Chosen To Destroy

Author: 3D Master <jg.temolder1[at]>


Rating: R-rated, violence.

Keywords: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, character deaths.

Summery: My views on the finale and the final season in fic format. Epilogue to the Buffy finale 'Chosen'.

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its characters do not belong to me, but Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions.

Author's notes:
This pretty much sums up my opinion on the Buffy Finale: Chosen, and is an epilogue to that episode.

The Scooby Gang, Faith, Robin Wood, Andrew and several former SITs, now Slayers stood at the crater that was once Sunnydale. They had just beaten the First Evil's army. Spike had sacrificed himself to destroy the Uber Vamps, which also resulted in the giant creator. All the potential slayers in the world had been activated, making them Slayers so they could beat back the Turok-Han army.

"So, you're no longer alone. What are you going to do now, Buffy?"

Buffy didn't really know, but she smiled as she considered the possibilities.

"I don't know about you," the chipper voice Anya called from the right. "But I'm thinking about killing all of you, and then destroying the world." Anya stopped in the middle of them, Slayers who were still in there getaway vehicle, a school bus came poring out of it, looking at the First Evil in the midst of them. Xander looked stricken at the image of his dead girlfriend, tears threatening to fall from his remaining eye.

"In case you've missed the news broad cast, you've lost," Buffy sneered at the First Evil.

"Bloody hell," the First commented, morphing into Spike game face on. "I didn't think you had the smarts to figure out it was me, perhaps you should have used it sooner." FirstSpike chuckled.

"What the hell do you want? We beat you, your army is gone, the hellmouth is closed, it's done," Buffy told the first. "And you're still incorporeal, no power, no way to kill anything."

The First laughed, morphed into Angel, and said, "My sweet, sweet girl. If you want to win a war, you should learn some patience, a little foresight, some strategic insight, you have none." The First morphed into Caleb, and started saying, "As for being powerless." Caleb pointed a finger at Rona, who suddenly she screamed out loud. Everybody watched in horror as she suddenly burst into flames from the inside out. Several seconds later there was only a char- coaled skeleton left, that then crumbled to the ground.

Buffy suddenly attacked the First in anger, swinging her magical weapon, which passed through the First without harming it. FirstCaleb just smirked at her. "Buffy, Buffy, Buffy. I existed before time, without me, the multiverse would never have been created. Ya didn't think I was powerless did ya? I'm energy, incorporeal, doesn't mean I can't kill anything. What's more destructive, a bullet or a laser?"

Buffy and the rest of the gang looked with horror at the First, who then morphed into Buffy herself. "You want to know what the weakness in the Slayer line. It's you. Not being brought back, that just caused a little imbalance. You, period. You're stupid. You are the weakest, stupidest, most half-witted Slayer to have ever walked the Earth. Your first watcher had to blow his own brains out to save your life, because he had the misguided thought you were special. You came here, and you've had your but saved every step of the way, every stupid mistake you've ever made, and your three friends over there, Xander, Willow and Giles, saved your ass every single damn time, and kept you from even making bigger mistakes. The greatest demon and apocalypse fighting team to have ever walked the Earth, saving your ass over and over, and what do you? You push 'em aside, 'I'm alone in the world, nobody can help me', that was nice, I wanted that, but I didn't even have to manipulate you in doing that over and over, you did that all by yourself." The First grinned evilly, the group stayed silent, just looking at the thing in horror. The First continued with a smile, "But that really isn't that much of a problem. There have been slayers who came close to your stupidity, but at least they had Watchers to keep them in line, and tell what to do. Hell, all Slayers have this linear, 'demon, kill it, hope for the best, ask question later, predatory' thing going on, but you had an ego. You were little miss popular back in high school, and were suddenly called. How nice, you are now serving mankind as their protector. Did you get rid of your ego problem, did you throw yourself into your job, to serve and protect?"

"I did," Buffy bit at it.

The First laughed out loud, no evil laugh, just an amused one, he transformed into Kendra and said, "Kendra served and protected, she had no ego. You just took it to the next level. You weren't a simple cheerleader anymore, you were <the> cheerleader, <the> Slayer. Little thing like popularity wasn't important, you went a step beyond. You were the protector of mankind, everybody should follow you like a love sick puppy, obey you at any cost, for you were 'special'. You're not special, Buffy, you're a foot soldier. No Slayer was ever meant to lead anything, and however came up with that idea is vindicated today, too bad it also means the destruction of the world, but alas. You treated your friends like your posse, nice to be kept around like some pets, but certainly not anything more. Did you ever bother to teach Xander martial arts, did you ever encourage him to become more than he is today? No, you just pushed him aside, stay out of danger. Willow? You didn't <really> started treating her as an equal until after she showed some magical ability, and Giles, well Giles was just the old guy who could fill in for your father. There is no combination more destructive than a stupid person, who thinks she's special, has enough of an ego to think, she's always right."

"It isn't true, it isn't true," Buffy said, tears running down her yes, shaking her hade as if that would make her mantra real.

FirtBuffy just smiled, giving everybody a look, they new he couldn't be stopped so they might as well stay quiet. "It isn't?" the First asked sweetly. "Let's see, come back from the dead, and you shack up with a demon vamp without a soul, push your friends even more away, he attempts to rape you, you send your sister right to him so he can 'protect' her, then he comes back, giving you some sappy stuff about going to get his soul for you, which your little cheerleader just soaked up,'look how important I am, a vampire went to get his soul for me', and started the relationship right up again. Really a feminine power statement: see, your attempted rapist really is your friend, and your true love. Then you go off telling every girl in your army they're worthless, have Spike de-chipped, you want your vampire friend to become a ruthless killer again, tell the guy over there, son of one of said vampire's victims, that you'll let Spikey kill him, if he feels like it, you don't bother to check whether his trigger really is deactivated, right after he smacks you sister through a table, all because you, <you> believe in him, and 'he's got a soul now', you lead your army straight into the biggest of all obvious traps, and then want to go ahead and do it all over again. It <was> a trap you know, Caleb come talking to you in the school, it would have been fun, lots of SIT casualties, good thing they wizened up and threw you out. And, oh yes, your attempted rapist comes along, tells you he believes in you. Oh, how sweet, you have your confidence again, after sleeping in the arms of your attempted rapist, really strong powerful woman you are. But he said he was right, for once in your entire life you got your face smacked right into the cold awful truth, that your just a dumb blonde, but no, of course I'm not, my attempted rapist said, I'm right after all! I'll get my shiny new weapon all on my own. And damn, I'm so lucky, there aren't any Bringers around to get in my way, they've all mysteriously gone away, apart from the two guarding the entrance." The first turned to look around the SITs, snickered and said, "Did she ever tell you that, that she got lucky? She didn't, did she? And all of you feeling so bad about kicking her out . . ."

FirstBuffy gloated, looking around the group, they all just looked shocked, and Buffy felt weak. "Then again, she didn't get lucky," the First said with an evil sadistic grin. "Think Buffy. The only weapon that can 'stop me', and I have it carved out of rock, send you a message to tell you where to find it . . ." Without missing a word the First transformed into Mayor Wilkins and smiling told Faith, " . . .not to mention a little jab at the one and only true Slayer. Pumpkin, she was stabbed in the exact same place Buffy stabbed you, you know. If only you had figured that one out, took charge, but you have this inferiority complex going, I know . . ." Faith's face fell even more than it already had, the others looked at Faith for a moment in shocked realization and then returned back to the First, who had changed back into Buffy again, and continued his speech, " . . . the Bringers are gone so they won't get in your way, Caleb is suddenly a bungling fool, you go down, get your weapon, and then I tell him to let you go. Let's repeat that again, slowly this time, 'I . . . let . . . you . . . go, with the mystical weapon . . . than . . . can . . . stop me', while Caleb gets his guts back, and is pretty confident he can beat the crap out of him anyway. He could you know, easily, so I went inside of him, and made him weak enough so you could beat him without hardly a scratch on you, stripped some of his power away." The First then turned into the guardian woman, Buffy had seen in the pyramid tomb, he pointed his hand, and Buffy's shiny weapon was yanked out of her hand, floated over and hung in the air next to the FE. "Never wondered why you had it so easily, why I just let you walk away with this little trinket? Hmm? Why the guardians are suddenly present here, you'd think they could have helped a little earlier, don't you? Never wondered how both Caleb, Angel and Spike could find their way to the little pyramid all at the same right time, only moments after Giles and Willow found its location?"

"C-caleb snapped your neck," Buffy managed to mutter out, her stomach felt hollow.

"I can be anyone who has died, you think I can't fake getting my neck snapped?" the First asked incredulously. "The woman's name you couldn't pronounce, proto Gaelic, one of the best people to have ever lived, died in 804 BC, she'd turn in her grave if she knew I used her image like this." The First grinned and turned back into Buffy. "Now, please, tell me you have the smarts to understand you did everything I wanted you to do? Like a little minion, you performed as well as Caleb . . . well, you're close."

Buffy looked at the First with horror, "What would you want with Slayers across the world?"

"I guess after someone spells things out for you, you have just enough intelligence to figure out the obvious," the First answered, grinning. He transformed into Quenton Travers, and looked at Giles. "Giles, how many potential slayers you said were left?"

"A few hand fulls," Giles answered with fear etched in his face, the concept started to form, the horror that he had actually thought the plan was brilliant.

"Ms. Rosenberg, how many Slayers are there, across the world?" FirstTravers asked with an evil grin.

"Hundreds," Willow answered slack jawed, defeated. "Thousands perhaps."

FirstTravers looked back down at Buffy at with a grin, he said, "Doesn't quite sound like handfuls, now does it? You see, I can't find potential Slayers, neither can the demons, not enough mystical energy, now Slayers, they have enough mystical energy. And the demons will pick them off like sitting ducks in a nice convenient row. Little kids, babies, young teenagers, and nobody to guide them, nobody to tell them what they are, nobody to teach them how to fight what's coming, not that they can fight what's coming. The things that are coming, not even all of you combined can fight them. But the best thing is, once we find the Slayers, we find their mothers."

"What would you want with their mothers?" Kennedy asked incredulously, before she could stop herself, a pit of despair in her tummy, slowly realizing the First Evil would tell.

The First transformed into Jenny Calendar and laughed. Giles staggered under the visage of his dead lover. "Haven't you had biology? Where do you think the Potential Slayers come from? It's simple genetics, passed on through the mother. A Potential Slayer gives birth to Potential Slayers, once they hit twenty their ability to become a Slayer is snipped, but they do perpetuate the line. Once the mothers are gone . . . no more Slayer, ever. I win."

"The hell you do," Buffy said, grasping at straws. "The Hellmouth is closed, no demons are coming here."

FirstJenny laughed hard, and then transformed into the Master. "Do you know why the First Good, (the ying to my yang, the male to my female, we got bored once, made a union - basically we fucked like rabbits - and presto, a multiverse) wanted you in Sunnydale, despite your stupidity? So I could kill you. You should have stayed dead, but that pesky love eh, for someone who claims himself to be the First Good, he seriously underestimated its power."

"Angel and Xander came to save me," Buffy said, tears running down her eyes, it just couldn't be true that she was meant to die.

"Oh, no, Slayer, no, no," FirstMaster said with a leer. "Xander dragged that sack of potatoes down with him to save you. Xander and Angel would be the proper way to say it, but that's not what I was talking about. I was talking about you being in love with the lovable carpenter. A love that never went away, it's the only redeemable thing about you really."

The whole group gasped out at that revelation, Buffy's lips trembled. "Didn't I think I knew that did you? But things didn't work out did they?" FirstMaster looked at Willow and he grinned, "You enjoy being in control do you? It's what helped you go into magic, and we all know how that turned out." He turned looked at the entire group. "You see, Buffy fell in love with Xander the moment she saw him, it's those big brown puppy-dog eyes. She just came out of relationship she ended because she didn't wanted to be reminded of anything that had to do with her fight against the master vampire Lothos. Not ready to jump on the relationship wagon so soon, she let Xander correct himself, instead of say 'yes', to his question on whether he could have her. Willow saw the attraction, so she fenced of her territory, she was very much in love with Xander herself, and didn't want to share. Buffy knowing of Willow's love for Xander, couldn't quite trespass on Willow's territory now that she was her friend. When Buffy killed the Master and returned after the summer, she caught Willow and Xander almost kissing. She got jealous, combine it with her depression over almost dying, and she decided to hurt Xander. Big mistake, it ended him being in love with her. She understood that when he threatened to kill her if Willow would be hurt. And till this day, she does everything in her power to get Xander out of harm's way, like last night, send the two people she loves most away from the danger. And so she decided to try the forbidden, romantic star-crossed, Romeo and Juliette routine, a Slayer and a Vampire. We all know how that turned our, death, destruction, that sort of thing, and their lives never got back in sync for them to try again, there always was another lover in the way." FirstMaster looked back down at Buffy, who just stood there numb, "Stupid, if only you hadn't crushed his heart, if only you hadn't tried to get him out of it, telling him he can't measure up, if only you had trained him in martial arts, encourage him to learn more of it, fight along side of you. But despite your love, that ego of yours was still in the way, wasn't it? If you had done that instead, halfway through your second year in Sunnydale you would have dumped that loser Angel like the plague and ran toward the living person. When Xander performed CPR on you, the touching of his lips to yours, there was this spark, and your love for him and vice versa is what prompted you to fight back to consciousness, and that was not in the scenario . . ."

The First looked around with a grin, confident in his victory. "What the First Good figured what would happen is that Buffy died. And when she did, Xander would have gone berserk. Adrenaline, now there's a power to respect. Ten times stronger, ten times faster, the clock speed of his brain also ten times faster, think ripping car doors of their hinges without breaking sweat. He would have staked Angel then and there, went up to the library, and literally rip the Master limb from limb. What followed would Xander, Willow and Giles stay together, fighting the good fight in your name, Buffy. They would train, Xander would have gotten a whole lot better, Willow would start magic, but without all their attentions on you, they would have instilled in her some ethical guide lines, what she can and can't do with magic, not let it corrupt her." The First grinned and looked up at Willow for a moment, "Must say, acting like a crack whore to get rid of the blame, was one mighty good inspiration, and a performance worthy of an oscar, Will." The First stayed his attention on the group, with a grin. "After the little soldier possession incident at Halloween, Xander would be endued with an unnatural instinct for strategy, and fighting, but Buffy wouldn't be around to discourage him from developing it, and letting it wane like he did. Instead he would have become one of the best fighters this world has ever seen, capable of taking out a Slayer with ease." The First transformed back into the Mayor and looked at Faith, "And then, Whip Cracker, <then> you would have come along, after Kendra died. But you wouldn't go there to find the Slayer everybody thinks was so good, but was only still alive because the three of them kept saving her ass, but you would have gone to find them specifically. Giles would dutifully keep sending reports to the council. The destroyers of Drusilla and the Slayer of Slayers, the destroyers of Angelus, the Scourge of Europe, the ones who stopped the Judge once and for all, just three humans, responsible for stopping several apocalypses single handedly, your last hope. And when you got there, you wouldn't find a big mess, no Angel returning from hell, no Buffy just returning from abandoning her friends, the whole emotional roller coaster between the four of them wouldn't be there, only the best demon fighting team the world would ever have seen. They would have taken you in, taught you everything they knew, healed you of the wounds your abusive parents gave you. Xander would have enough knowledge about that, legally emancipated as he would have been at the time, his own apartment. You probably would have crashed - is that still the slang these days - at his place, and one of the best, one of most powerful, one of the most intelligent Slayers of all time, united with the best demon fighting team ever. And you would never forget who is the best here, you would never take them for granted, you would never consider yourself superior, and believe they should just follow orders and that's it, you would never crush their spirits, you would never push them aside, you would never rip apart their self esteem, reduce their self worth only to how close they are to you. My god, Faith, you four would have been unstoppable, poetry in motion. I wouldn't have stood a chance, the demons would probably flee Sunnydale soon after, and you would have set your sights on bigger prey. Wolfram & Hart for example, right up to and including the senior partners, and then me." The First turned back into Buffy. "You would have destroyed my plans easily, perhaps locked me away for a potential eternity, and I damn, I wouldn't put past to you four to have found way to actually destroy me."

"But, hey, that didn't happen, right, Buffy?" the First smirked with a grin.

Buffy looked at him, she had gotten irritated, by his tirade, finding some of herself back. "Cut the crap, you still don't have a demon army, Hellmouth is still closed. Spike did that."

The First laughed, and turned back into the Master. "Sorry, but you sidetracked me, almost forgot. First off, Spike didn't do anything, it was the little medallion he was wearing. Second, the Hellmouth is still very much active, in fact it's going to open. You only destroyed the little Ubies in a cave under the Hellmouth," FirstMaster pointed an index finger at nothing in particular, than lowered his hand, and pointed the finger in the same direction, just below where his finger just was. "About eight thousand years ago, those Turok-Han roamed the Earth, and the humans fighting them had only one option. Lure them into the cave under the Hellmouth, seal it, then perform a spell that would entrap the vampires in it, making sure the vampires didn't just dig themselves out. That spell was only possible using the Hellmouth's energies. When I tried to open it, I accidentally triggered the still present, mostly dormant spell, and it entrapped me too. The Turok-Han were never my army, they were the decoy, the things that you required the be a Slayer for to fight." The first once again turned back into Buffy, and continued, "Which just truly how stupid you really are, Buffy. Come on, chip removal, army much? You could have had access to the most modern and fearsome fighting machine this world has. The American army, Apache helicopters, tanks, but you were to blinding by the bleached blonde wonder vamp. But worse yet, is today. Come on, blondie. I've been giving you all the things you needed to win this battle, and still you would have lost, and so would I." First Buffy shook her head. "Opening the seal, and go down it? Are you insane? Me, I would have done something else, expected you to do that; blow up the school first, then do the same to the seal and the entire cave wall around it, let the sun just stream in. The Turok-Han surviving would have only one option, escape into the narrow corridors, and subterranean tunnels, which is where you and the others would have been waiting, mixture of Slayers and humans every team, picking the vamps off one by one. Granted the first Turok- Han you fought was a master, like the Master, like Angelus, like Kakistos, ancient incredibly powerful. But still they would have overrun you by their numbers, and raw power, and even more so the normal unpowered humans above, gotten to Spike and killed his medallion- wearing ass, if I hadn't severely weakened them, when I saw just how stupid your tactics were."

The group looked at Buffy, almost judgmental. "That medallion came from Angel. He wouldn't give me something evil. It's purifying, cleansing, light."

The First smirked, and transformed into Connor, "Not quite. I'm Connor, I'm Angel's son. Had a nice one-night stand with Darla, resurrected, and I'm the result. I have sex with a demon infested, Power That Was possessed Cordy, and the result is said Power That Was is born onto this world. Angel stopped her, and effectively ended world peace. Ever enslavement to her will world peace, but world peace nonetheless. In response Wolfram & Hart gave Angel an offer, come lead our LA branch. He accepted on the condition that I would get a better life, I needed to be killed for that. Your precious Angel killed his own son." The first transformed into Lilah and grinned, "Where do you think he got the little trinket? From me, Wolfram & Hart lawyer, who also happened to die a few months back." The First laughed out loud, and then turned to an evil grin as Buffy looked at him in shock. "Angel couldn't do it, you know. Too much experience, he would know something bad was happening the moment the medallion started to work. So I needed Spike to be ensouled. The only demon who can do that on the Earth, as well as removing Spike's chip, also happened to be someone Spike hated with a passion. He needed to be motivated, and you're the only one could motivated him." The FE turned into the First Slayer, "Death is your gift. Dead I am for long time."

Buffy's jaw dropped in horror, and the First Evil turned into Spike. "Did you have fun in the little pocket of pure joy? Cordelia was there for some time as well, but she thought it was hell, not heaven, she was bored to death. When you were ripped out of there, you hated your life enough that you would use me as your sodding personal fuck toy. When you finally did dump me, completely, I bloody well realized you would never be mine as long as your loser friends were still around. So I went to get my chip deactivated so I could kill them one by one. Too bad the demon worked for me, and he gave me what I wanted me to have; a soul, and a trigger. Don't know whether I lied to you, or whether I deluded myself into thinking I was going to get my soul for you all along, though."

The first let that sink in, before looking at Giles, and asking, "Giles, you wanker. If I bear this little medallion, this light, what would that make me, symbolically speaking?"

Giles looked at the smiling face of vamped out FirstSpike and his eyes widened in shock, "The Bearer of Light."

"Lucifer," Dawn translated.

"Bingo, niblet," FirstSpike said with a wide grin. "Lucifer, also known as Satan, Iblis, Ahriman, several names for . . . me. You see Buffy, just something is pure, and it is light, doesn't make it good. Purifying something, cleansing something, can also mean cleansing it off good, making it pure evil. The little medallion took my soul, and burned it up, crushed it, destroyed it, and using that it did what it did." The First laughed again, everybody now starting to understand. "Giles, you've read Dante's Inferno, have you not?"

"Nine gates to hell?" Giles slowly said, comprehension dawning on him.

"Nine Hellmouths," the First said, once again becoming Buffy. "One here, one in Cleveland as you so aptly pointed out Giles, and seven others, not just closed, deactivated through the years, no longer mystical convergences. But they can be reactivated, if one had a powerful enough source, say a soul burned up, augmented with the power of the sun and the Earth?"

The rumbling started then, and the group turned around, away from the First. They looked into the crater that was once Sunnydale and in the middle the Hellmouth suddenly over. Bigger than it had ever been, several blocks across. Then a demon flew up out of it, giant, easily the size of a house, and it fired several beams of fire as it hovered above the Mouth of Hell.

"Oh, man," FirstBuffy shook her head in embarrassment. "Some of those things are as stupid as you, Buffy." Then with deafening roar, a pure white beam of light the size of the Hellmouth sprang forth from it, disintegrating the demon instantly. The beam shot further upward into the atmosphere, until it stopped and formed a dangerously pulsing ball of energy. Black clouds instantly formed over it, lightning flashed down from it, some the lightning strikes entering the ball of energy, making it grow and pulse with more energy. The group of would be heroes exclaimed their horror and revulsion.

"It's done," the First said, laughing out loud, as the Hellmouth turned on its edge. Hordes of small demons came pouring out of it, and a giant demon, the size of a small high rise building stepped out of it, roaring his approval, even as more demons of its size were behind it and the dimensional gate grew even bigger. "It's finished, I've won. Apart from a few last details." The group turned to face the FE again, fear, despair and defeat written on their faces. "I really don't want the ultimate demon and apocalypse fighting team somehow turning defeat into victory, now do I?" Buffy's eyes widened, and laughing the First pointed his finger successively at Willow, Xander, Giles and last Faith. Like the first victim, they burst into flames, screaming inhuman screams of anguish. Kennedy screamed out her girlfriend's name in despair, Robin Wood followed suit for his not quite girlfriend, Faith, and finally Buffy screamed out Xander's name, and ran at her burning friends. But before either could reach the persons they cared about, there were only char-coaled remains that crumbled to the ground. Buffy sank to her knees, tears poring down her cheeks. "There," the First said with a grin. "Your friends won't be saving your ass this time Buffy, you've really done it this time. I'll let the rest of you live, until they reach you that is. I'll let you watch the world be destroyed, with the knowledge that you're the ones responsible for its destruction. If you want to live just a little bit longer, I suggest getting on the bus and drive. I'm leaving now, gonna rub Angel's nose in it next, it'll be fun."


LA W&H offices

"We have to set up a second front in case Buffy and the others fail," Angel said with a heavy voice, as he and his team, as well as some of the Wolfram & Hart employees followed him into his office. "It's good thing we have all these resources at our disposable now."

"Uh, you mean second wave of attack, right?" Wesley asked slightly confused. "I'm guessing we're too late for a second front. A second front attacks at the same time as the first."

"Correct, Wesley," Lilah's voice called out. The Fang Gang stopped in their tracks and watched Angel's chair slowly turn around. The vista of LA bathing in the early light of dawn in the back ground. Lilah placed her feet on the desk, and smiled. "Angel, if you want to lead a fight, at least make sure you have the terminology correct. Your troops may do something very different from what you were planning."

"Where's your cut?" Wesley asked slowly, looking at Lilah's unmarred neck.

"Oh, you mean this?" Lilah asked, the cut appeared, and then disappeared again, then reappearing, this went on for a few more times, before the mark stayed away. "I like it better without."

"What the fuck?" Gunn exclaimed in shock.

"How's it going, Angel? Having fun in your little new building. Oh, one thing, none of your new employees will do anything to help you to stop the end of the world," Lilah answered with a grin.

"You, bitch," Fred squealed out loud.

Lilah smiled, and said, "Oh, I am, but if you want me to be bastard, I can do that to." Lilah transformed into Holland Manners."Remember me, Angel? The senior partners were quite nervous when you were about to give them a nice visit and kill them all. Then I came along, and you fell for it: hook . . . line . . . and sinker."

"No," Angel blurted out, slowly realizing his mistake.

"Now you get it a lot quicker than Buffy does, Dead Boy," the first said, morphing into Xander, having both eyes. "But then you were always the brains of the two of you."

"You're the First Evil," Angel said, realization setting in, understanding that Xander was dead now. "But, Lilah held things."

FirstXander got up grabbed the desk and said, "Like this?" He then let go of the desk, raised his hands, but the desk stayed floating in air, before slowly lowering back to the floor. "All these years, Dead Boy, all these years, all towards this single moment. Our first encounter, generating the cloud cover to save your life, which resulted into you leaving Sunnydale and coming here. Doyle's death, Cordy's visions, resurrecting Darla, manipulating Jasmine into putting her plan into motion, manipulating the prophecy back in time so Sahjan would do his little Holtz trick, so Connor could would age faster, Skip endemoning Cordelia, and sucking her into that dimensional pocket, right up to and including killing Jasmine." The whole group looked at FirstXander in shock. The first grinned, transformed into Conner and add, "Oh, you didn't think one punch of me was really enough to kill a god do you?"

"You're intangible," Wesley said in disbelief. "You can't kill anything."

FirstConner sighed in frustration, "Not this again. Bullet and a laser, people, bullet and a laser, energy can destroy." The First pointed his finger at a far internal wall, and a fireball sprang from his finger. Moments later with a small explosion, the wall and several more directly behind it were destroyed. "Dad, you had to think this offer of Wolfram & Hart was really, hence the stopping world peace stuff, and you needed me to accept the offer; the deal, give Conner a happy life, you just have to kill him first."

"Wolf, Ram & Hart," Wesley whispered. "The Wolf a native American primordial spirit preset at creation, Ram personification of Earthly evil, Satan, and a Hart, a deer, Celtic primordial spirit that gives life. The First Evil."

"Very good, Wesley, I'm glad at least someone is paying attention," FirstConner said, than transformed into Buffy. "Don't worry, Buffy is still alive. I couldn't kill my most valuable helper after all. But unless a school bus can outrun a demon the size of this building, she won't be for long." FirstBuffy walked toward Angel and said seductively, "You can choose, Buffy, or me. I can guarantee you, I'll be a hundred times better than that dumb blonde could ever hope to be. And it really will last forever."

"Get away from me!" Angel yelled out. "I will stop you, guaranteed!"

"There's nothing to stop, Angel. It's over, I've already won. Oh, well," FirstBuffy said with an evil grin. "Your loss. I think it's time to do what I came for."

"What's that?" Angel hissed angrily.

"Shansu, Angel," FirstBuffy said with a grin. "I did make that prophecy. I did promise humanity to the vampire with the soul if he fought in the end time on my side, didn't I? You see, I'm not that cruel, if you hurry to save your Buffy, at least you'll get to watch the fireworks together. Spend your last moments in happiness." The First walked forward, smiling friendly. She outstretched her hand and placed it above Angel's chest. She looked into Angel's eyes, and saw a flicker of doubt, a flicker of hope. That's what she was waiting for. "Wait," FirstBuffy said and retracted her hand quickly, seeing the pain inside him. She grinned evilly as she contemplated, "There is a second vampire with a soul, and not you, but he wore the medallion. And I <am> that cruel."

The First laughed evilly, as it held her hand flat above the ground, then a fire in a silhouette of a man started to burn. "You know, the medallion burned away his soul, so I'll have to give him a new one, a blank one," the First Evil explained, as the form suddenly started screaming in pain and started to coalesce into a man. "Just a demon, stripped of its eternal life giving powers, with a little bit of a soul, in a human form." Moments later a naked Spike lay on the floor, tears of pain streaming down his face, he suddenly looked more happy when he saw FirstBuffy squat down next to him.

"Buffy," he whispered.

"No," FirstBuffy said, transforming into Spike himself. Spike looked on in horror. "I bet you'd like to live forever, don't you? Well, sorry, but you're human, you will age and die, knowing you helped me destroy the world, and your loved ones. Buffy will soon be dead, Drusilla will follow, I'll see to it personally. Spikey, you did a great job."

"No, NO! NO! NOOOOooo!!!" Spike screamed in rage, anger, pain, and sadness.

"Suffer, Spike, suffer," FirstSpike told him, and then laughed an inhuman, heavy, echoing laugh. Then he got up, and suddenly looked joyfully out the window. "Look, Angel, it's happening. This is why I had the windows block the bad things of the sun. Watch, the world come to a crashing end, and know that you helped me make it happen. Watch the other eight Hellmouths open." Then the first disappeared.

Angel walked over to the window, tears of guilt running down his cheeks and watched. Black thunder clouds stretched out in the distance over what was once Sunnydale. A powerful white glare, coming from an orb, pulsed underneath it. Suddenly the orb split in eight, and the orbs streaked away, all in another direction, a beam of light trailing them. Silhouettes of countless flying demons, some large, some small became visible at the edge of the black clouds. A giant one rapidly closed the distance between the edge of the clouds and LA. Once it reached the edge of the city, it started firing white beams of energy down to the earth, resulting in explosions leveling buildings with the ground. The end had arrived.

The End