An Early Encounter

Author: Cyclone <cyclone[at]>

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Rating: I'm gonna go say G.

Spoilers: Up to season four.

Disclaimer: The characters depicted herein belong to the idiot Joss. I'm just borrowing them for a while.

Summary: Through... unusual circumstances, a certain someone meets the Scooby Gang a little early.

Author's Note: A Halloween microfic in the spirit of the season.

Chapter 1

"Xander?" Willow blinked and hurried over to her childhood friend. "Xander!"

The soldier whirled.

"It's me, Willow!"

"I don't know any Willow."

"Xander, quit messing around. This is no time for jokes."

"The name's not Xander," he replied. "It's Finn. Lieutenant Riley Finn."


Author's Postscript:


Too much schoolwork!

'Nuff said.

*heads back to burying his head in his textbooks*

The End