Author: Mac Xavier <mac_xavier[at]>

This is a one off written after being awake for waaaaaaay too long. Blame Hatten for the bunny number three.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything Buffy, or any of the Fey. Joss is a crackhead.

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Summary: The continued existance of the World As We Know It depends on Xander Harris marrying a Fey Princess.

Warning: No Beta. For give any typos, I'm sleepy and dyslexic. Too long to be a drabble, more like a ramble.

Rating: G

Chapter 1

She's ... Not what I expected. This not-human person I have to marry so that a bunch of elves on crack don't use magic to set of a bunch of atomic bombs to stop human technology from advancing. Or something like that, Willow explained it while I was still trying to wrap my brain around some super powerful immortal magic-guy King deciding that not only was I a hero, but that I was the human Champion that was going to marry his youngest daughter.

Me. The Zeppo. The One Eyed Zeppo at that. Okay, so I saved the world ... twice and helped out with a bunch more than that, but I'm still normal guy. One Eyed normal guy.

And she's not what I expected. I mean ... She's a princess, and one of the Fey. Sort of brings to mind whispy little pixies with see-through wings and long pastel dresses and pointed ears.

She's almost as tall as I am, towering over Buffy and Willow as she chats with them and Dawn. They seem to like her and that's of the good.

Giles and King Oberon's representitive are arguing over where the Princess and I are going to have the wedding, where we're going to live ...

And she's still not what I was expecting. Don't get me wrong, she has the whole pointed ears thing going on like any good Fey type should. But no long pastel dress, she's wearing a dark green leather halter top and black leather pants tucked into seriously swashbuckle type boots. She even has the wings but they're not these little butterfly or dragonfly brightly colored see-through things. They're green, with red tips, and feathery, like a colorful version of an angel. Seraphies or something like that. Three sets of those green and red feathered wings.

The red's the same shade as her hair, only her hair has green at the tips.

Her name is something that Giles spent threee weeks teaching me to pronounce.

She's ... inhumanly perfect. And I'm a one eyed Zeppo.

Nothing's really able to pull my attention away from her.

"You want us to have *how many* kids?!?"