Finding Faith ?

Author: John 'Hatten' Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]>

Disclaimer: I don’t own a thing except a _|^^|_ and a funny personality.

I could give you the Funny personality some say its malfunctioning lately... :)

Background : In 'A reason to be Atheist' Buffy found out that She was the daughter of Thor and Joyce a half goddess.

Xander found out that his real dad was Loki and he also was a half god.

After some adventure in nice and NOT nice place the two follow by Xander Blood brother Garm and Reilly Finn and Graham Miller they return home to Sunnydale.

At about the same time Faith and her watcher is going to Sunnydale. Faith a girl with serious trust issue and a less then perfect Watcher is going from normal will to strange center will they fit in or will they run away.

Kendra having died and resurrected have lost the Slayer spirit and are now a 'normal' girl with potential of getting slayer strong with training.

Angel have been transformed in to a different type of vampire one that cant sire new vampire and don’t loose their soul. A permanent version of the soul curse one that change body also.

Loki and Thor manage to find Trainer for Angel, Kendra and Buffy and Xander one Einherior and a Valkyrie. They Cant help fighting as that would be a breach of conduct but they have hundreds of years knowledge in fighting and teaching how to win.

Last a Group of Fey are sneaking around probably up to no good.

Chapter 1
Dangerous home.

The room was filled with hope and nervous O'Leary notice strange that they allow them to stay anyhow.

Then the door bell rang.

Giles cleaned his glasses "Lets ignore it"

And it rang again.

And again.

Joyce "I better see who it is"

Opening the door she could see a man and a young dark hair girl "Hi my name is Wesley Wyndam. I believe a Mr. Giles may be in here" he said in a snooty superior voice.

Joyce "So you the new watcher and that the slayer Faith is it not"

Wesley shook "How did you know" he babbled.

Faith grasp her stake just in case. "Really now Buffy my daughter was the Slayer. Kendra her friend was the slayer. I'm not blind"

Joyce "this really is not a good time"

Wesley "He have no right telling you about me or faith"

Joyce smiled "Really like you watcher did not tell me about my own daughter"

Wesley then saw Giles from behind smiling "Giles i like a word with you" he said pushing Joyce to the side Faith walks after wary of the strange vibes she got from the room.

Giles looked down "It really not the time right now we are waiting for Buffy"

Wesley "That can wait HOW dear you revealing Watcher secret for civilians"

Giles started to clean his glasses "Its not the time right now we are waiting"

The agents stood up "I think it best if you leave for now" Mr. Black said in a tone of command.

Then Hell or Valhalla loose.

A shimmering gate open with the color of the rainbow shimmering in the air.

Five person suddenly stood among them.

Faith did a screaming jump towards the demons holding her Stake in a poking grasp.

A lighting fast move and a short blond girl suddenly grasp her hand "I do not know who you are but this is my home and FEAR ME IM SHORT CUTE AND CUDLY"

Giles feebly started to clean his glasses.

Xander calmly draw Gram his sword and put it on the black haired girls throat "Easy now girl or you get a foot long hair cut"

Faith stopped struggling that blond was strong maybe stronger then her.

Joyce smiled "Faith i like you to meet my daughter Buffy the former Slayer she been traveling in alternate realties"

Faith blinks "Not a demon"

Xander eye was hard "NO former slayer NOT demon" he slowly removed the sword.

Faith relaxed as Buffy let go of her arms. "How come she so strong shouldn't ex slayer loose their power"

Buffy rolled her eyes "I did loose my Slayer strength but thanks to Dad i got stronger"

Faith looked nervous as Buffy ignore her and hugged Joyce.

The dark hair young man looked at her like a dog study a prey it made her a bit nervous but HELLO MAMMA. Beside him an older version of him obvious brothers or related he looked in his early 30 a wild untamed look like a wolf ready to bounce.

Faith smiled was interrupted by Wesley.

"I Like an explanation Giles and now" Giles rolled his eyes. Looking at the agents he open his mouth. "Faith is American right"

Wesley "yes of course but she is the slayer and belong to the Watchers"

"I do not think so Mr. Wesley" Mr. Black said and gave him his ID. "We will keep a careful eye on you"

Xander "Is he a Watcher G-man"

Giles nodded "yes Xander he is"

Xander smiled "My dad told me about you and the Cruciamentum test you do to slayer that are 18 years old."

Wesley "How did who are your dad"

Xander "You know eventually" he said. "But hurt the slayer in anyway fool and i have your heart for dinner UNDERSTOD" Xander said suddenly turning Were-Hyena.

Wesley fell back in chock.

Faith grasp her Stake but seeing men with guns looking at her made her nervous. Kendra and Buffy holding weapon made her afraid.

Xander smiled turning human again "Wesley you said your name is.

Get the hell out of here. Faith is the slayer. Because of that she is sister to Buffy MY MATE. We will talk later you Giles Faith and me"

Xander looked at Faith "You are always welcome in here if you like you can stay."

Faith "I better go with Wesley i"

Xander "i know we have to prove our self before you trust us that is good and vise"

Mr. O'Leary "You understand Mr. Wesley that we will keep a eye on you do not leave town"

Wesley blushed in fury but walks out with Faith after him.

Giles "Welcome home"

Soon a hug and story telling party began finally home.

Hour later.

Xander "Not that i don't trust you. I do my nose tells me i should But who are you four guys" Xander said looking curious at the four Agents....

Chapter 2
Life is never easy.

Many hours later.

Xander sat back a bit to study the four agents. "So thanks to some political pressure the government decide not to hunt me down for terrorism and kidnapping"

The four agents nodded. Mr. Black spoke "Well the French and some other country would be very angry if the nine Gates did not open."

Xander nodded "i see. So you decide to forgive and forget. But realized that you could need my help"

The agents nodded sounded right

Mr. O'Leary's clarify "And the fact that you broke in to a military base stole a truck loaded it fill with grenades, mines, plastic Explosive, Grenade launcher and missiles. That with out killing any military with your diversion."

Mr. White "And according to our information you planed the attack in only hours before doing it"

Xander blushed "Its not that hard its much harder defend a place then attack it"

Mr. Black nodded "It is but no normal person would be able to do that. And simply put having you as a civilian expert training our troops and expert would help us a lot. We are even willing to put you on a work officer path making you the commander in charge of the base eventually. Depending your action five to six years."

Xander almost fell through the chair. Beside him Giles cleaned his glasses so hard that that the frame was bending. Stuttering Giles spoke "I I never knew I just listen to to his grade how Xander I"

Xander "I'm not smart or anything Giles hell i still have problem with writing"

Mr. O'Leary "We had some expert study your grades and work. They say in area of social and tactical you are probably on a genius level. In area of writing you are probably dyslexic."

Xander gave a firm grip on the table "I can read perfectly well"

Mr. O'Leary "I know their is a form of word blindness that only affect when you are writing not reading."

Xander sat back "Are they sure it would explain things"

Mr. O'Leary "they are expert and every paper you work on or written in school have been study the surety is almost 99%. Of course they also say that about 40 % of any work you have done is written by Willow"

Willow looked like a gold fish about now not even able to say anything Xander a Genius that was like if he was a god wait he a half god right.

Xander "But it still don't feel like a genius i have hard time understand math and stuff"

Mr. Black nodded "Some genius are good in understanding and working with other. Some Genius are good in math and theories. Your ability are in understanding how different people work how Persons interact. You might say that you are the one that See things"

Giles nodded "That would make sense Xander you always help Buffy or even me by saying something funny or irritating to help us over come our problem"

Xander "This is wrong but its beside the point." Shaking his head "If the government like my help I am willing to try but ONLY on a Trial base. If you guys betray me i will do anything i can to fuck you guys up. And Reilly and Graham need to stay near me or Garm."

Seeing the confusion he explain "To save their life we had to Turn them in to Werewolves and Were-Hyena like us. And they are not stable yet"

Mr. Green "Cant they just get a cage"

Xander "No we are Corona type of Were. Oz like you know is a Lunar type of Were. Unlike them We Corona have full control over our beast form. But they are turned so they have yet to gain that closeness to the Alpha helps them keep control"

The agents nodded having a out of control were thing would probably be bad. "We will see to that," they said in union.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Hotel room

Wesley put his phone down..

Faith looked in "Well what did they say?"

Wesley "Xander appear to have become a Corona type Were-Hyena.

A Corona have 3 shape, Fully human, Hybrid and animal they are highly allergic to silver"

Faith looked irritated "So slay or not slay"

Wesley "Do not slay unless he start hunting human most Corona have a feverish hate of anything demonic. Wolf type of Corona Were also tend to be overprotective of the one they call Mate."

Faith "So put Buffy in danger and he go nuts"

Wesley "Quite"

Faith "Its more right"

Wesley "yes Faith its more. Apparently the God Thor was here last month. Visit his child a half goddess" he nodded "Yes Buffy is a child between a god and a human. And no we do not slay half gods"

Faith looked relieved. Then frown "Its more then young miss Hercules right"

Wesley "Indeed according to our sources Two gods was in the area and a HUGE Rain and thunderstorm broke out evidence indicate that it was Thor and the evil god Loki father of monster and evil things that hade a fight a large one"

Faith looked nervous "So is he still in town"

Wesley "No but rumors have spread that Loki might have a spawn a real Antichrist of his own"

Faith "Dam"

Wesley "Yes dam. Now that Loki have other child one became a huge snake-dragon that even gods fear. His oldest daughter is a ruler of Hell, and one is a big Wolf father of werewolves some say"

Faith "Dam so his spawn is slay if found"

Wesley "Right but it will not be easy any spawn of Loki will be sneaky and hard to find he will not were a sign Here i am"

Faith nodded right nothing easy in life.

Summer home

Mr. Black nodded "It be a easy thing i can help you with that"

Xander smiled "Then my new name will be: Alexander LaVelle Lokison Bur'Orin"

Giles blinks "That was rather long one"

Xander "Well Alexander because It is my name, LaVelle because its part of my name one of my forefather was a hero. Lokison means son of Loki and i am that.

Bur'Orin is a Dwarf tradition meaning the Godson of Orin a dwarf is a friend of mine."

"You should not say anything Rupert Arthur, Lancelot Giles The second."

Giles paled in shock "How did you find out. By the way i am named after a real hero"

Xander "now that a secret. Ouch" he said as Buffy drove her fist in his side.

"Giles we meet the First one with that name and he told us to say hello and you are the only Giles worthy of the name Giles" Buffy said.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Hotel room

"Wesley" faith asked. Seeing she him look at her she continue "What is the Cruciamentum"

Wesley took a deep breath. "I really wish you did not ask that.

Before i answer you question i need to tell you exactly what the Slayer spirit is"

Faith nodded "Five by five watcher of mine"

Wesley "The Slayer spirit is more or lees a human spirit with the essence of a demons inside of her. We believe the First Slayer was in fact a very dangerous half demon that got cursed and forced to help humans"

Faith looked shocked and pale by that information Wesley was sad having to tell her but it was the truth after all.

"The Slayer spirit revel in violence and hunting if unchecked or IF the slayer is allowed to take to much joy in her work it will start to hunt more then Vampire and demons" Wesley said echo the word he read in old dusty book of the Watcher.

Faith looked afraid and nervous she LIKE the hunt but if that meant her lips was going dry she truly was worthless scum.

Wesley continue "That's why we allays are very strict and try to discourage slayer to feel joy in the hunt it power the negative part of the Slayer-spirit."

Faith nodded she really did not like to become a monster.

Wesley "Now the part if a Slayer survived until her 18 years day the Slayer spirit often become to strong and it will eventually take over" taking off his glasses and he started to clean them "That when the Cruciamentum was invented It weaken the Spirit grip on the slayers soul and help the Slayer to find strength in her own ability"

Faith nodded "So its stops us from becoming a murdering monster"

Wesley "Right but the down side is that the only way we know how to do is with a ritual that magic to remove the Strength and power of the spirit and during that period of weakness force the slayer to fight a Vampire"

Faith felt numb "That almost suicide" She said.

Wesley "You are right only two slayer of five survive. But during our more then two thousand years it been the only way we know to stop slayer from becoming evil"

Faith "What would happen if a Werewolf would bite me"

Wesley "The Slayer spirits demonical essence would stop you from becoming a Werewolf so don't worry"

Summers home

Giles spoke "So according to this information the Slayer spirit is guided by the Spirit of humanity with prophetic dreams, and given power by the spirit of dog and Cat the two draw strength from any kind of cat or canine animal. This is also why Slayers are not affected by Werewolf's bite."

Mr. Green "So that's the real background. Why don't you tell that to the Watcher council." Giles "would not work. The ruling head are to focus on their own power and tradition that they would destroy this information or hide it."

Seeing the two Agents looking confused Giles explain. "Believing the slayer is essentially power by demons make it more easy to kill and find a new Slayer if the old one refuse to follow order. They can simply say that she was turning evil because of the Slayer sprit. The cruciamentum test is now day more a whip use to keep the slayer obedient if she refuse it they will murder her.

All field Watcher is told that the ritual is the only way to weaken the Slayer spirit and keep the human in the slayer in control"

Mr. Black looked disgusted "So thousands of years of murdering young girls"

Giles nodded "Until Thor gave me this information the 'proof' they have are rather convincing"

The Chase resident

Cordy spoke in a happy voice "Are you sure"

Melody nodded "Its true every wanted post on Xander is lifted. No one knows why exactly BUT My brother work in the military base heard some officers saying that some VIP so high up in the military called the commander and confirm it"

Harmony "Wow wonder why"

Melody "Now this is secret really secret okay." Seeing her friend nod, "Apparently their was some kind of mad man probably a Muslim that have put some bombs inside the armory. Xander found out tried to warn them but they did not believe him so he stole the weapons and drove off to stop it from killing any innocents.

They found out about the bomb and put him under protective custody hidden so that they could arrest the terrorist"

Cordy "Wow that so heroic"

Melody "I know the information was leaked out by a drunken Officer. It will be in the news tomorrow."

Cordy "We so going to make him OUR boy friend"

The Cordettes nodded they would make Xander one happy puppy.

Summer home

Xander frowned "by the way How ARE we going to explain that I'm not wanted any more ?"

The agents smiled "Now that is a secret you find out tomorrow as the news have been leaked out"

Xander felt a chilly feeling of dread.

A Sunnydale cargo district

A huge Troll sat down "We need to find and capture Buffy the blood of a half god will make us Invincible"

His cohorts of demons and vampires started to cheer in blood lust.

"KILL KILL KILL KILL" Soon the hunt would begin.


"So sir why are we not staying in SunnyD" the recently 'born Vampire said.

The master looked back "Because of the Slayer its always one here and she is dangerous four our kind."

His child nodded "So why do so many Vampire like to fight her then"

The master "They are fools our clan are one of the mightiest ones we kill normal Master vampires like flies because we always stay far away from Slayers"

His child nodded "So where are we going now"

The master smiled "I think Denver would be nice"

Then he herd a strange noise a thin human with pointy ears elf ears and a huge glowing sword follow by seven or more similar elfs walk by.

The master sighted "that's the other reason always something strange going on Elf Fey in Sunnydale this is bad"

And the two drove off in the night...

Chapter 3
True Love and complications.

As it become later the Agents said their thanks and walks home to the hotel hopefully before it become to dark outside.

Buffy swallowed her fears seeing Xander calm face "Could you Giles and Kendra and Jenny, Willow and Oz and Jonathan stay a while. Wait a minute way do you and Oz both hug Jonathan"

Willow "Because he had a hard day at home"

Buffy nodded "that make sense" she blinks finally putting two and two snaps of memory together. Kendra and Jenny and Giles = lovers due to Loki magic mistake. Oz + Willow + Jonathan = No that must be wrong Willow would never ever do any thing like that... Stupid Buffy she thought to her self Willow is a nice girl nice girls don't do three some with Bisexual boys. Do they.

Xander smiled inside trying to look calm inside he was nervous and fear full.

Reilly carefully walk near him calming him with his presence.

Buffy "Alright Look guys" She said turning her hand showing her the Ring with it beautiful heart shape jewel. "Xander is my fiancé"

A calm like before a storm gather in the room.

Buffy waited feeling the anxiety rise her fear pounding in her ears then.

"Thank the GODS Finally you have a GOOD boy to love. IF you want to elope i can help you. I sign the paper just tell me" Joyce said.

-And that was not the mother protest she was expecting- Buffy was thinking.

Xander raised both eyebrows he had expected running for his life dodging bullets. Not mother support and even encourage them to get married.

Giles Frowned originally he was thinking Crossbow and a running for his life Xander but thinking again it was rather stupid of him. Xander a half god Buffy a half god they would have a hard time finding even one human capable of bringing them happiness in life.

And Xander was so much more of a man that he ever knew.

Giles "Jolly good of you Xander. And i totally agree. But do wait at least a year."

Kendra smiled happy for Buffy sake but she rather preferred older man and females. "What kind of marriage do are you thinking of?"

She asked.

Buffy "Not a church wedding but that about as far i have been thinking"

Giles frowned "Why not a church wedding Buffy"

Buffy "Well it always feel like some one is watching me and that i move in another persons house"

Xander "Smiled. Dad told me about that is the Half god in us, Church dedicated to different gods is a focus of their powers. And being half gods we ARE intruding in other home every time we enter a church Except churches dedicated to Gods we share blood with the Aesir"

Giles nodded "That make sense"

Buffy laughs "We could get a Viking wedding but they are kind of hard now days"

Xander "Or a Dwarf Aesir wedding but they are kind of strange" he said with a smile.

Joyce "Why what strange about them"

Buffy giggled "The priest say -Mr. X Do you take Mrs. Y to you wife-and if yes -Do you Mrs. Y take Mr. X to your husband- And if yes -Now lets go to a pub and drink beer-" Buffy told them.

Joyce "You are joking"

Xander "no they really ARE that short during wedding they are incredibly romantically but their wedding rituals are just pathetic."

Joyce "We will find a way I'm sure"

Xander "I know i was thinking of marriage after we gradate" sighting he stood up "I believe i have to go home now"

Joyce "No this IS your home from now one"

Xander "But but where will i sleep"

Joyce smiled "With Buffy but no sex unless you have condoms Understand" she said with a firm voice.

Buffy and Xander both looked like tomatoes and fast ran out from the room.

Giles turn to Joyce "That was a bit out of character for you"

Joyce "No not really the fact that Buffy old boyfriend was an undead creature is disgusting. And Xander and Buffy are perfect for each other they complete each other. Xander would die before he hurt Buffy what more can a mother ask for, for her child's future love"

Giles nodded "you are right"

Willow blinks "drinking beer during a wedding"

Jonathan "How long do you think it will take before Xander and Buffy notice the Three of us are together"

Oz smiled "Good question"

Willow "I hope they don't hurt you to much Jonathan"

Oz "yeh that part"

Jonathan "What what"

"When me and willow got together Xander more or less showed me that he could easy kill me if i ever hurt or ate Willow werewolf or not" Oz said.

Willow nodded "And its worst Oz is Xander best MALE friend. Knowing that IF you hurt ME his best female friend you hurt Oz his best male friend"

Oz nodded "meaning he will hurt you just in case"

Jonathan pale "I'm so going to die"

Angel sitting in the back of the room nodded yup. Pain was in Jonathan future. He still remember Xander's demonstration how bad it would be to hurt willow.


Mr. George one of the ghost of Washington smoke his cigar while he chose key personal for the Initiative most likely Xander would like a say in what kind of guys and girls would work inside.

Pondering that he took forward a list of good headhunters.

If the boy wanted some exotic team players then they would find them.

The child of Loki had potential and George was firm believer in his instincts and they screamed a clear sign right now in trusting the boy.

The chief researcher a Margaret Walsh would probably be problem but If he chose the right commander one that would understand her need and Xander's ability as well as training the kid to take over eventually.

Now where to find that kind of man or was it a man that was needed Xander had repeatedly proven himself quite adapt at following the order of a female.

No he knew the headhunters would have a hard time fining the right guys.

Just in case maybe he puts a team of rotating researcher team to keep the science guys from doing anything stupid like creating an improved Frankenstein.

Yes that would be a solution.

But the commander was an important person. The right individual that would turn Xander in to a replacement.


Xander took up his phone calling a number that was unlisted and secret for most. "Hi its me Xander" he said.

Phone "-----------"

Xander "Na not wanted anymore the news will reveal some of it the rest is classified just say they some vip's needed me to play bad boy to save life and i did what was needed"

Phone "----"

Xander laughs "Well actually i called to say that I'm engage to Buffy now"

Phone "----------. ---------------"

Xander "Thanks i will tell her. Mr. Shatner if you have the time you and Mr. Nimoy is invited to my wedding."

Phone "---------"

Xander "When we graduate Strangely her mother was so happy that she gave us permission to marry right now"

Phone "-----"

Xander "thanks I will. By the way i have mailed you a special Phone its made by some fans of you state of the art phone you cant buy this technology anywhere yet. Well good night to you to" And he put the phone away.

Buffy looked in "Who were you talking to" she asked.

Xander smiled "A friend that help me once when i was a child"

Buffy smiled as she sat down using his legs as a chair resting her head under his. "Anyone i know"

Xander taught hard "I think you have seen him some once or twice"

Buffy "lets sleep"

Chapter 4
New times Same place...

Sunnydale, Summers home the kitchen.

"Grrlarhu" Buffy said as she walks in dressed in a cute pink pajamas. Xander smiled "I agree but it look like it will be a wonderful day"

"Guhnurklak" Buffy said sounding like she did not believe him.

Xander "O cheer up Buffy you just not a morning person"

"Graarku" Buffy agreed she hated mornings.

Xander looked at Joyce and Garm that was sitting in the kitchen eating. "Hi" he said.

Joyce looked at him "How in the world did you understand Buffy morning talk"

Xander shrugged "Not that hard. Do you have the news paper" He finished looking nervous.

Joyce "Nodded i think you going to like what the agents did you 'free you from being criminal' or maybe not" She said.

Xander looked at Buffy "Now I'm nervous"

Buffy blinks and ask in confusion "Raglavisko"

Xander blink "What do you mean what am i doing here. Just eat your breakfast"

Buffy blinks breakfast yes that would help her remember.

Joyce giggled as Buffy sat down and ate in her usual way lots of food. Joyce always wonder how she could be so skinny and still eat more then a football player in one sitting.

"CRAPP." Xander yelled looking pissed. "Everyone will look at me" he whined"

Seeing Buffy confusion he explained.

"The agent face saving story is like this - Teenager Alexander Harris finds out about Terrorist attack on USA military post. When not believed he manage to steal truck loaded with dangerous nerve gas and drive of followed by MP.

The young hero manage to evade capture in an impressive driving skill and have been living under protection by the FBI while the Terrorist been capture in a silent Swat team operation.- " Xander looked irritated.

Buffy "That's not so bad is it"

Xander looked up "But everyone will look at me"

Buffy smiled "Better they look at you then scream and run away"

Xander ponder that a moment "You right"

Garm interrupted them "I need some way of work and a home"

Xander "well the agents told us that they would fix an idea for you. And I think I have a potential work place that would fit you perfect. I have to talk to the Agents first."

Buffy looked surprised. "What kind of work I mean he lived in the wild most of his life"

Xander nodded "Except when he learned how to fight and how to kill"

Garm "So a guard work"

Xander "No civilian self defense teacher"

Garm smiled turned even bigger "Now that sound like more fun than hurting others in a permanent way."

Xander nodded "Yes you have lots of experience fighting"

Garm nodded "That i have" Thinking about.

Washington Secret base

Mr. George smiled the perfect person as a chief for the Initiative. He was military already kind of. He did fake his own death and moved away so drafting him would be easy.

George smiled no this would be fun he said looking at his tattoo on the wrist Adam or Methos would fit in like a glove most likely he had experience half gods before.

Now to chose the research controller. That would have to be a jack of all trade.

Sunnydale The School

Snider looked nervous after reading the paper he now knew why the government was so protective over Xander they felt they owed him.

A huge list of personals was given to him with direct order to fire or hire.

He did not like it specially as some of the guys he had to fire was the mayors persons.

And worst his daughter the light of his life was married to Willy the scum of earth. "What have i done to deserve this" He said looking at the sky.

Then he could see Xander walking towards the school with that hussy Buffy hanging on him like the slut she was. And their was nothing he could do to punish them. Snider felt like he could cry.

"Oh crap. Look look every one is staring. And whispering" Xander complain trying to look cool and relaxed but looking more like run for the hills.

Buffy rolled her eyes "My hero nothing frighten you. Killing giants going to hell"

Xander "you know very well that I'm afraid of fame. And Clowns"

Buffy "Clowns i know about i had to save you from one. But fame no i don't i was fainted in fear my self"

Xander "Oh No." He said as the pack of Cheerleaders three of them walk up in a sexy we are not sluts unless you like us to be kind of way.

"Hello Xander" Cordy said the words rolling sexy like silk of her tongue.

Xander blinks this was not good better say something "-------"

Traitor why don't the mouth work.

Melody "We missed you. Like to play with us again?"

Harmony "yeh dump her" harmony said.

Xander "She is my fiancée" taking up her hand to show them "Look.

Buffy lets run"

Before Buffy could say anything or hurt Harmony Xander had started was dragging her inside.

Harmony "OO that little Thief stealing our man"

Melody "That's so unfair"

Cordy "He seemed afraid of us. But Buffy it might be hard to get him away from us"

Melody "We could get Buffy and Xander"

Cordy looked at her "I don't think so."

Harmony "oh i like to hurt her"

Giggling Buffy stopped Xander running entrance "Calm down love puppy" Xander relaxed a bit "alright it just that i don't know what to say or do."

A football player walking by suddenly took his hands "Great work Xander" and left.

Xander looked at Buffy "What the hell"

Buffy "A the consequence of fame"

Xander looked down "lets go to class"

Different place in Sunnydale

"Is it ready?" the Troll said to his minion.

"Yes Belatho it is" the demons said holding up a huge sword.

Belatho the troll study the sword a perfect weapon loaded with the life power of five humans it was unbreakable for at least a hundred years or more.

Belatho nodded "This will be fine. We start tonight and attack the house," smiling looking over his army of demons Buffy would be helpless no way that she had an army of her self.

Joyce work place

Joyce was speaking in the phone "That's right you and the other are welcome at dinner Mr. Black."

Hearing the agent positive answer she continue calling the rest of the gang.

A large dinner with lots of friends would be perfect if anything would go wrong.


"They are after me all of them" Xander said in the library.

Giles just smiled.

Wesley "What do you mean Mr. Harris"

Xander looked up "The girls and the boys Fame and I'm NOT Mr. Harris, from this day on my name is Mr. Lokison."

Wesley dropt his coffee mug, Faith manage to miss the return of the boxing bag and it knocked her over.

Wesley "Excuse me what did you say"

Giles looked on this would be fun.

Faith rested on the floor dam defeated by a boxing bag.

Xander rolled his eyes "Lokison after my dad"

Wesley eyebrow when up that was unexpected.

Giles "Its a long story but Thor the real one his children Bragi, Modi and Thrud all confirmed it. Loki is not evil he made a mistake and it got out of hand"

Wesley "Really" he said in disbelief.

Xander pondered "Well most of my half sibling ARE evil. But that because Dad had an evil girlfriends before"

Fait watch the roof nine hundreds cracks in the paint. Boy could that boxing bag fight.

Wesley "Really" in disbelief.

Giles "Bloody hell their are other words then Really"

Xander smiled "Well this spawn of evil are going to class. Giles" He said in a with a tone of command in his voice.

Faith wonder when her head would stop spinning or any one would notice that she was knocked down.

Giles looked up "yes"

Xander "I like you to Tell Faith And Wesley the REAL background of the Slayer. And i ORDER You Wesley NOT to call the council with that information IF you do they will send assassins rather then allowing the information to spread"

Giles nodded "I will tell them"

Wesley "You have NO right to order me anything"

Xander careful draw Gram from his pocket "Do not tempt me IF Assassins come and hurt any one because of your foolish pride i will cut it out of your skin" He then put the sword back.

Giles "Remarkable how do the sword fit"

Xander "Magic Giles. Now the last thing One of you help Faith she looks like she is hurt" with that Xander walks over carefully lifted Faith and put her on the chair beside Giles.

Except being groggy and having a HUGE black eye she looked fine. "Careful now remember Boxing bags can be real aggressive" Xander said as he walks out.

Behind them after getting Faith attention Giles started to tell them the real background of the slayer.

Xander listen outside hoping this would work if not that Wesley would make a fine rug.

Chapter 5

Sunnydale The Five Star Hotel

"Yes sir that is information that Thor apparently told Giles. If i may sir it looks genuine" Wesley said ignoring the command not to report.

Phone "--------"

Wesley "Yes i did find out about that but their is complication.

USA agents from the NSA seam to be part of Buffy gang"

Phone "--------"

Wesley "I see well thank you sir"


Travers put the phone down this was bad he might have to send in the cleaners to neutralize all of them even Wesley.

Thinking hard he took the phone calling one of the money making branches of the Watcher council.

"Yes i like to talk to Mr. Parker thank you" Travers said.

Phone "-----"

Travers "Hello Its Travers from the Triumvirate how do you do"

Phone "-----"

Travers "Well thank you and project Pretender did you capture him yet"

Phone "----"

Travers frown bumbling fools "I see i like you to send over a team of cleaners the best you have to the town Sunnydale i will give you the information by mail on the targets"

Phone "---. -------"

Travers "Yes it is important for our future plans" smiling he put the phone down.

Blue Crowe Delaware a man sneaked out from the air ducks mumbling about warnings.

A Bar

"JOE what the HELL IS THIS" Adam Pierson screamed. Slamming a paper on the bar disk.

Joe looked it over blinking "You have been Drafted or put on active duty it look like"

Adam nodded "Yes and they use even mention my tour of duty as Benjamin that was during the civil war."

Joe "I see i don't know how the government found out about you immortals and you Adam but rest assure i will do anything i can to help you"

Adam "At least they made me Commander over a research station."

Joe Smiled "Then you have a easy work."

Adam smiled "probably Hey do the paper say where I'm posted"

Joe looked down "yes a small town called Sunnydale"

Adam spit his Beer "Oh no not the bloody Hellmouth"

Joe "Hellmouth" he asked.

Adam nodded "I'm doomed."

Joe "after 5000 years i think you survive"

Adam "that's 5000 years of moving AWAY from things like that"

The door open and their friend Duncan walks in. "Away from what old man"

Adam just hang his head "Away from demons, Vampires, Mages, and other stupid things that go bump in the night"

Duncan laughs "Funny really funny those things do not exist"

Adam raise his eyebrow "Oh they do Duncan but they tend to avoid our kind. Because of ME and Kronos"

Duncan looked at him "What do you mean"

"Kronos like to hurt and kill humans yes but he LOVED to torture demons and Vampires some he kept for hundreds of years just for fun" Adam explained. "Vampire are demons always evil no exception but they do know the concept of fear and we immortal have a bad reputation to this day because of him"

Joe ponder this information.

Duncan looked like he was going to laugh.

Adam smiled evilly "If you come with me and we see a real Vampire. Do you promise to stay as a body guard"

Duncan looked over "I do that. What are you doing and where are you going"

Adam "The USA have put ME in command of a military post glad to have you as my bodyguard Highlander" Adam laughs as Duncan looked like a goldfish on land.


Garm "I see" he said looking on Opera.

Joyce "who are you talking to"

Garm "No one i just realize how the animal inside of us often come in conflict with our higher emotions"

Joyce blinks "I'll go and prepare food"

Garm lost him self in the program this was fascinating that even normal humans hade a animal side inside of them.

Later this evening

Faith "I'm nervous"

Wesley "So am i just behave and it be okay" with that he pressed the bell on Summer home.

Buffy open the door letting them decide to walk inside of stay outside. Wesley nodded proper vampire precaution. And walk in.

After the two of them was inside Buffy smiled and "Welcome both of you"

Faith looked "you sure didn't look like you welcome us"

Buffy "A vampire must be invited inside. If you could come inside with out a invitation then you are welcome if not you are potential vampire"

Faith blinks that made sense. But she smiled Buffy had a large smile and wait a minute Oh Mamma their go Mr. Stud him self.

Buffy giggled seeing how Faith eyes turn mushy looking at Garm walking by them rippling with muscles and hair just going wild on his head.

Soon the gang was sitting at the table Joyce smiled "Thank you I'm so glad that all of you brought something extra i was afraid it would not to little food."

The gang smiled Xander nodded "I am thinking if you allowed me i can build a bigger table i have the tools and the skill"

Joyce look doubtful.

Xander "you know that chair over their" he said pointing in the corner.

Joyce nodded "I found it in a garage sale"

Xander smiled "I build that chair when i was fifteen I'm much better now at building"

Joyce looked shocked the chair was beautifully crafted. "I be honored."

Buffy smiled in between bits of food being eaten.

Faith and Kendra sat talking about things.

Even Angel enjoyed him self talking with Willow and Oz.

Then a charging sound was heard and a huge creature stood up after jumping through the window follow by demons and some vampires.

Belatho smiled helpless humans "MY army take the blond and kill the rest"

Xander stood up growling he turn in to his were-hyena body and draw his sword on his other side Reilly, Graham and Garm did the same.

All around the table the gang stood up Willow mumbling her magic Jonathan nervously stood in front to protect Oz growling holding a stake and a knife. The four NSA agents drawing out of shotguns.

Buffy smiling holding her Axe.

The only thing that was heard was the knick knack of Reilly as he folded up his huge Glaive.

Belatho swallowed plans his plans was not going well maybe he could talk his way out of this.

"Aarg Die godling" his vampire servant said and his minions attack almost dragging him in the fight.

No things could have gone better.

Joyce smiled bitterly "I am so sorry about this."

Giles "its not your fault we will help you clean up"

Mr. Black nodded "Sure man I'm sure the blood stain will clean out if not we see to it that you get a new sofa and a new wall"

Joyce nodded "thanks"

Buffy "Do you think we could go to the Pizza hut I'm still hungry"

and the night passed on...

Chapter 6
Taking time out.

Giles smiled and put the phone down. "It was PIA The Paranormal Intelligence Agency. They have send over a team of spy to find out what the Fey are doing in the area. Mean while they like us to lay low don't bother the fey"

Xander nodded "Right. Don't poke the pointed ears Santa Claus escapee"

Mr. Green looked at Xander and waved him towards the corridor. "I did what you said"

Xander smiled "And"

Green looked surprised "Wesley had barely gotten home before he called his boss a Mr. Travers."

Xander smile turn grim "If He mention that you the NSA is here. Then i believe that they will send Assassins probably a week or two before they find guys that can do the work and not be linked to them."

The agent nodded "I would say four maybe five week unless they have connection with some organization already in USA"

Xander smile "Of course they have. They must have how other did they find Faith and Buffy so soon after they where called"

Mr. Green nodded "you right it highly likely"

Xander nodded "if we are out of town it will give your guys a chance to gather information on any thing looking like assassins. I was thinking Me Buffy Reilly should go and visit Reilly mother she been bugging him." Xander looked down thinking "Garm said he had a project about learning more about the inner beast of humans. So he and Graham are planning on leaving for some expedition"

Mr. Green nodded "That would be hard for them to attack you all if you are gone."

Xander smiled "Only for a while."

Two days later. Holiday day 1

"Mom" Buffy complain weakly "I'm not going away from earth THIS TIME"

Joyce "But your going out of the state its so far away"

Xander rolled his eyes. "We manage," he said smiling.

Reilly nodded and climbed in the driver seat of the jeep. "Lets go"

Xander looked at Garm and Graham was sitting on two different motorbikes Garm on Xander's and Graham on a Harley a Vampire had before he was turned dust.

"So" Xander said.

Garm nodded "So indeed brother."

"Where are you going" Xander said curious.

Garm smiled "I will find the vise Guru name Dr Phil and the guide of hearts Ophra. They will help me learn about the animal inside us humans"

With that he drove away before Xander could say anything.

Joyce "You think he be all right"

Xander nodded "No problem He IS trained to sneak inside high security and destroy them"

With that Xander jump inside the jeep and they where off. "Nine hundred bottle of Beer on the wall. Nine million bottle of beer and if one bottle would happen to fall."

Two hour later and many mile A huge scream was heard "XANDER STOP SINGING" a short moment later the voice tried spoke again "AND that means you two Buffy"


Wesley looked shocked "What do you mean they are gone"

Giles looked up "Visiting parents and family. None of them are slayer even if they do the work slayer normally do they are not the business of the Watcher."

Wesley "Really now but Buffy have the power and thus the responsibility of a slayer"

Giles turn a round "NO you fool she have the birth right of a HALFGOD she lost all her Slayer power just like Kendra"

Wesley blush "But I'm"

Jenny "Incompetent and insecure"

Kendra "Filled with foolish pride"

Jenny "To naive to understand realty"

Wesley looked angry as he walks out.

Giles "Really girls that was a bit over the line. He is NOT Incompetent He DO make good tea"

Jenny smiled "That he do and he is not bad in research."

Kendra "well he kind of treat Faith nice. Not Great but nice"

The Finn Farm Day 2

The large Jeep drove up to a house surrounded by cornfields and stables.

Reilly smiled home at last. "You can take the boy from the farm but you can never take the farm from the boy."

Xander stretch in the backseat shaking Buffy awake "We are their now"

Buffy looked shell shocked "mrmrim"

Xander "The Finn farm Buffy."

Shaking her head Buffy finally manage to wake she hated mornings "O its beautiful" She said.

Right then the door open and a beautiful but older woman came out trying to find out who the visitor was "Reilly" she said and started to run.

Reilly put his duffel bag down "MOM" and capture her in a hug.

Mrs. Finn "I miss you so much boy why don't you ever call"

Reilly blushed "Bad connection"

Mrs. Finn "Hello you must be the friends he told us about. I'm Mary Finn. Call me Mary."

Xander nodded making a good impression would be important "Yes Mam. Mary hello I'm Xander Lokison. This is Buffy Summer my fiancé"

Mary looked at the two "are you not to young. Or are you having children"

Buffy blushed "No I'm not pregnant and we love each other. Mom just adore Xander" she rolled her eyes.

Mary nodded "Well all of you came right on time for breakfast omelet and bacon and lots of it"

Reilly smiled food finally "Mom just warn you Buffy eats a lot"

Mary smiled "That's good" inside she frown that was not a nice thing of Reilly to say. That skinny girl probably eat to little food.

"Here no one go hungry from the table" She said proudly.

Buffy smiled hungry almost drooling.

Reilly "How's Lisa and Arty"

Mary "Your Brother and Sister are fine. Arty unlike YOU calls home from college. And Lisa have started to study Judo of all things. You could go up and wake her"

Reilly nodded "I do that."

Mary looked at the two "So you are the famous hero of Sunnydale"

Xander blushed "it way out of proportion."

Mary "Well I'm proud that you and my son is so good friends"

Xander "He is like family to me"

Mary smiled "Nice to have a older brother like him right"

Xander "No more like a child"

Behind them Buffy Giggled.

Marry pointed to the food "Just grab what ever you like to eat and start eating first come first served"

Xander and Buffy smiled and did as ordered.

Mary looked surprise at the mountain of food Buffy had on her plate. "Are you sure you can eat all that sweet"

Buffy Nodded "No problem i probably take a second portion"

Xander smiled "High metabolism she needs more food then a normal"

Mary "If only all of us was that lucky"

"REILLY YOU CREEP" came a angry voice screaming from upstairs.

A laughing Reilly came inside.

Mary looked irritated "What did you do to Lisa boy"

Reilly "Sorry mom i could not help it i poor cold water on her"

soon an angry 14 year old girl came storming inside the kitchen giving Reilly a look of pure Death that only made him laugh more.

Xander smiled "Hello I'm Xander. That's Buffy" he said.

The girl turn around and paled then blushed. A hunk a real honest god older probably 17 or so but not OLD like her Brother Reilly.

"Hi I'm I'm Lisa" she said.

Xander nodded "I know Reilly told me about you" Looking curios he spoke "Like the fact that you like Bunnies. You even have a pajamas with Bunny one"

Lisa looked at Reilly and then Xander "Reilly why did you tell them about the Pajamas"

Reilly "I did not you are wearing it"

Lisa looked down and blushed dam she forgotten she still had her pajamas on. "Eep" she said as she ran upstairs.

Xander and Reilly laughs "That was fun" they said.

Mary "That was evil. And you Reilly are you sure you didn't clone your self he have your sense of humor"

Buffy nodded "yea it was evil"

Garm journey

Phil looked at the strange man that broken in to his house disconnected the security and the alarms. "I see why do you want to learn about the inner animal of humans"

Garm "It like this I'm a were-wolf and i have the instincts of a Wolf already and i like to learn more about the primate side of my human side"

Phil Dam it was a crazy person.

Garm sat silently then remember "You don't believe in Were-wolfs" Phil "Its rather far fetched don't you think"

Garm nodded then turned him self in to a Wolf-man "Do not be afraid"

Phil almost screamed but the beast man spoke calmly.

"You see i have the instincts of a wolf and intelligent of a man and i like you to explain about the primitive side of human" The wolf man said.

Phil "are you going to eat me"

Garm blinks "No I'm not a cannibal"

Phil relaxes ever so lightly. And began to speak.

Chapter 7
Time out in the country.

The Finn farm Day 2

"And this is our Dogs" Lisa said practically dragging the two older teen around the yard showing them everything.

Xander and Buffy eagerly follow having fun and enjoying her energy.

Xander hunches down looking at the seven dogs they where huge probably use to guard and hunt.

The dogs started to growl and bark sensing a predator.

Xander Growled right back at them unseen by Lisa his eyes turn green as he spoke to the dog instinct to instinct gently explaining that he WAS bigger more Dangerous and a FRIEND.

Lisa looked how the dogs seemed to hate Xander then suddenly they stopped to study him.

Xander stood up and walk up to the dogs opening the cage.

The dog was surrounding him fast smelling and whining.

Lisa "Incredible they don't like strangers"

Xander gave her a goofy smile "Well I'm in touch with the inner dog you might say"

Lisa giggled and Buffy rolled her eyes "You mean Hyena don't you puppy boy"

Lisa looked at her she could not understand why a wonderful man like Xander would even look at a stupid bitch like Buffy saying bad things like that "That's mean of you Buffy" she said.

Xander smiled "No its alright it her nickname for me"

Mean while Sitting on the porch Mary Finn, Rodger Finn and their oldest son Reilly sat drinking coffee and talking.

Rodger "So can you tell us anything or is it classified"

Reilly "Its Classified but we got clearance to tell you part of the story"

Mary "Really then what happen with the terrorist and how come Xander was not believed"

Reilly looked at the now Xander was playing Keep the jacket away from Buffy Lisa was eagerly helping him. Buffy seemed to have real fun she did not even use a fraction of her speed and strength.

Reilly took a deep breath "Some bad guys kidnapped Buffy to hurt her dad and to catch Xander. But he decided to change to rules on the kidnaper"

Rodger "Why did he not call the cops" he said with a frown.

Reilly "Believe me in this case they would not have a chance. Just understand the kidnapers base was not on Earth and they where NOT aliens"

Mary "Are you kidding me"

Reilly "No i not Buffy and Xander is not pure humans"

Seeing the disbelief he yelled at Xander and Buffy.

"HEY Buffy Xander"

The two looked back Buffy absentminded catch the flying jacket in the air. "Yes they yelled"

Reilly "Could you two lift the back of the jeep as high as you can i need proof"

Xander and Buffy looked at each other then ran over to the jeep and started lift at the same time.

Buffy being stronger then a normal Slayer because of Thor and Xander having the strength of two men thanks to his half God hood.

Lifted and Lifted soon the Jeeps front bumper was the only thing touching ground.

Reilly "You can put it down again"

Xander and Buffy smiled and gently did so before they ran away playing with Lisa.

Reilly nodded "you see. Buffy is actually stronger then Xander A loot stronger"

Rodger looked at his son "That small girl."

Reilly "yes."

Mary "No wonder she eats so much."

Reilly smiled "You are right the strength come with a price"

Rodger "So how come they are not in a lab or something. If they are half humans"

Reilly "Because USA would not survive a war with their fathers people"

Mary nodded "Keep on telling the story. Is Xander safe or"

Reilly "He is totally safe. He consider me family and thereby YOU are family. Hell He stole army weapon to save a family. HE would risk his own life to save yours"

Mary looked relived.

Reilly continued "Me and Graham accidentally was dragged along pure accident when the gate opened." Reilly seeing the question "No i cant tell you about the gate" taking a taste of coffee before continue.

"It was strange over their and the rescue was brutal we literally shoot up a castle killing the kidnaper a king and who knows how many guards. Then we fled with guards and military hunting us."

Reilly frowned. "They manage to guard the gates and stopped us from going home so we had to use the one gate only a fool or a desperate would use."

His dad could feel the pain in his voice "Was it bad son"

Reilly nodded "Dad it was hell literally hell. It will haunt my dreams for ever"

Taking a deep breath he continued, "I almost died in their. One of the locals highly aggressive decided to drive a sword in me. Xander had to rescue me changing me." Reilly said then continue "In a way Pop, Xander is just as much my dad now as you are"

Mary looked afraid "What do you mean"

Reilly "Xander is only part human one of those part is different not dangerous USA military knows about his kind they are peaceful and kind BUT during the dark ages they where hunted and fear because they was different"

Rodger looked confuse "He is Jew"

Reilly laughs "NO dad Jew are not THAT DIFFRENT"

Rodger hide a smile to look stupid "ooh you sure" Mission accomplish his son was smiling again.

Mary rolled her eyes "How different"

Reilly "Like Were-wolf different. Except Were-hyena"

His parents look at him like he was crazy.

Reilly "To save my life he had to turn me in to one. Promise me you will not scream."

Seeing them nod he trigger his transformation to hybrid body.


Reilly "You promised."

Lisa turned around seeing her father and mother screaming "Monster" she said then started screaming her self.

Xander "this will take time"

Buffy nodded. "just hope they don't take the shotgun"

Sunnydale day 2

Kendra frowned as the big blond Amazon thrown her on the mat again. "This is really irritating" she said.

The Amazon nodded "You have a lot to learn girl" sitting down she looked over Kendra. "Will the Slayer come here and train"

Kendra nodded "After we dealt with the problem coming our way yes."

The Amazon smiled "That's good i do not like it that Xander and Buffy walk out from their training Thor and Loki had to do a lot of work just for us to train them. But it was the right thing to do for now"

Beside them a frustrated Angel once again tried to hit his opening with the training sword a huge red head male that move like fog impossible to touch.

Garm Journey day 2

Garm sat down beside Graham "So how did it go" Graham asks Garm nodded "Highly educational. I think i now understand the human instinct better then before"

Graham "That's good right"

Garm smiled "And i got two ticket to the Oprah show tomorrow"

Graham "would not that be kind of bad."

Garm "It is Oprah the wise guru of the heart we will go."

Graham dam who knew wild wolf boys would love Oprah..

Chapter 8
Time out in the country Part 2 : A dog life.

Washington DC

"Sir this came for you" a young man said giving a small CD to the Ghost Mr. George the head Spook of the country.

George smiled looking over the CD excellent the surveillance photo of Garm's and Xander activity. "Call the President and ask if he would like to join me and Bring me some popcorn"

Finally some entertainment George taught and leaned back waiting for his movie buddy and the popcorn to arrive.

The Finn farm Day 2

Finally after hours of talking Mrs. and Mr. Finn manage to calm down Lisa was still nervous strangely not from Xander witch she hide behind and stood as close as possible but afraid of Buffy.

Which made Xander confused and made Buffy smile that little minx pretending to be afraid.

Mary looked at Reilly "So you really ARE my son not a an alien shape changer"

Reilly nodded "I am your Reilly mom body and soul. But I'm also a Were-Hyena"

Mary "Cant you stop"

Reilly blinks "Stop what"

Rodger looked tired "I think she meant being a were-hyena"

Xander spoke "No its impossible for him to stop being a Were-hyena. If he had been transformed against his will then yes. But he chose to become one to save his own life. So its permanent"

Rodger "Couldn't he been saved some other way hospital or"

Reilly "Dad we was in the middle of NO where surrounded by enemies. Just turning me saved my life. Xander still had to carry me for more then a day running to get us out of their"

Mary looked tired "Are you sure I I this is so strange this is a normal family nothing supernatural or strange and now this"

Xander smiled was missed by everyone but Lisa and Rodger.

They exchange looks then Rodger ask Xander "If you are friendly tell us what you know that is supernatural with our family"

Xander blinks "A well its your wife. She is a mage"

Rodger raised his eyebrow "A what"

Xander sighting "Look he said putting his hand in his pocket and suddenly took out a large sword with sheet and all"

Rodger blinks "How in the hell did that fit inside"

Xander smiled "It a magic sword kind of like Excalibur its name is Gram if you read old"

Rodger "Yes named after the sword that killed the dragon Fafnir wielded by Sigurd"

Xander blinks "Actually it IS that sword" shaking his head he put the sword back in his pocket. "Magic is real and their are different type of magic. One of the most powerful and difficult to learn is Rune magic. Your wife is a Natural Rune mage"

Mary "I don't believe you"

Xander smiled "you manage to Call Reilly on the phone when he was on another world. Have you ever burn you food? Ever?"

Mary keep silent "i don't believe you"

Xander just shrugged "it don't matter you are a mage. A natural rune mage can learn magic from other your kind have to create your own magic spells. So i can't help you"

Rodger looked curios "Is this something that go in the family" he said.

Xander nodded looking at Lisa. "She is not a Natural but she have the ability to learn magic."

Rodger "If magic is real why do everyone believe its not real"

Xander smiled "It because of two factors ONE earth the strength of the ley lines on earth are mostly weak except in rare types of magic. Second is the accessibility of magic.

In different worlds the need of talent to use magic might be weaker. In Jotenheim any one of us would be able to learn and use magic.

On Earth a mage have to be extremely powerful from the beginning just to learn to use it"

Rodger looked curios the kid have proven to be a were-thing he had a magic or extremely high technology sword. "Don't magic come from the devil?" he asked.

Xander "Some magic come directly from the good powers others come from evil powers. Most like Rune magic come from the fabric of the universe it self.

Its what you do with it that decide if you good or evil"

Mary "But the bible say about witches"

Xander smiled "In the original translation they were talking about those that murder other by using deadly potion. It was a translation error that made church condemn witches. You can check it out your self"

Rodger nodded they where not that religious. But just in case the sword on the other hand made him realize exactly what kind of boy Xander might be powerful friends indeed.

Mary looked at Xander "I still don't believe I'm a mage" she said.

Xander nodded "Of course not"

Lisa seeing they finally calm down "Can you teach me magic" she said using full power puppy eyes attack of ultra cuteness.

Xander twitch that was painful his teeth hurt just looking at her.

"I cant teach you" he said. Seeing her eyes turn misty "But i can." Seeing her mother face turn grim and her father turn stone faced "If your mother or father say its all right get you a teacher"

Xander looked hopeful at the two and mouthed 'sorry you have to say no'

Mary tighten her eyes now Lisa would pester her until they said yes. Xander most be evil.

Rodger, Dam Mary looked like she would be dead set against Lisa learning magic wonder how he and Lisa could talk her in to allowing it.

Reilly "maybe we should go out for a run or something"

Buffy blink no this was funny if they left she would miss all entertainment...

Xander nodded dragging Buffy with him. "Walk good idea lets run Buffy"

Garm Journey day 3

"I don't know. It would be hard to fight in this." Garm said looking at the suit.

Graham "You like to look fine tonight right"

Garm nodded that he did. Stupid human fashion sense. He look over at the 'lady' section those dresses look so much more comfort to wear.

Garm ponder a moment "In England the man have short shirt a"

Graham "A kilt and no it would not be appropriately"

Garm "You sure"

Graham nodded.

Garm ponder then remember a movie he seen "maybe a Toga"

Graham groan this would take time.

The Finn farm Day 3

Rodger ate his breakfast quietly beside him Buffy ate like a starving horse Lisa was trying to match her and failing.

His son sat down looking a bit nervous.

Rodger swallowed "i was planning on going for a hunt later on shoot some Deers. We have your gun upstairs and an extra for Xander"

Reilly smiled "I love to"

Xander nodded "Hunting is fun"

Rodger smile finally a common ground and this were-hyena finally made a man a hunter out of Reilly so maybe it was for the better"

Rodger "The dogs might be a bit nervous about you"

Xander smiled "We don't need dogs Mr. Finn. And it good training" He said pointing at his nose.

Rodger eye turn big then he laughs "This will be fun" he was probably the only Finn in history using a team of were-hyenas as trackers.

Mary finally smiled seeing that her family was not breaking apart it only grew bigger.

Behind her the food in the stove refuse to overcook or burn but that was hardly magic was it. She just knew what she was doing.

Sunnydale day 3

Faith looked up at the smiling Kendra and Willow "You like me to do what"

Willow "Go to the movie. The boys have a boys night at Giles looking at movie and being pigs. We can have a girls night popcorn eating sleep over"

Faith looked curios "Why me"

Willow rolled her eyes "Because it would be fun"

Faith looked suspicious "All right but"

Kendra "don't worry Giles gave us lot of money just so that he could have a day with out girls"

And soon they were on their way.

Chapter 9
Time out in the country Part 3 : Who let the dog out.

Dogs in town Day 3 after breakfast

Xander waved to Lisa as she jump out of the car and ran to school.

Then he turn to Reilly that sat in the driver seat "So big guy you know this town where's the cool place." He looked around consider that this town was the size of Sunnydale but spread out more. "If their are any?"

Reilly smiled "Café Clark Kent is nice"

Buffy smiled "As in Superman"

Reilly rolled his eyes "Yea supposedly one of the actor playing Superman staid and took a cup of coffee and the owner change the name"

Xander shook his head only in small towns. "Well lets go their and see the action."

Buffy snuggling up to Xander looked at him and spoke wondering "what do you think about Mary and Rodger."

Xander smiled "They are great specially Mary food Joyce have a competition. Your Dad Reilly is cool will be fun hunting with him."

Reilly nodded "yea dad was in the army once Honorably discharge after an accident" Xander "He doesn't look hurt"

Reilly "He was 2 years in rehab just to walk again"

Buffy "What do you think about Lisa" she said smiling.

Xander "She is great i think she think of me like a Second big brother she always try to be near me. Its great i always like to have a baby sister"

Buffy blinks then looked at him "You think SHE wants you as a second Big brother"

In the front Reilly desperately tried to stop from laughing. "Buffy Xander is not lieing he really believes it i can feel it thru the link" Buffy started to laugh.

Xander "Okay good you have fun. What the hell are you laughing about" Buffy "Ooh Lisa would love to have you in the family but not as her brother"

Xander blink "Uh what Mary is to old and she is married" then "no She to young and I'm to old"

Reilly started to sing "This my darling i been told"

Xander "Ha ha. You know what i mean"

Buffy smiled as Reilly drove off to the Clark Kent Café.

Hollywood Garm journey day 3

Garm shifted on his foot again as they stood in a long line. Waiting. Then a strong man walk out waved his hand to get their attention. "All right Everybody with GOLDEN i said GOLDEN WIP tickets. COME WITH ME NOW"

Garm looked down it was golden and with WIP. Grabbing Graham they soon was inside the studio. Seeing the set of Ophra Winfry show.

A stand up comic was making joke warming the crowd up with joke and funny things.

Then even had food sugary sweet but food still.


Phil "I can believe it he is here"

Oprah "Who is"

Phil "A patient of mine rather exotic individual"

Soon they where taking a coffee break rereading the script.

"Oprah Oprah" they screamed as she waving her hand walk in. Graham gently put his hand on Garm shoulder to get him to sit down again.

And the show was on.

Dogs in town day 3 part 2

Buffy nodded "Right i like one of each on the left side of the menu and a HUGE Coffee"

The service girl "And what will the rest of you like to drink"

Xander smiled "Coffee And i like a apple pie thank you"

The girl "She did not order for the rest of you"

Buffy smiled "No eat a lot"

Reilly "I take the same as you Xander"

Then suddenly the door open and a older man in suit followed by two men looking like FBI or NSA agents walk inside.

"Hello Mr. Alexander Lokison, Buffy Summers and Reilly Finn. I'm Mr. George i work for the government. Would you mind if i sat down" The man said.

Xander blinks "No do please"

Buffy "you work for the government doing what"

George smiled "Thanks. Looking at Buffy he explained "I'm one of those man that sits between the man in power i gather the needed information and guide those with power. I'm a Spook the head spook."

Xander smiled knowing it was truth not the whole truth but close enough.

Buffy goggled that meant that he was powerful politically OR a demon.

"So Mr. Spooky. What can i do for you" Xander said with a sneaky smile.

George smiled right back at him giving him the look that said -I know you don't trust me and that you know that i know-

Xander nodded carefully in the -We know a lot lets cut to the chase-kind of way.

Then they both smiled like sharks in a -one of us will bend the truth or lie. We both know that-

Buffy and Reilly looked at each other "Do you think we missed something" said Buffy

"My dear making you feel uncomfortable is a crime by it self" Mr.

George said.

Buffy giggled "charmer"

Xander looked at Reilly "I don't care if you are Uncomfortable or not I refuse to charm you"

Reilly rolled his eyes and Buffy giggled.

Xander "So deal" he said looking at George with the -What Do you want- look.

George "You don't like to kill" and gave Xander the look -but I know you are good at it-

Xander "maybe" smiling the -do you want me as an enemy- kind of smile George "No I'm just wondering" giving Xander the friendliest smile he could.

Buffy "Huh" she looked at Reilly.

Reilly "I have no idea but i feel its important"

But the two ignored them.

Xander rolled his eyes with the -I know right now and hopefully for the future you are friendly- kind of roll.

George nodded in an understanding way "How are you going to fix you enemies" Giving him a neutral look.

Xander "Why do you want to know" his eyes was filled with questions. George "Because my boy. Any one hurting or putting your Buffy in danger would make you go murdering. That would and could break you"

Xander "probably"

George "So how did you solve that problem"

Xander smile -I know something you don't.- but he answered "I have a one way gate that i can open"

Buffy "What gate"

Xander looking at Buffy now "A gate to an empty world where NO humans or intelligent creatures exist. I made a deal a trade by trade with old one eye. I can open a gate their and give any enemy a second chance of life only a God or half god can return to earth if they end up their"

George eyes turn big "Impressive tell me more"

Xander shrugged "I seen it Its similar to earth but no humans evolved. Any one I move their have a good chance of surviving. I plan on putting a lot of Assassins and some Watchers on that place."

Buffy blinks and mouthed to Reilly -Assassins-

George "good good no body evidence. If I find a volunteer that would like a new life on a new world could you"

Xander "Yes but he would have to travel light and no return unless he can live for more then two hundred years then i can return him"

Buffy "Assassins" she asked.

Xander "The NSA agents did me a favor and bugged Wesley he called his boss in England and they are sending assassins to Sunnydale I'm preparing a welcome party"

Buffy nodded she wanted to scream but by now she finally realize Brute force she was da girl evil master plans Xander was the man.

"So are mom safe?" she said with dull voice.

Xander nodded "Until we return she is safe. And I plan on protecting her when we return"

Buffy nodded.

Mr. George smiled the -Now I know my missing secret- kind of smile Xander Smiled the -And so do I- kind of smile.

George decided to leave now, or give him a work as a future spook.

Buffy "The two of you look like Oz what was that about"

Xander smiled a Goofy smile "A skill I learned"

Sunnydale day 3

Mr. Green sat down beside Giles "According to our information the Fey in Sunnydale are searching after the Sword of Draganta,"

Giles paled "They are trying to bring forth the Mystic Knights"

Mr. Green looked curious "The what."

Giles "The Island of Kells is really a different world you can access by magic if you sail away from Ireland. Its near the world of Fey the two actually interact."

Seeing the agents looking bored he continue.

"The Fey constructed a group of FIVE weapon a Sword, a Crossbow, A mace and a Axe, and a Trident. They had the power of fire, water earth wind and nature."

The agents look curios.

Giles continue "using the sword the bearer could summon an Armor of pure magic the earth armor is supposedly impossible to penetrate.

Of course the power of the element made it possible to summon fire, wind, earthquake and each of the weapon could fire projectiles.

The worst part is that ONE of the fighter would gain the title of Draganta and be able to summon Dragons"

The agents looked surprised and nervous an armor impossible to penetrate.

Giles "I say its imperative that they don't get their hand on that sword."

Mr. Green nodded "I will inform my boss"

Hollywood Garm journey day 3 part 2

"So which of you have had an Abusive father or one that made impossible demand on you as a child." Oprah ask her audience.

Some put their hand up.

Garm put his hand up.

Graham tried to crawl underneath the chair when the camera turned on him and Garm.

Oprah smiled at the young wild looking man "Hi your name is" she asked kindly.

Garm "My name is Garm formally Fenrirson presently Lokison Lady Oprah" In a proud voice.

Oprah raised her eyebrow "You are not from here are you"

Garm smiled "No mam i am not"

Oprah "Would you mind telling us anything about your relationship with your father"

Garm nodded. "He and I don't have much in common. He hating anything civilized. Me actually liking cities. Our relationship just went worst after he murder my mother to force me to work for him."

Oprah blinks that was unexpected.

Garm did not notice "I of course refuse but he have ways of convincing you. Luckily my new brother saved me from my Fathers goons."

Oprah blink "Was he involve in organized crime"

Garm "No Mam my Father is what you might consider a Ecological Terrorist"

Oprah blinks Phil just study finally the missing peaces in what Garm had revealed snapped in place. He was probably abuse force to become a tool a weapon by his own father finally free he still seek family and are a bit nervous and afraid that they will abuse him.

Phil stood up "you now had a new brother is that not right"

Garm nodded "Yes. My brother Xander"

Phil "How do you feel about him."

Garm "I love him but I'm afraid of him Sir. I know if I hurt his future mate. He would kill me"

Oprah sweat dropped by now "really think so"

Garm looked "A evil man had kidnapped and was hurting Buffy when we meet Xander put Plastic explosives blow up large part castle and use a rocket launcher to blow up the kidnapper"

Oprah weakly said "Do the law knows about this"

Garm frowned "The law I do not know but the government was so impress that they like to hire him."

Phil "I see this Xander is the young man that reveal the terror attack in Sunnydale is he not"

Garm nodded "that is my brother"

Oprah decided to sit down...

Dogs in town day 3 part 3

They was slowly walking down the street after seeing a movie.

Xander looked up "Well time to get Lisa then back to the farm and out to hunt"

Reilly nodded this would be fun.

Then Xander froze. His voice was fearful and so was his emotions.

"Reilly I drive you and Buffy sit next to Lisa"

Buffy giggled "My hero"

Xander "I do not want to encourage her"

Reilly smiled this was fun he could tease Xander AND Lisa. Life was sweet.

Chapter 10
Time out in the country Part 4 : Hunting Dogs.

In the Forest Day 3 late night

"Grrrr." Reilly said in his hyena Hybrid body as he Jumps over a tree after the Deer.

Walking was slow as a Hyenas hybrid but boy could he jump and run Reilly thought ignoring the tree branches that his head crashed in to.

Rodger "That's my boy" he said with pride aiming the rifle at the Deer.

Xander beside him nodded "He still move like a bulldozer."

Rodger "Aah be easy your not much better"

Xander "I know I'm still learning"

-Bang- Rodger pull his trigger and the Deer fell down.

"Ha ha I love it" Reilly said standing panting for air beside the now dead Deer. His Dad was nodding beside Xander.

Rodger smiled this was fun he loved hunting. "Well lets vamos out of here after all it ain't hunting season"

Reilly smiled Xander blinks and looked surprised.

Reilly lifted the Deer up on his shoulder and started to walk to the car.

Rodger "Oboy you sure are strong now son"

Xander "In our Hyena hybrid body we are about twice as strong as in our human body"

Rodger "Impressive. Wonder what Arnold would be able to lift"

Xander smiled that would be a fun thing to find out.

Soon they climbed inside the car and drove off in the night. Only an echo of a voice was heard. "Xander I will not eat the heart raw"

Sunnydale day 4

Walking inside the Café he bumps in to a man standing in the door. A short moment he felt something large underneath the trench coat a hidden weapon but not a rifle ignoring it for now he turn to the man. "I'm sorry i bump in to you Sir."

The man smiled turning from the friend he was talking to "No harm no foul, I'm Adam nice to meet you?"

He smiled "My name is Jarod Adama. Do you know if the Coffee is good here"

Adam nodded "Excellent, your not from around here"

Jarod shake his head "No sorry"

Adam "Bad I was hoping you where a local and could show us around"

Jarod "I was thinking the same thing" he said smiling.

The last man "Aah great mind think the same. I'm Duncan. I hate to say this RoG we have things to do"

Jarod "Glad to meet you."

Adam nodded "yes we must go now."

Jarod looked as the two left something was off on them something strange. He sat down looking on the menu after anything sweet overflowing with sugar while wondering what he would do to the Sweepers.

And what the hell is wrong with this town.

Outside Duncan said to Adam "Why did you start talking to him like that"

Adam looked up "He is a potential immortal"

Duncan frown "How can you tell i can feel anything here because of the Hellmouth"

Adam smiled "he bumped in to me physical contact is needed to sense an immortal or a pre immortal in areas like this"

Duncan nodded "I don't like it my senses screaming warnings."

Adam nodded "I know" and the two walk away.

Hollywood Garm journey day 4

Graham finally manage time of his own.

"This is excellent food. My compliment to the chef" He said.

The server nodded "He Like you food." she screamed to the cook.

That was fixing food lees then twelve feet away.

Beside them Graham herd a whispering sound of secret conversations.

Boy 1. "I tell you the vampire is hiding in their"

Boy 2. "So we cant go to the police"

Boy 1 "I know but they keep on hunting us what are we going to do"

Graham sighted he hated being a good guy sometimes.

Taking his food he sat down beside the boys.

"How do they look" his eyes stone hard.

Boy 1 "How do what look"

Graham "the suckers how do they look"

Boy 2. "Wrinkly klingon head. Pointy teeth and yellow eyes"

Graham nodded "that's a Vamp all right. Look like you boys are in luck I don't like Vamps" shrugging he thought might as well have some fun.

Smiling even further his eyes turn green and his teeth grow a bit.

The boys paled.

Graham spoke "No Werewolf like a Vampire. So your safe kids the dogs are on the hunt" He shows them his Military ID to calm them down a bit before going back to his table.

That was fun.

Boy 2 "The military are using Werewolves."

Boy 1 "Then its probably Russian Vampires. One of them spoke bad American."

Boy 2 "Yeh and he was like all black skin and curly hair"

The other boy nodded "yea African that's in Russia"

Beside them Graham ponder if he should kill them just to stop them from breeding.

Chapter 11
Hunt and the City.

Now I'm going to jump a head in time. Day to day you ain't going to get.

Hollywood Garm journey day 7

Three days of scouting and they found the lair of the Vampire.

That's good.

Three days of scouting and they found out that the kids was living on the street not really stupid just in real desperate need of education.

Not good.

Three days of scouting and Garm wonder if he could adopt the street kids turn them in to Werewolf so they could have their own Pack.

Not good.

Now they where sneaking towards the Vampire lair. Graham like that. But always a but. "Why do we have to wear these Trench coat"

Garm "They will hide our transformation"

Graham "I know but the color scheme red, blue, and yellow I feel like a vampire on LSD"

Garm ponder it "They look good on us" Xander had agreed he even had one him self.

Graham It must be genetic Xander also lack fashion sense so did Loki. "Then tell me Why is HE with us" Graham said pointing at one of the shadow following them.

Garm "He like to see a real Vampire."

Graham "That's all right then but what is SHE doing here"

Garm "She also like to se a real vampire."

Graham shook his head just not his day. Turning back to the shadow he whispered "Stay calm don't run and let us to the fighting"

Oprah Winfry and Dr Phil nodded this was scary.

The four heroes started to sneak again.

The store house a large abandon building was guarded by a vampire.

Garm nodded and pulled out his huge Sword slowly turning in to his hybrid body.

Beside him Graham did the same. Garm started to sneak following the walls of the building towards his prey.

Suddenly HE jump landing right in front of the Vampire choping the sword down on the vamp.

Vampire Guard whispered in shock "Fucking huge dog" then he turn to dust.

Garm waved towards his 'team' to come forward. "Graham You protect Oprah and Phil and my backside I do the fighting"

Graham nodded.

Garm "The two of you do you have the water guns"

Oprah and Phil nodded drawing their holy water super soaker rifle"

Garm smiled "just aim and soak them good"

With that Garm kick the door in.

Graham he is NOT a tactical like Xander but i like his stile.

They walk inside the room calmly.

The vampire rose from their chairs looking in shock.

Vampire 1 "What the hell kind of dog yard did you came from"

Garm ignored him walking towards the center of the room.

Capture girl "O god help me they are going to kill me and rape me"

Vampire 2 "No rape you AND kill you. Not the other way that sick"

Vampire 3 blinks "Isn't that Oprah Winfry and Dr Phil"

Vampire 1 "it is what the hell"

Standing in the center Garm smiled Graham sweat dropped.

Vampire 2 "Can i get you autograph"

Oprah blinks "ee"

Phil decided to try his Water gun.

And the Fight was on.

The vampire screamed in pain as his face bubbled burning by holy water.

Garm jumps towards a vampire slicing and dicing them.

Graham jump towards the capture girl ripping the vampire beside her apart.

Capture girl "My hero is a Werewolf"

Graham growled gripping the girl almost throwing her beside Oprah and Phil before he jump back protecting them.

Fifteen minutes later...

Oprah put a piece of ice on her black eye. "I believe in Vampire now" Phil nodded "Not really healthy but remarkable therapeutic"

Oprah nodded "I keep on imagining that the vampire was those critics or Jenna Jones"

Phil "that's only natural. I did something similar"

The girl just stared in awe her two favorite TV character was Vampire hunters and friends of Werewolves.

She now knew that their was more to Hollywood then meets the eye.

Garm smiled "I will leave you now"

Phil "We take care of the girl don't worry"

Graham nodded "yea see you later Call us if you like to hunt again" Ophra smiled "We will i promise"

Graham hoped she was joking he truly hope that...

Sunnydale day 7

Mr. Black walk to ward Giles "I have seek out the information" he said then look down on a paper.

"The Sword of Draganta is in Europe but a book reviling its location his hidden in a tome in Sunnydale."

Giles nodded, and Black continue "The Crossbow is apparently in the hand of the Fey"

Giles "that bad"

Mr. Black nodded and continue "The trident is hidden i do not have information about it"

Giles smiled "i think i could find more information"

Mr. Black "But the mace of earth was lost. We do not know who has it other then a Knight with out family name the name of Roberto the brave. Was last seen wielding it. No one knows where it is now"

Giles blinks "You sure"

Mr. Black nodded.

Giles "i might know where it is" Time to travel back to the old family castle. Roberto might have been with out family but he marry a Lady Giles. Time to take down the wall ornament.

Farm time day 7

"Aaaaaaa" Lisa Screamed as she went flying from the pool up in the air and landing with a huge SPLASH.

"Host cough. Bad BROTHER BAD." She said.

Reilly "I'm not a dog you know" standing looking like a Were-hyena.

Buffy giggled "no you look like a drown rat right now"

They was having fun by the local bathing pool deserted by everyone they did not even bother to hide their real forms.

And soon it would start to rain Buffy like it felt like a REAL thunderstorm. No wonder she felt happy.

Xander was in paradise Buffy was hugging him food good Buffy hugging him Food good did i mention that Buffy was hugging him ?..

Life was good.

Sunnydale Day 7

The Amazon Valkyrie looked at Willow, Oz and Jonathan.

"We manage to find a small clan of Lunar were-wolfs that are willing to teach you to 'control' your animal side"

Willow "that's great"

The Einherr just boor his eyes in her "Remember girl No matter what you cant get full control over the wolf you are a lunar the most you can get is the control a good Animal Trainer have over his dog"

The Amazon "the place is in Alfheim and it will probably take a week or so"

Willow "on another world."

Jonathan "Cool"

The einherr smiled "Remember The elf invited some Lunar and Corona Were to live among them BUT on the elfs conditions. All humans and all Corona class are second class citizens and a Lunar is third class."

Willow frowned "That not right"

The Amazon smiled "It the elfs home WORLD they know humans have driven Elfs away from other planets taken over it completely. They are not going to let that happen in their so they keep the human close and limited in number and Free to move away. Still most human are perfectly happy living as a second and Third class."

Willow taught well she could understand the elfs but it still felt wrong. "I go if you guys go"

Oz and Jonathan nodded "lets see some elfs" Jonathan said.

The Amazon smiled "get your stuff we are leaving tonight."

That Night

Jarod rolled with the punch desperately trying to stay alive his attackers was TO strong inhumanly strong and the eyes the head.

Suddenly the two attacker froze and fell asunder like dust.

A friendly voice with golden eyes fangs smiled down at him "Are you sir all right"

Jarod could see and sense that he was not planning on having a pretender for dinner. "I am What where those guys"

Angel looked curious "Vampire"

Jarod taught a bit vampire are myth but the fact made sense "And you" Angel looked bitter "Different kind of Vampire I still have my human soul now days. They don't they are utterly evil loving only pain and suffering"

Jarod "Now days"

Angel nodded "I was once like them one of the most evil ever waking the face of earth. But i got rescued or cursed"

Jarod decided not to continue it look like his helper was thinking it was emotionally painful "I do think i need help still" Jarod said pointing at his broken leg.

Angel "I help you to the hospital"

Jarod "No their are bad guys after me. And you"

Angel "Really?"

Jarod "you might not believe me but their are assassins after your friends and me"

Angel "Why are you here then" he said as he gently lifted Jarod up holding him like a child.

Jarod "I was planning on saving your friends from the assassins"

Angel "Don't worry we know about the Assassins and we are creating a trap. My friends dedicate their life hunting down evil things that pray on humans Things that are five to four time as strong. We can be ruthless against evil human also"

Jarod "i see" thinking about the kid Xander that had impressed him simple trick flawless executed and a clean getaway with a truck load of guns. "How ruthless his Xander"

Angel almost stumble "So ruthless that he scared a old master vampire. But we could use your help"

Jarod nodded if only to protect Miss Parker.

Chapter 12
End of a holiday.

Elfs Elfs and no Santa. Day 8

Willow gasp looking at the huge trees surrounding her. Beneath the trees was houses some seemed to be part OF a tree. Other standing in the shadow of a large Tree.

It was a forest and a city combine in beauty it was staggering.

"Miri liti sirina" An the mage that should help them said.

An it felt like a dull spike was pushed inside her head. Jonathan was beside her hugging her. Oz was still to groggy to move.

The mage spoke again "It is done" he said in elven. A large Amazon smiled "Thanks"

Jonathan "So we can speak Elven now"

Their trainer nodded "The spell give you a native knowledge HIS knowledge of the languish."

Jonathan ponder that "how come Xander and Buffy and company manage their journey with out that spell."

The Amazon smiled "Probably because Mages Pride"

Jonathan blinks "What"

She explained "Their Is a far more difficult Languish spell. It make you learn ANY languish you hear spoken or see written and read by others at the same time YOU read it."

Jonathan blinks "So why don't we use that spell"

The Amazon smiled "It take almost a god like strength and knowledge to cast it and even then it only last a couple of month at best. Loki is a master on that spell He probably cast it on Xander and Company just to give them a chance" She smiled. "Buffy probably got hers because of Utgard-Loki. A Mage Pride simple way to say I'm so powerful that I can cast a Super hard spell on some one i going to murder"

Jonathan blinks "That's crazy"

The Amazon nodded "Its mages. You seen Buffy Axe how it change size? And you seen Xander's Sword how it stay the same size but can be carried inside a small pocket or a wallet"

Jonathan "yea it weird."

The Amazon "The change size spell is the Oldest of them and Most effective one It simple and easy to do and can give you a weapon with variable shape and size. The store spell is Harder more difficult to use it don't make the weapon more adaptable just easy to carry.

But mages use it because it proof that they are ELITE"

Jonathan "Are you saying that they use a less effective spell just to BRAG to say Look how cool i am"

The Amazon nodded "mages are worst geek then Trek Dwarfs."

Jonathan blinks "Trek Dwarf, Do they like the original or TNG? Because Data is SO cooler then Spook"

The Amazon groaned not a Trek werewolf.

Sunnydale day 8

Jarod looked at his foot it was and stretching a bit curious it was healed the magic healing potion that the Vampire had given him really work well.

Yester day broken today fully working. "Fascinating" He said.

Beside him Angel slept the sleep of the un-dead.

Even knowing that Angel was a living dead a friendly living dead it unnerved him that something could be alive yet completely dead.

He ponder what to do.

The young man Xander was a real hero. But a ruthless hero any one threatening his love and family better have their last will and testament ready.

This grated on Jarod conscious his empathic ability made it harder for him to kill as he really completely understood others point of looking at thing.

And knowing some one that well it was hard to kill them.

An interesting dilemma the Were-Hyena thing would make him far more dangerous to enemies. In battle he would not give ANY enemy a second chance the predator instinct would probably do that.

Jarod looked down he did not know Hyena so good that he could do a pretend on that.

But he believed his guess was far more accurate then anybody elses.

Working with Xander would grant him security as he had the protection of the government.

But then he would have to follow order.

Jarod smiled he really like the idea of the nine worlds plenty of places to disappear in.

Maybe it was time to stop running alone time to join a pack.

Sunnydale day 8. Giles

Giles cleaned his glasses "Remarkable" he said looking a bit pale.

Adam and Duncan just blinks "Remarkable what" Adam said.

Giles nodded "You you are Duncan Macleod The eternal head hunter"

Duncan "What"

Giles "The watchers believe you are a friendly version of a race of demons that hunt each other and Other demons are afraid of you.

We stay out of your way after all your peaceful to humans."

Adam smiled a bit.

Duncan "what are you smoking you watcher know exactly what i am"

Giles "No we don't."

Duncan eyes narrowed looking at Giles hand "where are your tattoo"

Giles blushed "That really nothing i like to talk about here"

Beside them Kendra tried to hide her giggled "But its so cute"

Giles just groaned "I was past out drunk and that bloody Ethan Rayne gave me it lets just never talk about it. Now What do we supposedly know"

Duncan looked confused "About us Immortals"

Adam smiled. "Its simple" he said showing his and "I'm from a group called the Society of Watchers we record and write the life of Immortals a side branch of humans some good guys some bad guys.

They believe that some day a huge Gathering will happen and all Immortals will go their to fight and in the end their can be only one"

Duncan "In a fight between two immortals the winner take the others life-force his Quickening and that's make him stronger and more powerful. So all of us even those that just like to live and let live have to learn to fight you cant run from a challenge"

Giles nodded "Fascinating You are both Immortals then"

Adams ponder knowing what was up and that keeping it secret would alienate him from them if he needed their help. "We are both Immortals." He looked afraid. "Can I get all of yours promise to NEVER EVER tell any one about this"

Giles, Kendra and Joyce nodded "We promise" they said.

Adam continue "the older immortal the more powerful Quickening he have and the more headhunters come after him. I have pretended to be a newbie and hiding among the Watchers for years Because I am Methos the oldest living Immortal on earth."

Giles look like a Treasure of gold had came among him. "Remarkable how old are you"

Adam looked nervous "a bit over 5000 years old. The reason the Demons fear our kind is because of my brother" he said in a painful voice.

Duncan put his hand on his shoulder "You have to understand Mr. Giles that some times a man go crazy Being a immortal we have the time to come to our senses. When the English destroy much of the highland clans i went crazy murdering spree in England.

Methos went crazy the ONLY one helping him was Kronos a completely evil man with no remorse"

Adam shook his head "Kronos recruited me gave me a safe home after being hunted like a animal for more then five hundred years. I was different white skin in an area where most are dark skinned.

Kronos hade a dream and I walk right in to it we become the four horsemen and we called our self Apocalypse after a now dead town."

Every one in the room was silent.

Adam continue "Kronos loved war and had hobby to torture Demons and vampire they lasted longer. Silas and the others would sometimes help him.

Still to this day the name Kronos and Methos make demons run"

Giles "my god that's that's impressive and awful"

Adam "I know i spend more then 3000 years helping and feeling ashamed of what i did then" smiling slightly "Beside it say in the report that you have two half gods. It was long time sense I seen one. Which gods were their father? I hope it wasn't Zeus i cant stand those brats. Well Hercules was kind of cool for a do goody."

Giles blinks "No its Thor and Loki"

Adam blinks dropped his cop and paled. "L L Lo Loki you said".

Giles nodded "yes"

Kendra looked at him "You are 5000 years old yes"

Adam nodded relive of the change of discussion.

Kendra "Thor said that 5000 years ago Odin said that the End of humanity would come. But Thor said Loki did something to save humans give them the will and power to fight back against Demons and vampire.

Something so brutal and painful that he is still to this day seen as the evil one"

Adam tremble in his chair. "Torture lighting and magic hundred thousand died by Loki hand. My mother was one that survived she was change made different. When i was born she died she did not become immortal. But many children of those that survive did become like me."

Duncan swallowed.

Kendra nodded.

And Giles had an intense look of interest.

Adam looked up at Duncan "I know you been taught that Immortals can have children. It IS true but once you become more then five hundred years that is no longer true. It is still hard and only by modern day medicine can a mortal female survive giving birth to a pre-immortal child"

Duncan licked his lips "Why did no one tell me"

Adam "Five hundred years is a long time better to say -you cant have children ever- then letting the young immortal long and hope in vain to have them." he smiled "You are four hundred yeas old but you killed Kronos and his quickening was powerful. You can probably father a child"

Duncan stat down.

Adam "Now you said that Loki did something to save humanity."

They nodded Giles clean his glasses "That was what Thor said we have got some confirmation from a Valkyrie and a Einherr as well as from Buffy Thor's child she been a short time in Asgard and Valhalla other gods confirm it. So do Sigyn Loki wife according to Xander Loki still dreams nightmare and screams that he is sorry"

Adam nail dug a path of blood he wanted still to hurt Loki anyway he could but he really did not have the right he Death of man. "I See. I have to go and think do not worry i will not attack Xander but keep Loki away from me or i will try to snuff out the life of a god."

Duncan looked at his pants "i can have children you hear that my little kilt worm" A goofy smile was on his face.

Elfs Elfs and no Santa. Day 9

"Hello my name is Angstyr" A friendly looking man with blue hair said.

Willow stared "Hi I'm Willow. That's Oz he don't speak so much." Oz "Hi Willow continue "And that Jonathan" Jonathan "Hi i do speak but not as much as Wills"

Angstyr smiled as Willow blushed and started to babble he interrupted them. "I will be teaching you have to control you Were-wolf it simple mediation and control exercise"

They nodded did not sound that bad.

Angstyr smiled "You live with me at the Fair Nodi estate.

I work their as one of Lord Fair hunting dogs"

Willow "he use you as a dog"

Angstyr "No i WORK as a dog. A werewolf is one of the finest hunter in the world its a great work lot of free time and i get respect.

Even from those high and mighty Corona class" he said nodding towards a huge hybrid a Grizzly looking were that walk by nude.

Willow blinks A Were-Grizzly that was scary just the size of his nuts and junior she blushed.

Oz nodded "Cool any other were-wolf on the place"

Angstyr smiled "Yes i am the Alpha. Who the Alpha in your pack"

Oz eyes narrowed "Willow any one saying other wise i beat up.

Including Willow"

Willow "He is not joking about that"

Oz smiled.

Angstyr smiled "Well she might be the alpha But while you stay as my student a week or two max IM the alpha and YOU WILL obey. Don't worry i will not order you to have sex or something just respect and obedience"

They nodded "Alright" Willow said "Its temporary and he can teach us more if we obey him" Oz nodded "yea"

Angstyr smiled "Well lets go then"

Beside them a Corona Class Werewolf looked at them and sniffed in distaste Lunar so primitive so civilized during the day then completely animal during full moon.

Farm day 14

Xander read then reread the information.

Then he walks out to the others "We are going back in three days" he said.

Buffy "already"

Reilly "I see why so soon"

Xander "We needed back. The information have come thru I now know where the assassins are staying and i am going to make a preemptive strike. Take them out before they even lay a finger on us."

Reilly nodded "that's good. The government don't mind"

Xander "They mind allrigt but right now those fools are endangering a USA military investment ME"

Reilly "So good by bad guys"

Xander "yup. I going to use the Gate and teleport them away. Its a nice life if you like the stone age type of living" he smiled.

Rodger looked up "Excuse me Assassins teleports what"

Reilly "Magic gate to alternate realty where Humans never evolved.

Xander got a skill to open a one way door their only he can walk gate their and back all the rest is fore ever stuck their"

Rodger "ooh. And assassins"

Reilly "megalomaniac organization that like to control others are afraid that the truth will destroy them so they decided to attack.

No problem"

Rodger "SO its safe"

Xander "As safe as life can be i say. Living on the door to hell"

Reilly "Yeh now THATS a place I never going back to"

Buffy nodded "it awful down their"

Xander "yea still have nightmares about it. But got some cool photos on the photo"

Reilly "You took photo of hell"

Xander "Needed to distract me"

Beside them Mary desperate tried to swallow her food.

Lisa looked goggled eyes "You was in hell"

Reilly "It was take a short cut thru hell or die permanent"

Rodger "Well Reilly I want you to help me its big but"

Reilly "Anything i can IF i can"

Xander "If needed i will help Reilly is blood in my type of were tradition he is a my child also. So Rodger we are family"

Rodger smiled Mary paled she had agreed but. "Good IF Lisa still likes to come she is going with you. So that you might help her find a teacher in magic."

Buffy giggled she liked Lisa even if she tried to steal Xander she finally stopped witch is good.

Xander thought "I can do it on condition.

1. You Lisa do as Reilly or me say when i say it during crisis.

2. You stay indoors after dark NO exception. We live in Vampire capital of the world and a cute girl like you is dinner for them.

3. A crucifix or a blessed Thor hammer necklace will be carried always. They are holy symbols that scare vampires.

4. More rules may be added later on.

Reilly Do you have any rules" Xander asked.

Reilly "No i think you caught them all."

Sunnydale day 14

Belasco the troll finally manage to pull him self up.

The half goddess and her army had shot him to pieces and his army was gone. Luckily they did not know that magic or Fire ice was the only thing that cold kill a Troll permanent.

So he was alive angry and pissed off and still missing his left arm. It would grow back eventfully finding the old arm would speed up the process.

Belasco started to search. "I Will have vengeance BUFFY and Next time you will NOT be lucky" growling over the bad luck he had his master plan fell asunder just because blind luck that Buffy had some friends over friends that was lucky.

Chapter 12b
The easy life.

Sunnydale day 16

Faith growled "Say what" she screamed at the big football player that was holding her down.

"I said I'm sorry but i have to eat your heart the demon say so" The Player said. Looking sad.

Faith shook her head then suddenly paled as he open his mouth and his tongue had a face a small demon stuck in his mouth.

Faith struggled her opponent was not as strong as she was but more heavy She rolled up her legs fast as a viper until they was between her and his chest. Then she kicks.

The Player screamed in pain as he landed. His mouth was open Faith could see the demon hanging out screaming at her and him trying to force him to wake. "Girl i will kill you and eat your heart" the demon said.

Faith could see that the player was unconscious but not the demon probably best to ask Wesley before killing him or the demon tongue "yea junior just try" she said.

Faith bind the player with his own belt then she fast grip the demon tongue behind its small head smiling evil she pull loose one of her socks smelling them wincing in the smell then binded the demon forcing it to stick out from the mouth.

Later in Wesley house where she lived.

"Watcher of mine where are you" Faith screamed then fell silent.

Wesley was talking to a group of four tuff looking man. "Are you five by five W" Faith asked looking aggressively at the others.

Wesley nodded "I'm fine Faith they are demon hunters from the Watchers they are on a training trip they said." Standing up he walk towards her "Why on earth do you have a teenager bound"

Faith "Ooh he has a demon thingy in his mouth"

She dumps the living sleeping body on the table. They could all she the demon creature hanging out bound by her socks. It look like a red green tongue with a face on top.

"Bloody hell" one of the man said.

The others "Fuck"

Wesley "Fascinating its a Blerado demon"

Faith "And can we save the guy or what"

Wesley "Yes quite we can save him but but it take time we have to create a magic potion and simply have somewhere to catch the demon. Its not dangerous it cant take over others unless given help.

But unless its bound to someone its indestructible"

Faith "Ooh so what do we do with it then."

Wesley "We capture it and let it starve to death"

Faith smiled "Wicket can i leave him out here or"

Wesley nodded "Yes faith."

The demon hunters blinks if this was the risk a demon hunter could suffer they where glad that they only pretended to be one. A work of an assassin was so much sweeter.

Wesley "Well let see you like get information about craft maker of magic tools here in the states"

The 'Assassins' claiming to be hunters nodded "Yes some of us cant call to England for weapons"

Wesley "i try to use local weapon its wiser in the long run"

As one bent forward to look at the addresses Wesley saw it the medallion hanging from his shirt.

It was a small ornamented dagger with snake surrounded it.

The symbol of the Watcher assassination branch.

And a gun why a gun.

Wesley knew that they only hunt demons and dark mages but something million of other small trickles of memory suddenly clicked. Xander had been right Travers have put assassinators after them.

Day 17

"I'm Driving. I'm driving across the country across the" Buffy and Lisa sang happily in the back of the jeep.

Reilly nodded "Allrigt you get to chose the radio program."

The girl squeal in happiness as they stared to say stations.

Xander dutifully push the buttons until they finally was happy.

A hour later.

"Lisa we will have to enlist you in school " Xander said "i will as soon as possible find a teacher in magic and what type of magic you would be good at"

Lisa "Could i learn Rune magic like mom"

Xander "no you have problem writing and Rune mage must have perfect recall in picture if are to write the runes. You fail to remember some words so singing the runes would be hard"

Xander "I was actually wondering if you had elemental or Spiritual type of magic." Frowning "I know that you have potential as a Blood mage"

Seeing her frown he explain.

"Blood mage use their own blood or others as a focus for their spells. A real blood mage can heal remove poisons and even kill. But the most important thing a Blood mage can use his blood magic to power up other type of magic make them more powerful." Xander said.

Lisa nodded did not sound that bad but "would not a blood mage have lots of scar then"

Xander nodded "Yes a Blood mage is the first one to bleed in any fight or magic situation. He will cut him self to get blood and power to kill his enemies. He smiled grimly Blood mage are quite skilled in killing Vampires even if most of those spell are forgotten now days"

Lisa "I'm hungry. Reilly can we stop to eat"

Xander "Don't you like to hear some more"

Lisa "no food"

Xander groan.

They slowly turn in to an all-night dinner.

Outside a whole group of bikes Harley and others was parked tuff looking gang member sat looking at them as they walk in with the nervous looking Lisa in the middle of them.

Chapter 13
The Journey Home...

Outside the Finn Farm

An old looking skinny man with a bottle of home made booze was hanging on the fence of the farm.

Another man equally skinny and old was slowly walking up "Hi Bill" he said.

Turning he smiled his drinking buddy finally back "Hi to you Hill" he said.

The two rested them self against the fence.

"So anything new lately Bill" Hill asks.

Bill "Well lets see now. The Angus farm lost their Tractor" He ponder what else was new. "And yes the Finn and boys have been out potting wild life"

Hill laughs "Yeh he do that"

Bill nodded "And Frank the Teacher in school finally got the nerve to ask Samantha the barkeeper out on a date. It was sad I say she totally humiliated him"

Hill shook his head "Bitch"

Bill "Yap its girl like her that make good man losers"

They sat silent a while.

Bill "Well Reilly was in town also seem like he become a Were-wolf or something"

Hill looked over "Dam their go the neighborhood."

They both laugh before turning in to their Hybrid Were-Puma shape and sneak away to find more drinks....

Road dinner Day 17

Lisa sat between Xander and Reilly looking fearful everywhere big hairy bikers some openly sniffed things that must be illegal.

Xander sat calm playing with Buffy feet under the table trying to make her blush in more then one color. So far five was his maximum.

Finally their food came to the table and they started to eat like a pack of hungry hyenas.

Unseen most of the Bikers looked on waiting for the party to start.

When suddenly Reilly hand stopped them from eating. "Its drugged" he whispered.

Buffy and Xander spit out the food. Lisa swallowed then looked like she would panic.

Xander carefully let part of the hyena out only so much that his nose became sensitive not transformed.

Sniffing the food he could feel it a sleeping drug. "Its true lets teach them the meaning of fight"

They all nodded as Xander stood up grasping his food brick and throwing it with high speed at the cook and bartender.

It hit him right in the chest knocking him over and broke in small bit of porcelain.

"I don't like the spice in this food to Heavy i might fall to sleep" Xander said growling.

Reilly nodded "Anyone not involved RUN NOW or get hurt"

Around Them bikers started to stand up only five ran out the rest fifty or so was inside looking lusty at the girls and bloodthirsty at the Reilly and Xander.

Xander smiled seeing a Biker holding a huge knife. "You think I'm impressed" Xander said "That not a knife" He grasped his sword Gram and pulled it out of his pocket magic sword you got to love it "THIS IS A KNIFE"

Suddenly Buffy was standing on the table holding the chair as club she screamed her battle scream "FEAR ME IM SMALL CUTE AND CUDDLY"

Before jumping straight in to the largest pile of Biker waving the chair in bone breaking speed and strength.

Reilly "dam i wanted to go first"

Xander "That's my girl." And they ran after her.

Lisa jumps under the table to find a safe place to hide.

A hour later

Finally a Escape the biker ran for the door only to suddenly jerk back as a strong hand grasp his jacket.

Were-Hyena Reilly "No you don't not yet"

And the pain started again.

One and a half hour later.

"DAM it RUN" Xander said and they ran for their life.

Outside Xander looked at Buffy "I told you that was a lifting pillar but no you had to rip it apart"

The Dinner had half fallen asunder and look like a elephant had was sitting on its front.

Buffy blushed "Are the biker alive"

Xander nodded "yes they are trapped inside but they can dig them self out"

Lisa looked goggled eyes "This was SO cool"

Reilly and Xander laughs as only a hyena could.

Then looking around they smiled a bike is a good thing to have.

Nodding they pick out the cream of the bikes and loaded them up on the top of the car.

Garm Day 17

Graham "So where are we going"

Garm "To Sunnydale it is time"

Graham nodded "Fine but I'm not sure its a good idea"

Garm looked surprise "Why not"

Graham "its kind of a unusual pet and it might be difficult"

Garm "But i like him and Roy gave him to me"

Graham shook his head sure the baby albino tiger IS cute and sure as Werewolf they have the strength to fight even a adult tiger but others would notice. Why and how did they manage to find and become friend with Siegfried and Roy. Graham would never understand.

The two drive of with the cute Tiger in the saddle bag.


Giles looked at the note -tell Wesley that we are coming back so the assassins can be prepared-Giles sighted better do what he said and hope for the best but he would have his shotgun close during the night.

Chapter 14
Aiming for home..

It was a dusty old house the paint was falling of the walls in dry spots.

A man old African American man by the name of Mr. White and his partner a young white by the name of Mr. Black. They were waiting.

Suddenly a roaring sound of motorbikes came thundering two huge bikes carrying Garm and Graham came riding up to the house.

The two nodded and stood waiting for the rest.

Not a word was spoken. Expect some cuddling with the tiger.

Then a sound of a car broke the silence.

And the large jeep with two motorcycles on top stopped beside them Xander and gang walks out.

"Hi" Buffy said Xander nodded to the agents grasp Garm hand "Brother it is wonderful to see you again did you find what you were looking for"

Garm nodded "I did"

Mr. Black "We have the information of the Assassins they are five cleaners and they have one back up team waiting to see if they fail or win."

Xander nodded "Maps of the area"

Mr. With took them forward "Here"

Xander smiled as he read the papers and study the maps. "Fine this is what we do"

And the planning began.

Chapter 15
Aiming for home. Part 2.

Xander had been quiet for hours reading the report study the maps and carefully consider his option. Frowning a bit over some of the information.

Meanwhile the hours based.

Xander stood up "Mr. Black and Mr. White. You be entertaining this lovely young lady and see that she is out of trouble and have some fun. Miss Lisa do be a good girl"

Lisa looked like she was thinking about protesting But Reilly "Remember the rules Sister" he said and she quiet down.

The agents nodded great see no lawbreaking stop no lawbreaking.

"Buffy you Garm Reilly will attack the main assassins. They will stay in the house until they know that we have gone back to our normal action then they will strike. We have to strike before they do."

Buffy frowned "And what are you going to do"

Xander "They will have a backup scout looking and spying on us I don't know where he is but he MUST be here. Other wise they would not have a back up team ready. I will be finding him"

Reilly nodded "It make sense"

Buffy frowned. "Garm are a better tracker then you are"

Xander smiled "Darling in the wild Garm is the greatest but now with unknown technology and tactical tradition I'm better then he is"

Garm "He is right Buffy I don't know the limit on earth scouting equipment Xander do"

Buffy "Right just be careful"

Xander nodded "I will just don't get hurt Buffy if you do I don't know if i could live with my self"

Black "what about the back up team"

Xander smiled "I will take them out first fast furious and hard.

Remember team work cooperation. AND SPEED you have to knock them out before they manage to warn anyone. Buffy NO playing around with them"

Buffy nodded "I will knock them out fast. What about Angel and Faith" Xander "Angel I have given direct order he is protecting Joyce with his own body. Kendra is protecting Giles and Jenny. Faith is invited with them and so is Wesley so he gets protection also"

Reilly frowned "its Wesley faulth they are here"

Xander nodded "yes but they would have come sooner or later. Now I'm ready and waiting for them. Wesley did exactly what i believe he would do."

"Garm you are leader for team one," Xander said looking at him "i only given you the skin of the plan you do the rest far more effective just let me have two hour to hunt the back up team down"

Garm nodded "I will."

Graham "what about me"

Xander smiled "you will be our chauffeur anywhere we like to go YOU are going to drive us. When we call for pick up for us and captured enemy you will do it"

Graham nodded that was an important work. "What will i be driving"

Xander smiled "I fixed a cargo truck just load it up with assassins in bondage and off you go"

The tension lessen a bit as the idea of Assassins in bondage came to them.

Sunnydale Team Xander

Xander jumps out of the cargo truck while it was still driving in slow speed.

Dodging behind a tree he could see the house. Inside the Backup team was waiting relaxing and just listening to the radio after an activation call. He smiled unprepared prey was the best.

If they where unprepared of curse they were professionals you never know.

Xander transformed in to his Corona shape jumped up in the tree climbing fast to the top branches.

With in reaching he could grasp another tree this one on the garden just outside of the house.

Xander slightly jumps as he grasp the branches climbing up and inside the tree he came to the center and calm his breath listening after anything suspicious.

An eternity by in his mind while only fifteen second in realty.

He was certain no one knew he was mimic the apes. Soon time to go bananas.

Smiling slightly Xander climbed out on a branch slowly hanging over the roof he let go falling and landing with almost soundless.

Their it was the window to the attic small but not to small.

Carefully study it he could see nothing that looked like an alarm.

No paint was disturbed it looked like it been unopened for years.

Xander smiled a mistake. The smell indicated no one touch the window for month probably years.

Smiling Xander open the window and he was inside.

The nose told him five males two females inside and wait a minute What do we have here.

Xander smiled Guns and sniper rifle hidden in the attic probably out of sight out of mind.

He listen before sneaking down stairs.

Inside the top floor bedroom he could find his first target.

The communication operator.

Xander smile a grim Hyena smile as he carefully open the door. Only one guy nervous looking fingering his computer.

The kind that obey blindly if threatened a good little Nazi.

Broots was bored first they had to go their and play babysitter for a team of Cleaners And live in an awful dump of a villa.

Then Miss Parker had gone psycho claming demons live it this town.

No he rather be home with his daughter or quit working for the Center then here but the center needed his skill and what the center needed the center got.

Suddenly a hand with claws grasp his throat.

"Live or die you choice" a growling dogface said to him.

Broots "whispered live i like to live"

Xander smiled and took forward a flask of chloroform "just breath deeply" he whispered.

Broots feeling the strength in the monster hands the claws that hurt him took a deep breath of air filled his lung with Chloroform and air and darkness took him down.

Smiling Xander snuck out.

He heard a sound of shower coming from the bathroom sneaking he jammed the lock open with his claw and he was inside.

A beautiful female stood nude in full glory in the shower. Xander smiled this was stupid but the chance of playing Norman Bates was one in a life time.

Grasping his Sword he snuck forward almost their he carefully kicked out making a slight sound.

The female spin around hearing a sound she did not scream just fell right down.

Xander "Huh what the hell"

The she suddenly stood up again holding a gun firing with deadly skill.

Xander eye turn big as plates as he dodged slashing out with his sword her bullets where ripping hole in the wall behind him.

Miss Parker swore as the sword ripped the shower curtain loose and almost cut her hand of.

She jump outside pointing and firing against the Werewolf "Taste Silver Fang boy" she muttered.

Xander jumps over and beside her landing inside the shower on his head in panic he kicking out with his feet hoping he would hit her before she shoot him.

Then it was silent.

Xander stood up as fast as he could a fresh cut in his arm silver wound only his god blood would make it heal with out scar. If he was a normal werewolf or human he hade a huge scar on his arm.

Xander turned and look the female was out cold. Still breathing.

"Who the fuck take a gun to the shower" he said.

Outside he could hear feet running.

Xander "Fucked up beyond any recognition. FUBAR" Xander said taking the initiative grasping her gun and attacking.

The rest of the five. Four male and one female was outside.

Two of the males was running towards the room from a side room.

One was on the stairs and the rest on the floor beneath him.

Jumping out he aimed the gun shooting towards the two closest to him hitting something but interrupted them.

He then jumping the one on the stairs using him as a body armor Xander slam-dunked him in the two still standing.

Then He jump in cover just as the two on the top manage to sneak up looking after him.

Xander frowned then his eyes light up. Xander dodged inside the cleaners room underneath the stairs and the top floor.

Assassin 1 "What the hell was that"

Assassin 2 "A were-hyena probably the USA military Giles something"

Then suddenly the tip of a sword cut thru the tree floor beneath them lightning fast it cut like a warm knife thru butter.

and the floor crashed down.

Xander smiled as the two agents came crashing down beside him.

Grasping one by his throat the other he knocked out with the handle of his sword.

He then moved out knocking the one he held in a shocker grasp out.

Binding the Assassins took longer time then the fight.

Xander looked out "lucky you live in a bad neighborhood no one seen or hear anything."

Xander took out his phone "Graham pick up i leave the cargo to you. Don't forget to secure them. The hanging bitch is dangerous take extra care and dress her up"

He took one last look at the female Assassin "you impressed me"

Miss Parker just look at him with hate in her eyes.

Xander frowned maybe he did overdo it binding her in a hogtie and hanging her up nude by the roof. But dam it she IS dangerous.

"Sorry Miss Assassin YOU I'm afraid of so I ain't taking any chances with you running away" Xander said as he left the nude Miss parker to fume in anger.

As he walked out he took of in a run towards target number two.

The alarm guy.

Thanks to the computer inside he knew exactly where that guy was.

Team Garm

"Buffy how many are they" Garm whispered.

"I think they are six individual from the voices they are all in the living room." Buffy said.

Garm nodded "My nose tell me six person live her"

Reilly "So what now"

Garm "Reilly "You take the back and break inside AFTER me and Buffy have do. Buffy See the roof window over the living room"

Buffy "I cant reach it."

Garm "If i throw you up on the roof"

Buffy "Just be careful"

Garm "After You attacked I came in from the front and Reilly from behind. Try to take them alive."

Reilly nodded Buffy rolled her eyes she always tried to take human alive broken and hurt YES but alive. How could she make bad guys fear the small and cute if they where dead.

Reilly ran away behind the house.

After waiting Garm grasp Buffy in a firm grip and using his full strength sent Buffy flying.

Buffy "Whee" bump she landed not quiet at all or caring as she immediately jump aiming at the center of the huge sky window.

The assassins Dodge as rain of glass fell down on them and a scream "FEAR ME IM CUTE AND CUDDLY" came from inside the rain of glass.

Then the doors broke down and surrounding them stood their targets holding swords, Axes and saw off shotguns.

They carefully study their option "We surrender" they said.

Buffy "WHAT NO FIGHT. That's so unfair. Garm they cant do that"

Garm "Buffy they have the right to surrender"

Buffy pouted "But i like to break some bone"

Garm nodded "You can still do that. Just leave the feet working"

The assassins suddenly started to fear the small and cute as she came walking towards them smiling happy and talking "I know you asshole was planning on murdering MY mom. My Watcher. My friends. MY FUTURE HUSBAND I will hurt you"

Reilly flinched "Ouch man i did not know a arm could bend like that" Garm "It cant"

Murderer "Aaaaaaaa It hurts Mamma"

Buffy decided to only brake ONE arm as a example. But she beat up the rest of them just to teach them the error of their way.

Garm carefully put bandage on them and bind them "Hurting her friends and mine is dangerous. She would let you live in pain i would kill you."

Reilly "Graham we have target ready for Santa come with you reindeers"

Graham rolled his eyes "Funny dog boy"

Giles apartment

Wesley was walking around "Where are they they should be here by now. This is completely irresponsible."

Giles cleaned his glasses and continued reading his book of Aesir religion. Fascinating stuff.

"HONNY IM HOME" Xander yelled as he walk inside.

Buffy "I taught i was you honey" she said with a smile.

Xander hugged her closer and smiled. "Aw no you found out about me and Giles"

"Xander that IS not funny" Giles said. "And you better stop making fun of me or i call Cordelia and her female gang of lovers"

Xander paled and hid behind Buffy still standing taller then her.

"I behave Sir Giles"

Wesley "HAha ha could we have some professional behavior in here."

Xander nodded "Right. Here" he said lifting inside a huge bag of things. And empty it on the floor. "A gift you might say."

On the floor fell sniper guns, Pistols and ID cards. Plastic explosive and more things.

Wesley "What is this?" he said with anger.

Faith looked curious.

Xander walk forward still human but eyes was hard almost murdering hard "We listen to you calling the Watcher council. We tracked found out about them sending a team of Assassins. The Assassins had order direct order from Travers YOUR boss to kill. Me You and Faith and the rest of us Wesley"

Wesley "No you must be"

Xander gave him a paper "Read research boy. Read"

Wesley stared to read. Turning paler and paler.

"Is this true?" he said.

Xander put his arm on his shoulder "It is true 14 Assassins spread out in one seven man teams and one six man team and one working as a scout. Just order to murder us all because WE know that the Slayer IS not demonic."

Wesley "No why"

Giles "Politic and control. If they control the slayer they control the finest tool against demons in existence. Government the older ones pay the Watcher huge amount of money just to have them send over a slayer"

Xander "This is you chance Watcher. Enemy or friend of the slayer" he said pointing at Faith.

Wesley "I'm friend my work is not controlling its guiding the slayer" Xander smiled "Then do you work for the council or not"

Wesley "I I don't understand."

Giles "Bloody hell Xander give him time to think. Now Welcome home go to Joyce and is see you tomorrow. I found a brewery that make mead i like the two of you to come over and taste it"

Xander and Buffy smiled that was sweet mead really tasted good.

Faith "Can i come"

Giles "no you are to young"

Faith pouted "They are my age"

Giles "Buffy IS a half goddess so are Xander. Half gods and gods are immune to the negative part of alcohol. And Corona Were-creatures also are immune in fact they to drink it helps the animal and human part of their mind to communicate and bring harmony"

Xander smiled "Yup drinking can is good for us"

Garm "Only now and then. Be careful don't over do it"

Xander nodded "i will be careful i never drink my self completely drunk Garm"

And they left they still had some work to do. Xander had to open a gate and drag the assassins inside. If he carried them he could take four and four every time.

But it would take time probably more then 24 hours.

After that the assassins would be living the primitive life on an empty but beautiful world filled with animal plants and food if you hunt and grow it.

Perfect dumping place for dangerous enemies Xander smiled.

Chapter 16

"Hi mom" Buffy said as she walk in thru the door.

Joyce smiled and left Angel as she ran out to hug Buffy "Help me he refuse to leave"

Buffy smiled "I know" she said "Angel Thank you we have taken care of Assassins now"

Angel lean back smiling happily "THANKS GOOD. You mom have ripped me off I swear she must be cheating in cards." Angel gave Joyce a dirty look.

Joyce "So that's why you stayed" she said.

She did know about the assassins but she believe the Agents took care about them long before they even got here.

Angel "Yes if i didn't help keep you safe Xander would dust me."

Buffy gave him a big kiss "Thanks Angel you are a life savior."

Angel smiled as he walk up he knew he and Buffy would never be anymore the magic was gone but he still loved her he just did not know which way if it was friendship or brotherly love or the love of a former lover. "Anytime Buffy. But next time lets not play for money"

Joyce nodded who knew Angel was so bad player she gotten quite a lot of money off him. "Buffy where is Xander is he alright"

Buffy nodded "yea he got to port the bad guys away. Apparently he ask Odin for a favor and he got it. A teleportation gate to an empty world where no humans only animals and plants exist. A world perfect for living in if you hunt and grow food. He port the bad guys in their instead of killing them"

Angel "Kind of lifetime in prison except no parole"

Buffy nodded "The gate is one way no return unless you have god blood inside of you. I been their its lovely place"

Joyce smiled "clever alternative"

Angel slowly walk to the door "I better go now. I might be in full control and permanent control now and the demon 'sleeps' but if i get to hungry the blood thirst that's still inside grows harder to resist. And some of the fury of a demon affect me."

Buffy smiled "I brought you some blood its from the blood bank"

Angel frowned "I prefer animal" he said.

Buffy "it human blood that if you Don't eat it will be destroyed. And willing donors gave it"

Angel "well then i. You think that more of this could be found"

Buffy nodded "Xander and me asks the agents they are willing to give you blood for free. All you need to do is help them with information about dangerous vampire and help us in the good fight. Something you already do don't you"

Angel nodded and smiled a happy smile "if its willingly given then i don't see anything morally wrong. Well good by"

Buffy "i am so tired Mom tell me when Xander is here...."

Buffy walk towards the stairs stopping half turning to Joyce then continued walking stopping and turning towards Joyce "Mom. I'm afraid"

Joyce walks up "about what honey"

"me Xander life" Buffy said, As she sat down.

Joyce hugged her closer "That's a lot of things dear"

Buffy "I know but i love Xander but what if he finds some one better or?"

Joyce "Do not worry Xander love you body heart and soul. Did not Sif approve and said so. She IS a love goddess"

Buffy nodded "yes but she not you mom"

Joyce smiled "So what's bothering you"

Buffy showed her hand "This"

Joyce "you engagement ring?"

Buffy nodded "Xander said he wanted to be my fiancé and gave me this ring as a proof but when i said yes he said -Anytime anyplace the moment you like to and are ready i would marry you- You see mom that's way I'm afraid"

Joyce "Your afraid he will change his heart"

Buffy "no I'm afraid because I I Dam it I want to be his wife and what if I'm a bad wife"

Joyce giggled "He love you body and soul everything good and bad thing you do he love you. Even when he is angry at you he still love you can you see that Buffy"

Buffy nodded "but do i deserve him what if i cant give him the as much love as he give me"

Joyce "Buffy you already do by hugging him and being with him"

"mom can i get married" Buffy whispered.

Joyce smiled "If its Xander yes after all he save the life of mine princes and deserve half my kingdom" Buffy rested her head and cried in relief.

Later next day

Xander fumbled as he desperately tried to put Key in Key hole but dam it that was ONE slippery keyhole.

Then the door handle open and Joyce looked out "My good Xander what happen to you"

"just tired really really sleepy" Xander said standing still. Carefully study the door opening before going inside.

Joyce looked him over he looked well except a bandage on his arm.

But Buffy told her about it silver damage. "We better get you to bed." she said.

Xander nodded "I took every assassin thru the gates and by by to them. Even Miss Parker Poor miss Parker she smoke to much but now she must stop smoking"

Joyce smiled.

Behind them Garm walk inside. "Hi Joyce" he said.

Joyce "Why are you not helping."

Garm "He said he could walk him self i have been helping him but the last part he really said he like to walk by him self"

Night time Same time Giles house

Giles smiled as a tired but not coma looking Xander walk inside. "So the assassins are gone now"

Xander nodded seeing the fear and confusing from Faith and Wesley he explain about the other realm.

Wesley "Remarkable"

Faith "Wicked can i go their"

Xander "No you mortal and you would be stuck their for ever"

Faith "Ooo yea forgot about that.."

Xander looked at Wesley "So what are you then"

Wesley "I'm first Faith friend and protector. After that I'm her guide and Watcher I do not work for those guys in England."

Xander smiled "Good to have you with us"

Wesley "I'm not with you I'm with faith"

Xander "I know but IM Not going to let Faith die if i can help it.

So we are on the same team or friendly teams. But Giles what's the what"

Giles "Well yes the Fey are trying to find the weapons of the Mystic Knights its imperative that they DO not find them. Then the 'demon Belasco that we cut to ribbon has resurface causing trouble. Faith saw him."

Garm suddenly struck his head with his arm. "He is a Troll not a demon now i know where i seen his kind before"

Giles started to clean his glasses "Are you sure"

Garm "Yes only Fire can kill a troll permanent. Normal wounds even decapitation can kill a troll but not permanent they survive. Fire and magic can kill them permanent. Ooh yea if you eat the flesh so only the broken bones are left that kills him"

Everyone look curios on Garm so he clarified "That's the way Troll kills other trolls they are afraid of fire. And quite easy to burn"

Giles "right we find him kill him put his 'dead body on fire' we finally can get rid of that. Finally a Mr. Adam Pierson is the General of project Initiative he like to talk you so as soon as possible."

Xander nodded he would apparently get the chance to work him self in to a leader position if he was smart.

Giles continue "And Apparently a Jarod like a word with you he lives with angel right now"

Xander nodded busy schema. "Right"

Buffy "and Xander I DO" she said waving her ring finger in front of him.

Xander blinks his mind on more unpleasant things hade a hard time filling in the blanks before "YOU do when"

Buffy "Mom said during the weekend we lost quite some time of school" Xander "We should wait for Willow it would not be the same with out her" Both of them was smiling huge smile as they hugged and kissed.

Giles looked confused so did Wesley.

Faith smiled and giggled small tears fell from her face.

Giles "Can you translate Faith"

Faith rolled her eyes "If you SO stupid that you cant understand you don't deserve to know" she said in a surprisingly superior tone of voice.

Future HQ of Initiative

"Methos what are you doing." Duncan asked.

Adam 'Methos' Looked up "Trying to find some good food recipe and a place that have Mead"

Duncan massage his head "Why don't you have a meeting with the Lokison to plan"

Adam "That's what i am doing"

Duncan looked confused "By looking at food and drinks ?"

Adam nodded "The road to half gods friendship is by food"

Duncan rolled his eyes "Really"

Outside Sunnydale in a town far away

"How is it going" Officer Thomas O'Malley said.

Pete Franklin the Police Chief "Strange We are doing the good cop and bad cop routine"

Thomas "Its not working"

Pete "in a way it is. Gary is doing his Bad to the bone talk or i eat you and Alex is doing I'm you friend a nice one"

Thomas "So what are you taking about"

Pete "They are afraid of Alex"

Thomas "Your shitting me"

Pete shook his head and they looked in seeing the one of Biker they had found in the crashed Dinner filled with illegal drugs and guns visible flinch every time the small and cute female officer Alex look friendly.

Thomas "Strange"

Chapter 17
Family and friends.


Angstyr looked at his student "Reach inside of you feel the beast"

he spoke in a dreamy voice.

Willow "I I cant"

Angstyr "you are trying to use your brain girl do it by instinct not intelligent the beast is a animal it only understand instincts."

Willow looked confused.

Angstyr "you let your emotion and you intelligent and fear blind you to what you really thinks and do. You think you are so cute and sweet that sugar would melt on you RIGHT"

Willow "No i do no!"

Angstyr "Sure you do. But reach inside of you and you find that you ARE a Alpha command and control over you own is natural both you human and Wolf side like to rule and control others"

Willow "no I'm I'm not like that"

Angstyr "Only when you find you center free of illusion you will understand and you will be able to compromise. Why do you think Oz and Jonathan thinks you are their Alpha"

Willow "I'm not a controlling freak"

Oz Raised his eyebrow "I love you because you are one"

Jonathan nodded "Same here"

Willow blinks.

Angstyr "I manage to book place in the bath of dreams for us. Inside their you will face you true self your inner monster. Its scary awful but you grow stronger and it will become more easy to control the beast as it also learns about the realty and how to communicate with you"

Willow frowned "Why all those mediation then"

Angstyr "What good would it be if the Animal knows how to communicate but you don't know how to communicate back"

Willow "The bath will it not"

Angstyr "no the human mind is to complex a animal may get the skill like that because its simple. To much second thoughts fear and stupid ideas hides inside our brains to do that."

Jonathan "So scary like the Dark force cave on Daggoba"

Angstyr "Huh what"

Oz rolled his eyes. "don't ask"

Blue cow delivery

Mr. Parker called on the phone again. Still no answer.

Then suddenly his phone rang.

"Hello" he said this supposedly to be a unlisted number.

"Hi i like you assassins they were quite skilled. Do not worry they are alive and well living a simple life," the voice said.

Mr. Parker "Who is this"

The voice answered "A target. Be very careful if you catch a Hyena by its tail because it can still turn on you"

the phone when click.

Parker looked furious before he had the time to answer a man ran inside "Sir we have problem"

Parker looked up "What kind of problem"

"The government is sending agents to investigate any and all business deals we have. They seem to know our illegal activity." the man said in fear.

Mr. Parker frowned remembering a strange mail from their runaway Pretender -Its Time. Jarod.

"That son of a bitch" Parker screamed. Pointing at the man "Call the airport i like a plan to Hong Kong ready with in sixty minutes. And get me Quentin Travers in England NOW"

Short time later.

Parker hated to talk to his bosses in the triumvirate a team of highly powerful men and women from the secret Watcher organization. They scared him some of them able to use real magic defy the laws of nature it self.

"This better be important" Travers said.

Parker "It is thanks to Jarod and the Sunnydale debacle the government is investigating us"

Travers "Are they dead"

Parker looked shocked "You mean our targets. I have no idea if any one of them are even hurt. Our best sweepers are gone I'm praying to god that my daughter still is alive."

Travers "i expected a bit more profession from you"

Parker "Jarod warned them. And told the government"

Travers frowned "you let one of our pretender run away and then talk to the government"

Parker flushed "I did the best i could i promise. He knows nothing about his mystical abilities"

Travers "That's good the Pretender must never know about them"

Parker "yes sir but the Center is falling apart we have to re-organize South Africa maybe"

Travers "yes Africa would be good. But i think our holding in Germany would suite us better for now"

parker nodded "Yes sir i will start the rebuilding their. I have sent order for key personal to evacuate."

Travers "fine you will be held responsible for this fiasco. See that the other Pretenders are moved before any interference happens"

Inside the air duct an Angelus a friendly man with strong empathic ability listen carefully remembering every part. In his mind a mantra save Jarod save pretender. Warn Jarod free the pretenders was singing.


Travers put his phone down. Looking at his secretary "Se that Mr.

Parker and the rest of his family is assassinated and replaced as soon as the new HQ is operational in England." With that he began to walk.

The secretary nodded "Sir SIR" She said.

He looked at her "What" he said tired "We have another problem. Some one have been sending over these File of papers. To our Field watchers and even some on the council" she said.

Travers started to read the file he paled.

It was the information about the REAL origin of the slayer the blessing of the spirit of humanity and the power given by spirit of Dog and Cat.

Even a small Wiccan ritual that could help you sense the nature of a spirit in a slayer or potential. But the last was worst the written order the assassins had describing the persons they would kill and what type of weapon they had to use.

Information that only could have come from the Council.

Some where some one must have made a mistake the assassins should have memorize and destroy the papers.

Travers put the file down "Can it be contained" he said.

The secretary "No sir to many of our field watcher have already called in wondering why we kept this secret. Some even rebelled.

An many have been calling USA and Giles."

Travers bit his teeth together "Find out who is loyal and who is not we have to stop this before its to late."

The secretary nodded Civil war inside the Watcher council was not something she liked but she could feel it coming.


"Bloody hell" Giles said putting the phone down.

Jenny smiled and massage his head from behind while Kendra gave him a fond hug.

Giles smiled at his girls "this is the fifty call from England so far. What ever Xander posted must really have made an impact"

Kendra kiss him "and they all call you don't they"

Giles sighted "yes and Wesley thanks good"

Life was good he still felt a bit like a pervert but both of the girls loved him and he was putty in their hands with out ability to say no If he was a stronger man he would have.

Sometimes Giles felt weak and sometimes he just did not give a dam.

Sunnydale docks

Belasco grasp another vampire and toss him inside the room bound and gagged. "See that fifteen vampire one huge demons. Now twelve more and the enslaving magic and I have my army. THIS TIME godling your luck will not work."

Belasco decided frontal attack IS the one and only working plan after all Trolls may be smart in a strange way but changing their ways trying new ideas by them self was almost an impossibility.

They where more the Copy and paste kind of creature.

A house a in the other end of Sunnydale

"Thanks Adam" Xander said as his eyes looked hungry at the feast of food and mead that was put forward.

Adam smiled "Well I'm suppose to train you to become my second in command and eventually take over the command. I my self like to eat while i get to know some one so no problem. Lets eat and talk."

Xander smiled as he and Buffy sat down for an army guy this Adam sure was nice.

Adam smiled "You may not know it. But Giles know about it so here go. Let me tell you about human Immortals"

While they ate Adam told his story and soon they where talking like friends.

Duncan cooking in the kitchen and carrying out the food only wonder 1 how the hell this stupid plan could work.

2 How the hell Methos made him a servant.

3 When the hell was his turn to eat.

two days later

A black limousine was driving in the town.

"You are sure he would not mind" on of the man in the back said.

The other "No i just like to see the girl that caught him she must be special"

The first man nodded "I don't know him as well as you do but i am curious where he found that phone that he gave you."

William Shatner looked at his new phone small Urus metallic phone with everything in it. "I know Leonard i still don't know where Xander got it from its out of this world"

Leonard Nimoy nodded "Well maybe not out of this world. I wonder if he got it from the government"

William nodded "i wonder that to"

Chapter 18
Schooldays and work nights.

Xander put his math book down "This is not that hard" he said.

His instructor Mr. Adir Mohadir a small Arabian man "no this is a special type of book. Math class is not about solving a mathematic problem its about UNDERSTANDING how to solve it."

Adir "Some boys and girls learn differently then others they have equal or even superior intellect but they learn things in a different way. Standard school methods will actually hold us back confuse us."

Xander nodded "I see you sure i mean most teacher kind of thinks I'm stupid"

Adir shook his head "no the test NSA and the rest made on you and the papers we read just show us that you are highly intelligent bordering on Genius in areas that are about human interaction. You just learn things differently"

Xander nodded "Well why start with this book then"

Adir "We will give you a complete understanding in the areas you are bad in. So we will go true the junior school math. One every week you already know this the wrong way its just a refresher but in with the right method of teaching adapted to your way of learning.

Beside IF I'm going to teach you i need to know exactly the best way to teach you"

Xander nodded he already understood but the idea of a teacher that did not judge him stupid was mind-boggling.

Buffy sitting next "Why is I'm here then"

Adir "you miss are smart but your attention span are short really short. Your books will help you learning while keeping your attention focus"

Buffy rolled her eyes boring bla bla bla "Huh okay"

Adir rolled his eyes she did not even listen. "Start read you book and do the work it say"

Adir and Xander was soon involve in talking doing easy math while Buffy was doing her math.

"huh" Buffy said "Hi Adir this book it broken or something" Buffy said.

Adir "what are you talking about"

Buffy rolled her eyes "After five side of math it started to talk about Geography"

Adir smiled "Its to keep your mind from wandering and keep you interest the subject change. Really effective"

Buffy blinks strange but she continue reading answering the questions about what she recently read.

Giles looked over at Jarod that he got to know during the recent days. "This seems kind of childish"

Jarod "Its effective Xander from what i can understand is extremely smart but he has problem learning in traditional methods. Adir is one of the greatest in teaching others to how to learn by them self"

Giles "i see he is trying to find out how they best learn and then teach them how to learn by them self in a faster way"

Jarod nodded "its time consuming in the beginning but they will start learning more rapid after this."

"One may only hope" Giles said with a smile.

Sunnydale school for 14 old

PS the writer ME don't know if its junior or something so sorry... IF the place Reilly Finn came from is Wrong I'm SO SO SORRY because i have NO idea where he is from.

"Hi im Lisa Finn im from Arkansas, I like Judo, singing Big dogs. I live with my Brother Reilly Finn right now because my mom and dad things i can get better education in Sunnydale then at home" Lisa said as she introduced her self to the class.

The teacher "that's good any question and remember to introduce your self"

A boy raised his hand "Hi am Frank Do you know if he have shoot any terrorist together with Xander"

Lisa "Eee he Never speak about that"

A girl raised her hand "I'm also Lisa Do you like to skate"

Lisa "Yes i do"

A boy in the back raised his hand "Billy. Do you have a boyfriend, Or girlfriend"

Lisa blinked "No i have no one right now"

Billy "Well my girlfriend and me are looking to make it a threesome interested"

Lisa blinked this was unusual.

The teacher "BILLY those things talk about them AFTER school all right" Billy nodded reluctantly. And the teacher turned to Lisa "I'm sorry after a lust drug incident in high school cafeteria the number of bisexual became more socially accepted here and we are still trying to adapt"

Lisa blinked "I think Reilly mention something about that. I'm Heterosexual boring normal Heterosexual and to young to have sex way to young"

Billy "I'm only first base with my girlfriend no sex just petting and foreplay"

Lisa desperately felt like she was in the twilight zone.

Teacher "Billy sex talk AFTER School."

Lisa spoke nervously "are did you guys get effected also"

The class rolled their eyes almost at the same time "No most of us have big brother and sisters that Did"

Lisa paled "Its contagious"

The teacher "no more like monkey see monkey do." inside he had a hard time being hard to the student after all the teachers lunch room was next door and the lust drug had enter that room also.

Summers house

Ding dong. Ding dong.

The door bell range.

William looked irritated "It seem like no one is home"

Leonard "That would be kind of obvious look," he said pointing at a part of the wall.

William "that a huge hole"

Leonard nodded. "If we are going to visit our young friends and surprise him we better find out where he lives right now"

William "Right we can try tomorrow. I have to ask a friend of mine he might know where to look"

The two actors walks back to the car and drove of.

Inside Garm looked out "I never taught they would leave"

Joyce looked confused "who are they and why are you so afraid. Are they demons" she asked nervous

Garm "I'm am not afraid They are humans that made millions of Dwarf and humans crazy. I'm afraid they might have the same power over us if we meet face to face"

Joyce nodded "A cult or something"

Garm nodded "or something" worried he looked out being surrounded by Trekis was a returning nightmare of his.


Adam looked at the future head of the cybernetic research department. "So Psychology and medical Cybernetics. Unusual" he said with a friendly voice. "So miss Walsh. May i call you Margaret."

The woman sitting in front of him nodded "yes sir you may"

Adam smiled "Thanks I'm a bit of a medical expert even done some surgery and operation. So what i see when i read your information is something that impress me a lot"

Margaret smiled a thin smile "Thank sir"

Adam "Call me Adam. Margaret you have sign the papers so i can tell you right now. This will be a unusual work."

Margaret looked curious "Do tell"

Adam "Demons are real we sit right now on a gate to hell. One of our work will be study more effective method of killing HOSTILE Demons. We will be giving medical help to Werewolves and other mythical beast."

Margaret did looked pale "i have seen vampires and one demons during my teen years but you said medical help to werewolves"

Adam nodded "It true one of the reason human life on earth still exist is because of one because of The slayer a mystical female fighter that protected us all from anything demonical.

Two because of Were-creatures humans with animal abilities they also have protected humans against demons. But now days they just avoided them demons the fact that humans started to hunt them did alienate them from being protector. But don't be a fool many types of were-animal are quite crazy and dangerous during the full moon and should be avoided"

Margaret "I see. you mention three reason"

Adam smiled "that i did information about the last is completely classified only the head researcher of the medical teams are to know this and you will be but to death if you reveal this to any outside force. You have to sign this paper before i tell you"

Margaret fought a loosing war against her curiosity. "Let me read it first" she looked at the paper straight forward no hidden clause that she could find so. "Here i sign it"

Adam read it and nodded "Gods real honest gods and half gods. Is part of reason Three. The last is immortals human with the ability to become immortals anytime a gate to demons have open Immortals have been drawn their to fight the demons"

Margaret looked fascinated "You think its possible to study one of those immortal if we would find out how they work think about the military and the medical possibility"

Adam smiled "Bad idea. The same energy field that make a immortal make immortal unable to have children mortal give birth to future immortals. It also give the immortal every now and then a overwhelming urge to find and murder another Immortal.

Yes their is method to kill them immortals kind of keep that a secret"

Margaret "So its a energy field they have inside of them."

Adam nodded "From research already done show that it would me more likely to find the solution in the mortal mother or father then inside the immortal."

Margaret "I see"

Adam "The last part of the Initiative will be the study of things and object we buy and trade from creatures living on the nine worlds. Gates dimension gates will open from earth to the realm of giants and dwarfs elfs and other mystical things."

Margaret held her breath this sounded crazy but if it was true.

Adam "The elfs according to my information is eternals they don't grow old. And some giants and dwarf have been living for millennium quite the chance that we might find interesting medical mystery inside their. Mystery that are biology not energy"

Margaret nodded with biological sample from elfs and dwarfen and giants immortals compared and eternity was hers.

Adam smiled "And that come to the last point of our talk."

Margaret looked up "What is that"

Adam "Nine gates are going to open of them six gate are easy to travel and the rules of those gates rules that the Gods them self enforce is that NO military present may exist on permanent nature inside a area of miles radius around the gate"

Margaret frowned "So USA are going to just agree"

Adam "Russia China, France, need things inside the gates to survive. If USA greed mess this up Nuclear response from all of them would not be impossible result. Their are other gates that are more easy to control when the Nine are open. Like the Hellmouth it will become more dormant"

Margaret "I see"

Adam "you will soon. We know that a gate to Nidaviir the realm of Dwarfs will open with in weeks in a location hours drives. Away from here" Adam stood up pointing on the map in outside of LA.

"We will be trading with the Chinese and other nations if we stop them from using the gate they can stop us from using their gates. So spy and agents will be crawling around here" Adam said.

"Most of the anti spy duty other agency will deal with but we will be training merchants and guards that will travel to the other realms to buy things any thing from medical to magic" Adam said. "luckily A young man named Xander and his adopted 'brother' that grow up in Jotenheim and Alfheim will be teaching our men how to survive. The kids are them self half gods quite powerful allies that USA really like to have as friends. So do not make them enemies"

Adam then looked at her. "We better talk later its a bit much"

Margaret nodded.

After school

Buffy and Xander was carefully running according to Giles the object the Fey was after was hidden in the graveyard in front of them.

Closing they started to walk then sneak as they heard voices Xander pull the hood of his cloak and turned hyena.

Buffy grasp her axe and made it large again.

In front of them a small group of fey was binding a human girl to a altar sharpening a knife.

Xander looked at Buffy "I go first" he whispered.

Pulling the hood back revealing his hyena face Xander walk forward "Cool girl food can any one come"

The Fey turned and look seeing only one were thing looking peaceful but hungry at the capture girl they relaxed. "Were-dog" they began.

Xander interrupted "Hyena actually not dog" friendly.

The fey nodded "Were-hyena we are sacrificing her to thank the spirits that the sword is ours. After we are don you may eat her"

Xander "Cool you know Girl" he said looking at the scared girl "things are looking up"

Suddenly a scream made the Fey turn around "FEAR ME IM CUTE AND CUDDLY" and a blond banshee landed among them waving and cutting Fey apart with her axe.

Xander smiled "Don't worry I'm going to save you" He said irritated that the girl refuse to believe him maybe she was a cat person.

Xander pulled his sword stabbing a Fey holding a crossbow he relaxed seeing Buffy going Amazon on the fey.

"You know that's my love" he said to the bound girl. "She is so beautiful don't you think"

Buffy jumps high did a spread eagle kick on two Fey landing sitting down making the Fey in front of her miss her completely. His huge sword cleaved the air above Buffy. As Buffy cleaved his lower part.

The girl looked hard then made a wavering gesture with her fingers. "seen better but she sure is cute" the girl whispered her voice dry. Xander "na she looks perfect smell perfect and fight great"

Buffy grasp the two handed axe the Fey was swinging with her left hand she smiled "I'm cute I'm small I'm cuddly fear me" she said as she laughing cut of the feys right hand with her own axe.

The girl looked up "You are really here to save me"

Xander nodded "yea i always save humans its what i do"

The girl nodded "But don't werewolf eat humans"

Xander "Bad press. We are part humans it would be cannibalism and that's wrong"

Buffy grasp a huge fey from behind lifting him she throw him on the remainder.

Seeing that they started to run and crawled away.

Xander "I do love you" he said hugging Buffy tapping her body to feel if she was unhurt.

Buffy smiled and blushed as his hands was to close to private. "I'm fine X let the girl loose now"

Xander nodded and helps Buffy cut the girl lose.

Buffy grab the sword "It look ugly red and yellow flame pattern like a cheep Hollywood sword" Buffy complained.

Xander "well lets get it out of here it have magic power in it"

Buffy looked at the girl "So can we escort you anywhere safe"

The girl nodded "yes i live at the motel right now Mom and me are driving thru. We are going to Hollywood mom got a job."

Chapter 19
Living the normal life.

Jarod looked at Miss Parker he was glad that Xander did not carry her off in to another realm. "So are you allrigt"

"NO I'm not" she said still any and pissed that she did not have a gun. Jarod "I can understand the center have fallen you are capture and have to live in a small room. Kind of like the laboratory i grow up inside"

Miss Parker nodded "yea rat boy kind of like that" she sat down looking sad.

Jarod "they are not going to keep you here permanent. You will be released as soon as the government trust you. Or if you do the swear a Geas of loyalty to Garm."

Parker looked up "that's like becoming a slave"

Jarod "No that only remove you ability to stab him or Xander in the back personally"

Miss Parker "That kid i will skin him alive"

Jarod "I see you still angry at him"

Parker nodded hogtied nude and bound to the roof would make Mother Therese murdering angry and she sure was not a saint.

School lunch hour

The students eating on the grass outside the dinner something most did just in case any love spells or drugs was released All of them suddenly stopped talking and started to stare in fascination.

Xander blinked o NO no no no not in school he hated when one of his secrets was relived and in school. NO the pain the suffering the humiliation.

Buffy "Is that Kirk and Spock" she said looking pale.

Xander nodded "Hi William Mr. Nimoy"

The actor smiled "Call me Leonard"

William "I tried to find you at the Summer's home but know one was their Xander"

Xander shrugged "Strange I'm sure Garm and Joyce would be their we are in the process to move but"

William sat down "Why are you everyone eating outside"

Xander rolled his eyes "Long story its involve a lust potion and a huge orgy now most don't feel like its secure to eat inside.

William blinked "Are you shitting me?" he asked in a disbelieving voice.

Suddenly more then one student responded having listen in. "no its true" was heard from fifteen students.

Xander smiled seeing the other student most the Trekis closing in smelling fame and star trek "could we go somewhere thanks"

William nodded "yea right. So that's Buffy"

Buffy nodded feeling overwhelmed. "Xander you did not tell me that you know him this good"

William blinked "You haven't told them."

Xander "Na it felt like bragging I just told them I was visiting my uncle Rory I consider you a uncle"

Leonard laughs something that most Trekis felt strange. "Xander use to visit during the summer sometimes"

Behind them the Trekis that they finally was leaving behind started to drool and the cult of Xander was started.

Buffy "and and you never told me"

Xander "I was planning on inviting Will and Leo on our wedding.

Beside no one ask if i know them."

"That's not an answer" Buffy screech. And Xander just smiled flinched but smiled.

Leonard "So when its the big date."

Xander "next week its a four days free of class we are thinking of doing it then"

William "Well I be coming. Beside i have to ask about the phone you gave me." He said holding up his Trekie Dwarfen designed mobile phone with Urus shell.

Xander blanched Oboy that would be hard to explain.

Chapter 20
Troll times.

Angstyr smiled at his star students Oz and Jonathan then lost then his smiled turn to pity.

Willow she sure had hard time learning.

To Smart to listen to instinct to proud to give up control.

Yet she was learning and understanding.

If she only could do it with out anxiety and tears of shame.

"Let it go girl." he said holding her head.

Willow "I'm a bad person. I didn't even understand I held Xander back I even encourage him to believe he was stupid. Just because I believe he would dump me if he was smart"

Angstyr nodded "You did not do it out of malice girl but fear right" Willow nodded "yes but"

Angstyr "no but girl your true Enemy is FEAR. You are an Alpha a leader but your FEAR is turning you leader ability in to a sick need of Control. Just understand your fear and your emotion. Don't analyze them just understand them"

Willow "But how can i know if i don't"

Angstyr sighted "Its not about Intelligent a more stupid person would have more easy to do this then a smart one. The smart think to much with their brains"

Willow blinked "But that don't make sense."

"Ay Their you go again" Angstyr sighed he was not a scholar.

"may might be able to help you" The voice of Lord Fair was singing in a in the way only a Elf voice could.

"Me Lord" Angstyr said bowing.

Waving a hand Lord Fair study the teenagers "So these are the earthlings how depressing i expected more exotic looking humans"

Angstyr "Cant help you their me lord" he said with a smile.

Lord Fair smiled "I be needing you skill Dog we have a huge hunting party next week."

Angstyr nodded "i be ready me Lord"

Lord Fair "Good i think if you use this key to my wine cellar you find a bottle of fairy gold in their. Let her drink as much of the wine as she can and then let her visit the Bath of dreams Again.

Fairy gold can bring you visions of the future they say combine that with the magic in the pool she will be able to help her self"

Angstyr "Me lord I I cant a bottle of Fairy Gold cost more then I could ever buy"

Lord Fair smiled "Well lucky you I cant remember if I had five or four bottle way don't you run away and see. I trust you don't steal anything" he said with a smile handing over the key.

Angstyr smiled "Yes Me lord I will do that"

Police station outside Sunnydale A day before

The two Police officers came storming inside the chiefs office. "We got it Sir."

The chief put his glasses on and smiled "I'm glad you did but what did you got"

Officer Gary and Alexa looked at each other before Gary in his growling voice "The knowledge about the biker bashing"

The chief "You mean the id on the ones that beat up the biker gang" Alexa nodded "Yes they refuse to speak only to say things like don't hit me and cry as soon as i came in the room" She said looking puzzled and strangely happy.

First time ever anyone been afraid of her a 29 year old short blond and cute not beautiful or sexy but CUTE. And now a whole gang of Bikers more then fifty was scared of her kind of a nice warm feeling inside of her.

Gary "We found out that two of the Harley bikes was missing. A witness told us that two men in fur coats lifted them on a Jeep a military type"

The chief nodded "Go one."

Alexa smiled "The gas station down the road have a surveillance camera" she took forward a tape and put it in the video player in the room. "Just look ID Plats on the car. The two bikes and the faces of the biker bashers"

The video started to play showing the inside of a boutique and teenager working behind the cashier. Outside the Gas station was clearly visible.

Suddenly a jeep came in the picture stopped by a automat. The cars id was visible so was the two bikes on the roof.

The doors opened from the front a man maybe 22-25 years old came from the driving side a younger 16-18 came from the other side.

From the back doors came two young girls a darker haired teen probably 12-14 and a blond short 15-18 and really cute.

The tape froze on her face.

The Chief Pointed "She remind of you Alexa younger a bit more sexy but a close look alike" The chief did not even notice the angry eyes Alexa gave him. Even a younger girl was more sexy then her. And Gary her working partner just nodded.

The tape continue playing.

The younger girl danced around making pretend karate kicks and hits. talking vividly to the others. Pointing and laughing the rest seem to have a lot of fun.

The tape froze.

Gary "I asked the guys working in their if they overheard anything. He said that the younger girl was impressed about a fight but he was not sure exactly"

Alexa "So chief what do you think."

The chief smiled "The ID state California I can see that"

Gary "I looked up the rest its registered in Sunnydale belonging to the military post. It was on a loan"

Alexa "We can go down their. The locals cops may help us and just stealing and beating criminal up is still against the law."

Gary smiled "Please"

Chief "Go go if they have the bike get the local officers help to arrest you. But we don't have a budget to pay for hotel during your journey"

Alexa "Don't worry boss My aunty Joyce Summer live in Sunnydale she always been asking me to come and visit her and her child Elisabeth i think it was. She must be well 15 or 17 now last time i seen she was a 6 year old depress girl that lost her hair in a Glue accident"

Chief "Well on you go then."

The two officers walk out to their cars a fun journey.

Sunnydale the Summer mansion

Joyce smiled as she looked around the new house.

They all hade gather their to eat food and enjoy the companionship of old and new friends.



Garm Faith.




Graham Giles.




Adam Duncan.

And of course Xander's friends She still could not understand that he was a friend of THEM.

The large table was filled it was truly a happy dinner table.

William "I'm impressed the house is beautiful"

Leonard Nodded "So am it will be a wonderful house once its fully decorated."

Joyce blushed "Thanks Mr. Shatner and Mr. Nimoy"

William "No call me Will or William. Xander been a pen pal of mine ever sense I save him in Las Vegas. My own family love him he is almost like a part of our family."

Xander smiled "Thanks uncle" said with a bit of irony and a friendship in his voice.

The actor smiled "Its true Xander you are like family" Will said smiling.

Leonard "old and new friends Great food this truly is a perfect day nothing could go wrong"

The room fell silent only the clock was heard everybody except William looked at Leonard in shock.

"Why did you say that" Buffy whined.

Giles cleaned his glasses "That rather careless of you"

The two actors blinked fearful much.

DING DONG "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa" Lisa screamed and hide under the table.

Buffy grasp her necklace ( the axe in its smallest shape )"I get the door" she said.

Silent fell a bit later she came back "Mom do we have a cousin name Alexa summers "

Joyce "Yes you meet her when you where six i think it was just after the Glue incident you where SO sad and depress and completely with out hair. She manage to make you smile. You look so Cute Buffy. I think i have some photos of that time"

Buffy paled the glue incident. "No mom never mention that again" she could see the rest smiling and Faith "Mrs. S I need to see those Photo" Buffy frowned that that evil monster girl.

Xander "Me to I like to see them" Buffy blushed traitor.

Giles then notice something "I see they walk in after you."

Everyone in the room looked up behind Buffy a older female the same size blond hair and cute was the only word to describe her is cute. She had a police jacket on and jeans and a dark shirt.

Beside her a large strong man with a burn mark in the face.

He looked like a no nonsense no hostage kind of cop. Dirty Harry would be proud.

"Hi Aunty Me and my partner Gary is in town we are searching after a criminal" Alexa started.

Gary suddenly froze William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Oboy he must ask for a autograph later.

Then his eyes turned hard. A young girl check, An Alexa look alike. Check. A young man and an older male teenager check.

Gary "Look Alexa" he said pointing to the suspect sitting beside each other at the table.

Alexa looked at the table Seeing William she almost screamed "O My good its Captain SOLO. I love you in the return of the Wokkie"

Xander almost swallowed his tongue in trying not to laugh.

Then she looked around her eyes turned hard "YOU you stole bikes.

And beat up a biker gang"

Xander smiled "have any one pressed charges against us ?"

Alexa "No but I'm mean."

Xander smiled "Did you find drugs sleeping drugs inside the kitchen"

Gary nodded "yes" he did not say anything about the food.

Xander smiled friendly "You don't have a case no real proof. They criminals are not going to press any charges against us because they know they lose." His smile turn sinister "They tried to drug us probably to kill us male and rape the girls. The only reason they still are alive is because of Lisa. I protect my friends and my loved ones"

Alexa blanched "I see"

Adam stood up "I'm with the Government they are right now under our protection. Xander have done us a huge favor and he is not a criminal." he showed her his brand new ID card.

Alexa frowned "Something strange is going on here"

Then suddenly a door opened and fifteen Fey warrior came running inside waving sword and shoot guns.

Gary Jumps grasping Alexa and dived for cover.

Xander and Reilly, Garm and Graham let the dog loose.

"FEAR ME IM CUTE AND CUDDLY" Buffy war scream made a Fey forgot to fire his gun. As Xander sword suddenly cut him down.

Lisa was back under the table "Hi Mr. William" she said. "If I understand correctly this happen quite often in this town. Don't be afraid" she said glad that she recently been to the bathroom.

The two actors blinked, Happened often.

Outside Xander was down bleeding from a shotgun wound. The Fey leader screamed "NOW cut of his head before he heals."

Then suddenly the front door was kicked open "Go inside my Minions and kill them all" Belasco the troll screamed as his Vampire and Demons ran inside.

Xander smiled "Sweet saved by a free for all"

His chest wound was closing up bone healing it self and flesh regrowing.

Joyce peeked out from under the table. "I hate when this happened." Sighting she looked up grasping a small pistol. "If you know how to use this guns their are one on your side," she said to the two actors.

Peking out she started to aim and shoot on Fey slowly and carefully. Leonard looked at William "I always said that their was something strange with that boy." he said looking out at the now standing and fighting Xander-hyena boy.

Buffy at the same time was standing face to face with Belasco.

The troll growled "Curse your Luck Godling this time you army is twice as huge"

Buffy "Huh. Ooh you mean the Fey. They are like you enemy. Thanks for saving us"

Belasco growled "Aaaa DIE DIE DIE"

Buffy easy jumps and dodge "So am i correct that you don't wish me a long life"

Belasco "NO DIE DIE. Stand still and let me kill Ouuutch" the troll said as his head was cut asunder by Buffy Axe.

Belasco fell down with the sound of a falling tree.

William "Just look at that girl fighting"

Alexa nodded seeing Buffy breaking the bone of a six feet tall green guy. While scoping off the head of a female teenager that turned to dust.

Soon the battle was over.

Adam frowned "I see that the security doors are installed Tomorrow not next week. And i sent over a cleaning team" Looking at the guest.

"And you guys did not see the hostile Vampires, Demons and the Elven Fey"

Garm "See that the Troll body is burned or he will just come back for more."

William shook his head.

Leonard did the same.


Giles "The answer is not a nice one"

Alexa "I don't care I want the truth."

Wesley "But are you sure you can handle the truth"

William looked at Leonard "I'm going to regret this. I Like to know that too even if its a awful realty I still like to know"

Xander nodded and looked at Adam. "Alright Those of you that need to know the truth come with me. You have to sign paper promising that you never reveal what you learn"

The two actors nodded they both like to know what's is happening. The two Officers "We are coming"

Buffy "And i call the Pizza delivery"

they all nodded that sounded like a plan.

Chapter 21
Rising to the occasions.

Xander study the movement carefully he was royally pissed of beside him Reilly and Garm was.

The Fey where obviously changing their hideout removing weapons and tools probably fearful that the defenders would notice them or track them down.

Shivering in fear he consider the facts 1 the fey inside was ten to one.

2. They almost got their ass handed to them by fifteen Fey. Only the stupid Troll attack save them.

3. Buffy would be really angry missing this fight.

Number 3 really made him fearful.

Garm raised his hand and spoke with sign language a hunter speech they learned. -When and how-Xander -i will post a message with my phone where we are and where the fey are then we attack them.-

Garm nodded -kind of many-Xander -yes but see that guy looking like a cross dresser in a blue dress-Garm -yes he looks like a mage-they smiled.

Reilly -what are you talking about-Garm -after the attack i said that the fey was stronger then they should be that maybe some one use magic to boost their strength-

Reilly smiled a priority target.

Xander nodded -just remember Fey are weaker then human but faster much faster. That make them deadly-

The team nodded their were body would be a great equalizer.

Xander pushed the phone and a message was send calling for backup and claiming they hade to fight now or lose The enemies.

Graham -let me begin the merry dance- he said loading the big sniper crossbow. Aiming at the mage.

Xander smiled this would be fun. And hopeful Buffy would forgive him.

Buffy looked up after reading the note on her mobile phone. "I Hate you Xander wait for me" Grabbing the Immortal Duncan arm she began to run like a banshee.

Aiming slowly Graham synchronized his breath and heartbeat waiting and slowly squeezing the trigger.

The Crossbow jerked as the wooden arrow suddenly was accelerated to a speed superior to a gun.

Suddenly the head of the mage exploded in blood and slime and fell down in the middle of the fey soldier.

Then before they had recovered Xander and Garm came running in Reilly a bit more cautious but followed waving his glaive. Graham released the Sniper crossbow and took up his trusted army AK5. And started to shoot Fey from distant preventing them from forming a good defense.

Screaming as he attack "Scream Havoc and release the dogs of WAR"

Xander said as he attack a Fey with a ornamented uniform.

The Fey officer barely manage to raise his sword a thin sword looking like fencing foil but deadly sharp.

The sword struck and the battle was joined.

Xander attacked cutting but the Officer parried and struck back with his knife Xander barely manage to parry that with his arm.

The Fey only response was to kick him hard on the feet.

Xander ignored that as he tried to poke the Officer with his sword. He parried it and came with the Dagger again.

Xander frowned this fey was good and fast time to use his ability.

The Fey stabbed with the dagger trying to cut Xander sword arms on the shoulder.

Surprisingly Xander did not even parry he just let the cut connect. Then he grasped the fey arm in a hard bone crushing grip.

Xander growled the Dagger was stuck in the bone of his right arm shoulder. That hurt. He cut clumsy with the sword arm at the Fey sword arm.

The Hit was perfect the Fey dropped the sword.

But he now hade a grip on the Fey Officer as he broke its arm he force it on its knee.

Xander growled as he cut of its head.

Behind him the battle was going bad for both side.

Reilly and Garm looked like they was cut to ribbon still fighting but hurt.

The fey was falling as bullets from the outside kill them or they was killed by Xander team.

Xander "GIVE UP and you will live" The Fey look uncertain a moment. Pressing his advantage "WE have backup coming in any moment you don't"

Garm study the fey they where nervous "your commander is dead the Mage is dead with out him you need our help to go home Right"

Reilly nodded "We don't have to be enemy. Earth never wanted to fight you during the 70th"

The fey slowly put their weapon away.

Xander smiled "kick them over here. Reilly pick them up and back of"

Xander nodded "Good We will take you to the commander of the Initiative he is the one responsible for American Gate traveling and Extra Dimensional sentinels. They will question you and release you."

Short time after the door was open Buffy and a winded Duncan stood outside.

"Xander are you allrigt" Buffy said worried.

Xander "Fine no pain or suffering" he said trying to look unbleeding.

Buffy "Your bleeding" She looked angry and afraid and that made him nervous.

"No no not at all its just bugs" Xander said.

Buffy "And the dagger in your arm."

Xander "Big bugs really big"

"We will talk about this after you got some medical attention" Buffy said.

Xander was relieved almost hoping it would take long time to remove the Dagger. Beside he wonder how William would react finding out that his young friend was a real Demon hunter.

Initiative HQ

The place was not that impressive yet but they could see large scientific areas being build.

Army bunk beds and strangely Stock markets post.

Adam smile "One of the things we are doing IS trading with the other Nine worlds so finding out what price gold and silver have in our world is essential."

Leonard "incredible" he looked baffled at the huge training area.

Adam nodded "We have to train the troops in alternate weapons. In many of the worlds magic make guns almost useless. So sword and knife training will go on here"

They walk beside an area filled with Cages all empty except one where Belasco body was resting inside his head split in two.

William "Why is his dead body in here not a morgue or something"

Adam smiled "Troll can survive a death beating as long as they are not burned or repeatedly killed.

Cut to pieces or eaten. They will regain life again"

Leonard "Impressive you dealt with this kind before"

Adam "No but Garm have he told us. Apparently they are quite the scholar remembering almost everything. But they are also unable to invent things by them self.

They are copy anything they seen even their languish is a copy of other creatures."

They moved away from Belasco dead body inside his body was slowly gathering energy to repair the damage skull by regrowing it.

Summer mansion

"Hi mom" Lisa said in the phone.

Phone "........"

Lisa "yes they are treating me fine here"

Phone "........"

Lisa "and i got some friends in school."

Phone "........"

Lisa "no not like that mom its just"

Phone "........"

Lisa "They are Weird Crazy even the other kids nuts mom"

Phone "........"

Lisa "No not in a dangerous way. Lets just say that alternate lifestyles is husband and wife living a Heterosexual life with out partner on the side"

Phone ""

Lisa "Mom Mom are you their"

Phone "........"

Lisa "NO MOM I'm to young to have Sex and so are they."

Phone "........"

Lisa Blushed "I know that mom and i not interested in that yet"

Phone "........"

Lisa "why i think its a side affect after the older kids had a orgy"

Phone "........"

Lisa "No no mom it was a love spell or something that gone wrong."

Phone "........"

Lisa "I'm completely safe Mom no fighting going on anywhere near me" She said decided to not mention the Bar fight and the Attack on the house or the demon that tried to eat her in school.

Luckily the Teacher had kill it.

Phone "........"

Lisa "Sure its like a normal town just a bit strange"

Phone "........"

Lisa "I will tell Reilly that Love you mom"

She put the phone down and walk to the kitchen. Hoping next dinner would not be interrupted by demons nasty elfs.

Chapter 22
Living the usual life.

Barry football players sat talking happy with Billy a first class Geek member of the computer club Trekie and complete loser.

Xander looked carefully around something hellmouthy was going on. And it made him nervous the border between cool and uncool had broken or was re-written.

Smiling like a cat Cordelia spoke "Wondering what's happen!"

Xander flinched "I well yes Cordy i do"

Cordy smiled "Its your fault first you fight terrorism steal a truck load of guns. You save other from gang members on PCP a LONG time before that. The Students suddenly start to remember that as a fact."

Cordy looked down a bit "most of them still don't believe or understand that it was Vampires you saved them from. But Still they remembers. Then you have visit from Captain Spook and Mr. Kirk. And the geek go wild"

Xander "So what's go on"

Cordy smiled "The student have decided YOU are the male definition of Cool. You go you own way. You save others are a great fighter but don't brag or tell ANY one a vigilante a Hero and still manage to keep you grades."

Xander paled "No no no"

Cordy nodded "Yup the real question is what you nick name is going to bee." Nodding towards the football team "They like to name you the Dark knight after Rat man or Batman something"

Xander raised his eyebrow.

Cordy continue "Then the computer and literature class along with most of the Cheerleaders like the Shadow as a name. You move in the shadow you don't reveal you self or wear a stupid costume"

Xander blushed "Its the clothes that make the man"

Cordy smiled a bit "I wonder what you are then stud muffin. Last some of the guys and specially the new girl Kendra like to call you Wild dog i have no clue in that" Cordy sighted "By the way I wish you a happy marriage to Buffy."

Xander smiled "thanks Cordy. You do know that you are a friend"

Cordy smiled "I know"

Xander nodded a long day indeed.


Willow was sitting down studying her hands the magic had made her see her self.

She was ruled by fear instead of overcoming it she had been hiding it behind a need of control.

Xander sweet friendly Xander was her biggest victim she had more or less kept his belief in him self down.

She could have help him away from his abusive Father but fear again stopped her.

Fear of losing his friendship if he lived in a better home.

Willow really felt like crying but she had no more tears.

The worst part Willow thought is that she did not even realize the error until that magic potion the Fairy wine and the bath of dream made her see it from his side and her side.

"I'm a bad person" she said with out conviction but with shame and disgust.

Oz sat down and hug her "I love you so do Jonathan."

Willow hugged him closer "How can you love me i told you what i seen. And you even seen some of it during our joint dreaming"

Oz smiled "I did but i also seen the other side of you. Your potential for being selfless and helpful you willingness to risk you own life to protect others"

Willow "but i hurt my friends"

Oz "its your fears you can overcome them be free from them"

Willow "Are you sure" she said whimpering. Inside of her she could feel the wolfs belief in her and it love a love a favorite dog would have for its mistress.

She truly understood why Angstyr could work as a Dog. Part of him was no more then a dog and his work was more to train and control that part.

Being both animal and animal trainer rolled up in one shape changing body.

Oz study her "You ready"

Willow smiled "I'm ready it be fun hunting like a wolf"

Oz smiled "yes and now we remember it its like we see what the wolf see and can talk to it"

Willow "Yes but it still smart as a dog"

Oz "I know we just have to train our wolf like a dog. It knows that we are smarter and better to survive then it are"


"BY ODIN" Thor said slamming his fist in the table "Sorry Dad" he said to Odin that spilled his drink. "I will not let that happen"

Loki "So you are going to stop them"

Thor "No I'm going to let them hold their wedding in MY castle its after all one of the biggest in Valhalla."

Odin smiled that it was he never ceased to amaze the amount of fun Thor and Bragi hade building that monster of mansion Some servants got lost for years inside that thing.

Loki "I think that would be a fun idea and unless Odin say no Heimdall might allow us to use Bifrost to bring in the guest"

Thor "Can we dad"

Odin rolled his one eye "Yes you may But you most remember NOT to lose any guest in your building its like a labyrinth inside."

Thor "I will cut off passages and walk way so only the used part is workable"

Odin nodded "and you stay sober"

Thor "And i stay WHAT" he said with trembling voice.

Odin "No mead no booze for you."

Thor nodded "I promise. Dad."

Loki "I say let us surprise them any one love surprises"

Odin hid his smiled this would be fun. No not now Odin taught as Sif and Sigyn was silently walking toward Thor and Loki.

Sif "THOR you will NOT surprise them with a wedding in Valhalla. You will TELL THEM and INVITE THEM not kidnap them."

Thor "But honey its romantic"

Sif "I'm A Love and War goddess You are a storm god i know MORE about romance then you End of discussion"

Sigyn looked at her husband "Are you not going to say anything darling"

Loki shrugged "If you and Sif say its a bad idea its probably is a Fun idea but bad. We was trying to help them not make it difficult."

Sif "So you listen to me then"

Loki rolled his eyes "Of course i do you know how me and Thor we are fumbling fools when it come to love. And we tend to forget that"

Sigyn smiled and kissed him before walking away.

Behind her she could see that her kiss once again gave Loki a funny goofy smile of pure happiness.

Behind them Odin sighted no fun and crazy wedding then.

Thor looked hopeful at Loki "Do you think we should invite the queen of England and that president guy"

Loki eyes started to shine in joy.

Sif "No only friends and family IS That understood"

Loki "yes. Then inviting John, Elton to play would be stupid"

Sif "No wait that would be kind of cool the kids would love it. And I'm sure Elton would not mind playing during a wedding."

Thor smiled "Any other artist"

Sif nodded "I know the 'Red Hot Chili Peppers' Buffy said she knew about that group"

Behind them Odin tried to stop from laughing this would be fun.

Initiative HQ

Adam was looking over the troops. "So USA of A finest Right"

"SIR YES SIR" the troops echo.

Adam "Great absolutely great." Shaking his head he looked at the recruiter "I did say troops with creativity. Right. I did say Troops with social skill RIGHT"

The Recruiter a officer that had traveled around the country finding the troops needed "Yes sir you did but. You see those are kind of hard to find and these are excellent troops tactical and military"

Adam "And what about socially"

The recruiter "What do you mean"

Adam "I need troops that can behave civilized in a situation that Looks dangerous but are harmless. I need troops that will NOT start shooting if something strange is happening."

The recruiter "I see but. If you gave me clearance and told me exactly what the mission is doing i can help you find the troops more easy"

Adam "No presidential order you don't need to know. I like Troops that are creative like a Police officer a Ranger. Or a Spy. These guys will only be use full for protection of base and body guard duty if even that"

The recruiter "I see. I will get back to you"

Adam "you do that."

Behind him the troopers was listening and frowning.

Adam "Well From what i seen you are quite nice in the fighting area. We will train you until you are Good. Duncan" His friend and now Bodyguard walk forward. "Yes Adam"

Adam smiled "This is my bodyguard and friend Duncan he is not Military but have high clearence almost as much as i have. Call him Mr. Macleod or SIR"

The troops "YES SIR"

Adam smiled "Fine. Duncan find the troops groups officers you will start to train them. Garm will be helping you." Adam smiled "The Security personals in this base you will be given advice from Xander a soon to be 18 year old school kid"

Seeing the confusing on the troop he continue.

Adam "A school kid that officially neutralize a terror cell and stole a truck load of weapons from a military station with out killing ONE single trooper. The kid knows what he is doing. The official story will be told eventually to those that remain with us."

Adam walked out leaving a sea of curious troopers.

A strong arm stopped him "Was that really necessary" Garm said.

Adam "It was the guys would never respect a young kid like Xander Now they know that their is more behind him then what meet the eyes"

Garm "I see. I will begin with training. Do you have a mud pit"

Adam blinked "A what"

Garm "We use Mud pit deep mud to fight in to increase speed and balance"

Adam "I see we have to arrange it then" inside he was laughing strange training but if it work and Garm was a good fighter for a puppy.

Now he had to read the report activity of magic had increased in LA not surprising the gate to the dwarfen land would open right between LA and Sunnydale.

But the activity in Arizona by fey troops was bad it looked like more then two different fraction of the elven creature was trying to find weapons on earth.

The gate to Jotenheim had been found not open but soon.

Xander would be glad to hear the gate was far away in Russian.

But Svartalfheim opening close to Disney land was a bit irritating. But two gates of military and political importance in USA would give them huge bonus.

The spies and trader from the different country of earth had already begin to come causing no end of problem spy VS spy.

No LA was not fun to be near and it would be his mission to keep it peaceful.

Adam sat down "I wonder if they would let me nuke the place"

Smiling a bit he continue reading. More and more Ghost is seen all over earth.

Adam sighed This mean that the base here would be more a scientist research lab and a training area and recovery area for the troops.

Most time they would be posted in La or in another place

The Hellmouth would need its defender and he would only be giving limited help.

Adam smiled finally something that he or any one of his friend had nothing to do with and don't need to do a thing.

Summers mansion

Buffy "HI mom"

Xander "Hi Mom"

Joyce smiled finally he called her mom. "You have a letter"

Xander and Buffy looked at the paper inside "Its from our Dads they say that our Wedding will be in Valhalla they have Sif helping them arrange everything including transport for OUR guest to and from."

Buffy looked up "Sound great. But what are our priest going to say"

Xander nodded "yea he might freak out"

Joyce "Well Father O'Leary have been our family friend for years i think he will get over it"

Xander nodded "Right. They said we should write down a list on guest. So let start"

Buffy smiled "Cool now i can see if you know anymore famous guys or girls"

Chapter 23
Staking my love.

Officer Gary and officer Lisa was talking in a three way communication with their chief at the police station.

Gary "Yes sir we kind of found out the reason of the Biker basher.

Apparently they tried to drug some kids."

Lisa "My niece and her boyfriend and a 14 year old"

Police Chief "Your Niece"

Gary "Yup she looks just like Lisa only less childlike"

Lisa "Hey"

Gary smiled "Sorry but she is more develop then you. But you are cuter"

Lisa growled she did not want to be cute she like to be beautiful.

Police Chief "Fine fine. What about the fact that they stole some bikes from the gang"

Gary "No can do. Sir the government have some investment in them.

Beside the gang is TO afraid of them to press charges."

Lisa "Beside the biker gang is criminal. Like Garm say Criminal have no rights"

Police Chief "I will not have a Vigilante running amok. Understand." Gary "Yes sir. But technically they where defending them self. If by defending you mean kicking their but then continue kicking when they try to runaway."

The Police Chief laughs "Well non of the Biker Gang is hurt AND if they are under government protection. Trying to arrest em would only hurt us. NO i think we better ignore what ever they are doing"

Gary "Sir you have NO idea how right you are"

Police Chief "By the way did you manage to see the famous Terrorist fighter of Sunnydale"

Lisa smiled "Yes sir he is Buffy's Boyfriend."

It sounded like the Chief hade an accident probably with his coffee. "cough Gurgle"

Gary "Are you allrigt Chief"

Police Chief "Are you saying that Xander guy was one of the guys that kick the hell of a whole Biker gang."

Lisa "Yes SIR Reilly was one of the soldier he 'kidnapped' during the incident"

The Police chief "The biker was over fifty and the two of them kick their buts"

Lisa "HEY they where Three Buffy fight also beside she is way stronger then Reilly or Xander"

There was silence.

More silence.


Police Chief "Are you NUTS if Buffy is the Older look like Lisa girl on the video tape. Their is NO way in hell she can be that strong"

Gary "Well sir i personally saw her lift a six feet guy" Gary well demon but who counting "and throw him thru a wall"

Police Chief "I don't know what you aunty is feeding that girl but Lisa eat a lot"

Lisa "Hey"

Summer mansion

Faith swallowed this was hard. She could see her target sitting quietly sharpening weapons eating and watching Oprah.

"Come on Faith you can do it" Faith whispered to her self. Strange finding a boy toy for the night was EASY but not with HIM.

Beside ever sense Wesley came to her life in his stupid fatherly clumsy way she could not do one night lay anymore.

Walking inside she looked nervously at Garm "Hi"

Garm looked up "Hi faith you like to sit and watch Oprah with me.

Its about banks and loans"

Faith nodded sitting down beside him. Insider her brain -O boy o boy. Must ask question. What question.. Look muscular beautiful- her brain flips out.

Joyce look inside she could see Garm fully observed by the Ophra Winfry show beside him Faith sat with a silly grin looking almost drooling at Garm.

Joyce shake her head and walks back to the kitchen. Kids...

Garm "That evil man falsify rent like that."

Faith nodded "yea stake him"

Garm nodded "Well maybe just beat him up"

Faith Nodded "Yeas beat him up." swallowing a huge dose of fear Faith decided now or never. "Garm would you could you find a maybe you and me could if you like i meant. GoToTheMovieWithMe" She said for the first time in Faith babble.

Garm looked at her "Yes i be happy Faith. What movie do you suggest." Faith grinned happy "We are going to the movie"

Garm nodded "yes you ask me did you not"

Faith lost her grin "No i ask if like go to the dance with me"

Garm smiled "Then Faith I would be happy to take you dancing and to the movie." Garm could see a happy smile and dreamy eyes of Faith looking at him.

Oboy how could he have missed that she was so in heat over him he only hoped he did not hurt her he really like this wild girl.

Beside daddy Fenrir never let him have girls any child would have broken his magic control over him.

Faith was lost to the world her super hunk was hers.

Going to magic school Miss Potter

Lisa Finn swallowed nervously as they stood outside Sunnydale where the rain just stopped.

Buffy "Their it is" She said pointing at the rainbow. "You remember how," she said to Xander.

Xander concentrated his half gods power on a skill Loki hade taught him "Bifrost gudars väg öppna dig för oss" = -Bifrost road of the gods open for us- he said in Asgardian.

Suddenly a rainbow shimmer shoot down from the Rainbow and a gate opened.

Buffy gently pushed Lisa inside as she and Xander walks after.

Lisa "Why did we have to wait for after the rain"

Xander "it only works if the rainbow is visible."

Buffy nodded "luckily us it don't have to be a natural rainbow its just more easy if it is. Real god don't even have to use a Rainbow as a focus"

Suddenly they were standing on the gate station in Valhalla a big strong warriors was standing in front of them weapon in hands they saluted "Child of Thor and Loki"

Their commander nodded briefly to them and smiled.

Buffy smiled right back "HI Uncle Heimdall"

Lisa blinked that was Heimdall the god that could hear grass growing and that could see more then a thousand miles. Her heart beat speed up.

Heimdall smiled "Do not be afraid young girl"

Lisa "Eeep. I'm not afraid" her heart beat even faster now.

Heimdall smiled "Of course not" i did not know a humans heart beat could beat that fast he wondered if she was having a heart attack.

Buffy "By for now Uncle. This way Lisa i will take you to your teacher."

Xander stood still watching Heimdall "you know i was told that you could tell me where to find the best ice cream in the nine worlds"

Heimdall nodded "Yes Xander i can its in a small café in Jotenheim"

Xander growled "Dang i was hoping it was in a place i could take Buffy to"

Heimdall shrugged "The second best is in Japan Earth. Bifrost can easy take you their."

Xander nodded "later i don't speak Japanese yet"

Heimdall nodded "aye kid hope you learn fast"


Buffy sat down sleeping this was boring...

Lisa was reading and studying different books about meditation and channeling mana energy. Her teacher sometimes interrupted her ask what the book had said and explain what she did not understand.

This was really interesting.

The teacher Nilrem a old looking guy smiled "So Lisa what do you think so far."

Lisa "this is interesting i just been thinking about what i shall learn for type of magic."

Nilrem nodded "important choice Blood magic is a great magic but its limited not many magic except Blood contract and promises. No type of magic is as good as Blood magi in its ability to cure poisons and great at healing.

Rune magic is the most powerful and diverse type of magic but its extremely many symbol and we humans can learn every one. So the amount of runes and knowledge limit us"

Lisa "But if you had photographic memory would not that make you a perfect Rune mage"

Nilrem "No when we use rune magic it consume our mental energy for a short time. That make us less intelligent for every spell we use. This energy come back after a good night sleep and some food.

But the memory of the rune spells them self is also consumed they grow weaker and weaker every time you cast a spell so a Rune mage must constantly study and relearn his own runes."

Lisa nodded "i did not know about the last part"

Nilrem "Not many do. So what kind of magic would you like to learn then"

Lisa "Rune magic i say."

Nilrem "And what method would you use to cast it"

Lisa frowned "I don't know the singing part sound interesting. But the writing the runes on a spell scroll sound effective also"

Nilrem "I think learning bit of both would suit you best. Then when you know the basic you will specialize"

Lisa nodded that sounded good both version of Rune magic had their limits and bonuses.

Klonk. Was heard from behind as Buffy fell sleeping off her chair.

Chapter 24
Family and friend can live with them cant live with out them.

Loki smiled "that was fun"

Thor nodded "Nothing like this have been done for years."

Nodding Loki agreed "Yes these day most of us don't have the flair the artistic feeling"

Thor "Its a shame absolutely a shame" He sighted and read the list again. "Who is that" he said pointing at a name.

Loki "Oh that's the brother of the soldier that possessed Xander. He deserve to go to a party."

Thor nodded "aie with a name like that he probably a wimp a weak scholar" Thor laughs man what a wimpy name John Rambo. Well at least he would have fun once in his life...

Loki smiled and drank his mead "Well the riders are away and the invitation is send"

Valhalla The Mage tower

Nilrem "Well there you go Lisa" he said to his student that looked extremely dizzy.

Buffy "What's wrong with her"

Nilrem "It was a standard test a simple Rune to test her magic but it drained her. She need to eat and sleep"

Lisa "I'm fine mommy don't want to go to sleep"

Buffy grinned "If you call him Mommy then you really need to sleep." Lisa "Huh"

Nilrem "You might decide now if you are going to stay or not Buffy because we are going to use the time room"

Buffy blinked "The what"

Nilrem "Advanced Rune magic time flow 12 time faster inside then outside. Each day she study during the weekend will be 12."

Buffy "Ooh well i think stay outside no reason for me to grow old and dusty in advance"

Nilrem "You will not the Time room don't make you grow old faster. Its strange even if the time flow faster inside you don't grow old faster"

Buffy "That's strange".


They where sitting on a roof café high above the city talking.

"No. No. No The part with Garm i like as much as possible cut for HIS sake" Oprah said.

Her producer frowned "Phil are you sure. You look Great during this and what a does it matter that a nut cake like him stupid on TV."

Phil "i think you should do as Oprah say he is a friend. And he is not crazy he had a strange childhood"

Beside him Oprah almost swallowed her cola as she tried to hid her laugh.

"Oman" the waitress said looking up with a stunned shocked look on her face.

The Sky was glowing in the color of the Rainbow a magnificent and growing like a huge disk of light in the color of the rainbow.

"Oh my god" Oprah said

Suddenly the Rainbow disk opened up and Winged horses. Pegasus with rider started to fly out more and more come out and fly away except one that came riding towards them.

A horse snow white with golden wings slowly came gliding down and landed beside them. The horse started to walk towards them.

On the horse a beautiful female warrior of Arabian looking sat she wore an armor of golden chain mail a small sword hanged from her legs and a sniper gun on her back.

Her helm looked like a biker helm but of steel.

Gently the female warrior jumps off bowing in front of Oprah and then in front of Phil.

"Greeting Oprah Winfry and Dr Phillip C McGraw. I bring greetings of joy. The blood-Brother and Uncle of Garm. Alexander LaVelle Bur'Orin Lokison, is Marring Buffy Thordotter Summer next Sunday. Dr Philip Mrs. Oprah.

The two of you are invited to the Halls of Bilskirnir home of Thor god of thunder in the City of Valhalla home of the dead Heroes and gods. I bid you farewell" She handed them two invitation letters.

And walk away jump up on her Pegasus and rode away in the sky only leaving two huge feathers on the ground.

The waiter teenager look at them "Oooman I So must start watching Oprah."


"Thanks" Xander said as he walk out.

Fingering the new toys he smiled sure they where not the best or the most expensive but he was sure Faith and Kendra would love them.

Two knife one each made of a Urus Alloy not as strong as real Urus but stronger then steel or titan.

Down side if it break it shatter like glass.

Both of them was blessed with powerful druidic magic given them the power of life.

Making them just as better then a stake to kill vampire and undead. But anyone holding them would heal faster and it was hard almost impossible to kill a human with these two daggers.

Xander smiled "Yup a perfect gift"


Opening the door the Dwarf smiled as he took the invitation from the Valkyrie.

"Finally they are getting married" he said.

In a distant place in Nidaviir Hilda a Dwarf program leader smiled as she open the invitation. She would definite go.


Joyce nodded well she got her invitation Thor had dropped by with it to Giles and the rest. "So are you sure"

Jarod nodded looking depressed "I am Miss Parker refuse to see reason." Joyce "Well she is a proud female. And unless she relent Xander will dump her on that empty world to live a stone age life"

Jarod "I know i wonder if i should follow her after all she is a friend"

Joyce "It would be Stupid to do that. A friend don't hunt you across the country. A friend don't shoot against you. Time and time again she chose her family a evil backstabbing family before you"

Jarod nodded "I know."

Joyce "Do you know what the Stockholm syndrome is"

Jarod "yes its when the hostage starts to emphasize with the kidnapper. You think I'm suffering from that"

Joyce "What do you think"

Jarod "That i do. She is was one of the most central things in my life a reason to love and hate and long for"

Joyce "You have us now let her go let her find her own happiness and let her pay the price of her own pride.

Stay with us we need you i need you"

Jarod "what about"

Joyce "He don't mater we are only friends that have a child together."

The two sat in silence drinking their coffee.

USA Military Prison camp

The chief stood up looking really angry and confused "What THE hell was that RAMBO"

The elite warrior looked confused "Sir i have NO idea a girl with a flying horse just gave me a invitation"

The chief "YOU DONT KNOW"

Rambo "I don't know sorry sir"


Rambo walk out.


The bar was beautiful fresh air and flowers all over the place.

The elfs was listening fascinated.

Oz was in paradise he was playing the guitar and even got a Drummer a Lunar Were wolf like him. And a Piano player a cool guy a Corona Were-chimera.

A Chimera is a mix between two different breed of were. His mother was a Were-wolf and his father was a Were-tiger.

Oz believe that the piano player was the most scary dude he ever seen.

But the best part was that Willow and Jonathan was singing on stage they were good great even. Sure it was not an original but they were singing.

Jonathan "I would do anything for love, I would do anything for love, I would do anything for love, But I wont do that, I wont do that! "

Willow " Will you raise me up? Will you help me down? Will you help get me right out of this Godforsaken town? Will you make it a little less cold? "

And the elfs was listening troll bound by the singing and the beauty. Among them a Valkyrie waited patiently to give the their invitation.


Mr. George head spook of the country raised his eyebrow "well invitation to a wedding that was nice of them"

His secretary nervously swallowed it was not everyday a winged horse stood inside the Pentagon with a rider dressed like some mix between biker gang and Knights of the round table.

The Cellar

"Okay that that supernatural" the red head said.

Her partner nodded "let see what the note said" He looked confused then he smiled.

The Red head "What did it say"

"From one fox to another in invite you to my son wedding sign Coyote or Loki"

The red head "Was he not the strange ghost and trouble maker you been hunting for years"

He nodded "That he is Scully. I just wonder how he knew my first name"

Scully raised her eyebrow "I wonder more where he found a flying horse and how it got down here Mulder"

Mulder blinked that was a good question.

AN: Xander is changing his name to: - Alexander LaVelle Lokison Bur'Orin. - Lokison = child of Loki Bur'Orin = Godson of Orin.

Chapter 25
Just another main act Monday....

Adam looked over the papers this was not good "Are you sure" he asked the officer.

Petty officer Maygreen "Yes sir according to the Fey they have Big problem and in desperate need of heavy weapon."

Adam nodded "I see"

Officer Maygreen "Yes sir they claim their ruler manage to find and resurrect a demon name Judge he is right now going berserk in their world."

Adam smiled remembering the last fight against that demon nasty business. "I think we might be able to find help"

Maygreen "Help them"

Adam "Not exactly. They did tried to invade us. A rescue team would be a bit of good public relation ship. They are honor bound. But that's not you problem to worry about. I heard that you mother have broken her foot i expect you to visit her tomorrow family and all.

Now off with to training with you"

Maygreen "YES SIR" and he walk out smiling friendly and great commander.

Duncan "Wasn't you a bit to friendly with the guy. You are his officer"

Adam "I'm growing the image of a layback friendly Commander unless bad thing happens. Anytime something bad I have been extremely tuff and hard on them. When they do good I am a bit extra friendly.

It helps they already are working extra hard just so 'evil' Adam ain't coming out to punish them.

I already have gotten their respect in the area of my tactical skill"

Duncan smiled "You truly are evil"

Adam "No I'm lazy now my other officers are literally doing MY work for me all i have to do is control that they do it right"

Duncan smiled times like this and you knew the difference between a mortal and´+5000 year old immortal that live by study and learning about humans. "I see i think i better take notes.

Initiative prison part

Belasco growled and screamed in his cage. "Let me out so i can kill you all"

Fey soldier in other cage. "I don't think that is going to work"

Belasco "i know i tried magic but some how it don't work"

The fey solider "You can magic"

Belasco nodded "Yes some Spiritism and Wiccan why"

The fey smiled "The Cage have electrical current flowing inside of them my druid magic is overwhelm by it. But Your magic will only be Weak but still working."

Belasco looked surprise he given up trying to use magic as soon as his tests spell did misfire. "I will try."

The Fey "If you succeed would you do the honor to free me and my friends"

Belasco nodded this time he would gather a army of Vampire and Demons Twice as large and no way the Godling would be lucky to have a army or two to fight him off.

His plan was perfect only bad luck made it fail.

Sunnydale Movie

Faith sighted Dinner sure an 'all you can eat buffet' but her stud man was a wolf.

She was dressed up in a beautiful red dress and Garm was looking stunning in an Armani costume.

His hair had resisted any try to comb and tame it. Sure he had looked like Angel for about fifteen minutes then it just gone wild again.

Faith smiled she love his hair untamed like him sighting she hugged his arm closer.

Garm smiled this was so great and after the movie they would go dancing. "Faith" He whispered seeing her nodding "You know that my dad Fenrir had me enslaved most of my life?"

Faith "yea a magic slave spell"

Garm "I'm sorry if i fooled you but One thing he never let me do was going out with girls and I'm not sure if you like being with a amateur like me"

Faith grinned this was so sweet wild beautiful and virgin she would have the cake and eat it also. "Don't worry sugar i teach you the rope"

Somewhere in the back of the Movie.

"Look like perfect dinner to me" Vampire 1 said.

Vampire two "Are bloody daft that THE slayer and one of the Dogs of war"

The first paled "Are you sure"

Vampire two "yes. Lets go and find a china restaurant i think oriental blood is perfect tonight"

The other one nodded.


Willow hugged Angstyr "Good by I will miss you"

The elven lord nodded at them "I wish the three of you good luck man dogs and know if you need a safe haven I may return"

They nodded in his overbearing I'm so superior then you he was a good elf. But Willow still got dreams of murdering the pointy ear Vulcan reject.

Their Amazon trainer smiled "Ready to go home now"

They "Yes Mam" in union and the gate opened.

Sunnydale School

Cordy sat study her invitation in the living room her family still sat shocked over the delivery.

She just wished Mother would stop tormenting her Xander and Buffy was unbreakable.

But no mom just screaming and telling her to break them up and get him for her self.

Why did she have so stupid parents sometimes she taught about contacting the IRS just to get them away from her.

Cordy blinked sure she be poor but still Harmony and Melody and her was in love and going strong. So she survive and would land on her feet.

If she contact them she might be able to make a deal. No no deal the whole family including her or nothing.

She sat down thinking the downs and ups. The Chase family needed a wake up call even her sister was starting to believe Dollar was the only thing of importance and poor individuals was as important life forms as dogs was.

Cordy remember a year ago her mother hade been in an accident and run over a streetwalker she drove away before anyone notice. Cordy only knew because her sister told her she was inside the car.

Mother said it did not matter it was only a poor person.

Cordy smiled evil now maybe it is time for us to wake up and smell realty "I wonder how Xander would do it" she said to her self.

Thinking hard first gather information.

Cordy began planning finding information about the banks and the different hiding places would not be that difficult dad was easy to fool.

Cordy smile we Chase are going down time to live the hard life.

Chapter 26
A new week a new problem.

Giles tenderly caressed the Chain Mace it was large impressive weapon the head looked like rusty iron but his knowledge in magic he knew it was far more then meets the eye.

"The Mystic weapon the mace of Earth" Giles said. His family had the thing hanging on a wall for generation to imagining a weapon like that.

He put the weapon down beside the Sword two of the five weapon belonging to the mystic knights was now in his hands.

One was in the hand of the Fey and one was held by a demon and the last was lost.

That really did not matter if you got four of them they could guide you to the last one.

Giles pondered he really should put them away hide them for ever but Ripper inside of him have a strong love of chaos and even a team of mystic knights on the side of good would cause a lot of chaos.

Beside with the nine gates they would probably need the power and the magic.

The trouble would be find five pure humans that could use these weapons. And have strong magic ability.

Willow Oz and Jonathan was possible even if they where Were-wolf they were pure human except during full moon.

But only Willow and Jonathan had the magical ability needed.

And neither was a fighter. Wonder if any one of the others could become one.

Graham maybe but he was a Corona-Werewolf and to use a one of these weapon he would have to limit his fighting to his human body.

Garm, Xander and Buffy was out of the question.

Kendra possible so was Faith. That made two.

He him self was to old and more of a scholar really.

He wonder if an immortal could hold the mystic sword if so maybe just maybe Adam knew an immortal with the heart of a boy scout.

Some where nearby Duncan felt a chill of ice going down his spine.

Giles sighted he had to find way to liberate the rest of the weapons.

Summer mansions

Faith purred like a cat. "You sure have a fast recovery"

Garm blushed "I blame the wolf inside of me"

Faith smiled "lets see we did it human and human. Human and Hybrid. Man you BIG like that."

Garm blushed "We should go downstairs before they notice us"

Faith rolled her eyes "They know big boy they know"

Wesley drank his coffee when the two of them walk down "Hello did you have a fun time in the movie last night"

The two blushed and nodded "Right we did it watcher of mine" Faith said.

Wesley blinked "What in the name of earth are you wearing Faith that T-shirt is To big for you"

Faith smiled "Its Garm's"

Wesley "Ah I see you are cleaning the rest of you shirts. Good that Garm is letting you borrow something of his. But next time Faith I'm sure Joyce could help you"

Faith blinked "Yes Right you are" he can't be that blind Jarod study the two then smiled "You had sex how was it fun"

Wesley suddenly sprayed his coffee "YOU RAPED FAITH" he said looking murderous at Garm.

Faith yup he is that blind "NO Wesley. We made love no rape involved"

Garm blinked "Are you sure Faith you did ask me to tie you up and rape you once."

Faith blush "Lets talk about something else" she said fast saving Garm from a now angry looking watcher.

Jarod smiled holding Wesley "Calm down"

Inside the living room Faith carefully started to explain things for Garm.


She yelled.

Garm blushed in fear "Yes mam."

Faith walk around him like a shark aiming for attack "He IS a stupid overprotecting FOOL but he is MY FOOL. And now the stupid IDIOT will believe YOU ARE HURTING ME"

Garm "O shit"

Faith nodded "yes shit and he is PACK"

Garm "I I try to make friends with him"

Faith "NO I Will try to smooth things over you stay away from him.

Seeing the confusing she swallowed her own anger and fear and gave him a hug "So I'm not angry at you just this stupid situation"

Garm took a deep breath "Thanks I really don't understand that much maybe watching Oprah may help"

Faith rolled her eyes "Only Experience may help Garm"

She could see that he did not believe her but experience would teach him.

The door opened and Lisa, Xander and Buffy walk inside.

They looked relaxed and happy.

Xander looked at Faith and Garm his nose sniffed and a big grin came to his face "You two take care and don't hurt each other you are pack family"

Faith and Garm nodded Faith mutters "Stupid dog nose"

Xander "I have to change before school but tell Jarod and Wesley that I have something important to tell you them and Kendra during lunch"

Faith nodded "I call Giles and let them now"

Buffy nodded "Thanks come on Lisa lets get you ready for school"

Lisa smiled it felt like weeks but it was only two days. But inside the time room that she been inside study the time flow faster 12 times faster so she been gone 24 days almost a month.

Yet Nilrem said she would not grow older faster inside.

Plenty of time for her to make her homework and still study magic.

She even had her very own Rune-mage book with some spells.

One that could open unlocked doors and light a candle.

And one to scratch her self in those hard to reach areas of her body. She love that one finally she could reach that irritating spot beneath her shoulder blade.

Blushing hard she consider other fun things to do.

Like playing ghost and freaking other student by scratching them from far away.

Sunnydale School lunch time Library

Giles "Finally you are here Xander."

Xander "Sorry had a loot of calls from Leo and Let just say a flying horse dropped in during a filming of the next Trek movie"

Giles cut him of "Well you wanted to talk to us"

Jarod nodded "I'm a bit curios my self"

Xander sat down "This is a dozy Dad told me to find a book about the Origin of the Slayer and after reading that I did some checking my self"

Wesley focus this was interesting.

Kendra listen sharply while carefully study her favorite Stake.

Faith was thinking hard she knew that Wesley was planning on making a rug out of Garm but how to stop him with out hurting him.

Maybe find him a girlfriend or two or tree.

Wonder if Loki might help me.

Xander "When they created the slayer they contacted 3 primal spirits. The CHILD the spirit protector of HUMANS.

DOG spirit protector of Dogs, as well as friends of wolf and other canine animals.

CAT Spirit protector of the house cat and friends of the lion and other cat animals."

They nodded already knowing this.

Xander "CAT and DOG give the slayer her power by working as a mediator and channeling their own power and often by channeling other animal power like tiger strength and wolf instincts inside of her.

CHILD chose which girl become the slayer from potential slayers by given them the Slayer spirit.

CHILD also channeling prophetic dreams to guide the slayer."

Xander smiled this would be fun or not. "When they created the slayer spirit CHILD demanded that they creating one more champion."

They were listening now.

He continue "The Bragna was it name its in a angelic languish meaning the mind that knows." Xander said.

Jarod blinked "The mind that knows that could describe a Pretender" Xander nodded "That's why i told you to come. The Bragna was and is a champion of human spirit. Where the Slayer focus on protecting mostly against demons the Bragna have a urge to protect humans against humans."

Jarod nodded "I know I really hate humans that prey upon other humans for fun"

Xander "The Bragna have powers to imitate or learn ANY normal humans skill in extremely short time. Even Magic power is possible for you to learn ANY magic but your power would never be that of a master mage but more diverse a little bit of everything"

Jarod nodded that sounded good not powerful but creative its a power in it self.

Xander continue "The Bragna was the first to guide and help the slayer of old. They fought side by side for millennium as a watcher and slayer.

Eventually the name Bragna was forgotten and he was called the Watcher after while other humans started to serve and help they took over as the Bragna often was side tracked in his own mission."

Xander looked at Wesley "Eventually the Watcher become normal humans like you and they enslaved the Pretender and have use them for generation as a assassin and spy. Then founded an organization called the Center that was the money making part of the Watcher. They had the control of the pretender."

Wesley looked surprised "But if he is a champion how did they do that" Xander "He is a champion of humans he have weaknesses they have used. And they stopped him with the use of magic to get full powers Jarod should have prophetic dreams guiding him.

Jarod should be able to learn magic by study what a mage do and just copy the movement and the words."

Wesley "That's impossible you must meditate for years or month and study before even the smallest spell is possible"

Xander "Not for a Pretender."

Jarod "Cool"

Xander smiled back "Cooler still" he throw Jarod a bottle "This will unlock up you powers if you like just drink it"

Jarod looked careful "How is the Pretender chosen"

Xander smiled "By the pretender itself sooner or later you find a young man or girl with the potential powers then your presence will wake the pretender inside of her. And the old one will teach the young one. Only two there are a master and student"

Jarod nodded that would make a good line in a movie. Carefully he looked at the bottle "Well cheers" he said and drank it.

"Paling Ugh that TO sweet tasting" he said with a grimace.

Wesley "I think its best Jarod that you stay really calm don't DO anything dangerous for a week or so until you are use to it. IF it was anybody else I would say a year but I think a week would be time enough"

Jarod nodded "I think I will stay calm training my self for a month just so I don't hurt anybody"

Xander nodded "Good luck. By the way. Kendra, Faith Present from me and Buffy"

Kendra and Faith eyes suddenly started to glow like children on Christmas in an extreme cute Puppy eye look. Scary was all Xander could think so cute that it hurt and in stereo.

Xander put the two packets beside them.

Kendra and Faith started to rip them open.

"Sweet" Faith said holder her new dagger.

Kendra "This is a wonderful weapon.

Xander nodded "They have strong healing magic in them making it hard to hurt yourself Even a direct hit to your heart you MIGHT I say MIGHT survive. That magic is only active when undead things are nearby."

They nodded.

Faith frowned "So they are not for fighting then"

Xander "Yes they are for fighting healing spells HURTS and even dust a vampire or a Zombie just like most Death spell can heal or regenerate a Zombie or a Vampire"

Kendra looked with new respect on her daggers a weapon that hurt her enemy only.

Xander "Remember YOU can still hurt or kill a human with them its just harder. And the healing magic only work when undead thing are nearby" The two girl nodded.

Wesley study faith dagger "what kind of material is this"

Xander "Its a alloy between Urus and steel its 2/10 Urus the rest Steel. It can absorb kinetic energy just like Urus making it survive extreme hits.

But TO in a short period of time or to powerful and the absorbed energy rip the dagger to dust"

Wesley nodded "Right impressive"

Xander nodded "Even more The stones are jade unmagical right now but its prepared for insertion of magic rune-stones that can give the Daggers more magic powers. And customize the weapon."

Faith looked over five Jade stones.

Xander "Yes five spells stones can be put inside. It cost to much right now so"

Kendra "Can we help"

Xander nodded "If you get the money I'm sure I can help. The Dwarf of Nidaviir have those kind of rune stones."

Giles "I heard about rune stones they are normal jade with powerful rune-magic written inside of them"

Xander "Yes anything from ice spells to fire. Or speed spells or a combination. If you can channel Magic you can put in 5 magic rune stones inside of the dagger right now you have to put inside two Mage stones. That a special rune-stone it like a battery to give the rest of the magic stones the power.

The dagger have energy to power ONE Magic rune stone"

Faith nodded "So what kind of power"

Xander "They actually have a list of rune stones. The stones will lose their ability and magic after fifty years of use. But until then"

Giles nodded the rune stones was one of the reason the Government needed the trade with the nine worlds.


Buffy frowned "BACK OF all of you" finally they back up.

Smiling friendly "Now ONE at the time."

Cordy "So where are you going for you honeymoon"

Buffy blinked "I don't know my dad and his friends are planning on sending us somewhere nice"

Melody "Do you have a wedding dress"

Buffy nodded "YES Sif that's dads wife and Jarnaxa his mistress have the most WONDERFULL wedding dress its so beautiful snow white flowing gems and flower inlay. I give you the photos."

Cordy thought a moment her Dads wife AND mistress. Thinking about Melody and Harmony it was not THAT unusual but she knew when they finely found a boyfriend he would have to have endurance or he die a happy boy.

Anna "So where is the wedding going to be"

Buffy "IN dads mansion its huge"

The Teacher "So how good is Xander at sex. And how well equipped his he"

Buffy frowned something was wrong with that teacher sure she was nice but something about Anya just rubbed her the wrong way. "He is great. And between big and huge depending on his size"

Most blink in confusion...

Chapter 27
Home as usual.

A shimmering light was seen and suddenly three individuals stood their blinking getting their vision back.

Willow "Forgot to close my eyes"

Oz "Same"

Jonathan "I can see put on my Ray ban-sunglasses"

Willow giggled "you know we hate you" she said smiling.

Oz "To smart"

Jonathan "Aaa guys even a quarter of your smarts are more then mine"

Willow "No you are creative more then us"

Jonathan smiled and kissed them both.

Soon they were walking out from the cave. "Aaa Sunnyhell how I missed you" Willow said as they looked over the town beneath them.

A sudden alarm sounded from beneath them.

Something strange.

Willow put her ears to the ground. "Sound like alarms down their."

Oz frowned "The Initiative Base is over their" he said pointing at the military base a bit away.

Jonathan nodded "Secret escape route"

Oz nodded.

Willow frowned "but why the alarm."

Inside a moment before

Belasco focus his magic energy nothing happen sweat drops were falling as he focus more and more energy Suddenly like a water fall Magic energy Mana was poring down on him almost burning him he quickly pushed the energy in one massive Ice spell.

The light stopped shining and the only sound was bursting sound of water lines being broken.

Belasco being a troll and quite resistant to ice close his fist and knocked on the door it did not move. "Aaargh" he started to hit it again and again.

To his surprise the Fey where suddenly walking out from their cages. The officers "I see typical Troll the door open in not out" the Fey said with his superior voice.

Belasco stopped hitting and pushing the door and dragged it to him. A snap was heard and the electrolock broken he was free.

Laughing like a maniac the grabbed nearest blunt object and started to run out for a fight.

The fey looked at each other shaking their head. TROLLS.

Nearby them a small number of unknown types of Demons burst loose.

"So let escape now. Everyone is in contact with their magic?" The fey asked.

The other nodded finally free from the surrounding cold iron they had their powers back. With shimmering light the fey started to transform some became birds other snakes and some shrank in to doll sized fey.

And two suddenly became like the ghost.

The fey was on their way out.

Adam was reading the status report. Boring and awful boring.

When the alarm was going off. And the light stopped.

He Carefully took his flash light out from the pocket. Tossed some chemical light staffs to Duncan and his mobile phone. "This is General Pierson speaking we may have escaped monster prepare for fight." He then draw his sword marching out.

Belasco laughs they did not have those awful shotguns that ripped his flesh instead they had stupid bullets not slugs.

He ignore the burst of pain as he started to knock down soldiers with his make shift club.

Beside him Fey was sneaking up stealing weapons and helping from the shadows.

soon a two way gunfight was happening Fey against USA troopers and Belasco and some demons was fighting the troopers in close combat.

The light had started to work again.

Suddenly a booming voice was heard as Adam the General came walking towards the fighting. "CEASE THIS FIGHTING NOW OR DIE"

A big demon laughs at the silly human and started to run towards him. Adam stood still barely blinking as the huge monster came running towards him suddenly the Mage got a painful headache as he release the full strength of his quickening.

Adam made a small side step easy avoiding the charging demon his sword was crackling with electricity as it impacted and cut the demons neck.

"I said stop and return to the CAGES NOW" Adam held his arms up and crackling ball of electricity was gather their. He stared to talk in the language of the fey --Know this Fey I'm Methos of the Horse men I ride the pale horse surrender of face my wrath--

Adam spoke with out turning away from Belasco and the demons and the fey troops "Duncan get the wounded away NOW"

The troops started to evacuate as their general faced of with the escape.

Adams smiled turned evil as he looked at the Fey "Fight or give up" Belasco wondered what the hell was happening "Aaargh Die puny human" he just love the Hulk cartoon so much inspiration.

And he attacked. "Crap" Adam said the energy he held immobilize him and he was aiming at the fey.

Adam let the electricity he gather loose creating a lightning storm in the corridor as he desperately avoided Belasco arms.

The Troll really hate electricity Thor love shooting balls of lightning frying them live. Anger and fury and fear rages inside of him then knowing that the Child of Thor lived inside the city a child HE like to sacrifice he did what any troll would do.

Screamed like a child and started to run away.

The fey blinked their he go. They was impressed at the speed the now fearful troll manage to make.

Then they notice Adam he was slowly standing up looking angry with big Troll footprints on his face that crushed his right eye. "I will punish some one for that"

They flinched in shock they could see his eye suddenly grow back the nose straighten it self out. And he looked angry at the Fey.

Duncan blinked "O shit. Poor poor Fey" he said.

Knowing that look from his memory this was not Adam the nice guy. Or Methos the old sneaky bastard. No this was Death longing for blood and suffering.

The troopers looked in shock as their general suddenly rushed in neck breaking speed towards the fey swinging his sword transforming the corridor to a blood bath.

Adam took a moment to gather him self back together. Great stress relief.

Smiling down to the last of the Fey from the corridors he held forward a key and pointed towards the working more primitive cages. "Inside now" The fey nodded took the key and promptly locked himself inside.

Cracking his neck he looked over the shocked troopers "I say see how many wounded their is. Take the dead to the morgue except those two take them to sickbay."

Seeing the confused look he rolled his eyes "You have been briefed on the existence of Immortals They are Pre-Immortals soon to be Immortals" Adam shook his head at their disbelieving looks "Look here my bloody secret is already knows by the government and you are ALL hold top level security you"

The troop nodded they had top level security they knew they were NOT allowed to spill the knowledge about Immortals.

Adam "So trust me They are immortals."

One soldier "can all immortals create lightning balls"

Adam stopped if he wanted the troops loyalty he hade to give them a answer. "No only the really old ones or those with magic skills"

The trooper swallowed "Sir are you. Are you an immortal sir"

Adam let his sword point drop to the ground as he held it loose. "I am an old one Solider that's why they hire me. Now Get THE WOUNDED TO SICK BAY" he said.

The troopers burst to life.

Duncan walk up "Why tell them" he asked in Babylonian.

Adam looked him over "This unit are the core unit that will protect Earth and American interest." Sighing "They made ME commander and I hate the idea of doing a bad work. To do their work they need to trust me then need to know that I am trust worthy."

Duncan nodded "Now what tell them about your days as the big bad"

Adam smiled "no not yet but i will tell them a bit of facts that even you my Scottish friend don't understand.

An immortal is like an onion lair after lair.

We gather under our life shapes after shapes each different each more advanced as we grow.

In some way we often our behavior is like the age we died in. But more complexes."

Adam gave Duncan a harsh look "I loved the life i lived as a horseman. But i would never ever do that again.

That was a primitive evil small minded Methos that still lives inside of me.

Outside i have kings, Poets, doctors, heroes they are all me.

I learn compassion and love with ages Duncan i was not born with it"

Adam walked away leaving a thinking Duncan behind him. The Scot was not a philosopher his world was often a black and white with no gray areas. This was gray but he knew now what Adam was talking about finally realize the first new layer of personality that had been growing around him ever sense the Dark Quickening.

Duncan was still their a good boy scout simple minded.

But Dark-Duncan was also still their evil twisted in everyway Still their.

Then new part not a boy scout or an evil. No he was more then that now still believed in fighting to good fight but he believed in fighting it in a more effective method brutal and less forgiving.

And like Adam said he was all of them at the same time.

No split personality more like a split behavior or emotional behavior.

With out no clear border no way to know where one Duncan started and the last one ended.

The curse and the blessing of Immortals was finally understood and tears fell as he lost his innocent and the new hero was born.

Belasco ran like a troll with Thor after him with pure luck he manage to find a escape door and was soon running in a long tunnel. That ending inside a labyrinth of caves some still flooded with water after Thor's rages.

Belasco just ran away.

"Where is the TROLL" Adam Yelled.

Walsh walk up to him "Sorry sir but he manage to trip and fell thru the mirror that hide the escape tunnel."

Adam blinked "Why is a mirror hiding the escape tunnel."

Walsh "Because we have yet to build a secret hidden door she said pointing at a huge steel door with a simple lock on a look even a Troll could open"

Adam cursed his luck they where not ready yet the building was not even finished and they where expected to function. "Why did i not know about the door"

Walsh "its was in the report under Escape equipment you order Dr MacGyver to fix that."

Adam "O i was sure escape was under security"

Walsh "their are five escape doors that are under that area. This is a backup door incase they are surrounded. It suppose to be on a need to know basis"

Adam sat down "The base is not even finish and I'm expected to know it all. The troops needs training" Adam sighted "Well The troops are doing GREAT and are learning faster then I expected.

You Scientist are finally becoming a team almost a month before the my plans. If any one of you guys have an idea of speeding up the buildings i expect it written down. Until its finish we have a huge security leak. And NO matter how smart you are with out labs you cant do anything"

The scientist nodded proud of his comment and wanting to help him.

Walsh raised her eyebrow that was a beautiful manipulation she could fell loyalty grow for him she blinked seeing Adam wave at her smile a short smile before looking like he was thinking hard brooding again.

The Scientist chief of the alien Technology analyst team and research support teams of the initiative a Mr. MacGyver Walsh hated him already a stupid know it all.

Overly friendly and no ambitions.

"Hi sir. I got a beer for you and i think i found a way to speed up the building" Mac said.

Adam looked careful "Talk right now"

Mac smiled "We ignore the walls protecting the electronics that way we free more worker to build the montage."

Adam "No the cables would be in the way"

Mac "Ah ha. Most of us scientist are quite skilled in doing something like installing a protective wall specially if you allow a team of solider to help us"

Adam "It would be against standard protocol" He took a deep gulp of the beer. "Lets do it. I like you Walsh to find out any scientist that knows his or her way around electronics to help. You are cybernetic expert right"

Walsh nodded "If you give me free hands i think i could help install the main computer i think i would boost it also improve its prestanda"

Adam nodded "Great Lets rest for now and start the planning tomorrow." Walsh smiled inside she was angry soon it would come.

MacGyver "Boost the computer impressive if you like help i see what i can do"

Walsh groaned silently always helpful and happy for others she just cold not stand the man did he not have ONE jealous bone in his body.


Willow jumps back as a huge monster suddenly burst up from a hole in the ground and ran away screaming in to the park.

Oz "Strange"

Jonathan "lets call Giles for lift home before something strange happen again."

The three wolfs nodded good idea.

Xander smiled "Buffy Willow back hurry"

Buffy smiled as Xander practically carried her out to the car.

"Do you know where they are?" Buffy asked.

Xander "sure Giles told me."

And they drove of in the jeep.

Soon they stopped and Xander jumps out "HI GUYS" he said waving happy.

Walking towards Willow for a hug.

Willow flinched like she been hit and looked away.

Xander stopped looking confused "Willow what is it have they hurt you"

Willow was not even looking at him but he could se tears dropping from her face. "no no its me Xander I'm a bad person"

Xander walk forward let his hand rest on her shoulder "no Willow you" "No I am I am a bad girl" she said running away.

Xander was just about to follow when Oz stopped him "No brother"

Xander looked growling "She is hurt"

Jonathan "And its because of what she did to you she is hurt"

Xander and Buffy "what"

Jonathan "She had to see her self bad and good and person her OWN fears have hurt. You are one of them. She is afraid of hurting you and her fears have already hurt you so she is afraid of being."

Xander "STOP i get it she is afraid of me"

Jonathan "No she is afraid of hurting you"

Buffy "So what is she afraid of then"

Oz "her fears"

Xander "that do NOT make sense. What can i do"

Oz "support her love her and let her have time"

Xander nodded "I will do that but she is my Willow the closes thing I got for a sister. Not counting Hela."

Buffy smiled yea not counting the former ruler of Hell.

Chapter 28
Elfs Elfs and NO Santa...

"I hate them. They destroyed me," the short probably human but looking like a Troll said.

The Huge one nodded "me to their Blasted Luck destroy my clever plan" he said sobbing.

The short one nodded "Same here ONCE I was THE principle they all fear of me Principle Snider. But now the Mayor is after me, The NSA is After me and Willy the snitch married my daughter. And all because of Xander and BUFFY. I HATE THEM" Snider screamed.

Belasco shivered "Your Daughter married Willy. Is she crazy or under a spell"

Snider looked up at his drinking friend "I don't know"

Belasco nodded "I hate Buffy all i want is capture her and murder her and steal her powers. IS that to much to ask for"

Snider "no no its not" he shook his head "Bet you that Bitch hurt you or humiliated you just for fun. Stupid Bitch" he said.

Belasco nodded tears was falling "YES and now Thor might be in town." Snider patted his arm "So so you figure things out"

The Fey home world

Xander dried the sweat from his forehead "How did Adam manage to ask me to do this" he said looking at one of the Initiative Soldier.

The guy hid a smile "He bribed you with a sign autograph by Nicola Machiavelli"

Xander "yeh my Dad really like that writer. Good gift for him i think"

The soldier nodded. Wondering who the hell Machiavelli is.

Xander smiled "He was the writer of the book 'The Prince' written in Italy during the 1500 i think it was. The book is one of the greatest book in how to run a country or a army." Hoping that his guess was correct and it was that the guy was thinking about.

The Soldier blink did he read his mind or what dam it must not think about his sexy girl Buffy must not NO no not think Buffy nude.

Xander just smiled evilly making him more nervous. But inside of him he was screaming in joy Score freaked out face told him that he made the right guess.

Xander cleared his mouth "Keep you mind on the mission solider" he said in grave voice.

The man paled and nodded.

Looking out they finally could see a hyena coming running towards them and transforming in to a nude Reilly.

"I seen it the Judge is camped a hour away from here anything with in 200 m dies."

Xander nodded "I see"

Reilly "I did sneak with in a hundred meter in my hybrid form i did NOT get any weaker but i did cut my self and it didn't heal like normally"

Xander frowned "That was careless. But good work. Look like our Were ability is neutralizing his death aura but it also stops us from regenerate. Like in Hell he probably create a strong nekcrotropical field around him. Did you see any demons slaves"

Reilly "yea he hade a small troop of Zombie Fey and even a Vampire" Xander "Inside the field they will heal much faster then normal"

The soldier nodded Graham suddenly stiffen and turned in panic to Garm "Garm i cant feel you any more its like something broke"

Garm nodded "The blood bond between us did brake"

Graham "Why"

Garm smiled "you are a adult Were-wolf now The bond is their to ensure you don't go crazy remember once you have balance inside your self IT will break you don't need it anymore"

Graham smiled "So I'm not you slave anymore"

Garm nodded "That is correct congratulation"

The solider look confused "Slave"

Xander "its to stop the new werewolf to go crazy think about it like a Psychiatric treatment we Force the new animal instinct and the human mind to work together not fight each other and going Crazy."

Reilly "Jeep Its more like a Father son kind of things Funny for me my new dad Xander is younger then me"

The troops smiled a bit some still look disgusted.

Xander nodded "Now lets plan this"

Buffy crawled up and sat down beside him snuggling up.

Sunnydale at the same time

Duncan looked with disgust at the golden and reed sword "You want me to do what"

Giles smiled "Its a magical weapon of fire. A sword the first part of the Mystic knights. If it accept you it will bond with you and you will eventually be able to summon a mystical armor"

Duncan "it look hideous"

Adam smiled "It dos that. But its powerful"

Duncan frowned "Why me"

Adam "why not i refuse. I have other weapons."

Grunting Duncan grasp the sword and suddenly fire was burning on the blade and it started to change its form in to a Katana. "Duncan that's strange"

Adam "well the Fey are master on Transmorf magic maybe the sword can shape it self to what ever type of sword the user like best."

Duncan "Ai that would do it. But it still have ugly golden and reed flame pattern"

Adam and Duncan was soon involved in a argument about stile VS effectivity.

Giles sighed Immortals like kids the whole bunch of them. Beside him his new friend Joe smiled at the argument.

The Fey home world

Xander looked down just like Reilly said about fifteen Zombies and two vampires.

The judge aura of dead was strong that the sun it self did not hurt them.

"Just like i said two teams." He whispered. "The Death Busters attack first" he said pointing to the team that was going to kill undead.

"Then the Law breakers" he said pointing at him and Buffy the rest of the troops the guys that would attack the Judge.

The team nodded they already know the plan and no change in the action.

They were almost in place when a booming voice screamed "I smell Humans find them"

Graham "O crap"

Xander "ATTACK"

Garm "For Fenrir" he said knowing that his EVIL father hated undead more then anything else even civilization.

Buffy "FEAR ME IM SMALL CUTE AND CUDDLY IM BUFFY" she screamed as she started to attack.

Most of the Zombies actually stopped and looked at Buffy then "mmm Buffy Name name"

Buffy blinked "Are they brain eaters"

Garm nodded.

Buffy "Crap Brain eating Zombie always attack the cute first"

Then the Death buster attack guns rain down bullets with fire and explosive on the Zombies.

Graham silently waited with his Rocket for a good aim at the judge.

The zombies fell down like flies but the energy of the judge revive them just as fast.

Slowly Xander started to smile. "The Judge energy it getting smaller"

A roar was heard and the judge attack him self.

Finally seeing the big blue in perfect aim. Graham fire the rocket.

JUDGE "you will die puny human magic cant hurt me and NO weapon made by man can kill me"

Xander "what about weapon made by a machine"

The Judge froze his voice tremble "No no not the prophesy I Will NOT DIE" Then suddenly a small Rocket impacted a huge explosion left small parts of the Judge.

The Zombies suddenly started to fall apart.

But the Vampire screamed in Pain as they started to burn under the sun.

Buffy smiled "Now that is what i call a barbeque"

Reilly "Do any one have a hotdog"

Vampire "I'm burning I'm burning"

A solider "yes sir i have one" he said holding a packet of hotdogs. Reilly nodded as he took it walking toward the vampire.

Vampire "I'm burning help me or stake me"

Reilly grasp his stake he could see hope of a fast death in the vampires eyes.

Smoothly he stake the Hotdog and started held it over the smoking Vampire.

Vampire "************ ****** Kind of Sadist are you"

Xander laughs "Reilly kill him now"

Vampire nodded "you dam right"

Sighing Reilly dusted the Fey Vampire.

Buffy "those Vampire burn longer then human Vampires"

Xander nodded "Yeh The fey captured explain it to us They burn longer before they die but they have to be drown in water or buried in earth for the fire to stop. Going away from the sun don't work"

Buffy "ooh bummer"

Xander "ya lets to go home"

The team nodded. Xander looked them over "We can release the prisoner now"

A small Fey sighted in relief as they turned him loose.

Xander smiled "Remember attack earth again and you kind will be on the endanger species list. Now go home be safe the Judge is dead by HUMAN hands"

Buffy "Xander that mean. Look Mr. Fey we would not kill you all just most of your kind if you attack" the fey did not look relief but he ran away fast.

Xander nodded "well lets go home"


Giles smiled "We have one mystic knight but then the rest"

Beside him Adam was pondering the same question.

Who would be the perfect guy or girl.



And stupid.

Not an easy answer.

IN the next room Kendra and Faith was still thinking of the run-stones and the daggers what to do.

Chapter 29
They all look the same.

Sunnydale basement room

Xander sighted as he opened the door this was not a happy day but he would have to do it if she did refuse. "Hello Miss Parker Are your sure that you don't like to swear a Geas" Xander said. He tossed her a pack of Cigarettes.

Miss Parker looked up her eyes was hollowed she had not been able to sleep very much the lack of Tobacco had pain her.

She grabbed the Cigarettes and the lighter inside soon the smoke filled her lungs "Aaaaaaa" relief filled her as the cancer still relaxed her.

Xander smiled a bit "Well Miss Parker are you willing to swear a Geas or not. The Center is broken and your Father and his family is on the run. I know for a fact that the Watcher is suffering from a rebellion and have removed their protection and the Yakuza is hunting your dad and your brother. Swear a geas and you can stay here under our protection OR go away and help you family"

Parker snored "Yea right a Geas magic promise that would make it impossible for me to Kill the two of you dogs"

Xander frowned a bit "Your pride is writing checks you body cant deliver Miss Parker"

Parker "At least I have my pride. You destroy my work my family and friends"

Xander looked at her "Should i have let them kill me and my friends?"

Parker "YES you are nothing a worthless Dog with illusion of grandeur" Xander "it may be so or not. Last chance"

Parker "NO i will not swear a geas U.N.D.E.R.S.T.A.N.D" she spelled out the last word.

Xander blinked "Understand." he taught it over "OOoo Understand"

Parker just growled at him.

Xander blushed "Sorry" inside he was smiling playing dumb was fun. "I will put you to sleep now. When you wake up you be in a new world their are humans nearby somewhere in a radius of a 100 mile or so. I put you all in the same half island" Xander held forward needle carefully tapping its side empty it from air bubbles before pushing it in Miss Parker.

He waited until she was asleep before getting the back pack filled with some caned food and survivals books and one that explain the working and creating stone age tools and weapons.

Loots of warm and durable clothes and water container.

He even given her a compound-bow with arrows and some medication. For Jarrod's sake he increased her survivor potential.

Seeing that all was with him he took the sleeping Miss Parker in his arm and open the gate to the empty world a prison for his enemies.

Now to wait for her to awake.

Sunnydale park

Officer Lisa Summer and Officer Gary was walking enjoying the park. "I will miss this town" Lisa said. "Not the craziness or demonic extra dimensional but the family felling the love they even shared with us."

Gary nodded he would miss it to. "They gave me a option of joining up in a Dimensional Gate team. A DG team"

Lisa nodded "Same here tempting actually"

Gary "I would if you would"

Lisa "I see."

Suddenly a huge monster jumped towards them batting Gary to the side grabbing Lisa and running away.

"Muhaha I got you Now godling soon i will have your powers" Belasco the troll said as he ran away carrying Lisa over his shoulder.

Gary groaned "I hate this town"

He gather his strength and focus as he started to run after the troll.

"Dam it is fast." Gary said looking desperately after any sign of where it was.

Their he could see its tracks right in to a sewer "Dam i hate caves and stinking" He muttered angry before jumping after. "I forgot to call for backup," he said cursing him self as he follow the tracks of the Troll.

The Initiative

The new soldier arriving was a strange lot some barely seemed to be even military.

Female and male in a 50% groupings some look like scholar and some like fighter a strange groups. That was being escorted inside by the first posted troopers.

O'tool was one of them but less strange then the rest I thought a Green beret recently manage to earn the right and the beret.

"So" he began looking at one of the others "What's your background"

The female "Ranger Dallas police. Name Torri Morain"

O'tool "I I'm O'tool Franc. A green beret best of the best" he smiled "So a police right"

Torri "A Ranger Best of the best" she smiled.

And they looked over the rest. "What's you story?" they said looking at a smaller blond guy reading a book.

The man "O I'm Magnus Chiene. Mom and Dad was Chinese"

The two blinked unusual. "So what's you background" O'tool asked.

Magnus smiled "mage a master Wiccan witch actually"

The two blinked laughing a bit.

Torri snored "A religious goof believe in ghost to"

France "Dam a stupid Witch. Jehovah is bad but stupid voodoo cultist i cant stand"

Magnus smiled "Well Yes i do Seen any one" he said as he channel magic power that made his eyes glow white and air blow spooky around them sending papers flying.

Torri and France swallowed.

France "e sorry no we just i meant sorry"

Magnus nodded "I forgive you but now this I DO NOT like bullies and jocks thinking they can push me around will regret it. As far as the Three fold rule lets me i will punish them"

Torri "What's the Three fold rule"

Magnus smiled "Anything you do with magic GOOD or BAAD come back to you three folded. Simply IF i do good things for others good things happen to me and those around me. If i do bad things bad things happened to me and those around me"

France "i see." he backed off and Torri followed him.

This was spooky.

Beside them a girl looking like a dancer suddenly grow a short stuffy tail and Cat ears and smirked as they jump.

Magnus "I say a real Corona Were-cat. What kind of cat are you my dear" He said.

The cat girl smiled friendly "I'm a Lynx"

Magnus pondered "Was they living up north or in the rain forest. I'm not that good at animal knowledge."

The girl laughs "I like it cold so do most of mine kind"

France "what the hell is happening" he could see that the older soldier did not even flinch or raise a eyebrow.

Torri nodded "i agree if i did not sign that paper of silence i would be running like hell right now"

France nodded "Wait i got a idea"

Torri nodded.

France walk up to one of the trooper "Could you explain a bit what happened."

The solider "No i cant. You will be briefed in time."

France "you can say something cant you"

The solider decided to take some pity they were under order of silence and was new part of the initiative after all.

"The girl is a Were-cat think Were-wolf. But no wolf or bark. The guy is a Wiccan a witch or mage we will have lot of use of him"

Torri "that's absurd magic is not real it must be a trick or telekinesis"

The soldier smiled "Telekinesis IS not real so all the fact books say. Just like magic"

France "If she IS a were is she not dangerous"

The soldier laughs "NO she is a Corona Its the Lunar you have to watch out for. Sorry you will understand"

Torri and France relented.

France "So what's the leader like the general"

The soldier smiled "general Pierson is the GREATEST. He prefer to be called. Adam, General or Sir."

France "So he is a bit of a slacker then"

The solider "NO he is strict with order and effectiveness its the discipline he may be a bit different in. But we are NOT a normal unit and cant operate like one. Charley cant be trusted during full moon and well Mr. Broody him self That's Angel a friendly Vampire cant even go out during day"

Torri blinked "A vampire"

The solider "Yea but not a normal vampire they are all evil demons. Angel demon had a mage curse on it that gave the human inside control"

The two new member looked at each other was this a loony bin or what. The solider "Our General have hired Angel to train us in combat. He is paying him in blood donated blood that would be thrown away"

France "This sound crazy if its true that General Adam must be a crazy fool or something."

The solider lost his friendly look his fist grabbed France around the neck "DO NOT call HIM THAT UNDERSTAND"

France gurgled out a "Yes"

The soldier let him go "I seen OUR general storm inside risking his own life fighting those Fuckfaced Elfs and troll. JUST TO Save OUR skins. He Care about us soldier and he gets results"

Torri "I see. You almost talk like he was a god or perfect"

The solider smiled "No he is not perfect or a God but 5000 years of human life have teach him how to be a leader" Thinking a bit "Now Xander that's one of the team leaders for DG1 He is a half god and a Were-hyena and his dad drop by now and then nice guy for a god.

But DO NOT play poker with him"

Torri and France study the other that been posted here they seem to smile and laugh a bit now and then whispering or even saying out loud other reason why you don't play games with that Xander guys dad. This was beyond strange suddenly they both wised they taken the red pill.

The Kidnapping

Gary took a breath of air. Finally in warehouse the Troll had stopped. "Get me Adam or any one," he said in the phone.

Short while later "Duncan what can i help you with"

Gary "Lisa is kidnapped by YOUR troll I'm at 16 and 5."

Duncan noted in the poor part of Sunnydale lots of goods traffic move thru. "I will call a team their fast"

Gary "I must see that she is allrigt. Good by" he said closing the phone.

Duncan swore and ran out screaming order.

Adam blinked "and think i believed i was the boss." Seeing many just staring at Duncan not following his order "YOU heard the man DO IT" they suddenly jump to action.

Gary sneaked inside grapping his 45 magnum closer.

"Soon i will eat you and your powers will be mine Godling" Belasco said.

Gary sneaked forward. Their he could see the Troll preparing a huge fire and Lisa was bound on a iron stake nude except the troll had painted something reddish on her body.

Gary blinked seeing a large pile of empty Tex mex sauce he could guess what it was.

Lisa head was moving and she still had a gag in her mouth.

Suddenly the fire burst alive.

"NOW i will begin," The troll said.

Chanting strange rhymes he glowed a bit with a strange light from his skin before the light faded away "And now to cook you"

Gary seeing that the troll was planning on putting Lisa in the heat of the fire. Swore. "dam" aiming fast he fire his gun twice.

Belasco screamed in pain as the bullets hit perfectly destroying one of his eyes.

And his knee cap.

Gary ran forward grabbing a short sword on a table he ran towards Belasco decapitation time.

As he started the shop Belasco suddenly moved and the sword impacted on his arm. Cutting deep.

Belasco "Puny human you gun make to little damage" the troll said ignoring the pain in his arm He hit the stupid male sending him flying.

Gary felt a strong arm impact in his chest and he was flying landing in a pile of broken cartoons idly he ponder the fact that they where all Hulk cartoon. He stood up as fast as he could but to slow.

Belasco grabbed him holding him up by his neck "Puny human Belasco will kill you"

Gary finally understood who was the Hulk comic reader Depressing in away. He grasped his secret weapon firmly and pushed it to his target.

Belasco squealed in pain and dropped Gary as the Stun gun impacted perfectly in his groin firing off volts of electric pain in the trolls Family jewels.

Gary fast shoot the troll twice in the head as he grasped the sword again and still shooting he stabbed the troll in the heart.

Gary backed of not removing the sword he grasped the troll and dragged him to the fire "Barbeque MY Lisa NO way you retard" he said. Letting the fire consume the troll.

Gary fast walk over to Lisa removing the gag and untied her "So you be fine don't cry" he said.

Lisa "I was so afraid so." sniffing she hugged her college closer "All i could think was that i never ever had the guts to say that i love you Gary"

Gary blinked "You cant be serious I'm UGLY and OLD"

Lisa "I'm 27 and you are what 41 that's not to old"

Gary "I'm 35 thank you. But you CANT LOVE ME I'm ugly I'm stupid and I'm not a nice friendly person"

Lisa smiled "i don't care i know you like a woman that actually looks her age not like me cute like a sugar overdose and childish"

Gary "I always love you Lisa and you are beautiful wonderful. You deserve some one better then me what can i ever give you on a police salary."

Lisa kissed him "just shut up the Initiative pay well WE start tomorrow." After that she kissed him again.

Gary smiled a goofy smile "You taste good Lisa maybe you should use this as a regular perfume" He said taking a taste of the barbeque sauce Belasco hade put on her.

Lisa giggled and snuggle up closer.


Duncan smiled waving the troopers back. "Right laddy give them a time for them self before we bravely storm in and discover that they handle to monster already"

The troopers nodded but did peek inside the blond girl was incredibly Cute and sexy.


Europe hidden temple.

The leader nodded "It is time. Crisis have brought the best to close to us as the gates to the nine have open"

His friends "Do you think you have chosen the right target"

The leader smiled "Yes Buffy cant be targeted and this way it will be in the family in way"

His friend "Bring it in" a strange glowing light filled the room. "I will miss you my friend," he said.

The leader nodded this was one difficult spell and they would have to use his and two others life energy just to do it but it needed to be done to save humanity and for payback.


Anya the teacher smiled a friendly loving smile as she carefully manipulated the foolish girl to wish a destructive for the males wish. Melody sighted "Its not fair we had him first and then miss bottle blondy just wave her hand and he go right to her"

Anya "This thing happen you can only wish that things happened"

Melody nodded "Well i wish i could afford a all paid vacation for me and my girlfriends in the Riviera"

Anyanka "You YOUR WISH IS APROVED" Damnit that was NOT suppose to happen she growled angry why did her manipulation misfire.

The Melody blinked her teacher suddenly turned to a demon. And suddenly she remember SHE Do have the money Granddaddy gave it to her yesterday to use ONLY if she and the nice Cordy and Harmony could visit him while traveling in the Riviera." She decided to run out before the demon took it back.

Anyanka kicked her desk. "What the HELL WENT WRONG. Something BAD should have come out from her a wish of pain for the boy. WHY WHY WHY"

Suddenly a man appeared in front of her She growled preparing to kill this stupid mortal when her brain suddenly realize.

Gulping in fear she smiled friendly "Hello Sir Loki. What can i do for you"

Loki smiled most demon feared him with good reason. "You was planning on cursing the Xander boy" he said with a cool voice of some one that did not even bother hiding his uninterest.

Anyanka "Yes but it failed i don't know why"

Loki smiled his best i know something YOU DONT "Xander is my boy my CHILD stupid BITCH" his hand impacted hard on Anyanka breaking her necklace turning her to a human teenager again.

Anyanka paled The child of Loki but why did she not feel any evil.

Everyone knows that Loki was cursed with having evil children.

Loki walk over "Listen and listen good from this point on YOU will live your life as human and die as human NO demon will dare turn you in to Anyanka again. And IF you plan on living get away from Sunnydale real fast"

Loki faded away leaving the screaming former vengeance demon behind him.

The Chase home

Cordy finally got the print from dads computer she study the bank accountings and smiled "Dad you are so stupid" she whispered it was clear as day that Mother and dads own lawyer was ripping him off stealing everything even the money set aside for her brother and sisters.

Thinking hard she new Dad was completely a Social Darwinist If you where poor you got what you deserved.

So she did not feel loyalty to him or mother after all they more often then not left her and her older siblings home alone with only the nannies a new one every years as dad started to fuck them and mother got angry and fire them.

NO Cordy just had one last thing to do before IRS would get a strange packet of information.

That Jarod guy was fascinating her she felt like he was suppose to help her teach her. She just knew that he would help her.


Jarod giggled as Joyce stood up

Joyce "Faith could you get her NOW the food is going cold"

Faith smiled "sure mama Summer"

Joyce smiled as the young slayer ran upstairs.

Faith ran up and open the door "What are you doing Its FOOD TIME.

She said to the younger 14 year old girl wearing tight skin pants." Her skin pants Faith Growled "DAWN THOSE ARE MINE PANTS" she screamed and attacked.

Dawn "Eeeeee" and ran as fast as she could down stairs screaming. "Wesley Faith is crazy HELP HELP she is going to kill me Help"


Buffy "HEY"


Buffy "HEY you YOU GET BACK HER" and they soon was on a full Dawn hunt.

Dawn Giggled as she ran and hide behind Joyce "Help me both my sister and Buffy is crazy"

Joyce rolled her eyes "I'm sure i can protect you from Buffy and Wesley can with certainly hold you sister down"

Wesley "That's right Dawn just sit down and eat now" Hyperactive brat but he like her.

Buffy seethed on the outside but giggled Dawn was fun.

Faith rolled her eyes she would teach that spoiled sister a hard lesson steal her pants. That that argh. Why could she not been an only child.

Chapter 30
Time and time again.

Faith smiled as she held Dawn upside down. "Who the best WHO IS THE Best"

Dawn Giggled "Buffy"

Faith "Try again squirt I'm the one controlling you allowance"

Dawn "You are"

Faith put her down "And don't you know it"

Buffy rolled her eyes the two sister were always fighting but it was fun to watch.

Wesley "Actually Faith i been the one giving both of you spending money so"

Dawn "Yeh I'm the BEST"

Faith "And I'm the strongest" she said trying to look aggressive. Wesley "I will not have you threatening you sister"

Both Dawn and Faith rolled their eyes.

Garm "Well I be off now i have a group of student learning sword fight in the initiative."

They all blinked on his back was a huge paper written -Faith wolf toy-The group hide their laughter until Garm was outside then they looked at the proud looking Dawn. "Xander idea"

Xander "Hey traitor"

Faith looked angry at her friend "Xander YOU are the one almost adult don't encourage her"

Xander mouthed to Dawn 'Spoil sport' Pointing at Faith.

Buffy giggled "Xander" she purred "Lets go to school i like to feel those powerful rumbling vibration from you motorbike" the last she said breathing air in his ears.

Xander's froze swallowed and blushed like a tomato. "lets lets go go. yes right now lets go. I go and warm it up"

Buffy waved "see you in school"

Faith and the rest laughs "She sure gave him a brain overload" Faith said.

Joyce nodded "well not exactly right thing to do but he deserved it" Dawn smiled she and Lisa was planning on using that scratching spell she knew about pay back against the Cheerleaders.


Adam looked at the report. "The gate is open to Nidaviir. 3 hour drive away from here. And 4 hours drive from LA"

Adam nodded as he looked over the men "Most of you will be going to evacuate the civilians living in the area. They will be compensated. Support troops is send over from regular army each of your teams will have command over one unit regular troopers. DO not let the officer push you around. In this area YOU ARE in charge"

He quiet down "Well those of you that gone thru some training is at least"

The troops and officers nodded this would be tuff.

And the soldiers started to march out to the Helicopters and trucks that waited for them.

Later "Hello is any body here" Garm said looking around the empty training area.

Walsh walked up to him "They have a mission. The Gate is open to the dwarf land"

Garm "I see." Blinking he looked at her "you do work here right"

Walsh nodded "Of course."

Garm "You are a scientist are you not"

Walsh nodded "yes cybernetic and Psychiatric and medical are my expertise"

Garm eyes turn big "Like Psychiatric like Dr Phil" he said with awe. Walsh Nodded "Yes like him" she said with a dry voice.

Garm "Then you are smart and may help me"

Walsh nodded "Of course what can i do for you"

Garm "I have some problem i am training to understand the different mental nature between Different types of Were. Like the Were-cats and the Were-wolfs combine that with the instincts of humans"

Walsh nodded that would make an interesting study "I think i could help you. Was it anything else"

Garm nodded "yes their are a group of workers in here that do not train battle they refuse thinking they don't need to. I would like you to help me convince them its for their sake"

Walsh frowned "That is serious i will help you. Cant Adam help you" Garm "no he can not they are the doctors the scientist and the scholars working in here"

Walsh gulped "You mean like me"

Garm "When the Fey ran loose one doctor got killed IF he knew how to fight he would have known how to runaway and survived. I Watch the security tape."

Walsh swallowed her pride "I see you are certain"

Garm "I am. Its just one hour training each week for your type. I like to make it voluntarily but."

Walsh "I understand a command would be better. I do not like fighting personally but understand the need"

Garm smiled "If you don't like fighting then you will be a good student"

Walsh blinked "That not logical."

Garm "I'm training you guy to Avoid fighting to escape the enemy if needed. Not liking it just make you the better. By the way when the training start we should do it in private no soldier laughing at us"

Walsh nodded "I see you are smarter then i gave you credit for" she smiled genuine now. The idea of stupid soldier laughing at her while she try to learn how to fight was intimidating.

Garm smiled "I grew up in a different world.

Earth confuse me all the time and make me make mistake"

Walsh grinned "I see we will help you with that"

Garm nodded "I see you later" he walk away leaving the thinking Walsh behind him her manipulating brain was already working of the problem making eggheads like h er go and train physically.


Xander relaxed the math class was much more easy now that he knew HOW to study and how to learn.

His alternate math book was sitting beside him as he solved problem after problem.

Buffy was behind him in her desk.

Larry looked over frowning a bit "Hey Xander and Buffy is reading from some strange books"

The teachers nodded "ignore it and concentrate on your work"

Xander smiled to Larry "The book help me focus on learning. Not every student can learn the same way. Some learn in different methods and I'm one of those that the normal teaching method don't work badly"

Larry nodded "So you stupid"

Xander "No this book is actually a Math book in university level math. He held up the book letting Larry see that each page was ONE math example"

Larry "No way"

Xander "its true its not being stupid Larry its about how you learn things. Our teacher said that you might have the same problem in just not as severe that i have"

Larry blinked "you think you could help me then"

Xander frowned "I will try Larry but am busy now but I'm sure i could help you get started"

The big Football player nodded and soon they where study hard.

School Library

Jarod nodded "I will help you" he said to Cordy. "lets see what you got" he said taking up his own computer.

Soon they where going thru the secret banks and holdings of the Chase family.

Jarod shook his head "your father is a crook and your mother is I think the term is gold digger. From here it looks like she is planning on stealing everything."

Cordelia nodded "I believe so" she said with sadness in the voice.

Jarod nodded "So i can gather the evidence and even stop the transferring to banks outside the country. What else"

Cordy looked down "My family my brother and sister need to see realty being filthy rich will not do that. Maybe a year or two as poor hard working would be good for us"

Jarod smiled "i can arrange from here that they will suddenly regain some money after some years of hard life. What about you"

Cordy blinked "I be lying if i told you that i like being poor but its the only way. If they knew i had money they would make my life hell until i gave over the control"

Jarod nodded "I can hide you money. No wait" he said seeing her shake her head. "Some of these funds are FROM YOUR grandmother left you and you alone your Daddy manage to steal them and transferred them in to his account."

Cordy blinked "I I I have money"

Jarod smiled "yes shall i put them aside from you"

Cordy blinked "yes do that but hide them until later it would be best if i was poor for a while"

Jarod smiled "I think you would be successful rich or poor Cordelia" Cordy "call me Cordy"

Jarod nodded "Do you know what i am"

She frowned "Xander said you where a pretender a genius or something"

Jarod nodded "I'm like Buffy in a way chosen by the spirit of humanity. I do NOT have super strength. My power come from super ability to learn things that other humans can do. And prophetic dreams"

Cordy frowned "So your like a mystical warrior"

Jarod smiled "And according to the legend only two exist a teacher and a student. The teacher will find the student the next pretender and help him or her to learn how to use her ability. My dreams say YOU Cordy are MY student."

Cordy shook her head "No I'm nothing just"

Jarod "have you hade dreams lately about a man fighting the Nazis in Germany"

Cordy nodded.

Jarod continue "Have you dreamed about a young girl saving life human life from slave traders"

Cordy nodded this freaked her out.

Jarod pushed on "have you seen in your dreams a man with purple pimpernel saving life away from the guillotine.

Cordy nodded "They seek him here they seek him their they seek him everywhere"

Cordy started to cry "I don't want a destiny i like to be free"

Jarod hugged her feeling a strange feeling like a father holding his child.

Cordy wanted to hit him to curse him but she felt safe like in daddies arms so many years ago.

School other class room

Lisa and Dawn tried not to giggle as the Cheerleader Megan in front of them turned red and pink in frustration irritation.

The Scratching spell work fine the ultimate embarrassing tool.

Dawn smiled and whispered "Should you scratch her private part and see what's happens"

Lisa blushed "Dawn No that would be wrong"

Dawn smiled "like when she poured Glue in you gym clothes just to get a laugh at the new girl"

Lisa smile turn grim "never anger a mage we are petty and cruel,"

she said.

Megan suddenly turn Infrared as something was scratching her in a most private place.

A goofy smile came to her face and suddenly a strong "Aaaaaaa More more"

The class turned and looked shocked at Megan that suddenly realize that all was staring at here "Eeep" she said and ran out looking like a tomato.

The teacher blinked he hoped no love potion was involved.

Lisa and Dawn was falling of their chair in laughter as did many of the others.

But the teacher had the distinct feeling that those two knew exactly what had happened.

Dawn whispered "you have to do that to me sometimes"

Lisa "I have to do that do My self sometime."

Later that night

Faith smiled "lets start the hunt GONINJA" she said as she activated the magic daggers Shadow spell.

Kendra watch as Faith turned transparent like foggy smoke or unclean glass.

"I can still see you" Kendra said "But you are transparent"

Faith nodded "well not bad"

Kendra "Unseen" And her daggers magic Shadow spell activated.

Faith eyes turn large "Wicked I see you have red underwear and stocking"

Kendra blushed "Its for Jenny she like them"

Faith smiled "And Giles"

She bushed even harder "He he likes them to" Kendra said. "Lets hunt faith," she said remembering next time dress in ONE color only.

Faith was dressed in black panties and black pants all see thru even her own body. Thanks to the Shadow spell The result was that she looked completely dressed unless you watch carefully.

Kendra had black pants and not black underwear.

Faith nodded "Yea lets hunt."

They were soon way sneaking and running from tombs to tomb.

Faith suddenly stopped "Their lets sneak up on them"

She said. Kendra nodded it was seven vampire "You take against the wind up close i go with the wind distracting them"

Faith nodded and soon she was sneaking up standing only four feet away from the Vampire.

Vampire 1 "Seen south Park yet"

Vampire 2 "yea we even capture a guy name Kenny drain him turned him and killed him again"

Vampire 3 "You Bastard" they laugh.

Suddenly Vampire 2 froze "I smell a human"

The shadowlike Kendra walk out from the darkness slowly ghostlike towards them.

Vampire 4 "who a transparent girl must be a Ghost wonder how they taste"

Vampire 1 "No human most be magic or something"

Faith smiled "Be very very quite I'm hunting vampire. Goninja.

Snowman" she said turning the shadow spell off and the ice spell on.

The Vampire looked at her and Kendra started to attack running with high speed. "FLAME" she screamed before slashing at a vampire head with her dagger.

The Vampire screamed in pain as a small cut started burn the dagger was glowing a bit not no flame came from their.

Faith Dodge a slash from a vampire claws and stabbed the dagger in the heart ice fragment and dust fell down as the vampire died.

Kendra jump at the side stabbing her dagger in the heart.

The vampire dusted in a burning inferno. Leaving only smoke.

Jumping at the side faith cut a vampire in the lung surprised the vampire fill down looking paralyzed.

Kendra slashed stabbing her dagger deep in the kidneys. The Vampire screamed as fire and healing magic burst out from inside of him making the wound unable to heal and the fire started to hurt him painfully.

Short moment later Kendra and Faith sat down.

Faith nodded "The curing spell seem to paralyze them. Combined with Ice was wicked effective. Even if they don't bleed that much"

Kendra nodded "mine gets huge wounds and starts to burn from the inside."

Smiling Faith picked up the head of a dusted vampire frozen solid. "Hitting them in the heart seem to really freeze them solid"

Kendra nodded "See he Is dusting just slower then normal"

Faith looked on with sick expression as the nose fell of and dusted. "Lets go home before some one kills Dawn"

Kendra "She is not that bad Joyce adores her so do you."

Faith nodded "well she is MY only family and a pain in the neck but don't tell her that i love her"

Kendra nodded "I wont"

Together they walk home.

Summers mansion

Buffy and Xander sat curled up in the sofa with Dawn next to them and Jarod and Joyce sitting next they where loaded with popcorn and watching a Movie marathon.

Dawn and Xander argued about the finer point of movie monster like children. Joyce smiled Xander would make one good daddy eventually.

Chapter 31
Shopping time

Loki smiled "Well i was planning on buying some cool gizmos or something you know special"

Thor nodded "Me to but you know Sif and Jarnaxa they came up with a better idea"

Loki looked curious "What"

Thor smiled proudly "You know the two of us have every know and then for the last what is it six nine thousand years been friends and go on adventure now and then"

Loki "Ya i know you allays bring home some gift to Sif"

Thor "yea and she love it and keep it and eventually its just disappears"

Loki "Of course boring to keep old stuff"

Thor "Sif never did throw it away. She been hording our trophies like a rat."

Loki stopped "Are you saying that somewhere inside you castle rest a treasure vault with over 8000 years of horded things. Magic object and cursed things."

Thor nodded happily. "And Sif said we would probably find something Far better in their to Buffy and Xander as a wedding gift. IF we did her a favor"

Loki nodded "What"

Thor blushed "We now know why the Rats don't like the basement"

Loki looked confused "why"

Thor smiled "Remember that cute dragon snake i took home"

Loki "It was a lindorm but yea it ran away"

Thor "No it still lived in their now more then 30 feet long spraying fetter and gas around it. Not cute anymore. And its IS a Dragon-snake"

Loki blinked "Well you have a rather big castle i guess. Dragon-snake or lindorm don't matter the only difference is in their magic"

Thor "Yea what the different i always forget"

Loki rolled his eyes "A Dragon-snake summon monster and enslave them to guard his lair. A Lindorm have the magical ability to summon things if it rest on gold it will summon MORE gold. That the reason many fools raise them hoping to get rich only to have the Lindorm eat them alive."

Thor nodded "Must be a Lindorm found a pile of bronze and coppers"

Loki smiled as they walk inside the halls of Valhalla.

The guard seeing them suddenly tried to stop from laughing the one next began to hum a strange song. "hmmm mmmhmm monster mmm in the family."

Loki and Thor "Must be drunk" and they walk inside.

The other gods looked some started to laugh openly other giggled like hyenas. Odin smiled "The Hellhound Garm send us a message its a video of Xander and Buffy exit from Hell"

Loki felt a nervous the other look far to happy for his liking. Thor look like he felt the same thing.

Having Odin smiling was unnerving.

Loki and Thor sat down beside Odin as the father of gods pushed the remote control and the huge TV screen started to play.

They could see Xander and Buffy carrying the wounded Reilly and Graham. Garm told them about the camera was Hela's surveillance that she would see what it recorded.

Suddenly Xander started to hum a song putting Reilly down he walk up beneath the camera and stared to sing and dance.

Buffy giggled and joined him soon they where singing and dancing.

The song *Five Monsters In My Family*

Loki Paled the song was far to close to the truth for his taste but the balls to stop and sing a merry song to tease the ruler of hell. Beside him THOR laughs and soon Loki was joining him.

He knew the other gods would teas him but pay back would come eventually.

Odin smiled "If any one had doubted about them being your children this sure put a stop to that"

Loki nodded "yes but now no one will respect me" he said with a huge smile.

Thor "I'm awfully glad that I've Five monsters in my family 1, 2, 3, 4, 5" sing as he laughs. "Catchy tune that one"

Loki "you see. No respect. By the way have you thought about a gift for them yet brother"

Odin nodded to his blood brother "Yes they will become god eventually i have declared that they will have their mortal life and once its ends naturally or unnaturally they will regain life and full godhood. Even Garm"

Loki nodded "will they not become weaker because of this"

Odin "No Loki. No one of them have yet gain full powers as a half god. So limit their powers right now will only stops them from growing much stronger"

Loki "Well that's good then." they still be a power to fear in battle but the immortality of a half god will be decided them as well as some other miner magical ability. Eventually they would become gods joining them all living as Gods.


Lisa "Oh man i should be able to do this"

Reilly looked over what is it"

Lisa frowned "This stupid math i cant even figure it out"

Reilly blinked "let see if 8*8*X= 192. Then X = Y. Lisa this is simple 8*8 is you know what"

Lisa frowned "I cant think"

Wesley "excuse me did you not spend a lot of time trying out you new rune spells"

Lisa blinked nodding slowly "yes" she said.

Wesley "Then that it. Your mental energy is low right now you need to rest and eat food before you can solve any problem"

Reilly nodding "Forgot about that"

Lisa "But i feel fine" she said standing up.

Dawn "No you don't. You don't even notice that you are nude"

Lisa screamed blushed and ran up to change clothes.

Faith laughs "Great work D"

Reilly smiled "She did not even notice that she was fully dressed"

Upstairs a bone chilling scream "DAWN I AM NOT NUDE" from Lisa.

Dawn smile "I go and talk to her"

Xander coming in from the kitchen "Who is nude. Buffy" he said with hope in his voice.

Buffy rolled her eyes "You wish"

Xander sighted "i do the pain of having to wait so long"

Buffy "So what's up for tonight"

Wesley "Nothing really We are planning on taking it slow its only two days left to you big day."

Xander and Buffy nodded their wedding day they blushed and smiled.

Faith smiled tomorrow B you would have the party of a lifetime she and the other girls had wicked plans.

Wesley ponder a moment what the girls were up to but it could would not matter Giles him and Loki and Thor even Bragi and Modi had the perfect bachelor party for Xander.

Incoming airplane from England

"I see but as you agent i do not recommend this. A free play like this is highly not good" and the phone was clicked of.

"Bloody stiff basted," John said as he packed his suit cage.

Car they would all meet in a warehouse for pick up.

Well at least those of us that decided to go to the show in advanced A real artist prepare himself.

Elton John smiled who was he kidding this was like a childhood dream magical adventure flying horses.

The drive in the car a mere Taxi was short walking out he could see other cars stopping and letting other out.

Michael Trent Reznor. John recognizes the Nine inch nail guy.


"Leo" voice jelled friendly making every one turned to him William Shatner came walking inside waving at some further in.

Nimoy smiled waved back "I'm here"

he could see that James Doohan was beside William he smiled.

"Looks like the whole gang is here" Leonard said.

William looked around "See their its John Elton. You think X know him to"

James "no he cant. He would have told us"

William "He did not even tell his FRINDS that he know us"

James looked hurt "Really"

Leonard "He likes to keep things secret" he said with a smile.

William interrupted "Look Oprah and Dr Phil"

This really was strange. They waved to her and soon she came walking over.

Leonard "So you know Xander"

Oprah "No his brother Garm took me and Dr. Phil on a vampire hunt"

They decided to ask something else.

William "So why are you here already"

Oprah "a chance to see Valhalla before the wedding is not something i say no to."

Leonard "Same here"

Suddenly another Group of person in two older a man and a woman and a young man probably barely 16. Obvious a family.

"Oh man its like Fame center" young man said.

The older female "Arty Finn keep calm"

"I got to get some autographs" the older man said and the boy started up again.

"Rodger Behave you age" the female said.

"Yes Mary" Rodger the older man said.

They soon was walking staring wide eyes at the gathering of famous individuals their wives and sometimes friends.

Arty "I never knew Reilly had so many friends"

Mary "I I think its because of that Xander boy"

Arty "I cant believe I missed them during their visit"

Rodger "ain't that the Vice president" they looked over to the side.

Soon the baffled guest could see a shimmering light as a group of Valkyries dressed in formal uniform and weapon suddenly stood beside them. "The gate will opened room and boarding is taken care of money exchange we will help you with" and one by one the nervous guest started to walk.

Arty "Reilly my brother is friends with aliens" he said wondering what the fuck was going one.

Mary smiled "No honey just gods"

Chapter 32
The most devastating destruction since WW2.

Giles "I say is this not a bit to early"

Thor "No its one and a half day I say its precisely in time."

Sif "Yes they need the recovery time"

Joyce "Could we not have waited until they were going HOME from school"

Amanda rolled her eyes "No this is the perfect time. Beside they need time to recover afterwards"

Joyce smile was a bit forced but Amanda was a friend of Duncan so she was probably good girl.

They were a huge group all had hats or jacket with 'last chance for fun' or other stupid prints.

Half of them was female or female looking. The rest was male or male looking.

Xander sat tutoring Larry when the 'enemy' attacked suddenly his friends and family burst inside screaming waving flags.

Thor "You little bastard are marry my daughter. Well not with out a party" Thor laughs as only a god of war and storm could do.

Xander paled a bachelor party with these guys.

He could not think of anything else before Bragi had lifted him up and put him in a barrel that he stared to carried out.

Giles "I'm sorry class we are having a little party celebrating his coming marriage to Buffy Do keep on study"

Larry blinked no way no how that he missed this fast he joined up.

From a class room beside a another group came out a HUGE female between 10 to 12 feet was carrying a barrel that whined and yelled undignified "No this is stupid i can walk" The barrel said in the voice of Buffy.

The Barrel holding Xander suddenly spoke "Hi Buffy are you sitting inside a barrel also"

The other barrel answered "Yea mine smell like soap" Buffy barrel said.

The X-Barrel "HEY Mine smell like Old beer"

Thor "Typical female cleaning everything"

Larry laughs this was fun.

They walk outside where a group of military men escorted them outside town.

A man beautiful almost scary perfect smiled at Larry "Hi I'm Frey who are you"

Larry "I'm I'm Larry a former non friend of Xander" he hoped that this guy was gay for he was in love.

The leader a long dark hair man looking a bit like Xander suddenly waved his hand and a shimmering portal started "Lady first" Loki said.

And the girls was away.

Larry sighed typical something demony why why why. A well they look like nice demons.

The man waved again and a new portal opened soon they were on their way.

Moment later a portal open in Tokyo.

Loki open the barrel and let his son out. "Here put these on" he said as he study the mortals he smiled "Learn" a wave of pain went thru the group.

Loki "So now you can speak like the native"

Xander "Why am I where this is a girls dress. And you could have given me a pillow or something"

Thor "NO its a male Kimono the same type the Samurai use to where and many fighter still do today. We are in Tokyo. And a Pillow are you a man or a wimp"

Xander sighted "A wimp. Alright why Tokyo"

Loki "Why not my second sight said that it was the best place to have a party no one would forget"

Xander blinked "that's most likely be bad dad"

Loki "But fun. Introduce you self guys. Some of you might not know each other."

Giles "I'm Giles a Watcher"

Wesley "I'm Wesley. A Watcher but it feels like babysitter"

Oz "I'm Oz"

Jonathan "I'm Jonathan"

Larry "I'm Larry i sort of a hanger on"

Duncan smiled "Duncan Macleod."

Gary "I'm Gary. Don't we need a passport or something"

Adam "I'm Adam nice to meet you and here are your passport even your Larry" he gave them from a huge pile of passport.

Garm "I'M Garm brother of Xander"

Reilly "I'm Reilly"

Rodger "I'm Rodger Reilly dad"

Dr Phil "I'm Dr Phil friend of Garm"

William "I'm William" William Shatner said.

Jarod "I'm Jarrod"

Thor "I'm THOR Buffy real dad" Lightning suddenly struck the ground behind him enlightening him in a ghostly shine "And if you hurt my baby you will suffer"

Larry "Whoo special effects"

Bragi "No Dad IS the god of thunder IM Bragi god of strength"

Larry blinked Xander have come up in the world.

Modi "I'm Modi" he said looking eager to party or fight hard to say. A powerful man with eyes that analyze everything "I'm Tyr" he said his right hand was made of steel looked like a glove of steel.

Frey "I'm Frey" the hansom man said.

Loki "And I'm Loki Xander dad." he looked at Xander "Do you remember any one name"

Xander blinked "yea one armed man with steel hand was Ash right" he said with a grin.

Tyr eye turned surprised at Xander before laughing.

Loki "Close enough for me" Most nodded party was the important part.


A shimmering light suddenly illuminated Paris

And a group of females walked out.

Buffy sighted in relief "Ah finally" she said stepping out "Thanks for the pillow and cushion and the flash light it was sweet"

Joyce "Jarnaxa put it their"

Sif nodded "Well its best if we tell who is who right."

Joyce "I'm Joyce Buffy mother not married to her father Sif "I'm Sif the wife of Thor Buffy Dad."

Jarnaxa "I'm Jarnaxa" The 12 feet female said. "Lover of Thor" most blinked well Buffy was a strange girl with that kind of family it was explained. And she always believe it was because of Buffy being the Slayer. Harmony pondered the implications.

Cordy "I'm Cordy classmate of Buffy"

Harmony "I'm harmony"

Melody "I'm Melody. Cordy Harmony and me are searching for a good boyfriend that like to share do you know where we could fine any one Mrs. Sif" Sif blinked "Actually i do i take it the three of you."

Joyce "later introduction first"

Mary "I'm Mary mother of Reilly and Lisa a friend of the family"

Faith "I'm Faith THE slayer" she said with a sexy wave.

Kendra "I'm Kendra the former slayer."

Willow "I'm Willow. A werewolf girl in love."

Jenny "I'm jenny teacher from school and Witch."

Alexa Summer "I'm Alexa former cop" the cute 27 year old girl said. Blushing "I'm Oprah. Friend of Garm"

Joyce blinked "How did Garm know you I'm mean he just came to earth" Buffy "Later mom."

Sigyn "I'm Sigyn wife of Loki Xander father."

Thrud "I'm Thrud Buffy half sister. Sif is my mom."

Freyir "I'm Freyir" she was beautiful and oozed Sensuality to make a blind man stiff just by walking by.

Amanda "I'm Amanda and I think I made a mistake."

Joyce "Why do you say so"

Amanda "Well I'm an old friend of Duncan and well normally his friend are Dull wild as a stiff."

Joyce nodded "you are regretting this."

Amanda "No but what have you done to Duncan."

Joyce smiled "Nothing he still try to suck the fun out of the room."

Amanda breathed out in relief "Thanks good"

Buffy frowned "You said old friend Immortal like Duncan and Adam then" Amanda "YOU KNOW about Adam HE NEVER tells anyone"

The group giggled Harmony "I didn't know that could any one explain" Melody "Its like this" she said and started to explain fact of life.

Amanda pinched her self. "my Gods, what is going on?"

Sif smiled "Funny that you would mention that"

As they walk forward on the street Amanda suddenly flinched as a wave of pain hit her head "Another immortal" she said.

Amanda looked seeing a dark dressed man walking forward "Hello i do not wish for any problem"

The man eyes turn big "You Amanda I challenge you"

Amanda "I..."

"NO" Jarnaxa voice interrupted. "We are going for a party." She said gripping a lamp post and ripping it free from the ground. "And NO INTERUPTION IS ACCEPTED" The immortal manage to blink twice then the huge steel and concrete pole struck him dead centered sending him flying thru the air.

Buffy "FORE" she said watching the human fly away.

Amanda blinked "That that impossible" she said seeing the man fly away TO far away to high up.

Sif "No i just made the immortal as heavy as a milk bottle And Jarnaxa did the rest."

The rest laughs as it was a normal day except some like Oprah she looked pale immortals wonder if he survived.

The Immortal suddenly revived looking around he could see cloud as he flight higher and higher up. "Dam I Can see my house from here" he said.


Last night of Tokyo. And you believed Godzilla was destructive.

The music was mild and soft.

"This is nice restaurant" Xander said they sat in a private room waiting for the servers to come.

Loki nodded "its a Geisha house" he said.

Xander blinked "A whorehouse"

Loki "NO and YES. You can get that kind of service but that's not normal. Just beautiful girls that help you enjoy your food with friendly talking and companion ship NO sex."

Xander breathed out in relief.

And the food came.

The girl was beautiful demure laughing telling joke and being friendly specially to Frey. They all looked in shock over the amount of Food Thor, Bragi and Modi ate. Not even the sumo could eat that much.

And the drink started to flow hour past and they soon wiggled out to another place a bar heavy music made the heart beat faster as they walk inside.

Girls was half nude striping and dancing on the stages.

Soon the group was Dancing with girls. Fascinated by the Gaijins that spoke Japanese like natives.

Otoru Muribi a young looking man flushed in anger as the second girl this night had past him of just to hang with the Gaijins devils that defiled his home land "I cant take it any more who with me" he was certain as a Dan ranking in Kempo the fools did not have a chance.

Specially with his friends with him all gang members and well train in Kempo.

Beside they were more then those gaijin filths.

They stood up walking over. "YOU get your dirty hand of the girl," he said to a dark hair youth.

Xander blinked he was drunk and sure that his hand was clean otherwise the two half nude girls would object right "Eee No they are clean i think" and he pinched them softly.

One girl giggled as she snuggle closer. The other one looked worried as she pulled her friend away from Xander.

Otoru smiled "Now dirt bag Get your filthy ass out of here now"

Xander smiled the alcohol having eroded his common sense "No Idiot Baka Fool. This is my party and i cry if i want to"

The gang blinked Otoru "What the hell are you talking about?"

Xander seemed to think "I mean its MY party and i stay if i want to."

Otoru hit him hard in the stomach.

Xander folded "Huuuu" But stood up smiling waving his hand to the rest in sign language -stand down he is mine- "Lucy Luckily shoot bet you cant do that again."

Otoru Hit him again harder in the same place.

Xander "Huuuuu" blinking he stood up "Crap you manage. My turn" He said.

Otoru did not wait he hit him fast but his arm suddenly was blocked by Xander arm.

And a big Gaijin fist was coming in high speed towards his face.

Otoru "Crap."

Xander fist hit him perfect in the jaw "Ouch pain pain" he said then blinked the Japanese fighter was standing up again Xander growled "BAR FIGHT" Xander yelled something smelled odd on this guy.

Otoru Jumped relishing part of his inner beast to boost his strength.

The two arms collided and locked with each other pressing strength against strength fury against fury and who was less drunk.

The gang seeing that the Gaijins did not interfered decided to wait the boss never had problem before.

"Grrrr" Xander growled. And released more of his Hyena.

"Grrrr" Otoru Growled. And let more of his beast free.

Larry looked "Do Xander suddenly look more like a BIG monster of a hyena" The rest nodded Adam "No worry he do that from time to time"

Larry "I see but the fact that the guy look more and more like a fox should that worry me"

Adam blinked a freaking Kitsune a Fox demon. Or a Were-fox he was not certain.

Loki smiled "Cool a Kitsune they can be strong if they are old"

Adam "what?"

Thor "they are a minor demonic creature half humans non evil. They begin weaker then even humans IF they survive they become extremely strong. A Kitsune a millennia old or so could beat a Dragon in pure strength. They can live to almost 1200 years"

Adam sighed "Typical if its young its a push over if its old Xander is mince meat"

Loki nodded taking another sake.

Xander was now fully Were-hyena and muscles was bulging the floor was groaning in because of the pressure they where putting on it. This guy was strong.

Otoru was looking like a Fox man ears like a fox two tails and fur his face was mostly human. Sweet poured down his face as he pushed.

Beside them the other gang members turn to their other shapes.

Thor smiled looking at the three eyed big mouth monster "An Oni" He liked to kill Trolls but it must be a half Oni so beat the crap of him.

The Oni suddenly realized something bad "Kami" he said looking at Thor and the rest.

Larry sighed typical a bar fight. Well this was boring he looked at the Sake glass empty no chance of ordering more as the bartender hide him self. Well time to do something stupid and get some fun or pain what ever.

"Geronimo" Larry yelled as he ran and tackled a big frog like thing.

Modi looked as the pure human attacked a Kappa water elemental. "Him i like." he said "FREE FOR ALL FIGHT FIGHT" Modi said happy to be once again in his right element. And he jumped straight toward the big Oni.

Loki hand suddenly burst out grasping Thor "lets the young ones handle this"

Thor grumbled a bit as he sat down.

Bragi smiled sitting down him self.

Adam nodded drinking his Sake "I agree" he said smiling to William.

Loki looked at them "I said Let the young ones handle this. Any one under the age of 9000 years UP and fight now"

Adam blinked "I'm not going" seeing Loki eyes. "I'm over 5000" Loki still looked hard at him. "Why if Bragi don't fight why me?"

Bragi "I'm the strongest of gods not even Dad can move me."

Adam sighed "Come on" he said to Gary, William, Oz, Jonathan and the rest.

William "I'm just a actor you know not a fighter"

Tyr smiled "Time to learn then. I have suffer because of those Trek loving Dwarfs so i have no pity."

The rest of the gods nodded.

William sighted "Coming Phil"

The doctor nodded smiling remembering his youth in college boy was he a hell raiser.

Gary "Lets team up you me and Doc" he said to William.

Loki sat back handing out number signs.

Xander shifted his weight falling back trying to throw the fox Otoru when flying above him but held on to Xander's arms landing on his two feet the fox shifted balance and send Xander flying to the bar wall.

Xander landed in a stench of sake, Whisky and whine.

Loki -09-Thor -10-Frey -12-Tyr -08-Bragi -12-

They all looked at Tyr "It was a risky maneuver and Fox boy landed a bit wrong the return throw could have ended bad IF Xander kept his grip. Only 8 point and i stay with my choice.

The other nodded they could accept that.

Xander took a drink from a Tequila cleaning his mouth from blood before looking at Otoru "A drink before we continue" Otoru frowned "Do you have sake"

Xander shook his head he could not find any whole bottle "NO sorry" Otoru "Then lets fight"

Xander jumped towards him landing just in front he did a slow kick that Otoru easy parried but he missed Xander's arm striking him with a knife hand strike in the kidneys.

Otoru groaned as Xander fist struck deep.

Loki -12-Thor -10-Frey -11-Tyr -10-Bragi -06-They all looked at Bragi.

Bragi "Look"

They fast turn back and they could see it Xander was in a trap.

Otoru folded by the blow but he had the Gaijin dog now. Tugging hard the Kitsune pulled in the rope he manage to slip around Xander leg.

Xander eyes turned large as the Fox man suddenly started to spin him around and around faster and faster. "This will hurt" flying in in the air he felt pain as his body landed on Modi sending him in to the land of the sleeping.

Xander slowly stood up "Thanks Modi" he said flexing his arms and legs that was healing mending broken bones and flesh.

Time to go dangerous.

William stood back to back with Gary as they parried and dodge defending Phil. Dr Phil was struck out like lightning sending Fox person after fox down.

William "God dam you can fight"

Phil "I am a psychiatrist you know meeting crazy individuals every day you Learn how to fight"

Gary nodded the head shrink in his district said the same thing that head shrinks would probably kick his butt a Hollywood shrink would probably be better at fighting with all the Kung fu movies being made.

Phil ignored them jumped up made a spinning jump kick and hit face on a smaller blue thing. "Kiiya take that"

William blinked dang he would never disrespect HIS shrink again.

Phil smiled "Bring it on boys you look like you need some mental care"

The gang growled and the fight was joined.

Beside them Jarod was wrestling with a younger Kitsune. "This one is actually kind of weak" he said bar fights was a new experience kind of fun.


Paris last will and testament.

"Take it off take it off take it off" The girls was chanting as the male striper slowly got his pants of.

Buffy smiled looking unimpressed at the male lower parts that stood in full attention.

Faith smiled "Smaller then Xander"

Cordy, Harmony and melody each held their hand apart.

Faith blinked looking at Buffy "are they serious"

Buffy nodded "Yup if it was a inch shorter it would be a foot" dam it she was So drunk.

Faith paled that's that's not possible Buffy was TO short to small hell SHE is to small and she is bigger then B is.

Buffy smiled "He is even bigger in his Were-hyena body" she said with a dreamy look.

The girls huddle around Buffy waiting for details.

Sigyn smiled "just like his dead their is a reason I sometimes calls him Redwood"

As Buffy hand showed them the size of Hybrid Were-hyena equipment Joyce pale that monster been inside her baby girl. The male striper felt poorly equipped.


"Girls they wanna have fun" Buffy Faith Joyce sang.

"That all we really one" Sif and the rest.

"Ooo girls they whanne have fun" they all sang.

As they moved to the next bar being thrown out for embarrassing and mocking the Dancers was a bit stupid but French who knew.

"Halt in the name of the law. Amanda Devarue funny to find you here just minutes after a break in" a voice said.

Amanda groaned "Well hello officer Pirval." she said.

Behind them a group of twelve men stood. Amanda looked sweetly towards them.

Sif eyes turn hard "You are not police men. Police men do not have Watcher tattoos" she said.

Amanda paled renegade Watcher the hunters that kills immortals.

Faith growled Watcher like those that send assassins after her "DIE YOU EVIL FREAKS" She said and jumped them.

Buffy "WHY i was having so nice time. FEAR ME IM SMALL CUTE AND CUDDLY" and she attack them.

Jarnaxa "She really IS cute small but cuddly i believe only Xander can be sure about"

Amanda blinked that was unusual she had the feeling that these murdering hunters may be real police men murderer but still police. Crap probably last time in decade she would be in Paris.

Pirval blinked as the small blond girl jumped him hitting him hard with a jump kick that sent him flying breaking his arm like a twig.

Faith landed her dagger waved in the air she stabbed a man in his chest aiming at the lung she could see the cut going in and healing perfectly but still left the guy hurt but living.

Perfect she could seriously hurt them with out killing them.

Beside the now unconscious man on of the other blink they had an immortal among them.

Faith whirled around when Sif "PUT the dagger away Faith use your arms and legs its more fun that way"

Faith nodded "This will hurt boys"


Faith back away. "I think i watch its safer"

The rest nodded. Oprah "I think so to. And they claim the Frenchmen are friendly" she shook her head what a scam that is.

Sif dodge a flying police man "Buffy look where you are throwing the law around"

Buffy "I'm sorry" she said as she grasp another watcher that was trying to run away.

Buffy "First you use us. Then you have us killed Being a Slayer is hard then you come around making it a NIGHTMARE"

The man blinked "I I Only watching Immortals and killing them not slayer don't kill me"

Buffy blinked "Really" she looked around "O I'm sorry if i know that i would been nicer and not broke so many bones"

Amanda walked up "This guys murder an Immortal friend of mine ONE that lived like a pacifist for more then a millennia they just walk in to his church and off with his head Buffy."

Buffy "Really"

Joyce nodded "Let me Buffy" She said walking up to the scared Hunter working as a cop.

Joyce grasped his nuts squishing "No one murders a peaceful priest and interrupt MY Buffy's party"

The man face was full of tears as he nodded.

Joyce let go she hit him hard in the face with her handbag breaking his nose.

The girls walk away singing "I shoot the sheriff but i did not shoot the deputy."

Amanda suddenly blinked "You know i have a plan of stealing from the Luovre but i need a team with extra ordinary ability. Are you up for it girls"

Joyce paled this was not as if it was her then.

Buffy "YAY pay back for all stupid French lessons."

The girls looked at each other before one by one nodding they might as well.


Run its Godzilla. No just American teens.

Xander looked at the hole in the wall the upper floor was groaning it this bar would not hold up much longer.

Otoru suddenly came back in his fur was filled with concrete dust and blood. "Good hit boy" he said he stumble a bit but walk on.

Xander swallowed "Time to face the Alpha" his smile was big now.

Around them the Otoru gang and the Xander's boys was sitting or sleeping.

"Bring it on" Otoru said and the fight raged on.

Thor nodded "Otoru is stronger much stronger. He have skills but seem to be most experience with weaker enemies"

Loki nodded "We have trained Xander to expect to fight stronger enemies. And he have more skill just not as much experience."

Dr Phil dried blood from his lips "You think he can take him"

Thor frowned "maybe Xander seem to have extreme high endurance. He can take a lot of punishment and keep coming back for more"

The ogre sitting beside them "Well my yen is on Otoru" he said showing them money Loki smiled "you are on" putting his own money on the table.

Larry groaned "I bet it will be a drawl" he said handing over some money.

Larry smiled and stood up "Listen carefully"

The Ogre paled "The cops lets run"

Loki looked at the smiling Larry "You heard them"

Larry smiled "just a trick uncle Radar told me how to do"

Xander "Do the cops bothering you" Xander as his fist was flying.

Otoru "Yes they are far to use to fight supernatural beast." Parried the fist kicking at Xander's kneecap.

Xander "really" He said jumping over the kick. And Kicking with his other leg.

Otoru "you believe those tentacle demons was only fantasy Hell now we have a gate to their home world sick demented creeps" Otoru said as he did a side step avoiding Xander kick.

"Later" Xander said with hopeful voice Otoru "Anytime you like to fight here is my address" he said.

Xander "Wait you like to come to my wedding its now on Sunday"

Otoru "i Cant have a family meeting important things. But thanks" He looked at the gang "Lets get out of here"

Xander walk over Grasping the still sleeping Modi "lets go. You" he said pointing at Duncan "Bring some whiskey or Sake or something we have some party to do."

Smiling the highlander ran away and grabbed as many bottle he could. This was a party like the ones he remember so long long ago.


Paris whine and break in.

Cordelia sighed She always wanted to see the Luovre jewel collection but never believed she would see it hanging upside down paralyzing some security cameras with a computer gizmo. While Kendra was slowly removing stone after stones.

"That the one" Joyce said as she and Buffy carefully took down painting after painting.

Oprah smiled as she slowly and carefully removed valued books putting them inside a bag.

This was SO wrong but fun in a twisted way.

The biggest robbery in history and she was part of it.

A future legend in the making.

Beside her Faith slowly took down a priceless necklace and putting it with the books.

Later they the cars meet up in a park.

Melody "O i was so afraid that was so so. Amanda can we do it again" Amanda "later maybe."

Sif sighted "We better go away from here now"

Jarnaxa nodded "But it was fun"

The rest of the girl giggling.

Sif smiled "I know a Bar in Valhalla lets party like a Viking their."

Chapter 33
What the **** happened.

Xander whimpered pain so much pain and hungry he could eat a horse. He slowly rose feeling like a Zombie. Blinking he could see that he was sleeping in the living room at the Summer mansion.

"What why?"

Then he remember he was to tired to walk up the stairs.

"Hi son" the perky and happy voice of Loki said. "Hangover"

Xander nodded "Man pain dad pain!"

Loki "Aaa the weakness of being a half god. I heard it can be PAINFULL," he said in as high voice as possible.

Xander shivered "Ouch ouch. Need food"

Loki smiled "Here you go i made you some"

"Thanks" he said and started to eat. "This is good"

Loki nodded "Got some millennia to perfect it"

Xander "I notice. Wonder what the girls was up to"

Loki shrugged "If I'm not mistaken it will be in the news"

Xander blinked "Like our destruction of a bar and surrounding area" Loki "Na we only made the local news. Girls tend to aim higher.

Buffy is sleeping upstairs. And you need new pants shirts the works"

Xander nodded bloodstains claw marks dust and god knows what else that was on his 'was that a human eye'.

Shaking his head he walk up "I will burn this he said looking at how he was dressed"

Duncan stormed inside "AMANDA"

Amanda blinked "yes"

"Did you rob the Luovre" Duncan said.

Amanda smiled "But Duncan i was on a party why would i interrupt a party for work and where would hide had the loot" she said standing nude in front of him.

Duncan nodded "yes your right"

Amanda smiled glad the stupid fool never looked under the bed.

Buffy giggled something was tickling her "stop. Yes no" she woke up seeing the smiling Xander holding a feather. "Hi honey" she said.

Xander smiled "Had fun last night"

Buffy nodded "you looked rather banged up. You got in a fight right" Xander "Sorry."

Buffy grinned "Well boys will be boys. I just hope you learn how to resolve things peaceful we girls do not need to fight all the time."

Xander nodded "I try next time" he then blinked "Wow that almost look like the real thing. Where did you find that copy of the Mona Lisa"

Buffy "I got it cheap" she said with a smile.

Xander walk up "Impressive"


Oprah smiled as they sat at the breakfast. Her diamonds and jewel necklace from last nights robbery was still on her.

Leonard looked at William "That must been one hell of a fight"

Dr Phil "Quite I'm still a bit stiff i should have exercised more often"

William snorted "Ha at least you were not Mr. Punching bag"

Oprah smiled "Now i like to here more about this."

William started to tell using his skill as an actor to spin the tail of their adventure.

The other guest looked on sure they were in Valhalla but that sure sounded a bit farfetched.

Larry house

Groaning Larry woke up pain pain and more pain. He blinked what the hell.

Beside him something furry was sleeping.

Pondering he remember that cute Kitsune girl that followed him after the fight.

"Shit" Mom she was home and saw me with a Fox girl. Larry taught.

Thinking again Larry wondered he always new that he was gay but being with a girl felt fine. Maybe he was Bisexual or maybe the Blessing that Frey dude have giving him change him.

Larry slowly tried to disentangle him self from the girls arms.

"-No not want to go-" the girl said in Japanese.

Larry smiled well new language skill was always good "-I'm going to shower-"

Fox-girl "-take me with you need to clean fur-"

Larry "okay -could you let go of my neck-"

Fox-girl "-Don't wanna-"

Larry sighed as he lifted the giggling girl up in his arms and walk to the bathroom.

His little brother stopped froze seeing Larry carrying a girl with fox tails and fox ears.

He ran down "MOM Larry is has a pet can i get one to"

Giles house

Slowly waking pain suffering Giles woke up "Now i know why i stop being Ripper" he said.

Stumbling out from the bed the girls was up and awake already fixing breakfast for him "Thanks dears" he said with a smile.

Turning over the paper he began reading "This is awful just look a Multi million break in, in the Luovre stealing nationals treasures for over a Billion American dollar" Giles said.

Kendra blinked "WE ARE RICH" she screamed in joy as she started to dance around with Jenny.

Giles blinked one of those days. Why did he wake up.


"You look terrible" Joyce said to Jarod.

"I know i feel terrible," Jarod said. He looked not far from mince meat black and blue over his hole body.

"So how did last night go," Joyce said.

Jarod "Between illegal and classified i think it was fun. Your gang" Joyce ponder "Mostly fun and illegal" she said pointing at the Picasso paintings on the wall.

Jarod blinked. "I see."

Willow house

Mrs. Rosenberg frowned "Wake up Willow and you two boys," she said in a frosty tone.

Oz "she don't like us"

Willow "I know i don't like her"

Jonathan "i like you Willow"

"lets go and eat" Willow said.

Then looked at Oz and Jonathan "By the way where DID you find that katana over their" she said pointing at a rusty old sword.

Jonathan shrugged "if i remember correctly it followed me home."

Willow "One of those things" she said looking at Madam Currie dairy. Wondering if it really was a good idea of having it outside a lead box.

White house

The President "Mhaaa haa haa"

"What's so funny" the chief of NSA said.

The president gave him the file the CIA chief had given him.

"Wow that's a lot of stolen things from Paris. DO we know ho did it?" The chief asked.

The president nodded "Our drunken female friends of Sunnydale. But the French will never know understood"

The CIA nodded "right but why"

The president "I might agree that the Gate of the nine world should be opened and forgiving and forgetting about Xander was a cheap price to pay. But they threatened us with WAR. I do not forget that"

The CIA chief nodded "I see so we keep it silent"

the President nodded "Yeh they find out but we will just tell them to forgive and forget. They will of course send spy and thief's to take it back we can just watch and enjoy the show"

The CIA Chief started to laugh "Do we have surveillance"

The president nodded "Some not good they tend to notice if we do."

The CIA chief "I wonder if our Sunnydale friends would consider Honeymoon in Russia" They were still laughing and joking hours later.

Chapter 34

Xander sighted "Yes Buffy I have everything I need"

Buffy raised her eyebrow holding up his toothbrush.

"Except that one" Xander said smoothly.

Buffy slowly took her left hand forward and held up the sword Gram. "Oooo" Xander said. "I Knew exactly where it was"

Buffy nodded "So you had a clever plan to destroy the washer machine" Xander "Uh what"

smiling "You forgot to take you sword out of you pants The Washer is completely destroyed you sword regain its normal size INSIDE. Mom is NOT happy with you right now" Buffy said.

Xander "O Crap i was so drunk and beat up that I forgot about it I swear."

Buffy smiled as she walk up and kissed him "I believe you and Mom believe you. But the washer is dead completely dead poor non living machine dead so far before its time"

Xander sighted "Right well other then those two i think i have everything even our Fun bag" he said pointing at the bag with necessity for any one planning on going on a honeymoon.

Crossbow, Stake, First aid. And some explosive.

Buffy nodded "Best we leave the Explosives home Remember the magic" Xander pouted "no grenade"

"No grenade. But we can take those Acid-grenades with us" Buffy said smiling.

Xander "Sweet cant wait to test those"

Rolling her eyes Buffy hugged him close "I hope nothing go wrong with out honeymoon. Or our wedding it just that everything we do seem to go crazy"

Xander "I know bad karma or it might just be that we are the butt monkey of fate. You think we should ask Urd and Skuld if they been messing with us?"

Buffy giggled then stopped "We could do that couldn't we. That's scary"

A voice down stairs ended their argument.

"BX come now Faith is torturing me" Dawn voice complain from downstairs.

Xander slowly kissed Buffy "Lets save poor Dawn from her evil sister."

Downstairs was a labyrinth of bags backpacks and other things that was sitting around the floor.

Cordelia and her girlfriends was sitting talking to Alexa Summer about make up. Her former police partner and now boyfriend Gary sat bored out of his mind. He still had bruises from the fight.

Larry sat talking with a Japanese girl that looked between 19 and 21.

Lisa and Dawn was being held upside down by Faith.

Reilly just sat and smiled Talking with his Dad Rodger and brother Arty Or Artemis but everyone called him Arty.

Xander smiled "A reason why you are holding the kids upside down"

"We ARE NOT KIDS" came the indignant yell from Dawn and Lisa.

Xander "Right you are 14 years old and behave like two 6 year olds." Faith "Lisa was using a magic scratch spell to irritate us"

Xander "ooh that not nice Lisa. And Dawn"

Lisa blushed "just fun"

Faith "I know my sister she is the master brain between these two.

Lisa is just her Henchman a simple Minion"

Lisa "HEY I'm a Hench girl"

Dawn smiled "I'm innocent. I promise" she said.

Buffy giggled "let them down I'm sure they will not do it again.

RIGHT" the two nodded and smiled in a false way.

Xander rolled his eyes.

Giles "Well are we ready to go now"

They all nodded "Nothing forgotten" Wesley said. Looking at Dawn.

Dawn blinked while thinking hard itching powder, Yes. Firecrackers, Yes.

Nothing Except "O i forgot my Camera" She blushed and ran up to get it.

Short drive later they where waiting as Xander gather opened the gate to Valhalla.

And they walked in.

The City of the dead.

The Halls of heroes.

The home of the gods.

The town of Valhalla have many names a city the size of Canada with parks the size of small forest.

It an intimidating and beautiful and wonderful place to visit and live in.

They all blinked looked shocked at the glamour and beauty of the town as an Einherior led them out.

And to a huge bus that he jumped in "Come on i will drive you to Thor's home"

HE was a scrawny man looking like a programmer or scholar but his uniform said he was a fighter a member of the heavy mechanized Cavalry of the gods.

Xander "So beside Bus what do you drive" he ask the man looking at his name tag -Wildur Heimsen-

Wildur smiled "Battle tank operator. Anytime we have to storm one of the hell dimension or even hell I'm inside of those things. Keeping our mage alive and our troops fighting."

Xander "that's an important work"

Wildur "yea I'm not in it for the glory"

Larry blinked the forces of God used battle tanks to fight the evil. A shadow fell and he could see a angel beautiful female one landing above him.

Wildur "They are part of the Valkyrie units Search and rescue.

Quite a lot of them have posting on earth. Of course then they often have to be in ghost form to prevent unnecessary influence"

Larry "ooh i see"

Wildur nodded "Quite an experience using those wings. Take long time before you get your flight license."

Larry "Uuh why"

Wildur "The wings have the ability to travel where you LIKE to go much faster then they can fly. During flight they can teleport you for long distance shortening the distance.

And a lot of other things.

Then an out of control flyer is a danger to all air traffic.

Just think about it If you not strong then the wings will control you NOT a pretty sight when that happens" Wildur pointed at a glass window.

Inside was Wings huge blue golden wings. That sat folded up against the wall. Some was waving a bit other sat still.

"That's of course the civilian version. Have a pair my self. Nice animals. Kind of like a symbiote it attach it self to your backside and suddenly you can fly. Of course if you ain't got the training The wings will fly where ever THEY like to go 9 times out of 10 back to the breeding ranch. Wildur explain as the bus drove of.

Faith felt chills going down her spine. "NO Dawn you will NOT buy a pair of wings. And i will NOT believe you if they follow you home"

Dawn sat down pouting.

Thor's Castle

Sif "Are you done yet"

Thor nodded "Ai love i am. Any dangerous passage is blocked off the Dragon-snake is dead and i even found a treasure to give them."

"And the guest" Sif said.

Thrud "Jarnaxa is entertaining those that already here and Xander is bringing the rest in now"

Modi "What shall we do today."

Thor "I was thinking a tour in the shopping district and then a slow family day They are mortals mostly."

Thrud "We have to see that they don't buy anything dangerous"

Thor "Why. If they like to have a dangerous thing its their choice. But the young ones we better protect"

Outside on the courtyard the bus stopped and they all walked out the Castle was HUGE stone building with towers extensions and walls and gardens hanging and fountains and bridges between towers and.

"That's big" Giles said.

Buffy nodded "Dad like to build something new every now and then. Only that part is used." She said pointing to a small tower with balconies and hanging gardens.

Giles "i see"

The doors opened and out came Thor and the rest to hug Buffy and shakes Xander hand.

Buffy focus her best puppy eyes on Sif "Do you have anything to eat. I'm so hungry" she said making the voice shiver a bit.

Sif smiled "a lunch is prepare for all of you"


Larry and the Kitsune girl.

"Look" Larry said inside they could see tinny elf like creatures with batwings they were only a feet high being sold sitting inside cages. The shop keeper smiled "hello can i help the two of you"

Larry "Ah what are those things?"

The shopkeeper smiled "they are Dragon fairy. Pseudo Intelligent IF a mage buy one they bond with him or her and become intelligent. IF a normal human buy one they stay about as smart as a house Cat. And they keep bugs and bats away by eating them"

Larry "I I see"

Kitsune "KAWAII" she said study one carefully.

Lisa and Dawn.

"Wow. Look" Dawn said. "This spell is a training spell like the rest of yours but it say the victim feels like being slapped."

Lisa smiled "cool. Anything else"

The book keeper "You are searching for training spells"

Lisa "yes Rune magic. Need to build up my casting strength"

The book keeper "Well what's you teachers name please"

Lisa "Its Nilrem."

The book keeper "A see wait a moment"

He took out a phone and talked a moment later. "Her Lisa its Nilrem"

Lisa "Hi master Nilrem"

Phone "------"

Lisa "I see yes i am training. No I'm not irritating anyone or hurting animal"

Phone "---- -----"

Lisa "Thanks"

The Book keeper smiled "So if you like i have my OWN book with Training spells i have written other copies. But you might like one of them"

Lisa nodded Trainings spell was useful anything from opening a unlocked door to dry you off after a bath to keep the food from boiling over.

"Here you go" he said holding up a huge book "5000 or more useful training spell from the kill a bug to summon insect. To the Shave the cat spell"

Lisa swallowed "thanks this is to much"

Dawn was drooling the holy mother load of practical joke wonder if the Shave the cat work on a werewolf.

Joyce and Jarod.

"That was fun," Jarod said.

Joyce nodded "lets go for another ride. Longer this time"

And the two 'adult' walk away for another ride on a Pegasus.

Buffy was resting using Xander as a pillow and bed.

"Soon tomorrow we be married. Are you afraid we are young" she said wavering a bit.

Xander "No Buffy I'm not afraid. This is everything I could hope for. I just hope that this what YOU like. All i ever want Buffy is for you to be happy nothing else." He said looking with love struck at Buffy.

Buffy "Should we even bother to visit anything outside"

Xander "Na its just to much right now"

Buffy "like to snuggle a bit or"

Xander "just snuggle the wild thing can wait tomorrow its more fitting" he said with smile and the two rested enjoyed the quiet life.

Bragi "Stupid dad forgetting the dead dragon snake" said in angry voice as he carried the +30 feet long snake like dragon out from the castle.

Xander "They have big rats here"

Buffy "Huh"

Xander "Snake eats Rats and If the snake are THAT big wonder how big the Rats are"

Buffy blinked looking at the gigantic T-rex sized snake Bragi was dragging out.

Chapter 35
Happy days the beginning...

In the boys dressing room

He was dressed in a tuxedo and walking back and forth sweating and breathing fast "O gods. O me o me." Xander was stuttering. "What what if if she don't hate me. And I don't deserve her i just useless she is so perfect I I" He looked around sweating "She is going to dump me run away or something a runaway bride" Saying that he fell down in a pile of shivering nerves.

Giles cleaned his glasses.

Loki raised an eyebrow. "What the bloody hell did you Say to him Thor"

Thor "I just asked How he felt with only moment to your wedding"

Giles "Xander Do calmed down I'm sure Buffy still going to marry you" Xander "You sure as you know or you sure as in taking a guess.. O crap you don't know. Have you ask her?"

Loki "Calm DOWN Boy."

Xander "I a boy she is a girl She is to young what if she?"

Garm suddenly walked forward gripping Xander firm by his shoulder "XANDER" he Jelled "Are you listening to me"

Xander nodded then he started to panic again."

Garm "No you not" Suddenly Garm leg kicked up in a hard kick.

Xander "Uuh pain."

Loki "Ouch you kicked him in his Nuts."

Garm "Do i have your attention Brother."

Xander "yes."

Garm "She LOVE you. YOU love her. I know i can smell the love the two of you have when ever you are near each other"

Xander "but what if i fail her and she deserve something better"

Garm "You are a half god she is a half god their are no one better suited to make her happy then you"

Xander looked paled but nodded weakly.

Garm "So are you going to be calm or must i kick you in the nuts again"

Xander blinked "I'm calm."

Thor "Wow that worked better then a slap in the face. Garm IF you teach Sif or Jarnaxa this method of calming down a man. I will Kill you" he said with a pale smile. The idea of having Jarnaxa his mistress kicking him in the nuts was not fun she was almost twice his height.

Xander "I'm calm I'm going to marry Bu bu bu"

Garm "Xander"

"I'm calm going to marry Buffy no problem not panicking at all."

Xander babbled.

Garm just looked at him.

Oz "Hmm"

Jonathans "Garm will not be in the same room as i am when I get married"

Oz "Agree"

In the girl dressing room

"Mom" Buffy said.

"Yes" Sif said.

"Yes" Jarnaxa said.

Buffy rolled her eyes "I mean MOM as in Birth mom not the two other females that's married to Dad and more or less adopted me"

Joyce giggled "They were only teasing you"

Sif smiled "yes and i told you call me Mom."

"Yes Mommy-Sif and yes Mommy-Jarnaxa. And Mom I'm nervous" Buffy said as she hugged Joyce.

Joyce "What for honey?"

Sif Hugged Buffy from the other side "Is it being married?"

Buffy "no not married the idea actually calm me down"

Jarnaxa decided to give them all some love hugged the three of them with her huge arms "What are you afraid of then Buffy"

Buffy "sex."

Joyce "Huh i taught you already had sex."

Buffy "kind of."

Sif "what do you mean with kind of?"

Buffy "only oral. He make me happy i make him happy then we snuggle" Jarnaxa "And why are you afraid Buffy"

Buffy "Its kind of oversized" she said.

Jarnaxa smiled "Don't worry you can handle it"

Joyce "I'm sure Xander will be extremely careful"

Buffy "but i like his time to be perfect"

Sif "A mans first time is always perfect if the GIRL is enjoying it" believe me I'm a love goddess.

Willow "Hi Ooo that's sweet" Willow said before starting to giggle.

Buffy was hugged by Joyce on her right side and Sif on her Left side and Jarnaxa manage to hug the three of them totally surround them in a warm love of giants arms.

"So any problem Willow?" Buffy asked.

Willow "No but the native are becoming restless"

Buffy "Huh"

"Some of the Dwarfs invited are Trekis and they just discover that William Shatner and Leonard are their." Willow said.

Buffy giggled "Wonder how he feels that his biggest fans are half sized."

Soon the laughter was breaking the fears as the girl enjoyed them self dressing Buffy in her wedding dress and Willow and Kendra as Maid of honors.

Dawn and Lisa looked a bit irritated being flower girls dressed in the cutes pink dresses they could find. "This sucks" Dawn said. "Any more pink and i get a sugar overdose," Lisa giggled.

Moment later Thor walked in as the father of the bride "it time" he said looking mighty proud.

Buffy almost jumped over to his side waving to Willow and the rest to hurry up.

Thor "don't worry he ain't going anywhere. Maybe loose is conscious but not runaway"

Buffy "yea" she said knowing how nervous Xander would be in front of cameras and the Dwarf and Elfs have plenty of cameras.

"Oh god cam cam they will ooh god" Buffy suddenly felt nervous what if.

Joyce "Buffy" shaking her head she slapped Buffy.

Buffy "Mom why"

Joyce "Calm down now lets go out and get married"

Buffy nodded still chocked over being slapped.

Thor nodded effective with minimal use of force or word.

The Room was not a church after all what use have gods of a church. No it was a dining room only friends and some family of Thor Loki and Odin.

Meaning many not all of the Aesir gods.

And some extended friends to Buffy, George, Loki, Thor like Mr.

George. Mulder and Scully, Adam Pierson, Duncan Macleod, Amanda, A Teenage giant from Jotenheim, Olorin and his family. The friendly Trekie dwarfs from the store. The Friendly Dwarfish program leader she had becoming friend with Oprah and Dr Phil.

Then some dozen more of odds and ends. Like Reilly family.

Then came some political representative from the Olympus and the Vanheim and they of course both took with them a camera team.

The vice president of United states. The Hell dog Garm he had a huge area totally free as most pissed their pants just seeing him.

So it was a small wedding compared to many that happened in this realm. Just under 900 individuals was watching and holding their breath as Buffy came walking in her white dress was glittering cover with gems diamonds and emeralds.

And a almost spooky light of the room made her look more beautiful then the angels that was flying above her near to roof spreading flowers.

"Well the wings of the dress is at least ONE bonus," one of the Angels said.

"Its still to pink Lisa" the other Angel said with a complaining voice. "You think we can keep the wings after wards?" she continue.

Lisa "No i do not think so Dawn" the first angel said.

Dawn sighted "i really like the wings they are so useful and great pets also"

Lisa nodded the wings was great pets in a symbiotic kind of way and useful to fly with.

Xander looked with a stunned expression when Buffy slowly came gliding forward on the room.

Then time it self lost meaning to him the priest Father O'Malley a friend of Joyce that suddenly had his whole faith destroyed.

Talked about marriage under the gods or something.

Xander did not remember anything except the beauty of Buffy and that he said "I DO" and Buffy said the same.

Then sound disappeared as he kissed her.

Joyce "They look totally lost to the world. How long have they been hugging and kissing now"

Thor "About a hour lets break them up time to kiss the bride. Then eat then gift and party" With a smile Thor "Time to let other kiss the bride" he said friendly.

Xander growled as some one dare interrupt his time with Buffy the center of the universe on THE day.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaa" Thor said in surprise as the Were-hyena Xander suddenly kicked him in his nuts.

Hit him in his face.

"Do not interrupted" Xander growled as he continue kissing Buffy.

Smiling Buffy "lets go to our room i cant wait any more"

Nodding Xander easy lifted his Buffy up and they walked away ignoring the rest as it was of no importance.

Odin blinked "Now that i did NOT expect" He looked down at his oldest son still holding his groin and whimpering in pain.

Smiling to the rest "WELL Time to party and let our young lover have fun by them self"

The room exploded in applauds and many dwarfs cried it was so romantic.

Sitting snuggled up in Xander arms Buffy whispered "That was a pure genius of you"

Xander smiled "I told you i would get us away from that party"

Buffy just snuggled closer with a smile she finally had her favorite puppy love.

Dawn "Did they tell you how to land?"

Lisa "No did they tell you?"

Dawn shake her head "no. And I'm hungry."

The rooms was soon empty only two young angels in Pink dresses were inside. Slowly the wings was flying around and around until the emptiness and tranquility was broken with a huge "HELP HELP HELP."

Sadly it took hours before any one notice the two trouble makers was missing...

Chapter 36
Happy Days.

Dining room in Thor's Home....

"I'm still angry Faith How could you forget me" Dawn said pouting. Faith smiled "I said I'm sorry okay i was not the ONLY one forgetting about you and Lisa"

Dawn "yea I'm never going to forgive you. Unless you could."

Faith "NO NO way. You are NOT getting a pair of those wings."


Joyce "Dawn pleas stop screaming."

Dawn settle down staring evil at her big sister.

Lisa "Dawn i got a idea."

But was soon distracted as the other half of the terrible duo started and they started to plot practical jokes.

Thor "Looks like they still are upstairs."

Loki "Yeh That's my boy."

Thor "And that my girl."

Joyce "Are the two of you sure they still are up their"

Loki "Where else would they be they came down got food and cake then locked them self inside"

Joyce smiled "Just wondering Why did Garm carried up two large Backpacks. I believe the two of them have runaway to their own idea of a honeymoon"

Thor "no no no they cant Loki and me planed their whole Honeymoon its perfect romantic and wonderful. We told them not to worry we have everything planed"

Loki "Lets go and check if they are still in the room" And the two of them stormed up to check up if Xander and Buffy was still their.

Sif "Looks like Buffy and Xander have the brain in the family"

Sigyn nodded "Must be because of Xander mortal mother"

Short moment later Thor and Loki came down handing Joyce a note "Here its for all of us" Thor said.

Joyce started to read aloud. -Hi guys and girl.

I'm sorry we ran away but knowing that the brainless duo was planning our honeymoon we decided to run away for a month and we are NOT telling any one where we go.

Odin and Heimdall help us as an extra wedding gift we are in a wonderful place no evil giants to lock me in a cage.

And no need to wander in hell.

Good bye for a month And see you later Mom and Mother-Sif and Mother-Jarnaxa and Dad from Buffy and.

See you later Mother Summer, and Dad and the rest of you all. From X.-

Thor "Crap well Odin and Heimdall never tells us"

Loki "Well its sweet they outfoxed me" the god of trickery said.

Honeymoon camp

Buffy "Look its so beautiful" she said looking at a large iceberg sailing by them. "Where are we"

Xander hugged her closer "Hellicornia. A planet outside the Nine Realms. Its years is in millenniums 2000 years of winter and snow follow by 2000 years of Summer. This is spring. Warmth but still a bit cold during the night. We can bathe in the hot spring or ski on the snow. Or just visit one of the small villages that exist"

Buffy hugged Xander closer this was perfect a bit primitive but no distraction and nature she actually started to enjoy camping outside and to hunt.

Probably a left over from once being a slayer she wondered.

Xander "i was thinking we stay here about half the honeymoon then visit some other place."

Buffy nodded then took romance in her own hands lifted Xander up and carried him inside time to do some serious snuggling.

Sunnydale 5 days later

"You asked for me," Duncan said.

Adam "Yes Giles have found where the Mystical weapon of air exist.

And we like you to set a team to find it. Its inside a lair of Hydras. In the realm of the Fey."

Duncan "How close can we come."

Adam "Thanks to Loki we can drop you off a day march away and pick up at the same place later."

Duncan nodded "The team will be Me, Amanda, Willow and her boys.

Then two extra troopers"

Adam "Why Amanda and Willow"

Duncan "Willow knows magic and she is a werewolf the Fey have respect for them. And some how i KNOW that the Mystical weapon of air IS Amanda's."

Adam "No no you CANT do that"

Duncan "I is every time I dream or think about the other weapons Amanda is the one using that one."

Adam nodded "may it be so then"

Duncan smiled a bit as he walked out.

Chapter 37
Happy Days 2

The Planet Hellicornia

"Aaaa this is the life" Buffy said as she relaxed in the calming water of the warm spring.

Xander nodded truly a wonderful place they were in.

The natives was friendly and shocked over the fact that Buffy and Xander actually bathing in water freely with out drowning.

The concept of Bath have mostly been forgotten in the +2000 year of snow and winter But already their was some brave souls trying them self.

And in the village fur clothing and ivory bone crafts was easy to buy and cheap and huge pearls crafted in to small statues the size of a human fist.

They had plenty of souvenirs.

While resting he could not help to wonder how his friends was this moment but "Damnit Its my Honeymoon" Xander swore.

Buffy "Huh. What?"

Xander blushed "I'm sorry Buffy i just wondering how our friends was doing it been what a Week."

Buffy smiled and kissed Xander "Obsessive much honey"

Blushing Xander nodded "its just that they are my friends and family and i haven't understand WHY Willow is not talking to me what did i do?"

Buffy looked at him with love "You did nothing Xander In Alfheim she had to face her own bad side and she realized that she been actively holding you back making you feel stupid."

Xander "huh she did THAT. Poor Willow."

Buffy blinked "What your not angry?"

Xander "No Buffy. She did it because of insecurity Right."

Buffy nodded "Yeh she was unsure of her self that was what she said." Xander "Think about it being SO unsure of you self that you must keep even you friends down or live in fear that they abandon you.

I feel pity not anger.

When we come back I'm going to make friend with her again."

The two drifted around floating in the warm salt water feeling relaxed and safe. Hidden on the snowy hills the natives looked in awe at the two strangers obviously gods that was floating in water.

The Realm of Fey

"Why Duncan am i here" Amanda complained.

Duncan "Because their is a treasure. Because their is a mystical weapon that have YOUR name on it."

Amanda "Well if you put it that way. Treasure you say gold diamonds."

Duncan nodded while looking over the troops "Alright listen up now."

The men all four of troopers. Listen up. Or nine if you counting Willow, Jonathan and Oz, Amanda and Duncan the officers in charge.

Duncan consider Amanda being a special case, Willow and her boys was a unit by them self trackers and fighters so it was four troopers and five special individuals.

"We are entering a Hydra cave their is lots of hydras in their and they are dangerous." Duncan looked at Willow.

Willow nodded "A hydra spray Acid that literally dissolve skin if it gets inside of you your lungs will be mincemeat and you die.

Likewise IF they bite you they inject that poison inside of you"

The troopers started to look a bit green at the idea.

Duncan continue "And it gets worse A hydra can only truly be killed by Fire according to legends. They can fly and are extremely fast"

The troopers right about now wondered if running away was an option. But they did have their fire throwers. So barbeque Lizards.

Willow "The good part is that The Alpha is about the size of a Horse but with twelve heads and wings and tail. She is the only one that lay eggs in an Asexual procreation it."

Duncan "Thanks Willow. The Other Hydras is about the size of a Poodle quite small. DO not let that fool you ONE that size is capable of killing us all IF we are foolish.

Hydras also is able to neutralize Fire magic so only NON magical weapon is useful inside.

This is the reason why the Fey are so afraid of them"

Jonathan "Excuse me one more thing. The three of us are werewolf ONLY silver and fire will kill us even in our HUMAN body we will revive as soon as the moon is full. SO if we die DO NOT leave us inside the cave being eaten is also a cable of killing us"

Duncan nodded "Right almost forgot about that. These kids DO not leave them behind even looking death they can revive if given a chance."

The men looked at the kids with respect. "Hey girl mind biting me"

One of the guys said.

Duncan "NO one will do that. Their are draw backs being a were you will read about it later and if you still like go ahead."

The trooper nodded but seeing the pain in the girls eyes and her whispered "I was bitten it is not nice" sober him up.


They finely arrived the cave of hydras the exits was littered with bones and garbage. They cold see small lizard like things with 3 heads flying around in the air.

Duncan nodded "Willow, Jonathan, Oz"

They nodded that they were ready.

Duncan "Men remember The kids have only Limited control while being in their werewolf body.

And they are about 3 times as strong as YOU ARE."

A soldier "How limited"

Willow "Mr. Horaz. Its kind of the control an animal trainer have over his dog.

We can look out see what the Wolf do and tell it to do things but the wolf is still only a animal"

Jonathan "The dog trainer in the camp is helping us and giving us tips on how to make an animal understand command"

Horaz "Sound like schizophrenia to me"

Duncan smiled "It is in a way but they are not faking it. The soul of a Wolf exist side by side with their human ones and the wolf take over control when they shape shift"

The men nodded best be careful.

Duncan "lets transform. The Three of you use you strength to bash and crush the Hydras and we will burn them. Now transform"

Willow sighed the transformation was not painful more like being dipped in to cold water is sent shiver across her whole body and her mind just drifted from the driver seat to the back seat.

Wolf-Willow growled walking carefully forward to Duncan that petted her, she liked that man he always had candy where is candy.

Duncan smiled slowly dragging a bit candy giving her it.

Wolf-Willow barked happy as she let her pack forward to Duncan she was the alpha after all.

Duncan waited until the greeting ritual was done. "Lets move out.

Go willow GO" he yelled pointing at the cave.

Wolf-willow blinked thinking it over slowly understanding. She barked a command to Wolf-Oz and Wolf-Jonathan as she ran forward they started to follow her growling and barking as they ran. In their mind the command do not bite the Lizard bad food crush them danger to cubs and they hunts our prey we will starve if they are not crushed.

As the were-wolfs was running Duncan and Amanda drew their sword and a gun each and followed. The men close beside them fire-thrower burning hot.

Were-willow and da boys was only half way to the cave when the Hydras attack more then twelve hydras came flying blowing cloud of acid on them burning their lungs and eyes asunder.

The WOLF inside of them growled in berserks rage as it regenerated They were bashing crushing and biting.

Wolf-Willow screamed in Anger as Wolf-oz face was dissolved by acid after biting a Hydra.

He was slowly healing but right now he was dead and that pissed off the wolf and the human inside of her.

Suddenly Willow had a choice -Take command the back is hurting use your magic I'm weak- the wolf said in image more then words.

Willow suddenly was in control her were-wolf body strong and powerful. "OO GODDES OF NATURE HEAR MY WORD I ASK OF YOU REALISE THE BITING WINDS OF WINTER" she said and pointed to the cave and the flock of Hydras.

Duncan gasped he heard in the briefing that some Lunar could gain temporary control over their wolf body during crisis. But that they would lose it again the moment the crisis was over.

Then a chilling wind came down on them the grass covered in blood suddenly froze the Hydras cold blooded fell down sleeping or dead.

Soon only the foggy breath of shivering troopers was heard even nature it self was quieted in this small part winter had came early.

Duncan shiver not in cold but in fear. Magic no matter how much he heard and seen these last days it still gave him the willies.

Wolf-willow sat down beside wolf-Oz dead body. Wolf-Jonathan sat beside her barking and puffing his nose at her and Oz.

Amanda bit her tongue "you think he will be alright"

Duncan "I think so it might take him a day or two to heal. Now find the Crossbow and get the hell out of here"

Amanda nodded and the troopers look almost to happy to comply.

Inside they could see the huge horse size lizard 12 heads rolled up beside each other. Sleeping. Small hills of silver gold Jewels and other stones.

Duncan "Lets grab the crossbow and men you each will be able to grab some souvenirs from here BUT only if you grab some gift to the our Wolf-kids. Now in and out no more then tree minutes clock is ticking"

The troopers nodded sure the wolf-kids sure came thru making it an easy mission. They grasped filled their pockets and was soon running out with Duncan and Amanda following them.

Duncan slowly came close to Wolf-willow. "Let me move Oz he is not safe here we move him and he is safe"

Wolf-Willow and Wolf-Jonathan growled threatening as he came closer. Then they stopped listening to an unheard voice. And let him pick up wolf-Oz

Duncan sighed that was so spooky.

They where running towards the motorbikes.

The were-wolf side by side with Duncan not letting Wolf-Oz out of their sight or nose.

Moment later as they just was staring to prepare for driving of.

Wolf-Oz howled in pain as he started to breath again.

Duncan smiled the troops looked shocked the kid was alive Again.

Wolf-willow and Wolf-Jonathan was all over him licking him on the face and other places trying to stop him from feeling pain.

Amanda smiled evil "This picture will be So humiliating for them"

She said as her camera recorded their doglike behavior.

Sunnydale night time the streets

"Dawn is still So angry. I don't know What I'm going to do Kendra Help me" Faith complained she loved her sister even if she was a pain.

And lately she been even worst.

Kendra nodded "i think she feels afraid and useless that why she is acting like that."

Faith "Huh why?"

Kendra "You are the Slayer. I'm a former Slayer a Beta. Lisa can magic sure only her Garlic in the nose spell and Twist the nuts are painful and use full in a battle but still."

Faith "And all Dawn his the normal power of a human."

Kendra nodded "She fells small and helpless"

Faith "But what can I do I I cant let her feel like that"

Faith was in turmoil sure her life had been hell parents that hit her while drunk and a mother that more or less let her be raped twice.

But She had always protected Dawn she needed to know ONE part of the family was safe. One part of the family was pure innocent.

And now Dawn her sister the one person Faith consider the most important individual in existence was feeling helpless.

Feeling helpless was the worst feeling Faith knew it was the feeling of being raped.

The feeling of being abused she would NOT let Dawn feel that way but what could she do.

Faith hugged her self "What can we do"

Kendra wondered "maybe if Giles could let her help in research she would not be feeling helpless."

Faith "Huh what"

Kendra explained. "Giles always said Me, You and Buffy is almost useless during research. We ask Giles to say that he need the extra help from Dawn"

Faith smiled that might work she hoped it would work. She would MAKE IT work kicking or screaming Dawn would NOT be feeling Helpless anymore. She would be safe from that.

Sunnydale night time Summer home

"So Did you find out where they are" Joyce asked Loki that dropped by with his wife Sigyn for coffee and a bit of talking.

Loki "No they are probably on one of the out side realms."

Joyce "Huh what do you mean."

Loki "Oboy Think like this. Realms each a really a solar system on every living planet their are Gates that go to other realms.

Worlds realms cluster together by numbers 3,5,7,9 that are interconnected.

Nine is the highest number of Realms that are bound together interconnected.

Interconnected means that Each have gates to each other directly.

And on Each of the nine world exist 81 single gates to other worlds like the Fey are ONLY open from Earth.

Fey world and earth are both connected in to a smaller Interconnected network consist of the 3 worlds."

Loki started to draw a huge picture. "In the end its gates connecting to gates forming a huge spider Webb. A outsider side realm is one on the far side not directly connected to Earth or the nine worlds you have to visit a world outside the nine like the Fey or the Olympus and from their gate continue until you are their"

Joyce "that's a rather strange and the Gates are natural"

Loki "Nodded yea as soon as a world evolve life on a gate opens."

Sigyn taking a sip of coffee "i remember once a Hell goddess the child of a Titan and Hades. Manage to create a key that she was planning on using to rip the gates open literally ripping the universe asunder. Luckily she was stopped and sealed away."

Loki "yeh i remember that Hercules did that. Her name was let see Gloryficus. Now she was crazy and dangerous she is literally invulnerable by us gods only a mortal or a half god could kill her."

Joyce "Why is that"

Sigyn "She used the power of the Key to bind part of her own life energy inside of the gates to the nine world that limit her power enormously but also give her an advantage.

IF a god would attack her she would be able to use her power and even draw strength from the gates and if a god would kill her by overpowering her the gates would rip the world asunder.

But if a mortal or demi-mortal would attack she would be limited by the power a strong Half goddess"

Joyce nodded great that they had nothing to do with that.

Loki "its exist a rumor that the Key will one day help the mortals learn the magic of Orbing or teleporting.

Its a magic form that Only the gods now how to do. But for the life of me i cant understand how a glowing ball of light can do that"

Greece day time different time zone

"Absolutely remarkable" the professor said.

"Look According to the writing on the urn its hold a monster a demon goddess captured"

His friend nodded "Nice But why do they use clay not steel copper or stone that stronger"

The professor smiled "They believed in magic. Look the Urn is made from dust giving it the power of the element of earth.

Mixing the dust with water they get clay water give it the power of element of water.

Then Burning the urn they get the power of the element of fire.

A urn of this type always have small air pockets inside of the clay give it the power of the element air."

His friend laughs "Well if you believe in symbolism and magic they maybe its good but still"

The professor "You still don't understand They were primitive believing relay believing 100% in magic So for them it was real their for the urn was impossible to escape from"

His friend nodded "well looking like that. Where is the urn i like to see it"

The professor "I asked Sceeter our intern from USA to bring it here" He looked out then frowned in irritation seeing the intern standing and talking to some one.


Suddenly a large Klirr was heard as Sceeter dropped the urn.

The professor "you you clumsy fool you."

He stopped his friend stopped and Sceeter started to drool as a cloud of smoke rose in the air slowly forming a nude beautiful female she was almost perfect her age looked just right depending on your age taste.

Her hair dark as the night.

The Woman the goddess looked over them "Where is my Key apes" she said. This time Glory would not fail.

Sunnydale Night time the streets

They were laughing in joy. "That was So funny" Faith said smiling.

Kendra "yea how dumb can you be His Woof woof bark almost got us believing it was only a dog."

Faith "Yeh then you go like -Are their any Vampire in their- and when he panicked and screamed -No only dogs- i almost fell over in laugh"

Kendra "They are SO stupid sometimes must be that they are brain dead" she said with a smile.

Faith "Well he was a good runner."

Unseen by them and vampire a man dressed in dark mask and camouflage overall was sitting on the church roof.

Slowly he aimed the silenced gun to his target aiming at the heart slowly slowly soon the Watcher loyal to Travis would have a Slayer working for them and they would once again be back in business.

Kendra "Well we sure showed hi." She stopped talking as she was suddenly something warm moistly oz was sprayed over her face.

Only a small cracking sound was heard.

Kendra wiped her face clean "what is this. Faith" she said voice cracking in shock.

Faith was falling down on the grave yard her chest was open a wound the size of a basket ball oozing blood.

Kendra "faith faith" Shivering "No no don't die" she jumped to her sister-slayers side. She felt a week vibration from the dagger in her hand as it came near Faith.

"You still lives" Kendra said. Her eyes widening Faith hand was still grasping her dagger.

A Dagger that in theory could heal almost anything that not directly killing.

Realizing that Kendra used a bit of tape to bind Faith Dagger in place and her own in her other hand before she called for help in her mobile phone.

"Don't die Faith Don't die i need you Dawn need you we love you" she said as tears and panic was close to overwhelm her.

Faith was falling faster and faster towards the glowing light of peace.

A sound of tears and a word stopped her Dawn she was needed but the light the peace the calm it would be so easy to just let go to die a first time.

Chapter 38
The Bitch is coming.

Margaret Walsh felt nervous something with General Adams eyes was wrong the good kind and caring commander they all respected was gone now his eyes was hard the look of a killer.

Adam voice was as friendly and warm as he could make it right now just above the freezing point of air. "Is she alive"

Walsh "yes sir but barely. Its not my fault."

Adam smile a bitter smile "I'm not angry with you Margaret I'm angry with those that hurt that child. Now tell me what happened." His voice made Walsh feel calmer but she was still on the edge her commander was furious right now.

Walsh cleared her throat "She took a shot straight thru the spine and the ribs bone fragments blow a hole in one of her lungs. The dagger kept her alive. When she got here the healing had stopped."

Adam "Do you know why?"

Walsh "yes the dagger needed energy to replace the damage part of her body. It drained her own body fat and even muscle. When she got here she was empty almost comatose and the Dagger did not improve her situation."

Walsh pointed in to the sick room Faith was sleeping calmly she looked like a living skeleton.

Adam had seen that before he remember his own brother among the horsemen he loved starving slaves to death.

He remember during WW2 they freed the Jews from the Death camp.

That was the look Faith had bony weak you could see the bones on her body.

The breath was the only thing that revealed that she was alive.

Adam looked at Walsh "Why is her Sister. Dawn was it. Sleeping in the other bed."

Walsh "Sir we had to operate or she would die the daggers kept her alive from her wounds but was starving her to death.

She needed more energy we tried blood transfusion it work but not good enough then Giles said that Blood directly from a living person have more magical ability. Dawn volunteer she have the same blood type."

Adam smiled "Smart. Dawn donated blood giving the dagger capacity to heal her while you picked out the bullets and fragment in side of her."

Walsh "Right Dawn is a bit weak now but 2-3 days resting and eating she be as new. But Faith we are talking about month of recuperating food training the works."

Adam "A month or a month and a half i think consider she is a slayer. Possibility that one of the gods might help her also."

Walsh nodded. "Do you know where Mr. Garm is he is her boyfriend?"

Adam raised an eyebrow Walsh knew Garm and spoke in a friendly tone of voice about him how surprising. "Yes Garm is hunting the assassin right now tracking him down."

Walsh "Shall I put in order a team to question him later"

Adam "I do not think that is necessary Garm is quite effective in forcing other to talk."

Walsh nodded she new about Garm childhood it was not a nice one.

Adam "See that we do the book keeping lose some weapons. Xander and Buffy will be told about this and i fear that the response will be quite destructive for who tried to kill Faith."

Walsh blinked "You think they are going to come here for weapons?"

Adam "yes better that we just give them and let the Hyena of payback Free."

Walsh nodded the idea the loyalty the birthday card.

Joyce, Garm and Faith had sent her did warm her heart.

Sentimental nonsense sure but nice anyway not the SHE cared about that.

But hurting Faith that was going to far they would pay. Not that she cared about Faith she was just a guinea pig right RIGHT.

Walsh tried to convince herself that she still was the Ice bitch of science. Convince herself that she was not feeling friendship.

She knew she was fighting a loosing battle.

Adam carefully study the room he knew that Walsh would respond hostile if any one saw her looking with tears in the eyes at the two sisters sleeping and healing inside the room.

He could not help notice what a magnificent woman she was maybe it was time for wife number 68 for this old immortal.

Garm hunting

Garm sat down on the roof top.

Beside him was Jonathan they where hiding on the top of a road dinner.

The assassin was inside a Van talking to someone.

Jonathan sat beside him recording everything with a gun microphone.

"Yes Lady Cassandra it has been done. You may tell Travis that he can start the search for the new slayer now." The assassin said before he put the phone down.

Jonathan looked at Garm as he carefully and with out a sound jumped down from the roof and walked with no care about anything across the parking zone straight to the Van.

Garm walked by the Police men stopped beside them Giving them an ID Card. "If you like to keep your work your life and your future Be blind" The two police men looked at the ID card swallowing before responding "YES SIR"

Garm smiled his Glamour spell was working the two fools believed he was a NSA on a government mission.

He took back his library ID card and continue to walk to the van.

The two cops carefully backed out swallowed as the NSA agent gave a shot gun to a teenager. They decided better to not see or hear anything and they began to drive away fast.

At the Van Garm ripped the door open using his full Were-Wolf body tearing the steel doors open. "DO fight human"

The Assassin swallowed suing a pissed off wolf-man and a Teenager with a shot gun. Consider the latest news about teens school shootings the Assassin knew which of the two he was most afraid of.

"Blimy i surrender" he said.

Garm growled he was itching for a fight. He grasped the assassin putting a pair of cuffs on him.

Just to be sure Garm broke his arms. "Now you cant take the cuffs off." He growled as he lifted the assassin in a fireman carrying "Lets get you home and start the torture" Garm said as he walked away.

Jonathan blinked the happy tone of Garm voice was a bad indication. "Right sure" he said promising that he would be FAR away from Garm during that lesson.

The Assassin finally realizes the word Death before dishonor was actually a word of wisdom. If he only understood that before.


Buffy put the phone down the SMS from Odin was not a funny reading some one had hurt Faith.

Xander looked over the SMS "Time to go home."

Buffy looked at Xander grasped him hard "PROMISE ME XANDER. PROMISE ME THAT THEY WILL PAY. That they WILL BURN."

Xander nodded "Yes Buffy they will burn they will hurt." Inside he felt the chilling feeling of cold rage as Loki and Odin said. A fury that was like a Berserker except you did not go crazy. Instead you go cold calculating concept like compassion was growing weak.

Nodding "Yes Buffy they will all pay the Bitch and her Dog is coming for payback." Xander said smiling with a blood thirsty look in his eyes. Beside him Buffy was feeling the true heritage of Thor's blood an anger that only the death of the offender could cure her of yes the Bitch was coming was true.

Fire and Ice Xander smiled "we are Fire and ice."

Buffy nodded "Yes Find them Xander make the battle plan then we fight them side by side"


Glory looked at the airport "By Athena this will take time." She realize that traveling would be a bit complicated she needed information then she would find her Key.

She walked away trying to find a human that looked as he knew about things. Then she would start to Drain him of knowledge.

Chapter 39
The Bitch is back.

Sitting calmly on a balcony of the Café she was sitting in she was the very image of calm serenity and dignity Gloryficus was carefully study the knowledge that she had absorbed from now mindless mortal. She felt like screaming.




Anger panic rage fueled her she felt like exploding killing all near her.

But she was a Goddess and she would not let mere mortals see her temper tantrum.

The waitress a cute 16 year old girl or *ugly Ape as Glory consider her to be just another mortal*. Walked up to the sitting customer "Excuse me Miss would you like some coffee" she asked friendly. Now wanting to make an undignified response glory waved her off "No go girl" she said in a frosty tone.

The girl stiffen and look a bit afraid of her tone of voice "Yes Miss I'm sorry i oops!" with dread the girl watch how Glory dress got coffee stains all over it. She just knew that this Customer would get her fired from her after school work.

Glory blinked Dignity could wait. Her eyes slowly changed burning like fire she looked at the girl "you Destroyed my dress. I'm GLORYFICUS AND FEAR ME"


Adam was speaking in the phone. "I see a whole Café burn down. How many other house was damage or destroyed."

Phone "-------------, --------------."

Adam "That many. What is the Death Numbers?"

Phone "-------------"

Adam "That's terrible any survivor you know who or what did that?" Phone "-----------------"

Adam "i see only a 16 year old child. You say that she claim a Goddess did it. A Glory something."

Phone "----------------"

Adam "Yes we heard about her. She is from Greece a real hell goddess that hell-bent to destroy the world. Apparently only a half gods can stop her or kill her. Or something with that power"

Phone "-------------"

Adam "i think they are ready. If not we do have the A-bombs ready.

Yes thank you keep me informed"

He put the phone down.

This was not good thinking things over he wrote down an order to make the bomb ready just in case the hell bitch was coming.


Lisa walked in trying not to flinch in disgust at Faith she look so weak like a living skeleton only bone and skin.

"Hi girls" she said with a smile.

Dawn smiled "Hi Lisa" Beside her the slayer Faith nodded.

Kendra smiled "Hi Lisa."

"Garm said he would come later today Faith. He had to capture the one that did this to you" Lisa said.

Faith "Thanks but i look awful."

Lisa eyes turned big "No no you don't just a bit weak not awful or disgusting not much i mean."

Faith sighted Lisa was one of the worst to telling a lie she ever seen. "Thanks kid at least i get better soon"

Lisa nodded "I can help the two of you. I Know Dawn is not sick just suffering from blood lost she donated what 3/4 of her blood to you Faith."

Faith smiled friendly to Dawn "thanks kid."

Dawn rolled her eyes "Yea right more like 5/4 of mine blood."

Lisa "would you like to hear about my help or not."

They shut up.

"Their is a meditation technique that helps a Mage or Wiccan to gather Mana magic energy It also help non-mage and mage to heal faster to absorbed Energy like food and replenish blood. I like to teach you that method"

Faith nodded "Sounds good what will it take a month or two."

Lisa "No i got these" She said holding up two stones cover with runes. "If i hold one and you hold the other you can see exactly what I'm doing inside my mind and reverse. That way you could learn the meditation technique in hours"

Faith looked stunned "Where did you get those."

Lisa "I paid for them in a mage store in Valhalla of course"

Faith nodded "Glad you did not buy a pair of wings then."

On the Inside Dawn was sweating she forgot the feed her wings and they were just recently hatched.

Lisa sat down and began her lesson first with Faith.

Hours later

"Faith that is strange you are not only increasing you healing but you are gathering mana. I thought you were a blank with out any magic ability?" Lisa said.

Faith "I don't know we should ask Thor or Loki next time they visit." Lisa nodded "Dawn let start now."

Dawn nodded turning her eyes away from Faith just figure not only super strength but magic also always Faith but she DO deserve it Dawn considering everything Faith had to sacrifice to make HER life safe. But sometimes she wished she could have something special.

A hour later

"Dawn WOW you you are drawing on Mana like a sponge." Lisa said.

Dawn started to smile as she did a bed dance. "YES I'm Miss Magic that will be my name. Ooh yea I'm special I'm special." No one not even Dawn notice that her favorite armband had suddenly transporter it self to her arm.

Faith giggled finally her sister had something special.

She just wondering what kind of magic the brat would do. "I think i now how i suddenly could absorb Mana energy probably your blood Dawn" Faith said.

Lisa nodded "yes that could be it. Maybe you are Blood mage Dawn they can transfer ability with blood"

Dawn frowned her head no she hoped she was a Rune-mage or wait Rune mage tend to be like Ultra nerds reading reading often needing a servant just to remind them to eat sometimes.

Sunnydale Initiative HQ

A shimmering light of rainbows suddenly opened a gate and Xander and Buffy walked thru they where back.

Hours Later.

Garm, Adam, Duncan, Giles, Jarod, Wesley, Cordelia, Amanda and Xander all sat down talking and planning.

Xander "Alright i don't know why you want me to do the planning but sure i do it Adam."

Adam "its because your future god power is in this area. It be good training for you."

Xander nodded "Well We did warn the Watcher by destroying the Center. Guess they did not listen." Frowning "So according to the file made by you Adam and Garm it was order directly by the head of the council Mr. Travis and the leader of the Wiccan circle also a member of the board a Miss Cassandra."

Duncan blinked their is many Cassandra sure it was not her she was a nice immortal except when Methos = Adam was around.

Xander "it say her that she is Immortal. Your kind Adam"

Adam nodded "Sure i know her +4000 old hate me with good reason first time we meet i was kind of Crazy in an evil kind of way. And i did evil thing to her. Some hundred years or more"

Amanda "I also know a bit more about her. Duncan here might not believe me but She IS evil. Always must control everyone she is obsessed with being in control and have more then once murder just so that she could stay in control over a secret organization. The Watcher council i now days know"

Duncan yep it was her but no she cant be evil can she.

Jarod looked at his paper "I took the liberty to hack inside computer to track her past. A lot of females have been killed by unknown methods all of them been those that could have threatened her position as the head of a convent of Wiccan."

Wesley "Yes the Watcher know a bit about that she had the councils support they claimed she can see the future and only do what's necessary."

Xander shook his head "Seeing the future is bogus only gods can do that and chosen prophets and we would know if she was one. All real prophets are totally bananas not really interested in anything but writing down things and raving about the future. Or they are given chosen visions by the gods"

Adam smiled "i seen lots of prophets and the real have been like Xander told about. But she have a limited ability to sense the future a second sight."

Xander nodded "I think we are doing like this.

Jarod Cordy the two of you will track ANY and ALL Watcher funds and money and once you done that STEAL everything"

Jarod blinked then smiled "sure. With out money no power right?"

Xander smiled "Adam you Giles and Wesley find out more about where the different head of the Watchers live the strong part and the weak parts."

Nodding to Buffy he continue "The two of us will 'talk' the witches as Half gods we have higher immunity to many not all Wiccan spells"

Buffy "Talking."

Xander kissed her "the Axe and sword kind of arguments."

Buffy smiled.

Xander "The rest of you will be put in teams to take out the heads of the Watcher council sniper methods preferably. But first we got to get information i think tomorrow as earliest."

They nodded Time to stop the danger of the Watchers permanent.

The End