African Night Flight

Author: ctdixiechick <ctdixiechick[at]>

I wrote this for the Open on Sunday - David Bowie song title challenge. At 211 words, it's over twice the alloted length, so I'll post it here instead.

When I saw this song title, I just knew I had to write about Xander (I mean, besides the fact the he's my favorite Buffyverse character!) However, after the first sentence, a lyric fragment entered my head and changed the direction of the piece.

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Chapter 1

Xander ran for the plane, an aged puddle jumper that he hoped would make it to the nearest international airport, where he'd catch the first British Airways flight to Heathrow he could get. Pearce, the pilot, had already started the engine and was beginning to taxi down the runway.

As if air travel weren't hard enough, he had to kill a pack of pissed off demonic hyenas that tracked him to the airport. Xander figured they'd sensed some trace of his hyena possession, back in high school, and didn't want him to leave. Well, if he didn't get to London, he'd face something more horrifying than a pack of demons wanting to tear him apart.

Xander reached the plane's open door, and threw first his rucksack, then the still bloody machete into the cabin. The plane's wheels left the earth. Still running, Xander managed to grab hold of the cabin door and hoist himself into the plane. "Wasn't sure you would make it," Pearce said as he pulled back on the controls, quickly bringing the plane high enough to clear the tree line.

"Of course I made it. Now, get me to the church on time. Last thing I want if for Dawn to think I left her at the altar."

The End