Feeding Frenzy 1

Uncle Leo

Author: Norgco <norgco[at]yahoo.com>

Rating: at least R, to be safe.

Spoilers: Set after Season 5 and my previous story "Feeding Frenzy"

Notes: 1/Set after my story "Feeding Frenzy". Faith (who it turns out is Giles daughter)is out of prison and mated to a succubus named Amanda, an 'old friend' of Anya's. Faith, Anya and Xander know what Amanda is and are her 'mates', the others do not.

Disclaimer: all I own is Amanda, don't sue me for the rest.

2/ I know very little about American cars, so Faith's is a older generic V8, rather than something new.

A warehouse on the outskirts of Sunnydale.

Faith pulled her over to the side of the road, and parked. Amanda had been too excited to drive, she was bouncing up and down on the seat with excitement. Xander and Anya were snuggling in the back seat, and barely noticed the stop.

Amanda bounded out of the car, grabbing Faith and hauling the others with her. Meeting a relative in this location seemed odd, but she had just said it was "very Uncle Leo." To be truthful the location was near Faith's Dojo anyway. A man looking visibly older than Giles stepped out of the building. Faith's lover ran up to him and hugged him.

"How's my favourite niece, so long I haven't seen you?" He was not tall, but looked human enough. The succubus had just called him her uncle, he might have been 15 feet tall with tentacles for all they knew. "Faith, Xander and Anya, it is good to finally meet you, but I had descriptions of course."

Walking into the warehouse he took them through the floor area into the office at the far end. A workshop was taking shape, with what Xander recognized as wood and metal working machinery prominent, but a big block of stone stood in the background. It was all new, high quality equipment, and he was looking backwards at it as he walked into the air conditioned room.

"You like what you see, I take it?" Leo said.

"Yeah, since I started construction work I found out I was good with this stuff and..." Then the dark haired man noticed the smiles exchanged between Amanda and her uncle. "So, what's up doc?"

"I want you to be my apprentice." The older man was looking directly into the younger's eyes, taking his measure as he explained. "That is how it was done in my day, you taught an apprentice how to turn a patrons ideas into beautiful, functional reality in whatever material he wanted."

Anya was stunned by this, but she had known Leonardo since he was just a promising apprentice in love with her best friend. He didn't look like his pictures, but after several centuries as a Succubi's consort that was to be expected. Her husband was to be apprenticed to Leonardo, well, her old friend would get an extra special 69 tonight.

Faith looked at the old man and wondered who he was, beyond simply 'good old uncle Leo.' Amanda had mentioned the apprentice idea as soon as she saw Xander working, saw the pride he took with creating with his hands. Not to mention his skill with his tongue, fingers, and dick.

A Sunnydale Graveyard, a few weeks later.

"So, how is the alternative lifestyle thing working out?" Buffy said as she patrolled with the dark slayer. Curiosity was burning her up, and besides Willow was interested, suddenly she and Tara were looking positively Republican, after all.

"Well, Anya was bringing out the big strap on for Amanda when you called..."

"WAY TOO MUCH DETAIL FAITH!" The blonde was turning red with embarrassment. "I just meant, ah, I mean, er..."

"So don't ask if you don't want to know." Faith was enjoying herself hugely. "Or come home with me tonight."

"I'm not into girls you know."

"So, Xander will be rested up and waiting for me, he can do both of us, the others will just watch, honest." The younger slayer was clearly enjoying herself. This was too much fun, and maybe her more conservative college would agree some night. "Hold that thought."

Five vampires jumped at them from the bushes along the path. Faith got three before Buffy joined in and handled the rest, finishing the last with one of the dark slayers new stakes.

"Fancy stake Faith, where did you get it?" In truth it WAS, impressive, with a knurled wood grip and a flattened business end that looked more a spear point than 'mr Pointy'.

"Xander ran them up, said I should be able to cut as well as stab. Good sharp double edge, didn't think you could do that in wood." She was proud of her fellow slayers reaction, maybe Giles would like it too. "He would be happy to do up a dozen for you if you like."

The magick box, the next day.

"I must say this is a clear improvement on our common stake. But is it not rather a lot of work for a disposable item?" Giles was studying one of the new stakes carefully, weapons were an interest as well as a central part of his role as Watcher.

"A few minutes each with a good lathe and the proper tools."

Leonardo was sitting in Giles lounge room, discussing business the other man, the father of his nieces love. It would have been very traditional, but somehow he thought a Renaissance father would have objected to his darling girl taking a two wives and a husband, the prime wife being a demon at that.

"How did you learn about vampire's mr, I'm embarrased to say I only know you as Uncle Leo."

"Leonardo, my name is Leonardo. Well after being married to a succubus for all these centuries, mr Giles, are you alright."

"A succubus, Amanda is a succubus?" Ripper was out to play and had the older man pinned against the wall. "If she hurts Faith or ..."

"Faith is in no danger, nor is Xander or Anya. they will live more or less forever, as human as you or I." Leonardo felt like a total fool, how could that have slipped out, he had enough practice after all this time with keeping secrets, after all.

"Succubi are very choosy about their mates, Amanda has waited since before there was a United States before finding hers." The elder was straightening his collar, after being released. "Why do you think I'm making a Master Artisan out of Xander. He is a promising young man, a very promising young man. Perhaps he will be a construction chief on Mars, or build ships that travel to the stars."

Giles was still looking at him suspiciously. If this story was true then there was no danger to his brood. However there was still something amiss.

"I thought I recognised you when I first saw you, and that's the real problem." Giles was back in control, laying out the issue, but the sword he now held was very real. "And yet I can't find an image of a demon that looks like you or has your interest in craft work. But if you are simply a very long lived human, why do I still think I should know you?"

The other man relaxed visibly, in fact he looked like he was fighting hard not to laugh. eventually he gave up the fight and collapsed on the floor in laughter. Eventually he brought himself under control.

"I had a beard than, and I look older in the most famous drawing. Perhaps you only know me by my last name, like so many people these days." Leonardo stood up straight, and arranged himself in his most formal pose.

"DaVinci, Leonardo da Vinci, at your service Mr Giles."