Feeding Frenzy 3

Reasons to live

Author: Norgco (aka. Shawn Dorca) <norgco[at]yahoo.com>

Rating: nc-17 for sex and violence-just to be safe.

Disclaimer: I own the Amanda character, but none of the rest, all hail unto the great god Joss.

Summary: Faith tries out some new weapons, helps Giles relive his biker days, and learns his greatest fantasy-it's clean honestly.

NOte: This is part of my Feeding Frenzy series.

1/Faith is out of prison, and married to a Succubus named Amanda, as well as Xander and Anya.

2/As part of Amanda's 'mate group' Faith is nearly indestutable, and immortal.

3/Anya had DNA testing done as part of medical insurance checkups, and Giles is Faith's biological father due to her prostitute mother.

4/Faith runs a Dojo, where she has been making a good living and is at peace with herself, or more so than is normal for her anyway


Faith was worried about her father. Well, she was worried about the three demons trying to kill her, but that was not really an issue compared to actually having a father and worrying about him.

She slashed the forearms off the nearest demon with the pair of matched blades Xander had made for her. Actually he had gotten the idea from a Star Trek movie, they were copies of a Klingon weapon she had taken an instant liking to. Her hands were a blur as she shredded the trio like large, green, meaty, confetti type things. Or maybe hamburger things.

As the dark slayer mopped the blood off her face she considered her dilemma. Having grown up with a crack whore mother who had started renting her to child molesters as young as possible she had acquired very little respect for parent types or anyone else.

Her first watcher had been ok, which is why getting her killed had hurt so much.

Now there was Giles, and he was her father. A desperately guilt stricken father, who worried about her and fussed over her in his British, stiff-upper lip way. She had some bonding moments with him, like when she encouraged him to rebuild up an 850 Norton she had found in a wrecker yard.

He had insisted on a British bike, saying Harley's could never go around corners or stop, quoting street racing in his Oxford days as proof.

These sorts of arguments brought back some of the only happy memories of her childhood, hanging out with the kids of the bikers she knew. That the only people who had never hurt or exploited the future vampire slayer were member of an Outlaw Biker "club" called Satan's Slaves was an irony Faith only now appreciated.

A patrol car rolled to a stop near her as she walked down the street, and she looked over to see Harvey and Washington, two of her "Sunnydale street survival" class students. The night shift mainly consisted of cops who the corrupt thugs running things wanted out of the way, without just shooting them in the head. Now all their batons were wood with sharp points, and they carried super-soaker's full of holy water.

"Hey Faith, you ok?" Said Officer Dave Washington, looking at the blood spattered form of his Sensai. Sunnydale police night shift was no-longer a death sentence thanks to her, and the sight worried him. "Need a lift to hospital, or someplace?"

"Yea, fine, none of it's mine." Having friends on the police force, any police force, was a strange thing. "A ride home would be appreciated though."

Harvey had noticed the weapons, looking like miniature scythes, sweeping razor sharp curves on both sides with twine covered handles. They were experimental, but she liked the results so far, and the discussion continued to her door.


"I feel bad about Giles, I mean, he's going to keep getting older and die, while I live more or less forever with you." Faith held her senior wife's hand, and waited for the response. Being part of Amanda's 'Mate group' meant she was basically unkillable and un-aging, like Xander and Anya. The disadvantage of that was only now hitting her. "How will he feel?"

"I know exactly how he feels about it, he feels hope." Amanda had to remind herself occasionally that her dearest lover could not read mens fantasies and thoughts, being human. Times like this brought the reality home to her. "The most powerful fantasy of a man is not always sexual, the most extraordinary men often dream of the simplest things that are denied them."

"Giles thinks dieing is hopeful, should we get him a shrink?" Here she was, having, thanks to Anya's DNA testing the Scooby gang, finally acquiring a dad, and he has a death wish. Great, just great.

"He wants to never have to bury any of you.

The inevitable death of his slayers has been eating him since he met Buffy, which is why he failed to get close to you when you first turned up."

"If he got close it was one more person to send to her death, right?" Faith had resented being excluded from the Scoobies core group, it was a big part of why she "turned to the dark side of the force." "I was the new grunt he couldn't afford to get to close to 'cause he had to send me out to die one day?"

One time Gronk, one of the older guys in the 'Slaves, had been more drunk than usual and talked about Vietnam. He had arrived in 1965 with his unit, and replacements never got the same treatment as the survivors of the original platoon. Watching them die just hurt too much.

"Faith, don't go back to resenting him, I read his moods and you are all his children to him. Buffy, his eldest daughter, never recovered from being stolen out of Heaven, her will to live simply did not return."

The office was cool and quiet, with some music playing in the background. The succubus and the slayer sat rapt in each other, oblivious to the world around them. Fortunately, nothing was going to happen until the first class in an hour.

"Willow, who has so many of his own interests, nearly went to the dark side over her magick, and the fear he would have to kill her was terrible. Xander, his son in spirit, has spent all these years taking terrible risks, pride and fear were always together when Ripper thought of him."

"Now he has had this terrible weight taken from his shoulders. His only biological child seems to be forgiving him for not even knowing she existed, and then sending her to evil through neglect."

"Giles has two big desires. One is for you to call him dad one day, and maybe send him a fathers day card. The other is to be burried by his children, not to bury any of them. He loves you Faith, just love him back, it's the biggest gift you could give him."

Amanda stood, lifting the dark slayer out of her chair as she did so. Then she opened Faith's top and removed her sports bra with her teeth, a maneuver that had taken practice to perfect. Then she started running her tongue around the left nipple, while her hands explored.

"Faith, Giles says he need you to get him some piston rings for the 850, he says you know the parts place and ..." Buffy stood staring at the two women making love on the desk. Her mind had shut down.

"Faith, can I take you up on all those offers to join in, or is were they just post-slayage rambling..."

The sentance was never completed, because talking was impossible with Amanda's tongue in her mouth and Faith's rapidly approaching an even more delicate part of her anatomy.

And so it was that Buffy Elizabeth Summers regained her will to live, finally discovered why her romances with men never worked out, and picked up valuable immortality points too.