Change of Destiny 2

Stepping up

Author: Cobra <cobra_7422000[at]>

Disclaimer: Don't own it!!

Summary: Sequel to Change Of Destiny... :D This is kinda a parody.

Nothing really serious in this chapter. prolly not for the next few.

Just a funny and breezy piece of fan fic.

Chapter One.

"A chop stick?!" Doyle yelled in a disbelieving question.," You killed it with a chop stick?!"

"Yeah, you said to stab it in the eye... It was either the chopstick or my hand and um... Eww.." Xander said with a nervous smile as he watched Doyle fume in anger.

"What about the sword in your hand?" Angel asked with a slight smile. Xander laughed nervously and looked down at his left hand.

"Kind of.. um.. Forgot about it."

"This is the champion?!" Cordelia said as she made herself known in the conversation.," A guy that can't remember that the pointy end of the sword goes into the bad guys. We are so screwed!"

"I'm not that bad!" Xander screamed in outrage.," I was in the middle of a life and death struggle, I went on instinct. Besides, IT WORKED!"

"Well... yeah"

"I guess..."

"A Chop STICK!?"

"You just can't get over the chop stick can you Doyle?" Xander asked as he turned from Angel and Cordelia who had conceited defeat.

"Well, I've never seen a seven foot Gora demon that spits fire took down with an eating utinsel." Doyle said sarcasticly.

"Stick around, I'll use a fork next time." Xander said with a smile. Doyle couldn't help but chuckle at the young mans humor.

"Can't wait to see it." The half demon said with a mock groan.

"Ya don't like workin with me do you Doyle?" Xander asked with a serious voice. Doyle looked at him confused.

"Sure I do, your much better to work with than tall dark and broody. Least you have some fun."

"HEY! I had fun!" Angel said with disbelief. Xander and Doyle looked at eachother, then at the master vampire. Then, they laughed.


Offices of Wolfram and Hart.
Main Boardroom.

"Let me get this straight." The man that paced around the room said.," Angel is now human. And this... Alexander Harris," The man read from the file in his hands.," Is the newest Champion."

"Correct sir." Lilah Morgan said with a cheerful smile on her face.

"According to this file, Alexander is just a lackey, a big time screw up."

"That's right sir. This is going to be easy. Without Angel to stop us we're unbeatable."

"It would appear so." The man said with a smug voice. Lilah looked at him with her confused look. He began to elaborate.

"It says here that Alexander is a screw-up. A goof-ball. But he's survived the hellmouth for years. He's been possessed by the spirit of an Hyena. And he was transformed into a Veteran for a night by Ethan Rayne. I have a feeling there's more to this young man than even we can see."

"But sir," Lilah said in utter confusion.," What's the big deal, he's a dumb kid. He can have all the power he wants. Kid's and responsibility don't go together." The man smiled at his worker and chuckled.

"Normally I'd agree with you. But, the conduit has told me to be wary of this one. He's more than we can handle right now. We'll keep our eyes on him but for the moment. Let us focus on our cases."


"Is that understood?" The man asked with an icy tone. Lilah nodded her head quickly.

"Of course. Yes sir."

"Good. That will be all Miss Morgan."


"You never told me what the Oracles said about him." Doyle stated as they watched Xander talk animatedly to Cordy from across the office.

"I know." Angel said without a thought. After a moment he smiled slightly.

"Well ya gonna tell me now?" Doyle asked slightly annoyed. Angel's small smirk turned into a large smile.

"Well, since you asked so nicely. They didn't really tell me anything. Just that he was chosen. And that my free will was restored." Angel said all of a sudden in deep thought.

"I know that look Angel. What else did they say?"

"I told them that Xander wouldn't play the puppet. They told me, that they couldn't control him. That he had his free will. I have a feeling that maybe...." Angel said letting his voice trail off.

"Maybe? Maybe what?!" Doyle asked with his usual bravado.

"That maybe there was always more to Xander than any of us saw." Angel said and Doyle turned from the ex-vampire and looked at Xander Harris with a deep thoughtful expression.

"I think you might be on to somethin Angel. Maybe it's time to get a REAL Detective involved."

"I'll call her tonight."

"Good idear."

"Hey!", Xander yelled from across the room.," Your not saying bad things about me behind my back are you?"

"Nah.", Doyle started with a smile.,"We're beside you right now." The pen hit him in the side of the head from thirty steps. Doyle rubbed his head with a careful hand.

"His aim has improved." The half demon said with a shrug.


"What the hell was that?!" Angel asked in an appalled voice.

"I kicked it's ass." Xander said as he smiled down at the dead demon on the floor.

"You pulled it's hair and called it's mom a crack whore." Angel said with a very very confused and slightly agitated look on his face.

"It got the job done didn't it?" Xander asked the smile still on his face.

"Xander," Angel started patiently.," your a champion now. You don't have to fight like a sissy anymore."

"It's the only way I... HEY!!!"

"It's true Xander. You can actually learn to fight now ya know."

"Shove it Angel. Right up your a...." Xander was cut off as Angel threw a right cross which Xander dodged easily. With a smile and a lighting fast movement Xander had Angel by the hair and pulled him to the ground.

"Pretty effect huh?"

"The hair. The Hair!!!!"