Cris de Coeur

(Cry From The Heart)

Author: Greywolf <greywolfb[at]>

I don't own them Joss does I'm just playing with them for a little bit

Spoilers: Seeing Red and various thoughts and sayings thru the seasons

Pairing B/W/X - W/solo

Rating NC17

Authors Notes: This is my first attempt at writing a fan-fiction. So please be kind and not too brutal in the feedback

Chapter 1

Willow was in the kitchen having just finished preparing dinner for a very special evening. Her day had gone perfectly, she had received her grades on her finals and made the dean's list again. She also realized she hadn't thought of Tara all day long.

It had been six months since that fateful day when a stray bullet had ripped it's way thru her life and tore her existence apart. Six month's since she tried to kill her friends, six months since she tried to end the world. Tonight her mourning period officially ended.


Checking the time, she saw that she had a little time to kill before the roast would be done. "Just enough time to get ready", she giggled to herself.

Willow went upstairs to take a quick shower. She entered her bedroom and set out her clothes. She had bought a new dress just for tonight, an elegant forest green number that hugged her every curve.

After undressing, she admired herself in the full-length mirror that hung from her closet door.

Her hair, a vibrant, rich, auburn gently framed her angelic face and cascaded over her shoulders.

Her belly was firm and flat with the cutest little navel that teased anyone who happened to see it.

Her tapered waist, small and thin, helped give definition to her girlish hips.

Her mons raised gracefully under a sparse red pubic patch adding a hint of mystery, but hiding nothing. Her labia, after being released from the confines of her panties, gently unfolded under her gaze.

Turning away from the mirror, Willow viewed her beautiful little ass. Bending over, she traced her fingertips along the smooth lines of her delightful round globes, teasing them with a feather light touch.

Giggling, she stood back up and gazed upon her succulent legs. Long and supple with just the right muscle tone to give shape but not to appear hardened.

"Perfect" she said to her reflection as she turned to the bathroom door.

"Oh yes" she sighed as the warm water washed over her. She lathered up a small washcloth and slowly massaged her body with the sudsy cloth.

As she drew the cloth over her tender nipples she let out a little gasp. "Damn that felt good," she whispered to herself.

Dropping the washcloth she began working the foam with her hands. Slowly she traced her hands around her delicate neck moaning in response.

She let her hands drift down, her fingers drawing patterns in the soapy bubbles covering her chest and gently squeezed her small but firm breast.

She pinched her tiny bud like nipples between her fingers and she gasped out a little squeak.

Her hands slid effortlessly over her abdomen relishing in its smooth texture.

Looking down she giggled and got out of the shower for a minute to grab the shaving cream and a new razor.

Sitting on a little ledge built into the shower wall she squirted lather on her little bush. Carefully she worked the foam in and started to drag the razor over her silky smooth hairs.

As more and more of her satiny smooth skin came into view, the hotter she was getting. Carefully she used her fingers on her free hand to hold her labia off to the side.

Slowly, she pulled the razor over the tender flesh she exposed. Her natural juices had started to mix with the foam as she worked the razor carefully around her most sensitive parts. Once done with both sides she gently parted her ass cheeks to get the few strays that hid back there.

Using her hand held showerhead she rinsed the soap and shaving cream off her now completely bare pussy.

When the stream from the massage jets hit her exposed clit she shuddered in a mini orgasm. "Damn!" Willow groaned. "Never had a hair trigger like that before!" She laughed to herself over the little joke.

She sat back down and caressed her inner thighs, dragging her fingers closer and closer to her now open pussy. Her juices ran freely down to her tiny anus.

Willow slowly stroked the outer lips moaning in response to the almost electric feeling it gave her. With one hand she carefully slipped a manicured finger into the moist opening. With the other she traced small circles around her now extended clit, never quite touching it.

She pushed her finger in as far as she could and slowly drew it out capturing her sweet flavor with it. She brought the now soaked digit to her waiting mouth to savor her heavenly nectar.

Slowly she sucked her finger into her waiting mouth and moaned in delight over the intoxicating taste. Willow dipped her hand down for more.

As she stroked her finger in and out of her tingling pussy she started a full frontal attack on her neglected clit. The sudden assault made Willow start to buck uncontrollably in response to the incredible sensations flowing through her body.

As she climbed higher and higher she pinched her clit between her fingers tripping her over the edged. Her body was racked with intense convulsions and Willow slipped off the ledge in the shower and slowly slid to the shower floor.


"Giles!" Buffy yelled. "I don't care if every prophecy, every vamp, or every demon we've stopped comes out to play tonight I'm taking tonight off!"

"Buffy please, something is happening and we have got to be prepared."

"Look Giles, you're research guy you find the probs and tell me about the probs. I'm the slayer, I slay the probs, that's how it works ok?"

"I don't see how you can be so glib about this, this is your life we are talking about!"

"I know Giles and I'm not trying to be difficult, but I need to spend time with Wills tonight. I don't know why it's important, I just feel it's what I'm supposed to do."

"H-has she been casting?" A now very nervous Giles asks.

"No, no not that I'm aware of, it's just I think she needs me tonight a feeling I'm getting." "Not a spidey sense feeling mind you just a feeling."

"I'm not going to win this argument am I?" Giles asks as he pulls off his glasses and starts cleaning them.

"Nope." Buffy says as she gives her watcher her best smile.

"Oh very well then you can have the night off, but only if you are finished with your training for today."

"Thanks Giles!" A bouncing happy slayer squeals as she kisses him on the cheek. "I'm done" and rushes out the door before the stunned watcher can answer.

After Buffy left Giles did what Giles does best, he started to research. Something just kept nagging at the back of his mind. Something he had forgot. Now to Giles the only thing worse then not knowing something was to forget about something and the mild mannered watcher was just about at his wits end.


Xander having just nailed the final piece of sheet rock up surveyed his handy work. "Not bad, not bad at all." He thought to himself.

"Hey, Jim!" He called out to his foreman.

"What now Harris?"

"It's almost five and all the wall board is up and I was wondering, ya know if I can knock off a little early?"

"Ok, humor me here Xander, why do you need off this time?"

"I can't explain it boss, I just got this weird feeling that I have to be someplace. I can't quite place my finger on it but it's like my whole future depends on it." Xander said with a furrowed brow.

"No problem Harris we're a head of schedule now, a couple of hours of you screwing off isn't gonna hurt us." Jim jokingly said.

"Thanks man I owe you one." Xander exclaimed while taking off his tool belt.

"Yeah that's like what twenty you owe me now." Jim laughed while walking off.

Xander rushed home to take a quick shower. He couldn't shake the feeling that tonight his life would take a weird and exciting turn.

Standing at his closet after his shower Xander couldn't decide on what to wear. "Dockers, Dockers, jeans, hmmmmm what's this?" He said while pulling a clothes bag out of his closet. Xander un-zipped the bag and saw his tux inside. "Oh yeah this will do." He said to himself. "If any thing it'll get Willow to laugh."

It tore Xander apart to see his "best bud" sad and miserable all the time and he tried every time he saw her to get her to laugh at least a little.

As he dressed he decided against wearing the cumber bun and tie. One he didn't have Buffy's slayer strength to get the cumber bun to fasten and two he didn't have Willow's grace to get the bow tie right.

After a quick shine to his shoes Xander headed out to see what the night would hold for him.


Willow, after drying herself off after her shower, walked over to her dresser and pulled out a black lace garter belt and a pair of black silk stockings. Feeling naughty for the first time in six months she decided not to wear the matching black bra and panties.

She walked back across her room, after putting on the garter belt, and sat on the edge of her bed and carefully slid the stockings up her smooth pale legs and snapped the garters into place.

Standing Willow gently slid the velvet dress over her head and enjoyed its soft decent over her bare breast and how it snuggled her hips. She moved over to her vanity, which once held her candles and spell casting ingredients, but now was bare except for a lone picture of herself, Buffy, and Xander from a happier time.

She decided that tonight she would wear a little make-up to re- establish her entering the world once again. She put on just a touch of green eye shadow, a light pink blush on her cheeks, and plum colored lipstick. Quietly she thanked Cordy for teaching her on what were her best colors before she left for LA. Looking at her finished work in the mirror, she saw a beautiful elfin princess staring back at her, and her smile lit up the room.

She started down the stairs when the front door opened. "Wills I'm ho- h-h-holy sweet mother of god!" Willow heard as Buffy entered the house. "My god Willow you look beautiful." she heard Buffy gasp.

Willow blushed a bright scarlet over her friends praise. "Thank you." Willow demurred while descending the staircase. "Dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes so get your cute slayer butt upstairs and get cleaned up." Willow said with a gleam in her eyes that Buffy had not seen in a long, long time.


Buffy flew up the stairs. She didn't know what had gotten into Willow but she was sure she wanted to see more of it before it faded away.

Buffy was at a loss for words. She desperately wanted to be back downstairs with Willow. The look in Willow's eyes was the most enchanting thing she had ever encountered. The sheer beauty that engulfed her while she was standing on the stairs was burned into Buffy's mind.

Buffy quickly rushed into the shower and washed the grime and worries of the day away as fast as she could. Normally she would indulge in a quick release of her slayer induced needs, but tonight all she could think about was getting back to Willow as fast as possible.

She Jumped out of the shower in a record setting six and a half minutes, rapidly blew dry her hair, and ran to her bedroom.

Flinging clothes left and right out of her closet, she searched for the perfect outfit to wear, one that would please Willow. "Please Willow?" "Where did that thought come from?" She said to herself. Buffy didn't let her mind dwell on it for more then a second or two, and soon the search was back on. Towards the back of her closet she found a shimmering white satin dress that she had bought to entice that loser Parker with. "Thank god I didn't waste this thing on him." Buffy whispered to herself.

While Buffy was rummaging thru her panty drawer for the right g- string to go with the dress, she heard the doorbell ring. "Oh, please don't be Giles, please don't be Giles, please don't be Giles!" Buffy chanted to herself as she hurriedly finished dressing.


Willow was deep in thought while she quickly set the table. When she finished she noticed for the first time that she had, in her haste, set three places. "Three?" "Now why did I do that?" She asked herself. Before she could answer, the doorbell rang.

"Oh, please don't be Giles, please don't be Giles, please don't be Giles!" Willow muttered to herself as she went to open the door.

When Willow opened the door, she was pleasantly suprised to find a smiling Xander on the other side.

"Xander what are you doing here?" A happy Willow asked.

"Gnaaaa!" Was all Xander could get out before his brain short- circuited and his mouth hung open in shock. Xander had been expecting either Buffy to answer or Willow in her usual sweat pants and worn t- shirt, not the angelic vision that now stood before him.

"Oh, excuse me miss." Xander said while pretending to check an imaginary slip of paper. "I was looking for my friend Willow and it seems I have the wrong address. Thankfully though, I found a Fairy Princess instead."

"Xander!" Willow says playfully as she slaps his arm.

"Ouch!" "A mean Fairy Princess at that!" Xander laughs as he pulls back in mock fright.

"Come in it's dark out there and this is the hellmouth." Willow said as she rolled her eyes.

Xander followed her back into the house admiring the gentle swell of Willow's curves under her dress. Completely lost in staring, Xander almost tripped over the sofa in the living room.

Willow chuckles and gazes over at what Xander is wearing.

"The tux tonight Xand?" "What got a hot date?" Willow asks Xander.

"Nope, I wore it just for you tonight Wills." "I thought you might get a laugh out of it."

"Yeah right… Xander. You sure you didn't wear it to get some post Fluke smoochies?" She teased.

The reaction she got was exactly what she expected. Xander froze and practically swallowed his tongue. "WHAT?" He gasped once he could breathe again.

"Gotcha!" Willow giggled as she glided back into the kitchen.

"Oh it's on now little missy." "Just you wait Tickle Fest 2003 when you least expect it." Xander called out towards the now closed kitchen door.

"Can I play too?" He heard softly behind him. Xander turned and his eyes drank in the sight of Buffy leaning casually against the archway leading into the room.

Buffy had her golden tresses pulled up in a bun with a few tendrils curling softly around her face. A set of pearls gracefully hung around her neck. Her dress fit her perfectly leaving no curve to the imagination and ending an inch or two above mid thigh.

"Wow! Buff, you look amazing, not that you don't always look amazing, but Wow!" Xander managed to say with minimal drooling involved.

"Thanks Xand." She walks over to Xander and kisses him on the cheek "You look great too."

Willow was just walking out of the kitchen and caught the tail end of their conversation. "Hey you!" She mocked. "You stealing my Xander smoochies?"

"Yup guilty as charged." Buffy playfully laughed.

"Well then I guess you owe me a Buffy smooch then." Willow pouted back.

Buffy walked slowly over to Willow and placed a soft tender kiss on her cheek. "All forgiven?" She whispered in her ear.

"Hmmm?" Willow softly murmured, lost in the feel of Buffy's breath caressing her neck "Oh, yeah all better."

Not wanting to break mood, Buffy carefully asked " Um Wills where's Dawn?"

"Who?" Willow asked still shivering from Buffy's kiss. "Oh, yeah Dawn. She asked if she could stay over at Tracy's tonight. It being Friday I didn't think you would mind. You don't mind do you? Cause I wouldn't want you to mind, I mean you should mind, uh I did the right thing right?" Willow started to babble.

"Breath Wills. You did right ok?" Buffy chuckled and pulled her into a hug.

Xander just stood back and smiled he had forgot how much he loved Willow babble.

Willow pulled back from the hug and gave Buffy a huge grin. "Ok, enough snuggles." She said out loud. "For now." she thought to herself. "Dinner is ready so let eat."

Xander held the chairs for both women making sure to seat Willow first.

"Wow Xand a tux, manners, and style who would a thought?" Buffy teased.

"Yeah, yeah I know just don't tell anybody I've got a carpenters rep to uphold here." He playfully shot back while removing his coat.

The dinner went on and many laughs were had, mainly at Xander's expense. He didn't care though just as long as Willow was happy and laughing.

As the meal wound down, Xander exclaims, "That was great Wills I don't think your mom's roast would come even close to how good that one was."

"Thank you Xander," Willow blushed. "I'll happily pass that message on to her."

Willow glances at the clock and asks, "What do you guys want to do now?"

"I don't know Wills this is your night you pick." Buffy offers back to Willow.

"Yeah you pick Wills." Xander tosses out.

"Well I was thinking about a GOOD movie." Looking at Xander, "That means no teen slasher movies Xander."

"Tell you what Wills how about me and Xander clears the table and you go pick a movie and get comfy?"

"No I made the mess at least let me help." Willow answers as she stands.

"Nope this is a deal breaker Willow either we clean or no movie." Xander shoots back at her.

"Oh, ok." Willow says with a mock pout.

Buffy and Xander quickly clear the table and look at the stacked dishes in the kitchen.

"Leave um for Dawn?" Xander asks while studying the pile.

"Yup leave um for Dawn." Buffy giggles back.


"Damn two hours to turn up the heat." Willow mutters to herself. "A silly movie isn't going to do it now what can I do?" "Parlor games? No to childish." "What darn it!"

"And Xander is here! Not planned how did that happen? In Fluke clothes no less!" "How can I use that hmmm lets think." "Oh!" Maybe dancing." "Ok got a plan, now what?" "Got to get out of the movie."

Willow runs up to her room and grabs her favorite cd of slow love songs and fly's back down the stairs.

Peeking around the corner to see if the coast was clear, she steps back into the living room and turns on the stereo.

Buffy and Xander walk back into the room and give Willow a questioning look. "I thought we were doing a movie?" Buffy asks.

"I didn't see one that really fit my mood Buffy I'm sorry."

"No that's ok Its just what do you want to do now?"

"Oh I was thinking about dancing with that tall fellow you got standing over by you to start with." Willow said while motioning over at Xander.

"Hey dancing is good I can do dancing." Xander grins and takes willow in his arms.

"Well If were doing dancing then lets set the mood right." Buffy dims the lights and sets a nice romantic tone.

Willow and Xander sway to the music and Willow snuggles into Xander's chest. "Xander?" "Yeah Wills." "Have you been working out with Buffy?" Xander laughs, "No Wills that's twelve hour days swinging a hammer your feeling why?" "Oh nothing you just feel nice is all." "Oh, and Xander?" She asks in her little girl voice.


"You remember our no touching rule?" "Well I think its about time we abolish it what do you think." She purrs in his ear while seductively grinding against Xander.

Xander's eyes fly open as he realizes what she's hinting. He is painfully aware of Willow's erect nipples as they poke into his chest as they dance. Xander succumbs to his emotions and gingerly starts to stroke and caress Willow's velvet encased back.

"Yeah Wills I think its way past time for that rule to go."

Willow sighs softly and lays her cheek on Xander's shoulder and gently nibbles on his neck.

Buffy was stunned. In the five years she'd known Willow she had never seen the shy red head actively seduce someone before and it was having a drastic effect on her. Buffy felt a dampness start to form in her panties as she watched her best friends grind romantically to the rhythm of the music.

As the song came to an end Willow backs away and glances towards a very flushed Buffy. "Ok Xand, you go sit and watch now. We wouldn't want the slayer to feel all left out now would we?" Willow pouts in Xander's ear as she plays with the buttons on his shirt.


Willow holds her hand out to Buffy and they move softly together and sway to the music, each reveling in the feel of the each other's soft skin under fine clothing. She slowly spins Buffy around and spoons herself to Buffy's backside. She enfolds her arms around the small blonde's waist and lays her cheek on her shoulder. They dance this way slowly as Willow lightly strokes Buffy's satin clad hips and sides.

Kissing her way up the trembling slayer's neck Willow whispers softly, "Is my Buffy having fun yet?"

Buffy turns in Willow's arms and thru shocked eyes she watched as Willow's lips descended upon her own.

The kiss was chaste yet full of promise but not overly demanding. When Buffy was just starting to get into the kiss Willow backed off and looked Buffy in the eyes.

"I never thought…" "Oh Wills how I dreamed!" But I never thought you'd ever do that with me, feel like this about me." Buffy groaned as the kiss ended.

"What on earth gave you that idea?" Willow asked, shocked.

"When I saw you kiss Tara for the first time." Buffy softly replied, hugging Willow tighter against her.

"What about it?" Willow asked.

"Wills?" "You sure you want to talk about this right now?"

"Buffy, I can deal, now why did you think that?"

"Um...Ok... It was like you two fit so well together. God, Willow it's like you were made for each other. Suddenly I found myself, well, wishing it was me you were kissing.

"Why didn't you tell me?

"Because I could see how happy you were Wills, I really did, and I didn't want to mess that up for you." Buffy said.

"Wait, you never felt that way about me before then?" Willow asked.

"You never looked like that to me before then. Remember you, Oz, major smoochies? Then all of a sudden, boom, there you were kissing another girl. It was like the sun rose and all I saw was you, and then all those times we were goofing off with each other, all those hugs and stuff suddenly came back to me. God Willow, it was like... waking up Christmas morning and seeing all the presents under the tree, then finding out none of them were for you." Buffy said, tears in her eyes.

"I've always wanted you too, Buffy. I didn't realize it by myself, though. Jeesh, I didn't even realize I liked girls until it snuck up on me and I was with Tara. She knew though, ya know. She saw how I was all pouty when I was around you and Riley, kinda jealous like." Willow whispered against Buffy's neck.

"Tara had me close my eyes once, before we um… you know." Willow blushed. "And had me visualize seeing you across the Bronze, seeing you laughing and having a good time. Then she had me moving to you and dancing with you like we are now. She had me visualize us kissing as we danced..." Willow whispered, trailing off as tears ran down her cheeks.

"Then what happened?" Buffy asked, seeing what she had described, feeling Willow's quivering body against her own.


Buffy felt Willow's lips slide across her own again. Only this time it was different. This time she welcomed it. Her lips parted to accept Willow's warm tongue' her own teasing it hungrily. Suddenly Willow's body convulsed against her and she moaned softly through the kiss.

Realizing what had just happened to Willow, Buffy felt her own desire exploding. A moan escaped her lips and she was suddenly kissing Willow back with all her being. Part of her mind registered Xander's moan from across the room and time stood still as she surrendered herself to Willow's soft caresses and demanding lips.

When oxygen started to become an issue, Buffy pulled back.

"Wills? Uh did you like just…?"

"Yup", Willow giggled. Just like I did when I first fantasized about it before."

"WOW! That's so, uh so…" Buffy started.

"Incredibly sexy", the two girls heard from across the room.

"That was, by far, the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life." Xander groaned while hopelessly trying to hide his now prominently displayed excitement.

Buffy and Willow looked over at him and giggled at his predicament. "Wills? Since dancing was such a great idea please tell us what you've got planned next."

"Oh I don't know maybe an old timey sleep over with my two best snuggle buddies?" Willow meekly asks.


"Oh, my little witch you are so asking for trouble." Buffy gasps while thinking about the possibilities that plan could entail.

"Yup that's me trouble girl."

"And what do you think about this plan?" Buffy asks a dazed Xander.

"Lets see I could either go home to my empty apartment or stay here and snuggle two beautiful women all night." "Yeah like there's a hard choice." Xander says sarcastically.

Buffy strolls over to him and kisses his cheek. "I don't think she means to sleep Xand." She whispers in his ear.

"Ok still no choice, how about you what do you want?" He whispers back.

"Umm I could go for a good sleep over too." A blushing Buffy replies.

"Well then I sacrifice myself on your alter of snuggles." Xander jokes as Willow takes their hands and leads them to the stairs.


After many hours and several pots of tea Giles exclaims, "Damn it what am I missing?" "If I only had a clue of what I'm searching for!" He argued to himself as he tossed another stack of books on to the table.

"I wish I could call on Willow to help me." He muttered knowing it was way to soon to let the little red headed hacker back in the magic shop. Giles in a very un-watcherly fashion flopped down in his chair with a rather thick watcher's journal and started to read.


The trio enters the master bedroom and Willow turns to Xander. She slowly un-buttons his shirt kissing the bare skin as it appears. Buffy moves behind Willow and locks eyes with Xander. She slowly slips her dress off her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. Standing only in her white lace bra and panties, she raps her arms around Willow and gently fondles the redhead's breasts through the velvet dress. Willow moans as she pulls Xander's' shirttails out of his slacks and slides the shirt off her life long crush's body.

Kissing her way down his exposed torso Willow kneels and helps him off with his shoes. She unbuckles his belt and yanks the offending strap making it sing as it clears the belt loops.

Buffy leans over her best friend and pulls Xander into a soulful kiss, hugging her arms around his neck. He reaches out with shaking hands and unhooks the front clasp on Buffy's bra; pushing the cups away as his hands stoke the near perfect breasts now on display.

Willow unbuttons His slacks and slowly tugs the zipper down. Kissing along the waistband of his boxers she eases the slack off his hips and they slide effortlessly to the floor. Willow still on her knees reaches up and rakes her nails softly down his chest causing the shared kiss with Buffy to break as he groans in delight. She pushes against Xander's hips causing him to sit in the chair behind him.

Willow turns to Buffy whose lace-covered pussy is now right in her face. She gently nuzzles her nose in the fragrant cloth and inhales deeply. She grasps the thin band holding the panties in her way and violently rips it in two. Buffy gasps as her panties are shredded by Willow's aggressive attack and moans as she feels soft kisses being placed on her inner thigh. Willow knee walks Buffy back towards the bed. When her legs hit it she sits and now has a viciously grinning Willow between her now spread knees. Willow grabs each of Buffy's legs and pulls the slayer's ass to the edge of the bed. She slowly plants small wet kisses on each of Buffy's inner thighs as she slowly bends toward her intended target. Xander starts to leave his chair and willow turns to him.

"Shh… stay put and watch." She admonishes him and turns back to her task.

Buffy giggles "you're evil Will plain evil." Then moans as she feels a wet tongue slide up her thigh. Xander kicks off his boxers and sits then slowly strokes his fully erect cock while watching the redhead move up the slayers legs. Willow reaches her target and takes a long slow swipe up Buffy's dripping pussy relishing in the sweet taste of her new lovers flavor. She sucks the labia in her mouth and toys with them with her tongue and proudly watches as Buffy's hips buck off the bed.

Xander slips to his knees and moves over by Willow for a better view. She carefully dips a finger into Buffy's throbbing pussy and pushes it in and out at an agonizing slow pace. Buffy starts thrashing on the bed as Willow plays her pussy like a musical instrument. She takes Buffy's hard clit between her lips and gently sucks on it as she strokes a second finger into her. Buffy's muscles start to tighten as she approaches her first orgasm of the night. Willow curves her fingers upward in the slayers pussy and massages the spongy tissue of her g-spot and savagely attacks Buffy's clit with her tongue. Buffy explodes in orgasm, her pussy clamping down tightly on Willow's fingers. Her head thrashing from side to side as she yells out a primal scream of release.

Willow removes her fingers and glances at Xander. Grinning she offers him the drenched digits and he gratefully sucks them clean. Willow stands and Xander fills the now empty space between Buffy's wide spread legs. He carefully cleans Buffy's pussy and thighs with his tongue as she calms from Willows attack on her pussy.

Willow gently takes the hem of her dress in her hands and slowly pulls it up her beautiful body. Buffy watches as more and more of Willow is exposed. Locking eyes with the slayer Willow raises her dress up and over her head showing Buffy her shaved pussy framed by the black garter belt and her naked breast. Buffy holds out her hand beckoning Willow to her. Willow steps out of her shoes and climbs onto the bed. Buffy gently entangles her fingers in soft red hair and pulls Willow down in a searching kiss sharing her flavor with the beautiful hacker. Xander watches from his vantage point between Buffy's legs. He carefully lines up his throbbing cock and slowly pushes into her ultra tight wet pussy.

"Oh god yes." Buffy moans around willows lips as Xander fills her excited pussy and bottoms out. He slowly backs out and Buffy whimpers in protest. With only the head still in he pushes back in a little harder and Buffy arches her back in joy. Xander sets a rapid pace as he fucks in and out of Buffy's wonderful pussy bottoming out on every third stroke.

Willow, not being denied, straddles the slayers head and lowers her bald wet pussy towards Buffy's waiting lips. Buffy grabs Willow's hips and pulls her down quickly jabbing her tongue into the twitching pussy above her face. Willow moans and leans towards a seriously stroking Xander and kisses him with all of the want and passion she has stored over the years of not being his love.

Xander slows his motion and reaches up and takes Willows soft firm breast in his hands. He gently tweaks her nipples and she squeaks in ecstasy as electric shocks run straight to her clit. Buffy runs her tongue along the open slit of Willow's pussy swirling it around her exposed clit and trailing it back to her puckered anus. She slowly rims the delightful ring and trails her tongue back to the dripping lips that beg to be sucked. Willow's body starts to quake as Buffy sucks on her clit. Small whimpers escape her lips as she nears her eminent release. Buffy sensing Willow straining to cum gently slides a finger into her un-expecting ass. Willow's hips buck wildly while rubbing her inflamed pussy on Buffy's mouth and chin. She tilts her head back and screams as every nerve in her body fires in pleasure.

Xander pulls out of Buffy and climbs on the bed. "Switch" he calls out and Buffy willingly kneels over his head as a still quivering Willow straddles his waist.

Willow grasped Xander's towering member to line it up with her eager pussy. She gasped in surprise at its size. Even though she wasn't a virgin her experience was limited to Oz's cock alone. And what she held now made wolf boy's seem like a Chihuahua.

She stared straight into Buffy's eyes as she stroked the head of monster now in her hand against her very wet pussy lips. Willow felt it press against her tiny opening and she slowly started to impale herself upon it. Inch after agonizing inch stretched Willow's velvet sheath to its limits until finally she had captured his entire length in her and she was sitting on his lap. Her breath was coming in ragged gasps as she reversed her previous actions and slowly rose up the seemingly endless cock that invaded her tender pussy. When at the top of her stroke, Willow slammed back down and grunted in rapture as she filled herself to the brink again. Buffy had never before seen the total look of joy that adorned Willow's face. She climbed off Xander's face so she could watch Willow's totally un-encumbered ride of her life on Xander's hips. Xander grinned at Buffy as he saw the look of awe on her beautiful face. He focused back at the task at hand and reached up and pulled Willow down upon his chest. He held her tight to him as he vigorously thrust up into her. Willow was mewling and babbling incoherently as Xander pounded his hips against her over and over again. In a quick move Xander flipped them both over and he pinned Willow to the bed. She lifted her legs onto his back as he resumed his vigorous thrust into her yielding pussy. Her eyes glazed over and rolled back in her head as she neared the largest orgasm of her young life. With a strangled cry Willow's pussy collapsed around Xander's pounding cock holding it a vise like grip. She screamed out every cubic inch of air out of her lungs as contraction after contraction gripped her body. Finally after what seamed an eternity Willow sucked air back into her lungs in a reverse scream and collapsed un-conscious on the bed.

Xander still not satisfied grabbed Buffy and speared her pussy in one quick stroke. She rapped her legs around his waist and held on as he rammed into her with the same intensity he gave Willow. Over and over their sweaty bodies came together, each in total awe of the other, Xander at the Buffy's shear beauty, and Buffy at Xander's endless stamina.

This time it was Buffy's turn and using a little slayer strength she flipped them both over. Now on top she followed Willows example and rose and fell in wild abandon while Xander played with her perfect breasts. Xander feeling the familiar tickle in the small of his back knew he was just about to fire off his load. Buffy felt the tiny change in Xander's upstroke and knew he was just about done. She tightened her pussy muscles on every stroke giving Xander an almost too tight grip on his cock. As they both raced for the finish Xander reached up and twisted the slayers nipples giving her just the right pleasure/pain combination to push her over the top. When Xander felt Buffy's pussy collapse time and time again as she fell forward onto his chest and he finally lost his control and blasted his hot load against the back of her pussy filling her to the max and feeling it slide back out of her to mix with her flowing juices and run over his now spent balls.

Xander held Buffy tight and rolled onto his side, placing the now sleeping slayer in between Willow and himself. He kisses her check as sleep slowly over takes him too.


After reading of battle after battle, Giles was about to give up. When towards the end of the book he came across the following passage:

Cris de Coeur

(Cry From The Heart)

On the eve of the Slayer's seventh year the Lust will seek a mate.

For those who she shall bed will forever be bound to the Slayer.

Beware of the stroke of midnight on the eve of the seventh year for if it chimes while she's asleep it is then that the bond will form.


"Oh dear lord!" "Where is Merrick's bloody diary?" Giles shouts. He hurries to his office and starts throwing volumes around.

After an amusing yet destructive search he finally finds the book he is looking for. He frantically starts leafing thru the pages looking for a date, the date of Buffy's calling.

"How could I be so stupid? This is first year watchers material." He mumbles to himself. Giles finds the date he's looking for and groans, "of course it's tonight all signs led me to it but no my bloody mind had to go on a holiday."

He looks at his watch and exclaims, "Oh look I have a whole ten minutes to spare" and runs to the phone to dial Buffy's home.



Ring "Oh come on."

Ring "Answer the blasted phone."

Ring "Oh bullocks!" and slams the receiver down.

"Dear lord, I have got to keep Spike out of here, he's starting to rub off me." Giles sighs as he grabs his keys off the counter, and rushes out the door.


Giles drives to Buffy's home and notices the lights are off in the front windows. As he kills the engine, he looks at the clock in his dash. It reads 12:05. Giles, muttering to himself about being to late, quietly gets out of the car and lets himself into the house. Hearing no sounds downstairs he cautiously climbs the stairs. Checking Buffy's room he sees the bed made and no signs of the slayer so he moves to Dawns door. Seeing the light streaming under the door he carefully cracks the door open and looks in. "Oh please dear god don't let her be caught up in this." He muses to himself when he finds no Dawn there. With only one room left he sneeks down the hall to the partially open door leading into Willow's room. The sight that accosted him as he peered in was more then Giles was ready for. Three very nude, and very asleep, young adults were sprawled out on the large bed. With The sweet smell of sex still thick in the air he saw Xander lying on his side facing Buffy an arm slung protectively across her waist. Buffy was lying flat on her back with one leg thrown over Willow's thigh and Willow on her back, an arm over her eyes and her leg bent so her foot rested against her other legs calf. As Giles was backing out of the room, Willow rolled in her sleep and snuggled to Buffy's side.

"Happy anniversary Buffy." She mumbled against the slayers breast. Upon hearing those words, Giles stumbles down the hall and storms down the stairs to wait for morning to come.

Chapter 2
The morning After

Willow woke to the soft rays of the morning sun streaming thru her blinds. Stretching casually she took notice of the dull ache in her nether regions. She smiles as she remembers the previous nights activities. Raising her head she glances across the vista of Buffy's breasts. She watches the gentle rise and fall of Buffy's chest and mentally congratulates herself on seducing the slayer. Studying Xander's slumbering form she thinks about how nice of a bonus she got by letting him stay. Her eyes stray down his sleeping form and stops on his morning woody. She ponders on whether or not on if she'd ever gone for girls if she would have had that thing to play with all thru high school.

She softly runs her hand over Buffy's smooth skin, "Oh yeah still would have gone for the girls." She chuckles.

"Grrrrr more snuggles… less talk… to early…." Buffy mumbles in her sleep and rolls over and curls herself up against Xander. "Mmmm… Xander pillow."

Willow laughs. Sometimes Buffy is just too cute for her own good.

Willow carefully climbs off the bed and raps a thin robe around herself. She moves over to the window and listens to Sunnydale as it wakes to the new day. She peers out into the bright morning light and sees children playing up the street. She's about to move back into the room when she glances down and freezes in her tracks as she spots Giles's car in the driveway.

"OH SHOOT!" "How long has he been here?" "Oh goddess!" "Why is Giles here? " "What does he know?" "What do I do?" Willow frantically asked herself. "Shower need shower." Willow looks down at herself and sees her silk encased legs sticking out from under her short robe. "Eeek!" She squeals and hurriedly takes off the garter belt and stockings. She quickly grabs a pair of shorts and an old Sunnydale High School jersey and runs to get cleaned up.

After dozing on the couch Giles was up and in the kitchen. He set the teakettle on the stove and sat down at the table to wait for the water to boil. "What in heavens name was she thinking?" He muttered under his breath. Giles took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. He knew before this day was out he would have one hell of a headache. His thoughts were interrupted as Willow enters the kitchen.

"Giles!" she exclaims in fake surprise. "What are you doing here early on a Saturday?" She asks while drying her wet hair. Giles carefully studies her as she goes about making a pot of coffee.

"Willow I believe we need to have a talk." Giles starts.

"About what?" Willow asks while glancing over her shoulder.

"I think you know very well what we need talk about Willow, now sit down and we can discuss what happened last night."

The color drains from Willow's face as she sits across from Giles. "I really don't know what you're talking about Giles." She bluffed.

He decides to be direct and be done with it. "Willow has anyone ever told you that you talk in your sleep?" Giles asks and instantly regrets his choice of words.

Willow thought for a moment on what he just asked, and it dawns on her that he was in her bedroom last night. Her previous anxiety turns instantly to anger. "You were in my room last night weren't you." She whispers "You were in my room and saw me…us…NAKED!" Her voice rising in volume and intensity with every word she speaks. "What gives you the right to enter my room? NO! Don't answer that! You have no right Giles!" She screams and jumps out of her chair." How many times Giles? How many times have you snuck in my room while I was sleeping? Did you do it when Tara was here? Well Giles? Did you like what you saw? DID YOU GILES?"

Willow was now standing over Giles her green eyes wild. The air around the furious witch was rapidly charging into a thunderous electrical cloud and the frightened watcher knew he had better diffuse the situation before he became a crispy little critter.

"W-W-Willow I need you to calm down." Giles quietly tells her "You're about to loose all of the control you've built over the past few months. Please Willow sit…" Giles's plea is cut as an electric spark arches across the room from Willow's aura and strikes a defenseless toaster.

"WILLOW!" "Think of your bond with Buffy!" Giles shouts.

Willow's head snaps back around from looking at the smoking toaster and she stares at the man. "What about it?" She spits out at him. "Well what will happen between you and her if you hurt me right now?" Giles cautiously asks.

Willow frowns and quickly studies her situation and for the first time she feels the magical energies gathering to her. "Giles?" "I'm not grounded." A now very angry yet confused Willow whispers. "Help me please."

She knows that by not being grounded she'll either have to cast a spell or transfer the power to someone else to get rid of it.

"Ok Willow, now concentrate." He slowly rises from his chair and stands next to the quivering girl. "Now don't cook me." Giles says as he reaches for her hands. He chants a simple transference spell and absorbs the energies from Willow. Calmly Giles walks to the back door and opens it. Pointing his hand out the door he casts a dispersion spell and the energies flow from him back into Mother Earth.

"Well that was exciting now wasn't it?" Giles mutters softly as a gentle throbbing settles in his temples.

When Giles re-enters the kitchen he finds Willow curled up on the floor sobbing. He gently scoops the crying witch up in his arms and sets her in a chair at the table. He pours her a cup of coffee and turns off the burner under the teakettle that has been whistling for at least the past couple of minutes. Giles sits next to Willow and gently strokes her back while she cries herself out.

"Giles?" She meekly asks through her folded arms on the table. "What just happened?"

"Well apparently I asked the wrong question." He chuckles.

Willow sniffles and raises her head. "No I mean the magic. I swear Giles I wasn't calling it! Why was it gathering like that?"

"Well I'm not sure really. Have you gotten angry like that before?"

"Um…" Willow thinks. "Not since I've quit using magic, at least not at anyone but myself."

"I think that's your answer then. If I were you I would refrain from getting that angry again, at least for your own sake." "Now do you think your calm enough to discuss what happened last night, without trying to turn me into a toad that is."

"Only if you promise to stay out of my bedroom you old Peeping Tom." She replies grinning up at his serious face.

"I'll have you know, I have never peeped before and seldom Tom'ed". He smirked back. "And yes I'll stay out of your bedroom."

Willow straightens up in her chair sips her coffee and asks, "What do you want to know."

"Well to start Willow, when did you find out about the Cris de Coeur?"

"Let's see, I think it was back when Buffy ran away from home. Yeah it was. I was researching watcher diaries trying to find out if any other slayer had ever ran away like that before."

"My god Willow that was four years ago."

"Yeah I kept the date written in my journal every year so I wouldn't forget."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well Giles you are the watcher guy here you know I kinda figured you already knew."

"That's besides the point." A chagrinned Giles states. "What I mean is why didn't you discuss it with me."

"Honestly I don't know. At first we were too busy trying to find Buffy and all of us playing fill the slayers shoes and all that while she was gone. It sort of slipped my mind. Then later it didn't seem important because it was like years in the future, and then we get to where Buffy died and you leave us. There was no point in discussing something that wasn't going to take place because she was gone. Which brings us here, the morning after the fact.

"Well that's all fine and good but I think you left out a part. Buffy's been back for over a year, now why not discuss it then?"

"Well to tell you the truth, I didn't know if it still was going to happen with her dying and coming back like she did, and you didn't seem at all worried so I figured it probably wouldn't happen."

"Ok that's a valid point." Giles impressed with her reasoning so far. "That still doesn't explain what I accidentally stumbled upon last night."

"Accidentally my ass! You were looking for Buffy and you know it. That's ok Giles you were only doing your job. I'm still mad about that, but its ok." Willow patted his arm to show she really was ok. "Now about last night. Lets see, about two weeks ago I started writing in my journal again. I hadn't written any thing for months, and when I flipped it open well there was the date staring me in the face." Willow takes a big sip of coffee and continues. "Well it got me to thinking what ifs. You know what if it happens what then. What if it happens who will she be with, things like that. And the more I thought about it the more I wanted to be the one she was with. So I decided I needed to do something to make sure she was home last night. So I started to act extra clingy and needy while she was here so she would spend more time with me and it worked. Do you want to hear how I seduced her and all the rest?"

"No I don't think that will be necessary Willow. Now what you have told me so far explains you and Buffy, but why was Xander here?"

"For the life of me Giles I don't know. He wasn't part of my plan honest. Look over there." Willow points to Xander's jacket. "That's Xander's coat."

Giles examines the jacket. "I don't understand I've only seen Xander in one suit and that was his tuxedo."

"That's right Giles. Xander showed up last night in a tux." "Why? He said to cheer me up but I don't think that's it. It's just too coincidental. I think he was summoned."

"What do you mean summoned?"

"It was like he was meant to be here. Giles he was supposed to be here. You should have seen him Giles, uh… well maybe not." Willow's eyes sparkle as she thinks of Xander nude upstairs in her bed. "What I mean is he did every thing just right. Uh… wait that didn't sound right either," Willow is now blushing furiously. "He fit right in?" She squeaks. "Oh he was a perfect gentleman yeah, Giles he was a gentleman last night." Willow looks down at the table while trying to hide the grin that advertised her true thoughts.

"Ok Willow," Giles starts after watching the amusing parade of emotions cross her face. "I think I understand now, and not that I like what happened, I can see your reasoning behind what happened here last night. I'm just glad Angel or god forbid Spike weren't in the neighborhood last night." Giles and Willow shudder at the thought.

"Are we done now Giles?" Willow asks glancing towards the door.

"Yes Willow we are done for now. You can go check on Buffy and Xander." He sighs and shakes his head.

"Giles are you going to tell Buffy?" Willow suddenly asks.

"No Willow I'm not. You are." He plainly states leaving no room for argument

Willow gets up from the table and proceeds to pour three cups of coffee. She loads them on a serving try and turns to leave the kitchen.

"Ok I'll tell her, just not today." She answers just as plainly.

"Oh…and Giles? If you're leaving could you like pick up a new toaster for me?" She shyly asks.

"Oh course Willow I'd be more than happy to." Giles replies while glancing at the scorched appliance.


Willow walks into the bedroom and pauses to look upon her two new lovers. Buffy and Xander were snuggling peacefully in each other's arms. She wonders how the two of them could sleep with all of the excitement that had just taken place down stairs. Shrugging her shoulders at the thought, she sets the tray down on the nightstand as Buffy rolls in her sleep. She strips off the shorts and t-shirt she's wearing and gets a devilish idea. She gently crawls up on the bed and softly starts to caress Buffy's breasts and chest. Slowly she strokes and teases the soft flesh under her fingers, and just barely brushes her fingertips over Buffy's erect nipples. Gently she takes Buffy's nipples and tenderly twists on them. With feather light strokes she teases her sides and stomach. Buffy starts to moan and squirm in her sleep. Willow un-mercilessly continues to tease her body. Willow picks up her coffee and takes a large sip heating her tongue. She sets the cup down and eases her way between Buffy's now spread legs. With an evil glint in her eye Willow takes a long hot swipe up Buffy's pussy and sucks hard on the sleeping girls clit. Buffy sits straight up gasping for breath as the sudden orgasm rips through her body. She raps her fingers in the auburn curls in her lap and tilts Willow's head up so she can look in her eyes.

"That my darling little witch was so not nice. Enjoyable yes but so not nice." She chuckles as she catches her breath.

Willow just laughs. Both girls look over at Xander and dark brown eyes meet their gaze.

"What Xand? Do you feel all left out?" Willow teases.

"Nope sure don't Wills. Is that what you're expecting?" he hints back.

Willow gets a confused look on her face.

"Uh no I wasn't expecting anything Xander."

Oh… So you weren't expecting this!" Xander exclaims as he grabs Willow, pins her to the bed, and starts tickling her.

"AHHHH! STOP, PLEASE XANDER, STOP, PLEASE, NO!" Willow begs to no avail.

"BUFFY HELP!!!" She cries out, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Buffy jumps up and proceeds to help Xander tickle her.

"THAT'S… NOT… WHAT… I… MENT… AHHH!!!" She gasps.

They tickle Willow for several more seconds. "STOP OR I'M GOING TO WET THE BED!" Willow screams and Buffy and Xander fall back on either side of Willow. All three flushed from laughing hysterically. Xander rolls toward Willow and places a hand on her belly.

"Uncle?" He asks the huffing and panting redhead.

"Uncle." She gasps.

Xander leans in and kisses her quickly and starts to get up. "Speaking of bed wetting Wills, I've got to go." He exclaims as he jumps off the bed.

"Brush your teeth while you're in there. I want a decent kiss when you get back." Buffy called after him.

After Xander left the room the two girls turn to each other. "Wills?" Buffy whispers. "Did you have any clue about Xand's um… hidden attributes and talents?"

"Not any Buffy! Jeesh can you believe the size of that monster! But now that I think about it, it sure does explain a lot about Anya's behavior now doesn't it." Willow giggles.


Xander walks back into the room still damp from taking a quick shower. Buffy grabs the towel that's rapped around his waist and yanks it away. "Nope no hiding. If we're naked so are you." She laughs.

Xander pulls the small blonde into his arms and passionately kisses her in reply. "Hmmmmm now that's a good morning kiss." Buffy murmurs as she reaches between them and slowly strokes Xander's semi-erect cock.

Willow had lain back on the bed and was watching the two kiss. Her hand had slowly wandered down and was casually caressing her tiny clit. Buffy and Xander turned and watched as Willow's milk white skin flushed from her ministrations. "Why don't you help her out while I go take my shower." Buffy whispers to Xander. He kissed Buffy one more time and pats her rump towards the bathroom.

After Buffy leaves the room, Xander carefully crawls in between Willow's legs. His eyes never leaving her finger as it slowly strokes in and out of her fevered pussy. Willow watches as he nears her quivering sex and slips her finger out as he nestles his head on her thigh. She strokes her cream coated digit over his bottom lip and he softly sucks the offered finger clean. He parts her pussy with his thumbs and gazes into her heavenly pink opening. He hungrily licks her pink core and gathers her flowing honey into his parched mouth. Xander extends his tongue to almost painful lengths and slowly fucks the squirming witch with it. Willow grabs two handfuls of Xander's hair and roughly holds his head in place while she savagely thrust her hips up onto his probing tongue. With a strangled yelp the fiery redhead cums and fresh juices quenches Xander's thirst for his life long friend now turned lover.

Willow pulls Xander up into an embrace and sensuously kisses him. She reaches down and guides his fully engorged cock to her eager pussy. Xander locks eyes with Willow and slowly plows into her drenched furrow. Both whisper mutual words of love as Xander pistons in and out of willow's ultra tight pussy.

"Xander change positions!" Willow cries as she crawls out from under him. She climbs onto her knees and sticks her tiny heart shaped ass high in the air and lays her head on a pillow.

"like this please?" she moans. Xander climbs up behind her and runs his hands up and down her arched spine. "Hurry!" She pants. Xander grabs onto her slender hips and thrusts full force into her exposed pussy and rams into her frantically as he sets an Olympic pace. "Oh Goddess Yes!" she hisses as she reaches up between her spread legs and strokes her distended clit. Xander raises his hand and smacks Willow's smooth white ass and she squeals in delight. "Harder Xand!" she screams and he reaches up with one hand and grabs her by the hair and pulls her back onto his hard thrusting cock. Over and over their bodies merge as a symphony of wet sounds chorus through the room. "OH GODDESS YESSS!" Willow screams as she is catapulted over the edge and starts to cum around Xander's thrusting cock. Xander looses all control and spurts over and over into willow's clenching pussy.

Clapping fills the room as Buffy makes her presence known. "Damn what a show!" she giggles. "To bad you didn't save any of that for me though Xander."

"Well to tell ya the truth Buffster I've kinda got a secret." Xander exclaims. "Ya see if you date 1120 year old ex-vengeance demons you tend to meet some wild and crazy folks. And Anya had this friend that owed her a wish…"

What did she wish for Xand?" Buffy asks curiously.

"Well you know how much she liked sex right?"


"Ok she wished that I could get it up when ever I wanted or needed as in her case."

Both girls erupted in laughter as Xander blushed furiously. Buffy walks over and straddles his lap. "Prove it!" She taunts as she bounces up and down like a little kid on a quarter ride out side a grocery store. Xander shakes his head in amusement at Buffy's antics then he slowly blinks his eyes and grins evilly as his cock rapidly rises between them.

"Oh!" Buffy gasps as she rocks against the hard member, erotically grinding her clit against it. Her drooling pussy lubricating his steel hard shaft. Xander places his hands under the gyrating slayer's ass and lifts her with him as he stands. Buffy raps her legs around his waist as he pins her to the nearest wall. Her arms fall naturally around Xander's neck as he sensuously captures her lips with his own and tongue wrestles with the breathless blonde as he lowers her onto his up-thrusting spear. Slowly their enjoined pelvises grind in the erotic dance the two perform, un-concerned by the audience Willow provides.

A small whimper escapes Buffy's throat as she longs for more friction. "Wall cold Xander." She pants and he carries the slayer back over to the bed. Willow moves up to the headboard and Xander carefully eases Buffy down between the redheads legs. Willow's hands creep down the slayers torso and gently knead Buffy's creamy smooth breasts, tweaking the rock hard nipples gently. Xander repositions his cock and thrusts deeply into Buffy's dripping pussy. Buffy throws her head back in ecstasy and her hands cover willow's on her pert flushed breasts. Willow wiggles out from under Buffy's head and rises onto her knees. Her pussy still dripping from hers and Xander's combined juices rises above Buffy's eager and waiting mouth. Willow slowly lowers herself and squeals in pleasure as she feels the mighty slayer's tongue scoop up the offered nectars. Loud slurping sounds emanate from between Willows wide spread thighs as Buffy greedily sucks on Willow's flavor filled pussy. Xander thrusting wildly, watches as Buffy's tongue traverses from Willows clit only to be buried once again in the fragrant folds nestled on her mouth. Willows hands glide over the slayers torso and her fingers find sanctuary in the trimmed blonde curls above Buffy's clit. Gently she twirls her finger around the distended button and Buffy's hips rocket off the sheets. Xander's thrusting turns erratic as he looses all control and blasts the slayer full of his pent up seed. He limply falls to the side as his strength finally leaves him and Willow falls forward suctioning her mouth to the slayers pussy capturing the escaping juices with her tongue. The two girls writhe in a heated 69 trying to make the other cum first. Buffy lips suck the redhead's clit into her eager mouth and her tongue rapidly strokes over the hardened little pearl. Willow remembers the trick Buffy used on her the night before and moistens a finger and gently slides it into the slayer's tight little ass and strokes it in and out rapidly. With her other hand she inserts two fingers into the slayer's over stimulated pussy and strokes upward exciting her seldom found g-spot. Buffy not to be outdone matches the sly little witch's moves and both scream passionately into each others pussies as they slammed headlong into massive mutual orgasms.


As the three lovers lay in a tangled heap recouping their spent energies Dawn quietly crept in the front door. Her neck sported a new hickey from her current boyfriend and she was afraid of what Buffy was likely to do or say about the love bite she now wore. Cautiously she checked the kitchen for her extended family and found it surprisingly empty. Dawn crept up the stairs to go to her room hoping to find a turtle neck sweater to hide her indiscretion. As she reached the landing at the top of the stairs faint giggling greeted her ears. Normally somber silence came from Willow's room and the sounds of happiness startled the young teen. Slowly she eased her way down the hall towards the unusual sounds coming from Willow's room. When she reached the partially open door Buffy's voice greeted her.

"Guys? How are we going to break this to Dawnie?' she heard her sister say. "Oh goddess Dawnie!" She heard as Willow's voice entered the quiet hallway. "Hey she's sixteen she'll cope just fine. I'm sure she'll be fine with this Buffy if not she'll just have to learn to deal."

Upon hearing Xander's voice her heart filled with dread. Knowing better than to burst in but not caring, Dawn thru open the door and starts to ask about what evil she now had to deal with.

Frantically the three lovers grab for any thing to cover their nakedness. "Dawn! Don't you ever knock damn it!" Buffy shouts at her younger sibling. Dawn's eyes are as big as saucers as she takes in the site before her. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine finding the three of them in total states of undress. "Sorry!" the blushing teen squeaks as she back peddles out of the room. Buffy jumps up and grabs Xander's shirt from the night before and hurriedly puts it on and rushes after her sister.

"Dawn wait!" Buffy yells after the retreating teenager.

Dawn turns and her eyes are full of tears. "What Buffy you want to explain to me how my sister's a slut? Or maybe that you were just trying to get Willow out of her shell! Oh I know you and Willow were consoling Xander because he's all alone now that Anya's all demony again!" Dawn turns and storms into her room and slams the door shut.

Willow walks up behind Buffy and places a hand on her shoulder. "Buffy let me talk to her. I can explain what's going on to her, but afterwards I need to talk to you and Xand."

"You sure you can deal with this? How about all of us talk this thru together." Buffy asks the witch.

"No you and Xander go get cleaned up I'll go explain this all to Dawnie."

Willow walks to the closed door and gently knocks. "Go away!" Dawn yells at the door.

"It's me Dawnie I need to talk to you please."

Dawn slowly opens the door and allows Willow to enter.

"Ok Willow explain this all to me make me understand what the hell is going on in my own house!" Dawn pouts in the redhead's direction.

"Dawn come sit down and I'll tell you every thing ok?" Dawn strolls over to the bed and sits next to the witch. Willow places her arm around the shaking teens shoulders and starts her story.

"Ok Dawn here's the deal. About four years ago I found a slayer thing that dealt with your sister. Nothing real bad mind you but a slayer deal none the less. Well this particular thing deals with the slayer's sexuality and about the slayer having a mate. You following me so far?" Dawn nods her head and Willow continues. "Well this thing is ingrained into every slayer but the reason it's not widely known is it happens after she's been a slayer for six years and as you know most slayers never make it that far." Willow looks at Dawn to see if she's comprehending what she's being told.

"ok Buffy's been a slayer for six years what does that have to do with what you all were doing." Dawn asks.

"Last night was Buffy's seventh year anniversary Dawnie."

"Ok this thing was triggered last night what was this thing you're not telling me about."

Well what do you know about slayer's lust dawn?"

"Oh you mean the hungry and hornys that Faith always talked about right?" Dawn asks.

"Yes that's close enough. Well this thing that happened last night deals with that part of being a slayer. You see the way it was written is on the slayers seventh anniversary her lust will choose a mate or mates for her. Now these aren't your typical partners either ok? These are life long mates that will be with her for the rest of her life. A mystical marriage kind of deal."

"So you and Xander are married to Buffy now?" Dawn asks hopefully. "You're never going to leave? Is Xander moving in?" Oh! No more talk of Angel or Spike?" Dawn starts bouncing excitedly.

"I don't know where this will lead Dawn but yes I hope all of those questions have yes answers. Now do you feel better about what you stumbled into?"

"Yeah I guess so but it's still kinda weird."

Good now give me a hug and let me go explain this all to Buffy."

"Wait Buffy doesn't know she's married yet?" Dawn giggles

"No she doesn't know what really went on last night so be quiet and let me talk to her ok?"

Dawn lays back on her bed giggling as willow leaves the room to go have the same talk with the two people she loves the most in the world.


When Willow re-enters her bedroom she finds Buffy kneeling on the bed between Xander's wide spread legs. Slowly the slayer's head bobs up and down as she tries to deep throat the monster cock. Willow watches in amazement as inch after inch slide into Buffy's eager and willing mouth. She walks up to the bed and gently caresses the slayer's back and whispers words of encouragement in Buffy's ear. "Come on slayer you can do it suck that fucking cock down your throat. Surely if that thing can fit in my tight little pussy you can deep throat it." Willow reaches between Buffy's legs and teases her wet pussy then dips three fingers in and twists them around. Buffy moans around Xander throbbing cock as the sensations of Willow's fingers shoot straight up her spine. Willow backs her fingers out lays her thumb flat against her palm. Carefully she points her four fingers around her thumb and slowly starts to slide the digits back into the slayer's dripping pussy. More and more of the redhead's hand disappears into Buffy's clenching cunt. With a gentle shove she finally buries her hand in the warm wet confines of the slayers pussy. Gently willow fucks her hand in and out of the groaning Buffy. "Come on Buff you can do it swallow that prick." Willow chants as she rams her hand back into Buffy and the slayer gasps in surprise. As she's gasps Xander holds her by the back of her head and thrusts up. The monster prick slides down the slayer's throat and Xander's hairy balls are nestled against Buffy's chin. Her eyes open wide when she realizes the Xander's cock is all the way in her mouth. She holds her breath and bobs up and down on the throbbing snake. Willow matches the strokes so when Buffy slides the cock down her throat she's pulling back on her hand and thrusting it back as she pulls up on the snake.

To Buffy this feels like she's been completely impaled on the massive cock. She goes wild on the sensation and starts bucking hard against Willow's deep thrusting hand. Buffy raps her hand around the base of Xander's pulsating cock and starts to jack up and down on it. She Desperately wants to taste her lover's cum and to feel it slide down her willing gullet. Xander's hips start to thrash on their on accord as the sensations caused by Buffy's actions course up his spine. Suddenly he cries out Buffy's name and grabs her by the hair and holds her head still as his hips pump his cock up into her mouth. Load after hot creamy load blast from the young man's prick as his orgasm rockets thru his body. Strangled whimpers escape from Buffy as she tries to swallow all of his offering and with only a small amount leaking out around her sucking lips she lifts up and smiles at the spent young man beneath her. Willow pulls her tired hand out of the bucking slayer and moves up to join the two in an embrace. She sees the cum trickling down from the corner of the slayers mouth and leans in and licks it off her chin.

"I thought you two were going to get cleaned up while I talked to Dawnie." Willow giggles when the trio finally catches their breaths.

Buffy sheepishly looks at Willow, "Well we were but Xander started to complain about having to take another shower."

"I wasn't complaining, I was explaining to you that it was your fault I needed another shower. Need I remind you that you told me to help Wills when you went to the bathroom." Xander playfully shoots back at the grinning slayer

"Yeah, well any ways he suggested I give him a sponge bath and well we don't have any sponges."

"So let me guess you offered him a cat bath instead, didn't you?" Willow asks and Buffy vigorously nods her head yes.

"Come on you." Willow grabs Buffy's hand and pulls her off the bed. "We'll go first and not leave him any hot water. Maybe that'll slow that darn thing down a little." Willow giggles and tugs Buffy towards the bathroom door.

Chapter 3

The three lovers were assembled in the living room after finally vacating Willow's room. "Ok, it's noon now what do ya'll want to do? Buffy asks after glancing at the clock.

"Um… I was thinking of going and seeing Giles at the Magic Box." Willow starts. "I think It's time for me to see if I can handle being around all that stuff again."

"You sure Wills? You know there's no need to rush you back into the thick of things. It's been quiet around town and me and Buffy can handle everything."

"That's just it Xand, I've been feeling kinda useless lately and I want back in. It's been six months for goddess sake, I promise if it gets too rough then we can leave."

"The Magic Box it is then." Buffy exclaims, eyeing Willow cautiously.


After stopping off for doughnuts and coffee the group made it to the shop. "Hey G-man You here? We got jelly doughnuts!" Xander calls out as he lets them all into the shop.

"I'm in the back Xander ." The watcher calls out from the new training room.

Buffy and Xander sit at a table with their coffee and jelly filled goodies while Willow wanders around the rebuilt shop.

Giles walks in and pauses as he spots the redhead browsing around the shelves. "Why Willow this is a surprise, but do you think it's wise for you to be in here?"

"I'm fine Giles." Willow smiles at the watcher. "And by the looks of things you don't have anything dangerous in here anyways."

"Well what then do I owe the pleasure of this visit? If not to complement my inventory?" He curiously asks the little witch.

"Um, circumstances have made it so that discussion we talked about needs to be done today." She shyly responds.

"I see, and I gather you wish for my assistance."

"Yes please?"

"Well let me go get my notes and we will hammer this thing out."

Buffy and Xander were quietly watching the conversation. Neither had a clue as to what their lovely little Willow and Giles were talking about, but were sure it involved them.

Giles returns with his worn out old note book and turns to Willow. "Now Willow I'll explain the prophesy but you'll have to tell them the rest." He states to her. They both take a seat at the table and Giles continues.

"Buffy in every slayers life a moment comes when the Slayer's lust takes over and chooses a partner or partners for her. These partners are lifelong mates and from what I gather they will be loyal to her for the rest of the slayers life. Do you understand me so far?" Giles asks.

"I think so but what does this have to do with what Willow has to tell me?"

Giles glances over at Willow who takes up the conversation.

"Buffy… last night the Lust selected for you. Your partners are me and Xander."

Buffy gets a concerned look on her face then furrows her brow. "Wills how do you know this? I mean Giles is just now telling me about it and you seem to know what's going on here."

Willow casts her eyes down at the table and quietly whispers, "I've known for a while Buffy. Please don't be mad I just wanted you to be safe." Buffy reaches over and places her hand under the quivering redheads chin and makes her look her in the eye. "What do you mean you've known for a while? How long have you known. Willow talk to me ok?"

Willow shudders under the scrutiny of her friends and lovers then braces herself to tell her side of the story.

"Buff when you ran away at the end of our junior year I started researching past slayers and came across this thing ok? I didn't really think about it then because we were worried about you at the time. So it kinda slipped my mind. Well over the years a lot's happened, you dying, Giles leaving, me going all veiny, well it didn't seem all that important ok?"

Buffy nods at her and motions for Willow to continue.

"Like I told Giles this morning, I started writing in my journal again a couple of weeks ago and yesterday's date stared out at me when I first opened the book. See I kept it written so I wouldn't ever forget the importance of its meaning. I kept an eye on Giles to see if he would start acting all wiggy about it coming up and he never did so I thought it wasn't gonna happen. I figured with you dying like you did and leaving the mortal plane for so long the "Cris de Coeur" wasn't gonna happen.

"Wait hold on a second." Buffy interrupts. "What's the Cris de Coeur exactly? And why was yesterday so important. Oh and You told Giles what this morning?"

Willow looks over at Giles who states, "Go ahead willow your doing fine. You know as much about it as I do so please continue."

"Ok now don't get mad Buffy but Giles knows what happened last night. Um… all of it."

A blush creeps slowly over all three young adults as they replay the previous nights events over in their heads.

"I had to explain it to him this morning in the kitchen while you and Xander were still asleep. He kinda figured out what was happening and was there to stop the joining but he was to late. Now the Cris de Coeur is what happened. It's the Slayer lust choosing its mates. That's the name the Watcher's Council gave it. It's really a rather pretty name for it actually. It means Cry from the Heart and it's like a reward to the slayer for all her work as a lone entity in her struggles against the dark forces. Now as for yesterdays date… Um do you know what today is Buffy?"

The Slayer shakes her head no.

Willow looks over at Giles again, "I think you should handle this one Giles." The watcher nods and turns to Buffy.

"I didn't think you would remember. It's probably a date you would rather forget. Well let me be the first to congratulate then. Happy anniversary Buffy. As of today you've been a slayer for seven years."

Buffy's jaw drops as she realizes the significance of what Giles just told her.

"That's right Buffy you've done what only four other slayers have ever done. And of those four only three have ever gone through the Cris de Coeur. Two to their watcher's to my great discomfort I might ad."

"Wow Slayers getting wriggly with their watchers." Buffy teases.

"Um… yes Well about last night the Cris de Coeur happens on the eve of the Seventh year."

"Is that why you wanted me busy last night Giles? So I wouldn't get wriggly with anyone? Or did you want me…Oh don't go there! No…no… that thought did not just go through my head." Buffy covers her face in her hands so no one could see the deep blush cover her face.

"Oh dear god no Buffy! Is that what you think I'm capable of. Dear lord girl I think of you as my daughter for heaven's sake! I would never do any thing like that!" Giles sputters out.

Xander raises his hand and mutters "Hey uh… can we please change visuals please? Not a pretty place to visit there."

"Yeah we're kinda getting off track. Wills you were saying that you knew about last night." Buffy motions for Willow to continue.

"Ok let's see where was I? Oh yeah my journal. Well like I said I Had just started writing again and I got to thinking about what if it did happen. So I got scared Buffy I didn't want to loose you but I didn't know if the Cris was going to happen. I did some bad things in the last couple of days Buffy I hope you can forgive me. Um… I wasn't as mopey as I let on. I wanted you to kinda feel sorry for me so you would hang around me and not leave me alone. I'm sorry Buff if I made you feel worse for me but I wanted you home last night. I didn't want you to go be with any one but me."

Willow sees the look on Xander's face as she's telling her story and starts to get scared for his reaction.

"That's right Xander I wasn't thinking of you joining us last night. Honestly you weren't part of my plan and I'm sorry for not thinking of you but I wasn't. I was scared Buffy was going to run into Spike or Angel last night and the thought of loosing her to an immortal vampire was more then I could stand."

Buffy's face clouds as she thinks of how she was played. "Willow how…" She starts and Willow cuts her off.

"Please let me finish before you start yelling. If you start yelling I wont be able to tell you my reasons ok? Please?"

Buffy nods and the trembling redhead continues.

"I didn't include you Xander because I didn't think. But now that you are a part of what happened I couldn't be happier. That's the god's honest truth Xander I hope you believe me cause I love you too and I want you included. And if you two can't forgive me then I'll also know that neither of you will be alone because you'll have each other and I can live with that. If you don't want me I can deal cause my two favorite people won't be alone any more. I don't care about me I just want you two to be happy and if I'm not a part of that I'll still be happy for you guys cause I love both of you so much it hurts and I cant stop talking and I think I'll leave now cause I know you both hate me. So don't worry I'll move out so you can both be happy. You don't have to see me any more I understand really I do so bye."

Willow jumps up from the table and turns to run for the door.

"STOP! Where in the hell do you think your going?" Xander yells at the fleeing redhead.

"I'm leaving because you two hate me now and…" Willow starts and the tears over flow her eyes as she collapses in a heap on the floor. Buffy and Xander are at her side instantly.

"Shh Wills it's ok we don't hate you, we love you. Come on don't cry Willow, you know we hate when you cry. Shh please Wills look at me… see happy slayer face now come on stop crying oh please Willow?" Buffy murmurs softly to the redhead.

"I didn't mean to hurt you two but I didn't want Spike or Angel to get you I'm so sorry I didn't tell you before hand." Willow sniffles against the slayers shoulder.

"Ok we understand Wills. I'm just a little peeved that you didn't trust me is all." Buffy whispers into willow's hair.

"Yeah Wills hell I'm not really pissed at all to tell you the truth. I just don't understand how I lucked out and got both you and Buffy out of the deal." Xander exclaims.

"Well yes Xander does bring up something I've been pondering over since this morning Willow. Please all of you come back to the table and have a seat." Giles tell the young adults cradling each other on the floor.

When every one was situated around the table once again Giles starts. "Xander about last night. What possessed you to go over to Buffy's?"

"Hmmm I don't know G-man all I can tell you is that I know that I was supposed to be there. There's nothing I can put my finger on mind you but all day long yesterday all I could think about was going over and being with Buffy and Willow. I even left work early so I could get there sooner then normal. Why?"


"Well I've read and re-read that blasted passage over and over again this morning and the only thing I can think of is Willow and I mis- translated one word of Cris de Coeur to mean to cry as in loneliness, tears, and so forth. But what if we change that definition to 'cry out or to call for' then Cris de Coeur has a whole different meaning. See Willow with that translation then you really didn't do anything wrong. All of you were supposed to be together last night. I remember the discussion Buffy and I had last night. She was adamant about getting back to you and to home. And from what Xander just said he would have probably been just as obstinate as Buffy in getting over there. I'm sure you can think of some instance last night that happened with out your direct input that put the three of you together last night that seemed out of sorts in reference to your so called plans."

"Now that I think about it yeah I can think of one thing Giles. When I set the table for dinner I thought I was just being absent minded but I had set three places. And before I could think twice about it the door bell rang and Xander was there."

"And I'm probably not off the mark when I say that you weren't overly upset that he was there were you."

"No I was happy that Xander was there and even incorporated him into the evening without any thought at all."

"Well I think the fates might have actually smiled upon you three for once. If I were you I wouldn't look for any faults as to why you are together I would just enjoy the bonds you now have. I am happy for you, all of you. I know that you will be good for each other in the future. Now why don't you all go and find something to do other then staying cooped up in here. It's a beautiful day so go out and enjoy it, now scoot."

The three lovers looked at each other and jumped up from their chairs. "Thanks Giles." Buffy says then kisses her watcher on the cheek.

"Well just remember you still have to patrol tonight. But since you need to spend the day with Willow and Xander I really don't expect you to come in and train this afternoon." Giles replies with a mock sigh.

"Hey has anybody ever told you you're getting pretty darn good with the sarcasm?" Willow tells him as she kisses his cheek.

Giles just chuckles in response.

"Well don't look at me G-man I am not kissing ya. We'll see you before we go out on patrol." Xander tells the watcher as he slaps him softly on his shoulder.


"Well what do we do now?" Buffy asks her two comrades as they ride down the road in Xander's car.

"Hmmm… I got an idea. How about I drop you girls off at the house so you can put on your best hiking gear and I'll be back in about thirty minutes to pick ya'll up?"

"What do you have in mind Xander? Willow asks inquisitively.

"Oh no little missy I got a plan and you get no hints." He playfully states as he taps her on the tip of her nose.

"Please Xand… just a tiny hint." Buffy pouts.

"Nope no hints well ok just a little one. Sneakers and short shorts will work for hiking gear. Tops are optional." Then he sticks out his tongue at the two girls.

"Ok Xander we'll let you be mystery man for today. But you had better have a good idea in that head of yours or you wont get to choose again for the rest of the month." Buffy huffs back at him.

Xander drops the girls off and waves as he pulls off down the road. Buffy and Willow enter the house and go up to Buffy's room.

"Ok he said shorts and sneakers huh?" Buffy asks the little redhead.

"No he said short-shorts and sneakers. Oh and top were optional. What do you think he's planning?" Willow replies.

"I don't have a clue but I've got an idea of my own." Buffy states with a devious grin on her lips. "He wants short-shorts so we'll give him short shorts." Buffy walks over to her dresser and starts to rummage thru one of the drawers. She pulls out two pair of ultra-tiny hot pants and hands a pair over to Willow.

"Where in the heck did you get these at?" The redhead asks as she examines the little pink bit of fabric.

"I ordered them on-line from a company out of Australia called Wicked- Weasel. You like?"

"Buff are these legal to wear in public?"

"Probably not in Utah or anywhere in the Bible belt." The tiny blonde giggles. "But if we get a ticket I'm sure Xand will pay it for us."

The girls strip off their blue jeans they were wearing and start to put the hot pants on. They look over at each other and realize at the same moment their panties had to go also.

"You know Xander might just have a heart attack the second he sees us." Willow giggles as she slides her panties off and pulls the skin tight shorts on.

"Yeah but the boy will die with one hell of a happy face on."

Both girls laugh at the mental image then turn back to the dresser for suitable tops. Buffy quickly finds the matching bikini tops that go with the shorts and the girls quickly put them on.

"Oh my goddess!" Willow squeaks. "I thought my Halloween costume was daring! Buff this is indecent!"

Buffy looks her lover over and sees how the hot pants wedge their way into the folds of Willows pussy. She has the redhead turn for her and gasps as she sees how her ass is hugged and parted by the tight shorts and the bottom third of Willow's ass cheeks are bare for the world to see. Willow turns to face Buffy and she has her arms crossed over her pert breasts. Buffy reaches out and takes Willow's hands into her own and gently peel them away from her chest. A blush crawls up Willow's face as Buffy hungrily stares at her body. Willow can feel the breeze caress the sides of her tits as the bikini top only covers a small strip encompassing only her nipples.

"Oh god Xander better hurry up Wills. I'm having oh so dirty thoughts right now and it involves teeth and clothes shreddage." Buffy whispers as she admires Willow's tight compact body.

"Well let's see if I can get the same thoughts." Willow states as she motions Buffy to model her ensemble for her.

Buffy's powder blue outfit is even more daring then Willow's. The top of her shorts are cut in a descending v, stopping just shy of where her curly blonde hairs would be peaking out. Her own pussy lips are parted by the seam of the skin tight shorts. She turns for Willow and just like Buffy the redhead's breath catches in her throat as she see the back side of Buffy's shorts disappear about halfway down her lover's ass. The blonde turns back to face Willow and like her own top Buffy's leaves more breast exposed then covered.

"Xander's a dead man." Willow whispers huskily.

"Honeys I'm home!" The girls here from down stairs and quickly put their shoes on.

Xander walks to the stairs landing just as Willow and Buffy emerge from the room. He looks up and his jaw drops as his girls come into view.

"Oh my god!" He whispers as he sees what the girls figure their 'Best hiking gear' is.

"I think he likes." Buffy giggles

"I don't think like is a strong enough word Buffy." Willow giggles back.

"Well Xander what do you say? Are these good enough for hiking?" Buffy states when she reaches the bottom of the stairs.

Xander nods and holds Buffy out at arms length.

"Buff I think those outfits are a little lethal for every day Sunnydale. But yeah I think those will be perfect for where we are going."

"Good I was hoping we weren't over dressed for you." Buffy teases. "Give us just a couple of minutes and we'll be ready ok?" The girls turn and head back up the stairs and giggle as Xander's groan reaches their ears.

They come back down after a few minutes carrying a small bag with their assorted stuff and the three of them head out to Xander's car.

"So Xander where are we off to?" Willow asks after riding quietly for about twenty minutes.

"Mine and Jesse's secret place Wills."

Willow thinks for a minute then states. "You mean where you two used to disappear to all the time?"

"Yeah we tried to get you to come a couple of times but you always said it was too far to ride your bike to remember?"

"Yeah I remember especially when you would get back and you were so tired and sweaty every time you went. So I finally get to see where ya'll went, cool."

"I hope nobody's messed it up though I haven't been here in years." Xander mumbles quietly.

Xander pulls the car off the main road and turns down a dirt road. They travel along for about ten more minutes when Xander pulls into to a small horse shoe drive-way.

"Ok here's where the hiking part comes into play." Xander grins at the girls. "It's not far though just five minutes or so."

They all get out of the car and Xander goes to the trunk and pulls out a blanket and a large picnic basket.

"A picnic? Oh Xand that's so cool!" Buffy squeals when he walks back to the front of the car.

"Only the best for my ladies." He replies as he kisses her on the cheek.

They start walking through a field and head for a stand of trees on the back side of it. When they get there the girls are in awe. Nestled in the grove of trees a small stream is quietly shimmering over the polished stones on it's bottom.

"Oh Xander it's so pretty here." Buffy whispers as he spreads the blanket out for them.

"I'm glad you like it. So I had a pretty good idea?"

"The best." Buffy murmurs as she takes Xander in her arms and kisses him on the lips. After she thoroughly kisses him Willow is instantly in his arms and repeats the kiss.

"Wow." Xander states as he sways back and forth. "Many more kisses like that and I'll have to lay down."

The girls giggle at him and pull him over to the blanket.

"So Xander what's in the basket?" Buffy asks as she sits cross legged in front of Xander. Xander groans again as he sees some more of the cloth disappear between Buffy's legs. Willow notices where Xander's staring and giggles.

"Buff you're killing the poor boy."

"No, no I don't mind really Wills it's ok." Xander sputters as he blushes profusely.

"Ok then." The grinning redhead responds and then she moves over beside Buffy and sits the same way the little blonde had.

Buffy leans over and captures Willow's lips with her own. When the kiss ends she whispers, "You're really evil you know that don't you?"

"Yup so don't you forget it Slayer." Willow responds and kisses Buffy once again.

Xander quietly unpacks the basket while the girls flirted with each other.

"Ok," he starts. "We have fresh fruit salad, assorted sandwiches, a little bubbly, and a surprise for desert."

"Hmmm a feast fit for a queen." Buffy responds.

"Yep my queens Buff, my queens." Xander answers back.

The trio make quick work of the sandwiches and the fruit salad and sit back to rest for a minute.

"That was excellent Xander we need to let you make more decisions in the future." Willow purrs as she rests her head in Xander's lap.

"Yeah Xan I don't know what we would of done today if you hadn't come up with this picnic. I just know it wouldn't have been near as nice as this."

"Oh the days not over my sweet little ladies, we still have dessert to go. You want it now? Or wait a little?"

"Let's wait. I just want to lay here and soak up some of this sun and snuggle to both of you next to that fabulous little stream." Buffy replied.

"Sure sounds like fun but if we stay out in the sun I think our little Willow might need just a touch of sun screen." Xander answered as he gently ran his fingers through Willow's hair.

Buffy rolled over and grabbed the little bag she and Willow brought with them and pulled out a bottle of lotion and tossed it to Xander.

"Here sit up for a sec Wills," Xander asks. She sits up and he moves around behind her and loosens the ties on her bikini top then motions for her to lay back again. She does but holds the top in place with her hands. Xander opens the bottle of lotion and pours a little into his hand and slowly starts to work it into her arms and up onto her shoulders.

"You know there's something else about this place you might like to know." Xander grins down at Willow. "There isn't another living soul within five miles of us right now."

Willow's eyes open wide as Xander gently lifts her hands off her breasts and slides the pink bikini top off her chest. He lays her hands back down at her sides and gazes lovingly at her nude torso. Xander pours more lotion in his hands and slowly starts to work it into Willow's pale skin. She gasps as his oily hands glide over her hardened nipples and a husky chuckle escapes Xander's lips.

"Oh you liked that did you?" He quietly asks as he tweaks her nipples again. Buffy slowly creeps over and is sitting by Willow's ankles. She takes the lotion from Xander and starts to massage it up Willow's legs. Slow lazy circles of four hands on her body starts to drive the little redhead crazy. Her legs part on their own and Buffy sees the damp spot forming on Willow's lycra covered pussy. Buffy catches Xander's eye and then leans up and catches the waist band of Willow's pink hot pants. Slowly she starts to tug the tight shorts off the small redheads hips. Willow never opens her eyes as she lifts her hips up off the blanket and allows Buffy to pull the shorts completely off of her. Buffy tosses the shorts aside and move between Willows knees. Her hands join Xander's on Willow's tight abdomen and she leans in and places a feather light kiss on the redhead's mound. Willow's breath catches in her throat as Buffy's tongue starts to scoop up Willow's flowing nectar and a loud moan escapes her lips as the small blonde sucks suddenly on her throbbing clit. Xander while watching hasn't been idle while Buffy pleasured Willow's pussy. His hands gently kneads the redheads small tits tweaking her nipples every few seconds. He watches as her eyes pop open as Buffy's tongue did something especially pleasant to Willow and he watches as her hips rise in joy as a gentle orgasm over takes her small frame.

Buffy sits back on her heels and giggles. "Somebody needed a quickie!"

"Mmmm…hmm!" Willow hums and Xander just laughs.

Willow reaches over and tries to grab her shorts but Buffy is quicker and snags them first.

"Nope you cant get dressed. I like you just the way you are my little witch." Buffy taunts.

"Well this isn't fair me all naked and you and Xander gets to keep your clothes." Willow pouts.

"All you had to do was ask." Buffy states as she un-ties her bikini top and tosses it to Willow. "Hey this feels kinda nice ya know?" Buffy says as she slides her shorts off. "Real nice actually. Oh yeah I could get used to this." The tiny blonde sighs as she stretches in the sun.

Xander and Willow watch as Buffy prances naked through the trees and laugh as she jumps in to the stream.

"Ahhhh you didn't tell me the water was this deep Xander!" Buffy screeches as her head bobs back up out of the water.

"First you didn't ask and second I didn't expect you to just jump off in there Buff." Xander laughs. "Me and Jesse found out the hard way too if it makes you any happier."

"It looked like it was only three feet deep. How deep is this thing I never touched bottom!" Buffy exclaims.

"Jesse figured it to be about twelve feet deep, but we never really measured it."

"Well come on you two how often do you get to skinny dip! Xander off with the clothes and Wills? Get that cute little butt in here I want to wrestle."

"Xander quickly pulls off his clothes and grabs up Willow. He slowly then walks over to the edge of the water. "Should I just toss you in and feed you to the Slayer monster Wills? Or should I…" Xander's little speech is cut short as he leaps in with Willow still in his arms. They both come up laughing and swim over to Buffy.

"Hey this is nice I figured the water would be colder then this." Willow states.

"Yeah that's what I thought too the first time I got in. We traced it back one time and found that about a mile upstream it comes out of the side of a hill. Jessie figured its heated somehow before it comes out. You know kinda like a hot spring."

"Xander this day is turning out as one of my favorites, Thank you." Buffy sighs as she wraps her arms around his neck.

"Anything that makes you happy Buff." He replies while running his hands up and down the slayers slick back.

"Well a little of this might make me a little happier." Buffy teases as her hand gently strokes his semi-erect cock.

"Just a little happier?" Xander grins back.

"Hmmm maybe a lot. Won't know till its over now will we?"

"You do have a point there Buff."

What do you say we get out of the water and go lay on that nice snuggly blanket and see how happy I'll get."

"Damn and I thought I was the only one with the good ideas today."

The pair climb out of the water and start to head over to the blanket.

"Hey where are you two going?" Willow asks.

"Just heading to the blanket Wills you want to come?" Buffy answers.

"No I think I'm gonna enjoy this water for a little bit more." Willow grins as she notices Buffy's hand holding onto Xander now engorged cock. "You two have fun."

"Ok just don't get too pruney on us." Buffy laughs as the little redhead sticks her tongue out at her.

Xander and Buffy walk over to the blanket and Buffy eases Xander down onto his back.

"Hmm let's see what do I want to do. Oh this might be fun."

The slayer grins as she pumps her hand up and down on Xander's dick.

"No, that's not it. Maybe this." She leans over and catches the bulbous head in between her lips and slowly sucks on his cock and slithers her tongue all around his pulsating member. She sits back up and frowns.

"No, that's not it either." She playfully pouts and sucks on her little finger.

"Oh! I know!" She squeals as she throws her leg over Xander's hips.

"This is what I wanted to do!" the Slayer eases herself down on his up-thrusting cock.

"Oh yeah that's exactly what I wanted." She moans as her ass rests on his thighs. Buffy puts her hands on Xander's chest and slowly starts to rise and fall. His cock now glistening with her juices plows into her tight dripping pussy and Buffy's breath starts coming in gasps.

"Hmm, oh yeah, god that's it, oh wow, Ahhhh yeah just like that, oh fuck that's good, right there, Hmmm oh yeah that's it." Buffy gasps over and over as she picks up speed on her gyrations. Xander's hands in the mean time have been caressing The quivering Slayer's back and sides, Stroking her satiny skin as she as she strains for her release. He reaches up and gently pulls on her pebbly nipples and Buffy's eyes squeeze tightly shut as her pussy convulses over and over on his thrusting spear, bathing it with a fresh shower of nectar. The mighty Slayer falls slack against his chest and Xander flips them over. He pins the small blonde to the blanket and resumes the frantic rhythm as he pounds his still rock hard cock into her quivering flesh. Sweet mewling sounds emanate from Buffy's mouth as her White Knight jousts playfully in her welcoming body. Over and over their bodies collide in an ageless dance and a second orgasm rips through the Slayer's body. When Buffy looks up she watches thru blurry eyes as the tendons on Xander's neck go taught. She knows her knight's about to cum and tightens her grip on his cock. Xander throws his head back and releases his seed deep into her womb and slows his pace. He then looks down at his Slayer and softly kisses her with all the want and love he can pour into one kiss.

Xander slowly rolls off her and pulls her over onto his chest.

"So my little lady what's the verdict."

"Huh?" Buffy asks all confused.

"Are ya a little happier or what?" Xander grins up at her.

Buffy starts to giggle and smacks him on his chest. "Honestly Xan I don't think I could possibly be happier then I am right now."

"Well good cause you still have to walk on patrol tonight I wouldn't want to make Giles mad at me." Xander laughs.

Buffy gets an indignant look on her face and smacks Xander again. "That was so not funny Xander!" Then she starts to laugh right along with him. "Yeah that would piss Giles off wouldn't it?"

Buffy looks over at the stream and calls out to their missing companion. "Wills you ok over there?

"Oh yeah this is great Buff. This place is just too cool."

"Well why don't you get out and come over and give me a snuggle. Please?"

Buffy and Xander watch as the sleek little redhead climbs out of the water and walks over to where they are laying. Xander reaches into the picnic basket and pulls out a towel and motions Willow over to them. He slowly dries her legs and has her turn around so he can dry her adorable little tush.

"You're right Buff this is one cute little butt."

He leans in and places a small kiss on her ass cheek and Willow lets out a little giggle. She kneels on the blanket in front of him and he continues to dab the water droplets of her creamy smooth skin.

"There all dry." Xander whispers and kisses Willow on the tip of her nose.

"Ewww… I know where those lips have been." The redhead giggles.

"Yeah on your butt." Buffy finishes for her. "Xander? Why don't you ever play kiss ass with me?" The Slayer teases.

"Well why don't you just stick it in my face and I might just bite it for you." Xander laughs and sticks out his tongue.

"Oh hey dessert!" Xander exclaims and goes to picnic basket. "Ya'll ready for dessert?" He asks and waggles his eyebrows at them.

"Um… sure I could go for something sweet." Buffy says while trying to figure out how Xander went from ass kissage to dessert.

"Ok you two have to close your eyes."

"Xander." Willow squints her eyes in his direction.

"I promise no funny stuff Wills."

"What do you say Buff should we trust him?"

"Yeah I think so. See I got the keys." Buffy giggles.

The girls close their eyes and Xander pulls two containers out of the basket and opens them up He takes something out of the first one and dips it in the second container.

"Ok Buff open your mouth." Buffy complies and Xander places his offering in her mouth. "Ok now bite." Buffy bites what he's holding and her eyes fly open. Her eyes lock with Xander's and she sees him motioning her to stay quiet.

"Ok now kiss Wills." The Slayer grins real wide and presses her lips to Willow's. They share a heated kiss in which the little redhead tastes what Xander has for dessert. Her eyes pop open and she squeals, "Strawberries and chocolate sauce?" Xander that's my favorite!"

"Of course it is Wills I've know that for years."

"Thank you!" She exclaims and wraps her arms around Xander's neck and seriously depletes his oxygen intake with a soul searing kiss. While Willow's kissing Xander Buffy prepares another strawberry and waits for Willow to let the man breath. Xander hugs the nude girl tightly to him when she finally breaks the kiss and Buffy feeds her the chocolate covered fruit over his shoulder. Willow pulls away from Xander and prepares one for him.

"Nope those are yours and Buffy's treats Wills. All I ask is you save me some of the sauce." She gives him a funny look then shrugs and feeds the berry to Buffy. The girls take turns feeding each other until all the ripe juicy fruit is gone. Willow turns to Xander with a pout on her lips. "They're all gone Xander now what will we do?"

"Now's time for my dessert Wills." Xander exclaims and pulls Willow over onto the blanket next to him. He lays her back and grabs the container of chocolate and dribbles a little on her nipples. Leaning in he slowly licks the syrup off her chest.

"Hmmm one of my new favorite desserts chocolate covered Willow. Hey Buff come see if this is as good as those strawberries." He pours a little more in between her breasts and moves back and lets Buffy's tongue tease the little redhead.

"Oh yeah a whole lot tastier then those berries." Buffy moans.

Xander dribbles some more down her tight little tummy and bends in and licks it all off. "Yup definitely gonna have to remember this recipe." He finally dribbles the sauce over her hairless mound and grins as he watches its run slowly between her swollen pussy lips. "Now for my juicy treat." Xander moves between Willow's legs and proceeds to clean all the chocolate sauce off her trembling pussy. He dips his tongue into her delicate folds and teasingly tastes her tangy center and makes sure all the chocolate is gone. He then runs his tongue up over her tiny clit and take the little pearl between his lips and gently suckles on it. Willow moans and starts to thrash under Xander's deliberate ministrations and softly cries out as a gentle orgasm over takes her. Xander softly kisses her mound and moves up over the panting girl. "Best dessert I've had in years." He grins down at her flushed face.

"Yeah I never thought watching you eat would ever be that enjoyable." Willow gasps.

"Well guys" Buffy states while looking towards the horizon, "as much as I hate to say this, I think it's time we packed up and headed back towards town."

"Aww I don't want to." Willow pouts.

"I think Buffy's right Wills unless you want to run into Giles wearing that outfit of yours." Xander explains to her.

"Uh I guess your right then Buff." Willow grins back.

The trio gets dressed and Xander gathers up all of their stuff and they head off back to the car.

Chapter 4
Poof You Were Gone

The three lovers walk into the magic box after heading home and taking quick showers and changing out of their risqu�outfits.

"Giles we're back!" Buffy hollers when they notice the front room empty.

"Ok I'll be out in a minute."

The trio moves to the central table and takes a seat.

"Oh there you are." Giles states as he comes out of the store room. "It's a bloody mess in there I wish I could get some decent help in here now that Anya has left town."

"I'm sorry Giles I know she was a big help to you but I just couldn't stay with her any more." Xander replies.

"That's quite alright Xander I know how taxing she was on all of us, it's just that store room needs some major attention is all."

"Well barring an apocalypse how about we all get that room cleaned up next weekend. Guys what do you think about that?" Buffy asks her lovers sitting at the table with her.

"Sure Buff we'll be glad to help out." Willow answers for Xander and herself.

"See how it works Giles? All you got to do is ask us you know."

"yes of course Buffy I know how asking you to do anything gets it done right away." Giles grins as Buffy huffs and sticks her tongue out at her watcher.

"So did you three have an enjoyable afternoon?" Giles asks no one in particular.

"Oh Giles it was so perfect. Xander took us to this little secluded spot outside of town and he had a picnic prepared for us it was so sweet." Willow gushed about their day.

"Yeah Giles there was trees and a stream we swam in, it was fun." Buffy finished the redheads thought.

"Well I'm happy that you three had an enjoyable afternoon. So are all of you going out on patrol tonight?"

"Yeah I think we'll hit the cemeteries on the west side of town. Then if its quiet, sweep back and try around the Bronze."

"Ok that sounds good Buffy and if you find or see anything out of the ordinary…"

"We know, we know, come find you and report it." Buffy sighs in response.

"Well off with you then. I think I'll close up this place and go home now that I have your word you will help me with that dreaded store room."


"Ok well tonight was a bust." Buffy announces as they walk out of the alley behind the Bronze.

"Yeah lets just go home, all that sun and swimming has me wiped out Buff." Willow replies.

"Um guys I don't want to go home… You guys don't live there."

"Oh Xander we didn't mean for you to go back to your apartment. Of course you're coming home with us." Buffy hugs Xander to her side.

"Well looky what we've got here." A peroxide blonde headed shadow states.

"What do you want spike." Buffy groans.

"From you? Not a bloody thing. I just want to welcome Red back into the world of walking happy meals." Spike responds to the Slayer. He turns towards Willow. "Long time no see pet."

"Well I can't say that I missed you Spike, and now that you've said hi, You can leave."

"Oh Red's got some bite left in her. Well good for you Luv. Hey why don't you come back to my crypt and we can explore how much bite you've got." The chipped vampire taunts.

"Spike do you have any clue how close you are to getting staked?" Buffy warns.

"What? Red's single now so she can do any thing she bloody well likes, Fluffy."

The Slayer walks over to Willow and wraps her arms around her.

"Why Spike what ever gave you the idea she was single?" Buffy raps her fingers in Willow's hair and pulls her into a kiss. The two tongue wrestle for several moments then Buffy pulls back and leers at the stunned vampire. "You see Spike she has something you'll never touch again, and if you try? Well I really don't think you want to find out." Buffy releases Willow who leans into Xander's chest. Spike's eyebrows rise in confusion as he watches the redhead turn in Xander's arms and reach up and pull him down into another kiss.

"Oh and Spike? I'm not the only one who you have to watch out for. So why don't you tuck," Buffy glances down at Spike's crotch and snickers then looks him straight in the eye, "your tail between your legs and go find Harmony or something to play with." Buffy finishes then turns to Xander and gives him a quick kiss. "See we have everything we need right here and you're not wanted or needed."

For the first time that the three lovers can remember Spike is completely speechless. The vampire turns on his heel and storms off into the night.

"Now that was fun!" Buffy laughs as she watches the vampire retreat into the night. She locks arms with Willow and Xander and they head off to their home.


"Dawn we're home!" The Slayer shouts as she comes into the house.

"I'm up here guys. I'll be down in a minute." The young brunette responds from upstairs.

The trio make their way into the living room and collapse into various chairs. "So Wills? What do we have to look forward to when Dawn gets down here?" Buffy calmly asks the redhead.

"Um, she knows that we are all together, not that I had to tell her that. But I told her about the mystical bonding that happened last night. She took it pretty good actually. You'll probably get the whole what about Angel talk Buff and Xander's gonna get jumped about moving in. Other then that? I haven't got a clue."

The sound of teenage feet pattering down the stairs interrupt the conversation and three heads turn to see Dawn enter the room.

"Hi guys, you all have a nice day?" The teen asks as she crosses over and goes into the kitchen. She comes back a minute later with a soda and a slice of pizza in her hands and flops down on the couch next to Xander. The three lovers wait for the teen to finish her snack and for the inquisition to begin. Dawn takes a large swallow of her soda then tucks her feet up under herself and turns towards Xander.

"So Xander, do I get to call you "Dad" now?" Dawn grins mischievously.

"WHAT?" The stunned man sputters.

"Well the way I see it Buffy's my legal guardian and since you're like married to her now, that makes you my step-guardian. So do I get to call you like Dad now or what?" Dawn bats her eyelashes at Xander and waits for his answer. Buffy and Willow cover their mouths and stifle their giggles as they watch Xander squirm under Dawn's gaze.

"Buff? Please help." Xander groans out and sighs as he watches Buffy shake her head in the negative.

"Not a chance Xander I want to here your answer to that one myself." She giggles.

"Um do you want to call me dad, Dawn?" He carefully asks.

"Oh yeah it'll be so neat! When we go to the store I can be all daddy can I have this or daddy can I have that. And all of my friends will be like oh you have the coolest dad Dawn do you think he'll drive us to the Bronze? Oh! And you can give me an allowance! Cause all dads give their kids allowances." Dawn happily chats away and bounces on the couch.

Xander covers his face, "Dawn I'd rather you just called me Xander if it's not too much trouble ok?" He looks up into Dawns face and she has the most pathetic attempt of a frown he's ever seen anyone try to accomplish.

"So you don't want me as your daughter?" she playfully pouts.

Willow and Buffy loose it and burst out laughing at the display they've just witnessed. "Dawnie please leave Xander alone you're gonna give him a complex if you don't stop." Willow manages to gasp out between fits of laughter.

"Oh I guess that means no "mom" for you either then doesn't it?" she answers in response to the redhead.

Buffy falls out of her chair, laughing hysterically, at this point.

"And you", Dawn points at her sister who's rolling on the floor laughing uncontrollably, "You do know there's LAWS against being married to more then one person don't you? Mystical or not it's just not allowed Buffy what will the child protection people say? With me all impressionable and everything." Dawn finishes with a huge toothy smile plastered on her face.

"Ok please stop Dawnie you're killing me." Buffy squeaks out as she sits up on the floor and leans back against the couch.

"You've been practicing what to say all day haven't you?" Willow asks while wiping the tears out of her eyes.

"Oh yeah I had to do something to get the image of you three all naked out of my head." The teen gives a fake shudder. "Bad visuals, bad, bad visuals."

"Now that you've had your fun Dawn why don't you tell us how you really feel about all this?" Buffy asks as she gets back in her chair.

"Oh at first I was a little freaked, but now I think it's kinda cool. You guys know I love all of you, I'm just happy that you all are happy. You are happy aren't you?" Dawn asks looking at her big sister.

"Dawn I couldn't be any more happy then I am right now. I've got you, and even though you drive me nuts I do love you. And now I've got Wills and Xander to love, I couldn't ask for anything more. Does that answer your question?"

"Yeah it does. How bout you guys how are you two?" She asks Willow and Xander.

"I couldn't be happier Dawnie. Just like Buff said I couldn't ask for anything more then what we've got now." Xander replies.

"That goes double for me too Dawnie." Willow responds.

"Well good I think I'm gonna go to bed I'll see you three in the morning." Dawn turns and heads towards the stairs. "Oh and guys could you keep it down please? Impressionable young adult here!" Dawn laughs and ducks under the pillow Buffy throws at her then runs up the stairs.

"Well that went better then I thought it would." Buffy states as she moves over to the couch.

"Yeah we could have had a screaming emotional wreak on our hands I'm glad she went the humor route." Xander replies while wrapping his arms around Buffy.

"Yeah me too, but she did bring up something I've been worrying about for a long time guys." Buffy says almost in a whisper.

"What's that Buff?" Willow asks as she moves to the couch.

"Well when I was gone you guys had the Buffy-bot to help fool the authorities about me um… not being here. Well with it regulated to the scrap heap there's no way for Dawnie to stay here if I'm gone again. If anything ever happened to me, I'd want her raised by you two."

"What are you getting at Buff? Nothings gonna happen to you so stop with the negative attitude ok?" Xander states as he pulls Buffy into a tighter embrace.

"Xander you can't guarantee I'm gonna be here for two more years. Dawnie's just turned sixteen so she'll need somebody to take care of her if something does happen to me."

"So what do you suggest Buffy?" Willow asks the smaller Blonde.

"Well I'm not playing favorites cause I love both of you with all my heart, but if I married Xander then the state wouldn't be all fired up to rip her out of her home. Then you two could finish raising her."

"Are you asking me to marry you Buffy? Cause if you are the answers a definite yes." Xander states.

Buffy throws her leg over Xander's and sits facing him on his lap.

"Yeah I guess I am Xander. Um… will you marry me?"

"Do I get an engagement ring?" he grins back at her.

She slaps him gently on the chest. "No but I might let you buy me one."

"Well in that case, yes I'll marry you Buffy Anne Summers. Marrying you will make me the happiest man on the planet."

The slayer wraps her thin arms around Xander's neck and gently places a kiss on his lips. He holds the tiny blonde tightly to his chest and deepens the kiss and strokes her back and sides. The two are oblivious to their surroundings and their hands start to roam freely over each others bodies. Buffy gasps as she breaks the kiss then leans back as Xander's fingers gently twist her nipples through her thin cotton blouse. Buffy glances over and catches Willow's eye and sees a tear sliding down the redhead's cheek. She reaches over and captures the tear with her finger.

"Wills honey are you ok?" she quietly asks.

"Of course I'm ok, Buff. I'm just so happy for you two. I've always thought that you two were perfect for each other and now you're getting married. Its just so wonderful." Willow huskily whispers.

"Well I hope you don't think this means I don't want you too Willow cause I do. If I could marry both of you I would in a heartbeat you know that." The tiny blonde states while stroking Willow's cheek lovingly.

"I know Buffy. I'm not upset in the least. Farthest from it actually. I didn't know my heart could love this much is all. It feels pretty great you know? Feeling both you and Xander in here," Willow puts her hand over her heart, " I didn't know you could love two people at the same time. And now that I do, I don't know, I cant explain it you guys it just feel so good." During her little speech happy tears ran freely from her eyes.

Both Xander and Buffy hold out an arm and pull Willow into a three way hug and lavish soft kisses on the corners of her mouth and at her flowing tears.

"Hey why don't we close up shop down here and move this little get together upstairs." Xander asks the two girls in his arms.

"Damn Xander your just full of good ideas today." Buffy replies as she scoots off his lap. She takes Willow's hand and pulls her off the couch. "We'll meet you upstairs, you lock up ok?"

Xander nods and heads to check the back door and turn off the lights in the kitchen.

Buffy and Willow head upstairs and Buffy pauses at Dawns door. She peeks into her sisters room and sees the teen soundly asleep hugging one of her stuffed animals tightly to chest. Willow peeks in under Buffy's arm and whispers to the Slayer about how cute the scene before them is. They slowly back their way out into the hall and Buffy pulls the younger girls door closed. Buffy goes into hers and Dawn's bathroom and gets her toothbrush then heads down to the end of the hall and enters the master bedroom. Willow was just exiting the bathroom when Buffy steps into the room and the Slayer heads into bathroom and brushes her teeth. When she walks back in to the bedroom Willow had already pulled off the last of her clothes and was bent over pulling the sheets down on the large bed. Buffy gazes longingly at the tiny heart shaped ass in front of her and moans as the redhead bends over more and her shaved pussy comes into view through her slightly parted thighs.

Willow grins over her shoulder and asks, "What's the matter Buffy you sound pained or something."

Before the Slayer can answer Xander walks into the room and shuts the door behind him. He and Buffy start to disrobe and soon are as nude as the little redhead watching them.

"So here we are once again." Xander grins at the two girls.

"Yeah so we are, now whatever can we do with ourselves?" Buffy baited back at him.

"Well I don't know about you two but I think I'm gonna get in and enjoy this big lovely bed." Willow tells the other two.

"See Wills has good ideas too." Buffy states as she climbs up on the bed.

Xander quickly follows and soon all three are snuggled on top of the sheets. "So now what?" Xander teases as he draws his fingers over Willows hardened nipples.

"Hmmm I don't know about you but I think I want a snack. Buffy states as she edges her way down the bed.

"Yeah a snack sounds good." Xander continues as he replaces his fingers with his tongue. "Yeah I think I found something to snack on right here." Willow giggles as he takes one of her nips into his mouth and gently tugs on it with his teeth while tweaking the other with his fingers.

Buffy wiggles in between Willow's lags and rubs her palm over the smooth skin of the bare mound in front of her.

Oh looky at what I found." Buffy murmured dipping a finger into Willow's moist pink center. She withdraws it and sucks it into her mouth. "Hmmm creamy filling and it's better then a Twinkie!"

"Better then a Twinkie?" Xander exclaims. "Let me see."

Buffy dips her tongue into Willow's pussy and scoops up her dripping nectar. Then she sits up and grabs Xander by the back of the head and pulls him into a kiss . she slowly pushes her tongue into his mouth letting him taste both herself and Willow in the kiss.

"Yup you're right much better then a Twinkie!" Xander groans when Buffy pulls back and goes back to her snack between Willow's thighs.

"Willow reaches her hand out and takes Xander's into her own. "Enough talk get your ass up here I want to taste you!" she breathlessly moans as Buffy's tongue does a flip in her pussy.

Xander kneels at Willows head and she turns and wraps her hand around the base of his cock. She pumps her hand up and down the long stalk of flesh and leans in and takes the head into her mouth. She erotically hums her approval around the mushroom shaped head of his cock. Willow gradually eases more of Xander into her mouth and swabs the sensitive underside with her wiggling wet tongue. Xander moans loudly as the clever redhead twist her hand up and down the length of cock that's still outside her swallowing mouth. Buffy continues to lick and suck at the redhead's honey pot. She gleefully watches Willow's hip undulate from the pleasure her wicked tongue was providing and giggles as she eased her finger into Willow's tiny anus and watched her hips rise off the bed. Xander strokes and fondles his life long partners breast and tummy. He's almost mesmerized at how her skin fairly glows in the dim light of the room. He wonders how he was ever so dense as to not return this gentle angel's love when he was in high school but now is thankful to every god or goddess in the heavens that gave him another chance to be with this wonderful creature. His thoughts are jarred back into the present when Willow suddenly moans around his cock. She starts gasping around his swollen member creating more suction then he previously experienced with her talented mouth. The redhead removes Xander's prick from her mouth and throws her head back and a strangled whimper escapes her throat. Her lithe body thrashes wildly on the bed as Buffy rapidly strokes two fingers into her fevered pussy and one into her twitching ass. "OH FUCKING GODDESS YES!!!" The little redhead screams as Buffy pushes her over the edge of a giant orgasm. Buffy doesn't stop though. She quickly suctions her mouth on the thrashing girls clit and runs her raspy tongue over the throbbing bundle of nerves. Willows hips beat a steady tempo against the bed as another orgasm grips her tiny body. Buffy continues to stroke her fingers in Willow's hot pussy, and gently nibbles on her engorged clit. The veins in Willow's neck stand out in vast contrast to her normally satiny smooth skin and her head is thrown back as a soundless yell escapes her throat. Willow's hips rise and holds in the air as a constant contraction takes hold of her body. Soft grunts emanate from her lips as Buffy keeps the girls body suspended in mid-orgasm by sucking and fingering the helpless girls fevered pussy. Willow hips are finally released from the death grip hold her orgasm held her in and he body crashes back onto the bed. Xander watches as her eyes gently roll back in her head and she succumbs to Morpheus, the god of sleep.

"I think you killed her Buff." Xander giggles at the Slayer.

"She'll come back in a few minutes but right now I want you as my next victim."

Buffy reaches out for Xander's hand and pulls him over on a vacant portion of the bed. Xander has the little blonde lay back as he caresses her soft skin. He eases her down on the bed and slowly places small kisses down between her small pert breasts. Xander kisses lower and glides his tongue over Buffy's tight abs and tickles her bellybutton with the tip of his tongue. The Slayer squeals as he teases her soft sides and nibbles at her ticklish spots as he moves freely around her small frame. Slowly Xander moves down the Slayer's body and eases his way between her parted legs. He gently grasps her sides and holds the small girls down and lowers his teasing tongue down on her waiting slit. Buffy gasps as his tongue slowly drags along her pouty lips as Xander tastes the essence of his lover. Buffy's tangy sauce drips freely from her open gash as Xander hold her portal open with his thumbs. Her strong spicy scent fills the air and drives Xander mad with lust. The young man buries has face in her cleft and drinks deeply in her womanly nectars. Buffy thrashes about as Xander pleasures her sex starved body, whimpering when ever he breaks contacts with her fevered flesh. Xander's thumb finds a home nestled on top of the blondes little clit. With slow sensual circles his thumb glides over the button and Buffy jerks from the sudden stimulation on her favorite bundle of nerves. Xander replaces his thumb with his mouth and slide two fingers into the quivering blonde's pussy. Gently he rolls them over and with a come here motion strokes the roof of Buffy's hot dripping slit. Xander sucks hard on her throbbing clit and stroke her g-spot rapidly. Buffy starts to cum with little squeaking yelps as her body catches in quaking constrictions. Xander continues his assault on her fevered flesh. Lapping at all the honey dripping from Buffy's cumming gash. Noisily Buffy falls back on the bed and all the air rushes from her lungs as she starts to recover from the intense feelings coursing though her young body. Xander kisses her still twitching pussy one final time and eases himself up over the shivering blonde and looks over and sees that they now have an audience with Willow now being awake.

Xander lowers himself between the Slayer's legs and slowly pushes his swollen cock into Buffy's still quivering pussy. Her eyes lock on his as he eases into her tight grasping pussy. The Slayer moans softly when his hips meet her own. They stare into each others eyes as they slowly grind against each other at their union. A small tear escapes Buffy's eye and a small shuttered gasp leaves her lips. "I love you so much Xander." She whispers as the tears start flowing in earnest.

"Shh Buff what's the wrong?" Xander asks while kissing at her tears.

"Nothing silly I just love you so much is all."

"Why does you loving me make you cry Buffy I don't understand."

Buffy looks over at Willow who has tears running down her own cheeks.

"Those are tears of joy you big goof. Don't you know any thing about girls?" Willow responds for her. "Now make the sweetest love you know how to that beautiful woman there and be happy for her, she's finally realizes she's not alone anymore."

Xander looks down at the angel beneath him and slowly eases her hard cock out of her sweet warm body and just as slowly slides back into the hilt. Buffy gasps as the head of Xander's cock bumps into her cervix and sighs as the cock slides back out of her tight wet pussy. over and over Xander stroked his cock into the little blondes body and on every thrust the Slayer gasps as he gently bottoms out inside her sweet little hole. Xander eases all the way off Buffy and crawls behind her and spoons himself to her back. Gently he eases his girth back into the small blonde, hugging her slim hips and ass to his lap. With short jabs he continues to fuck Buffy and reaches over her side and fondles her jiggly breast. Buffy moans when Xander pinches her rock hard nip then gasps loudly when Xander sucks hard on the side of her neck and bites down softly. Buffy arches her back and offers more of her throat to Xander's bites which he freely takes advantage of. When he pulls back he notices for the first time how his mark obliterates the scar that previously resided um-marred on the Slayer's neck and he realizes he just erased all hold Angel held on his sweet little Slayer. That thought alone was enough for Xander's boiling cum to spurt forth and fill Buffy's pussy to overflowing and their combined juice flow sensuously to stain the sheets with their love.