Going for a talk..

Author: John "Hatten" Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

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This is a continuing saga of Xander and gang in a fantasy world. First part was 'By the roll of a die' Second part was 'A New game'

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Xander is calling himself: Xander from the House and Clan Aled

Most Elvs have a clan and a clan is devided in diffrent house eatch hous have 2-3 diffrent Family.

His title is among others. The Light Duck.

Former King of Alarin.

Father of the Swords. = The memember of the Brother of the swords calls him that. Or pop. Or Grand old man.

By now he is over 400 years old Elf married to Selia Formaly Clan Rigdari, House Furani. Now clan and house Aled.

And Dawn formely house Summer now House Aled, Clan Aled

Summery: READ 'By the roll' and Going home..

Why im reading this is i felt somthing was missing.. Sight.. Stupid Bunny....

Chapter 1
A going full Cirkel.

The young man As one able to use the 10 wings of the light hawk HE was young only 41 years old.

He sighted even after nine years of doing this IT was booring.

Papper work never ever become less boring.

And as the Light Hawk of Prosperia Prime the new Colonie they where building he hade a loot of work to do.

With that Jessie Samuel continued to work hoping his wifes would not be angry if he came home late. It was never good to make them angry as most Hawks he was rather wipt at home follwing his wifs order and was rather happy.

Drinking a cupp of Coffe he frowned as he felt one of his knights close by open a Light gate.

"Computer get me controll" He said.

The computer "Yes sir.."

Moment later.

"Hawk what can i do for you" the man said.

Jessie Samuel smiled "I felt a light gate opend. Have they contacted you yet. " He ponder the man namn he was a 'normal' a human with no light wings powers but still worthy of respect by his power of knowledg and skills. "Commander Smith"

The man smiled many Hawk consider a 'normal' like him to be benith notice but Jessie was a good one. "No sir should i worry"

A sound interupted them a moment.

And Smith turned around. "Hawk they contact us right now.. And this cant be right. They are bringing guest a alien ship sir"

Jessie smiled thinnly they hade made contact with many alien species most only animal in inteligent but in rare cases they found true sentinels. "Let me call my wifs then i be in the bridge."

As the Hawk he was the one that gave the lockal 100 Light hawk user the ability to use their powers.

he was the hubb their power depended on and they followed his order to a sertain degree as.

This system hade only Him as the Hawk witch made him more or less the king.

Earth by now hade 5000 Hawks eatch enpowering 100 light hawk user.

90 that could use 1 wing and 10 that could use 3 wings.

The ones that could use 3 wings where the Knights eatch Hawk normaly hade 1 to 5 lojal knights guarding him/her as honor guard.

The user of one wing where Nobles.

Eatch hade their tittles the knights where Sir, the Nobles Mr/Miss/Mrs. And the Hawks where called Hawks and namn.

It was the power of the Light Hawk wings that made Faster then light trable possible a power by two wings a shipp could ripp open a gate between dimensions and jump five with great precision.

The longer distant you tried to jump the higer margin of error.

And that error grew the longer distnat you tried to jump.

In fact trying to jump 100 light years or more could would put you more then a 1000 light years in the wrong direction.

So most Hawks and Knights and Nobles work thise days on the collonies slowly making earth empire grow.

Ruled by the Emperor of earth the great Hawk.

Chosen by the other Light hawks user in a democratic election.

Jessie and his group where among the furthes away from Earth the result of a fool trying the 100 light years jump. And ending up here. Only resently they manage to find earth and establish contact with home.

By ship jumping normaly 5-10 light years it would take almost two years back.

Jessie was about five when he saw earth for the last time. For him this was home.


the Endevor, came closer behind it was the Alien ship slowly moving true space using a combination of Truststers and Anti-Gravity field to neutrulise the pestky laws of gravity.

The Endevor was a old battle ship of the Slayer class.

And one of the five ship that brought them in to this place.

News from earth was that they still build the Slayer class even after 90 years of service the class still keeped up with the newer types of ships.

But now it was a suport ship not a ship of the line.

In 10 or so year they would probly creat a new version.

But the alien ship. Smith shiver he seen ships like that. On old history movies. "That ship looks like some of ours first type.

Nucler fusion and rotating hullparts instead of gravity fields."

Smith wawed a hand "Sensors do you pick up anything"

The sensor operaters nodded. "Yes sir. It look like the Endever is pulling them along and comunication from the endevor say evrything is fine no codes of problem att all. In fact they said they have a suprise for us a gode one. The code is crismas moves early"

Smith frowned "Hawk Jessie that code"

Jessie nodded "Indicate that the alien are frindly and we are in for a suprise."

Commander Smith nodded. "Should i prepair for trouble Hawk"

Jessie frowned. "Se that my knight is heir and sett up a meating"

The two ships slowly moved in towards the space station a old astroide that they hade rebuild.

Jessie swallowed this would be his first contact he hoped he would not creat a war or make a fool of himself.

Around him he hade his four Knights their light hawk armor glowing swords and plasma guns by their side.

He was told the alien ship carried with them a importaint political person.

Complet with a honor guard.

Then The door to the alien ship opend and a group of 'Alien' walked out Hairy with huge overbite from their jaws. the bigest ones where over 2 m almost 3.

the smallest his size.

They carried swords and guns primitiv sluggs guns. No danger the Light hawk armor could witstand sluggs with no problem and most energy weapons blade swords where more danger.

They where 8 of thise hairy beast dressed in armored space suit.

They stod up in attention 4 by 4 on eatch side of the 'door'

Then the second group came they looked like humans some half the size of a man bearded short and powerfull build dwarf-like looking like somthing from a fairy tail. They hade axes and slugg guns.

4 of them.

The second was Elfs or elfs looking aliens.

they also 4 of them armed with swords and sluggs.

He paled one of them hade the Light hawk wings it glowed on him.

And they stod up in attension 4 by 4 forming a corridor of honor.

then one man walked in.

A Elven ears, He was tall and strong walked like a warrior or a king.

Surrounding him was the glowing wings of the light hawk all 10 of them.

they watched in chock as the alien elf spoke in antict worsion of english barly understandeble "My namne is Xander Aled King of Alarin the Light duck. Formely Xander Harris, from earth. And i can see that you are a child of Jessie and Faith"

Jessie Samuel paled "They where my forfathers. How do you know their namn"

Xander frowned his english was strange but finaly he manage to interped what was said " i was a childhood frind to him. i grew up on earth as a human."


then Jessie frowned "you'r.. In the Battle of the hellmouth what was your namn.."

Xander frowned "i think it was The gift. It been a long time ago for me"

A sound of suprise was heard the namne was a legend probly a myth but here and now their he was..

Xander smiled "My i ask is my old frind alive still."

jessie shoke his head "No no even with the 10 wings no Hawk have become older then 300 years. And he was murded" They cold see the sorow and anger in the mans face som of it was felt before the elf manage to controll his emotion.

"i see." Xander said. "What are you doing in thise part of space"

Jessie sighted "We are building a home for now. Why"

Xander smiled "We need to talk."


jessie sighted. "So what you are saying is that your afraid."

Xander nodded. "yes we like to start building a frindship with Earth but seing you coming to our closes star building a colonie have made many of us back home afraid.

You have a mighty empire. We have barly begun colonising our OWN solar system.

We have just learned how to open gates with the wings of the light duck."

Jessie smiled "So a frindly act would be to do what"

Xander smiled. "forcing you to move away would be rude. But maby building a combined colony and establish THIS world as a trade post open and ruled by both our nations. or by non of them.

Thise way you will find a 'home' and we will be able to trade.

Belive it or not we do have quite a loot to trade with you.

and so do you.

If Earth and Mundan would combine its resorses and powers in a peacfull way the combination would be a powerfull one"

Jessie nodded "I will contact earth and see what they think about it."

Xander smiled "Thank you"

He was alredy thinking of plans to joined the groups if not by the lure of trade then maby other means like marrige.

Earth was a powerfull force by now. and he loved his adopted home world just as mutch as Earth and he be a dead elf before he alow the two to go to war.


The End