De Sade

Author: Magnus <MagnusXXN[at]>

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Chapter 1

Ethan's Costume shop, 1998

"That is without a shadow of doubt, for you young man."

Ethan hadn't really thought anyone would fit into his latest and most prized creation. When the chaos mage had come to Sunnydale, in hopes of cursing the children, he'd thought only to sale a few normal costumes.

Such as vampires, monsters, things of that nature.

But decided against it. After all, that would be too boring. And not at all worth the effort he would be putting into these cursed costumes. So Ethan created a few costumes that weren't so normal or regular.

The one, which the young dark haired teen was holding was not just one of Ethan's better creations, it was his best. The English mage had made the costume into a work of art, and of pure history.

Much like one of his other works. Ethan had sold the Slayer a dress for an 18th century noble women. This way she'd be totally unprepared and weak against the things that would go on tonight. That and the mage wondered what would happen if she crossed paths with the wearing 'this' costume.

The one the teen was holding.

Xander turned to the shopkeeper somewhat perturbed. He wanted to buy the costume but didn't have enough money. "Sorry for wasting your time, I can't afford this. I guess I'll just take that toy gun." He informed the older man sadly.

The teen so wanted the costume. It was a perfect match for Buffy's. So even if they weren't going together he could at least pretend, maybe turn a few heads.

"Nonsense." Ethan told the young man. He would not loose the chance to have his masterpiece out in the town tonight. Money didn't matter in the slightest, not with all the fun he'd have by watching the chaos around him.

"I'll make a deal with you, take the costume. Where it around town and if anyone asks you where you got it, you tell them it's from 'Ethan's Costume Shop'. Then we'll call it even." The mage smiled deviously.

The dark haired young man didn't have to be offered it twice, "I'll take it then."

Xander smiled to himself, this was going to be a great Halloween. And maybe Buffy would notice him in this; after all it wasn't very easily missed. That and she wouldn't be able to not see that he'd dressed like this for her.

Ethan smiled along with him, but for a far different reason. This Halloween would indeed be a great one; that is for everyone that didn't cross the path of the costume's owner.

The costume in question was what appeared to be the dressings of an 18th century French noble man. An 18th century coat, with a pure white undershirt, its sleeves made with wide cuffs. It was richly embroidered with what seemed to be dark red jewels.

Which Xander thought them to be fake but no they were quiet real. Ethan had pulled out all the stops for his masterpiece, his act of pure chaotic creation.

Then came a pair of long dark breeches, and to top it off was a white powdered wig and a long black walking cane, a wolf's head at its handle. All in all it was the most well thought out and enticing of all the costume's in Ethan's shop.

Once fully clothed the dark haired young man thanked the humble shopkeeper again before turning and heading out to catch up with his friends, then a thought hit him. He didn't know 'who' he was dressed as.

Of course he knew that he was a noble man, but there had to be more then that. So he turned around and asked, "Am I some sort of Duke, or prince, or something like that?" The teen wondered a bit self-consciously.

The Englishman would only smirk back in pride, "A Marquis." The mage could barely contain his excitement, "The Marquis de Sade."