Election Day 2020

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Okay woke up from my afternoon nap, one thing about election day is not much of anything is going to get done in my office today, and I figured I would do a quick drabble based on waht I had started thinking about concerning the Fic The Interview.

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Chapter 1

AP NewsWire

November 3, 2020
- Washington D.C.

The American Political scene was thrown into turmoil today with the results of the American National Elections. Final results aren't in yet, but polling and those votes counted as of now show that major a change in the American political Scene has taken place.

Incumbent President Gilbert Montgomery (D. Ohio) and challenger Governor Shawn Kirby (R. North Carolina) had both campaigned on a platform of supporting the efforts and policies of the New Watchers Council when it came to the fight against the Supernatural threats in the world. Third Party Candidate Governor Daniel Nolan (I. Iowa) of the Human Alliance party was regarded as a nusiance at best.

Nolan has surprised the political establishment by polling approximately 28% of the vote behind Montgomery's 38% and Kirby's 34%. Nolan had also won several states, chief among them Texas, Georgia, Ohio and Connecticut. With most states west of the Mississippi yet to be decided it is now almost certain that the election will be thrown into the House of Representatives.

The Human Alliance's strength is also refelcted in Congressional races. Human Alliance Candidates have won Senate seats in the states of Georgia, Florida, Massachusetts and Kentucky among others.

Projections show that the Alliance will have one hundred fifty to two hundred seats in the House of Representatives. Also, several Democratic and Republican candidates have won with campaigns that are almost carbon copies of the campaigns of the Human Alliance. The possiblity exists now that a majority of Representatives will espouse Alliance beliefs.

The Human Alliance was founded six years ago on the philosophy that Humans are capable of taking a role in the fight against the superantural threats that endanger the world. The Alliance was founded following the example of Alexander "Xander" Harris. Mr Harris is the vigilante who founded the various networks today that fight the Demons and Vampires that have been public knowledge earlier this century. The networks, regarded as outlaws by the New Watcher Council and various national governments, have achieved Folk Hero status with many in the general public. Mr Harris' current whereabouts are unknown with rumors either declaring him dead, a prisoner of the NWC, hiding in the Canadian Rockies, leading an insurgent army in the American Southwest or living under a assumed named somewhere in the United States. Mr Harris, originally a member of the New Watchers Council, broke with the NWC in 2011.

The Human Alliance's senior ranking Congressional memeber Nevada Junior Senator Andrew Wells declared that this was a great day for the human struggle to adapt to the changing world and achieve harmony.

There are parties with similar attitudes and beliefs to the Human Alliance in Europe, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada, and Australia. New Zealand's ruling party is their version of the Human Alliance. If the Human Alliance was to come to power in the US, this could be seen as a trend to things to come in elections over the next few years.

As of now, The New Watchers Council, headquartered in London, has not had any comment concerning the election results. It is known that the Council is meeting in emergency session.