Your hands you constantly wave them to get rid of the pest.

And you stinks. We wash our armor everyday so that we dont stink."

TT blinked Sniffing. "I dont feel a think. Ooo right elven nose. Why did you not tell me before." His eyes turned hard. "You kept silent because the mosquitoes would bother ME not you."

Xander smiled grimly. "Exactly."

Laughing the Two elfs rode down in the small kingdom of Drunok.

Muttering curses TT followed.

Arlon capital of Drunok.

Xander smiled it been a long time more then a year and nine month sense last time he was their.

Then the riots were burning part of town and a Death-Ghoul was making a fuss.

Hopefully the guards had forgotten about that and about him.

"Holy birds of a feather Is Darkwing Duck." The guard at the gates screamed.

Xander groaned. "So much for forgetting. Hi Anything i need to know before i enter the town. Except bind my weapons and no range weapons."

The guard smiled as he told him about the taxes.

They road inside the town was remarkably loud music and artist were every where, Clowns he hated them.

A mime artist is always a good thing to waste.

They opened the doors to the Inn and silently walked inside.

Xander "I go and fix us some room."

Selia "I fix something to eat. Anything special"

Xander nodded. "I feel like eating something Tirak would eat."

TT "Anything you two consider food would be great. You chose if you eat it i will eat. I go and do nothing constructive."

TT grinned as he could see a storyteller spinning tales for travelers. He walked over not directly TV but better then nothing.

Flipping the storyteller a coin he sat down.

"Then the mighty Darkwing duck, Grab the Troll by its throat. His friend the Beast man TaTa used his Claw to cut the monster down." The storyteller said as he told the story about the battle against the Frakk Tiraks.

TT Desperately tried to keep the giggling down to a minimum as they glared evil at him.

Then Xander came in his chest armor still on with the symbol of the Duck. And the cloak buckle symbol of a 'brother of the blade'. "Are you done here TT we were planning on eating outside they have table their?"

TT giggled stood up. "Sure Im coming." He let the storytellers that have frozen in shock see the gloves he had in his belt steel gloves with long blades shaped like Claws.

And the mark of the Brother of the Blade.

Still giggling after the food were eating Xander finally had to ask.

Moment later the three were laughing.

Drying her eyes Selia smiled. "Well TaTa sounds a bit wimpy."

TT nodded. "I am suffering but what can i do?"

As they sat enjoying the food A man walked up to them.

"Excuse me you are the Lord Darkwing duck."

Xander nodded. "Some call me that. Why?"

The man. "You have been summon the king needs you favor."

Xander sighed. "Ooh for crying out loud why me. Alright i come then."


Xander frowned as the return to the Inn.

Selia looked at him, "what is it."

Xander. "Na nothing they want me to carry two scrolls One to the King of Consabrien and one to the mage guild in Asharien."

Selia nodded. "most be important and dangerous."

Xander nodded. "Curse of my life live in interesting times."

The door opened and an angry TT came inside. "You know what i FOUND OUT?"

They shook their heads.

TT growling continued. "MY claws they have stolen the design and some traders have spread the weapon. Lot of young fools run around using MY trade mark attack." He silently sat down muttering angry.

Xander grinned before laughing. "I found out their is a crazy fool in Asharien that calls him self Night Rat bringer of justice."

TT smiled. "Our evil master plan is working."

Xander nodded. "Finally we influenced others in to wear stupid disguise and use foolish names." And evil master mind laught started.

Selia rolled her eyes. "You two are so silly."

Xander. "Yes but i will get you in to a skin tight hero uniform one of these days."

Selia. "They are useless for fighting."

Xander rolled his eyes. "Your not going to wear them fighting only before sex."

Selia giggled. "You are so silly."

Xander nodded happy, "and proud of it. TT get the hell out we are going wild monkey now."

TT nodded. "See you two kids later," he walked out carrying two cats. "Now what should we do ladies."

Miss Pryde "We could visit a temple i need to talk to a priest."

TT nodded "Right."

Miss Kitty frowned obvious her mother was silly believing she would be better off in the safety of a temple. What fun would that be.

Sure petting would increase but not the fun.

Time to make up cunning plans to spoil her mother.. Ooh the tail this time i catch it. She got distracted.

TT grinned as the kitten started to hunt its tail inside the carrying bag.

Miss Pryde rolled her eyes Kitten so lack of self control.

She was a adult cat hunting her own tail was something she did in her own room and privacy of her human not so anybody could see it.

Part 3
Walking the old road.

Miss Pryde sighted as the temple of the Mother goddess Elian or Lenae came in sight.

She really did not like to leave any of her Kitten.

She did feel that they would be safer one protected by Ghulik the King of Samar the other protected by the priest of Elian.

But that did not mean that she liked leaving them.

TT smiled as he walked inside. "You do not need to do this."

Miss Pryde gave him a look that clearly said she was cat and female and most likely would not listen to reason.

TT nodded and kept silence.

Miss Pryde jumped out of the carrying basket and walked up to a priest. "Sir where are the head priest i need to speak to him or her."

The Priest blinked. "YOU." I screamed.

Miss Pryde nodded. "Me if you finally stopped stating the obvious could you actually try doing something intelligent."

A voice interrupted them. "That will not be necessary. Brother Mela would you be so kind to prepare something for us to eat. Beer. Water. Fish." It was the head priest standing far behind them.

The priest hurried away to do as order.

Miss Pryde looked up at the older priest. "You really should invest in smarter priest." she said smugly.

He sighed. "And you should learn politeness."

TT laught. "Good joke." Miss Pryde stared angry at him.


They were eating Miss Pryde gently picking away the bones to feed her kitten or herself.

TT smiling as he drank his beer and talked a bit with the old Priest. The priest drank his beer talking gently and slowly questioning his guest and like any priest trying to convert non believer.

Kitty the kitten did what every kitten do in a new place. Between bites of food she was playing with scrolls.

Playing with holy artifacts.

Playing with a string.

Playing with Mommas tail.

Playing with the Priest fingers.

Playing with her food.

All in all it was fun.

"So what can i do for you My lady?" The priest finally said. Petting the now sleeping Kitten.

Miss Pryde looked down. "I i ask if you could raise my daughter. She need a safe home and."

The Priest lifted the small kitten in one hand petting it. "I would be honored but NO."

Miss Pryde blinked. "Why NOT?"

The priest continue petting the small kitten that now was awake trying to bite of his fingers. Luckily the Priest had fingers harden by work. He grimaced. "You are a mother i believe that a child should be with its mother.

When she is older then we can protect her.

But if you really like protection you and you child could stay with us."

Miss Pryde growled in irritation. "I cant i have my duty."

The Priest nodded. "So do i. Here take her," he said removing the kitten that had quite fun biting his index finger.

"We do the work of our goddess and i am not going to remove a child from her mother even if she say so."

Pryde nodded stuck between overjoyed and worried sick.

Luckily she is a cat and the emotion soon become normal love of her kitten again.

The Priest smiled rubbing his index finger. "Our church will always be open to you and your children the story about our Mothers arrival and blessing of you have been spread.

We do know that you bow down for NO god or goddess but serve the force of good.

And that our goddess respect you so we welcome you."

Pryde smiled a cat smile. "I do respect you Goddess. Now that i seen that she said and did what she told i am willing to bow my head to her. Worship her no but believing in her yes."

The priest smiled. "Well you are a cat pride and all right?"

Pryde nodded.

TT grinned, "let her face a Dragon and no pride as she run with her tail between." He fell silence as Miss Pryde hissed at him.

The Kitten just decided its sleepy time and she found the perfect sleeping place.

Miss Pryde groaned. That would take for ever to clean up.

The priest sighted. No the kitten landed inside his newly mix of green Ink.

TT tried not to laught.

The Kitten Hissed in fury something green and Icky all over her fur and it tasted Uuh.

The priest sighted as he took the kitten. "Dont worry its ink made of plants. It will not hurt her. But we do need to clean her of in water. And Im afraid she will be quite green for time."

Miss Pryde nodded. "Well you and TT clean her i stay away from water if i can."

The Kitten Hisst in fury Water -Aaaaarg- But the evil adults did not care about her which even momma betrayed her...


Xander study the green Kitten. "Is their anything you like to tell me Pryde?"

As the cat refuse to say anything he shrugged and they rode off it was a long way to Camarr and this time they would go along the road instead of thru the wild dessert.

As the sun rose above the farmlands of Drunok our heroes and a angry Kitten left the town riding forward.

Somewhere else.

The glowing eyes looked at his guest. "He is coming My magic is calling for him.

But Would you like a cup of tea?"

His guest a pale looking man in a pimp suite nodded. "Aah yes i would like one."

Sir Verdukar nodded and started to mix a cup.

It was the first time the gods had send a messenger from an alternative reality.

And a Balance demons what a strange concept.

Part 4

In front of us was a beautiful sight.


Xander grinned he really missed that place.

It was there he meet Selia.

It was There he finally dropped his mask finally stopped playing the fool.

It was in many ways home.

The companions stepped down from the horses as they walked over the great Stone bridge leading to the gates of the city.

Selia was smiling and waving a hello to elven friends.

And finally they would rest again the crowed around the gate was like always a big river of individuals, Wagons animals going in and out never ending.

Xander felt a gentle push but ignored it their were lot of pushing then.

"Thats not polite to do Fool." TT voice Growled from behind him.

Selia turned and gasped.

Xander turned around.

TT was holding a mans arm in a crushing grip and had a dagger to his throat.

The stranger had a dagger himself in the captured arm.

Xander raised an eyebrow. "What happened TT?"

TT kept his eyes and dagger to the strangers as he spoke. "He came up from behind and was just about to stab you in the back when i captured his hand."

Xander nodded. "Really not polite."

As they stood there the guards came walking over.

"What go on here?" The Guard Captain said.

Xander. "That man tried to stab me in the back with the dagger. My friend manage to stop him."

The Guard captain looked at Xander. "Your name is," he felt that he should know the young elf something in his memory screamed ITS HIM. Sadly the memory refused to give him the name just that it was HIM.

Xander. "Im Xander House Aled Clan Aled of Alarinn." He said it smooth bowing slightly he let his cloak fall back reviling his armor with the Duck mark and the cloak buckle with the mark of the 'Brothers of the Blade'. "My friends are Selia Clan Rigdari, House Furani my beloved. And Master TT my friend." He said in a typical prideful tone of a Learam introducing his friends.

The Guard captain memory said exactly HIM. "O You." He spoke up irritated over his bad memory. "Then welcome to the city. GUARDS Escort the assassin to jail. I must say Im sorry an assassination this time of the day its awful."

Xander nodded. "Well just be careful he looks a bit slippery."

They walked inside the town less happy and on the guard.


This is the life. Xander was thinking as he was sitting nude in a big hot tub bathing. Selia resting sitting on him almost asleep.

"I need to go and visit the mage Guild in town." He said.

Selia, "huh sound good," she mumbled. "I Im going to fix us a ship." Xander nodded. "Fine... Should we go down now or later?" He purred in her ears.

Selia. "No sleep not sex." With that she fell asleep trusting Xander to keep her from drowning.

Xander frowned well he could not have luck always.

A small Klink sound was heard. Xander raised an eyebrow slowly picking up his Crossbow. Resting beside the bath Tub.

He turned his head around aiming at the sound.

Their a man or woman dressed in black was slowly climbing inside.

He/she had picked the window open and was now crawling inside a Dagger was resting in a pull free sheath at her feet.

And a miniature Crossbow in the hand.

Xander rolled his eyes. Aiming he shoot his arrow in the hand holding the Miniature Crossbow. IF it was NOT an Assassin he would say he was sorry later.

The Assassin grinned under the mask this was SO easy sneak in while the two fools were bathing probably after sex they wouldnt notice a thing before it was to late. Why had they not ask her and her sister to do the work in the first place females assassins where superior to males.

-Kachunk- was heard and a bone breaking pain was felt.

She fell down on her knee.

Her hand was spiked to the wall by a crossbow arrow. "I i Hurt."

Xander "Be quiet i am bathing... and She IS sleeping."

The Assassin looked up whispering. "Why did you not kill me? And why did you have a crossbow. And a Sword with you when you are bathing."

Xander "Im paranoid. I feel like Assassins just keep on trying to kill me. Foolish me right?"

The Assassin frowned she DID not like being made fun of. And she Did not like the fact he was pointing at her head.

Xander smiled waving the Crossbow. "You dont like where Im pointing it. And who hired you?"

The assassin shook her head. "No could you point it else where. And Im not going to tell you who hired me."

-Kachunk- was heard again.

The Assassin. "Aaargh hurt," she said then blinked. Her other hand was now stuck in the floor. She looked back in pain and anger he was already pumping the reload mechanism on the dwarfish pump crossbow.

Xander smiled. "You still have two legs and a head. So why not just Tell me who hired you?"

The Assassin frowned "You let me go IF i tell you?"

Xander smiled. "Wrong You will answer my question OR i will hurt you and hurt you. Until you DO tell me. After you told me i might let you go?"

The Assassin growled he was not suppose to say things like that. She then remember that was a man that single handily killed half a crew on a ship.

Torturer would probably be his hobby.

"A Cirfalier hired me. They asked me to steal two scrolls also," she said.

Xander grinned slowly lifting the sleeping Selia up in his arm and started to walk. "IF you still here when i return i will kill you slowly and give you more pain then you believed was possible." With that he left the room dripping wet holding only his sleeping love and a crossbow.

The Assassin blinked. That was one cute butt.

She then started to push her hand free. And it hurts. "Aaargh," she screamed as she got her first hand free.

The other Arrow she manage to rip free from the wall she let it stay in the hand as it was stuck inside a bone.

She took a deep breath turned as she tried to climb out. A sharp steel pressed at her nose from behind stopped her cold.

"Why are you still here?" Xander growled. "Turn around," he said.

The assassin turned slowly around the blade never leaving her nose behind her He stood his eyes glowing green a wicked smile on his face and he was still nude.

Xander smiled. "Remove your mask," he said.

Fearful with bleeding hands she removed the mask. "What are you going to do with me?"

Xander grinned. "Me probably kill you hire you service. Or have you arrested. It depends on you," inside Xander swore his bleeding compassion with females would be his undoing some day.

She blinked. She hoped her sister was not hurt and she knew if she been successful killing her target and searching his room. Things would turn bad.

...TT Bedroom....

TT smiled. "What did you say?"

The Assassin he captured growled, "stop it"

TT grinned. "Why? You Did try to kill me. Im only fair you give me pleasure"

The assassin. "No stop." She screamed in fear he was going to rape her.

TT nodded "As you said i stop" he said standing up. And cutting of her rope that held her bond and spread to the bed. "You can go."

She blinked. "I thought you where going to rape me."

TT smiled. "I wouldnt rape or torture a girl.

And i will not kill you today." He growled "But i dont like Assassins. Maybe the FEAR i gave you might teach you a lesson.

How your targets feel."

She looked at him nervous. "What?"

TT looked at her with contempt. "Rape is about Control.

Stealing the others control removing her choice and her RIGHT to feel pleasure.

A girl surviving will never really regain that feeling of control during sex she will always be afraid of being hurt.

Assassination is stealing a persons life using methods the Target never can fully control.

If the target survives He will fear for his/her life even when he or she is trying to sleep.

To eat. Never be able to truly live again.

Always be afraid of the shadows he will have no control anymore."

The Assassin blinked she felt bad about killing before but now she felt sick dirty and awful.

Swallowing she looked up. "Are are you sure?"

TT smiled an empty biter smile. "Yes I had a girlfriend she was raped. The law killed the rapist but she never recovered from the rape nothing i did or did not do helped her.

In the end she killed herself just to end the pain.

I know about rape." He smiled bitter.

"I also know about assassins.

One of my first experience seeing the dark side of my Father is seeing a pale looking man tears were falling as he begged my dad to stop the assassins after him.

My dad promised moment later i saw him telling the assassin to wait a month before killing him."

The girl Assassin looked silently at him.

TT looked up "The fear she had in her eyes. And the fear he had is the same. During my time in the army i spoke to soldiers officers that had assassins hunting them they always felt like they never could relax always felt nervous.

Even years after when they had no real reason to be nervous they felt it."

She looked at her hands. "I just believed stab with the dagger and thats it."

TT hugged her shoulders. "You are young right. 18 or 16. Their is plenty of work that you could do."

She nodded. "I think i will."

TT smiled. "Whats your name i cant call you girl can i.."

The Assassin frowned. "No Im Marit."

TT smiled his most charming smile. "And Im TT. My Dad named me Tiberius but i really hate that name."


"So i assassinate the one hired me and you forget about me." She said. Xander nodded at the Assassin. "Or you could die right here. Whats you name."

She frowned. "Im Navit."

Xander grinned. "Fine. I could give you a second option. Exile I need some one i can trust. I need some one that could spy gather information."

Navit the Assassin blinked. "You trust me".

Xander "No I will eventually trust you.

Once we are outside Camarr and Asharien on our way to Alarinn you will be simply Navit the foreign girl.

And then you will need me and i will start trusting you."

Navit blinked. "I have family."

Xander grinned. "Like the other assassin in TT room." He really was glad Miss Pryde had told him about TT and the other Assassin.

Navit blinked. "Is she hurt. You cant hurt her she just 17 years old."

Xander nodded. "She is fine. TT would never hurt or rape a girl.

Scare her YES i is good in scaring even me. But not hurting.

and IF she is old enough to assassinate others she IS old enough to be killed."

Navit nodded. "Could she come with us."

Xander nodded. "You do understand the first part of the Journey you will be no better then prisoners."

Navit nodded. "I understand."

Xander nodded and clapped his hands.

The butler walked inside. "You called master Xander."

Xander nodded. "Would you escort this young lady to her room. And keep a guard nearby to. Protect her from accidents." He said.

After she and the Butler left Xander started to dry himself off.

"That was stupid." Selias tired voice said.

Xander nodded. "I feel we could use them. They manage to sneak inside you mansion only the small steel ball we put in the window saved us."

Selia nodded. "We are both tired normally we would."

Xander. "Probably. But still outside their country they would need us to survive and their for they would." Selia nodded. "Become friends. You are right we could use their skills."

TT Bedroom "I see." He said to the butler.

"You sister Navit will be staying in the guest bed room. You could join her if you like?" He said to the girl.

Marit smiled an empty smile what he said about her type of work made her sick. "Could i stay here no sex. I just feel awful i assassinated one persons before and i just realized." She said crying. Her sister always said them or us and fast stab and they will not even suffer.

But now she felt completely disgusted with herself.

TT smiled. "Jump in the bed no sex." He hugged her. "Just cry girl Im water proof."

Miss Pryde looked as TT gently made the crying Assassin fall asleep. Her respect of TT ability and skill had increased that was incredible. Silently she sneaked out her kitten beside her time to go down to the kitchen they always had extra food for her NOW when she had a kitten with her.

Bonus of being a mother cat. Pryde was thinking as she and her child sneaked to the kitchen.

Part 5
Going Postal.....

Morning came that day like an angry army bringing pain and suffering for those that only wanted the peace of sleeping.

"Aghrree" Xander said in his most intelligent tone sleepy voice.

Selia nodded she felt exactly the same way.

Then the door opened and TT put his head inside. "Wake up sleepy heads we have a lot to do today. And your butler have made a wonderful breakfast." He then close the door.

Selia. "I hate TT. May i kill him."

Xander. "Only i can hold him down."

They smiled a evil smile before dressing themselves and forgiving TT for now.

Inside the Dining room TT was happy for the first time ever he manage to wake up BEFORE the elven. Them only needing 4 hour sleep and he as human needing more.

They always was up later then he was and woke before him often waking him in the best part of HIS sleep.

Beside him Marit sat and helped her older sister Navit to eat.

She still had her hands bandage but they would bring her a healing potion today.

He smiled at the two cute assassins. Life was good.

Miss Pryde study them wondering which one would be more giving with food.

TT was always giving but only after HE had eaten his fill.

The two girls was unknown.

Xander well she had him quite trained by now a small claw on his foot and he gave her food.

Selia was also coming around nicely.

But that was NOT the point.

The point was teaching her Kitten how to beg for food.

Slowly the experience cat started todays Lesson.

Xander sat down. "Hi."

Selia came down. "What he said."


Selia smiled. "Im sorry i was rather short this morning i was a bit tired. Not an excuse for being rude but the truth."

They nodded.

Xander. "I believe being tired is an excuse for being rude." He quickly added., "But Good morning to you all" as Selia gave him an angry glare.

TT smiled. "So what are we going to do today?"

Xander smiled. "Well according to our guest its a Cirfalisk agent a Knight of Circa that hired them. So the Scrolls must be important. I believe we will be attacked the moment we try to enter the Mage guild."

Selia. "I can order some of the men to escort us."

Xander nodded. "That be fine they cant use army in the city only assassins or brutes."

Much later...

Xander sat down in a comfy chair.

The old mage master mage Ghulik. Read the scroll. "I see. Thank you Master Aled for bringing this to us," the Mage said.

Xander nodded, "your welcome. And do call me Xander Master Ghulik." The old mage smiled. "Only if you call me Maxander."

Xander grinned. "I be glad to. By the way Kiyona said her hello. She said IF i ever meet Maxander the Magnificent tell the old windbag hello.

You would not know what she were talking about?"

The old mage was laughing. "I do young man i do.

During my youth i was a Fool i could barely use a spell and it took years before i finally understood and became a true mage."

Xander Nodded not. "Could you tell me whats on that scroll. Just a bit so i know what i must watch out for."

Maxander Ghulik frowned. "Its about hired pirates working for a government that prey on our ships. I cant tell you anything more."

Xander nodded "Of course. Thank you master max."

Maxander raised an eyebrow "Max i rather like that nickname. Old now dead friends used it for me. But you say it like it means something."

Xander smiled. "In old tongue Max is short for Maximum and that means the Greatest."

Maxander grinned. "Well do your name have any meaning Xander is not a normal Elven name."

Xander smiled, "its a short for Alexander and that means Savior of man kind. I have to go now."

Maxander nodded smiling he could feel the web of Ataxatropi the power of Change was stronger around the young elven.

Chaos was part of his path and his name he had good feeling about that kid.


Selia groaned. "So when we sail we will be hunted by pirates. Great." Xander nodded. "Unless we do something strange and sneaky."

Selia. "Switching ship."

Xander smiled. "Yes. But i was thinking even more sneaky."

Selia looked at him. "What?"

Grinning madly Xander pointed at the harbor. "Look a Tirak ship belonging to our friends of the Bazirik. They even have the flag of the Brothers on it.

We could ask them to smuggle us out. "

Selia nodded. "And going to talk to them would be normal we are friends." She smiled that could work.


"Its all for me Grog Me Jolly jolly Grog Its all for be beer and Tobacco." Xander and TT and the Trukk Captain was singing standing on a table.

Selia just looked on in disgust. "Men sometimes i believe they never grow up. How can you stand it?"

The female Trukk smiled among the Trukks only 1 female was born out of 10 children.

Luckily they gave birth to a whole pack of children each birth.

"I have lots of brothers Im use to them."

Selia blinked. "Ooh yea forgot about your lack of sisters." She sighed. Lifting her beer. "To our men hope they never leave us and always love us." She said before drinking it.

The Female Trukk smiled. "That we can hope." She said as she drank her beer.

The two young Assassins were sitting alone in the mansion.

Except the guards at the door.

"So sis what did TT do to you?" Navit asked.

A moment later she wished she never asked.

"Thats wrong Assassination and rape is NOTHING similar." She almost screamed.

Marit shrugged. "Your option but i believe TT is right. I cant do it any more i rather become a fighter then an Assassin."

Navit frowned. "A fighter dies a foolish death or live like old hurt and poor. A skilled assassin can retire rich and healthy."

Marit shrugged. "Your choice. Are you going to work for Xander now." Navit nodded. "He came with a good offer.

Said its only spying i will do and information gathering as a spy." She rolled her eyes.

It would not take long time before the order assassinate him or her would come All powerful individuals were the same.

Marit nodded. "I still cant believe they just trusted us like that." Navit nodded. "I looked everywhere NO spy hole or nothing that would indicate magic was used to listen in. They are TO trusty of strangers."

Marit nodded "we have to teach them otherwise."

Navit nodded as she petted Miss Pryde. "Yes only a fool would keep us here with out spying on us."

Miss Pryde let herself purr as she listening and remember every word that was said.

Fools indeed.

Part 6
Going Postal..... The Call of the Postman...

Returning to Selias mansion in Camarr they could see a big Thism Elf waiting outside.

Selia smiled. "Can i help you with anything Sir?"

He nodded showing them the mark as a Brother of the blade recruit. "I was send as a mailman i have a letters from your friends among the Samar."

Xander grinned. "Well lets go inside and get you something to eat while we read."

The Thism nodded. "I would like that." He said.

As the fire started to burn brighter in the library Xander opened his first letter from Giles...


God day Xander.

Here up north we had wonderful time the training of the Blade brothers go smashing more recruits is arriving then the Dwarfs know what to do with.

As we planed the training is a mix of USA green beret training and English SAS troops and the training the Tiraks, the Dwarfs, and the Elven use to train their troops.

So far the first advice we put in the training book have been wildly use.


Xander stopped reading remembering the first advice.

Be creative adapted the training after the soldier not the soldier after the training.

-------------Giles writing------------------

Their training is continuing to evolve and Im proud to say that MY idea of a Company name for each soldier is working fine.

The troopers each get a new name marking them as 'Brothers of the Blade' Similar to the French Foreigner legion.

In between fighting between the troopers is almost non probably because the hard training we give them in sword, Axes, Longbow, Crossbow, Reading, Hunting.

The king Ghulik believes that the first 'Blade brother' company of 36 fighters will be ready for action in time to join in with the attack on the Roghans.

I my self do not know if that is good or bad specially consider how close we have come to some of the officers.

Well to more personal stuff.

Joyce found her self a boy friend Hy'meoda. The Thism you probably meet.

I warn you he is an Asshole thinking humans are lower then Dirt back talking them behind, And even insulting Buffy when Joyce is in another room.

If i could i would have made him a bloody smear on the floor.

Do i have to remind you that nothing stop you from doing that.

Angel have got a message from the church of healers they like him to be the head priest of the Brothers chapel.

It looks like they consider this the best possible chance to end the circle of hatred that this world suffer from.

A unit of warrior from every race and creature.

I my self are not that sure its a great idea.

So far not one of the more exotic creatures have been seen.

No Kamorfe or Vulfen yet. But the animal races is more fearful of civilization i believe.

Kamorfe Xander is a lizard like thing that have chameleon like ability. A Vulfen is a human like but with fur and a wolf head.

They are rare to see in this areas.

Any way its a noble idea using them as a example of interspecies cooperation.

Buffy is finally regain her slayer strength. Personally i believe she Hide them just to be lazy.

She have started to hunt monster and best training and helping the Dwarf have made her grow up she now tries to learn from her mistakes.

Finally i say.

But dont tell her that i said so.

The children are growing like weed.

Rupert Junior can stand by his own two feet.

And i am sure its only days before he starts to walk.

He is constantly crawling around trying to find new places and he loves meeting new persons.

And he is a big child Mara said he is normal size for a Kragg barbarian child but i think he will be like me Big for a Kragg.

Hope is a bit shy and not as forward as Rupert is.

But her voice sure make up for that.

We can hear her screaming in fury miles away.

Something she do when ever Rupert Junior crawls away and she cant find her brother.

But otherwise she is a happy child.

Well i have to go now your Friend and brother of the Blade.

Rupert Giles.


Xander putt the letter down.

Wrote on a note.

Kick Hy'meoda butt. G1.

He smiled a bit about the children they probably be able to make Giles jump thru loops.

Then he opened Kings Ghulik letter.


Hi Xander.

Its going great.

Hope you come back soon.

I also posted the officers opinions of the trainers.

And sorry Im not dont write letters.

Talk to you later..

By your friend King of the Samar.

PS. Hurt but Dont kill Hy'meoda he insulted Elven half bloods.

And Buffy.

And he stepped on my cats tail. Miss Digger were really angry.


Xander grinned now THAT was HIS kind of letter.

Then he frowned stepped on Miss Diggers tail that was NOT good.

Miss Digger where Miss Pryde other Kitten.

The one she left behind so it would be safe.

No miss Pryde would not be happy she better let her read it also.

He then wrote on a note.

Kick Hy'meoda Butt. G1. G2.

Then he opened Angel letter. Frowning a bit strange he really missed old dead boy.


Hello Xander i hope you and Selia is doing great.

Here in the Fortress its hard but going great my children are growing and i have a fantastic work healing the troopers and helping others.

Buffy is currently cleaning the lower level of the Fortress on monster and other things.

Yester day she even found a Lich in a tomb.

The Lich was not happy being dragged around.

Apparently he is an undead that bored with his undead life but unable to end it.

Buffy manage to end its life after lots of pain and it even tried to tell her she did not have to end its life.

Buffy did not listen i think she missed destroying undead.

You would not believe how happy she was that night.

I must say the training methods mostly you and TT put together after mixing the Tirak, Dwarf, Elven training methods. Is working fine.

Lots of troopers drop out because its to hard.

But those that stay consider them self true brothers and some even started to call their officer 'Father' or 'Mother' i am not sure but i believe with in a short time Father and Mother will be an alternative to Sir or Mam. At least in the Brother of the blade.

I do have some fear as the strength of the 'Brothers' is impressive i hope it will not be misused.

Farewell for now your friend Angel.

PS i cant believe it but i actually miss you. I love you like a brother Xander an annoying and irritating baby brother but brother anyway so be safe your big brother Angel.

PS If you do not kick Hy'meoda butt i be extremely displeased with you. He have said bad things about Buffy behind her and Joyce back.


Xander nodded he also consider Angel to be a brother now days.

One big dysfunctional family when you remember that he consider Buffy a sister.

He then wrote on a note.

Kick Hy'meoda but: G1. G2. A3.

Then opened Buffy letter.


Hi Xander you cant believe what i found the BIGEST AND MOST EVIL Undead i ever seen.

See the picture i made of him.

I also draw some picture of Rupert and Hope.


Xander frowned wondering if it was Buffy that made it or a five year old.

He hoped the undead just were extremely ugly or other wise Buffy would never be allowed to draw a picture again.

He then notice the baby picture Buffy had made.

She really knew how to draw great pictured.

Obvious the undead had been extremely ugly.

---------Buffy-------------------------Angel and i is settling down the white fence and all. Except in this case its a White painted cave house with running water and a mushroom garden.

Its actually lovely.

But i miss TV.

Following Giles advice i started to learn to read Dwarfish and let me tell you its completely idiotic language WHY cant they use English.

With love Buffy..

Ps. Hy'meoda is a real nice guy But in realty HE is a creep.

I seen him being unfaithful with mom. So kick his butt.


Xander nodded great to see Buffy doing well.

He then wrote Kick Hy'meoda but: G1. G2. A3. B4.

Smiling a bit he opened Joyce letter.


Hello Xander i do hope you are doing Great and of course i hope that Selia is also doing great.

Buffy and Angel is settling down Im a bit restless and believe that i will travel a bit visiting other places probably drop by on you in Alarin unless i go elsewhere.

My puppy Devil the Shadow dog burned my first letter i was writing so this is the second one.

Last i must tell you my boyfriend Hy'meoda is a creep i so much liked to kick his but i am afraid once i started i would not be able to stop kicking him.

So i ask you could you do that for me. I seen him be unfaithful and say stupid bad things about Buffy when ever he things we cant see or hear him.

with love Joyce.


Xander putt down the letter.

Taking a Zip of mead he wrote on a note.

Kick Hy'meoda but: G1. G2. A3. B4. J5.

"Five friends tell me to kick you butt. You poor poor fool this will really really hurt." Xander said to himself.

Miss Pryde growled from the floor. "Make it Six persons."

Xander. "That i will do."

And he walked away to hurt the bringer of news.

Part 7
Going Postal.....

They were currently hiding inside a small but fast Tirak Kaga a Sailing ship.

Selia growled to him. "I still think you went to far."

Xander sighted. "Well 6 person i love and respect said i should beat him up."

Selia nodded but still growled the word out. "Yes but beat him up Six times."

Xander blushed "I only beat him up a little each time. He is Fine I I even gave him a healing potion between the beating."

TT smiled. "You said six persons you love and respect told you?"

Xander nodded. "Yes in the letter."

TT smiled even wider now with a evil gleam in his eyes. "So that would mean that you love The Dwarf king Ghulik right. Maybe Selia we should leave the two lovers by themselves."

Xander groaned then laughs. "No i crap you found out." Xander said still laughing. "No i dont love him but i REALY respect him and i think he could become a friend a really really good friend. And HE is a king and i am in his service and he did order me to kick the elf."

Selia nodded. "Well you still overdid it."

TT smiled wanish. "Would you be angry if i also did the same. Just a theoretical question not that i did or anything." He lied some friend DID tell him to hurt that Thism and using healing potions he was fine afterwards.

Selia glared at him. "You didnt."

TT shook his head. "Eee No. Maybe. But only a little. He will survive."

Marit giggled as he whisper to her sister. "This is fun."

Navit growled. "Fun they behave like clowns."

Xander flinched he had just started to relax "Clowns where." He said his voice filled of fear.

They all stared at him.

Selia spoke in a silent voice. "You are afraid of Clowns."

Xander "No i just think they are disgusting not funny at all."

TT grinned "There he is the Clown." He said pointing at an empty place.

Xander jumped trying to move away from that place.

TT smiled. "So not afraid are you?"

Selia giggled. "The man that destroyed the crew of a Cirfalisk ship. The man that Insulted a Dragon and survived.

The man that fights Demons and undead with out fear.

The man that killed the King of the Frakk in a duel life or death.

Is afraid of Clowns.

Thats just so funny."

She said giggling like crazy.

They all were giggling.

A nearby Tirak sneaked out and soon the whole ship was Giggling except Xander.


Xander stood up beside the captain his face was bitter and irritated. The Tiraks smiled at him sometimes laughing.

The Captain an actually Small but strong Trukk smiled. "Dont worry we will not let the Clowns take you."

Xander sighted. "Alright you found out my secret shame and fear let it go."

The Captain grinned. "Well just to tell you the ship will make some stop on the way to Alarinn.

First we have a cargo we are bringing to the Ghor Dwarfs in Caserion. Cargo from the Samar.

Then a short drop by in Thalamur the freedoms fighters pay us for smuggling weapons and we have great third rate swords and crap for them.

After that its straight to Alarinn."

Xander nodded. Caserion thats a Cirfalisk colony. "I better stay out of sight in Caserion. When are we their."

The Trukk smiled. "Tonight. We will sail when the flood comes in."

Xander nodded 24 hours a lot of things could and most likely would go wrong.

Better tell the others to prepare themselves for the fight.


The ship dropped by a beach Dwarfs had build rafts that they anchored by.

Xander kept his head down but watch the Dwarfs they looked sea sick just standing on the raft. Probably just imagination fear that the Raft would drift out at sea.

Dwarf were funny a race with such a fine sense of balance that most 8 year old could balance and walk across a rope like a artist.' And they could sense even the smallest vibration in the earth.

Standing on a ship or a horse to much Dwarfs hated things that moved by it self.

"Hurry up you lazy excuse of a Hairball." The captain yelled angry to an extremely hairy Gurdh.

Xander frowned as he watch the Gurdh work again. He could see that the gurdh bumped in a Dwarf by 'accident' and suddenly the Dwarf was missing his bag of coin.

Xander knew the Captain had told the crew he would NOT tolerate any one stealing from the Dwarfs. He wanted to Dwarf to understand they would and could be trusted.

Sighing he waved the captain over.

"The gurdh over their is stealing money from the Dwarfs."

The Captain growled in anger as he grabbed the Gurdh by his neck and lifted him upside down shaking him wildly until bag after bag of money fell out. "You Thieving piece of trash i warned you this time i will flog you alive." He growled before turning towards the Dwarf. "Im sorry this Gurdh of mine seem to have sticky fingers."

The Dwarf nodded looking a bit angry as they picked up their coin.

The Captain smiled. "Take his gold to. He insist. Dont you?"

The upside down Gurdh nodded the idea of having his captain angry was not a good idea.

A flogging he would survive.

But not an angry captain for long.

Xander sighed then froze. He could feel something someone humans looking at him.

Probably from a distance.

Watching around he could se the mirror like flash of a goggle.

"Some one is spying on us." He said.

The Dwarf turned around looking in shock at the Elven standing up dressed in a Dark cloak and armor.

Armed with a Carwellan and a Cinneach sword.

The mark of the Duck told them who he was.

Xander nodded a bit as he focus his elven hearing aiming them scanning the area.

It looked like his ears were trying to crawl forward and slap him in the face.

But no one laught most knew about the Elven ability to aim their hearing.

Xander relaxed. "Their are horses coming. Forty i believe. Raiders outlaws they know about your trade post are unguarded Dwarfs."

The Dwarfs growled as they pulled their swords and Axes. Free.

The Captain smiled. "A my small friends I cant allow you to steal all the fun. Raiders is so fun to fight." He said grinning at the now smiling Dwarfs.

The Upside down Gurdh grinned. "Yeh kill the Raiders. Yeh."

A Dwarf looked at him. "You Stole from us. Why should we trust you?"

The Captain snorted. "That Gurdh would steal from US. The only thing that keeps him alive is me. He is loyal and likes Dwarfs.

Its just that he likes to steal also."

The Dwarfs nodded stupid Gurdhs.

Xander put on his helmet.

TT walked up his black striped yellow armor and claws was almost invisible in the night just a small glittering from the Blade-claws on his arms.

He held a short throwing axe in his hand also.

Selia just gave Xander his Compound Longbow and they waited.

As the first raider rode in Xander let the Arrow fly.

A his aim was perfect but he forgot the wind.

Luckily the miss made it even more impressive.

The Arrow missed the raiders horse completely and struck the raiders weapon hand impaling it and the sword he was holding.

The raider screamed in pain trying to drop the sword that now was stuck in his hand.

Xander spoke up. "This IS a Robbery give us your Gold, Silver, Horses and we will let you Run away."

The Raiders blinked.

The Dwarfs blinked.

The Tiraks Blinked.

Selia Blinked.

Marit blinked.

Navit blinked.

TT put a cigar in his mouth and started to smoke.

The bandits leader growled. "HEY we are supposed to say that." He said angry.

Xander just pulled a new arrow. "Why should you have all the fun Shit for brain?"

Silence reigned on the beach a Bow man that could literally shoot the weapon from some ones hands where not someone you liked aiming at you.

The leader really did not like the feel he got from the elven eyes. Specially as that elven were aiming at him.

He begged his gods. That his armor would protect him.

"Attack." Kachunk the arrow said as it struck him directly in the head.

The Arrow steel pointed head fired from an overcharged Compound-Longbow did not even notice the steel helmet the Raiders leader had on his head.

As the raiders attacked their leader fell down dead.

Xander calmly pulled his sword free. "Time to be dangerous," he said eyes glowing green as he jumped from the ship on the rafts charging the raiders The Tiraks following him screaming in blood thirst.

The Battle was short and cruel no mercy no regret.

"Come Back here you fool." The Captain said as the Gurdh jumped up on a horse and rode after the now escaping Raiders.

Selia growled in fury. "Xander COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW. TT DONT"

Navit sighed. "NO Marit dont you to."

But it was to late the four young hero where riding after the raiders in full speed.

Selia sighted looking at a hurt Dwarf being cared for by a Tirak healer. "Have you had days when you wonder if you were the only one with a brain?"

The Dwarf nodded. "All the time my lady all the time."

Xander grinned as he ride the horse wind picking his face leaves and branches struck his armor as he rode faster and faster.

Then Suddenly TT came riding by him stealing HIS Raider.

TT smiled as he stood up on the horse back all those riding lesson in England was finally paying off. As he came up next to the Raider he jumped.

The first Raider did not understand what happened suddenly some one was sitting behind him and then darkness as sharp claw like blades slashed his throat.

TT pushed the corpse of the horse and took the control back.

Xander grinned nice stunt as he pushed his horse.

Marit rode by him grinning.

Xander looked down just his luck he stolen the lazy horse.

The Second raider suddenly had a Knife waving and throwing girl riding side by side slashing at him like crazy.

"Aaa stop that stop." Days like this the raider cursed that his favorite weapon was a two hands axe.

Xander smiled as Marit manage to cut the raider down a bit.

Finally raider nr 3 would be his.

Then that pesky Gurdh came riding up from nowhere literally smashing his horse in the raiders horse.

The two animals stumbled and fell down the Gurdh jumped in the last second grabbing a hold on a branch.

As the raider was down on the ground he jumped down and walked up to the Raider short sword in his arm time to kill and steal silver.

Xander pressed his lazy ass horse clearly telling it using his skill as a Shaman that IF it did not move it would be dinner.

The horse finally understood what speed was about as it suddenly started running like their was no tomorrow.

Xander grinned finally a raider He slashed with his Cinneach cutting the raider deep in his leg.

The raider lost balance and dropped of his horse.

A second Raider came riding from the side Xander slashed but the man parried with his shield. A short fight parry slash stab parry.

Then kick.

Technically kicking his enemies horse in the leg with full hyena power would probably be foul play but it worked.

The horse tripped and the Raider fell down hard on the ground.

Xander jumped off his own horse grinning as he walked up to the raider. Frowning a bit the bandit had broken his neck.

He turned around as he plan to go to his horse.

He stopped the horse looked to tired.

He spoke gently to it as a shaman 'rest you did good rest'.

The horse started to sleep it was so tired.

Xander sighed grabbing his loot he walked back.

He could hear TT fighting but to far away.


Selia looked angry at him.

Navit looked angry at him.

The Captain looked angry at him.

Xander sighed. "Why are you angry at ME. Im not hurt, TT is not hurt, Marit is not hurt. Not even the gurdh is hurt. Why are you angry at me?"

Selia smiled. "Because Honey some how i know its was your idea to ride after the raiders."

Xander blinked he actually just follow the Gurdhs example for fun. "But but i."

Selia. "Quiet or no sex for a month."

Xander sighed. "Im sorry."

TT nodded. "It was all his plan i just followed." Glad that Navit would not be angry at him.

Marit nodded. "Yup i heard it to. Im sorry sister i just."

Navit nodded. "I see that i and Selia will have a word with you Xander."

Xander looked angry at TT and Marit that was So unfair.

Miss Pryde just giggled impressed at TT evil deflection of guilt.

Part 8
Going Postal.....

"This is boring," TT said. As he sat down fishing from the rail of the ship.

Xander nodded, "a Month on this ship and you really start to miss airplanes." Him too holding a fishing rod relaxing under the sun.

TT nodded, "yea. But the Learam did it faster."

Xander nodded. "They used the straight course out at sea.

We are following the shore. That take longer even if we sail faster."

TT "Yea didnt think about that."

Selia walked up and gave Xander a quick hug. "Any luck fishing?"

Xander. "No buts probably because i havent put any bait on the hook." He said pulling his line and TT out of the water showing her no bait on the hook.

Selia blinked. "Why are you fishing then?"

Xander smiled kissing her. "Relaxing."

TT "You you Traitor YOU Said you fixed it." TT growled he really was hoping to get a big fish. Irritated he stamped away to get himself some bait.

Xander just shrugged and continued fishing. "Now this is the life boring and safe. I hope it last but not TO long."

Selia nodded as she sat down on Xander herself relax between his strong arms. "Well two more days and we are there."

Xander "Actually we are in the border between Alarin and Consaber. WE have to ride the last part."

Selia nodded "You asked the captain"

Xander nodded. "Yup something about Greystone Castle."

Selia nodded as she frowned something about that place rang a bell. "What do you know about it?"

Xander smiled. "Generations of crazy Count have made it a legend. The whole Castle is one of the biggest in Camarr but worthless for defense its to filled of secret room corridors and even hidden jails that NO ONE knows how many their are.

Its been rebuild more then five times and they added more and more secrets rooms and passages inside."

Selia nodded. "Strange."

Xander smiled. "Well they say its crazy town center."

Selia smiled then her eyes opened wide. "Now i remember. I read about that place in a map of magic strong areas."

Xander looked at her. "Huh its strong in magic. I did not know that." Selia nodded. "Its Psycotropi the Magic energy of the soul and mind ITS impossible to Sense it with normal magic you have to use a magic artifact to measure it.

Any magic like telepathy and empathy is more easy to cast.

And Psycotropi strong areas is knowned to give birth the eccentrics the genius and the mad mans inside of them."

Xander nodded. "Thats sounds like what i heard about the Counts of Greystone Castle alright."

Selia smiled. "It will be fun to visit according to Leagia Magika. Its a stable mana focus of Psycotropi."

Xander nodded. "That would mean plenty of ghost and spirits also."

Selia nodded. "Great huh."

Xander grinned. "I think we ride over to that place. Its only polite thing to do. You are a noble woman and the Elven in Alarin are planning on Making me a noble elf."

TT "Ha noble you... NO one fools my fishing. I challenge you two on a Fishing competition.

The one that lose have to Serve the winner food tomorrow as his or her personal slave.

Or are you afraid?" TT said with a smile.

Soon the fishing rods were out the competition on.

Even Marit and Navit joined the competition.

Later. And the competition was on.

"Na it got away." Xander said relaxing and drinking a cup of rum.

Later... They were fishing. The tension hard and exiting.

"Snore, snore. Huh i go one." TT said.

Later. The Captain sighed This day was SO boring that even looking at this boring fish competition was fun.

"Ooo Look dolphin." Marit said.

"Aaaa cute." Selia said.

Humans and elven thinking food is cute. Ooo so cute a baby fish wondering how he taste. Miss Pryde was thinking.


"Ah Ha i got the biggest one." Marit said.


"Crap." Selia said.

Marit grinned. "Well i like pancake for breakfast if they dont have that fish." She said knowing fully well that most food was fish with something green beside it.

Selia growled but she agree so now she was slave for a day.

Next part Greystone castle.

Enter the crazy realm.

Part 9
Going Postal..... Enter the crazy realm...

The huge towering shape of Greystone castle was suddenly illuminated in the heavy rain before the light of the thunder faded and darkness and rain was once again was all they could see.

Xander raised an eyebrow. "If this Was a movie TT i be really afraid now."

TT nodded.

The Ship had put them a shore four hours walk from the village of Greystone and during their walk the rain and thunder have started they were completely soaked dripping wet and miserly.

As they came in front of the gate Xander reach out with his hand to knock a large Thunder made him stop a moment before knocking on the gate.

The wait was long in the rain but finally a smaller side door opened in the gate and an older man looked out. "Hello how can i help you? My god you look cold Come with me inside the guard room." He hurried them inside.

A moment Later.

They stood in front of the raging fire burning in the open fire pit warm wonderful heat.

The old guard waited patiently until the traveling strangers were warm enough to talk.

He hade called the Count Sir Anfreed Greyhall and his highness had arrived listening silently also waiting.

Selia smiled. "Good day to you Guard Captain Sir Greyhall its a honor for me and my friends.

I am Lady Selia Clan Rigdari, House Furani, Of the Sanarie Elf.

Officer in the Brother of the Blade warriors of the Samar Dwarfs.

Me and my friends.

That is Xander House and Clan Aled, Commanding Officer among the Brother of the Blade warriors, Hero of the Samar Dwarfs, Bane of the Cirfalier and the Roghan.

The knight and demon hunter Darkwing duck and Captain of the flying ship creator of the steam cannon.

And my Fianc�" She said grinning as they looked in surprise and shock.

Selia continued. "This is Sir Tiberius Travis, But everyone calls him TT. Defender of the Samar, Bane of Roghan, The wild knight of claws Officer in the Brother of the Blade warriors."

She then continued looking at Marit and Navit.

"That is Marit our maid and personal friend and her Sister Navit also our servant."

The two ex assassins nodded falling in the roll of a maid and servant.

Xander shivered. "And i believed winter up north was cold. Anfreed Greyhall its a honor to meet you Sir." He said politely but spoke as an equal would.

In true Learam ways.

Anfreed nodded. "It my honor to have such a distinct group as my guest. I must invite you inside its a glorious day my youngest son and my older is going to be married this week and heroes like you coming to visit must be a sign from our God DAAK himself."

Xander raised an eyebrow Daak was strong belief in Consaber but he really did not like the church.

It was hateful or condemning against others beliefs and had literally two different versions. The one in Consaber that said Magic was a gift from DAAK to be used for good or evil. And that version claimed that the other gods were only 'angels' of Daak that fools believed was gods.

Literally saying and claiming those believing in a another good god was childish and foolish, many found that MORE irritating then being hunted or killed.

And the version in the east that said Magic was evil and burned and tortured any one using magic.

They claimed any one worshiping other religions were evil burn torture and other not so nice stuff.

Of some reason he actually like their ways of handling non believers less frustrating.

Xander hoped he was not fanatic. "Daak i see," he said tired of the rain his voice was a bit ironic.

The count smiled. "Do not worry. You are a believer in the old faith right?"

Xander shrugged, "a bit but not completely," he lied, He didnt care he knew to many gods were real to bother worship any of them.

The old Faith believed that the DRAGON created the gods and they in their turn created the world and the humans.

When they did that the DRAGON created dragons to watch over the world.

Anfreed smiled. "I am believer in the Daak Dragon cult," he said.

Xander frowned trying to remember then it hit him it was a strange merging between the old faith and the Daak belief.

They claimed that the DRAGON was Daak itself and they did believe in other gods but refuse to bow down in front of them.

Xander grinned. "Thats great sir," no irritation their.

Anfreed smiled. "Well my butler to guide you to your room to clean up then you can come for dinner. I see that the dinner waits for you just hurry will you." He said smiling.

Outside the castle dark plans were brewing.

Selia knew this area was a Nexus strong in Psycotropi the power of the soul any magic using soul and spirit like telepathy was more easy inside the nexus.

Inside this nexus individuals often become eccentrics slightly crazy or brilliant.

But the power of the Psycotropi magic flows was hiding something this area was a duel Nexus a weaker but still powerful Ataxatropi the power of Chaos magic flow stronger also.

Chaos following Xander reacted as it enter the area strong in Psycotropi and Ataxatropi. Suddenly unnoticed by every body its flared and plots plans and ideas burst out.

Things that would never happened did happened urges held back suddenly become impossible to stop.

Nearby still in the Nexus a young girl screamed in anger and called her brother she had a brilliant plan.

Nearby still in the Nexus a villain grinned he found a map this would be a perfect plan he would be rich beyond.

Nearby a bitter man grinned inside where the killer and he would get the answer if it killed him or any one innocent.

Inside the Castle a man smiled an evil grin money and power he would force the Baron to give up the grimoire of mages.

Inside A young bride sighed she really wished that she would marry the brother instead her 'man' he was probably gay. Her finger was nervously playing with a small lamp inside the fire danced seductively dark urges burned inside of her as she watch the small Daak Shrine.

Inside a young Bride sighted she really wished that she would marry the older brother he looked far more easy to manipulate.

Inside a Young man sighted duty duty duty all he ever wanted was to play music to be a bard to sing to flirt with other male. No girls right girls he did not think that again.

Inside a young man growled his idiotic brother would drive this whole castle poor and that would make the farmers starve. His brother gave an idiots a bad reputation.

He would have to do something drastic he swore he would do anything to stop another starvation from happening.


Inside an older man dried his drool she was so sexy. He swallowed Dirty he had to punish her later.

Chaos was brewing changes would come.

"Aaa this is So good." Xander said smiling as he and Selia walked inside the dinner room that was packed with guests important men.

A baron with wife and daughter.

A Tirak Knight that looked like an impressive fighter.

And many more man priest and fighters even a mage interesting mix of individuals.

Somehow something made him shiver strange things was brewing but what and how?

Part 10
Going Postal..... Enter the crazy realm...

The dinning room was filled with people highborn nobles and merchants and knights.

The Count Anfreed Greyhall walked up to them smiling. "Finally.

Let me introduce our new friends." He said as he literally dragged them inside.

Xander stomach was literally protesting at the idea of NOT Jumping the food like a hungry tiger. But presentations must be made.

Luckily only the 'Important' people would be presented the rest would be ignored.

He only hoped it would not be cold under his kilt.

Right now he really hated that the Learam was so Scottish.

And the proper clothes and the Kilt had his clans colors on it.

Anfreed pointed at the main table. "This is my Oldest Son and Heir to my land and title. Sir Unter Greyhall. He recently was knighted by the king."

Xander raised an eyebrow the young man was Not a fighter but looked competent barely about 24 year old.

TT Raised an eyebrow he was sure Unter had checked Xander out.

TT was not sure but had a feeling that the man was more interested in other males.

Anfreed then pointed out. "And this is Melanie of Durval my oldest son bride."

Xander raised an eyebrow her smell was strange.

Selia had not notice it but his Hyena powers made him more sensitive.

She smelled part Tirak and she did have a small overbite.

A beautiful and cute girl probably only 18.

Anfreed pointed. "And this is my youngest son Yrwen Greyhall Knight of Consentine order."

Xander raised an eyebrow that was impressive.

Selia hid a smile she was a member in the Legion Colonan. The Consentine order was the Armed hand of the Legion Colonan one of the most powerful human created Magic orders The Amethyst tower held a close eye on them as their power almost rivaled the elven mages.

The Consentine was trained in magic but mostly the fighting skills and was quite impressive fighters if Yrwen was a full knight it was impressive he only looked about 22.

Anfreed continued "And this is Knight Lady Linna of Soldarn. Yrwen bride."

Xander bowed. "Soldarn beautiful country i spent time in Asharien its neighbor country. I am Charmed." He could see that she had a long sword and she looked competent.

But her hands told him that she most likely was an archer she had the scar and hands of an archer.

Linna smiled gently.

Anfreed turned. "And this is Baroness Almeda of Durval.

Melody most charming mother. And her husband Knight Yrkun of Durval. And their body guard Sir Neres the Tirak. The twice winner of the Sword plays and Tournament in Calnia."

Xander nodded and lied. "I heard about Sir Neres being a true master of the blade." The Tirak looked skilled and Xander almost grinned the smell.

Obvious he had played Sir Lancelot a bit with the Baroness.

Anfreed then turned around. "And you are my friends."

Xander grinned. "Crap i was hoping not to have to do this but. Ladies and Gentlemen," he said in flared of a circus master bowing for the audience before talking. Earning an evil glare from Selia from making fun of this.

Xander promptly ignored it. "The most beautiful Girl in the world equal only by the two brides.

Is my lady Selia Clan Rigdari, House Furani of the Sanarie elven.

Formerly of the Amethyst guards.

Member of the Brother of the Blade defender of the Samar, hero and saver the Samar And holder of my heart my fianc�."

Xander said pointing at Selia that was now blushing.

Turing to TT he continued. "My brother of the Blade Tiberius Travis. But if you like to be his friend call him TT. A defender and Savior of the Samar, Officer of the 'Brothers' the fighter known as Wild claws, A knight of the Samar Dwarf. And our friend."

TT grinned lightning a smoke and letting the long claw like blades built in to the armor on his arm. "If you say you love me i gut you Xander." He said grinning. Then spoke. "And floppy ears beside me is Xander, Xander House and Clan Aled, Commanding Officer among the Brother of the Blade warriors, Hero of the Samar Dwarfs, Bane of the Cirfalier and the Roghan.

Killer of Trolls and winner in a duel against the Frakk King.

The knight and demon hunter Darkwing duck and Captain of the flying ship creator of the steam cannon."

He then turned around grinning. "And the only man i know that laught in the face of Demons, Insults dragons and females with out die an awful death and try to out drink a Trukk."

The room was silent.

Selia sighed. "Barbarians they are barbarians. But what can you expect from a Learam."

The room laughed.

Anfreed smiled. "You are true friends. Lets sit down and eat."

Xander sighted as they were seated a bit away from the main table.

Beside him a man wearing Dwarfish glasses thick as Coca Cola bottles. Obvious a Mage in official mage robes.

Probably the castles mage.

After the food.

Anfreed stood up. "Sir Xander, Lady Selia, Sir TT, I would like to invite you to the Ball tomorrow night."

Xander nodded. "That Sir would be fun. We will gladly come."

Selia nodded something was Off right now her magic sense told her something was cooking but what?


"After the Ball we will sneak inside and kidnap Melody. Unter will be MINE." A girl said.

Her brothers all five of them nodded.

One spoke. "But sister the Count have already annulled your marriage your divorced."

The girl glared. "Its not I love him and HE love me. We sneak in tonight."

The brothers nodded the Castle was filled with secrets rooms and corridors and escape tunnels the only problem was using the correct one.

On the river sailing upstairs.

"Soon vengeance will be mine." An older man said hate burned in his eyes.

From the Forest a band of villains rode out.

A double marriage perfect price for them to kidnap. What could go wrong.

In ONE of the castles tower.

"It perfect nothing can go wrong my teleportations spell will make kidnapping them So easy. Holding Melody and her mother hostage the book of power will be mine." A mage with Coca cola bottle glasses said as he prepared magic teleportation spell.

He was a bit surprised how ESY it was using the Chaos magic the spell needed but did not care or be to careful so he did not notice that more then twice the power was poured in his spell making it a wild dangerous spell that he had no real control over.

And the magic trap was resting for his order to activate.

In another of the Castles dungeons.

"No," the young serving girl screamed in pain but her attacker did not care as he raped her and slowly strangled her to death.

Knight Yrkun of Durval walked outside the bitch deserved it.

Yrkun never really cared about Sex unless he could kill his partner after wards.

Yrkun knew that his daughter was not really his blood but he cared not his bitch whore of wife was happy with what ever bastard she was fucking.

And he could live in riches.

In another part of the Castle.

A young girl sneaked outside to the small Shrine she slowly started small fires.

Soon wonderful beautiful fire would cleanse Shrine in the name of the Dragon.

Melody smiled as she sneaked inside.

She really wished that she could marry the younger brother he looked like a REAL man powerful strong.

Her Tirak blood screamed in joy at the idea of a strong man.

In yet another part of the Castle.

Yrwen Greyhall sighted.

The accountants books did not lie IF his brother continued his foolish MISSUSE of the resources it was only a question of when starvation would happen.

It looked like he would have to do kill his brother to save the farmers.

Why could not Father see that the fool was unable to even care about the land and the one living in it?

The younger man sighted drying a tear from his eyes as he harden his heart. The only way to save the poor from starving would be to murder his own beloved brother then that would be what he would do.

And then the darkens of the night put the plotter to sleep for tonight.

Tomorrow would be the big day.

Part 11
Going Postal..... Enter the crazy realm 2...

TT felt tired his sleep hade been interrupted by screams as the small Daak shrine had started to burn.

The guards had failed to extinguish the fire but they did discover that some one had put it on fire.

The Daak priest a man that obviously consider the East version of Daak to be the true version had screamed and claimed Witches must be responsible.

TT did not really care.

As he walked down Marit came up to him and took his arm.

TT smiled.

Before he came here he would probably ignored the younger girls affection as he had been a 35 year old more then twice her age.

But this body of his was younger a fresh 18 year old body free from the scars and other pain from his past life on Earth.

Grinning lightly he held her arm tight as they walked down to the breakfast table.


Navit looked curious. "So whats the plans for today Sir?" She said playing the loyal servant and maid.

Xander frowned, "i Think we need to fresh up our fine clothes. Its a Ball we are going to dancing and all. TT you could invite Marit as you date if you like. Selia will see that she gets something nice to have on her."

Beside him Selia nodded they had discuss this earlier before TT had awaken.

TT nodded. "If you like Marit?"

She beamed her most beautiful smile. "Yes I love to."

Xander nodded. "Navit i like for you to keep a close eye on whats happen come with us to the ball like the other servants but keep eye out i think strange things will happen. Talk to the other Servants try to find out more about any danger there is."

Navit frowned but nodded. "I will."

Selia frowned. "You are sure you not paranoid Xander."

Xander. "I I dont think so something feel strange here almost.

Almost i can really describe it but i felt the power before."

Selia nodded. "Its probably the Psycotropi nexus that effect you.

Its do effect spirits making any spirits more powerful."

Xander nodded still feeling uncertain. "Probably but i still think being careful is a wise choice."

Noting more was said after that.


As the dinner time the nobles and the others walked in one by one in to the dinner room a huge dinner waited them to eat as their own time at sundown the Ball would start.

Xander smiled as he ate food. "So Neres i heard about you being a true master of sword fight maybe later you and i could have a friendly match."

Knight Neres the Tirak smiled. "I would like that Sir."

Xander nodded. "Which stile are you trained in?"

Neres. "Standard Knight training some Army Archery drills.

And i also learned a bit from the Learam elven by watching them fight."

Xander nodded. "So you have no training in the Tiraks fighting arts then."

Neres shook his head. "No i was raised by humans."

Xander nodded. "I see. If you are interested i might be able to give you some pointers in those styles.

They really are great for some one that have claws like you Tiraks have. "

Other part of the table.

Selia snorted boys always talking shop.


In classic Consaber stile they departed to change in to something finer to have on them.

The males and the girls joined up in separate room to bond talk and joke before the Servants told them the Ball was ready.

The males gather up for the Pre Ball preparations talking and taking a short drink while the servants cleaned up the Ballroom.

And lots of bragging going on.

The Girls walked away to another room talking drinking.

And lots of gossip going on.

Then Chaos happened Darkness fell inside the Girls room.

An older man power by vengeance man protected by Darkness rushed out to his Target the Baroness Almeda of Durval.

A girl joined by her five brothers creaped out as they jumped and kidnapped tried to Kidnap Lady Melody of Durval.

Her brother manage to grab her.

But suddenly a Magic teleportation suddenly focused on her and she disappeared.

Her brothers did not notice as they ran out carrying the struggling Melody.

Selia blinked her elven eyes could see several individuals come running out armed and carrying ropes.

Then she was suddenly teleported away.

Knight Lady Linna of Soldarn. Did not know what happened. Suddenly screams and fight had started she suddenly felt strange then she disappeared as magic teleported her away from the room.

In the 'boys' room suddenly become silent.

Yrwen raised his eyebrow his attempt to poison his Brother failed he cursed his bad luck.

Neres groaned in pain he felt pain in his chest. A moment he wonder what that was but his Tirak physic stopped him from dying or even fainting by the poison.

Then one out of nine secret doors in the room opened and a gang of Criminals armed with sword walked in.

Their leaders smiled an evil smile. "Surrender you gold and silver." His plan was brilliant attacking the males first the girls would not be able to defend themselves.

Xander raised an eyebrow and nodded to Navit.

Behind the criminal posing as a servant Navit removed something from under her long dress and send it flying towards him.

The Carwellan Sword smoothly was flying to the air.

Xander waited then jumped up grabbing the Sword.

And rushing the Criminals.

Neres grinned grabbing a silver plate he throw it with all his strength like a huge throwing star it impacted on one of the criminals holding a short bow.

After he Grabbed a pair of long almost short sword size steak-knifes.

The mage cursed his luck.

As he prepared a defensive spell.

Count Anfreed ran away to one of the sword hanging on the wall time to fight.

His younger son was beside him.

His oldest followed after a second of shock.

Xander dived in to the Criminals his sword cutting and stabbing. He did not go after kills only hurt as many as he could.

The criminals was not that good but they had him outnumber but then Neres came rushing in knifes flashing as he protected Xander back.

The gang still was to many then a war scream was heard and Anfreed and his sons attack waving their swords.

One by one the nobles followed grabbing swords from the walls the criminals did not know whats happened the nobles would suppose to be unarmed.

Xander sudden attack had given them time to arm themselves.

At the door a servant running to tell them some of the girls had been kidnapped froze and blinked.

In a small room Lady Linna, Selia and one other girl suddenly dropped in delivered by the magic teleportation spell.

The rooms sleep spell kept them sleeping soundly.

Outside five brothers looked down at their catch. They had Lady Melody but where was their sister.

The man looked down at lady Almeda he had the bastards wife soon he would get vengeance.

Her husband OR her lover Neres had murder and rape his daughter. He would get the answer which one then vengeance would be his.

In the males room Anfreed grinned. "Now that was bracing."

A servant rushed over "Sir. The girls some of them have been kidnapped. Lady Melody, Lady Almeda and Lady Selia sir."

Silent fell on the room and Anfreed, Xander and Neres turned and watch the criminals they would get the answer out of them not only attacking the them but the girls at the same time.

The surviving criminals felt fear as the powerful nobles walked up to them.

No mercy or pity was in their eyes any more.

Part 12
Going Postal..... Enter the crazy realm 3...

Xander growled angry before turning to Anfreed. "I believe them. They are not smart enough to kidnap anyone." He sighted "So someone else did that."

Anfreed nodded. "Yes i going to inform my men."

Xander grabbed his arm. "One of you men was involved and Selia dies. You and you family will follow her to the grave.

So think before you act."

With that Xander left the Count behind as he walked away.

Anfreed swallowed as he turned to TT standing next to his sons.

"Is he serious."

TT nodded. "He is serious. And he is right more likely then not ONE of you men is involved in the kidnapping."

Neres the Tirak nodded. "I go after him." The Knight hurried after the angry elven fighter. He was still feeling a bit strange in the chest area. Almost like that time he got hit by a poison arrow.


Xander sat still on the floor meditating his spirit was wandering the room searching after tracks after what felt like eternity but was only fifteen minutes he stood up.

Behind him TT sat on a chair. "So what did you find out?"

Xander. "Their been a lot of things in here.

Two probably three different kidnappers. The last one using teleportation." He pointed at a parts of the wall. "A band of six fighter enter from that secret door." Then he pointed at another part of the wall.

"The other kidnapper entered from that part of the wall." He walked over to the center of the room. "Here 3 females stood when a teleportation spell was activated. Probably a trap. Selia was one of them."

TT nodded. "Crap so what you are saying is best case we have two different sets of kidnapers. Worst case we have 3."

Xander grinned more. "It gets worst. This place IS a nexus of Spirit energy right."

TT "Yeh Selia did warn us."

Xander nodded. "I felt something else during my meditation. Its also a weaker nexus of chaos. Spirit nexus simply hides the chaos energy.

But right now the Chaos energy is equally strong."

TT frowned. "Because?"

Xander grinned. "Because i am a chosen one."

TT smiled. "Crap."

Nodding. "Crap and a half." Xander said.

Frowning a bit TT looked up. "So any idea how to find them?"

Xander shook his head. "As long as they are sleeping or dead my ability to find them using Shaman skill are limited.

The kidnappers willpower keeps me from finding them.

Once they are awake its more easy to track them IF they have stronger willpower then the kidnaper have." He grinned at that, Selia was extremely strong willpower.

TT blinked, "so as long as the Kidnaper likes to keep them hidden you cant find them unless THEY like to be found."

Xander. "Exactly. A shaman can find ANYONE if they like to be found. But luckily i still have my nose and between the two of us we almost have a brain."

TT grinned as the two heroes started to work out a plan.


Neres came marching inside. "The Count like to see you. Now."

Xander and TT nodded stopping in their fumbling foolish search of the castle.

Miss Pryde continued her search unnoticed and unseen by anyone.

TT and Xander was the distraction while she did the real work in finding the girls.

In the Knight room the count and the Marquis sat waiting.

Xander could see Four big strong man obvious farmers that looked nervous.

He raised an eyebrow. "You called," he said pointedly almost aggressive.

Anfreed nodded. "This are the Millersons brothers. They just came inside demanding that their sister Ivida Millerdotter is return to them. And they will return Melody to us."

Xander grinned. "So they are one of the kidnapers. I knew that 3 girls had been kidnapped looks like kidnaper 2 or 3 kidnapped YOUR sister instead of his real target."

The Miller brothers growled. "You get our sister back or." He was cut short in his rave. As Xander aimed his Crossbow directly at him.

Xander looked angry. "We only need ONE of you alive to find out where Melody is. The rest of you i can put down like the dogs you are. This is you one and only choice.

Tell me exactly where she is and I will not kill you."

The brothers trembled they were the sons of a Miller and they worked as black smiths in the stone mill.

They were strong powerful men but not fighters.

Anfreed stood up. "Put the crossbow away."

Xander carefully aimed the crossbow at his feet. "You should remember that one of the girls kidnapped i my girlfriend. My fianc�."

The counts guards grabbed their weapons.

The Count look angry.

TT spoke up "X over here has a tradition to be dangerous when one hurts his girls.

Their are even a well documented case where he Forced a Master Vampire to guide him to the lair of a old demon named the Master just so that he could save a friend.

Somehow i dont think you OR you guard are as dangerous as the Vampire or the Demon was."

Silent was in the room as the guard looked in shock at Xander still aiming his crossbow at their boss.

Anfreed carefully waved the guard back. "I see. A bit Protective i have personal reason why i do not like you to kill the Millers."

Xander frowned. "Tell me and if its good they will live." Something in this area made it more easy to act cold blooded probably the spirit nexus influence him.

The Count Anfreed Greyhall frowned. "Cant we do it privately?"

His youngest son Yrwen Greyhall rolled his eyes.

"My Brother Unter is the ONLY one that dont know about you 'Secret affairs Fader.

Half the children in the villages outside are the Spawn of you loins dad.

I Know when my dear old Brother Unter married Ivida you talk to the priest and ONE day later the marriage was cancelled.

I overheard the discussion you ask the priest to hold it a secret but Ivida IS our half sister.

So are all of her brothers."

TT blinked. "I had not expected that."

Xander nodded. "Strange i miss popcorn."

Anfreed paled. "You you know?"

Unter fainted finding out he married his own half sister was to much.

Xander nodded. "Im not going to kill them family is important. But they do not need two legs to live. Stumpy can be their new nickname."

The Miller brothers tremble in fear first they find out they are the children of Anfreed and so are their sister.

"Melody we are hiding her in the Millhouse." They screamed as one.

Xander frowned angry. "Crap i was hoping to torture you. Well YOU." He said pointing at one of them. "Stay here. The rest fetch bring her alive and unhurt to us."

Xander looked up at Anfreed. "So anything else."

The count nodded. "Yes actually i was calling you for this when those four came barging in."

He Gave Xander a note. "I got the Baroness Almeda if you like her to live bring me the head of the Strangler of Durval."

He looked up confused.

Neres whispered silently to Xander. "Their have been some one that gone around strangling and raping young girls in Durval. So far we have not found out who it is."

Xander frowned but kept a silent whisper. "And he or she is here. Got any suspicions."

Neres nodded. "I think so but i cant tell you about them. Yet.

Just say that the stranglers live in Durval and prey on girls the days when i am out of town."

Xander eyes gleamed. "So its more likely one you know about then?"

Neres nodded. "My duty as a knight hired forbid me to say more."

Xander could see that Neres did not stop his eyes from watching Yrkun of Durval. His Sire his lord. Yes if that was the murderer nothing except cold evidence would make a loyal Knight talk.

Xander nodded for himself.

He could get evidence he watch Navit beside him as he grinned.

Time to put some bait on the hook.


Marit hugged her pillow nervous.

Navit eyes was cold and hard. "I do it." She said.

Xander nodded. "Remember He is dangerous and you must trick HIM to attack you and wait until you have proof that he IS trying to rape you. Then you can start fighting back.

I will follow you in a distant dont worry i will be their.

And remember my first rule. Dont die."

Navit nodded she did not like this mission one bit.

But it actually felt a lot better then her old work as an assassin. "Dont worry i am not going to die." She said to her sister Marit.

But she felt warmth in her heart that her boss cared about her.

TT nodded. "I continue the tracking. Selia must be here somewhere." Xander smiled a bit. "Yea She is but still sleeping. Or drugged so heavy that she cant focus herself."

Navit smiled. "Well i go and get the rapist now."

With that she walked out the image of a sexy bad girl.

Yrkun sweated as he saw the young beautiful Servant walk by him. Her dress was literally one size to small and hugged her body like a snake skin. "Would you help me?" He asked the girl tricking her to follow him inside the empty corridors.

Navit nodded turning on her best Im so stupid that Im probably blond kind of look in her eyes. "Yes sir what can i help you with?"

Yrkun. "Their is some food i dropped on the floor would you clean it up for me?" He said pointing inside the corridor.

Navit duly looked inside she could feel him move then suddenly he had a strong strangling grip on her.

Yrkun grinned breathing heavy. "Just come whore and you will live."

Navit ponder a second she had two methods to break his grip both could hurt her. Or she could wait. O yes almost forgotten time to turn the tears and cry.

Yrkun almost dragged the weakly struggling girl inside a secret passage in the corridor one he found by himself.

As he started to rip her dress off something cold sharp and deadly was pressed at his throat.

Xander grinned. "Well rape is not a friendly thing to do."

It looked like he had the dirt bag captured.

Yrkun "You Im innocent she tricked me."

Xander eyes turned hard. "Probably would hold in a court if she was a servant. But she is my body guard i even have proof that she IS knighted by house Aled."

Navit blinked she was knighted. She kept her surprise silent but notice Xander slipped her a note and a medallion.

As he forced the criminal outside.

-Yes i did knight registered you so its officially you still have to do the test of skill but you are my first knight and defender of my house.-

The medallion was a small symbol with the house and Clan Aled on it. Xander clan she realizes.

Part 13
Going Postal..... Enter the crazy realm 4...

Xander walked in to the meeting hall with a happy song and a smile on his lips. "Here you are Sir Anfreed One rapist and murderer as ordered."

Anfreed blinked. "I see and what evidence do you have."

Xander grinned. "My knight and body guard Navit over here. He tried to rape her."

The Daak Priest frowned. "Knight she is personal maid a butler. I seen it myself She is not a knight."

Xander frowned. "Do you mistrust my word as a knight, A warrior, Miss Navit is my Knight and our Bodyguard.

As a Bodyguard she also pretend to be a butler and a maid."

He walked up to the priest smiling as he let his hand rest on his sword. "Here, The official papers register her as a knight defender signet in Camarr."

As the priest hands did not move and he did not talk Xander spoke again. "It seems like you still do not trust me. I have the evidence and yet you challenge my honor Priest. Do you wish to fight a duel." He turned and watch the young church knight. "I dont think Your defender would be up to the task."

The Daak priest growled before he swallowed his pride "I believe you. Let me see the papers."

Xander smiling gave them to him. "Here i need them back later."

Navit was holding her breath nervous that something would be wrong.

The priest cleared his throat. "I see the paper is in order. She is a Knight of a Learam house cleared and sign in Camarr in front of witness."

Xander nodded. "Thanks. The Knight Sir Yrkun of Durval is the rapist. He tried to rape my lady knight and failed."

Lots of laughter was heard over that.

Females knight were usual among Elven fighters.

Among the humans most female knight was a standing joke of bad training.

Anfreed cleared his voice. "Well Sir Yrkun your word against the words of two knights. What do you have to say."

Yrkun tremble. "I My daughter is going to marry your son do you find so little trust in me."

Anfreed sighed. "I am sorry but your word against theirs.

You could always demand a Seer or ask our mage to cast a truth spell on you, They dont always work but.

Or you could challenge them in a duel of honor."

Yrkun frowned and looked at his knight Neres frowned. "NO sir i will not fight for you.

Its you Wife thats hold my honor. Not you."

Yrkun looked shocked as he ponder his options. "I i need a knight.

Some one with balls."

The silent was complete.

Anfreed grinned down. "You see Sir one of MY girls a servant was found about a hour ago dead. She was popular and had friends everywhere. NO knight of mine would stand up for you."

The Priest nodded. "Take him away and exchange him for Lady Almeda." His men nodded and carried the screaming man away.

Xander grinned. "I like you style Priest.

Sorry about my attitude i become a bit overaggressive when my lady is missing."

The old priest smiled gently and friendly like Bin Laden.

Xander shivered in fear he hoped the priest never EVER smiled again something was so wrong with that smile.


The room opened and finally the Miller brothers came back with Melody. As they started to talk Xander just shook his head and walked out.

Time to find Selia.


Xander looked at the individuals in the room.

Navit and Marit and TT. "This is a BIG secret you will find out about keep it silent or i will punish you."

Miss Pryde sneaked up to him jumped up in his arms and gently spoke. "I have search the castle. I can sense her tracks in the Mage tower."

Marit blinked. "The cat it can talk. How?"

Navit "How it can talk?"

Miss Pryde "?? Humans that can talk??"

The two former assassins looked angry at Pryde.

Xander grinned. "Simple story she is a special type of cat they can talk and even turn them self in to a human like cat girl.

And they are ALL females. The males are normal cats."

The girl blinked looking at the sleeping Kitty the kitten.

Xander nodded.

Miss Pryde. "Incredibly i dont have to spell it out to you two."

TT "Pryde be nice."

Miss Pryde. "Why Miss cheap over their NEVER give me any fish from her table."

Xander groaned this looked like it would be a long long argument.

Later Much later....

Xander growled never EVER would he allow Miss Pryde, Navit and Marit to argue again two hours of argument and now they are like best friends.

Girls he never ever would understand them.

Finally near the tower Xander flinch. "I can sense her. She is weak screaming for help."

Lightning fast Xander pull his sword free and run up the stairs.

TT follows as to the rest.

Suddenly halfway up he stops. "In here behind this wall."

Navit study the wall carefully before moving over to the stairs. "Here Sir the opening is here."

Xander ignore the wall as he watches Navit pull open a hatch on the stairs. "Thanks great work." He say as he jumps down. Inside he see Lady Linna, Ivida Millerdotter and Selia. They look so pale but alive.

Marit walks forward. "Let me remove the chains."

He nods holding Selias shoulder. She is awaken but barely.

Then a huge KRASH is heard as the Tower mage suddenly falls inside from the stairs.

Xander raised an eyebrow he forgotten about the Coca cola bottle glasses that mage have.

He hope he didnt hurt himself.

Selia whisper. "He is the kidnapper."

Xander blinks. "TT grab the mage he IS the kidnapper."

TT grins as he grab the nearsighted mage.


Xander frowns. "I sorry Sir we are leaving NOW. No more crazy stuff for us. No more intrigues we are riding away now."

Anfreed nodded. "Im sorry about that. Normally its not hectic here. This week have been rather strange compared to normal weeks."

His oldest son nods. "Yes strange."

Xander nodded. "Its probably the wedding strange things happen during those."

With that Xander a still drugged Selia seeing strange things in her drugged condition and his friends rode away to somewhere less crazy.

Behind them the Chaos power suddenly become weaker as the Chosen of Chaos or the mobile Chaos nexus rode away.

In a lair deep under the Castle a Huge Wyrd monster suddenly decided sleep for another 1000 years before he would eat the castle.

Part 14
The road home...

The five riders stopped a moment to watch the city in the bay.

Several different songs was played on the Bagpipe greeting the rising sun.

Dueling their clans glory or just travelers greeting the city on their way inside.

Slowly the Bagpipes started to play the national anthem of Alarin after the standard music fighting and greeting had stopped.

This was THE Learam City.

The ONLY real City in the whole country of Alarin the Learam home land its name was Kinyen Sina the city of friendship. Inside the 68 clans of Learam had their represent in the Council of the Learam.

It was build on a hill side at a bay the sea and the ship could be seen blowing in the wind.

Green, Blue, Red, White, Yellow even purple stone was used in the side of the buildings just under the roofs marking which Clan own that building. Every building had those marking.

All in all it was a beautiful sight.

The rest of Alarin was villages thousands spread out on the grass plains of the highlands.

TT looked shocked at the beautiful city in front of him.

As the sun rose the city looked like it was glowing like a rainbow. Stunned and shocked they watch before riding inside.

Xander. "Cool," and they where going inside.

Navit and Marit and TT could feel elven eyes every where in here they were a minority.

The curiosity of the elfs was felt as they rode forward.

TT. "So X what are we doing here?"

Marit. "Yes?"

Xander grinned. "The Learam asked me to come here they like me to set up a clan. Its mostly formal i just have to listen to what they say then i have plans to fix it.

Im going to ask the Ghor dwarf to help with any buildings then use some of the spoils of war i have to pay.

They have a Mine that they like some dwarf to work Im thinking of asking a small group of Samar to travel here and start working and Living. A extra fortress is a good backup plan."

They nodded and rode on soon they would be at the councils meeting hall.

2 days Later...

Xander sighed. This was So boring. "Well thanks for meeting me so soon."

4 Days Later.

Selia blinked then hit Xander so he stop sleeping.

The Spokes man of the Council. "I think we better cut this meeting short. It looks like our Brave fighter is sleeping again," he smiled.

The Leader of Learam laught friendly they knew exactly how Xander must feel.

6 Days later...

"FINALY. IM FREE IM FREEE." Xander screamed in joy.

Selia shook her head. "It was not that bad," she said.

Xander nodded. "It was SO bad. But now i have to visit Consaber to give the king this letter and then then. I have to see a Dragon i think. Strange i feel like he is calling for me a while now."

Selia. "You say that a Dragon have been calling for you?"

Xander nodded. "Yup i have been ignoring him a while now. Is that bad."

Selia flinched. "Yes that bad."

Xander "Oops. He should have come himself if its important."

And they enter a sailing ship time to see the king of Consaber time to face the dragon.

Part 15.
The road home...

Samar Fortress up north...

Ghulik Clan Samar Grinned happy as he walked the line after line of soldiers. The Brother of Arms stood in full attentions a mighty Army consisting now of over 100,000 individuals.

The pay high but the training extremely hard using methods learned from Earth they were trained for almost half a year.

Mental physical and emotional they trained all of the soldiers in fighting in reading and in cooperation in unity.

This was the First REAL army of brothers.

Ghulik was prouder of as a father of them.

They were loyal.

They were strong.

And they were as an army incredible.

Their were Elf, Dwarfs, Tiraks-Tiraks, Trukk, Gurdhs, Humans, Male and females.

Ghulik walked up on the podium watching over them before talking "I feel like crying in joy.

You make me Proud.

Never before have an army this strong this Great and THIS POWERFULL existed in OUR WORLD.

Brotherhood is POWER TOGETHER nothing NOTHING Can stop this ARMY.

Look at your friends your Brothers and Know that THEY ARE YOUR STRENGHT.

With them by your Side you are invincible."

The applause and single screams of joy was heard.

Ghulik continued. "I feel like a Father watching his children all grown up ready to work and to protect our family.

Like a Father i have gifts for you all.

First each of you will get the symbol of the Brothers.

And Each of you will get a sword and Axe and an armor.

But like all fathers i like to give you a surprise gift."

Ghulik could see they were starting to whispering a surprise gift.

"Each of you have sign on for a five year duty.

After those Five year are done.

Some of you are with out family outside our army and surviving with out a name or a clan or tribe is hard so Each of you will be given the chance to become part of a clan.

If you are Dwarf We the Samar will give you a home among us.

If you are Elf the Learam Clan Aled Xander Clan will adopt you IF you chose.

If you are Human their is a Pyar house that likes to adopted you.

The Great Bazirik Tribe is willing to adopted any Tirak, gurdh, Trukk that served five years as one of them."

The troopers blinked and cheers of joy was heard being with out a family name was hard life no security during your old age or in the elven case during the time of the Suffering when the elven suddenly were overcome forced in a coma like state by the sadness he or she experienced in its life.

An elf with no family or clan to protect and help him/her would die a starving death.

So the joy was great safety even after the army time was done.

Ghulik smiled as he stepped back.

He had more tings to do tonight he waved in the beer barrels.

Time for the troopers to have a small party while he worked.

Some would stay here others would travel to Alarin and help the founding of a new Samar fortress by invitation of the Learam elven.

Buffy smiled. "So who are going to see Xander then?"

Ghulik flinched. "Ooh you surprised me. I think Giles is going to sail over with the troops."

Buffy nodded. "I wish he would come back soon. My Children needs to see their uncle Xander."

Ghulik smiled. "You and Angel could take Hope and Rupert to Alarin to meet them."

Buffy shook her head. "no No Until they are in their Teenaged year they are to easy to kill. My daughter is a future Slayer and my son is what ever he chose to be."

Ghulik nodded he knew Buffy rather would let them be anything then a slayer but they manage to talk her in to make a good situation out of it.

The children would be trained and they would survive somehow.

The Sea of Consaber........

"I feel bad." Xander said.

Selia nodded. "well you DID drink a bit to much."

TT grinned. "I think its the sailing ship. The waves go UP. Then they go DOWN. And then they go UP. And Down." He said waving Up and Down with his arms in front of the green looking Xander.

"And UP and Down."

Xander suddenly turned and ran to the side of the ship ready to puke. Selia gave TT an evil eye. "That was evil."

TT grinned. "The moment he got it out of him is the moment he will start feeling better."

Selia nodded. "Well you right about that. Oh no."

TT "What?"

Selia shook her head. "Dont you see. He is trying to puke in the WIND."

TT paled as he watch the messy and misery sight that was Xander.

The wind was blowing most of right back at him and he was too sick to move. "Well You are his girlfriend YOU help him. I am just a bad friend that will move away from Mr. and Mrs. Stinky."

Selia sighed times like this she hated being a loyal girlfriend.

12 hours later...

"Finally." Marit said.

They all nodded.

Xander looking fine dressed in his armor with his finest black cloak waving in the wind he looked impressive and even scary.

But the crew had lost most of their fear of him. Today he was just another elfs that could not hold his alcohol.

Calina harbor was like a Forest of mast and sails thousands of ships where anchored side by side.

Or sailing in and out.

"Look." Xander screamed.

Their it was one of the famous Consabrish Dragon ships.

A sailing version of a hanger carrier.

But no airplanes dragons and their riders.

It was the largest of the ships huge Carracks with Two mast instead of four like ships that size normally have.

But over one of them was the real surprise a Blimp.

A real balloon.

Xander grinned. "See they already copy mine idea." He said smiling. TT rolled his eyes. "Your idea."

Xander nodded. "My idea to steal a invention from OUR world."

TT nodded. "Well cant argue with that. You think its possible to get a pet Dragon."

Xander frowned. "I dont know. Only if you find an egg and it bonds with you. Or if mage puts a taming spell on a wild dragon buts that hard."

TT nodded it was still dam impressive and then.

Silence fell as a huge shadow fell over the ship.

A real dragon was flying in to town.

Sir Verdukar was visiting his house in the capital.

Probably go shopping watch the tournament and then talk to that elf he had been calling for month never before had ANY one ignored his calling so long or taking that long zenith road.

It was rather rude.

Xander swallowed some how he knew that dragon was calling him here. But first their was a tournament in town and he was NOT going to miss that. Time to play the white knight. Or dark knight.

The dragon could wait if not he could come and visit him.

Part 16
The road home...

Calina was a Big town. Consaber was one of three powerful sea nations its ships sailed the sea of this world its only REAL competition in trade was the Cirfalier and a Magic ruled Ebhron in the far east.

The Ebhron was to far away and they were a rather friendly nation that cooperated.

And the Cirfalier and Consaber had a long going pirate war between them.

Openly all friendship but hidden they used pirates and raiders to steal and destroy for each other.

Xander was thinking about that as he walked to the tournament he was sure the king would be their its was his duty after all and he did have a scroll with the kings name on it.

The tournament was big knights fighters archer all their.

As he enter the nobles area where they sat watching the fighters and knights showing their skills.

"Halt," a guard said as he walked forward.

Xander stopped and smiled up. "I have a message for the king."

The Guard sneered. "This place is for the noble not a low born fighter that thinks he is something."

Xander grinned. "My Name is Xander House Aled Clan Aled, Darkwing Duck creator of the Air ships Defender of Clan Samar, Officer of the Brother of Blades.

And i do have a Scroll thats for the Kings eyes only will you let me pass."

The Guard sneered pesky fool he teach him a lesson. "Listen here Fool i will only say this ONE TIME and one time ONLY. GET Away from."

He did not have time to say anything else as a voice interrupted him.

"Quiet Soldier." A Big fat Pyar Elf with a Admiral uniform screamed. "I am So sorry Master Aled for this fools behavior." He said in a friendly tone of voice and a small bow.

Xander bow down himself. "Its nothing he was only doing what he believed was his duty. But Sir i am afraid Im not sure of your name."

The Admiral blinked that was a first he believed his habit of seducing girls and be father of children out of married and destroying pirates was known around the world by now. "I am Admiral Ludich of Calnia." He said.

Xander blinked. "You Sir you famous i i didnt believe you were." He quiet down.

Ludich grinned. "Over weight."

Xander nodded not having the guts to say bigger then pregnant Elephant. "Yes."

Quiet and silence ruled.

Xander brain desperately tried to comprehend how that lard ass was rumored to be a real Casanova and a hero of the sea.

Ludich tried to picture this friendly goofy looking young man with the tails of a brave fighter and a scary avenger that killed with no remorse to defend the innocent.

Neither Ludich or Xander had much luck.

Ludich being a Admiral got himself together. "Well you said you had a Scroll to the king."

Xander blinked. "Ooo yea. Could you bring me to him."

Ludich nodded and waved him over.

Short walk later they were standing in a pavilion where a group of noble women was preparing food and a group of fighter was preparing for battle.

Ludich hid his smile as he guided Xander over to a big Knight that were being dressed up in a armor by a squire.

"You highness. Sir Xander house Aled Clan Aled from Alarin is here to see you," he said with a small bow.

The Knight busy with tightening the armor just looked up.

The Squire helping him took a short look but continued with his work.

Xander smiled as he bow in front of the Knight now that was a real king. "Your Highness the earl of Asharien order me go bring you this Scroll its about the Cirfalier pirates movement." He said as he gave the Knight the scroll.

The knight blinked before looking down on his Squire. "I think sir this is yours"

The Squire nodded "thanks." And continued his work.

Xander stood still. "You are the king?"

The Squire hid his smile. "Yes."

Xander smiled. "Thats great that you helps your friends.

Do you think you could fix me a place to compete in the tournament i have an armor you dont need to help me with that. Sir."

The king blinked normally the noble would be upset that he would help his bodyguards with their armor during tournament. Not think it great feels kind of nice. "I do think of these guys as my friends.

But they really are mine and my families Bodyguards. And yes i can fix you a place in the tournament any special competition."

Xander nodded. "Yes Archery, Swordplay, and If you have Unarmed combat your Highness."

The King nodded. "Call me Sir Constantin if you like i try to pretend to be normal man during tournament. Its relaxing.

Its done you are in the tournament by now.

Do you have any friends that like to compete.

But we dont have any unarmed fighting."

Xander. "Na they rather eat and rest Sir Constantin. "

The Knight snorted. "Unarmed combat thats for peasant and low life." Xander. "Their is Elven unarmed fighting stiles that makes could beat you in you armor."

The knight. "I like to see that."

Xander grinned. "You said it." Cheating a bit he draw power from the Hyena not so his eyes change just to give him power as the Soldier gave him the martial arts skill boosting his own training in elven fighting arts.

a -Cloong- was heard like a huge gong.

And the knight fell down on the ground.

His armor had huge crater in the center of the chest piece it looked like some one had used a club.

Xander grinned as he massaged his hand. "That was a bit of Elven fighting stile combined with a human art called Kung fu."

The knight slowly stood up his chest hurt and his armor needed too see a blacksmith.

The king started to laugh. "You said you liked to see that."

The knight slowly started to grin. "I did didnt i. You think you could teach me."

Xander. "Later i could give you a tip or two but after the tournament a big lizard like to talk to me. Later Sir i have to go and fetch my armor." With that Xander walked out inside he was crying his hand hurt so so much.


"This was a bad idea." Xander said to himself.

It was warm.

It was dry.

Thousands of people were watching him.

And the target looked so small.

"Hey dont be afraid." A farm boy beside him said smiling friendly.

Xander nodded. "Thanks i try not to. Rather fight a army of Frakk again then go out their."

The farmer laughs. "If you afraid of that no way you could face a army of Frakk."

Xander grinned. "Well we cant all be as brave as you."

Soon it was their turn.

So far Xander was worried the archers were incredible much better then what he had expected.

But Consaber were famous for their archers claiming they were as good as the elven archers. Now he believed that.

As the two were going to the arena a dirty looking old man pushed himself in front of them. "Move it or lose it looser." He said. "Kids these days. You two probably need both hands to find their own asshole." He said as he took his place in the competition.

Xander growled. "No way we are going to let him win."

The farm boy nodded they teach that fool.


Xander groaned. "Fifth place. Fifth place. I cant believe a dirty old windbag like that took first place." He was irritated only the four best moved up to next level of the archery competition.

Selia giggled. "I seen you shoot better ONCE. Was it luck then."

Xander nodded. "I do better in the sword game."

The rest of the day they watch the fights and the archery competition.

"Heh. A fool and looser like you with a pretty girl like her what did you do drug her?" A dirty old winner said as he walked by Xander.

Part 17
The road home...

The swords game had finally started.

Xander grinned as he walked in to the arena. They had dull training swords with out a cutting edge.

They still hurt like hell but with an armor on it were not that bad.

Beside him fighter after fighters came inside the arena.

According to the rules they would be separated in to five groups by chance each with six players.

Then group 1 would meet group 2 and so one each fighter would be chosen by random.

The large Arena had six smaller fighting pits so they would have six fights at the same time.

He could feel the sweat drops as the draws put him in the group 5.

Then almost suddenly it was time.

His team was four humans one Gurdh and him.

Xander nodded. "Hi Im Xander."

And they started to talk.

At the same time.

Selia grinned. "See him over their TT."

TT nodded. "Yea whats about him."

Selia looked "This is a secret i found out fifteen years ago. He is an Immortal bond to a dragon. About 6000 year ago he and hundred other humans bonded with Dragons becoming immortals.

They were priest leaders generals.

They could access power speed and strength from their Dragon making them incredible fighters.

Its also rumored that bleeding cant kill them."

TT "Fascinating But why tell me?"

Selia. "Because If Xander is Really really good he will have to fight the Immortal." She said with a smile.

TT grinned. "X dont have a chance have he."

Selia frowned. "I dont know.

If Xander make it to the finals they will use real weapons.

And Xander is a tricky fighter."

TT nodded.

On the Arena.

Xander frowned in group 2 was that dirty old windbag that insulted him humiliated him in archery.

He almost hoped the old fool would make it to the final they he could use real weapon and shave of his hair.

Then the fighting started.

Xander was fighter two in his group.

The first fight was fast and his group lost.

As Xander walked in the fighting pit he watch his opponent a female knight with black almost blue hair, from the Rose order.

He frowned trying to remember about that order then he remember they were a pure female order dedicated to the Old faith of the Dragon.

And they were rumored to be all gay.

Sighting he saluted the knight. "May the best female or male fighter win. My name is Xander."

She smiled friendly "I agree and i plan on being the fighter that wins. I am Liliac."

Xander smiled. "So do i. Lets dance." He said putting his 'training' sword Carwellan in a classic Guard position.

Liliac grinned attacking fainting a stab then an upper cut.

Xander frowned as he side stepped the stab parried the uppercut and kicked Liliac behind her knee tripping her.

"Do you fold?" He asked.

Liliac. "You cheated."

Xander. "In a real fight their is no cheating. Judge what do you think?"

The Judge nodded. "Kicking and hitting the opponent is not a cheating. Dirty fighting yes but we allow it. Winner Xander."

Xander smiled as he helped Liliac up. "Good fight."

The cheering was limited no one liked a dirty fighter.

On the stands........

"A long one on bread." TT said as he order the local version of Hotdog. "That went fast."

Selia nodded. "Yes but now they will not underestimate him."

TT nodded. "Do you want one Marit?" She frowned a bit before nodding. "If i can get a cup mead."

TT grinned. "Aaa i see this is my chance to drink you stupid and have wild sex with you."

Navit frowned but said nothing as she could see that Marit was giggling.

Selia smiled and petted Miss Pryde and the kitten.

In the arena.

Xander held his cool as he walked in the fighting pit.

A dwarf, Sword fighter NOT good.

In the limited area of the fighting pit the dwarf was in his element. He saluted the Dwarf getting a salute back then the fight was on.

The Dwarf was like a stature only his arms were moving.

Xander parried dodged jumped stabbed cut.

The Dwarf was like an octopus his arms everywhere no hole in his defense.

Growling Xander stepped back starting to dodge and parry more.

Their he saw it a hole in the dwarfs defense.




The dwarf blinked then looked down and down.

Before opening his mouth. "Yea stab me in the foot. It hurts."

Xander grinned. "Your defense was TO good so i remember Enemy do not fight with out feet."

The Dwarf grinned then started to giggle and laugh. "I have to remember that good one Elf." And he limped out.

Xander grinned he was the winner.

Later hours later...

The Finals Xander looked over two pair of fighters would fight the two winners would then fight each other.

And real weapons would be used, But no killing cuts or stabs and only to first blood.

"What the other fighter must have been lame the only reason a goof like you could have come up to the final." The old dirty fool said as he grinned at Xander.

Xander grinned. "I teach you a thing or two windbag."

The old man grinned. "What you going to flap your ears and fly me around the arena."

And the fight was on.

Xander growled the old man was playing with him.

He finally let the Hyena out to play.

The old man eyes glowed red a moment and his strength grew.

Xander frowned he could feel the power rolling of the old man in waves. And the power he could feel it blocking out his elven eyes a power that could only come from a dragon.

"O crap." He said remembering the legend of the Dragon guardians, The Dragon Immortals. "You really are a dirty old man," he said growling time to draw power from the soldier.

-Cut, kick, stab, kick, slash,- Xander move like lightning.

-parry, jump, side step, parry, dodge,- The old man moved like greased lightning. "you to slow boy, Go home and train some snails."

Xander growled drawing power from the spirit realms Boosting his body strength and speed. Time to use his shamanic powers.

The watchers on the stand looked in shock as the two fighters suddenly become nothing more then a foggy blur of speed.

-Jump kick, Parry, slash, Cut, stab,- The old man did moving like a kung fu master from a B graded movie.

-Dodge, Stab, Parry, sidestep, Grab, Kick,- Xander moved as fast as he could.

Then the old man over extended himself in one move Xander was both of them was wrestling trying to rip away each others swords.

"Yer not strong enough," the old man taunted Xander.

Xander growled. "And your not smart enough." He said before kicking him in the knee, Stamping him on the foot and as finishing move driving his knee in the groin.

The Old man whimpered his foot, His knee, His nuts. "That hurts." He said in a small painful voice.

Xander grinned as the old man fell down. "I won." He looked around remembering that it was one more fight before resting. "So who is the next Im going to fight"

The judge came up. "Well He watch the two of you and gave up."

Xander blinked. "What. All right so i won then?"

The judge nodded.

Xander grinned. "Great sleepy time." He said as he fell down unconscious the moment he relaxed.

Selia gasped. "Xander," she screamed as she ran out on the arena.

The old man sat up the kid had won fair and square.

Next time he would Not underestimate him. "You boy-toy is good in a fight Sell. Dont worry he is fine just tired." He said as he stood up.

Selia nodded. "Right. And its Selia not sell."

The old man just grinned as he walked away kids today so easy to irritated.

TT nodded now that was a great fight he really missed popcorn right now.

Navit swallowed happy that she now worked for Xander fighting some one that fast would be foolish.

Part 18
The road home...

"argh... Im dead no way i can be alive." Xander whined.

Selia smiled poking him "No you alive. How do you feel?"

"In pain so much pain. Its like all my bones muscles have been slashed sunder." Xander said.

Using a both spirits boosting him and drawing more power from the nature with his Shaman power did grant him super powers equal to a slayer or more he did not know.

BUT the down side he felt right now pain.

Moving at that speed he had damage himself the healing potion and elven blood made sure it was nothing permanent but Ooo the pain.

The two cats trying to sleep on his chest had others ideas of the situation.

Miss Pryde nodded her head typical now he would complain and their would be ONE person less to pet her and her kitten.

Kitty blinked she had the feeling that this was bad but could not figure out why.

Xander lying in the bed trying not to move should be good.

A perfect warm sleeping place for her and Mom.

But something was missing. "Pet me," she said.

The room fell silent.

Miss Pryde. "You can talk. Why did you not say anything before?" She ask her kitten.

Kitty nodded. "They petted me then."

Miss Pryde nodded. "Aaa that explain it," at least her kitty had a real reason for not talking.

Xander grinned. "She sure is you daughter Pryde."

Marit smiled. "So how long will you be invalid Xander?"

Selia "I think tomorrow he will be good as new."

Kitty frowned. "Someone Pet ME NOW." Why did they ignore her she was the most important creature after all.

TT smiled lifting the kitten and started to pet her. "The lady ask the lady receive."

Next day...

"So Im going to Sir Verduhrakh home today.

He been calling me a while now and i have been ignoring him. Any one coming?" Xander asked.

TT nodded. "No way Im missing this."

Miss Pryde stared angry at Xander. "You should not ignore a Dragon you are small and you DO taste good with Ketchup."

Xander blushed. "If it was important Im sure he would have send some one."

Kitty blinked elven they really were not that smart.

Miss Pryde sighted she had the strange urged to transform to her cat girl body and strangle Xander.

Selia frowned. "I come you might need my help."

Marit. "I go i always like to see a dragon."

Navit nodded. "I come Im good at running."

They looked at Navit.

She frowned before talking. "What IF he gets angry is their ANY one that would stay and fight HIM?" She asked them.

Xander "no."

TT "No."

Selia "no."

Marit "Yes. i mean i would run."

They looked at the cats.

Miss Pryde looked at them. "I would run like a mouse."

Later again...

The house Sir Verduhrakh lived in was huge and built directly on a small stone hill that had a big cave inside of it.

It was outside the city and an impressive building.

Xander study it a bit. "Be careful a gate to the shadow realm is near."

With that he limped to the gates and knocked on the door.

Moment later it opened. "YOU." Xander said in irritation.

"The Incompetent fool. Do come in my friend is waiting for you." A Smiling dirty old man said. He jumped waving his arm proving that HE did not feel any lingering pain or suffering after their epic fight on the arena.

Xander gave the old windbag one last dirty look before limping inside his legs were still pain filled and he could not lift his arms higher then the waist with out pain. "I hate you." He said to the old man that was walking almost jumping in front of them mocking him.

The old man grinned. "Sir your guest is here to see you." He said to his old friend Verduhrakh. "I be going now see you later." He said as he walked out.

Xander smiled bowing a bit. "You called me," he said.

Verduhrakh nodded. "Did you have problem hearing or notice it?"

Xander shrugged. "No i ignored it."

Xander did not notice that his friends suddenly moved away from him.

Sir Verduhrakh blinked. "you YOU you ignored it."

Xander nodded happy. "Yea IM not a dog. If its important you should come yourself."

Verduhrakh counted silently to one million it took him almost a minute. Then he spoke. "I see. I try to remember that." His voice had the warmth of the arctic.

Xander nodded. "Im sorry but thats how i am."

Verduhrakh nodded what could he expect from a chaos champion the Mocha dragons would probably like him more. "I have a friend that needs to talk to you.

A machinating fellow in his realm creatures like him maintain the balance between good and evil ensuring that no side cheat in their fight of dominions."

Xander groaned. "A Balance demon."

Verduhrakh nodded. "I see you heard about them."

Selia and the girls become nervous. "Demons they should be destroyed right?" Selia asked.

Verduhrakh "Normally yes but a balance demons are exceptions they help both the good and the evil from time to time. Their true nature is to keep life existing.

And he is only here for a mission and our gods allow him to stay a short time."

Suddenly a badly dressed man came in. He looked like a pimp from a 1960 porn movie.

"Hi Kid call me Whistler. Hi Fang," he said to the dragon.

Xander grinned now Fang was a good name to fire breath.

Verduhrakh sighted he knew the gods did not like the Balance demon destroyed but eventually they would forgive him it was so tempting.

Xander "So Whistler whats you doing here. Its not earth?"

Whistler nodded. "We need you or earth is doomed."

Xander raised an eyebrow. "I see. My earth?"

Whistler shook his head. "No alternate version but with out you it will be destroyed and that would be bad for THIS world also."

Verduhrakh. "Its a domino effect if that world gets overrun the forces of evil will become more powerful in this realty also."

Xander nodded. "I see. That a good stick. Whats the carrot?"

Whistler blinked. "Carrot."

Xander nodded. "The reward. The price."

Whistler swallowed. "What kind of price are you talking about?"

Xander. "First 100 % secure promise that once my mission is done YOU or the Powers will personally allow me to go back HERE in this world. Second I might need to take with me books or a person IF the powers in this realty agree your side will let them go with me.

And last How the hell am i a elf going to go unnoticed on earth and Im not going to become human again. I will need dollar, money, some where safe to rest and live in."

Whistler nodded. "Well i can guarantee your Carrot the travel back and forth and second as long as the gods in this realm dont object. And last we could give you a bracelet of illusion. Using that you would look human.

And a home i think we could arrange something."

TT frowned "Im going also. Xander might need my help cut me in on the deal."

Selia opened her mouth.

Xander "No love. I need some one i trust here i be back for you its only a short time right?"

Whistler, "yea if you lucky less then a year if you in bad luck it could be seven years."

Selia sighed. "Demon could i visit him?"

Whistler sighed looking at the Dragon that shrugged. "I think it could be arranged."

Miss Pryde frowned. "I cant come with you Xander. I bonded my self to the gods of this world."

Xander nodded lifted her up and hugged her close. "I will miss you. I hope you wait for me."

His cat nodded her head. She was a loyal cat sure she would be Selias cat during his absent but he be back.

Kitty ignored the adult as she slowly and carefully climbed the dragon he was Perfect a living climbing tree.

Verduhrakh could not help but smile as the small kitten climbed his front pawn slowly reaching his front-legs and shoulder.

Xander turned to the Pimp the Balance demon. "Get me and TT some jeans and we are ready to rock."

TT frowned. "You would be smart if you let your body heal first."

Xander blinked. "Yea right. We go tomorrow." He gave Selia his most lust filled look one last night of hot animal lust before by-by for now.

Kitty was sitting down between the nostrils of the dragon and looking him in the eyes. "You are big," she said.

The dragon tried not to laugh or nodding his head. "Yes and you are small."

Kitty frowned. "No Im not small Im big for a cat. Do you know a hero?" Verduhrakh "I think i do why?" Kitty "because Im searching for a hero or some one that needs my help."

On the floor the gang listen silently.

Miss Pryde nodded her kitten was searching for a human/elven/dwarf to guide and help. They grow up so fast she was SO proud.

Xander. "Lets go now." He said grasping Selias ass with his hands she squealed and they walked off.

Sunnydale he was going home.

The End