Dawn of Xander

Author: John 'hatten' Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

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X-over: Dawn of the death. Buffy the Vampire Slayer..

Chapter 1

Year 2010. Month: April propably.
Location: Dusty road, I think Boston.

Xander Locked up from his journal. "It look dead destroyed.!"

One of His companion nodded "Yes it do that 'Alexander" Glorificus said. From his coffin resting on the back of the armored buss spike voice was heard "I cant waith for civlisation finaly find some smoke"

Xander sighted as he looked out the window of the armored buss they where sittinginside. "Not mutch civilication out their spike. And you realy that eager to fight.

Its a Big town and only the dead and the Zombies is alive. "

Spike voice was heard "Anything is bether then this Beside we might find the clue we need. And dont worry Droopy i aint going to loose the my happy meal"

Xander grinned a bitter tired smile. "Well you could eat rats you know"

Spikes voice was clerly heard "I aint the boff. if i can its human for me"

Xander nodded that it was.

Here he was riding toghter with a real Hell goddes pure evil and a Master Vampire that keeped him alive as a luxery food source.

He realy hated the Zombies it was their fault. But once the Key was found then Glory would go home and they could change the world Turn back time or destroy what ever was left of it.

He remember when they first heard about the Zombies.

The past...

They where talking about the uppcoming talent schoow when suddely the principle Smiler or snider came rushing in..

Good he mist seing Even THAT man.

Snider walked in "Silens." Turning to the teatcher "Turn on the TV you need to see this. Im going home."

suprise was heard as the teatcher turned the TV on.

A Emergency news team was filming from the streat strange pale sick looking humans where attacking other humans in the streets literly eating them alive.

A new ancore in LA said the dead started to rise. A Pricest claimed this is the sign hell is filled and now they are roming earth.

chock and suprise raged in the room as evacuation order where given. those from the outside of LA would among other places go to Sunnydales military post.

Buffy licked her lips "Lets go and talk to Giles" They nodded and walked out.


Xander remembered the confusion and chock they felt when their wise leader hade nothing to say no information.

Somehow the fact that G-man did not know was wrong he still hated him for not knowing for not be able to say Do like that and it will be fine.

It was unjust but thats life.

"Xander we are reddy to go now" Spike said. The big bad in him was worried Xander seemed more and more with drawn latly that was baad.

With him dead no more sweet nectar of human blood. and the Zombies.

Spike actly shiver what ever was in them was NOT good for a vampire. he seen the result himself after a Vampire drained on of the Zombies.

A hybrid that when complelty nuts and slowly mealted like ice in heat screeming in pain for hours before turning to slime.

Eating a infected human was even worst then days even months.

No he cared for Xander deeply the same way a price farmer would care about the Pigg fatt and redy for the slaughter.

NO way he lose his one and only source of human blood.

Glory sighted "he is lost in the past. Agien stupid ape. I could drain his brain on memory it would make him a happy ape for a week or two before the memory returns"

Spike shoke his head. "Noo we need him wake and reddy to run if needed."

Glory nodded a bite was all that was needed for a human to turn Zombie. She and her human side was safe her hellgoddes ability made it possible and the ape part hade literly withdrawl refuse to surfese giving her full controll as he just sleeped and sleeped.

Somthing she was quite happy with.

The Past...

"Moom..mom" Buffy said frowning as she walked up to Jocye "Mom are you alright."

Jocye "Raaaaghr" She said attacking Buffy.

Buffy screemed kicking Jocye away.

She paled as she watched her mother pale face sickly looking eyes. and mouth drool as she attacked her agien trying to eat her.

Then before Buffy hade time to do anything *Klong* was heard as Xander slamed a stake in Jocye heart.

The two of them watched Jocye boddy twitched then slowly start to pull the stake out from the heart.

Buffy "moom"

Xander swallowed "Buffy she is dead come lets go now their is more nearby."

Buffy followed walking stiff behind him almost like a robot or a sleep walker.

She scratched her arm where Mom noo the THING hade biten her she hoped she would not get a infection.

Giles wawed them over in a big car Angels car Willow was sitting inside pale looking.. "My mom and dad they are dead Buffy"

Giles "In the car now we have to drive fast."

From the backseat Angels voice was heard. "Even Vampires are hunted by thise things. and their blood it kills us i seen it myself. What are they"

Only silens was his answer as they drove away to the military post.


Xander blinked "oo im fine lets go now." He said wiching he realy was fine longing for Glory mind wipe. So sweet no pain no brain"

Spike nodded. "Sure you are.. Remember like usual. Sitt in the buss and wait and Goddes and me clear the library. Then we escort you inside"

Xander nodded. like usual he hade his crosbow his shoot gun and sword.

The Buss was built like a panser tank. Spike and he hade improved it during the years.

It was Anyas idea the former Vengence demon hade given them the idea to have a armor mobile base.

He still loved that girl, She was spunky and she killed herself blasted her own head just so she would not turned in to a zombie.

Good he hated them.

Later outside the Secret Watcher library in Boston.

Xander watched like for million times before how Gloria and Spike stabbed cutt and destroyed the Zombies that just keeped coming like lemmings for their own death.

Batterd and bruiest the two escorted him inside the library he carrying the mobile door blockers to seal them inside.

Spike sighted "No one alive i can walk inside"

room after room with books time for a resergh party he wiched he could have a donut.

The past....
Inside the camp at Fort Sunnydale.

"I cant belive this." Giles said.

Xander "What.."

Giles "Its the same in London and the Seer and witches know NOTHING no profesy and." He clened his glasses. "contact with the evil side say they are just as chocked what ever the Zombies are they are huntíng humans, vampire, and demons"

"Guys" Willow screemed "Look."

At the bed Buffy was sweting feberly.

Giles "i I go and ask the doctor."

Hours past before he returned. with a doctor and a soldier with him. giles looked nervuse.

The doctor checked on Buffy carfully specily the wound. "She is infected."

Buffy frowned "What"

The doctor sighted "The wound the bite its killing you turing you in to one of the Un-death. all we can offer you is a quick death one bullets in the brain no zombie for you. OR we can wait If you raise as a Zombie Bang"

Xander frowned "You a doctor how can you be soo cold you got to save her"

The doctors laught almost giggled "It dont mater anymore boy we are all doomed" He walked out lauging like a crazy man.

The solider bent down and putt hancuffs on her arms. "Im sorry miss just incase you try somthing folish."

Buffy nodded her slayer strenght it was no problem.

Hours later.

they watched her fade away go cold the doctor nodded "She is dead." Giles even checked.

Then just as sudden Buffy rose tried to bite Giles snaping the cufs like a toy rope.

And one *Pang* was heard.

And buffy was no more.


"Its in Boston" Glorya said with smile. Even spike grinned a hole world of happy meal on leges.

Xander nodded. "And no more grey monster no more grey." The two blinked. "What. are you talking about"

Xander "You two are black evil monsters. Im White fighter. the slayer was a white Champoin.

But the zombies dont care about good or evil they are grey. They are worst then evil."

Spike nodded... "Good namn Greys they do look a bit grey and pale alright. Let us find the key and destroy change or even escape this world no more Grey hatts. Just us black and whites"

Xander smiled "For evil and Good" he said rasing his Bud beer. Beside him Spike frowned Bud gave the blood a bad taste.

The past...
Two month after..

Xander stoped running "Willow NOO" but it was to late. The Zombie grabbed her and she was dead.

He stopped a moment not caring when suddenly "Bloody hell your alive."

Spike hade savied him. He alredy have one human Anya.

She told him somthing that made him afraid. A Vengence demon but she and all of her brothers and sister even their master hade lost their powers.

That could only happen IF the humans race where dying.

Xander was not the last human but he knew then that he was among them.

A week later..

Xander smiled waching the glowing ball infront of him. "how long Gloria"

She smiled "Day for me to rest then a hour before the ritual is done. I could use a power boost but no it would be bether to have you as a anchore one pillar of evil and one of good to ground the key and help me find my home."

The two enemise nodded as they watched eatch other.

The years hade made them hate and loth eatch other but also respect.

Spike needed his blood and cared for him.

He hated the vampire for that. He hated the vampire for so many thing.

But he was willing to risk his own life to keep the blood sucker alive. He needed some one to talk to even a demon.

Glorya was no good to talk to she ignored him or drained him.

Even if draining him made him feel happy he still could not talk to her.

The Past.
A year ago.

Xander shoke his head. "No no no.."

Spike nodded "its true man"

Xander satt down "I dont belive you their must be surviver somewhere."

spike nodded "Probly in some place far away but they prolby survive by NOT being notice by the Zombies."

Xander sighted "So im actly the last man alive"

Spike nodded and looked deppresed about that.. "Crapp i realy need to care about you more. Or you get sick and die and i be alone"

Xander paled at the fear he heard in Spike voice. The fact that even the vampire was afraid of being alone was not misted.

But fact remained Vampires lived in City Zombies ruled the city they hunted day and night.

And they could sense a human or vampire from a long distant. Sooner or later a Vampire hiding would be found and killed. Zombies did not care if the food was human or vampire.

It was then they saw her walking towards them like a queen nude and angry her wounds healing so fast that they could see it happening.

Glorificus hade found them and soon they knew what to do.

To find her Key and to change or destroy the world. In the namne of all that is Good and all that is evil the Grey would pay.


And with a blink of Greenlight the world was born agien as Glorificus left for home.

Xander "Crapp. Did anything happend to you Spike" Xander said watching his new big wings and sign namning him president and first of the new version of the PtB.

Spike nodded "Hell yes Droopy" Spike said wawing his tail and flecting his hoffed feets and wondering if the horns on his head made him look stupid. "The sign said im the FIRST Evil of somthing.. Bloody irrtating if you ask me"

Xander nodded. As he slowly driffted up..

Benith him Spike waited "What i have to dig my way down or what" A shovel dropped in front of him answer his question..

Angry Spike started to dig his way down to his new home in hell. They would all pay for this..

The End