An All Hallow's KISS

Author: Drake-Tepes <daemondrake[at]>

Author: Drake-Tepes is the only miscreant willing to take the blame for this.

Spoilers: This fic is spoiled. It's gone bad. I'm very sorry, I forgot to refrigerate. Oh, and nothing past Halloween.

Summary: Once again, Xander dresses up for Halloween as something other than a soldier. I intend to see this horse beaten until it's talcum, understand me people!

Disclaimer: I own none of it. Most owned by ME, the other bit owned by himself and a lovely blonde lady who I'd happily do naughty things to despite the fact she's old enough to be my mom.

A/N: Thanks to Mark who took time out of a rant about proper grammar to beta this (if he hadn't I wouldn't post it, if I made one mistake he might kill me, he's very scary about that stuff). Also, this is a very tongue-in-cheek fic.

Xander had found the perfect costume at Ethan's, and the fact that he was getting it at next to nothing was amazing since that was all he had to spend. He knew that not everyone would like his costume, and that many might mock it, but he just had to do it. For the sake of the music, of course.


Buffy was stunned when she opened the door to see Xander standing there, much taller than usual thanks to his platform shoes. All the leather he was wearing, as well as the make-up and the fact his chest was bared took her slightly aback. Not to mention the wig, and the fact he was holding a rather wicked looking guitar at his side.


Reactions were mixed to his costume, but Xander didn't care. He enjoyed it, he didn't mind the snickers or stares. This costume simply was him, he'd read the comics and heard the music. This was his thing.


The spell had taken hold and everyone became their costume. The effect on Xander was rather remarkable. He did, of course, kick a great deal of ass that night as well as having had a chance to shove his tongue down the throat of one lovely cat-suit clad Cordelia Chase. All went well that night.


It was the morning after Halloween and the group had convened in the library to discuss, after a good nights sleep, what had happened. They were all standing around and Buffy had just finished her retelling, and how she didn't remember much at all when Giles asked, "So there were no lasting side-effects?"

Xander looked up then, "Um, I've got a side-effect Giles."

"Are you okay Xander?" Willow asked quickly, worried.

"Why didn't you tell us, what's wrong?" Buffy also asked.

"Is this something that can actually lower your social standing more?" Cordelia said, doing her best to not look at him.

"I'm fine, really, it's not anything bad as far as I'm concerned," Xander said to calm them.

"Then what is it Xander, perhaps we can fix it," Giles said. His mind already thinking of what might be needed to help his charge.

"It's nothing that needs fixed, really," Xander said quickly.

"Well, what is it then?" Giles asked again.

In answer, Xander raised his right eyebrow.

In response to this, Willow promptly fainted.

Buffy dropped the stake she was holding.

Cordelia turned to fully look at him, her eyes lit up.

Giles took off his glasses and began to clean.

Xander then raised his left eyebrow.

Giles cleaned harder.

Buffy moved toward Xander, nearly drooling.

Cordelia roughly hip checked Buffy out of the way and moved next to Xander. With an arm around his shoulders she began to whisper in his ear about the night before.

Giles finally put his glasses back on and looked at Xander. "Xander, would you please stop raising your eyebrows with your tongue?"

With a nod, Xander stopped and smiled. "And to think I almost dressed as Paul instead of Gene Simmons."

The End