A new roommate and a new unwanted assignment

Author: Nodakskip <nodakskip[at]aol.com>

Not Beta Read. May have errors.

No ship, but has Xander, Cordelia, and Willow in it.

Notes: I had an idea that I thought could be funny. I'm too sleepy to be funny I guess.

Watchers Housing
Outskirts of London, England
December 21st 2003
8:43 pm

Xander Harris watched the little progress bar on the tv screen slowly move up. While the others had used their furnishing allowances for old desks. New Watcher Xander Harris got himself a 52 inch plasma tv with a digital satellite receiver. Now he could watch his favorite shows when they came out back in the States. No more last season's episodes for him.

"Which room is he in!?"

The one eyed mans head shot up at the yell from out in the hallway. "That almost sounded like..." He quickly crossed his apartment and yanked open the door. And ran smack into Cordelia Chase. "Oh thank god!" Cordelia called out as she clutched Xander's arm. She turned to the redheaded woman coming up to her with glee. "See Willow? Xander's right here! Just two doors down the hall!"

Xander just looked in shock to the warm hand gripping his arm, and then to the face of his old girlfriend. His very dead old girlfriend. "What the hell!"

Cordelia quickly looked back to him. Noticing his pale features looking at her in shock, she quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh! Good to see you again Xander!" He stuck out a finger and poked her in the chest.

"Hey!" she called. "I didn't say to touch my breasts!"

"Ah, sorry." he mumbled. "You're solid?"

"Well Duh!" she replied. "I'm holding you nimrod! So yes, I'm solid."

"Ok...." he got out before shaking his head. "How? I went to your funeral."

"Yes you did." She told him with a smile. "And I loved what you said about me, thanks."

When his confused look remained she sighed. "I am dead... but it seems I was destined to be a Whitelighter."

"That's a guide for a Witch." Willow told him.

"Yeah." Cordelia groaned. "I thought I would get some mousy girl to help guide and kick ass with. I was also going to let Angel, you, and Lorne know I was ok. But then..."

Willow tried to hide a smirk as she told Xander. "She got assigned to be my Whitelighter."

Cordelia scowled heavily at that. "This is just so... evil!" she looked to Willow. "I mean a call here or there on the phone is fine. But to be stuck with you till your dead?"

"You're sticking around here?" Xander asked with a little smile in his voice. After all the crap of the last year he would love to have one of his friends back.

"Oh yeah." Cordy told him. "And since I *so* do not want to see Willow and her gal pal doing it as much as you do, you perv. I'm moving into your second bedroom."

"Fine with me." Xander said trying to act like this was not nuts to him. Even know this is the third time a friend has come back from the dead, ok second since Spike is not in the friend category. How can anyone get used to it?

"Great!" Cordelia squealed. "Now come on Harris, I need your help to get my stuff from LA Storage."

Xander's vision was blurred for a moment as everything went white. And when he could see again he was standing in front of a storage locker in Los Angeles. "Ok, for a second time... what the hell?"

The End