Author: MH <mh_7[at]>

SUMMARY: Buffy makes a wish she later regrets...

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Chapter 1

Buffy's POV

I stood in front of a demon, thinking back to how this all started.

Xander Harris.

Who would have thought that he would gather up the courage to ask me out.

He'd been dropping hints for several months. And he just thought that I didn't pick up on them. Always trying harder to cheer me up. The 'good luck' bracelet. And a whole bunch of other little things.

Then finally he asked me out to the Spring Fling Dance.

And I accepted.

That night I went to kill the Master after hearing Giles and Angel talking about how I was going to die.

My only thoughts were of not being able to go to the dance with Xander.

I died, like it was prophesied, but I was brought back.

By Xander.

The only one who didn't give up on me. I fought the Master again. On the school roof, over the library.

I killed him.

Threw him through the skylight. The Master fell into the library and was impaled by a leg of an over turned desk.


And we all went to the dance. I had a great time with my date.

Xander surprised the hell out of me. He showed me such a great time. He gave me the normal life I wanted that being the Slayer had taken away from me.

And I fell in love.

I spent the summer with my dad, but I'd call Xander every day, to see how he was doing without me in Sunnydale.

When I returned, I gave him a very sexy dance, to show him how grateful I was that he had saved my life. We couldn't keep our hands off each other once we started heavily making out.

Our friends, being Willow and Amy, made fun of us. Even Giles and Jenny would pitch in their own comments.

Time went by, we went to school, we made out, just having a good time.

But we also had trouble in the supernatural front.

First came the Anointed One when he tried to revive the Master.

Then came the time when Chris and Eric tried to make their version of Frankenstein's bride, with body parts of dead cheerleaders with Cordelia's head.

The arrival of Spike and Drusilla.

Incan Mummy girl, that had the hots for Xander.

A bunch of frat boys trying to feed me and Cordelia to a giant snake.

Ethan and his little Halloween spell.

Billy "Ford" Fordham, a guy I had a crush on when I was in the fifth grade, and his betrayal of me to become a vampire.

Ethan again, and Giles' past finally being revealed.

Kendra, the new Slayer, showing up with a message from her watcher about a big evil that was going to show up in Sunnydale.

Spike kidnapping Angel to restore Drusilla's strength.

My mom's new boyfriend, Ted, who happened to be a psychopathic killer robot.

An ancient Bezoar, controlling the bodies of many of the high school students and teachers, to free itself from its underground prison.

The surprise birthday party my friends threw for me. I know, I know, something like this should belong in my 'happy memories' file, but not when Spike and Drusilla showed up again, trying to collect pieces of an ancient unstoppable demon.

Angel stole one of the arms from their minions, and took the first boat out of Sunnydale that night. Prematurely stopping all of Dru's and Spike's careful planning.

That night of all nights, I came to the decision of going 'all the way' with Xander. It was a first for both, an experience I was glad I shared with him. And, yeah, the first time was kinda awkward. But we learned very quickly what we liked and didn't like.

Then I landed myself in the hospital with the flu, where I had to fight another demon that was making midnight snacks out of the kids that were sick with the flu. The same one that was responsible for my cousin's death. Der Kinderstood. At first we thought it was the doc that was killing the kids with his experimental medicine. But Willow quickly found out that he was only trying to help the kids, which ended up getting him killed by the demon, for taking away its snacks.

The swim coach and his experimental steroids with the swim team. Xander went undercover, which ended up not covering much, and joined the team. Then finding out that the steroids were being given to the team through the steam in the steam room. The team that had already gone through the transformation killing the coach, before swimming off into the ocean. Xander and whatever was left of the swim team, whining about having to go to gene-theropy.

The rediscovery of the ancient demon Acathla.

The death of Kendra by Drusilla.

We attacked Dru's and Spike's mansion. We being Xander, Giles, Jenny, Willow, Oz, Cordelia, and myself.

Spike ran off with Dru, before they had a chance to open Acathla.

Giles got the Watcher's Council to rebury Acathla, where no one would be able to retrieve it.

Willow thinks that the Watcher's have their own bottomless hole, where the Council can throw away the most dangerous item's that demons are always after to destroy the world with.

Then the same regular Summer dull.

Being attacked by an army of zombies that were after an Nigerian tribal mask that mom had hanging in her bedroom wall.

Man that sucked.

But not as much as the party that we were having when the zombies attacked.

But I didn't really pay too much attention the party, since I spent the entire time with Xander.

But I killed the zombie that had placed the mask on her face, which unfortunately happened to be one of the few friends my mother had.

Shoved a shovel right into her eyes.

She went kablooie, which ended the threat, and the rest of the zombies simply disappeared.

The best, and absolutely funniest part, was having to watch Giles give my mom a lecture about the dangers of ceremonial tribal mask's.

Then came the arrival of Faith Williams, second Slayer and successor to the recently deceased Kendra.

Slayer and major slut. Tried to hit on Xander. But it didn't work out the way she had wanted it to.

Xander gave her the old "I want to be your friend" speech.

Then they find out that they had a lot in common. Same terrible home life. A great love for junk food, especially twinkies. And strange enough, an even greater love for comic books and cartoons.

And for some reason Faith would always find an excuse to spend more time with Xander. Whether it was at his place or hers.

She also seemed to spend time with Ms. Calendar, which irked Willow so much, since the brunette slayer was taking away time that Willow could be spending learning magic from said computer teacher.

The Homecoming Dance came next.

Xander wasted no expenses to rent a limo, just for the two of us. But the driver ended up taking us to the middle of the woods, instead of to the school. Where Xander and I had to fight for our lives, after watching a video of what the mismatch group of demons had in store for us.

This little 'surprise' was supposed to be for me and Faith. But since killing one Slayer was better than none at all, they went ahead with their plans.

We were trapped in a shed, when a spikey lizard demon attacked. Xander had looked outside to find that someone had fire a grenade into the small shack. I held Xander as we jumped through one of the windows just as the grenade exploded.

We survived their 'game', but I failed to become Homecoming Queen.

Ethan came back and had started the whole adults-acting-like-immature-teenagers thing, when they ate the chocolate that Snyder had made us sell, just so that the high school band could get new uniforms. Giles reverted to his Ripper persona, and wouldn't stop bugging me about hitting Ethan.

We also had to stop Trick from feeding babies to La-somethin'. Some snake demon that was living in the sewers.

The arrival of Gwendolyn Post was certainly a most exciting moment. Her trying to gain powers by possessing the Glove of Myhnegon. I was able to stop her by cutting her arm, the one that was connected to the glove, off.

And finally Spike, who kidnapped both Willow and Xander, so that Willow could put a love spell on Dru so she could love Spike again. Oz and I followed our noses, or more exactly, we followed Oz's nose to where Xander and Willow were at.

And this is where it all began.

We caught Xander and Willow, on a bed, kissing and groping each other.

When they broke apart, they finally noticed us. Xander stared into my eyes, being caught while in the act of a guilty pleasure, was what I saw in his eyes.

And I ran out of that old factory.

And while I was running, I ran into Anyanka. A demon who said she would give me any wish I wanted. Hell, she was generous enough to give me two wishes, just because I was a Slayer.

So I quickly came up with the two wishes that I wanted.

1) That no girl will ever be attracted to Xander Harris.


2) That I be given the chance to go back, and refuse Xander's offer to the Spring Fling Dance.

"Done" was the last thing I heard, before I was blinded by a very bright light.