An Angel: The Series Fanfiction Story

Author: Jason W Thompson <jwt6577[at]quik.com>

April 19, 2002

Disclaimer: Once upon a time there was a guy he wrote a story with characters and settings he didn't own, but he put a disclaimer on his story and that made it a little less illegal. BTVS and Angel are owned by Joss, Fox, Mutant Enemy, UPN and the WB. I don't own anything except the situation characters are in.


Spoilers: Prophecy Girl, The Zeppo, Hero, and Parting Gifts



Rating: Rated

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Dedication: Dedicated to the usual suspects; Bri, Mary, Duchess, Dale, Blaire, Stone Cold, Ice Wing, Arashi, Aslan, Vega, Tony D, Jen Zimmer, Louise, Sairs, and Queen Angel who have allowed me to bounce my ideas off them, and Krac, cause she has the evil bunny slippers.

Previously on Buffy and Angel...

... "How can I put this clearly?" Xander looked Angel over with a smirk, then pulled a cross from his pocket and held it in Angel's face, backing the vampire towards the couch. "I don't like you, at the end of the day, I pretty much think you're a vampire."


... Cordelia almost laughed, "'Integral part' of the group? Xander, you're the *useless* part of the group. You're the Zeppo."


Doyle looked Angel in the eye, before glancing briefly at the light bomb as it was powering up. "The good fight yeah? You never know 'til you've been tested? I get that now." With a backhand, Doyle knocked from the upper level to the floor of the cargo hold. He turned to Cordelia and pulled her into a kiss. Pulling back, Doyle smiled at Cordelia, "Too bad we'll know," He allowed his demon features to show themselves, "If this is a face you could learn to love." Doyle leapt from the platform to the light bomb.

Angel climbed the platform to pursue him. "Doyle! Doyle! No!"


And Now...

The male oracle sighed at the vampire in annoyance, "You try our patience, what is done..."

Angel shook his head as he interrupted him, "Can not be undone, you keep saying that." Angel began to pace, "But I need Doyle. You can fold time. You've done it before. Bring him back."

The female oracle shook her head, "To what end? To nullify his noble death? To leave his atonement unfulfilled?"

Angel nodded, feeling he might be getting through to them, "If it means he lives."

The male oracle resisted rolling his eyes, "He doesn't so you may."

The female stepped forward, "You live so that others will."

"He's my friend."

"If that is true, so shall it ever be."

The male oracle was unmoved, "Enough, do not come to us again with such a self-serving request."

The oracles turned away, but Angel stopped them, "There is one consequence." The oracles stopped but did not face him, "Doyle was my link to the Powers. Without Doyle, I'm fighting blind."

The female turned, "All will soon be made clear. For every door that closes, another opens."

The male oracle raised his hand, "And for every door that opens..." Angel suddenly was thrown backwards out of the chamber.


Meanwhile, many miles from Los Angeles, in Sunnydale, Xander Harris was sound asleep in his parents' basement. In his slumber, Xander was unaware of the back door opening and the intruder entering. The intruder crept over to the bed and sat down on the edge. Had Xander been stirred, he would have recognized the intruder as his girlfriend, Anya.

Anya sadly smoothed Xander's hair away, "I'm sorry for this Xander." She leaned over and placed a kiss on Xander's forehead briefly, and then Anya pulled away before kissing his lips softly. As her lips touched his flesh, a purple mist left her lips and slowly passed into Xander. Xander stirred briefly, and Anya smoothed his hair and cooed in a comforting fashion, settling Xander.

Anya pulled away and held her tears at bay, "I just wish I could come with you and help with what's coming..." Anya stood up and walked to the door, she turned back to Xander who was sleeping peacefully again, a stray tear slid down her cheek, "Good-bye Xander." She turned and left the basement as quickly as she could, making her way to the waiting taxi before she broke down quietly in the back.

Xander continued in his sleep, unaware of the destiny that had just been thrust upon him.


"So Mr. Harris. It said on your application, you were a burger cook at Double Meat."

Xander sighed as his manager, Skip, handed him a spatula, "That's right Skip."

Skip smiled, "Good, it's not that different here. Why don't you get started, the lunch rush is in about half an hour." Skip turned to leave, but paused, "Oh and Xander?"

Xander turned from the grill, "Yeah?"

Skip smiled, "Welcome to team Happy Burger."

Xander smiled until Skip walked away, his smiled then disappeared, "Thanks dick." Xander shook his head and turned back to the grill.

It was about ten minutes later when Xander heard his name called, "Hey! Xander!"

Xander turned around and waved his spatula at Buffy and Willow, "Just a sec guys, let me get someone to cover the grill." Xander turned back to the grill but suddenly felt dizzy. He shook his head to clear his head, the dizziness quickly passed. Xander shook his head one more time, "Weird." Xander was suddenly struck with mind numbing pain. His legs buckled and he pitched backwards and he was bombarded with images. He couldn't make out most of them, but he could see Cordelia and Wesley. Then he saw Angel. suddenly he saw a building explode, Angel was fighting a guy who looked like he didn't return a Darth Maul costume from Halloween. Then he saw a mailbox and the address stuck out clearly.

Suddenly he could only see the inside of his eyelids; his eyes remained clenched shut until the near crippling pain faded. Finally Xander cracked an eyelid; he could see the ceiling and Willow looking down at him. Xander opened his other eye and saw Buffy and Willow were hovering over him, while a couple of his co-workers were watching. Xander heard someone clearing their throat; he looked towards the noise and found Skip standing at his feet, with a half-cooked burger sticking out of his shirt pocket. Xander sighed, "Shit."


Xander sighed, "Willow, it wasn't a seizure."

Willow had only stopped pawing at Xander long enough for Skip to fire him. Now Buffy and Willow were walking him home. "Xander, what do you call, collapsing and twitching on the floor? Hmm?"

Xander smirked, "The Humpty Dance?" Buffy choked on her laughter, while Willow scowled, "Willow I'm fine. Besides, I don't think seizures have pictures." Xander suddenly stopped, "Wills? You got a pen and pad?" Willow stopped and reached into her book bag, she produced a pen and a notebook. Xander quickly scribbled something down, "God, that's been bothering me since I saw it." He tore some of the paper away and jammed it in his pocket, before handing the pad and pen back to Willow. Xander turned and continued walking.

Buffy and Willow trotted to catch back up with him, Buffy tapped his shoulder, "Xander? What's that about pictures?" They passed the bus station, before Xander stopped.

Xander looked at Buffy in confusion for a moment, before his eyes lit in recognition, "Oh yeah, when whatever happened I saw a bunch of stuff; Demons, vamps, guys in suits, Wes and Cordy were there, and Angel, then this office building exploded. I saw a mailbox with a lil' drawing of a. um. I think it was an owl or a lobster maybe a bat..." Xander saw Buffy scowl at him, "Sorry. Anyway, there was an address and I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I wrote it down. I think it might be in LA somewhere. It definitely felt wiggy, and definitely was NOT a seizure Willow." Willow stopped her coming protest and nodded.

Buffy chewed on her lip for a little bit before she spoke again, "You think it was Hellmouth wiggy?" Buffy and Willow suddenly realized Xander wasn't with them. They looked around and found Xander walking up to the ticket counter at the Bus Station.

When they walked up to Xander, they heard him speaking to the agent, "So the next bus to LA is at seven thirty?" The agent nodded, "One ticket please." Xander dug into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. He dropped forty bucks on the counter. The agent took his money and gave him five dollars in change. Xander took the money and his ticket, "Thanks." Xander turned to walk away and found Buffy and Willow staring at him, "I'm going to LA." He shrugged and his eyebrows rose for a second before he continued on.

Willow and Buffy watched Xander in shock for a few seconds before following. Buffy tapped Xander on the shoulder, "Xander? Is there a reason you are going Greyhound?"

Xander looked up from the small piece of paper he was holding, "Hmm? Oh yeah, I'm going to this address." He continued walking.

Buffy turned to Willow and nodded, "Well that clears everything up, doesn't it Willow?"

Willow smirked and nodded, "Oh yeah, to a nice shade of 'Huh?' Why are you going to that address?"

Xander shrugged, "Beats me. I know it's important though." Xander turned down his street, "I think it has to do with the symbol. It and the address stood out too much in my... vision? That's sounds right, I think it was a vision, either that or too many spicy Buffalo Wings."

Xander walked away, leaving Buffy and Willow in stunned silence. After a moment or two they turned to each other and said in unison, "Buffalo Wings." The pair then followed Xander down his street.


"Um Xander?" Buffy and Willow were watching as Xander was seemingly clearing his place out, "How long are you staying in LA?"

Xander was mostly concentrating on making sure he had his clothes, and as a result, was mostly ignoring the Slayer and her red-headed companion. Willow raised an eyebrow at Xander who had stuffed his duffle to bursting. He closed the duffle then crossed the room to a coffee can in the window. Opening it, he pulled out a small wad of bills. He closed the coffee can and passed Buffy, he reached behind the jars of nuts bolts and screws on the workbench producing a mason jar with another handful of bills. Xander smiled sheepishly, "I hide my emergency money in a bunch of spots, Mom and Dad have sticky fingers if you catch my drift."

Xander criss-crossed the room, searching seemingly useless objects and finding money; sixty bucks in the broken Beta-max in the corner, thirty underneath the Tide, thirty in the pages of a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man, and other strategic locations. Willow grabbed Xander's forearm, stopping his raid on his rainy day money supply, "What's going on Xander?"

Xander shrugged, "I'm not sure, but I want to be prepared, so I'll need more than the six bucks in my wallet."

Buffy grabbed Xander's bill filled hand and said, "Xander you have probably three hundred bucks in your hand. Where..." Buffy paused and inspected the money again, "Why is most of this money in fives and ones? Is that a woman's phone number?"

Xander paled for a moment and snatched his hand away and stuffed the money in his pocket. "I don't know what you're talking about." Xander grabbed his duffle and slung it over his shoulder.

Buffy sighed, "Xander, how long could this take? So unless lap dances are part of your plan, I'm not sure you need three hundred bucks."

Xander shrugged, "Who said lap dances weren't part of my plan? LA's got some really nice clubs." Xander winked at Buffy before he walked to the door and left.

"Uh. Buffy?" Willow's caused Buffy to turn, "What's this?" Buffy's eyes widened when she saw Willow holding a sequined G-string that had been hanging out of Xander's underwear drawer.


Angel sighed and looked at the demon sitting across from him, "And you can't think of anyone who's got a beef with you?"

Barney shook his head, "No one! It's like my old man always said, you can't please everyone. So you gonna help me or not?" Angel shrugged, and Barney walked off to the bathroom out front.

Angel walked out front and looked over the notes on Cordelia's desk. He heard the front door open, looking up Angel saw Cordelia enter the office with a solemn look on her face, "Hey." Cordelia looked up at him forlornly, "Everything okay?"

"No! Everything is very not okay! I blew the audition Angel! I bombed!" Cordelia crossed the office and sank almost bonelessly into her chair.

Barney came out of the bathroom wiping his hand on his pants, seeing Cordelia, Barney smiled, "Hey how'd the audition. oh, I'm sorry kiddo, you'll get 'em next time." Barney winked.


Xander got out of the cab, and immediately recognized the office building from his vision. He walked up the steps and noticed the mailboxes along the wall. Xander looked them over until he noticed the little drawing from his vision, Xander tilted his head as he inspected it. "What the hell are you?" He sighed and stood up before walking to the office the mailbox belonged to. Stopping at the door Xander looked up and saw them, "Oh crap... This is going to suck."

Xander reached for the doorknob when the door suddenly opened. Xander suddenly found himself face to face with a red-brown, horned demon. Xander, of course, dealed with this demon the only way he could, he yelped and jumped. The demon jumped back too, "Man you scared the crap outta me!"

Xander looked at the demon with wide eyes, "You?!"

The door was yanked open the rest of the way and Xander Harris was now face to face with one scowling Cordelia Chase. "What do you want Willow-Kisser?"

Xander scowled at Cordelia in return, "Nice to see you too Cordelia."

Cordelia was unmoved; she pushed the demon aside and placed her hands on her hips, barring Xander from entry. "I don't think you're welcome here."

Xander smirked, patted Cordelia on the head and gently pushed her to the side, which only served to royally piss her off. Xander looked across the office to Angel, who'd been pouring a cup of coffee. "You," Angel looked up at Xander with a raised eyebrow, "I need to talk to you."

Xander was surprised when Angel actually chuckled, "You have a cross this time?"

Xander shook his head, "No cross, just a migraine with pictures I think you might be interested in."

He wasn't expecting a warm welcome, but he also wasn't expecting Angel to fumble his coffee cup and it to crash and shatter on the floor. Angel ignored the coffee cup's demise, he numbly opened the door and held his arm out in invitation. Xander entered the office with Angel trailing him.



Xander sighed, "Me."

Angel leaned forward, folding his hands on the desk. "You?"

"Me." Xander sighed again, with a little more anger.

Angel shook his head, "You?"

Xander groaned, "For Christ's sake Angel! I was THERE when I had it!"

The vampire held his hands up, "Sorry. It's just that... well, it's you." Angel paused and regrouped when the man sitting across from him scowled, "Sorry. It's a shock."

Xander smirked, "You think it's shocking to you? Believe me, the blinding pain and the images were pretty clear. I was led here, and I get the feeling..." Xander felt a touch of nausea, "I felt that... oh shit! Here comes another one!" Xander clenched his eyes shut. The first wave of pain hit him and caused him to pitch backwards, taking the chair with him. He saw images, too many to sort them out right away. He could see the demon he saw at the door, and a big grey... blobby... thing.

The vision faded, and when Xander managed to open his eyes again, he saw Angel and Cordelia arguing, "Why did you hit him Angel?"

"I didn't hit him. he had..." The vampire gestured impotently. "Xander, well he had what you'd call..."

Xander groaned and slowly sat up, "Oh God... these vision things... In a word, they suck!" He stood up and took a step on shaky legs, "I need a receipt so I can return them." He slapped a hand over his eyes. "Angel, do you guys have aspirin?"

Xander's senses were bombarded by Cordelia's shrill voice, "HE had a VISION!"

Whipping around with a glare, Xander hissed, "Yes! Oh and Shh!" He then returned to rubbing his temples, "I think that was actually worse than the first one."

"Oh God..." Xander and Cordelia looked up at Angel, who had slumped down into his chair, "Xander had a vision... He's my link to the Powers."

"Visions? Powers? What is going on?" Xander looked around, his arms out hoping for answers.

Cordelia paled, "Oh no... Xander's our new Vision Boy." She slumped down into another chair and buried her face in her hands.

Sighing, Xander sat down, "Please your enthusiasm is overwhelming."

All three of them were startled from either their brooding or pouting by the knock at the office door. Looking up, Angel waved Barney in. "Not to be pushy, but are you going to go check it out?"

Angel nodded and stood up. He picked up a legal pad and a pencil, handing it to Xander, he said, "Write down anything important, or draw what you saw. I'll be back in a while." Angel then turned to Cordelia, "You guys keep an eye on Barney." Grabbing his coat, the vampire was in the elevator and gone.


Cordelia watched over Xander's shoulder as he drew some sort of shape. "What on earth is that?"

Xander erased a stray line, "That is what I've officially dubbed, 'The Big Grey Blobby Thing' or Tim for short." He turned to her with a smirk. She rolled her yes in return, before taking the legal pad and cracking Xander lightly on head.

Cordelia padded into the kitchen, "Still a Tool after all this time."

Xander stood up to follow her into the kitchen, but the lights exploded in his eyes, and blackness claimed him.


Cordelia turned around when Xander didn't make a sarcastic comment in return. She would have screamed had the baseball bat Barney brought down on her head not caused her to crash to the floor, unconscious.


Barney led Hank down the stairs to where he had Cordelia and Xander tied up. "What took you so long? At least they're still out." He pointed to Xander, "It's the boy, he's the Seer. We'll leave the girl, they won't know where we are anyway." Hank looked blankly at the unconscious Cordelia, whose breasts were threatening to pop out of her sweater. Barney sighed and snapped his fingers, "Hank! Let's go!"

Hank snapped out of his trance and slung Xander over his shoulder. He took one last, longing glance at Cordelia before he and Barney made their way to the stairs.


Angel's car was racing back to the office, he skidded around a corner, "We have to make it back!"

Meanwhile, Angel's passenger held a white-knuckle grip on the dashboard. "Angel..."

"Not now Wes! God, I'm an idiot! I fell for his act hook, line, and sinker!" He took another corner at break-neck speed, ignoring the car horns. "Xander and Cordelia could be in serious danger..."

"Oh dear, what will... I mean, Miss Summers."

Angel's eyes widened, "Oh God! Buffy will kill me, Xander's her..."

"Best friend?"

Angel shrugged, "Closer to lap dog, but yeah! She'll tack me up to a cross. One day here and I got him killed for his eyes." Angel swung the Plymouth into his parking garage and yanked his car into his parking spot. He killed the engine and leapt out of the car, Wesley could barely keep up. Angel swung his steel apartment door open as though it was made of paper. "Cordelia! Xander!" By the time Wesley made it in, the vampire had checked every room and was untying Cordelia. "Are you okay?"

Cordelia shook her head groggily, "Not exactly. Barney's..."

"...What Xander's vision was warning us about, he's harvesting." Angel spun around, "Wes, there's some books on the shelf, might help with the translation."

Wesley nodded and walked over to the shelf, looking over the books. Angel turned back to Cordelia, "Did Xander make any notes on his..."

Cordelia gingerly rubbed the sore spot on the top of her head, "Ugly grey blobby thing?"

Angel raised an eyebrow, "It's grey?"

"No his vision, it had an ugly grey blobby thing. It's on the legal pad on the counter."

Angel reached up and took the note pad, he vaguely recognized the shape. "I've seen this." He tilted the drawing, "I think it's a sculpture. Van Geisen, 'Maiden with Urn' I think. Maybe this is where they took Xander."

Cordelia looked at it, "So if we figure out where it is, we can find Xander right?"


She nodded and smiled, "Then you get all 'Grr' Vampy, and we're home before Talk Soup." Angel looked at his friend in confusion. Cordelia deflated, "I'll go upstairs and find out where it is."

Wesley crossed the room as he read, "Oh dear. Angel, Klu'click'ka... 'Caller sale.' Angel it's an auction. They're going to sell off those parts. If they have Xander, and you say he's a Seer. That would mean they're going to sell..."

"They'll sell Xander's eyes."


Xander opened his eyes slowly, he could see a big grey blob. He clenched his eyes shut and reopened them, his vision cleared but the blob didn't focus. "Hey Tim, what's up?"

Xander suddenly found himself yanked to his feet. The demon, Barney came into his view, "Time to sell those peepers kiddo. You're going to make me a pretty penny."

Xander resisted as best he could while be dragged along, "Couldn't you just sell 'em on Ebay and skip out with the money like everyone else? I'm kinda attached to my eyes, y'know, literally attached."

"Maybe I'll cut out your tongue, but I doubt that anyone would want that."

Xander laughed nervously, "Just Anya... Heh, never mind that."


"I got it!"

Angel and Wesley jumped up and ran up the steps to the front office. They crowded around Cordelia's computer. Angel tried to scan the article but patience wasn't his strength at the moment. "Where is it?"

"The statue was sold to the Ramsey Hotel Chain. The Hotel Ramsey in LA was recently renovated; the sculpture which used to be in the lobby is still in their possession."

Angel nodded, "Let's go, we're wasting time." He headed back towards his office. Angel ran down the steps, Wesley and Cordelia were behind. He grabbed some weapons then made his way to the garage, with Cordelia and Wesley in tow.


Xander watched with trepidation as the Albino and the Man-Woman-Beast were in a bidding war over his eyes. "Thirteen, do I hear 13,000?" The Albino raised his paddle, "13." The MWB, "14" Albino "15" MWB "16" Albino "17" MWB "18" Albino "19." Suddenly, the MWB cracked his/hers/its paddle over the Albino's head and threw him down. Then it calmly raised its paddle. "20." Xander shrugged and thought that was one way to win, "20,000 going one, going twice."

Suddenly a dark skinned woman in a business suit raised her paddle, "30,000."

Xander's eyed widened and Barney nearly choked. Banging his gavel, Barney said, "Sold to the lovely representative of Wolfram and Hart for 30,000 dollars."


Barney smiled at the lawyer, "I'm sure you'll be happy with your purchase."

She smiled, "We won't have a need for the body. My employers have requested the eyes be extracted."

Xander's eyes widened, Barney smiled, "Extraction is tricky, we run the risk of damaging the gift. I'll need an extra thousand."

The woman was outraged, "That's nonsense, extraction is always in the price."

"Not with Seer's eyes."

"I've never heard of such a thing."

Barney smirked, "There's never been such a thing on the market before. An extra thousand, or take him as is."

Xander was praying that she was a cheapskate. She sighed, "Go ahead."

Barney picked up a pair of what Xander could only describe as tongs from the Spanish Inquisition collection and came towards Xander. "Alright, stay still, this is going to hurt a lot."

Xander began to chant to himself, "Oh crap, oh crap, ohcrapohcrap." Just as Barney opened the tongs, there was a disturbance out front and a security guy came flying in, crashing into some of the other items. Xander's eyes brightened, "Buffy!" Angel Wesley and Cordelia came running in fighting, "Oh yeah, I forgot."

Barney and Hank ran into the fray, and Xander watched from where he was tied to his seat. A few moments later he heard Cordelia's voice in his ear and he could feel the ropes moving, "You alright?"

Xander looked over his shoulder at Cordelia and smirked, "Can I go back to Sunnydale and be Donut Boy again?"

Cordelia smiled, "Sorry Xand, you're a 'Zeppo' no more."

Xander's hands came free and he jumped up, he charged across the room and tackled Barney, "Asshole!" Barney and Xander grappled on the ground for a moment but Barney came out on top. He wrapped his fingers around Xander's throat, "I'll kill you, and then yank out your eyes!"

Xander's hand groped wildly, his fingers fell on something. Xander gripped it and brought it down hard on Barney's shoulder. Xander looked to see he had stabbed Barney with a horn of some sort. Barney fell off Xander and his body turned black before it dissipated. Standing up, Xander picked up the horn. He turned to Cordelia and Wesley who were next to him, "What the Hell was this thing?"

Wesley adjusted his glasses, "Kungai horn."

Xander nodded in false understanding, "That explains that then."

Angel was brushing himself off as he walked up to them. Xander handed the horn to Wesley and turned to the vampire in front of him. "Well Angel, as much as I hate to say this, thanks for saving my life." Xander held out his hand to Angel. After a moment, Angel took it and they shook.


The phone was ringing when Buffy entered her dorm room. Buffy picked up the phone, "Hello?"


Buffy smiled and said, "Hey Xand. How's LA?"

<Um. That's why I called. It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to come back anytime soon.>

Buffy had to fight to keep from dropping the phone, "What? Why?"

<The vision I had Buffy. It turns out I've been chosen to be a Seer. I'm working with. well for is actually more like it... I'm not sure if I'm on the payroll, but I'm definitely having visions for him... Man I can't explain...>

Buffy could only think of one reason why Xander would be stammering and avoiding saying his new boss' name, "Who Xander?" She didn't want to hear this.

<Well, that's a funny story... See I'm working for mmmph.>

Buffy spoke more forcefully, "Who Xander?"


Buffy wanted to cry, scream and laugh all at the same time. Xander had been dragged away from her by some big destiny thing to help Angel. It was way too funny that the three of them were constantly having a competition, funny because this time, Xander would be the prize. She wondered for a moment if she asked Xander to come home, if he would. But in the end she knew, whatever Angel, Cordelia and now Xander were caught up in, it was big, and she couldn't hamstring Angel with a clear conscience. Finally she said, "I understand Xander. You be careful okay. Don't get dead, or I'll kick your ass in Heaven."

She heard Xander laugh lightly, <Roger that Buff. The same goes for you.>

Buffy bit back tears. "I love you Xand, you know that right?"

<I know Buff, I love you too. I gotta go, I'm kinda tired.>

Buffy nodded and said, "You make sure to call a lot."

<I will. Bye Buffy.>

"Bye Xander." Buffy hung up the phone and crawled into bed, and tried not to cry.


Xander hung up the phone and sighed. He hated doing that to Buffy. He heard the door to the stairs open. Cordelia appeared in front of him, she sat on Angel's desk "You okay?"

Xander smiled sadly, "For a guy who just had to abandon his friends, I'm peachy."

Cordelia reached out and took Xander's hand, squeezing it. "I'm sorry."

Xander shrugged, "S'okay, I probably have it coming considering the way I've treated some people."

Cordelia shook her head, "Get this through your head Xander. Despite my initial reaction, I forgave you a long time ago. You'll be alright. Willow said you were having trouble fitting in there, maybe things will be better for you here."

Xander smirked, "As long as I don't get captured by demons who want to carve my eyes out week after week, I'll be fine."

Cordelia laughed, "Not every week, sometimes things get really tough." Xander laughed and Cordelia stood, "C'mon. After a long night of fighting evil, Angel makes eggs."

Xander followed Cordelia down the stairs. They found Wesley sitting at the table, Xander sat down and turned to the Ex-Watcher turned Demon Hunter. "I thought you were blowin' town Wes?"

Wes stammered for a moment 'til the vampire handed Cordelia a plate of eggs and said, "I asked Wes to stick around just for a little while, in case we need backup. He graciously accepted."

Xander nodded, "Okay. So are we one dysfunctional family or what?"

Angel smirked as he returned with another plate, "Xander?"

The young man smirked back at his new employer, "Yeah Boss?"

He plopped the plate in front of the young Seer, "Shut up and eat."

Xander picked up a fork, "That's my kind of boss."