Author: Koos van Winden <koosfanfic[at]>

This was an attempt to make something of the ridiculous bull that Joss wrote with regard to Xander's reaction on Anya's death and her death. It's not really Xander centric, but I have tried to explain why reacted as he reacted.

Disclaimer: Jossworld belongs to Joss Whedon and ME.

Summary: concerning Anya's sacrifice

Andrew saw the One Eyed Han Solo approaching him. "So, did you see?"

The young lone Padawan with a troubled past couldn't look at his Yoda. You see, he was once a super villain. "I-I was scared. I'm sorry."

"Did you see what happened? I mean, was she..."

A glimpse of hope and proud penetrated through his thick shields of fear. Anya was Xander's Princess Leia and she had sacrified herself for his pathetic road for redemption. "She was incredible. She died saving my life."

The moment seemed to take forever. Doubt was rising in his heart. Would he see the beauty? he wondered. Could the hero see it through the devastating pain aching his heart? Xander brought his hand on Andrew's shoulder and nodded. "That's my girl. Always doing the stupid thing."

The moment was like Darth Vader connecting with his long lost son.

Finally respect and acceptance.

Andrew smiled a little and saw his Master walk away. He was so proud and he was so proud that he didn't cry too. Maybe they could discuss the wonders of time-travel, Superman or Batman, Kirk or Picard. . . Spike or Angel.


Heaven, it is never like you have imagined it. Green fields, a cloudless sky coloured with the most beautiful light blue with only a bright sun in the middle disturbing it.

A young woman - brown hair, brown eyes, laid silently and naked on the green field. For eleven hundred years she had been the patron demon for scorned women. She had ended the lifes of many men with passion. But in the end she had died as a hero, so she had earned her place in heaven.

Anya yawned widely as she slowly woke up. Her eyes were still closed. She smiled.

"Xander, stop that," she playfully reacted as a nice sweet bunny sniffled at her face. She opened her eyes. . .

The End