Burying the... Hatchet?

A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction Story

Author: Jason W Thompson <jwt6577[at]quik.com>

September 1, 2000

Disclaimer: Once upon a time there was a guy he wrote a story with characters and settings he didn't own, but he put a disclaimer on his story and that made it a little less illegal. BTVS and Angel are owned by Joss, Fox, Mutant Enemy, and the WB. I don't own anything except the situation characters are in.

Category: Buffy/Cordelia/Xander


Warnings: Language, sex, f/f/m

Summary: Fed up with the fighting between his best friend and his girlfriend, Xander tries to get Buffy and Cordelia to bury the hatchet, it works a little too well.

Rating: NC-17

Distribution: Ask First.

Notes: Requested by Stone Cold, who asked me to write some Cordy/Xander/Buffy smut.

Dedication: As always, dedicated to Mary. Also Dedicated to Duchess, Dale, Nate, Stone Cold, Aslan and Bri, who have allowed me to bounce my ideas off them, and Krac, cause she needs support if she's every gonna return to the world of sanity.

Xander watched them while he was perched at the check out counter. Giles had left him the keys so he could lock up when they were finished. "To finish we'd have to start." He grumbled as they merely sat at the Scooby Gang's traditional table, staring at each other. Well, glaring actually. Buffy gave Cordy her best "I'm the Slayer and I'm going to kill you, you demon" glare. Across from the table from Buffy, Cordelia retaliated with her glare she had reserved for. well, reserved for Buffy.

Things had gotten so much worse since Willow and Angel had run off to LA, Xander cursed Willow for her leaving for the millionth time. When she left with the King of the Brood, Buffy was left with little other choice than to hang out with him and Cordelia.

Now, to clarify, Xander was ecstatic when Buffy had started hanging out with him more. But, the problem was Cordelia and Buffy hated each other like no one he had ever seen. Frankly he was tired of it. He was at his last straw, if they didn't figure out a way to get along, he'd stop, no more Buffy, no more Cordelia. That would be it, maybe he could get a date with the new girl in his History class, Faith he thought her name was. Suddenly Xander had the new Limp Bizkit song in his head, "Cause I gotta Have Faith." "Down Xander, let's handle this first."

Xander jumped off the counter, "All right ladies, its real simple. My patience is at its end," He turned to Buffy. "Buffy, just because you don't like Cordelia, doesn't mean I can't not include her in stuff." At Cordelia's snigger, Xander turned to her, "And Cordy, Buffy's my best friend, I'm not going to exclude her just cause you don't like her. So here's the deal." Xander ignored the "So there" look Buffy gave Cordelia. "This is your last chance." Buffy and Cordelia both looked at him in wide eyed shock. "If you two can't figure out how to get along with each other, for my sake, or at least in my presence. Well, I don't have the patience or strength to put up with this bullshit anymore. So if you can't get along after tonight, I won't be with either of you anymore. Now I'm going to leave you alone while I get a coke, please, *please* try to bury the hatchet." He turned around and left the library.

There was a long silence while both women watched the door Xander had left through. Buffy turned to Cordelia, at the same time the brunette turned to her and they said simultaneously, "This is all your fault... *MY* fault!?! Yes *YOUR* fault!"

Buffy stood from her chair angrily, "If you would stop being such a controlling Bitch all the time I'd-"

Cordelia stood up angrily as well, "Me? Controlling? That's rich coming from you. He's MY boyfriend, ever since Willow ran off with your boyfriend you've been trying to steal Xander away from me!"

Buffy's eyes opened wide, "I am not trying to steal Xander, and believe me, if I was, I wouldn't have to try, I'd just do it!"

Cordelia scoffed, "Please. Why would Xander go for you when he has me?"

Buffy smirked, "From what he told me, you don't let him have much of anything..."

"At least I'm not a skanky freak."

"At least I'm not some rich bitchy snob!"

"At least I don't need to get my hair color from a bottle!"

Buffy came around the table, standing toe to toe with Cordelia. "At least I don't have to keep MY man on a leash to keep him!"

Cordelia smirked, "At least MY man didn't run off with the biggest dork on the face of the earth!"

Buffy ground her teeth, "At least I don't display my huge chest every time a guy walks by!"

Cordelia pushed her index finger into Buffy just above her breasts, "At least, *I* have a chest!"

Both Buffy and Cordelia were surprised at the electricity that passed between them when Cordelia touched her, Buffy didn't show that Cordelia was having an unexpected affect on her, "Yeah, I'm sure your Daddy paid for them."

Cordelia ground her teeth, bristling at the insult, pointing to her breasts she said, "These are 38D's, and they're *mine,* I was born with them! Unlike you, 'B-Cup' Summers!"

Buffy smirked, "Well, Xander seems to like my breasts, maybe it's true, more than a handful is a waste..."

Cordelia's eyes narrowed, "Well, you certainly have more than a handful when it comes to the ass."

Buffy's eyes narrowed as well, "Wouldn't you like to know."

Cordelia felt a shock of lust go straight through her, she felt like she was burning alive. However she kept up her icy exterior, "You couldn't handle me."

Buffy looked her over, then made a very bold move, she grabbed Cordelia by the hips and yanked Cordelia's body to her, "Wouldn't you like to know..."

Cordelia gasped, then said, "Oh God, Yes!" Before she attacked the blonde's mouth with her own...


Xander whistled tunelessly as he walked from the vending machine to the library. As he approached the library he listened for signs of carnage, hearing none he smiled, "My God, are they actually being civil?" Pushing through the doors, Xander stopped dead, his can of Coke falling to the floor, the soda spilling all over the floor, as his jaw went slack.

Xander blinked to try and test to see if what he was seeing was actually what he was seeing or if he had had a stroke, died and gone right to his wildest fantasy. "When I said you two needed to find a way to get along, this was. a little bit more than what I had in mind."

Xander watched as his girlfriend kissed his best friend with a fevered passion. Buffy was squeezing Cordelia's ass as Cordelia cupped her breasts. He watched in fascination as Cordelia sucked on Buffy's bottom lip before breaking the kiss entirely, both women were panting heavily. Cordelia then said, "I was wrong, you have a great chest..." Buffy flushed then pushed Cordelia onto the table. Buffy began to nuzzle Cordelia's throat while she unbuttoned Cordy's blouse. Cordelia's head fell back and her eyes drifted close. Cordy ran her fingers lazily through Buffy's hair.

Xander cleared his throat, receiving no response, he coughed, ignored again. "Hi..." Cordy's eyes snapped open and Buffy jumped turning around. Xander waved and grinned, "Sorry to interrupt..."

Cordelia's left hand was tangled in Buffy's hair while her right hand cupped Buffy's breast, she blushed while her hands drifted down to her side, "I'm ah. I mean, this isn't what it looks like Xander."

Xander nodded, "Really?" He started walking towards them, "Well it looked to me like you were making out with Buffy." Stopping in front of them he smirked, "What? Was she choking, and you were giving her the Hoover maneuver?" He rocked on his heels, "So, I take it you two have found a way to get along. Or am I wrong?"

Buffy wiped at her lipstick, "We're sorry Xand. It was my fault, I kissed Cordy..."

Cordelia jumped off the table, "No Xander, it was my fault I started it..."

Xander cocked an eyebrow, "Really? How did you start it, I mean did you grab her..." He sat on the table, clearly amused, mostly aroused. "You know, pull her to you. Something like that?"

Cordelia's eyes narrowed while Buffy smirked and asked, "You're not mad are you?"

Xander smirked, "I probably should be, but nope. Surprised, shocked, titillated, but not mad." He smiled impishly, "So, pretend I'm not here, get back to what you doing. Don't let me bother you, God I wish I had my camera."

Buffy turned to Cordelia who looked at Xander, a smile playing at the brunette's lips. Cordelia then turned towards her and Buffy took her in. In a word, she was astounding, her toned body was perfectly tanned as always. Her lipstick smudged and hair slightly disheveled, for perhaps the first time Buffy could remember. Buffy had only managed to half-way unbutton Cordy's blouse, giving a good peek at her breasts, which Buffy watched rise and fall more quickly under her hungry stare.

Without thinking, Buffy yanked Cordelia to her and plundered her mouth. Ramming her tongue in the other's mouth earning a whimper from the May Queen, who clutched the Slayer to her as though it would kill Cordelia to end their embrace. Buffy broke the kiss and moved along her jaw line to her ear, which she bit on before sucking on it. With a yank followed by the sound of buttons clattering, Buffy had Cordelia's shirt open.

"Hey!" Buffy stopped and pulled back to look at Cordelia who was suddenly angry, "This was a one hundred dollar blouse..."

Xander chimed in, "Yeah, but Cordy, from here it was sexy as hell."

Cordelia turned to Xander, "Xander?" At his nod she said, "Shut up and get your lame ass over here!"

Xander smirked, "I thought you liked my ass."

Buffy then said as she returned to nuzzling Cordelia's throat, "I always liked his ass."

Cordelia huffed, "I knew it! I knew you were watching his butt!"

Buffy stood up and smiled at Cordelia, "Yeah, so?" She moved her hands around and down and squeezed, "I'm *grabbing* your ass." She kissed her way down Cordelia's throat and bit lightly on her collarbone.

Cordelia suddenly found herself being kissed by Xander, she gasped into his mouth as Buffy licked the rising flesh of Cordelia's breast. Her knees buckled and the only thing holding her up were Xander and Buffy's arms holding her in place. She felt her blouse being pushed off her shoulders and fall to the floor, and sighed around Xander's mouth as he began to caress her arms, goose bumps rising everywhere.

Buffy reached around and found the clasp of Cordelia's bra and unfastened it. She pulled the red lace garment off Cordelia's shoulders, then slid it off completely. Xander broke their kiss before he kneeled down and slid Cordelia's skirt from her quickly followed her panties. Buffy then smiled at the sight of Cordelia completely naked. She smiled and said, "So you tan all over I see..." Her gaze drifted south, "And a shaver too. Cordelia, you little minx."

Buffy ran her hands lightly over Cordelia's shoulder, then explored her chest, gently cupping Cordelia's supple breasts, dragging her thumb over the sensitive tips bringing a shudder from Cordelia. Xander stood up and took both their hands and led them to the table, where he sat Cordelia down then guided her down on her back and kissed her throat before trailing his tongue up to her lips causing Cordelia to growl. Buffy began to strip off her clothes, she grabbed the hem of her sweater and pulled it over her head and when it came off she found Xander and Cordelia watching her with enough intensity that if Buffy wasn't already burning with her desire, she would have become so.

Smiling wickedly, the Slayer began to sway her hips to unheard but sexy rhythm. She ran her hands up the sides and cupped her breasts she almost laughed when Xander's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets but she shuddered slightly when Cordelia unconsciously licked her lips. She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, sliding it off her shoulders, it fell forgotten to the floor. Buffy became lost in the moment as she danced, her hands slid down her stomach and found the waistband of her pants she found the button and unfastened it then slid the zipper down, she slid them down her hips slowly, teasing them both finally her pants hit the floor and she stepped out of them along with her shoes, shedding the pretense of a seductive dance, Buffy shed her panties and walked over to the table.

Xander looked at them both, "I suddenly feel overdressed..." Xander shed his clothing as quickly as possible. Cordelia ran her finger lazily over Buffy's thigh as Xander stripped, as Xander dropped his boxers Buffy's eyes widened slightly in surprise while Cordelia smiled at Xander's fully erect member. "Like what you see?"

Cordelia nodded and crooked her finger, beckoning Xander to the table with Buffy and herself. Xander sat down and Cordelia began to kiss his chest. Just as Xander's eyes fell close, he tensed as a tongue flicked across the head of his cock. His eyes snapped open and he looked down and saw Buffy kneeling between his legs, she looked up at him and smiled before she gripped his shaft and pumped him. Suddenly Cordelia pushed him back and continued exploring his chest with her lips and tongue, while he felt Buffy engulf his already twitching cock in her, warm, wet mouth. Xander's breath rumbled deep in his chest, and unbeknownst to him, both Cordelia and Buffy flushed with pride.

Xander fought the urge to thrust into Buffy's mouth as she grazed him lightly with her teeth, and his fingers found their way into Cordelia's hair. He began to pant as Buffy increased the speed of her wonderful torture of his body. Xander grabbed Cordelia and gently pulled her up, he whispered in her ear, Cordelia giggled and nodded. She then moved so that she was straddling Xander's head and Xander pulled her hips until dripping pussy was within reach of his tongue. Cordelia squealed with delight as Xander pushed his tongue inside of her slick folds.

Cordelia began to whimper as Xander used his lips tongue teeth, and even blowing lightly on her clit and labia trying to push her towards orgasm. Her whimpers turned into whispers, "Oh god... yeah... yes... oh Xander..."

Buffy looked up to see Xander with Cordelia sitting on his face while Xander used his mouth to push her towards ecstasy. Buffy smiled inwardly and decided to try to get Xander to cum before he made Cordelia do the same. Slowly, Buffy began to take more of Xander's length into her mouth, relaxing her throat as the tip hit the back of her throat, taking Xander in all the way to the base, she moaned around his member. Xander growled and redoubled his efforts to make Cordy cum. He sucked hard on her clit then scrapped over it with his teeth. He felt her tense and suddenly she screamed, Xander's face was flooded with Cordelia's juices as she came.

Xander then arched up. Buffy quickly realized what was happening, she pulled back enough so he wouldn't gag her when he came, his seed flooded into her mouth. She let Xander's cock fall out her mouth before she swallowed his cum. Cordelia, still shaking from her orgasm, moved until she was sitting beside Xander's head. She leaned down and kissed Xander hungrily, tasting herself on his lips. Xander sat up and pulled Buffy to him, kissing her hungrily.

Buffy responded eagerly, they were led down onto the table by Cordelia who began to place kisses on Buffy's body, starting at her stomach she floated around, finally she began to move down Buffy's stomach past her navel, coming to a small patch of damp curls. She took her right hand and pushed two fingers inside of Buffy. Buffy moaned around Xander's mouth and rocked her hips into Cordelia's hand. Cordelia used her thumb to play with Buffy clit. Buffy's hips arched up and Cordelia could feel her muscles begin to tighten slightly. She pushed her fingers in and out of Buffy while Xander kissed and sucked on her breasts. Buffy reached down and began to stroke Xander, trying to get him hard again.

Xander began to stiffen again, and Buffy said, "I want to watch you fuck her while she fingers me." Buffy watched as Xander stood off the table and Cordelia planted her feet on the floor. Xander stood behind Cordelia, he gripped her hips and pushed into her. Cordelia arched back and moaned loudly as she and Xander moved against each other slowly but quickly picking up speed. Xander placed a kiss on her shoulder before she bent forward and replaced her thumb with her lips, bringing a growl out of Buffy. Cordelia flicked her tongue over Buffy's clit, Buffy arched up against her tongue with a squeal of pleasure.

Cordelia felt like she was being crushed between Buffy, who was trying to push her dripping pussy down her throat, and Xander was now pounding into her at a frantic pace. She couldn't love it any more either, it was the first time she felt free of herself, free of the May Queen, free of the rich man's daughter, free of the school bitch, all she was at the moment was in the moment. She had never imagined her first time would be like this, but at the same time, she always pictured the feeling of it being like this. Feeling pure, feeling free, feeling connected to someone, in this case two people. So lost in herself Cordelia was, that her orgasm crashed into her completely by surprise. She let out a strangled cry and tensed, arching back into Xander.

Xander felt Cordelia crush his cock with her spasming muscles and he couldn't hold back, spilling himself deep within her. Cordelia then bit lightly on Buffy's clit, Bring Buffy into her climax as well so that their orgasms seemed to blend seamlessly with each other. Xander pulled out of Cordelia and Cordelia removed her fingers from Buffy, who sat up and took Cordelia's fingers and cleaned them with her tongue. The three of them sat on the table, enjoying the high that followed sex and trying to regain their breath.

After perhaps five minutes, Cordelia sighed sadly. Xander turned to her, "What's wrong?"

Cordelia sighed again, "I just realized that I'll never be able to call you two freaks again... cause freaks would never be able to make me feel like this." She smiled at them.

Xander laughed, and Buffy's eyebrow rose, Xander then said. "The funny thing is, Buff, for Cordelia, that was downright romantic, mushy even."

Buffy laughed, "Well I prefer the older Cordelia, that Cordelia needed to be spanked."

Xander choked on his tongue, and Cordelia said, "Buffy you're so NASTY!" She placed her hand on Buffy's thigh, "I like that..."


Faith watched the trio sit on the table, talking, laughing, kissing and touching with a smile and a lustful eye. She had come to the library for a book, she was told by several classmates that the librarian, Mr. Giles kept late hours. When she got to the doors she was stopped by a lustful gasp floating out the door, looking in the window she found a guy in one of her classes, Xander a blonde woman stripping Cordelia Chase, by all accounts the queen of the school. She had watched them have sex together caught between going in and joining, watching, and bringing herself off. Finally before she turned and left for home, she said. "I think I'm going to like Sunnydale."

--The End, Perhaps--