A reason to be Atheist

Author: John "hatten" Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

Disclaimer: I don’t own a thing except a _|^^|_ and a funny personality.

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Chapter 1

The 'man' a strong big man almost 7 feet tall.

Stood up waiting beside the road sign the wind gently blow waves thru his blond hair and beard as he patiently stood still.

As small falcon landed suddenly and started to grow in to a human shape, A tall man but not huge black curly hair covert his face as he looked at his waiting friend.

"So" he began "How come you here" the bird man said to the giant.

He look cold at the bird man "My wife found out about it." He sighted "And she told of course Jarnaxa and between the two of them"

The bird man look down a small giggle was fast hidden behind his hand. "About the same with me Sigyn and Arboga pushed me to make a connection. Not letting this kid become evil and twisted"

The giant let out a belly laugh. "Consider your other children THATS a valid worry Loki" he said.

The bird man Loki smile sadly "You are Right Thor I guess so I still love them even if they are monster they are my children"

The giant named Thor "So what your new kid? Boy or girl. I got my self a Girl Buffy some stupid Watcher believe she is a slayer" he said with pride and curiosity gleamed in his eyes.

Loki "A boy a real slacker with hidden intelligent. They named him Alexander but he is called Xander" Loki said with pride.

Thor blinked and blinked again "According to my wife Sif. A boy named Xander save Buffy life, And he is secretly in love with her" Thor's frown a bit.

Loki "My spawn the fruit of my groin in love with your child" he could not help laughing at the idea.

Thor growled then started to laugh almost giggling.

Silent overcome the two old friends and enemies when Thor open his mouth again, "actually that WOULD be a good idea."

Loki went silent. "It would create peace eventually between our follower. But only if we officially allow them their powers as half gods"

Thor nodded "Do you think Father would accept that"

Loki "I do think so."

The two gods stood up and silently walked towards the small town unseen by normal eyes and undead eyes.

Xander Silently stood up "perfect, Dead boy will love this surprise" he said to him self looking down at the slippery grease he hade put on the stairs outside Angels mansion.

Giggling to him self he walked away.

Thor look up at Loki "He sure is you kid. By the way who is Dead-boy" he ask.

Loki "I check it out" he said using his magical power something he was a bit better then Thor at.

Loki smile a fun smile "Deadboy or Captain Hairgel according to my kid, Angel Liam or Angelus former master vampire a evil that hunted Europe. Now the Vampire with a soul attempting to undo the evil he did."

Thor "So he on redemption. Good for him even if he is a undead"

Loki "he also is a pervert in love with your 16 year old Girl."

Loki stepped away from Thor as glow of lighting started to flow around his body.

Thor "No undead creepy pervert" he growled as he started to march up the stairs to Angels home.

Loki put his hand on him "We better wait" he said.

Thor growled. "Your right lets se my kid"

Buffy walk carefully thinking about school, dresses, fighting, Rain she love rain, Xander and Angel.

A sound made her look around seeing a group of five vampire sneaking towards her. "HEY GUYS" she said aloud "Are you going to attack me".

One of the vampires just screamed "Attack" As they ran towards her. Buffy gently did a jump spin over the heads of the vampire landed behind them letting a round kick impact on the vampire leader.

Loki nodded and held up a sign -6,5-Thor "I say at least a 7"

Loki "no the kick was sloppy"

Thor "it was just to teas them"

Loki "Still sloppy"

Buffy frown she suddenly felt like some one was irritating her.

Dodging one of the vampire arms she grabs a another one in a modified Judo throw sending him flying and colliding with two others forcing the tree of them to land in a painful pile of broken vampire body parts.

Loki held up a sign -9,5-Thor "That's easy a 12 point. And you know it"

Loki "well your right"

Buffy jumped up landing beside the last standing vampire sending a flying combo of hits and kicks in his chest and legs. Before she let her stake dust him.

Loki "you know I begin to think that their half gods powers have become active"

Thor nodded "Yee she feels like a Half goddess of fight and strength to me"

Loki "That official then Odin want us to teach them about their powers and their family"

Buffy gently walk up to the four broken vampires "Dusty dusty" she said as the gently put them to permanent rest.

Kendra walk up from her position "that incredible" she said.

Buffy smiled "Pure slayer power" she said.

Kendra shook her head "I cant jump that high"

Buffy "Been slayer a bit longer then you that's all"

Kendra nodded "Probably lets go and tell Giles."

Loki smiled "I think it would be best if we stayed silently a while. And gently manipulate our younglings so they fall in love"

Thor "Its Thor's and Loki's operation"

Thor and Loki "TRUE LOVE" and they giggle like two gods having fun in a evil way.

In a nearby mansion a Vampire with soul suddenly felt fear running down his spine.

Chapter 2
Children parent and family.

In previous episode Thor and Loki have come to Sunnydale to check on their new children Buffy and Xander they have decided to make the two youngster fall in love...

A Chaos god and a War god how can they fail.

"Hello Joyce" the tall giant of a god pretending to be a man said to Joyce Summer.

Joyce turn around and blush as she hastily hugged him reaching his chest "Sven what are you doing here" she asked him.

Loki standing behind Thor mumbled silently "Sven stupid alias"

Thor laughed "I'm and a 'friend' was in neighbor hood we decided to drop by"

Joyce smiled "That's so lovely you got to come over for visit. Is your wife with you" She then pale and started to stutter "I I must tell you i sorry i did not tell you before"

Thor aka Sven smiled "That your Buffy is my Buffy also ?" he asked. Joyce "YOU Know" she asked.

Thor shock his head "MY wife told me about Buffy and that she most likely was my kid"

Joyce winced. "Was she angry that you and I had an affair"

Thor laughed "No you do remember that she did encourage us"

Joyce giggle "yes i do remember you have a Open marriage. But a child are you sure she"

Thor "She is open minded about that" he smiled.

Joyce seeing that the rest of her co-worker were listening fascinated with what they were hearing, blush. "IT was during university I was a wild girl, Before I marry Hank. Sven can we talk later"

Swen nodded "By the way this is my 'friend' Lodd"

Joyce smiled at the smaller man "Hi Lodd nice to meet you"

Swen "what do you think nine or eight tonight if i can drop by"

Joyce nodded "that sound good" She look at the coworkers babbling and giggling boy she would have a hard time getting them to respect her now.

The two men walk out as Loki turn to Thor "University you dirty old man you"

Thor roll his eyes "It was like that Sif was bored so we decided to spend some time on earth it just happen to have a nice bar near the university."

The two walk arguing how to tell Buffy about who Thor really were.

At the same time.

Magni God of Strength, might and Modi God of Battle wrath and fighting, and their sister Thrud goddess of loyalty and strength.

They were silently sitting down carefully thinking what to do.

Modi being short tempered "Its OUR half sister i say we go down their and protect her"

Thrud "yes but do you think dad would like if we just walk in ?"

Magni "She IS family i say we storm down give her our love and some presents"

Thrud "Presents are good what do you have in mind ?"

Magni "Some jewelry she is a girl, And a weapon knowing dad she probably love weapons"

Thrud nodded "But dad will be angry" she smiled "My own Baby sister finally"

And the three of them faded away.

Chapter 3
The difference between war gods and love gods.

Loki "So should we start the operation True love now or tomorrow.

"You are going to meet Joyce tonight"

Thor nodded "It be a bit hard on time but i think now is the best time. Before they get some kind of catastrophe to interrupt them."

Loki taught hard love was really strange concept for him. Loyalty he understood, friendship, even willingness to risk his own life to those he was loyal for but love he really had a hard time understanding. "I think a lust potion would be best mixed with a love dust" Loki stated.

Thor god of thunder and war. "I think that would be a great idea. A frontal attack is always the best way if the enemy don't know your coming."

The two mighty gods one of storms and the other of chaos sneaks inside the school.

Carefully they manage to find the their young children in the dinner eating food.

Loki began putting the Love dust in to the mix of lust potion when suddenly some one bumps in to him.

A beautiful young brunet walks by him not even noticing the small urn falling towards the air conditioner.

Loki pale "Lets run" he said as he grabbed Thor and teleport away.

Cordelia "Rude much" she said turning towards the person that had stood in her way.

Behind them Xander and Buffy just walked out from the room.

Then Hell or paradise broke loose in the dinner room.

A strange pink cloud filled the room smelling like roses and forbidden dreams the room filled with teenagers suddenly got dreamy eyes as they look towards each other.

An hour later.

Principle Snider carefully walked in the dinner, blinked paled at what look more like a porn movie then a high school diner. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS" He screamed.

Willow being slowly and lovingly double fucked between Oz and Jonathan rolled her eyes as she concentrates her magic "Sleep" she said before her concentration was lost due to Jonathan's loving hands.

The principle frowned a bit wondering what that was.

But the large clang behind him got his attention.

Turning around he could see the unconscious body of Ms French the French teacher resting sleeping on the floor.

Outside Thor and Loki fumed "That did NOT go as planed" Loki said.

Thor nodded "aie. But at least that nice Watcher fellow got some love"

Loki looked down "you right both Kendra and Jenna. Boy he is one lucky man. Wait a minute Jenna was not even inside the dinner"

Thor blinks and sweat drops "I see maybe she have more then one reason to be teacher then"

At the same time.

Magni, Modi, Thrud had arrived to Sunnydale and carefully walks towards a certain young blond slayer.

They carefully walked up matching their speed to hers and continue walking behind her smiling.

Buffy could sense the strangers and hear their steps but they did not walk up to her just stayed behind her. Obviously they where following her.

She carefully walked to an empty parking lot to confront them.

Buffy turn around to confront them seeing them for the first time she felt a bit intimidated. They where two men and a female in the middle their looks clearly made it obvious they where brothers and sisters.

The first a young man a big 7 feet tall guy with rippling muscles that would make Arnold feel like a wimp and a weakling. Probably early 20 his hair was neatly cut perfectly dressed in a costume looking like an Armani. Seeing her look at him he spoke "Hi I am Magni" he said with a smile.

She ignored it for now study the female 5,9 feet about 180 cm tall blond strong muscles arms beautiful face and (.)(.) large natural assets. Dressed in a simple but beautiful silk shirt and jeans. She looked like 20 something.

She smiled winks a bit as she spoke "my name is Thrud" she said.

The last one made her nervous lots of happiness but she could feel anger and lust of fighting raging inside of him his clothes was leather jacket and jeans. His hair uncut and in desperate need of a good shave. He looked 20 something 6,5 feet tall 198 cm. Smiling he said "My name is Modi girl"

Buffy frown "Why are you following me" She said tightening her fist.

Thrud "We do not want to fight girl" smiling friendly she continued, "its simple our Mom told Dad that he had a child out of marriage. So Dad when down her to talk to the mother and his new child"

Buffy frowned "So he was a unfaithful bastard what do that have to do with me"

Magni "Dad is never unfaithful. He and mom have an open marriage they both have affairs on the side mother even encourage Dad to have flings"

Buffy "Weird much what do that have to do with me"

Thrud "I'm not sure We believe that you are Buffy Summer our half sister"

Buffy paled and blink first time seeing their blond hair their eyes only the length was different each of them was giants compare to her but the looks Thrud even looked like a huge version of her.

And the two men like male version of her.

Croaking out a weak response "I'm Buffy" she said pathetically.

The tree blinked look at each other before they all screamed "BABY SISTER" and started to hug her laughing in joy.

Buffy squirming embarrassed by the overwhelming love and protection she felt "Aw cut it out AND IM NOT a Baby sister"

Modi look down at her "Sure you are what 12-13 years old right"

Buffy "IM AM 17 Years old you big ox"

Thrud "are you sure" frown a bit "Strange you are a bit short. Are you sure you are Buffy"

Buffy rolled her eyes and took forward her id they all bent down seeing the card.

Magni "Well she is short but Mother never wrong in those tings."

taking her hand he said "Let see if any of dads strength is in you girl"

Buffy smiled wickedly now he will taste slayer strength.

She tried to bend to lift but Magni just stood their immobile as a mountain nodding to him self before speaking "She IS strong maybe 7-8 times as strong as a normal human. Stronger the you are Thrud"

Buffy frowned desperately trying to at least bend the jerks thumb.

Thrud smiled "she sure is dads child" Modi interrupted "here Buffy A gift"

Buffy angry look at Modi before her eyes fell on the gift wrapped package "Ooo present" she grabbed the package beginning to rip the irritating paper away behind her the three siblings silently walk away.

Thrud "i sense that Loki is in town"

Modi "And dad"

Magni "that not good when those two are together strange things happen"

And they faded away for now.

On the parking loot Buffy eyes where gleaming as she held her brand new battle axe it was beautiful the air sang as she swung the weapon perfectly balance for throwing or fighting. She almost drooled.

Turning around she could see that they were gone.

Buffy decided time to go home and ask Mom some questions.

Giles carefully shook his head free of the lust dust looking around he could see Kendra and Jenna sleeping on him.

"O my" he said.

Kendra whispered "O my indeed" before snuggling closer.

Giles paled wondering if this would be his last moment in life but what a way to go.

Inside the gym Xander carefully ran like a bat out of hell. He wonder what the hell was wrong with Cordy and the cordettes but what ever it was he hoped he had the strength to survive if it continue.

Inside Harmony frown "Man he sure is fast at running. I hope he wont report us for rape"

Cordy "no i don't think he will"

Melody "You think he willing to play tomorrow?"

The lust dust was over and done with but the love potion still active making them like each other and their male sex partner. Not love but care about and given time it might grow to love.

Cordy gently hugs the other two girls closer "we use have to convince him then"

Chapter 4
Daddy small baby girl.

Buffy stopped at the door it smelled like wonderful mom must have gone crazy in the kitchen again.

Drooling with hunger she open the door seeing a table overflowing with food. "Hi mom what the special occasion" She said hoping that she did not have to wait.

Joyce smiled feeling fear and nervous "Ehee well a old friend of mine is in town. And he he like to talk to us, me and you."

Buffy focused her willpower and manage to tear her eyes away from the mountain of food.

"One guy for all that food?" Buffy asked.

Joyce "he eats a loot like you Buffy"

Buffy eyes narrowed "Would he be my real Dad mom" she asked Joyce "NO no way how can you think like that Buffy? With that i mean Yes he is"

Buffy frowned her eyes "no and with that you mean yes" inside she was trying to stop from giggling.

Joyce "yes no i meant Yes he is your dad and it was a long time before Hank ask me to marry him.." Joyce voice went silent "a week before."

Giggling Buffy sat down "this is so crazy" she said.

Joyce "you are taking it rather well"

Buffy nodded "Its not that unusual actually i use to more crazy stuff" Joyce "Like what"

Buffy "like like that hair color Oz have on always change from day to day. Or English people from England totally different"

Joyce frowned she knew exactly where Buffy ability to tell a lie came from. "If you don't want to say anything about the strange thing Buffy its okay as long as its nothing dangerous".

Buffy "No no nothing dangerous absolutely nothing to do with fighting or supernatural because that don't exist" said nervously flinching inside luckily the door bell rang and Joyce missed the last of Buffy's rambling.

Ding dong.

Joyce smiled as she walked to the door opening it Buffy could see a dark shape filling the whole door a large no gigantic smiling man walk in he look a loot like Modi and Magni she could even see some of Thrud and her self in him.

He had blond hair a thick but well cut beard and a large Cowboy hat a small hammer hang in a necklace he hade a cotton shirt and jeans on him.

Muscles and Muscles on his body still he move like a dancer or a dangerous predator eyes hunting its prey.

Some where in Hollywood Buffy just knew Arnold was crying like a baby feeling week and useless.

Thor smiled gently "Hello Joyce" he said gently lifting her up and hugging her.

Turning towards Buffy he put Joyce down smiling "Hello you must be Buffy i heard a loot about you"

Buffy smiled "Hi dad. Mind telling me your name"

Thor gaped "You told her Joyce. Well my name is Sven Odinson"

he said.

Buffy blinks and that name did not sound English "your French" she asks curious.

Thor sweat dropped obviously language and geography was not Buffy strong side. "No Icelandic actually"

Buffy smiled "that would have been my guess eventually"

Joyce smiled "The food is ready why don't we go to the dinner table you must have many question to as each other"

Buffy nodded "yea why did you abandon me" she asks fear and sadness was badly hidden in her voice.

Thor aka Sven "O boy, The answer is I did not know you existed until my wife told me about you last month" shrugging he continue "After that i started to think what i would do and Sif helped me a lot"

At the same time Angels mansion.

Angels door open slowly as the dark knight walked out his leather Trench coat fluttering behind him dramatically.

He look out seeing and searching out their was the evil he could feel it "Evil will not survive I am Angel" he said to him self hoping no one would hear his monolog.

As Angel put his feet down on the stairs he suddenly felt them lose contact and BOOM, crash, PAIN PAIN Suffer Crash "Aaa Crucifix"


Angel slowly stood up seeing that the stairs were painted with a greasy oily substance.

His eyes narrowed remembering two nights ago what Xander hade said "Angel unless you stop hiding pretending to be Mr. mystery i will humiliate you"

Angel "Xander that idiotic bastard son of a unfaithful Bitch and a donkey i will hurt him"

Suddenly he froze as a sharp blade cut in to his neck. "Bastard is correct and sure his mom can be an unfaithful bitch, But he is NOT a idiot and I'm not a donkey" a voice whispered in his ear before the blade moved away.

Angel turn around Seeing a dark hair man standing their a sword resting lazy on his shoulder his whole body literally screaming bad boy. Angel "Who are you"

The man Loki smiled "Some call me Lodd other call me well some words are just not polite to say in public don't you agree" the man said with a question filled voice "I'm Xander's real Dad. And you vampire soul or NO soul should be aware of ONE thing."

Angel "What that if i hurt Xander you hurt me" he asked.

The man smiled "no heavenly no he far more dangerous then you could ever be Vampire" his smiled turn sad "No what i saying is this 1 reportedly Sex between a vampire and a human will cause the human to become sterile. 2 Your Soul curse have a loop hole in it."

Angel "why should i trust you" he asked.

"The vamp sex info is easy to check ask Giles after the Vampire Grimore by lord Turdees or the Vampir de Nosferato" Loki said.

"The Loop hole that would turn Angelus free is more difficult to prove. Simply putt one moment of perfect happiness and by by Angel and hello Angelus"

Angel growled "So if what you say is true then their is no hope for me then"

Loki smiled "No but their is hope a Mohra blood would turn you HUMAN totally and completely but they are rare don't exist normally on earth but every now and then one pops in. And their is a prophecy about a Vampire with soul that will earn redemption and humanity threw hard work. And i think i could find you a anchor spell it would take some time but not impossible"

Angel nodded "I will check you information of course"

The man smiled "of course just call me Lodd" he handed the vampire a card before he walk away.

Angel stood listening to the night before he walks away to Giles time for research.

Then a voice interrupted his pondering.

"That's the bastard" a growling male voice said.

A female voice spoke "Don't kill him"

a another male voice said "No sister but we will hurt him"

Angel turn around growling "Just stop it you don't have a chance" he stopped as he looked up then up a bit more A male 7 feet tall he look strong extremely strong beside him another man 6.5 feet wild looking like a fighter then the female.

About then the wind change and their smell he could sense they all smelled like Buffy.

Magni hand grabbed him with frightening speed "Buffy is our half sister we just found out. OUR Baby sister vampire"

Angel "I see could you put me down" Magni simply slammed Angel to the ground hard.

Growling in pain Angel sat up paling as he could see the strong man bending a lamp post.

The girl a beautiful taller version of Buffy smiling said "That's Magni he the strongest of us. Modi is the wild and dangerous one"

The man Modi cracks his fist "give me a reason punching bag"

Angel "you smell like Buffy but how your strength you cant be human" Thrud "Magni is half giant" after that the three left the Vampire in the dust.

Angel groans in pain this night sucked slime.

At casa del summer.

Joyce giggle "I remember that Sif is really a free spirit"

Buffy goggle "I cant believe it. You say that Sif and your mistress both told you to have a one night stand just to bring back the romance"

Thor alias Sven "Aye girl that they did and that's how you become. I did not know about it then if i did i would have been more involved. I do take responsible for my children and i love all of them"

Buffy nodded "At least now i know where i got my appetite for food from i cant believe you ate that much"

Thor blush "I'm a hungry man"

At that moment the phone called. Joyce called to Buffy "Its the Kendra girl she likes to talk to you"

Buffy smiled excuse her self and ran over "Hello Kendra what can i help you with"

Kendra "Giles like to speak with you be kind to him"

Buffy blinks "Hello she said"

Giles voice sounded filled of shame "Buffy something happened in school most of the student and some of the teachers become drugged or bewitch and ended up in a gigantic orgy"

Buffy giggled "Really did you" she asks curios hoping that Cordy and Giles.

Giles "Yes Buffy me Jenna and and Kendra"

Buffy paled turned pink and "you dog you. Do you need help or condoms" groaning internally.

Giles "Buffy did anything happen to you"

Buffy "no only found out that my dad is not my dad but i have a new dad but he is married to a women that like him to have a affairs with others and i have two brothers and a sister"

Giles "i see we talk about that tomorrow"

Buffy "Oki"

Joyce "What was that Buffy"

Buffy "some one put a Mickey a lust drug in Giles and Kendra's and Jenna food"

Joyce "O my did anything bad happen"

Buffy "Not according to Kendra's voice but Giles sounded ashamed of him self"

Joyce nodded "i do hope the police can do something. You are sure that it Giles was innocent"

Buffy nodded "apparently most of the kids in the school dinner was drugged to"

Joyce "my o my"

Buffy Nodded "large orgy"

Joyce "I do hope they use protection. And what about Xander and Willow"

Buffy nodded "I call"

Some time later Buffy hanged up the phone "Willow said she hade a threesome with Oz, Jonathan and they both seem to like to be her boyfriends" shacking her head.

"Xander is afraid that Cordy, Harmony and Melanie will fuck him to death. Apparently they almost manage to do that"

Joyce "He told you that"

Buffy "no Cordy told me that and ask me to tell Xander that they like to try again this time with out bondage"

Joyce frowned "Xander tied them up"

Buffy "No the girls tied him up and had their way with him many times."

Joyce blinks "that unusual"

Buffy nodded "I must find him and see if he is alright"

Inside the dinning room Thor hoped that Buffy comforting Xander would make them fall in love.

The Love potion and lust dust was a mistake huge one..

Chapter 5
Question about romance.

Willow sighted this was NOT her picture of the future. "Boys would you like a cup of ice tea" she asks as she stood up.

Oz nodded raising an eyebrow.

Willow nodded "extra sugar this time" Oz smiled relieved. Willow blinks.

Jonathan "no sugar for me thanks for asking"

Willow smile as she walk in she finally believe understood about eye communication talking with your soul that Oz babble on about.

Jonathan look careful at Oz frowning slightly.

Oz rolled his eyes. Making Jonathan giggle.

Willows voice was heard from the Kitchen "I saw that and i am NOT slow in learning."

Oz look doubtfully towards the mirror.

Willow "its just that I'm use to talking" she said in a week voice. Oz smiled "Honey normally it take years to learn but you and Jonathan manage to learn it in hours"

Jonathan blinks Oz nodded and Willow voice echo from the kitchen "You right probably a side effect of either the love spell or my attempt of giving us more more you know"

Jonathan laughs "more endurance to have sex" he said.

Forcing a big smile on Oz the Oz version of laughter.

Looking like a tomato Willow nodded "i think the spell might have giving us some of the others abilities"

Oz raised his eyebrow.

Willow Paled.

Jonathan "what are you talking about bondage during full moon"

The two others look at him sharply "Oz is a bitch during full moon that don't make any sense at al."

Oz lower his head "I'm a werewolf"

Jonathan "oo and are what are we" he asks.

Willow look curious and fearful eyes was the only answer he needed. Jonathan "Crap"

Oz "Crap and a half"

At the same time..

Buffy sat down beside Xander. "Do you want to talk about it" she asks.

Xander "no yes maybe"

Buffy "--------" frown "dusting vampire is easy"

Xander nodded "I don't know if i should feel guilty for having sex with C,H,M while they were under magical spell or drugged or feel abused because they kind of took me captured and have their way with me. Or if i should hope for a second time"

Buffy "Bummer" she look over at him "How do you really feel"

Xander "confused i fell guilty, abused and happy hoping for a second chance"

Buffy "At the same time. I know how you feel its awful when that happens"

Xander "So how do you deal with it"

Buffy groaned "If you find a good way tell me. My way is hide away from the cause of my problem hoping that it go away by it self"

Xander "do it work"

Buffy "No it always jump up and kick me when I'm not ready"

Xander "Bummer" he said. "The awful part Buffy is that I wish that you had been their. You not Cordy or Willow you. But I'm glad you wher not"

Buffy frowned glad that he like her but sad that he was glad that she wasn't their. "Why glad"

Xander "because i don't think i could have handle the shame of abusing you Buffy your min friend more then a friend"

They sat in silent staring at the wall pretending and thinking.

slowly they drifted of to sleep side by side but still so far away.

Same time different place.

Kendra had enough "That's it Giles Look at me"

Shamefully Giles looked up.

Kendra "All of us was under a magic spell we were NOT responsible not me not YOU and not Jenna"

Beside them Jenna blushed hoping they never found out that she just went along hoping to live out her teacher student sex dream.

Giles "I know but it still feels"

Kendra "no i will NOT let you torment your self. You did nothing wrong." Looking over him she said "Beside you are cute and i would not mind doing it again with the two of you."

Seeing Giles "its the magic"

Kendra interrupted him "No you did a test the magic is gone beside i hade fantasy about older guys and a English librarian in Sunnydale. A while now"

Jenna "and me then"

Kendra smiled "You are what would you say. A pleasant surprise"

Giles "We can go on you do understand that Kendra"

Kendra nodded "I know you are to old for me sad but true. But i always will remember this as a strange but fun time"

Jenna "would you like a copy of the video Kendra" Jenna said.

Kendra "What Video"

Jenna "I put the video camera on record during our threesome"

Giles fought a battle against ripper and lost "I Like a copy" he smirks evilly "definitive something to keep me warm on my old days" Kendra laugh "You dirty old man. Now to find the reason to this and punish them"

Outside Thor and Loki sat playing card.

Loki "Go fish"

Thor "dam it"

Loki looked up "do you fell afraid suddenly"

Thor nodded "yes like some strange feeling of doom is hanging over us" Loki look behind Thor "Not you losers you are not even a warm-up"

The vampire behind them frown in irritation but when silent as Thor stood up grabbing the small hammer that suddenly grow and become bigger and bigger until a large warhammer rested in his hand.

The vampire leader growled "Don't matter blood bag we can rip you limb from limb. Beside i bet you are sissy with out that hammer"

Suddenly the night when silent smoke started to rise from Thor's head small burst of fire came from his nose.

Almost gently Thor put his hammer away before turning towards the vampire their eyes glow yellow in the night.

Thor's eyes Shine brightly in a blood red light similar to a breaking light of a car.

Thor's voice felt like thunder in the night "I.. AM.. NOT.. A.. SISSY"

The vampires attack but so did Thor 2 second later the vampires was trying to run away.

4 seconds later they were screaming after Mommy.

10 seconds later the first vampire stake him self to escape the pain and suffering.

Thor growled "YOU bastard how dare you do that"

The other vampires whimpered realizing that he would take out his anger on them. And they were not wrong.

Loki waited silently until Thor hade dusted the vampires and sat down. "Still angry about the wedding incident"

Thor growled "you dress you self as a girl to trick a enemy ONCE and then never stop teasing you about it.

Loki nodded "right it probably the fact that you got 'married' pretending to be female that make them tease you. Well at least you got your hammer back and could kill your husband" Loki carefully hide his smile knowing that Thor would punch him if he even look happy.

Thor stood up shaking in anger.

Loki carefully walk away allowing Thor to calm down. "You could always visit Wolfram and heart they have plenty of demons. OR destroy Microsoft HQ."

Thor nodded but decided to just create a hell of a storm.

At the same time.

Angel stood outside Giles home knocking and trying to get an answer. "Come on I know you in their" he said. After a while Giles open the door letting the vampire inside.

Angel spoke up "I need your help getting some information about vampire and sex with humans" he gave Giles a paper with a list of books.

"And i need information about the soul curse it might have a loop hole and that bad"

Giles nodded paling at the idea of having Angelus running loose. "Anything else" he asks.

Angel "yeas about Mohra demon they say they are extinct but I hear claim that they just don't belong her only visit"

Giles nodded "can you tell me why you need this information"

Angel "that a long story" and he began telling Giles about his night the fall from the stairs the reason Xander did that, The stranger claming to be Xander dad.

The three young siblings that claim to be Buffy's big brothers and sister.

Giles hade stopped cleaning his glasses as he poor Angel a large stiff drink. "That a bloody awful night" nodding he continue "But Xander is right pretending to be Mr. mystery is just wrong Angel. But i will personally stop him from terrorizing you"

Angel nodded satisfied with the answer. "you have any clue about 'those claming to be Buffy family"

Giles "Obvious a Nordic Icelandic name Magni means the Powerful one, And was the name of the god Thor's child a love child between him and a giant if I'm correct." Unseen by Giles Angel manage to pale a bit.

Giles continue, "Obviously they can't be gods but their name tells that they might be worshiping the aesir belief.

Modi the emotional one is the name of Thor's and Sif his wife child he was a god of berserkers. Thrud i think was Modi twin and Thor's favorite child"

Angel "so their is no chance that they are gods they smelled like Buffy do. Like family but not like Joyce"

Giles "i see. Anything else"

Angel nodded "The man Magni bend a light post with his bare hands not even Vampire are that strong"

Giles blinks "you are sure"

Angel nodded "With my own eyes"

Giles "Bugger"

Outside lightning suddenly made Sunnydale shake as the mother of all rains storms suddenly fell down over town feeling like the rage of a god.

Angel "Bugger indeed" beside him Giles paled.

Chapter 6
After the Flood..

Buffy woke up she slept like a baby the storm and lightning, Thunder always made her feel safe.

Beside her Xander sat up sleeping hugging the blanket tightly.

"Poor guy" Buffy smiled as she walk out from the room and look out the window.

Sunnydale had seen better day the sewers was flooded loots of demons hade probably drown like rats. And lots of Vampire probably pretended to be fish right now.

A great rainbow was shining over town looking like a giant bridge going on for ever. "Ooo Pretty" Buffy said with shiny eyes.

Xander grumble as he stood up and walk over to her "What's up buff" he said as he look out. "I'm glad that's over the thunder and storm really made it hard to sleep" Xander said as Buffy smiled beside him.

Buffy "Ready to go now Xander"

Xander nodded "I am"

smiling Buffy asks "And the Cordy"

Xander smile turn sad "I still like Cordy but only as a friend i don't love her and I'm not interesting in being their boy toy"

Buffy "Most men would probably die to have three girls like that hunt them ?"

Xander smiled "Yeah but i want a girl that can be my friend some one that treats me like a equal"

Buffy "Do you like to go and eat something. I know their are a all you can eat buffet nearby that don't know how much i eat"

Xander smiled "That would be fun Buffy always like the look on their face when you eat your own weight in food"

Buffy looks angry "I DONT EAT THAT MUTCH"

Xander "Your Weight is not that much"

Buffy looks pleased then "Are you saying I'm small"

Xander smiled falsely "No your not small Buffy but small persons do look down to face you" laughing Xander started to run towards the all you can eat Buffet restaurant.

Hunted by an angry and giggling slayer

Somewhere else.

Willow "this is bad"

Oz raised his eyebrow.

Willow "Of course is bad the school is totally flooded underwater swimming with fish"

Jonathan that stood silently suddenly spoke "Sweet now i can get a head in my mail school"

Willow "mail school ?"

Jonathan "Sure some university let you study on distant you post your response and you test your self and nearest university. Any one even kids can take those lesson." Shrugging he continue "And the one i finish was equal to a High school diploma. I started a new one specializing in computer and foreign language"

Willow blinks "but if you all ready made it in school why study in their"

Jonathan could see Oz curiosity "Social skill I need to learn how to work with other guys. What good is a diploma if you don't have the social skill to use it"

Oz nodded that made sense.

Willow frown a bit but it made sense time for her to check those university for long distant study.

At about the same time.

Loki looked at Thor. "calm yet"

Thor smiled "I just hade to get that out of my system."

Loki looked down on the town "you sure got pissing angry"

Thor "HA HA very funny. What shall we do now Potion and magic dust don't seem to work"

Loki nodded "I'm been thinking its time that I meet my kid. In the mean time if Buffy would get kidnapped then when Xander save her a romance would sure start to blossom."

Thor nodded "Its a brilliant plan. I know just the Giant that owes me a favor"

Loki "And you sure he not going to rape or kill Buffy"

Thor stopped a moment considering the giant "I better warn him. He a nice type of giant but some of his minion is a bit evil"

"And you are sure that my kid will survive" Loki ask in a firm tone. Thor "Its a great test of his skill all for the better" he said with a smile.

Thrud looked at her brothers "Are you sure that Dad really have a brain inside his head"

Magni shock his head "no I'm not"

Modi "whets wrong with the plan its brilliant classic romance novel would could get wrong"

Magni rolled his eyes "No the plan is brilliant but don't you realize it he trying to force OUR baby sister to get in love with one of uncle Loki Hellspawn."

Thrud look at them she just knew that she was the only one in the family with a brain.

Modi "I kill him NO monster freak will touch my baby sister"

Thrud "Wait lets watch the 'freak' first he might NOT be a monster" the other look doubt full at her.

Thrud "Do you really think that Dad would let a monster or a rapist anywhere near one of us girls"

They shock their head. Then they started to smile "As big brothers its our duty to scare the shit out of ANY one coming to close to our baby sister"

Thrud smiled now this is more like it..

And soon the three was involve in serious plotting against the evil monster freak that are Xander the spawn of Loki.

In an apartment nearby

Giles look ragged, Kendra look shock.

Jenna looked relax.

Angel just sat down "so you see if those three are what they claim to be then"

Jenna "Lets just relax. Their is nothing we can do for now"

Kendra "So if those are real gods the children of a storm god and the power you felt yesterday make it feel like that." she put her hands down holding the table for support "Do it make Buffy a half goddess"

Angel and Giles nodded.

Jenna smiled "that is actually fun"

Kendra "you said the man claming to be Xander father was named Lodd"

Angel nodded feeling a bit nervous about Kendra's voice.

Kendra continue "In the mythic of Nordic Viking Lodd was a alias that another god use when pretending to be human. Loki the god of evil betrayer of the gods"

Giles dropt his tea cup Angel looks like a statue and Jenna she paled.

"You are right Kendra" Giles said but.

Angel "She might be right during the master Xander force me to guide him to the master lair he overpower me using only a crucifix and a stake. Then i just taught he was crazy in rage and dismiss it but"

Jenna "This is not good not good at all."

Giles "I know what shall we do now"

Kendra "Kill him? "

Giles "no no absolutely not"

Jenna "you are sure Loki according to the myth are evil and his children are evil"

Giles "and we do not want to anger him. We better let Buffy deal with this. The love and lust magic was probably Xander doing"

The other nodded that made sense Xander hade got the sexiest girls in the school to play with.

Angel just frown "This is bad"

Chapter 7
Daddy DJ..

Loki sat waiting patently for Xander to come walking home to the Harris building.

After a short time he could finally see his son.

Inwardly Loki rejoiced finally a offspring that was not 1 Evil gigantic intelligent Wolf.

2 Evil Gigantic Dragon-snake.

3 Evil Female half old rotting and half beautiful young.

4 Non intelligent horse with 8 legs.

Compare to them Xander truly was the greatest son a man or god could have. He was bursting with pride what a kid he had.

For a moment Loki ponder if he should be more careful with his choice in females but evil girls where SO sexy.

As Xander walk up the street he could see a stranger sitting on the hood of a Harley David waiting and looking at him.

The man was well build dark hair his body look like a skilled fighter and his eyes was filled with mischief and look with pride at him.

Xander carefully stopped seven feet away "You are you waiting for me or just looking at me. In case you are looking I'm sorry i don't swing that way"

Loki laughs "don't worry my name is Lodd i like for you to read something" saying that Loki handed Xander a group of paper.

Xander carefully started to read. He swallowed a bit seeing it was medical proof that Harris Senior was NOT his dad and last blood test made on a Lodd Laufey "what is this new daddy's popping up from the shadow" Seeing the pain in his child voice Loki decided to explain a bit.

"I'm sorry I meet your mother during a drunken party and I never even knew about you existence but my wife and Sif the wife of 'Sven' your friend Buffy real dad. They did some checking up." Loki smiled.

"I don't normally fuck around but Sif have a way of finding out this sort of things. You do know about Vampire and Demons don't you"

Xander paled "how do you" he began seeing the man smiling interrupt him.

"Simple I'm the god of chaos and mischief the trickster of gods." Seeing disbelief and sadness filling his child eyes Loki did some simple tricks.

Xander was just about to choke his Dad a mad man of course.

When 'Lodd' suddenly turned in to a beautiful female "Call me Daddy" she whispered. Xander blinks "that's the best illusion i ever seen" he said.

Loki "touch me and you see the transformation is completely." Xander carefully put his hand on Loki female body and with draw fast.

Loki smiled and turn in to a falcon and landed on Xander shoulder.

"Do you believe me now" he whispered.

Xander nodded "Kind of convincing evidence." he said.

Loki landed beside his motorcycle and turn 'human again' Xander frown "So half-god" he said.

Loki nodded "That's right, some super powers that you just beginning to be able to use. Strength above what's normal human strength. Life expectancy normal human length with a BUT"

Xander frown "Normal human life length with a BUT ?"

Loki smiled "If you die of old age or physical violence you might be reborn as a GOD a young adult if the creator Odin say so"

Xander "So are Lodd your real name?"

Loki smiled "No remember that I'm the good of chaos and mischief. Its my duty to help heroes and some civilizations to grow strong by testing them." Shaking his head he continue "I love my work and I really DO help humans and specially Humanity but I will not lie to you. Sometimes i have hurt innocent in order of protecting the future."

Xander frown "So you are a god that most would consider evil then"

Loki smiled "I'm Loki god of Chaos. Sven is my old buddy Thor by the way God of thunder and lighting Very very frighten me"

Xander smiled "Shall i start head banging now"

Loki "no I do have some gift for you this will be my first of many visits I do have the time to get to know you and I will not push.

This motorbike is yours. Remember the nest of vampire you destroyed last week"

Seeing Xander nodded Loki continue "I manage to buy that house for you. From this point on you are a liberated Minor i will not tolerate a human bastard hurting MY boy" Xander could see that his eyes was glowing "you are not going to hurt my dad, dad"

Loki "No you hade a hard life but it made you strong and that is something a half-god needs to survive."

Xander nodded "i see"

Loki "inside the house you will find a mobile phone my number is inside if you need to call me. I also did some computer hacking to 'steal' the dusted vampires money and transfer them to a bank account own by you. I convinced 'Sven' to do the same to Buffy so the both of you have quite a lot of dollars right now"

Xander was at the moment looking like a fish on land. "I see this is a bit overwhelming" Loki said "Here you go" he said giving Xander some keys and a bankbook "the bike, the house, and the bank. I will be seeing you later when you are ready. Inside the house i put a sword its quite good," he said and once again turn in to a bird and fly away.

Xander blinks put his things away "for the first time something strange happen and its Good"

A voice from behind suddenly interrupted his musing "Are you Xander" Turning around he could see three large persons two male and one female that Buffy had told him about. He could direct see the likeness to Buffy.

Xander smiled "yea I'm Xander you must be her brothers and sister, Nice to see you. My dad told me that he and your dad are friends"

Something inside Xander suddenly where screaming 'Danger Will Robinson' but he was to overwhelmed to listen to warnings.

Smiling to the female he said "I do believe beauty go in the family." "YOU Evil Scumbag your will not hurt our sisters" Modi interrupted him screaming as he kicks Xander in the gut.

Xander carefully wonder what the hell but pain once again came down on him as Magni lifted him up like a rag doll and body slam him in to a tree.

Thrud carefully pushed the boys back from Xander. "Hurt our Baby sister and this will look like a gentle love bite"

Xander hoping that he didn't say any thing stupid but he just had to prove he wasn't afraid of them.

"If this is a love bite how the hell do your partners survive the foreplay"

Seeing the three suddenly turn bright red in anger Xander knew that was a mistake then pain overtook him and he fainted in pain.

The three of them carefully carried Xander to his new home put some first aid on him and walks out. "You know he got guts i like that"

Modi said. "I might kill him but i like it" the others nodded.

Thrud smiling said "Did you see the sword its Gram the sword of Sigurd."

Magni "Loki must have given him it"

Inside Xander wound heal fast as the three hade given him a healing potion.

Giles place.

"HI Giles" Buffy said as she storm inside smiling. Seeing the gloom look and pale faces she turn around looking behind her before she turned back "I can live if its me that make you so depressed" she said.

Giles "No no its not you its just. Did you meet your Dad yester day" Buffy nodded "Did he tell you about your half brothers and sister"

Giles asks.

Buffy "Only that i have some and their name"

Giles "Have you meet them"

Buffy "What is they demons or what" she said almost feeling like she needed to cry.

Giles "Oh no they are not demons and neither are you Buffy. But IF I'm correct then you are only half human and half goddess"

Buffy sat down giggling "Half goddess you must be joking" she said. Giles "No Buffy it has happen before that a Slayer died and was resurrected But every time except for you the Slayer spirit left them and they grow weaker until they where normal humans."

Cleaning his glasses he continue "YOU on the other hand has grow stronger and stronger. That's not normal"

Buffy voice was week "So i might be a demon more likely then a goddess" Giles "Angel had a meting with your siblings yester day and they did have some godlike ability and last night the storm any one with magical ability could feel a Gods RAGE and fury Thor god of thunder YOUR DAD was angry"

Buffy blinks some how that made sense she always could feel when it would start to rain about a day before.

Jenna interrupted Giles talk "that's the good part Buffy. The bad part is that a man claiming to be Xander dad visited and we re convinced that HE truly are Xander dad and Loki the god of EVIL"

Buffy frowned "Xander is Anti Christ"

Giles "No he is just the child of a evil hell god."

Jenna interrupted "Willow and me did some magic a hour ago trying to find out IF Xander is a half god or not and according to hour spell he must be a half god just like you Buffy exactly the same"

Angel "The storm last night must have been Thor fighting against Loki driving him away or trying"

Giles "It was probably him that did the love/lust spell causing a massive orgy. He might as well have rape us all."

Buffy "No no no no i don't believe it Xander CANT be evil he cant" and she ran out crying.

Kendra look down "I'm the slayer Mr. Giles if needed if she cant do it or Xander attack her first shall i deal with him"

Giles growled "Not with out the help of Angel or me you don't"

Kendra nodded "so may it be"

Giles smiled "I will look in to the books and information 'Lodd' gave you Angel is quite possible that they are true. Loki is a master of manipulation giving you the truth is a smart method to get you out of the way"

Angel smiled "lets hope so. But i ain't going anywhere"

Giles "Good now lets prepare for the future seeing if we can get our hand on a 'god slayer' weapon. If we are to fight against half gods we might need it."

At the same time Thor is drinking a large cup of mead.

"So its settle" He said happy to the giant sitting beside him.

"You kidnap MY dotter Buffy. Allowing Xander to save her and becoming a hero."

The giant smiled "And i know NO killing or raping, torture of Buffy. And Xander just give him a hard time"

Thor smiled "And i will own you a favor"

They shook hands and Thor left the building.

The Giant king turn to some of his royal guard "I like a team of fighter 12 in number to go to the mortal realm brief them on the mission objectives and i like it done fast"

the guard bow and left the room.

The king lean back "This will be fun" he said. Beside him his guard laughs.

Chapter 8
A new day a new headache.

Xander carefully sat up his whole body felt like it was broken.

Looking around he could see his comic books and other things from his home.

But it was not his room then he remember last day the beating he got from Thor's brats and that they carry him and his Harley David home. His own house.

Checking his arms and legs he could see that they bandage up him good and obviously use magic healing trick because he could move the pain was just a bit of stiffness and some ugly bruises the stiffness was soon worked out.

"My my what do we have here?" Xander said looking at a magnificent Long-sword with Viking runes on the blade. A Sticky note sat on the handle Xander started to read as he walk down silently praying that their was some food.

-Hi kid, This sword is Gram its a real dragon slayer sword-Xander looked from the note to the sword and could only say one thing. "Cool wonder if i can find a dragon?" He then continue reading. -Don't bother searching for dragon Big Game safari we can do a another time- the note read.

Xander look up from the note blinks and sweat drops this was spooky. He then continue reading.

-This sword have been use by your Mothers Greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreat probably some great great more father.. Sigurd to slay a evil dragon. And steal its hoard of treasure- the note read.

Xander look up "Cool i remember this story had to see on TV a stupid opera" Xander said remembering the opera he had to see because of a school project five years ago. He continued reading.

-Right about now you probably wondering if you could find a treasure-the note read.

Xander smile smuggle "Ha take that Sticky Note i did not wonder about that.. but now that you mention it wonder" Xander started to read.

-Ha Jinx you now you thinking about treasure- the note read.

Xander growled "not spooky frustrating" but continued to read.

-This sword will be yours so you could probably fight against evil vampire and other monsters.

Ps I ask Thor to buy you food.

Pss Do be careful Thor's children Might know about you and they are a bit worried about any children of mine.

Psss: Love you dad, And do try to get better in school study hard and if that don't work cheat their are plenty of way to do that-

Xander stood still a moment "Cool dad wont mind if I cheat in school" As he walked in to the kitchen he looked in the fridge finding lots and lots of ham, steaks and beer loots of beer not Budd but a foreign beer thick as oil.

Xander seeing around he could find some bread and butter and a small can of milk. "I see its salt ham bread and milk for breakfast today" Setting the food on the table he could see a note on the table.

-Don't forget its school day today-

Xander "man i so don't need that today"

Joyce carefully wake Buffy she hade been crying the whole night and Joyce gentle questioning got no answer from her. "Good morning sweetie" she said as Buffy waken. "You have to go to school"

Buffy groaned "Yeas fun fun school day" with a sad voice Joyce "what's the matter"

Buffy "you would not understand" she said with sad voice.

Joyce looked at her "Try me" she said.

Buffy looked at her suddenly the secret felt so heavy.

"Giles and the rest don't like Xander they believe he is a monster because of Xander real dad is like mine"

Joyce frown "So they think your a monster then"

Buffy "No they think I'm a half goddess."

Joyce "That is ridicules i must speak with them this instant."

Buffy stopped Joyce from moving with a soft hand then walk over to the steel pin chair in her room.

Effortlessly lifting the heavy chair in one arm causing Joyce to gasp in surprise she then began to bend and tear the steal apart breaking forge steel weldings with her small arms.

Joyce "How, how did you do that, how long have you,"

Buffy sat down beside Joyce "Really really strong mom Supernatural Hercules strong, And two years now Mom. And mostly because Dad Sven is a god Thor a Viking god not a human"

Joyce "This is impossible"

Buffy frowned looking at the steel chair "Ask the chair if its possible or give me something to test my strength with"

Joyce desperately trying to find a balance this new information. "Wait here" she said and ran away.

Short time later she was back holding the tire spanner from the car.

Buffy smiled and took the spanner and bent it in to a neat rosette.

Buffy "Do you hate me mom" she asked with a fear full voice.

Joyce looked up and hugged her "No no I do not hate you I love you Buffy. My own superhero"

Sniffling "I love you to" Buffy said.

Joyce "So what the what darling"

"The cliff note" Buffy said "Is this Thor god of thunder is my dad Sven. Loki evil god is Xander dad and Giles think that slaying Xander like an evil vampire is a on the to do list. And that Thor was fighting Loki last night"

Joyce "I think Giles is wrong in this. Xander is not evil irresponsible yes evil NO. I will ring Sven and he better tell me the truth. Now young lady your breakfast is ready fit for a goddess"

Smiling Buffy ran down to eat her breakfast a light one she wasn't hungry only 2-3 eggs a large pancake and lots of juice to swallow it with.

Joyce sat down in the living room taking forward the telephone looking at Buffy eating wondering where that slim girl manage to putt all that food with out looking like The Hindenburg.

*birp birp* Sven alias Thor flip his mobile phone made by the Dwarfs of Svartalfheim. Silently cursing Paramount Pictures and Gene Roddenberry, the stupid Dwarf all of them Trekis.

*flirp* the mobile sounded.

"Hi Sven here" he said in the phone.

Joyce voice could have frozen the fire Giant Surt solid. "Don't hi me Mr. I'm a God"

Thor swallowed "Let me come over and i can explain"

Joyce "You better as fast as possible"

Thor frown "are you sure" he said.

Joyce "Now dam it"

Thor flips the phone and teleported beside Joyce "I'm here" he said. Joyce jumps back "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" causing Buffy to come running from the kitchen.

"What are you doing to my mom?" She said and did a jump kick towards his head.

Thor gently but firmly grasps Buffy leg and backside holding her like a baby. "I'm sorry Joyce told me to come her NOW and i did kind of Teleport beside her she got afraid".

Buffy blinked looking down to mom. "Are you all right mom," She said with a small voice. Joyce nodded. "You sure look small from up here" Buffy said to Joyce. Causing Thor to laugh out before gently putting her down.

Joyce stood up "How did you do that?" she asks.

Thor look down as he sat hoping that he would not look so big and scary. "I'm a god Joyce we have powers"

Joyce "Like GOD the bible and stuff"

Thor "No the Jew got it all wrong GOD is not a God he/she IS the Creator of the universe. GODS on the other hand ARE immortal beings that represent a power of nature or something else The Creator made us and we help the universe to work"

Joyce "All right Is Xander the child of Loki"

Thor nodded "Yes he is"

Buffy "Is he evil Xander"

Thor "No he is not"

Joyce narrowed her eyes "Loki is he evil"

Thor lean back "That's a hard question Joyce. In order to evolve Chaos and hardship have to exist. Loki IS a good person he like to help HUMANITY but his work IS to bring chaos and hardship that helps Humanity to evolve and survive. Sometime he have to do things that most of us would consider to be evil."

Joyce "SO he is not evil then"

Thor "No but he have a sick sense of humor. Even shaved off Sif hair one time"

Buffy giggled "That's evil. So Xander is not evil then"

Thor "No and I'm glad that you are his friend he needs that Loki have other children but his taste in girls tend to me one mistake after the other. And most of his children ARE or was evil"

Buffy looked at Joyce "May I stay home from school" she asks.

Joyce "Ah well yes honey I call you in sick I think I need to hear this"

Xander walk in to the school he could see Willow sitting their as he close up she turn away crying she ran away from him. Frowning he continue walking in hoping to find Giles in the library.

Chapter 9
School times.

Willow ran in side crying hard almost jumping in Oz arms hugging him close. "Xander is on his way inside I I its so hard he is Xander"

Oz nodded "you love Xander"

She nodded crying even harder. "I cant believe he is a monster but the evidence" she said crying.

Oz "Darling" Oz said hugging her protectively.

Willow look up "What if he isn't evil"

Oz smiled "i hope i truly hope so"

A Jonathan came towards them seeing Willow cry he fast ran over. Soon Willow felt safe tenderly hugged between a strong Oz and a week geek.

Xander walked in with a new proudly swing in his moves.

A 'I'm da king' kind of moving. But inside he was shivering in fear.

He could feel the other student move away from him whispering as he walked inside he wish he had ear plugs.

"Cordy, Melody and Harmony say he hung like a horse" a girl said.

"They say that he fucked them unconscious" A boy said in awe.

"C say that he is built like a rock Underneath the clothes" a girl said.

Sweat dropping he finally came to the library hoping to find the ever friendly Giles there.

"Hi G-man." He said.

Giles turn around his eyes pure ripper "Do not call me G-man its Rupert, Giles OR Mr. Giles. Understood"

Xander raised an eyebrow "Oki Giles no G-man any more"

Giles "Good then we understand each other now get out of here I have important business to take care of."

Xander blinks "But i like to talk to you about"

Giles "Yes about what"

Xander stood still a moment thinking about Loki said about his bad reputation "never mind i think i can handle it my self" He could feel Kendra's eyes looking at him like a sniper looking for the bulls eye.

Xander walks to the class room and sat down.

He soon realized that his nightmare was only beginning as Cordy sat down in front of him moving 'slowly proving that she had very little underneath that miniskirt she had one.

Beside him on the left side Melody slides in her place her pants and t-shirt look like it was painted on her.

Swallowing hard he look at his left side yup Harmony choice of wardrobe would probably make most Porn actors blush.

This would be a long and interesting class and part of him was paying attention so hard that his pants felt painful.

A long class indeed. The other guys and some of the girls including Willow just Drooled.

"Xander Xander would you like to go out and dance tonight" one of the girls whispered.

"Oh my god" the female teacher said looking at Xander. "Your hung like a horse"

Xander started to knock his head in the desk hoping to fall asleep. As the rest of the class just stared at his pants some with hunger other with fear and chock. Cordy just smile proudly.

At the same time.

Thor kissed Joyce and Buffy on their head as he walk out "I'm sorry but I have to go my anger cause a small bit of problem with the weather pattern and i have to fix it" with that Thor teleported away.

Joyce nodded "Buffy you could go to class I write a note telling them you where home helping your poor sick mother to eat something"

Buffy smiled. "Yeah I need to tell Giles before he do something stupid to Xander"

In the library.

Giles "Their look the shingaka Dagger it can hurt gods and by George I know the bugger that owns it. By tonight I can get it here"

Kendra nodded that dagger looks on the photo to be useful a indict dagger for powerful stabbing with a H shape handle.

"It will be perfect" she said

Jenna "I do hope so have you seen him he move like he is the king of the world"

Giles "I know probably happy that he got away with it tricking us and all"

Jenna suddenly felt a pain stabbing her in the head. "Argg" the techno pagan growled. Giles and Kendra was at her side like grease lightning.

"A Dimensional gate just opened for a few moment and closet" Jenna said "a Big gate"

Giles "Can you pin point the location"

Jenna nodded and they walked out soon behind the school in a graveyard they started to look around.

Giles was the first to see the footprints huge footprints.

Paling he mumbled "Giants in Sunnydale" he said.

Kendra and Jenna walked over seeing the foot prints Kendra paled "They must be more then 11-12 feet tall" she said.

Giles nodded "that's why they are called giants. They are often friends of Loki" he said for Jenna sake.

Kendra started to follow them with Giles and Jenna walking beside her.

They soon could hear battle in front of them.

Running as fast as they could they soon realize they were to late far away a giant put the unconscious Buffy on his shoulder and him and his team of giants walk away.

Just before that

Buffy was walking happy when she discover 10 man unusually long men looking at her and a picture.

Shaking her head she realize they had an illusion on them as her willpower realize that she suddenly could see them as they really was huge 12 feet man or giants armed with clubs looking like a police clubs and nets that started to run towards her.

Buffy grabbed her Axe because first impression last.

and the battle was joined.

Kicking and shopping Buffy soon found her self being overwhelmed by the huge group. And then the world when dark.

Giles "I will bloody well kill him"

Kendra "No killing Xander until AFTER we found out IF he or Loki sent thus giants"

Giles nodded "right but first we need to capture him"

Their would be hell to pay for Xander Ripper swore NO one hurt his slayers.

Chapter 10
Every cloud have a silver lining.

Giles tear up the door to the library "Xander I KNOW YOU ARE HERE SHOW YOUR SELF" he screamed as Ripper rage inside of his cage.

Kendra carefully walk around "Look at this Giles" She said and held up a note. slowly she began reading.

-Hi gang. I could see the giants kidnapping Buffy. Are going after them to save her.-

Giles took of his glasses and started to clean them. "I hope so i really do hope so" he interrupted Kendra.

Kendra raised an eyebrow as she continue reading. -Stop cleaning your glasses G-man.-Giles look sharp at Kendra that fast interrupted him "I'm only reading what's on the note" she excuse her self.

-Don't yell at Kendra i wrote g-man.- The note said.

Giles "that note is disturbing"

Kendra nodded as she continue reading.

-I'm NOT an enemy Giles I'm still the same guy that saved Buffy from the master. The same guy that is willow best friend trust me I'm not an enemy. Love Xander son of Loki-

Giles "I do wish it could be that way. But our legends of Loki and his evil and the evil of his spawn" Giles shook his head.

Jenna "can we take the risk. The giants. The note. The storm. The orgy. Its stinks of intrigues and the fact is Two god was in town probably fighting one must have been Thor and the other Loki."

Willow "It could be a coincident. Xander can be good I'm sure"

Giles and Jenna looked at each other as Giles started to speak. "No some of the things that happen is obviously a new Half god a beginner using his power to get cheap sex."

Jenna nodded "The giants was obviously a sign of panic. Xander probably found out about Buffy and manage to contact some of 'daddies' friends."

Kendra nodded "it make sense. The note is to give us a reason to 'trust' him so that he can stab us from behind"

Willow slowly began to cry as Oz and Jonathan hugged her. She had felt the otherworldliness inside Xander power about anything she ever felt before. And it made sense to her Xander her Xander was truly only a fairy tale.

Many hours later.

Thor looked at Loki "So has he contact you yet ?"

Loki "No that strange i would have expected it hours ago"

Thor "Wonder where he is if he wont save my baby girl i will"

Loki "Don't worry he asks about the giants and if i could help him find Buffy and i said yes gave him a map and told him i could open a gate. Then he smiled and said something about getting some weapon"

Thor smiled "Good he haven't forgot about Gram"

Loki "My son true hero. But what's take him so long time."

*Breep Breep* his phone rang flipping it up once Loki curse the Trekis Dwarf that created them.

"Loki here" he said.

Xander "hi dad Can you open a LARGE dimension gate in about five minutes EXACLY"

Thor blinks overhearing the conversation.

Loki frown "I can but"

Xander "Don't have time for that now Dad just open the GATE"

Loki was beginning to ask why when he heard Police sirens and helicopters above. "I will he said"

Suddenly they could see exactly what Xander was talking about a large army truck came thundering forward on the road. Cops and military was hunting following.

Thor "what in the name of the nine worlds"

Loki "That looks like." He shook his head as he open the gate just in front of the truck.

Thor "You was sloppy two military jeeps followed.

Loki "It look like he hade loaded it filled with machine guns, rocket launcher and ammunition"

Thor "Oh man He will be so angry if you kid shoot up his castle"

Loki started to laugh "Aaw come one he will forget it after a hundred years or so"

In Jotenheim the Truck slowly stopped as did the two jeep, Surrounding them was three giants Tree looking like redwood a deer at the size of a huge horse walk by. And the smallest bird was large like eagles and falcons.

The army guys looked around "We not in Kansas any more" Graham Miller said.

Beside him Reilly nodded "Where the hell are we"

Xander the walk over to them "This is the world of Giants." Seeing their disbelieving eyes he pointed towards a bird the size of a horse flying around.

Reilly swallowed "okay so take us back"

Xander eyes turn hard "A giant kidnapped MY girl and I'm doing exactly what any REAL American would do saving her and kicking butt. You follow me".

Reilly "You stole weapon"

Xander eyes narrowed "Its the military duty to protect Americans from Illegal alien attacking and kidnapping civilians is it not."

Short moment of contemplating both Graham and Reilly could feel the patriotic idea of fighting evil kidnapers.

And both of them was solider young newly enlisted.

Looking at each other "we are in and we help you. By the way how did you do that teleportation thingy" Reilly said suspiciously.

Xander looked him over "A friend of mine help me Magic is real, Gods are real, Demons are real, I hunt vampire and demons to keep Sunnydale safe and a friend helps me open the gate between Jotenheim and earth."

Seeing more question he silent them "We have to get out of here before any scout come and find us. Get in the truck" he said and they soon drove of.

In a castle far away but not THAT far away.

Utgards-loki the giant king of Utgard smiled as his magic confirm that Loki the god child had enter the realm.

"Guards double the guards and prepare for battle" smiling he started to laugh he would finely get pay back my killing the spawn of Thor and Loki a 1000 year of pretending to be friendly and forgiving has paid of.

Chapter 11
Brothers of the wolf.

"Hey you come one let me out." Buffy said from the small bird like cage they hade put her in.

Outside giants the smallest looking between 10 to 12 feet tall was servants almost slaves Buffy notice.

The rulers oboy they where huge 15 feet to 16 feet tall.

They had put the cage on a display in a courtyard plenty of sun and at least she had a nice bed to sleep in but every one could see her even when she went to the toilet.

That made her really angry.

"YOU Lamp post" Buffy screamed to a young giant.

Carefully he walks over "Yes" he asks.

"Why am I not in a dungeon or something" she ask hoping for a nice dungeon at least their no one would see her.

The giant "Because master likes to humiliate you and trick your hero to do a foolish rescue attempt."

Buffy "My hero?" she asks.

The giant nodded "The gods can come here so. Your dad cant help you and the rumor is that the son of Loki is coming to save you"

"Huu." Buffy said before she remembered "O NO he be killed"

The giant smiled "Don't worry they wont kill him"

Buffy "Hu" she asks.

"They plan to execute the both of you slowly using torture," he said pointing towards a stage that was being built nearby.

Buffy blinks "So no chance of getting free if i ask nice?"

The giant shock his head.

Buffy sat down on the floor and Xander was her only hope. "I'm dead my hero don't have a chance" She said crying softly.

Then she remember how he always came true for her.

She also remember the fact that Angel looked nervous when Xander got angry.

She continue crying but inside a small flame of hope started to burn.

Sunnydale probably the same time

Dimension and time keeping is difficult at best

Giles nervously rang the bell on the Summer house. Telling Joyce that Buffy was kidnapped by unknown person would NOT be funny.

Beside him Kendra and Jenna stood giving him moral support, But he knew they would run like hell if Joyce got pissed of leaving him alone.

The door opened and a huge blond man stood their Giles magic senses suddenly screamed POWER and more POWER literally rage inside the man like a nuclear plant. That was a God a real honest DONT piss him of kind of GOD

Giles could see that Jenna felt the same thing, the power completely overwhelms them he hope that Kendra wouldn't do anything stupid while he and Jenna got their brain in balance.

Smiling the man introduce him self "Hi I'm 'Sven but i think you can call me Thor. Slayer"

Kendra looked nerves. Normally her slayer sense said things like -week kill or ignore- normally most peaceful Demons had that signal. -Human protect- or her favorite -Dangerous predator hunt kill evil competition was the sign of vampire and most aggressive demons-

But this time her Slayer sense said clearly -O for FUCK SAKE DONT MAKE HIM ANGRY GIRL. I don't want to die-Having her slayer sense crying like a baby in her head was a calming experience for Kendra she got a week feeling that the god was angry at them and that was bad.

Giles manage to gather his brain in order first and started to speak "Ah yes we might go inside i have some bad news"

Thor smiled "That be perfect just come inside" His one of his large arms manage to reach around them all and he careful guided them inside towards the living room.

Giles and Jenna was the first to notice that another god was sitting inside. Then Kendra felt it also and she paled.

The god sat nibbling on a piece of Joyce food. While Joyce laughs at his joke. Slowly he turn to the gang being almost carried inside.

"Hello" he said "I'm am SO glad to meet you all you can call me Lodd or Loki as you probably can guess."

Kendra carefully asks "Thor are you and Loki not enemies"

Thor laughs "No Loki might be the god of chaos but he like me protect humans. Even if his method often 'the end justify the means' he his a good guy with bad sense of humor"

Giles voice waved "SO the myth are wrong then" he asks.

Surprising him Loki answered "yes and no Mr. Giles. About 5000 years ago i faced a situation Death of all humanity or death and pain of MANY humans but the survivals of humanity and the ability to fight back would be come genetically part of mankind."

Leaning forward Loki continue "I could of course have chosen a alternate path but then humans would have been nothing but weaklings food for Vampires and demons and constantly in need of help."

Jenna swallowed "what did you do"

Thor looked at her with hard eyes "Never ask that again Witch"

Loki "something painful Jenna and something evil to give them the strength to fight back"

Thor "Odin him self was so impressed that he declared that Loki would be his blood brother from that moment on" Loki seemed to harden again "Now Giles i do understand the concept of hard choice so I'm not angry at YOU just at the situation. My son is NOT evil you can be sure about that."

Thor nodded "when we first came here Loki manage to lose one of his non-deadly Bombs"

Loki smiled "Its something i use sometimes to humiliate enemies. A weak combination of Lust dust and a love potion. It help the effected to find things they would love in a another persons."

Thor nodded "As far as we believe a vampire or a demon manage to steal it from his hotel room and decided to use it to kill the slayer"

Loki took up something that look almost exactly like a hand grenade. "I like the looks other get when use it." he smiled evilly "throwing one of this inside a room filed with Yakuza or a demons is lots of laughs"

Giles groan "so the orgy it was just a accident"

Loki "you might say that" he nodded.

Thor ask them to sit down "I do expect all of you to say that you are sorry to poor Xander."

As they nodded Loki smiled "and about Buffy" He said capturing the attention. "Don't worry Xander is hot on the rescue"

Thor beside him started to laugh "The 'evil' that kidnapped Buffy is dangerous yes but he only like to Test their strength"

Giles relax "So she and him is safe then"

Thor shake his head "They are safe from Utgards-loki he is a friend. But their always some fight happy giants around so they will need all their bravery and strength"

Kendra frown "Why don't you do something help them"

Loki "We cant their is a peace treaty that would be damage if we did." he took a solemn and worried look.

Joyce "I have complete trust in Buffy and Xander." she said.

Thor nodded smiling in the inside this truly was a master plan nothing could go wrong.

In Jotenheim the city Utgard Utgards-loki laughs as he study up on his knowledge on Torture to death. After all only the most painful was good enough for Thor's and Loki spawn.

At a later time in a different place in Jotenheim

Graham looked nervous at the young man that sat down study some papers and a map while he mumble about sniper positions Missile hidings points and other tactical things.

Beside the kid Reilly sat now and then gave suggestion and ideas.

Graham was surprise how skilled the kid was about military tactic but a so young kid should not know this things and that made him nervous.

Suddenly Xander sat up his eyes glowed in the night a sickling green light. "We have company" seeing them grabbing guns he quickly spoke "No no gun they are NOT hunting and they come peaceful so don't provoke them"

Reilly nodded and the two of them put down their guns suddenly a flock of large Wolf the smallest head reaching his chest the biggest one head was higher then he was.

Among them something that must be a Werewolf walks calmly towards Xander not caring about graham and Reilly existence.

Xander rise an eyebrow at the wolf man. And calmly spoke "hi care to join us by the fire, I'm afraid we don't have much food"

The wolf man smiled "Do not bother Uncle. I come with a warning, thanks to your fighting the wrong that are vampire your brother decided that he will bring you a word of warning"

Xander "Do tell" said as his mind was raging trying to remember anything he read about Nordic myth.

The wolf-man said "Utgard-Loki is planning on capturing You using the spawn of Thor as bait when he has the two of you he will torture you both to death. If you chose to run he will torture her to death."

Xander lean back "So I'm fucked if i do and fucked if i don't. NO one hurts Buffy if i can stop it"

The wolf man smiled "you are truly part wolf Uncle"

Reilly manage to find his voice in the same place his guts and bravery was hiding in his pants "Uncle" he croaked out.

The wolf man smiled a throaty smile "yes Xander brother the Wolf god Fenrir god of the hunt destroyer of civilizations and destroyer of gods"

Xander hide a his nerves "So how is Fenrir"

The wolf man crooked an eyebrow "Still capture by Loki my Grandfather your dad"

Xander Smiled "Daddy he had something against the destruction of civilization i believe"

The wolf man nodded "Probably. I must be on my way now"

Xander "You can stay if you like. I am part of civilization and will protect it but you ARE family and that make us pack"

The wolf man smiled "I like that i do indeed." he sat down and the giants wolf carefully walks away growling angry at him before disappearing in the woods.

Xander felt something 'big' had happen but could not finger it out "What was that about" he asks.

The Wolf man sat down "My name is Garm. I was blood bound to serve my father only to one of the same blood could free me from his servitude. I do not wish to destroy civilization or let Civilization destroy the wild nature."

Xander nodded "And now when you not part of their Jihad they are not happy"

Garm the wolf-man smiled "i do not know what a Jihad is but you are right. But they will not bother us" he said.

Xander nodded and started to study the man slowly making Garm a part of the discussion.

Graham felt his guts turn to ice, Gods they where traveling with a god or half-god they where part of Xander-Legendary Journey.

Xander looked up "I can almost feel Buffy right now she is angry I hope they don't torture her"

In the castle "NOoo stop torture me you bastard" Buffy screamed but the young giant child 4-6 years old just continue throwing Mud on her and inside the cage she was totally incapable of escaping.

"No NO that's horse shit DONT.." Buffy felt like crying her life stank right now..

Outside an evil little giant was giggling.

Chapter 12 Xander's Legendary Journey The beginning.

Graham Miller lower his monocular "Its huge" he said.

Xander stood silently looking self assured and calm. Inside he repeated his mantra save Buffy, save Buffy

Garm nodded "Its Utgard the trade city where the giant king Utgard-Loki rules. Of course its big"

Xander smiled a toothy smile "The map said his castle is in the center of town. It have 4 different sectors the larges is the Giant sector, and then the Dwarfs, Elf's and the smallest is the Human sector."

Garm "That is correct, The sector is filled with taverns and living quarters for travelers and traders. Some live permanent life their. Human sector is mostly thralls, Slave working for the giants."

Graham frowned he might be a white boy but one of his ancestors was a former slave that married a white girl during the end of the 1800. "Slaves they are slave owners" he said with hate in his voice.

Garm looked puzzled "They are Civilized and they are strong they can enslave others of course they do."

Reilly "We DO not do that and we are civilized"

Xander smiled "But dear old USA tend to lock up anything not 'normal' dissection and paranoid questions. Dad told me about Area 51 and the aliens they capture peaceful aliens i might add."

Reilly "what are you talking about"

Xander frowned "slavery if wrong so it hurting other just because they are different. And I am different so are a loot of creatures living a hidden life on earth in fear of the day USA military would come knocking on the door it has happen and it will happen again."

Graham "Lets look over the map of the city"

They soon started to talk tactic again. Marking hiding places for mines and booby-trap to ensure their road of escape after the main target was obtain.

In Sunnydale

Giles frowned at Willow. "I don't believe you" he said Willow looked angry "We must go and help him. Its the least we can do after how we treated him"

Giles "And what can we do right now and what good would our help be" Willow "Kendra can fight and he is Xander he need our help"

Giles looked up "If you said that a month ago i would agree completely. But remember he stole a truck load of weapon from the army totally humiliated their best attempt to stop him. That's not helpless that resourceful"

Willow fumed she just new Xander was in desperate need of her magic. Beside Loki hade told her that she, Oz and Jonathan all hade Fenrir's blessing. And a Werewolf Willow was superior fighter.

Or could be she reconsider if she gain control over the wolf.

Sunnydale motel and lodging

Thor sat down his face pale.

Beside him Loki shiver in rage.

Thor lifted the note that Odin had posted to them and read it again. Loki "I cant believe it after all this time being our friend. HE is evil"

Thor "we sent our children in to the jaws of death"

Loki nodded "and we cant do anything"

Thor held up his hammer "If they die so help me Odin i will Kill Utgards-loki even if it create a war"

Beside him Loki nodded revenge would be cruel and unusual even if his child was alive.


The four heroes carefully walk inside Utgard following one of the many caravans of truck driving inside the city.

Electric lights illuminated the street house large sky scrapers surrounded the street.

"I'm glad that Willow ain't here so many magic stuff she would go crazy. And her magic would make us easy to spot" Xander said as they walk carefully avoided being trampled by giant they felt like small children being half the size of the rest of the civilians.

"I didn't expect it to look like this" Reilly said.

Xander nodded "At least their magic and technology have evolve just like on earth" He smiled as he notice something.

"But their knowledge of guns are non" he said pointing at a guard equipped with Mobile phone, and a sword.

Graham frowned "Why" he asks.

Xander smiled "magic can stop bullets much more easy then swords and Wood-arrows. And gunpowder the old version is easy for a magician to explode a small spell and any gunpowder with in miles go BOOM"

Reilly paled "And our guns are they even useful then" Xander nodded "The gunpowder is modern type they need to create a new version of the spell to make IT go boom so we are safe for now. And overkill always kills" Xander said clapping his hand on the Rocket launcher.

Garm nodded "and if not you have your sword Gram and that axe"

Xander looked up "The sword is great but the Axe i never use its Buffy's. Beside its pink with a cute heart inside i feel foolish holding it"

The other men just nodded a girl fighter using it would be kind of cool in a derange sugar sweet murdering kind of way but a man.. Just to gay.

Finally they came to the main market thousands of traders of shops and market side by side the smell of food and scream of sales where going on all around them. A huge stage Slave where being sold any thing from human to Elf and Dwarf. Male or females old and children.

Xander turn away his eyes "let find a place to hide and rest. We will sneak in and attack in the protection of the day light"

Reilly "That is the only stupid thing I heard so far. Still think we should attack during night"

Inside the Castle

Utgard-Loki turn to his guard. "Spawn of Loki is in town he will attack during midnight. Double the guard but only 1/3 of the guard visible the rest hidden prepare them for ambush."


Xander and the gang hade found a hiding place outside the castle court yard they could look inside the huge gate and their they could see Buffy a gang of children throwing stuff at her made Xander need to shoot the Rocket launcher grow.

"Stupid children" he said.

Chapter 13
Terrorism in Jotenheim....

Buffy frowned "Great the jerk" she muttered as a the BIG 17 Feet huge king Utgard-Loki walks up to her.

"Hello my little bird" he said smirking benevolent hiding his evil behind a friendly face. "Soon your hero will come and then you both will die tortured to a pain full death" he said.

Buffy rolled her eyes "like that's the first time i heard that. Why cant you try something original like I will let you loose or. I will force you to watch Soap Opera. That sure would kill me" Buffy said.

The Utgard-Loki smiled "Cute in the face of death you still have the guts to stand up" He froze as his ears picks up a strange whining sound quickly he turn around the last thing he saw was a small burning sun coming right at him.

Then his head exploded splattering blood and bone over the courtyard. Xander calmly walks in rearming his Rocket launcher. "Okay, listen up you primitive screw heads! This... is my BOOMSTICK!. And that my girl" He said pointing at Buffy.

The guards wondered what to do and who would do it first.

Xander was sweating inside Graham and Reilly was on sniper position. Garm was hiding wielding a huge ass kicking sword and some nasty surprises.

Buffy finally found her voice "Look out" she screamed pointing at a Crossbow holding guard in a tower.

Xander just said one word "BOOOM" and hell came to Jotgard.

The tower Suddenly exploded when Reilly push the button activated the plastic explosives that they hade put inside.

Garm started to throw hand grenades at the guards with out much care about the civilians.

Graham using the machinegun started to shoot at guards spreading a rain of death down on them.

Reilly holding the rifle did precision shooting.

Buffy just looked goggle eyes at the carnage then jumps back when Xander cut the door open with a huge sword.

A shimmering light came over the castle proving that a magician try using magic to make the weapon go BOOM. Luckily they did not have primitive gun-powder inside but more modern one.

Xander swore still this meant that they would have to dump the weapons they would soon become a danger only to them self.

Buffy "Xander you save me" she smiled as he gently gave her a hug putting her Axe in her hand but frown at what he said. "You have to bath Buffy"

Buffy angry responded as she jump towards the nearest giant "Its not my fault stupid kids" and drew a shallow gut emptying cut over his stomach.

Xander growled as he shoot a giant with his gun "Buffy lets move out NOW"

And the two of them started to run out follow by a wolf-man.

Garm smiling follow "A this be a great battle Uncle" he said causing Buffy to frowned. Uncle she thought.

Suddenly Xander stopped Buffy and drove his arms inside a large barrel of junk fishing up one rocket launcher and a machine gun "We have friends that need covering fire" he explain and started shooting seemingly random.

Garm Pointed out "That's them up their"

Buffy could see two young man in military uniform came running down dodging every now and then and running past them as Xander continue firing a holding fire.

Graham and Reilly stopped fishing up ammunition from a hiding dump reloaded and started to shoot against guards as Buffy Xander and Garm started to run away. "I cant believe it work attacking during day light" Reilly said.

Graham nodded "No time for that lets vanish" he said and the two started to run away dropping some teargas canister behind them. Soon the street was filled with blind giants crying painfully stopping the guards from finding the terrorist'

Buffy smiled "So where to now" She asks.

Xander smiled "wall Garm knew a smuggling hole in there."

Buffy then frowned "who was those two military guys anyway"

Xander "Just some guys i accidentally kidnapped when I stole weapons from the army station outside Sunnydale"

Buffy "XANDER" she screamed.

He just smiled "okay i did NOT kidnapped them they accidentally manage to come along by mistake but"

Buffy fumed but it was sweet talk about going all out for her "I forgive you" she said.


Giles calmly look over the two gods the ripper inside of him wanted to attack and hell take any consequences.

"So this Utgard-Loki pretended to be your friend." Seeing them nodded he continue "and he really are trying to murder Buffy and Xander to hurt you" he said but continue.

"And you accidentally gave him the idea of kidnapping Buffy to make her fall in love with Xander when she save him" the two Divine fools nodded.

Giles clean his glasses "Are the two of you completely crazy or what" he asks.

Thor "I'm a war and storm god and IT is a good plan plenty of experience taught us that a girl falls in love if a hero save her"

Loki nodded "that's true. And it would have given Xander some belief in him self"

Giles sat down shacking his head "You are idiots totally completely idiots."

The two looked at each other "You know Sif tell me the same thing"

Thor said.

"My Wife say I'm totally incompetent when it come with question about love" Loki continue. "but it look so perfect. The only thing that went wrong was that Utgard-Loki showed him self to be a enemy."

Giles clean his glasses "Thor your wife is a love goddess right"

seeing Thor nodded he continue "WHY did you not ask for her help"

Loki paled so simple why did not he god of mischief and trickery taught about that.. Right stupid pride always get the better of him.. Thor laughs nervous "I didn't think about that" he said embarrassed.

Joyce was fighting the urge to cry or murder someone.

"What the hell go on in here. I bet its that Terrorist Xander and no good Buffy fault" the principle snider said.

Joyce mind suddenly snap almost robot like she slowly turn look at everybody evaluated them.

-Thor Idiot meaning well to powerful to punish--Giles did nothing wrong but keep secret will punish later--Loki Idiot meaning well to powerful to punish--Snider Idiot, Fool cant run to fast will punish-

The room fell silent as Joyce suddenly went barbarian on Snider.

"And if you ever say that about Buffy again you die understood" Joyce said as she walks away from the living pile of broken bone and bleeding wounds that is Snider.

Thor and Loki looked at each other whispering something "Scary" they said.

Chapter 14
Shopping for midgets.

Graham sat down mumbling for him self only Reilly could here him. "In a time long a go Man kind was"

Xander growled "Look its the Harem outfit OR the black-smith outfit Buffy" shaking his head he continue "Its a town full of Giants Clothes in YOUR Size are not easy to find"

Graham "Tormented by monster evil giant and petty gods "

Buffy frowned the hard leather robe was practical in this climate. But so Ugly. She rather like the Harem outfit but later maybe in a bar or pub. "And why did you have to buy Hawaii color on all the cloaks"

Graham "Mankind screamed out for a hero. This is the Xander the Legendary Journeys"

Reilly and Buffy laughs.

Xander blinks having overheard "You do realize saying THAT make YOU Joxer, Graham"

Graham "Argh not Joxer"

Garm sitting beside just enjoy the happiness before interrupting. "It might be best if we train a bit on sword, Xander specially Graham and Reilly needs the training but you also.

Then after study the map and i can help you find a way out from here"

Xander nodded "yes We still got to dump the guns and the ammo anything explosive are now TO dangerous for us to use"

Graham and Reilly frown hearing that but they was told about magic spell capable of making ammo explode on great distant. Making carry and using Gunpowder and any explosive dangerous.

They slowly started to train fighting stance and dirty fighting.

Luckily both Graham and Reilly was accomplish knife fighter and Xander solider memory was returning in full force.

He already manages to access the power of the Hyena with out being possess by a hyena. But it did freak out Buffy a bit.

Outside the forest Giant patrols drove around in huge Motorbikes searching after the 'assassins' of Utgards-loki.

In Sunnydale

Magni, Modi and Thrud Sat down reading the Jotgard paper.

Thrud "If baby sister don't want that boy I'm sure going after him my self"

Modi nodded "If he only was a girl"

Magni and Thrud looked at him "You ARE strange" they spoke at the same time.

Magni started to walk around "We must help them." thinking hard he continue "Odin will not allow Asgard to go to war against Jotenheim. So we will be forbidden to help them inside the border of Jotenheim but if we patrol the gate between Jotenheim and Asgard we can intervene."

Thrud nodded "The area around any gate between the nine world are consider no mans no gods land."

Modi growled "So witch gate do you think he will go after?"

Magni "I have NO idea" he said "But we can each take and guard ONE of them and hope for the best"

Thrud nodded she wasn't the best of fighter but she was sure that she could get a team of Valkyries to help her.

Modi almost drooled fighting was fun he hoped for a big one best to get loots of armor and weapons.

And perhaps a number of the magazine Bikini girls with machine guns. They hade a knight and sword and bikini number.

The Summer home

Joyce look hopeful towards Thor and Loki, as she sat beside Thor in the sofa.

Giles, Jenna and Kendra sat in the chairs on the other side.

Loki sat on one of the short side and Willow and her boys on the other.

Thor took up a HUGE paper lot bigger then the TIMES "This is the Jotenheim daily. Think Propaganda blade"

-Today the Glories king of Utgard. Utgard-Loki was assassinated by a team of humans.

The assassinators use high-explosive destroying number of guard building wounding and killing both civilians and guards.

Utgard-Loki was shot from behind by this aggressor.

According to number of witness Utgard-Loki died as a hero protecting innocent life with his own body.-

Thor "Then it go one and one how nice guy he is"

Loki pick up another paper "This is from the, Svartalfheim home of the Svartalfer and Dwarf, Its name is hard to translate."

-Trying to capture a young human by holding his girl capture the king of Utgard Utgard-Loki got shot to death by a team of four young humans one potential was a wolf man.-

"And it go one and one about the economical fall out this can mean and the gain they can get by new trade possibilities. The Dwarfs are mostly happy.

The Svartalfs on the other side complain the risk they loose a lot of profit in their Slave trade now when Utgards-loki is gone"

Giles smile "Xander did it i cant believe it"

Thor nodded "It is amazing" he looked at Loki "Do you understand how he manage to use gun weapons"

Loki "Yea we hade a discussion about that. And I told him the normal magic spell to make Black powder explode don't work on dynamite if it did alcohol gasoline would go BOOM also. And to neutralize other type of gun-powder the spell must be modified. Witch is easy to do. But take time"

Thor smiled "Using gun weapon from earth the mage hade NO chance in adapting before he was out and gone"

Loki Nodded "jeep that's really are daddy boy"

Giles clean his glasses "Impressive most impressive"

Willow "But he is Xander and he. He have bad grades in school"

Loki smile "Math and school have nothing to do with active and tactical intelligent Willow. In school its mostly logical IQ that's tested. Xander is quite smart he just think a bit different."

Loki smiled "I just hope that he drop the guns really fast because by now the mage have adapted and change the spell to neutralize them"


Xander looked at the map again.

"The border river is the main gate between Jotenheim and Asgard.

And The well of Mimer is also linked thru all gates but you only find the well of Mimer IF Odin let you find it. So its out.

Then their is the Gate to Hell and that's link to all the nine realm. And their is a gate to Alfheim and Svartalfheim Both would take time but not to much time to get to."

Garm looked at his Uncle "You forgot about the gate to Vanheim" he said.

Xander "no that one and the gate to Midgard are to hard and to faraway to get to."

Buffy looked up "So witch one do we take?"

Xander "well the Hell Gate is a no no I don't think I like to meet my sister. Hell queen of hell"

Buffy blinks now that was a strange but true concept. "but witch one" Xander just snore. Buffy smile her hero falling asleep during his big planning.

Well she snuggle up towards him looking at the others "Could you guard both of us is quite tired and both of us are only 17 we are not really use to this sort of things"

Garm blinks his uncle was a child and manage to do this much.

Graham blinks a child he really is a child.

Reilly nodded their was men he was willing to kill if they order him to. And some men he was willing to die for. But this child he was willing to march of to hell if ordered.

almost at the same time they spoke to Buffy "Go to sleep you both need it"

Buffy smiled as she fell asleep.

Xander barely notice Buffy he just snuggle closer to her body and slept on while his subconscious started to work on the problem.

Chapter 15

The walls was bursting with the sound of talking laughing and cheering as the Einheriors of Vahala enjoy them self.

Above them Odin stood watching and evaluating everything.

"My lord" said a young man. Bowing beside him.

Odin turn his one eye towards the man "speech"

"Thor, Loki and several other have ask almost demanded that they would be allowed to send a rescue team. Your denial is confusing them" The man said.

Odin looked away again "Your heart is kind Balder. But this is something our new gods must do by them self a trial by fire. To test their loyalty and friends. Any help from us now would destroy them in the future be sure of that. But their life is still uncertain. Now be gone"

Balder swallowed it was not often Odin was in this mode he often was more of a big daddy to them all friendly. But every now and then he acted like a King and demanded bowing and scraping.

And always a time of change would come their after change for good and for bad. "Yes Sir" he said bowing.

Outside Tyr stood impatient Heimdall had overheard the whole thing but as usual not revealed anything.

Balder "He said if we help them their life are doomed in the future. We have to risk their life now or doom them to death in the future"

Tyr growled "Is he still behaving like a king"

Balder nodded "yes stiffer then ever"

Tyr "I see. Better go and look after the army see that it ready if anything happen. Could you contact Ymir and tell him to fix the air force and navy i don't like the look on its offensive status"

Balder nodded "lets hope its a good change that come"

Tyr "Lets hope but lets prepare for a bad one just in case"


"Thank a lot" Xander said to a big farmer girl barely 15 beautiful and 11 feet tall.

Buffy "Xander stop flirting."

Xander "I'm not flirting" he said with a indignant note in his voice. Reilly snored "yea right Did you get food and supplies"

Xander "Yup all she wanted was my autograph as a thank you."

Buffy "what"

Xander "well I'm famous kill one of their kings and all you know" Reilly "not good what did you write to her"

Xander "I help the Terrorist Xander and all i got was this stupid note"

Buffy giggled "that's so sweet."

The five of them soon was jogging away from the farm and in to the vast forest again.

A day walking later they arrived at a fuel stop by a big road.

"That my goal" Xander said nodding. "Just look at all those big trucks when night come we could easy hide inside one of them and hitch-a-hike"

Reilly "that a good plan he said. Any idea on witch truck"

Xander smile turn Wicked "That one" He said pointing on a big open trailer loaded with HUGE bananas.

Buffy "Why that one"

"We could hide and eat inside with out any one the wiser" Xander explain.

Garm "I suggest we sneak around the building and then one by one jump in"

Soon the team was moving silently in the night.

Jotenheim Guard patrol

"Sir we manage to find their weapons it look like they dump it. I have sent a solider to pick it up for investigation" The captain said standing beside a soldier that just started to pick up the bundle of guns.

BOOM a large explosion rock the forest and the communication was cut.

A short moment later the commander got a new call.

"Sir I'm sorry but our Captain and five other got hurt the weapon kind of exploded when we try to move them," a foot soldier said.

The commander frowned "that not good. I want a team of ranger searching the forest they must have left tracks"

The foot soldier shivered "Sir I'm enforced-enlisted I don't have the clearance to order Rangers and sir I don't have their number"

The commander "Why am I talking to you then" he growled Enforced-enlisted was soldier that was enlisted in military service against their will or from jail.

The solider swallowed "Because sir Captain order me to wait by the car and now I'm the only one capable of talking right now SIR" he said with fear in his voice.

Commander groaned "I See then you will wait their for help. If anything more go wrong," he said and slam the phone down.

The Soldier looked nervous at the heavy rain clouds "no no not rain anything but rain" then the rain started to fall flooding the ground removing any tracks that Garm mist removing.

He just knew that the commander would blame this on him.

the truck stop

Buffy paused as she was climbing up on the bananas "ooh rain" she said. Looking happy.

Xander shook his head "I always wonder why you looked so glad during rain and storms its because Thor is your dad"

Buffy "probably i always felt loved when a good thunderstorm was raging outside."

Soon the companions was resting inside the truck roof as far a way from the hole in the side of the trailers.

sleeping resting and eating bananas like good apes.


Giles pondered the situation his enemy truly hade I'm in a impossible situation. "Any nine" he asks.

Loki smiled "Go fish"

Joyce was looking outside crying Thor huge body hid her completely from the rest inside the room as he hug her close "I wonder if my baby is save or if she hade anything to eat and i wonder how Xander is he is my baby boy. The son i always wanted and never had" she continued.

Thor "I know it never do get easy wondering if your children is safe." But i have faith in them. He said resting his head on top of Joyce.

In the caves under Sunnydale now water filled due to the huge rainstorm some days ago.

Spike "blubb blubb" = A come on now Dru we have to get out of here. Dru was swimming around like a crazy fish waving her hands now and then Spike had no idea what she was doing probably a vision or something. "Blubb blubb blubb blubb" = Under the sea under the sea down on the bottom.

Spike "Blub blub" = I so wish that we could speak"

Suddenly a large "Buble buble" interrupted his raving.

Turning around he saw an angry Angel screaming "Buble buble" = i will kill you.

Spike "Buble Buble" = i have no idea what you are saying peach.

And soon the hunt was one the vampire fight under the sea.

Chapter 16
Confusing the times.


"I wonder where they are. And if they are safe" Kendra said while they ate a small dinner in Summer house. It had been rather slow day most Demons had drown and many Vampire where still lost inside the water filled caves or flush out to the sea.

Joyce "We don't know and their is no way for us to be sure they are safe."

Thor suddenly started to look at Loki "Do it you know" he said.

Loki blinks "Oh man No i get a headache"

Thor "We can get info if they are safe or not"

Loki "And IF they not are safe we cant do anything except running around panicking"

Thor blinks "But just once"

Giles frowned "DO what exactly"

Loki "I I'm Odin's blood brother and I have the power of second sight. Using my power i can feel if some one is alright and can find them. Some times i can even see them.

But often if its in a different world like now its come in a riddle"

Joyce "I think you should do it"

Loki smiled "For you Joyce" And he concentrated hard focusing his powers across time and universe.

Suddenly his eyes blinks "That strange" Loki said.

Thor "What was strange"

Loki "according to the vision they are happy going bananas"

Joyce "They are going crazy"

Loki "I have NO idea. It could be Happy traveling bananas" shacking his head "And that make even less sense"

Giles nodded this sure was bad.


"Oo Banana O Banana Joe Banana" Xander and Graham sang happily.

Buffy "Stop pleas stop"

And inside the truck loaded with Bananas Xander and Graham musically torture their friends as the truck rolled on.


The Captain of the guard lean towards an army sergeant looking up where the commander walks talking to a bunch of ruff looking creatures.

"Bounty Hunters" he said with disrespect in his voice "We don't need that kind of scum"

A tall Dwarf in full body armor including a helm with horn turn his head towards the Captain memorizing his face and name.

The commander Looked at the Dwarf "And remember NO Amputation"

And soon the Bounty hunters was moving to find and capture Xander and team.

Truck full of Bananas

Xander walk over the Garm "So cousin" he said to the wolf man. "Can you turn completely human.

Buffy looked over Garm human body with fur and a wolf like head.

Might be hard to hide in a city.

Garm "No Uncle i can not. I can turn fully wolf. But i can not turn human"

Xander "Then we have to find a hood or a monk-cloak to hide you in."

Garm putt his hand on Xander "Their is one thing. If you are willing you could give me the ability to become human."

Xander looked at him "Tell me more explain"

Garm "If we do the rite of Blood brothers. You would get some of my ability. And i would get some of yours"

Xander "So i would become a werewolf"

Garm shock his head "I do not now it is different. The blood rite give you part of my strengths and give me part of your strength. The reason why i am not able to turn human is my father Fenrir. As he is my dad he can curse his children with bond that's normally unbreakable. If we do the blood brother rite Loki would be my Dad as much as Fenrir is. And the same to you in a way give us both protection unless Fenrir and Loki team up"

Xander "Anything else"

Garm "Just that we will be able to see the others soul for a short moment. Not memory just what drive the other person"

Xander "I do it. I already think of you as a big brother so why not make you a brother"

Garm smiled a toothy smile and took forward a small knife.

"I must pray to Odin then we put our hands together and the knife between us. AS i pull the knife out it will cut both of us and as the blood mix the rite of brotherhood will be complete"

Reilly having overheard "That simple" he ask.

Garm "No not simple you must have the skill and strength to actually use the power Odin will give you during this rite"

Xander nodded "Its a week magic spell in other words. You need skill in magic to do it"

Garm "That is correct uncle soon brother of mine"

Beside them Buffy sat frowning she really did not like this but she hade started to feel trust in Xander's instinct he was a half god just like she after all.

Garm began chanting and soon both gasp in pain as the power of the Blood brother ritual overwhelm them.

Xander looked careful at his brother loyalty and fear of being alone a desperate urge for anyone to call family was his main drive.

he could feel that Garm looked curios at him but he had no idea about what and he felt that was for the best.

Garm looked at Buffy "You should be glad young one. The love he have for you is stronger then the sun. He would gladly kill him self if it would make you happy"

Buffy paled looking at the now blushing Xander.

Riley walks over taking forward some bandage and fixing the two of them. "So care to turn human," He said to the wolf-man.

Garm concentrated and he began to shrink the fur disappeared and soon a nude human looked around.

Buffy giggle you look like Xander but with Blue eyes and bigger nose and older like 30 something.

Garm nodded "That is my age young one"

Buffy "HEY I'm Xander and you call him uncle"

Garm "he was the brother of my father. Uncle is the correct thing to say in respect. And now i call him Brother"

Xander nodded happily "Yep my big bro"

Garm turn and look at Xander "Find you center and transform you have the ability i can smell it on you"

Xander frowned "here go nothing" he said. Soon he could feel him self grow bigger his ears crawled higher up on his head.

Blinking he notice that he could only see black and white but extremely sharp vision and the smell.

It was like he could smell Buffy it the smell of a Mate no other word could describe her.

Then he notice that she smelled nervous and the other looked surprise.

"What is it Buffy" he asks.

Garm looked surprised "This is so unusual" he said.

Graham gave Xander a piece of a mirror to look at and soon Xander saw it.

Where Garm had the flesh cutting teeth of a Wolf.

He had the BONE crunching Jaws of a Hyena.

Where Garm had a long fur of a wolf.

He hade the short spotty one of a hyena.

Xander "I'm a Were-hyena Noooooooo" he said looking like he would cry. Buffy crawled over hugging him "You look kind of cute" she said.

Reilly "In a manly not a girly way you do look cute like a puppy a BIG one but still a puppy"


Loki "Damnit all i get is Going or trawling bananas and NOW its a happy Dog life"

Thor "at least they are well"

Joyce nodded.

Giles then looked at them "By the way where is Angel"

Loki smiled "after we explain that I am not evil i told him that IF he cleaned up the mess that is his child Drusilla and Spike. I would give him the Soul transformation spell making it impossible for the Demon to become free. He still be a Vampire but one with a soul."

Thor looked confuse "You talking about that spell are you not"

Loki nodded "it simple he will turn in to a type of vampire that have a permanent soul and cant turn other in to vampire."

Giles "So the legend is true"

Loki "yes their have been others but the spell was lost due to the risk involved. I also will give him some idea of how to find a Mohra demons their blood will turn a Vampire in to a human. But they are hard to find"

...mean while the Banana Truck is entering the city of Theingard.......

Chapter 17
Fun in the city..

Xander's day

Xander frowned as he and Buffy was shopping for clothes in a children store. Well Buffy was shopping he was reading papers. It look like the Army had put guards on almost every gate to any of the nine worlds.

No wait a moment one gate was totally unguarded made sense it is according to Garm a one way door you enter but you cant leave the realm thru that door.

Choosing witch gate he would use was more difficult.

Garm consider the best door to be the one to the Dwarfs it is a interesting choice but its to close to Utgard.

Graham like to visit the elfs.

Reilly like the Vanheim but that was on the other side of the planets. And the Vanheirs was a race of gods like the Asgards.

"The yellow or the red Xander" Buffy said.

"Hu i don't see that gate anywhere" Xander said until he notices what Buffy was holding. "The yellow one is nice cute puppies on it"

Buffy rolled her eyes "Children dresses are the only one that fit me the rest look like circus tent."

Xander kiss Buffy passionately surprising her then a vicious gleam enter his eyes Buffy just knew something bad would jump from his mouth. "So nothing different from back home Buffy"

Buffy growled hit Xander hard on the arm and giggled at his 'hurt' puppy eye expression. "Xander hide the dog ears" she growled.

Xander fast transform back grinning cutely. Being a Were-hyena was fine in his book.

The day of Reilly and Graham

"Thanks" Reilly Finn said to an Elf trader. Turning back to Graham he said "Its this way to the weapon shop!"

Nodding the two walk away.

Soon they enter the boutique it was a huge building 'Of course' hanging on the wall they could see automatic Crossbow of a impressive design.

"Magic making explosive weapons too unreliable probably demanded a improved Crossbow to take up the slack" Graham said.

Reilly Nodded looking over a Crossbow of a sniper type two strong bows sitting in a X pattern its string combine in one point forcing the power of two Bows to accelerate the arrow to speeds equal and superior to some rifle.

Reilly nodded an object in any boys Christmas list.

Soon they found the Sword display.

Graham found a nice long sword looking at the guarantee mark that Garm explain he could see it was a good not superior weapon.

Reilly pondered then he found a nice a Glaive he always love staff fighting and even competed in some times during a festival.

And a Glaive it can slice it can dice and this you could fold down to a easy to carry size.

It had the mark of a master making it a great but expensive weapon. He only hoped Garm would not murder them for using SO much of Garm gold.

Graham "that a good choice. Lets buy the sniper crossbow and three repeating crossbows."

Reilly nodded "lets do that" he said.

Garm day

Garm walk carefree first time ever that he could walk the street with out other looking at him Being a Wolf man made it hard sometimes but now he could look just like a normal human. And that was sweet.

Garm carefully open the door to the market he wish the other could do this but.

Grocery and food was to important in his book.

Beside he bet his brother would love Rinkys they was best creamy inside and ooh the sugar rush.

Garm grabbed a foot long bakery work that look like and tasted like a oversized Twinkie. But Garm did not know that.

Xander day part 2

Buffy froze "Xander hostile" she said she could sense that Xander shifted from goofy on a holiday mode to soldier in Vietnam mode.

The two of them stood side by side pretending reading a notice on the wall at the same time their eyes was carefully searching the surrounding in the mirror of a window.

Xander eyes looked around they were in the middle of the street many civilian walking around no hostile. Wait up their hiding holding a net. Looking behind he could see the partner a fighter of elfish origin. Wetting his lips he kissed Buffy on the neck caressing her but as he spoke "they have us surrounded its to far away from nearest escape road. If we run they MIGHT hunt us but then we learn for sure if they really are hunting us"

Buffy nodded "And then we fight?" she ask with a cute eager voice her axe Mr. choppy was ready.

Xander nodded "lets run" he said and they were off.'

But the other the hider with the net burst forward casting something that suddenly exploded with a burst of air and sticky glue like substance that fast dried of creating a web like wall.

Xander drew his foremothers swords Gram (Gram = Sword. Garm = brother) Beside him Buffy took forward her Axe because its the first impression that last.

"Run hunter and you will live" Xander voice said.

The hunter smiled an evil elfish smile "Your bounty will make me rich. Foolish human"

Xander ignore him and attack with an over the head cut.

The Elf-hunter simply parry forcing Xander chop to go to the side.

Then the Elf-was thrown backwards as Xander's hidden kick took him straight in the chest.

Pressing the advantage Xander did a spearing jab forcing the bounty hunter to jump back.

Then suddenly the Bounty hunter used his superior speed. Elf was weaker then a human but they are so much faster then a human, Most almost on a vampiric speed scale and unlike Vamps Elfs know how to use the speed to advantage.

The Elf now ready manage to parry dodge and grasp Xander sword Surprisingly the human dropped his own sword in favor of grasping the elfs shoulder.

The elf started to drive the sword in his body when the human did something unjust he kick the elf in the balls making him drop both swords.

The elf manage to tear him self free but the Human stood upon the sword.

Thinking the Elf took forward a dagger but then it happened.

Xander taught dagger he fast shifted to were-hyena shape and jump on the elf tearing its throat away before it could use a knife.

Buffy frowned then jumps the elf. "Surprise over your speed" she said an the elf "....." was not a talker.

Dodging Buffy manage to driver her axe in the foot chopping off almost half as the giant lost his footing Buffy dodge the massive body and started to cutting the giant to death.

Xander turn towards Buffy "Lets run away from here we need to move away from this town"

Buffy smiled "lead on mac-guff " she said and they were on the way.

Chapter 18
Command decision.

New York UN hq

The room was a small room but inside it was filled with the worlds most politically dangerous and important persons.

And a stranger a strong looking man that talk to them "We are willing to allow you Earthlings to once again open the gates of the nine worlds. All we ask is that the Crimes of Alexander Harris and his friends is forgotten"

One of the men in USA uniform "That impossible he stole from a military base"

The man growled "You army attack civilian Elven, And YOUR army tried to occupied a Gate. The area around the gate is NEUTRAL area NO army base NO military may hold permanent post inside them. And that's why you from earth are not allowed to travel any more"

One of the man a English man "I'm sure Mr. Tyr that we could come to agreement"

The man Tyr nodded "You all want the gates to open. I want the warrant of Alexander to drop. You do as I say and the gates will open once again just remember to obey the rules of the nine worlds inside and about the gate areas."

The man then walk away ignoring their protest he faded away.

The man in USA military uniform "I think we could get a better deal" Everybody look at him then a French man carefully study the Russian and the Chinese before speaking "OUR country suffer because YOUR stupidity and remember USA is not the only country with nuclear capacity we like the gate active. Forgetting the stolen weapon is a small thing"

The USA representative growled in fury but held his mouth as all the rest looked at him irritated. "I will talk to the president," he said swallowing huge dose of pride.

The Russian "That was a dangerous threat you made"

The French man "It was needed thanks to the bumbling American we almost lost earth during the 1970th."

The other nodded they sure needed the trade from Alfheim and the rest of the nine worlds.

Tyr walk up to Loki and Thor "It is done" he said.

Thor "Excellent they never know that the gate would open them self automatically next year anyway"

Loki smiled "Unless we lock them again Thor"

Thor nodded "Right we did that didn't we"

Xander and Company

They was silently talking inside a crappy striptease joint trying to find a plan of action.

Xander "They have bounty hunters and i have no idea how they found us" Garm "The death of Utgards-loki is a insult they will do a lot to stop you from leaving."

Graham "Why i believe the other Kings did not get along with each other ?"

Garm "That is true the kings often try to murder each other but seeing Utgard-Loki one of the strongest and immortal murder by a human it make many of the slaves and oppress start to think that THEIR king can be murdered"

Reilly "And that is something they must stop by finding us"

Xander head struck the table "I'm dammed if i do and dammed if i don't" Buffy "baby don't worry!" Buffy said hugging him.

Garm "I don't like the plan but you am right that gate is the only one possible right now"

The other paled.

Buffy sagged "Crap"

Reilly "Crap and a half"

Graham "Crap times two"

Xander "i need a Rinky" Xander said and grab one of the HUGE version of Twinkie.

Garm looked impress "How do you manage to eat it in one bite" he said.

Xander shrugged and he gulp down the sugary sweet candy of god em giants. "Lets just find a way to sneak out. I don't think we could use the trucks anymore. It might be because of that we was found"

Reilly "yea we ate kind of a loot of bananas"

Buffy "I like a banana split"

They looked at her before Xander open his mouth "You sure. You ate kind of a lot of bananas you really like more"

Seeing Buffy eager nod Xander smiled "the first thing we get when we are back Buffy"

Garm sat quietly before speaking "We could use the canals under the town. We just have to look out from rats"

Reilly "He rats I ain't afraid.... wait how huge are the rats"

Garm casually held his hand apart really long distant.

Graham "Fuck that not a Rat that a dog"

Xander smiled "well things kind of grow big around here" he said drinking the last of his mead.


They was meeting in the library Kendra smiled "I found a nest of vampire today"

Giles "And"

Kendra giggled "They was socking wet and couldn't even fight back" Giles "that's good then"

Jenna coming from the teaching a class gave Giles and Kendra a hug and a kiss "talk to Angel he failed to dust Spike and Dru in the caves because of some water loving demon interfered"

Kendra Looked at Loki that was reading a book of myth and laughing. "Its kind of hard forcing Angel to hunt down two dangerous Vampire by him self just for the cure"

Loki looked up "I never said he had to do it by him self. That's HIS idea."

Giles "you mean he could have ask for help"

Loki nodded "A real warrior fight alone wanting no help from anyone ruled by his pride. But a REAL Hero know when to ask for help. That what my wife always tells me"

Kendra "So are you a hero or a Warrior"

Loki "I'm to prideful to be a warrior Kendra"

Giles "Well we have to tell Angel then"

Loki shrugged "What ever by the way the military have lifted the wanted post on Xander. They like to forget it ever happened"

Giles "Really but how"

Loki "Now that's a secret just say it have to do with Frogs, Vodka, And some rice whine" he then walk away happy that Giles probably spend the night pondering the meaning about that.

The fact the Watcher was totally blind to the fact that earth had a secret trade going on with the other Nine world was just so funny.


"look out" Reilly said as he shop his sword towards a rat.

piercing it.

Graham "that was close.

Buffy nodded "yes it was now what"

Xander "I believe north west is the right way"

Garm "It is let just hope that our sister will not notice us"


Odin suddenly spoke up "Their test have begun by fire and by ice" he then laughs a bone chilling laugh.

Chilling the bone of the fallen heroes beneath him.

Biggles leaned over towards his friend "that really scare me when big boss behave like that"

He just nodded truly scary made him think about the rebirth option they had.

Chapter 19

Xander dried the sweat from his forehead as he looked town their it was a smoking pit in the ground the gate between Jotenheim and Hell. Shivering a bit as he could see ghostly shapes being dragged down screaming in pain and fear.

Buffy "So we are going to hell then"

Xander smiled and hugged her closer "Most Half gods do and come back. Lets look at it as a picnic"

Garm "Beside I am a half god my birth dad IS a wolf god. So its Three half gods two mortal and their are roads up to all of the nine worlds if you can find them"

Xander smiled "And we know one right"

Garm nodded "That we do"

Graham "So my dad was right sooner or later i would end up in hell. Never believed i would go their freely"

Reilly Nodded "A stupid person don't know he do a stupid things we do know that and we still doing it"

Xander smiled "Well we could try out our luck in one of the other gates"

Graham smiled "nah i don't" His voice stopped cold as Xander hand suddenly was inches in front of his face stopping a Crossbow arrow in the flight.

Reilly jumps in cover as fast as he could Buffy and Xander followed dragging the chocked Graham with them.

Buffy looked at Xander "That's a Slayer trick you So are going to court"

Then arrows started to rain down on them.

Xander carefully looked up dodging arrows "No Hercules do it all the time its just as much a half god trick. It So cool Buffy" he said smiling.

Garm "Less talking more fighting brother" the wolf man growled.

Xander nodded letting his inner hyena out to play.

Buffy frowned "that so unfair they both go Scary and Grr and I just look normal"

Reilly "Well you could always put the fear of the cute and small in them"

Buffy eyes narrowed "Ha ha so funny" Buffy said. "I'm not short"

Xander "No it just the rest of the world that to tall Buffy. But i like you short you are perfect"

Buffy shine like a sun in happiness "lets dance" She said waving her Axe.

Behind them a click klick sound was heard as Reilly folded up his Glaive leaving the sword behind.

Graham just loaded the sniper crossbow it was obvious that the enemy had normal Crossbow not sniper like this one. Lucky them cheap bastards

"NOW" Garm said and began to run dodge and jump and parry arrows as he moved towards the enemy.

Xander and Buffy close by side by side.

The snipers seeing the target running towards them started to stand up to aim better.

Graham smiled "just what daddy like stupid boys" he said slowly squeezing the trigger on the sniper crossbow the two large bows on the Crossbow jump and the arrow when flying with deadly perfection.

Xander flinched as one of the enemy head suddenly exploded in blood. "Great work guys" he screamed as the bounty hunters now dodge the rain of arrows Reilly started to fire towards them with his automatic Crossbow.

Buffy was first as she jump a stone to land face to face with one of the bounty hunters first Buffy thought he was standing but then the enemy suddenly burst up from sitting to standing.

The surprise of standing face to face with a 14 Feet giant made Buffy almost forget to parry.

The Giant seeing the enemy took a mighty swing using his automatic Crossbow as a club aiming to crush the girls face.

A down wards swing pulling his weight and strength to squash her like a bug.

Buffy fast jump back making the swing miss her and grasp the giant arm and started to pull him in a judo throw.

Buffy carefully walk toward the giant letting her axe fall down she dodge coming under the falling giant capturing him in both of her arms she lifted and throw the giant in one smooth flowing motion.

Before he had 'landed' she manage to pick up her axe.

The leader eyes goggled as his main bruiser suddenly landed in a earth shaking tremble then the blond girl jump up screaming "FEAR ME IM CUTE AND CUDDLY" before she jump straight towards the giant waning her axe head cutting way.

The leader manage to draw his sword a strange wolf/dog man jump in front of him growling and waving a sword "Time to face the Alpha hunter" the thing said and the battle was joined.

Parry dodge jump Xander did he had speed strength advantage the other had skill and experience.

Parry a chop towards his face, parry a cut towards his arm, jump back evading a kick, dodge a decapitation attempt.

Beside him he could feel Garm finishing of another enemy like wise Buffy made mincemeat of at least two other.

Dodge a cut toward his sword arm, Jump avoiding a leg cut, parry a head chop.

Xander growled as his eyes turn green and soldier boy open his memory of war. Parry a gut cut, Attack his face missed, Dodge a kick, Hit his face he dodge speed up was all in Xander mind as his arms became blurry because of the speed he moved in slayer or hal fgod speed.

Grasp the sword arm cut the neck, Xander look curious as the enemies head rolled around at his feet. Blinking he took control over his instinct with in him soldier boy saluted him for a work well done and the hyena howled in joy.

"Fast lets find their stuff it might have something useful and get out of here." Xander said. The others started to obey him as he stopped Buffy to hug her closer checking if she is unhurt.

Buffy "kind of sweet Xander but four-play later okay"

Garm smiled "Its the instinct knowing you are well are NOT good enough he have to check up"

Buffy "okay i can handle that. Xander DO NOT go sniffing my behind if so i will get a news paper"

Xander blinks "Understood"

Graham looked at him "Kid that was SO impressive the way blondy and you moved I could not even see the three of you half the time"

Reilly "Lets see you sister then kid."

Xander "lets hope not she IS the queen of the dammed evil ruler of hell"

Buffy smiled "Ricky Lake would have a field day with YOUR family"

Buffy said smiling.

Xander frowned "and yours Buffy and yours"

In Sunnydale

Angel growled "I can get HELP" he screamed.

Loki nodded "I only said you should take your responsibility and stop the evil that are YOUR vampire children Dru and Spike. I never said you must do it by your self. You just have to see that the danger they make is over"

Angel nodded "I don't have that many friends now when Buffy is gone" Kendra "I will help its my duty"

Giles "So will I if we help you dust those two not only will it end the danger of Dru and Spike but the danger that YOU would create if Angelus ever broke loose would be ended also"

Angel smiled "thanks"

Joyce carried in some coffee "So where do you think Buffy and gang is now"

Loki carefully turn towards Giles looking in his glasses a long time Giles slowly turn more and more uncomfortably. But the rest of the gang started to see strange image in the glasses that they could not understand what it was they saw.

Loki looked up he hade a massive pain in his head.

"Looks like they have to escape the fire by jumping inside the Plasma"

Thor looked nervous "His sisters realm"

Loki nodded "lots of guys and girls have made it in and out why not them"

Thor smiled.

Joyce "what are you talking about" she asks.

Giles was cleaning his glasses "They are escaping Jotenheim by going to hell Joyce"

Joyce looked "Hell are they dead"

Loki "NO they are alive. And well. They are only passing thru hell. Like tourist you know"

Joyce "my child" she said trembling and crying a river of tears.

Chapter 20
I See Dead People they are every where.

When they came out from the cave they could see that they was on top of a mountain a thin dangerous looking stairs was outside forge in to the very side of the rock.

The sky was gray and smell of volcano fog made the air vile and awful.

Garm "Their are places that are nice in here. But not many. And lots of places that are torture to see and be anywhere near"

Xander "well that's hell for you awful place to visit torture to live in"

Buffy "Duh Mr. I state the obvious"

Reilly "Could we get moving it look like a long climb down"

Garm smiled "Just a warning IF any one of you have murdered or killed in battle their ghost will hound you during your sleep. So be prepared for nightmares"

Xander looked at his brother "Are you going to be all right then" he asks.

Garm "I will. I have experience it before"

In the same realm some wear else

A woman from her right side she looks like a beautiful 18 year old but her left side look like a +90 year old crone filled with sickness and scars.

Most shudder in disgust behind her never in her face because she IS the ruler Hell or Hella. "My Brother and the child of my dog brother!" She smiled.

The court consist of demons and undead sharpen their attention a command would soon be given.

Hell smiled even more. "I want them captured and torture in eternity. Send out the Hell knights"

Behind her a slimy looking demons bow down and ran out passing on her order to the Hell knights. As he ran away an identical looking demon fast took his place waiting for orders to carry out.


Giles smiled "So you are saying that you don't know anything"

Willy nodded "That's right mate"

Kendra "Have you been looking at Crocodile Hunter again"

Willy the snitch blinks "Blimy you are a smart girly"

Giles "What are you taking about"

Kendra "He always start to talk in a fake Australian way after seeing that program"

Giles "I don't need to know that but its to late"

Kendra "you should hear him after seeing Sir David Attenborough"

Giles shudder fake English was worst then torture in his book.

Giles "Lets get back to business" he said taking a firm grip on the slimes balls and started to twist. "Now where ARE Dru and Spike"

Ripper screamed in joy inside Giles.

Willy "Blimy i was told they staying in the last hope cemetery"

whimpering "Its true"

Giles nodded "very well" he said letting Willy ball free. "I think I need to wash my hands Kendra"

Willy careful took a look inside his pants "What a beauty they are still their. The blimy nearly tore you off man"

Giles "lets go before I free the world from the risk of HIS genetic material"

Kendra nodded "I often suspect that slaying him would do humanity good"

Behind them Willy swore that he would never tell them that he was going to get married.

Hell and Xander

Buffy screamed as the bounty Hunter once again hit her ripping her dresses of suddenly a voice was heard "Wake up Buffy. Its just a dream"

Buffy woke seeing Garm beside her "The ghost make it hard to wake from the nightmares. With out help"

Buffy shivered "They where going to to"

Garm "Hurt you by mating"

Buffy "correct" she cried a bit.

Then she notice that Xander was twisting and turning whimper sound of pain and tears where flowing down his face.

Garm "He will need you. To save you he hade to use explosive and innocent life was killed They are the one that's pains you the worst." shaking his head "My brother love you body and soul Buffy. HE would kill any one even me if i hurt you. You never find any one that loyal protect him and love him and you be a happy forever."

Buffy nodded "should i wake him" Garm nodded "Do that i wake the others"

Xander slowly drifted awake tears of shame ran down his face a child oh my god the explosion had ended a life a child.

Buffy "so its all right Xander just cry I love you don't' let them hurt you"

Xander let him self be comfort shivering in pain and shame. "I'm sorry Buffy I'm so sorry i didn't mean"

Buffy frowned "would you have left me their then"

Xander choke his head "No anything for you but maybe another way would"

Buffy "quite you did it the only way you could. It be alright"

Beside them Garm was comforting Reilly and Graham seeing Xander and Buffy being talking he spoke "Xander the Pack needs you" he said.

Buffy could almost hear how Xander self pity was disconnected for the moment as he hurried over to help Garm comfort his friends.

Buffy smiled as she followed "allays thinking of other before you how cute"

Hours later they was once again on their way hanging and haunting eyes that told of nightmares and terrors in the night.

Garm "It their the exits are we just have to survive fore Three days one we already have"

Xander could see the terror of three days "Three days that nothing." The hope manage to lighten the heart of the rest but inside Xander was screaming not Three days.

But the smile on Buffy face made his fears evaporate for now.

Behind them.

The Hell knight stood up "They have been here" the other four nodded "lets hunt them down." they said and started to follow soon their mistress would have her fun.

Chapter 21
Gang bang hell knight.

The five hell knights road their bikes slowly toward their pray every now and then looking after signs of detours.

The area was not that easy to travel with bikes not even magic ones like their.

But still a bit faster then walking.

Above them a wolf and a hyena was sitting looking a while before running away.

In the camp hidden beneath a fallen stone statue Buffy waited eagerly until she could see Xander in full hyena body coming running with Garm in his wolf shape running.

Reilly "This is so strange"

Graham "what hell or werewolf's"

Reilly "No i got a message on my e-mail its from mom she ask me where I am and wants me to mail her back"

Graham nodded "that's really is strange. What are you going to say" Reilly "I wrote that I'm fine but the place I'm in is pure hell" Graham "funny" he said smiling bitter this sure is hell.

Xander and Garm sat down looking around.

Xander "As usual we have problem. What kind of problem are they Garm" Xander asks.

Garm "Hell-knights undead demons animating a armor. The only way to destroy them are a small pearl sitting on the neck of the armor."

Xander "decapitation ?"

Garm "No it will grow back, Arms legs chest all grow back with in minutes"

Xander "So if we cut of a arm it take time before it grow back"

Garm nodded "yes but they are strong and fast almost as fast as we are"

Xander frowned thinking hard as he listen to the other asking and questioning and thinking of escape.

Xander looked at Garm "Is their possibility that we may escape them before we go to the gate area ?"

Garm looked down "No brother they will find us"

Xander "So instead of letting THEM find us why don't we find them and ambush them"

This made the other looked baffled Reilly and Graham smiling and Buffy looking curious like she never seen him before and Garm choked.

Garm "That's unusual they would not expect that. Normally you run from them. They are so strong that even half gods run"

Xander "IF they are almost as strong as we are i understand that"

frowning he continue "I have a plan but for it to work I will need the Three of you to do the most important work" Xander said looking almost fearful on Buffy, Reilly and Graham.

Buffy hade NOT expected Xander to put her in risk more expecting to have to fight him in order to do her work slowly crowed out "what Xander"

Xander swallowed "Different thing we will fight in teams. First Buffy Reilly and Graham will start the attack by snipping them from behind. Buffy and Graham the two of you might be able to kill one with your skill as a sniper.

Me and Garm will then attack from the other side.

After that YOU Buffy will attack."

Seeing no protest Xander looked back at the other two. "Reilly and Graham YOU are sniper team. Reilly protect Gray. Gray shoot legs and arms slow them down. IF possible take them out but most important slow them down" They was nodding even looking impressed.

Xander turn to Buffy "During the close combat Buffy your mission is the most important one. You are the strongest and quickest one. I their for like you to hurt them of with arms and legs keep them busy from attacking and fighting as a team.

ME and Garm will team up and kill ONE Hell-knight at the time.

So you will need Reilly and Graham to keep them away from your back."

Buffy nodded it was not a glory position but an important non-the-less. "I will do it Xander"

Xander looked at Garm "Brother do find my plan good"

Garm looked down "Its Great brother not good. And I like just to say one more thing"

Seeing that he hade the other attention he continue. "If you are killed in here unlife will be extremely painful. And IF hurt its extremely likely that the wound will not heal until we are out of here.

IF you two are hurt Reilly, Graham me or Xander could save your life by turning you in to a were-wolf or Were-hyena. If you still are alive"

Reilly "Any down side ?"

Garm "yes their is. When turned you human spirit will share body with a wolf or hyena spirit. And until you manage to find balance between the two war will be fought inside of your head.

And during that period you will be the slave of the Were that turned you me or Xander"

Buffy ask "Slave why"

Garm "Its is so. It allows us to force a balance inside the newly turned head. Keeping him/her from going on a crazy killing spree"

Graham "If it happens wolf or hyena i can accept but i would prefer being a wolf"

Reilly "I'm sorry Garm I don't trust you so much that I am willing to be your slave. But if it happen Xander you may turn me"

Buffy "what about me"

Garm smiled "You are a half-goddess your wound will heal and this cursed land cant poison you"

The White House

Leaning forward the President looked at the general.

"Say what" said.

The general blushed the rest of the room with the exception of five other looked at him as he was crazy.

The general started explaining again all about the nine world the gate that open and the little incident with American breach of protocol and aggression against the dwarfs. And the Fey incident the French and English soldier may have carry the bomb to the capital of the fey but it was American micro nuclear bomb that did the work.

The president looked around trying to find some common sense.

His chief of staff wander over "What the general say is true Sir we have contact with different worlds that are magic by nature"

Leaning back the president started to speak "And the French, the English, the Russian desperately like to have the those gate opened again"

The General nodded "It have great trade possibility and only the giants have even pose a danger before the dwarf misadventure"

President looked at him "It was our pride that started that debacle according to THIS report"

the General blush "a Before my time sir"

President smiled "So To get the gate open they commanded that we forget what a boy in California stole a army truck loaded with guns and explosive manage to find a mage open a temporary gate to the land of huge guys just to save his girlfriend"

The general "Yes sir. Personally i would like to send that guy to jail doing that is unacceptable"

President smiled "personally i say give him a medallion and force him to train our troops in combat and infiltration. HE obvious know more then we do about it"

The general "A well beside the point We can use this guy as a negotiator a better bargain. Secret listening have conform that HE is the child of one of the Gods a real life Hercules."

The general started to walk around "Think about it the secret our Egghead could squeeze out from him we cant just let him go SIR"

President looked up "You are part of the posted in the secret part of united nation? right" the general nodded and the president continue "Seeing your obvious tactical skill and personal ability I like to change your military posting to a more improved one. Like counting Pingvings"

The general paled as the president stood up "The French, Chinese even the Russian threatened to start WAR if the Gates continue being closed because of OUR pride. ARE YOU STUPID or what"

The general "They wouldn't dare sir"

the NSA "Sir i write the paper and you sign it. He is to stupid to be in that position. Lets ship him of to Antarctica"

The president nodded "But Xander cant be totally forgotten. I like for us to find a way to use it. NOT use Xander but make HIM work with us on a pay bases. Make him come freely.

Threatening a guy and make a enemy of him a person that kidnaps military personal steals a truck load of guns and manage to open a gate to another world is stupid. Killing him and making his dad a more powerful creature is even worst"

Chief of NSA nodded "I talk to CIA and FBI today and arrange for the paper work. We have a project called the Initiative that we have planed to put in Sunnydale. We might learn more IF Xander become the chief in charge of that"

The president looked curios "What the purpose of the Initiative"

The NSA man "To research weakness in different type of demons and vampires"

Smiling the president nodded "Having him for boss would give our doctors a good opportunity to figure him out with out hurting him or making him an enemy. After all routine doctor appointment could be creative."

The realm of Hell

Chapter 22
Its BATTLE ROYAL lets rumble....


Graham held the crossbow close he was sweating nervously as he crunched down beside the road. -How the hell do he do that just stay ice cool no emotion nothing i think I'm going to wet my self. And Buffy just sits their smiling just laughing death right in its face-Graham was screaming inside his mind.

Near him Reilly sat his eyes like an eagle searching after its prey. -Damnit Graham just sits their listening like a rock no fears or anything. And Buffy smiling. Dam I know I wet my self. No I haven't 'phuu' but I probably will. Hell I'm not a hero-

Buffy looked at her two friends hugging her Sniper crossbow her mind on other things as she smiled -A harem outfit no to oriental I wonder maybe a cheerleader outfit. Hmm I do wonder what will make Xander truly wild in bed. Hell I want a Banana split and I want one now. Hmm ice cream. O right focus on battle focus focus- her mind was thinking.

And the Five Hell-knight drove on closer and closer to their prey and the fight.

On the road Xander and Garm stood up waiting patiently for their enemy to arrive.

Xander smiled nervously "This really is a bad idea" he said.

Garm looked surprise "You have a better one"

Xander "Yes wake up and realize this is just a bad nightmare"

Garm laughs "That's really not going to happen. But its a good plan" Xander "Na it ain't" he said.

Garm looked surprise "are you sure?"

Xander nodded "If this would be a dream then my favorite Big brother would just be a dream"

Garm smiled "I'm I'm glad Xander"

Xander "Me to I always needed a brother the closes was Jessie but a vampire turned him and I had to stake him to protect others."

Garm looked chocked "that awful. But he was all ready dead"

Xander "Right but.. Wait their they come Get ready to rumble"

Garm blink "Rumble ? well explain later"

The hell-knights finding their prey holding swords waiting for them stopped their bikes. And the leader walk forward.

"Give up and we will not hurt you." Leader of the Hell-knight said.

Xander "yea right"

the hell knight commander "Your friend have left you to escape. The two of you are chanceless against all of us"

Xander nodded "That correct. But prepare for trouble Here come a double" Xander said smiling as he said the stupid order to attack hidden in a stupid phrase he heard in a child cartoon.

Buffy had perfect aim she could not see the pearl but she could se the joint of the armor and just beneath it the pearl would be. Aiming she felt the world ended around her only the crossbow arrow and the target existed as she squeeze the trigger and the arrow went flying the world return.

Beside the leader one of the Hell-knight suddenly exploded in a rain of green light.

Xander and Garm focused disbanding the undead ghost of a Hell-knight try to posses them.

Reilly and Graham focus and then let the rain of arrows go down on the neck and legs of the Hell knights.

Beside them Buffy started to run towards the enemy her Axe swinging and waving dangerous as she cried out her battle scream "FEAR ME IM SMALL, CUTE AND CUDDLY"

The hell knight as a group turn around looking surprised at Buffy, small, Yes. Cute, yes. Cuddly Not bloody likely holding that axe.

Before they could get their 'brain in gear Xander and Garm was running towards them.

Reilly continue shooting spoke hastily "I heard better battle screams then that"

Graham "ya but it sure make the bad guy shocked."

In front of them the battle was joined Xander Garm Buffy VS four Hell knights.

Buffy dove inside chopping arms and legs chopping them of but cutting them and hurting them.

Beside Garm and Xander started to fight against one Hell knight.

Leaving Buffy to distract three other.

Buffy dodge did a leg sweep before she jump up driving the Axe right between the eyes of the Hell-knight her legs impacted in the face of the one behind her driving it to his knees.

Beside her Xander suddenly jumps forward driving the sword straight down towards the leg impaling the Hell-knight he steps back leaving the sword in the leg Xander drew his real sword Gram. "Your right Garm the bounty hunters sword are useful"'

Garm fencing against the Hell-knights skill nodded more easy now that he hade a sword stuck inside of it.

Garm parry two fast attack he could see Xander sword suddenly shop inside the stomach doubling the hell-knight over. Garm drove his sword in the shoulder cutting the sword arm of.

The part on the ground started to turn in to a green mist slowly regrowing the arm.

Beside them Buffy suddenly jumps kicks one in the face landing on the fallen one desperately searching for the lost lamp.

Buffy saw him walking towards Xander and Garm she furious ran towards him did a dive kick on his legs before chopping of the front of his helm.

She barely manage to stand before the other two where on her sword wafting arrows flying and NO ice cream life sure was unfair.

Xander dodge a last time and finally ended up behind the Hell-knight and their he could see it the size of pearl. Fast as lightning he crushes it by driving the Sword Gram in the pearl.

A green energy exploded and the hell knight was gone.

Buffy was fighting for her life dodging jumping and kicking as the two Hell-knight where trying to end her life. And she sure was started to loose her strength to little endurance.

Then suddenly one of the hell-knights she was fighting with exploded in a green light.

The last one suddenly was face to face with three heroes.

But where is the last one Buffy mind was reeling where is it "O my good Reilly, Graham" Screaming Buffy ignores even the explosion beside her ending the Hell-knights life as she throw her Axe straight towards the Hell-knight that was attacking Reilly and Graham.

Xander growled as he started to run. A sudden explosion ended the hell-knights existence as Xander continue running Garm beside him and Buffy also.

They where their in a blink of a eye Os would envy our running ability Xander taught.

Blood all over the place. Bending down Xander investigated hoping they where alive.

Garm did the same.

Garm and Xander spoke relieved at the same time "they are alive"

Garm continue "See the black spot on their arms that corruption magical and it will kill them we have to turn them to save them.

Saying that Garm cut his own arm letting blood flow as he force Graham to drink and drink more.

Xander swallowed before doing the same to Reilly.

He just hoped it was not to late.

Buffy frowned she would not allow them to die but NO not them they where her friends and it would destroy Xander if they died.

Chapter 23

The land of the Free and Cornbreads

Mrs. Mary Finn was talking in the phone about her son Reilly and the strange lack of information about him except her phone mail.

When she suddenly got this strange feeling she often got them claim she hade a week ESP ability and her feeling that she need to buy dog candy.

As soon as Reilly was home maybe he got him self a dog. She was thinking.


Reilly shrugs "Why are we not healing" he growled.

Garm "Your Were ability keeps you from dieing and YOU will heal as son as he get out of hell"

Buffy smiled "At least you live"

Xander nodded he was beginning to be a bit tired carrying Reilly on his back.

The Turning hade stopped Reilly and Graham from dieing but always a but the wounds would not heal properly.

They bandage them shut but they still bleed and was only slowly healing.

And their it was the Exit from Hell a huge stairs going up up and up. Xander shook his head "Reilly when This is over you are going on a diet"

Reilly hanging on Xander back snored "Yea torture after torture no food *Sniff* how weak you are master"

Xander "Hey I'm not week or your master"

Reilly "Well strange I start to feel like you kind of like a Dad to me I cant explain it"

Garm nodded "Its the Bond. It force you to acknowledge Xander as an Alpha a leader some one you respect and obey. Unless Xander misuse it will stay that way. Until you gain control over your animal side"

Graham "So" he said looking at Garm "should I call you Dad brother or just Alpha"

Garm "Friend, Dad, Brother or Garm would be perfect"

Graham smiled evil "okay dad"

Garm shook his head "See no respect"

Buffy giggled "He really are your brother Xander"

Xander stopped "at the top of the stairs is that a Camera ?"

Graham "Yes Hel like to see any one exit or enter from this point"

Xander eyes turn wicked as he ponder his option..

Buffy turn pale she just know that Xander was planning something stupid.

Walking beneath the camera just in perfect focus of its lens Xander started to dance and then she heard him starting to sing a Sesame Street song of all thing giggling she join him.


Well, there are five monsters in my family And we all have a lot of fun Two furry sisters, scary husband Fuzzy wife and hairy son (that's me) Oh five is such a scary number I'm awfully glad that I've Five monsters in my family 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Yes, there are five monsters in my family Make it six, counting Uncle Fred And then there's Jerry, and Aunt Mary Better make it eight instead (that's right) Oh eight is such a scary number But still I think it's great With eight monsters in my family 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

(Family dinners are really great.

We eat the food and then the plate.

Roses are red, violets are blue So are Mommy and Daddy, too.)

Oh there are eight monsters in my family Maybe I ought to count again Because with Grandma and the baby We have got it up to ten (you bet) Oh ten is such a scary number But still I have a yen For those ten monsters in my family 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Eleven?


Garm looked surprise "What was that"

Xander smiled "Just giving sister dear something to laugh about.

Lets run out of here"

Garm nodded he had a feeling that Hell would not see the funny in it. "Damnit why can you stop laughing" He said to Graham that was laughing his currently furry but of.

The palace of Hell

Hell almost spit her wine as she look at the large security picture. Their he was her new brother singing and dancing together with a blond girl.

She squeeze the cup so hard that she crossed it "That insolent" she said then when silent as she turn to her side.

Hell-knight stamping in time with the music "One more monster in the family"

Hell eyes turn crimson reed as she destroy the hell-knight.

"It looks like my baby brother is far more than he seems" she said wondering exactly who the blond girl is.

The exit gate of HELL

"500 0000 stairs done and 500 0000 more do go" Xander said as he walks almost regaling up.

Garm nodded "Lets rest we must be strong if to handle the hell-Dog Garm"

They sat down resting a while feeling like one strange family.

Chapter 24
Who let the dogs out who who?

Xander and Garm looked much better after a bit of rest finally the top of the stairs up their was a court yard where a HUGE Dog was sitting it hade a chain that kept him from running away.

The dog was the size of a HUGE Horse and his teeth look like short swords.

Behind the dog that was looking straight at them was an entrance to a labyrinth cave system. Their was the exit to the nine worlds.

Reilly asks in disbelief "That's a DOG"

Garm nodded "Its Garm my father named me after him"

Graham "How the hell are we going past it"

Garm flexed his arms and muscles "I handle it" he said bravely.

Walking forward he did look nervous Xander carefully was ready for anything.

Garm stood straight looking straight at the huge monster "HI godfather can I ask you to step a side and let my friend and me leave.

Blinking Xander eyes narrowed That i wasn't ready for.

The Hell-dog Garm growled "Cub you have broken away from your fathers pack."

Garm Wolf man "I follow in my brothers pack now he and I are more alike and forgiving then my father"

Garm Hell dog "You and your friend may leave but if I see you again we are enemy."

Garm nodded "I do not wish for you or my father to be my enemies but that's your choice not mine"

Garm waved his arms to the others to hurry up and move away.

Buffy looked at the huge dog. "Why are you chained up?" she asked.

Garm the hell dog "IF I was not I would hunt down and kill the gods in this world of unlife"

Buffy blinks "Only in this world" she asks.

Garm nodded "It is my home. The dead are my prey and my pack i do not wish to leave"

Xander smiled looking at Buffy "Do you think that axe could cut the chain" he asks Buffy "I don't know lets find out"

Before any one could stop them Buffy jumps forward her axe descended on the chain and a huge KLING echoed around the caves.

Then suddenly a crackling sound was heard and Garm blinks in surprise as his chain suddenly fell of his neck.

Xander "Sweet have a nice life Garm we be going now. And say hello to Hell my sister before you eat her"

Garm the wolf-man stood frozen this was not suppose to happen.

Hela existence in Hell have made it more stable painful but stable. Or so the legend said.

In the throne of Hell

Hell looked shock "O fuck" was her only word she could feel the power of this realm slipping out from her fingers empowering some one else.

And the wall the Garm alarm was ringing.

With him loose she was just a normal god no longer empower by the power of the hell realm.

the Exit

The gang could see how Garm suddenly grow bigger and stronger magic energy of corruptive unlife flowed thru him as he suddenly started to run down the stairs.

Reilly "lets just go away NOW"

The other nodded maybe this was a bad idea.

Asgard, Valhalla

Odin raise an eyebrow That was unexpectedly dangerous yes catastrophic No a rise in paranormal Ghost activity would happened.

But the worst part would be Hell no way she would be destroyed just because of Garm the hell dog no Hela would probably run like a bat out of hell.

But to do what the girl was totally completely evil.

And that was trouble. "Interesting times indeed" Odin smiled it was for the better things hade gone rather slow in here any way.


Joyce was watching TV you could only cry so many tears before you just hade to take a pause.

Her baby was in hell alive yes but in hell the land of the dead.

Suddenly the door burst open startling her and Thor as they watch Days of our life.

Loki came running in "They are out of hell." he screamed.

Thor looked surprised but hid it. "All of them and they are alive"

Joyce "Buffy is she"

Loki "Nodded She is fine they are alive no more Hell for them"

Joyce smiled then suddenly started to cry in relief "I didn't know I have more tears" she said pathetically her face was shining in happiness.


"Blimy peaches" Spike said as he climbed up from the wall. "Did you wake on the wrong side of bed or"

Angel growled "shut up" and attacks again.

Spike barely dodged before returning a furious kick towards angels ribs.

Angel shrugged in pain but did not stop him from continue attacking spike.

Behind them Dru was fighting Kendra "naughty little bird you should learn to sing not fight" she said in a dreamy voice.

Kendra ignore her as she drove her stake forward.

Dru manage to grab Kendra's hand her eyes glowed "No why don't you drop that stake drop drop the stake" her voice turned ghostly.

Kendra could only nod as she dropped the stake. Dru's smiled evilly as her fangs descended on Kendra's neck.

Behind them Angel stood up he was hurt bleeding all over his body but Spike finally was dust. Turning around he could see Dru dropping Kendra's body on the floor.

"NO" Angel screamed and jump towards Dru a true berserk rage filled his heart as he with out mercy drove his stake thru her undead heart. "Kendra Kendra" he said at the dying girl.

Giles seeing the battle but unable to help from the catwalk he him self was fighting some newly turned Vampire geeks spike plan on using the internet luckily it failed as he got RPG geeks not hackers. Dusting them Giles took up his phone begging that held could come.

Giles "I need help NOW" he said.

Loki looked at the phone "Okay i be their" he morphed in to a bird and fly right out the window.

Thor "Sorry about that i fix the broken window tomorrow"

Joyce "Its alright my baby is alive"

Smiling Thor said "No Joyce OUR baby is alive."

In the ware house thing was grim Giles manage to climb down towards the fallen Kendra and Angel.

Giles "how is she"

Angel "Death. Her heart do not beat anymore"

A shimmering light and suddenly Loki stood among them "Not that death my undead blood sucking friend"

Leaning down Loki put his hand over the wounds on Kendra's neck closing them he looked at Giles "May i borrow you hand" He said.

Giles nodded and gave Loki the hand "Why may i ask"

Loki "She need blood you will donate a bit" Suddenly Giles paled a glowing red light flushed thru Loki's body as Giles blood powered by magic when inside Kendra's dead body suddenly reviving her.

"AAA pain" Kendra said she still looked pale and weak.

Loki carefully helps her up. "You better tell the watcher that they need to send the new slayer to Sunnydale."

Kendra's "Looked up why I'm the slayer"

Loki "you died the slayer spirit left you in no more then a month the last of the energy she left you will be gone. And you will be a almost a normal girl. I will explain later"

Kendra looked depress this was bad her life was focus around the fact that SHE WAS THE slayer and now she hade nothing.

Giles carefully hug the girl "You have me and Jenny we will fix things okay"

Kendra nodded "okay but I'm nothing now just a weak girl"

Giles "No one surviving what you have IS a weak girl."

She nodded as the two of them walks out.

Loki nodded to Angel "you did good here is the spell to make your soul permanent. And this IS a list on where you cold find the demon bloods that you need to become human."

Angel nodded "Anything else, " he asks.

Loki eyes narrowed "If you like waits finding the demon Kendra will need help. As a former slayer she has the potential to become almost as strong and fast as a NORMAL slayer the only thing she really lost is her prophetic dreams and slayer sense"

Angel "But you said that she become week as a normal girl"

Loki "Not a completely lie. She will become weak not weak like a normal girl probably weak like a body builder girl." smiling he continue "But Kendra have the ability to train her body stronger then a normal human could ever become"

Angel nodded "The watchers do not know this do they"

Loki "No they would misuse it if they did. But soon things change Angel their is a new age coming and we stand in the middle of its birth this is not the end of times but the end of the beginning"

Angel "Kind of scary and nice at the same time. Aaa fuck I'm must be crazy I'm in I will help her but first fix my soul permanent"

Loki nodded "Giles Jenny and Willow would be able to do it."


Xander "where are we not hell but this look"

Garm nodded "the exit gate from Hell never leave you in the same place. Just be lucky that they never exit to the world of fire and ice"

Xander smiled looking down he could see Graham and Reilly body fixing it self healing in a rapid speed. "So where are we"

Garm "I think we are in"

And i write more later :)

Chapter 25
Taking time out..

Xander and Company

Garm, Xander, Reilly and Graham sat down in the small cave.

"Now Xander feel inside of you do you feel it, it feels like a second heart beating inside of you"

Xander "I think so its kind of week and far away"

Garm "That's Reilly." Garm said "Now look deep inside follow the heart beat"

Xander "i can feel a split like their is two way to go"

Garm nodded "One will feel more wild hungry"

Xander nodded and Garm continue "That's the Hyena inside of him the other is his human soul."

Xander "okay. Now what"

Garm "You have to work to control the Hyena and help Reilly become one with it."

Reilly "you mean control it do not"

Garm shook his head "Control is an illusion ONLY if you give up fighting the Hyena spirit. It will stop trying to control you.

When that happen a balance will be reached and from their you have to create a harmony make the animal understand that you know more then IT do about the world.

When that happen the animal will allow you to be the chief"

Reilly looked unhappy "SO its the spirit that decide my fait"

Garm "NO the more IT try to control YOU the more powerful Your human spirit will become and the weaker it becomes. And the other way IF you fight it you become weaker and it become stronger."

Xander "So to be smart you have to stop fighting"

Garm "exactly and that's why its so important for you Xander to control the animal IT consider you the Alpha the ruler and father and it will obey you even against Reilly wish. And you can even strengthen Reilly or the animal its in the power of the bond"

Xander "Oh that's that's. The responsibility what if i fail"

Reilly fast put his hand on the younger man "I trust you kid. Body life i trust you"

Xander swallowed nervously.

Garm "Nodded Indeed brother if you fail it will only take longer time in the end its Reilly that must learn by him self. You Xander are only a safety net stopping him from going crazy"

Graham nodded that made sense "So if Reilly is as smart as he looks then he will be Xander slave for ever"

Reilly "HEY"

Garm "That is true"

Reilly "HEY"

Xander "Oh no he will scare away the girls"

Reilly "HEY" strangely feeling hurt by Xander word intellectually he know it was a joke but emotional then he felt a wave of friendship coming from Xander and he knew intellectual and emotional that it was a joke.

Graham "So transformation when are we going to learn that" he asks, his body have shifted from human to hybrid shape twice now with out control so far.

Garm "You are recently turned it will take time before i can teach you"

Garm slowly took up something from his purse "see this" he said.

They all looked a strange metallic glowing with a week blue light.

Reilly "what is it" he asks curios.

Garm smiled "Silver"

Xander "WHAT"

Garm nodded "You and i Xander are immune to the weakness of silver being half gods. We only get the pain not the hurt."

Garm put the silver coin on the ground "Try picking it up in your hybrid shape but be careful cubs"

Reilly decide to go first. Careful he took the coin and he felt it like a drop of acid burning in his hand.

He droop the coin looking at his fingers that hade burn mark in them.

Garm "that will heal completely."

Xander "that never happen to Oz and he a were-wolf"

Garm looked "He must be a Lunar class werewolf we are of the Corona class Were." Taking time he continue "Silver hurt us more then the Lunar but we have Three different shapes. In our Hybrid form we heals wounds in extreme high speed faster then Lunar and even death wound will heal unless you loose your head"

Seeing them understand he continue "In our Human or complete animal form our healing is limited to human normally. But if we go hybrid we can heal completely. That is of course if we are still alive.

No power come with out weakness our is silver we feel pain in our human and animal body and it is acid in our hybrid shape"

Reilly paled "No my clock its silver"

Graham "Why do silver hurt us"

Garm "because we are like a battery absorbing and storing life energy. But silver is a more pure place fore the energy to be absorbed in. SO when we touch silver it pulls out our energy literally ripping us to pieces"

Graham "I see it steals our energy"

Garm "yes because its a more pure then our body are"

Reilly "Normal humans don't silver steal their energy"

Garm "No normal don't have that much silver We absorbed solar and other kind of energy transforms it in to life energy. Humans don't have that extra surplus and the body of a human is a poor conductive so silver cant drain them"

Xander "So have this anything to do why they go around shape shifting"

Garm nodded "It has their body are rebuilding it self removing and purifying them creating areas for storing energy. And that is more easy to do while they shape shift"

Buffy walks inside "hi guys dinner is ready" she said as she smiling ran out.

The gang looked at each other and like a pack of hungry wolfs then ran after her.

Sunnydale hospital

Snider was reading up on what kind of lawyers he would use to permanent destroy Joyce Summer that bitch putting him in sickbed.

When a beautiful female and a older man walks in "Hi Mr. Snider we represent the Hawking, Raven, Thunder law firm. And we are representing Mrs. Joyce"

Seeing him going furious she careful took forward a picture of him and a teenage street girl.

Snider "blackmail"

the lawyers smiled "that's a ugly word. We prefer if we could solve this out of court. Your method of video taping the girls dressing room and other illegal act could for ever destroy your reputation.

Say if you just decide to retire from Sunnydale say that after your accident you decide to write your memoirs"

Snider "If not"

The older man smiled "With the evidence we have on you the court will demand that Joyce beat you up again. We know about the deal you have with the mayor and our chiefs are not happy understand"

Snider paled "i see retirement will be great"

The two Lawyers left.

Snider dropped his head this could not get any worst now.

Then a man in black suit walk in he took forward an ID marking him as Frank Black. NSA.

Snider "And what can i do to help you. sir"

The man looked at him like he was a bug he consider crushing. "i like to know WHY you have direct order written to some of your teachers to harass some student and destroy their grades. Among them, a Miss Summer, A Mr. Harris, and five more."

Snider paled this was bad.

But Frank just continue "I also like to know about the account on Cayman island. Seven million dollar payment is a bit much for a government employed"

Snider "You cant do anything" he croaked out.

Frank smiled "Xander is currently listed for kidnapping USA military personal and stolen USA equipment. That's an act of Terrorism and we can consider you a accomplish and your legal right just goes away"

Snider "I i"

Frank continue smiling "The idea of a teenager doing that is absurd but a man like you rich know for his hate of young Xander and a former member of the SCA the Student communist army would be something else."

Snider "it I I talk just"

Frank "o you will talk and if you do good and the information i receive is correct then we will allow you a day or two to run away from this country"

Snider just whined.

Hours later Snider was once again alone this day was the worst it could not get any worst he said to him self.

Then a cheerful happy voice interrupted him "Hello how are you doing" the Mayor said.

"I do hope you will be feeling better soon I have much need for your help and I hate those that are not team player"

Snider "of course sir" inside he was screaming no this cant be happening his life IF he survive would be hell he had hit rock bottom.

As the Mayor left a new man enter the room.

Snider hade to search his memory it was Willy the snitch about 10 years younger then him.

The lowest type of scum not even vampire like his taste.

Snider "What do you want" he said.

Willy "Ah he nothing like. Your daughter and me kind of talk and we just been to Vegas and now your kind my. Well her go nothing HI father in law i just married your Daughter"

Snider just pale figure it would be something like this...

Willow, Oz, Jonathan

Jonathan "My mum had a priest over and ask me if i was involved in bondage" he looked depressed "it suck being a Werewolf." Hanging his shoulder he continue "after i accidentally told him about the two of you then are now convince i am a pervert bisexual future rapist" he really looked sad.

Oz nodded gave him a comforting look.

Willow "My mom was not happy with me having two boyfriends" she said from the middle where she sat. "Claimed it was a desperate attempt for attention."

Oz nodded "They don't understand"

Willow nodded "What do your parents think Oz"

Oz "they just asks if the two of you do well in school. And told me to ask you over for dinner. Be warn dad can be kind of strange nice but strange"

They snuggle closer unknown by them the hidden man continue filming the secret life of a Werewolf pack. If Seen Oz would just nod typical thing his dad would do always making animals movies.

Angel and Kendra

Thor and Loki sat down beside them and Loki was talking "So you see that the origin of the slayer and you are kind of a Beta class slayer now.

The Alpha is the slayer that have the spirit inside of them and you a beta is one that can train your self to slayer potential"

Kendra nodding she still would have a purpose and now she even would have the choice if she would do it or not hope was not dead.

Thor smiled seeing her face turn happy "Angel here like to train you. Giles Willow and Jenny is training so they can do the soul spell.

On Angel.

And so one a young slayer named Faith will come to town she need your and eventually Buffy help"

Kendra nodded that would be sweet she now understood more of the slayer spirits and felt relieved the bullshit the Watcher said about demonic entity always felt wrong but why otherwise the lust of the hunt and fight the joy when demons blood was spilled now she new it was the instincts of natures real predators the cats the dogs.

"that would be nice she could be my sister" Kendra said happily.

Angel "right i will start training you tomorrow Tai Chi and some Kung Fu i think would be good for you. I will not go easy on you Kendra pain in the training will make sure that your survive in real fight"

Kendra could here his voice that he was completely convinced that painful training would increase her chance of surviving this sounded painful but she nodded "I'm Ready" she said.

Angel "Good me and Thor manage to find a lot of martial art teachers to help with the training. So i will be training beside you in time"

Thor "Ah that was nothing i know a lot of old Einheriors just longing to train a living hero in the way of fighting"

Kendra leaned over "Einheriors" she asked.

Thor "Dead heroes that now freely serve the gods in the army of light defending this realty from destruction"

Kendra "Oh are they good"

Thor "They are the kind of man and women that live to fight, train, and protect others and eat. Do that a couple of hundred years YOU be good"

Angel nodded yup this would hurt him and Kendra and eventually Xander Buffy and the new girl Faith but boy they would learn how to fight.

Chapter 26
Thinking Small.

"We are in Nidavellir" Was what Garm hade told them five days ago.

Xander was carefully thinking about that.

Nidavellir was an ugly place to live in. The life outside was big ugly and dangerous. Most plants was small no more then grass.

And the animals almost everything was big ugly and carnivores even the herbivores seem to like meat.

And the sun shine down deadly dose of sunrays making the day to hot to live in.

And the night cold ice cool.

No real life not the monster or the freaks was underneath ground in gigantic cities and caves holding a whole ecosystem with forest and jungles even oceans all using Thermosynthesis.

And now the real question "Crap double crap. How are we going to find our way in to a dwarfs town?" Xander said.

Garm "it about a night Journey from here above ground"

Buffy "So at night right"

Xander nodded "yea during day we would all collapse of the heat. Or burn" he said with a frown.

Shielding his eyes he could see a monster looking like a Velociraptor but big as a T-rex with spikes on its tail running past the cave they are hiding inside.

Looking at Garm he said "You said most predator hunt during night"

Garm nodded "yes"

Xander "Great just great"

Garm "ah but don't worry brother we are so small that only the plant eaters will try to eat us"

Xander smiled "So if we see a cow run like hell"

Buffy giggled "Wonder if the school pig have a friend if so Xander you better run"

Reilly "Now that is a story i like to hear about"

Smiling Buffy started to tell a story humiliate Xander in a way only a girlfriend could do.


Thrud smiled "They are safe"

Magni and Modi screamed in joy "Where are they" they said.

"Nidavellir" Thrud said in a neutral voice.

Magni and Modi blanched "Ooo so they are among the Dwarfs"

Thrud nodded "yup and the Three of us are not liked in their"

Modi "I told them i was sorry"

Thrud "Well they will not take it out on our family Dwarf consider blood feud to be unethical."

Modi "yea so they should be safe then"

Bragi "unless they do something stupid. But I'm not worried Buffy seam like a good girl kind of like dad"

Modi frowned "And Xander seam like a good guy kind of like Uncle Loki"

Thrud paled "Every time Dad and Uncle Loki do something stupid things happen and they do stupid things."

Bragi "You don't thing Buffy and Xander is the same ?"


Xander ran like hell beside him Buffy ran like a vampire from a slayer. "You just had to kick him Buffy" Xander said as they ran faster dodging the huge lizards attempt to make food of them.

Buffy whined "but i believe he was dead"

Xander "That's no excuse"

Garm carefully waited aiming the sniper Crossbow before he took the shot. The huge lizard 24 feet tall suddenly jerks when his left eye exploded and the arrow head pierced his brain.

With a ground shacking tremble he fell down.

Xander "That was fun Buffy lets never EVER do that again"

Buffy nodded and in way to cheerful voice said "Okay"

And the heroes continue walking thru the night.

Hours later they finally stood before the gates huge giants gate hiding or revealing the main entrance to the city of Dwarfs.

They walk forward thru the open gates they could see small gatlings posting here and their stopping any monster from coming to close.

A guard Dwarf walk up to them looking them over before speaking "Hail to ye strangers where are you from"

Garm smiled in his human body "We be strangers traveling from Jotenheim. And seeking passage to Asgard or Vanheim."

The Dwarf nodded "let get in with ye but no funny business stealing"

Xander goggled "They are shorter then you Buffy. And the size of the Gate it must be attempt of overcompensate" first then did he notice the angry dwarf at his feet. "Sorry did not see you must have come up short of me. I meant i was overlooking you. I better stop talking right"

The Dwarf nodded "yer tongue will get you hurt kid"

Xander "The story of my life Sir" he said.

The dwarf waved them inside looking sharply at them as he heard the happy squeal from the blond.

"OO look Xander weapon can i buy some pleas"

The Dwarf knew they would make trouble he just knew it.

Chapter 27
Leaving shortly...

Xander walk feeling like a giant among well dwarfs. They were about waist high no taller but their strength. Man he could see just one short guy lift things that would be impossible for a normal human.

And the guns.

Xander military brain started to drool pistols and revolvers automatic gun and sniper rifles.

Then the swords and knife Ooh man this sure useful things.

Buffy eyes shine like a sun looking at the swords and the axes.

One even look like her axe.

"Mr. Dwarf" she cutely asks the owner of the store.

Pointing at the object "That Axe it look kind of like mine."

The Dwarf looked at the axe "I see girl can I see your axe."

Buffy held forward her axe and the dwarf study it "Nice the marking tells it made by the Dwarf in Svartalfheim they are masters on Rune magic." The Dwarf nodded "It have a nice spell inside I feel.

Probably a return after throwing same as Thor have" he said with pride knowing that Thor hammer was made by Dwarfs.

"It also have a channeling user power spell"

Looking up the Dwarf said "Ai girl if you have ANY magical power This Axe will allow you to channeling it and focusing your ability better then with out it, Exactly the same Thor have.

The best part of that spell is it have a life on its own. The longer you use it the stronger it gets and the more power you will be able to use"

Buffy blink "That so cool my brother and sister gave it to me" she said with pride.

The Dwarf smiled "The metallic is not steel its Urus. A magical metallic only found on four of the nine worlds. The more you use it the less chance it have to get hurt. Urus absorbed kinetic energy and it hold the blade together making it impervious from physical damage"

Seeing Buffy almost falling asleep he concluded that she was not a scholar or interesting in that. "The harder you hit with it the less chance it break."

OOO Buffy said "That's nice" she said.

The Dwarf smiled "So princess do you know where you family buy this axe from?"

Buffy "No sir Thrud and Bragi did not tell me. I only recently found out about Thor being my dad that was a surprise. I always believe that Hank was my dad but he moved away leaving me and mom so I should have guest he wasn't"

Buffy blinks the dwarf had dropped her axe "Are you all right Sir" she asks worried that the nice man was hurt.

"Yer Daddy is Thor" he said.

Buffy nodded "Do you know him"

The dwarf nodded "Aye girly but in this town only a rare number of dwarfs like him after what Bragi Modi and Thrud did."

Buffy frowned "What did they do." Hoping her family did not hurt this nice Dwarfs.

The Dwarf just shrugged it off "A evil Dwarf manage to blackmail Thrud to agree to marry her by holding innocent children hostage.

Bragi and Modi save the children and just say that the Dwarfs most of his clan of organized crime do not exist anymore. A righteous decision I say and most of us also. But Modi feeling a Wee bit angry attacks the law station and fought the law let just say the law lost"

Buffy "ooh that not good"

The Dwarf smiled "Call me Orin halvskägg. And no it was not good BUT most of the law-men was corrupt and would probably been executed for crimes. It just that it was outsider that punish them that make most of us irritated. Pride my girl can make most of us do stupid things"

Buffy nodded "I know all about Pride forcing us to do stupid things. I just wish I know how to stop me from doing it"

Orin blinks then sweat drops "Well acknowledge that your pride force you is the first step in a long road just don't give up"

Buffy smiled "By the way I'm Buffy Summers. Nice to meet you wait," she turn around "XANDER MOVE YOUR HAIRY BUTT" she screamed.

Xander came running over "What where is the monster?" he asks.

Buffy gently drove in her elbow in his stomach stopping him from insulting the Orin. "Orin I like you to meet Xander. Xander I like you to Meet Orin"

Xander "uurk hurts. Glad to meet you Sir" Xander said giving an evil eye to the smiling Buffy.

Orin smiled then laughs "AA Young love. I can see the two of you truly love each other. You have a wonderful girlfriend their boy, Xander I meant"

Xander blushes and turned looking from Orin to Buffy then to the roof then to Buffy again before a stammering voice "Would would"

Swallowing his fear Xander continue "Are you my girl Buffy I know you must like Dead I mean Angel more he is hansom know his stuff and"

Buffy blanched a short moment she could see his emotion it was like watching a burning nova of love pure and simple loyalty and devotion yet a strength that simply made her shocked she remember what Garm told her "My brother love you body and soul Buffy. HE would kill any one even me if I hurt you. You never find any one that loyal protect him and love him and you be a happy forever."

Buffy was afraid of falling in love deep inside she believed that if she truly love some one they would leave her and that had made her search for impossible loves just so that she wouldn't get hurt when they left her.

But now seeing his eyes almost feeling his emotion Buffy felt the chains of fear around her heart suddenly break.

Buffy took a firm grip on Xander head "Kiss me I love you so much"

and gave him the mother of all kisses.

Around them the Dwarfs looked around, the sound of "Oooo" and "Young love" echoed around them as the two came up for air hugging and crying in happiness. Orin smiled "Ai I knew you be mate that I know. Even by the looks you two did not"

Buffy sniveled "I been so afraid of loving any one always believing that they would leave me if i did"

Xander just hug her closer becoming the rock she could depend upon.

Orin stood their listening noticing the two was oblivious to the rest of the world a Band of Dwarfen Drum player could march by and they would not notice anything.

Dwarfs are hard and tuff take shit from NOTHING Even Giants are afraid of angry dwarf because Dwarfs like to cut them down for size before ending their lifes.

But all Dwarfs are romantic fools in the depths of their hearts.

And so is Orin small tears of joy over the fact that they finally found each other and happiness came from his old eyes "to be young again" he said smiling happy sharing the joy.

Orin look around "Hiss you all now move out let not embarrass the two young one come by tomorrow and I tell you all about it" he said and his weapon shop quickly become empty of Dwarf that was smiling happy to see such a romantic thing.

When Buffy and Xander finally stopped hugging, Crying and kissing the store was closed and Orin stood their smiling

"I would love for the two of you AND your friends to be my guest for the night" Orin said and waving his arms he cut them off "I'm a widower my self and my children is long ago moved out" Well he was thinking my children they lived next door from his house but it was true but they did move out.

"You and your friends would make a wonderful distraction and give me a wonderful tail to tell my grandchildren please I am a wonderful cook and make lots of food. It be fun," he said.

Xander and Buffy smiled "we would like that" they said.

"But" Xander said "We need to buy some more stuff a mobile phone and information on the gates from here to home. Then see our friends"

Orin nodded "I will help you" Seeing their protest he continue "This happen to be family Day of the clan Halvskägg its usual you close early if you come from that clan" Orin lied, He was a Halvskägg true but they only had the Beer party day as a clan holiday.

Buffy and Xander looked at each other before Xander spoke "Well it be fun to have you with us Sir" he said with respect. Then blanched "A warning I kind of say stupid things with out thinking sometimes"

Buffy looked at him with love in her eyes "Always. But i love you"

Orin smiled "I remember that. And Buffy a firm smack on the top of his head every time he puts his foot in his mouth will teach him what not to do. It works for my wife and me why not the two of you"

Xander paled as Buffy looked happy remembering the words of wisdom. Painful days indeed Xander was thinking depressed but then the Dwarf continue.

"But the most important thing Buffy is if he acts perfect and do an unusual good work you must give him a reward a kiss, hot crazy lovemaking or great food" Orin said.

Buffy frowned "you talk like Xander was a Dog"

Xander just raise his eyebrow looking at Buffy smiling and waving his tail.

Orin did not notice Xander's transformation to hyena boy smiled "He is a man the different is not that great"

Buffy "eh I guess so"

Inside Xander was smirking perfect the stick and the carrot. Would probably work he was a sucker for rewards if they was Buffy food or Buffy can't say Buffy to many times.


Giles put down the phone. "well they are sending over a new Watcher and the new slayer a miss Faith no after name they say she was a runaway before they found her"

Loki nodded "My second sight tells me she have trust issues and have been abused misused by almost everyone. But she is a kind girl need lots of love patient and understanding before she will trust ANY one of you" Loki gave Willow a hard look. "She will specially test you Willow because she need a friend like you and she will see if she can trust test your loyally you before she even dares open her self to you"

Willow blinks "how do you know that" She asks.

Loki smiled "I stole some of Faith clothes and some of all of yours then did a reading on them. Use some basic Psychology 1:1 to make a profile on her and the rest of you"

Willow frown "So you are not sure then"

Loki "profiling is not my strongest side but the basic is Faith need lots of patience love and care. She is in a bad place becoming the Slayer was literally like throwing an anchor to a drowning girl.

Depending on how you act she will fall to the darkness or climb to greatness."

Kendra nodded "Then i think we all must do our best" she said hugging Jenny and Giles hands under the table.

Willow nodded this could become hard trying to be friend with fearful crying girl always supporting her and helping her.

Jonathan asks curious "Is her defense against being hurt Defensive withdrawal crying and hiding or Offensive I'm so tuff type."

Loki "I have no idea"

Giles "According to the report she is a tuff take no nonsense type of a girl. Don't really sound like what you describe Loki" Giles said distrustingly.

Jonathan "No Giles it exactly what he said. She use the Tuff girl act to keep other away from her and to stop them from hurting her.

I seen it personally my adopted older sister was like that it took years before she finally started to trust even me and i was 8 when they adopted her and she is four years older then me."

Willow blanched she always had problem with tuff girls and she did remember Jonathan sister a real Bitch insulting others breaking rules.

Giles "I see are you sure that was the reason your sister behaved like that"

Jonathan almost growled "I am sure, her Dad was the brother of my mother. He liked young girls and have lots of friends with the same taste mom found out and call the police on his sorry ass. I manage to see some of the movies he force her to make"

Giles paled and started to clean his glasses thanks to the love dust Jenny and Kendra refuse to leave him alone.

He did try to say no to Kendra but Jenny and Kendra joined forces and between the two of them. Luckily for him Kendra was older almost 18. But he still felt like an ugly old man the shame.

Loki looked surprise that he did not know about Jonathan but his present might just save Faith life. "If you have the bravery I could try to find some of the evidence of what happen in your family. That might give Faith the strength to trust the three of you"

Jonathan nodded "Anything to keep life safe" he said. His arms was trembling.


"This is SO COOL. Its like a miniature Enterprise" Xander said looking around a boutique with the top of line Mobile phone that would make the Japanese green in envy.

And most of them look like something from Star Trek.

Above computer manipulated picture of Spook and Kirk was displayed holding mobile phone made by Dwarfs.

And the coolest part was that all of the workers was dressed like miniature Vulcan Starfleet officers. Most dwarfs have pointy ears as they and the elfs have similar origins.

Buffy rolled her eyes just her luck a geek boyfriend.

But the Dwarf looked at him with apprehension and the store owner walks forward "I see you like star trek" he said.

Xander smiled "Like I collect Star Trek things well that and B5.

Most of the Dwarf got a nasty tick in their face as he dear saying the name B5." Xander ignore them holding forward his wallet "look boys" he said. The Dwarf looked some actually fell down on their knees. "That's that William Shatner a photo with his autograph" one said with trembling voice.

Xander Nodded "Yes i was 12 years old that me beside him. My family took me to Vegas. And i got lost he helped me find mom and dad.

Actually mom and my adopted dad." he said with a happy voice.

The Dwarfs just stood their some slowly touching his body. Before one of them spoke "If you like Star Trek why do you even See B5."

Xander frowned "They are both Superior shows.

Just because you love one don't stop me from loving the other one." Frowning he said.

"I love Chocolate absolute adore the taste. And i love Twinkies they are like Rinkys. And drinking Chocolate and Eating Twinkies at the same time is wonderful.

But i cant Eat Chocolate and Twinkies al the time so i eat other things. Now Trek and Babylon 5 are extremely different in style of story telling and in technology both are great but they are so different from each other that their are no real competition between them."

The Dwarf Trekis nodded that made sense they would not accept B5 after all they where not like those stupid computer geeks. But he was not insulting Trek anymore.

The owner of the Store said with trembling voice "I give anything for that picture" he said. Xander frowned that was a hard choice. He did have five more version looked away in a bank vault Will have helped him with that this was his travel version.

But IF he did he could give Buffy, The pack and Orin a super mobile phone for free.

Buffy and the rest cold see the anxiety the confusion and then the resolve.

Xander looked up "I like Six of your BEST i meant your best toughest mobile Phones those that are build to last in love and war or worst for Me, Buffy, my Brothers Garm, Reilly, and Graham. And one for my new friend Orin"

Seeing the dwarf almost blanching he continue. "I also have this."

He said holding up a Communication pin the kind they use in Deep space nine, Smiling he said "i have two one at home. And we desperately need good phone".

One of the Dwarf looked confuse "Where are you from" he asks.

Xander turned "I'm from earth A fool named Utgard-Loki kidnapped my girl. She is well he is not"

The Dwarfs just looked Not only a True believer in the greatness of Trek but a hero out to save his love one.

--? Did i say to you readers that most dwarfs are romantic?--The Dwarfs got a dreamy look in their eyes then the store manager nodded "It be my honor laddy" he said faking a Bones voice.

Soon the dwarf stood side by side as Buffy and the rest walks around talking quietly "Are you sure it will cost us the store will go with negative pay a year or so" the chief said.

One of his employee "I'm Willing to work free for a month he is a real hero he need it. And its so romantic"

The rest nodded "So be it we all help I pay them most and we give them the Extra Adventure special Urus casing and micro atomic battery"

The Dwarf walks over holding a paper "This be the Phone you all will get" he said and started to talk about its capacity. ' Strangely Buffy was the only one cable of understand

Maybe because she always loved taking in phones.

Later at Orin home

The old Dwarf laughs as he put the Phone away just that one would cost him more then a years payment. Or more probably much more.

Walking inside he carefully balance a HUGE pile of food in case the girl hade Thor's taste of eating.

An hour later Orin laughs "You two sure eats funny"

Buffy and Xander blushed and whispered "Sorry"

Orin smiled "Don't be girl you eat just as your Dad do extremely much but you are not sloppy like he is. And you boy i have only seen ONE man eat that fast and that was Loki"

Xander blinks "I eat like Loki" he said.

Orin "yes you do. He is the faster eater of the god. Thor may eat the most But Loki eat faster then a starving Giant."

Xander smiled "I did not know that about Dad"

Buffy nodded "cool we must let you and him have a food race" she said.

Beside them Orin almost fell of his chair. "Your Dad is LOKI" he screamed.

Xander paled "yes are you angry"

Orin nodded "YES you you Loki is one of my best friend and you don't even tell me. Have he not said anything about me at all."

Xander "HEY i only found out about dad" Xander stopped counting days on his finger "Two weeks ago and then i had to run away to save Buffy"

Orin "oh sorry its just that Loki and me are close we often go and fish with Thor"

Buffy "Oh Why did you not tell me that your friend with Dad" she asks.

The dwarf paled "Eh I only tolerate Thor because Loki and him are friends." Quickly "Its nothing personal Buffy its just that The big oaf almost ate me"

Buffy paled "Dad eats dwarfs"

Orin "No not exactly I had a fish skin that could transform my self in to a fish and well Thor was hungry and kind of felt like sushi time"

Buffy nodded "I see he was planning on eating a raw fish"

Orin "Nodded I barely manage to become Dwarf before it was to late. Every time i see him all I can remember is his teeth coming closer and closer" The dwarf shiver. "I never turn my self in to a fish after that"

Xander held up a hand "Fish skin" he asks.

The dwarf nodded "its simple transformation an animal skin you put it on and you turn yourself in to a animal and by thinking hard you turn back again. In Some places of Alfheim you can buy them"

Soon the night had come and the gang was asleep.

At the window the old Dwarf looked out remembering his young days so far away but still they felt like yester day not 300 years ago.

He was glad the young ones would stay a week to research Gates to Valhalla before they would leave. He had a present he decided to give them.

Cursing he change position old age in Dwarf often lead to insomnia and he was not an exception. He guest it was better then the mental craziness that happen to humans but not much better.

Humans only stayed old 10-20 years Dwarf could stay old 100-200 years old suffering from lack of sleep.

Chapter 28
Standing Short.

The gang slowly awoke their was no sun shining only the clock on the wall told them that time was 'morning' and that they slept more then 10 hours.

Xander woke up first stretching and feeling good it was curious now days he didn't seemed to get tired so fast and he could walk just as long as Buffy could.

Shaking his head he suspected it was the waking Half god power of his or the Were-hyena thing.

The guest room was a large room with bunk beds the dwarf had told them his house was a former army post soldier use to sleep in their.

In the bunk bed beside him Buffy slept looking like an angel.

Orin walks in smiling he spoke "Wake up food is ready and its lots of it"

Suddenly a groaning sound was heard "Oooo food" and Buffy awoke blinking her eyes and looking like a drunken but cute Zombie she actually manage to half smile half and half drool "That nice Food" she said.

Laughing the Dwarf walk out "Its a live alive. Yeh better let the girly awake first" he said to Xander.

Later in the dinner room

The gang sat down eating occasionally playing and talking.

Reilly "Excuse me but how do you reload the battery on the phone"

The Dwarf blinks "It have a atomic power cell it reload the battery by it self. Just wait and it recharge the normal battery should hold energy four 72 hours."

Reilly "A i kind of use the music player and the computer game a lot then i use the TV trying to see any interesting Dwarf program"

Orin nodded "the Battery do not come charged from the store. So you have to wait until the power cell charging it"

Reilly nodded "I see well that's good"

Graham "So what the plan for today"

Garm looked at Xander raising his eyebrow frowning a bit nodding towards Reilly and Graham before Xander nodded looked like a plan.

"We where thinking a bit training on you Were abilities then i don't know"

Orin smiled perfect he could go to the store tell his customers exactly every romantic thing that happened. Then talk to the jewelry store and last return.

Slamming the fist in the table Orin got their attention.

"I say Let me Drop you of at the local school gym. Its not use its working month for the older kids a learning experience" He said in explanation. "So the School gym is free i can easy book it for your use. In their you have every chance of training your wild side."

Seeing them nod and looking grateful Orin continue "I then have some work to do so i be gone some hours when i return lets go for dinner and to the Pub some sweet mead would sit perfect don't you say."

Buffy smiled then "But I'm not legal age for drinking in a pub am I" Orin raise his eye brow "Are yeh under 12!"

Buffy "No I'm almost 17"

Orin "Then you are Legal age for drinking."

Xander blink the legal age for drinking was 12. He would hate seeing a child party in this places. Alcohol Cake presents and clowns.


Bing bing the door bell rang.

Joyce stood up from her reading and walk over to the door.

Outside two gentle men in costumes stood "Hello can I help you" She said.

The first man smiled a older African American man smiled "I'm Agent White" nodding towards his partner a young blond man "is agent Black we are from the NSA"

Joyce blinks "Are you joking with me"

The younger man Mr. Black fast spoke before the older could open his mouth "No ma we from the NSA don't have a sense of humor"

The older man Mr. White face was unreadable but inside he cursed the movie -MiB- he really wish his chief would give him a new partner one that DID not love that movie.

But he held forward the ID card.

Joyce study the card before standing aside allowing them inside.

The two of them just stood their before Joyce frowned "In this town you don't invite some one inside it is not safe"

The older taught back thinking about the strange briefing and claims of Vampire being real nodded probably a local belief or something in the water. "Lets go inside" he said and did so.

Joyce smiled as they both walk in "Welcome inside then"

The two of them follow her to the kitchen. "Would you like a cup of Coffee or Chocolate" she ask. She already hade made chocolate to drink but Thor was busy doing something else and unless a footballs team would come by she probably had to throw it away.

The two Agents looked at the Chocolate drink slowly bubbling. "I think Chocolate would be great" Mr. White said.

After serving them a cop and holding forwards some Marshmallows she sat down "Now what can i do for you"

Mr. White nodded "This is excellent Chocolate mam. The reason we are here is because any charges against you from Mr. Snider have been dropt We and some other lawyers have seen to that. HE will not press charges"

Joyce nodded "That was good now what IS the bad news"

Mr. Black "We the government have cancel the wanted of Xander for Terrorism we are not going to put him in jail."

Mr. White nodded "He is free but we would like you to ask him a favor from us"

Joyce looked at him "What kind of favor"

Mr. With "In breaking and stealing weapon he showed to have remarkable tactical skill and we like him to be part of a unit fighting the 'Vampires and demons'" he said in a tone of voice that clearly told Joyce that he did NOT believe in the 'Vampire and Demons'

Joyce looked sharp "Why do you want him to be part of that"

Mr. Black "We like him to train our troops and eventually become one of the commanding officers of the unit. NO trick the government need his help."

Mr. White smiled "They said the unit would become American version of the Watcher council if you know what that is"

Joyce notice that the agent clearly did not know. "Yes i know a secret English society that fights demons and vampire over the world using Slayers a champion given supernatural strength."

The two agents looked at each other clearly trying to obey the order -They are not crazy demons and vampire are real- But it was hard fantasy like that was just fantasy was it not.

Joyce smiled "If you like we be more then happy to show you a Vampire and later even take you out hunting them. Don't worry the vampire we will show you is a kind type. One of a kind"

The two agents looked at each other "We would not like to be any problem mam"

Joyce smiled evilly it would be fun destroying this two belief in a demon free world "It would be no problem and the knowledge you learn would keep you safe and able to do a better work. You ARE NSA national Security Agent. Learning something like this is it not in NSA best interest" she asks in a fake innocent voice dripping with sugar.

The two agents notice that but she was right. "Yes mam we be happy" Smiling she poor them some Chocolate "Now lets get the two of you something to eat" and Joyce decided to unleash her Mothering urges on the two Agents they probably needed to be spoiled a bit good food and a friendly face understanding. She so missed doing it to Buff and Xander even Willow seemed to stay away from her hopefully she could change that.

Willow hours later

"I'm nervous" Willow whined.

Jonathan "So am i. What if Oz family don't like us"

"OgodOgodOgod" willow babbled.

Oz looked at the two nervous pack members and new family members.

"calm it be fine" He said.

Holding arms with willow in the middle the Three young ones walk towards Oz family home. Time to meet the family.

Oz face was calm looking relaxed and in perfect harmony. Inside he was screaming hoping that Dad crazy interest in making animal movie and Moms other strange interest like having high grade in school would not embarrass them.

Why could he not have a normal family. Yes right the Hellmouth no one normal lived here.


Garm smiled "That went well"

Graham nodded "Much more easy to transform that i believed"

The two of them looked over at Reilly and Xander.

Xander looked at Reilly still locked in his Hyena body "No like you know feel the changes. Like an on and of button"

Reilly just looked desperately trying not to bite Xander.

Garm "That could take time"

Graham "it certainly could"

Long time later.

Reilly happily put his clothes on "I never thought i be human again after that"

Xander "I'm sorry its kind of hard to explain its more a feeling then a thing you do"

Reilly "yea i notice that it like explaining the color blue with out pointing at something"

Xander "Frustrating"

Garm "And if you have more experience you would be able to use the Blood link better to explain even show him"

Xander "I tried but it did not work."

Reilly smiled evilly and spoke up aloud knowing that Buffy stood behind Xander "Ooo it did work I now know exactly how exiting you find Buffy body smell" Reilly said.

Xander "DO not tell her that its to embarrassing smelling her in hyena form i just want to lick her all over and see her squirm in pleasure" Behind her Buffy smiled and put her hand over his eyes "To late sniffing boy"

Xander blushed hoping for an interruption.

Orin smiled wondering what had happen all was laughing except Xander that look like a tomato in his face.

"Hello kids lets go and eat and drink" The Dwarf said.

Later in the pub -99 Barrels of mead-

"So he stood up started to dance and sing a child song 'Another monster in the family' and Buffy joined him. While Hell was looking at him" Garm said pointing at Xander beside them the room exploded in laughter.

Now that was classy.

Soon the Dwarf was chanting "SING SING SING"

And a blushing Xander and Buffy soon stood on the table singing and dancing 'another monster in the family' while the Dwarfs laughter echo around the room.

Hour later the gang was moving home.

Orin laughing "You sure show him Xander"

Groaning "I cant believe i drank that much mead" Xander said.

Beside him Buffy nodded "I cant believe i drank more then you"

Orin "yea sure are your fathers children" he said with a smile.

Waving them to sit down on a bench Orin spoke "Did you know that Loki once said that IF he ever got a child that was not evil. I would be his Godfather. That was why i got angry finding out your where Loki child. I believed he forgotten about me"

Xander blinks feeling shocked "Your my"

"Aye laddy I'm your Dwarfen Godfather. That i am" Orin smiled. "you don't know how happy I'm am seeing you turning out so fine. You to Garm i would be happy to be the two of yours Godfather"

Before Xander brain could work out what had happen Garm and he was hugged by a happy old dwarf.

"Yea two rascals family you are" he said. "Now lets go home"

Reilly "indeed the family just start growing and growing"

Graham "should we call him GodGranpa or what ?"

Reilly "i don't know" said smiling as they walk after.

Chapter 29
When Nature calls and the hunt is one.

Sunnydale the day before

Vampires did not make Oz afraid any more MANY vampire on the other hand did.

Demons most of them was just a bit harder to kill but no real fear. Right now even if he looked calm and relaxed he was quaking in his boot.

Mom was alone with Willow doing 'girl talk' And Dad was happily talking with Jonathan and His sister was interrogating him wondering if he knew other Bisexual boys.

Right now the Love and Lust magic of Loki sure made HIS life strange. Looking at Willow then at Jonathan Oz ponder in the end it might be worth it.

An "Yo Oz. Brother wake waky"

Oz raised his eyebrow "What"

An smiled "I was wondering Is Xander bisexual. And if do you think he know any other male and would like a Threesome"

Oz frowned "I'm sure he is heterosexual in fact he had a foursome with Cordy, Harmony and Melody"

An looked shocked "Whoo Musical conquest. That so unfair"

Looking at the side he could overhear Jonathan and Dad talk.

Jonathan nodded "I se Mr. Russo. But would not a wide angle Camera be more appropriate"

Oz nodded yup talking about making animal documentary Again.

Ed Russo "I say No absolutely no Jonathan IN those kind of picture you need a closer look and wide Winkle is great fore those panoramas dramatic endings. But not for the detail emotional picture" Frowning then smiling "And do call me Ed."

Oz smiled that went well Dad really not in to personal name unless he like some one.

An "Their you do it again"

Oz "what did you say ?"

An "I ask you IS it true that the librarian the English guy and Jenny the computer teacher is having wild monkey sex with the new girl Kerry, Kemla, Kelly what ever"

Oz "No its Kendra. And They more or less dragged him inside while he was protesting saying it was morally wrong."

An smiled "That is so cool. I wish i was in the dinner that day."

Oz raised his eyebrow "Why"

An "Because have you not notice The pairing and grouping its like everyone have a love one now. And the number of bisexuality is like 50% So cool i which i was their"

Oz "You are 16, a bit to young don't you think"

An "So what its so romantic"

Oz hoped Willow never learned about what An consider romantic.

He turned his eyes and ears towards the kitchen hoping to find some member of his family that was sane. Of course with mother inside that was highly unlikely.

Bri Russo "So i do hope the Three of you are tested their are so many STD in the area"

Willow blushed "We are mam"

Smiling she hugged the surprised Willow.

Oz nodded So far so good no crazy stuff.

Bri "And you do practice birth control or anal sex."

Oz groaned -no why cant i have normal parents-Willow "We do both mam" While blushing.

Oz raise his eyebrow -well she seemed to fit-

Bri smiled "i have a gift for you. It the best guide to Sexual massage in the world. My mother gave a copy of it to me when i got my own boyfriend and now i give it to you"

Willow blush hoping wondering what to say.

Oz -well having a crazy family could be alright.

An "You distractive boy"

Oz eyes narrowed as his sister again got his attention "Yes"

An "Do you think you and Willow could find out the recipe of that love magic"

Oz raised an eyebrow his family know about Vampires, Demons and Werewolves hard to hide it and that Willow was a Wiccan. "Why" he wondered.

An smile slumps "You know my mail friend."

Oz nodded "You started mailing him after your operation. Right"

An nodded "Yea he was in hospital also. Some gay haters put him their killed his boyfriend"

Oz "ooh. So why the love magic"

An "He knows where the gay hater is. The police wont do anything but if that magic can turn so many in to Bisexual so way not use it to turn those bigots in to gays ?"

Oz frowned then remember Loki voice about the fun you could have with one of those love grenades. Smiling "I know where the magic came from it was stolen by a vampire that believe it was a weapon of destruction."

An looked "And"

Smiling Oz continue "I see what i can do" He then turn to the talking of Jonathan and dad.

Ed "I see are you sure."

Jonathan "Yes sir with the right type of digital camera and computer program you could take wide shoots and focus at the same time you just decide after how you going to cut the movie."

Suddenly Bri came out from the Kitchen "Willow why don't you sit down with your friends. Darling An could you the two of you help me in the kitchen."

Oz sat down beside Jonathan and Willow but he could hear Bri voice "So what did the two of you find out"

Yup his wonderful family was comparing notes.

Sunnydale the next night

Mr. White and Mr. Black carefully walk towards Angel.

"So that's a Vampire face" Black said nervous the strength of that creature was not human.

Angel nodded "yes every vampire are evil. We are simply a demon incorporating a dead human body. The reason I'm NOT evil is because of a magic curse that put my human soul in control over the demon."

Mr. White "So essentially some one cursed the Demon are a vampire and you become good"

Angel "When a Vampire is created the soul of a human linger stuck inside as long as the body is whole the soul is still their. A demon animate the body take over the memory and skill of the now dead human transform it to a vampire."

Looking down he continue "As the demon was in charge the spirit the soul of the human can do things it can sometimes manipulate the demon ask him not to kill one night or don't torture. That don't always work" Angel looked down "The Demon in me was so strong that my soul could do nothing but scream in pain until the curse happened"

picking up a stone and looking at it "Now its the opposite the human soul ME is in control but during moment of anger i can feel the demon inside like a dark mirror asking me to rape, torture, kill murder. During the first years after my soul was in control i was in so much pain over what the demon did in MY name that i follow its order did exactly things like the demon said i would" Angel continued looking sad. "It took almost fifty years before my soul hade the strength to control the demon. During that time i was crazy"

The two NSA agents looked paled. Then White ask a question "Why don't you dust your self then"

Angel looked over "Because their is a way for a Vampire to once again become human. A certain type of Demon have the blood of life and death. It kills a human and animate a Vampire or a zombie essentially give us new life again" smiling grimly "Beside I'm found a spell that will force to demon inside of me to sleep. Giving me full control" He looked up "I have lot of suffering to pay for and helping make the blood on my hand stink a bit less."

The agents nodded they could understand that and even hope the creature regain his humanity.

Giles walk over to them "So like to hunt some vampire"

The two agents looks over the English man "yes shall we go now"

White asks.

Giles shook his head "O no you two must change your clothes. An essential part of vampire patrolling is looking like dinner and you don't look like prey" Giles took forward jeans and ugly T-shirts with Microsoft post on.

The two agents looked at each other then at Giles "We would look like fools" they said.

Giles nodded "you would look like Geeks unable to defend your self. And that is the kind of dinner most vampire hunt"

The two agents look at the T-shirt hoping no one would ever see them in that.

Outside in an unmarked Toyota Mikro "The chief going to love this see that you get a good picture" one of the agent said. "Of course. Why a Mikro its like a sardine in here"

The first smiled "would YOU as a agent look after a Toyota to be use in a stake out"

the other smiled "well backup duty will at least not be boring.


Orin nodded "Aye I'm afraid so its your only chance"

Xander frown "But but"

Buffy "On TV no i no"

Orin "unless you like every news paper in Nidavellir to knock on the door and follow you to and from the library its best to give the wolfs what they like because they are smelling blood"

Xander "But we are not famous"

Orin "I beg the deference you manage to knock out Utgard-Loki and apparently Hell is on the run from hell"

Xander "But TV"

Orin "She is a famous Program leader Everyone see that show. And it will stop the news paper from hounding you once one of them got the story"

Buffy "lets do it I'm afraid to go out because of the Dwarf standing out their"

Xander nodded "you are sure Orin"

Orin nodded "It be fun i promise you"

Garm looked sharp "i don't believe you"

Orin "Well maybe not fun but not bad."

Reilly "you know the stranger things get the more they stay the same" Graham "----" shook his head "no i will not respond on that"

Orin "its best the two of you also come along"

Graham "Do you think they pay us"

Orin "Of course you probably get more then I do in a year just for a live interview that millions of dwarf from the whole world are going to see"

Thud times two.

Orin looked back and blink seeing the two mighty Half gods Buffy and Xander unconscious.

Garm "you sure it will not be bad"

Orin "for some of you it might be torture"

Garm smiled "yup"

Graham and Reilly looked at each other before looking back at Buffy and Xander "Our heroes" they said in union.

Chapter 30
Five minutes of fame.

Mr. Black was screaming "I have him I have him" As he was grasping the head of a running Vampire.

Mr. White "Then make him stop running"

Mr. Black "I cant he is holding me"

Angel rolled his eyes carefully aimed before throwing a bottle of holy water on the vampire backside the throw was prefect and the bottle burst open spilling Water over the Vampire and the agent.

Suddenly the vampire was screaming and rolling in the mud. The agent was looking surprise on his hand sniffing "Its water" he said.

Angel nodded "It is HOLY water works like acid on Vampire and some demons. Totally safe for humans"

Mr. White "I see shall we end this vampire then"

Angel nodded "so you do believe then"

Mr. Black "We seen five vampire so far of course we believe. But i believe they would be harder to kill"

Angel "normally they are but the caves underneath was flooded because of an angry god so they have been hiding and are now week of hunger"

Mr. Black "how come you don't feel week then."

Angel smiled "I drink animal blood keep my strength up. And why the other vampire don't do it. Well The demon inside of them are not as creative as the human soul"

Mr. White "it stupid that's what you are saying"

Angel "yes it is at least the minion types."

Mr. Black "I'm afraid to ask but"

Angel "Depending on how much blood the vampire give its child when turning him or her define what kind of vampire it will become. A Minion or a Master Vampire. Old age of course will turn even a minion to a master power eventfully but they will still be stupid."

Mr. Black "I see the more blood the more intelligent Vampire"

Angel nodded "More like creativity most Master prefers minion that lack that ability they cant take over"

Just about then a strange cat like creature walks by them. It look like a Tiger but with a huge fang teethes.

Mr. Black frown "Was that a Smilidon"

Mr. White "I think so"

Angel "-----"

The two agents looked at him expecting a explanation.

Angel just smiled "I have NO idea"

The other two looked at the magnificent beast hoping that it was not hungry wishing for a Big gun knowing their small pistols would only piss him of.

The cat seeing them did what any cat do pretended to ignore them while pondering if they would taste well.

And jump up on a good sitting position.

Angel "O fuck their is Civilians in that Car"

Mr. Black "What are we going to do"

Angel frowned "Call for back up. Giles have a tranquilizer gun"

The two Agents looked at him then Mr. White ask "Why do he have that" Angel smiled "some of our friends are Were-wolfs to stop them in case they run away during full moon"

Mr. Black just looked at his face trying to se any thing looking like a joke "your not joking are you"

Angel smiled "No we have Werewolves as friends perfectly friendly nice guys and girl except during full moon. Most Werewolves have some control during full moon and are NO danger at all. But they were bitten and turned in to a were-wolf. They have yet to learn control the wolf spirit."

Mr. White "I see just like your demon"

Angel "No a Wolf is a natural spirit its not evil by nature in fact many of the worlds finest Vampire and demon hunter ARE were-wolfs.

With out them earth would be the home of Vampire and Demons you human would only be called food and slaves"

The two agents look a green at the idea but nodded.

And angel called in to Giles.

Inside the Car "Dam the roof is falling pressing down on us" The drivers said.

The other person already crawled down on the floor "Dam it suppose to be a simple mission baby our agents and guard them."

The driver "Well the life of a NSA agents is lived in danger"

His companion nodded "So true"

Willow house

Oz "I'm so sorry about how they acted"

Jonathan "don't be I'm not"

Willow giggled "i don't mind" she smile a bitter smile "Better them mine respond"

Oz nodded "At least you guys are welcome to sleep in my room"

Willow giggled "I cant believe your mom she told me that her friends are so jealous over how liberated you are from the typical male stereotype."

Oz Groaned "She have been bragging about us have she not"

Willow nodded "yup your harem are famous in your family"

Jonathan laughs "We rule"

The Library

Giles put the phone back down "i see. Well i be coming directly then"

Jenny looked up "What is it"

Giles "a pair of innocent are stuck in a car with a Smilidon a sabertooth tiger sitting on the roof"

jenny blinks "A real one"

Giles smiled "A real one. I wonder how it could have come here"

Kendra looked up from the comic she was reading trying to understand the joke "Jotenheim. Loki said opening a huge gate like that might teleport simple life forms from their in to Sunnydale"

Giles frowned "are you sure"

Kendra smiled sweetly "Yes i am"

Giles nodded "well the happy thing is we might be able to get some money of this. I know one dealer in exotic animal that would pay a lot if we gave him a live Smilidon"

Jenny "Sound good. Lets bag him and tag him"

Kendra stood up and join the tiger hunting expedition.


"Air in air out Xander." Garm said trying to calm his brother.

Xander "I i cant they are looking at me all of them"

Garm "its only an interview"

Beside Xander Buffy sat her eyes were open but Garm was not sure that she was inside anymore they look kind of blank like empty mirror and it scared him.

Their was a knocking on the dressing room door and a small 3 feet and 4 inches tall Dwarf with friendly face came inside.

"Hi their kids" she said. Looking at Buffy she "O no you poor thing" She said. And started to hug Buffy.

Soon they could hear a small crying and voice "I will say something stupid" from Buffy.

Xander started to hug her from the other side "No Buffy that's my job"

When the Dwarf had calm Xander and Buffy down she sat down Smiling and introduce her self. "hi I'm Hilda I'm the awful girl that going to interview you"

Xander smiled "i see you don't look awful"

Hilda "looked at Buffy you catch your self a real charmer have you"

Buffy giggled "i have"

Hilda "Now I'm just going to say this. We are not enemy we are only going to interview you all in a small studio it be only us no other then we and the camera team"

Buffy nodded "that don't sound so dangerous" ' Hilda nodded "Are you ready"

Xander took a deep breath of air "I am now"

And they walk in to the studio, It look like a living room sofas and table filled with food.

As they sat down Hilda began to speak making joke about some dwarf guy in government and then telling about her guest.

She sat down beside Graham and Reilly in the opposite position from Xander and Buffy.

Hilda started to talk and soon the fear was forgotten and they were even asking her question.

Xander "And it was then seeing Jessie dead as a vampire i decided to fight"

Hilda nodded "that must have been so hard for you"

Xander shook his head "Willow needed my help more so i had no time to cry and it took month before i even realize that my friend the one i loved like a brother was dead by my hands."

Small tears was forming and Hilda smoothly started to talk to Reilly milking him for heroic details.


"I don't know if it was heroic or not" Reilly said.

"But the fact is that it needed to be done and i did it" Reilly said. "Of course after mom found out that i had risk my own life just to save a Cat and broke a bone she was not happy with me and mom she never hurt me or my brother and sister but when se was angry she was scary specially for a nine year old"

Laughter filled the studio as Graham told them a story about his first attempt to win a car race.

Graham nodded "of course the engine could not handle that after all the car was mostly rust kept together by luck"

Many hours later the gang walks out..

Inside the studio the editors was working deciding witch part would be aired and witch would not be.

The public would love Buffy and Xander love story and the friendly family they had created.

Orin smiled as he took them to the subway cart that would take them home. "Tomorrow night i will give you the information to go home. The guys from the studio have found it." He said.

Garm "Why tomorrow night ?"

Orin "I have a surprise for you. Specially for the two of you" he said to Buffy and Xander "And a dinner party."

They nodded tomorrow would be good but they were longing to see the sun. The darkness of the cave made it hard to be human among the friendly Dwarfs.

Chapter 31
Going home.

Nidavellir saying good by

The emotion in the Orin Halvskägs house was Joy filled as the old Dwarf grabbed Xander and dragged him away mumbling something about a private talk.

In the Dwarfs study a remarkable room filled with picture of weapon of any kind and type. Xander turn towards his godfather "So what do you like to talk with me about" Xander sat down so he came eye to eye.

Orin smiled "As a Godfather is my duty to tell you about the different between good girls and bad girls. You already figure that out. Just don't lose her" he smiled.

"Another duty a godfather have is to sponsor the young man in buying their wedding rings. I know its a old tradition of us dwarfs probably unheard of among your humans" he said with a smile.

He carefully took forward an old wooden box carved from the finest firewood of Nidavellir most pressured type of Tree. Opening the box Xander could se two beautiful rings in gold with a huge pink ruby in one ring and a blue stone in the other both shaped like a heart.

Orin smiled sadly looking at the rings. "My own Godfather gave me these they had belong to his godfather and so on for many generations." Orin looked up "They belong to you my godson. For when you marry Buffy"

Xander paled "This is to much I I"

Orin put his hand on Xander shoulder "its my duty and my joy Xander" smiling he continued. "In Dwarf society a Godfather is just as much a father as a child's real dad. My name full name is Orin Halvskägg Bur'Tulk. Orin is my Name. Halvskägg my blood family name and Bur means the godson of Tulk. Full name is only use during formal gathering now days but still"

Xander nodded "Thanks i don't know what to say" Xander said.

Orin smiled "Just see that your future godson get a pair of ring just as fine and i be happy"

Xander "So my name would be Xander, LaVelle Harris Bur'Orin"

The old dwarf nodded. "except you should probably take Loki name. The Harris fellow you told us about are not your dad and i think you should be glad about that"

Xander nodded "I just change my name when i go back then" he said actually thinking about it Xander Lokison Bur'Orin. Did have an exotic flair to it.

The two walk out together Xander put the rings in his pocket hiding it for now.

Orin smiled to his friends and family. He already given the same talk to Garm that already know about the tradition and hade tears in his eyes.

"Well young ones. I be sad to see the lot of you leave but you need to go home" Orin said sitting down.

"But i had to do something its a shame" Orin said. "your equipment are not the best. I did manage to get some real weapons as a replacement."

He took forward a box that he gave to Graham "This for you the sword you have is a disgrace" Smiling "i also put some great survival knives in you backpack real boots and some body-armor"

Orin smiled "nothing remarkable just standard chain mail with bullet resisting coating"

Xander "Are you sure we"

Orin "You are family. And i got this nice phone from you now quiet boy i am giving present"

Xander held up his arm "Yes sir"

Orin smiled "Last is food for you all two weeks worth" clasping his arms together, "NOW lets go out have a big dinner and then party drink mead, sing and dance and be happy"

Xander and gang looked that would be a good idea after all they would leave tomorrow and a last time party with the old geezer would be great.

Later that night.

"O Danny boy the bells the bells" Reilly and Graham sang with voices filled with emotion stunning the whole Pub.

Buffy put her head on Xander's shoulder "I love you" Xander nodded. "I love you to" swallowing he continue "Buffy would you. I know we never really dated yet haven't had the time. Or had sex.


Xander sweated bullets as he fell down on his knee "Would you Buffy Summer Thordotter like to be my Fiancé" Buffy looked at him then she started to hug him "Yes I would." she said crying in happiness the world was perfect right now in the world of Dwarfs.

Orin smiled a proud smile letting his micro camera record it so Loki could see it.


Joyce smiling when she suddenly froze her mother sense told her that her little girl was growing up. Sniffing she started to cry in happiness and sadness.

Completely confusing Thor his own emotion was yelling HURT The Bastard. But who that was the question?

Later next day in Nidavellir

Orin waved good by as Xander and gang jump inside a dwarf Crawler a car like thing that look like a snowmobile but with heavy armor against the more dangerous life outside.

The Driver smiled "Are ye buckle in now" Seeing them nodding he push the gas on max and they were of.

Four hour later "We are their now" he said looking at the sleeping teenagers. "May I suggest you stay in the Crawler during the night and rested leave this realm tomorrow"

Garm nodded "that sound good" Beside him Graham was cuddle up sleeping like a child and dreaming things children don't dream. Garm blush the blood link could be irritating sometimes.

But Garm new one thing now He just had to find out if Baywatch was real or not.

Chapter 32
Finding god.

Reilly signed the paper "Their you go my autograph." Frowning he ask the Driver "You Sure you don't Xander and Buffy"

The Dwarf shook his head "No you and Graham are more impressive no power in the beginning forced by accident on this journey still you keep up with them"

Graham "Yea and now a new episode of Xander the Legendary Journey"

Reilly gave him a hit him lightly on the back of his head "Cut of the joke Joxer"

Smiling and hugging Buffy Xander voice echo around "Shall we boldly go and see some gods"

Reilly and Graham walks back and the gang started to slowly walk in the gate valley that would lead them to Asgard.


Willow "Hi Giles" said as she Jonathan and Oz came wandering in hand in hand in hand.

Giles looked up "O hi Willow. Are you ready for tonight"

Willow nodded "It will be so fun the spell is so advanced"

Giles smiled "That's why i will be the center caster you and Jenny will support me and help me with power"

Willow "I know. Do you think we could get a cage for Three"

Giles nodded "Yes i think that would be needed. But for now we have to use chains and rope. And maybe cuffs if we could find any"

Oz raised his eyebrow "Who are they" he said pointing at Agent Black and agent White and two other guys sitting beside.

Jonathan "I don't care who they are. But I will NOT help you take out your Cats litter box" he said pointing at a HUGE Tiger like cat sleeping chained up behind the sofa. A Cat the size of a horse.

Willow blink "Huge kitty"

Oz nodded "I hope he ain't hungry"

Giles "Ah well the Cat is a Smilidon that accidentally teleported here. The gentlemen is Mr. Black and Mr. White they are NSA agents. Don't worry they are here to make sure that NO one try to arrest Xander."

Frowning "The other two is Mr. Green and Mr. O'Leary they are NSA agents that are here to make sure Mr. White and Mr. Black is not hurt by us.

We had to save them from the cat"

Willow nodded that really was not that strange she could handle it. Oz agents okay if Giles trusted them.

Jonathan "They should have access to Police cuffs"

Giles nodded "You are right. Could you arrange for three sets of Cuffs we need to chain them up later this week"

Mr. O'Leary "What the hell kind of sick Perverts are you"

Mr. Green Nodded "NO hell are we going let you play bondage games with teens"

Giles took of his glasses and started to clean them "Those Teens are Were-wolfs We need to chain them up during full moon to stop them from hunting humans. At least until they manage to control them self in were-wolf shape"

The two agents blinks so far they seen demons vampires why not Were-wolfs.

Then a thunder was heard and Thor suddenly teleported inside smell of rain and ozone filled the room as the god of storm thunder and war put his hammer away.

"I got good news." He said.

"Xander and company have enter the gate to Asgard now all they have to do is cross the hunting ground and they are in Valhalla"

Willow and "Talley HO"

Oz even smiled in joy and Jonathan "Cool"

The four agents looked at each other before one of them spoke "Who or what is he"

Giles continue cleaning his glasses "He is Thor god of thunder and storms and the father of young Buffy" looking hard at the Agents "And remember this He IS capable of creating storms so strong that it would destroy a city. DO not try anything foolish like kidnapping and experiment on any of my friends"

Thor poked the cat with his finger "Nice kitty" he said "Do any one of you like him as a Familiars or a rug?"

Willow "What."

Thor "Familarus bind a friendly ghost inside and a sentinel animal as servant"

Willow "oh no he to big for that and we would not like to make a rug out of him"

Thor smiled "Mind if i take him with me Sif love cats"

Giles "pleas Do"

Gently Thor lifted the horse size Cat and put it over his shoulder and ported away.

Kendra smiled and spoke to the agents "That's an excellent way to catch fly."

The four agents close their mouth.

Asgard the hunting grounds

Buffy looked around as they walked out from the valley the air was beautiful grass trees and animals not monster.

Xander looked boggle eyed at a huge sea of Buffalo "that's so impressive"

Reilly nodded. "And so beautiful"

Graham smiled "I think i see something more impressive and beautiful. And i ain't talking about the horse"

The gang turn around trying to see what Graham was talking about.

Behind them a beautiful Blond girl looking like a larger version of Buffy was sitting in the saddle of a Huge horse with wings white as snow.

"Thrud" Buffy screamed in joy and started to run towards her older sister.

"Already forgotten about us so sad" a voice said from behind the Pegasus.

Buffy smiled even more "Modi and Bragi" she said.

Thrud jump of the Pegasus and gave Buffy friendly hug "Hi baby sister"

Buffy frown "I am 17 you know!"

Thrud "And I'm almost a millennia you know Baby girl."

Bragi and Modi walk up and gave Buffy a protective hug.

Modi was the first to break it and started to look evil at Xander "I do hope you haven't tried anything with our sister"

Xander paled this was going to hurt. "I would never hurt her. And unlike you i would not attack other with out just cause" saying that he transformed in to his hyena body.

Modi smiled "You got guts I like that" looking at the other "What do you think. Kick his but or say welcome to the family"

Thrud "--" frowning "What do you mean" she asks.

Modi "Look at Buffy's hand and Xander"

Bragi looked seeing the engagement ring he started to smile "I say Welcome to the family AND kick his but"

Thrud "Works for me. But later okay" seeing Buffy looking irritated "Don't worry its more training then battle and we will not hurt him"

Modi smiled "Much"

Bragi nodded "Permanent, The were things make it more fun"

Modi "For us"

Beside them Xander just knew future would be oh so painful.

But then Buffy hug him and pain was okay as long as she did that.

Later after talking and hunting

Thrud poke the fish with her sword. "Its finished now" she said.

Garm smiled "Thanks" he said as he took yet another fish and rendered it from bones.

Xander was sitting with Buffy in his arms. "So this is essentially the hunting ground most Indians and other believe to be paradise"

Thrud "yes many chose to go here live a second life instead of paradise before being reborn."

Reilly looked out "Its nice the hyena like it"

Thrud smiled "it is nice a whole world of wild beauty except Valhalla, This whole world is the size of Jupiter. So its huge extremely huge, Valhalla the town it self are larger then Canada The parks they are more like a forest"

Xander "O it will take for ever to get anywhere"

Thrud "Five days walk north of here is a Valkyrie Training camp. We will bring a helicopter I think is the earth name. Tomorrow. It will cut down the time to travel"

Xander nodded "Thanks Thrud"

She just ruffled his hair "Anytime baby-brother"

Xander rolled his eyes "See now they started doing it with me"

Buffy giggled "At least they don't beat you up anymore"


"Hello Darlings" Thor said.

Sif smiled and hugged her husband. Jarnaxa his mistress joined her. "How did it go on earth?" Sif asks.

Thor "Good Joyce is fine now i like her but not like the two of you. Do you think"

Sif "I will fix her up with a Great new husband i promise"

Thor looked relived "I have a gift for you" He said taking forward a large Box with air hole.

Sif carefully open it inside was the cutest cat she ever seen the size of a poodle and a Smilidon.

Thor "I had to shrink him down a bit"

Sif "O thank you he will be perfect to keep the Rats away"

Jarnaxa could not respond she was busy hugging and trying to make friends with the angry cat.

Chapter 33
Grandpa is a pirate?

The Helicopter was a large machine with two huge rotors and a long almost W shaped body.

Inside the gang had sat down on the comfortable chairs and relax.

Breep Breep Reilly phone rang taking out the trekie looking Dwarf made wonder Reilly blinks "Its Mom, Again"

Reilly "Hello" he said curios.

Graham "how do she do that"

Xander looked up "She called Reilly before"

Graham "Yes a mail post on his old mobile. When we was in Hell"

Buffy blinks "That was strange"

Reilly "Of course i have clean underwear"

They looked at the now blushing soldier.

Thrud "She might be a Mage."

Graham "No i don't think so"

Reilly "Well our Team leader has become like a Dad to me but younger then me. And the rest of the team is like Brothers and one sister that is dating our Team leader. I have to go now love you Mom"

Buffy "That one way of saying it"

Xander nodded "It is the animal in him come from me so i do have a fathers responsibility"

Thrud "His Mom might be a Natural Rune Mage. They often have strange ability and do stuff like that"

Her brothers nodded that would explain it.

Then the pilot interrupted their wondering Valhalla the city was coming up a huge city the size of Canada. With parks that where whole forests.


Mr. Black put the phone down "I don't know what to say"

Mr. White "He said a verbal update"

Mr. black Nodded as he lifted the phone "They will think I'm crazy" Mr. White just nodded.

An hour later.

Mr. Black "They more or less expected something like this." he said with surprise. "I told them about the were-wolf situation and they said that they would send over a Cage as a small -Thank you for saving the world from the government-"

Mr. White "well that's taxpayers money spend on a wise choice a dog house" but his smile was large.

A knocking on the door got the two agents to sharpen up in to their usual stiff and professional act. "Its open" they said.

The door swing open and Kendra walked inside. "Hello" she said and sat down.

The two look at each other "Can we help you with something"

Kendra smiled "Yes you can In less then three days the full moon will arrive. We need an extra Tranq gun and some shooter IF Willow, Jonathan or Oz run wild. And guard them from escaping"

The two looked at each other "Sitting dogwatch. We can do that"

Kendra smiled "thanks." She stood up then stopped shivering a bit "I'm afraid. Before I had superpowers could bend steel now I'm just a normal girl. I can't stop fighting I need to help but I'm afraid and I feel weak."

The two agents looked at her almost hypnotized by her voice.

Kendra continued "I will continue fighting and saving life any way I can if. Now I'm slow and I will still fight. I understand how you feel the world is suddenly large and scary and you feel weak"

The two agents nodded and Black spoke "I feel fear their are thing out their that my gun will not hurt and demons roam free"

Kendra "You can still kill them just close and personal. In the end its your choice to turn away from the fight or start fighting."

Gathering her self together she then left.

White "i actually feels better now. That most have been troubling her also"

Black nodded "If a Teen can do it then by Thor i can also"

White "By Thor" Black "could not help my self."

Asgard and Valhalla

Buffy and Xander and the rest sat like glued to the windows as the helicopter zig and zag between huge building giving them a closer look at the streets and parks.

Xander "It looks so friendly" he said frowning.

Buffy looked surprised "That's a good word it looks friendly"

Thrud "We like nature so a lot of parks and micro parks exist"

Buffy "Look its like hanging gardens up their"

Thrud "and we are ignored" she said with a huge smiled enjoying the energy of her baby sister.

Xander suddenly paled "Holy Bananas Slayer girl"

Buffy frown "what."

Xander did not have to point as the Helicopter turned allowing all of the passengers see it for in full glory.

Thrud "that's the halls of Val were the dead heroes gather to eat talk and enjoy each other. After work. Normally its called Valhalla and the city is called Valhalla-city"

Xander "that's building its so huge."

Modi nodded "It don't matter how many that's walk in it always have room for more. Magic don't ask how. Odin spend much of his time in their or at his castle behind The Valhalla building."

They nodded looking at the Halls of Val its roof of gold with pillars shaped like spears holding the roof up.

The helicopter landed outside and the heroes walk out from it and inside the large building.

Thrud lead the way going up the stairs to the VIP area. Directly beside the Throne that Odin sit in when he eats.

Xander looked around seeing cute elf girls bringing out food. "Its time for eating. Are we invited" he said with hope in his voice.

Bragi nodded "that you are lots of food for you both to eat"

Then a long thin man in 40 years age came forward "God day to you Buffy And Xander"

Xander just stared at the man one eye and two Ravens on his shoulder and a aura of power. Xander knew that THIS is Odin king of the gods but his mouth was faster then his common sense "Cool and a normal pirate only have one parrot" he said.

Buffy giggled "That's not nice Xander" turning towards the 'old man' she said "I'm sorry he have a strange sense of humor"

The man spoke sending irritating looks at Xander "I'm your Grandfather Buffy I'm Odin the king of gods"

Buffy blink maybe it would have been a good choice to actually learn more about mythology after this. "If you really are king of gods why don't you heal your blind eye."

Odin "I see more with out it then with it."

He then turned and walk away.

Xander "Rude much"

And the gang sat down soon other gods and heroes of might and magic came walking in. Buffy face lit up seeing dad Thor and she frown together with two strange ladies and walking directly towards her.

"hello Buffy" Thor said hugging her hard and friendly. "I like you to meat my Wife Sif Goddess of Love fertility and War" Thor said hugging her a bit closer "and Jarnaxa my beloved mistress" Thor said hugging the other lady closer a lady Buffy now notice was almost 11 Feet tall larger then Thor.

Beside them Loki and Xander was speaking "so I'm not wanted anymore but i should be careful"

Loki nodded "yes son"

Xander "Well i hate a boring life anyway"

Turning towards Garm "This is Garm son of Fenrir and now blood brother of mine.

He is with out Father or family except me. Would you dad also accept him as your child"

Loki looked at Garm and smiled "I be proud I can see a bit of Fenrir in you. I only wish my son was not trying to destroy any civilization he finds"

But soon they sat down talking laughing and eating in a faster and faster speed trying to see if father or son was the faster to eat.

Laughter and joy filled the halls.

Chapter 34
Screw you guys I'm Going home...

The dinner was magnificent and finish all to soon.

Buffy felt a bit relieved as Jarnaxa 'Daddy Thor's' Lover and Sif his wife and more or less adopted her and was drowning her in pure motherly love and Eat you food and grow strong talk...

Xander she mused being the ever loyal boyfriend had only encourage them, Traitor no hugs for him tonight.

Xander laughs then grinned "Its true Dad. He fell right in the pool started to scream and splash –I'm drowning- and all the kids and the swim teacher just looked at him as it was in the kids pool the water was only Three four feet deep"

Loki shook his head. "How old was you then"

Xander "About six or seven that was the first time I hoped he was not my dad. It was also the year he found a new friend Mr. Tequila and Mr. Beer loots of beer"

Loki smiled "Well you got your wish. And don't worry we gods and half gods cant become alcoholics."

Then an impressive looking man walk up to them "Odin like to talk to young Xander in private Sir"

Loki paled "Ah yes. Son be careful DONT say anything stupid. Odin is still in his commander behavior"

Xander blinks "ah I better say I'm sorry about the Pirate thing"

Loki nodded "many of us have taught about saying it but no one got the guts to say it."

The guard escorted Xander to a nearby room.

Buffy blink as the eating room fell silent everybody watching as Xander walks inside a room. "What's happening" She asks.

Sif spoke in a haunting voice "Its about respect. Odin is big on that, He sometimes let others feel his power and its scary for a moment you are nothing smaller then a bug and."

Jarnaxa continue "When he pulls in his power you wish that he never stops you feel alone not part of the universe anymore"

Sif "that's the worst thing."

Buffy "But why"

Sif "Disrespect is a sure way to get your self dead and to accidentally start a war. Thor and Loki have made that mistake before I think Odin are trying to stop Xander from doing it in the future"

Buffy "Is he going to get hurt"

Sif "No not really its just scary and wonderful."

Then a wave of power was felt for a second before it ended.

A small cry was heard then nothing.

Buffy could see Reilly flinching in his seat.

She her self sat still only because Jarnaxa and Sif had a firm grip on her shoulders. Frankly she could not even move an inch.

Then the door opened and Xander walks out his face was pale but he stood up looked back to Odin that walks behind him "You are really not a pirate SIR" Xander said.

Odin blinks that was a fast recovery. His eyebrow started to twitch.

In The room even heartbeat slow down just so they would not miss what happen the next.

Then Odin head fell back and a belly laugh exploded from the King of Gods. His one eye looked at Xander firmly "Be careful boy your mouth will bring you to trouble."

Xander nodded and smiled "Yes sir I know"

Buffy breathed relax that he was fine "So what now"

Sif "First we are going to our place then"

Thor shook his head "No honeys Look Xander and Buffy have mortal family still alive. Reilly and Graham is mortal staying in this plane is not good for a mortal you know that"

Sif nodded "It not that bad they have Half gods to protect them" She said defensive.

Thor raise his eyebrow "No its not but Xander and Garm may be their protector but they still don't know HOW to protect them."

Jarnaxa "Sif the big Duffus is right"

Sif looked irritated at her husband but nodded.

A relax look on Thor face "But later why don't the three of us all visit Buffy you and Joyce must have a lot to talk about"

Seeing his wife and mistress relax and smile he knew he said the right thing.

Buffy paled no no not all of them she could barely survive two of them mothering her but all of them...


Mr. Green stood by the window looking at the letter he hade in his hand and the rest of the agents sat in the Summer living room eating and talking to Joyce and Giles.

Turning around he looked at them "Are any one of you related to Potter Harry" he asks.

Seeing the confuses look he continue "A big raven just dropped this letter in my hand its for you Joyce"

Joyce "That was strange" She said as she took the letter and open it.

The room looked at her face that become more and more animated with emotion and tears. "They are coming home tomorrow my baby is coming home"

Smile and wish of good luck echo around the room this truly was great news.

Then the door knocked and soon Angel had walked in. "We have problem" he said.

Giles typical never any rest here "What kind of trouble"

Angel "I'm not sure but it look like a team of elf Fey are sneaking around the military base"

Giles "Fey as in Oberon's. I believe they left our reality hundred of years ago"

The agents looked around then Mr. Black spoke. "In our report its a small note about UN have made deals and buying and selling thing from the Fey then a short military aggression happen the fey started with some terrorism that was forcibly stopped by USA military"

Giles "Anything more."

The agents shook their head "No sir that's all we know and the rest is classified above our right to know"

Giles rolled his eyes typical military. "Remarkable and the Watcher knew nothing" Pondering that Giles sat down thinking.

Angel "what shall we do?" he asks.

Giles "i do not know but what you told me give me an unusual idea"

The room all went silent as they eagerly awaited how to deal with it.

Giles turn to the Agents "YOU four contact you boss and tell him that WE need to talk to any one knowing a bit about the Fey. Tell him that their is Fey troops in the area and we need to know if they are hostile and if so should we fight them or wait four support"

The room looked surprised. "USA and UN have more recent experience with the fey according to the Watcher they left more then 500 years ago" Giles said.

The agents nodded asking an expert for guide was a wise choice.

One of the agents Mr. O'Leary "It would help if you got more information with out them notice you"

Angel smiled "That i can do" his new improved soul permanent Vampire form was great sure his fangs was permanent pointy but he could walk thru doors with out invitations.

Crosses and holy water only gave him pain they did not burn him.

Last the best part He could make Gravity effect on him smaller and he could jump almost fly if the wind was blowing the right way.

Angel was not sure but he believed he could make him self weigh about one maybe two kg.

Giles nodded "that would be excellent Angel. But i like you to take Kendra with you." Seeing his protest Giles explained. "She still is slightly faster then a human and you may need backup"

Valhalla the city

Buffy hugged her half sisters goodbye and smile as Bragi put a friendly arm on Xander shoulder they was finely accepting him. Maybe Bragi could be Xander best man eventually.

Xander felt a pain full grip on his shoulder and a smiling Bragi the strongest of the gods whispered "Remember hurt her and i hurt you" Xander smiled "that so kind of you"

Walking over Buffy almost jumps forward hugging Xander close to her "lets go HOME" she said.

In front of the Bifrost the rainbow gate of Asgard that would transport them any where they like stood shimmering looking like a Rainbow bridge.

Xander turn a last look at Loki and his wife Sigyn smiled lovingly at him "You sure you don't want to come"

The two shook their head and Sigyn answered "You and Buffy need time alone me and Sif will see that our boys don't do anything stupid. But we will visit during holidays"

With Buffy at his side hugging him and Reilly and Graham walking behind and Garm by his side they started to walk towards the gate to home.

Graham "Xander Legendary Journey going home"

"Shut up" the rest screamed.

With a shimmering light they disappeared.

The End

Next will be 'A Finding Faith'
The two new Half gods make them self home again trying to find friendship with the new slayer Faith.