Black Knight, White Knight

Take 2

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Rating: I'm gonna go say G.

Spoilers: Up to Halloween.

Disclaimer: Most of the characters depicted herein belong to the idiot Joss. I'm just borrowing them for a while.

Summary: Xander wears a costume to try and match Buffy's (with a somewhat less dignified result than in the original Black Knight, White Knight).

Author's Note: This is actually an older plot bunny, but it's come back to bite me in the ass until I wrote it.

Chapter 1

Xander scowled as he watched Buffy gushing over the noblewoman's dress. His gaze swept across Ethan's and fell on something that caught his eye.

He brushed a hand across the front of the costume wistfully, knowing it was more than he could afford.

"Interested in that, are you?"

Xander jumped and spun to see the shopkeeper holding his hands up placatingly.

"Yeah," Xander shrugged, "but I've only got two dollars."

"Then you're in luck," Ethan grinned. "I got this particular costume almost free in a clearance sale. Just tell everyone else where you got it. After all, a business like this lives on word of mouth. Deal?"

Xander looked at the costume.

*All right, Buff,* Xander thought. *You wanna get medieval, we'll get medieval.*




Willow stopped when she saw the rather large and very real sword pointed at her throat.

Xander spoke.

"None shall pass!"


Author's Postscript:

After Whisper2AScream made the comment, I had to do this version too. For those who didn't recognize who Ashram was, he's the Black Knight of Marmo from Record of Lodoss War.

The End