Dusty Windows

Author: Greywolf <greywolfb[at]yahoo.com>

(Sequel to Tara's Confession)

Joss owns um I don't yadda, yadda, yadda

Pairing: Xander/Tara (Buffy's POV)

Rating: NC-17

Spoiler: sometime season 6

I swear I wasn't planning on peeking in any windows when I went out for a walk tonight. I really just needed some cool fresh air and thought a quick patrol was the perfect way to get it. At first all was quiet as I walked down the street, so I decided to do a sweep around all of the gang's houses to make sure there wasn't any baddies lurking around to make a quick snack of one of the my inner circle. Well after a pass through the college campus and staking one incredibly stupid vamp, I made my way back to the old neighborhood to check on the Rosenberg and Harris households. That's when it happened. I was just about to call it a night when the basement light came on and shined through a little window right at ground level. Well I figured Xander had just woke up so I started to go and talk to my best guy friend and see what was up. Well when I got to the window I peeked in. I don't know why I did I guess its like human nature like looking at a car wreck, you just cant help yourself. What I saw though was far from a car crash, it actually made me freeze in my tracks. There through that tiny window I saw my Xander shaped friend with a statuesque blonde who wasn't Anya! At first my brain didn't really function that well. All I saw was Xander and the blonde doing some serious kissage and clothes being forcefully removed by both of them. When my head finally cleared enough to get over the fact Xander was with someone other the Anya, I looked closer at the girl and my heart stopped, I'm not exaggerating either, my heart actually stopped for a beat or two. The girl who was making time with Xander was none other then Tara! I couldn't believe it! Sweet, shy, Tara had her hands stripping Xander so efficiently that it would make the most jaded prostitute grin with pride. And Xander, well he wasn't being mister idle either he had Tara's ankle length skirt puddled on the ground around her feet and had his hand buried in between her wet glistening thighs. How did I know they were wet? I could see the light reflect off the slick skin whenever his hand slid out of the way that's how! And the sounds! Damn my slayer hearing! I know if I made the same sounds Tara was making I'd have freaking rivulets running down my legs about right now. Not that my panties were the driest things in the neighborhood at the moment, but you know what I mean. And the whole time they never broke that kiss! I really want to know how those two were breathing I mean god I'm the Slayer for Christ sake and even I have to come up for air every once in awhile! Well I watched as Tara finally threw her head back and moaned really loud and Xander took the opportunity to whisk her sweater up and over her head. Her pendulous breast swung free and for the first time I noticed Tara had no panties or bra in the pile of clothes! Wow who would have thought. It's definitely the quiet ones.

Well apparently it didn't surprise Xander cause his hands roamed the vast expanse of her bountiful breasts, tweaking and pinching her large nipples. I watched transfixed as he ran his tongue lovingly up from the hollow at her collar up to under her ear when Tara exposed her throat to him. My god that was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen, hands down. I swear I could feel that wet tongue slide up my own neck and it sent shivers down my spine. Tara then placed her hands on Xander's shoulders and gently pressed down on them. He took her queue and slowly started to kneel in front of her glorious, nude body. I still watched and I know it was wrong of me but I couldn't move I was so enthralled by the scene in front of me I couldn't leave! Xander paused as he reached her perfect large breasts and suckled each nipple and grinned at the tiny whimpers he and I both heard coming from Tara. Apparently she became a little anxious for him to explore the more urgent areas that was giving her some pretty thrilling feelings. He reached his knees and grasped Tara's full hips and pulled her to his up-turned face. She was already drenched that I could plainly see and I could tell she was practically dieing for that first touch. Then it happened I saw Tara jerk suddenly as Xander's tongue struck pay dirt! Her smooth back arched and I could see tiny shivers run all over her beautiful body as he probed and sucked on her dripping wet sex. I swear I heard the lewdest slurping sounds a man could ever make. It also made my thighs quake of their own need, I'm ashamed to say. My eyes stayed glued on the couple before me and I watched as Tara's knees buckled under his assault. Her orgasm shot through every inch of her body and her hips pummeled Xander's face as she screamed loud enough to wake the people three blocks over! When they both had enough of his tongue in her wet slick pussy, Xander stood and spooned her quivering body from behind. They were close enough to the bed that he just eased her over and she placed her hands on the covers as he lined up behind her. I saw the pre-cum glistening off his rather large cock, I must say I was rather impressed at Xander's attributes and shuddered myself as I watched him pump that hard shaft into her. From the way they moved I could tell this wasn't the first time these two had come together as he expertly rolled his hips at the end of each deep thrust, and she did the counter move to give the most stimulation to his rock hard cock. I watched as they neared the end of their bout of love making and listened to every moan and scream the two let out. When I thought if I watched any more I'd have to "Do" myself right there on the grass, I saw Xander tense and explode in Tara's hot little snatch. He tensed every muscle in his body and held it for several moments. Then he collapsed over her back and wrapped his arms around her and fondled her breasts as he caught his breath. I watched as the two stood on shaky legs and turned towards each other and joined in a loving embrace. There's no other word I can think of to describe it any different, it was an embrace only two people in love could give each other. Xander and Tara then crawled up on the bed and I watched as he leaned over and turned out the lights.

I sat there in the dark trying to decipher what I just witnessed. Xander and Tara in a heated affair! I know she and Willow split up but I always thought Tara was strictly of the "Gay Always" crowd. And Xander! Damn him I thought he learned his lesson about cheating on the person you're supposed to be with, not to mention ENGAGED to! Ok at that point I figured I'd have to have a little talk with my Xander shaped friend and see if he's been possessed again and ask Tara if she's gone completely insane cause hello! Cheating on Anya! But for now I think I'll just head home and take care of this throbbing ache I've got between my own legs. Hmmm I wonder if Willow's up right now.

End Fin Fini