Destiny Made

Author: Anne Ly Chau <FaItHFuL_987[at]>

Disclaimer: Remember readers all characters within are simply taken from… ummm… the people who created them (whoever they might be).

Summary: Xander's destiny is about to be changed… whether he likes it or not.

Warning: Is there any? I have no idea. Not that I know of though in this chapter.

Rating: What do you think?

Chapter One


The night was young and restless as it was crawling with numerous sorts of crowds: the jocks, the cheerleaders, the outcasts, the geeks, and so on. Despite their many differences they had managed to have one thing in common, and that happens to be the forever popular (and only) club called the Bronze.

Though it was undoubtedly lively and active most nights, there were those that chose not to attend. Those who knew of the dangers that lurked during the night… waiting in the shadows. Though there were some destined to fight against the ones that thrived within the night, there were also others that chose to aid in the forever known battle between good and evil.

Helping those that were chosen to participate in the never-ending war or fighting the dark ones alone by themselves, few will have their destinies changed as a repercussion by the one life-alternating decision after finding the truth about the real world.

Whether to help save others unknown to the demons that has haunted the world for centuries or… to save yourself instead by choosing to do nothing about it.

This was a decision that a teenager named Alexander Laville Harris was faced with in his once carefree life. Once having worries over nothing but school, homework, and tests it was all shattered soon when he had met with another teenager with the name of Elizabeth Anne Summers.

She was the one that had introduced him and his friend Willow Rosenberg to the nightlife. It was then that he was given the decision to help aid the Slayer… or turn his back and hope that it was all just a dream.

Which life did he choose?


Chapter Two
Vampires Part 1

A year ago…

It has been foretold… "Into each generation a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world, a chosen one. One born with the strength and skill to fight the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers."


Graveyard, Now…

The night was quiet, oddly quiet. The unusual silence had replaced the regular noisiness it previously had. However it was shortly taken away by the piercing scream that had shattered all illusions of stillness.

"Xander look out!"

Quick to react, the boy with black hair had turned only to be met with the force like a sledgehammer as the vampire had given him an upper cut towards the bottom of his chin. Flying into the air about 10 feet it had resulted in slamming into a tombstone, which had been reduced to rumbles due to the force of the boy's impact.

"Don't worry. I'm fine! This tombstone here broke my fall! See!" Xander had called out as he managed to also sneak in a smile.

"Oh you won't be when I'm through with you!"

"Oh boy… " Xander had said as the vampire came up to him and pulled him up by the collar of his shirt.



"Oh Xander… " The girl with blonde hair had whispered to herself.

"Did you say something Slayer?!"

"Nothing that concerns you!" Buffy, also known as the Slayer, had replied as she swept the vampire's feet from under him.

Taking out a stake from her jacket she continued, "So you might as well disappear!" and proceeded to stake its undead heart. "Now to help Xander."

"I don't think so Slayer!" a voice had called out as it stopped Buffy in her tracks towards where Xander was.


With Xander…

Searching frantically with his hands as the vampire had pulled him up by grabbing the collar of his shirt, Xander had decided to punch the vampire one hoping that the vampire's stone-like grip would lessen enough so that he could escape.


"Is that all you've got!" the vampire asked as his head had whipped back as his now golden eyes stared into Xander's brown (and more normal) ones.

"Would by any chance you just forget about all that and let me go?" Xander had managed to say back.

However as a reply to his question Xander had gotten the opposite answer that he had wanted as the vampire started to bear out his predatory-like fangs.

"I guess not."


Back to Buffy…

"Hello Slayer!" the voice had called out once again.

"What now?!" Buffy shouted as she was faced with nothing but the shadows provided by the night.

Getting into a defensive stance, Buffy had made her senses more alert to her surroundings waiting for a body that the voice came from to come out.

"Well, are you going to come out or not?" she had asked as to a passerby it would've look like she was either talking to herself or to thin air.

"Tonight's your time to die Slayer!"

"You know I have a name too you know! Besides, are you going to quit yapping and start fighting?!"

Suddenly the shadows around her each had a pair of golden eyes glowing as five vampires came out surrounding her.

"As you wish," the same voice who now had a face (a demonic one in fact) started grinning.



Seemingly about to face his doom, Xander could feel the vampire's fangs close to break the barrier provided by his skin separating the vampire from his choice of meal, blood. Continuing on with his frantic search from earlier on, Xander had managed to grab hold of some sort of smooth, cylinder-like object just as the vampire's fangs pierced into his neck.

"Augh!" Xander had shouted out from the immediate pain as the vampire had his first taste of Xander's blood.

Tightening his hold around the smooth, cylinder-like object Xander had shouted out "Eat this fang face!" as he smashed the object onto the side of the vampire's deformed face.

"AHHH!!" screaming in pain, the vampire's face immediately shifted from his demonic face more to its original look. Along with that, the vampire had also let go of his grip on Xander as he continued to grab his face in pain.

Confused as to what had happened Xander had looked down to his left hand, where he had grabbed the object. Pieces of some jagged glass were embedded in his hand as remains of a clear liquid mixed in with his blood.

"Huh, holy water. Personally I say that's a better look for you."

Looking up in rage the vampire had cried out "You son of a b***h!" as he went and blindingly tackled Xander.

"Crap!" Xander said as the vampire's body had collided with his.

About to shift back to his game face, a look of fear had crossed its face as it looked down. There embedded in its chest was a piece of wood that was crafted into a stake, not perfectly made but good enough to do its job.

Looking back at Xander, the vampire had a look of surprise as Xander said, "Always keep extras" before the vampire had combusted into dust.


Back with Buffy…

"Give up Slayer. Admit it, you're out-numbered."

"Guess I'll just have to even out the odds." Buffy had said as she took out another stake giving her the total of two.

"Have it your way. Lets go boys! Time to bag us a Slayer!" Vampire1 shouted as they all started to close in on Buffy.

"Oh please, like I'll let you fashion rejects take me down!" she had retorted back.

Growling in response Vampire1 had jumped at the Slayer first as he received a punch then a quick sweep on his feet as he fell.

Bending down to stake Vampire1, her stake was soon kicked out of her hand. Surprised she looked up only to see a glimpse of Vampire2 before she felt various amounts of pain as she was kicked on the side of her head.

Rolling from the kick, Buffy had maneuvered her body so she stopped bending at one knee.

"Oh, you are sooo gonna pay for that!"

Getting up, Buffy had used her breakneck speed and came up in front of Vampire2. Releasing a fury of punches and kicks, Vampire2 had managed to block them al… barely. Stopping as she backed herself a couple of inches, Vampire2 had stopped also. A big mistake to do as Buffy swiftly made a roundhouse kick at his head.

As he staggered back from the blow, Buffy ran up and staked him as she told him one thing before he turned to dust.

"Guess you forgot about this one" as she twirled the other stake in her right hand.

However it was too kicked out of her hand as Vampire5 approached her.

"Oh for the love of AARRRGGGGG!!" she had screamed in frustration.

Throwing out a punch, Buffy had simply ducked as she came back up.

"Hi" she had said sweetly before punching Vampire5 in the face. Then spinning on one of her foot, Buffy had executed a kick that pushed Vampire5 back against a tree. About to go find one of her stakes, Vampire5 had suddenly said, "Damn!" as he became dust.

Waving her hands through the dust, Buffy had later saw that the same tree that Vampire5 was kicked against had a branch growing out in the direction that Vampire5's undead heart was.

"Huh, Mother Nature must be with me toni-OPHFF!" she had said before getting tackled.

On the ground with Vampire4 on top, Buffy had managed to get her feet placed on Vampire4 as she kicked him off her body.

"Get off and stay off!"

However Buffy was soon grabbed from behind as she just got up.

"Let go you over-sized gorilla!"


With Xander…

Looking up in the direction Buffy was, Xander soon saw her go down as Vampire4 tackled her. Getting up to help, Vampire4 was quickly kicked off as he went flying in Xander's direction.

"Holy shit!" Xander shouted as he jumped out of the way.

"Since when do vampires fly?"

Returning to the task at hand, Xander gripped the stake tighter around his hand as he walked to where Vampire4 was. Believing that he was unconscious, Xander proceeded to stake him only to have Vampire4's eyes fly open and was soon on the floor staring into a pair of eerie golden eye staring at him menacingly.

"Lets see how you like being staked." Vampire4 said as he had gotten hold of Xander's stake when he had dropped it as a result of being kicked down.


Meanwhile with Buffy…

"I see that you've managed to kill off two of my minions. No matter, I have captured you."

Still struggling against Vampire3's rock-like grip, Buffy soon spitted on Vampire1's face as he held her chin up.

"Manners, manners Slayer. Michael! Bring him!"

After had shouted out the command, Vampire4 or otherwise known as Michael appeared bringing along an endeavoring Xander.



"I see that you had brought along one of your friends."


"Too bad he's so weak." Vampire1 said after he had punched Xander in the stomach for fun.

"Why you son of a bi-"

"Now, now. Don't worry. I'm not going to kill him. I'm just gonna turn him since you had so kindly decided to kill off some of my minions. However I rather enjoy the pleasure of drinking the blood of a Slayer first."

Walking towards the Slayer, Vampire1 roughly pushed her head to the side exposing her neck.

As he bent his mouth towards Buffy's neck, Xander's eyes began to glow a faint blue as he whispered out one word.

"Buff… "

To be continued…