Book Nights

Author: hatten_jc <hatten_jc[at]>

Giles sighted the Watchers councill hade send over this Beast.

He was a Librarian of incredible skill that hade loots of books the Watchers loved to copy.

And when he hade asked to copy a pair of Giles book they hade send him over to Sunnydale.

They even said he could live with Giles. He did not mind that.

But the fact that his new room mate and Xander hade become like Brothers was scarry.

Xander "No way. I so eat more Twinkis then you can" The Librarian frowned as he grabbed a fist full of twinking and pushing them betweens his jaws.

Xander blinked "Impresiv Five.. I can do seven" The librarian blinked looking douping at Xander.

Grinning like a fool Xander grabbed seven twinkis and putting them in his mouth swallowing with difficulty.

The Librarian looked impresed grabbing seven himself.

Then the Door opend and Buffy walked in.

She looked around seeing the pile of bananas sitting in the corner and at Xander and Giles roomy.

"Giles" Buffy said "Why is it a Monky in the library" The librarian looked quite angry at Buffy "OOk ook"

Xander sighted "Buffy Its A Orangutan dont be rude" Buffy blinked.

Giles nodded "yes Oranguatan is apes not monky. And he is a frind of mine. The councill of Watchers send him over"

The Orangutan nodded "Ook Ooook" Giles sighted "Do write. No one understand you when you speak"

Xander frowned "You dont say.. OOk ok OOOk" The Orangutan nodded "Oook Ooook Ok Ohook"

Xander "Thats so sad. And Evrybody do that"

Buffy "What Happening"

Giles sighted he hade the feling it would be a long long day.

Outside the door Lord John Greystock sighted he hopet that Xander his long lost son would belive him.

And the lord of the Djungl entered the library. Tarzan was in town.

The End