A Real Dirty Girl

Author: Bruuuuuce <c0ffee[at]copperfast.com>

Disclaimer: I own nothing. If anyone fancies this idea please take it and run as I have nothing else in mind for it.

Summary: this is based on the spoiler that Glory is supposed to be coming back and on Nick B.'s convention interview saying that by the end of the series he wouldn't be the Zeppo any longer.

Feedback: yes, keep in mind no beta, any mistakes are mine.

It happened last night. It took less than 48 hours for it to happen. The preacher stuck his finger in my eye socket. That was all that was needed, some kind of major damage to my soul or something to allow her to get a foot in the door to allow her a foothold.

We were evacuating the wine house at the vineyard when he grabbed me and stuck his thumb in my eye. I can't even describe it because I don't actually remember it happening. There was fear in me so bad I remember trembling when he had his fingers entangled in my hair keeping me from getting away. The next thing I know I'm screaming like a banshee and there was pain, like I've never felt before. Then I woke up in the hospital. Willow was there; face red, eyes puffed out. She'd been crying for hours. I'd don't really blame her; I'd be in the same place if this had happened to her. Thank god it wasn't her, or Buffy or anyone important. That's about the only thing I can be glad about. Willow told me we lost a couple of the potentials last night, VI and Ling. I can't even put how I feel about that in words.

Twelve hours after I woke up the doctors let me out. Buffy and Willow wanted me to go with them, for some stupid reason I insisted on going to my place. I was in the bathroom cleaning up via a ghetto shower, and that's when the cramps hit. Damn near knocked myself out when I hit my head on the vanity counter. That's when a pain even worse than when he took my eye hit me. I passed out, I don't know what is going on, normally I can handle my pain pretty well; it comes from how I was raised you could say.

I woke up again off the bathroom floor a few minutes later and that's when it all hit me. She's back. God, but how did she get in me? Something couldn't have gone right, but I have no idea what. I can feel her anger, her hatred. It's like it's permeating through me, boiling and oozing, seeping through my soul. Why this? Why me? Why her? I wanted powers of some kind or another my entire life, when I was young so I could stand up to my father, in school so I could maybe give the bullies some of their own medicine, then in high school so I could help Buffy with the good fight.

Now, I've got some of her powers, I can feel the strength starting to course through my veins, my eye is starting to itch like crazy, the doctors said that would happen, mostly a ghost effect, and feeling, that my brain insists that should still be there. They didn't say it would be this bad.

Anyways. I have access to some of her memories. Getting the hell beat out of her by Buffy. All the years she was forced to be in the background. Now she's back. Oh god, another attack is starting again. Whew that one is over. She's getting stronger. Soon I won't be able to stop her. Sometimes she tries to force the issue; sometimes she doesn't, kind of like a sneak attack, a decoy, maybe a strategy like the Raptors in Jurassic Park were described as doing. I just need to keep her in check until I can get back in the field and let that preacher get hold of me.

Hopefully that will get rid of Glory for good.