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SUMMARY: Buffy's eavesdropping

BETA'D BY: Echo (Thank you ever so much!)

"Why do I hafta go get them," Buffy whined. She tried the famous puppy eyes, but Giles refused to look at her.

"Because we need everyone here for this. I presume, you do want to know about the demon Andrxk, and perhaps how to fight it," Giles said sternly, determinedly staring at his book. He knew that if he looked at his Slayer he would cave in. If only that blasted boy would pick up the phone he wouldn't be going through this nonsense with Buffy.

"Fine! I'll go," Buffy pouted, "But don't blame me if Spike gets 'accidentally' dusted on the way over here," she said merrily over her shoulder, ignoring Giles shout of 'Buffy!' as she ran out the door, almost running into Willow and Tara.

"Sorry can't stop now, gotta go get Xander and Spike," she shouted running past them.

Breathlessly, she made it over to the Harris', giggling to herself at the look on Giles face when she said she was gonna dust Spike. Absently, she tapped Mr. Pointy in her hand while strolling over to Xander's basement door. He'll bust a gut laughing when I tell him, she smirked to herself.

She stopped just at the door hearing strange noises going on in the basement apartment and flushed in embarrassment at what she was hearing. Oh God, Xander's getting freaky with some girl, she rolled her eyes and then froze, oh my God, it wasn't a girl!

Xander's crossed over to the other side! Ewwwww!

And with Spike! Double ewwwww!

She dithered for a few moments, not sure if she should interfere or not. She just wanted to make sure Xander was okay she assured herself hastily while eagerly listening.

"I don't give a damn what I promised. You are not sticking that thing in me," she heard Xander yell.

"C'mon ya stupid git, like I can hurt ya," she heard Spike snort to Xander. "Besides, you're the one that begged me to do it to ya!"

"Well, I didn't think it would be so friggin' big," her eyes grew huge at Xander's words. Oh my freakin' God! She tried not to move, pressing her ear closer to the door, hardly daring to breathe.

"Look, are ya gonna let me do it or not," she heard Spike's impatient angry sigh.

"It's gonna hurt, though right," Xander said shakily. She could just imagine the look of fear and panic on his face.

"Not much, at least not if I do it right. See, I just gotta prepare ya, and then I can poke it in," she heard Spike explain. She just knew he had that twisted smirk on his face, and she could practically hear it in his voice!

"Poke?! Poke implies lots of pain," Xander screeched and she pulled her head back in pain, rubbing at her ear before quickly switching to the other one.

"How about stab? Okay, how about slide then? Look boy, we gotta hurry up or that damn Slayer....," she heard Spike begin to say.

"Hey, you don't talk about my friends like that!" Xander shouted angrily. Buffy felt a warm glow inside and smiled. Yeah Xander, you tell him!

"Fine! Look, you know bloody well if we don't hurry the Slay....BUFFY will come looking for you and when she finds out....," Spike left the rest unsaid.

"Yeah, one dead human and one staked vampire," she heard Xander say and she was shocked! If he was gay and sleeping with Spike, bad mental....okay, not so bad mental image, she thought while drooling over the thought of the two men writhing in passion. She quickly shook her head. Bad girl, bad nasty dirty girl, she thought as she smirked. After all, Xander put up with my Angel phase. It's only fair that I be 'understanding' of his....sleeping with Spike. She sighed to herself. Xander's my friend, and friends support each other.

"Beside you're the one that wanted me....," she heard Spike begin to say and there was silence in the basement before Xander spoke again.

"Okay. Okay.....I'm ready for you," she heard Xander say a little breathlessly.

"Ya sure?" Spike questioned, she could just imagine that cool skeptical look on his face.

"Yeah, I'm sure! Now get on with it before I lose my nerve," Xander shouted.

"Awright, don't get yer panties in a bunch! Lose the clothes and....," she heard Spike say and hear the rustling of clothes being removed.

"Now don't move or me chip'll go off," Spike said and there was silence for a few seconds then....

"Jesus Christ! It's cold!" Xander shouted.

"Of course it's bloody cold! Whaddaya expect?!"

"Well can't you warm it up or something?!"

"An' how d'ya expect me to do that?! Put't in the microwave? Now shut up and let me finish," Spike said.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Xander cried out.

"Stop ya wigglin' boy, all ya doin' is makin' it harder," Spike growled, "Breathe out, ya bloody ponce, breathe out!"

"There it in, now just hold on a minute and the pain'll go away in a sec then we'll finished up," Spike said.

A few seconds later, she heard a rhythmic banging against the wall. She had heard enough and quietly sneaked away. If Spike made Xander happy, and this was what Xander wanted, then she'll have to accept it. But Spike?! Ewwwwwww! And with a shudder, she headed back to Giles determined to do double duty in research to give them some time alone....she shuddered again.


A few days later, they were all gathered in Giles living room. Xander was becoming increasingly alarmed at the searching glances Buffy kept shooting at him and Spike, like she wanted to say something. He hoped she didn't know....

He gulped as Buffy approached him with a determined look on her face, quickly snagging a protesting Spike and pushing him ahead of her. Giles, Willow and Tara looked on with puzzled looks at Buffy's actions.

"Xander, I just...I..I just wanted to tell you that I know about...," Buffy gestured uncomfortably at him.

"You know about what," Xander tried to play it off, desperation gleaming in his eyes. Spike just gave him a nasty smirk.

"I was over at your place the other day and I 'accidentally' overheard you and Spike....," she paused her face turning red, remembering the conversation she had heard, boy did Riley appreciate her that night!

"You know?! Look Buffy, I can explain everything....," Xander began to babble in panic, backing away from her.

Spike just gave him another smirk, enjoying the boy's panic. Oh this'll be good, the Slayer's gonna kill the boy! he chortled.

"Look Xander, if he makes you happy then I'm happy for you....disturbed as hell, but still I'm happy for you," Buffy choked out, determined to get this over with.

Xander looked at her warily, not daring to believe her....she was happy for him, for them?! His eyes narrowed suspiciously, this was a trick, it had to be a trick, he thought in panic.

Buffy saw the wary look on his face and tried to reassure him again, "Xander just as long as he makes you happy, I'm okay. Besides it's not like Spike can hurt you or anything with that chip in his head."

Xander froze and Spike lost his smirk. They exchanged disbelieving expressions before looking at Buffy....

"Uhm, Buffy exactly what did you hear us saying," Xander said cautiously.

"Well, it wasn't exactly what I heard you 'saying'," Buffy say emphasizing the word, trying not to go into too much detail with the others listening in.

Spike, recalling every word they said, began laughing. He waved a hand between himself and Xander, trying to let the boy know what the Slayer was talking about. He laughed even harder at the look on the boy's face when he finally understood.

"Ewwwww! Me and Spike, good God woman!" Xander shouted, jumping away from the madly giggling Spike.

Buffy frowned watching the hysterical Spike, okay so she may have misunderstood the conversation, but, she turned to Xander, "Then what the hell were you two doing down there?"

With a resigned sigh, Xander pulled up his shirt for an answer, revealing his pierced nipple.

"I wanted to get one done, Spike said that he knew how to do it and all it would cost me was a pack of cigarettes and a bag of blood," he said looking down at his piercing. Then he shot an annoyed glance at the still giggling Spike, "He just didn't tell me how much it would hurt and how cold the damn thing was."

At that Buffy started snickering, recalling the conversation that she had overheard, finally falling onto the couch, speaking in fits of laughter, " 'It's cold' It's too big' and the...pounding...on the wall," she shrieked doubled over with laughter. By this time she had tears rolling down her face.

Xander started chuckling helplessly, remembering all the things he said, it had hurt so bad that he had started pounding on the chair to distract himself from the pain.

Giles finally came out of his daze, "Good Lord, Buffy! For a minute there I had flashbacks of you and Angel," he stuttered taking off his glasses and rubbing at his eyes.

Willow had a smile on her face as she looked at the helplessly giggling Buffy. She looked thoughtfully at Xander and Spike with a slow smile crossing her face.

"Oh man, Xander I'm sorry! I just thought that when Anya left you that you and Spike.....," she broke off in another bout of giggles.

"Oi! I like to think I got a lil'l more class than that, shaggin' the boy," Spike said indignantly.

All that laughing made Buffy stagger to the bathroom.

Willow wandered over to the still chuckling Xander, "Pretty funny huh?"

"Yeah," Xander snickered, he knew just the person to share this laugh with.

"You and Spike," Willow shook her head in smiling disbelief.

"Me and Spike," Xander and Spike started laughing again.

Giles just rolled his eyes at them and turned to Tara to talk about the latest demon.