Breaking bread

Entry for Buffy's Final Days PWP Fest

Author: drmillson <drmillson[at]>

Rating: NC-17 (very!)

Disclaimer: these characters are owned by a whole lot of people who are not me...i own my imagination, though...

Pairing: B/F/X

Summary: no plot whatsoever, or, you read it and tell me ;)

Spoilers: none at all

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Warning: this one's got a decent kink to it, kiddies...if you prefer vanilla, you might want to walk away now...actually, i don't think you'll find this flavor at baskin robbins ; )

you have been warned...don't come crying to me if you keep on reading...

"Harder!" Buffy growls at me through clenched teeth. The feel of her slick heat wrapped around my cock, it's unlike anything I've felt before. Not even Faith, when she took me in her motel room, felt as good as Buffy does now.

"OhB-buffyohgod" She's squeezing me, clenching at me hard, making me fight to pull back. "Oh... fuck!!!"

"Yeah, Xander," Faith whispers in my ear, "give it to her harder. You know how B likes it." One of her hands is under me, teasing around my back opening. Every so often, she pushes in a bit, making me clench and throb inside Buffy. It's so incredible. Part of me wants her to go for it, to take me, to make me hers. Even the feel of just the tip inside me is making me crazy. I can't believe how good it feels. Oh shit, there it goes again. Fuck. I'm not sure how I'm lasting through all this.

Between the two of them I think my brain is going to explode from all the sensations. I look down and see my erection as it slides in and out of Buffy's pussy. I'm slick, glistening, with her moisture. Her lips cling to me, pull back as I do. She's tight. Has to be a slayer thing. Faith's the same way.

"Shiiiiiittttt" I groan, as Faith bites my shoulder.

"Look at B, Xan," she purrs to me. "See how hot she is? That's from you, all from you. You're inside her. She's gripping you. I know you like it. You like all of this, don't you?"

I nod, not knowing what else to do.

"See how wet she's gotten, all because of your hard cock inside her. I betcha she's clenching you now. You like his cock, don't you, B?"

I lock eyes with Buffy. Faith's words have me nearly there, and what Buffy's doing to me is sending chills across my spine. I feel so on fire.

"C'mon, B, admit it. Tell boytoy here how much you're liking it." Faith's other hand drops to Buffy's pussy. My gaze drops and I see her stroking Buffy's clit.

"Ffffuck... ohgod... " Buffy hisses. "I... mmm... I like it... soooo much... sooo gooooood..." Her chest heaves. Her inner muscles are working me for all I'm worth.

"S-s-so... hot... inside you..." I manage to get out. My cock is on fire. I'm going to cum soon, if Faith has her way. Her fingers are softly massaging and squeezing my balls.

"Ohgodohgodohgod" She seems to know just which buttons can be pushed. I really, really like that about her. The girl has a knack, and she uses it to her advantage.

Faith's thumb is twirling over Buffy's clit. Buffy's eyes are closed, her face scrunched up. God, she looks so beautiful. Even the light sheen of sweat on her forehead. Not hard to see why everybody wants her. Faith and I are the only ones who've let her know it, though. Look where's it's gotten us, too.

"Close... so close... so... mmmm... ohgodohFaithohXan... ohhhhhh"

Buffy cums and I instantly know it. I can't believe the pressure I feel inside her. And the heat. My erection is burning as it slides along her walls. I watch as her body shakes. Faith's thumb slows as Buffy's own movements do. I pause for a minute, savoring the fluttering of Buffy's interior around my cock.

"Okay, studboy," Faith says, moving behind me and grabbing my hips. "Time to finish you off. I've got some plans for you." As she says this last, she begins guiding me back into a rhythm. It's like she's fucking Buffy through me. Damn. Now there's a thought.

Buffy watches my face. I see her eyes roaming, while she lays there blanketed in a fine haze of warmth. "You are so beautiful," I say to her, causing her to smile up at me.

"Christ, Xander, speed it up, will ya?" Faith slaps my side, urging me to pick up the pace. Her body is molded into mine. I feel her hardened nipples on my back, two small points burning into me.

To make her happy, I begin thrusting faster. Buffy's breasts are bouncing. I really want to lean down and kiss them, but I doubt Faith would let me. She wants me to cum, and I'm soon going to oblige.

"Isn't it everything you thought it would be, Xan," Faith asks. "Feels like hot satin against you, doesn't it? Like being caressed in a soft, warm glove?" She's really getting to me, and she knows it. I feel her rubbing against my back, and it's driving me wild.

"Shit... ohfuckfuckfuck... gonna... gonna cum... ohhhhfuuuuck... gaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..."

Faith pulls me back, so that only the head of my erection is still inside Buffy. After a couple spurts she pulls me out completely. Her hand wraps around my cock and she strokes me as I continue cumming, shooting it on and around Buffy's pussy. She keeps going, milking me clean.

When she finishes, she releases me and turns me to look at her. She has some of my cum on her fingers. I watch as she brings them to her mouth and licks them clean. I can feel the telltale twitching signalling that my erection is coming back to life. When she's done, Faith pulls my head down and kisses me. Her tongue forces its way into my mouth. Along with her own sweet flavor, I taste my own, slightly salty and tangy. Soon, it becomes all I am tasting from her. She must have kept what she got off her fingers in her mouth. Faith planned this.

Breaking the kiss, she smirks up at me. "Wasn't so bad, now, was it boytoy?"

I shake my head. For the first time I think I know what Faith will do next. I decide to wait and find out if I'm right.

She pushes me to my knees, and then gets down beside me. Buffy is watching us both with interest. I'm not sure if she knows what Faith has in mind or not.

Pointing to Buffy's pink, cum laden pussy, Faith says, "See that, Xan? You did all that, and B let you. She wanted to feel your heat shooting into her. Look, you can see it coming out."

Sure enough, I see my cum slowly trickling out of Buffy's opening. My cock is springing back to life at the sight of it. Faith sees this and takes hold of it, jerking me off slowly. She uses the perfect grip. I could die happy right now.

With her other hand, Faith dips a finger into Buffy's wet center. She swirls it around a little, then pulls it back out. I see it glistening with a mixture of both Buffy's and my fluids. Faith sucks the finger into her mouth. When she pulls it out, I see it wet with her own saliva. I look at her, expecting her to kiss me again. She gives me a wicked grin.

"Not this time, stud," she says, her voice like honey. "You want it, you go get your own." She points toward Buffy's sex. "And let me tell you, it's a lot sweeter than what I gave you."

I look up at Buffy, her eyes wide as what Faith said sinks in. She seems unsure of this turn of events. The last thing I want to do is make her uncomfortable, so I start to stand back up.

"Xan, wait," she says quietly. "It's okay. I... I want you to. Please?"

I drop back to my knees. Faith increases her pace on my erection. It throbs in her hand, and she lets out a low moan.

Looking back toward Buffy's pussy, I make up my mind. I lean in, making a tentative swipe with my tongue. Faith was right, it is sweeter. I barely notice the tang of my own cum at all. I lick all around Buffy's sex, cleaning it of my fluid. Her skin tastes incredible. I suck on her clit, and she bucks up into my mouth. The mixture of flavors is unbelievably good. I trail my tongue down, along her lips, cleaning her of my cum as I go.

Faith's hand stops its motions. When she releases me I feel the cooler air of the room on my cock. I feel something else entirely, as she leans down and takes me into her mouth.

"OhmygodFaithsogood" I blurt out, as the feel of her tongue running along the underside of my erection overtakes me.

Buffy reaches for my head, taking me by the hair and guiding me back to her pussy. I spread her lips apart, running my tongue into her. I lap at her, sucking the sweet, thick liquid from within her. I hear her moan, feel her fingers tightening in my hair. She's so wet, so sweet. I could spend the rest of my life here.

Soon, even the hint of my tangier flavor is gone, and I'm left with Buffy's own delicious taste. I lick up and down along her pussy, stopping to nip and suckle her clit each time I reach the top. Below me, Faith continues her attack, taking me into her throat.

As I lick, I feel Buffy's wetness increasing. My fingers find her clit, and rub it gently. I remain lower, drinking her juices. Her orgasm is quieter than the last, but no less wet. Her sweet cream tickles over my taste buds.

I feel the head of my cock sliding into Faith's throat once more, as she takes all of me into her mouth at last. It's such a tight feeling, very different from being inside Buffy. She begins trying to swallow, and the movements send me over the edge. My hips buck as I cum in her throat.


The end