A Terror of the ice cool type....

Author: hatten_jc <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

Disclaimer: I dont own anything exept a tea mugg and its mine..

Chapter 1

The scooby gang was currently sitting around the table reading and resercing Buffy satt dremingly hoping that her loved Angel would get his soul back.

Giles and Xander where currently involved in a discoution about fire arm the resently destruction of the Judge had awaken Giles intrest in weapon from 2000 century.

Suddenly a chirpin metalic sound was heard and a rolling sound eko outside.

Buffy stod up grabbing her stake "A Vampire he is alone"

Suddenly the door was kickt up and in roll Spike in his weelchair.

Buffy open her mouth but could not find a got joke to say.

Xander could not help him self "planing a hit and run with you chair roller boy"

Buffy glared jellusy at Xander "Im the slayer i do the bad joke" she said with a smile in her eye.

Spike "chould up wanker. I need you help"

They turn and look seeing that Spike actuly look afraid.

Giles took of his glases and started to clean them "Werry well what is it" He ask.

Spike "Peatces have lost it. He is so angy at the destruction of the Judge that he is planing on realising the Abomination"

Giles "o'my are you sure" he ask with fear in his voice.

Xander "the Abo what" ask in confusion.

"The Abo was a demonic monster so awfull that a slayer and five master vampire joint forces to destroy. In the end they have to seal in away in a cave" Suprisingly Said by Spike in a Watcher like tone of voice.

Giles "Yhe we got to stop that bloody wanker" said Ripper.

Buffy "its so unfair wy now"

Xander smiled and said "perfect time to test my BOOM BOOM STICKS"

and grabed a large Gatling gun and a grenade launcher.

The gang soon on their way with Giles driving.

Buffy "What we did with spike was wrong"

Xander "Nothing wrong he a Vampire"

Buffy "But he helpt us and you murder him"

Xander "no he is NOT Dust jet i only tied him hanging upside down outsid, so he could see the sun. If he manage to escape he will survive"

Giles "wheir their. Beside the motion detection alarm and the firebombs you put on spike was bloody briliant"

Then hellbroke loos as vampire literly ript the car doors open and they soon where fighting for their life.

..Meanwhile outside the school..

Spike "bloody hell must escape or i die cant move then i die.. HELP" Dru "Moma going to see if Spike go BOOOM or burn in the sun then we can all have tea"

Spike "Help me i i love you"

Dru "no have new lover boy he so mutch more man then you"

Johantan "Right."

Spike "He aint even a Vampire"

Dru "You lied to me"

Johantan "Im a teenage nerd Tentacle demon. Lies are one way to get girls"

Dru Smile "and sutch a stamina"

Spike "Fine fine just help me"! Dru and Johantan "NO"

At the same time..

The gang stod helplees as bruiced and cut their weapons exept some wooden stakes, had burn up in giles car after Buffy tryid to kill a vampire with a handgrenad she stole from Xander.

Giles "No we to late" said with fear in his voice.

Above them the ground shouk as a monster like demon with snow white furr stod up and growled awak agien to bring pain and suffering the Abomination look around and soon found his victom.

Angel laught when suddenly two massiv arms grabbed him and started to hugg him.

Abomination. "I shall hug him and stroke him and cuddle him and call him George!"

The scooby gang look in confusion as the monster happely walk away cudling a screaming Angel.

Giles clean his glasses "They say love can actuly hurt some types of vampires and demons. Maby that why they lookt him away"

The End