By the roll of a die

Author: John hatten" Carlsson <>

Disclaimer i dont own anything but a strange sense of humor...

Links: The Picture of a Cinneach a sister sword to the Carwellan. And a Female Learam holding it. Its in Swedish but the picture is great.

In This place exist the Picture of an elven Glass sword being created.

Be warned it also exist picture of OTHER elven sword and in Swedish.

In this place exist picture of a Learam picture holding a Carwellan and how female elven dress them self.

Disclaimer i dont own anything but a strange sense of humor...

PS: Feed back IS the Food of Bunnies. = What Im really saying is that i am a pathetic fool with lousy self-confidence in my writing ability that loves feedback.

Bry the Warrior Princes = Buffy

Arcon the Cleric = Angel

Leaf elven Mage = Willow

Ru the Barbarian = Giles.

Aled the Ranger elf. = Xander.

Miss Pryde = A cat once dressed up as a Moon cat by her owner now Xander pet.

Joyce an elven of Pyar type.

Ethan a Dwarf? clan? female.

TT = Tiberius Travis a human Fighter.

Willow is still in Camarr training to be a mage.

Selia Clan Rigdari, House Furani. New friend?

Xander is calling himself: Xander from the House and Clan Aled Most Elves have a clan and a clan is divided in different house each house have 2-3 different Family.

Claiming that he is House and clan Aleda indicate that he is from a small clan and from the ruling family.

Chapter 1

"This is Foolish." Giles said frowning "I Think we should rob them blind. Simply kill the guards with our Crossbows and steal the artifact"

Angel groaned. "No i think a diplomatic solution would be better. Lets talk to them."

Willow raised her eyebrow. "Maybe a sleep spell could work?"

Giles smiled then stop smiling "Aaa but i like to spill their blood." Angel "Yes Sleep spell that a peaceful solution."

Xander suddenly stood up "Im getting some popcorn and more Coffee would you like anything?"

The cat at his feet opened an eye and meowed aloud.

Giles "Would you hurry up we are in the middle of an ambush?" He said as he grasped the D6 firmly in his hand.

Willow nodded "Yeh I like to put a whammy on them." She then turned to Giles "Giles why are you playing a Barbarian?"

Giles cleaned his glasses. "Well left over from my young days Im sure."

Beside him Angel grinned "Secret which Rupert the barbarian."

The whole gang was inside the library playing a friendly game of RPG it was summer and the master was finally destroyed. Xander had come up with a team building hobby that surprisingly Giles agreed on with a smile and an eager suggestion. Even Angel had agreed while Buffy had taken quite some time to convince.

Now even she was gung ho to play the game.


"Look out male carrying food." Xander yelled as he carried a ball of popcorn out of the small kitchen. The cat looked up irritated her human had forgotten to get HER anything stupid Goofball.

"Lets see." Xander said. "You are currently hiding behind some crates outside the thief guild. Ru the Barbarian are your Crossbow loaded?" He said looking at Giles that suddenly blushed.

"Aaaa no he I will do that" Giles said.

Xander then smiled "Yes. Arcon what are you doing?"

Angel looked at his game character paper "I think i will prepare some healing spells and my trusty staff if i need to fight."

Xander nodded looking at Willow. "What are you doing then?"

Willow smiled "Leaf is preparing a sleep spell on the guard." She then turned to watch the last of the gang.

Buffy looked up from the book she was reading in. "Huh what. Ooo Im, what are we doing?"

Giles cleaned his glasses. "Trying to steal the artifact and some guards is standing in the way."


Buffy blinked putting the monster manual away "I attack them."

Xander "you sure?"

Buffy nodded, "yeh Im Bry the warrior princes I charge them with my sword."

Willow frowned looking over on Buffy character sheet "Your Axe Buffy." Buffy "I have a Axe and a sword and a short bow and a throwing knife."

Giles smiled "Well as a barbarian i Scream and follow her in the battle."

Angel "I dont like this i really dont like this."

Xander smiled. "To late to late Arcon." And soon the die was rolling and the battle was joined.

On the floor the Cat finally found its perfect target vengeance would be hers.

No one forget HER food. Miss Pryde the cat carefully pretended to sleep while she study the roll of the die. Soon she would steal it soon.

Chapter 2

"Thanks Xander this was actually fun." Angel said with a smile.

Xander gave him a big grin. "Best hurry home Death. Angel or the sun turns you to a crispy critter."

Angel rolled his eyes put the character paper in his bag as he walked away. "See later."

Xander nodded "Unless some evil vampire happened same time same play time."

Angel nodded "Hope you find the Die cant believe that the cat manage to steal it."

Xander nodded, "and it was my favorite D20. I swear that cat MUST be a demon."

Angel grinned as he walked away.

Buffy walked up she looked tired "He is right this IS fun i still am angry at you Xander."

Xander "What you princess survived you made a mistake charging them." Willow nodded "You did Buffy remember in the game your not a Slayer." "Thats SO unfair." Buffy complained but with a big smile "See you later in school."

Giles "Well at least we manage to steal the artifact and a lot more." He cleaned his glasses. "I think we could find the time playing more tonight if thats alright with you Xander?" He said trying not so sound eager. He was English and an adult even if he had royal fun playing that game.

Xander grinned "Sure i just have to write down the main Game master character you guide." He then frowned. "And we still need a new D20 die." His last one was lost during the game because of an evil Cat.

Buffy blinked "I have one at home we could use that."

Xander "Cool see you later Im going to bed now." With that he walked away towards home.

Willow looked at Buffy as they walked towards their home. "You have a D20 at home? Did you play before or what?"

Buffy shook her head. "No i found it after killing a Demon its really cool crystal like."

Willow frowned "You sure its not cursed or something."

Buffy "Im sure the demon had loots of dice on him. Beside whats the worst that could happen we are playing a game Will."

Willow nodded "Do you think Leaf should use the treasure to buy a short sword? Or a Long-Bow?"

Buffy "Why not a long Dagger and a short-bow?"


In the room of Buffy a D20 made of crystal glowed by it self waiting for the proper rituals waiting for its power to be used.

Xander looked down at his cat that walked beside him tail held high. "I cant believe i put up with you Miss Pryde."

The Cat just stared right back. Looking like a Queen judging the unworthy.

Xander sighted "Well i get you something to eat later All right?"

Beside him the cat nodded Xander was a good human after all.

Chapter 3

Night outside the library...

"Its beautiful." Willow said as she watch the crystal Die with 20 side. It was blue with a green shape smoke inside the light in the corridors made it glow ghostly as the light reflected from it.

Buffy "Yeh i know. I wonder who made it?"

Suddenly a friendly voice was heard. "Hi Buffy how was patrol.? Buffy looked up at Angel, "quiet. After the Death of the Master its like the vampire is staying away afraid or something."

Angel nodded "They are and its the summer lull most vampire move to darker places during summer."

Willow smiled "You have your Character with you Angel?"

Angel nodded "This RPG is actually fun. I can't believe that Xander manage to convince us to play this. OR that its so fun."

Buffy grinned nodding "I know i cant wait to find out whats happening tonight" She frowned "I wish that you could heal me in real life like you can in the game. Having a magic healer would be so practical for a slayer."

Angel nodded beside them Willow frowned wondering if their was a Wiccan way to heal wounds.

Together they walked inside where Xander was already sitting the game master books beside him a small group of character sheets beside him and Dies of every kind except a D20.

Xander looked up "Hi Buffy you got the D20?" Seeing her nod he smiled. "Thanks if you just wait i will finish up this." He said returning to writing something on a map.

Miss Pryde sneaked away from her busy human and jumped up to Willows knee. Time to get petted.

"Ooh you are such a good cat yes you are yes." Willow cuddle the cat. Miss Pryde rolled her eyes stupid human.


10 Minutes Later

"Lets begin." Xander said.

"Last game you manage to find, then get the Artifact from the thief guild. Buffy your Bry got hurt stabbed in the left arm Angel-Arcon healed it.

But its still Stiff so you have limited use of your left arm for 24 hours.

a -2 penalty on skill using on that arm.

Buffy nodded and Xander continued.

"Giles you Get an extra Character points for saving an allied."

Giles cleaned his glasses. "I did not find that in the rule book are you sure?"

Xander nodded "Its a reversion of the 'Kill points' from the rule book instead of killing enemy you can get extra point IF you risk you characters life by saving a friend or allied character or game master character of importance."

Xander said handing out a print out version of the rule to Giles.

Giles smiled "I see this are great rule."

Buffy frowned "But but i like Kill points"

Xander nodded "they are still here but divided equally between the group."

Angel "lets not argue Buffy."

Buffy quiet down and Xander continued. "Yes after stealing the artifact you walked to the Tavern 'Steel Urn' where you are trying to find the Elf ranger Aled."

They nodded.

And Xander continued "If my memory is correct you asked the waitress to send for him and thats where we ended the game right?"

The group nodded.

And Xander smiled "Right lets start."

"A masculine yet musical voice was heard from the stairs Im Aled it said.

Standing their is a strong looking elf with brown hair and eyes. He is dressed in leather armor and fur coats. He has a sword that looks expensive and an elven long bow"

Buffy "thats unfair you got better things then we did in the beginning."

Xander frowned "This is not the beginning beside you have just as good equipment as my ranger have."

Buffy "But you are playing the super ranger."

Xander groaned "I Beside Im only playing the guide a temporary character. Im still the game master the ranger is just a normal ranger with great geographical skill and knowledge about the wild life your characters are still the heroes Buffy"

Willow carefully sneaked a peek at the character Xander was 'playing' only a normal ranger right right she thought to herself "that are not a beginner character Xander," she complained.

Xander groaned "Of course not Will HE IS suppose to be able to guide your group thru the wild even give you some training.

So HE IS a expert but and quite deadly."

Giles "Girls the adventure clearly need some one who knows about the wild life and can help us learn so lets Xander off the hook i like to play after all."

Angel smiled "Dont your character Ru know about the wild life?" He said looking at Giles.

Giles nodded "He do know about the wild life on the mountains and forest but we are going to the grass hills and land of thousand lakes quite different."

Xander "lets continue. Aled looked at you before he spoke, 'You are the heroes with the artifact Im supposed to guide' he then study you carefully."

Willow smiled. "I wave Hi to him Im an Elf after all. Yes we are the heroes i say."

Buffy rolled her eyes "Can we get going then" she complain hoping for some action.

Xander smiled at them "Aled study you with his eyes looking at Arcon the friendly but a bit porky Cleric Arcon, he smiles in a friendly manner at the Cleric. Obviously he heard about the church of healers.

Aled then say: Its a wise group to have a healer among them."

Buffy looked at Angel "You are fat?" she asked Angel "No just a bit round around the waist. I figure that he look a bit like a child hood friend of mine that was reading to be a priest. Extremely friendly and nice man i think Arcon is a bit like him friendly and hopeful and likes good food. I can only dream about food," he said a bit bitter.

Xander hurried up "At Leaf he looks at with a bit of fear or maybe contempt." Seeing Willows curious look. "He is a half elf and Most elf dont like half bloods and he IS a half blood.

Bry the warrior princes he looks at with respect he obvious heard about the cult of Amazon the greatest females Mercenary in the west."

Buffy look prouder happy that she have the coolest character.

Xander continued "Ru the Barbarian he study extra careful a 20 year old 6.5 feet tall blond human with a sword thats almost four feet is impressive. Not something you like as an enemy. Beside your strength and dexterity are max for your character. That make the ranger study you extra careful.

You can clearly see that he DO not like to have you as an enemy."

Giles smiled a Ripper type of smile. "Luck of the die."

Buffy frowned "you cheated i know you did. Im the chosen one and i got lower then you."

She complain trying to hide a big smile and a giggle at Giles flushed face.

Xander "Lets continue Aled is like most half-elf and elf male. Not as tall as humans and more dexterous. He look strong and fast Not as strong as Ru but still strong." Xander said grinning evil to Buffy. "He walks forward and start to speak. -If Im supposed to guide you thru the grass hills and the sea land you need new equipment he starts to explain."

Xander looked up handing them a list. "This is what he say you need to buy, some of this you already have others you need to buy. After talking he say -Tomorrow we start the journey."

Buffy frowned "Can we fast forward Xander."

Xander Nods. "Just use the equipment list and buy the tools and equipment dont forget your character may have some from the starting equipment you all got. I go and make some Coffee and tea.

And get that spoiled cat something to eat.

Angel, A vampire i dusted had a bottle of Blood wine i think its cow blood would you like to have a drink?"

Angel nods and they walk away as the group outside is struggling to use the equipment list.

Until Xander reminded them that a copy existed in the Players handbook.


Willow was sitting petting the evil Die stealing Cat that still was looking hungry at the Die on the table.

Xander "Are You ready?" They nod. "Alright its a day walk away from town and you are walking and riding along the road when suddenly you spot a strange pillar of smoke further along the road what are you doing?"


Giles "I think its best if we all try listening and keep our eyes and ears open for trouble the same time while we sneak forward."


Xander nods. "Lets see you a group that would make this a group sneak roll." He said grasping the D20 and Rolling it on the table a blue green light suddenly struck them and four humans and one Vampire suddenly burst to flame and dust then the room was silent again.


Some place some where...

"Ooo god the pain the pain." Xander complained his whole body felt wrong and then he saw them blinking the light was to bright and the sound to high.

Careful he put his hand on the head then. His ears they were pointy that was new when did he go to a Star Trek convention dressed as Spock.

Xander looked up Beside him on the ground was a HUGE human with one big sword. He looked just as sick as he did.

Xander "Its one of those days," he said knowing something strange must have happened.

Behind him a cat woke up inside its small mind only one thing was existing. "Not again."

Chapter 4

Xander sat up he could see the huge man beside him do the same.

He was big about 205 Cm long, About 6 Feet and 9 inches.

Muscled like a cat and that big sword.

A leather armor with some chain mail plates.

Xander looked around.

Sitting up behind him was a young looking girl with pointy ears and a big book covered with runes.

A man dressed in monk suit was next he was staring shocked at the sun with a big goofy smile.

Beside them a female dressed in heavy armor and lots of weapon was standing looking angry and curious.

"Oh Boy Giles is that you?" he asked the 'barbarian'.

Barbarian looked at Xander and "Yes Im Giles how did you know. My voice its sounds wrong and who are you boy? What are you?"

Xander sighted "Giles looked at your arms Its not YOUR body. Im Xander"

The elf girl suddenly spoke "X x Xander Is that you?"

Xander nodded "Yes you are willow right?"

The elf nodded "Yes but i feel strange."

The warrior girl suddenly screamed. "WHAT IS GOING ON?"

Xander sighted "It looks like we become our characters from the game Buffy."

The warrior girl Buffy frowned. "No i feel normal." She said then she suddenly looked at her armor. "Or not."

The Monk suddenly spoke up. "Im Human," he said with joy.

Xander nodded "Yep Angel your human again no more blood sucking for you." He finished.

Giles the Barbarian stood up towering over them. "Do you have any idea of what happened?" He said looking irritated at Xanders elven body.

Xander the Elven Ranger swallowed Crap Giles sure become big and dangerous looking. "I i have no idea Giles i rolled the 20 side Die Buffy gave me and Boom."

Giles the Barbarian turned and looked around "Which one of you are Buffy?"

The warrior girl raised her hand "Im Buffy Mr. Barbarian." She said staring at the tower of male hunk looking at her.

Giles hand raised to clean his glasses finding no glasses he started to clean his dagger. "I see. The Die where did you find it?"

Buffy the Warrior girl smiled weak. "I i killed a yellow spiky Demon and he had it first."

Giles sighted "You took the Die from a demon?"

They all looked at Buffy the warrior girl.

"Yes," she said in a weak voice.

Xander the elven Ranger sighted "Buffy how DID the die look."

Buffy "It beautiful crystal blue with a green smoke like thing inside."

Giles blinked that die he had read about. "Strange i know about that. Its the Die of Janus roman god."

Xander frowned irritated. "The Roman God of chaos.

Halloween Ethan funny joke i do remember that."

Beside him Miss Pryde nodded. If only her former owner had not dressed her up as with things from Ethan's.

Not that she did not enjoyed her new life as an Intelligent cat.

The only irritating thing in her life was her strange urge to find a princess and give her a pen.


Giles the barbarian looked irritated. "Yes, According to the myth Janus is a chaos god over many different Alternate reality and he according to the myth created several die that work like a door between the different worlds. But according to the legend you should travel to the alien world in you own body once the ritual was done."

Xander taught it over. "We were playing a game and i use the Die in a Group roll meaning the whole group of us. It must have some how transported us to a alien world in to bodies similar to the ones we where playing Right?"

Giles ponder it "I think you may have right idea Xander. The question if we are possessing these bodies or if the Die made them from our OLD bodies."

Xander blinked carefully opening the shirt study something inside his arm "its Made from our old body," he said.

Giles blinked "How do you know that Xander?"

Buffy the warrior girl looked curious.

Willow the elven mage girl also looked curious.

Xander smiled "A magic tattoo a friendly demon gave me it mark me as Non hostile. Its on my new body."

Giles looked, "Demon what kind Xander of demon?"

Xander "A Kharnaz Demon Giles they are NON hostiles they dont like fighting and Run if they see a human and according to your book they are pacifist and magic user.

He said the tattoo would be with me as long as lived."

Giles nodded "Yes they are friendly demons." He studied his body seeing old tattoos being gone. "I think non magical marks and scars is gone from our bodies."

Angel the monk stud smiling up. "This is great the sun. O NO Im fat," he said.

Willow the elf mage "oh No your not fat a bit over weight but not fat."

Angel nodded still smiling he was ALIVE.

Xander waved them over "Lets study what we are and what we can do." He frowned a bit "I seem to know several knew skill, Five new languages and i do know how to use the long bow and fight with short-sword or Staff. I also seem to have some Shamanic powers. And survival skills. And some knowledge about the area we are in."

Beside him Willow the elf eyes looked shocked and impressed. "I i know real magic," she said. Chanting "Ruthag Muril flame" a ball of fire suddenly burst up from the ground.

Giles cleaned his dagger. Something to clean. "I i see. I think i know two new language some that obvious is this body native and one 'trade common language. But no writing skills."

Buffy "I know martial arts and weapons give me a weapon and i KNOW how to use it."

Angel the Monk nodded "I have skills in healing surgery and healing herbs and some healing spells. And i know how to talk and read many old languages."

Willow smiled "I know four new languages. And" She swallowed "Their exist a Die of dimensions and chaos some where on this world."

Giles nodded "Do you know where Willow?"

She shook her head. "No idea Giles but we might find out in a library." Willow the elf mage said.

Xander study them "This obvious is NOT the RPG world we were playing in. In the game i was a half elf. According to my knowledge of this place children between elfs and humans are born with completely human life length and ability but with pointy elf ears.

Or They are born completely Elven with a elven life span and ability but bigger like a human."

Willow nodded "So what are you then?"

Xander "My body is elven with a elven life span but i have human strength."

Giles nodded "The chaos Die must have transported us to a world that was as close to the RPG world and given us Bodies that look as close as the character we played was. Only limited by the world we traveled to."


Buffy frowned "Crap that means Im not a real warrior princess i only have a skill of one."

Xander "yea Crap Im an elf hope Santa dont expect me to work for him." Buffy frowned notice something. "Giles why do i feel strange every time Xander or Willow looks at me?"

Giles frowned a bit "its not only you Buffy i feel it also when they look at me," he finished.

Xander and Willow ponder it a moment before their implanted memory came up with the answer.

Willow "Its called the Elven eyes.

Or Elven look.

A person can feel if elven is watching them.

Not where the elves is or is hiding just that one IS looking at them. The elf eye can even transmit strong emotions and some elfs knows how to transmit wrong emotions."


Xander finished Willows babble.

"A Elven can feel if any sentinel creature is looking at them also. Like a radar detection system"

Angel frowned "So elven cant sneak then. Unless they are blind."

Xander smiled "No their is meditations skills that teach you to TURN off the elven eye." Xander said.

Willow blinked "I dont know that one."

Xander grinned "Its a fighter and a hunter trick not a MAGE trick.

Beside when ever we turn of the Elf look we also dont feel if somebody is looking at us."

Giles nodded "A See when you turn of you 'elven eyes' can you still see then."

Xander just looked at Giles letting Giles feel his emotions then turned the 'eyes' off.

"I can still see fine but you dont feel my eyes on you any more or my emotions."

Buffy sat down. "So what are we going to do then."

Giles "Find the chaos die and go back."

Xander "Then we better find a library and start research."

Willow "I know where the library is in the town Camarr."

Xander study the knowledge he had. "Its about two week walk from here 2-4 days if we walk thru the forest but thats dangerous."

Angel smiled "Well it will be dark in two three hours lets make camp here."

Buffy smiled "I say go thru the forest i like to bash Tiraks heads." Giles cleaned his dagger according to his memory most Tiraks were civilized beings traders or Pirates except the wild tribes they were nasty and all Tiraks where quite dangerous in a fight similar to the Orcs in the RPG world but smarter. Giles only know one thing right now They would find a way home.

Xander nodded "Its a good plan Buffy But i think we should stay HERE for a day or two."

He waved his hand to stop the protest. "Wait let me finish. Our bodies are NEW we are not use to them Let us train here in our new skills and ability. Then we go to town."

Giles nodded "Thats an excellent idea Xander. Buffy you might have lost your slayer power and you need to find out if thats the case."

Next day...

They hade split up during the early morning after fishing and training for hours trying to find Skills and knowledge about their abilities.

They sat silent watching each other as the big fish slowly was roasting in the fire.

Then. "This is ridicules," Giles said "lets talk by alphabet.

Angel what DID you discover about yourself."

Angel frowned "Well Im really really good with staff.

And i know a lot of healing herbs and medications.

I can do some healing magic its ordinary magic.

And holy magic blessing and calling down divine powers to heal! Of course that dont always work."

He ponder then continued "I still have the demon inside of me.

Its sleeping dormant but Im afraid that IT could wake up."

Xander study him "Any tools or gizmo that you like the tell us about."

Angel nodded "I have some healing potions in my belt.

And i do have a blow darts with sleep potions on them."

Buffy blinked "My turn" she asked. Seeing they nodding she smiled.

"I still have part of my Slayer strength. And lots of weapons."

"One Rapier" she said patting her trusty sword.

"One short battle axe" She said pulling forward a battle axe.

"One Throwing Axe" she said pulling it forward.

"One short bow." She growled "But no arrow.

I was planning on cheating in the game pretending i always have some with me."


Giles nodded "I did the same with my Crossbow," he said frowning.

"Well according to my memory Im a Kragg barbarian they are the Largest and the strongest of the human races in this world. They are from a segregated Patriarch and Matriarch society"

Buffy blinked.

Willow blinked.

Xander groaned "Giles they cant be both ruled by male and female."

Giles nodded "Quite right. The MALE Kraggs live on the hills and on the mountains living off herds of animals and some mining and hunting. The female the Kragg or Etyren Barbarians live in the forest by harvest, hunting and trading.

They spend only some month together mating the toughest and the strongest.

From BOTH the male and the female village gets the right to mate.

We They actually have contest sport games to prove that they are strong."

Xander nodded "Fine fine Giles the point is?"

Giles cleaned his dagger. "I i talk to much."

They all nodded except Willow "But Giles what about the children?"

Giles "I if the child is a Boy the mother stay with the Kragg until the baby is one year old.

If its a girl then the father most likely never SEE the child or even care about it."

Angel nodded "So they are essentially both Patriarchic and Matriarchic but what do THIS have to do with anything?" He finished.

Giles blushed "Sorry. The Sword i have is a Kragg sword 190 Cm long sword.

This one is made by Dwarfs a master work," He then study his other tools and equipment.

"Other then the fact that i am almost as strong as TWO normal humans nothing much."

Xander study Willow "Well its your turn now when MR Babble the barbarian is quiet."

Willow smiled "i have Study the book and i know a loot of magic.

Its different then Wiccan magic Giles its more about learning to Draw different kind of energy.

Life energy, death energy, Elemental energy and so on.

Then Learn about different types of Effects and use the magic to power those effects."

Giles blinked "Could you."

Xander "Willow you and Giles can talk about this more later. But make it short."

Willow smiled "The effects is hard to explain think about them like a Half made Spell.

To use the spell you have to adapt it to the situation. It take creativity."

Giles nodded "I see."

Willow then smiled. "Then about my body its like really old more then 35 human year or so.

As an elf i can smell things almost like a dog and hear really really good.

The elven race i came from is really well liked their life is center around the philosophy of enjoy life and duty.

Im a Kirja elf"

Xander then nodded "My body is that of a Learam Elf i have human blood that give me a more stocky body. The Learam is the only elf that can grow a beard. And we can AIM our hearing" Xander said waving his ears like small wings.

"Aiming them make it extremely easy to hear from long distant in one direction.

But make it harder to hear from other direction."

He then sat down. "A Learam have great nose like Willows.

And we are the ONLY type of elfs that can kill another elf"

Buffy "Your like the drow then," she said in shock.

Xander "No Buffy The OTHER elfs use assassins instead of doing it themselves.

The Learam would never consider using an assassin. If you want an enemy dead you do it yourself."

He then looked directly at Buffy.

"Buff The Learam IS respected and even loved.

They DO not like to kill and avoid killing. But if angered they will kill.

They are friends of humans and even Dwarfs."

Buffy nodded "Thanks."

Xander smiled "Then i continue. The sword i have is a Carwellan." He hold up a long 110 cm sword sharp on both side and slightly bend like a Katana but with a pointy end. "A Carwellan can be straight or bent like this.

The Learam is the Greatest sword smiths in this world. Some of the other elves make better swords but they use magic not skills."

He then put the sword back. "That about it. Except I do have a long bow and Arrows."

Giles and Buffy blushed.

Giles then nodded "great Tomorrow we will train then we will go to Camarr."

Chapter 5
Not in Kansas anymore..........

Xander the elven Ranger sighed. "Thats the Steel woods.

According to my memory going thru their would shorten the trip to Camarr to about Two or four days depending on our luck and we hurry and dont sleep to much."

Giles The barbarian "Why move so fast?"

Surprising Willow suddenly spoke up "I i think i know why."

They all looked at her Xander. "Do tell Will," he said with a smile.

Willow blushed strange Xander as an elven was even MORE sexy then as a human. "I can feel magic in the forest Life energy Biotropic mana."

Xander nodded "Your right its powerful in life energy. Which make the tree grow fast and give this country a valued resource. But its also make it a home of monsters."

Giles the Barbarian nodded "We better move fast then."

Angel in his monk body smiled. "We could walk around the forest we have time." He really enjoyed the sun the food and the sun. He only missed some beer or wine.

Buffy the warrior princess shook her head. "NO way i hate this its like EUUUUU sleep on the ground the food no malls and and no Mom,"

she finished in a sad voice.

Xander "Hey you like the food i made yesterday. At least until you learned it was a bunny."

Giles the Barbarian sighed. "Children lets go now."

Willow "Hey your as old as we are now. Then blinked And Im almost as old as you are." She said smiling.

Giles started to clean his dagger the other looked nervous at him he really missed his glasses no one became nervous when he cleaned those. "You might have part of the memory and skill of an older Elf Willow but you DO not have the experience and knowledge."

Xander smiled "Well lets starts. We elven will do most of the night watch." Seeing Buffy starting to protest he explained. "As elven we normally sleep only 4 hour humans sleep normally 8 hours."

Buffy nodded "I can help Giles some of my Slayer ability seem to have carried over Im getting stronger and as a slayer i need less sleep then a normal."

Giles nodded "Xander see that she gets her fair deal of night guard." Xander nodded.

And they where soon moving.

Angel smiled as he study the gangs way of moving some of the skill from Sunnydale had carried over other things were new.

Giles in his NEW barbarian body HUGE 6 feet and 9 inches long moved like a mountain cat. Strong and dexterous and quiet.

He have a new aura of Kick ass around him Angel found that interesting.

He looked at Buffy She was truly a fully a fighter the slayer part of her had merged with the warrior. Train skill in martial arts and weapon made her move with a deadly walk like a princess.

Not Silently but she moved like some one that feared no one and no thing.

Angel then looked at Willow no big different in her movement but then she was a geek in school and here she was a Mage book study elven fireball throwing geek not a wilderness girl their.

Then Xander Angel thought HE moved like a hunter stealthy and quiet like a ghost.

Angel remember that Xander said that he had shaman ability that in its self was impressive.

Angel ponder if he and Xander was the only one that know about the ability of a shaman. To be able to See life energy.

To be able to move outside your own body and if murdered the ability to steal the body of the one that murder you.

Only shamans and priests-clerics had the ability to exorcise demons.

No Angel did not think Giles new about that or thought the shaman skills Xander mention was important.

He himself knew that the demon was still inside of him even as a human he felt the vampiric demon deep inside of him it gave him strength and animalistic senses Xander must know about that.

Hours walked by before they stopped to eat.

Angel smiled as he hungry ate a bit of fish. "Great cooking Xander."

Xander nodded "yea skill from old Sunnyhell." He said with a bitter tone that only Angel notice.

Angel smiled friendly. "Do you know how to exorcise demons?"

Xander nodded "I do. But i cant help you."

Giles suddenly looked up in surprise. "What are you two talking about?"

Angel looked sad "Why cant you?"

Xander smiled "I wish i could but its to strong for me. Im not that experienced. Remember my skill as a shaman is not fully trained."

Angel frowned "I see. If i ask the goddess whose cult Im obvious part of to help. Could you do it then?"

Xander looked grim a moment "I think so. What goddess is you priest of?"

Angel smiled "The goddess of healing and Traders." he said.

Xander blinked "Cool can you use any of your cleric spells."

Angel "I think so. As long as i dont misuse or abuse i could do some nifty healing spells."

Giles the Barbarian "Xander you can exorcise demons."

Xander nodded "I said that i had some Shamanic powers did i not"

Giles blinked i had ignored that before.

Buffy "So you can do magic big deal."

Willow "No i can do Magic Xander can talk to spirits and drive away demons thats all."

Suddenly Giles stood up grasped his sword.

Xander grab the bow as he suddenly ran out in the forest.

Giles "Be ready something is coming friends or enemy i dont know what."

Buffy "Xander come back we will protect you" she shook her head. "Damnit Angel go and get him."

Angel "Xander is not running Buffy he is preparing an ambush if its an enemy."

Buffy knowledge about rangers in this world was suddenly remember and she blushed "Ooh right." she said. "Sorry X" she said quietly.

In the forest Xander was carefully sneaking towards the sound his elven ears was moving by themselves focusing his hearing on the sound in front of them making it almost impossible for him to hear things from behind. His elven nose sensitive as a dog was sniffing out the prey.

Their a group of hairy humanoids with huge under bites Tiraks a small band.

One Huge Trukk-Tirak the larges of the Tiraks races they could become 10 feet tall this was a huge one over nine feets.

Trukks looked like half Tiraks half Trolls strong and powerful and looked stupid.

But his memory told him a different story Trukks are smart as human but slow in their brain quick thinking was not one of their strengths. They were normally about Twice times the strength of a human. Big teeth claws and hairy arms and legs.

Then two Gurdh-Tiraks the smallest of the Tirak races small half the size of a human they where almost as strong as full grown man nasty vicious things natural born Bullies.

They were stupid he knew fast in their mind but they were more often then not they got the wrong idea.

Or rather they got more then ONE stupid idea at the same time.

They looked most human except the claws on the fingers.


Then four Tirak-Tiraks the 'normal' most common Tirak races.

They were a bit stronger then human not much like the Trukk they were slow thinkers not stupid. Just slow.

His memory said that their was 3 tribes All of them consist of a mix of Trukks, gurdhs, and Tirak-Tiraks of Tiraks.

One living as traders and pirates feared or respected depending if they were peaceful traders or pirates.

Then one living among the humans a life not unlike the Jews life during the dark ages.

Willow would probably be irritated but its was true they were forbidden to own land. Banking and alcohol trade and hard labor was their only way of surviving.

No those two tribes he had no fear of but the last one the barbarian tribes the Frakk. That still tried to destroy the elven and the dwarfs and any civilized Tirak they could find.

Them he feared.

These was the Frakk barbarians. Probably a small plundering band of Tiraks out in the civilized world to steal weapon or just have fun.

Xander turned around and sneaked back to camp.

Short moment later...

"We have problem." Xander said as he returned.

Buffy "aaa dont do that" she complain surprised by his sudden appearance.

Giles "Quiet Buffy. What kind of Problem?"

Xander "A Barbarian band of Tiraks." He could see the others was trying to access the implanted memory they had about Tiraks.

Buffy frowned "Ooh they can be problem."

Giles nodded a thin smile was on his lips according to his Barbarian memory his race of human the Kragg Barbarians was the biggest strongest of all humans races and was almost as strong as a Trukk.

And the wild barbarians Frakk had never manage to steal their land from them. "Well should we attack or try to avoid them?"

Xander thought. "They are seven we are five."

Angel nodded "Not good odds. But they probably here to plunder and rape farmers."

Giles nodded his new Barbarian blood was screaming for a fight.

Buffy "Lets attack them."

Willow swallowed her magic was going to be tested.

Xander looked down a bit then nodded "Alright Angel you and Willow will use magic and shoot IF its become a battle. I will attack from behind. Giles would you talk to them try to avoid a fight please."

With that he sneaked away.

Giles grinned the ripper inside of him just loved the barbarian it truly was a dangerous combination no way that he would make peace with a gang of dirty Tiraks.

Willow swallowed Tiraks according to her memory was stupid and uneducated barely human intelligent but tuff fighters. The barbarian version was wild and bloodthirsty.

Buffy grinned then frowned. Would she use the Nunchucks or the Sword or would her spiked Mace be fitting weapon of destruction.

She so liked to make a lasting impression. "Why cant its be simple?" She complained as she study her weapons she simply had TO many on her.

At least now she was taller then before that was good.


Then the sound came closer and the band of Frakk Tiraks came marching forward.

Giles grinned a Ripper the Barbarian you are SO death smile. "Hello Porkys. Would you like to dance with us or run like pigs." He said letting his Kraggsword a 6 feet long and two inches long Sword rest on the ground in front of him. (190 Cm long Giles is 205 cm long)

Buffy blinked what had happened to her mild manner Watcher.

Angel let his face rest in the palm of his hand.

The Trukk looked around sniffing the air smelling more then four fighters. "Kragg what are you doing outside the hills" He said.

Giles smiled. "Having fun."

The Trukk grinned. "You are five we are seven."

Giles smiled. "And if we would fight you would lose more then five before you manage to kill us." He said.

The two gurdhs and Buffy was shifting impatient as the Trukk was thinking over the situation. He really did not have time to lose a fighter right now it would be best if he they just walked away. "Possible Kragg but you and your friend would also be dead. I have nothing to win in fighting you and you have nothing to win fighting us.

"Aaaaaaa Fight blood death." One of the gurdh screamed and the battle started.

The Trukk grasped his hammer a huge war hammer the size of a Kragg sword time to fight.


Miss Pryde groaned as only an irritated Cat can do.

If the human got killed WHO would feed HER? Did they never think about anything important. Selfish stupid humans.

Chapter 6
Rumble in the woods..........

Xander sighted he cursed the hothead Gurdhs and Giles as he let the first arrow fly from his Long bow. It hit the first Gurdh directly in the head. The Gurdh was dead before Xander had time to shoot his next arrow.

Giles The Barbarian huge sword barely manage to parry the Trukk huge Warhammer the two oversized weapons bounced off each other as they started to fight.

Giles knowledge of Earth martial art and the Barbarian fighting styles would normally give him an edge in the fight.

The Trukks monstrous strength and endurance remove that.

Beside him Angel was fighting his staff impacted and parried two Tiraks at the same time in a lightning fast action.

Willow was chanting but her fireballs was not strong enough to kill only hurt and frighten two of the Tiraks from coming to close to her.

And Buffy was grinning as she was dodging in and out from slashing arms and legs and trying to knock them out.

Then the second arrow came down and hit the Tirak closest to Willow.

The other Tirak fighting Willow suddenly ran away after Xander.

In the woods Xander cursed as she pulled up his Carwellan sword. "Crap why could you not let me ambush you all," he thought to himself.

Giles Grab the hammer in one of his hands letting his sword drop to the ground.

The Trukk stared at the Barbarian in surprise then in pain as Giles other hand suddenly was grabbing twisting and ripping his Nuts.

Giles smiled the old dirty English twister always destroyed his enemies.

He lifted the hammer the Trukk had dropped in a two handed grasp as hit the Trukk on the head ending it life.

Willow was running one of the Tiraks was after her and her magic was not good at fighting. She blinked and remember a spell. Chanting she turned "Glm bort" The Tirak suddenly blinked trying desperately to remember his skill in walking and running.

Failing that he fell down hard.

Willow grinned sure the spell lasted only as long was focusing on it and did not use that spell again.

But during that time the Tirak had NO memory or skill in Walking or running.

Grinning she pulled forward her dagger then "Eeeep" she decided to run a bit more. As the last of the Gurdh came running after her holding a short sharp and pointy sword.

On the ground the Tirak started to crawl away wondering why the hell he did not know how to walk.


Buffy looked annoyed her enemy had run away.

Angel had one Tirak that he was fighting.

Willow had a gurdh after her and one on the ground.

Xander obvious was fighting in the woods she could hear him screaming in joy of the battle.

She pouted the other had ALL the fun its not fair.

"HelpBuffyHelpGurdHelpChasingHelpMeHelpHelpHelpHelp" the Willow babble was heard as she ran by Buffy.

Buffy blinked kicked out her leg tripping the over aggressive Gurdh as she tried to understand what the hell Willow had said.

She let her sword stick down to kill the Gurdh as she tried to figure out what Willow had said.

The Gurdh fell down face first but recovered by rolling on the side avoiding Buffy stab and returned it.

Buffy gasped in pain as the sharp point of the Gurdh sword was stabbed in her leg.

Suddenly she fell down as the Gurdh kicked on her leg out tripping her.

Out in the woods Xander was having an awful time. "You sure we cant talk about this," he said.

"Graaaa DIE ELVEN Bastard," the Tirak said.

Xander sighed "Love peace and understanding dont mean anything to you."

The Tirak stopped his wild attack in confusion and blinked "Huh what?"

"Obviously not." Xander said as he suddenly attack the Tirak with a wicked cut drawing blood from the Tiraks arm.

The Tirak growled and the fight was started again.

Buffy was desperately trying to avoid being stabbed to death but it was hard the gurdh was fast she was on the ground and he was standing. Then suddenly she was stuck she could see the grinning face on the Gurdh then suddenly a voice was heard "FORE" and a massive head of a warhammer impacted sending the Gurdh flying.

Giles the Barbarian looked as the gurdh crash landed six feet away he let the HUGE war hammer (165 cm long, about 5 feet long) He took from the Trukk rest on his shoulder as he looked down on his Slayer. "I always liked Miniature Golf," he said with a huge grin.

Buffy blinked what had happened to her mild manner Librarian.

Angel did a double stab a faint that the fool tried to parry then a stabbing hit with his staff crushing the Tiraks Adams apple ending its life.

He sighed short of breath this kind of fighting was hard.

Looking around he could see one crawling Tirak and hear the sound of fighting in the woods. Buffy was hurt so he started to walk to her he was a healer after all.

Xander swore as the Tirak suddenly pulled forward an Axe and started to swing his scimitar and Axe in advance martial arts pattern.

The sword and Axe made circular motion around the Tiraks body.

They moved like lighting a dance of steel and death as the Tirak Smile just become bigger and bigger.

Xander realize that the Tirak must be a master in the art of fighting that he had just had some fun playing a cat and mouse game. It was just like a movie scary and intimidating him. He started to back off if the Tirak could do that He had no chance then Xander raised his eyebrow. "You so hurt yourself."

The Tirak nodded weakly the back of his own axe was firmly stuck in his leg.

Xander sighted "Intimidation technique gone wrong."

The Tirak nodded weakly. "Usually the enemy run like hell when i do like that."

Xander grinned "Walk away we can finish this battle another time and another place no honor for me to kill you and no honor for you do die here and now."

The Tirak nodded and linked away blushing.

Xander smiled as he walked out.

Buffy looked up from the ground "Did you kill him?"

Xander smiled "He learned the hard way why playing with sharp object can be dangerous."

Buffy nodded good that teach the bad guy.

Xander eyebrow went up. "Giles Stop."

Giles stopped cold. "What" he said.

Xander looked at him "You were going to kill that crawling Tirak right."

Giles nodded "Sure."

Xander shook his head. "NO your not their is no honor in doing that. Let him crawl away and HIS honor will demand that he leaves us alone."

Giles frowned he did not like to keep monster alive.

Xander frowned at him. "Giles they are living they are not demons.

Let him crawl away NOW."

Giles sighted wondering why Xander was so protective over the Tiraks.

They all looked at him like he had grown a new head.

Xander shook his head. "Lets camp. Angel are Buffy going to be okay?"

Angel nodded "I did a healing spell and she is fixed up right now she needs to rest a bit it draining for her endurance but after eating and resting she will be fit for fighting again."

Xander nodded then turned and looked "Tirak" He said to the crawling Tirak "Empty money and other things of value on the ground or we take it from your dead body." The Tirak nodded and started to empty his gold silver, and his weapons.

Xander nodded friendly. "Keep the Dagger." He said before turning to Willow. "Release the Tirak from your spell."

Willow looked at Buffy that shook her head then at Giles that nodded before she looked at Xander and hurried to do as he said.

The Tirak suddenly remember how to walk and run again decided to run like hell.

"Now go in peace." Xander said the Tirak looked around seeing the fighter barely hurt he hurried away.

Buffy "Xander why did you do that he is a monster?"

Xander sighed. "They are wild and dangerous yes but they are honor-full letting him go will be a friendly action. Vengeance is now would be dishonor for a Tirak he will leave us alone."

Giles nodded "Quite right."

They carefully gather the rest of the gold and silver and some of the weapons before going to sleep a short number of hours before they started to walk again. The steel woods was not a safe place to rest inside.

Chapter 7
Playing the Blues.

Angel looked around they were finally out from the Steel woods forest surrounding them was grass land filled with a tall green reed grass and a big river the iron river flowed thru the country and on the other side barely a day walk was Camarr ships was constantly sailing the river it was a beautiful sight.

The sails was flowing in the wind like big wings.

Angel realized that was a sight he missed now days a sailing ship was rarely if ever seen.

Buffy, Willow and Giles was sleeping only he and Xander was awake.

And Xander Angel worried about him. It looked for a moment like Xander was trying not to cry then he had moved away with a made up story about finding some prey for breakfast.

Angel sighed Xander may be annoying but HE was a kid barely 17 year old HUMAN MALE suddenly becoming an Elf must be hard on him.

Angel grasped a bottle of alcohol with the mark of 'Black Dragon' the drink was probably stronger then Tequila.

It was one of two bottle they capture from the raiding Tiraks.

Walking out from camp Angel found Xander sitting hidden from sight of the camp. He was staring at the darkness and the stars.

Angel could see that he had been crying.

Angel swallowed then spoke calmly. "The worst time of my life was when i regain my soul suddenly i remember murdering even raping my own sister. A girl that i protected and loved like a Father and a brother. I would gladly have killed my self just to keep her safe. I hate the demon inside of me it murder her I murder her."

Angel sat down "for years 80 year i lived in garbage the only reason i did not dust my self was because i was hoping to find a way to redeem my self."

Xander blinked "You did not have control right."

Angel nodded "Still my fault I was afraid of death and Darla had drained me of my blood then she offer to turn me to a vampire. To let me live as an undead.

In that moment in fear i accepted. Thats why everything the demon did IS my fault."

Xander swallowed "Im sorry."

Angel smiled bitter "Not going to disagree."

Xander shook his head "no yes no. If i was in your position i would consider it my fault."

Angel nodded "According to my new skill as a healer elven never become alcoholics.

Like a drink you dont have to worry about becoming a alcoholic as an elf."

Xander hand trembled then grasped the bottle taking a small drink. "Thanks."

Smiling a bit Angel took a drink him self "So what are you so sad about," he said given the bottle back to Xander.

Xander paled then took a deep drink "Willow." Seeing that Angel could not understand he explained. "According to Giles the Die we uses was the Die of the Chaos god Janus a magic artifact that you can use to travel between the different world He exist in."

Angel nodded old news.

Xander "Giles told us that the die lets you travel as you are between different world some use it to trade. And us becoming different once traveled is not normal." Angel still looked confused.

Xander continued to explain. "That means that Janus decided to have FUN by granting us our 'fantasy' body. IF we go back to Sunnydale and earth do you REALY think we will have our OLD body back."

Angel took a deep breath and a deep drink he hade not taught about that before.

Xander nodded "Willow have a future on earth she is smart knows computer she will become famous. But as a elf they would kill her study her OR she would have to live life hidden among the demons."

Xander said taking a deep drink.

"Then me. This body emotions is stronger then my old body. I never felt so happy or sad before in my life Angel. And" Xander laughs.

"I hate it and i love it." He said as he gave the bottle to Angel.

Swallowing Angel took a extra big drink "So its changing you."

Xander nodded "Just a little harder for me too keep my emotions hidden."

He stared empty at the sky. "If i breakdown Willow will fall.

I dont think she knows about the fact that she and me are trapped in this world.

Giles have not told her. Or Giles might not know." Xander said looking down at the ground.

He then gave Angel a long look filled with determinations.

"If Willow finds out she will try to stop You, Buffy and Giles from leaving this world."

Angel nodded "You sure?" He asked.

Xander looked at him "Im sure Willow is afraid of being alone, She consider Buffy to be her hero the sun raise and fall because of Buffy."

He studied Angel face. "Willow is obsessive and like a Child in some ways."

Angel study the bottle. "I see. You are having a hard time right now."

Xander took the bottle taking a small drink from it.

"Yes better to get the pain over with now then later.

That way i will be strong and can help Willow survive."

Angel smiled "Great plan sounds like you done it before."

They sat down in silent tears and pain forgotten for the moment.

Then Angel spoke "Xander my monk had a fiddle with him and i suddenly have the skill to play. Did you character know any instrument that you suddenly know how to use?" Xander nodded taking forward a Bag Pipe equipped with a small pump mechanism. "I only wrote Classic elven instrument. And in this world my type of elf have strange taste."

Angel suddenly grinned "have you heard?"


Giles suddenly sat up a strange spooky sound was heard hounding beautiful and He blinked what the hell.

The sound echoed closer and closer a hounding sound of a fiddle and a Bagpipe was heard and soon they could hear the words .

.....Angel and Xander singing.............................

Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen and down the mountain side
The summer's gone and all the roses dying
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bye


Buffy blinked "Xander, Angel are the two of you drunk?"

Giles frowned "Quiet down Child," he said looking angry at Buffy before he started to sing along with tears falling.

Buffy blinked.

Willow just knew English men was crazy and obvious so was Xander.

................Angel, Xander and Giles singing..........................

But come ye back when summer's in the meadow
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow
And I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy I love you so

But if he come and all the roses dying
And I am dead, as dead I well may be
He'll come here and find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an ava there for me

And I shall feel, oh soft you tread above me
And then my grave will richer, sweeter be
For you will bend and tell me that you love me
And I shall rest in peace until you come to me


Willow "Its an English thing Buffy and Xander is nuts."

Buffy nodded "I see Crazy people they are everywhere sometimes they dont even know they are crazy." She said looking at her friends as the dawn of a new day arrived.

Chapter 8
The path of Civilization.

"Finally Civilization or something that try to look like civilization." Buffy said with a frown.

The town Camarr was in front of them huge stone walls with throwing machines and Crossbow holding Guards walking on top of the impressive walls.

The gate was huge you could probably drive a bus thru with no problem.

A seemingly endless stream of walking and riding humans horse wagons and walking, Tiraks, Dwarfs, Elves was going in and out from the town. It look like something from the dark ages except it was real the stench of filthy street was felt from far away.

Still it was surprisingly clean.

Giles ponder that maybe having creatures like Elves and Tiraks that have nose that rival a dog made them clean up better.

Xander frowned he could feel the humans the dwarfs the other elves looking at him.

The curse of the elven eyes was really felt here.

Willow was feeling the same way nervous.

First out in the woods no one had cared the knowledge was inside of them it but here the impact of having the Elven eye was truly felt.

The Elven eye. If an elf looked at you. You could feel that SOME where an elf was looking at you.

You could not feel where the elf was just that an elf was looking at you.

Strong emotion like hate and lust could be felt over the stare the elven eye.

It was worst for elves.

An elf could feel IF a humandwarfTirak any sentinel creature was looking at them.

Now where the being was just that ONE was looking at them.

That made both Xander and Willow nervous the mix of two elves and a three humans of which one was a barbarian from one of the most feared tribes made other stare at them.

They could feel the looks of hundreds the children was not that bad raw bundle of emotion but the adult hate, fear, love, lust, even greed could be felt.

An elf trained in meditation can turn the elven eye of, As a hunter/ranger Xander know how, Willow did not.

Willow grasped Xander arm and snuggle close "Its to much Xander make it stop." She complained.

Xander hugged her closer explained the problem with the elven eye for Giles and the rest.

Soon Xander and Willow was walking the middle surrounded by their friends safe from the wandering looks of others as they walked thru the gates in to the town Camarr.

Later At the Drunken Sailor Inn.

Xander sighed as he sat down sure the beer was nice.

The company was great.

But if that asshole of a Dwarf did not back of and stopped harassing Willow and the other elves he would find himself in a world of pain.

Xander carefully watched as the bully of a Dwarf insulted Willow and other weak looking elves.


Dwarf "Ayah You big pointy bitch." The Dwarf said as he pushed Willow hard to the ground.

Xander stood up with a smooth motion his Carwellan was freed.

"Dwarf Im Learam And like all of us Learam we are Friends of Dwarfs." Xander said letting his blade rest at the Dwarf neck.

But Unless you leave town NOW their will be ONE less Dwarf for us to be friends with."

Xander let his emotion of fury, His emotion of Anger being stuck in a strange world be felt in his eyes.

"I am Learam the clan of Aled swear on my honor and my duty to my clan to Kill this Dwarf if him in this town during this year. Leave now or face death."

And the Dwarf paled in fear.

Around them the Elven clapped their hands in joy.

And many Dwarfs clapped hand raising a beer glass finally the fool was gone.

Xander ponder the fact that the elven tribes the Kirja, The Thism, The Pyar, was all allied to each other and Ruled by the elven Sanarie tribe. The main rule was an Elf would never spill the blood of a another elf. If hate between two elfs become to strong then they hired an assassin. A non elven assassin.

The Learam more or less said Screw you guys we do things Our way.

They were also the only one that would kill another elf if they deserved it.

The fact that the Learam had made friends with the Dwarf and refused to fight during the last Elf/Dwarf war.

And that the Learam clan land of Alarinn was the ONLY true Elven kingdom.

The other elves country was to small to be a real country.

So its was no wonder that the Learam was feared specially by other elven.

No The Learam was born in a hard life and lived a hard life, blood family and death was part of their life.

Xander bent down offering willow his hand so she could stand up again.

"Here you go Will," he said

Willow grinned that was fun seeing the Dwarf run away.

Giles nodded "Well back to business. We need money in order to afford the use of the library. And to live its not free."

Xander nodded "maybe we could find work, a Healer and fighter would not have difficult but still Its a lot of money."

They nodded.

Suddenly a Sanarie elf nearby turned around "I can help you" She said looking hopeful at Xander.

Xander blinked.

Giles cleaned his dagger.

Angel smiled friendly "Sit down my friend and talk."

The Sanarie nodded looking fearful at Giles.

Giles notice that the stupid Bugger was afraid of him and started to clean his Dagger even faster wonder what he could do to stop the Thism from being afraid.

The Thism strangely become more nervous.

"My Name is Selia Clan Rigdari, House Furani," the Sanarie said.

She was just as tall as Xander and beautiful but powerful build body.

Light Brown hair and green eyes. She was dressed in simple clothes but Well made and expensive material and she had an expensive gold jewelry.

The Sanarie was the rulers of the elven alliance and meddler and manipulator.

According to Xander memory but she looked more like a warrior only a rare number of Sanarie was that and they were elite or worked fore the government.

Xander sighed. "Xander from the House and Clan Aled. We are a small clan," he said with a smile. Thinking that one person clan and house was indeed a small clan.

The Sanarie Selia nodded "I see a new clan" she asked.

Xander nodded "yeh new long story."

Selia the Sanarie smiled "Well Im here in business and i understand that your mage need the use of the library and the rest of you need work to pay for your stay. Is this correct?"

They nodded.

Selia smiled "Then simply I will hire You Barbarian and you Warrior girl to guard my house. And I am in need of a healer so i will hire you also. The pay is not much butt free food and i do work for the mage guild so i can offer your mage free use of the library as my guest."

Xander nodded so did Giles. "That sounds like a good plan." Giles said.

Xander "That only leaves me to find a work," he said.

Selia smiled even bigger "Do not bother Let me show you the town we will have Lots of fun."

Xander groaned "Im not a gigolo."

Selia blinked "I did not ask you to have sex.

Just give US a chance to get to know each other and i need a escort fitting my status."

Buffy looked curious.

Xander sighted "All right sound fair."

Selia nodded "maybe a ball dance and some weapon training.

I could use a sparring partner."

Xander nodded "I trust her its our best chance."

Angel frowned.

Buffy looked angry.

Willow looked fearful.

Giles cleaned his dagger. "I well lets accept if you do not have anything to say."

Selia grinned sure that the young male could not resist HER.

And Xander was the cutest sexiest and male She ever seen.

The perfect future daddy. Of course he did NOT look as smart as she was and that would make him even better her family needed strength he had lots of that and he was cute and loyal. Beside Intelligence was probably a gift from the mother.

That he was a Learam probably with human blood did not matter some human was almost as good as a elf.

"Then i will be glad to help you," she said giving Xander a friendly but suggestive look.

Xander sighed and repeated a mantra in She will not manipulate me.

Again and again while trying to find out what the Sanarie evil master plan might be.

On the floor the Cat Miss Pryde stared evil at the new female trying to sneak muscle in on HER Territory. Of course IF the female was good petter and gave her plenty of food. She could have fun with her Human.

Chapter 9
The walk of life.

Night darkness only Tiraks was awake and the night watch.

Outside a Ware house belonging to the elven house Furani Clan Rigdari.

Buffy sighed. "This sucks." She complained.

Giles nodded, being night watch was boring. The fact that the closest establishment was a Bar filled with drunken Tiraks that every now and then tried to sneak inside to sleep or steal made it even more irritating.

"Well no one is trying to kill us thats good right Buffy." Giles said.

Buffy just pouted, "they will they will Im sure they will. I wonder how Xander day was he looked a bit nerves early today."

Giles grinned "Probably the fact that that elven girl are going to take him for a date nervous."

Buffy nodded "i just hope that Sanarie girl Is not trying anything sneaky, her type of Elven are known as manipulators."

Giles "I know but what kind of fiendish plot would she need us for?"

Buffy Nodded "I still wonder what they were doing?"

Early the same day...

"Come now just one more time it will not hurt you much." Selia said to Xander that looked doubtful.

Xander sighed and stretch his shoulder as he walked out on the fighting ring.

"This time You are going down." he said.

Selia smiled as she did a small jump kick "You stand still to much," that Xander barely dodge.

Xander grinned this time he manage to grab her leg and did a fast twist.

"Aaaa" Selia screamed as she fell down.

Xander sat down beside her.

"This time YOU went down. Why did you want me to show you that i could fight?"

Selia looked up at him smiling "Im a Sanarie i served as a fighter a Defender. I like you Xander i really do."

She frowned "Magic can let you see some ones aura.

Your Aura told me that you where a future friend or more.

I just needed to get to know you i like for you to become more then a friend."

Xander nodded using his Shamanic skill he could see that her spirit was sneaky but well meaning.

Selia grinned. "Beside i LET you win this time."

Xander "What no way," he said angry.

Selia just grinned "Lets go dancing i fell like something more fun"

Later in a dance hall.

Xander sipped his wine a good elven wine.

Selia gave his shoulder a small friendly squeeze. "That was fun right" Xander shifted in his seat. "Well kind of but i. Im not good at dancing."

Selia smiled cutely. "You are more the wilderness man born to travel fighting to protect the innocent and winning glory the lone hero."

Xander blinked "Travel yes, Fighting to protect the innocent yes.

Glory No silver and gold yes."

Selia grinned "you dont like glory and fame?"

Xander shook his head. "Nine times out of 10. Fame and glory will destroy you, I rather save some one with out getting notice then burn in the flame of glory."

Selia ponder that. Most heroes she knew would fight for glory then after they gain it they would loath it hate it despise it.

And here an unknown potential hero that from the start hated it.

"You are more wise then your years say you should be Xander." She stated.

"That is the belief of our people the Thism drools in the name of Glory.

But we try to work with out being notice or discovered."

Xander looked at Selia carefully. "Really how old you think i am?" He stated.

Aled study the elven man "I say early 30 maybe 40 year old from the feelings in you eyes."

Xander raised an eyebrow a person could feel if an elven Looked at them strong feelings would also be carried over. "Im 17 years old."

Selia dropped her wine mug. "You a child," she said in wonder and shame. "Thats." His words spoke of truth but the look in his eyes told her that he was older OR had experience a hard probably cruel life.

The Sanarie elf nodded "I see. I believed that you where adult or at least in your 30."

Xander nodded he knew elven hardly ages after their 18-25 years age. "How old are you?" He asked.

Selia "Im only 65 years old," she said smiling at him.

Xander blinked "65 he. That old."

Selia laughs. "Hardly Im elven not a human no big age different for between us. But i forget you are raised among humans right."

Xander nodded his cover story was that his mother was human but he was born elven. "Yes. I am."

Selia "Considering Age that a hundred years age different is not that unusual.

But i will give you more room back off in my romantic pursuit of you." Xander raised an eyebrow.

Selia "Do not worry Xander once you are older say fifteen year older I will be the first to knock on your door." She said smiling at him.

Xander grinned. "Great" he said ironically.

Selia just nodded "You need to have fun your still young."

Selia smiled the local elven school master did owe her a favor and the Boy Xander really needed more formal schooling he barely new how to write elven and he was not TO young to learn.

She started to smile, an evil giggle was heard.

Beside her Xander swallowed nervous old Sunnyhell knowledge told him a girl that giggle evilly was a bad sign.


The library.

Willow frowned looking over the huge monster mountain of books that she would have to read thru.

Some where inside of them was the location of the chaos die.

And the road home.

This would take time.

Chapter 10
Finding Hell.

In the building own by the Sanarie Elven House Furani, Clan Rigdari Their was a lot of creatures looking like the living death.

Buffy was snoring sleeping in the chair.

Giles was drinking his fifth cup of tea trying to stay awake.

Willow was eating her eyes almost closed tired after reading the whole night.

Only Angel and Xander looked alive.

The door opened and Selia walked inside. She looked around the tired group smiling slightly as Xander gave her a friendly wave with his hand.

"I'm terrible sorry to call you this early knowing that the two of you" she said looking at Buffy and Giles "work Night and that you Willow was reading in the library the whole night"

With that She sat down pouring her self a cup of tea. "My schedule sadly dont allow me to wait until later so we have to have the meting now." She said then looked at Giles "Could you wake up Buffy please?"

Giles nodded and shook Buffy shoulder until she was again awake.

Beside them Angel did the same for Willow.

Selia smiled "I found out last night that Xander is only 17 years old.

My contact conformed that He really is that young and IS the head of the Clan and House Aled."

Xander nodded false information being implanted in this worlds primitives bureaucracy would be easy for the god that transported them here. Their would probably be some that know about him and the rest not friends just guys and girls knowing who they were.

Selia continued "I found out that Xander barely knows how to read Elven.

Thats really cant be accepted." She put up her arm to stop them from saying anything.

"As human you really do not need the skill of reading to get a good work.

But a Elf need that knowledge sooner or later."

Giles Nodded "You are right of course" he said cleaning his dagger. Xander swallowed "So what are you saying?" He asked.

Selia smiled "I manage to convince the local Elven school master to let you in his class."

Xander blinked "i cant afford that. I dont even LIKE school even."

Selia grinned evil "You go to school for free the school master owes me a favor.

And IF you do NOT go to school i will fire Giles and Buffy and with draw Willows library use."

Willow woke up paled "No not the library." she babbled.

Xander "that thats Blackmail."

Selia smiled sadly "I consider it motivations.

Sooner or later you WILL need the skill they teach you."

Giles nodded "Well it look like you have to go to School then." He said.

Xander started to protest but swallowed and nodded.

He could feel the envy and jealousy from Willow.

Buffy stood up. "Giles she can blackmail Xander."

Xander "Buffy she IS trying to help me even if its school."

Giles nodded "Quite right Buffy Selia method are a bit unorthodox but its Xander we are talking about."

Selia smiled "Remember unless you do your best i will withdraw Willows library access."

Xander paled their go HIS master plan of goofing around. "Yes i understand."

He said sighing irritating.

Selia stood up gave him a small kiss. "Good i like my man educated," she whispered.

"Angel this address is the Makhta temple the Tiraks shaman priest are the best in Mundana on fighting demons." Seeing them looking confused she explained. "I heard you talking about exorcizing a demon THEY are the best"


Buffy frowned "They are barbarian what do they know about Demons."

Selia smiled "According to the Tiraks myth every 10,000 years darkness falls on this world.

The gates are opened and demons and man fight fore dominion.

They believed that last time it happened the Dwarfs ran underground hiding under the mountains.

We elves opened a gate in the sky and rode away on dragons."

She took a sip of Tea before continuing. "Hidden Writings of the elven and the Dwarfs i found confirm this the Darkness is coming. Between nine or twenty year I am not sure when but our Civilizations stands on the brink of war against demon."

Giles cleaned his glasses.

Xander paled a another puzzle bit fell in place.

He remember reading that the Slayer was bounded to earth protected by the Powers That Be No normal magic or god would or could transport the slayer away from earth. Unless they allowed it to happened.

"Giles" He said. Looking up first time in many days he was talking English it felt strange not normal.

"The Slayer IS protected by the PTB right NO magic or god would transport her Away from earth.

Unless they agree its needed.

So we ARE here therefore Buffy are ONE Needed here. Or TWO Buffy is not the slayer Kendra is."

Giles nodded "My god Xander i did not think about that.

But Buffy do have her Powers as a slayer even in this new body she did not have them before they have returned to her."

Willow felt her mouth go dry.

Buffy blinked snoring slightly she had a feeling that she was missing something important by sleeping.

Selia looked at them they where talking about something in a strange language.

"Is it something important. And that language what is that?" She asked them.

Xander smiled "no just a small argument. And its English its something new," he said.


Selia smiled "I be going now see you later. Xander the school begins tomorrow and Angel.

I suggest that you go to the Tiraks temple at the sunset the Tiraks are creatures of the night."

With that she walked away.

Willow suddenly started to talk in English. "Why did you not tell her about Buffy or us.

She is a friend"

Xander nodded but spoke carefully in English.

"She is but a new friend i wonder where her loyalty is.

With her self or the rest of the Sanarie.

I dont think it would be good having them control Buffy."

Willow looked "She dont look like some one that would work for the Sanarie leaders even IF she knows how to use magic I know more. She is a fighter."

Xander continue in English "And the Sanarie use Thism elven or Kirja as fighter most right.

But Willow some of the worst and most dangerous elite fighter ARE Sanarie elf.

The 'Amethyst Guards" Xander said reminding her about the dangerous fighters armored with unbreakable armor and sword made of a magical transparent Glass like substance. That his Earth born knowledge identified as some kind of advance plastic.

On the floor Miss Pyar his cat sneak out from the room to spy.


Inside her chamber Selia looked at her Elven Glass armor and the huge glass sword that was made for her during her work as an 'Amethyst guard. Her hand tenderly followed the outline of the Glass sword it centrum made of elven glass.

And its sides made of Siluna Steal sharp and deadly.

Honor duty she wonder when the time come would she do what needed to do.

Chapter 11
Another day in paradise.....

Willow, Giles, Selia and Xander stood outside a large building near a park. Giles cleaned his Dagger. "I'm sure you will find something to enjoy your self in their."

Xander just stared. "Its a school Giles a S.C.H.O.O.L nothing TO enjoy" he said bitterly.

Willow frowned she was envious that Xander got a chance to go to school. At least she had the library.

A Elf looking old like a 60 or 70 year old man came walking up towards them Xander sighted IF that elf was looking that old he must be over a thousand year or more.

Selia smiled "its so nice to see you again Master Ne'Dell" She said friendly.

The old Elf Ne'Dell nodded "Good to see you to that is the young man that will go to my school" he said turning nodding in Xander direction.

Selia nodded "yes it is. I take it that you two can finish by your self i have a trade agreement talk to be at noon." They nodded and Selia walked away.

The old Elf smiled "Welcome young master, I am Ne'Dell the School master. I expect my students to call me Sir or Master." He finished looking directly at Xander.

Xander nodded "Right Sir, Master not sure." he manage to stop him self blushed "A Sorry sir master Im a bit nervous."

The old elf raised an eyebrow That kind of student. "I see let get you tested then."

Giles and the other waved good by as Xander was walking indoors.


Ne'Dell was sitting waiting as Xander sat down he could see that the young man was tired bruised and even had some cuts on him. He smiled.

"You did good really good. You can talk many different languages impressive number for you age. But you can barely read elven and the other languages you speak you can only read Two of them and that barely."

Xander nodded. The elven was a symbolic language reminded him of Chinese and Japanese except they where totally different.

A Good reader must know thousand different symbols.

Talking was even stranger compared to English you could not in elven say Its a difficult work. You had to say The work make it difficult. Or The Food taste good would be The food make it feel good in elven. They put personality in to object and even abstract things like work, love or riding.

The elven school master looked at him "I will put you to a writing and reading elven and Sabriska and Falliska. Then some basic book keeping classes.

You will have to chose between a craft to learn. Wood work or blacksmith maybe eventually weapon making." He asked.

Xander blinked inside he had some knowledge as a black smith capable of repairing simple things and make horse shoes. Nothing more.

From Sunnydale he knew how to make wood things.

Xander looked up "I would like to learn to make Elven glass."

The School master nodded "I do understand but i cant help you its a guarded secret."

Xander study him "You said that you would teach me anything i needed to learn. If i promise never to teach that skill to NO body as long as the Sanarie themselves hold that skill alone."

The school master nodded "I think" He quite down. The Amethyst guards would probably put him in jail for a hundred years or more if they found out.

The Amethyst Tower themselves would probably order them to hire an assassin to take them both out. (The leaders of the Sanarie works Inside the tower)

The old elf smiled "You and me private class. But be aware wrong person find out and you be hunted and killed."

Xander nodded. "I know." He then grinned thinking about gunpowder and trading it to the elven for knowledge.

Ne'Dell then continue talking...

"let see 3 Language reading writing Elven Sabriska and Falliska.

thats three classes. Then book keeping, and History and Music.

and some sword fight and long bow classes."

Seeing no protest even eager looks from Xander he continued.

"And consider that you already know lot about the bow its more a improvement and learn new tricks not really learning to shoot So i think two three days maybe a week then we can let you start un-armed fighting. Martial arts." The school master said.

Xander nodded "Thats 8 classes." He said.

The head master Ne'Dell nodded "its 12 hours every day of the week except the last day is free."

Xander paled. But remember that elven needed only half as much sleep as a human but still.

Ne'Dell smiled evil as he wonder if he should tell the young man that much of what they would teach him he already know about and those classes would be finished once he manage a verbal and written test of his knowledge.

After all what good would it do to sit and learn something you already knew. He decided to tell the young man that after all a depressed student was a bad student.

Ne'Dell "IF you manage a verbal and written test as proof of your knowledge We will let you go early finish with that class permanent. Falliska and Samara Is two totally different language have the same written alphabet just different language you only need to learn how to write them as you already know how to talk both of them."

Xander brightened at that news. "So once i learn how the alphabet work and i can quit." The old elf nodded his day look brighter after all one of them wrote Phonetic as the word sounded. How hard could that be to learn after all.

They finally was finished and the school master send him home to Selias home to rest.


Somewhere else.

Angel sighted the Makhta temple look like a small tower crafted from one big stone.

Simple but impressive so close he could feel it was not natural stone but bricks wall shaped to look like one single stone.


He sat down waiting for the shaman priest to arrive.

Later as the sun began to set an old looking Tirak followed by two huge Trukks walked towards the door he was waiting outside.

Angel stood up bow down "Greetings Master of this temple i need your help. I am from the temple of healers and i need your skill."

The Shaman study the other man "it a honor that a monk from the respected temple of healer come to us for help. What kind of help do you need?"

Angel sighed looking at the memory implant he had for an explanation surprisingly he found one. "I was exorcizing a demon. And i succeeded in driving and imprison the demon. But something when wrong the demon is sleeping imprison inside of me. I need you help to exorcise it from me before its awake again."

The two guards grab their weapons.

The Shaman "If he died the demon IS free. If we help him and Free Him from the demon I will be able to kill it."

The two guards nodded.

The Shaman smiled "Take him inside to the cleansing pools as he was born nude and let him swim. Remember he IS a friend treat him as such. I will prepare myself."

Angel sighed and followed the two guards.

Later. Angel was sitting in the shallow end of the pool the water was warm and not to deep.

The two Guards stood still looking at him.

One mention that he looked soft like a girl.

Angel remember that the Tiraks was born in Litter 4-5 kids at the same time.

Only 1 of 10 was female among the Trukk-Tiraks.

And only 3 of 10 among the Tirak-Tirak.

Angel suddenly paled remembering another facts not only HUMAN females had to worry about Tirak raping them.

Human Males also had to worry.

At times like this being human really sucked.

Then the Shaman came in dressed in bones and skins. "Let the ritual begin." He screamed and dark mist rose from the pool as the shaman called the power of Makhta the Tirak Goddess down on Angel. Then only pain was existing and he fainted.


"You are alright now." The shaman said. "Would you like a cup of Tea or beer. I have Dwarfs beer even"

Angel nodded "A tea then a beer thanks. Is the demon gone?"

The Tirak nodded "Yes but Makhta inform me that the time it was inside of you was a long time hundreds of year even.

It left a wound in your soul that would leave you open for possession. By other demons."

Angel "if its not raining its snowing."

The Tirak nodded "she said that possession by an animal, Primal OR elemental spirit would heal the wound and protect you."

Angel groaned "What are they"

The Shaman smiled "The animal is just that an animal spirit like wolf or she said you would understand the word Hyena. You be in control but a bit more animal in your response.

The Elemental is the spirit of an elemental a fire, water or wind spirit possessing you.

They would not effect you that much mentally except fire would probably make you a pyromaniac."

He sipped a bit from his beer before continue.

"A Primal is different they are servants of gods strong yet have freedom of will. Their nature make them similar to both angels and demons and yet they are different. Some are Primal of fighting of healings they are often spirits of ideals."

Angel nodded "i see. What would you recommend."

The Shaman smiled "You ask your Goddess of healing for advice and help i do the same with Makhta and we do a BIG ritual where animal, Primal and elemental are invited and let the gods sort them out for you."

Angel blinked that was different. "I see would that work."

The Shaman "Why not your goddess is ONE that our church respect and consider a friendly but naive goddess."

Angel nodded and sat down thinking. This would take time he started to drink is beer.

Down stairs singing of Tiraks was heard soft beautiful music that could make even an elf cry in joy.

Angel smiled he had only heard about this type of music before the battle and pub songs of Tiraks was screaming and loud song but their ritual music was beautiful wonder.

Chapter 12
Enter the valley of the doomed.

Xander sighted a heavy feeling of doom hanged over his shoulder. In his hand he had his schedules and their it was the place that ended everything fun. SCHOOL.

"Probably a Hellmouth," he muttered as he walked inside A voice from behind made him jump and turned around.

The voice said "Hellmouth" School master Ne'Dell said "I do not know what it is. But if you are talking a about Death gates i do know some of those. And if you are thinking of Shadows gate i know some of them. I even know about the Demon gate inside the city of Helm.

What IS a Hellmouth?"

Xander gasped the old fool of elven bastard had even hidden is elven eyes and then sneaked up on him. "Nothing"

Ne'Dell smiled "I tell you about the other gates and where they are. And you tell me everything about the Hellmouth."

Xander flinched. Curse his natural curiosity.

Ne'Dell smiled smugly. "Inside the Shadow gates their is truly marvels its dangerous a mortal could easy get dead in their. But they hate demons in their truly hate them. And some of the greatest magic weapons made to destroy demons are made of the Shadows."

Xander "can we talk about it later. I have class," he said.

NeDell nodded he had the feeling that his student Selia really found gold in this young man so much potential so much strangeness. "Then get going if your to late they will spank you."

Xander paled remembering THAT humiliation. "Im Almost late Freaking stupid CRAP," He said as he ran away completely missing the angry looking teacher walking up beside the school master.

Ne'Dell smiled friendly at the language teacher "He is new."

The teacher nodded "But NO bad word in class or in the school area their are younger student with in hearing."

Ne'Dell nodded "yes i agree but consider that its his first offense i way only half the spankings."

the Teacher nodded "Hopefully he learns discipline and etiquette fast. Insults are part of our language but they are only learn in advanced class."

Ne'Dell nodded insulting your enemy was an important part of a big battle after all.

Later in class.

Xander sat down the class was filled with elven kids some older and some younger even one old looking human with elven blood.

He understood that in this place school was a luxury and only those with gold and time had that luxury.

Suddenly the school student stood up. "GOD Morning Master Yssan"

Xander stood up "Hi good morning sir Master Yssan," he said a bit unfocused.

The teacher nodded friendly "Hello student i hope the weekend was great." Their was nodding and even some that answered. The teacher listen some minutes before raising his hand. "Young master Kiria and Young Mistress Mirya i understand that your mother are sick. I expect you to do your school work as best as possible.

BUT remember your mother health is more important then school work. You can make up the lesson missed by extra study later but you only have ONE mother."

The student nodded and the two siblings looked relived. " Thanks Master Yssan" they said at the same time.

Xander grinned this teacher sounded Nice.

Yssan then looked at him "Well we have a new student. Could you come up and tell us about yourself."

Xander swallowed he could feel +25 pair of eyes looking at him some was letting their emotions be felt other just empty of emotions.

"Hi Im Xander from the House Aled and Clan Aled, Im A Learam elf i work as a Ranger and well thats about it i think."

Yssan frowned "Do you play any instrument Young master" The teacher asked him.

Xander nodded "Well i do play the Bagpipe," he said.

Many of the student looked curious and eager. The Learam was the ONLY elven that played the Bagpipe and their during the war their ghostly war songs played on the Bagpipe hade even turned raging Tiraks in to running Tiraks.

Yssan smiled "Great during Music class you will entertain us Im sure"

Xander paled mumbling "Crap" again.

Yssan smiled disappeared "Im sorry Young master in this school we have rules no dirty words. Normally saying something like that would earn you 18 paddles, You are new so you will get only 9 hope this is your one and only use of bad words."

Xander blinked Paddles what did they like him to row a boat or something.

he then paled as the teacher came over carrying a whip like paddle. That felt was not a good sign.

Yssan nodded seeing the pale face in front of him "Now bend over and grasped the desk pull your pants down. Its only nine hits."

Xander groaned He and Selia would have a long argument once he came home.

What was worst was the fact that some of the girl looks told him they where exited and even in lust. As he turned he reminded himself to be careful around girls that liked seeing males being spanked.


....Other place....

It was a cave not a wet water filled cold cave.

But one with nice paintings on the cave walls.

Books huge books but books.

Coffins and urns stood along the walls weapons was hanging on in weapon hangers.

The center of the cave room a pile consisted of over fifty giant pillows made of chain mails and filled with Asbestos.

The owner of the room was currently walking around irritated almost angry.

"So do you know what the change going to be this time" The owner of the cave Sir Verduhrakh of Consaber a Knight of the crown and a huge 9 metric long (29 and a half feet long from nose to tail red colored dragon. He looked angry frustrated at his guest currently sitting like a dog and smoking a giant pipe.

The 11 m long Black with blue stripe Dragon Named Khakra took a deep breath of tobacco before answering his old friend. "I believe the gods manage to bring in a new champion in their game."

Verduhrakh groaned. "Champion what side to he or she play at."

Khakra "if Im correct Which i always are in these matter they are on OUR side."

Verduhrakh smiled that was good but "Do you have ANY idea what the demons side might to in their response to this"

Khakra shook his head "No idea. The good side is that it was a Chaos god that carried them here. And he is not part of the balance. So if they survive our side might get a extra fighter or two."

Verduhrakh nodded that would be good but "Then the Darkness will try to corrupt them OR destroy them, They might even start to Darkness a bit early this time."

Khakra "No they could not unless you are talking about tricking mortals in to calling demons and monster in our world."

Verduhrakh nodded "That might not be a army worth but still."

Khakra dropped his grinned looking even more like a tired old dog. "Yes they would be dangerous for any mortal."

Verduhrakh nodded "Well old friend lets have a cup of beer. You really needs to rest a bit."

Khakra nodded "yes i do need a month or two of sleep lots of work and all for nothing."

Verduhrakh nodded most of Thalamure the area Khakra had spent so much time guarding against demons had fallen.

Luckily it had fallen not to demons but to the influence of Necromancy and their Undead monster.

Some almost demonic and almost as bad. "I Know my friend i think you need more then one month of sleep."

They carefully crawled up together on the pillows as they continued to talk now about tactic and strategy and drink their tea.

They agreed that some one had to be sent to the town of Camarr to find out and protect the new players and probably find a new Pawn but still hoping to find a Rook or a knight a true Queen was probably an empty dream.

Chapter 13
Time to work...

Giles and Buffy were walking down town towards their work guarding a warehouse at the harbor.

Silence and quietly they were not talking Buffy was now and then mumbling about a cool weapon or Sweet looking Armor.

And Giles was quiet his face hard as stone he looked angry irritated even bitter now and then he cleaned his dagger.

The citizens walked long distant away from the obvious Berserker of a Barbarian that just waited for a reason to cause murder and mayhem.

Giles his mind was wandering thru the corridors of memory.

Huge library of knowledge existed inside of his head and he had wonder for days now something he should have know but forgotten not really forgotten more misplaced.

It was frustrating.

"Giles GILES." Buffy yelled.

Giles "Huh WHAT," he said angry.

Buffy blushed "Im sorry but Look" she said pointing at their work place.

Outside the two day watch men was dead their body was laying in a pool of blood.

A gang of five possible six man was walking out from the building they could see smoke coming from the ware house.

Giles growled and slowly pulled and pulled and pulled until his HUGE kick ass 190 Cm long Kragg Sword (190 cm About 6 feet long ) was free and he was holding it in a double handed grip. "Give up or die." he said.

The saboteurs paled seeing a gigantic barbarian holding a huge sword staring at them.

Buffy swallowed gripping her Sword it human they had soul inside she was reminded that the Tirak had souls she seen plenty of nice and kind and drunk Tiraks. "Yeh give up or Bleed," she said hoping her doubts was not heard.

The leader frowned "BY Martari and Cirza WE Will Fight." He said and they started to attack.

Buffy swallowed her knowledge of this world gave her information about Martari mercenary often worshiped and some was priest in his cults. Martari is the Good of the blade.

True believer would ONLY use Swords and knife, Axes was tolerated as a back up weapon. They never use any long distance weapons and true believers was among the best in the world in fighting with the blade.

Seeing the blade master going straight at Giles she responded fast moved straight towards him as she yelled to Giles. "He is mine take the others."

Giles frowned as Ripper and his new Barbarian self screamed stupid slayer steal my fun. Then the librarian reminded him that she was a slayer and he was a watcher.

And Giles rushed the other fighter his sword waved making a blood stained arc as the enemy group rushed to dodge and hide.

Parry such a sword was difficult.

Slowly they stood up only one serious hurt his hand was cut off the other fighter looked angry and the fight was on Giles was cutting and waving the sword forcing the four saboteurs to back away desperately dodging and parrying the huge sword trying to get chance of attacking.

Giles grinned the Kragg was masters in fighting many opponents at the same time.

Buffy dodged "Eee you need a bath all black and icky," she said to the saboteur that had black paint in his face.

He frowned "It camouflage to stop you from recognize me."

Buffy eyebrow was raised. "A hood would work," she said as she tried to pierce the Saboteur that nimbly parried with his sword as he tried to pierce Buffy with a dagger.

Buffy kicked out hitting his arm and made the dagger fly away.

The saboteur backed away his left hand was in pain. "A hood would work yes but it can get stuck and this grease stop elven or Tiraks from smelling me."

Buffy nodded "Oooo smart but i still believe you are a dirty troll afraid of a bath."

The Saboteur frowned he was a Cirfalier proud noble the true future kings of this world NO One called him a dirty troll. "Die Bitch," he said letting his sword start a deadly kata a dance of death.

Buffy "Eeeep" as the fighter suddenly turn in to a tornado of attack. She parried and dodged only her full Slayer speed and power made her survived that attack.

The Saboteur was surprised that was one of his most deadly attack pattern a combinations of cuts and stabs. No one had manage to avoid that unless they had a shield. He swallowed as he could see his own death looking back at him blond and angry.

And he and his wife and sister was waiting their first child.

Buffy groaned angry the fury of a slayer a predator of predator was fueled with fear and the knowledge that if she failed this bastard would go after Giles. "You DIE NOW." She said as she tried to copied his attack.

The Saboteur started to dodge parry in panic as his own attack was turned against him. It had holes in it she did not get it right.

But HE felt her blade cut him on the arm the leg and the face and a deep cut in the chest. His last thought was on his sister his beloved wife and their still unborn child.

Buffy continued pressing her attack pretending it was a vampire.

Suddenly the enemy fighter fell down blood flowing like a river Buffy swallowed she just killed a human tears of shame started to flow.

Giles stood still his enemies had more or less given up the four fighter was now only three and they were bleeding.

He could hear the City guard was running towards them.

The Warehouse was burning flames illuminated the darkening sky.

Giles sighted looking at the fools. "If the girl is dead i personally rip your hearts out and feed it to you."


Somewhere else.

"That was funny," the Shaman said.

Angel nodded. "Well its a different world."

The shaman smiled, "yeh if our Goddess hadnt confirm that i should believe you i would have said you were a liar."

Angel "i was. I became vampire because of one stupid lie."

The Shaman nodded "But you learn did you not?"

Angel just stared at him. "I hope so i relay really hope so."

The Shaman smiled "Shall we do the ritual?"

Angel frowned "Now we are both piss drunk. I am Piss drunk you are drunk." Tirak stamina one Tirak could out drink two normal human.

The Shaman grinned. "Your goddess said allrigt. Why not do the ritual and let the goddess sort the spirits out THEY will make a better choice then you would."

The drunken Angel nodded "lets spirit party."

The shaman smiled and the two holy fools crawled in to the church now spirit summoning of highest level would happen.

As soon as the shaman manage to figure out which side of his drum was the up side.

Angel giggled.

A Tirak singer looked at them the head priest and his human friend. Before shacking his head this was embarrassing.


The drum was beating a steady rhythm as misty fogs was thickening in the church of Makhta the shaman sweat was dropping as spirits was entering the church.

Ghost of dead,
Animal spirits,
Elemental spirits, wind, water, fire, earth, Time, cold,
Primal spirits, Forest, Fighting, anger, happiness and other primals.

And above them the power of Makhta and the Goddess of healers was looking sorting the spirits out.

Angel no longer giggled his face was pale as he could feel the power of the Wolf spirit the blood thirst of the Fighter Primals.

And the knowledge of the dead.

And high above the goddess was filling the temple with power.


Other place....

"I wish you would stay." The man said. He was a baron an old hero knight and father and grandfather.

His loved wife nodded. "I wish that to. But Sir Verdurath gave me a mission."

The man smiled "I know its just i wish i could come with you the sea is not safe this time of year."

She kissed him "They are never safe my loved" she said. Study her loved a moment his human life was short she could see the sign he was now above 60 not the cute 20 he was when they fell in love.

In her mind he was still young but she knew that soon he would be death of old age and her elven blood would keep her young.

Turning away she looked at her children her oldest he was mortal just like dad almost 35 now married had children by himself.

And her youngest like her elven by some curse of fate she looked more human than her human brother. "Take care of him. I love you all," she said walking aboard the ship.

Her husband smiled waving his hand cursing his old bones and the dragon for separate them.

He knew he had not long time left in this world. "Far well Kiyona my beautiful wife still looking like a 20 year old. May your journey be safe and come home soon," he said.

His son and daughter hugged him. "She be safe dad," they said helping their old father Fredric baron of Dunbraight home.

On board the ship Kiyonas of Dunbraight hide herself she promise that IF the new player were evil she would kill them as painfully as possible for ripping her away from Fredrick. And even if they were NOT evil she would teach them the error of making Kiyona the battle angel of Dunbraight angry. She was Learam proud master of the fast blade. She was not a happy lady she was going to Camarr may the Dragons have mercy on anyone standing in her path.

In his cave a Dragon ponder if his choice of spy was a wise choice she never failed him before even if it was more then fifteen years ago and she was a hothead but being married surly it had taught her control and being calm and patient.

In Camarr Xander relaxed everything was going fine. Nothing bad was seen he wonder when life would turn upside down again.

Miss Pryde was in paradise Xander was petting her he wonder if she would tell him that Selia had the armor and sword of an Amethyst guard.

Better to wait Selia could not be that bad after all she did pet her and brushed her hair. That was important.

Better to wait and spy before talking and revealing herself.

As long as her human 'HMMMMMM' her Elf was safe no reason to change things.

Life was good human was stupid thinking to much on the future and the past not like her on the important things in life HERSELF.

Xander sighted sometimes he envied the animal no intelligence no responsibility. If a cat suddenly got brain power it probably kill it self suddenly seeing and having problem that it needed to fix.

No he envied Miss Pryde right now no problem just live every day like its the first and the last.

Chapter 14
After school activity...

A week later.

Buffy is a bit shaken up after killing her first human but she seems to get better.

Selia have started to investigate it looks like a Cirfalisk trade house is trying to destroy her reputation and trade ability by use of pirates and by burning down her warehouse.

She is planning revenge.

Angel is recovering after becoming Possessed by the Primal spirit of protection. A minor war spirit of guardians and defender.

Xander is doing his best in school after Selia blackmailed him.


A Dragon have sent their agent to investigate them and she is on her way.


Xander smiled waving good buy to his school mate some of those elven girls was extremely cute not like Selia she was beautiful manipulative and sexy.

And he actually had fun the teacher were hard but they believed in him they helped him when he did not understand something.

For the first time he actually felt respect for teachers.

The down side his teacher would use the cane if he DID not do his homework.

And after school Ne'Dell the old School master had tutor him in how to make Elven glass the almost unbreakable substance that were use in making Armor and Lyfali Swords.

Xander grinned it was some kind of plastic or probably plastic glass fiber thingy.

He had already plans on making his own version of a Lyfali shorter and instead of using the Elven Siluna he would use Steel for the cutting edge.

Pondering this Xander did not notice the shadows that started to follow him.

Miss Pryde did as she started to speed up stupid elven. If he got hurt who would care for her and pet her. Stupid selfish elven never thinking of their cat wellbeing.

Maybe i could start by making an armor in elven glass Xander ponder the idea. When suddenly something smelly was pushed in his face. "Whee urggg," and the world was dark.

One of the man took the young elven on his shoulder "Lets go before any one see us," he said and soon they lifted their captured prey inside a wagon and they were riding away.

Unseen and unfollowed by anyone.

Miss Pryde cleaned her claws a she sat down on the top of the wagons. Typical Xander may be her elven but he would owe her lots and lots of tuna and shrimp for this.

Or she would claw his pants to ribbon.

At the same time.

Angel sat up. "Giles i have a terrible feeling one of us is in grave danger."

Giles raised his eyebrow from where he side by side with Willow as she was teaching him the local human writings. "Are you sure?" He asked.

Angel nodded "The spirit inside of me screams that some one is attacking one of us. Its a Primal a spirit of protectors defenders."

Buffy groaned "No why cant we get a break."

Willow swallowed "Do you know who and where?"

Angel blushed, "Eee no probably Xander he is the only one not here."

Buffy "Typical we should have some one protecting him. He cant fight he is helpless."

Giles raised his eyebrow. "I must protest Buffy Xander can actually fight me. He is not defenseless. OR helpless."

Buffy frowned in irritation looking for support and strangely finding non not even Willow "But Giles he he just normal," she said.

Giles just took forward his dagger and started to clean it. "No Buffy he is elven now. And trained in fighting extremely skilled for his age strong and they have given him extra training in school something he have taken to like a fish to water."

Giles put the dagger back. "I only wish that i had been so stupid that i refuse to train that remarkable young man back in Sunnydale If i did i am sure that he would have been a true champion by now."

Buffy blushed seeing Giles sadness. "I Im sorry Giles."

He shook his head. "Not your fault Buffy." He said.

Buffy "But i order you not to train him. Because I I I didnt want him to get hurt."

Giles stood up. "Buffy i was a grown up man and its my fault i should have remember that I am a Watcher and stood up against you instead i just followed your word blindly to happy with having a Slayer that i did not even stop to think."

Angel smiled "Why cant we just say that its all our faults that we did a mistake. And forgive ourselves."

Willow "yes lets forget and move one."

Angel suddenly looked irritated. "NO Willow let us NEVER forget our mistake but let us FORGIVE and promise never to do THE SAME mistake again.

If we forgive and forget we might do the same mistake again and that could result in a dead friend."

Willow frowned but nodded.

Buffy blushed not liking having to remember a mistake but the last part was chilling from this point she would definitive see that ANY one helping her in Vamp dusting would get training she would kick their butt until they were mean lean but kicking machine.

Buffy blinked looked up at Angel he was actually thinking about it the weakest among them.

Sure the spirit gave him strength when he was protecting friends but not that much endurance. She grinned and he was overweight time to turn him in to a mean lean fighting machine again.

Angel suddenly felt the chilly fingers of doom on his spine.

Giles "Well lets go and try to find Xander."

A voice suddenly stopped him. "Its to late" Selia said. "He been kidnapped by Cirfalier." My agents have a witness a 16 year old elven girl saw it.

Buffy growled "What will they do to him?" She said.

Selia "If we can stop them Nothing if not probably torture."

Willow "I can do a tracking spell."

Selia smiled "Good remember the Cirfalier have magic of them self they might try to stop you."

Willow nodded as she start to look thru her books.

Selia turned and stared at Buffy "YOU come with me." She said.

Buffy blinked and started to follow Selia "Why?" She asked.

Selia grinned "You are a fighter right. Then you know how difficult it is to put one a full plate armor."

Buffy nodded you needed four or more arms sometimes. "Why the armor?" Selia smiled. "To save our friend we will probably will have to fight."

In Selias room Buffy suddenly paled an elven glass armor complete with a huge sword a Lyfali 180 cm long weighing no more then a Scimitar its centrum was elven glass its side was Siluna razor sharp.

Only a Kraggsword was bigger.

Buffy suddenly paled you are an Amethyst guard she said.

Selia nodded "I was but i am retired now days. A different of opinion only reason i live is because Im a useful tool for the Amethyst tower."

Buffy nodded she could identified herself with that the watcher was not that much better after all.


Later Different place....

Selia pushed the blood dripping sword in the face of a pale shivering Merchant around them was dead guards. "I KNOW you friend kidnapped young Xander he was a friend. IF you like to live and fuck you sister again." She said with venom in her voice. "You better talk and talk fast."

The merchant shiver. "It not my fault i did not know you were an Amethyst guard."

Selia raised her eyebrow. "That is an excuse you should work harder fool."

Buffy turned to Willow. "What did she mean by fucking his sister?"

Willow looked disgusted at the merchant. "The Cirfalier often marries with in their own family too keep the money from falling to outside hands."

Buffy blinked "Wouldnt that be bad?" She asked.

Willow nodded "yea they often get funny looking kids."

Giles walked forward. "Not so fast Selia I think i like to hurt him a bit before we ask any question its more fun that way."

Selia looked at him irritating and angry but Giles could feel that she was glad that he interrupted her. "Back off Barbarian," she said her voice was hard but not her eyes.

Giles frowned "You killed most of the guards its not FAIR i like to torture him before you ask questions."

Selia looked at the shivering man. "Where is Xander?"

The merchant stutter out. "He he is on a ship we are sailing him directly to Melorion."

Buffy blinked looking at Willow.

Willow sighted "I think its Rednecks center."

Buffy nodded stupid home fuckers.

Selia carefully did a short cut on the mans head cutting his ears of. The man screamed in pain and humiliation.

Selia grinned "Now you Look like the criminal you are." She looked at the other. "Lets go we have a ship to catch."

Giles carefully picked up the ear an earring was hanging from the ear silver with some gold marks jewels and jade. "Why is the ear so devastating."

Selia grinned. "They do not have family name instead they have a ring in their right ear that is a symbol OF their family.

Criminal Cirfalier only the worst of the worst get their ears cut off.

Symbolizing that they no longer are Cirfalier that they have NO family or blood."

Giles grinned. "Looks like we are going hunting for ears then," he said promising to cut of the ear on any surviving Cirfalier time for the redneck nation to learn.


Other place.

Xander groaned the pain in his head was devastating a heavy weight was on his chest and his arm was useless.

Opening his eyes he could see Miss Pryde sitting their looking curious at him.

Xander groaned looking around checking things out.

1 His arm were bound.

2 The lamp was moving he smelled tar and salt water. So he was on a ship.

3 No weapon was on him.

He probably was kidnapped it was a safe bet. Sighing Xander looked at his pet cat "You couldnt tell me where i am and who kidnapped me?"

He said for fun.

Miss Pryde looked at him "You are on a ship sailing for Cirfalien, And a Cirfalisk trading house have kidnapped you they believe you know more about Selias trade secrets."

Xander blinked. "You can talk why havent you talked to me before?" He asked in shock.

Miss Pryde growled. "You were not kidnapped before," she said talking like to he was a child.

Chapter 15
I need a parrot.

Xander blinked Miss Pryde could talk. "I see," he said wondering what else their was that he could say. "Could you help explain how or help free me from these rope."

Miss Pryde looked at him "My old owner dressed me ass one of the moon cats from Sailor moon during Halloween." It explained as it started to claw at the rope freeing Xander.

Xander blinked that was unusual. "Im sorry. I think."

Miss Pryde blinked. "Sorry about what?" She asked wondering.

Xander, "you are the only one of you kind. And that must be lonely."

Miss Pryde swallowed she knew their was a reason she liked her human even if he now was a elf. "I have my friends they pet me and give me food, Think shrimps and tuna and lots of that understand."

Xander grinned "You still like to play even if your smart cat."

Miss Pryde chewed the rope a bit before answering "Of course would i play with a piece of rope if i did not think it was funny."

Xander nodded as he pulled his hand free from the rope.

Miss Pryde looked up "How did you do that?"

Xander grinned "Luck. When you started to chew the rope i felt them slack and the moist made it easy to glide out from the binding." With that said he started to stretch. "Could you explore the ship, find out how many sailor it is. And where my weapons are?"

Miss Pryde just sat down staring at him. "Im not a DOG, Human, Elven or stupid i already did that. Your weapon are over their in the next room. I think the Captain is planning on keeping them.

Their is Exactly 38 person on board this ship mostly sailors but they are armed.

Its a trade ship filled with Iron."

Xander grinned widen "You are smart. What would you say about keeping your talking ability secret even against the rest of our friends?"

Miss Pryde nodded. "Unless i need to talk that would be smart."

The two grinned as only an elven and a cat could before Xander carefully opened the door peeking out.

His hand grasped the sleeping guard over the mouth and pulled him inside.

A short twist later and the guard was dead on the floor by broken neck.

Xander grasped the short cutlasses and boarding axe.

Time to play.

He sneaked out carefully opened the door to the captain cabin.

It had thick doors and walls almost sound proof.

Hanging on the wall was his weapons and their two small barrels of lamp oil, Fish poison and wood spikes.

Perfect he grinned.

Captain Turano snored when suddenly he felt his breath was gone and strong arms was strangling him Angry elven eyes boor down on him. HE awoke looking straight in the twin bronze eyes of death.

"I dont like kidnapers," the young elven said.

The captain flinched "I i will turn the ship around."

The young elven smiled even further. "I dont believe you." He said. "Now i will kill you. But you see i need something from you."

The captain swallowed he did not like the look in the elves eyes.

"What do you need?" He asked.

Xander grinned. "I need you to scream like crazy and lure the other in to a trap when they come running. Just look at the floor."

The captain blinked he could feel his arms was tied to the bed.

And then the elven stood up. And started to walk away. "Your crazy i would never do that." Trying to look up he could see that the crazy elven had put spikes on the floor and his bottle with fish poison was empty poison spikes.

The captain swallowed he would have to warn them to be careful.

Then he blinked Why did he smell like lamp oil.

At the door Xander dropped a flaming piece of yarn.

The Captain stared as a flaming burning track of oil suddenly put his legs on fire and he started to scream like crazy.

Outside Xander ran like hell the corridor and the room was filled with spikes poisoness Smoke filled the corridor something every sailor was scared to death of fire on the sea could burn a hole ship down. THEY Had to put the fire out.

Hiding under the stairs Xander had not long to wait.

Sailors started to run like crazy barefoot or with thin sandals on them.

Panic in fear of burning made them ignore the pain of the spikes just brush them of as they ran in to the captains room he could feel them pale in scream in chock and fear then they started a chain of bucket trying to put the fire out.

The fire was small made of wool to give off smoke.

"What the hell happened?" The first mate screamed sailor was on the floor dead or sick of poisons some was screaming.

More then twenty sailors was to weak to stand.

Then suddenly it become dark the door closed the remaining Sailors cold feel the angry eyes of a elven looking at them.

"I am the darkness with out remorse." It said a swing sound was heard like a blade was pulled free.

"Im the vengeance that wait for no one." A Sailor screamed in pain as a Crossbow bolt suddenly pierced his head.

Miss Pryde sneaked away after firing the Crossbow that was mounted on the wall. The sailors turned around looking at the wrong direction.

"Im Darkwing Duck." The voice said as it suddenly attacked the sailors.

In the cramped corridors Xanders his Carwellan and the cutlass made an unstoppable combinations as the sailors had only knifes on them. In the darkness the humans was mostly blind but his elven eyes was not bother by the darkness.

The door behind him shook as the more sailors tried to get inside.

Xander grinned as he knew they would be to late he had blocked the door.

As the remaining sailors ran for life Xander dodged back climbed out the window of the captains quarter and up behind on the Poop deck.

He grinned it was empty even the mast was empty he hurried to climb up and hide among the sails.

Camarr harbor...

"This take to long time." Buffy complained.

Selia nodded "I know, But its the fastest ship i could find and hire." The ship was filled with Tiraks a Bazirik ship a fast and small kagga they where probably Pirates and merchant.

The fact that an Elven hired them to plunder a Cirfalisk ship made great fun for the Pirate crew.

The Captain an old female Tirak walked up. "We are ready to sail now." Selia nodded "Thanks We are eager to fight our enemies."

The captain she smiled. "You would make a great Tirak Elven." Laughing at Selias insulted look she started to bark out order and the Kagga shoot rapid speed out from the harbor.

Beside the captain Willow stood a small needle was hanging from her hand a Xander compass.

Giles took a deep breath. "I do hope we can save him before its to late. The Cirfalier have rumor to be ruthless in torture."

Angel nodded "He is probably screaming after help right now. We better keep the girls from thinking about that."

The Cirfalisk ship.

"HEEELP HEELP ITS Darkwing Duck a Cirfalisk sailor screamed in panic as he ran for his life. The sailors stood up grasping weapon when suddenly the man tumble to ground an arrow ended his life then out of the darkness something suddenly something chilling was heard. And a fire explosion was spreading the smell of Brimstone filled the air.

Then out of the darkness a hunting "Quack, Quack, Be werry werry quiet i hunting a rabbit." Xander said as he had walked out from the darkness his Carwellan shining in the flames of the lamps. His cloak was blowing in the wind like huge dark wings.

The Sailors backed away as they reminded of nightmares of demons and monsters

A brave Sailors grasped his cutlass and attack.

Xander danced at the side a quick parry and one stab the sailor heart was pierced he knew the still standing sailor was dead and blocked the others sight of him he dropped his cloak and stepped out in the darkness grasping a rope he jumped overboard.

The Brave sailor fell down and the other walked forward to see what had happened finding only the dead sailor and the dark cloak rumors started to fly around.

Darkwing duck was on board.

Hanging in the rope Xander sighted these guys was so stupid and he was so smart. The shark fins made him realize that if he did not climb up soon he would be smart fast food.

Sighing he started to climb up to hide soon the day would come and he had to be hiding before then.

He believed that the poison had killed or wounded 5 or 6 sailor and he killed or wounded 12 to 14 in the corridors.

During the night he manage to take down another 3.

That would make it 18 to 20 sailors that was TO hurt to fight or dead.

The ship had only 38 sailors.

So between 20 to or 18 was left to fight.

He felt tired and dirty he was a mass murderer.

Miss Pryde sneaked up to him and tried to comfort him remind him that they were going to torture him just for greed.

They were no better then Vampires.

But still he felt pain and sadness he hoped that they would start to run.

The Heroes ship............

Giles stood up waiting patiently the wind was blowing soon Xander soon he would save the young man he always felt was the son he always wanted but never had. He should probably find a way to tell Xander that.

Selia swore that young man she knew that he was the perfect man for her with him by her side she would be safe and their children strong capable of surviving the darkness.

He must be safe.

Buffy blinked away a tear poor Xander he was probably scared to death by now. She smiled friendly as a huge Tirak gave her a blanket to warm herself with. They were kind of cute huge overbite a bit hairy and claws but extremely friendly to females they consider friends.

Buffy blinked where the hell had that thought came from.

The Kidnappers ship..................

"We have to abandon ship He is not a normal Elven he is Demon a Duck demon." A sailor screamed.

The merchant that own this ship was looking around fearfully.

Their was only 19 sailors left capable of fighting and they had search the ship from top to bottom five times.

Where was that elf hiding.

"STOP IT all of you" A huge Cirfalisk fighter a Knight of Cirza. "He is just an elven fighter playing mind games. IF we stay together sleeping inside one room he cant attack us all we will see IF he open the door and can easily shoot him down." He said grasping his sword hard.

"In fact If we hide snipers inside water barrels just outside our sleeping quarter they can shoot him as fast as he open the door."

The sailors calm down their was no way that elf could know about this plan.

Miss Pryde cleaned her paw listening carefully as the sailors made up traps and plans to stop Xander.

Inside one of the sails high up in the mast Xander waiting for the night.


Xander grinned they had bolted themselves inside the main cargo hold letting the anchor hold the ship still during the night.

Outside the cargo hold he could see one big barrel filled with a crossbow holding Sailor.

Xander grinned as he sneaked behind the barrel painting a huge dark Duck on the wall before he dropped two things inside the barrel and started to run.

The Knight waited soon that elven fool would come and he would fall for his traps.

On the stairs he had putt fall rope only he and the sailors knew about them.

Some of the doors had spikes with poison so if the elf open the door in a hurry he would poison himself.

Then suddenly screaming started outside the door the Knight grasped his sword something had gone wrong.

He open the door. The barrel was burning the sailor inside was screaming in pain trying to put out the fire that consumed him.

And on the wall painted in black was the sign of a duck.

The knight turned around. "Put the fire out NOW," the sailors rushed forward.

Then the knight could feel the elven look on him a mocking laughter was heard and a ghostly voice "I am the hunger that consume you.

I am the pain that drives you mad i am Darkwing duck."

Then the voice was gone and the elven look had left him.

The knight shiver in anger and fear this was NOT a normal elf.

He turned grab the Merchant. "WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY?" He screemed. The fool just babbled foolish. "I he is just a Learam elf he go to school he is nobody."

The knight grabbed his hair. "A nobody dont to things like this." A chilling thought grab his mind. Why had the guard at the OTHER door not responded or said anything.

He let the fool free as he run to the other door opening it he ran right out. The guard and the barrel was gone a 'STING' sound was heard and he could see a rope was freed and a *BOOM CRACH* was heard from the top of the stairs he turned his eyes turned wide as a barrel came bouncing down the stairs landing on him crushing and braking his legs.

That elven had used the Barrel with guard as a trap this was not only injury it was bloody insult.

Behind him the sailors whispered in fear.

And closed the door leaving him outside alone in the dark where the Duck walked.

The knight swallowed this was not good.

Then that hated voice was heard. "You know i like friends. I like to help other. But kidnapping me or hurting my friends that just make me angry. No body likes me when i am angry."

The knight grasped his sword hard.

A dark shaped cloak was the only thing he could see as it came closer and closer then he screamed as pain suddenly become the end of his life.

Xander smiled as he took the keys from the Knight. "Sweet the master key" He said walking away.

Beside him Miss Pryde waked along tail held high.


Morning this was to much fore the Sailors the elf had painted a huge sign of the duck on the deck probably a magical symbol or something.

The merchant was also scared with the knight dead only sailors only 16 sailors left that could defend him and the 12 wounded. "Take down the life boat, lets abandon ship." He screamed.

The sailors smiled finely a wise order.

As the life boats was filled sailors started to climb aboard them.

Half the sailors was already overboard when the screaming started. "Their is Holes in the boats they are sinking." A sailor screamed wet and cold the sailors had to climb aboard again.

Then a mocking laugh was heard as their nightmare walked up to them. Dark cloak blowing in the wind. "Put your weapon down and i let you live. Fight and i kill all of you." Xander said pushing as much bravery and self confident in his eyes as he could. He knew if they rushed him as a group he would be dead.

The Sailors paled.

But the merchant. "Why should we believe you?"

Xander grinned. "I need you to sail the ship to Camarr. I could use a raft and row ashore," he said pointing at the coast. "But i dont like walking," he said grinning.

"NOW put your weapon down ALL of your weapons and you will live. The only one that i am angry at is this fat fool that tried to kidnapped me."

One of the Sailors. "Tried looks like he manage."

Xander snorted. "If i had stopped them they might have gone after one of my friends. And i do like to play with idiots," he said letting strong emotions of humor be felt in his eyes.

The sailor paled "Aah see Sir we will be sailing to Camarr, right now."

Xander nodded and the sailors started to dump weapon on the deck.

The rescue ship................

"Their it is," Willow screamed as a big Cirfalisk trade ship came sailing straight towards them.

Selia frowned. "They are sailing the wrong way." She said. Turning to Giles. "You dont think Xander manage to force them to turn around."

Giles frowned "How could he?"

Selia nodded yes indeed how could he.

The Tiraks "Should we attack."

Willow frowned why was the Flag on that ship a picture of Darkwing Duck. "No no Dont i think Xander have taken over the ship." She screamed Look at the Flag.

Giles stared a bloody Disney character looked like Donald duck.

Buffy blinked "No way."

As the ship came up the sails was taken down and a nervous looking Cirfalier screamed. "Hail their. Highness the mighty Darkwing duck ask you to come abort his ship.

Selia and Angel and Giles the Tiraks stared at each other in confusion as Buffy and Willow started to giggle madly.

Chapter 16
Calling Dr Evil.

The Cirfalien Sailor stared down on the rope ladder was hanging between the Tirak Kagga and the Cirfalisk Trade ship.

Selia mouthed to Angel "His highness Darkwing Duck. What the crap is that about."

Angel smiled. "Where we came from their is a child story about an intelligent Duck that fight evil monster and criminal."

Selia blinked "I see. Just keep fact for yourself then." She said climbing the ladder.

Giles grinned and followed closely.

Then Angel and the pirates followed up by Buffy and Willow.

On the poop deck towering above them Sat a man in hidden beneath a dark cloak a elven sword was hanging by his side as he sat calmly petting his cat looking like something from a Bond movie.

Giles stared at the bizarre scene the sailors was scared to death of that person and the on the deck was 12 serious wounded sailors sleeping or staring at them.

The man pushed back the clock revealing the grinning face of Xander. "What took you so long stopped for a cup of tea did you?"

Giles groaned. "What the Bloody hell happened Xander?" He said.

Xander leaned forward. "Giles I got angry one of the fools capturing me claimed they had killed one of the girls." He said looking directly at Buffy and Willow. Inside Xander hoped that they would fall for his lie. "And Angel formerly known as dead boy can tell you what happened when i get angry. As can the sailors here do."

He leaned back petting his cat that purred content in his arms.

Buffy just stared at the literal pile of dead sailors some hideous burns and the number of wounded. "Angel what is he talking about?"

Her voice chilly and nervous.

Angel frowned "I i. He force me using only a cross and a stake to guide him to the masters lair. And one time he actually glue me to my bed and told me he would stake me if i did not get my head out of my ass and started to help you guys more instead of being cryptic guy."

Buffy blinked staring at Angel and Xander not knowing or for the first time seeing them.

Willow blinked remembering things that happened two years ago.

The two football player senior in the school that tried to rape her a teacher had saved her.

But she remember How they where suddenly had ended up with broken bones terrified of Xander they never said anything and their families moved away because accident just kept happening around the two seniors. "Buffy Xander have done things like this before you come to Sunnydale. This is him angry. He is scary when he is angry."

Xander smiled friendly at Selia. "Hello my beautiful." He said leaning forward. "What do you think about my new ship. This must cost a nice sum of gold would you not say."

Selia nodded "I think the Trade house would be willing to offer you a high sum of gold for getting this ship back."

Xander frowned. "What would YOUR trade company offer for this ship?"

Selia smiled. "Far less in price Im afraid."

Xander grinned. "Well I am not greedy and i rather sink the ship that let this asshole having it back."

Selia smiled. "I fix the money then."

Xander nodded carefully putting the cat down he walked towards his friend kissed and hugged Willow that started to cry.

Moment passed before he walked up giving Buffy a hug and a kiss.

Buffy heart raised then she felt it it was love in his eyes of a brother not love-love.

Her heart felt like breaking.

After releasing Buffy he walked up giving Giles a friendly hug and took Angels hand. "Thanks you know that you are family." He said.

Before turning to Selia walking up towards her like a cat on a prowl smiling smugly humming a strange tune.

Buffy blinked he was singing calling Dr. Feelgood.

Selia felt his eyes hunger lust fury curiosity anxiety fear blood lust. Her throat felt dry. As Xander suddenly grab her waist and kissed her deeply.

"You better tell me everything about your work as an Amethyst Guard. My lady i will not be manipulated i am the alpha my queen understood."

Selia nodded weekly "Yes." Xander released her eyes gleamed mischievous. A strange sense of irritation filled her why was the stupid bastard not kissing her. And how come HE turned the seducer instead of her.

Xander just grinned "I do have a gift for you." He said pointing at a small cage where a nude fat Cirfalier was sitting looking miserly. "Its the merchant that order your warehouse burned and me kidnapped. Some one should have told him that If you capture a Tiger by its tail nothing stops it from turning on you."

Selia started to smile then laughs. "Thank you just what i always wanted Fish bait."

Buffy frowned "No he has a soul."

Selia raised her eyebrow. "What have that to do with anything?"

Xander putt his hand over her mouth "Shouldnt the two of us go somewhere private."

Selia nods weakly this new take charge attitude was making her crazy.

Xander grinned at the Tiraks "If you help bringing THIS ship back to Camarr the cargo is yours."

The Tiraks grinned and as the two elven walked away. Most of the Tirak looked shocked ONE elven did THIS elfs was weak spoiled 9 times of 10.

Their captain she smiled now that was the reason elven was feared in the past. It was good to see the old blood was not gone.

Buffy just raised her hand. "What the hell happened? Xander dont do thing like this," she screamed.

Willow babbled "I i think Xander decided that he liked Selia.

Remember Buffy both me and Xander have said our emotions are stronger now."

Buffy blinked, "yea do you think he is going crazy."

Willow looked around. "I hope not."

Giles frowned. "I think Xander is going dramatic." He said staring at the huge Darkwing duck painting and the pile of dead Cirfalier.

Angel nodded "He sure scared the hell of the sailors."


Later that night......

The ships finally return to harbor the sight was a strange one scared Cirfalisk Sailors started to spread the rumor about the Elven Darkwing duck. A man that took out a whole crew by himself.

Tiraks crew help spreading the rumors that just grew out of order and content.

And above the harbor on the ship the flag of the duck was waving in the wind as the rumor was flying around.

In the morning a lone Sabrisk ship came sailing inside the harbor a irritated Learam elf walked a shore and stared to listen to the rumors in her search after the new champions.

It was a dark tail of magic blood and no mercy for a whole crew of sailors that was waiting for her.

Xander stared down four days gone kidnapped and this happened. "I GOT EXTRA HOMEWORK." School was SO unfair.

Miss Pryde just grinned at him before she walked back and started to play with a string that Selia was holding.

He looked at them glad that the two females in his life was friends. Grinning he started work with the homework.

Tomorrow would be a hard day in school having the other student staring at him.

He grinned as he felt the power of the hyena fade away at least having the knowledge and skill of a Shaman made accessing doggy and soldier more safe and more easy.

Chapter 17
The death of the mask.

Xander stopped and looked at Buffy hand. "Hi Buffmaister a reason why you stopped me," he said smiling.

Buffy frowned. "Xander are you really him or?"

Xander looked around, "lets sit over their Buffy."

As they sat down he ponder what to say. "Buffy what do you know about me. Where do i live?"

Buffy opened her mouth. "At home," she finish a bit lame.

Xander nodded. "What do you know about my home?" He asked her.

Buffy opened her mouth, "its back yard is dirty," she flinched it felt empty.

Xander nodded. "It is I not mom not Dad clean the yard. Ever sense i could remember Dad have been a drunk asshole that constantly beat me up and called me useless. Mom is no better Buffy but i love them still i grow up afraid that they would both end up in jail." He could see her confusing and sadness.

"The point is this Buffy i grow up having the fact pounded in me that secrets are to be kept specially family secrets.

When ever i got good grades dad gave me compliments then got drunk and Angry at Mom calling her an unfaithful whore. Which she actually is. Dad really is not my dad he believes that he is but."

He finished bitterly.

Buffy frowned "I dont understand."

Xander sighted "I grow up Buffy hiding behind a mask pretending to be stupid pretending to be the clown.

I dropped the mask from time to time to protect my friends but its getting hard to pretend to be the fool.

When Willow was almost 15 about a year before you moved to town.

Two 17 year old football players decided that they liked to rape her.

The coach saved Will but he threaten her and told her to keep quiet."

Xander stared at Buffy. "I sneaked up at them when they were alone broke both legs and arms used electric cattle prod to teach them the error of their ways."

Buffy paled study his face seeing the shame and fear.

He continued talking "After they were out from hospital i scared them no evidence but they knew it was me and i arrange small harmless accident scaring them and their family. Until they moved away."

Xander kicked a stone by his feet before continue talking.

"Inside of me has always been a dark side Buffy.

If any one hurt those i love i will come after them no remorse and no regrets Buffy.

After wards i feel shame i feel grieve but during the rage i have no mercy sometimes its scares me but that is what i am.

Those i love i love more then my own life."

Buffy hugged him small tears was falling. "I did not know Xander i Im sorry," she said.

Xander grinned. "Buffy its not your fault Willow do not know she suspect but have no proof and she IS a genius."

Buffy sat down. "So do you know who your real dad is?" She asked him. Xander nodded "I think so their is three persons that it can be. One is Jessies Dad the other is Mr. Wells." Seeing Buffys confusing. "You know Andrew in school." Buffy nodded.

"Mr. Wells is his dad."

Buffy blinked.

Xander snored "The last one is Willows dad." He sighed. "This is the reason i dont get involved with Will Buff she might be my half sister"

Buffy blinked "Do do Willow knows?" She asked confused consider how much Willow drooled over Xander it would be UUH if she did.

Xander grinned. "No Willow do not know. She kind of idolize her dad. Finding out that he have been boinking my mother would be kind of wrong."

Buffy nodded. "I think i understand what you are saying about keeping things silence. Any more secret that i might need to know?"

Xander nodded. "The only thing that happened when you tried to drive the hyena from my body is that i now can control it i can actually call upon the power of the hyena."

Buffy blinked, "your joking right right." She said in fear.

Xander "I have been hunting vampires alone ever sense then. Coming here becoming a shaman have made it even MORE easy to use and control it." A short moment his eyes glowed eerie green before becoming brown again.

Xander grinned at her "I have to go to class see you later Buffinator"

Buffy nodded weakly trying to rebuild her image of Xander trying to understand life. "WHY is life not easy?" She yelled.

Giles that had walked up towards them groaned. "Aaa well i i go now" he said.

Buffy stared at him. "WHAT do you want?"

Giles cleaned his dagger "Nothing really."

Buffy "Tell me or i will kick your cute barbarian ass across town"

Giles sighted. "I i dont think the gods in this world would be willing to let you leave this world.

And Willow and Xander would become stranger in their own world. Im sorry." He finished lamely.

Buffy giggled, "typical," she said. "Giles Lets find a Bar lets drink ourselves stupid and do things only stupid do."

Giles desperate cleaned his dagger. "I i dont think that a good idea Buffy."

Buffy stared at him. "You come along and drink OR i go alone and drink."

Giles sighted this really really was a bad idea. "Should we tell Angel or Willow?"

Buffy groaned. "Lets go Conan the Librarian," she said dragging her gigantic Watcher away. For once glad their where no age limits in this world.

School a building of learning.....

Xander sighed he had finished the extra school work his kidnapping had given him now to face his fellow classmates. Seeing the hole class and many other just standing their staring at him he groaned. "Now would be a good time fore a kidnapper to come," he complained.

A chilling voice interceded his monolog. "Xander Clan Aled, House Aled. I like to talk to you. I am Kiyona house Nentari Clan Dah'Touin Of Danbreathen."

Xander turned around behind him holding a Cinneach was a short Learam elven her body was that of a fighter eyes cold with out mercy and remorse.

Xander grinned. "I do have school can it wait?" He said pulling his own Carwellan free and sneaking a fighter surprise a smoke bomb in his other hand.

The student of the school fell silent a living legend the Battle angel of Danbreathen and winner of the Sword games five times running was standing in front of the school.

Kiyona frowned. "I do not find waiting to be something i do easy."

Xander smiled and leaned his head at the side. "To bad. I have class. Now make like a tree and leave," his voice said.

Kiyona frowned. "Boy they say that you have use dark magic."

Xander grinned. "If You believe in drunken sailors and fools, Then you are a fool."

Kiyona eyes burned in fury. "Are you calling me a fool?" She asked her voice cold like the winter night.

Xander smiled his eyes turning green "If you believe a fool then you are a fool."

Kiyona looked angry her Cinneach was pulled free as she took a battle stand.

Xander grinned. "Go away now Im late for class."

Kiyona moved like lightning a fast speedy attack to test him.

Xander dodged at the side barely avoiding her test attack he dropped the bomb as she passed by him.

He continued grinning seeing that the bomb had landed in her sword sheath. "I only say one thing. BOOOM"

Kiyona raised an eyebrow. Then suddenly pain was part of her life as the smoke bomb exploded putting her robes on fire.

Xander grinned as he took her sword in one hand pushing the tip of his sword at her neck. "Well i think its called Alchemy not dark magic use correctly fools will run believe that the darkest of demons demons are beside them.

Kiyona growled. About magic user.

Xander grinned. "Put you hand in the sword sheath and look."

Her hand moved inside where she found strange paper and burn parts of brimstone.

Xander grinned. "You should not listen to what drunken fools say.

Others might think you are a fool.

I do not like bad blood between us. If you like to talk Come back later this time try to behave in a civilized manner." Leaning forward he whispered.

"As a shaman i have lots of friends that could make your life awful." He said dropping her sword at her feet before leaving for class.

Kiyona frowned as the young man walked inside. She began to think that she made an error of judgment. A shaman she had to be careful then.

Grinning she stood up. "Later then," she walked away.

Xander finally walked inside the classroom. "Sorry Im late. The dog at the gate refuse to let me in." He finished with a lame tone of voice.

Most giggled and many looked irritated at him Kiyona was a legend a hero for many elven.

The Teacher nodded. "Fine sit down. That was brave and stupid."

Xander nodded "I know." and the class stared.

He could hear the females whispering and notes was send to him.

For once he was glad that he had trouble reading elven.

...Golden boot pub and tavern...

Buffy frowned something she was doing was wrong.

1 She was piss drunk nothing wrong that was the plan.

2 She manage to prove that she could out drink a barbarian. Plan work. 3 She was currently having sex with a Barbarian Giles.

Buffy frowned she new something was wrong but Ooh that that so wonderful. She sighed as Giles the Barbarian proved not only had he become younger and stronger his endurance had improved.

Suddenly as Giles fell asleep drunk as a skunk beside her. She realized Uuh i i had sex with Giles.

Buffy groaned this was NOT what she had planed to happened.

Chapter 18
The day after...

The Breakfast table was silent and peaceful for a short short time.

"ITS NOT YOUR FAULT GILES." Buffy yelled pushing the Barbarian aside as she stormed inside the room.

Selia raised her eyebrow. "Prey Tell what is not Giles fault?"

Buffy blinked blushed. "He i we did nothing. None of your business." She said angry.

Willow stared at Buffy then at Giles, "you you."

Xander grinned, "you rock Giles."

Willow, "Xander he, she."

Angel "That i did not see coming," in a depressed voice.

Buffy groaned. "I was drunk Giles was drunk alright."

Giles, "i i its completely my fault i should have more control," he said.

Angel smiled. "It happened Buffy nothing to be ashamed of."

Selia smiled. "Definitive not as long as both part likes it i see nothing wrong with a one night stand. Specially between friends." She then frowned. "But you human might consider it different i am not sure."

Giles cleaned his dagger. "Well what are the plans for today?" He asked them.

Willow "I think i found the location of the Die." She said lamely.

Silent fell over the table as they stared at her.

Willow, "I i do not know yet but i have found the right book and i think i will be able to find it soon."

Giles nodded "Fine fine," he said strangely not much joy about going home was heard.

Xander smiled grimly. "I will help any one going home find the Die but i am staying here. I am a elven their is no place for me on Earth."

Willow flinched. "I i never thought about that," she whispered.

Buffy frowned. "Giles i i think i had a slayer dream last night.

They need me here."

Giles nodded he had expected that. "I see," he said.

Selia blinked wondering what they were talking about.

Miss Pryde sat down wondering when some one would pet her Humans and Elves always forgetting the important things in life.

Like pet your cat feed you cat.

Xander then stood up. "Well i have a date with a overaggressive sword girl. I be back later," he said walking out the door.

Selia blinked. "YOU WHAT," she yelled.

Angel stared at the door. "Is any one of you wondering the same tine i am wondering?"

Giles, "that depend if you are wondering if it was the Hellmouth that made strange things happened or the fact that Xander lived their.

Then yes."

Angel blinked. "Actually i was wondering if he had a death wish saying that to a girl he is dating. But you made a good point."

Willow, "we should, I mean Xander." She frowned before finding the right word "Xander might need our backup."

Buffy nodded, "yea he might be Mr. Scary Darkwing duck and i can use the power of the hyena. But he still is human or elven i meant."

Giles blinked. "Hyena," he asked.

Buffy nodded as she continued to eat.

Giles frowned. "We better capture him then."

Buffy stopped eating. "Why he been using the hyena to hunt in Sunnydale ever sense we tried to exorcise it. He has control."

Giles blinked "He have. He been hunting by himself. And you know?" He asked Buffy.

Buffy blinked "Yeh Giles i am the slayer. Well got to run. Going to buy a new armor a girl armor," she said running away.

Willow blinked. "That i. Why did i not know that Xander tells me everything," she said.

Angel raised his eyebrow. "Did he tell you that HE forced me to guide him to the masters cave."

Willow shook her head. "No i always believed you brought him along." Angel nodded drinking his cop of tea. "He likes to play the unseen hero. Secret and keeping them is a natural thing for Xander. But i believe he finally stopped keeping secrets."

Giles nodded as he tried to re-arrange everything he knew about the young man. Clue after clue suddenly felt in place the speed the young man had learn to read Latin.

The skill he had fighting vampire.

The strategy knowledge.

The bruises from he always said came from Vampires must have been from home.

It suddenly painted a completely different picture a highly intelligent young man from an abusive home.

Giles put the dagger away drying his eyes. "I was blind why did i not see it," he said.

Willow looked in wonder. "What Giles?" She asked.

Giles "Think about it Willow Xander always been extremely smart young man, The bruises he always had must have been his father or mother beating him up."

Angel nodded. "I think you have it right."

Willow shook her head. "NO you cant be right. No. He sleep outside on Christmas," she said in an empty voice finally understanding. "Ooh god I been an awful friend," she said as tears started to fall down.


Selia ran up to the young man that was walking in front of her His cloak an expensive black silk cloak was drifting in the wind like big wings. "YOU wait you man."

Xander smiling looked at her, "yes what?"

Selia groaned. "A DATE?" She asked.

Xander looked at her his head leaning at the side. "She is trying to find out if i am a dark mage or something. Her name is Kiyrna or Kiyona"

Selia paled, "The battle angel of Dumbarton." She said one of the finest sword fighter in over hundreds years an elven that worked directly for a dragon.

Xander nodded. "Well i am off to talk to her. I do hope she still not angry." Whistling a small song he was off.

Selia swore and rushed inside to get her armor.

Xander just smiled a sideways grin as he walked the streets his hood up and the cloak waving in the wind.

Underneath he had his new armor it was a padded leather armor with steel plates over sensitive areas. Light weight and strong.

He even manage to put a symbol in the chest peace a picture of Darkwing duck himself. A short moment Xander lost his cool giggling wondering what Disney would have said seeing this.


In a small tavern Kiyona waited she did asked in a civilized manner and now if he was in time he would come about now.

The door opened and an elven faced hidden by a black hood a the black cloak waved in the wind as he pushed the hood back and walked in smiling. It was the young man Xander she smiled.

The gangs sitting in the tavern suddenly became silent as they saw the scary image of a Duck on his armor.

Whisper and fear Cirfalier suddenly realized that being somewhere else would be fun and they sneaked out.

Xander grinned as he sat down beside her back against the wall just like her. "So seen anything fun lately?" He asked.

Kiyona stared at him. "I am married with children."

Xander smiled. "Good for you. What have that to do with me?" He said. Kiyona stared at him. "Your not flirting?"

Xander "Im not going anywhere but yes i am flirting its call teasing. And i have a girlfriend she is wonderful and i would never be unfaithful to her. But i still flirt for fun."

Kiyona nodded. "Well stop doing that."

Xander groan. "Ooh your not fun," he said. As he waved over the waitress asking for a beer and wine for the lady.

Soon they were talking as Xander explained what had happened.

Suddenly the door opened and Selia came raging inside her glass armor glistering in the light of the fire as a diamond her sword was ready. "Back off. Learam Hurt Xander and i send an army of assassins against you."

Xander grinned. "I told you my girlfriend is Wonderful," he said pointing at Selia.

Kiyona smiled and nodded. "Yes you did. She is a bit protective i say."

Xander nodded. "Aaa yes but you know i was kidnapped and you do have a nasty rumor."

Kiyona nodded. "A you are so right in that. Would you like to join us for a cup of Beer or wine?" She asked the confused Sanarie elven.

Selia stared. "Xander you said you were meeting an Over Aggressive Sword girl."

Xander nodded, "and here she is," he said pointing at Kiyona.

Kiyona stared her him. "I. AM. NOT. OVER. AGGRESIVE."

Xander raised an eyebrow. "Remember how the two of us met. Was that aggressive or not?"

Kiyona blinked anger fighting embarrassment and her strong sense of fair play. "Well i am angry because i miss my husband. So i might have been a bit aggressive," she finish lamely.

Xander nodded. "Probably." He said drinking his Beer.

Selia sat down. "So your not fighting then," she asked.

Kiyona shook her head. "No reason. It looks like he is on the right side."

Beside them Xander stiffened his eyes turned green. "Selia run and fetch Buffy and Giles NOW. Kiyona i do hope you are a great fighter. Not just a FAST fighter. Their is a demon coming this way." He said.

Selia nodded. "I go and get them. Be careful love."

She finished and run away.

Kiyona stared at Xander. "Demon you sure."

Xander nodded. "The sprit of hyena hates demons it told me. I think its two Undead body possessed by demons"

Suddenly the Door opened and two male walked inside.

Xander stood up his sword pointing directly at the humans. "Hello Mr. Demon and Mr. Demon," he said.

Kiyona stood up holding her hand on the sword.

The two humans face suddenly shifted a weak thrum like sound of a heart was heard. As the demon took a ghostly scary face.

Kiyona paled. "A helm-ghoul. No one have killed permanent before."

Xander nodded. "Lucky us two against two. Looks like fun right?"

Kiyona frowned "How can you joke in a moment like this?"

Xander "Joking or crying it work," the Helm-Ghoul suddenly attacked.

Xander dodged hitting it with his sword barely scratching it. "What do you know about these creeps?" He asked her.

Kiyona frowned. "They are about five time the strength of a human.

Move about twice as fast.

Not much IQ or skill they can change their face. And a direct hit in their heart paralyses them. No permanent way of killing is known."

Xander dodged as the undead monster axe destroyed a part of the bar. "Ooh Joy." He said grapping a stake.

He had quite the knowledge and skill hitting the heart on undead freaks.

Kiyona sword cut in on the undead sending pieces flying it slowly repaired itself as she work closer and closer to find a opening.

The Helm-ghoul was protective of the heart holding an arm over his chest. A short stepped to the side she cut of the hand stabbing her sword inside and the ghoul fell 'dead' to the ground.

Xander grinned cutting of its head in a lucky strike then piercing its heart with a wooden stake.

The Helm-Ghoul fell down its head slowly reattach itself.

Xander stared. "That was gross." He then grinned remembering something. "We once fought a demon that just kept coming back after we killed it.

Very irritating until we found out that it was only killed permanent IF you separate its heart from the body."

Xander grinned bending down with his knife. "You know i think it might be the same with this two."

Kiyona stared at him before nodding. "It cant hurt," she said as they started to cut the heart out.

Soon they was holding the heart in their hands.

"Now what do we do." Kiyona said.

Xander grinned and started to walk to the fire.

He had only moved twelve feet away from the Ghoul when it and the heart suddenly turned to dust. "I was thinking on burning it but apparently you only have to remove the heart far away and its dead" Kiyona nodded throwing the heart away dusting her ghoul.

Xander sighted "Shall we take a beer while we wait for the others?" Kiyona nodded. "Sound like a plan." She said.

Moment later Buffy, Giles and burst inside the empty bar.

A long discussion happened before silence once again ruled the night. Xander smiled. "I think we will go home for tonight." He said.

Before turning to Kiyona. "And you should return to your boss and report. If he send us help it would be consider a friendly act."

With that he walked away.

The Bartender stood up looking fear full as Darkwing Duck the demon hunter walked away. What a story he had to tell after this night.

Chapter 19
Rolling the die.

Angel walked inside the room sighing he sat down. "Their is a darkness coming after us." He said.

Giles nodded. "I see any more information?" He asked.

Angel nodded. "Yes the balance has shifted if we survive the good guys gets a group of extra fighter on their team."

Giles frowned, "and the bad guys are trying to kill us to stop that from happening."

Xander grinned. "That is what Kiyona said. The local version of PTB suddenly thanks to Janus found themselves with a team of Champions. And because Janus is a chaos god he dont care about good or evil and him meddling dont break the balance. So the good guys get an extra number of supercharge champions. With out the bad guy getting any."

Beside them Willow blinked frowning.

Buffy poked the fire. "It sounds like we are some kind of goods no say in anything," she said a bit bitter.

Xander nodded "The need of the many outweigh the need of the few or the one."

Willow groaned. "I am not a pawn."

Giles. "Calm down Willow. I dont think."

Xander, "Me and Giles and Angel are pawns on the board. Willow you are a rook and you Buffy is the queen on the check table," Xander looked up at the angry Willow. "Think about it Will, They are trying to save as many lives as possible and to do that they need champions some that are willing to live and die to keep others safe."

Buffy spit in the fire. "And thats us. Work for no reward."

Giles nodded tired.

Angel nodded well he was a priest from a group that was actively fighting evil.

Xander grinned "Demons and monster ARE part of this world. They know it exist. As a hero you really do not need to hide Buffy. Except that the enemy might start send crossbow assassins if you dont.

In this world you could actually get recognition for your actions."

Willow stared at him. "So you saying we should just accept become good monster fighter then?"

Xander stared out the window. "Willow, see the two children playing out their in the mud. They are what six seven year old. Would you try to save them from an angry demon."

Willow nodded, "of course."

"Even if it might have cost your life?" Xander asked.

willow nodded then stopped. "We dont have a choice do we."

Xander grinned hugged his friend. "We do have a choice but we chose to do it the right way and the hard way. Beside we could ask the gods for help or a bonus."

Seeing Miss Pryde walk in Xander pulled himself free. "See you later i have work to do in school."

Willow nodded and walked back to her books as she finished reading the page she almost missed it their it was the location of the Travel die. Willow pushed the book down. "I go to my room Im sleepy" she said thinking about what she would do tell them or keep it secret.

In the alchemy laboratory Xander and Ne'Dell was working on an armor made of leather, plate of Elven glass.

Making the stuff was easy forming it hard but Xander grinned he finally had figure it out more or less.

Chapter 20
Working the rules.

It had been a busy two month after the Helm-ghoul incident two more attack this time by demons had happened so far no one serious hurt.

But it felt obvious that the bad guys was angry and really tried to destroy them.

After the 'Giles' incident Buffy and Angel had become closer luckily the church he was officially part allowed their monks and priest to marriages.

As His Goddess was a minor goddess of healing and Trading Giles and Xander had reluctantly notice that Angel seem to have gain a scary ability to find quality and Low prices when ever they were buying stuff.

Xander had used large part of his money from the ship to buy equipment, weapon and armor. As well as a teacher to teach Giles to read the local language.

His modified Glass armor was ready so was a special BOOM stick he had hire a Dwarf to make.

Of course the dwarf had no idea what it was he was building but Xander sure were impressed.

He himself had finished most of his classes after proving his knowledge was good by hard verbal and written test.

History and Elven was still classes he was learning in. SO was fighting technically he had skills but they still had things he needed to learn.

His training in alchemy and making elven glass was finished thanks to soldier boy he had some idea of variation of weapon that he could make with the elven glass.

Their was one thing that Made Xander nervous Selia had notice it and what she said confirm it HE had a good reason to be nervous.

Buffys smell had change. If they were right the proof would be visible in only a month or so.

All in all it was a good two months.


Willow was smiling as she entered Selia yard Xander was glad one of them still had optimist he had feared that Willow would have taken the knowledge of not going home worse.

Giles looked at him. "Is it Willow?"

Xander. "Yup she looks perky," he said with a smile.

Buffy grinned weakly, "the rumor is that some one got a boy friend." Xander looked in shock at Buffy. "Your not serious are you?" He said.

Buffy grinned nodding happily. "-Sniff- our little Willow all grown up," she said giggling.

Xander nodded wondering when the hell Willow had manage to find a boyfriend here. He ponder that as he petted Miss Pryde.

"HI Im home kind of." Willow, "I Mean Im Home away from home."

Giles nodded "Well settle down Willow we must have a meeting."

Willow nodded. "Can i get something to eat first?"

Giles smiled. "I help you fix something. Then we all can talk AND eat." He said as they walked out in to the kitchen.

Buffy smiled. "Why dont he just say -I help you ask the cook to fix us something to eat- Its not like ANY one of us had to use our hand to cook while here." Buffy said. "I miss Mom. So much. I I sometimes wish she was here and. But most i wish she would be happy not worry about me. She must be devastated by my disappearance."

Xander nodded moving over to give Buffy a hug. "It will be fine Buffy."

Selia walked up to prepare a glass of expensive lemon juice.

She finally had the true story from the five stolen from their world kidnap and transformed. And still fighting she was impressed.

Buffy stared at Xander. "You really think so?" She asked in a weak voice.

Xander nodded. "Yes i do think so." Silently he reminded himself that it probably be worst before it become better the signs was their the darkness was coming a demon invasion on the world and the world of shadows.

Finally Buffy stopped crying. "I still wish i could explain to Mom help her understand."

Xander nodded. "I wish i could help you Joyce was more a mother then my own mother."

Finally the door opened and Giles the Barbarian used all his strength. Well a tiny hardly notice part of his gigantic strength to carrying the food to the table.

Smiling Angel spoke. "Move it Barbarian carrying food." He said blinked and looked at Buffy that was hugging Xander tears was obvious.

"Is she all right Xander?" He asked.

Xander nodded moving away. "Just a pit of the Sunnydale blues," he said.

They finally was sitting down food in their hand drinks of Ale.

And the worst of the hunger defeated by the power of food.

Giles cleaned his dagger wondering how he would begin. "I we have had more then ONE attack from demons and evil mages. As long as we are in this town we are essentially sitting targets.

I propose that we should go on a quest. Probably after the Die.

But as Willow yet have to find it we could try something else like the oracle of Takalor the island of Tiraks."

Xander nodded. "Except on Takalor any elven would be dead waiting to happened. Most of the Frakk Tiraks live on that place and they kind of hate elven and Dwarfs"

Giles cleaned his Dagger. "Well i just brought that up as an example. Their is other places like the Kragg mountains and and The elven forest."

Xander grinned Giles local knowledge was spotty at the best. "Yes their is quite a in the elven forest. But Learam Alarin have even more places." He said thinking. "We could go and try to find one of the Dragons."

He ponder a moment "Or we could explore the fallen fortress of Renk-Samar Maz-Vontar"

Their was a lot of confusion.

Only Selia and Willow recognized the name.

Xander grinned. "Their Is four Clans of Dwarf, The Ghor. The Roghan, The Drezin, and the Zolod. Once it was Five the Samar they were the artist of the dwarf. During the BIG war between the Tirak and the Dwarfs their only Fortress was attacked and rather then allowing the Tirak to go out and attack the army of Roghan dwarfs that were trying to save them The remaining Samar destroyed a dam and the Fortress was flooded every dwarf and Tirak inside was drown like rats."

Buffy swallowed. "Thats terrible," she said.

Xander nodded, "some believe that it was the Tirak that released the river because they were trapped between the Roghan and the still fighting Samar Dwarfs."

Giles nodded, "yes but why go their."

Xander eyes gleamed. "Because Dwarfs keep secrets and inside their MUST be a complete version of the Book of Vontar their god. The Drezin Dwarfs and ONLY the Drezin dwarf have that version of their book. Once the Samar also had it."

Giles ponder a moment "And why is that book so important?"

Xander grinned. "Inside their is gathered knowledge about the Elven and about the LAST Darkness. Beside NO ONE expect us to go their and we are going on a quest to avoid the enemy right?"

Giles nodded. "Still not sure. But."

Xander decided to drop the best part "Beside IF we go their we have to pass Kragg before."

Giles grinned now that was something he really liked to do.

Hesitant Willow raised her hand "X Xander I have the book where the Die is." She said before looking down "But Im going to stay here.

In the library i am safe so far they only gone after Buffy and You. I dont think they care about me and i have a boyfriend i i think i love him."

Xander took a deep breath he had felt this coming Willow had bit by bit removed herself after finding out more of his secrets. "I See. I really really wish you would come with us but Im not going to stop you. You are right that you are more safe with out us near." He let his elven look be filled with his love for her. "But i will miss you and i do love you Will."

He said smiling and hugging her.

Giles nodded "if you are sure Will?"

Willow nodded.

Giles then smiled. "We take the information about the die then."

Willow smiled, "its in the Library of the Emperor of Jargien."

Xander groaned he could feel ominous music playing. "Jargien HATES anything and any one that use magic. Or any one NOT fanatically worshiping their god Dak. Burn burn and burn the unfaithful is their main hobby."

Giles nodded "We can research the knowledge try to find out what do to." Xander nodded "I think its best if those that are NOT coming are kept out from the information that way no one can capture them and torture the information out of them."

Selia grinned. "I am coming with you." An Adventure would be fun it was years.

Xander nodded, "we be honored to have you," he said.


Joyce smiled a bit "Thanks again Mr. Quentin your help have been above and beyond any expectations."

Quentin Travers smiled. "No Mrs. Summer its the least we can do.

Finding out that your daughter was the slayer and her disappearance by magic must have been shocking."

Joyce nodded. "I know you say that she still IS alive somewhere and their is no way for her to return."

Travers nodded, "yes according to the seer of the PTB apparently having two active slayers the same time could release the First evil on this world and doom us all."

Joyce nodded. "Thanks i just wish that i could be their and help her."

Travers smiled petting her arm "We will see what we can do.

In any case If we find a way to travel to them would be great we have equipment and tools that could help them survive and only an agent willing to for ever leave earth could bring that to them.

If we find a way would you be willing to do that?"

Joyce nodded. "I would."

Travers smiled as he walked out he had no idea why the PTB wanted to transport a WILLING Joyce to that world and ONLY a willing one.

But they would do it as soon as they figure out how to do it.


In Camarr.

"My master." The dark hair elven said bowing in front of a mirror. "It is done. The girl have fallen for my lure of love and power. She is willing to leave her friends."

An ominous voice filled the chamber. "Good my pet. See that you do not fail Willow will be our Dark champion to use against the other.

Remember the child of the slayer must not be born in this world."

With that the mirror suddenly dissipated from the wall.

The dark hair elven stood up grinning before removing his robe once again dressed like a librarian at the mage guild. Grinning he walked out the darkness was coming and he would be part of the winning team for once and with Willow by his side he suddenly have become a big player life was good.

Chapter 21
The Questing game.

Miss Pryde cleaned her fur. As she sat in front of Xander on the horse wagon. "I believe Selia is loyal friend Xander, But be warned she is playing a dangerous game of trick and treat."

Xander raised an eyebrow. "Trick and treat how me or?"

Miss Pryde "No." She purred. "She is tricking and treating her former bosses."

Xander nodded "And if they discover that she have been playing them for fools?"

Miss Pryde nodded. "They will hire an assassin to kill her."

Xander nodded. "Well we are their now best you keep that mouse trap of your shut."

Miss Pryde looked at him her cat eyes promised pain in the future.

Xander grinned he never really understood the fascination with dogs to boring.

He left the horse and wagon and walked in to the store.

Inside he found the clerk a huge and fat Trukk-Tirak something that surprised him they rarely worked in a fine place like this.

"Hi, Excuse me Sir do you Have the supply we order?"

The Trukk nodded surprised over the respect the elf had given him. "Yes the food is over their. If you like i can help you?"

Xander grinned as he walked to the two huge bags of food. "Nah i can, I i i... Daaam they are heavy..." he said surprised. Blushing he looked up at the Trukk. "If you still offering i could you help me Sir."

The Trukk laughs. "Im not a Sir My name is Buras." He said as his large arms gently lifted the two bags.

Xander just stared that was just scary he barely could make one of those bags move and the Trukk lifted both one in each arm and up to the wagon.

Grinning Xander turned to the big guy. "Do you have a toilet or?" The Trukk nodded pointing at the back yard where a small outhouse was. "Out their," he said smiling friendly petting the cat.


As he was putting the belt on a sound was heard that made Xander freeze. Before sneaking inside using all his newly learn skill and some of the hyenas.

Inside he sneaked from hiding place to hiding place just to see what was happening.


"Aaaaarg." The big Trukk screamed in pain.

A vicious human voice giggled cruelly. "Cant take you punishment," he taunted the Trukk.

The Trukk Buras clear shiver in pain as the human kicked him again. "Dont dont hurt her," he whispered.

From his hiding place Xander could see it was a gang of five humans wearing blue cloaks and hoods the local version of the Klu Klux Klan. The Purity they did not like Tiraks. Elf and humans and Dwarfs was accepted Tiraks was consider animals.

Two of the Purity gang was holding a small Trukk girl she looked barely 10 and already bigger then a full grown man.

Xander could see that one of the gang holding the girl was a Dwarf short stocky and strong as an ox.

The others were human.

The Purity member kicking Buras laughs. "She is filthy animal just like you. Maybe we should let a dog rape her before we slit her throat. But that would be wrong the Dog would probably die of shame after fucking a Freak like her." The gang laughs.

Xander growled as he pulled his hood up and as he draw his weapon he sneaked up on the top floor.

Time to test if the voice throwing trick and the other small Shaman trick he learned worked.

The Leader had just pulled up his knife to kill the store owner when suddenly. *Fizzle* the lamp went out.

(= A Wind spirit was convinced to blow the fire out. But only a shaman would know that) The Dwarfs eyes started to glow in an eerie red light as his heat vision turned on. Beside him the Trukk girl and her dads eyes did the same.

But the humans was mostly blind.

Then "I am the itch that you cannot reach."

The Dwarf turned around staring desperately trying to find the person behind the voice.

Then "Im the Pain that never go away."

The leader screamed angry "Put on some light."

Then "I am the fear in your heart."

The Dwarf paled as he felt something pointy and sharp being put around his neck a dagger pointing directly at his throat. He swallowed nervously then something hard came down on his head and he fell down unconscious.

The leader finally manage to turn the fire on in a lamp.

Then "I am Darkwing Duck," the voice said. Two of the gang members ran for their lives leaving three behind.

The Gang member next to the Girl did not notice anything yet.

And suddenly they felt the angry eyes of an Elven looking at them.

The leader lamp illuminated the room.

And Screamed like a Baby standing only a feet away from him holding a huge Sword pointing at his heart was Darkwing duck himself his face was partly hidden by his dark Cloak.

Xander was in desperate problem it took all his concentration to stop him from laughing and giggling like crazy. He wonder how Batman in the comic could do things like this with out sounding like the Joker.

He heard the gang member behind him move with one smooth motion he dodge down turning around he let his sword pointy end fly out in a circular cut with the Dull end of his sword crushing the target and hitting the attacking criminal in the leg before turning back to the leader.

Grinning he stood up.

"No one hurts a child. And lives" HE said letting false front of rage be felt.

The gang leader fainted scared to death.

Xander blinked. "What a Wuss," he said. He looked down at the huge Trukk.

The Girl shivered he heard lots of bad things about that Sir Darkwing duck like that he is an elven fighter and most elfs only like a Tirak dead but he did save them. "Is Dad alive?" She said shivering in fear.

Xander Nodded pulling a healing potion free. Giles would have his hide for wasting one of those but the Big guy needed it more.

"Here drink this." He said friendly.

The Trukk store owner nodded weakly he felt his strength come back as the healing magic worked its charm.

Feeling whole again the Trukk stood up looking down at his savior i with a almost reverent look. "Thanks you saved my life. And the life of my daughter" he said.

Then he Stared even more. "Your that Elven. Darkwing duck used my toilet." He said in chock.

Xander Nodded. "Well I have to go now. Here the money i owe you."

Frowning a bit. "Could i buy some rope?" He asked.

The store owner nodded, "take some its yours," he said hugging and kissing his daughter.

Xander smiled that was sure a sight for sore eyes.

A daughter among the Trukks was more worth then a foot ball team of boys.

Only 1 Trukk child of 10 was a girl.

Still grinning he bound the Purity gang up and rode away on the wagon to a friend he knew at the harbor if he was in luck they would still be their.

Later Miss Pryde looked at him. "Asking the Tirak captain to put those three gang member on the island of Thakalor home of the Tirak race was a cruel and unusual punishment. I am so proud of you Xander."

The two Grinned as only a cat and an elf could as they giggling rode back.

And the legend of Darkwing Duck grew.


Joyce looked up from the offending object at her table. "Are you kidding?" She asked.

Travis shook his head. "Apparently this die is a gate to alternate realty. We found out that during a game of of dragon something.

They used it and got not only transported but transformed to different creatures."

Joyce "What," she said as panic started to pump.

Travis waved his hand. "Calm down. We do not know that much but the spirits and the demon we talked to told us that they transformed in to the creatures that they where pretending to be. Then the gate swallowed them and transported them away"

Joyce nodded. "So what where they pretending to be?"

Travis "We only know that two was playing." He stared at a paper. "An Elfs, the rest was playing humans. We were told that a knowledge spell was performed as they change their looks so its highly possible that they got fully working knowledge about what ever world they are in."

Joyce stared at him. "Have you found a way to transport a help team yet?"

Travis nodded and blushed, "yes by using some chaos mage we can be sure that you end up in the right world. But we must use a ritual similar to the accident that happened to Buffy."

Joyce nodded. "We must make a roll playing character in other words and then start to 'play' the game."

Travis nodded. "Exactly Mrs. Summer. We are planning on sending some one with you to help you."

Joyce nodded. "Let me study the rule book and creatures list i think its best if i make a character that similar to what ever Buffy made. Knowing my child its probably an elf or something pretty but dangerous." She said remembering Buffys love of Ice-princes and Elves in fairy tales from her child-hood. Completely forgetting Buffy resent Xena interest.

Travis smiled as friendly as he could. "I will go we still have to find a some one that by his own freewill wants to go along with you."

Joyce did not hear him she was fully busy reading and remembering her college time and the time she played RPG two short but fun month. IF she only kept up that interest.

Chapter 22
The Question...

"Wow" Buffy said looking at the horses. "They are beautiful but why so many," she said frowning. They were only five Angel, Selia, Xander, Buffy and Giles after all Why did they have nine horses.

(And Xander cat but she sat inside the saddlebag on Xander horse Xander.)

Xander answered her grinning. "To carry the extra food supplies. And to give our horses rest we can switch horses. Spicily Giles horse will need that."

Buffy nodded "So which is mine?" She said looking at the Elven horses tuff animals bread to survive hardship and wild nature and still be fast and strong.

Selia smiled. "That is your horse," she said pointing at a brown colored horse.

Buffy blinked before walking up petting and even hugging the surprised horse. "I'm going to call you Ken." She said smiling.

Xander blinked "Your not serious. Right?" he asked.

Buffy "Why not Ken is a good name?"

Xander nodded. "Yes but your horse is a Barbie."

"Children let stop argue and start to ride. While the sun still stand." Giles said.

They nodded before hugging Willow a tear filled good by.

Buffy and Giles first as Xander waited to be the last.

"Are you sure you do not like to come along?" Xander asked his best friend.

Willow shook her head. "No Xander i got a job here and i really dont like the wild and and i have a boyfriend." She said nodding to the the shy but kind looking elven mage that stood in a corner. "But promise to visit often Mr."

Xander nodded hugging her a strange sense of doom was felt like a gong ringing. "I still think you should come along but. You are safer here," he said tears flowing but right now he did not care.

Willow cried nodding. "I wish you could stay Mr. Darkwing duck but but your safer on the road."

On the side the Willows Boyfriend grinned evilly unnoticed by everyone his plan was going perfect Willows curiosity and thirst of power already had put her on the path of damnation and soon he would spring his trap and Willow would fall in the hands of the Xinus the corruptor or become a Helm-Ghoul.

All in all it was a win or win situation. For him.


They road quickly thru the gate of Camarr Miss Pryde was purring comforting her Elf reminding him that he still had friends with him.

Buffy "She be fine. I still feel bad that we did not tell her where we are going. I dont like keeping secrets." She said feeling tired with out mom it was so hard to keep going.

Sure angel was wonderful she really loved him but she needed mom.

Now Xander was depressed and she was not good comforting him.

Xander answered his voice dull and empty. "What she dont know they will not be able to force from her. She be safer this way."

Buffy nodded. "You right."

Xander nodded his voice had more life in it. "I am. I will be its just that. I finally realized she has adapted faster then i believed she would. Already she have work and even a boyfriend. Thats kind of strange."

Buffy blinked. "Why is that strange?"

Xander turned and looked at her. "I always believed Willow was Gay Buffy."

Buffy blinked before giggling madly. "That silly Xander."

Angel grinned. "Really Xander that not possible."

And they were road of in to the sunset. Only one thing was heard.

Selia growled. "I told you WE SHOULD HAVE STARTED At Dawn."



The 'game master' Ethan smiled. "So every one have their character." He said.

Joyce nodded, "why are you coming?"

Ethan smiled. "I got a proposition that i could not refuse, With out dear old Ripper protecting me the watcher would kill me."

Joyce nodded that was convincing reason. She turned to the other man a young but strong looking man.

"And you what and why?" She asked.

Tiberius Travis or TT for his friends. "An opportunity."

Ethan mumbled something quickly to Joyce about 'pissing off dear old daddy Quentin.'

They sat down backpack on and they were ready.

Ethan smiled. "Alright have you written down the equipment your character have on them. Everything no cheating. Janus would not like that."

He could se TT irritated remove something from his equipment list.

Joyce nodded. "I manage to find some RPG player and joined them in a game with mine to get extra points and experience and money to buy things is that acceptable."

Ethan grinned. "That IS acceptable, I did so my self for my character." Tiberius blinked. "Why did you not tell me about that." He said irritated.

Ethan smiled thinly. "Sorry," he said not sounding sorry at all. "Well i like you all to think about A forest," His voice become suggestive as he forced their minds to think about an almost identical place. "The place is near our friends. They are nearby this forest. Now think about yourself think about your character IT is yourself you are it. IT are you. You are both you and it."

He lifted the chaos die rolling it in the palm of his hand.

"Janus bring us to our quest open the gate let the traveling begin." He said rolling the die on the table it bounced once then a burst of fire flamed out and screams of pain filled the air as their bodies was twisted and transformed and the gate swallowed them.

Wesley swallowed. "They are alive and on the other side of the gate Sir."

Quentin Travis nodded his face revealed nothing about the fury and the sadness that his one child rather moved to a another world then followed in his footpath. "Good then we did the PTB the favor they asked from us.

You will stay here Wesley and help Kendra and settle in until her Watcher arrive. After you be working together with him as a field Watcher in training."

Wesley beamed finally his dream would come true. "Thank you sir"

Quentin nodded the Wesley was happy and he finally got rid of that stupid bastard once and for all.

Wesley was still smiling on the outside but inside he was relived finally away from the council and to the real life it was kind of scary.


A burst of lightning and three individuals fell down unconscious as their body twisted changing and knowledge filled their mind of the world.

Joyce had come for her baby.

Chapter 23
Finding ourselves.

Xander Smiled. 'Sweet' he whispered a Big Fat Deer just waiting to become Food. He pulled the Arrow back on the elven bow sending it flying with deadly accuracy.

The Deer fell dead at impact. Xander grinned "I am da Man."

Suddenly he saw something that made him Pale. "O Fuck i killed Bambis Mom."


Giles smiled. "I am Impressed Xander that much meat in one hunt. You must be proud."

Xander, "just bad luck G-man." He said sighing poking the fire.

Buffy blinked. "Xander is anything wrong?"

Xander "No Buffy." He lied still feeling a bit shame after killing the Deer and the young one, -Curse you Disney- HE thought for himself. "Its just that We will soon enter the Grassland a HUGE area of Asharien the land we are in consist of dry almost dessert like grassland. It this dry green reed grass that almost chest high."

Buffy nodded "So what?"

Xander looked up. "We have to chose. Take the SAFE roads that move around the driest areas they are long but guarded. OR move true them in a area filled with monster, and outlaws."

Buffy nodded and turned to Angel. "What do you think Angel?" She said. Finally her Angel was back muscular and strength was coming he was still a bit chubby but she did not care just more Angel to hug.

Angel frowned. "Short cut WOULD give us a head start to the Dwarf Fortress. And we do not want to be trapped up their during the winter."

Giles nodded. "Its rather far up north ice cold. Lots of snow."

Xander nodded. "We could follow the road until the Bay of Tobaco and their we could resupply in Tuzan Rim and then move across the inland."

Selia nodded. "Thats a good compromise. Xander Be wary most cities are ruled by a Jarl and they can have expensive taxes on travelers."

Giles nodded. "Sound like a plan." He said.

Xander looked at Selia before turning to Buffy. "Is their ANYTHING that you would like to tell us Buff. Before we are to far north."

Buffy paled, "no not really but i must dont i. I missed my period twice." She said looking down.

Their was a huge Boom sounding as Giles the barbarian dropped the cooking pot and fell unconscious by the shock.

Xander nodded. "I know Buffy i can smell it." He looked up at Selia "She can to and we did investigate. Congratulations Buffy you are going to be a mother."

Buffy sighted "We must seek shelter then right?"

Xander shook his head. "I dont think so Buffy. If Im correct this child will be a potential slayer. A future defender in the coming war against the Darkness.

Their will be lots of demons that will hunt trying to kill him or her AND you Buffy."

Buffy paled and Angel hugged her closer sending dirty looks at Xander. "You could have said it more gently."

Xander "How Their will be armies after Her and the child. Im not going to let ANYTHING or ANYONE murder that child OR Buffy. Not even ignorant."

Buffy dried a tear. "Its alright Angel Xander did the right thing.

Beside i dont think this will be the last child of mine."

Xander smiled. "Then be lucky Buffy. Its rare that the slayer in our world have the TIME to have a baby but when they do they often give birth to healthy babies and no slayer in recorded history have died of childbirth." He stopped frowning a bit "Well one was drained just after giving birth by Spike."

Angel nodded Spikes proud second slayer weak after giving birth. "What about Giles he IS the dad?"

Buffy nodded "And you are the one i love Angel. He can help us raise it but i love you."

Xander "Good but we have to figure out a place for us to stay when you get to big to travel. I also like this to be kept completely secret NO ONE must know only us."

Buffy nodded. "Fine not even Willow?" She asked hoping to share the news.

Xander smiled grimly. "Not even Willow." Some one may spy on her.

Angel nodded that made sense.

Giles started to babble something he was still in dreamland.



Willow smiled as her boyfriend Yold looked with pride and surprises. "I can believe it you already master those spells." He frowned. "Summon Chaos energy is dangerous but useful in healing and curing. Their is more power we as mage can use.

Like Nomotropi the power of Stasis also knows as Order.

And Teoropi power coming directly from gods of course we must have a god willing to sponsor us like the priest have.

And last Daimendtropi the power of demons."

Willow frowned wondering where this would lead to.

Yold continued. "Daimendtropi is most useful in war and in cursing others not really that great in curing. But it can be useful in mind manipulations and curing mental disease. And use to cast spells that will tell you the future." He said twisting the truth.

Willow frowned. "But Daimendtropi wouldnt we have to call down a demon to use it?" She asked.

Yold nodded sage like looking shameful. "Yes and demons Are dangerous corruptive. But their is method where you call down a small demon and then sacrifice it to steal its energy." It was the truth but the ritual he would use would be calling down something far from a small demon.

Willow nodded that made sense.

Yold then sighed "Lets quit theory for tonight. Beside its probably years before you can even safely call down and capture a demon."

Behind him Willow frowned and almost whispered. "No i know what i am doing."

Yold raised an eyebrow. "If you say so Willow. But i rather we waited a year. No one will think less of you a mage of your skill waiting before taking the next step." He almost laughs at the ease he manipulated her was almost scary he hardly had to use ANY magic to effect her brain her insecurity made her run straight in to his trap.

Willow frowned "I i think we could try the next stage of my training at the end of the week i could have the spell memorized."

Yold grinned. "You are so impressive and wonderful i love you my genius Will. You do know that." He smiled she was literally melting just because of those words so easy to manipulate.

Another place of the main road.

"Is that You Tiberius?" Joyce said.

The man a strong looking fighter his body was literally rippling in muscles and dexterity.

He looked around himself. "I think so i feel Strong," he said before looking at Joyce. "You look younger and Remember call me TT."

Joyce grinned, "and Elven. TT" she said smugly.

A nearby voice interrupted them, "Bloody hell," Ethan screamed.

Joyce looked over. "Oh my what happened to you," she said pretending to be surprised.

Ethan swore as he stood up his Dwarfen body was not tall. "I dont know some one must have change my characters ability."

Joyce nodded. "So awful who would do that," she lied finally the rat would taste Chaos himself.

Ethan swallowed his anger the rat that did it is outside his ability to punish for now. "I think Quentin did it pay back for the humiliation me and Giles gave him every chance we could."

Joyce shook her head. "So awful in a body you did not like or wanted." Inside she was giggling revenge so sweet.

TT nodded who ever had change the character sure did a better work than his attempt of switching Ethans gender.

Suddenly a bone chilling scream was heard as Ethan discover that something was missing in his pants.

TT hid his grin.

Apparently Dwarf males look almost exactly as Dwarf females just less beard and breast.

Joyce raised an eyebrow. "What Ever did you Do to Mr. Quentin, Ethan?"

Ethan just growled irritated the watcher was to lack the ability to be tricky. Obvious Quentin have learn a bit more then he expected.

Chapter 24
Inside, Outside, Downside.

Joyce merry adventure gang was currently sitting in a Road house a tavern sitting along the road between the cities of Camarr and Tuzan Rim the tobacco centrum of the world.

Joyce suddenly stopped walking and stood still as she heard something strange something weird. Listening she drank her wine slowly.

"It was Darkwing duck i tell you fell upon us like the Wrath of gods." The man said his face filled with fear.

A nearby man laughs. "Thats Bullshit story."

A huge Tirak stood up he was almost the size of a Trukk. "Darkwing Duck the elven knight of Alarin is not Bullshit i was their myself when he sailed the Cirlisk Ship in to the harbor.

They had made the mistake of Kidnapping him.

HE had killed everyone except five sailors Blood was dripping from the sails."

The Tirak said truth mixing itself with his sense of theatrics and beer.

"The survivors were scared to death."

A Nearby Dwarf nodded. "Aye you are telling the truth Ducky is scary Elf. A Friend of Brother friend works in Camarr and he was attacked by a group of Tirak gang Darkwing saved his life he did."

Joyce shook her head as the stories become more and more wild.

She walked down to the table where her friends TT and Ethan the now Female Dwarf sat. "We have a clue they are in Camarr or was in Camarr."

They raised there heads. "How do you know?" Ethan said his voice grumpy and gruff.

Joyce smiled. "They are scared stiff of Darkwing duck. That could ONLY be the work of Alexander Harris."

They blinked.

TT frowned before he remember seeing something like that on the television. "Darkwing duck its a Warner cartoon right?"

Joyce. "Close its a Disney character think Donald Duck VS Batman"

Ethan frowned. "Why do you think the boy is responsible he is the weakest of them?"

Joyce frowned looking down at her. "No if anything Xander IS the dangerous one. Buffy would hesitate killing to protect even her loved ones.

Put the ones Xander love in danger and he actively seek out and kill you."

TT blinked his dad information about Xander was a teenage waste of skin to be ignored. "You are sure?" He then ponder the fact that each of them got a pack of books and notes.

The PTB hade said to tell Xanders uncle Rory what had happened and let him chose a gift of books, They had now five small books tightly packed.

Giles had gotten some notes about the Slayer secrets that the Watcher had kept the fact that the PTB had limit the number of slayers to keep the first evil away from earth. And other books. Chosen by the Watchers.

Willow the promising young witch had got a book about medication and Wiccan theory that most likely would be great use for her. Also chosen by the watchers.

Buffy had gotten a load of information about earth martial arts fighting techniques even a example of 'the book of war' chosen by the watchers.

But Xander book was chosen by a drunken ex military a man they dismissed as a fool and a drooling like a idiot when ever the female Watcher had walked by him.

TT had the scary feeling that Rory might be more then a fool he wonder for the first time what exactly was inside those books.

Ethan sat back smiling things was at least interesting now he wonder what that boy was up to. And what was old ripper doing now.

Joyce smiled "It will be great seeing them again.

..Faraway on the road..................

"Stop it now." Buffy growled.

Giles and Xander looked at her and stopped arguing for a moment.

Buffy sighed. "Thank you Xander for standing up for me and Angel.

Giles Im not going to marry you only because Im pregnant. If angel still likes me I AM going to marry him. If he asked me i."

Angel "You do have the ring i gave you that IS an Irish wedding ring so i have asked you and i still waiting."

Buffy blushed. "I i think i accept Angel," she said.

Giles nodded "But what we did is wrong and i like to be a part of any childs life."

Buffy nodded. "You will be Giles. You, Xander and Angel and me are family we will always be friends and i will let you help raising our child as its dad with me as its mother and Angel as its Stepfather. But i do hope you find a nice female and marry her."

Giles nodded feeling relieved. "Thanks i think it would be hard you are my slayer almost like a daughter to me. But the idea of not being part of my childs life is terrifying."

Buffy nodded giving him a hug. "I think of you like a dad also."

Inside she was missing Joyce support and help.

Angel "I do understand."

Xander raised an eyebrow. "If incest is the first you two think about when drunk Im afraid."

Three pairs of angry eyes turned on him.

Selia giggled. "Mr. Diplomat lets continued if we are lucky we might find a Road Tavern tomorrow or so."



Willow frowned this spell was difficult and complex almost to complex. "It seems to advance for a low level demon trap," she said looking at Yold.

He smiled "Im not going to take any changes IT IS a advance demon trap.

It safer to use a stronger trap then actually needed in case a stronger demon manage to sneak along.

And I also intend to ask my god for help protecting you and me during he calling." He shook his head. "Still you are Impressive how did you manage to figure out it was a high level trap you are a beginner. Remarkable"


Willow blushed, "i kind of looked at the pattern and the energy needed and."

Yold grinned, "figure it out. Fantastic," he said kissing her deeply. Inside he was grinning she was falling no she was literally running to his trap soon she would be enslaved by his lord or a undead slave.

Both case a win win situation.

Willow felt her knee become weak Yold was the most fantastic kind and wonderful person she ever been with no one believed in her like he do she truly found a part of paradise.

Chapter 25
Finding Joy.

It was noon but outside it was dark storm clouds thunder and lightning turned day into night.

Still the rain had yet to fall a heavy almost suffocating heat was felt as the thunderbolts fell from the sky illuminating the green hills around the road tavern.

The Inside of the Tavern was filled with wary and scared travelers. Storms like this was not unusual in Asharien but they were feared.

Joyce grasped her mug of ale harder. "I am glad we decided to stay." Tiberius nodded, "me to but after hearing all those Darkwing duck story i hope they will talk about something else tonight.

It looks like."

He quiet down as suddenly a chilly wind was blowing across the room of the Tavern the door opened a Dark man they could feel from his eyes that he was elven.

The room fell silent in the darkness of the door he was a dark shadow that was looking study them like a cat.

A sudden Thunder spread light and they could see a dark cloak hiding his face an Armor elven leather with plates of steal underneath.

And on the chest a picture of a Duck was clearly seen.

Darkwing duck had entered the Tavern.

Xander study the room sure was filled he desperately hoped no one inside was evil demon or criminal or Cirfalier something about them marrying and their own sisters was just Ugh.

"Hurry up guys." He said grinning at the crowed of travelers that were staring at him with fear and surprise.

Buffy, Angel and Giles and Selia ran inside as the Rain suddenly came pouring down like a water fall.

"Ugh i got wet." Buffy complained.

Angel nodded. "Sure is pissing out there. Whats with everyone why are they staring at us like that?"

Xander grinned talking quietly fully knowing that the hood was hiding his face. "One of them are a criminals that i hunted away from Camarr. Others obvious have been to Camarr."

He said grinning as he walked inside. "I like Three rooms, And lot of food and a small plate for my cat," he said to the innkeeper.

His eyes never leaving the criminal. He could feel the fear the terror. With a friendly voice he spoke. "You do know that your friends in Purity are right now on the island of Takalor the home of the Tiraks. Funny right," he said ignoring the fear and the shock.

Racist pissed him of.

The Tiraks inside the room suddenly looked at the shivering man a Purity member.

Even some elven looked hateful. Sure Elf was welcome as a purity but elven and human romance that was a deadly sin in the eyes of The Purity organization.

Giles cleaned his dagger. "Stop scaring the dirt bag Xander. Ladies would you like to order something special to eat."

The girls nodded and started to order food.

Then Buffy went stiff and turned around. "I feel some one is looking at me," she said. Then whispered "Mom" she turned around.


A tall elven a Pyar elf looking like 18-20 blond. Was walking toward them staring at Buffy.

Xander blinked then paled. "JoJoyce" he said.

The elven women turned and looked at him sharply. "If you say that again i will not cook you food Xander," she said in English.

Xander Grinned switching to English. "Hi Mrs. Summer. What are a girl like you doing in a place like this?" He said.

Joyce nodded but could not speak as Buffy was hugging her like crazy.

Buffy tears was flowing like a never ending river she had her mom again finally she felt safe.

Xander. "Lets take this to a private room. Joyce you and Buffy need some times alone."

Tiberius walked over looking directly at Angel. "Mr. Giles i presume. Im Tiberius Travers," he said.

Angel grinned. "Nope Angel formerly vampire with a soul. Now human living and happy."

Tiberius looked at Xander that just grinned. "Try looking up," he said. Tiberius blinked turning the last member of the party a HUGE human.

Giles cleaned his dagger Tiberius Travers he must be Travers hell spawn and a Watchers that was never good. "Yes i am Giles."

Tiberius blinked that definitively did not look like a librarian. And obvious the transformation had made him bloodthirsty he was already eagerly cleaning his dagger looking like he was hoping for a battle. "I i have package from home. Its books and information you might need. The Watchers council send them to you."

Xander nodded taking pity on the man. "Lets go sit and talk Mr. Tiberius."

Tiberius smiled, "yes let us do that. And Do call me TT only my dad calls me Tiberius Mr. Harris if Im correct right?"

Xander grinned. "If you call me Xander i call you TT right?"

TT nodded. "Xander right. Let me introduce you to the final member of our gang of merry dimensional travelers."




Xander finally stopped laughing and pointing his finger at Ethan. "Wow your SURE look ugly as a Dwarf female."

Ethan gritted his/her teeth. "They change my characters gender and species so."

Giles nodded he still could not stop himself from grinning. "You finally hade a taste of Chaos personally. Do you like the taste?"

Ethan let his head drop. "No no and absolutely no i do not like it." Xander. "Well I like it. Its you. And we dont need a table anymore you are just the right size to rest our Beer mugs on."

Ethan sighted it was going to be a long and awful night if he did not stop this stupid kid. "Stop it right now KID or i will show you the error." Ethan stopped talking somehow the kid had a sword pointing directly at his throat.

Xander giggled. "I have not forgotten about five kids dead because of your Halloween. I have not forgotten about one adult dead and five wounded because of your Halloween. DO give me a reason and i will kill you.

This time Ripper will not stop me in time.

And no warning will come from this point until you proven to be faithful and trust worthy you are nothing but a joke. A Clown."

Ethan paled obvious the kid did not like him or her right now. He obvious was one of those that held a grudge. "I see. Could you remove the blade please?"

Giles cleaned his dagger. "Yes Xander do keep it away from him her." Xander nodded and the blade was put away again. "Just remember Ethan i will keep a eye on you waiting for my chance to spill your blood."

Ethan looked at Giles. "Rather rude of him." 's'he said.

Giles grinned. "Yes but he do have right. You are not trust worthy. I know you Ethan and i know that you can be trusted not to betray us to the forces of evil."

Xander eyes clearly stated that he believed Ethan would be best used as worm food. "G-man i will go to bed now. Selia would you like to join me." His girl nodded and the two was going upstairs.

Ethan could hear how Xander suddenly walked down took one long look at him before walking upstairs again laughing like crazy.

"This is hell," 's'he said grumpy.

Giles nodded distracted by the book he was reading. If this was correct the potential slayers powers are with held by the PTB to stop the first evil from being raised.

And Potential slayer give birth to potential slayers.

Only Girls between the age of 12 to 35 is called.

Joyce suddenly had the body of a 20 years old.

The PTB had NO reason to with hold the slayer powers in this reality.

Giles raised an eyebrow. An elven Vampire slayer interesting. "Its said something here that we are five Champions what do they mean?"

TT "Well Angelus was a Champion for the force of evil. As he was cursed he become champion of the good guys. You as a watcher have been a Champion apparently. And Willow have power of a Wiccan as a magic user living on the Hellmouth she would eventually become a champion of one side OR live life hidden.

Buffy was obvious."

Giles nodded. "The last one then?" He asked.

Surprisingly it was Ethan that answer him. "The Chaos gods including Janus chose ONE champion he or she is the chosen one given the power to defy destiny to find alternate methods to do things.

He is the defender of the change."

Giles nodded he hade read about that. "Is not the champion of chaos evil?"

TT and Ethan shook their head. "No the champion of chaos is capable of becoming good or evil and still be the champion of chaos.

He can even completely ignore the fight between good or evil." TT said.

Ethan nodded, "yea and thats the reason why young Xander remember MORE about the Halloween possession then the rest of you. He is Chaos chosen."

Giles nodded finally something made sense. "Poor boy if Im correct they live a short life." Ethan grinned. "Only because on our world the Demons actively seek them out and kill them good or evil do not matter. The watcher do the same. Only a Chaos champion ignoring his ability living the 'normal' life survives."

Giles frowned. "I see. But why?"

Ethan frowned. "Because one of the big bad the first evil can be destroyed if a Chaos champion manage to activate the medallion of the light bringer." He took a zip of his ale.

"Of course their are other ways that the First evil can be killed but Chaos champion always change the battle plans and the prophesy the PTB do not order the watchers to kill Chaos champions."

Giles. "Lack of information. So they actively tries to keep any C-champion away from the slayer because he or she will change the rules."

TT nodded "Correct."

Three looked up interesting times indeed.

Chapter 26
The Joy of family.

Xander sighed. It had taken him a lot of work and talking before Giles agreed on waiting until AFTER he had talked to Joyce.

And talking to Joyce about forgiving Giles for making her baby girl pregnant had taken long time and hard work but she finally understood it was a mistake that Buffy more or less were to blame for.

She was still irritated and did scream and yell a bit. But at least Giles is still alive.

Xander smiled petting Miss Pryde. "Now what are we going to do about Ethan let him live?"

Miss Pryde pushed her claws softly in to his feet one time, indicated a "Yes" in their secret sign language.

Xander nodded by himself yester day Miss Pryde had been gung ho on killing the Chaos mage but now she wanted to let him live.

He wonder what she had heard when she stayed behind and spied.

Miss Pryde grinned silently If her Elf was the champion of chaos having a pet Dwarf chaos mage would be useful a while.

Selia finally spoke believing Xander had talked to her. "After hearing about what he now she did. Ending her life is in our future safety." She frowned. "But if we could control Ethan he would be useful."

Xander nodded. "Any idea." He said looking lovingly at his manipulative love.

Selia nodded. "Their is methods to bind a mage power. I will see if i can get some of them for our use."

Xander grinned Sweet that would be perfect.

Now time to finally eat some breakfast food.

Excuse me eat LOTS of food.

Later much later.

Joyce looked at them. "Why are we not going in to a town if Buffy is in a delicate state wouldnt she be safer their?"

Xander and Giles simultaneous shake their heads and answer. "No" then Xander continued. "Their are to many in a town we would never see the assassin coming before its to late."

Joyce sighed. "And you cant be by her side always."

Buffy frowned. "I can protect myself," she said protesting.

Giles looked at her. "A slayer once she is 6 Month lose her slayer powers until a month AFTER the baby is born.

Thats ONE reason why the Council of Watcher actively try to stop any slayer from becoming pregnant."

Buffy blinked. "I I I lose my powers," that was frightening.

Giles nodded, "Only your strength and speed but your healing and senses will be stronger during that time."

Xander nodded. "It's a motivation so that the slayer will concentrate in protecting herself and the baby, Buffy."

Joyce, "Thats fine to know. But where are we going?"

Xander grinned. "Thats a secret. For now." He turned and looked at Tiberius or TT. "Could you take the two fastest horses and ride in to Camarr and give Willow her package also say that she IS welcome to join us."

TT nodded. "If i ride hard using the two horses. I think it will take four days their and back again."

Xander grinned. "We will travel to Tuzan Rim in a slow speed. So you find us before then."

TT nodded. "Thats a working plan." He said smiling.

Ethan looked up. "And what will i do?"

Xander grinned "Follow us and one mistake one grave for you Miss."

Ethan nodded typical his gods champion was pissed of at Him.

What ever did he do to deserve that.


Two days later...

TT came walking up to the library of Camarr After asking the guard after Willow he was told to wait while they run and get her.

Soon a red head elf was walking towards him she was beautiful pale skin and shy eyes. "Hello Im TT a friend of Giles and Xander." He said in elven then switch to English. "I also bring post books as a gift from the Watchers From England."

Willow blinked. "Books." She said but interest and curiosity had started to burn.

TT Grinned showing her the books some quite valued.

Willow, "it it The grimour of transformation its a Wiccan treasure." She said in shock.

TT blushed. "Its a copy actually but it have all the spells inside of it and we are not sure if the spells inside WILL work in this world. Would you like to go and eat something?" He asked.

Willow nodded "Sure And Wiccan magic will work but its weaker and would only work on the caster of the spell."

TT nodded "I see."


Willow laughs. "Yold would love to meet you." She said her boyfriend would find TT a world of laughter. He was like Xander but more mature and English.

TT grinned flattered. "I really cant stay unless you like to come with me. Joyce and Buffy and Xander miss you. I would miss you and i barely know you." He said.

Willow swallowed his emotions was so easy to see and feel. "I i cant it would not be right to Yold and."

TT nodded. "I see. But remember this Xander and Giles only left you because they believed only Buffy and Angel was champions.

But so are you. That means the evil will try to hurt you and any one near you."

Willow paled. "Yold he is not a fighter only a scholar. But he knows how to fight."

TT grinned. "Why not ask him to come along?"

Willow shook her head. "I i think Im going to stay." A strange feeling of panic pain and suffer if she would leave Yold.

Still a strong feeling of Dont GO RUN LIKE HELL was also heard.

Balancing those feelings Willow looked up. "If you stay one day. I can come Yold and me are doing a mage ritual after i can come."

Inside her instincts she ignored screamed 'Doh' but she was not listening to that part of her brain.

TT nodded one extra day would not hurt his schedule.

The Road to Tuzan Rim....

Giles smiled Tobaco field was everywhere it looked beautiful.

Xander walked up. "I think we should hurry up and buy supplies that last a long time. And hunting equipment."

Giles looked down. "Why. And where ARE we going to find a safe place to hide Buffy."

Xander grinned. "Inside the destroyed Samar Dwarf fortress.

Its abandon only the ghost exist and i think they will allow us to stay if I ask them. "

Giles "But but."

Xander nodded. "Their is an army outside i know. But an army of MINER that is mining the iron mines. And Its possible to sneak by them if we are careful.

And then we have a army of dwarf guarding our back and inside the Fortress we will be able to fish and outside on the mountain we can hunt."

Giles nodded. "Its a great plan No one expect us to hide inside that place."

Xander nodded. "Yes i have already asked some spirits of dead Dwarfs and they have said it would be acceptable and protecting a child is a honor even for the dead according the their holy Books of Vontar."

Giles grinned his Barbarian race was master of Mountains and hunting.

Now he had to find vegetables that would hold during the winter.

He only hoped that they would reach the fortress before the winter storms came raging.

And once they were inside they would probably be stuck inside the fortress until next summer.

Time for the baby to grow strong time for Joyce, TT to train in fighting.

Time to make up plans.

Chapter 27
A tail of two cities.

TT sighed Selia Clan Rigdari, House Furani Xander Elf girlfriends home was incredible.

She had sent a message that he would be treated as a honored guest and the servants out did themselves.

Some of The paintings was on par with the great ones of earth he figured painted by Elf painters with hundreds of years experience.

He could definitive get use to this kind of life.

A knock on the door stopped his musing. "Come in," he said.

A servant opened the door. "Sir a bleeding man is asking to See Selia and you being her emissary could you see what he wants."

TT nodded. "I'm coming," he said walking after the butler as fast as he could.

On the front porch was a bleeding man one of the servers did their pest to stop the bleeding.

TT kneeled down. "You had information for Selia i work for her."

The man nodded. "See that the Amethyst guard find out. The Mage Yold of Camarr is a Demon worshiper he works with for the darkness For Xinu the corrupter."

The man sighted and fell unconscious.

TT stood up. "I will tell Selia this. But Yold where have i heard that name before?" Re said talking to himself. Xinu he remember what Selia said a Demon lord a dark god, One of the weakest in magical power but extremely skilled in manipulate and corrupt others.

Also the creator of the Helm-Ghoul undead monster that normally had heavy armor on them. Making it extremely hard to destroy them.

One of the servants. "Yold isnt that the name of Willow boyfriend."

TT blinked "You right." His face turned paled. Willow said they were doing a ritual. "CRAP," he screamed as he started to run towards Yold home.

The butler screamed. "SIR your Weapons."

TT turned, "crap. Thanks," he said before running inside to get his weapon.

The butler sighed young heroes always dashing away with out thinking.


Xander and gang...

"Xander could i talk to you?" Joyce said.

Xander grinned and nodded. "Sure."

They walked a bit further away from the night camp.

Then Xander nodded to a log of a fallen tree.

"Let us sit." Xander said. "So what troubles my second favorite Summer girl tonight."

Joyce smiled. "I Dont know whats happening Xander. I i Im getting strange dreams and so strong so incredible strong," she said.

Xander raised an eyebrow. "Giles was afraid this would happen." He said.

Joyce looked at him "What Is Happening." She said in a tone warm as a cryogenic freezer.

Xander. "On our world their was once an ARMY of Slayers. Then they fought the First evil and they were losing. Eventually they got help from a less powerful demon lord to seal the First Evil away.

Victory Joyce. But an expensive victory.

As a lock on the prison they used the slayer themselves they limit the number of active slayers to ONE at the time.

And from that point on their is only ONE slayer and unknown number of POTENTIAL Slayers.

What is happening to you Joyce is that you are a slayer. A magical empower girl that have urges to fight evil demons and monster and protect normal creatures like humans, elf, Even Tiraks.

Here in this realm their is NO limit on how many slayers that can be activated.

In this realm their is no lock that stops your slayer powers from activates."

Joyce sighed. "So Im a slayer then."

Xander grinned. "See it like this Buffy will need a body guard. And what better type of guard can a new born baby have then a grandmother slayer?"

Joyce giggled. "I think you are correct. So i have to learn how to use weapon then."

Xander nodded. "I have prepared some weapons that i was planning on giving to Buffy. But she have weapons i think you should have them IF you promise to keep Buffy and her child safe. Concentrate on their safety."

Joyce nodded. "I will do that." She then frowned. "Where have you hidden the weapons by the way?"

Xander grinned. "My friend and i agrees that you should know her secret, IF you promise not the tell any one. Not even Buffy and Giles." Joyce raised an eyebrow. "I promise not even Buffy or Giles. What secret."

Miss Pryde. "Good question. Hello Joyce," she purred.

Joyce blinked. "Did that cat just talk?"

Xander grinned. "Remember the Halloween Ethan messed with."

Joyce nodded. "Miss Prydes former owner dressed her up like a talking cat from a cartoon. The intelligence and some other skills remained after wards."

Joyce looked down at the smug looking cat. "So, What. I mean how smart are you?"

Pryde stared. "Thats my secret. Xander shall i bring forth the slayer package?"

Xander nodded.

Joyce blinked the cat how could she bring forward ANY weapon.

Suddenly the Cats eyes started to glow and a pair of Dwarf Battle axes was on the ground.

Miss Pryde. "I go to bed now."

Xander petted her. "Thanks."

Joyce, "How did she do that?"

Xander. "Magic i think she can teleport away things in a subspace pocket or something like that."

Joyce "You sure?"

Xander blushed. "No that explanation is from a comic book where a guy can do things like that. Its just remind me about what Miss Pryde did so."

Joyce rolled her eyes. "I see. Tell me about the weapons."

Xander grinned. "I chose two Dwarf short Axe because they have a hammer on the back side. So you can crush instead of killing. ON the top it have a spear point that can stab with.

And the axe part." He said lifting and demonstrating.

"Its a very creative weapon. The hammer give the short axe extra weight and makes it destructive. The spear head give you the ability to use in extreme tight areas."

Joyce nodded trying to keep her drool inside it was So cool weapon, She could feel the Slayer instinct raging in a primitive urge to use the weapons. "Thank you Xander." She said picking them up.

Joyce notice something, "what on earth is that," she said pointing at the scimitar he had on his back.

Xander grinned. "I got it as a gift. It been in my back pack a while now. Its a Tirakisk scimitar," he pulled the blade free.

"Its simple made but strong and a good cutting edge. But look at the and you see why the Tiraks are so impressive."

Joyce study the blade backside. "I cant find anything. Except this area seems strange."

Xander nodded. "Its strange its a threat or bone Saw. They always put a saw on the backside just in case."

Joyce nodded. "So they are creative then."

Xander grinned, "that they are."


TT was running for Willows life and soul.

Their the house TT ran like a bat from hell and he was almost over the street when he heard a weak scream and wave after wave of black magic send him flying backwards.


Willow study the markings. "So this will be mine circle and your over their and in the centrum the demon."

Yold nodded, "yes. The circle is to protect you from the demon.

Willow nodded as she walked inside her carefully drawn circle completely missing the small symbol of arcane writing.

Soon chants was heard power started to build.

"Rexotaku, riludriz, i commend you to talk." She sighed.

The demon she capture ignored her first testing His prison then the link between him and the slayer. "You will die," he said finding out the girl was nothing but a sacrifice. He grinned as he followed the lines of energy written in blood on the floor. Time to pay the piper.

The attack the girl directly soul VS Soul. Slowly ripping it and cutting it. Unless some one would interfere.

Willow screamed in pain as the demon started to beat her and slowly ripped her spirit apart.

Yold hid his grin. Pretending to be afraid. "Willow say 'My Good Xinu save me from the demons to you my savior i pledge my loyalty and life'. "

Screaming in Pain Willow stared to babble.

The demon raged desperately trying to posses Willow to make her a Helm ghoul.

Outside TT ran as fast as he could to save Willow.

Chapter 28
Tails of two cities.

Outside Tuzan Rim in one of the small villages that was spread over the country side.

It was a normal quiet lithe town nothing much happening their in NORMAL days.

But today would be a day the villagers would talk about for generations.

Buffy pumped the reload mechanism on the Dwarfen pump-Crossbow fast to reload it.

Some how a Necromantic maniac worshiping Demons manage to find them and now they had to fight an army of undead. Or a small raiding party of undead.

Not that scary BUT something inside of her where screaming PROTECT yourself, Let the other fight, Run Buffy run.

Buffy sighed Giles hade told her about that, The Slayer instinct was now to protect the unborn child by any means.

Buffy knew she could not runaway from her friends so she fought the instinct but stayed in the background using Giles crossbow.

This day sucked gravel. The other had all the fun and she was trembling in her boots.

A well aimed Crossbow arrow convinced a another Undead that messing with her was bad idea.

Selia dodged a stab from a spear the undead was Belias a zombies possessed by demons or elemental spirits.

They had armor the strength of a normal human but they all had different type of magic ability.

Her Belia was a Irrlicht not the strongest but nasty. It could bind its victim a short time to it 'unlife' and It had manage to do that to her.

Any pain she gave the undead came right back to her.

Any wound she gave the undead she got an equally big wound.

Selia growled luckily it was momentary soon the binding would be over and she could kick its undead asshole. Hopefully from long distance.

The Irrlicht growled right back at her and tried to stab her with the spear. Selia parried and dodged. This day sucked.

Beside her Xander parried with his Carwellan and slashed the Undead with the scimitar he paled from the wound thousands of Spiders came crawling out right towards him. "Crap," he said before dodging as the big Axe from the Undead.

The Belia opened its mouth and a send a flood of spiders flying towards Xander.

Xander dodged as many he could rolling on the ground he could feel them biting him injecting poison this was NOT good.

The hyena gave him slightly higher resistant but he already felt groggy.

Rolling on the ground Xander stood up in a crunching position waiting as the Belia turned towards him.

Spiders was crawling on the ground and in his hair.

As the Belia was looking straight towards him he made his attack.

A running start in a Berserk like attack straight towards the Belia that lowered its weapon to cut him down.

In the last second Xander jumped used all his Hyena power to jump over the undead and land behind him.

Before the undead even had a chance to turn Xander stabbed and slashed its head of and backed away as far as he could.

The Undead exploded in a fountain of spiders crawling everywhere.

Xander swallowed and looked around seeing the small river he made jumped down. Time to wash the spiders of him. He felt drunk.

Giles Growled the Undead he was fighting had literally hundreds of razor sharp tentacles made of blood that cut like steel wires.

His shirt was already cut to ribbons but he was wearing the beast down. It was obvious not the most dangerous of the monster that had attacked them.

In a final cut he manage to split the undead in two its tentacles became blood again it was finely Dead.

Giles Looked around. "Selia need help?" He asked.

Selia growled. "No stay away If you hurt IT you Hurt ME. Its bonded it self to me. I will be free in a moment until then i can only keep it busy." She said as she was pushed back by a spear stab in her armor. Luckily it did not go thru.

"Help the others," she growled as he attacked it again trying to cut down its weapon.


Giles nodded and rushed to attack the Zombies and the Belias the villager, Joyce and Angel was fighting with.

Angel parried a stab muttering a healing spell with an area effect centered around him. The magic spell would drain his endurance but it would heal the civilians around him AND hurt the Undead.

A flash of soft light was seen the wounded felt relived cuts closed bleeding stopped. The Undead screamed in pain as it Undead life was hurt by the life energy.

Angel grinned as he did a power full down strike with his staff crushing the undead head.

"The Healing took a lot of strength from me. I need a moment to gather strength," he said.

The nearby villager nodded grasping his blacksmith hammer harder. "You rest i guard you."

Angel nodded sitting down he called upon his goddess begging her for new strength. Some minutes later he was ready to fight again.

Joyce dodged the arm of the undead as she let the Axe backside hit the undead leg breaking it. As it tripped she sidestepped and let the other axe crush its head.

Sensing that the monster was gone she turned to another undead a burning flaming beast of an undead.

"You Burning ugly." She screamed the undead turned around ignoring the villagers as she came running towards it.

Joyce smiled it did not have a weapon as long as it could not put its hand on her she was safe and it moved really slow. "So no weapon how are you going to fight me then burning ugly?"

The Undead screamed sending a fire ball flying from its mouth.

Joyce sighed. "Crap," as she dodged.

Fire ball after fire ball came raining down on her.

Buffy growled sending Arrows after Arrows on the undead. "NO monster make a barbeque out of my mom," she screamed.

Joyce grinned the undead turned towards Buffy to attack. She rushed forward letting the short spear points on the top of her axe stake the undead head while the other Axe cut down its spine.

The flames healed its wound Joyce paled this might be more difficult.

The undead screamed slashing out with its arms to burn Joyce. But she had dodged.

Buffy grinned a game of tag. She let her arrows fly and the undead turned towards her again.

Behind it Joyce came running holding a bucket of water.

Before it had the time to send a fireball flying the water came down on it putting its fire out. No fire burning anymore its cut body fell apart.

Joyce nodded looking around for another target.

She finally understood what Buffy must have felt the joy of battle and the joy of helping others.

Outside the town Miss Pryde was sneaking she had tracked the Necromantic to this point. Grinning like a cat she saw him He had backups troops normal Zombies and other more advanced.

He probably was not skilled enough to control more that a limited number of undead at the same time. IN a battle.

But the fact that he had backup troops and just kept sending them down made him dangerous.

Pryde sneaked forward the undead notice her because of her life energy. Seeing that it was just a cat they ignored her.

She sighed that was pure luck.

Finally she was behind the necromancer she meowed a bit. The man turned around seeing only a house cat he sniffed. "Stupid cat you almost scared me. When i am done with this place i will have your skin." With that he turned around looking down at the town again.

Miss Pryde grinned as she activated her last ability one that not even Xander knew about.

Suddenly a short 5 feet tall human with cat ears and cat tail was standing behind the mage.

She grinned as the let her claws out, Time to test the new scratching post.

"RARGH" she screamed as she jumped up letting the claws dig deep in the necromancers throat cutting him down.

As he fell down she fast took his dagger and cut the rest of the head of before running away.

The Undead Zombies started to fall down or stood still like a statue with no master they were just as mobile.

The Belias walked away some destroyed them self others went berserk and started to fight between themselves.

In the village pandemonium happened the undead was fighting undead and living some just died and other ran away.

The last of the battle was short.

Drying of some blood Giles looked around. "Where is Xander?" He wonder.

Angel nodded. "I dont know. XANDER," he screamed.


Buffy looked at Joyce with worry. "That should works."

Joyce nodded. "Did any one see the young MALE elven?" She asked.

A farmer walked forward "Yes mam i think i saw him fighting that spider monster and then run away. He looked a bit drunk i think"

The group turned towards the point where Xander was seen last.

They could finally see him he was face Up floating in the river.

Like one man they started to run.

Giles and Joyce was first to arrive.

A weak voice answer them, "hi feel a bit weak now.

And cold.

And paralyzed. Think you could move me?" Xander said trying to swim using only your hands and the top of your feet was hard so far he manage to stay floating.

Giles grinned lifting him up.

Selia, "Xander is he alive."

Giles, "He is alive paralyzed but alive."

Selia paled. "Paralyzed how?"

Joyce frowned. "Poison. Angel could you?"

Angel nodded as he put a hand on Xander letting his magic heal and tried to cleans the young man.

A moment later. "Xander will live. I removed as much poison i could.

But he will have difficult moving and will feel weak as a baby the next two days or so."

Angel then looked at Xander. "The ONLY reason you are alive is because the river was cold it made your heart slow down and slow down the poison inside of you."

Xander nodded as he tried to stand up with Giles help. "Dont let go Giles." He said his legs could not even support his own weight.

Giles nodded and more or less lifted Xander inside.

Angel just shook his head. "The only reason he IS alive is because the Hyena inside of him."

Miss Pryde slowly sneaked up seeing Xander weakened she jumped to Joyce. "Dont worry your Xander will be alright," she said. Petting the cat.

As soon as Xander was inside he fell asleep.

Miss Pryde let herself relax slowly.

Selia turned to the others. "Buffy you stay here with Xander the rest of us must find the necromancer and kill him. Before he sends down more undead." She swore "And see that Ethan gets some help." Ethan had bravely imitated Sir Robin and ran away but got hurt by a Zombie.

'She was unconscious still resting outside in the street.

Miss Pryde sighed if she was quiet they would leave Xander and Buffy and that would leave them open for attacks.

But she hated to reveal her secrets.

Xander better pet her really really good and Lots of shrimps and tuna or she cut his pants to ribbon again.

"I Killed the Necromancer." She said.

Selia blinked looking at the cat Joyce was holding.

Buffy "the cat it, it."

Giles blinked cleaning his dagger this time because It was filthy and a filthy dagger is a soon to be rusty dagger. "My God Joyce how did you manage to kill him?"

Joyce blushed. "Sorry Giles i did not kill him."

Miss Pryde open both her eyes sending the worst demeaning look she could. "Humans barely able to walk and talks. I said he is dead no worry about him no more." she said looking tired.

Giles "What are, and why did you not talk before, And how long have you been able to talk?"

Miss Pryde turned and looked at Joyce before turning to the English barbarian. "I am a CAT," She said sending a 'How dumb are you' Look at Giles. "And before you were not planning on doing a stupid mistake like hunting down a dead person." She said with a roll of her eyes. "And how long i been able to talk is my secret," she said sounding like a Queen she turned to Joyce. "Now pet me and feed me."

Joyce laughs. "That i will. Would you like to sit beside Xander."

Miss Pryde just nodded weakly ignoring the rest.

Giles blinked. "You Knew Joyce."

Joyce nodded. "I know, Xander knows thats all you need to know."

Selia blinked then grinned he manage to keep something like this secret he was a natural truly a worthy husband.

Buffy, "Why Did he not tell US and Why Mom did you not tell us?"

Joyce sighed she truly loved her daughter but sometimes her opinions on secrets were driving her crazy.



TT took a deep breath.

1 He was to late to stop the ritual, Willow had bonded her loyalty To Xinu the corrupter. That was bad.

2 He DID manage to kill Yold and Willow only grinned looking happy with him. That was good.

3 Then Willow had tried to kill him. Not good.

4 Now the town guards were after Willow. Good that would give him a chance to survive.

TT or Tiberius jumped up on his horse and road towards Tuzan Rim. He just knew that Giles and Xander would string him up alive.

From a cellar room in Camarr Willow looked at her slaves Helm-Ghoul dressed in heavy armor they were almost unstoppable. "Follow him and we will find my friends and turn them in the glory of Xinu or destroy them." She giggled madly she felt shame. She really did not want to hurt Xander and her friends but Xinu order her and she had to obey with all her might and all her intelligence.

Willow grinned she might have to destroy her friends, Her soul darkened rotting away becoming evil and twisted. Xinu had her loyalty in a limit way.

He could order her to attack and kill any mortal, He could order her to NOT hurt a mortal.

But nothing stopped her from plotting his destruction one way or another she would find a way to kill the demon lord if it was the last thing she did on the bones and life of her and her friends she would destroy Xinu.

The mad giggles sent shiver of fears in the heart of the demon slaves and in his realm the demon god Xinu wonder IF he made a mistake some how the girl had partly manage to keep her freedom of mind.

Chapter 29
Sending them our respect...

Xander swore he would have liked to be down their and stayed away but the spiders muscle relaxant poison had made him to weak to walk and it would be days before he recovered.

At the same time he was glad that he were somewhere else.

A funeral is not fun to be going to.

Five farmers had died.

And the priest had given order that the funeral pyre would be build and put on fire this night just to stop any of them from becoming undead.

Luckily, The priest in the village said that it was most likely the church the undead master were after a hidden artifact was hidden inside, The villagers knew about that and spilled the beans once Buffy said she was sorry that 'her' enemies attack them.

That saved them from lot of grieving Buffy and Joyce would have taken it personally the failure to save civilians.

Xander carefully stood up his legs was weak but stand up he could no problem, Walking any longer distant and he would be screaming after Giles help.

He carefully walked over to the window and crawled out on the flat roof. So he could see the funeral.

Miss Pryde walked up beside him and sat down. "I never understand the important in funerals, They are dead and you believe their spirits have moved on. Why bother with the flesh then."

Xander "Human nostalgia we need to say a good buy in order to find peace and strength to move on. The funeral rites make it more easy to do that."

Miss Pryde sighed that made sense humans evolved from Apes an Omnivore nothing but a Vegetarian that decided to fight back.

A born a prey animal food for the predator that some how found the strength and the courage to advance and improve and hunt back.

She pity and respected humans for that. But she also loved them something about humans made her love them care about them, And sometimes gave her a crazy urge to kill some of them.

"I see... This is more important then i believed," she said nodding.

Xander smiled and Miss Prydes tone of voice. "Yes."

Down stairs the dead was carried out sitting on thrown like chairs they were carrying by a honor guard.

He could feel the fall of hope in the villagers eyes.

Their church had fail them and made the evil come here.

The terror dreamt during nightmares had come and murder and plunder them.

Sadness and little hope of the future existed in those eyes.

Xander straighten up in an army like attention.

The soldier inside of him had been a music nuts anything from England and he loved it.

The fact that traveling here gave him the skill to use the Bagpipe So Finally he could use the musical knowledge to show respect to the dead.

He grasp his bagpipe pumping the airbag full with the pump under his arm he started to play a fitting tone the Scottish -Bagpipe Funeral March.

Its sad but powerful tones made the funeral party stop Giles said something that even he could hear. "Its a funeral march, Played for important heroes and kings and queens."

The villagers straitened up feeling pride some turned and took an extra look at the Learam Elf that stood on the roof playing the pipes. His dark cloak waved in the wind like a dark wing and on his armor they could see a stylish picture of a duck with dark wings.

Only a small number recognize it but they would spread the story.

Xander could feel the their eyes was looking friendly at him sad but friendly his music helped them.

Some times fighting was not a solution and he was glad that he could handle other things then just fighting.

Slowly the dead was carried down to the church grave yard where the grave pyre stood it was hastily build but workable the dead was put down their head was put resting on pillow.

And the pyre was turned on.

Xander as the flame started to grow he switch music to one he heard on Xena.

The Gaelic Burial Hymn was playing sweet and clear.

Suddenly a voice started to sing its tender woeful was spreading its respect to the friends of the dead.

Xander almost dropped his Bagpipe Behind him Miss Pryde suddenly stood up looking like a small human child but with Cat Ears and tail a real batgirl. Singing in perfect Elven translation of the Gaelic words she send their farewell and their respect to the dead with hope of the future.

On the ground the crying stood straighter feeling of hope of future as they said their farewell to their dead family and friends.

The fire slowly was burning out he again switch the song this time to Amazing Grace, he was glad his bagpipe had the pump mechanism leaving him free to sing.

The tone of Amazing Grace translated was heard as Pryde and him sing in perfect harmony.

ON the ground the Scooby gang straighten up and started to sing Amazing grace with them as the night fell new hope had started to grow in the heart of the survivors strength in memory of the dead was born again.

Sadness was still in their heart but they no longer felt betrayed by their church it might have lured the evil here but it god have also placed heroes here to save them.

As the final rays of the sun was gone Xander put the bagpipe down and sat down resting his tired legs. "You look cute," he said to Miss Pryde that rolled her eyes and turn cat again. "Your not a tomcat so dont get any ideas Mr."

Xander smiled and started to pet her as they sat their looking at the rising stars.

Everything was not perfect but moment like this gave you hope of the future even if it was dark and terrible they would survive and grow stronger.


Outside of Camarr....

TT was riding for his life he knew that he lost the undead that tried to follow him but that would not stop Willow from asking if anyone Seen him ride by which meant the forest of Steel woods to stop them anyone seeing him exactly where he was going.

In the harbor of Camarr Willow giggled madly her first gang of demonic possessed undead had already moved to Tuzan Rim that fool had forgotten that he mention it to her.

Soon she would murder her family and friends people she loved more then her own life. It strangely filled her with Joy and extreme pain.

Now she had have a clever plan she had read that hidden in Thalamur was a grave tomb with weapons made by a fallen Demon god a brother or sister of Xinu himself.

Weapons pure evil but powerful strong capable of hurting devils or gods.

Weapons the human mage that found them was to afraid of moving or even using.

Weapon the Tirak had locked away because they where totally evil held a hatred to anything holy or unholy.

Willow grinned time to rob the grave.

Her giggle sent shiver of fear in the demon crew of her stolen ship.

Chapter 30
Joining Forces.

Giles was worried and cleaned his sword they had to stay here two extra days so that Ethan and Xander could recover.

Ethan from a hard knock on her head and Xander from poison.

Angels healing magic had fix up Ethan the second day but the pure Volume of poison in Xander was to huge.

It would take days for him to recover the spell stopped him from developing any permanent damage or die but he had to work out the poison the natural way.

"He is Bloody late. I would have expected a spawn of Quentin to be on time." Giles complained.

Miss Pryde rolled her eyes human why be angry over something you could not control.

Joyce smiled. "Giles i am sure TT is fine."

Xander sat and made Arrows currently he was rolled an arrow between his hands balancing it trying to find a fault in the new arrow he had made. "Im more worried about Willow." he said.

Giles blinked. "What ever do you mean?"

Xander "You know I know that we are all champion. You and i believed that ME and Willow was not champions just tagalongs. RIGHT?"

Giles nodded cleaning his sword. A dirty sword is a rusty sword. "E Well yes. You are all champions even you Xander."

Xander rolled his eyes. "Aah the shocked tone of your voice warm my heart.

If the good guys in this world knows about US then the BAD guys knows about US. Meaning Willow is all alone."

Giles blinked. "I i didnt think about that but you are right. You think something have happened to Willow."

Xander nodded. "I think she is dead Giles or, or Worst possessed or something. I got that feeling about the time you Joyce came here."

Giles put the rug down. "What makes you say that or think that?"

Xander "I do not know. I hope Im wrong if Im not We failed her."

Joyce looked at him. "If you believe that why did you not ride back to Camarr."

Xander looked up. "Joyce i believe in the need of the many is more important then the need of the one.

Buffy is pregnant if i road back SHE would have follow and Giles, Angel Selia and me back to be one happy easy to find target for the bad guys. Remember that Buffy IS a slayer so is her child a strong champion a defender of life this world NEED desperately."

He put the arrow down and looked at them.

"I believe that Buffy child is more important then any one of us. In fact ANY child you Joyce or Buffy have will be equally important they will be slayer free champions."

Giles nodded. "Yes we do know that."

Xander shook his head. "Giles you DO know that.

But you only knows it intellectually.

I know i Feel it with body heart mind and soul i know slayers will be needed once the darkness falls on this world."

Giles "Of course its correct." He stopped, "you are correct i let my person feelings overshadow my knowledge."

Xander nodded. "Thats means that your a good guy Giles a white hat."

Joyce smiled her hand hugged his hand. "So are you Xander."

Xander grinned. "Na i think Im grey white grey but still grey."

Inside he was still thinking about the 'gift' his uncle Rory had given him.

Books about primitive guns.

Books about Chemistry of explosions.

Books about steam engines even a Steam cannon blue prints of a working version build by an engineer that liked cannons.

Xander grinned. "I do what needs to be done Giles."

Time to make some more arrows or play with Miss Pryde before she start to play with his arrows. Her claws are sharp.

Miss Pryde purred as Xander started to play with her dragging a piece of wood in front of her like a mouse this is great fun.

Later early in the morning...

A knocking on their doors at the Inn woke them up.

The Inn keeper told them a stranger was seeking them.

Giles frowned as he walked down.

Joyce and Selia walked beside Xander in case he needed their help.

Xander bit his teeth he was a bit wobbly still but finally he manage the stairs from the top floor to the ground floor with no help.

Giles. "Tiberius where have you been? And where is Willow?" He said in an angry voice.

TT paled As Ripper Giles anger was terrifying but as a Barbarian Ripper, Giles would probably send most master Vampires running. "Ripper is really wrong name now probably the Smasher or Bouncer." TT said then his brain realized what he had said. "Crap did you hear me say anything about Ripper?"

They nodded.

Giles looked like a tomato anger was pouring out of him.

Xander grinned and hid a laught.

Joyce study Giles nodding like she consider it a good name.

Buffy giggled.

Angel hides a smile.

Ethan grinned. "Well Smasher old mate, Settle down and let the kid talk."

Xander nodded. "Sit down Giles now."

Surprisingly Giles nodded and sat down. "If any one of you continue to call me Smasher or Bouncer i will test the name on your body."

Xander nodded. "I hear you loud and clear. But that would indicate that Buffy have the right to call you the Bouncer." He said grinning a bit at the dirty look Giles and Buffy gave him.

TT nodded. "Willows boyfriend Yold was serving the demon lord Xinu the corrupter. I tried to stop him and save Willow but i was to late."

Xander nodded he was feeling sad and dirty. "What happened?"

TT continued. "Yold had put her in a trap. Become an undead monster possessed by a demon. Or swore loyalty to a 'god'. Yold had made a ritual binding spell so when Willow made swore the oath of loyalty her soul was bonded to Xinu."

Xander wrestled with his emotions and urges to kill TT for being to late. And urges to just give up and die Willow HIS Willow was dead or worst and it was his and Giles fault."

Buffy started to cry.

Angel held her tight. "We will save her."

Ideas and suggestions came raging from Giles and TT.

But Xanders next word made them silent.

"No we will kill her.

Willow is a champion but Xinu made her a champion of darkness.

We cant afford to let Willow kill Buffy or Joyce.

WHEN Buffy is safe and the child can survive in a protected place then We might save Willow cleanse her or something.

But for now we will aim to kill."

Xander could not stop his emotions from bursting thru.

His control of his elven eyes dropped was even boosted by the power of the Hyena something had hurt its pack.

His friends paled as they felt his emotions raw anger, fear and love every time he mention Willow and pure love.

And every time killing Willow came up they could feel a soul tearing anxiety and sadness inside of him, But also a strong belief He would kill Willow if she put the slayers life in danger.

They all understood that Xander would do anything to protect Buffy unborn child even killing Willow.

Moment like this Xander cursed his elven eyes transmitting his emotions like this. "Is their any way we can save Willow with what we know RIGHT NOW. Not what we might find in a library but RIGHT NOW."

TT and Giles looked at each other thinking hard.

Angel frowned thinking hard.

Selia was thinking everything she experienced she was thinking about trying to find a method to save the girl.

Giles "I i have no idea Xander. But in a library Im sure we could." TT interrupted him. "Giles Do we have time to dodge assassins, protect The child, And fight against Willow IF she comes after us?"

Giles blinked he could see Buffy was looking with hope at him. "Eee Yes their is that. No we can not do that and keep the child safe."

Giles dried a tear. "I think i see what you are saying Xander. Will you be alright."

Xander sighted "First Jessie he become a Vampire now Willow. Its not the first time i have to plan the death of a family. I only hope i do not have to kill Willow myself. Jessie was my brother in all but blood. Willow is my sister. She might even be my half sister Giles. Like Jessie."

He said standing up leaning on Selia arms they slowly walked up.

"But i will kill her if only to save her soul from the demon influence."

Buffy started to cry as Angel hugged her close. "Its not fair." She said.

TT coughed. "Excuse me but what did he mean with brother and sister thing?"

Giles. "Jessie was a young man that was turned. Xander staked him. It was the first Vampire he staked and Jessie was like a brother to him. But the comment about Willow being a half sister i have no idea about."

Buffy looked up. "According to Xander his mother had a love affair with three different men one was Willow dad.

One was Jessies dad.

He knows that MR Harris is not his real dad.

But he is not sure which one of those three that is his real daddy."

Joyce paled. "O my. Thats terrible Do Willow know about this?"

Buffy shook her head. "No Xander never told her he did not want to destroy Willows home."

Joyce nodded. "I see. That might explain why Xander always turned a blind eyes every time Willow was flirting with him."

Angel nodded. "I just believed he was blind to her emotions. But."

They nodded.

Giles "I for my sake and his will do everything i can to be the one that to the killing. If it comes to that" He frowned. "TT do Willows knows we are here"

TT "No i i. Crap i think she might know that we are going eventually to Tuzan Rim."

Giles shook his head. "In that case we better ride tomorrow and go to another town."

Joyce nodded. "I think Xander would agree with you. Is he strong enough to travel Angel?"

Angel nodded "He will. He can recover while he is riding."

In the bed room Xander finally let his tears flow and Selia carefully hugged the young man beside her trying to her strongest love in to him with her elven eyes.

Xander in the safety of her arms for the first time in years turned in to a crying pile of mush.

The sadness of losing Jessie.

The sadness of losing Willow.

The fear of the future and the lost of his home world came flowing out from him in a never ending river of tears.

Hours later.

Selia walked town.

"How is he?" Miss Pryde said.

Selia frowned. "He will be alright."

Pryde nodded "He normally dont cry. Are you sure he be alright its hard to find a human or elf that can pet me the right way. You do pet me good but you are only one elven i like to have more then one elven or human to pet me."

Selia grinned. "So Im just some one that pet you. Then."

Miss Pryde, "never underestimate the importance of petting, Playing and feeding your cat. Its extremely important and it makes you family.

Cats protect their family."

Selia blinked. "Never thought about it that way."

Miss Pryde. "Elven blind to everything but their Own way of life."

Selia raised her eyebrow. "HEY." she growled. "Beside why cant i feel you."

Miss Pryde smiled a cat smile. "I was made by magic in to image of a Moon cat. Its from a fairytale on earth. Moon cats in that story are Advisors and spies working directly for royalty. So if i could not hide my eyes i would be a bad spy would i not?"

Selia nodded. It was rare that humans or NON elven learn how to block their looks from the elven eyes.

-Side note at the end of story about the elven look-.

A short moment Miss Pryde let Selia feel her look. Before shutting it off.

Selia nodded. "Impressive. So a spy."

Miss Pryde snorted. "No rather an advisor that can sneak around inside the castle listening and learning and then report to the queen. Also capable of limited bodyguard work.

My human body is small as a child but strong as a adult fully grown human and i have strong sharp and deadly claws."

Miss Pryde then looked up. "Of course If you would like to USE my ability as a spy its in you best interest to keep it a secret."

Selia grinned. "You know kitty cat this could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship."

Miss Pryde nodded. "But only if you give me some fish tonight."


Note about the Elven eye.

The elfs not only Transmit that they are looking at some one. But they can feel if anybody is looking AT them.

A elf can train to transmit more emotion or NOT transmit at all.

To block the elven eyes. Doing that is a double blind system the elf eyes are not felt but HE can not feel other eyes on him.

This can other also learn to do but only a elf can know if they are doing it the right way or not so its rare to find a human that can do this trick. And almost NO Tirak or Dwarf can to it.

They can also learn to choose what kind of emotions they transmit.

Some Elven can even transmit 'wrong' emotions to scare enemies.

For an Elf another Elf or a Mage or priest/Shaman 'eyes' is more easy to feel if they are looking at them then a normal human.

Some humans/Tiraks/Dwarf are so thick headed that they cant feel a elf eyes or be felt by one. (They are often those with limited creativity)

For a human an Elf that is a mage or priest/Shaman is more easy to feel then a normal Elf. Xander IS trained in Shaman so his eyes can carry more emotions and are more easy to feel unless Xander block the elven eyes.

Chapter 31
Finding a new path.

Five days later.

Xander finally had his strength back and was running on the ground scouting the road up a head.

Ignoring Tuzan Rim and directly moving North East have taken them in to the Rocky Planes a area mix of grass planes and small rocky hills that was carved by the wind in to ghostly towers and sharp pointy stones. The place was hurting the horses hooves so they were walking.

The whole area was dry and soon they would enter the north part of the Asharien Dessert.

It was a small dessert but dry.

Suddenly he froze.

Big dirty piles of earth was resting on the ground Xander felt a wave of worry that was a sign of a colony of Earth beasts.

The earth beast was wagly humanoid with four arms with long claws and six eyes.

It was a animal a carnivore that hunted by using ambush during the night Mostly.

Its skin was thick and as an armor leather.

It legs small and it moved slow.

Sadly the earth beast hunted in a pack and even if they were animal they where skilled in creating ambush.

Xander carefully sneaked back. He then stopped.

Something was wrong. Why is no bird singing.

Xander grinned. The beast had made an ambush. But where are they.

Looking around he could see a hidden hole in the path he had walked on.

A small pit trap. Then.

Finally he found the first one hidden under the tall grass of planes it red skin was sticking out as a sore thumb now that he knew where it was.

But the other where are they an Earth beast normally have a pack consist of One Alpha female and her harem of two or more males and some spawn.

His eyes hunted around trying to find a clue where the others were hiding. Suddenly he grinned. Their they were.

One was hiding on the other side opposing where the first was.

And the last one is right their trying to sneak up on me.

Xander nodded classic trapper method he would try to drive me towards the trap and his pack then they would jump me.

Grinning madly Xander pulled his New Elven Long bow free. It was something He and the old elven Teacher had build.

Made from strong wood and Elven glass to give it strength and flexibility and some wires.

His very own home made Compound-Bow.

Stringing an arrow he send a grateful thanks to Rory that told how they worked and helps him build teach him how to build one.

He aimed and shoot sending the first Arrow in one of the hiding Earth beast head piercing it. Xander grinned a lucky shot.

Quickly before the rest notice he shoot the second arrow at the last of the hidden beast. This time he failed to hit its head.

But he got its lung with his arrow and that would slow it down.

As its howled in pain the last of the unhurt Earth beast stopped sneaking and started to run towards him. Xander grinned drawing his swords. "Time to dance."



Xander walked back. "Selia close your eyes," he said.

Blinking in confusion she obeyed. Carefully Xander took forward a beautiful necklace a small bird carved from a stone was hanging. He put it over her neck.

Selia blinked. "Why thank you Xander. But its not really my stile," she grinned.

Xander looked shocked. "Really 'Crap' and thats all the Earth beast had."

Selia blinked. "Earth beast."

Xander nodded. "Yes they were building an ambush. I took them out with my arrows then i raided their lair. I found some silver coins and that bird necklace." He pulled forward a dirty sword and a pair of chain mail gloves. "And those."

Giles cleansed his glasses. "Why on earth did you take those with you?" Xander rolled his eyes. "The gloves are good armor. I think they might fit you or TT. The sword is a Dwarfen Krell-par-lukh. One of the best backup weapon or parry swords their is."

Giles frowned. "Its a bit short."

Selia grinned. "Its cost a lot of money and cleaned up we can sell it."

Xander, "I was thinking that TT could use it as a back up weapon."

TT nodded. "Sure my fighting stile is two weapon. But it will take some time before i can use this."

Giles "Well fine fine. Give me the gloves." He said gruffly study them before putting them on. A huge smile "They fit Thank you," he said.

Buffy frowned. "How long before we are out of this place.

Giles. "Week Buffy a week."

Joyce frowned. "I am still not sure this dessert walk was necessary." Xander rolled his eyes. "Better safe then sorry right?"

Giles nodded one terrible idea had come to mind but he fear to reveal it to Xander.

If Willow was his half-sister magic would make it easy for her to track him.

And if Xander knew he would most likely do something stupid like remove himself and Giles was not sure that HE and Buffy would survive with out his help.


At the same time in Tuzan Rim......

He was running for his life.

So far the idea he and his friend had come up with was brilliant. He would use the fact that HE was an elf and his friend a Kragg Barbarian to pretend to be the dangerous Darkwing duck.

So far he had manage to stop some crimes and steal the criminals gold. And he had manage to blackmail a Cirfalien trade house.

And they believed the REAL Darkwing duck had done it so no risk in them coming after HIS hide.

A perfect plan nothing could go wrong.

Then this happened why him he was a good elf man. Sure he was partly criminal sure the rest of his Pyar clan had more or less abandon him.

But he was not evil he DID NOT deserve this.

"You will Die Xander," the Dark knight a Helm-Ghoul in black steel armor said as it walked up towards him.

Soon only the scream of pain was heard and the elf like the Kragg barbarian was dead.

The Undead looked at the other. "Now we have to find the slayer." They nodded.

One of the weaker demons started to talk he was greatly respected as a tracker and only as a tracker. "They must have split up. I can not sense the slayer in town. But with out her mentor and her White knight she will be easy to destroy."

The Undead Helm-ghoul nodded. "Our mistress said that they probably go to the Kragg-mountain to hide. We should move towards that their."

The tracker demon. "I think it would be better if i sniffed around the Slayer might be outside the town."

The Undead Helm-ghoul. "I am the cheif But you are the Tracker it is your call."

The Tracker nodded. "Then let me sniff around no more then a day or two after that lets go where you said."

The Helm-ghoul nodded. "lets do so." And he and the rest of the undead moved out.

Out on the sea......

Willow frowned Xander dead. She did not believe that but the helm-ghoul had said so to her with the magic bond they had.

Most likely it would not matter. She would be in Takalor in less then a week then she would have to sneak in to the jungle to find the hidden temple.

A short smile and a crazy giggle she decided what she would do.

She concentrated her magic. Calling on powers and summon a demon.

Not one of the Xinu the corrupters demons but one of Dibuct a powerful equally evil demon.

"What do you want follower of Xinu?" The demon said.

Willow grinned Dibuct and Xinu hated each others almost as much as they both hated the gods. "Nothing except bring you master Dibuct gift If you promise not to attack for at least a year when i set you free." she said.

The demon raised an eyebrow. "A Slave of Xinu giving Us a gift Do tell," it said.

Willow grinned. "The slayer Is on her way to the Kragg mountain according to our sources. Your master have yet to find her we have but she manage to runaway before we destroyed her. The slayer looks like this." Willow said as she explain the Way Buffy looked.

The demon nodded. "I promise not to attack you for a year if you release me."

Willow grinned. "This year."

The demon nodded. "Right I promise not to attack you for THIS year. Now release me."

Willow nodded one burst of energy and the circle holding the demon was gone.

And the demon flapped his wing and was flying to land.

Willow giggled madly. Inside she was even more pleased during the energy blast she manage to give the demon a secret note.

She was sure Dibuct was going to enjoy helping her.

Flying high above them the Demon read the note. Sending its information to Dibuct the demon god he served.

-I am going to kill Xinu. He have enslaved me but not completely.

When the right moment come can i call upon your help and your Brother will be no more.-

In his hell Dibuct was laughing the note was written in blood he could feel the truth the girl was serious she would try to do it.

And it looked like the corrupter only corrupted part of her. His brother still believed she was faithful.

How wonderful.

Chapter 32
Out of the frying pan in to the fire.

Xander sighted finally out of the frying pan or the Small Desert in Asharien the climate was not that bad. But it was extremely Dry.

In the south part of Asharien the climate was equal to that of Los Angeles Except more rain.

While the northern part would be equal to that of New York.

So the dessert they had been walking about was not cold but dry extremely dry.

A whole Week inside was more then draining it was awful.

And now they were outside and again their enemies could find them.

Giles came up. "Their it is the Red river. Or the blood river"

Xander nodded. "And northwest is the small town of Daggbacken. Home of Mislor and Kragg barbarians. Or we could go directly North to the Town Jarla its a trade town."

Giles nodded. "Correct. We would find more things in Jarla then in Daggbacken."

Xander grinned. "Lets ask the girls. Jarla IS the logical place to go and our enemy might have sent a surprise their."

Giles sighed. "I wish we did not have to think like a paranoid."

Xander laughs. "Giles Giles G-man the Barbarian We are not paranoid they really ARE after us."

Giles growled. "Well they have to go thru G-man the Barbarian then." Xander blinked. "I have corrupted you. Sniff sniff Im so Proud All grown up making jokes." Xander said and suddenly hugged Giles.


A still laughing Xander and a irritated English Barbarian came walking to camp.

Selia smiled as she petted Miss Pryde. "And what is so funny Xander."

Giles growled. "Nothing absolutely nothing."

Xander, "I need to live so nothing is funny." He said in a grave tone of voice but the laughter in his eyes said different.

The girl nodded and Buffy looked at him. "You been teasing Giles havent you?"

Xander just grinned. "Lets talk about where we should go. We need to buy supplies fast and move out and up north before the winter comes. First is the town Jarla and," He said looking at Giles.

Giles nodded. "We have so far the small town of Daggbacken home of Mislor and Kragg barbarians both male and females live their semi permanent."

Buffy and Angel looked surprised they believed that the Kragg was nomads.

TT raised his hand. "Why do everybody looks so surprised over that your new race have a home."

Giles grinned. "Kraggs are barbarian and nomads. But EVRY Kragg seem to have a religious belief that protecting the lifes of Mislor is a sacred duty. And Mislor likes to live in a Civilized city. So the Kraggs go down live a half year before moving on as the next Kragg come down and live their."

TT nodded "I see and what are a Mislor?"

Giles smiled "A Mislor is about half the size of a normal human they have elf ears but they are NOT elfs.

And they are intelligent BUT they cant understand ironical jokes.

They also have a almost childlike joy of life playing and having fun is something even adults do and they can live almost 160 years or more."

TT blinked. "And the Kragg consider its their duty to be their bodyguards."

Giles nodded. "Yes. Its a two way street the Mislor grow food that the Kragg buy from them. And makes armor weapons and other things."

Xander. "Could we continue. The last alternative is roughing it until we come to the kingdom of Drunok and their visit the capital city where we could buy things. Jarla, Daggbacken or Arlon capital of Drunok?" Seeing the look on the face of the girls he continued.

"Most of our enemies would expect us to go directly to Jarla or Daggbacken its closes and most logical. Going directly to Arlon would be tuff but their is small farming villages in our path where we could rest."

Joyce nodded. "You expecting enemies to attack us then?"

Xander. "Better safe then sorry."

Buffy nodded. "I still think Jarla would be a great place to go to."

TT ponder it suddenly he remember. "Why yes now i remember I heard that Jarla have built a huge and impressive Bath house in Cirfalisk style."

Xander nodded the Cirfalisk race had disgusting marry your own family tradition but they loved to bath and clean them self elven bath house had NOTHING compare to the luxury of the Cirfalien.

Buffy frowned. "Go to a redneck city NO way. Daggbacken or Arlon then."

TT frowned. "I what the?"

Giles. "Past experience leave it with that."

Angel nodded. "Probably safer if their is a lot of Rednecks in their." Selia grinned a false smile. "How interesting a Undead most have walked by here recently." She said holding up a piece of skin that she found on a tree.

Xander smelled. "Dam undead why undead."

Buffy suddenly stiffed. "And they are coming closer." She could feel it.

Joyce frowned. "I cant feel anything." She complained.

Buffy frowned. "This strong sense they should be visuals right now."

Giles open his mouth. "Of course During the pregnancy the slayers ability to sense demons and undead improves while her strength is gone."

Buffy paled. "So am i loosing my strength now?" She said in weak voice.

Giles smiled. "Dont worry its during the Fourth month that happens." Xander looked at him. "Remember its Buffy we are talking about Miss Break the rules. And its the Third month already."

Giles frowned. "Of course. And you have been feeling tired lately Buffy. Your strength must be fading right now."

Buffy groaned. "Great and i also got those strange urges to run away to protect myself instead of fighting and protect others."

Xander. "I suggest we do what Buffy said. The undead are more then likely patrolling this area."

They moved away in great speed. And soon a small army of undead Zombies was walking by lead by a Helm-Ghoul.

Their Demon Tracker were currently trying to find traces of them in the dessert.

Buffy Xander and da gang sighed as they snuck up north. "Arlon then." Joyce said.

Ethan the now female Dwarf growled. If she tried to run Xander or Giles would kill her. He was trapped sneaking like a dog in the wild.

Xander nodded. "And fast." He said.

He was already longing to see the majestic Kragg mountain up their they would be able to loose the undead.

So far they had been hiding and running not a good way to fight but they had no choice right now.

Another week past the path was long and finally the gates of Arlon stood in front of them.

The Guards looked the sight of seven tired dirty travelers.

three elven, One Kragg barbarian two humans and a dirty looking Dwarf.

"Hold it what are you plans in this town?" The head guards said.

Their leader a young elven walked forward he had an Armor leather with some probably steal plates inside and a strange symbol of a duck with dark wings. "Eat Food, Sleep in beds, And getting cleaned. After that buy food, Arrows weapons, And go away for a monster hunting expedition." Xander said showing them the fangs of the Earth beast. Their is a bounty on Earth beast.

The guard nodded seeing three pair of adult Earth beast fangs and five pair of child fangs. They most be monster hunters or extremely good fighters.

The guard stepped back "Welcome to the town. One Silver for each sword or axes you carry. One silver for each pair of feet your company consist of. Including the horses"

Giles swore taxes. They were seven pair of feets. Then they had nine horses. That made 25 silver. And the weapons he growled.

Almost 30 silver. And fifteen of them was because of Buffy weapon collection.

The guard ignored their irritation as much as he could. "Their is also a law you can not carry armor inside of the town and all bows and crossbow have to be carried unstringed. Or in a backpack.

And your sword have to be bonded tight" He said.

Selia nodded "I will show them how to bind their weapons. We can still do that in a Inn right?"

The guard nodded. "Sure i let one of my men escort you. What price class are we talking about."

Selia smiled. "The best."

Xander nodded looked down i a small purse containing the money. "Here i thing its more then what you said. Give the rest to your self and your men have a drink. But IF you find any one ask about us."

Xander said looking directly at the guards. "You have not Seen us.

You do not know us. And send us a warning, and we would be extremely grateful and If no problem finds us during our stay in town you would get twice the number of shiny coins when we leave town."

The guard slowly open the Purse his men was hanging over his shoulder. Gold coins and lot of them. "Well of course Sir it will be our pleasure." He grinned even with sharing equally he and his guards would have a hole extra month pay.

As they walked towards an Inn.

Giles looked surprised at Xander.

Selia looked surprised at Xander. "Where did you get those money from?" Xander grinned "You never wonder where the money on the Cirfalien Ship was. You never wonder why i decide to hunt down criminal."

Joyce giggled. "You stole from criminals?"

Xander "Only from those criminals that attack me."

The guard in front laughs. "Great thinking kid," he said. "But i believed you Elven was a bit to honorable to do that."

Xander smiled. "Its the spoil of war. Im Learam," he said.

Ethan growled "I need a bath, I need rest."

Giles growled. "Quiet or i make you a head shorter."

The guard blinked. "Aie thats not polite."

Xander smiled. "That dwarf have tried to hurt all of us before. Even killed friends of us. Right now She needs us to stay alive.

We are not sure WE need her to BE alive."

The guard nodded. "I see. Well dont kill her in Arlon then."

Then nodded and finally they were at the Inn house.


A clean and rested gang was meeting in a privet room eating food and talking.

Xander. "I think we should concentrate on supplies. Any ideas."

Ethan nodded, "i have one. Dwarf bread it last extremely long and will keep you healthy."

Selia growled. "Only a Dwarf or a Tirak could eat that thing. Our stomach cant handle it."

Ethan nodded. "If you eat the bread like a dwarf do you could not handle it. But the dwarf know that IF you BOIL the bread ANY one even a human or elf can eat it and stay strong."

Xander nodded. "I see. how long can it hold fresh."

Ethan "As long as its dry. 9 or 10 years no problem and according to my memory its made of svamps 'we' Dwarf grow it have everything a pregnant person need. As long as we also hunt a bit."

Giles nodded "well Looks like you came up with a great idea then."

Xander nodded. "Dwarfen Bread then. I hope it taste good."

Ethan grinned. "You hate the taste. But boiled with some meat you can make some interesting soup."

Giles grinned. "Then now pants shirt and warm clothes we have to buy. And more arrow heads spare strings."

Slowly a list of things to buy started to grow.

Xander sighed. "I hope they have everything here."

Selia nodded "Me to, Me to."

Buffy frowned. "Where ARE we going to hide when i have the baby?" She asked hoping for a real answer.

Xander grinned. "Now That is a secret."

Buffy rolled her eyes she new Giles and Selia knew but they were not telling her. Life is SO unfair.

Angel laughs. "Dont worry Buffy what ever where ever it is Im sure its a safe place."

Angel had it figure their hiding place would probably be hide among the Etyren the females Kragg barbarian in their forest they would be impossible to find. Quite a clever plan of Giles and Xander.

Giles and Xander shared a look Buffy would freak when she would find out they would be hiding inside a abandon Dwarf Fortress a grave of a dead clan of Dwarf.

Surrounded by Dwarfs that was protecting the Fortress from intruder themselves going inside just patrolling the outside.

It truly was a perfect hiding place.

But it looked like Angel had figure it out they wonder how.

Chapter 33
Burn puppy burn.

Xander smiled as they walked hand in hand on the street of the town of Arlon. They looked just like any young pair of elven lover. "So who is the contact we are going to buy Dwarf Bread and weapon from?" Xander asked Selia.

She grinned. "His name is Bhurzik Klan Ghor, House of Rothak."

Xander. "A dwarf friend of yours."

Selia. "Not exactly He is a enemy he killed my dad."

Xander frowned. "WHAT. A enemy but but."

Selia "Dont worry He is honorable. And Dad ASKED him. He was in the suffering so he challenged Bhurzik to a Mercy duel to death."

Xander frowned the suffering happens to every elf around their 200 years. Every painful memory in their life overwhelm them, Send them in a almost coma.

If you Feed them they would eat if not they would starve to death.

Between a year or in extreme cases up to five years, The elven would awaken from the Suffering in two ways.

Completely mentally fine with new strengthen love of living.

Or he would come out Bitter angry seeking his own death by any means necessary.

So far no cure exist of the Suffering then hope he would survive.

The first Suffering was always the hardest as the elven grow older it would return less powerful again and again each time it would be longer and longer between each Suffering.

"So an enemy." Xander said.

Selia nodded. "A honorable enemy we are what the humans calls Distant friends. And distant friends should stay distant otherwise blood will be spilled. But he WILL help us because its the right thing to do and because i will leave faster if he help us."

Behind them TT rolled his eyes the idea of being friendly with a enemy was just wrong. "Its wrong being friendly with a enemy like that."

Selia grinned. "You are human hundred years or so you dead.

Dwarfs can live for over five hundreds years.

Elven how knows how long we live.

A good honored Enemy can tell you the truth if you asked him.

While a friend would lie to you.

A good honored enemy would duel you to death if life become to hard. A friend would not.

Beside a good Honored enemy makes life interesting we play games and tricks on each other."

Xander nodded consider the curse of Suffering the elven had a good enemy was a treasure indeed.

Finally they were at the door.

Selia. "Just stand back before we move on we always insult each other its our way to confirm that we still care about our hatred."

She knocked on the door and grinned as a happy looking Dwarf opened the door and lost his smile.

Bhurzik, "you What do you want it five years to early to see you ugly face you fucker of dogs. I hope you are sick and weak."

Selia grinned. "Why you say so many nice thing I meet you mother the other day the slime demon she is married to give her so much joy in life. But me well and strong even got a boy friend."

Bhurzik. "Poor Boy friend he could have found something better looking in a frog pound. And Never talk about my mother you filthy excuse of a elven. Now lets go and talk." He said growling.

But Xander could see that he was hiding a smile.

Inside they started to talk about prices the dwarf even gave cut the prices so that they would leave town fast. The stench of female elf was to nasty with Selia in town at least Bhurzik said that as he gave them dinner.

TT was confused the elven and Dwarf shifted between threatening and being friendly.

Xander sat down, "confused right?"

TT nodded. "Why the insult they?"

Xander. "They are friends but both of them WOULD hurt you if you said that. Its about a safety net tradition and knowing that you might need some one that would kill you just to end your pain.

Dwarfs and elves have a hard time killing any one they consider family or friends.

This is just to keep up the hostility, If they become friends they would lose that."

TT wished he had gone with Giles and the rest Dwarf Elven hostility gave him a headache.

Somewhere else The Giles story....

"Why am i doing this?" Ethan growled.

Giles raised an eyebrow. "Because i said you would."

Ethan nodded. "Sure pick on the small girls. You big bully," she said with a smile

Giles nodded. "And dont you forget it. Remember do anything stupid and me or Xander will kill you."

Ethan nodded. "I know Rupert. I need your help."

Giles nodded. "Well lets carry these back to the Inn." He said and the two started to carry a huge barrels of arrows head and other steel things back to the Inn.

Unseen by the two a tall woman almost as tall as Giles stood up her raven black hair and blue eyes identified her as a Ethyren a female Kragg barbarian.

She Grinned following the two silently like a tiger on a hunt.

Her Ethyren Slahser was hold lose grip it was a tall Hillebard like weapon that the females use of traditional and for honor.

Five street crossing later Giles frowned. "We are followed. Wait here." He said turning around he put his chain mails gloves on.

"I know you are there show yourself now." He growled.

The Ethyren smiled as she walked forward. "You notice me fast."

Giles nodded. "What are you doing following us. And whats you name girl?"

The Ethyren growled. "Im 23 probably 3 years older then you are. And my name is Mara Priestess of Kera and Erya." Giles held his tongue because of his transformation HE did look like early 20. "So what do you want?" He asked.

Mara grinned. "To help you." Giles raised an eyebrow. She continued. "Erya and Kera send messages to help you fight the demons and to keep the future Ethyren girl you spawned safe and alive."

Giles frowned. "I have not asked my gods for help."

Mara nodded. "And thats why they decided to help you."

Giles nodded the belief of his race was that the gods only helps those that never asked for help.

Most Kraggs male of females believed even burned sacrificed candle for the gods but only asking them for things like 'See that nothing interrupts the party', Or the most common, 'Help keep my child alive'.

Giles. "Why would they care about me," he said.

Mara frowned. "I have no idea. I was told to help the Kragg not born as a Kragg fighting demons and to protect the child she one of us."

After saying that Mara study Giles before talking. "Sure you are cute but you let your lust control your action. A real man a REAL Kragg would have kept his urge of sex to himself. Mating is only during the life rituals." She said in a tone only a priestess could.

Ethan grinned. "So Like a teenaged lust crazed you did the nasty.

Ooh Giles shame on you and with Buffy."

Giles growled.

Mara grinned as she crossed her arms. Giles could see her arms was filled with tattoos holy tattoos carved in her skin probably with a knife and probably by herself.

She really must be a priestess only a priest Kragg would carve in symbol in writing a normal Kragg would do it just to price the gods and because its a sign that weakness is leaving the body.

Giles nodded to himself. "Well I see what the other say. But remember Priestess I am the leader or Xander. He have the gift of strategy a truly useful skill."

Mara nodded. "Sure just remember Im here to help YOU protect the child life the rest of them i do not care about."

She then study him he would be great father.

Strong and intelligent the gods themselves consider him interesting she hoped they where no were near a Kragg meeting during next Life festival if they were she would have to fight an army of other Ethyren just to have his child.

Sure his lack lust control was a turn of.

But that probably just because he was not born a Kragg.

Miss Pryde sneaked around town. Spying and snooping around.

Something was calling to her something powerful.

She finally saw it a church of the mother goddess or Earth goddess Eliana or Lenae. This worlds version of Gaia.

Growling Pryde sneaked inside.

The Old priest sighed looking at his bottle. "Why If you gods truly exist WHY WHY?" He looked down he never really believed fully in the goddess and most of his miracle was only magic.

The other monks and priest keep their distant from him they knew.

While other priest could draw the power they claimed came from Lenae but he never managed to do that and he always believed it was just a trick then never told him about.

Finally he had lost his last drop of faith. A friend dead because of a sickness and he prayed the goddess for help but no answer came to him.

The other came with empty word you have to surrender yourself then you can call upon and use the power of our goddess.

What a load of bullshit.

Suddenly a small Cat sneaked inside the priest smiled animals were welcome specially those that hunted rats.

He started to drink when the cat spoke.

"Why did you call me in here Goddess." Pryde said in a no nonsense type of voice.

The old priest dropped the bottle.

Some of the young priest and monks turned and looked.

Suddenly a transparent female form made of light rose from the statue of Elanae. The ghost like light slowly become more and more solid until Elanae herself stood in front of them.

Miss Pryde was real real afraid right now but she was a cat no way that she would bend over and reveal it. "Hi are you going to tell me why?"

Elanae nodded happy. "I am child. You are alone the only one of your kind fated to serve heroes and rulers that are worthy of you attention and your service."

Miss Pryde nodded not completely truth but close enough. "Yes old news why am i here?"

Elanae. "I can help you with my blessing you will be able to have children that are intelligent. All i asked in return is that YOU and your children will protect this world from the forces of evil buy guiding heroes, Champions kings and priest."

Miss Pryde felt her heart bouncing her dream was coming to reality. "Your Priest only or what?"

Elanae, "no you and your children will have freedom of choice they will still feel the need to serve but they will be able to chose. I only asked you to tell them about this and they can find their own way."

Miss Pryde nodded. "If i accept how will you stop us from falling from down because of incest."

Elanae looked irritated this pussy sure had many answer but they did say curiosity killed the cat. "Only you female children will be Intelligent the males will be normal cats."

Miss Pryde nodded "I can live with that. Will they have the same ability i have?"

Elanae growled secretly. "Yes their shape changing ability will be the same and their ability to live for hundreds of years the same as you. But the other ability you have magic hiding cargo will be weaker then yours." Hopefully the curious cat finally shut her trap door she was planning on having sex with a sexy human later today.

Miss Pryde grinned. "You have a deal. But IF you really want to have use of my ability. These priest better keep silent about it. I work best hidden and unseen."

Elanae nodded. "No one here will spread the tail of this.

Its the Cats secret to give away not yours."

The priest and the monks nodded.

Miss Pryde looked up at the goddess. "So give me the blessing now then." Elanae frowned not much respect in that one lucky for her their was two way of giving this blessing. "My blessing will change you inside and that will hurt. Im sorry" she said before a blessing wave fell down on Miss Pryde.

And Miss Pryde screamed some seconds before slowly standing up. "That hurt." She looked around. "You young monk."

The young monk looked terrified at her.

"Yes you Carry me home." Pryde stared he was just standing there.

"I said carry me home i like to go home now. MOVE IT." She screamed. The young monk suddenly remember how to move.

Miss Pryde looked up at the head priest standing by the corner beside an old drunken priest. "You really need to train this guys.

Lazy and dont even understand normal talk."

The head priest. "I will see to that your Honored cat."

Miss Pryde grinned before she stopped. "No Not honored just a normal Intelligent cat and a protector of good guys and good girls. I and my race will help and protect those that ARE honored by birth or by actions."


The head priest nodded remembering that they were the protector of those with honor by birth or by actions.


Night time Three days later.

Xander petted Miss Pryde something was up he was sure about that.

Turning he could see the female Kragg the Ethyren barbarian.

Beautiful tall and BIGG and strong almost as strong as Giles.

And miss Pryde had been more jolly and happy then before and refused to tell him anything.

They had manage to get a great price for food and stuff.

It would take time before it was delivered soon they would be ready to move out.

He had showed the Dwarf his compound-bow and he had agreed to an exchange of knowledge.

He would learn how to make a Dwarfish Pump-Crossbow a quick reload weapon.

And they would learn how to make Compound mechanism to a bow or crossbow.

The theory he already understood with some training he would probably be able to build one himself. But the Dwarfish weapon maker that they hired had helped him to make three Compound crossbows with Pump mechanism for fast reloaded. Truly a powerful mix between fast reloaded and deadly powers.

To much good stuff hade happened. In here the nicer part of town near the center in the shadow of the kings castle extremely little could hurt them.

Outside Arlon a dark shaped skeleton holding a scythe dressed in a dark robe a mask of steel hide its skeleton face it was looking down at the town where its prey was As dead-Ghoul he was one of the most terrifying servants of his master Dibuct the demon of Death or the fallen god of dead.

A mix between mortal and demon nothing would stand in his way the slayer would die.

Walking like a king towards the town and inside its gate He came closer and closer around him fired died children started to cry and those with a week mind filed with only hate and blood thirst suddenly order by him started to walked towards centrum of town tonight the town would burn in riots and the slayer would die.

Screams of hatred and fights filled the air as he walked down the streets.

His army of fools would attack any one living the centrum in the confusion he would kill the slayer and end the danger of that champion being born.

Chapter 34
Set the world on fire.

The Inn was quite tranquil.

They were sitting in the dinner room playing Brogin a Card game when suddenly.

The small Gurdh-Tirak server that was carrying food around suddenly jumped Ethan waving a small knife screaming. "DIE DWARF DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE" As he stabbed and stabbed the knife.

Chaos Giles almost jumped up to save his old friend and enemy.

But Mara were first a smooth kick on the ribs and the Gurdh landed in a broken pile of bones five feet away from Ethan.

Angel rushed forward but stopped. "Its to late Ethan is dead," he said in a sad tone.

Buffy suddenly screamed. "Something is coming something Big and evil cant you feel it." She said looking at Joyce.

Joyce tried to sense it but not yet her sense ability was not as good or trained as Buffys. Or overpowers as her is.

Xander groaned as he looked out the window. "Crap... The lights have gone out in part of the city and the darkness moves towards US. And their is parts of town thats are burning." Swearing he walked away from the room. "I go and get my armor DO THE SAME. Everybody Do the same and we will be safe in here."

His friend and surprisingly many of the other guest ran away.

Not surprisingly only the rich lived here and they had bodyguards or was trained in fighting themselves.


Xander walked down holding his helm under his arm. "Buffy Stay back use crossbow. Joyce With us. You what are you?" He said pointing at a man dressed as a fighter in a heavy armor.

If he was correct he could use this one to make an example that make the other guest follow HIS command. Now to provoke him.

The man blinked. "I am a Knight of Circa. A Cirzaclanin."

Xander grinned. "Ooo one of those. Not impressive then Just remember Cirfalier this IS not a kidnapping this is a fight life or death."

The man gritted his Teeth. "Why should we listen to you. A young foolish punk. I could cut you down easy like a dog"

He made a point many of the others nodded.

Xander grinned. "Because the last time a Cirzaclanin tried to cut me down i destroyed him. I crushed his body and slit his throat.

You might have heard about me Knight of Circa Im Darkwing Duck."

The knight was obvious wiser or had talked around his eyes widened. "I see the one that killed the whole crew of a ship that kidnapped him."

Xander nodded. "I let some of the sailor live Im not good at sailing a ship."

The Knight nodded. "I will follow you in battle then. Kidnapping is a crime sadly some of my people is blinded by greed."

The Crowed in the Inn looked in shock as the Knight suddenly decided to follow the young elfs order.

Xander walked up. "Just ONE THING," he said in a firm tone. Then whispered. "I am sorry for insulting you The Cirzaclanin is great fighters. The only reason i 'aggravated you' was to make the others understand that i know what Im doing."

The knight grinned. "I see. Then i forgive you THIS TIME," brave young elf. He had potential the knight realized quite good strategy. He liked that in a person. He hid his grin behind his normal irritated face.

Around them the guest and workers wonder what the two elite fighters had said to each other. Obvious the knight respected and even feared the young elf so much that he followed order.

Xander turned around Seeing a short Gurdh. "You climb up on the roof and tell us what you are seeing."

The Gurdh nodded and like a monkey climbed the outside walls of the Inn.

Xander screamed. "What is happening."

The Gurdh swallowed. "A Riot a HUGE Riot and something strange the light of the fire is just gone. And it coming closer."

Xander nodded looking at a older priest. "You run to the Castle and warn the king." The old priest looked surprised. Xander growled. "You being a spy OF the king can warn him Correct?"

The priest blinked. "I how?"

Xander. "Not now Run away warn him its a demon that makes some of the civilians crazy. Possible some of the guards WARN HIM." The old priest ran off. "Giles, Angel stay with Buffy your mission is Protect the INN ANY ONE capable of fighting obey their orders." He said that looking directly at an older noble man and his son a 18 year old that both looked like they knew how to fight.

He then turned around. "Selia you and Joyce stay together in the fight. You are Alpha team find the demon destroy"

He turned around. "Mara and Knight of Circa we will be Beta team.

Our mission is to protect Alpha team."

Then the Screams was heard as humans, Tiraks even dwarfs came running out burning and attacking those that lived in the house nearby.

Closer and closer.

Xander nodded. "Lets move out. The demon is in the center of darkness."

With that the two teams walked out. Sword pulled free and armor on. Joyce corrected her studded leather armor with steel plates. It was really an ugly thing she hoped it would protect her.

Long fight later.

Xander rested the back of his head against the wall. "That was tiresome." They nodded.

"Do you know where the demon is Joyce?" Xander asked.

Joyce finally nodded a confirm pointing out in the darkness a dark shape dressed in a black cloak came gliding forward in his bony hands he hold a scythe and a steel mask hid his face.

Mara paled. "Its its a Death-Ghoul..."

Xander nodded, "and how do we kill it?"

The Knight answered. "The Scythe if its destroyed the Death-Ghoul dies. OR by burning it completely then it also dies."

Xander nodded a scythe made of steel destroy. Great. "Any thing else." Mara, "yes if it touch you it will kill you. And any wound from that scythe will kill you."

"Sweet." Xander said. "Joyce you heard them." He looked at the others. "Change of plans Selia and Circa-Knight your mission is to keep the raging fools away from us.

Joyce you and me go close and fight it. Mara if you know any priest spells use them against the Ghoul."

They nodded "When are you going to call me Chirmandikar," the knight complained.

Xander grinned. "Chirmandikar Naa to long can i call you Cirm?" The knight shivered. "No."

And the battle was joined.

The Death-Ghoul rages as the mortal attacked him foolishly.

Its Scythe cut the air missing Joyce with a hair breath as she jumped over the cut letting her left foot jump kick the undead in its bony face.

The steel Mask caved in by the power.

But the Death-Ghoul just continued calling on the power of wind freezing the area around him slowing down the mortals.

Xander send a bone crunching cut in the scythe blade.

Joyce shivering from the cold attacked with a her double axes letting hit after hit impacted. The fact that the Death-Ghoul had to use the scythe to parry made it easy to hit the target.

The Death-Ghoul growled sending a powerful wind slamming in to Xander from behind.

Xander rolled on his feet trying to stand before but it was to late. The Scythe came down against him he would be to late.

Xander growled so this was it death by bony.

Then a cling was heard The Knight sword was holding the scythe up.

Xander swallowed and rolled away. "Thanks Chirmandikar." he said striking a cut against the Ghoul bony legs.

HE grinned. "Your welcome," he said stepping back just as Joyce Axes cut down in a steel crushing hit on the scythe.

The Ghoul held up its scythe the tip was missing. He was hurt.

He stood up focusing his magic trying to push the soul away from his enemies body and kill them.

If he could the Death Ghoul would have blinked or sweat dropped.

Joyce was protected her soul to strongly linked for him to attack.

The Knight had Cirzas blessing and the Barbarian girl had Ery blessing.

And the elven boy was chosen by chaos it self. And he already had two spirits possessing him and protecting him.

The Ghoul growled attacking physically again.

Joyce dodged barely as the scythe cut down parts of the wall beside her.

Xander moved back. "Crossbows shoot."

Selia nodded to her self sending arrows flying in the undead distracting it.

Xander. "Mara do the mojo you do."

Mara nodded letting her holy blessing flying like a big can of Whoop ass on the undead.

Xander grinned as the Ghoul screamed in pain. "Scythe now," he said. Joyce nodded attacking the scythe ramming hits after hits.

Breaking it.

The Death ghoul suddenly shivered as its bones slowly turned to dust.

The Inn... Buffy and gang...

The man was hiding his grin as he snuck up against the slayer.

Dibuct was smarter and deadly using a demon was only his first part. A human assassin was the next and no one would expect that in the middle of the battle.

He turned around sending his arrow flying in a perfect aim at the slayers head. She was as good as dead.

Buffy arm reflectively grasped the flying object. "Ouch ouch ouch. I cut myself," she complained after losing part of her strength catching things was harder.

Angel growled looking down at the shooter. "YOU tried to kill Buffy." He said.

Giles walked forward. "Who do you work for?" He said the man grinned. "FOR DIBUCT DIE." He screamed attacking Giles.

A Ka Chung was heard and the assassin fell dead down from the Crossbow arrow angel had shoot him with.

Buffy looked up, "Angel i feel weak." she said.

Angel paled as he study Buffy life energy. Poison. Cursing he called upon his magic. "You be fine a bit sleepy Buffy." he said.


The Death-ghoul was gone and some of the raging maniacs just walked away others just continued fighting.

But now the guards was coming protecting them and the others.

Buffy was sleeping but was well Angel was by her side.

They would have to leave town now.



Willow dried the sweat from her head. The island was just above the equator stinky warm and moist rains jungles.

But soon she would have her magic artifacts.

Chapter 35
Coming and going...


The temple was hidden underneath a hill Willow giggled.

"Finally." Month of travel and investigation she was finally their. She sighted and their was a villages of Tiraks down the river with in eye sight of the Hill.

No way no how the Tiraks would let HER a demon follower anywhere near the Hill.

The Tiraks hated Demons more then the Frakk tribes of Tiraks hate Dwarfs, And they really hate Dwarfs.

Willow sighted. "Now what?" She ponders.

She could use her demons slaves but she only had seven of them.

Or undead zombies but she really was not that great in making Zombies.

Willow grinned OR she could use Invisibility and sneak to the temple. No bad idea the Tirak sniff things like dogs.

She grinned again but she could use a Wiccan spell she knew it made dogs lose their tracks.

The Tiraks might smell her but they will not be able to sense where she is.


Willow carefully sneaked thru the villages to the Hill.

More than one Tirak stopped and sniffed in the air.

Smelled like Human FEMALE human.

The sniffing become more intense male Tirak hoping for some loving.

Willow carefully hid as she started to search the hill.

Naturally the opening was gone she would have to dig herself inside.

Cursing Willow growled.

She would have to remove the Villages.

Smiling as she sneaked outside. Time for some magic mojo and poison. They all drank water from the same water well a perfect place to put poison inside.


Xander smiled as they walked inside their room.

Bag after bag of food, tools even books were stored their.

Giles just shook his head. "And how are we going to carry all this."

Xander nodded to Miss Pryde. "Do your thing" he said.

Miss Pryde. "Of course. I do hope you have plenty of cat food with you and Tuna fish."

Xander. "Yup bag one is pure YOUR food."

Giles. "What are you going to do?"

Xander grinned. "You see."

With that said Miss Pryde carefully study a bag and with a flash of light it was gone.

One by one the bags and crates was gone.

Miss Pryde looked tired. "Thats It Xander no more room inside. But i think i could teach this spell to Selia and when you manage to learn magic YOU could do it."

Xander smiled. "I look forward to that. You sure that you like to teach Selia this?"

Miss Pryde nodded. "Yes i think so."

Finally Giles remember he could talk. "Why did you not tell us she could do things like that?"

Both Xander and Pryde rolled their eyes. "You did NOT ask," they said as they walked out.

Inside a fuming Kragg Barbarian formally English, Librarian named Rupert Giles was fighting to keep his anger contained.

Next day was a beautiful day not a storm insight.

As they rode outside Xander stopped at the gates.

Walked to the Gate guard. "Here the Silver i promise you. Not your fault a demon attacked town and we have not been bother by anyone.

So thank you. Just remember. Dont tell anyone where we are riding."

The Guard nodded and as they started to count the silver.

Three days Later.

Buffy groaned she was now officially four month pregnant and she had started to swell up like a balloon.

She hated horses she hated nature all she needed a sofa, A Television and Soap Operas.

Instead she was running for her life and the babies life. Stupid Demons.

And no ice cream she really liked to eat ice cream and fish.

At least they had fish.

Even if Miss Pryde looked irritated at her.

Angel hid his grin lately Buffy hade gone from some one that complained and hated to eat fish to some one that demanded fish for dinner and breakfast. Pregnancy make girls crazy.

Buffy and Angel blinked a sound make both of them to walk over to where the rest of the gang was resting.

"Take that." Joyce screamed stabbing Xander with her Wooden training Sword.

Xander parried the stab with his sword and gave her a knee kick in Joyce tummy.

Joyce rolled with the kick letting her fist strike Xanders chest.

Xander dodged letting a flesh hurting combination of stabs and cuts rained down on Joyce.

That manage to parry or dodge most of them but still got some nasty bruises.

Both Xander and Joyce were dressed in their armor and had training sword wooden toy swords.

And from what Buffy could see they were training hard with out holding back much.

Except. "Mom is not moving in full Slayer speed during her dodge."

Angel nodded.

Quietly they walked over to where Giles, Mara and Selia where sitting. Later a bruised but happy looking Joyce and equally Bruised and happy looking Xander sat down resting and eating something.

Buffy. "Mom why did you not use your speed?"

Joyce. "Because Buffy I need to learn the SKILL just using speed will not help me fight the day an equally strong or FAST demon come then only Skill in fighting would help me."

Giles nodded. "Quite right that exactly why the Vampire named Spike is also called Slayer of Slayers. He is so good in fighting that the speed and strength advantage slayer have do not help them."

Buffy shivered. "I i see." She finally found a real reason to train so far she had used and relied on her speed and strength and copied what ever fighting technique she had seen.

But learning the basic would be more useful then she imagine.

Angel kept his mouth closed about the fact that Spike used dirty fighting and tricks to become the slayer of slayer not fighting skills.

Buffy looked up. "So that the Kragg mountains then?"

Xander nodded and looked up at the intimated mountains. "Lucky us the Kragg highland are not that high up."

Giles nodded. "Im sure the old traveling road would be useful we do need to move to the east side of the mountain."

Buffy frowned holding her pregnant body. "Mara how do your kind marry?"

Mara the Ethyren female Kragg barbarian. "No We live females with females and males with males in separate villages."

Buffy frowned. "So you are all gays then?"

Mara. "Uuh what are gays?"

Giles. "NO Buffy we are NOT homosexual."

Buffy "Sorry."

Mara laughs. "Ooh i see. No the Kragg are NOT homosexual not the male or the females. But their is a time for sex and a time for war.

Sex only happens during the life festival. They are six times on a year.

Then we hold great party and competitions.

Often a Mislor is a judge if a problem happens.

The victors from the male and the females side get the honor of finding a mate during the festival."

She poked the ground frowning a bit. "That are ONLY temporary one night stand.

But a champion of the Pillars will get a permanent mate that they will have sex with until a child is born.

And then try again sometimes after the first child they switch try a another combination of permanent partner.

Sex outside the Life festival are taboo. Seen as a weakness no control of your sex urges.

That are the reason why Kragg never rape when we go out and plunder the civilizes world. We see that as a weakness."

Surprisingly Selia was asked the question. "What are the Pillars?"

Mara grinned. "The pillars are the ideals that we consider important.

They are 7 pillars that holds our civilization up and only those that are master of the Pillars meaning they excel in at least TWO can get a permanent mate.

1 Pillar: Physical.

Here Ability like Strength, Speed, dexterity, Even health some one that Never been sick would be consider a natural until he gets sick.

2 Pillar: Skills. Some one that masters a skill that others would seek him/her out to learn would be a master in this.

Sword or halberd skills are so common that skills like music and blacksmith now they used to become a Master of skills.

3 Pillar: Spiritual. This one is tricky. Some one that saved many others life in battle or during catastrophe. A person that everybody say nice things about or is afraid of could become a Master.

Equally could a Shaman or a Priest.

4. Pillars: Intellectual. Masters of games like chess and poetry, Story tellers. Is what you have to learn to master this pillar.

5. Pillar Gifted. Some one born with a strange ability. Like the ability to play ANY kind of instrument or a natural in magic. This is Inborn abilities. Its a hard Pillar to master.

6 Pillar: Blessed. Any one mention and named by our gods in a POSITIVE manner IS a master of this pillar and consider Kragg.

And You Giles. You Buffy, You Xander, You Selia, You Angel and Joyce and TT have ALL been mentions By name so you are all consider Kragg by honored not culture.

And you will be given invitation to our Life festival if you are near us."

Mara quiet down. After that long explanation.

Xander frowned. "So you perform selective breeding?"

Mara nodded. "Just like a horse farmer or dog farmer but we do it to ourselves."

Joyce shook her head that was so strange.

Selia frowned. "Wait a moment IM consider a Kragg by your hill billy nations."

Mara grinned happy that the truth had irritated the elven. They were to proud. "Exactly Sister Ethyren." She said grinning at the anger in the elven eyes.

Buffy nodded. "Well i dont think we will find any trouble among the Kraggs."

Xander groaned. "Dont say things like that."

Buffy eyes turned with, "Oh no what if i jinx us?"

The Sunnydalen looked nervous.

The rest just confused.



Willow grinned as she walked openly straight thru the villages.

The street were filled of dead and dying Tiraks.

Magic and poison had made a perfect tool to destroy them she taught as she walked to the hill with her demons.

Somewhere else....

The last three month he had been sleeping. Or she as all REAL dragons were females and immortals. Their soul was reborn when they died by a Dragon friend. With most of their memory fully regained.

But he had been sleeping a dragon needed sleep to stay healthy and only in the shadow world could they sleep a real dragon sleep.

Their body silently snoring away and their mind ONE with the universe future past was like one and they would talk with the gods themselves.

Now awake most of the memory of the future and the past faded away leaving only clues of what needed to be done.

Khakra the Dragon of Thalamur stood up.

Khakra stood up as he twisted the nature of universe opening a gate to the 'normal' world.

He had plans to activate and heroes to find time to gather the forces of the dragons.

Chapter 36
Walking tall.


Willow sneezed the dust in the old abandon temple was irritating her nose.

And in front of her she found her weapon it was beautiful dark black sword with golden runes. An aura of evil around the sword made even the insects avoid the sword.

For now she ignored the God slayer sword bending down she opened a chest on the floor from inside a glowing light spread around the room when she opened it.

Willow grinned and giggled the legend was true the heart of a fallen Hell god was here.

Captured instead of destroy the fools had tried to use the powers of the heart but failed.

"Hello there my friend." She said as she picked up the heart it beat in her hand like a butterfly. "I cant not bring you back to life.

But would you like a child?" She said her voice crazy and sweet like to much sugar.

The Heart stopped beating it consider her suggestion no new life for her but still her powers could find a new owner. It Accepted.

Willow grinned. "Then tremble world," She said as she swallowed the heart.

Outside the birds become still no animal made a sound when they escaped the area.

Shamans trembled something evil had been born.

In his Hell the demon god Xinu the corrupter blinked as his connection to his slave Willow was suddenly gone removed by something strong. their was only one thing he could say. "I might have made a mistake in that girl." He said frowning.

Kragg Mountain...

As they were walking up the mountain Xander suddenly stopped walking and spoke in a pain filled voice. "Its Willow i can here her scream in the wind then she suddenly stopped."

Mara the Ethyren priest nodded. "Something big and bad just happened. I wonder what."

Giles frowned. "We will find out in time?"

Buffy nodded depressed. "We always do. Always."

Nothing more was needed to say and they continued to walk Xander up front with Miss Pryde tears falling.


The Village was impressive even if it was only a trade town between the Kragg and the female Ethyren. Tall wooden walls protected the houses. Mostly Mislor lived here short cute and protected by the Kragg and Ethyren.

They were like eternal children friendly and naive. Even if they where highly intelligent they never lost their childish joy of life.

The Kraggs and Ethyren Looked interested as they walked inside.

The Mislor welcome them.

Soon they had a small army of child and adult Mislor around them welcoming them and telling them where the Inn is.

The tallest of the Mislors was about 5 feet tall.

Most was more then 4 feet.

The Inn Laughing barbarian. (A Mislor had named it)

Buffy giggled as the Inn Keeper just kept talking and telling her funny story about things that happened he was consider important.

Xander relaxed. "Two maybe four days i think. Then we would have what we need to go north."

Mara nodded. "Great their IS a Life festival tomorrow and as a priest YOU are invited to the festivals as master of the Pillar of Blessed."

Xander shuddered. "I i dont think so i have a girl friend."

Selia raised an eyebrow. "Im a elf Xander have fun its a one time deal so why not."

Xander blinked "Are you?"

Selia. "If i find a cute barbarian maybe but not likely. But you should do it your young you need to try out other models i did it when i was your age."

Xander nodded. "Are you sure?"

Selia grinned. "I am." Her eyes twinkled as she whispered. "Just tell the female you and i are two for one deal."

Xander blinked before grinning. "Sure."

Beside them Joyce consider her option it really was a long time sense she had a good man. "I think it will be fun How do you sign up."

Buffy Paled. "MOOM," she screech turning to Giles she could see that he was already thinking of joining the festival and have some 'fun'. She quickly turned to Angel looking where sharp at him. "Your mine dont get any ideas mister."

Angel nodded quickly banishing ANY ideas he had about the tall well equipped amazons.

"Of course not Buffy i would never. I love you and only like to have sex with you," he lied as only a former master vampire could.

Selia shook her head. "Thats so boring. But you are human short life maybe it dont get boring. hmm."

Outside Miss Pryde was noticing the big Kragg cats huge tame cats and it was mating time for her.

Grinning she used her female body to make the tomcats fight over her.

Chapter 37
New kind of fun....

Kragg Mountain the 'trade town'

Selia blinked shiver a bit then pulled Xander arm. "Darling i i."

Xander grinned. "You would like to ride one of the wild Barbarians?"

Selia nodded. "I only said no because. Well your friends are a bit prudish and."

Xander. "You were afraid i would be jealous."

Selia nodded. "Yeh."

Xander smiled hugging her and kissing her deep. "As long as you come back to me. I would be a bastard if i got jealous after all Im planning to have fun with a Amazon myself."

Selia grinned. "You tell me everything and i tell you everything."

Xander stopped walking. "I dont kiss and tell." He said with a grin.

Nearby in the Inn.

"Mom," Buffy complained. "You can't do things like that."

Joyce raised an eyebrow she was putting on a beautiful dress that clearly said -Sexy female elf lady/girl Drooling will begin now-"Why not Buffy. Its only sex and i have not have a man in years. I dont even know if this new body of mine even HAD a man."

Buffy blushed. "But mom you your."

Joyce. "About the same age as you are thank to the magic that brought us here."

Buffy sighed. "But your my mom and."

Joyce hugged her. "Your confused and Shocked right?"

Buffy nodded. "I just wanted you to act like you did before at home. But your fighting and kicking butt and now planning a one night stand. Eee thinking of my mom and sex." She said giggling and looking green.

Joyce smiled. "Dont worry Buffy. I am a slayer also."

Buffy rolled her eyes, "that Mom dont make me less worried."


Mara guided those that were planning on joining the Life ritual inside the Town temple.

It was a strange building it had no walls Seven pillars held the roof from falling down.

Six of the pillars were on the sides instead of a wall.

In the centrum was the tallest painting and symbols was on all the seven pillars.

Xander. "Did you not say Six pillars that symbolize what your kind consider important abilities."

Mara, "yes the six on the side consist of those. The one in the centrum is the ONE Pillar and its what we consider sacred abilities in a Group or in a clan. Its the Pillar of cooperation.

Only a team of a group or a tribe can be masters in that not one person."

Xander nodded study the pillars in a way he admired the Kraggs.

In other he pitied them love between male and female had little or no place among them.

Mara walked up towards a table where two Priest one male the other female sat and two older one male the other female.

The last was an old looking Mislor. He was still cute but finally started to look like an adult. Short elf adult but still adult.

Then she spoke: "Here me Priest, Elder and Friendly Giver of good advice."

Xander blinked looking at Giles. "Friendly giver??"

Giles whisper. "Mislor have a rather unique way of giving names on things. Elder is what we would say or Wise man.

And remember their humor is strange they cant understand Irony."

Xander nodded. "Friendly Giver of good advice." Still the Mislor Race did waken his protective sense. They looked like young teenagers or pre-teen Elf children with pointy ears. But they are NOT elfs.

Mara continued talking. "These are the one our gods have spoken about."

The other priest and priestess nodded. "We acknowledge them as Masters of the 6 Pillar the Blessed."

Mara nodded. "They wish to join the Life festival."

They nodded and the Friendly Giver of Good Advice spoke in a perky voice. "We will give them Medallions proving their status as USUAL. But They might like to join the fighting earning the right to Master a another Pillar."

The other nodded. "So may it be."

The Mislor with the Title -Friendly Giver- frowned then smiled. "Giles you said he was a Kragg not BORN as a Kragg. I can see that.

He have NO scars on his body.

No Scar tattoo on his arms like all the rest of you have.

It might be wise of us to Tell them that a Kragg not BORN a Kragg walk among them other wise some might mock Giles because his lack of scars."

The other nodded. "We will spread the knowledge."

The old Kragg barbarian smiled. "Well young Giles. What kind of Pillar would you like to try out one or more then one?"

Giles frowned. "I think the Pillar of strength and The pillar of Skills i do have some Cocking skills. Some said in my Old life that i was quite the cook."

The Friendly Giver. "You like to talk," he said in a smile.

Giles forgetting that the Mislor were not ironically reprimand him quiet down.

The Giver. "Keep talking. I only said it as an observation."

Giles frowned. "Then i would like to claim that my friend Xander here IS a master of the Pillar of Spirit."

Silent fell over the room. The spirit was the hardest Pillar you must have other recommend you for that pillar.

The Priest leaned forward. "Could you explain your reason to motivate him as a master of that pillar."

Giles nodded. "He in our world Forced a Master Vampire to help him save a friend.

Quite impressive consider that he was born a human and that time he was an untrained teenager.

That was the first time but not the last time he saved our life in secret.

A man that i trust with my life.

He is also one of the rare number of person i fear.

If would hurt or kill Selia or Buffy Xander would kill me.

Lastly he is a master in keeping others secrets reviling nothing.

And He is a shaman. HE truly is a Grand master of the Pillar of spirit."

Xander. "I only did what i had to do. Beside you are also Qualified as a Master of Sprit."

Giles grinned. "No Xander i would not. The reason i was fighting demons was not because it was my choice. It was the only way i could find redemption from the things i did as a young man in my former life. I was a greedy fool then."

Xander frowned. "Like Ethan."

Giles nodded. "Ethan and i did things we both are ashamed of."

The Friendly Giver spoke. "Well Xander we will be asking the others about you. And if what Giles said you will be a master in that Pillar also. But is their ANY Pillar that YOU would like to try out for."

Xander nodded. "Yes their is. Unarmed combat."

They blinked many looked shocked the natural strength and size made the Kraggs almost unbeatable in fighting only the Trukk-Tirak that have superior in size and strength.

Xander nodded. "I like to test my fighting ability."

They nodded and the old Ethyren female Kragg spoke "You do know that broken bones might be the result of that?"

Xander nodded.

The older Male Kragg spoke. "You do understand NO armor only short pants are you allowed one."

Xander blushed and nodded. "I know."

He had a secret weapon, Thanks to the skills of a shaman he had manage to communicate almost merge with the Hyena. But he also had manage to talk and learn from the Soldier possession, It soul was still hanging on refusing to let go.

He the soul had been a master in unarmed combat and Black ops.

Beside him Joyce grinned finally she might have a chance to see Xander in Speedos. Not that she was interested in him THAT Way but still nice thing to see.


"You what" Buffy said.

Joyce rolled her eyes. "I going to master the Pillar of Strength. By Weight lifting."

Buffy nodded safer way to gain mastery of that pillar. "So are Xander going to do?"

Joyce smiled. "He is going to master the Pillar of skill by fighting unarmed." She said pointing at a boxing like ring.

Buffy turned pale. "No."

Then the other girls in the crowed other stared to scream and howled like wolfs even the Mislor girls.

Five male Kragg came walking in dressed short Tarzan like type of groin protectors.

Their muscles was strong they were huge as most Kragg are.

And beside them almost unseen was the slightly taller then normal Xander Looking like a child among adults.

The Friendly Giver spoke. "The rules are simple Six men enter one man leave. NO death blows this is free friendly fighting. If you fall outside the ring you OUT."


They entered.

As the bell rang Xander stood in a classic Tai Chi stand.

The other Kraggs walked around waiting for an opening.

Suddenly a big guy rushed Xander from the side. His arms preparing to send him flying out of the ring.

Xander grabs the Kraggs arm and twisted it at the same time he almost danced away from the Kragg.

As the twist turned the Kragg lost his balance Xander turned the twist in to a push and the Kragg tumbled outside the ring.

Confusing was heard.

For most it looked like Xander had simply stepped at the side and the Kragg stumble on something.

Friendly Giver screamed. "He IS OUT."

Beside Xander two Kraggs was fighting. He carefully study them a primitive but fully working Martial art focusing on strength.

The Other two was grasping each other in a wrestling grab.

Xander grinned walked over they where so busy trying to win that they did not notice him.

Xander grinned studied how they were standing. When the moment came Xander sent a hard kick at the backside of the leg tripping one of the wrestling Kraggs making both fall down.

Xander grinned Pushing the other Kragg body.

Both fell with a huge Boom they were outside the ring.

The friendly Giver screamed. "Incredibly He manage to beat TWO with ONE kick. And look Turbak is down and only Asgar is fit for fight."

Xander grinned as he walked up to the standing Kragg. He was a mess. He let his fist and kick knock in to the standing Kragg that fell like timber knock out in pain."

The Applause was strong as Xander was walking out Master of the pillar skill.

Lots of girls knew what man they would try to mate with.

Xander frowned Except in Swords fight the Kraggs unarmed combat is a joke.

Before he was at the end he spoke. "What i use to fight is a mix of the Elven Fighting Dance, Tai Chi, And Kung Fu. Unarmed fighting skills designed to make it possible to win against a stronger enemy."

After he could see Giles trying out for a Strength test. With no problem Giles the librarian showed them.

The females Kraggs sure started to notice HIM cute and most of them bigger then he was.

Xander grinned So many cute girls and so little time. "Anyone like to have a three some?" He asked.

Surprisingly a pair of Identical twins Ethyren females Kraggs walked forward. "We would like. But what IS a Threesome?" They asked.

Xander grinned. "Great fun one male and two female. Or two males and one female. Why dont the three of us go to the Inn and i can demonstrate." Grinning he showed the two blushing twins his room.

For a Barbarian Race they were really shy and prudish about Sex.

Joyce grinned she did make a wise choice a bit older Kragg probably 40 or something still strong and. "You not finish," she said surprised. The old Kragg shook his head. "No or are you."

Joyce grinned. "Keep on pumping boy toy," she said.

They truly were well equipped in all sizes.

Selia frowned sure they had size, They had energy but not much else. Still it was one in a life time experience she thought as she hugged the Kragg closer. "I will teach you one or two things about us girls," she whispered as she started to tell the blushing Kragg how to please a girl.

But inside she wonder how Xander her love and boy friend where doing he did not have HER experience in finding a good lover.

Xander sighed he was not sure if he would survive the night but what a way to go.

Twin 1 of 2. "Could we do it again."

Xander blinked. "Bloody hell," he turned seeing the Full power puppy eyes. "Alright" Time for the Hyena magic endurance to give him some power boost.

Inside the Hyena started to laught Possessing THIS guy was really a fun even twice the fun.

The girls sighed as they once again started to mate, In the heat they even missed the glowing eyes of Xander or the giggling as he gave them new pleasures with his mouth and lower bodies at the same time.

Inside Xander the Hyena wonder if it and his host would survive this night but what a way to go.

Chapter 38
Eye of the tigers.

TT smiled this was life.

He was snuggled up together in bed with one big beautiful Etyren girl.

She was at least one and a half head taller then him and beautiful.

"Times like this i hate mornings." He complained.

The girl just nodded she really liked Life festival the one time you could spoil your self and snuggle up with a male in celebration of new life. Sadly they only had six life festivals during a year.

Luckily they lasted a week. "We could stay in bed." She said.

TT nodded his head was resting between her breast and that made them move in a funny way she giggled.

"Yes we could but. We are only staying three. NO sorry two days then we are moving on."

The girl sighted this outlanders might not have the strength the endurance OR the size of a Kragg but they had the SKILL and the EXPERINCE.

Probably because this softy males was complete slaves of their lust mating anytime and anywhere not like the noble and honorably Kraggs and Etyren. "Dam i was hoping for a week like this."

TT blinked "A week. Damnit. I hate duty right now. But i must leave. Even if the others dont even notice Im still traveling with them."

The girl blinked. "Why is that?"

TT shrugged. "I then never ask me to do anything."

The girl looked down on him his face still resting between her breast he looked like he enjoyed it. "Have you proven yourself or given them a reason to notice you?"

TT blinked. "Probably not still used to dear old dads raving and raging telling order me around or the Officer in the army ordering me.

They are quite strict in the army you dont do anything unless you order to do it."

The girl nodded she seen armies like that the Jargier was like that strict no imagination the Etyren would have them run in circles fighting themselves. "I see. You should try stand by your self then." She grinned as she felt something of his started to stand by it self.

Xander room.

A tired and happy Xander waked up the Spirit of the Hyena and the Spirit of the Soldier inside of him were still sleeping the girls manage to tire them out completely.

The Twins were still sleeping goofy smiles was on their faces apparently he manage to tire them out also.

He grinned as he walked out NOTHING would come between HIM and food. He was lucky that an elf only needed half the sleep a normal human would need.


Xander nodded as Selia walked down she was looking rugged but happy.

Behind her came Joyce both had a smile on their face. Quietly they sat down beside him.

Joyce. "So how was your taste of the wild Selia?"

Selia "great strength, Endurance low on skills. How was yours?"

Joyce nodded. "Great but then i only have limited experience I was faithful to Hank during our marriage and except some wild times during my youth i was kind of prudish. How was your night Xander?"

She said changing the discussion.

Xander smiled pointing at the top of the stairs where the two Etyren Twins where going down. "They were great," he said.

Selia turned around looking at the Twin girls walking down tired still with a goofy smile on their face. She blinked. "Xander when we are away from here WHAT ever you did on them. YOU ARE going to do on me."

Joyce blinked how the hell did he manage to tire two of them out.

Xander blinked. "Sure Darling," he said to Selia inside of him the Hyena and the Solider grinned happy. Finally the kid found a creative use of them.


Much later.

Giles nodded. "The Inn keeper and the trade master are helping us.

Our supplies winter clothing will be ready in a day."

TT "Might i suggest that we arrange for some help. Ask Mara to come with us. And if we could find another Tirak Scimitar then yours it would be great. The fact that they have a saw on the back is useful to cut wood."

Xander nodded "Great thinking." He frowned. "Anything else."

TT smiled. "Yes armor except your armor most of us have steel. Thats not good when winter come no matter how much isolation steel drains your body heat."

One of the Etyren twin girls nodded. "Thats why we use padded leather armor."

Xander frowned. "Selia your glass armor how good is that in heat isolation."

Selia. "Im not sure but Thism elfs have used glass armor during winter. I believe they only complain about it becoming weak of cold."

Xander smiled. "Thanks We better buy some armor then. Thanks TT." He looked at the girls. "So what up for tonight?" He asked.

The girls smiled. "Food party and later tonight YOU." They said.

Xander grinned. "Fine with me. Selia you know that i love you." He said as he walked away with the girls.

Selia nodded this was fun. "I know i love you to Xander." she smiled.

Mara grinned. "Did you know according to our tradition during the life festivals your partner are consider your husband or your wife."

Joyce blinked. "You consider us married."

Mara nodded. "Yes except in our case the marriage last ONLY until the life festival is over and thats about a week from now."

Beside them Buffy blinked looking at the Huge Kragg that mom had fun with. She frowned why did the idea of calling that barbarian 'dad' sound like an improvement compared to her real Dad Hank. "I need to sleep," she said.

Angel petted her shoulder. "Lets go up and snuggle."

Buffy looked at him eyes shiny. "Your sure Im all fat and."

Angel "No your not your beautiful," she really was beautiful and she definitively was not fat only four month pregnant.



she carefully stood up looking at her hands her skin was almost transparent she could see the blood inside of them.

No not transparent her vision was improved she could see true the walls of the temple.

Willow grinned she was super girl except evil and demonic.

Her power was growing she knew if she let it grow to fast she would burn out.

Only her knowledge in Wiccan magic and the local type of magic gave her the knowledge how to deal with it and survive.

Grinning she grasped the sword its evil felt like a good puppy now. "Come to Mommy my baby."

Looking around inside the temple she find something interesting.

A soul trap filled with humansTirakself/dwarfs spirits so twisted and evil that their was little or no different between them and demons.

In another room demons spirits were trapped inside jars.

Willow frowned if she only had. Then she grinned the village outside the Tiraks were dead or dying. Fresh dead bodies for the demons and souls.

Time to make servants to spread her glory.

Later. Willow was tired as she looked over the small army she created.

The Spirits she re animated the bodies made them alive again and remodel them the humans got bodies similar to their old ones. The Dwarfs got dwarfs and the Tirak spirits Tirak bodies. And so one.

The demons sprits she gave basically an undead Tirak body. She made them powerful Belias a powerful type of zombies.

The last bunch she was extremely proud of Xander would scream as a child in fear.

She had found demons spirits and mortal soul once powerful but now empty of memory or knowledge of what they once were.

They literally begged her to use them in any way just freed them.

A twist later she combined each of the Demon with a mortal humandwarfTirak/elf spirit in to ONE living body.

They were born with loyalty to her but they chose their own method of praising her glory.

Twisting the body she gave it demonical ability shape changing and illusions. And the urge to hunt the young.

She ponder a moment wondering if she would send a Thank you note across the dimension to Steven King for writing the book IT.

Xander was afraid of clowns and had night mares for months after reading that book.

She wonder what he would say if he came face to face with HER version of IT. Sure they were not that powerful but close.

The IT demons grinned their eternal clown smiled eager to hunt down the young and eat their heart.

Willow grinned. "Go away from this island then start spread the tale of my birth and drive terror in the heart of mortal."

Her slaves nodded as they walked away.

Willow grinned time to see the Demon god Dibuk he and she had a deal to make.



Xander put Miss Pryde in his cat bag where she rested most of the time. Lucky cat.

They were ready to go he would miss the twins but he already lost several pounds being with them.

TT "Xander i would suggest that Giles and Mara would scout ahead they know the area better then you."

Xander smiled. "Great idea. Giles do you agree?"

Giles nodded. "Yes but i suggest that You and Joyce take turns with me or Mara we might need the rest. You because you are great tracker already. And Joyce because she need the training as a slayer."

Xander nodded. "Great We do that. TT protect our rear Angel and you will take turns."

TT grinned. "Sure."

And they started to ride out from the villages.

The leaf was slowly turning yellow the winter was coming and they were moving north.

With hope before snow and the freezing cold would arrive a natural enemy mortals and most demons alike feared.

Chapter 39
Life of the wild.

A week later.

Willow had finally arrived in the Hell dimension Dibuk was ruler of. It was a dark world filled with demon and undead. She felt kind of at home here.

And their sitting on a hill was his Fortress.

She walked up to the door. "Open i have come to talk to your lord." She spoke to the guard a death demon.

Suddenly the door opened and Willow walked in.

Later in the Throne room.

On his throne Dibuk looked like an almost normal human except for his black feather wings and arms with Skeleton hands that ended in claws. "So what stops me from killing you. Your powers is new and you would barely be able to survive if i attack you. I could steal your powers."

Willow grinned and nodded. "And i could destroy Xinu for US." She said.

Dibuk voice held no emotion as he spoke. "And you will then take his throne by right of force. And i will get a more cunning enemy then he IS."

Willow. "Lets make a deal you and i. You Help me destroy Xinu and I will Rule his realm with YOU as my co-ruler."

Dibuk raised an eyebrow. "Co-ruler just an excuse to wait a moment before stabbing the other in the back."

Willow nodded obvious she had to play her last card and hope he fell for it because Xinu must die no matter what. Growling she spoke. "What if we did the Ritual of Marriage? Part of MY power will be yours and part of YOUR power will be mine. "

Dibuk raised an eyebrow. "I am not that interested in your powers." Willow grinned. "But Xinu hade a partial link to me. And part of it is still open. IF you combine with me give me the strength i can open a gate in to his fortress.

If we marriage You could come with me between the two of us He have NO chance."

Dibuk nodded. "Thats a good plan child." He sat back wondering IF she THEY manage then the other hell gods would turn on them and destroy them because they had to much power.

Dibuk finally talked. "I have another idea.

I will help you take over his realm.

But you will Swear an oath not to act against me and my interest.

I will also get the right to harvest your land for slaves every five years."

Willow nodded. "Sounds good. But Limit the number of slaves so they can recuperate their numbers. If you harvest to many the number dwindles."

Dibuk nodded and soon a deal was cut.


Willow concentrated the power of Dibuk gave her made it easy to open the gate but precision was still hard.

With a sulfur smoke she was gone to visit Xinu. Her sword held in her arm it was singing songs of death hungry for the blood of demons and gods.


Due North..........

TT Grinned he finally was allowed to scout ahead they trusted him and cared about him.

"Stop Day dreaming." Miss Pryde said.

TT frowned/ And they let the walking home of a flea circus come with him. "Sure."

Miss Pryde rolled her head well if HE was going to be Sarcastic then she would not tell him about the cliff and the lake underneath the six feet drop. See if that teaches him.

TT "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Splash......

Miss Pryde, "told you stop daydreaming."

TT growled. "I hate you," he said as he stood up dripping wet.

Miss Pryde. "If that had been a enemy you would have been dead.

Think about it as a lesson."

TT nodded. Then frowned Miss Pryde looked scared and was looking at something behind them.

Behind him Miss Pryde suddenly froze.

TT did not like that. "What is i..." He said as he turned around.

Behind him a huge monster was resting on the far side of the lake.

A dragon over 21 Meter long its wings was folded at its side. Dark Green skin wings like blood and Yellow eyes that looked right thru them in a dark sinister intellect.

TT swallowed slowly pulling his sword free.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Miss Pryde screamed.

TT jumped the dragon flinched at the tone of her voice.

TT "Drawing my sword."

Miss Pryde rolled her eyes. "To do what. Irritate the dragon.

Remember YOU are small and taste GOOD with ketchup."

TT looked at his sword then turned and looked at the Dragon. "I see your point." He said.

The dragon actually smiled.

TT swallowed. "Sir your not hungry i hope"

Miss Pryde smacked herself. "Dont remind him. Just ask Can we go now?"

The Dragon nodded carefully study them. Dark fire rolled betweens its fangs. "You may go now mortals. After all you made me laught."

Miss Pryde nodded "Your welcome." Then she started to run. "Run fool" she said to TT that was still standing looking at the dragon.

TT blinked and followed Miss Pryde.

The Dragon study them the young man had loot of potentials.

He hoped that one of the Champions would come by but now he had to find them.

Frowning a bit as he let his senses stretch out miles after miles until he literally could see and here everything around him. And the Scooby gang.

The Dragon smiled. "So thats what made you Khakra so happy." he spoke.

Khakra and Sir Verduhrakh was Lumians He was a Mortuach dragon.

Where the Lumians respected and believed in Order.

They believed in anarchy.

Fighting and struggled make you strong.

The Dragon council had spoken a bit about those new champions.

They were hard to track one was a chosen champion of Chaos.

They were almost impossible to track.

Spreading his wings the giant dragon made a small jump with his legs and suddenly like a bird he was flying.

Xander Elven eyes suddenly went crazy and stopped working.

Selia flinched. So did Joyce and Buffy as their slayer sense screamed RUN LIKE HELL.

Then suddenly a dragon landed in front of them.

The horses was silent frozen by the Dragons magic unmoving.

Xander wet his lips and looked up, more up and still more up.

Until he could see the dragon nose looking down on him. Grinning weakly. "HI, Dont tell me your lost and dropped by to ask for directions," he flinched that joke was So old and bad.

The Dragon blinked that was kind of funny next time some hero come to kill him he would use that joke.

"I am not lost Xander LaVelle Harris. Now Xander House Aled Clan Aled."

Xander nodded trying not to go pale in fear. "And you came by for a autograph right"

Behind him Angel was fighting to not wet himself. The claws was just beside him looking sharp and deadly.

The dragon. "I came to Warn you, Treasure of aliens is hidden in the depth of the fortress. Make the right decision and friends and enemies will be yours to choice from."

Xander flinched. "I hate Prophesy and I HATE CRYPTIC TALK. Cant you say what it means?"

Buffy suddenly decided nap time was now. And she fainted.

The dragon grinned even wider. "No just take care everything is not what it seems."

Xander nodded and suddenly the Dragon jumped of and was flying away.

Moment later.

From the bushes TT and Pryde came running like cannon ball. "Xander lets change direction their is a Dragon up front."

Xander looked down on the huge dragon foot prints. "Really a Dragon You think," he said.

Chapter 40
Break in and settle in.

AN: Buffy is about 6 month pregnant in part 40.

Finally they were their Mount Samar where the Dwarfen Clan Samar faced their doom trapped inside their Fortress home.

The snow and the winter had arrived and now they were to far gone to turn back.

Xander, TT, Giles was spying on the Roghan Dwarf working the mines around the Samar fortress.

TT "Kind of tight guarded."

Xander nodded. "Doesnt matter i have a map that leads us inside. The problem is the horses."

Giles nodded "How long do you think it will take before Miss Pryde come back."

Xander sighed. "I dont know. I ask her to hurry up. But she IS a cat. All i can do is suggest. And she probably ignore it."

TT snorted. "Well i think she only do things she think is a good idea." Xander smiled "That she do."

Carefully they started to sneak back to camp.


In their skin and fur coats with big warm hoods they looked like a Grizzly followed by a grizzly cubs Buffy thought seeing the boys come back. "So find the road in yet?"

Xander shook his head. "No we are waiting for Pryde. Joyce are you up for a spar."

Joyce nodded. "Lets dance."

Xander grinned. "Not so fast wonder mom. Selia, TT would you join us. Joyce full speed but watch the strength. Wrestling no weapon kicks and fist. Missions is capture the slayer, Your mission is to capture ME same rules. You may throw them around."

Buffy grinned. Xander, Giles and even Selias training had result.

With full Slayer speed Mom could hold her own against superior number.

Unless Angel used his magic or Protector possession then mom had a challenge.

Or if Xander used his hyena then it become difficult.

The fight started.

Xander was holding his distant as Joyce tried to capture him the other attacked her she jumped one lifting TT up and send him crashing in the ground.

Then Xander attacked from behind capturing Joyce arm he tried to wrestle it behind her back.

Joyce rolled with freeing her arm capturing Xander in a strong lock. Selia rushed in from the side, Xander manage to free himself then TT came running and manage to capture Joyce legs. Selia hanged on her arms refusing to let go.

Xander with full speed grabbed Joyce waist.

Buffy could see how Joyce was rolling on the ground trying to free her self. She was even giggling.

Then suddenly Xander head was lifted up.

"Got you dead." Joyce voice said.

Xander, "Eee yea you did. I need to air Joyce." He said Joyce had a firm but not hard grip on his neck.

Joyce. "Of course Xander."

Giles nodded. "Good training. Xander you need to think before you act. And Joyce i seen you fight much better and faster in training then now whats the mater?"

Joyce "Tired Giles. Just tired." she said.

This wild life was hard snow ice and no grass or flowers anywhere.

At least snowballs fights was fun but the rest of them had grown tired of that.

Later much later.

Miss Pryde came gliding in the camp in her 'human' body.

"Xander my bag now," she said turning herself in to a cat again.

Xander pulled the bag a carrying bag that she slept in and tried to live inside. It was winter and she did not like it. TO cold.

Pryde jumped inside as fast as she could and dived inside the blankets. "I found the entrance its still their. But its to small for the horses Xander"

Giles nodded he and Xander had hoped for that. "I see thats bad," he lied.

Xander nodded, "yes what a shame," he said.

Buffy blinked. "What are you talking about."

Joyce nodded. "Yes what are you talking about."

TT "I think we have to put the horses down."

Buffy. "Kill them NO not my Barbie. You you Murderer."

Xander, TT when would you learn to do it smoothly. "Would you like Barbie to starve to death."

Buffy froze. "Cant he survive here?"

Giles. "No Buffy she cant. Do not worry we will end their lifes painless."

TT smiled "Well we will get fresh hamburgers."

Joyce "NOOo YOU You cannibal."

Xander sighed TT why could you not keep that mouth close. "Would you rather a wolf ate it. And we starve Joyce."

Joyce blinked. "Cant we buried them?"

Giles sighed looking angry at TT. "I dont see a hole that big and digging a grave i do not think so Joyce."

Buffy cried her horse her friend was going to be murder and she was forced to eat her and they had no potato for the meat anymore.

Just boiled Dwarf bread.

Joyce herself dried a tear their ride animals had become friends.

Xander looked at TT. "YOU will come with me and help with the slaughter."

TT paled. "Yes sir." He had the feeling that both Giles and Xander was angry at him for something he wonder what he done.

At the side Selia nodded she new about this even if Xander said nothing. But she still let some tear fall her horse had been a loyal friend.

Miss Pryde in her bag drooled fresh meat finally.

She really did not mind the lost of the ride animals Xander could carry her. And walking was good for humans and elven gave them strength.


3 days Later.

Xander waved his arm. The coast was free no Roghan Dwarfs anywhere.

The gang carrying heavy backpacks sneaked past the last outpost. And finally they were standing on the mountain a place taboo no Dwarf walked their beneath them was the Fortress of Samar.

"Let us rest here for the night." Giles said pointing at a small cave.

They nodded as they walked inside and snuggled up.


"So lets play 'I see with my little eye something beginning with D." TT said.

Xander "Dwarfs."

TT grinned. "Correct. Now i see with my little eyes something beginning with M."

Giles groaned. "More Dwarfs.

Lunch time.

TT "Well I see w..... stop strangling me?"

Angel "Only if you keep your mouth shut Change the game NOW." He said as he stooped strangling TT.

TT "No need to be all aggressive Angel i was only trying to find something for us to DO while we waiting. I know lets sing. One million bottle of beer on the wall."

Giles looked angry at Xander "You do know this is ALL your fault."

Xander. "MINE fault HOW can it be that."

Giles. "You corrupted him. He was a perfectly fine young boring English from a watcher family and LOOK Americanized. YOUR FAULT."

Xander. "No its not its its. ITS Buffy she did it."

Buffy blinked. "Did not."

Xander. "You taught him how to play that stupid game."

Buffy blushed "Ooo yea. But you you did other things."

Dinner time...

TT "And if one of them bottle would. Would you remove that Crossbow from my face."

Selia growled. "Only if you promise never ever in you life sing that song again."

TT nodded. "Yes mam" he said. They sure was an irritated lot.

Mara awoke. "What did i miss." she looked around "Hey TT start singing the song again it sure was a wonderful lullaby."


"FINALY," all said.

Except Mara that still was sleeping.

Giles, "wake up Mara" he said poking her awake.

Xander nodded. "I sneak up in advance. TT you are with me."

TT nodded and they sneaked away.

A bit away from the gang. "TT it was a great work for a beginner but the goal is to distract them from being bored NOT give them murdering urges." Xander said.

TT nodded. "Im sorry Master. But"

Xander nodded "It was a good for a beginner. We will need distractions during the winter here. And dont call me Master"

TT hide his grin. "Yes SIR."

Xander. "Dont call me Sir."

TT "Yes Sensei."

Xander "Dont call me Sensei."

TT "Yes Teacher."

Xander "Dont call me Teacher."

TT "Yes Asshole."

Xander blinked. "I can accept that name. But you will suffer."

The two sneaked away followed by their friends.

Later the Cave entrance was not big a hole dug in the mountain by the Tiraks during the war that destroy Clan Samar for more then 500 years ago. Age had destroyed it and made it hard for anything the size of a human to walk or stand up inside but They pushed themselves and crawled inside.

Hours later they came out in a huge cave aqueducts was still flowing with water.

Under the burning light of their magical lamps they looked around.

And they could see houses carved inside the walls of the cave.

A whole city made for and by the dwarfs.

Here was the first level the trade town everywhere they could see signs of the battle that once happened their for more then 500 years ago.

Xander. "Darling we are HOME." He screamed in a jolly voice.

The sound echoed around.


Then. "Raaauuuu Rauuuu," a strange scream was heard.

Selia blinked. "Thats sounds like a Vrakh. Crap the place might be full of them."

Xander sighed. "Naturally monster had moved in." He kicked a stone. "We find a place to rest in a place we can seal off. Then we rest eat and start to create an easy to defend home."

They nodded and started to sneak away.

Selia blinked, "yes i remember. Put away the crossbow they only irritated a Vrakh. Swords or mace is the best tool to fight them with."

Xander had a feeling that those Vrakh would be his new hate object.

Chapter 41
House Cleaning.

"FINALY" Xander said.

Around him the gang nodded.

Giles "Well said. Well said indeed."

They had been two days in here two days now several things was clear. 1 Fire wood would be easy furniture from a whole town was literally everywhere.

2 Fish from the Aqueducts would be possible.

3 Their was monster around. They had yet to see any one but screaming was heard.

4 Dwarfs animal Gruvbeast was alive and thriving. Big Snake like things that ate swamps and fish. The dwarf consider them the underground version of Cows. And they had the weight of a cow just longer and snake shaped.

So hunting would be possible.

But it was the Vrakh that worried him.

According to Mara and Selia they had a natural bone armor almost as tuff as a elven Glass armor that protected the whole monster.

They had five claws on each hand long flesh tearing claws and on their feet they had ONE big pike like claw.

The thing that worried him was the fact that the Vrakh had NO eyes but yet they could see.

He wonder how.

He did have a theory.

Xander looked at Selia and Mara. "Selia have you seen a Vrakh personally?"

Selia nodded. "One time it was a capture example."

Xander grinned. "Did you something irritated your hearing or did your ears itch?" He asked knowing that they did not hear Bats but their sensitive elven ears still got irritated by the ultrasounds.

Selia frowned. "I dont understand?" She asked but answered. "I Yes i think so it was strange almost like a pack of Bats was their. Not painful just irritating."

Xander grinned. "Hearing Bats use Sound on a so strong that normal humans and even Elfs cant hear it. Its bounce around and from that the Bats can 'See' its surrounding." Xander said simplifying it just to make it more easy. "I believe the Vrakh might do the same."

Selia raised an eyebrow. "Seeing with sound that sounds silly."

Giles nodded. "It is true. In the world we came from have gizmos machine that use sound then paint a picture of what it see. They use those to navigate the sea during fog."

Mara blinked. "So you know for a fact that sound could be used to see things. How do that help us?"

Xander grinned. "Selia you said you had a silence spell that protect a room no one can hear whats go on inside."

Selia nodded, "its to protect from listeners and spies."

Xander smiled. "And IF you hearing is you eyes then the spell will make us impossible to see. It will be like watching a Wall or Darkness depending if the spell absorve the sound or bounce it back."

Selia grinned. "We can hide from the Vrakh."

Mara smiled. "Great."

TT frowned. "Still think we should hunt down a pair of them."

Mara nodded but frowned. "Not easy but we would need to clear a area from them."


Xander was sneaking Giles and TT and Mara beside him.

kind of redundant sneaking he DID have a silent spell on them so no one could hear him.. But still.

Their it was a Vrakh bone white natural armor big fangs mouth hair that moved by it self and no eyes just a big nose sniffing in the air.

Its claws was the size of daggers and just as sharp.

Xander frowned remembering the words of the Dragon. "Mara is the Vrakh intelligent."

Mara blinked. "Only the Queen is. The rest is animals kind of like a bee hive."

Xander looked at her, "how do you know that."

Mara grinned. "Some of the Tiraks Frakk tribes have pet Vrakh they use as soldier they made a deal with a mother Vrakh."

Xander nodded. "I have to use my Shaman skills Watch and guard my body and no attacking the Vrakh yet. Im going to borrow its body." He said.

Giles frowned but nodded. "I see."

Carefully Xander took himself down in to a trance he could feel the joy of the Hyena and the Soldier that would keep his body alive when he was away from home.

Suddenly the world shifted around him he no longer could see things only living things.

Mara and Giles was luminous like a big Burning fire indicating their skills and experience also indicated that they had great knowledge. Mara a bit more powerful fire as she was a Priestess wielding divine magic.

TT surprised him he was glowing weakly but he could see that he had potential incredible potential in both magic and non magic areas.

The Vrakh was darker a weak light indicated a spirit of intelligent barely intelligent.

Xander soul dived inside the Vrakh forcing it soul to submit to him.

Vrakh-X Stood up. "Grawlou" it said before smacking its face with its claw.

Giles grinned. "Thats Xander alright."

Vrakh-X looked around IF he could blink he would have his hair whipping behind it trying to capture the sound and 'see' his friends. All he could see was a huge moving stone.

He would have grinned if he could have. -the silence spell bounced. Made them look like a huge moving stone. No wonder the Vrakh did not attack a big stone like that probably confused it- he thought to himself.

Vrakh-X bent down scratching something in the floor. -I be back going to find the mother coming soon-

Then Vrakh-X was running away in to the darkness of the night following the path of the Vrakhs memory.

Xander body sat up. "This is fucking great man." Soldier boy said. "You guys would not happen to have something to smoke or," he looked over Mara, "Would you like a quick fuck lady you are SO fine?"

His friends turned and look at Body-X.

Mara frowned.

Giles "Who who are you?"

Body-X grinned. "Im a friend of Xander."

Mara nodded "His familiar spirit. Every shaman have one normally a animal kept inside a fetish. Some have them inside of their bodies like Xander must have. A ghost right?"

Body-X, "well Ghost yea. Hey you did not answer my question."

Giles. "I i believed the Hyena was his sprit?"

Body-X grinned. "Sure doggy is here he is just angry at me for saying things like that to Mara. And girl you havent answered my question yet."

Mara. "I believed the Hyena would be the less primitive part of him. I was wrong."

Giles nodded.

Body X frowned. Then his eyes turned green glowing and Giles, Mara and TT was suddenly hugged. "I like you too. Pack family." The hyena growled happy.

Xander the Vrakh was running and walking thru the darkness deeper and deeper down. He hoped Soldier boy would not do anything stupid he was a bit obsessed with Sex. But The Hyena would keep him under control. Unless they found Hamburgers then both would be worst then animals.


5 Hours later.

This was not part of the Fortress but a natural cave.

Vrakh-X realized the Vrakh was only patrolling in the Dwarf cave not hunting. Hundreds of them were around him as he walked up to the Mother she was big about 7 feet tall eggs was surrounding her.

His body loyalty stopped him from attacking her physically but he had other plans not killing her.

Xander freed the Vrakh letting his spirit jump inside the Mother not to attack her but to talk.

"I come in peace Queen of the Vrakhs," he said.

The Mother answered it voice sweet kind and deadly at the same time. "Talk Shaman," she held no fear of him he could sense that she was trained in the art herself.

Xander could sense that she was not demonic just really dangerous. He told her about him about their hiding from demons and that they really did not like to fight against her.

The Vrakh mother listened as she told him about them knowing about the demons and their plans of hiding until the invasion was over one way or the other.

Xander asked if a peace could be made. No hunting each other.

The Vrakh Mother was silent they were Food but they were also enemies of HER enemies. "You are food and will never be anything else then food But We were planning on moving away from here in a month or so. I think we could start the move today."

Xander nodded. "I thank you."

The Vrakh nodded "Its because of you the Spirits of the traps are screaming. They hope you are going to free them from the trap. That their life will be restore and vengeance will come to the traitors. Its sound is irritating me soon it will be possible for your untrained Shaman ability to hear it also."

Xander frowned. "The trapped." He knew she would not answer him. "I Ask forgiveness again but i need to borrow your childs body to find my path back."

With that Xander moved back and Vrakh-X ran out back up again.



Giles cleaned his Dagger. "I see the Trapped."

Xander nodded. "We have to find them. And the Vrakh will be moving out but i think they will try to snatch one of us just to prove a point that WE are FOOD."

Buffy frowned she did not like those Vrakhs. "Then why did you let that Vrakh you possessed run away."

Xander looked at her. "Its a shaman thing I stole Its body temporary yes but it still negative Karma Buffy so i owe him a great favor killing hit would be wrong.

As long as it lives i would never ever attack it only defend myself from that Vrakh. And i will recognize it anywhere because my spirit knows it spirit."

Mara nodded. "Its a shaman thing Buffy."

Buffy frowned, "alright. You think they will attack us then?"

Xander, "no yes i think they will attack us when we are searching after the Trapped ones. But not up here."

Joyce grinned. "Then we will ignore the trapped ones. And we be safe."

Xander frowned poking the fire with a stick. "I dont think we can do that Joyce i really dont think we can."

Silent ruled then.

TT smiled, "this is great a complication already no risk of spending a winter bored out of our mind then."

They stared at him before Buffy started to giggle one by one they joined her.

Xander looked proud his padawan was strong in the force.

With the joke.


Two week later.

TT shivered. "This is not good DWD."

Xander frowned. "Could you call me Xander."

TT grinned. "Yes i could but i will not Darkwing Duck. This IS not a good idea."

Xander nodded. "I know but Its down their the Trapped ones is i can sense it."

They were standing on the stairs looking down at water filled Corridors in deep tunnels.

They had search the tunnels going from the Trade halls where they first lived in to the Craft halls. Where the blacksmiths and other things once was.

Then they had tried the City underneath.

All they found was more comfortable place to live in.

And everywhere they found dead skeleton of Tiraks, Dwarfs and rusty weapons.

Giles was proud discovering one thing It was the Tiraks that drowned the fortress.

The side of the fortress where the lake had rushed in was dug out By Tiraks.

They had mined a tunnel straight in to the lake.

According to the legend it was the last of the Samar dwarf themselves that did it in a suicidal try to destroy the whole Tirak army before they rushed out and destroyed the Roghan Dwarfs that were marching outside.

If the Tirak had done that its must be because more Dwarfs were alive inside the fortress and the army outside was TO many. So in defiance they killed everyone even themselves rather then give up.

Now after coming to the deepest levels of the city Xander finally heard the voices sing to him. The Trapped.

Thousands of voices singing a sleeping empty song.

And the only place left to search was in the still half filled of water the heart of stones.

Where the Dwarfs church was and their library of magic knowledge and fortress inside the fortress.


The Heart of the stone.

Giles cleaned his glasses. "Do be careful Xander their may be dangerous things in their."

Xander smiled putting on his helm. "I know," he said slowly walking down in the Dark water. He was glad that he had the armor on it was COLD freezing cold the armor was isolated against water so it warmed him up.

The only light was from the small magic glowing stone he held in his arms.


Xander shivered as he sat and ate some food. "Its big down their.

And i found a stairs going Up. Possible a way in to the area the cave in stopped us from going a second road in to that from the -Heart-" He frowned "I think its up their is where the Trapped are." He said shivering of cold.

Selia hugged him closer warming him with her body heat. "What do you think the Vrakh is doing."

Xander frowned "I have tracked them down they seem to be waiting just outside.

The Vrakh Mother may be smart but she is NOT good in lying or tricking and Strategy. She IS waiting for something before she order her boys to attack."

Giles nodded. "Any plans for when that happens."

Xander nodded. "Yes Selia have remade the sound spell now we have a version that create silence around the Target for about 60 feet radius."

Giles grinned. "And with silence the Vrakh will be blind."

Xander nodded. "Just remember they can still sniff and smell us G-man" Giles frowned. "Dont call me G-man."

Xander grinned. "Well lets see if i can find the opening then."

TT. "So going down then DwD." TT said as he held up Xander diving equipment.

Xander frowned. "Dont call me DwD, TT," he stopped. "And Giles It is not funny."

Giles grinned. "Ooh yea it is DwD."

Xander shivered. "Crap now you got G-man to do it. TT"

TT grinned hoping Xander never figure out his awful nickname.

A day Later After many dives and resting.

Xander came up for the second dive that day. "I got it. The rope is attach to the statue now pull."

Bit by bit they dragged the rope and finally a Stone statue came up from the water.

It was a statue of a Dwarf so incredible in skilled that even the hair looked like individual hair.

Xander study them as they walked around watching the statue impressed by the skilled worked.

He wonder who would notice it first.

Selia. "Thats strange. It holding a real sword of steel and all. And the statures boots are real."

Giles frowned. "The hair IS individuals. Xander what IS this." He complained.

Xander grinned blistered. "I found the Trapped. In the sealed away part of the fortress Thousands of Statues like this lie around in one of the rooms.

The Water flooding must have throwing them around a bit but they are mostly in one and the same place."

He looked down. "I think the Dwarf knew what the Tiraks was going to do. They could not stop the Tiraks from releasing the lake and drowning them like rats.

But they could survive.

Their mage most have turned each and every one of them in to a Stature." He said pointing at the standing statue.

"I can feel their spirit its sleeping still trapped inside."

Selia nodded. "Their is a spell that turns you in to a stone stature its temporary. They should have turned Dwarf again. Unless something went wrong."

Xander nodded. "You me and Mara will look over the statue."


Joyce grinned as they walked inside. "So what did you find out about the statue?"

Xander frowned. "They had a release clause in the statue but SOME ONE made it permanent trapping them like stones until some one can free them."

Selia nodded. "I think i can free them the curse is a weak one just keeping the stone spell from being cured by time."

Xander grinned bitterly. "The bad part is that ONLY the Roghan dwarfs had soldiers inside the Fortress after the drowning.

SO most likely it was the Roghan that locked them and trapped them just so that they could use the mines for themselves."

Giles. "So are we going to free them?"

Xander. "Eventually i finally figure out what the Vrakh mother is after. The dwarf food for her young and probably use us as food also."

Selia nodded. "Then lets make up a plan and kick their butts.

Around them they were nodding and soon they grinned a happy smile as Xander took forward a bottle of wine.

Miss Pryde walked up to Xander. "You do know not petting the cat is abuse. And dont come with excuses that your busy Im a cat."

Xander grinned lifting Pryde up and giving her the best petting a cat could get. "One important thing Xander." She said purring out the world. "IF you wake them Do we have food for all those Dwarfs?" Pryde said.

Xander nodded food would be a problem but plenty of fish for now.

Chapter 42


This part is mostly facts. AKA boring....


As this is a X-over between a RPG and Buffy i decided to write down the stats of a 'normals' and our brave heroes.

But i will not write down IQ levels on our heroes or on normal only the physical abilities.

STRENGTH: = How strong you are.

ENDURANCE: = How long you can run.

MOTION: = How flexible and dexterous you are.

PERSONALITY: = How Good looking you are.

SIGHT: = eyes how good they see things.

HEARING: = How good hearing they have.


Normal Human.

STRENGTH: 10. Minimum: 6. Maximum 18.

ENDURANCE: 10. Minimum: 6. Maximum 18.

MOTION: 10. Minimum: 6. Maximum 18.

PER: 10. Minimum: 6. Maximum 18.

SIGHT: 10. Minimum: 6. Maximum 18.

HEARING: 10. Minimum: 6. Maximum 18.

Length: Male 175. Female 165.

Weight In Kg: Male 75. Female 65

Tiberius Travis AKA TT...
A Human Fighter.

TT was the ONE guy that did not cheat when he created his character. So when Janus gave him the body he was not as Uber as the rest is...




PER: 12



Length: 185 cm

Weight: 85 kg.


Now she DID cheat to max her character stats.

The first value is with OUT the Slayer boost.

The second is with the slayer boost.

STRENGTH: 17... 68.

ENDURANCE: 18... 28.

MOTION: 17... 68.

PER: 11... 11

SIGHT: 16... 32 Including night vision.

HEARING: 15... 30

Length: 175 cm. She IS taller now.

Weight In Kg: 75 Kg.


He did not cheat on the die but did manipulate to get what he wanted and he got it.

First is his normal value. The second is with the Guardian spirit active. Happens only when he defend some one.



MOTION: 12 22

PER: 18 22 --> Looks more impressive.

SIGHT: 10 20

HEARING: 15 30

Length: 187 cm

Weight In Kg: 87

Normal Civilian Kragg barbarian.

STRENGTH: 16. Minimum: 12. Maximum: 24.

ENDURANCE: 14. Minimum: 10. Maximum: 22.

MOTION: 9. Minimum: 5. Maximum 17.

PER: 9. Minimum: 5. Maximum: 17

SIGHT: 10. Minimum: 6. Maximum: 18

HEARING: 10. Minimum: 6. Maximum: 18

Length: 212 Cm

Weight In Kg: 132 Kg.


Giles THE Librarian :)

You Will return books borrowed from him.

Now He DID like Buffy cheat to get value he liked.

BUT not as match as Buffy did cheat. Giles had luck with the Die.

I will have the change Giles length as i first now realize HOW tall this sucker is. Sorry made him TO short.




PER: 17



Length: 226 Cm.. = 7,4 Feet.

Weight In Kg: 146 Kg.

Normal Etyren barbarian = The female Kraggs...

They are not as strong but more dexterous then the males.

The Kraggs and the Etyren are result of generation of selective breading where they have chosen the best of the male and the best of the females.

STRENGTH: 14. Minimum 10. Maximum: 22.

ENDURANCE: 16. Minimum 12. Maximum: 24.

MOTION: 11. Minimum: 7. Maximum: 19.

PER: 10. Minimum: 6. Maximum: 18.

SIGHT: 10. Minimum: 6. Maximum: 18

HEARING: 10. Minimum: 6. Maximum: 18

Length: 185 cm

Weight In Kg: 80 kg.

Normal Learam Elf.

STRENGTH: 10. Minimum: 6. Maximum: 18

ENDURANCE: 12. Minimum: 8. Maximum: 20

MOTION: 11. Minimum: 7. Maximum: 19.

PER: 9. Minimum: 5. Maximum: 17.

SIGHT: 11. Minimum: 7. Maximum: 19 Night sensitive eyes.

HEARING: 12. Minimum: 8. Maximum. 20.

They can direct their hearing like a Directional microphone. Doing that make it hard for them to hear in other directions.

SMELL: 10. Minimum: 6. Maximum. 18.

This is the ability to sniff out things using your nose.

A Blood hound have 18 as standard in smelling and a Watch dog 14.

Length: Male: 182 cm. Female: 147 cm. Female Learams are short.

Weight In Kg: Male: 62. Female: 47 kg.

Xander the Learam.

Now he did change a bit making a mighty SLP character so he cheated a bit.

First is with out Hyena improvement.

STRENGTH: 16... 48.

ENDURANCE: 20... 40.

MOTION: 16... 26.

PER: 15... 7.

SIGHT: 18... 28.

Night vision naturally as an elf.

HEARING: 20... 30.

Length: 190 cm. = 6 feet.

Weight In Kg: 90 kg.

Well that about it. :)

Joyce, Mara and Selia and Miss Pryde have to wait for their turn.

Chapter 43
On the Sidelines....

Willow frowned angry where are they.

No where on the face of the world could she find Xander and the gang.

Sure Xander being a chaos magnet made it hard to find him but she WAS his child hood friend.

No Willow growled.

She so liked to have her Xander as her pet.

Being Demon goddess was not so fun.

She could not travel to the world herself physically only as a ghost UNLESS she had a temple in her honor.

Which she did not have.

Or she could force her minions to find things for her.

Or create an avatar that she could see things and hear things thru.

Sadly killing Xinu even with Dibuk help had drained her.

Now she was the Queen of his realm and yet she was too weak to fully use her powers.

Willow groaned. "Dam it." Time to rest regain and improve her strength and power and make plans.

In the world her demon clowns was already making a name of them self.

Willow giggled they were powerful but limited hard for grownup to notice but they also had difficulty in attacking adults.

And they prey on children.

A perfect gift from her to the world.

She did wonder where Xander and gang was.

She really liked them enslaved serving her like it should be.

The Fortress of Samar.

Joyce grinned as she sneaked around outside the fortress.

Hidden by the falling snow and she decided to sneak during day light the time where the Dwarfs IR vision were cut off and they were forced to use normal vision. So she was hard to see.

The Roghan Dwarfs where camped up for the winter in their stone houses outside the mines.

The winter their food supplies where stored in a tall wooden building.

The winter made it impossible for them to dig in the mines longer times and up here not even Tiraks were brave and foolish to fight during the winter cold.

Joyce grinned Obvious they never seen a California girl.

Miss Pryde looked up. "So whats our plans?"

Joyce nodded to the food stores. "To sneak inside steal as much as we can. You hide it inside your subspace pocket we sneak out hide it over in that cave then sneak inside until its empty then we burn it."

Miss Pryde nodded. "Good plan. And the food will go to the feed the Trapped ones."

Joyce grinned. "Yea Im a Mom i always make good plans."

Miss Pryde raised an eyebrow. "And the 'armor' whats up with that?" Joyce grinned. "If Xander can have fun playing super hero i can. I ask him to make one. He did after he stopped laughing."

Pryde smiled if she was human she probably say 'You are crazy' but being cat playing with the prey was a natural instinct.

And the two sneaked away.

Hergan Clan Roghan House Thur'Rak was sighing.

Nothing ever happened up here it was So boring for once in his short 30 year old life he wished something would happen.

He had worked this mine now for almost 10 years as a miner and a soldier and the worst thing he ever had to face was that Trukk trader and he was trying to runaway.

Hergan sighed and now Kitchen duty for being drunk on duty.

Life was not fair His Chief was ALSO drunk on duty.

He Opened the door to the food store and walked inside and froze in shock It was almost empty.

"By the Heart of the stone what happens here," he said in shock.

"Crap," a voice said. Turning he saw a terrifying sight a Dark tall female definitive female.

Dressed in a dark purple leather armor that hugged her body like a skin her face was hidden by a mask/helm a white cloak snow camouflage waved around her like wings of a Bat as she came jumping towards him.

Joyce stopped herself from smiling as she jumped the Dwarf lifting him up by his neck. "Be silent Dwarf." She said hiding her elven eyes.

Hergan mouth was dry he might be only 4,5 Feet tall for a dwarf.

But he was Heavy all dwarf are weight more then a human their size. And she lifted him like he was nothing in ONE arm. "Who are you? No human can be that strong."

Joyce face surrender to a evil grin. "They call me the Phantom. I have the strength of 10 tigers. I hunt punish evil where ever its hiding," she said.

Hergan blinked. "I think you are in the wrong place then. We are not evil."

Joyce grinned. "The sins of the past will come back and hunt you no evil will survive the wrath of justice."

With that she hit him hard.

Hergan was knocked out.

Joyce sighed. "Cool Death skull ring It works." She then fast painted the mark of the Phantom on the wall.

Miss Pryde grinned. "Did Xander and Selia could make the ring for you?"

On the floor Hergan was sleeping with a brand new Skull tattoo on his forehead.

Joyce nodded. "yes" and then the two sneaked outside. "You take the food back i will give the dwarf a merry hunt down the hills pretending to go a different path."

Miss Pryde nodded. "You go south and i go to our camp up North."

Joyce. "Nee i go East and you go to camp in North. Go the opposite direction is SO classic"

Pryde nodded.


Joyce nodded most of the dwarfs where following her the rest were marching West.

She carefully sneaked up to a pine tree as she was as far as she could she jumped like a squirrel to next Pine. And the next.

Slayer strength you got to love it.

Short time later.

The Dwarf came marching in Joyce grinned as she sneaked up on the last two Dwarfs.

Her battle Axe held backwards hammer front.

Genkar held his Crossbow tight. Suddenly "Aaaaarg" he screamed in pain as something broke his arm.

His friend Khurdak growled turning to their attacker his Dwarf short spear *1 held tight in a defensive position of the 'Here i stand-Dwarfish martial art'. *1 information on the bottom.

Joyce grinned as she started to attack the dwarf.

Khurdak manage to parry the first two when she suddenly jumped over him using his styles weakness.

A short kick later and he was out.

Joyce dodged the first two crossbow arrows and catch the one of them. Grinning she turned to the surprised Dwarf raising her own Crossbow a version of the Dwarf pump reload-crossbow but with compound improvement by Xander she fired a single Arrow hitting and destroying the pump mechanism on the enemies Crossbow.

Before she charge them her left arm put the Crossbow away. "Fear me follower of evil Im The Phantom" she screamed and the brawl was on.


Joyce sighted she was bruised and tired, also hiding from the Dwarf who knew they could fight THAT good.

Well she did manage to take out almost fifteen of them then the Soldier with training manage to organize themselves. So far she had not killed any one but did manage to destroy their Crossbows before she run away.

Luckily she manage to shake them but leaving track so they could follow her as she moved east.

She planned on losing them next day and then move back.

Later during night...

Joyce frowned as she first sniffed their sense she did not recognize them but the moment she saw them she knew what it was Their shape and the fire that burst out from their mouth proved it was Shadows dogs Monster that Selia told her about night time hunter Dog like beast that could spray fire on their enemies or prey.

This was NOT good. Or was it...

Joyce nodded putting her axe away she grabbed a long stick.

And walked up to the pack of Shadow dogs.

They growled angry seeing a prey coming going to them.

Joyce tensed as the first dog attacked her with a burst of fire that she dodged.

She let her stick rap it hard on the mouth.

The dog growled and back down.

The Alpha of the flock GROWLED as it jumped Joyce.

She jumped to the side catching the monster neck she held it lifted as a shield.

The Shadow Dogs growled circling her slowly. She let them taste the stick hitting them hard making them bleed.

As The Alpha started to whine and stop fighting the Pack moved back.

Joyce put the Shadow dog on the ground is showed her throat submission to her strength.

Joyce grinned as she rubbed its ears. "Well you are a big softy are not yes you are softy," the dog whined happy.

She then took forward her supply of dried fish feeding the Alpha first then the rest of the pack.

Joyce looked at the dog. "Now come with me." She said walking away making the curious pack of Shadow dogs following her.

Now to find the Dwarfs.

Joyce grinned as she saw the Shadow dogs attacking the Dwarf.

They would not have that much problem with the dogs but they would be frightened of course the Shadow dogs would be killed but they were dangerous predator that hunted humanselfsDwarfs/Tiraks with no mercy.

Their the last of the Dogs was dead she let out a laugh. "Fear the Power of the Phantom." She said.

The burned and wounded Dwarfs shiver in fear as they started to run back.

Joyce grinned the dwarf was running back and the monstrous Shadow dogs was dead she DID Not have bad conscience for tricking the dogs. No way not her tuff hard Slayer girl.

A short Whine at her feet made her look down.

A Shadow dog puppy. "Go away or i kill you." Joyce said her voice hard and unforgiving.



Xander frowned they had manage to figure out HOW to revive the Trapped dwarfs. And to ambush the Vrakh that would probably attack the moment they did that.

But to feed an army of revived Dwarf was difficult thing to solve.

Then Joyce came in carrying one of the smallest thing he seen. "Cute Puppy where did you find it?" Xander asked.

Joyce blushed, "well it was abandon i could not let it starve."

Xander nodded. "I know. But where have you been we been searching after you and All Miss Pryde is saying its a surprise."

Joyce. "I show you after i rested."

Xander nodded something was up Miss Pryde refused to let them inside one of the buildings so she obvious was hiding something BIG.

He Giles, Angel and Mara respected Miss Prydes privacy and manage to keep the pregnant Buffy and the to curious Selia from sneaking inside.

Joyce blushed tuff ruthless Slayer sure one taste of Puppy eyes and she was mother of a monster dog. At least she and Miss Pryde had stolen food to feed an army.




Dwarf Short spear looks like a short sword on a stick. You can slash stab or cast it.

Here i stand is designed to for fighting in tunnels where ONE man can hold against a large number of enemies. The fighting is standing firmly on the ground no moving his legs only his upper body is moving.

Using spears or Axes the style is deadly in cramped locations.



-Never stopping, Dwarfish Fighting art.

Is the brother stile of fighting. Using short sword or axes the fighter never stops moving constantly attacking pressing his or hers opponent.

Mostly dodging instead of parry this fighting art is the more aggressive ones.


Shadow Dogs. Think Pit-bull Terrier on a bad day.

And then give them the ability to spray fire from their face and survive fire with easy. Then you have a Shadow dog.

You can train them as watch dogs but one mistake and you food.

Chapter 44
On the Sidelines 2....

Sir Verduhrakh nodded. "Thank you," the small half demon half shadow fairy grinned as it teleported away.

The information from the realm of demon was correct a new Hell goddess had risen and Assassinated the Hell god Xinu in his own fortress.

The Hell god Dibuk was protecting the new rising Godling obvious some kind of alliance that was not good.

Dibuk was rather 'friendly' he urge was mass murder and destruction of the civilization unlike SOME of the Hell gods Like the now Dead Xinu that actually where trying to destroy ALL life and the WHOLE world.

But Dibuk was clever bastard.

The New Hell goddess Willow was a new card in the game. Even the gods did not know what she would plan on doing.

Her ascension to godhood was because she gain the support the spirit from a dead hell goddess.

She already used some of the Demons once belonging to the dead goddess to create new breed of demons some serving her others was free.

Free demons who served NO ONE.

Strange creatures masters of illusions and shape shifter almost incapable of attacking adult or being find by an adult.

They were already spreading out looking their normal face looked like a clown face.

Their food was FEAR from Children and sometimes they needed solid food it looked like children was their favorite food humans Dwarfs or elven or animals it did not matter.

Verduhrakh had so far found NO reason for her to create those beast. The gods did reveal to Khakra that Willow had sent a thank you letter to a human living in an alternate dimension a human that sometimes used the alias. Stephen King.

The Dragon sighted finding out what those IT demons where doing IF they were a part of Willows plans or just a joke would be hard.

The Invasion was coming the doors between the realms was weakening but the demons were confused the death of Xinu had change the balance of power and they must figure out which of them was the Alpha before they attacked that was good at least.

The Fortress of Samar.

"Its EVIL a DEMON." Buffy complained casting her needle work away.

Making baby clothes was hard work.

Angel hid a grin. "I dont think so Buffy relax." He said slowly massaging her shoulder. "You did it perfectly yesterday whats so different today."

Buffy sighed. "Im bored the other is having fun and i sit still cant do anything and i feel fat."

Angel decided that nodding would be a mistake. "I love you Buffy. And i love your baby even if its Giles."

Buffy literally melted with his word. "Im so ugly," she cried hoping for a hug. Angel did not disappoint her. "I love you and you are so wonderful and so so beautiful," he hugged her hoping her pregnant mood swing would be over soon.


Buffy was proudly holding up her newly made baby blanket. "Look cute." Angel nodded. "Lets go for a walk," he knew sitting still was not good for a pregnant women short walks was precisely what the doctor order.

Buffy groaned she really missed her slayer strength.

The corridors in the Dwarfen city was dark but the magic torch gave them the light then needed as they walked forward.

Every part of the walls were covered in writing and pictures showing famous Dwarf legend and stories.

Angel stood still now and then and read his Dwarfish was that good but he could read it. "Its Necharm Kwaad about the first meeting with the elves and the war that happened."

Buffy "Cool what it say?"

Angel grinned. "It tells they saw the Elves coming down from a flying island riding on huge lizards. Their troops of diplomats traveled for days until they came face to face with the elven.

In a act of peace they put their weapons down at their feet."

Angel frowned trying to figure out the word removing the poesy and propaganda.

Then he continued. "The Elf was confused and instead of talking they walked away.

Standing on the ground the Dwarf wonder why the strangers left then at dawn they were attacked by the elven.

Dwarf died.

The lone survivor Necharm ran back to tell his clan the Ghor about the aggrieved strangers and soon the war began."

Buffy frowned. "Why did they attack."

Angel. "Its explain here on the wall the Elfs consider dropping your Dagger on the ground is a sign you want a fight.

The Dwarf consider dropping your axe on the ground a sign you want peace."

Buffy looked stunned. "You are saying that the war between the Dwarf and the elves was because of a misunderstanding."

Angel nodded. "And hot heads from both sides. Necharm become the driving force an Elf slayer that in the name of revenge killed thousands of Elfs. The elven wins the war but the Dwarfs curse them and some how create the Suffering the elves go thru ever sense then."

Buffy frowned. "Why do they have that story on the wall."

Angel. "A reminder its end with the world thus Necharm life teach us the error of making judgment in haste."

Buffy nodded. "Lets go whats over their?" She asked.

Angel frowned. "I think its a Vontar shrine."

Together they walked to a small niche on the wall where a small Dwarf like statue sat it was cover in gold and silver the GOD Vontar.

"He looks nice remind me about Grandpa and Santa." Buffy said.

Angel nodded. "Yea but i dont think this Santa have elfs working for him."

Buff giggled. "No he dont. But he have Dwarfs."

Together they walked up to next part of the city.

In front of them were a room filled with skeletons of Tiraks it looked like they had drowned like rats. Weapons was on the floor around them.

Buffy bent down picking up a Tirak crocked-Axe. "Sweet" she said before dropping the rusty old weapon.

Angel frowned picking up a Big bone helmet. It was made from the skull of a Trukk-Tirak reinforcement made of steel improved it. "Look Buffy."

Buffy blinked. "Uuh what is that?"

Angel grinned. "A helmet important Tiraks used. Its made from the Skull of a Trukk fighter that died in battle. The Trukk sometimes testament their dead head to younger Tirak fighter to be used as helmet.

The smaller Tiraks can use the head of a Trukk as a helm."

Buffy grinned strange. "Is their not a change the Tiraks might kill a Trukk just to get his head?"

Angel "No they believe the Trukk continue to live inside the helmet killing him would make the helmet an enemy."

Buffy giggled then stopped looking at the helmet. "I wonder." She grab the helmet and pushed i on her head. "Hello any one here" she asked.

She sighed. "No must have gone home."

Then a strange sense filled her.

She could feel the dead pride in his strength.

She could feel the Joy he felt in destroying his enemies.

She could feel the anger he felt against the dwarfs.

She could feel his love of his family and clan the belief that it was them or the dwarfs.

Buffy blinked pushed of the helmet. "No he still inside," she quickly put the helmet back down. "Lets go home feel tired."

Angel nodded. "yes home rest would be a good idea."

Buffy study the helmet one last time. Before shivering she walked away why could not everybody live in peace.


Buffy frowned. "Where is Mom?"

Xander. "I dont know she said she would be back soon. Dont worry she IS a slayer Buff."

Buffy growled. "SHE IS MOM Xander. MY MOM and where is she?"

Giles. "Xander and i will go and search for her right now."

Xander. "But but we dont know where."

Giles looked at him. "You will come right now boy."

Xander nodded. "Sure i track her." he kept the last part silent for himself -even if i dont know how-

TT silently follow them.


Giles looked around. "Well now Buffy cant see or here us. Xander when i pregnant woman demand something WE as male will try to deliver.

OR pretend trying. Now can you find Joyce."

Xander blinked. "Eh No tracks at all."

Giles. "Then find us somewhere to rest. We go back in a hour or two saying we search everywhere."

Xander nodded. "I see i have a lot to learn yet"

Giles nodded. "That you do."

TT grinned. "So the Mighty DwD is still a student"

Xander growled. "Ooh cut out the DwD will you"

TT "NA i like it.!"

The three walked away in complete silence surrounded by darkness that was like a second home to them.

"OUCTH" Giles said. "Bloody hell why cant the Dwarf build things taller."

Well almost complete silence.

Chapter 45
On the Main tracks.

AN: Buffy is about 7 month pregnant in part 45.

Another month had gone Giles thought as he looked over his small but powerful family.

Buffy he smiled she looked like Hindenburg right now.

In his heart he truly felt that she was his daughter the fact that he actually had sex and made her pregnant made him feel ashamed and sick.

Alcohol was truly a enemy of humanity one that not even the Slayer could destroy.

She had grown up much the last month he really believed she was finally becoming an adult.

"NO way Thats SO unfair. MOOOM, Mara is cheating in Cards." Buffy yelled.

Giles sighed Well grown up a bit at least.

Then Xander his he really thought of him as his son. His child not by blood but by spirit. Their he was learning to play the Lute.

Coming here had remove the mask the young man had hidden himself behind Giles was surprised he always new much more were hidden behind the mask of the fool. But this much.

No Giles was surprised Xander was truly a man among man a true leader a Champion that never cried in pain and gave up.

"Ouch ouch ouch." Xander cried. "I cut my self," he complained. "I give up i never manage to do this correct."

Selia sighed. "Come on its not that hard, Grab the lute again."

Xander "But but i have a wood stick in my finger," he said with full puppy eyes and tears.

Giles sighed Happy that Vampires did not have lutes.

Willow then the second daughter. He squished that mind last he heard about her she was literally raising hell. He had failed her.

Then their was TT the new guy in his small family.

Brave young man not the useless brat his dad is. Quick minded and spiritual young man that kept them happy and gave them lots of things to laugh about.

Giles nodded yes he would truly be happy to think about him as his second son.

And unlike Xander TT had a book interest he could actually discussion about books with TT and he kept the interest up.

He was already learning to read Dwarfish.

Giles smiled a burning interesting in learning maybe he could help the young man with some tips later.


TT blinked as he sat trying to decipher the dwarfish runes. Then he lost the battle and fell asleep. A small -Bang- was heard as his head fell on the table and a snoring was heard.

Giles stood up as he looked up at the direction of the sky. "Bloody gods you think this is funny joke right?" With that he walked out muttering about stupid irony.

Xander blinked putting the Lute away. "What ever made Giles so angry." Selia shrugged her shoulder. "I humans i never understand them."

Joyce carefully put her fire breathing Shadow dog down. "I do think its a male thing not a human thing. Angel do you know whats angering Giles."

Angel shrugged. "I have no idea but he IS English that could explain a lot. I am Irish its a HUGE difference."

They all nodded English that would explain a lot.

Xander stood up sucking his bleeding finger. "I will keep an eye on him." He said running after the angry Giles.

TT snored sleeping firmly with Miss Pryde rolled up beside him finally a human that would do something useful.


"You kidding." Xander said as he dried tears of laughter away.

Giles shook his head. "No Xander Im not. Ethan really did that"

Xander giggled. "That so stupid...."

Giles nodded they were currently sitting outside the Samar fortress on the mountain watching the sun rise above the forest.

It was a heart breakingly beautiful moment the snow glowed with the first rays of light made the pine woods glittering with an almost magical glow.

Xander smiled as he pulled his Bagpipe forward. "Any request Giles."

Giles nodded happily. "Would you know The Gael," he said mentioning one of his favorite songs sitting back to enjoy the sound of the pipes.

Xander grinned pumping up his bagpipe and soon the ghostly sound of the pipes were blowing around the mountain chains echo carried it away.

In their Mining camp the Roghan Dwarfs shivered in fear and hunger. First the crazy Amazon Phantom attacked them branding many of the with her death skull mark.

Then she manage to steal ALL their food they had to hunt and starve.

And now the Bagpipe were playing a strange march song filled with promises of pain and the rumors started an army of Learams were coming angry to kill them.


Xander looked over his friend and IF he could chose father. "Feeling better now."

Giles nodded, "yes actually i do..." he said. "Have you got any plans on how and when you are going to waken the dwarfs."

Xander nodded. "Yes wake them we can do anytime. But the moment we do the Vrakh will attack to try and have them for food." He frowned.

"We will wake them soon the spell is ready a huge area NO sound will be heard inside we will be able to hide from the Vrakh when they attack."

Giles nodded. "Sounds like fun. Problem is how will the dwarf react to US elves and humans?"

Xander groaned. "Not good last thing they probably remember they were fighting for their life against an army of Tiraks."

Giles grinned. "What you say go and awake them now?"

Xander nodded. "To bravely do what no man have done before and all that."

Giles nodded. "Right you are."

Xander grinned as they sneaked back the fortress.

In the Dwarf mining camp Hergan stood up. "WE should run right now. Sitting here and wait is suicide IF that Phantom is on the Learams side we have NO chance of surviving."

A smaller but older Dwarf walked up. "WE do not KNOW if an army of Learam is on their way. And the only reason the Phantom manage to kick our but is PURE LUCK. We are ROGHAN we are Unstoppable in battle. You Hergan Have you NO backbone are you NOT Clan Roghan the brave the strong."

Hergan flinched. "Im sorry Im just hungry."

The older nodded, "our hunter will return with more food soon. Hunger make even a Roghan behave like a cowardly Zolod Dwarf." He said mentioning the Clan of Dwarf trader that the Rogan barely accepted.

Hergan grinned. "Your Right If the Phantom come we kick her but and if she have family we will cut them down to size."

They cheered in joy courage was once again among them.


"So We will try waking a pair of the dwarfs Tomorrow tonight." Xander said.

They nodded as Giles continued. "The important is finding THE right Dwarf that will listen to our reason. Selia IS the Dwarfish language change anything during their 500 years of sleep?"

Selia thought. "No Dwarfs live for almost 400 years old. SO for them and For us elf 500 years are not that many generations ago."

Giles blinked "I see. Rather stand still language then."

Xander, "lets continued. We need to find OUT exactly which Dwarf we are going to awaken. Thats the reason we are waiting until tomorrow Buffy i like YOU to do something for me."

Buffy nodded before blinking in surprise. "Me what?"

Xander grinned. "I like YOU to chose your favorite Dwarf statue to awake."

Buffy blinked. "Why Im just a slayer and now a Im Weak not even a brave slayer."

Xander nodded sitting down as he took her hands in his. "I know Buffy. Your slayer instincts knows its more important to protect your baby then US. And your strength will return afterwards.

But you can do ONE thing.

Your Slayer sense IS double in effectiveness i think IF you concentrate you would be able to sense which Dwarf would be safest for US to wake."

Buffy dried a tear. "Thanks Xander."

Xander Hugged her. "You are still part of our family of brave fighter Buff."

Buffy nodded she would go to the room that the Dwarfs were inside all 10,000 of them were.

Rather small number during the time of the war more then 180,000 Dwarfs lived here and died fighting the Tiraks or drown as rats.

Xander grinned then looked at Joyce. "Is their anything you like to add."

She frowned before talking. "I dont know why but i MUST go and kick some Roghan but tonight." Joyce said.

Xander blinked. "Allrigt A reason why?"

Joyce frowned. "Its just my Mother radar telling me i should."

Buffy, Selia and Mara nodded you never ignore your mother radar.

Xander sighted. "Riiight. I come with you then. I think it would be fun to play Darkwing Duck again." Inside he was grinning.

TT Smiled. "Can i come i think i have an idea of a mask," he said holding up a picture of a huge S.

Xander shook his head "No NO WAY."

TT potted before holding up a Yellow helmet with a strange animal mask and a pair of weapon. Strange weapon looking like a pair of arm gauntlets made of steel with blades two blades each a feet long welded on the top side of each gauntlet as he put them on Xander could see the blades was Claws long bladed claws of Wolverine. "If you try to stop me i gut you down bub."

Xander grinned his eyes gleaming in joy. "Sweet. Lets make plans."

The Three walked over to a table time to be Dangerous.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Mom can be such a child sometimes."

Giles nodded. "Yes i sometimes wish that they could behave in an adult way." Inside he was hoping no ONE would find out that he had the secret deep urge to dress as Conan from one of the movies and then go and raid a village and plunder and pillage and IF they were willing do something naughty.

Selia rolled her eyes. "You are all crazy or genius. The Dwarf will have nightmare for months afterwards."



Kurtak Clan Roghan and his guard friend Relfek Clan Roghan was holding carefully watch their eyes glowed red in the night as his natural IR vision swept the forest for any sign of life or warmth.

Suddenly a dark shape burst free from the snow long claws of steel shimmered in the pale light of the moon and Kurtak finally was walking with his forefathers. "Yer Looking the wrong way shorty." TT growled.

Relfek paled the Human was looking wild and crazy huge claw sticking out from his armor his armor where black and Yellow his face hidden behind the helmet.

"HOLD IT," he said pointing his sword and holding his shield up.

Then a voice echoed around the camp. "I am the smell that never leave you alone.

I am the pain that never go away.

I am the fear that keeps you awake during the night.

I am Darkwing duck"

Then the Armor building started exploded in fire a tall shape with cloak waving in the wind stood up and jumped down from the burning building. His eyes glowed Green in the night as he watch the Dwarfs come running out from the beds.

Relfek groaned this was NOT good.

Hopefully Phantom would not come.

Then he suddenly froze in pain a skull crunching pain dropped him unconscious down.

TT frowned as he put his club away knocking out that Dwarf was SO easy. They were TO easy to distract probably because they were Miners and lazy guards not REAL fighter Dwarfs but they were in the way.

The Dwarfs some dressed in Pajamas but all holding their weapons stared in chock at the Elven standing in front of them and the human walking up to them his arms held long claws dripping in blood. A Cigar was burning in his mouth. "Yer not welcome here any more shortys" He growled at them.

The Dwarfs draw their weapons some turned to run inside but stopped.

The Phantom stood their her eyes hard as she watch them. A grin on her face. "The sins of the past will always hunt the children of the future unless Repair is done."

The Dwarfs backed away looking between the human and the elfs.

The old warrior stood up. "YOU will not frighten US." He growled.

Xander grinned as pulling his Tirak scimitar and Elven Carwellan blade free. "Lets dance." He said hoping that TT really new how to use those claws of him.

And the fight was on.

Joyce rolled in the air as she did a spin kick sending more dwarfs flying.

Xander parried dodged and slammed the backside of his Carwellan in the head of a Dwarf in full Hyena strength.

TT Growled slashing and cutting for his life. Wishing he had tried a captain America armor instead. He was surprised about the success he had with the claws.

The Dwarfs fight hard but they were Miners not fighters.

Tired and bruised Xander and Joyce stood up.

"Are you alright TT?" Joyce asked.

TT nodded. "Im fine no worry or hurry for my sake. But honestly the dagger in my arm Do itch a bit."

Xander raised an eyebrow. "Im sure it do that."

TT nodded. "No need to hurry for my sake bub." He said hiding his urge to cry like a baby.

Xander study TT a while the dagger was actually stopping him from bleeding to much and it was stuck in a non dangerous area. Angel would be able to fix him up good as new in a day or two.

"Run Darkwing duck knows the evil that lurks in the heart of mortals."

Joyce grinned. "The Phantom find evil where ever it go you can not escape."

One of the Dwarf paled and mumbled. "You you know about the elven slaves we have."

Xander almost blinked in surprise. "Darkwing duck knows the evil in mortals heart." He said his eyes betrayed nothing he gave the Dwarf a look that said No surprise in that.

The Old Dwarfs paled if the elf knew about the Elven slaves the Roghan had used misused for generations ever sense the 3 war between the elven and the Dwarfs for more then 7000 years ago. It would result in a sixth war and this time The Ghor, the Zolod and the Drezin Dwarf would NOT help them.

They would probably stand on the side of the elfs.

"No You have no proof," he growled.

Joyce looked at him. "You believe that and maybe you sleep better during the night."

A younger Dwarf trembling looked at TT. "What about him why is he attacking us?" He said pointing at TT.

TT grinned. "I just like a good brawl shorty." He said taking a deep breath of his cigarette as he turned away walking slowly away.

The Dwarfs looked shocked at the vanishing human and when they turned again Phantom and Darkwing duck had walked away.

Xander nodded as they carefully sneaked inside the Fortress. "I think They are the enemy the dragon were talking about."

TT "I need medication Im dieing." He blubbered in pain but in a manly way.

Joyce nodded. "Slaves thats disgusting."

Xander nodded. "Remember We still dont have any proof. Their is a tribe of elf called the Heanas they are the result of a slave rebellion among the Dwarfs for about 6000 years ago.

The Roghan claimed then that the Heanas where the only Elf they had enslaved.

If they still have them so long time after i think they consider it a status thing and if so the Elfs will not be killed to hide it.

And that means we have a chance to find proof."

Joyce nodded. "Promise me Xander i hate slavers."

Xander nodded. "We have time and YOUR grandchild is more important right now."

TT cried. "My arm is more important right now."

They nodded as they took the crying hero inside.

"You know i am still a real man Im just have the guts to express my emotion." TT said as they walked in to the waiting friends.

Chapter 46
Breaking in a new path.

It was dark in the room only one magic torch was giving them light. But Selia rather preferred it dark so would the Dwarf when he waked up.

Carefully she draw threads after thread of Ataxatropi the magic energy of the chaos or Change itself viewing them in to a working pattern she cast her spell on the stone form of the dwarf.

Selia grinned it was always more easy to use Chaos spells when Xander where around probably because the possibility of change were always stronger when ever he were in the room.

Beside her Xander frowned wonder what the Dwarfs first reaction would be.

And he wonder if Selia and him could find a private room to make love in.

The Stone statue shivered its body slowly shifted from minerals to flesh as the magic slowly was ripped sunder by the spell of Selias. The Dwarf started to fall down.

Xander carefully put his arm on the dwarfs shoulder to steady him up. "Careful my friend. Your been standing a long long time now."

The Dwarf slowly recover his wits. "What what. ARE YOU DOING HERE ELFS?" He growled.

Xander blinked "Hiding."

The Dwarf blinked. "WHAT you are HIDING. ITS a war out here and you are in the middle of the battle. This is not a place to hide."

Xander smiled gently. "Whats you name master Dwarf."

He notice now that the Dwarf were flesh again that his arm must have been hurt because he still had bandage around it.

The Dwarf study the foolish elf. "Im Ghulik Clan Samar, House Samar." Xander blinked House Samar that would mean that the dwarf were part of the Ruling cast of elders the one that chose the king.

You were not born in to the ruling cast you were made part by being a master in your craft.

Or adopted as a hero. "Well Ghulik. Look around you what do you see." He said.

The Dwarf study the elf then carefully looked around them. They were in the gathering room just above the heart of the stone the center of the fortress.

He frowned it looked dry and OLD dust century of dust was sitting everywhere. "How long. How long did i sleep."

Xander smiled trying to transmit as much friendship as he could. "Over Five hundred years you and your family have slept."

Ghulik blinked, "five hundred Fi.. What about my family?" He asked. Xander sat down beside the dwarf trying to look friendly. "We found OVER 10,000 statues of sleepers like you. Trapped as stones."

Ghulik paled something felt right a part of him felt OLD. He licked his dry lips trying to find moister.

Xander gave him some water. "Drink as much as you like this is only water. But this," he said holding up a another bottle "is water AND some healing magic to give you strength. Only a mouth full of this."

The Dwarf drank his fill from the first bottle waiting a moment before taking the second carefully he only took a small zip of water. "Thanks."

Xander grinned. "You welcome. Its what we do," he said smiling.

The Dwarf smiled. "What help others."

Xander. "That also but mostly we change the rules."

The Dwarf raised an eyebrow. "Change the rules?" He asked.

Xander nodded, "lets get you up and walking let you SEE your home and we tell you all about US and then YOU will help us awaken you family." He said waving a arm towards the huge army of Dwarf standing line after line young and old male and females.


Ghulik shivered in anger. The book was clearly a Dwarfish ballad telling the end of the Samar and how the Roghan wise waited until the water was drain to seek thru the empty Fortress.

It said they found thousands of Dwarfs dead by the hands of Tiraks and proof that the last Samar bravely manage to destroy the wall between the lake and the fortress.

"Its A stinking Lie," he growled.

Xander nodded. "That it is. The Roghan leaders knew that your were sleeping inside. They must have. So to stop any one from entering specially a Dwarf they said you all died as heroes and made this a TOMB in your honor. NO dwarf would enter the grave of a dead hero."

Ghulik nodded, "why?"

Xander looked up. "Your mines they have been using them ever sense. Mining and digging out treasures. We found out by mistake when we stole food from them that THEY also is holding ELVES as slaves."

Ghulik paled. "Thats thats sickening."

Xander nodded. "I know The Roghan might have told us a lie. But i dont believe that. I hope he IS lying but i dont believe that."

The Dwarf raised his eye brow in surprise. "You hope."

Xander nodded. "Think about it generation after generation of being slaves.

And some old ones might have been slaves for thousands of years."

Ghulik nodded. "i i see. Is the Roghan still here?"

Xander grinned, "i think so but Me, Joyce and TT here kicked their butts."

Ghulik raised an eyebrow. "She was a Slayer you said. Some one that have difficult killing mortals right. How could she kick their butts then."

Xander grinned. "Killing is difficult yes breaking arms and legs is NOT difficult and enemy no fight with out legs and arms."

Ghulik nodded. "Ooo i see. If she did not prove her strength i would not believed her." He was thinking seeing that thin elven lift an anvil up high was impressive.

Specially after it would take two STRONG Dwarf to even lift it a feet.

Xander grinned. "So like to help us wake you clan."

Ghulik nodded. "That i do. I will offer you and your family safety with in our halls. Our clan is your clan your blood is mine."

Xanders eyes turned green glowing in the night. "Accepted we are pack blood and flesh. Your enemies are mine Ghulik."

For a Dwarf Ghulik manage to grin impressively like a Wolf as he growled. "Pack we are indeed." Together they laught like hyenas.

Buffy shivered. "Mom maybe i made a mistake in waking him."

Joyce frowned. "I think so to Darling. But the question is If its a mistake for US or for our enemies."

Buffy frowned sure she felt danger but not directed towards her.

She ponder it a moment danger filled path the future was. Blood and death was sure to fill it.

Groaning she looked at her big belly. "This is your fault i think like Dr Spook... Or was it Yogurt the green guy?"

Two weeks Later.

Buffy looked up at the Giles. "What?"

Giles grinned. "The Dwarfs found out that the Roghan didnt even steal anything INSIDE the fortress the work shop is broken but everything is still their. They are already preparing to rebuild the defenses."

Buffy blinked. "Wow. Wouldnt the Roghan creeps notice?"

Giles nodded. "Yes but its a tomb if the fire of the forge starts to burn and the gates suddenly close what are they going to do. Its taboo to even come close. Sure they will investigate but they will see Dwarf and lots of them dressed like Dead Samar. Like ghost"

Buffy grinned. "And they will not attack ghost."

Giles nodded. "Exactly. They will ask for reinforcements. And the Samar have already send a messenger running to the king of the Ghor Dwarfs and the King of the Drezin and Zolod Dwarfs.

They even send a messenger asking for Learams help."

Buffy nodded grinning. "So its a waiting game then."

Giles. "Yes if the Roghan would arrive first we might have to fight. But strangely Xander seem not to worried."

In the Forge.

"Argh Look again. Or by the fools that i believed was my father i will shave your beard off." Xander growled.

The Dwarf smith nodded paling at the threat the beard was a symbol of pride and honor. "Calm down now Xander," he said.

Xander nodded. "Just understand THIS is a dangerous thing. The pressure valve is a safety.

If you do it wrong this whole thing can go BOOM killing any one in the same room." He shook his head.

"Its a great weapon using steam it will shoot a missile a long long way. This drawing and blue prints will shoot a stone about my weight for almost 3 Km. Smaller stones longer."

The dwarf warrior nearby almost drooled. "Thats sound great. What about the danger."

Xander study him. "Pressure it build up heavy pressure when its charging IF the safety valve is made the wrong way it will go Boom and I have no experience in building them only what i read in THIS and other books."

The Dwarf smith nodded. "Well the drawing or blue print is rather complete unless i make a short cut. And i will not when you explained it like that. I can make a copy of this cannon."

Xander grinned. "Their is other weapons but i dont think they would be effective. Gun powder. Coal, Sulfur an. "

"How do you know about that?" The Dwarf interrupted him.

Xander blinked. "Basic knowledge you?"

The Dwarf soldier growled, "secret of the dwarfs. And you right Any shaman or mage could make it explode from a days travel. It just not safe to use in a fight."

Xander nodded. "I suspected as much. But you can make weapon cannons using explosive to send the missile flying."

The dwarf listen carefully as he explained the concept of cannons.

Soon the forge oven was working not at full capacity but close.

Walls were being repaired.

The Fish dams cleaned up luckily the years sleeping had filled large part of the lower levels making them HUGE fish dams so food was actually plenty of IF you liked fish. And mushrooms.



The Roghan scout came running in. "Ghost sire the Samar have risen from their graves."

The commander of the Roghan paled. "No no no no." He said it could not be true the dark shameful secret his dad told him. "Send a runner to our king Tell him some one have waken the trapped sleepers inside the Samar fortress.

Tell him the Samar knew we let them sleep we betrayed our brothers."

His secretary nodded paled at the indication of his word before running away with the messenger to find a runner.

The Scout looked sick. "Sir."

The commander nodded. "Sit down son. Let me give you a drink," he said feeling for the first time really really OLD. He was at the end of his life almost 250 years old in human years he would be about 85.

Luckily most dwarf were strong and healthy until they suddenly just faded away rapidly aging and died only years after.

First the Phantom had come and humiliated them.

Then Darkwing duck and the human fighter had made him spill another one of their secrets.

Right now he knew why the old aged so fast in the end they had no more urge to live.

Looking at the young Scout barely 35. "Here a cup of Black dragon. I know its a Tirak drink but i sometimes need something strong to warm my blood. Let me tell you something my dad told me."


"What now?" The young Dwarf said. For the first time shame filled him shame of the Roghan shame of his own blood.

Born in the belief that Dwarf were superior to all other races in this world.

And the Roghan were the true Master race superior among the Dwarfs themselves.

Now he knew he was nothing he was blood of dirt.

The old man smiled a bitter smile. "You could stay and fight in the GLORY of Roghan. Or i could turn my eyes around and let you run away. And enter the path of shame and rebirth."

The young man looked up paled. "Escape break my oath."

The old man nodded. "Yes and then go to Ghor ask for the right to enter the Path. Im sure you survive and after that you can demand to be adopted by any Dwarfen Clan. The Zolod, The Ghor, or the Drezin would be proud to have you among them."

The young Dwarf nodded. "Yes i would be reborn." he said. Frowning breaking a oath was going against his nature.

The old man smiled. "Do it son. Soon we will face the responsibility of our action and i dont think we will survive that."

The Young man nodded. "Thank you uncle. What are you going to say to Dad."

The old grinned. "You were scouting in an area and now you are dead."

The Young man nodded in a way he would be reborn in spirit forced to give up his old name he would be dead and reborn IF he survived the trials. "Thanks i be going now."

"I see you in the next life." The old Dwarf said looking out the windows their it was the sign of their dooms smoke from the Forges of Samar strange he could not hate them.

All he could do was pity his baby brothers family so proud so foolish proud of their Roghan blood But His brother were hundred years younger then he so.

He sighted as he picked up a small picture of an elven fighter. Maybe he would seek out his old enemy and challenge him on a duel of honor.

Yes he could take a year free from his duty so maybe fighting a duel he could not win would be a true victory.

Sitting inside the old man fell asleep in his chair.

Later His men found him still sitting in the chair dead.

Some believed shame.

Others believed a broken heart his family had broken his oath of honor and running away.

Others believed he was overwork.

The truth was all of the above.

Chapter 47
Breaking in a New Path.

AN: Buffy is about 9 month pregnant in part 47 and have given birth.

Xander sighed. The Samar were friendly but still shocked and angry over the over the long sleep that was understandable.

But they made him nervous they where TO friendly specially towards Buffy.

Selia had explained it among Dwarfs it took years after years before they manage to have a baby.

And That made them extra protective over pregnant females.

Xander believed her but still.

He had the feeling that their were more to this then just friendship and not knowing made him nervous.


Somewhere else...

"I Thank you my lord Vontar for the new chance of life and our new friends." Ghulik said raising from his praying and turning towards the priest. "You sure we should not tell them."

The Priest. "No The slayer and her family have the blessing of Vontar even if they are not Dwarf from this point they will be seen as Dwarfs. But until the priest of Ghor, Drezin acknowledge it must bee kept secret."

Ghulik nodded. "Sure just us and the rest of our clan then."

Later. Private meeting.

Buffy sighed. "They are TO friendly."

Angel nodded. "I think so to. They must be up to something."

Xander frowned looking down at Miss Pryde. "Do you know anything."

Miss Pryde nodded. "Only things i overheard. It looks like they consider the Slayer as one of them a Dwarf. Im not sure but they might try to stop You Buffy and your child from leaving. Holding you and the child here for your own protection."

Buffy paled. "No no."

Angel thought. "It would be boring. But think about it Buffy both of you would be safe."

Buffy, "no we have to run."

Xander looked at Giles. "Whats your opinion."

Giles sighed. "I dont think the Slayer would survive being jailed for any long period not even protective reason. So as soon as the Baby is born we should sneak away for now."

Joyce frowned. "Maybe we should try spy out more before we jump to our first conclusion."

Xander nodded.

Angel nodded.

Giles nodded.

Buffy, "WHY we always jump to our first conclusion and never been wrong before."

They looked at her like she was crazy.

"You believed the Die that brought us here was safe." Xander said.

"Oops." Buffy said.

Miss Pryde sneaked out time to spy.

Outside messengers from different target had arrived.

Armies were saddling up for a race to save or destroy.

The Drezin the clan of scholar mystics and mages among the Dwarfs they were the keeper of secrets. And their army were the first one out marching small fast and dangerous in unusual ways of battle.

Then came the Roghan the clan knowned to be master of forging and the clan that was the first clan that created weapons. They were the hot heads proud and now they would destroy any sign of their dishonor. Or die trying. Their army large and trained in offensive war.

Then Clan Ghor the oldest clan the first clan. And the master of stone and buildings. They had the information Samar had survived now they needed rescue and rescue they would get.

Their army heavily loaded with weapons armor and tools the Ghor were master of Defensive war.

Last came the Clan Zolods.

They were traders merchants living among the humans they were huge almost as huge as the Ghor but they lived to spread out for easy reach.

Half of Their army being Dwarfs were marching The rest being Human, Tiraks, Elf, and even some mercenary thats had NO problem riding and traveling with a ship they sailed up the rivers in full speed.

Among the troops they hired were heroes the best gold could buy.

Silrinta the elven master archer.

Thulle The human swords master and a real hero.

Krampuk the Trukk master of the war hammer and a champion fighter Happy Sunflower the Mislor sword fighter and mass murder.

Extremely cute and really hate when a big person make fun of his name.

Each of the clans had send their best.

Even the Learams had send an army sailing their ships sails were blowing in the winds like wings as they hurried to the call of the Dwarfen clan of Samar.

Of course the fact that the Dragon Sir Verdukar said it would be a polite thing to do. Had something to do with that.

The Sanarie Amethyst tower blinked in surprised as the report came inside.

Army after army were marching North in the middle of the winter.

Not even Tiraks where that crazy.

Of course they send their best troops a small unit riding the small animal Hevea Dragons flying up north (about the brain of a horse) If something were happening The Sanarie would be part of that.

Of course this much happening create waves among the other races.

The Humans shivered in fear NOT another elven Dwarf war.

But some did send out small troops north just to find out what the **** what happened.

And the Tiraks.

The Baziriks tribes ignored it. They were sailors and merchants and of course Pirates not land crabs.

The Marnakh tribe were to fractured to make any organized try.

But the Frakk knew that something was brewing. They could smell Blood in the air and They were hungry for war.

Later. A month later.

"Aaargh THIS.. IS... YOUR... FAULTH.. GILES... I... HATE... YOU.."

Buffy screamed in pain as she finally gave birth.

Angel smiled as he pulled the baby free. "Its a Boy Buffy."

Buffy blinked, "really. Look He is so beautiful," she said happy.

Angel frowned, "wait. Its one more."

Buffy eyes turned a hate full Glare towards Giles "THIS... IS...

ALL... YOUR... FAULTH... GILES... I... HATE... YOU... The pain the pain i need drugs i like drugs why cant you create drugs i like opium even PCP any drug the pain." She cried as she started to give birth to the other twin.

Giles sighted holding the baby. "I hope this go fast."

Heart of the stone. The meeting room..

Xander suddenly felt happy that he were NOT in the same room. "So any report." He said.

The Dwarfs nodded waving him over. "Yes it looks like its a race.

8 different groups small troops and whole armies are moving up towards us. The elven Dragon riders send by the Sanarie is already spying on us. Then after that we know that a ship loaded with humans holding the Zolod flag is sailing and riding in full speed they will come second.

The Roghan and the Drezin will arrive at the same time. After it will be probably the Ghor and the rest of the Zolod army."

Xander blinked. "How did you know all that?" He asked.

The Dwarf king Ghulik chosen by the survivors as new king grinned. "We asked the elven Dragon riders. And gave them food for knowledge about what was happening."

Xander. "Aah i see. Did you offer them somewhere the sleep."

Ghulik looked shocked. "No they are spying on us it would be disrespectful to their skills as spy to do that. But we told them about some nice caves."

Xander groaned. "I see. But would be disrespectful if I as friend of the Dwarfs walked up and asked them IF they would like somewhere warm to sleep. And a possibility to REALY spy on you guys on the condition that they used their dragon to scout for US."

Ghulik blinked paled turned green then grinned, "let me see. You tell them that IF they scout for US they get to sleep in warm place and have a better chance spying out something important about us."

Xander nodded. "Exactly they be foolish to say no. And IF they accept YOU guys would be fools to say no. Never underestimate the power of air born scouts."

Ghulik nodded. "Well friend I tell the others then they protest symbolical but will agree its a great plan. You can go at dawn."

Xander grinned. "Well Im of to see Buffy baby now."


Xander grinned. "Gogoogoo goo daaa daaa," he said cuddling one of the childs. "He is so cute."

Buffy grinned. "SHE that the girl."

Xander blinked lifted part of the baby blanket. "No Buffy this IS the boy."

Buffy frowned. "Ooh. I see."

Joyce smiled. "So what are you going to name them."

Buffy smiled. "We were thinking 'Hope' if its a girl and Rupert if its a boy."

Giles grinned madly like a sun. "Really?"

Buffy smiled. "Yes Giles you its daddy. And mine in a sick kind of perverted incest kind of way. I will never drink again. Me and Angel will be its parents but So will you."

Giles smiled and looked away study the wall carvings as he hide his tears.

Mara study the babies. "I think they are almost pure Kragg." She said. "Probably have most of the strength of a Kragg or Etyren."

Buffy nodded. "They sure are big for babies."

Mara smiled. "Yes. They are."

Xander smiled. "Joyce Selia would the two of you like to go for a walk at Dawn."

The two looked at him and smiled. "Sure whats the mayhem?" Joyce said.

Later at Dawn...

Fully armored and dressed they walked out not sneaking or hiding just walking.

Time to find the dragon riders.

Already they could feel the sense of a dragon looking at them.

A hour later. They came towards the cave.

It was five dragon riders that looked at them and somewhere close were the rest of them.

"We come in peace." Xander said.

The elves study him.

The Dragons study him they were big like a horses but longer.

Hevea dragons smarts as a horse size cat.

They singing filled the air sounding like BIG songbirds.

Still they were impressive and looked dangerous.

The leader nodded. "You may enter. What is your name?"

"Xander from the House and Clan Aled." He said with pride.

The Dragon riders eyes turned big. "Darkwing Duck." One said in shock.

Xander nodded. "Some know me by that name."

Joyce smiled soon her name would be spread. "Im Joyce of the House Summer and clan Summer. A Pyar. And a Slayer of demon."

The Elves raised an eyebrow wondering if they should be impressed by her title as a slayer.

But they were impressed over the fact that a Shadow Dog Puppy barely two month old were walking behind her.

Joyce turned and looked at what the other were staring at. "Ooh Devil i told you to stay home."

The Puppy just drooled and gave her his best puppy eyes dog version of No you did not.

Joyce folded like a house of cards.

"I am Selia Clan Rigdari, House Furani. Former of the Amethyst guard." Selia said.

They nodded Selia rumor were knowned the walked the thin line between to dangerous to live and to useful to be killed.

So far she was TO useful to be killed.

The leader smiled. "Well you are welcome to our lair. We dont have much right now but some elk might taste fine."

Xander grinned. "Well lets eat and then discuss our business."



The elven could not believe their ears. Their leader spoke. "You are saying we can spy better up their. And They will let us live among them IF we scout for them."

Xander nodded happy as he ate another piece of elk meat. "Exactly only an amateur spy would say NO."

The elven flinched. They had hoped he did not know that.

The leader spoke again. "I will have to discuss this with the others. How may we contact you."

Xander grinned. "SEE that huge bolder over their."

He said pointing at a huge snow cover stone bolder.

They nodded...

Xander continue to grin happy. "Just knock on it and ask the dwarf spying on you that you accept. And dont worry he is the spy they expect you to discover they have others i dont know about."

The elven did not like that.

And they really hated the happy tone of Xander voice.

The leader "I see. How come you are so happy."

Xander. "Because i like my friend to live and smart guys live long." The leader nodded. "So the Dwarfs are your friends."

Xander smiled. "I think SOME dwarfs are my friend. I think some elves are my friends even some Tiraks are my friends.

Who would you think are your friends.

Those you live among those that intrigue against you OR those that would stand by your side and risk their own life to save yours."

The leader. "Those that would risk their life for mine."

Xander nodded. "I know Elfs that would do that for me.

I know a Tirak that would do that for me.

And i know humans and many Dwarfs that would do that for me.

Is it wrong for me to wish them a long life. To risk my own life for them."

The elven study the floor. "No its not just unusual. Tiraks are not really." The leader said.

Xander gave him a hard eyes. "The Tirak are just like us some good some bad.

Some of them needs to be killed other need to be protected just like us elven."

They were silent. Then Selia stood up. "Well darling lets go back again." And they were walking off.

Xander could feel the Elven looked on him study him and wondering about what he told them.

ON the river beach a not that far away a ship had to stop sailing the water were to frozen.

Soldier walked ashore a tired seasick Dwarf finally started to recuperate as he felt earth underneath his feet.

The Dwarf had extreme sense of balance most Dwarf could walk a line with no training before they were 8 years old.

But on a ship constantly moving They were seasick extremely sick.

His men troopers mercenary waited until their captain had regain strength. They did respect him and they knew that even go on board a ship was extremely brave thing for a dwarf to do.

This was his second time and he hated it.

Happy Sunflower The Mislor fighter walked around smiling. "Would anybody care about a snowball war." He asked.

He was friendly and looked like a cute kid but anger the small fighter and you would find a deadly non forgiving fighter.

A Mislor might be smaller then a human or even smaller then a dwarf but they were almost as strong as a human just smaller.

The elven archer nodded. "It would be good training Im in.

anybody else." Some of the others joined the snow war.

For most it was training and warm up but Happy Sunflower it was fun games. He was a Mislor and they were like children their whole life. Even if most that seen him in a fight would consider him a Dangerous bloodthirsty fighter he still liked to play game and kill any one that made fun of his name.

Chapter 48
Breaking in a New Path.

Xander sighed two days the Elven Dragons rider had been their and TWO days he felt that he had overlooked something important.

He sat down looking deep in his beer glass.

Now they knew a HUGE army of Tiraks were on their way to finish them all off.

And a Huge army of Roghan.

And lots of other armies to protect them from the Roghans.

Sadly most of them had deep hatred of each other.

Looking thru the Beer glass he could see On the other side twisted by the glass he could see a Dwarf repairing a pair of pants.

And the Dragon waving its wings.

And the fire. "Ooh the pants the fire the Dragon. So Obvious." Xander said. "Im a Fool why did i forget about that." With that Xander grabbed the pants and rushed out. If his theory about the pants material were correct he had a cunning plan.

The Dwarf blinked as the Elven hero stole her underpants and ran away. "You think he is a pervert?" She asked her friend nervous.


A grinning Xander came walking in the War room where the Leader of the Elven Dragon rider was sitting glad of the opportunity to spy at this place.

The Dwarf leader frowned as Xander came walking in with a huge Grin on his face and. A pair of female underpants in his belt.

"I Have a Cunning plan." Xander said his voice sounded crazy.

Selia. "Aaa i see," she said nervous something about Xander tone was OFF. Xander grinned even more his eyes glow with the power of the Hyena. "I cant believe i forgot something important like this but i remember it now. YOU," he said to the Elven Dragon rider.

He Jumped "What!!"

Xander pressed his face nose to nose to the elven dragon rider. "What would you say if i offer you knowledge about a NEW powerful Weapon. A weapon you can use to throw heavy stones on your enemies or transport your troops fast as the wind. And what would you be willing to DO if i gave the secret to you."

The elven Dragon rider blinked and even sweat dropped. "I i would do anything with in reason its would be a great honor."

Xander grinned. "Great i will hold YOU to that the weapon will Need the service of Dragon riders for full effect."

Then he turned to the others. "If you build this" he said casting a drawing on the table. "We can transport the Learam elven and some of the willing Dwarf to this place faster then a horse can ride."

Ghulik the King looked at the drawing "What IS this."

Xander grinned. "Its a hot air balloon a Zeppelin type. Watch" he said.

Taking the pants they could see he stuck a small casket underneath and then he held it over the hot fire slowly the pants where filled with air and then he let go and it slowly where flying up in the air.

Xander smiled. "I knew i seen the material you dwarf use. Its like Silk but tougher. Remind me about the material WE use in hot air balloons. Or parachutes." He giggled. "I almost forgot about that."

The Elven looked at him. "So what do you need the Dragons for."

Xander grinned. "Power of transportation. The balloon will only FLY at the direction the wind blow. The dragons can be used to drag it thru the air." Finally he would be able to sleep again.

Ghulik nodded then turned to Giles, Joyce and the rest. "Is Xander crazy."

Joyce smiled. "No balloons of that kind WORKS. I seen it."

Giles. "Absolutely crazy but its a great plan." he said.

Ghulik sat down. "We will build it. Any orders."

Xander nodded. "NO holes tight and tuff stitch that will not break." He then stood up. "Now i will go to sleep i havent slept in two days."

With that he walked away.

The elven Dragon rider nodded. "That explain why he looked Crazy."

TT grinned. "You obviously dont know him that well."

Ghulik nodded. "Any one willing to fly on a balloon or a dragon must have a head filled with hot air dont know what you need the balloon for your head would probably work just flap your ears." He said grinning.

Joyce giggled. As she flapped her elven ears.

Later. Four days later.

Buffy looked as the literally army of dwarf were carrying a roll of silk in blue red green colors that hurt her eyes more then a Hawaii shirt.

It was huge.

The basket was also huge made of wood and rope and looked like it only was held together by hope and luck. But the Dwarf said it could hold five horses.

Xander was grinning like a mad man.

Slowly the balloon was filled with hot air.

Everybody was watching with disbelief.

Buffy and Angel held the babies twins close.

And then the balloon now wedge shaped contraption slowly lifted from the hands that held it.

The Fire was placed in a basket underneath it and the balloon drifted up lifting the basket only the rope them self held it down.

Shocked silence the groaned in protest threatening to break in pressure. And Xander. "IT IS FLYING FLYING," he said Laughing his best evil genius laughter. Shocking the dwarfs and the elves.

Buffy rolled her eyes.

TT grinned practice really makes perfection. They had train the laughter in private to get the right mix between crazy, Genius and evil.

So far it was a success.

Xander looked down to the elven dragon riders. "Now saddle up and lets fly."

One by one the Dragon riders saddle up they had long ropes from the basket to the dragons.

TT and Selia climbed up in the basket.

"Release the ropes." Xander screamed. Axe wielding Dwarfs made a short work of the ropes.

And up they went like a huge elevator.

The dragons riders lifted hurried to follow the rising balloon and capture the rope they would use to draw the balloon to each goal the Learam elven.

Selia turned and Watch Xander standing their with a captain hat on his head. She blinked where did he get that. And where did he got the strange glasses from and why did he have them.

Xander ignored her as he watch the world the Glasses were an investment he 'stole' them and some extra pairs from the dwarfs forge the wind up here might be cold and hurt his eyes.

Selia soon knew why it was biting cold her eyes filled with tears.

with out a word Xander gave her a pair and they waited silently.

TT smiled. "I think the balloon is working better then it should we are to far up."

Xander nodded. "The dragons will capture us and then we have to remember this less hot air."

A day later.

"Captain Captain," the Learam Elven Screamed as he burst inside opening the door with out knocking.

Kiyona the battle angel of Dunbaton growled as she woke up. "WHAT?"

The Learam sailor paled. "Sorry Captain but some one likes to talk to you. Its important."

Kiyona blinked. "We are in the middle of the SEA on a ship whats important? Did some send dragon riders with a message or what?"

The sailor nodded "Kind of..."

Kiyona swore only the kingdom of Consaber and the elf and Dragon slayer cult had access to Dragon riders.

"I come," she said. Second time that young Fool Xander had forced her away from her family and husband a old human already slowly dying of old age.

Outside her cabin Kiyona paled it was HUGE bigger then her ship.

looked almost like a upside down Axe but fatter and made of silk like material.

Underneath was a smaller basket where a grinning Xander stood.

Six dragons where sitting on the back of her ship watching her and the nervous sailors.

But that that contraption of Xander it was flying with NO magic.

She paled.

And Xander grinned. "Permission to come aboard captain." He said.

Kiyona nodded still in shock over the strange flying basket thing.


"So you asking me to send part of the troops on that thing in advance." She said.

Xander nodded. "It can take about twenty soldier with weapons and light armor. The Journey will take about two days."

Her eyes turned big "Two days it will take us a month."

The Dragon rider nodded, "its faster flying. Thanks to that thing the dragons can actually LAND and rest in the air so we can fly non stop.

Kiyona head hurts of the implications of that that thing.

She had the strange feeling that for the first time ever Dragon riders had become something MORE then just Scouts during war.

Something dangerous and important.

Xander slowly sipped his Whicebar. "Hey this taste like Whisky" he said happy...

They stared at the goofy looking happy young elf..

His hair wildly sticking out. He was stinking of smoke and some sort of Dwarf glasses were on his head.

Kiyona giggled. "I ask my troops." He reminded her of her own kids. Except they were not insane.

TT looked down from where he sat in the balloon fishing.

"Ay Captain we going yet." He asked Xander.

Xander nodded. "Yes we are."

A elven stopped them. "While on board this ship You aint a captain. Your a Commander."

Xander blinked "Why"

The elven frowned "Bad luck would happen if two captains were on the same ship."

Xander nodded. "All right but when Im on board my ship Im captain right?" The elven smiled. "That you are commander."

TT rolled his eyes. "Well hurry up ca. commander."

Xander nodded and soon Learam troops were climbing on board one by one. He had asked for some with a special skill that he felt would be useful to scare the shit from the dwarfs.

And now he hade 20 bagpipe players the Dwarf.

He had plans on flying above the Roghan dwarfs army playing a bit.

Things were good in his life.

"Want to snuggle a bit." He said to Selia and they were soon sitting close warming each other.

TT rolled his eyes. Looking over the Learam elves he was surprised the SIZE difference between the male and the females. It was huge.

"If i ask any of you lady if you would like to snuggle up would you hurt me?"

The Learam girls looked at each others. "Probably." TT nodded drying a pretend tear from his face. "Sigh no body loves me."

The Learams grinned and laught. As they boarded the flying ship.



Tzmak House Roghan Klan Roghan. Froze and stood still around him his army did the same thing.

Bagpipes were singing their song a Learam marching song really really close.

They turned and watch the forest no army were seen by the trackers and yet the sound were almost above them.

The Dwarf army shiver in fear as a HUGE GIGANTIK Shadow drifted above them a flying ship pulled by Dragons and filled with Learams passed over them singing the songs of their future death.

Tzmak could only say one thing. "Crap. March march we have to get their first." The elven were not playing fair.

In the Basket Xander grinned. "Later after we rested at the Samar lets do a Drive by and play for the Frakk army."

The Learam grinned that would actually be fun.

Inside Xander where planning on teaching them the joy of firebombs. He he burn fools burn.

Chapter 49
On the sidelines.

Giles looked at Miss Pryde. "Its certainly is a valid concern. You are right i should do something face my weakness like a man."

The two walked inside deeper in the fortress.

Giles knocked on the door. "Excuse me Sir. But could you help me?"

The Dwarf working to restore the library nodded. "I dont know but tell me Master Giles whats wrong."

Giles smiled. "I cant read. You heard the story that we are from another world the other got reading skills of THIS world I got NON. I was like you a librarian and i love books."

The Dwarf looked at the Giant human before him rippling with muscles and looking quite wild. "I see. You would like a teacher in reading."

Giles nodded. "I know you are busy but there must be some way."

The Dwarf librarian thought a moment. "I think so. My son is a smart man and he recently lost an arm in the fight. Before we turned us to stone to survive.

Teaching you to write and read might help him."

Giles nodded. "Thanks."

The dwarf nodded. "I will set up time for the two of you to learn."

Giles smiled and walked out.



Joyce smiled as she faced the two Dwarf warriors They were the bravest and strongest and most skill fighter Samar had to offer. "Im going to hurt you guys." She said.

They growled. "Bring it on."

Beside her sat Angel drinking a cup of beer.

Bakharu a new Friend of Angel looked up. "Your not worried."

Angel grinned. "Your friend will win. Better she looses in a training match then out in the battle field."

Bakharu nodded and watch the training match started.


Joyce "Ouch ouch ouch..."

The two Dwarf looked down. "Your Good girl really really good." The first one said.

The other one smiled. "Yes You almost broke my arm had i not parried with the shield."

Joyce. "Thanks i thought i was better then this."

Angel stood up and walked over. "Joyce against untrained fighters you ARE good. But those two have trained against Xander in full hyena.

They know how to fight speed animal possession is not unheard of here. Some Barbarians use it regular.

As a slayer you are faster and stronger.

But skill will still beat speed and strength.

They know how to fight speed."

Joyce frowned. "You tricked me."

Angel nodded. "And why?"

Joyce growled. "To teach me not to underestimate my opponent."

Angel grinned. "Exactly i hate to lose my future mother in law."

Joyce snorted. "I dont know if Im going to punish you for this trap or thank you or do both."

Angel smiled. "Well would it help if i lied and said i was sorry."

Joyce nodded. "Now heal me i think i fractured some bones."

Angel smiled and lied. "I am sorry that i tricked you in my quest to keep you alive."

Joyce giggled. "I can see why my child love you smooth talker. Learning from Xander have you."

The Dwarf smiled drinking a cup of Mead the Elven slayer sure had strength and speed.

And guts they liked that.

Miss Pryde was sneaking around.

So far she had not found any evidence that the Dwarf were going to keep them here against their will.

So far.

"Kitty" a voice said. and a young 9-10 year old dwarf girl that just recently started to grow her first mustache lifted her up. "Ooh you are so fine yes you are yes..."

Pryde rolled her eyes. She did not have time for this. Ooh that place.

The Dwarf girls smiled in joy as the cat started to purr as she petted its head gently.

....Xander and Selia............

"The Wind is really blowing up here." Selia said.

Xander nodded a worried look on his face. "I think we need to go down or move around that area. It looks like a storm is coming."

He whistled and one of the Dragon riders came flying up.


The balloon was tightly secured inside a ravine stuck between the two sides safe from the storm that were blowing above them.

Xander sat down with Selia and relaxed. Soon they were sleeping.

A small roof had been made by leather and they camped down inside.

TT grinned holding up something the Dwarf had made for him. "Now this is the King of games it is called Poker. Like to learn?"

The Learams fighter turned an interest towards the game.

Many games later...

TT sighted "I cant believe i lost all that silver." He looked irritated. "Beginners luck lets try again." The girls he was playing with smiled.

"Luck HA what do you have to play with."

TT held up another bag of silver.

And the game was on.

Later. "Full house," TT said.

"Pair," TT said.

"Well look like you are out of the game then," he said.

The Learam girl looked angry then frustrated. What about my Nihm swords.

TT "No you need them in the fight." He looked at her. "But we could make this in to a Strip poker.

The elven girl stared at him "Explain."

TT smilingly explained soon the rest of the guys where smiling.

The elven girl grinned. "Deal."

And the game was on again.


"Yes where is mommy here is mommy." Buffy said as she played with her new born, baby that really were only interesting in sleeping and eating.

Chapter 50
A Call to arms....

A month have gone.

The Learams Elves had arrived carried by the Dragon blimp.

They had even carried a small number of Drezin Dwarf.

And all of the Zolod mercenary troops.

During the Dawn and the sundown the mountains echo with the music of Bagpipes.

Its music haunting like a ghost and hope filled.

Buffy did not understand why they made it important to go out and play during sun-up and sun-down.

Angel just enjoyed the music but truly did not understand it.

The Frakk tribes of Tiraks believed the Learam was calling down evil spirits to fight their battles.

The Dwarf just fear the music knowing the elven were ready to fight to the last drop of blood.

But not many understood.

Giles understood.

So did Xander having knowledge in the Learams culture and music he understood.

Its a symbol marking here their be Elven Learam elven.

Some used flags like the American flag or English flag.

But the Learam used music each clan had their song and they kill you if you mock it. In Alarin the home of the Learam each Clan fortress would play their song indicating everything was alright and well.

Where the music is playing their are Learam elves are ready and willing to fight.

And it made their enemies afraid their reputation as fighter made them feared.

Each morning The walls vibrated in the tunes The Bagpipe Marches human war-drums joining in played by the Zolod mercenary.

A small group of Sanarie Elfs Dragon rider playing the flute had joined them elf pride.

And Dwarfs trumped player had joined up Dwarf pride demanded it.

Quite beautifully if you forgotten what the true meaning of this orchestra were. It was an orchestra of Doom.

The Roghan had marching in to the valley beneath the Fortress.

At dusk they suddenly felt the doom as the music started to play.

Tzmak House Roghan Klan Roghan could see the fear in his troops as they started to shiver the mystic sound of the Bagpipe and the drums and trumpets and flutes were calling them to their death.

Then the snow started to fall.

And the night came.

Courage and moral where lower then ever been among them that night.

Xander grinned. "Ready," his cloak waving in the wind.

Joyce nodded and grinned in her dark purple costume she was like the night.

TT nodded he had his Yellow dark costume on him again. And the steel gloves with the claws now improved by Dwarf technology razor sharp and he did get some training in them.

Unknown by them all the chaos god Janus were laughing his ass off again. And once again blessed his champions and his followers with strength and skill for the night.

"Then lets go. Remember In and out we have our individuals objectives." Xander said and they sneaked in TT tunneling under the snow like a snow worm.

Xander and Joyce climbing and jumping from tree to tree one using her slayer strength the other his hyena powers.

The camp was quite the guard on the watch nervous and highly alert. Nothing could go pass them.


TT shiver in cold as he dug his way thru every now and then he would push up a small periscope to see if he were going the right way.

Xander landed among large catapults and machine of death.

Joyce landed behind the supply tents.

Smiling they started their work.

Joyce pulled out an irritated but warm Miss Pryde.

That did her magic stealing food supply.

Xander pulled his dagger free as he sneaked inside the officers sleeping tenths.

Assassination is an ugly word but effective.

TT came up directly at his target.

Grinning he walked inside.

Perfect Beer the blood of Vontar No Dwarf army march with out drinks.

He did feel shame but a man had to do what a man have to do.

Lamp oil and a torch later he had rigged it for burning in a minute or two.

He dived down in the snow and now to move out for part 2.

Xander took a deep breath painted the sign of the duck on the wall cleaned his dagger and sneaked out.

It was probably only a commander he murdered but If he were lucky it could have been a general.

The point is to make the Dwarf afraid of the dark.

He started to sneak out to the gathering point.

"Are you ready?" Joyce said to Miss Pryde as she nodded Joyce put her down in the carry basket and climbed a tree and they were off.

TT and Xander soon found the secondary target.

The guard patrols small groups of Dwarfs scouts patrolling the perimeter with in the sight of the main camp but outside the standard guards.

"I am the reputation that never go away." Xander whispered.

The pair of dwarf guard turned toward Xander. He stood their sword in each hands eyes suddenly screaming hate anger and you are so dead.

Then. "I am the bloody blade that cut you down Bub." TT said.

One of the guard turned around. Seeing the black yellow armor human standing behind them steel claws glittering in the pale moon light.

With no further command the battle was on.

They fought well but Xander and TT did not play by the rule.

TT had a miniature Crossbow in hand.

Xander used full Hyena power and skill training he gotten from the Soldier possession and training he got from the elves and the dwarfs sense he gotten here.

It was a bloody and short battle and two guards were gone.

"TT lets vamos." Xander said and they where off.

TT frowned as they were running "Why kill two?"

Xander smiled. "Fear now they know we are out their killing them classic method to break the discipline of you enemies."

TT nodded. "Thats just evil i like it."

In the camp panic burst out as the beer supplies suddenly started to burn.


Morning were not good.

A Commander had been killed no tracks of the attackers method of coming inside and go outside were seen.

The officers felt nervous.

The men felt fear the enemy had manage to steal large part of their supplies.

Then it happened.

A mighty *Boooom* was hear from the Samar fortress a several Kilometer away.

A cloud of Mist was seen.

The Roghan Dwarf wonder what the hell that was when suddenly near them a crash was heard and five pine-trees broke to splinter as a Cannon ball propelled by a Steam cannon fired its first shoot.

Roghan had finally realized that the Samar were shooting at them when *BoooM* was heard again.

This time it hit the camp. It bounced around making mince meat out of fifteen dwarf before its stopped.

Now panic broke out. And the Dwarf could see the shadow of Dragons coming down dropping a spear among them before flying away.

The Roghans Leader walked forward to the spear seeing the note on it.

-The Samar is not happy you betrayed them to eternal sleep now they have broken the spell and are under the protection of the Learam.

And the protection of their Brothers the Drezin, the Zolod and the Ghor.

Give up and you will be spared.

Fight and you will die.

Darkwing duck. Duck or die-

Tzmak growled in rage. "We attack NOW they cant have repaired the gates. And NO one could have got here before us its not possible."

The Roghan troops nodded and prepare to storm the fortress.

Ghulik looked at Xander. "You sure it will work."

Xander nodded. "Once you light that fuse. The whole area they are running on will go BOOM. Most will survive but many will be hurt and many will die."

Ghulik grinned the idea of using mining powder to build traps was a new one and promising method.

Down in the valley the Roghan Dwarf started their march up.

The steam cannon started to shoot bags holding thousands of steel or stone balls.

Each smashing down crushing or maiming Dwarfs.

Tzmak screamed one of the two orders he could. "STORM RUN ATTACK"

And they started to rush in a wild run.

Every now and then stopping for a rest in hiding from the cannon.

Xander grinned the Cannon would get some more of them but soon they would come inside the area where the bomb were.

And then they were running inside the area. The Samar started to light fuse after fuse.

Bomb after bomb went boom spreading chaos as the Roghan did not know where they would seek shelter.

Ghulik nodded, "NOW," he screamed.

Elven Dragon rider suddenly were flying up in the air. And the mighty sight of the air blimp were flying up darkening the ground underneath loaded with bombs and stones.

As the Roghan gather their wits.

Samar crossbow shooters and some Elven started to shoot at them And bombs and stones were dropped from the sky.

The Roghan where in full panic their once mighty army more then 10 to one were now not even equal in number.

Then the gates opened.

Sword fighters, Axe fighters, came marching out under the sound of bagpipes.

The Roghan paled grasping their shield closer.


And the bloodbath started again.

Happy Sunflower let his two short sword dance as he cut him self a path of blood and dead.

Singing 'sleep my darling sleep' in a happy tone.

On earth that Mislor would have probably been diagnosed as completely crazy electric therapy and straight jacked.

Here in this world the fighters accepted him as a crazy but loyal fighter just Do not piss him off.

Xander was fighting side by side with Ghulik and Giles and Selia at his side his armor was dripping with blood and he knew he would have nightmares of this day for the rest of his life. Why did the Roghan not give up why?

Hours later. The Roghan were dead they had stood to the last Dwarf refusing to run as the Drezin, The elven and the archer and Crossbows were shooting at them.

Xander sat down beside a dying Roghan he felt empty inside and outside. "Why did you not run away? Why did you stay?"

The Roghan actually looked up with pity and respect. "Pride young fool Pride. I rather die with my pride then die in shame of running. We are Roghan we are superior then you all."

Xander giggled. "Those fools why pride is NOTHING NOTHING." He screamed. Giles frowned. "Xander, Xander."

Xander turned towards him. "Why Giles why. They should have run dad why? Tears where falling it was smutch a waste.

Giles hugged the younger man closer as he walked him inside.

Selia looked worried. This was Xander first real war.

She hoped he was fine again before the Tiraks attacked.

She cast a last look around the battle field death was death and she hoped she would never ever like it.

Shivering she walked inside trying not to see the dancing Mislor that happy sang a song giggling at the sight of dead enemies.

Chapter 51
A Call to arms 2....

War drums hundreds of drums played their song like walking Thunder. Flutes answered playing their part like a wind blowing in a storm.

The mighty and biggest Frakk Tribe of Tiraks were marching thru the night.

And outsider would have found it beautiful and scary at the same time.

Xander shivered where he was standing in the Balloon high above the the marching Tiraks.

Over 400,0000 Tiraks where coming to play.

Behind them followed cows living food supply to feed and army of hungry Tiraks.

Against the 10,000 defenders of the fortress of Samar.

Xander shivered the battle against the Roghan had been hard they had been about 20,000. Less then 5000 survived Roghan survived.

They had been more Samar then a lot of defenders had died during that battle.

The Drezin and Zolods arriving had improved the number. Slightly.

And the Ghor army were still on its way it would arrive before the Tiraks luckily.

They were about 50,000 Ghor Dwarfs. The strongest of the Dwarfen race.

60,000 against 400,000. Were not good odds.

The rest of the Learam elves would arrived that would make it 70,000 defenders.

Xander sighed. Still not good. "Have any idea now would be the time pussy cat," he said.

Miss Pryde looked at him with Im a cat you do the thinking look only a cat can do.

Xander grinned. "Dont work Miss Pryde i know you are smart."

Miss Pryde actually growled. "I have no idea. Why dont you do something unusual."

Xander blinked. Something unusual. Frowning beside building a nuke and he had no idea of how do build one. So what could he do.

"Lets go back," he said to the dragon rider and they slowly pulled the balloon back to the fortress.

Inside the repairs were going on in full speed.

Elven, Dwarfs and humans were working side by side.

Xander frowned something made him froze cold. A map of the world.

The sea was visible from the west side of the mountain.

The sea.

Xander grinned. Towns he knew what he could do. He quickly grabbed a young Dwarf. "CALL Ghulik and the other commander I have a cunning plan. And i will call a meeting." He said before rushing of to clean himself.

Dressed up Xander looked like a new elf. His armor were shining improved by the Dwarfs and his own knowledge of elven glass it was superior armor better then any other armor he knew about.

The room were backed. They looked nervous and even some fear and respect wondering what kind of destructive plan he would make now.

The commander of the Drezin were their. He gave him a short nod.

A Short dwarf with a small beard Drezins were the only Dwarfs that actually cut and shaved off part of their beards.

They were also the physically weakest of the Dwarfish race.

But they had powerful magical ability almost born with instinctive ability to use magic.

No one called a Drezin weak and turned their back on them. (The Drezin were also the only Dwarf willing to stab you in the back)

The Commander of the Elven Dragon rider. A Sanarie was their.

Xander grinned.

The Learam Commander Kiyona was their. She smiled at him. He smiled right back.

The Commander of the Zolod was their a big and Fat Dwarf that used war hammers.

Zolods where merchants more interest in traveling and trading then fighting a war.

And the Representative of the Ghor Kharzim Klan Ghor the Great a strong looking Dwarf who shoulder were wider then he was tall. He had arms the thick as two normal dwarfs legs. And so far no fat was on his body.

A Dwarf strong as a Trukk-Tirak.

A real Dwarf hero Ballads were song about his hero deeds the Wood cutting of Bradin bridge where he stood alone fighting an army of Tiraks.

And the fact that he could identify any beer where it was made on its taste.

Then Ghulik Clan Samar.

Selia his love.



Xander smiled friendly putting down some paper on the table ignoring them as he took forward one map and put it up on the wall.

"I wonder today 'What can i do to stop the Tiraks.' i ask a friend for advice. She said No idea why dont you do something unusual."

He looked at them. "I have one plan its unusual its probably crazy. But IF we all agree and work together we will be able to stop the raging hordes of Tiraks. I hope any one of you have a better plan if not i still think we could make this work."

He then Pointed on the map. "This is US the Clan Samar. This is the Sanarie Woods. And that is the Thismari wood home of the Thism elves. To far away for NORMAL troops not for Dragon riders.

The Learams in Alarin are to far away and they have a closer enemy in Thalamuurs undead yet they have send us a great number of fighter. And here are the great sea of the Vest."

Xander sat down. "First I like to officially invite the elves of the Sanarie alliance here. Thats is not a difficult thing i think. If they agree i think we should."

The room where filled with "Yes great idea."

As they quiet down.

Xander continued. "I gave the drawings of the Steam cannons and i also came up with the Blimp and were part of the team that took out the Vrakhs when they came to eat you. "

They looked confused.

Xander continued. "All that i did with the help of my friends. Their skills and experience were what made it work. But most time i made a plan it was unusual and i work outside the normal rules and traditions."

They nodded confused as where Xander where going.

Xander looked up. "My plan is this. At the Great sea of the West their is the home of pirates. And here." He said pointing at the map. "Is the home of one of the biggest Tribe of Bazirik Tiraks the sailors traders and pirates."

Ghulik carefully stood up confused. "What are you saying."

Xander smiled thinly. "That we use fire against fire. We ask the Bazirik for help. We or YOU the Samar even offer them friendship."

Protest rages inside the room Xander sat still quiet letting them rage.

When they quiet down he spoke again.

"They are pirates but also traders. The chance of trading friendly with a clan of Dwarf is a to big price for them to give up. And they are the ONLY large army close to us and capable of coming here in time to help us."

With that Xander stood up and walked away stopping at the door he turned around. "In Camarr i was witness how a Human, a Dwarf, even a Elf attacked a old Trukk and his young daughter to kill them and hurt them.

I saved their life.

They were friendly while their attackers were like monsters.

We even talked laught had fun.

Do not let your hatred of the Frakk tribes make you forget that the Bazirik and the Marnakh tribes are different.

Even an elf or a Dwarf will be a monster and evil the day he refuse to give others a chance to prove themselves." With that he walked out. "Tell me if you consider my plan acceptable or not."

The room was bursting in hot air and angry words.

Ghulik were silent. Before he Rammed his fist in the table with a huge bang.

"I saw my friends my brother murder by the Tiraks. One by one we died like rats. I hated them.

But then we heard the Roghan where coming and we screamed in joy.

But the Tiraks would rather die killing us then let us live and they set the water free.

We cursed ourselves in to statues knowing our fellow Dwarfs would save us. Knowing that NO dwarf were monster that would leave his brother sleeping for more then 500 year.

We knew no Dwarf would try to send up an army just to kill us all.

We were wrong the Roghan did that.

If a clan of Dwarf can be monster i see nothing wrong in a tribe of Tiraks being friendly."

Silent and the sound of air blowing from doors were all that was heard.

Giles started to laugh. "YOU know what we must do next. Attack the Roghans and free the slaves they held for millennium.

And to have Tiraks at our side then would be great"

Slowly others started to laught. They had a plan it was crazy unusual and completely against all traditions.

But then again what plan of Xander were traditional.

Chapter 52
A Call to arms 3....

Xander smiled so far it had been a great day first Kiyona gave him a present from HER own Master in sword fight.

He tenderly caressed the Cinneach *1 sword sitting in its holder.

Obvious the Old man had been impressed and forged that blade as a gift for him IF Kiyona believed he was worthy of using it.

Xander grinned. The Cinneach had the best ability of a sword and the best ability of an axe depending on how you used it.

He lost his smile as he focus on the mission convincing a Tribe of Bazirik would NOT be easy.

The wind made his hair ruffled as he watch the ground fly by them.

He really loved this blimp.

Tolerka was a small town in many ways but the number living their made it HUGE during the winter.

The Bazirik clan only really lived their during the winter months the rest of the year they were sailing trading and plundering.

SO the number living in Tolerka now was enormous compare to the summers.

Tusske was a thin but tall Tirak-Tirak his friends never made fun of his lack of physical strength because of his skills and ability.

The daylight did not hurt his eyes and he could see much longer then a normal Tirak.

Of course seeing things close was hard the closer you get the fuzzier he see.

But as a Guard watching the sea and the Hills around the city Tusske had No rivals in skill or ability.

But what he saw made him blink and ask for confirmation.

In the sky flying directly towards the City was a Huge thing looked like a axe formed balloon made of silk with a basket the size of a small ship.

Four Dragons were pulling the thing forward and he could barely believe his eyes.

Xander nodded. "Alright lets land." he said.

Selia nodded using her magic she slowly cooled the air in the balloon a bit.

The Dragon riders fly down pulling the lines they anchored the Blimp to the ground.

In front of them were the City of Tolerka its guards was watching in shock from the gates.

Xander nodded. "Selia, Kasik your with me. The rest guard the Blimp and remember my first rule. Or i get angry." He said to his Girlfriend and a Learam Elf he trusted to keep a cool head and a sharp sword if needed.

The men smiled and spoke as one. "DONT DIE."

Xander grinned. "Exactly..."

And they walked to the city.

Standing in front of the Gates Xander slammed his helmet in the gates knocking hard. "I come in peace and i need to talk to the rulers." He said.

Slowly the gates opened and he walked inside.

The Tirak guards just pointed the way and as they walked the street uncountable number of Tiraks, Gurdhs, And Trukks followed them.

Suing an elf in this Town was not normal. Seeing 3 was unheard of.

Xander smiled at and waved his arm at Tiraks that looked friendly.

Then something small collided with him.

Looking down he could see a Ball on the ground he picked it up, looking around him he could see a group of fifteen Tiraks children looking in fear at him. "Im sorry. Here," he said gently throwing them the ball. "Have fun now."

The following Adult relaxed maybe this elf were not that bad.


Xander walked in to the throne room treasure from the whole world was displayed on the wall and food huge portions was being prepared.

Even something that looked like Pizzas.

"Figure they invent something like that," he said happy.

The King a Big Trukk fighter smiled. "Welcome master Elf why dont you join us for dinner and we will talk."

Xander nodded. "I be happy to. Only Tiraks know how to make Hukk-bread." He really like that bread.

The king blinked. "You eaten Tirak food before."

Xander nodded. "I have friends in Camarr that have the same under bite you have." He said indicating the fangs Tiraks had in the lower part of the jaw.

The King nodded.

And the dinner was on.

Food Xander knew where important. A normal Tirak ate twice as much food as a Human. No talking until after second portion the leader had eaten.

His elf friends looked impatient he had to stop them from saying anything twice.

Finally the King waved and took More food.

Xander Swallowed a huge piece of Hukk bread it was dripping with ooze from the bacon and sour cream he put on it or dipped it in. In true Tirak tradition. "Tell the chef. This IS Good," he said to the king.

The king Grinned. "Do you know the secret Ingredients in Hukk Bread is? He said hoping to shock the young elf.

Xander grinned. "Blood."

Selia coughed and spit out bread. And gave him the female death glare.

So did the Kasik. But the male version.

Xander smiled as he ate more of the Hukk Bread.

The King laught. "SO what brings you here Master."

Xander. "Xander House and clan Aleda. Also known as Darkwing Duck in Camarr."

The Kings eyes narrowed. "I heard about that but where?" He said.

One of his men ran over whispering something.

The Kings eyes looked at Xander in shock. "I see word have been told about you. Single handedly destroying a whole Cirfalien Trade ship." Xander smiled. "They did a Mistake trying to kidnap me. I also saved Tiraks from being hurt by Tirak haters."

The Tirak respected power and skill now they were looking at him in a different way.

The King nodded. "So what are you doing here?"

Xander smiled vanish. "Asking for help."

Silent fell in the room an elf asking Tiraks for help.

One Tirak even looked out Jeep the moon was still up no falling.

The king nodded. "What kind of help?"

Xander looked at him. "The kind of help an ARMY could only give me." He stood up. "I am a demon hunter i hunt down and kill demons so do some i call family. One of us a human girl great fighter had become pregnant and demons were after us to assassinate her."

Xander said spinning the tail hoping to capture their interest.

"We decided to hide in the Samar fortress. With the Roghan dwarfs outside and monster inside a demon had to be crazy to look for us right?" Xander said.

Many of the Tirak laugh agreeing that crazy was the word of any one going inside their.

Xander continued. "We found something even worst. Betrayal. Hundreds of years ago the Samar Dwarf found out that the Frakk Tiraks were planning on drowning them as Rats. They used magic to turned them self in to stones.

Waiting for the Roghan THEIR BROTHERS.


Waiting for them to save them."

Xander took a sip of water.

He capture their interest now betrayal was a cardinal sin among the Tiraks.

He continued. "The Roghan refused to wake them instead they keep the silence let the sleeper sleep trapped as living stones. WE found them and we saved them Clan Samar is alive again.

But the Roghan were not happy they send an army to slay us.

We fought hard and survived a battle 20,000 Roghan against less then 10,000 Samar and us WE survived.

WE destroyed the Roghan Army." Xander said

Cheers and happy works echoed around the room Brave tails. Were liked.

Xander lets his eyes tell the story of sadness as he continued. "We got help now from the Ghor, Drezin, Zolod Dwarfs, Even the Learam have come to help the sleepers, And some of the dragon riders of the Amethyst guard have arrived.

But we will die unless YOU help us.

An army of Frakk is coming An army believing they are the strongest and greatest fighter of the Tiraks.

400,0000 against our 60,000 many tired of battle and poorly equipped. We are offer you Friendship and TRADE chance with the Samar They will soon have their forges working weapons tools and armor will be sold."

He looked over them. "YOUR tribe could become their friends. Dwarfs the Ghor, Drezin, Zolods valued and help their friends you know that." Xander said.

He looked at the King. "We need your army."

The room were silent as the hot blooded Tirak listened many of the Gurdhs were chanting Samar, Samar, Samar.

Even some of the Tirak-Tiraks.

The bigger smarter then the Gurdhs but slow minded Trukks where thinking it true.

Slowly the King spoke. "If. IF i send the army out what kind of guarantee do i have."

Xander grinned opening a pocket he took up a scroll. "Here read it."

A guard took the paper and the Kings and one wise female Trukk started to read the paper.

It was a contract promising 25 years of singular right to buy things from the Samar to a normal trade price.

The king nodded. "I see." he was silent the information on the paper were whispered between Tiraks in the room.

Xander carefully took another zip of Bizka a bitter and sweet beer made of a special nuts grown on the island of Takalor.

Xander he love the taste and hated the after taste.

The King stood up. "The Samar will get what ever help i can."

Xander nodded. "To help your soldier must travel in my Flying ship. Its the only thing fast. We have to go several rounds back and forth carrying troops I hope non of them are afraid of sailing."

The King growled friendly. "We are Bazirik Sailing and ship are our life. Water or air it do not matter. How fast must we move the army."

Xander smiled. "We are already running on borrowed time."

The room was silent as the king nodded. "Then arms up the first group will move the moment you stop eating."

Xander nodded finishing his food. Not to insult the Tiraks food were important part of their culture and you ate anything you took on your plate.

"Eat or they be insulted," he whispered to Selia and Kasik nodded as they ate their food.

Inside Xander was grinning they had the army.

Outside he looked tuff. His eyes study the fighters evaluate them every now and then he would look impressed at some one.

"You have a great number of skilled fighter i that i can see." He said quietly as he stood up.

The king nodded proud and happy the young elf had notice.



Chapter 53
Brothers of the blade...

Finally. Xander sighed. The dragons were tired after going turn after turn to shuttle the Tiraks fighter they refused to fly anymore.

But that were fine.

Five new dragons had arrived from the Thism Elves.

Xander liked the Dragons the Thism he could not stand.

In his opinion they just waited for a chance to dress themselves in grey and scream Hail Hitler.

But they were great fighter in conventional stile of fighting.

Xander had already proven himself when one of the Thism started to scream out order. A short challenge later and the Thism understood that he was the Alpha among the elven.

Kiyona and Selia had spoken with the other Thism and manage to get them to understand that he were a good leader even if he were young and not Thism or Sanarie.

Then the four Kiria Elves that arrived on their dragons now them he liked the Kiria had a life is hard why not laugh while you can philosophy.

Xander sighed as he Draw his blade the troops were standing around him.

Elves. Sanarie, Learam, Thism, Pyar, Kirja, Dwarfs, Samar, Zolod, Ghor, Drezin.

Tiraks. Bazirik and some Marnakh, gurdh, Tiraks, Trukk, Humans.

One Mislor. "Draw you weapons now," he said calmly.

One by one the soldiers slowly draw their weapons.

Xander held his blade up. "WE stand here to fight against an Enemy that come to kill us.

Some of us are here because we think it the right thing to do.

Others are here because THEY LIVE HERE.

Some Come to win Glory or other things.

When you all go home you may look in the eyes of those that stayed home and you will say I WAS HERE. I was there.

We will Fight together. We will die together. WE ARE Warriors.


And Any one insulting one of us insult us ALL Today WE ARE BROTHERS of THE BLADES.


The room echoed as fighter chanted waving their Swords, Axes and maces.

Xander let his eyes look with pride of the troopers standing around him chanting.

"Blade brothers, Blade brothers." Again and again almost a feverish look in their eyes.

Xander grinned they had now 200,000 troopers mostly Tiraks but they had manage to find More elven and human fighters from a nearby town.

The Frakk would find it hard to attack them now.

Giles cleaned his dagger. "My god. He really have them rallied wouldnt you say Buffy?"

"Blade brothers blade brothers." Buffy chanted happy its was just like a rock concert except no music.

Giles put his Dagger away. "Blade Brothers blade brothers.... Would you stop hugging me now." he said looking down at the small Gurdh that happy hugged his leg screaming Brother.

Xander Nodded waving in a wagon the last thing he got the Blimp to carry before the dragons had a chance to rested.

Barrels of beer and strong drinks rolled inside. "LETS PARTY BROTHERS." He screamed. And the cheering started again.

Probably be the last chance of a party before the battle would begin.


A slightly drunk Xander walked out from the room that were echoing in drinks songs by 200,000 voices.

So far no battle had happened and he had the feeling that giving them a chance to party would make the idea of them being Blade brothers a permanent one.

Xander froze and turned around. "So liked what you see."

He asked a Drezin dwarf that stood hidden by a door post.

The Drezin dwarf nodded. "Extremely smart done.

After wards they will consider themselves to be brother in for this battle."

Xander smiled "Some of them just waited to stab each others i had to do something. What is your name Master Drezin."

The Dwarf grinned. "I am Demir of the Drezin!"

Xander raised an eyebrow. "No house name."

Demir smiled. "Im a mystic i removed my self from any the house names. I consider the WHOLE Drezin clan to be my family."

Xander nodded. "Care to take a walk with me."

Demir nodded. "Why not. Your ideas have so far been great unusual but great."

Xander. "And."

Demir smiled an evil grin. "Some may be improved. Follow me." He said. Xander blinked then follow the Dwarf.


They were sitting together with a Dwarf forge master.

He nodded. "Its a simple thing to do. I can create the master mold in a hour and if we work the night we can give you the finish result tomorrow morning.

Of course that only a small number nine or twelve of them the rest will take the week to make."

Demir smiled. "Then make it so. Bronze or copper."

Xander shrugged. "We can always make new one after a Real version"

They nodded. "Bronze then its last longer."

Soon the forge were glowing in heat as Bronze were mixed.

The molds glistering in heat as the hot metal pored inside of them. Dwarfs young and old Dwarfs that had could not fight were working hard smoothing edges.

Later next morning. Xander grinned as he held the cloak button (Small cloak buckles to hold you cloak from falling of) Up in the light.

A Blade hold by four hands where seen holding a sword. Inside the round circle written on the side were -Klan Lukh-meaning Brother of the Blade in Dwarfish.

And -Brother of the blade-Written in the most common language in the area.

Xander study it critically behind him the Dwarf held their breath. "Its Perfect."

The Smith. "Phaaa If you given me more time. Thats nothing."

Xander nodded. "I seen your work. You are a master among masters. But this IS perfect, i cant find any thing wrong."

The Dwarf practically was shining in pride.

Xander nodded. "I if we could give out this to the officers. Only the commander of each units that ARE fighting."

The smith smiled. "If you wait until after dinner i will have 60 more the Molds are all done and they take the longest time to make."

Xander grinned. "That be perfect."


The dinner table were silent most had hangover as Xander walked inside.

He smiled. "The Dwarf decided to give ALL of the defenders a gift.

Its a small gift. And not ready yet so they will give them to the officers first then when the rest are finish by the end of the week you will ALL get one."

With that Dwarf children walked inside and started to give out the small cloak buckles.

Xander himself removed his old one mark with the duck. And put his new Brother of the blade on.

He could see that the King Ghulik removed his buckles with the Samar symbol and put his on.

One by one they put on their new marks he could see pride filled them as they looked around. The power of symbols to make others understand should never be underestimated.

He looked down at miss Pryde fondly in the beginning it been her idea and she wrote the script he used.


Later. A week later...

Xander stood up With Giles beside him. "Look their they come." he said.

It was like looking at a river never ending dark wave that flooded the with snow.

The music played its terrifying beat.

War drums hundreds of drums like Thunder.

And Flutes hundreds of them.

The Frakk army 400,000 fighters. Were here.

Xander looked up "NOW." He said.

Suddenly Dwarfen Horn player started to blow their instruments.

Elven Bagpipe and flute player played their song.

The Tiraks lifted their Drums sticks and the Beat were on.

Then the Fiddle players started.

In the Valley the Frakk suddenly froze as strange music suddenly frighten them.

Xander grinned. "It seems that they dont like The Ballad of the Green beret."

Giles nodded. "You did a good work."

Xander grinned. "You havent heard anything yet."

Suddenly singing started hundreds of voices every trooper that could not use instrument sing the song.


Fighting brothers from around the world
Fearless men who fight and die
Men who mean just what they say
The brave Brother of the Blade

Trained to live and to fight
Trained in combat hand-to-hand
Men who fight by night and day
Brother of the blade courage is true

Swords and Axe are will be your fate
These are men, the worlds best
Hundred men will fight today
But only brothers of the Blade will win the day

Go back home your wife waits
Fight the Brothers your life will end
They will fight and win this war
Go back home or loose the war

Put steel blades in our hands
We are the best in this big world
We are the Best you ever face
So go back home or face your death.


As the song ended the Frakk Tiraks was literally trembling.

In shock.

Xander nodded and the Steam Cannon started to play its song.

Huge explosion and the Tiraks were running far away.

Giles grinned. "That was over quickly."

Xander. "NO look they are regrouping the only thing that happened is that they put up camp far away.

Which is good for us And them. They will attack after they have rested and regain courage.

Its a small victory but the war is not over yet."

In the Frakk camp the Tiraks where nervous something new had happened not normal elven or Dwarf tactics something had change the rules.

Their king swore he would destroy the Samar.

And no one would stand in his path.

Chapter 54
Brothers of the blade 2...

Buffy sighted as she sat cuddling her Babies. "Mom how do you think its will go up their."

Joyce smiled weakly. "I dont know. I hope i will go well." She said as she was putting on her phantom armor. Slayer or not she would kill any one endangering HER grandchild.

Buffy nodded. "I wish i could help but."

Joyce nodded. "Your children are more important right now."

Buffy smiled. "They are."

Rupert and Hope just kept sleeping happy in their world everything was perfect no danger and no evil. Mother was their and they were safe.

Ghulik smiled as he waved his axe. Their unit was ready.

Xander grinned and Waved back. His unit was ready.

Giles just waved back his troops where ready.

One by one the leaders of the different units waved their confirms.

"Today we will prove ourselves today is the day a FAMILY IS born."

Xander screamed. And the war started.

As one twenty six dragons were flying. Their riders held their Bows and Crossbows loaded.

The Blimp suddenly rose up in the air loaded with archers and cargo of destruction.

And the panpipes started to play the Ballad of the Blade brothers.

The Frakk scramble for arms when suddenly Dragons dived from the sky sending arrows flying killing and hurting before flying away.

All of the Dragons riders dropped a small surprise among the Tiraks.

A small ball with a burning fuse.

As the Tirak Archer were loading their weapons the small Balls landed among them and one by one they exploded.

The ball bombs where loaded with spikes and fragment making them primitive but effective Antipersonnel weapons.

As the Tirak archers started to shoot a shadow suddenly fell upon the camp.

The Blimp had arrived.

Arrows and bombs started to rain down on them.

*Boom* and a Fire bomb exploded a primitive version of napalm gave a new dimension of pain.

*Boom* And an Antipersonnel Bomb impacted among the Troopers.

*boom* and a Fire bomb landed among stores.

*Boom* and *boom* and *Boom.*

The Tirak suddenly spread out away from the camp for protection.

Then the Dragons dived down again sending arrows and spears flying.

The Tirak commander suddenly paled they had split up no order no discipline.

That would indicate. "Oh Fuck" He said.

Line after line of Fighter came marching down waving their flags.

All flag holder hade two flags.

He could see.

The Flag of the Learam, And a new one.

The Flag of the Samar, And a new one.

The Flag of a ? Duck ? and a New one.

The Flag of Drezin, And the new one.

the Flag of Zolods, And the New one.

The Flag of Sanarie, And the new one.

The Flag of Ghor, And the new one.

The Flag of Pyar, and the new one

The Flag of Bazirs, and the new one.

Something about the new one put fear in his mind 4 hands holding one sword.

"RE GROUP" He screamed. Trying to get his troops to pull them self together.

Small groups of Frakks finally pulled themselves in order only to be attacked again from above.

Finally they manage to kill the first Dragon.

Others would follow.

Then the defenders of Samar where in front of them attacking close combat.

The snow become red of blood as the two forces struggled to kill each other.

Xander waved his Cinneach and Carwellan his eyes glowing green as he cut his path.

Selia beside him her Lyfali sword as long as she was finally came to its right use.

He Dodged a swing from a Trukk letting the point of the Cinneach cut away the heels of his feet.

The Trukk fell down on the ground but his head was cut open by the Carwellan sword upswing.

Xander turned.

A Cave Troll.

Huge 13 feet monster that regenerate ANY wound except cut off heads as long as they had food. If they did not have food they become smaller until they starved to death.

In a battle field It had all the food it needed.

Xander growled as he could see the Troll crushing troopers with a Stone mace and eating troopers some still living with his other arm.

Xander Advanced on the Troll it was going down. "Its mine move the troopers back."

Selia nodded.

Pure force came face to face with skill.

Xander growled.

The Troll Growled it did not like that the softy food moved away.

Then Xander attacked sending fast but small cuts in the Trolls body. It send it Mace But Xander dodged.

Letting his Cinneach cut off the fingers holding the Mace.

As the Troll screamed in pain and the fingers were growing back.

Xander cut off part of the feet.

And stab it in the groin.

The Troll paled and fell on its knee grabbed its for the moment missing nuts.

As it face come down to his Face. Xander let the Carwellan split the skull and the Cinneach cut the throat.

The Troll fell down dead. Xander lifted its head. "BROTHER OF THE BLADE."

Cheering was heard around him and the battle began again.

The King of Frakk looked in shock his prize fighter dead. Killed by ONE elf.

It would not matter.

His Frakks had started to fight back and the defenders where hopelessly outnumbered.

Giles the Librarian ignored hundred of years civilization today he IS BARBARIAN.

With Mara and Joyce beside him he cut a bloody path between the Tiraks and the Trukks

His Kragg sword was singing in the air as it crushed, stabbed and cut down his enemy with no mercy or regrets.

Then it happened he almost forgot what he would do.

"RUN RUN." He screamed his order.

One by one the officers scream the evacuation order.

Xander grinned a blood thirsty grin the Frakk were following them. "Perfect." He whispered.

The Blimp had a solid target again.

The Dragon rider prepared new attacks.

Ghulik looked over his troops. "Ready."

They nodded the heat made their skin red but they were ready.

The Big steam cannon vibrated of the pressure.

The five small one were singing their own song of pressure.

Ghulik Nodded. "FIRE."

An explosion and water fog turned day in to night thousands of steel balls where flying against the Frakk.

Before they even had landed Ghulik where ordering reloads.

And the pressure started to build.

Xander grinned. His troops were fine but the first second and fifth line of Frakk looked like mince meat.

Then bombs and arrows started to fall down on the Frakks breaking them up again.

Xander nodded waving at his troop for order.

Time for him to regroup.

Kiyona nodded Xander were regrouping time for her and Kharzim to attack.

The Frakk had no idea what to do suddenly a second lines of fresh and rested Defenders attacked them while cannons were falling.

Arrows were flying from the sky and bombs filled the area with smoke that no Tirak could breath.

Kharzim proved himself that day as a master among master.

Kiyona did the same the two blade master nodded as they pulled back their troops.

The Frakk were beaten for today.

Time to lick their wounds and prepare for tomorrow.



Xander sighed as Angel slowly stitch a cut. "You could use magic you know.

Angel nodded. "I could but i try to save it for REALY hurt fighters. So quiet down and suffer."

Xander nodded. "Its because i called you Deadboy right?"

Angel smiled. "Yes Xander i will always hate you and torture you because of that."

Xander laught. "I knew it."

Angel smiled friendly. "SO your fixed good as new."

Xander nodded. "Angel up for a cup of wine."

Angel shook his head. "No your work is done... today. Mine have started."

Xander nodded. "I forgot. Im sorry"

Surrounding them where sickbeds hundred of wounded and dead.

Time for Angel to work.

Next day.

Xander growled. "Help me."

His drinking partner a big Bazirik smiled as he pulled his commander upstanding. "Your a fool no elven can out drink a Trukk."

Xander glared at him. "Now you tell me. "


A fresher looking Xander came inside the war room.

Kiyona looked at him. "Your late."

Xander nodded. "I know."

Giles "We understand Xander. How are you?"

Xander smiled. "Fine i hate war. I hate it. Typical luck Im good at what i hate."

Giles grinned. "I rather have a man hating war but being good in it then a man loving war and being good at it."

Xander smiled. "Thanks."

Ghulik smiled. "It happened almost exactly like you believed. The Frakk is now preparing their second attack."

Xander nodded. "So we let them come to us then?"

Ghulik smiled. "Exactly."

Kiyona nodded. "Are the two of you sure it will work?"

Ghulik grinned. "We are As long as you Dragon rider put the bomb in exactly the right place. The Frakk will suddenly come face to face with an avalanche."

Xander smiled. "And we can dig ourselves out."

The Dragon rider nodded. "Never used a glacier as a weapon before.

First time for everything. I hope we find the right place."

Xander smiled. "You dragon riders the only one that could do that and runaway before the avalanche kills you."

They smiled and plans were made and back up plans were made.


Outside the Frakk King smiled Tonight their flying ship would not be able to see them.

Then they would attack.

The gates looked weak probably barely repaired.

He looked over his men and shivered.

Of 400,000 only 250,000 where capable of fighting.

He would have revenge or he would be better of dead none of his troops would forgive him if he failed.

Chapter 55
Brothers of the blade 3....

Xander stood outside watching the battle field bodies litter the ground like garbage.

Only a small number of men worked hard to carry the dead back.

Some Frakks and some Dwarf.

The warriors ignored them an unspoken agreement to allow the dead to be found. "They will come soon." He said.

Selia nodded. "I Know. Are you alright?"

Xander frowned. "I Think so. I hope they wise up soon."

Selia smiled. "Their have been some runaways. We have seen it."

Xander nodded. "Good. Still looks like they will attack. I hope our snowman offensive work."

Selia cold only nod. "Lets go inside and make wild crazy sex?"

Xander blinked. "Sure."

And they were gone.


"BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD," the chanting echoed in the Frakk camp.

And the Tirak Frakk army were moving again.

Ghulik nodded. "Fire and reload he spoke as the cannon fired in the night.

Most of the first shots missed.

And the army came closer.

The Dragon riders started to shoot.

In the night the Elves could see not perfect but good.

The Tirak could see body heat they had active IR vision their vision were not stopped by the darkness of the night.

And for the first time the Dragon rider faced longbow shots that hurt many of the dragons and killed one. In the first attack.

Keeping the distant did not help as they could not see to hit.

And the army came closer.

In the Blimp they could not see anything the night was too dark and the Tiraks moved like shadows unseen in the snow.

And the Army came closer.

Xander looked out the gates. Still in repairs.

"Here they are coming."

A wall of black crawling army of Tiraks came towards them running and climbing even crawling over things in their way.

Ghulik nodded hoping the elf had light the fuse and the avalanche plan would work.


"By the ugly but of a horny Troll. Burn." The Dragon rider swore as he stood underneath the glacier trying to get the bomb fuse to burn.

"Crap," he said the first sign of battle could be seen at the gates fire arrows were fired out from the fortress to give light.

Once again he pulled his torch to the fuse. "Burn could you Burn."

He looked down the fire were out that would mean.

"Why cant i run?" Sighing he pushed the torched directly in the bomb.

The explosion came to fast for him to notice or even sense pain as his body were ripped sunder.

His Dragon screamed in fury as his master died.

And silent were ruled.

Then it started with a small shiver and a loud cracking sound was heard.

And the Glacier started to move.

First slow but with more and more speed as thousands of tons snow ice started to rain down on the army under them.

Xander swore.

The Frakk was at the door.

He pulled is sword free and joined the brawl at the gate.

Minutes later they were screaming for reinforcements when suddenly. Ghulik felt it first his dwarfish senses told him the earth was moving.

"What is that." Xander said a strange trembling thunder moved towards them.

Then the world turned white snow white.

And all turned dark.

Xander blinked coughing out snow. "I never going to snow bath any one again," he stood up.

The avalanche had worked.

Every Tirak outside the gates were crushed by the snow.

Some and hundred of tons had pressed themselves inside the fortress them itself crushing and burying attacker and defender alive.

He could see Ghulik standing up smiling happy.

Then the world tremble again.

And a Trukk the King of the Frakk stood in front of him.

"You. Its your fault," he asked.

Xander raised an eyebrow. "No you were born." His sword in his hand.

The king raised his Binderak hammer. "You will die." He said.

And the fight started.

Around them Defender and attacker suddenly freed themselves and friends from the snow.

Cut, jump, stab, dodge and cut was his world.

As they enter the dance of no return.

The Trukk king waved his Binderak hammer as an expert parry sidestep and slash with his claws.

A big Crush and Xander was flying back from the force of a 165 cm long warhammer can deliver on his chest.

The King stood tall. "YOUR HERO IS DEAD. I WI..."

"Not so fast but ugly." Xander said as he stood up eyes glowing eerie green.

Xander felt his ribs protest the armor was fracture but they had protected him. "Lets dance..."

And they were fighting again.

Xander kept his nerve moving fast dodging. Waiting for an opening.

Around them Defender and attacker were watching in shock a battle that would end the war was happening.

Crush, Crush dodge. The king did.

Xander jump, dodge stab and slash. "You forgot my other sword."

The King looked down a deep cut on his leg. "Die."

Swing and Crush the Warhammer impacted inch from Xander head destroying the stone under it. Xander rolled away from the attack.

Before attacking himself.

His two sword were singing in the air as he stabbed cut slashed.

The King dodged parried and crushed.

And again blood was spilled.

Xander looked at his left arm it was broken in two places. "Good swing." He said.

The King nodded slowly pulling the Cinneach free from his chest. "My left lung is gone. Good stab." He said blood flowing.

As he grabbed the Warhammer.

Xander held the Carwellan in a one arm grip ignoring the pain in his left arm.

And the two started to fight.

Joyce paled. "We we have to do something."

Giles, "no Joyce if we do the Frakk would attack again and we are not that many here yet. We are waiting for the reinforcements."

They had to split up their troops guarding the different entrants to the fortress so they were a bit short of defender for the moment.

Xander forgot about his friends he forgot about right and wrong the world was his sword and his enemy nothing else.

And he smiled no problem life or dead meant nothing right now.

All that existed was the blade and the hammer.

He dodged did a jump kick.

The king growled in fury feeling the pain from the kick. Parry rolled slash with his hands.

Xander tried to parry when no hammer were coming he did not even feel the slash from the Trukks claws.

He notice that the world become darker and his eyes hurt.

Giles frowned Xander had nasty slash in the fore head. Blood were poring down in his eyes.

He slashed against the Trukk but forgot to dodge and he were flying again.

This time it took time for him to stand up his back hurt more ribs were broken not bruised.

Xander grabbed after his sword.

He did not find it he search then.

The King body still stood up his head was speared straight true the skull and in the wall behind.

He was dead.

Xander walked up grasping the hilt he pulled his Carwellan free and the king fell dead down.

"Go now. Leave this place Frakk your king is dead we do not like to kill you."

Slowly the Frakk walked out one by one carrying their dead with them. Xander watch them go before walking away himself. To the sickbed.

His men started to chant. "Darkwing duck, Darkwing duck."

Selia growled as she Giles and Joyce pushed themselves to his side to help him if he needed it.

As they walked behind the corridor Xander spoke, "help." Before darkness overwhelmed him.


A Week Later....

Angel grinned as he, "I win," he said putting the card down.

Xander frowned. "you are cheating."

Angel smiled. "You cant prove a thing. Quite a list of damaged you got. Two large cuts in you forehead.

We could actually see bone.

Five broken ribs. And who knows how many fractures. Then arm we restructured the bone with magic simpler then putting it together completely fracture."

Xander groaned. "I see Im out of luck then."

Angel grinned. "Exactly... Quite the hero also. They will write ballads about your battle. I already heard one Tirak version and one Elven version. And i know the Dwarfs are writing theirs now."

Xander "Ooh... thats not good."

Angel nodded. "Well we can only wonder what the future will bring." Xander smiled. "And hope and hope."

They fell silent as the rest of the gang came walking inside Buffy holding her children.

Joyce by her side.

Selia looking beautiful in a dress.

Mara looking beautiful as always and Giles actually held a book. A child book in Dwarfish. But he could read part of it.

TT smiled friendly Xander had heard that he some how manage to find himself a Thism elven as a girlfriend. Poor guy and Poor girl.

Ghulik was standing on the side he still had the cloak buckler a silver and gold version.

The Samar were planning on making a permanent fighter order The Brother of Blade. As part of their army.

Only Tirak, Humans, Elven and Dwarfs could be part of that.

Xander smiled life was all in all good.

But he could barely wait soon he would be strong to travel and he felt the need to go to Alarin things to do and things to save.