Cheerleader in Cannes

Author: John "hatten" Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]>

This is a SIDESTORY to Fic: The Wrath of gods 15/15. And its about Cordy, Harmony and Melody and their trip to Monte Carlo.

Disclaimer: I don’t own a thing except a _|^^|_ And a strange sense of humor.


In The main story we finds out that the Pretender is actually the chosen By CHILD the sprit of Humanity as ITS defender against anything that prey upon human, Mainly OTHER evil humans.

The pretender have been enslaved by the Watchers and their agents in the Center for generations.

Their power been held back by magic.

Now Jarod is free and once again he gets prophetic dreams helping him find the evil and fight it using his IQ and skills.

The Pretender unlike the Slayer always seek out a student always two their are A Teacher and a student.

Cordelia have been hiding her IQ and she is the new pretender and Jarod have trained her some months.

Cordelia, Harmony and Melody ended up in love and as Bisexuals they still are searching for a man ONE man that can keep up with them.

Poor males.

Chapter 1
Going in heat.

"I cant believe it" Cordelia said she was smiling her whole body was literally glowing in happiness.

Harmony nodded "Yes we are finally here."

Melody "Cordy what about your dream, Prophetic"

Cordy nodded "You sure you like to help"

The two smiled "Of course you are super Queen C. And we are your posse, Of course we help you" Melody said.

Harmony nodded eagerly.

Cordy sighted thanks to her Pretender skill she did a pretend learning more about her two friends.

It was a bit scary.

Melody hade a hidden urge to protect others a deep need to help and have a exciting life. She also held an extreme FEAR a terrorizing fear of being abandon by her love.

Harmony was the most scary part. According to her the most important thing was 1 Cordy. 2 Melody. 3 Money. 4 That 1-2 were healthy and rich. 5 Great sex. 6 Her own life. 7 cats. 8 Human life.

No Cordy was glad harmony was on her side the girl was absolutely weird she would rather shoot a human than kill a cat. And according to her the world was centered around her and Melody.

Melody also scared her. She needed love like a fish needed water in some way their threesome may have saved Melody life.

Cordy nodded "Let get you two in costumes" she said pointing at a dress store door filled with the latest in Fashion and door to door with a huge jewelry store.

Her friends smiled...

Long time later

Cordy sipped her coffee "This is our target." She said pushing over a photograph.

Melody "Ooh He is cute for a older guy"

Cordy nodded "Yes and he has his Nephew with him. They have the same name even." She pushed over a photograph with a name printed on the top.

The girls read the name and "Ooh he is CUTE how old is he" Harmony said.

Melody "So how are we to separate them"

Cordy smiled "Like everyone else do call the younger one Junior. Junior is currently about our age. The photo is a bit wrong in that he was only 15. And he is a satyr now"

The girls eyes gleamed they heard about the stamina a satyr would have.

"So here are you id cards passport and some money." Cordy said giving them a new false ID as 18 year olds and some money.

Cordy smiled "Our mission is simple I'm going to give him some information about a terror organization that they need to stop. And as Junior himself is in danger an Assassin a former enemy of Senior is planning on killing him So we stay close to him and protect him"

Harmony frowned "Why not take out the terrorists ourselves"

Cordy "I already manage to hack the computer the terrorist use.

They are a group of Feminist militants that planning on attacking and destroying a boy school just because they are old fashion in their. Letting a MAN stop them is just poetical. Beside they are many and have guns using our brain is part of being a pretender. Beside Junior is cute"

She did not say that the profile she made on Junior indicated that with almost 73% chance of him making the three of them happy in a relation ship.

Melody nodded. "So when are we going to meet them."

Cordy smiled "To night he is taking his Nephew with him to the casino and we will have some fun talking and maybe find our self some other kind of fun"


The huge Limo stopped and three young females looking like goddesses walked out.

The two on the side Harmony and Melody were dressed in silk black dress that hugged their body like a snake skin, it revealed a lot with out showing their breast and the dress was cut down in the back.

On Their necks beautiful diamonds and jewelry glittered like stars and one their arms was a small gold rings.

They were Looking stunning.

But in the middle Cordelia was walking one of her arm around Melody waist the other around Harmony. She was dressed in a blood red skintight short dress showing of her knees.

and a deep cut uring.

The only jewelry she had on her was a simple silver crucifix.

But the effect of the three walking make it look like harmony and Melody was part of her dress up.

Men stood up and watch in awe and lust as they walked in like they own the place. A huge crash was heard as a driver seeing them forgot to use the break.

Cordy smiled turned around raised an eyebrow "We certainly are dressed for the kill girls"

Their was a small laughter from the bellboy as they walked by him.

And inside to the casino.

Melody "look this is So great i cant believe how they looked at you and us"

Cordy "Purpose the way we are dressed make me the center of attention and show that the three of us are a package deal."

Harmony nodded "That's so cool Shall we try to one arms bandits." Cordy "No i think the card table is our business tonight just play it cool"

Slowly almost sneaking forward they moved together side by side. Now and then touching each others hands in a caressing way that made the young males drool.

Cordy stopped behind the older man in the photo the man she would give information to. "Excuse me Sir you would not happened to know what time it is?" she said in a innocent voice.

Mr. James Bond froze as he stopped talking to James Junior his Nephew he started to turn around. Inside he knew who it was the kid that stole his watch knocked him out and took him prisoner. "Miss Cordy. What a pleasure I'm so sorry i must have lost my watch" he said ironically Of course section Q had given him a new one.

Cordy smiled "Mind if we join you" she said. Sitting down on the opposite side of Junior.

At the same time she carefully slipped James Senior a small computer disk. Harmony and Melody sat down beside her one on each side.

The other at the table held their breath as the three beautiful young girls sat down.

James Senior notice small thing that fell in to his pocket. "So like to play games"

Cordy nodded "Of course but I always win in the game i play" she said. Talking to Senior but looking at Junior making him smile in a knowing way.

Cordelia on the INSIDE she was smiling grinning madly. But on the outside she was cool as a fish. James Junior sure had the Bond magic calm strong and hansom as well as intelligent and really looked good as a Satyr.

Senior James smiled "Then lets play all of us"

Cordelia smiled "lets play Harmony give us some sugar for luck"

Nodding and smiling bright Harmony kissed Cordelia and Melody lusty earning a sharp breath of shock from the rest of the table.

"CARDS" Cordelia said

A short "O crap man they are lesbians" came from the side by a older guy.

Harmony smiled happy "No we are Bisexual. But your to old"

Cordy smiled "She really is a wonderful person and what a sexy body what more could you ask for in a female"

Small laugh came from around the table as Harmony only said "Huh what"

Later the Cards was flying and money changing hands.

James Junior smiled his poker face was hard as stones. "Looks like you going to loose Miss Cordelia.

Cordelia smiled "I never loose the games i play Mr. James Junior." she said "but i never said i was playing cards now did i" she said letting her arms rest on the table as she bent forward looking him straight in the eyes. "You see Junior We never loose in the game we play because we are Cheerleaders in heat" the word was purring out of her making James junior sweet clinking sound of players that dropped their Champagne glass in shock was heard.

James Junior "I see" finally he was looked nervous Cordelia was thinking.

James Senior smiled as he used a secret sign language to talk to his Nephew -They are not enemies relax. I don't know if I'm going to pity you or envy you. But trust this they are not enemies but they are not friends but might become if you are smart-

On the other side Cordelia notice that they where talking but not what was said.

"I'm starting to feel a bit hungry what would you say girls"

James Junior interrupted them "Why don't I buy your dinner and we can talk more"

Melody almost started to drool as the young gentlemen looked her in the eyes smiling gently.

Beside her Cordy smiled many Bond men had almost pretender like ability of learning skills and they had a long distinctive tradition of becoming secret agents and playboys.

Even she felt her heart beat up as his smile filled her eyes.

"Why don't we" She said then turned to Senior "I do hope you could Join us" she said letting her voice be filled with irony.

James senior fast took the hint "I'm sorry Miss Cordy but I have urgent business. But do have fun" he said. Walking away he curses him self why could he not been younger right now.

Later. Much later. Or early the next day

"Wow" James junior said as he picked him self up.

"You really know martial arts. Only my Uncle can toss me around like that"

Cordy smiled "its a newly learned" she said getting a look of disbelief form the young English "I'm not lying James. Ask you Uncle about pretender. And he tells you"

James junior nodded as they sat down.

Harmony and Melody came running over with drinks and sat down.

"That was SO cool Cordy" Harmony said.

Melody "Yes but you could have hurt James. He is a Satyr they are weaker then normal humans" she said

Cordy frowned "No they have weaker ARMS then humans their legs strength are more the our not twice but close. That make them capable of jumping, Running and kicking, harder and faster then a human.

James here still fights like a human"

James nodded "I and other Satyr still is trying to find a good way of fighting. The Minotaur's fighter are probably doing the same thing. But we have a bit harder" he said pointing at the extra knee he had on the leg and the hoof like foot.

Cordy smiled "That leg James would make a excellent for Jump kicks and a Pile drive like kick. Fold the leg in to your body then kick right out with full force"

James frowned a bit before he got the idea it would be like a steel-spring suddenly be released driving a hammer with full power in to its target. "That would be a effective kick"

Harmony frown "Can't we have breakfast or stop wasting time and have sex again. Its not likely that the Assassin is coming today is it"

Cordy slapped her face "Ooh wonder of supply. James you have a assassin after you and your Uncle is busy taking care about a terrorist Cell."

Junior frowned "So you are doing this just to protect me"

Harmony rolled her eyes "NO Goof we are doing this because we like you."

Cordy "well said harmony. We decided that we liked you"

James looked disbelieving.

Cordy "Uncle James can tell you the rest but I am a pretender and as such have weak empathic ability. And i can form a profile of some one really fast if given time.

During the card games and later the dinner i like you and The girls like you so we decided to try to make you in to a future boyfriend AND then protect you."

Melody hugged him "Call your uncle and ask him about Pretender"

James Junior smiled as he pressed the phones speed dial.

"Hello Uncle" he said James senior smiled "Did you have a Great time" As he dodge an another rains of bullet that impacted around his car. Dam those fanatical Feminist Terrorist they hurt his car and R would be angry again.

James Junior laughs "If i say Pretender and Empath what do you say" James senior smiled slowly pulling forward his gun "I Say Yes empath and Universal genius with a deep need urge to protect humans against evil. Even evil humans. But i really need to get back to work now.

See you later" He putt the phone down took and forcing the car in a 360 degree spin as he shot his gun aiming at the driver of the FIRST of pursuing car.

He then started to drive off leaving a pile of broken cars behind him. His cars radar warned him about the helicopter sighting James began to prepare for more problem "Its one of those days" he said to himself.

The hotel room

James put the phone down looking at Cordy that was chewing bubblegum. "So pretender." Cordy nodded. "And all out of Bubblegum" Melody smiled "Then lets find the bad guy and shoot him up"

harmony frowned "That's right we are here to Chew bubble gum and shot bad guys and we are all out of hunks or bad guys."

James smiled "your friend are not Pretender"

Cordy "no but they have strengths and ability that are impressive."

Harmony blinked "I have" she said in confusing.

Cordy nodded "you have. But i still haven't figure out HOW to tell you with out making a mess and i have no idea how to teach you what you need to learn YET"

Harmony "Ooo so you just keep it secret then."

Cordy nodded "your not angry then" she said with fear. False fear but.. Harmony "If you let me spank you this time i forgive you"

Melody brighten up "Can we play the capture Princess we finally have a knight to play the saving hero"

James Junior hade a feeling his life inside and outside of the bedroom would become lot more interesting if he hang around those girls. But what a way to go...

Chapter 2
Going in style.

2 Days after 'going in heat' James bond Senior is still hunting the terrorist and the girls is after the evil man trying to kill off Bond.

The car driven by James Bond Junior stopped outside a huge oil refinery. Cordy smiled as she half turned sideways so she could see both him and Harmony and Melody that sat in the backseat.

"This is the Zurtak refinery owned by Marcel Zurtak. Your Uncle James Senior manage to destroy a evil master mind name Blofelt he was Zurtak Godfather.

When Zurtak have ever since that time gather information about James family and friends. In the 1985th James Wife died in a train accident"

James Bond Junior nodded "James was devastated over that"

Cordelia frowned "I'm not completely sure but evidence indicate with more then 80% possibility that the train wreck was caused by a Terrakan assassin hired by Marcel Zurtak himself."

James Junior jaw was hard "80% you are sure"

Cordelia "Circumstantial evidence would not hold up in court. But anyway Marcel have found out about YOU junior and have hired This guy"

She said pressing a button and a picture was visible on the computer screen in front. "Kerth Donaker. He is a Terrakan assassin a master of creating 'accidental' deaths. Airplane crashes, train wrecks he have done it.

I believe that Mrs. Bonds death was his first major work."

James junior frowned "So where is he"

Cordy smiled "Marcel Zurtak work between 6:00 hours and 16:00 three days a week inside the oil refinery he like the hands one type of work. The rest of the time he spends with business meetings and playboy and other shady activities."

Melody "So maybe me and Harm can trick him or something"

Harmony smiled "Yeh Female fatal"

James junior smiled now that hade potential wonder if they would like to kidnap him.

Cordy rolled his eyes. "Kerth is a difficult fish to fry. Currently he is living in the door next to your hotel room. My belief is that he is planning death by electrocution. He have been buying electric equipment and tools. According to the computer. And i did manage to sneak inside his room. A cable fault or a broken lamp cable would be used to kill you"

James junior taught about it "We could call the police but the evidence would not hold. Right"

Cordelia nodded "You are right."

James then ponder "In self defense we could strike back but i don't like killing if i can help it"

Cordelia nodded "Neither to i but in this case hurt you and he is toast. So like to plan this out or have me to do it."

James junior "Well i do like to do it with more finesse then Xander do it." The girl grinned that was sure finesse and Xander was not even on the same continent. "If we take out the Marcel. Kerth have no reason to hunt me right"

Cordy nodded "he would not have a reason to hunt you. But Marcel is a hard target"

James "So how to take him out. Sniper would be easy but far to easy to track. Poison is not really my style. The police have nothing on him or do they"

Cordy smiled "Actually they do have suspicion of drug trading. But they have no proof and i believe that Marcel is innocent he hate drugs. But if you said Illegal gladiator tournament then i would say guilty as charged."

James junior blinked "illegal Gladiator tournament"

Cordy nodded "Angel told me about them. Many demons and vampire enjoy fighting and seeing human fight. Some of the biggest promoters of gladiator teams are humans with out much moral.

The crowed that watch is mostly demons and vampires a rare number of rich humans also.

The gladiators are all promising fighters, boxer, martial artist you name it.

They are kidnapped and forced to fight to their death"

Harmony frowned "Why is the promoters humans"

Cordy smiled a pale smile "Smart question. They can more easy find the human fighters. Then they have demons that kidnapped and keep the fighter alive and in fighting condition"

Harmony beamed at the recognition that she did have a brain. She knew she was not the smartest girl and she never really cared about intelligence.

James "So could we infiltrate a gladiator arena maybe arrange a riot or something"

Cordy nodded "Yes we could. But it would be dangerous the only young males in their are fighters. And the only females are whore that the fighter gets as a reward."

James blanched "I see."

Cordy smiled tired like "I could fix us up with a friend of Angel. He could pretend to be our Demonic master. And sneak us inside. In their we would be on our own."

James nodded "its dangerous."

Cordy smiled "Yes but inside we would be able to free the gladiator slaves. And kill Marcel would be a easy target to kill."

James looked worried "what about you and the girls"

Cordy "Back up. Melody you will be our escape driver if and when we call you come driving and rescue us IF you could find James Senior and get HIS help it would be useful. Harmony you don't have driving experience but your work would be the most important one so don't fail us"

Harmony nodded "I will not fail," she said in a hurt tone.

Cordy nodded "I'm sure. YOU will be our second backup IF and IF we you don't hear from Melody once every day. Call Jarod and ask for help. You will have to go away from Cannes some miles outside their are some small hotel you can stay inside."

Harmony frowned "But i like to help"

Cordy "You are helping believe me. If Me and James fail and We can I'm not fully train or with out fault. We would need rescue and you would be the ONLY one that help us get it here. Beside i will give you a list of medical supplies you need to buy we might have hurt fighters with us when we escape"

Melody "And me" she swallowed.

Cordy "You would be forced to lay low in a bad part of town while James and me infiltrate the gladiator arena"

Melody nodded she could do that even if Uuuuu disgusting things lived their.

Harmony hugged her hand as she smiled finally the Cheerleaders was fighting the forces of evil.

In the front James frowned a bit "let drive home and read the information and see what more we can sketch out. Your Friend what or who is he."

Cordy "He is a friend of Angel a vampire friend of ours. His name is Narp and he is a Polgara demon they are a big heavy armored monsters, But according to Angel he is kind of nice to humans and like gardening"

James and the rest of the girls blinked as Cordy took up a photo of a huge monster standing proudly beside a bushes with blue rose. "He send this photo to Angel he grows those himself."

Chapter 3
Going Under.

The Radio was playing the song was haunting for the two almost 18 year olds.


Now I will tell you what I've done for you
50 thousand tears I've cried
Screaming Deceiving and Bleeding for you
And you still won't hear me
(I'm going under)
Don't want your hand this time I'll save myself
Maybe I'll wake up for once
Not tormented daily defeated by you
Just when I thought I'd reached the bottom
I'm dying again

I'm going under
Drowning in you
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through
I'm going under

Blurring and Stirring the truth and the lies
So I don't know what's real and what's not
Always confusing


The young man closed the radio.

"Well that's bracing" James Bond Junior said smiling weakly.

Cordelia nodded "If i believed in magic i would say hearing that song just before making a demon deal i would say it be a bad omen"

James looked at her "You don't believe in magic" He asked.

Cordy smiled "I KNOW Magic exist its a fact not something i believe in. Well lets go"

He nodded and they walked up to the huge mansion. "Stop. Cordy can you do that you know the risk. Just for me its not worth it" James asked.

Cordy smiled and caressed his face "So sweet of you. But your Wrong. Saving you is a bonus.

My main goal is talking out the arena and stop the Gladiator games."

Cordy smiled "But to be honest saving you is something i find more and more important the more time we spend together.

As a pretender i can sense your emotion you are magnificent bravery and compassion and a burning sense of duty and loyalty. Their is nothing in you that i don't find fascinating"

The Young Satyr smiled "I think i like you to Cordy. But are we not going to fast"

Cordy nodded "i can wait so can Melody and Harmony non of us will force you to chose us. We only want to be happy and make you happy. shall we continue" she asked.

Bond junior nodded taking a deep breath falling in to character as a tuff guy. A trick James Senior taught him suddenly his fear and emotion become secondary to the MISSION.

Cordy raised an eyebrow he knew how to shield his emotion from her and probably from himself. A useful trick one that she yet been unable to learn, Jarod said it was because she subconsciously refuse to give up on her emotions.

*Ding Dong* the door bell of the mansion rang. Suddenly a harsh voice came from the speaker phone. "What do you want"

Cordy smiled "I was told Mr. Narp by Angel to say -thanks for the rats and you owe him one- "

The Speaker phone was silent a short time "I see you don't have problem with the sun, Your not like him then"

Cordy "I'm sorry unlike most vampire and Demons we humans don't find the sun that scary"

The voice laughs "I see well i open the door. I inside the library just follow the corridor after the hallway"

A clinging sound was heard and the door opened. Cordy and James walked inside. "A bit rude don't you think" James said.

Cordy "No vampires cant come in unless invited some demons have the same problem.

As do some Wiccan that's made deals they get a weakness and the Three Fold rule effect have less effect.

Doing that as a Wiccan have dangerous side affect so its not recommended thing to do."

Short walk later.

They opened the library door inside was books of every kind dealing with flowers and magic.

"Death Magic" Cordy said with a frown.

"You are right child. I am a Necromantic. And more" a voice said as a Polgara demon walked forward his arms had bone spike and he was build like a battle tank.

James smiled "I'm sorry if we interrupted anything important. Mr. Narp" The demon Named Narp smiled "I was just going to see my prize roses. Care to join me"

James "I be delighted."

Cordy walked after obvious James manage to get the demon in a happy mode.

"And this is my plant house" Narp said, "And now my prize of joy"

He opened the door and they walked in roses of all colors and shapes surrounded them and in the furthest corner stood a rose bush with bright blue roses.

"Amazing Blue roses is impossible" James Junior said.

The Demon Narp nodded "Yes normally this is a Death plant i grow.

Power by death magic and druidic life magic i made it like this. Its a rose unlike all others its smell can create illusions and nightmares yet it smell more wonderful and relaxing then any other rose.

If you eat the flowers blade you will not take more then two steps and you are dead. "

Narp smiled "And still i found that Tea made of it can in small dose cure cancer. Sure it might kill the patient if you use to much to soon but the tumor died first any way"

James wonder "Like Radiation treatment."

Narp nodded "exactly like a Gamma treatment but more effective"

Cordy gasped "You can do Druidic magic that's impossible. A necromantic CANT DO life magic"

Narp smiled "You are correct. But Magic effect the soul correct"

Cordy nodded "yes and that's why a druid and a necromantic cant learn from each other and use each others magic."

Narp "What if a human or demon hade two souls like Angel have"

Cordy slapped her mouth shut "You have two souls" She asked.

Narp smiled "Correct. Angel saved me from madness. I was working as a guard for an evil mage he had a kidnapped human boy that he was planning on killing. During those time i cared not. But i become friends whit the young boy"

The two teens looked interested.

Narp study the blue rose. "When i found out that My master not only planned on sacrifice the boy but to feed his soul to a soul eater. I killed him but the only way i could save the boys soul was by binding it inside my self.

I learn things like compassion. I still am a demon and always will be but now days loyalty exist inside of me killing often seem unnecessary to do"

Cordy nodded "I see. I know what i like to say. Brave done, Good that you saved his soul or pity you or say lucky you and mean it"

Narp eyes frowned "Girl that is exactly my problem also i sometimes called it a curse and sometimes a blessing. I would hate to lose it and often wish it was gone"

James Junior "That is something i find the best things in life is a blessing and a curse"

Narp nodded "Like the blue rose its life and death. Pleasure and nightmare. Well lets go out of here and talk business"


"I see" Narp said. Thinking things over "Its not unusual for me to be seen in those fighting arenas i even sponsored a fighter my self from time to time. I always chose those that are literally living for fighting the bloodthirsty. They fight the best but sadly they never last long they burn up and burn away to soon."

Narp study Bond carefully "You are a Satyr boy your arms are week, Can you fight"

Bond nodded "I can, And I'm getting better by the day."

Narp nodded "you are brave i see. Girl if we infiltrate the arena to find before we manage to assassinate Marcel you might have to work. Going under as His girl toy is don't necessary make you immune from the other fighters. Some have earn the right to use ANY new girl one time, Its the law of the arena"

Cordy nodded hiding her eyes "I can deal with that" she said.

Narp "Good i will help you with some tools but you have to carry the most yourself"

Cordy smiled "I think i can arrange for that"

She was so glad that she manage to put a size changing spell on a short sword and a revolver.

She had both hidden in plain sight as jewelry.

James Junior smiled he had lock picking tools hidden in his gym shoe and a steel whip hidden in the pants he would manage.

Narp smiled "well let us test your battle skill young Satyr"


Narp nodded "you are good the pile drive kick is devastating if i been human i be death but you still use your arms to much. Try to find some one to teach you Savate or kick boxing."

Cordy nodded "been telling him that myself"

The bruised shape of James Junior stood up "Well i am going to learn. But right now i don't have the time."

Narp smiled "the next tournament is in two days i fix us inside tomorrow you have to prove yourself in a challenging ring."

James junior nodded he wonder where his uncle was right now probably enjoying life surrounded by beautiful girls.

James Senior

"You expect me to talk" Bond said rolling his eyes that was so old. The beautiful female Feminist Terrorist "NO i Expect you to suffer and die male"

Bond rolled his eyes and no style in today's criminals. Soon they would probably start using guns shoot him dead instead of psychological death traps to terrorize him before he death..

Bond heard a crunching sound and on the other end of the table a sledge hammer started to crunch down on the table slowly working its way up. "Well that's a bit crushing experience"

The female terrorist "Lets get out of here his i don't like his blood on my new dress beside we are taping it girls"

A scream of horror at the idea of dirty clothes came "Ooo no lets get out of here" and the terrorist gang left him alone.

James sighted no style or class on today's super criminal. He carefully activated his laser watch and started to cut him self free.

Kind of a basic death machine nothing new except they use a mallet instead of a laser.

And easy to free himself from.

Chapter 4
Going to the Darkness.

James Junior smiled a bit hiding his urge to drool. Harmony and Melody did not bother "Wow you looks so hot" Harmony said in awe.

Cordelia smiled she was dressed in a skin tight black leather with a slave collar around her neck.

"I know. Come one master James you slave awaits you"

James Junior grinned "Right lets go then Narp is waiting outside.

Girls" He said given them a heart breaking smile and a deep kiss.

Cordy kiss them like her life depended on it "You remember what you are going to do"

Harmony rolled her eyes "Of course I'm not Buffy" she said.

Cordy raised her eyebrow ignoring the fact that Buffy is got at following plans not make them. "Right. I love you girls you know that"

Melody and Harmony nodded "See you" They said as James and Cordy walked out.


The Polgara demon Narp waited sitting in a small buss.

"Finally" he complained as Cordy and James walked out. "For a human you look good i think" he sad after looking at Cordy.

Cordy smiled "Thanks. They believe James is your champion fighter then. And i am his girl toy"

Narp nodded "Yes they do. After today's test fight you be spending the night in the Cages with the rest of the forced fighters"

Cordy smiled "Fine" she purred like a cat "And Marcel when will he come"

Narp "Tomorrow morning always before the match he often take a walk study the fighters to see which one he will bet one"

James grinned perfect time for the break out. Demons don't like the morning, groggy demonic guards.

Narp just look irritated "The two of you are CRAZY anything go wrong and you both will spend you life fighting and fucking"

James Junior looked at Cordy "What a way to go" he said smiling.

The demon rolled his eyes and he drove the buss to the Arena.

Cordy grinned kissing him deeply.

James Senior

James 007 put his arms on each side of her head "You are not like the rest are you."

The girl 25 or so shivered as the older hansom man an enemy spoke to her "I I don't know what you are talking about"

James smiled "I think you do know. The rest of this group of feminist fanatics hate us males. You do not do you. They think we are animals you do not"

The girls eyes was filled with tears "I I do I really do" she said. James "You been mistreated once but you know that we are not all monster"

The girl nodded "They kill me if i do anything"

James smiled "I help you and you help me" he said.

The girl nodded "Can we snuggle a bit more before"

James smiled at the girl resting beside him in the bed "Sure I love to" James really felt bad here he was close to 50 with a girl half his ages. But then she kissed him and morals be dammed that was a great kiss.

James Junior and Cordelia

Two huge green scaly demons smiled hungry as they study the sexy slave. "I think their will be fight over her tonight" one said.

Cordy swallowed nervously oh shit..

Narp ignored it "James begin the fight"

James smiled on the other side a strong demon came up in the arena to test his strength and ability.

James slowly circled around waiting for an opening.

The demon waited a moment before striking a claw strike at James.

James jumped using his Satyr's legs he landed with a sickening crunch on the demons arm not breaking it crushing it.

"Aaaa my arm my arm" it howled.

The Arena guards nodded "He good. I say a class five fighter. But he is new so entry at class seven and work his way up"

James raised an eyebrow class seven he show them. He promptly kicked the howling demon in the chin knocking it out. "Oh do keep you mouth shut." he complained. The guards' laugh.

The Arena manager growled "Guards take them to the Slave area they be in cell five"

The guards nodded and started to escort Cordy and James away. The two followed silently not caring about fighting the two armed guards just silently memorizes anything they was seeing and hearing for later.


Cordy looked around it was a big room filled with training equipment and sofas even a huge TV was their. No phone of course.

And lot of men 32 or so they where filled with scars and old cuts.

fighter and gladiators the loot of them still a hunting look some hade given up knowing they were fighting slaves meant to die on a arena just to entertain the demons.

The number of females probably 5-8 was beautiful they looked resigned given up hope knowing that they where only slaves of a slave toys given by the fighters master as pets.

"A new girl So lovely she is" A huge long haired blond minotaur man said grinning lustily at her.

James stood up preparing to fight.

"Stop it" another man said. Just as big but short hair and dark African skin. His eyes was milky white in his hand he had a staff "BOY The rule say a new girl can be tested ONCE by a champion a class ONE fighter. If you try to stop him or me you have to fight us all. Beside Ander This time the girl is mine for the night"

The Minotaur swallowed "Yes sir" he said.

The blind African spoke up "Girl I claim you for to night my name is Ular they call me -blind night" he moved with grace towards them the blind staff slightly waving in his hand.

Cordy put a hand on James "Don't fight them I be alright" She could feel the dark man Ular hade no real lust for her only felt protection she knew she be safe. For tonight.

Ular smiled "lets go to my room. Boy Rest or train food will be given once all of us are inside our cells. And its getting close to dinner do not stay out to long or we all get irritated at you"

James nodded he could see the cells rooms on the end of this huge room that was essentially one big prison cell in itself. "I do that. Slave-C be safe girl," he said trying to sound like a tuff slave owner.

Cordy "Thanks master"

The huge blond Minotaur "Ooo Love so sweet. The arena will soon destroy those kind of illusions. Only Blood tears and sadness exist. The sooner you learn that the longer you will live" he said a small tingle of pain existed. Cordy realized this was once a good man that given up on hope, love, friendship, he only believed in the darker side of life and still refuse to give up.

Later sleeping time.

Ular slept or pretended to sleep Cordy was not sure. She put her hand outside the cell door study the walls and roof with a small mirror. She could see that James did the same thing from his cell.

She found no Cameras or surveillance equipment. Not surprising Demons was always to sure of themselves. Outside the main gladiator room she could see two guards standing.

That cell doors stopped her from clearly see what kind of demons they where.

Ular hand suddenly rested on her shoulder. "Many have tried girl.

Don't give up their is always a change." The big man looked with his blind eyes at the cell door his memory drifted "This arena brings out the worst and the best in others. Ander use to be a friendly college guy training to be a doctor.

In the beginning he almost died because he refused to hurt other humans. But the darkness ate away his kindness and now he is almost as twisted as the demons are."

The big man sighted. "Me it was the opposite I found reason to be kind to be a good man. I was filled with anger I hurt stole and murder angry because I was poor and needed drugs.

Now I protect as much as I can. My anger of the world is burned away I still have to fight and fight and I am the greatest fighter in the ring" he said with sadness and shame.

Cordy nodded giving his hand a small hug. "It be good when the time come you will fight the demons them and win"

Ular smiled "Now child go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day for me and for you."

Cordy nodded and when back to the bed to sleep. Tomorrow morning their target would come and that would be her chance to escape and free as many gladiator and slave girls as possible.

In James Cell he hade a hard time sleeping he could see that the old guy hade not hurt or even hade sex with Cordy.

But he still felt unsure about that guy what IF he hurt Cordy. He wonder what Uncle James was doing right now.

James Senior

James blinked "You have a Nuke" he said in shock.

"Not really its just a big bomb TNT filled with plutonium to make it dirty" the girl said.

James sighted "I see and where is that thing"

She pointed at a big airplane "Inside their they are going to take of and crash it in the Playboy mansion"

James paled the effect would be catastrophe Radioactive Plutonium would poison the area around and thousands innocent would die.

And no more playboy to read.

Not that he had ever gotten the TIME to read that paper the girls and the work always came and interrupted him..

"I have to stop them." He said as he started to sneak onboard the plane. Luckily the guards was talking make up they did not notice him.

Chapter 5
The king of the fight.

Morning came quickly to quickly in Cordy opinion. Quietly she sneaked out from her bed the guards was sleeping. James Junior was doing the same thing.

Almost at the same time they manage to pick the look and sneak out. Silently like thief.

The two sneaked from door to door putting small micro explosive charges on the doors lock.

Then smiling to each other they snuck back.

Some of the fighters blinked no one question them the hope of freedom was suddenly among them.

Half an hour later. Ular looked at Cordy "Girl what did you do" He asked.

She smiled "Soon the lock will be out of order. Fight the demons and maybe survive or die in the arena"

Ular gave her a big smile his blind eyes twinkled "No fighting demons sounds like a fun thing to do. Why the wait?"

Cordy shrugged "A human slave trader must be here when we escape. He needs to be eliminated"

Ular frowned "Are you Terrakan"

Cordy snored "No way those amateur couldn't find their own asshole using both their arms. No I'm a Cheerleader in heat" She said.

Ular blinked she sounded serious was she crazy or what.

Then outside the cell door to the big gathering room opened and Marcel Zurtak walked in two Vampires was guarding him as he strode inside.

Cordy took a sexy pose at the door clasping the shrunken gun that slowly grow bigger and bigger in her right hand in her left her sword slowly grow bigger. "Feeling like a King baby" She said.

Marcel frowned then smiled at the sexy young slave bold word.

Then he froze as she suddenly pulled a gun forward.

"By king I don't like slave traders" *BOOOM* the gun sounded waking every sleeping gladiator. *BOOOM* was heard and the doors opened.

The two Vampires ran straight at Cordy to rip her apart. She did a jump kick sending one of them crashing to the ground and slash the other over his face.

On the outside James Junior was holding a small steel whip one crack with the whip and a demon fell downed slashed in half. "FOR FREEDOM"

Like shark smelling blood the Gladiators and the sex-slaves walked out attacking the demons with a ferocity of a great White shark.


Risin' up, back on the street
Took my time, took my chances
Went the distance. Now I'm back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive
So many times, it happened too fast
You trade your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive


Ural the blind Gladiator grasped the Vampire on the ground and started to grind him to mince meat.

Cordy hit the Vampire in front of her in the face cracking its nose at the same time she cut of the middleman. As the Vampire fell down screaming holding its groin she cut off its head. "FREEDOM" She yelled.

Behind her Ural ripped the head of his Vampire using his almost inhuman strength he followed her listening to the sound of her steps and the sound and smell of blood.


It's the eye of the tiger. It's the thrill of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor
Stalks his prey in the night
And his fortune must always be eye of the tiger


Ander ran full ramming speed at the Arena master the big old Demon was suddenly impaled on his Minotaur horns. Strong and furious Ander did not even stop just kept on running until he came head first in to the wall with the Arena master stacked on the top.

Screaming "DIE Demon die"

Cordelia fought her self side to side with James behind her acting rear guard Ular stood. "Thanks honey" she said kissing James.

James was now holding a small battle axe stolen from a dead demon.

Cordy smiled "Here a present" she said giving him a gun.

"Marcel had an extra with him." she explained.

Ular behind them did a jump kick in the face of a demon crunching his face before he snapped the demons neck.

James raised an eyebrow "You Sure he is blind"

Cordy nodded she still hade NO idea how the blind fighter manage to keep up with them with out even fumbling.


Face to face, out in the heat
Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry
They stack the odds still we take to the street
For the kill with the skill to survive


Out from the slave pins Cordy screamed "OPEN REST of the gladiator dungeons"

Ular and Ander nodded taking of in two different direction.

James followed Ander and Cordy followed Ular.

Most of the Gladiator from their dungeons ran forward attacking any one in their way creating chaos and mayhem.

Outside the guards and the crowed that had come to watch today's fights was suddenly attacked by an army of angry desperate fighters.


Risin' up straight to the top Had the guts, got the glory Went the distance. Now I'm not gonna stop Just a man and his will to survive


Short moment later all four of the Gladiators dungeons was opened and desperate man and women's stood tall side by side as they fought their way out.

In the arena the fight was slowly turning towards the guards when a screaming sound of fury revealed the rest of the gladiators from the other Dungeons coming running straight towards them.

Mr. Trix looked at his boss "lets run sir"

The old vampire Satyr Kakistos nodded "Yes lets go we have nothing to win from this place."

The two walked out Trix flinching at the urge to run and Kakistos walking slowly like a king on his way out.

Behind them the carnage was slowly going down as the battle harden fighters slowly killed anything in their path to freedom.

Cordy watch her army "Follow me. And I take you out of here" She said walking in the front with James at her side Ular and Ander walking beside them like royal guards.

Demons survivors quickly hide in fear and the talk about the Slayer vengeance on them would spread.

Cordy eyes smiled as she picked up a mobile phone from a dead human that hade come to watch the show. "Sweet." she called a number "Melody. fifteen minutes on the pick up place we have four people for lifts"

She turned back "Ular Ander would you like to accompany me for now. We could use you assistance and you could use our help in getting a new life on the outside"

The two fighters nodded eagerly. Cordy looked back at the freed slave she felt a tinge of sadness that she could not help all of them but freed from the demon they would get their chance.

James Bond Senior

The fire Axe impacted on the crowbar sending sparks flying. Bond kicked out forcing the berserking girl to crash down. "Terrible sorry about this" he said pushing a button the airplane cargo doors exploded sending it flying down in to a deep water grave ending the danger of dirty nuclear bomb destroying Playboy.

James twisted in the air like a rag doll as he got his bearing he glided over grabs his new friend binding her tight to his body before he pull the parachutes free and they slowly drifting down.

"Smashing" He said grinning hugging the young 25 year old girl tight as they slowly glided down towards the Atlantic.

James smiled this was the life but he still envied young James Junior he did not have to save the day be a hero just yet.

Just relax and take it easy together with Cordy and the girls.

The girl slowly kissed him with a deep wet kiss "Cant wait to come down" Bond grinned the work did have its perks.

Cordy and gang

"So James" Cordy said as she was hugging him and Melody close to her body.

Harmony was sleeping with her head between her breast and her body between her legs.

It was good to be alive.

"So what Honey" James asked.

Cordy smiled "Feel like saving the world more often. We could use you on the Hellmouth. Fighting to good fight saving the good guys being a real hero"

James Junior smiled "Well I do see three good reason to go their. And I do intend to follow in my uncle footsteps. But as you said saving the world including England. I may serve my country from far away then"

Harmony growled out from beneath Cordy breast "Yes or no stud muffin" James smiled "That's a Yes cuddly"

A week "Good" or God could be heard as harmony continue to sleep.

Cordy slowly petted her she was just crazy in cuddling.

She wonder what the guys in Sunnyhell was doing right now.

The End