Destruction of the Initiative

Author: M Knight <tazipper[at]>

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Fairly short fic and one off. Xander watches the destruction of the Initiative, and wonders who they pissed off. Guess the crossover.

Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me. Do I look like a big media cartel?

Spoilers: Season 4 of BtVS

Notes: I blame AlanP for the challenge to non-writers for this one.

Chapter 1

Xander didn't think much of the Initiative, as Black Ops projects go, they not the best, nor the brightest. And in the matters they were involved only the best were good enough.

Being second best was the way to an early grave, if you were luck.

Buffy and Willow were trying to protect Xander by excluding him from Slaying. But Xander did not want to be protected, he wanted to help the fight. He knew the risks, and while he individually was not as fast or as strong as a vampire, he had allies. The forces of Darkness and Evil were not known for their harmonious working conditions.

This was the major advantage the warriors of the light had. Xander suspected that Buffy, with her Slayerness, was essentially a lone wolf. While she rejected the Watcher's belief that she must fight alone, her attitudes often cause her fight alone despite this. And a single warrior will always be outnumbered against their opponents.

All this Xander was musing as he was crossing the University campus, when something caught the corner of his eye.

A group of man-like things, armed to with what looks to be some type of gun or rifle, were storming the Frat house above were the Initiative's base.

Xander flattened himself behind a nearby tree and then hit the dirt behind the bushes to avoid the sight of these attackers. From the exposure of countless military dramas and sci-fi shows, even his untrained eye could tell these things were not joking.

Once they used their weapons, did it remove any doubt they were anything like fancy clubs. Several snap shots ripped holes large enough for 2 people to walk side-by-side through were created for entry points. Death cries from inside indicated the same weapons were used at similar firepower levels on living targets.

As Xander lay on the ground obscured by the bushes, he watched as Federal agents sealed the area. At first Xander thought it was a bunch of Demons finally gotten sick of the Initiative, but the Federal Agents definitely indicated that this was a government sanctioned action. What ever this was, and who ever were doing this, the highest level of government was involved.

The first sign Xander had that whatever had happened was over, was when people, and parts of people, were being carried out. Xander shuddered at the callousness, and wondered what would call for these extreme methods. Xander guessed they were removing all evidence that these people were ever here, 'disappearing' them.

Hours past, and Xander didn't move, to-do so was to risk dead. This things had just carved up the Initiative like Xander would carve up a roast. Unarmed, and unarmoured, he couldn't stand a chance if they acted against him.

Xander tensed as, 2 of the . things who just taken in part of the slaughtered the Initiative moved closer to this location. Xander was just in earshot of the two. Only once one of them took of the helmet did Xander see they were in fact human!

"God Damn traitors. Traitors to humanity is what they are. Sold us out  for ." Exclaimed the larger of the two.

With a tired voice the smaller replied "It doesn't matter. We stopped the genetic manipulations, and other horrors going on down there. Counter-intelligence has slatted all the supporters of this 'Initiative' project for 'questioning'."

"Ya, the 'Initiative' was well & truly subverted. The rumours from intel say that USA government might be very badly compromised. If so that would be a Bad Things(TM), we have several research labs in the USA which we can not move. Losing them would mean losing the War. We can not afford to lose the USA. Not in this war." Growled the larger man, as he wiped some slimy substance off the armour covering his lower left leg.

With exhaustion, the smaller man replied "I don't listen to the rumours, helps cut down on the ulcers. Anyway, this 'Initiative' project could have actually had legitimate goals at some point. But we need to locate the point of infiltration", with a laugh "And what type of name is 'Initiative' for a supposedly Black Ops project anyway?"

"Like its any better then 'Project Gabriel's Sword'" The larger man said with a snort.

Another man approached at a jog as the two men chatted about nothing and everything. Once getting there he stated, "Bugout in 5, get left behinds and you get put on the causality lists"

The bigger man of the original two replied "Promises, promises. I know there is no opt out in what we do."

With utter exhaustion, the smaller man replied "Let get to the RZ, I need my rest. Psi-ops is draining work. And I *hate* dealing with Minds like Dr Welsh."

As the group of three men moved off at a job, the frat house imploded with a loud thump. Undisturbed the men continued, but Xnader was startled. From the depression forming around the base of the walls of the frat house rapidly formed, Xander concluded that it wasn't just that Frat house, but the Initiative's main base was taken out.

After the Federal Agents, almost like the mythical Men In Black, clear from the area, there were no witnesses save Xander to the fall of the Inititive.

Xander rapidly moved away at a dead run, running until he reached the dorm were Buffy and Willow were. Bursting into the room, exhausted and scared, he exclaimed to both Buffy and Willow

 "I just watched the Destruction of the Initiative!"

The End