Author: Greydon Creed <greydon_creed[at]>

Summary: Xander gets intimate with a Slayer. But not the one you expect.

Spoilers: Takes place during Season Three ep "Becoming". All eps before that.

Rating: NC-17; for explicit descriptions of consensual sex

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Sunnydale High School Library
7:10 PM

I could hardly contain the rage that was bubbling through me. Angelus was killing people left and right, and all Buffy could think about was getting her boyfriend back.

Sure, the spell on the computer disk that Willow and Buffy had found might have been worth a shot before, but not now. Not after all that had happened. Not since Angelus had stood face to face in front of me in the hospital, his dead eyes looking into mine. Not after Willow had almost had her throat ripped out by the undead bastard when they had first found out about him losing his soul. Not after all the innocents that had been killed by Angelus to torment Buffy. How could they just forget Theresa popping out of the casket at the funeral home? She almost got Buffy... because of him.

And certainly not after what happened to Jenny Calendar.

And that was what was infuriated me the most. After one of our closest allies had been killed and left in a mockery of a romantic evening, they still wanted to bring him back. They wanted to restore the soul of the monster that had almost killed everyone in the group, that had murdered countless innocents in the two centuries that he had existed.

After the yelling match in the library, everyone went their separate ways. Buffy had gone home, too distracted to be of much help. Giles and Willow had gone to look for ingredients for the soul restoration spell, and Cordelia had gone to her house to study for finals.

I was too keyed up to go anywhere. Everyone was still angry at me from the argument and I didn't want to go home and have to come back later. So I decided to let off some frustration on the dummy.

This was something that I had only recently started doing. Even though I wasn't that great at fighting, I was trying to work on my hand to hand skills. I didn't want for everyone else to find out (I could just hear Cordy making fun of me) so I did this only when there was no one else around. I still had my memories from Halloween to guide me, so my skills were not all that bad... against humans. Against vampires, well, that was a different story.

After dragging out Buffy's training dummy, I went into the first aid kit and took out a roll of medical tape. Once I taped up my hands, I pulled off my shirt (doing this worked up quite a sweat, so I would strip to a tank top) and stood in front of the dummy.

I started slow, practicing my overhands and jabs, standing slightly less than arm's length from the dummy. Once I got warmed up, I got closer to the dummy and started to do underhand body punches and palm and elbow strikes.

Soon, I was punching at full speed, rocking the heavy dummy with the impact of my strikes. The faster and faster I struck, the more memories came back of all the fights we had been in, especially the ones with Angelus. My punches began to turn into flat out whaling, and I started to lose control as I began to just punch and punch and punch.

Standing in front of the dummy, visualizing Angelus' face, I saw every horror he had visited on Willow, on Buffy, on everyone he came in contact with. Finally, when my punches were sounding like a drumbeat, my vision had a red tinge to it and the sweat was flying from my brow, I let loose with a haymaker, knocking the dummy over on the floor.

I stood in front of the upended dummy, breathing heavily, not feeling that this had helped any, when I heard a shoe scrape on the floor behind me. Spinning around with my fists at the ready, I saw that it was Kendra.

The Jamaican Slayer stood there dressed in a black leather coat with an olive top under it and dark trousers, her hair pulled back into a single thick braid, holding a oblong object wrapped in cloth in one hand and a duffle bag in the other. Kendra's face had a strange look on it; it was as if she didn't want to look right at me but couldn't help herself.

"Interesting style, Alexander," Kendra said softly in her island accent. "I don't think I have seen it before."

"This is a new style, Kendra. It's called the "Losing Control and Whaling on Someone" technique. And call me Xander. No one calls me Alexander unless I'm in trouble." I began to take the tape off my hands, my little stress reduction session over. "You looking for Buffy?"

"Yes, something has come up that I need to talk to her and Mr. Giles about. Do you know where they are at now? I thought they might be here."

"Nah, they took off earlier. Buffy went home, and Giles and Will went to look for monster soul restoration stuff." I had taken the tape off my hands, and was now trying to stand up the practice dummy.

"Monster soul restoration stuff? I don't understand." Kendra put her bag on the table and walked over to where I was struggling with the dummy.

"Will and Buffy found a spell that could give Angelus his soul back, and of course Buffy is in 'forgive and forget' mode. Me, I don't forgive so easy. I think the only thing Angelus should get from us is a stake though the heart." I was trying to get the dummy up when Kendra reached down with one hand and pulled it upright.

"So you think Angelus should just be killed? Was he not on your side?" I started to pull the dummy toward the book cage, and Kendra opened the door for me.

"Not anymore. Not after what happened to Ms. Calendar." Noting the puzzled look on Kendra's face, I gave her a quick rundown on the Angelus situation, starting from Buffy's birthday and all the way to Ms. Calendar's death, while we both moved the dummy.

By the time we had gotten the practice dummy locked up in the cage and started back toward the library table, I was finishing the story. "...So since they found that disk with the curse on it, everyone is all gaga on giving poor Angel his soul back. I think we should just dust him, and everyone is mad at me for saying it. So that is why I was doing my frenzy routine when you walked in - I'm not too happy myself."

"But you do have a point, Alex... Xander," Kendra caught herself and smiled ruefully at me. I smiled back at her and motioned for her to continue. "The priority here should be to protect people, not let a monster run loose though the city."

"Exactly! And I have been saying that all along, but they think he should get another chance. I think we should just finish it." I leaned up against the table. "Anyhow, why are you here? The world coming to an end again?"

"As a matter of fact, that just might happen. My Watcher has found a prophecy that is about to take place in Sunnydale, and with my... the other signs that he discovered, he thought I should be here to help Buffy to deal with it." Kendra paused in the middle of her sentence and looked away for a second, piquing my interest.

"What other signs, Kendra?" I was a little surprised to see Kendra blush slightly. Even though I didn't know the other Slayer very well, I didn't think she embarrassed that easily.

"You... you know about the dreams that Slayers sometimes have, correct?" Kendra's eyes were down and to the side, trying not to look at me.

"Sure, Buffy has them every once in a while. She had them just before she faced the Master..." My voice trailed off as I felt a chill run though me. "Kendra, you haven't been dreaming of your death, have you?

"No, no, nothing like that. I've had dreams of a demon that the vampires are trying to bring to life, and when I gave the details to my Watcher, he compared them to some prophecies in his books and discovered that this one was about to pass." Kendra raised her head, but still had trouble looking at me.

"But that's not all, right Kendra?" I was starting to get an inkling of what she was trying to avoid talking about; I wouldn't want to talk about my weirder dreams either, but why the embarrassment?

"My dreams can get... intense, so sometimes I have trouble remembering that they are not real." Kendra looked up and into my eyes, but there was a look on her face that I didn't recognize. "Sometimes it about things I wish I could do if I wasn't the Slayer."

"Hey, if Buffy has proven anything, it's that you can be a Slayer and have a life too. Go ahead and cut loose sometime, Kendra. You only live once." I started toward her so that I could get my shirt, which was on the table behind her and put it back on, since I was getting cold in just my tank top.

What I did *not* expect was for Kendra to grab me by the shoulder, pull me up against her and give me a hard kiss on the lips.

I was motionless for a second while Kendra's lips moved against mine, but then I snapped out of it and began to kiss her back. Even though my kissing experience came mostly from times in the utility closet with Cordy, I could tell that Kendra didn't really know what she was doing.

Feeling Kendra's lips firmly against mine, I slowly opened my mouth and gently swiped the tip of my tongue against her lips, causing her to gasp and pull back slightly.

"What, Kendra? Did I do something wrong?" Kendra's face was a few inches away from mine, even though her body was still pressed up against mine. But this close to her, I finally recognized the emotions running through her eyes; desire... and fear.

"I... I... have these dreams... of things that I want to do... but I don't really know how to do them. This is one of them." Kendra looked away from me. "I've been wanting to be with a boy for a long time now, but I'm not allowed to." Kendra looked right at me when she spoke next. "I want to be with you, Xander."

"Be with me as in being next to me, or be with me as in..." My voice trailed off as I saw the look in Kendra's eyes intensify.

"You have been in my dreams, Xander. That is why I want to... be with you. I want to feel like a normal girl, if only for one time. And I want it to be with you."

Sunnydale High School Library
7:20 PM

For once in my life, I was speechless. Xander Harris, class clown and loser? The guy everyone made fun of? A girl wanted *me*? I looked at Kendra with my eyes wide open for what seemed an eternity, waiting for the universe to implode or the Hellmouth to crack open, because this was surely a sign of the Apocalypse.

Kendra saw the look on my face and started to pull away, whispering franticly, "I shouldn't have said that, you don't want me, this was a mistake..." I held on regardless, even though I knew that she could break free in a heartbeat if she wanted to.

"Kendra, hold still. I want to say something." Kendra stop moving away and we stood there with our arms still around each other, but not as close as before.

"I'm not used to girls saying they want to be with me. Guys are used to making the first move and you asking me threw me for a sec. And the last time a Slayer said she wanted me, it was because of a love spell gone bad." Kendra looked at me quizzically at that. "Point is, are you sure you want to be with *me*? I'm not the best looking guy, or the buffest, or the smartest..."

This time it was Kendra that silenced me. Pulling me closer, her body now pressed up against mine, Kendra kissed me again. Her lips moved over mine, tracing the edge of my mouth before breaking away again.

"Xander, I... do know what I want." The look of desire in Kendra's eyes were starting to get stronger again. "I want you. I want you to kiss me, to... touch me. Can you do that for me?"

Pulling her back against me, I let my mouth do the talking, but not in a way she was used to. Sweeping my tongue against Kendra's mouth, her lips finally parted and I plunged into her, tasting her, feeling her shudder slightly from the unfamiliar sensation.

Cautiously, Kendra began to kiss back, her tongue moving against mine, growing bolder with each swipe against my tongue and lips. Gradually, I decreased the intensity of my exploration, causing Kendra to pick up the slack, until finally her tongue was in my mouth and I was sucking on it, causing her to shudder again.

Kendra was rubbing up against me, so I slid my hands down from her waist to her butt and pulled her up against me. By this time I had a serious erection going and she gasped into my mouth when she felt it press against her belly, but that didn't stop her from rubbing up against me still.

Moving my hand up her back and toward the front, I brushed my fingers against her breast, feeling her hardened nipple under the material of her shirt and bra. Kendra murmured slightly and pushed herself forward, so that her entire breast was in her hand. I gently squeezed and she gasped into my mouth again.

Breaking off the kiss, I took Kendra's hand in mine and pulled her away from the table and toward Giles' office. She stumbled slightly, but followed me anyway.

"Where... where are we going, Xander?" Kendra asked in a low, nervous voice.

"We're out in the open right here. I know where we can go so someone won't walk in on us."

Moving together, we stopped at a door next to Giles' office marked "Audio/Visual Room." Used to store TVs and VCRs for the school, it was also a storeroom of sorts for the library. Giles and the Slayerettes also kept some other items in there, like boxes of books, various odds and ends, even blankets for when we slept over after a research party. It was the blankets I was interested in right now.

Once we went through the door and locked it, Kendra stood next to the door while I shoved boxes to the side, pulled the blankets out and spread the biggest one on the threadbare carpet covering the floor. I turned back to see Kendra standing with her hands clasped together in front of her, chewing on her bottom lip nervously. I walked up to Kendra and took her hands in mine. One hand moved up and touched her face, lifting it so that her eyes were looking into mine.

"You know, it's OK if you don't want to go any further." There were parts of me screaming that is would *not* be OK, but I shoved those thoughts away.

"I want to, Xander. You do not know how much I want to..." Pulling my face down toward hers, Kendra kissed me on the mouth, her tongue immediately sweeping into me.

Slowly moving backwards, I pulled Kendra along with me until we were both standing on the blanket. Trying not to remove my lips from hers, I awkwardly kicked my shoes off and Kendra followed suit. I ran my hands along her shoulders, sliding her leather coat off and tossing it on some boxes besides us.

Stepping back, Kendra took a deep breath and pulled her green top off, revealing a black bra underneath. Unbuckling her belt and pants she slid those off with her socks, leaving on her matching black panties and stood there, still nervously biting her lip. I quickly pulled off my tank top and shucked my jeans and socks, leaving myself in pale blue boxers and walked up to Kendra, putting my arms around her waist.

"Anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are, Kendra?" She pressed up against me, so I was nearly whispering in her ear.

"No. I do not, as you say, 'get out much.' All I do is train and fight." Kendra started to tremble as I began to trace the edges of her ear with my lips.

"Well, you are. You want me to prove it to you?" I ran my lips down her jaw to the hollow of her neck, where I gently sucked at the throbbing pulse.

"Yes. Oh yes..." Whether she was replying to my question or reacting to my kisses, I couldn't really tell, but I continued my caresses, still feeling her tremble as I lightly ran my hands up and down her back. I didn't exactly feel too cool at the moment, but Kendra's skin was almost burning compared to mine.

"You're so hot, Kendra. Your skin's on fire." Running my cool fingertips down her spine to the waistband of her panties, I followed the material to the front, where I gently stroked her taut belly, feeling the muscles quiver.

"You know what you remind me of? You're like hot chocolate on a cold morning. Sometimes it's so hot you burn your lips getting that first sip, but it tastes so good that you don't care, you want another taste, and another, and another, until all you feel is the sweetness in your mouth." I moved my hands to the closure on the back of Kendra's bra and managed to get it undone with a minimum of fumbling. "You don't mind me tasting you, right Kendra? Seeing how sweet you are all over?" I started to ease the shoulder straps down her arms, the bra loosely staying on by the cups alone.

Kendra shivered at my last words, causing the bra to fall loose and slide off down her arms and to the floor. Her arms started to come up to cover herself, but I held them in front of her, still speaking softly. "Can I taste you, Kendra? I need to hear you say it."

Kendra took a breath, and slowly let it out, almost like a sigh. "Yes, Xander. I want you to taste me..." she whispered before she softly gasped when my hand moved up to cup her right breast.

My hand gently squeezed her breast before I rubbed her hardening nub with my thumb. Looking down at the dark brown nipple, contrasting with her mocha colored skin, it looked so much like a chocolate kiss that I couldn't help myself. I ducked my head and took the nipple in her mouth, feeling Kendra's legs start to tremble as I sucked and licked her, almost tasting her excitement.

"Xander, I... need to lie down... I can not... stay standing... much longer..." Kendra's words came in fragments, broken up by gasps as I began to worry the tip of her nipple with the edges of my teeth.

Reluctantly, I moved my mouth away from her breast and back up to her mouth, gently kissing her before taking her hand and easing her down to the floor. Kendra lay back against the old comforter, her head pillowed on a folded blanket, watching me as I lay down besides her on my side and began to trail my hand up and down the skin of her chest and stomach, feeling the goose bumps that came to the surface in the wake of my touch.

Leaning down to Kendra's mouth, I swiped the tip of my tongue across her lips and tasted her, exploring her mouth briefly before moving my lips down to her throat, feeling her pulse beating madly under her skin. Kendra shivered and mewled as I nipped her gently, her limbs twitching slightly as my kisses continued.

Moving my hands to the waistband of her panties, I looked at Kendra's face to see her looking down at me. She nodded, giving me silent permission, and I carefully pulled the garment down and off leaving her completely nude.

Seeing the moisture glistening in the dark tangled curls between her legs, I felt a sudden urge to go and taste her there. I didn't know how Kendra, with her lack of experience, would deal with that, so instead I gently ran my fingertips along the opening to her folds, feeling her jump a little.

Easing my index finger into her channel, I was suddenly aware that a) Kendra was really hot and wet inside, b) her eyes were almost the size of saucers from the sensation of my finger inside of her, and c) there was no barrier.

The no hymen thing threw me for a sec, until I remembered how active Kendra was. I had read in a Cosmo magazine (I had been looking at the pictures inside) that girls could lose their hymens from strenuous physical activities. Kendra did a lot of high-kicking in her fighting, so I figured that was the cause. I didn't mind at all after a moment; this would make things a lot simpler, not to mention less painful.

"X - Xander... is... everything OK?" Snapping back to the present, I could see worry fighting arousal on Kendra's face. Smiling up at her, I pulled my hand away from her and leaned closer to her.

"Oh yeah." Briefly kissing her on the lips, I pulled back and smiled lopsidedly. "Couldn't be better." Bringing my hand up to my face, I licked the moisture off my finger. "Hmm... you are sweet all over."

As Kendra's eyes got big again, I moved back and pulled down my boxers. Kicking them off, I saw her eyes focus on my cock, which was starting to ache a little from being so turned on.

Reading the look on her face, I sat beside her and took her hand and bought it to my cock. Kendra hesitantly wrapped her hand around my hardness and moving slowly she stroked me, running her hand from the base to the tip and back again. I hissed softly from the sensations, and when she looked at me in concern and trepidation, I smiled to encourage her.

Kendra continued her motions, lingering at the swollen tip, drawing soft groans from me. Encouraged, she began to stroke faster, unconsciously licking her lips as she smoothed the liquid leaking from the tip over the shaft.

Pretty soon I had to reach down and still her motions, not wanting to come too soon. Kendra looked up at me anxiously, but I smiled at her again and bent forward and kissed her.

"Don't want to finish too fast. This is for you, remember?" Pulling her into my lap, Kendra sat straddling my thighs, my hard cock against her lower belly. "You sure you want to go on, Kendra?"

Kendra nodded her head, leaning forward and kissing me hungrily. I moved my hands to her hips and guided her up so that she was on her knees over me, the tip of my cock against her wet folds. Looking again at Kendra and seeing the desire shinning from her eyes, I eased her down on me, my cock sliding into her opening.

"Oh god..." I groaned softly. Kendra moaned in agreement, her hot wet channel clenching hard around me as I slowly filled her. We held still for a few moments, Kendra's face pressed against my neck, savoring the sensation of me inside her while I tried not to lose control and spend myself inside her. I wanted to come so much, but I wanted Kendra to do so even more.

Moving gradually, I began to slide in and out of her, her gasps against my neck exciting me even more. Turning her face toward me I kissed her, feeling her breath puffing into my mouth as each thrust made her sigh in pleasure. Moving my mouth down I took a hardened nipple into my mouth, feeling her shudder slightly as I began to suck on it, worrying the tip with my teeth.

Soon Kendra took control of our movements, moving faster on top of me, thrusting down harder as her excitement grew. The sounds coming from her throat changed from sighs to moans and groans, gradually forming into words.

"More... I need more Xander... I can feel you inside me..." Kendra was wide-eyed, her breathing rapid as she moved on top of me, trying to increase the pleasurable sensations going through her.

Pulling her toward me as I lay back, I rolled over and wound up on top of Kendra, our lower bodies still connected. She gave a loud moan as my weight on top of her pushed me deeper into her, thrusting up her hips as she wrapped her lower legs around my thighs.

Moving slowly, I began to thrust into Kendra, her muscles tightening as the sensations built up inside her. Her moans were getting louder as I sped up, matching my own groans of pleasure as she tightened around my cock, the heat and wetness better than anything I every felt before.

"Harder, Xander, I want it harder!" Kendra's cries spurred me on; I wanted to feel her explode around me so I paused for a moment, drawing a moan of disappointment from Kendra. Moving quickly, I hooked my arms under her legs and pulled them up to my shoulders. Thrusting forward again, Kendra gave a short shriek as I hit bottom, my cock completely inside her.

Kendra opened her eyes and looked at me as I held still, not knowing if I had hurt her with my last move. With a slight shiver, Kendra said softly, "Please don't stop, Xander. That felt so good."

Feeling reassured, I began to move again, slowly at first, speeding up when Kendra cried out at me to so, until I was finally pounding into her, my hips grinding into her mound and clit between some of the thrusts. Finally Kendra began to shudder and spasm, her moans becoming a single long cry.

Feeling Kendra's muscles clench down on me as she began to orgasm, I lost control and began come myself, thrusting forward as my fluid began to spill into her, then finally holding still to feel Kendra's last spasms around my cock.

Moving away from her, I lay down beside Kendra and pulled her into my arms, feeling her breathing slow from the frantic rate of before. Tilting her face toward mine, I kissed her lightly on the lips and moved back a little, watching the emotions crossing her face. And it wasn't like before; there was no fear or apprehension this time. There was only contentment and pleasure on her relaxed face.

Slowly Kendra opened her eyes and looked at me. I just gave her a small version of my lopsided grin and waited for her reaction. And what I got was something I would have never expected from Kendra; she began to giggle.

I watched wide-eyed as Kendra laughed. Finally the reason for the laughter came to me; pleasure. Kendra had so few pleasures in her life that being able to experience what she had just had was making her laugh from the sheer joy of it. So I held her against me and smiled as she shook softly from her laughter

Once the laughing slowed to a halt and we were just laying there looking at each other, smiles still on our faces, Kendra moved forward and kissed me softly and finally spoke. "Thank you for that, Xander."

"For the laughs, Kendra? I always knew I was a chuck-a-lacious guy." I grinned at her.

"No, Xander. For making me feel so good. I never felt anything like that before. You made my dream come true." Kendra moved forward to kiss me again when my digital wristwatch beeped, causing her eyes to widen. "What time is it?"

I looked down at my watch. "8:00 PM," I replied.

"Oh my... I lost track of time, I have to find Mr. Giles and Buffy, I have to tell them about the prophecy..." Kendra jumped to her feet and started to quickly gather her clothes.

In the amount of time it took for me to find my boxer shorts and pull them on, Kendra had put on her bra, panties, and pants and was franticly looking around for her top. Finding it next to the pile of blankets, I walked up and handed it to her. As she pulled it on over her head, I spoke in a fake worried tone, "You're just going to walk on out and never call, right?"

Kendra came to a sudden halt, her top still covering her face. Slowly she pulled the top down and looked over at me, seeing the grin on my face. Walking over to me, she stopped a foot away from me, her dark eyes locked into mine.

"I am most certainly going to call you, Alexander." I winced at the use of my proper name. "You have only made one of my dreams come true. I still have some others I want to do." A slow smile crept over her face. "Why do you think I have a leather jacket now?"

As my eyes widened at that implication, Kendra laughed out loud. After a second, I joined in, stopping only when she leaned forward and kissed me.

"I have to give this information to Buffy and Mr. Giles. Once everything is settled, I want to... spend some more time with you. Can we do that?" Kendra's face was transformed by something I hadn't seen from her before; confidence, mixed with desire.

"Oh, yeah." Grabbing my tank top, I got dressed as Kendra put on her socks, shoes and jacket. She waited for me to pull on my shoes, then we walked out of the room into the library. "You need any help finding Buffy?"

"You said that she is at her house, correct?" Kendra asked. I nodded in reply. "I know where that is. I can move faster than you can, so if I can't find her at her house or at Mr. Giles' apartment, I will come back here."

"Ok. I need to clean up here anyway. Giles will freak if he finds a mess in the A/V room." I walked to the table and picked up Kendra's bag. "I can stash this in Giles' office. You need anything out of it?"

Kendra shook her head and patted her jacket pockets. "I have what I need here." She walked over and picked up the wrapped object on the table and handed it to me. "Keep this with the bag, would you? It is important to the prophecy we are facing."

As I stood there Kendra leaned forward and kissed me, quickly running the tip of her tongue across my lips before breaking it off. "I will see you later, Xander," she whispered before turning and walking out the library.

For a moment, I stood there, still feeling my lips tingle from her kiss. Finally I turned and walked toward Giles' office. The weight and shape of the wrapped object felt like a sword, which reminded me of the impending prophecy and Angelus. But where I had felt rage before, now I felt reassured.

With two Slayers to fight against the darkness that was coming, what could go wrong?