Author: Cobra <cobra_7422000[at]>

Rating: Pg-13/R

Summary: A halloween fic. (yes another one of those) but one I haven't seen before. Think... Young Guns.

Disclaimer: Don't own it.

Chapter 1

Xander walked through the costume shop called Ethan's for the second time that day. He'd bought a toy gun earlier and returned home only to find his fatigues had been burned. His mother had cleaned his room. Which meant anything that looked old and tattered, was gone. He walked through the store not wanting to spend the money he'd been saving but having no choice if he was going to graduate. Snyder would never let Xander forget missing his Helloween.

"Ah, you again," The shop owner Ethan said with a smile.," Changed your mind about the soldier costume?"

"Um, yeah. Don't really have a choice on that. What's the cheapest thing you've got?" Xander asked with a slight smile.

"Tomorrow is Halloween young man. Everything in this store is on sale, find something you like and I'll give you a great deal. Guarenteed."

"Cool." Xander said his smile growing as he began to look around the shop. He walked past the Jedi costumes, the Superhero costumes, but when he got to the next to the last section a costume caught his eyes.

"I'll take this one."


Xander bent over in pain as he faintly heard the yelling of the children around him. When he stood he wasn't Xander anymore.

"What the hell is goin on here?" He asked in a slightly higher voice with tons of humor behind it.," Ah, hell. Who cares, seems like one hell of a party." He laughed slightly and started firing rounds in the air from the twin Colts that hung on his belt.

"XANDER!" A voice screamed making the Kid stop firing and turn around.


"Xander we gotta help Buffy, she's..... Your not Xander?"

"Fraid not, You can call me Billy if ya like, all the pretty whores do."



"Won't some strong man help me?" Buffy cried as Spike and his lackeys began to move in. A loud whistle echoed through the crowd and gun shot rang out knocking the vampire closest to Spike off his feet. As Spike finally saw the assaliant, a gun barrel with smoke pouring out, about six inches from his face a voice he recognized spoke.

"I'll make ya famous." A gunshot echoed.

The End