Going Home

Author: John "Hatten" Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

Disclaimer: I dont own jack or shit.

This is a continuing saga of Xander and gang in a fantasy world.

First part was 'By the roll of a die'

Second part was 'A New game'

PS: Feedback IS the Food of Bunnies. = What Im really saying is that i am a pathetic fool with lousy self-confidence in my writing ability that loves feedback.

Warrior princes = Buffy

Cleric = Angel

Demon goddess = Willow

Kragg Barbarian = Giles.

Ranger elf. = Xander.

Miss Pryde = A cat once dressed up as a Moon cat by her owner now Xander pet.

Joyce an elven of Pyar type.

TT = Tiberius Travis a human Fighter.

Mara = Etyren female Kragg barbarian.

Selia Clan Rigdari, House Furani.

Ghulik Clan Samar, House Samar. A friend and the King of Clan Samar.

Marit former Assassin. 17.

Navit former Assassin. 25.

Willow become a Demon goddess in By the Roll of a die and are up to no good.

Buffy have finally given birth to Twins a boy and a girl named Hope and Rupert in part 47 of Roll of the die..

Xander is calling himself: Xander from the House and Clan Aled Most Elves have a clan and a clan is divided in different houses each house have 2-3 different Family.

Claiming that he is House and clan Aleda indicate that he is from a small clan and from the ruling family.

At part 1 of 'Going home' its a year and a half after part 55 of the 'By the role of the die.'

Miss Pryde had kittens Two females. One that stayed with the King of Samar the other Miss kitty traveled with her.

Chapter 1
The road home...

"So how soon must we go?" Xander said to the Balance demon Whistler.

Whistler grinned "Well i rather see you fit for fight. IN that end its a bit short of time. In this part of multiverse we have lots of time."

TT blinked "Huh?"

Xander grinned. "I understand. The moment we travel we will be in a hurry Right. We are not only traveling to a another universe we are traveling in time right?"

Whistler nodded "Exactly. And on that end we are in short of time."

Xander "So whats the what in that end?"

Whistler frowned then understood. "Well your dimensional counter part Xander is dead. Killed by a drunken Vampire driving a car."

Xander blinked. "You shitting me."

Whistler shook his head. "No Xander in that world was killed by a drunken vampire driving a car."

TT laughs. "Thats so wrong."

Xander. "So what the situation then."

Whistler continued. "With Xander dead, Buffy will not have a white knight only the Dark knight Angel to protect her and she will not survive with out some extra help.

Whats worst is that a couple of monks hiding a transdimensional energy ball called the Key made it in to a human.

Buffy Sister. 12 year old innocent child Dawn.

She is being hunted by a Hell goddess Gloryficus." He frowned thinking over the hell bitch.

"During one of the first days in Sunnydale Luke manage to drained Dawn, She survived But the power inside of her freed the master from his jail something that should not have happened.

And now the Master is loose in Sunnydale gaining power and searching after the Key girl, Dawn.

He believes she can be used to open the Hellmouth.

We like you to protect Dawn and Joyce and train Buffy."

Xander frowned. "So the Master is loose, Buffy who is helping her?" Whistler grinned. "Angel and Willow... And Jessie."

Xander blinked. "Jessie?"

Whistler smiled. "Yes in this realty Buffy motivated by the kidnapping of Dawn manage to save both her and Jessie life." He looked down a bit "It did cost her. But she did save them."

Xander smiled his childhood friend alive. "So when i get their what is the hurry?"

Whistler looked at him. "The Master vampire have Joyce and Dawn captured. Buffy is Fighting him but even if she manage to win she do not know about Joyce and Dawn being kidnapped and the Masters minion is going to sacrifice them and end the world. We need them alive and the world saved."

Xander nodded. "I think Me and TT better get us some earth like armor. Could you make the illusion thing capable of hiding the armor and weapons or putting them in a subspace pocket."

Whistler nodded. "Sure. I wonder about one thing you Elven Eyes can you hide it 24 hours non stop."

Xander nodded. "I could but Im planning on buying a shade spell. It literally hide my elven eyes but still allow me to feel when other looking at me. I can feel the difference between a human or demon quite nifty for id a demon"

Whistler smiled. "Well we fix the rest."

TT "By the way. Way ask Xander for help?"

Whistler. "Because the First evil are the real reason that the master is free. He have manipulated things cheating well twisted the rule of the fight in that dimension.

So we found out a way to help the good guy with OUT cheating by asking a champion of Chaos to help US.

The Champion of chaos dont serve US or THEM."

They were silent a while before walking away to buy armor swords and magic things.

Xander frowned.

Now what kind of fun hero name would he use on Earth.

"Duckman?" TT asked.

Xander blinked. "No."

TT grinned. "Legolas?"

Xander tasted the name. "No not elven."

TT blinked. "Do you know what and who Tolkien is?"

Xander grinned. "Of course i do Im just messing with you."

TT snorted. "So what name are you going to use."

Xander grinned. "Think dark Green armor green open helm.

And a happy smile."

TT blinked trying to understand what Xander was thinking about. "No no you cant that wrong. You going leprechaun?"

Xander growled. "NO stupid. Im going big bad Elf top security officer of Santa Claus, Kris Kringles army."

TT groaned. "Thats so bad."

Xander "hee hee. Its that or going as a big bad Vulcan." Xander said as he waved his ears. "And going as a Christmas elf with a attitude will really mess up the Vampires."

TT nodded "yes probably. But thats leaves me what kind of hero name should i take."

Xander nodded TT new body was impressive. "Captain Brittan or to cartoonish?"

TT nodded. "Cartoon is good in this world but over their."

Whistler listening on the conversation decided to go somewhere else the two heroes were nuts.


Xander study his new armor double leather with Elven glass plates between the leather.

Dark green and looking impressive.

The vampires would never know what struck them down.

His shade spell was working perfectly he could feel others looking at him but they could not sense him looking at them.

TT smiled well not as fun as what he imagine but better then nothing.

Whistler nodded. "Ready to go now boys?"

In their new subspace pocket they had jeans and other necessity they were ready to rock.

Xander, "lets rock."

A shimmering of light and The two champions where on their way back to earth.

Navit smiled, "By by."

Marit smiled, "BY by."

Selia "We will meet again." she said drying a tear. "Now come one girls we have things to do before the boys return.

Even if they are gone for years ON this side they will be gone only a month or two."


Lightning struck ground blinding everyone looking in that direction before it faded away. Unseen by anyone the lightning did leave something behind.

Xander frowned. "Look like the ground been struck by lightning."

TT nodded "We are lucky if the teleportation got us here earlier we be fried."

Whistler smiled "Well dont worry. Remember what you mission is."

Xander nodded. "Go to warehouse save Dawn and Buffy."

TT "yes Go and save Buffy by ambushing the Master."

Whistler grinned. "Great, here are your car keys. The PTB promised and they deliver."

Xander and TT carefully watch the keys. "A Volvo... thats nice"

Whistler nodded. "Safest car in the world even have the extra safety options installed. Now get going or you two be late."

The two Volvo owners drove away in the night. To save their friends.

Chapter 2
Hi Ho Volvo and a away i drive...

TT grinned as he came closer to the target.

Sure the Volvo was not macho but it had a turbo and the BIG engine even nitro boost. And the CD player and cooler for drinks was great. But he did feel stupid no real hero drives a family car. Stupid Balance demons probably laughing their heads off.

She was flying thru the air twisting in a spin before she slammed down on the floor hard. "Aiiii" Buffy groaned weakly.

The Master laughs. "Pitiful Slayer is that all you got?"

Buffy growled as she stood up so far the battle was not going good. Angel was busy with Luke, Willow and Jessie was fighting for their life against Darla and so far she was playing with them.

Giles was on the ground unconscious or dead.

The other Vampires fifteen of them just stood their laughing.

Buffy stood up. "Im just warming up." And she attacked this was it the end of the Scooby gang.

Then Suddenly of all things a Volvo came bursting in thru the library windows crushing two vampires.

Everyone stopped fighting as a tall 185 cm long man walked out.

His hair was dark and he was build like Arnold.

A strange black armor was on his body a long sword looking like a mix between a long-sword and katana in shape.

TT Grinned. "Why did you not invite me i love dusting Vampires they are such naughty boys?"

With that the fight started again.

Some where else.

Xander had left his green Volvo and started to sneak as only a Learam Elf could.

Not even the watch dog notice him until after he had sneaked past it.

The Warehouse was big focusing his ears like a parabolic microphone he listen on whats happening inside.

Voice 1. "Go fish."

Voice 2. "I tell you JR Ewing Must be Gay."

Voice 3. "She is so sexy."

Voice 4. "Mom Im afraid."

Voice 5. "I think we should rape both of them it be fun. He needs them alive so we can have fun."

Voice 6. "Dont worry Dawn Im sure Buffy will save us."

Voice 7. "By now the master have drained her dry."

Voice 8. "No body rape the girl. I know you guys accident happens." Voice 5. "Your not fun. But can we rape mom?"

Xander stood up he finally had a good idea where in the house Dawn and Joyce were now he would HURT the vampires before he dust them.

His eyes started to glow green in the night as the Hyena came forward soldier boy screamed in joy inside his head.

Vampire Voice 5. Was smiling as he lower the cage holding Joyce. "You sure are sexy for an old bitch."

Dawn was crying.

Then suddenly a voice was heard.

"No Christmas presents for bad boys." And suddenly they could feel Emotion of Anger hatred it send shiver of fear inside of them.

The vampires desperately search after the voice then suddenly one of the vamps fell down with an arrow between the eyes.

Then another vampire dusted by an arrow.

They turned to the direction of the shooter.

Xander put his crossbow down as he walked out from the shadow.

Dawn stared. It was a big guy 190 Cm dressed in a Dark green leather armor he was holding two big sword and his hair was long and wild.

But his ears was pointy and he waved with his ears at her.

Her 12 year old brain froze An Elf.

Santa clause helper was elfs.

She wonder if he had a rain-deer.

Her disbelief of the fairy tales of Christmas made a good fight then. Suddenly she could feel his emotion caring and friendly wash over her.

And she was sure Father Christmas had sent one of his BOYS to save them.

Joyce blinked as she felt emotions wash over her after seeing vampires demons a Christmas elf was not a big deal. "I always believe the elfs was short."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Mooom he obvious is a Guard elf they cant be short."

The vampires looked at each other and at the 'elf' they did not like the way his eyes glow green.

They did not like the two swords.

And they really hated when he suddenly started to run towards them in a speed rivaling that of the Slayer.

Vampire dust suddenly filled the room as the two first vampires were dust in the wind.

Xander lifted his sword smacking the vampire attacking him in the back over the face.

Twisted he send a low kick on the knee of the vampire in front of him twisting again he let his Cinneach edge cut off the arm on one vampire while his Carwellan cut the feet of another vampire.

Not stopping Xander jumped high Driving his feet in the face of yet another Vampire.

The screams from the hurt Vampires brought forth more vampires from the inside of the building.

Soon Xander was using his full powers drawing more this was pure life pure beauty if the fight nothing matter any more then the fight then the sing of the blades and the smell of dust in the air.

Dawn looked in shock both the Elf and the Vampires moved so fast that they were hard to see.

Not really surprising Santa could bring present to all good kids so his elf MUST be fast also.

After minutes that felt like hours Xander stood alone breathing heavy. Around him was maimed vampires screaming in pain the room was filled with Vampire dust.

Xander lower Joyce and Dawn cages and opened the doors. "Good afternoon Joyce and Dawn. I hope i manage to save you in time."

Joyce "You know our name."

Dawn rolled her eyes "Mom Of course he knew Father Christmas knew everybody name and HE worked for him."

Xander hid his smile.

Joyce nodded carefully study Xander face. "I think i seen a photo of your face somewhere?"

Xander nodded. "Willow childhood friend Alexander LaVelle Harris.

Killed a year before you came here by a Vampire driving a car drunk. He was my human counterpart essentially my twin.

Im Xander Aled Elven warrior send here to help your family."

Dawn eyes was glowing in hope now she might have a chance to influence Father Christmas by charming his prize fighter.

Xander felt the wave of greed and hope coming from Dawn. "I dont think so Dawn patrol." He handed Joyce and Dawn a Stake. "Would the two of you like to Stake the vampires that planned to rape you."

Joyce nodded. So did Dawn.

Xander frowned. "Dawn i think the heart is higher up."

The vampire howled in pain.

Dawn grinned as she pulled the Stake out of the vampires groin. "IM working my way up."

Xander nodded that would work.

The Vampire wished he could stake himself.


TT grinned as he slowly stood up. "That was ONE hard fight."

Buffy nodded so did Angel.

TT smiled as he watch the mini call message. "My partner called me he is waiting at Mrs. Summers home."

Buffy whirled around. "What is your partner doing with my mom?"

TT smile dimmed. "Your Mom and sister was kidnapped by vampires. My partner and ME was send to save THEM and to Help YOU." Frowning a bit. "If i know my friend right he is probably drinking chocolate and Twinkies. Most Elfs are crazy about that. Would you like a lift?"

They nodded.

TT smiled. "Then help me get the Volvo out from the wall." TT was impressed the front must have been reinforced or something.

"Ooo yea. You are willow and you are Jessie right." He said to the red hair girl fully knowing who she was.

Willow nodded a bit nervous so did Jessie.

Buffy prepared herself if something bad would happen to her friends. TT smiled. "I have to warn you My friend is an Elven counterpart to your dead friend Alexander LaVelle Harris. His name is Xander Aled."

Jesse blinked.

Willow paled. "Xander never call him Alexander he hated that."

Giles finally awaken. "Aah See here elf what is you talking about.

Dont i know you."

TT grinned. "Probably my dimensional counterpart is a Juliana Travis the daughter of Quentin Travis. If you like to ask more question do it while we drive."


Buffy stormed inside the Summer home.

Giggle and laughter was heard from the inside.

She froze an elf a real honest to god elf was sitting with Dawn next to him Joyce on the other side he was eating Twinkies and drinking Chocolate.

Willow and Jessie walked inside and also froze in chock.

Except the 'Vulcan' ears and the bigger stronger more hansom body it was a mirror image of Xander.

"Yo DwD." TT said grinning at Xander.

Xander groaned he really did not like the DwD name. "Yes TT.

Everything go fine in your end of the fight?"

TT nodded. "Got a bruised foot but nothing bad."

Dawn "Buffy you should have seen him he was like super Elf and dusted twenty Vampires like they were harmless... And he let me dusted a vampire myself."

Buffy glared at the elf.

Xander rolled his eyes. "I cut of its arms and broke its legs.

Dawn patrol and Joyce needed it."

Joyce nodded. "It was calming."

Giles finally found his ability to talk. "An elf. A real elf i i dont know what to say."

Xander "Its the End of the world Rupert Giles also know and Ripper dont know what to say."

Giles froze "Ripper what?"

Xander grinned. "Just joking. And dont worry i was sent here by the PTB to help you. The bad guys are cheating so they ask me to help you"

TT nodded. "Well we should be going now."

Joyce. "Will you return"

Xander "That we will sadly the PTB put me in school." He activated his illusion slowly turning in to a human.

Jessie, "you human."

Xander shook his head as he walked forward he grabbed Jessies and Willow hands. "Feel my head I still have the pointy ears its just an illusion."

Buffy frowned it was so unfair. "Can i feel to?"

Xander nodded soon they were feeling his pointy ears. "I have to go now. But i be back."

Dawn grinned she finally had proof Father Christmas was real.

Giles watch the strange pair walked out an elf they did not even exist in this reality he wonder the meaning of this.

Chapter 3
School times...

TT grinned as he walked behind Xander on their way to school.

FAR Behind Xander.

Xander really decided to have FUN.

His shirt was red happy Christmas red.

His jeans was green in a sickly Christmas green.

And the shoes TT had NO idea where he manage to find Yellow sneakers.

It almost hurt his eyes just looking at his smiling friend.

A huge "Holy rainbow" and a large BOOOM was heard from the side as a shocked Jessie manage to ride his bicycle in to a garbage dump.

Xander blinked. "Are you alright Jessie?" He asked.

Happy that his Shade spell was hiding his elven eyes.

Jessie slowly stood up. "I i alright." He carefully watch the larger boy so like his friend Xander. "You always dress like that?" He said.

Xander grinned. "Nope decided to look good today."

Jessie "Oboy. I dont know but we humans dont exactly."

Xander blinked. "I dont understand," inside he was giggling.

Jessie sighed. "Your friend TT right. He can explain right."

TT "I aint saying anything about how he dress himself. Im just glad he aint wearing the Kilt."

Jessie blinked. -Kilt-Xander frowned. "Dont be stupid the kilt is for special times like in a Dance or something."

Jessie desperately tried to swallow his tongue. "You wear a Kilt?"

TT nodded sagely. "Yes Elfs do they are very Scottish."

Xander "Only during clan meeting." That was correct kind of. Only during the clan meetings and clan parties would he have to have the kilt on him. "So Jessie would you like to guide us to class."

They were walking and talking about a lot Jessie pointing out different places and persons he knew. When.

"Some one call the police thats combination must be illegal." A Voice Xander knew said.

Xander turned around scoffing at him and the way he dressed himself was the queen C. Cordelia herself.

Xander smiled as he turned the shade off letting the pushy Cheerleader feel his emotions.

"Why are you so aggressive? Are you so afraid of loosing your position that you must verbally attack any new comer." Waves of friendship and love came rushing over Cordy.

Cordelia face paled. "Xander" she whispered.

Xander nodded silently "That is the name i have. But i am not the Xander you believe i am. But i could be your new Xander shaped friend." He let his love now an almost sisterly kind of love be felt by Cordy.

Cordy shivered before running away.

Xander could feel her urge to hug him her fears.

TT frowned. "Is she alright?"

Xander "She never really had any real friends. Only backstabbers hopefully you and me could become that what she need the most, Friends."

Jessie blinked how the hell did this Xander knew that.

Could Dawn be right that he IS working for Santa Claus.

They walked inside.


"So." Giles said cleaning his glasses.

A real live Elf in HIS library was a bit on the strange side.

Xander nodded. "Yes. So what."

Giles sighted "Where do you come from."

All eyes turned and looked at him.

Xander sighed. "Well thats a long story. The truth is this i was BORN human but become Elf after a mistake involving the die of Janus the Chaos god. I and my friends ended up in another reality one where dragons, Elves, Dwarfs Trolls Tiraks, and Magic was normal.

After a long and hard adventure i was asked by a balance demon named Whistler to go to an alternate version of my own Birth reality and their help the Slayer and her sister. Thats the cliff notes."

Willow eyes turned big as she was the first to figure it out. "You really ARE Xander. Alexander LaVelle Harris."

Xander nodded. "I was born in an Alternate reality of THIS one AS Alexander LaVelle Harris i fought side by side with the slayer Buffy and when she drowned in the master cave i was their with Angel and we revived her.

It was in here i convinced the gang to play some Role play games as a team building exercise.

But our d20 was gone and my Buffy found a new D20.

What we did not know was that it would open a gate to a Different reality and our bodies become similar to the character we were playing.

Giles you counterpart is still living over their as a big Barbarian. Buffy you counterpart become a real warrior princess."

Willow frowned. "What about me?"

Jessie nodded. "And me?"

Xander let his elven eyes filled with emotions of sadness be felt. "The first vampire i dusted was you Jessie.

You Willow become an elven mage but an evil demon manage to trick you and now she is dead."

Buffy swallowed the elves emotion could be felt.

Giles cleaned his glasses. "I See i think i read about the Die of Janus."

Xander nodded. "I learned one thing. The reason their is ONLY one Slayer active is because the slayer is a living seal a lock against the First Evil.

If the Slayer line would die OR if their would be more then ONE active slayer at the same time. The First evil would free itself."

Buffy frowned. "Huh. Who is the first evil?"

Xander "Satan. Lucifer, Beelzebub, the Light bringer, The First evil." Buffy nodded. "Ooh."

Xander. "In my realty Buffy Died and i brought her back by CPR a new slayer was called Kendra and the lock holding the first captured become weakened.

IF Kendra would have died she would have called a new slayer and the lock holding the First captured would have broken completely.

But the PTB where lucky as we got transported to another world."

Giles cleaned his glasses. "I i see why is you telling us this."

Xander frowned. "To explain if Buffy is dead not breathing if we revive her with CPR the whole world could be doomed or destroyed."

Giles desperately wanted to scream or hurt the bloody pillock but he could feel the sadness the elf was feeling.

So could Buffy she knew her life was hard but that hard.

Willow grinned. "With all of us to help her Buffy will not die anytime soon."

Xander nodded. "Thats correct my duty is to protect the Summer family."

Jessie smiled. "So X2 Do you have any girl."

Xander nodded. "Yep Selia Clan Rigdari, House Furani. She is so beautiful young girl"

TT grinned. "Only 60 year young."

Xander rolled his eyes it was true.

Giles "60 you really go for older girls?"

Xander sighed. "She is Elf.

A 60 or 200 year old Elf looks and IS like a 20 year old Human. And beside I have my own 17 year old experience as a Human.

And almost 20 year of knowledge as a Ranger implanted inside of me. And a 35 year old spirit of a dead Army guy inside of me.

And a Hyena spirit inside of me.

Im older then i should be."

Buffy paled she did not like the time Jessie had been possessed by a hyena. "We could drive them out of you?" She offered.

Xander "No i am a shaman so i have control over them.

Buffy if you like i could summon a spirit. Or show you mine," he said letting his eyes glow green.

Giles "Well thats fine time for you to go to class.

Xander nodded and walked out.

Later in Xander and TT house.

Ding DONG.

Xander frowned. "Who that?"

TT Shrugged. "No idea."

Opening the door Xander hade to smile. "Well hello Joyce and Dawn what are the two most beautiful sisters in Sunnydale doing here."

Joyce grinned. "Flatterer i could be your mother."

TT "Would not stop him his girlfriend you be his grandmother."

Dawn blinked.

Joyce blinked looking surprised at Xander.

"She is elven we age slower 30-40 years age difference is consider normal for elfs." Xander explained. Taking forward two small painted pictures of Selia and one of Him and Selia.

Dawn looked shocked. "She is beautiful how old is she?"

Xander "Only 60. Thats like being 22 years old."

Joyce nodded. "She sure is beautiful. But her ears are smaller then yours right."

Xander nodded. "That they are. She is Sanarie they have smaller ears then we Learam elfs."

TT "Would you two like anything to eat or?"

Joyce paled. "I forgot i brought something over for the two of you to eat."

Xander "Sweet Joyce food. Even we elfs know about that."

Dawn nodded not that surprised Santa probably ate a lot of food at their place every Christmas.

Soon they were eating and talking.

"What is that?" Dawn asked.

Xander frowned. "A pair of nimh sword. Elven short sword single edged used in two swords fighting stile."

Dawn nodded. "Whats it that?" She said pointing at a strange belt hanging on the wall.

Xander grinned. "Its a Missla martial art belt symbolizing that i am trained in their Fighting style."

Dawn blinked. "Whats a Missla?"

TT grinned. "They are about your size a bit smaller but almost as strong as an adult human. They are extremely cute and childlike kind and gentle."

Xander nodded. "They also have a fighting stile designed for fighting Bigger and stronger enemies armed and unarmed. To dodged parry and avoid being hit by the enemy."

TT nodded. "Its an effective style to use against bigger enemies or to fight against many enemies at the same time."

Xander "Buffy is trying to protect the two of you. But she is only a Slayer she is not a goddess.

If you like i could teach you when to run for help and when to stand and fight.

And more important How to fight how to survive."

TT nodded. "Xander is a master on surviving if i were you i would learn."

Joyce frowned a bit she hated fighting but. "I have to think about it."

Dawn frowned. "Mom you always wished the two of us could find something to do together."

Joyce flinched. "I well."

Xander. "The Missla method of fighting is designed for Survival and escape from the fight."

Joyce nodded. "Lets do it Dawn me and you."

Xander "In that case. Tomorrow at day break i come and pick the two of you up for your first lesson. Dont worry its not a hard lesson."

Joyce nodded. "What do you want for payment?"

Xander. "I dont need."

TT "He like ONE dinner made by you Joyce every week. So do i."

Xander. "TT. Actually thats a good idea. Just tell me what i need to buy and i get the ingredients for you to cook."

Joyce smiled. "Then its a deal.

And the two of you could come by anytime you like for extra food."

Ding Dong. The Door bell rang.

Xander walked over opening it. "Buffy, Willow Jessie, Welcome."

Buffy frowned. "Where is my mom and sister?"

Dawn growled. "Buffy/"

Joyce frowned. "Buffy that was NOT polite to say."

Xander smiled. "Its alright she only tries to protect you two. They are in here we were talking."

Buffy forgot about her mother as she enter the church of shiny bladed to dust things with. "Ooh Swords, Axes, Crossbow, spears."

Willow and Jessie moved away from the now drooling Buffy.

Xander grinned pointing at a part of the room. "If you find a sword or axe you like show it to me Buffy."

Buffy frowned but did so.

Xander grinned grasping the short one edged Nimh sword. "Good choice." He said walking over and picking up its mate. "This is a Nimh sword an elven type. They always come with a mate a twin.

Its used in a two handed fighting style."

Xander started to wave the two swords around in a beginners kata slowly working his way up to the more advanced forms.

Buffy eyes were glued on his movement her slayer ability were literally Copy and paste and store for later use.

As fast as he moved.

Xander grinned. "Here they are yours Buffy."

Buffy blushed. "No i cant."

Xander smiled. "Sure you can look on the blade."

Buffy blinked. "Why should i. My name why. How did?"

Xander. "You must have lost them some where. If your name is on the blade its obvious yours." He new HIS version of Buffy really liked the short Nimh so he did make a special maiden pairs.

Buffy blinked. "Thanks this."

Joyce. "This is to much Xander"

Xander grinned. "Nah its alright. They were made for her think of it like a Christmas gift in advanced."

Dawn eyes were literally glowing in eager curiosity if HER sister got one in advanced she would soon get one herself it was logical.

Chapter 4
Lesson in school...

The gang was walking calmly in school it had been about a week and a half sense the Master bite the dust.

Buffy finally accepted the elf Xander even if she was a bit spooked.

And all was fine.

"I wish something would happen." Willow said.

Xander froze turning his most irritated look at Willow. "Do NOT say that."

TT started to watch around him fear obvious in his eyes. "Something will happen now something Bad and its all your fault."

Willow rolled her eyes and giggled.

Buffy was going to giggle then she saw that Giles looked nervous.

And she did remember they DO live on a Hellmouth.

Xander raised an eyebrow. "Oh shit. Giles could you look at the calendar of the dark."

Giles nodded "Would you mind telling me what Im looking after."

Xander "The Night of St. Vigius is soon right?"

Giles "i Oh My i forgot about that."

Buffy "Excuse me if i say Huh."

Xander "A sacred holiday of Vampires. During that night vampires actually IS stronger then normal nights."

Buffy sighed and looked irritated at Willow.

Then the door opened and Jessie came inside.

"I cant believe it Snider the stupid rat force me to do some science project. Or Im Out of here." Jessie complained.

TT looked at Xander.

Xander looked at TT.

"Its TT and Xander project Save Jessie." They said simultaneous.

Xander grinned. "What would you say about making you own craval shield by an almost unbreakable plastic glass."

TT smiled "Or would you rather make your own Diving equipment." Aaa his time in the military would finally pay.

Jessie grinned. "Can i do both."

Xander and TT nodded. "Battle suit."

Jessie smiled and giggled. "Sweet fear me."

Willow groaned a battle suit in the hand of Jessie would be bad really really bad.

Giles nodded "Well the Night of St. Vigius will be at the same time as the Parent teacher night. And thats a week after the Science fair."

TT grinned. "I go and get the electronics."

Xander nodded. "We go to the hardware store. Dont forget a gasmask." TT nodded rolling his eyes.

Giles "A Gasmask? We are doomed right?"

Buffy nodded, "yes."

Some where else.

The room was filled with hi-tech computers and electronics countless names was constantly being analyzed and digitalized.

Discipline of the highest order was inhere.


"Call the big guys we have a Rouge Elf on the Hellmouth" One of the tech screamed.

His commander dressed in a blue green uniform. "Is it confirmed."

The Tech nodded "yes sir its official. Dawn Summer gifts list have been lost because of his meddling we have a Rouge pretending to be one of us."

The commander almost growled his tall Elven ears twisted. "I inform the Big guy myself." Time for the Santa squadrons to work.

No one abused the name of Father Christmas. NO ONE.


Xander grinned as he watch Jessie work the elven glass armor was a highly advanced plastic armor.

As advanced as some of the cravall shields or super Kevlars that hade started to exist.

But working with the substance was like painting with a glue like dirty smelling stuff.

Right now Jessie was slowly forming his armor and he really did not like the smell.

Xander leaned back. "More Coffee TT."

TT nodded "Well thank you."

Jessie "You could help me you know?"

Xander "its YOUR project your work. We are moral supports."

TT nodded. "And i will help you by building the diving equipment myself and help you install it."

Jessie growled "I did not thing it would be this much work."

Then the door opened and Snider walked inside.

"What is going on here? This is school property."

Xander smoothly hold up a note. "This is official sign paper giving US the right to work here with our Science project."

Snider growled as he read the paper. "Why are you not working? I only see HIM working."

Xander smiled a demeaning smile and spoke like a father to a five year old. "We are working. We are building the electronics and HE is building the frame.

Electronics is sensitive we cant have dirty fingers so he do that.

Beside its our coffee break right now."

Snider blushed. "Do not try to be funny with me. I cant see any electronics just Coffee and food."

Xander smoothly took up a box holding microchips. Still speaking like to a child. "Electronics are sensitive so during coffee break we take it down from the table.

Would you like a cup of coffee small one?" He said standing almost towering over the small Principle.

Snider was about to say something but the fury and irritation in Xanders and TT eyes stopped him. They had the eyes of fighters killers and right now they watch him like a bug that needed to be squished. "Dont try anything foolish i have my eyes on you." He said storming out.

Jessie blinked. "That was incredible way did he run away."

TT "He is a chicken on a power trip that just came face to face with a pair of foxes."

Xander nodded. "Lets go back to eating. Jessie you must keep working or the armor plate will be twisted."

TT nodded "yes this truly is a hard work but dont worry Jessie we are here for you and we are giving you all the moral support we can."

And the night slowly turned darker as Jessie slaved on.

Outside Sunnydale a dark car droved thru the Sunnydale sign Spike the slayer of slayers hade arrived in town.

"Oh Bad elf is in town Spiky Miss Edith is afraid he is coming with gifts fur us."

Spike raised an eyebrow bad elf. What the hell Dru was worst then normal

Chapter 5
To prove yourself...

Dawn frowned. "Its not childish."

Marry. "It is totally Childish. Santa clause is a Fairy tail everybody knows that."

Dawn "Well You know and I know that vampires are REAL. Right?"

Marry nodded. "Sure."

Dawn looked smug. "So what if i can prove that Elf are real also."

Marry froze. "I might reconsider my opinions."

Dawn nodded. "And you help me research the Christmas myth about him and his elfs."

Marry nodded being Dawn friend in school was hard the girl was a Weird magnet. "Yes i do. By the way where are we going."

Dawn grinned an evil smile. "To see an elf."

Marry blinked.

Finally they walked up to a small house surrounded to bushes.

Dawn grinned as she rang the door bell.

TT smiled as he open the door. "Hi Dawn and Dawn friend how name i have no idea about."

Marry blushed her 12 year old heart shipped a beat seeing the big hunk of a man. "Hi Im Marry do you have a younger brother?" Marry blinked. "Did i say that aloud?"

TT hid a smile. "Yes you did. And no i have no brothers." He stepped back allowing them to come inside.

Dawn giggled as she was singing. "Marry and TT sitting in a tree."

TT frowned. "Thats not nice Dawn. So what can i help you two with?." Dawn stopped best to be a good girl or Father Christmas might find out his elf lived here. "We need to talk to Xander."

TT nodded. "He is upstairs in the gym."

"Thanks." Dawn said as she literally dragged Marry away.

The Gym wall was filled of training weapons that was hanging.

The floor had right now full of small pillars that rose two Feet from the ground and was about 4 inches thick.

Standing with one foot on a Pillar jumping from pillar to pillar waving his training sword in a Shadow fight was Xander.

So focus in keeping his balance that he did not even notice Dawn and Marrys entrance.

Dawn grinned this was perfect.

Xander was dressed in green training pants and a green short training shirt. His long hair was bound in a hors tail and his elven ears was clearly seen as they waved by them self focusing on any new sounds.

And his eyes was glowing green.

Marry eyes was staring in shock as the elf was literally flying between the small pillars never reaching the floor even bouncing off the wall constantly his swords were cutting stabbing and slashing against unseen enemies.

"I believe," she whispered.

Dawn grinned. "Lets find out more about Father Christmas Xander refuse to say anything about him."

Marry nodded as the two sneaked out.

Marry took one last look at the elf recently she had started to get those strange ideas in her brain ideas she really had no experience in before and they really made her blush.

She hoped she was not turning in to a monster or something living on the Hellmouth it was possible alternative.


"Hi guys." Jessie said completely cover in his armor except for his head he had the helmet removed.

Xander nodded. "Yea we told you we would be here."

A parent watching the sign. "You must be kidding me?"

Xander "What?"

"This. No way that could have Night vision goggles."

Xander grinned pointing at the helmet. "Buy them myself in a military hi-tech store."

The parent frowned. "Alright What about that Biological and Chemistry protected."

Xander "Well the Bio protection i am not sure but using either the Gasmask option or the diving mask the helmet should be isolated against gas and acid. But we have no proof but in theory."

The parent nodded. "What about this bullet proof?"

Xander grinned picking up a spare helmet. "This spare helm we put on a doll and then fired first with a 22. And then a 33.

It survived no problem. It was the 44 magnum that destroyed it."

The parent blinked. "How the hell did you kids get your hands on those kind of weapons."

Xander smiled. "We did not we asked a adult that owned weapon to help us test the armor. And HE shot it."

The parent nodded. "Well Im impressed. Can it do anything else?"

TT grinned. "Yep it have inbuilt communication device."

Jessie nodded. "But the battery weight is killing me."

Xander rolled his eyes. "That because we could not get our hands on something more effective.

This is a theoretic Survivor Armor design for army use OR fire fighting use in hostile environments."

By now a large group of adult had formed around them.

Behind them the standard winners of the Science fair growled in fury as theirs were forgotten.

Xander grinned the armor they made was a dummy it would work yes but to heavy to be really effective.

But while they made that one they also made six more lighter vampire battle armor easy to hide under a jacket.

Snider growled in fury he had no choice but to approve and give the Freaks the winning price.

He really had started to hate that Xander Aled.

He was worst then the now dead Xander Harris had been.

Xander eyes turned hard watching the scheming Principle watching him with hate and fury he grinned closing off the shade spell letting the principle feel all the emotion of hunger and blood thirst the Hyena could transmit.

He then turned the shade on watching the principle literally run away with wet moist stains on the front of his pants. Proving for all that he pissed himself.

Jessie blinked. "What was that?"

Xander smiled. "A small rat discovered that he should not attack the big cats."

TT smiled as he continued to explain the suits abilities.

Even letting some adult test the night goggles.


"Look here" Marry said.

Dawn watch the book. "This is it the proof Father Christmas exist." Marry nodded. "According to this their is more then ONE Santa and they give present to all children at least once during the childhood.

And they do other things to. Like protect young children against creatures that prey and hunt young children."

Dawn grinned. "Cool. Lets find out more about the elfs"

North pole Secret elf base...

"Team 1 ready to move." The elf said.

His commander nodded. "Good soldier now move out and find the Rouge elf"

And the team of nine Elf jumped in their Van and drove off.

Chapter 6
Crunch Tiger i sense a hidden dragon...

The huge garage door slowly opened the cold polar wind suddenly could rages its snow filled air inside.

The team of nine tuff elf fighters climbed in to the fast response and attack transport.

A Van snow white with blue flame patterns on the side.

Sergeant Musy looked behind him pride filled him his team was the best Santa clause had. "Allrigt are you ready?"

His team like one. "Yes sir ready to kick ass and protect the innocent."

Sergeant Musy grinned. "Then turn on the music and lets visit the gate of Hell."

His second in command punched the CD on and the music was playing.


Justified & Ancient

All bound for mu mu land
Hey hey


Around the Van the world suddenly paled only the color of black and white existed as the magic inside the Van put them outside normal time.

Musy grinned as he pushed the Speed peddle and the van drove of in a speed that in 'normal' space would be equal to Mac 5...

His troopers was singing along the music.


They are justified and they are ancient
And they like to room the land
- Just roll it from the top -They are justified and they are ancient
I hope you understand
- To the bridge to the bridge to the bridge now -They didn't want to upset the applecart
They don't want to cause any harm
But if you don't like what's they're going to do
You'd better not stop them 'cos they're coming through


"Crap." Mush said as he started to twist almost putting the Van in a spin barely avoiding colliding with an oil tanker. "Just to many ships in this part of the world." Soon they were speeding along.

And his men was singing happy along with the CD.


Bring the beat back

All bound for mu mu land
Hey hey

They are justified and they are ancient
And they drive an ice cream van
- Just roll it from the top -They are justified and they are ancient
With still no master plan
- To the bridge to the bridge to the bridge now -The last train left an hour ago
They were singing "all aboard"

All bound for mu mu land
Then someone started screaming
"Turn up the strobe"


The Van unseen by anyone zigged and zagged unstopped by anyone true the streets of New York.

The world seemed frozen as them speeded along outside time.

Still singing along the CD.


Bring the beat back All bound for mu mu land
Hey hey Rocking to the rhythm in the ice cream van
With the plan and the key to enter in to mu mu
Vibes from the tribes of the jams
I know where the p.d's at
'Cos i know what time it is
Threes on the dial
Make mine a 99
New style, meanwhile


Finally they started to slow down to only Mac 1.

"Sunnydale." Musy said the gate to hell could be seen as a blood red taint in the night sky here outside normal time.

His men nodded still singing along.


Fishing in the rivers of life (hoi!)
Vuga vulez, saga shan isa go



Xander blinked. "Something weird is coming this way."

Giles looked at him. "Would you mind explaining what?"

Xander nodded. "I wish i could i truly wish i could. But something Weird is coming this way."

Buffy frowned. "Friend or enemy?"

Xander looked desperate. "No idea probably both."

Unknown by Xander and TT Most of their Magic come from a world where Dragons exist as a link or a focus of magic making the magic of that world stronger.

The magic artifacts they had on them.

Xanders illusion of a human was based upon pure Dragon magic made BY a dragon.

Xander Shade spell was made by an elven mage using the threads of magic the existence of Dragons made possible.

TT healing magic artifact was made by powerful Dwarf mage using those treads of magic.

And they were collecting magic energy from surrounding area and the overflow focus and more powerful was now leaking like a water it ran towards the best possible container capable of holding the overflow.

Outside Sunnydale something old suddenly awoken finally reborn.

Its eyes glowed red as he search the world after its kindred only finding sleepers and the ghost of the dead.

Fire glowed in its mouth as it sense the Impure demons everywhere and the foolish pride of humans slowly destroying the world they were living on.

It took a deep breath gathering more magic as it slowly started to search after a good human slave to help it.

While it gather strength and information.

A Dragon was re-born.

In the higher plane of existence the PTB overseers of humanity said the only thing they could "Crap. They are going to kill us."

Whistler the Balance demon grinned his kindred had been returned a new age were dawning.

Chapter 7
Those that hunt Elfs...

Outside the grave yard an innocent harmless white Van with a blue flame pattern was parked. Inside was 9 individuals short about a head smaller then most adults.

Sergeant Musy. A proud Elf of the Santa Claus Defense force looked at his 8 troopers. "Right now Tommy use the internet try access information on any thing strange that could be the Rouge." The soldier Elf nodded an Mush continue talking now to the next of his troopers.

"Bry I like you to scout the area ask ANY squirrel or cat if they seen him take Wicky. With you She need the training." They all smiled at the younger elf trooper barely 22 years old and straight from boot camp.

Musy stopped grinning. "Then Marston you spy information in the bars and pubs be careful dont drink to much Ricky you with Marston. The rest of us will stay in the motel during night this IS vampire area right."

Wicky frowned. "I think i have a better idea."

They all stared at her.

Musy nodded smiling a bit at the young girl. "So think you have a better plan then your officer well do tell."

Wicky blushed. "You could ask that elf over their." She said pointing out the window of the Van.

Outside a HUGE Elf was walking dressed in Dark green armor like leather.

His ears were visible pointy and elflike.

But he was HUGE. 190 cm about 6 feet.

Almost the size of Big Red but not fat.

And he had a sword they could see that the Rouge was sneaking towards a gang of vampires.

A human girl late teenager 16-17 was following him from the side.

Tommy tapped his computer with full elf speed rivaling that of some of the gnomes. "Buffy Summer, A good girl like to be a ice princess got a free ticket and a Barbie when she was nine.

Mix type of personality believe that she is more important then other humans but would still sacrifice her own life to save a human she hate."

Tommy looked up. "She is also the Slayer."

Gasped of shock was heard.

Musy whispered. "The slayer. Poor kid." He said shaking his head. "Tommy see that her gift list is updated and that the Big Reds give her something extra this year even if she is to old."

Tommy nodded. "Will do sir."

Mush turned to Wicky. "Well Soldier your plan was better then mine. But Im still the commander. You had luck and Great eyes seeing him." He said grinning in an almost fatherly way to the youngest trooper.

Wicky blushed seeing the teams proud and friendly eyes looking at her.

Ricky frowned. "Sir are we going to capture the rouge now or later." Mush smiled. "What do you think Wicky?"

Wicky turned ultra red in her extreme blushing. "I wait sir wait."

Musy watch her with a smile. "And why wait."

Wicky "be because he is with the slayer now and later he might be alone. Sir."

Mush nodded "You are so right. Good girl. Bry and Wicky put a tail on him."

The two animal talkers nodded and swiftly picked up part of the vans special equipment.

Exit the Van they release two small Chihuahua dogs.

Focusing their special magic in to the animals they increased theirs IQ for a short time.

Bry hunched down. "Boys follow the big elf do not be eaten or notice understood."

The two Chihuahua nodded before running away. They were experience dogs and done this a lot of times.


Ding Dong. Ding Dong.

The door bell rang at Giles apartment.

Tired as it was early in the morning Giles finally manage to get some pants on to open the door.

A bloody and bruised TT raged inside. "You got to help me G-man.

They took Xander." With that said TT collapses.

Giles sighed after dragging the younger man to the sofa. He called the Scoobys.

Buffy first and hopefully Jessie would be able to keep himself focused on something other then girls.


The gang was waiting eagerly for TT to wake up nothing they did had been capable of waking him. Giles believed he was drugged and that he manage to ragged over by pure willpower once that was over he had no defense against the sleeping potions.

His cuts and bruises were small and not seriously any one attacking him were most likely not after killing him just incapacitate him.

A groaning sound was heard as TT sat up.

Willow and Jessie rushed over Willow grabbed his arm "What, Happened, To, Xander, What, Happened, What, Who, Did, This, To, You, And Where, Is, He, Why, Dont, You, Say, Anything." Jessie stopped her babbling by putting his hand over her mouth. "Tell us TT."

TT blinked. "Tell you what." He asked. "And why am i here. Where is Xander?"

Giles eyes narrowed. "Dont you remember you said that they taken him."

TT frowned. "You right they did but my memory is fuzzy its like something telling me to forget about it."

Giles blinked and he rushed over to a small locker.

"Here drink this. I think you are under a simple memory spell.

This will remove it and you will remember it all."

TT nodded swallowing the brew. Flashes of memory were released inside of his mind.

His Father using a memory drug to make him then 15 year old forget about an Unfit girlfriend from a poor family.

His Father Using a memory drug to stop him from pressing charges against him for murdering a young slayer.

And yes the kidnapping of Xander.

"That Son OF a bitch i i Will kill him. No no I will Torture him Slowly." TT said.

Buffy paled, "Who what?"

TT growled. "MY Asshole of a Father I will TOTURE HIM AND THEN MURDER HIM."

Giles "Your Father attacked you and Xander."

TT blinked. "Ooh no some strange short elfs dressed in light green and red uniforms attacked us and kidnapped Xander they said they needed him alive."

Buffy watch the others before she got the courage to speak. "What about your Father then?"

TT "That Bastard He used mind altering drugs on me.

To make me forget about a girl i loved when i was 15.

To stop me from pressing murder charges on him.

To Stop me from joining the military."

TT growled he knew this was not His reality but the balance demon had said it was identical except in this world His twin sister had survived the birth and HE had died.

In his world she had died during birth and HE survived all because a drunken doctor had dropped one of them on the floor.

He was Sure this version of Quentin had done similar things to his sister Juliana Travis.

Willow blinked. "Ooh thats not good but he is human."

TT looked down on her. "Lots of Jews have tattoos and died because of a human named Hitler. Some humans are just as evil as Vampires.

What ever was in that brew Giles i like a dose of that.

After we saved Xander Im going to England time to meet this dimensions version of me My sister."

Willow paled almost felt an urge to cry.

Buffy frowned.

Jessie nodded. "He right you know. Killing is Always wrong girls. But sometimes allowing a guy like Hitler to live is Worst.

Its a question of whats the least wrong thing to do."

TT nodded. "Your right. Choice between doing something bad or allowing something worst to happen."

Dawn sitting silently suddenly spoke up. "You said Red and green uniforms and Elfs right?"

TT blinked, "yes."

Buffy growled. "Quiet down Brat you dont know anything."

TT "Let her speak Buffy."

Dawn smiled. "According to this book of Giles." She said holding up a book of mythical creature and organizations. "Santa Clause have a small guard and defense force of elfs that use that uniform."

Jessie blinked. "Your telling me that X is kidnapped by Santa clause father Christmas."

Dawn nodded hoping this would not become negative for her during X-mas. Or that Buffy would kill the Big Red.

Giles ponder. "Well the Watcher have no real proof of Santa existence but we have many suspicions that he do exist in one way or the other."

Buffy sighed. "Alright how do we save Xander and kill." She felt like crying, "Santa clause," tears were falling.

Silence were almost solid in the room.

Giles cleaned his glasses. "Buffy we will NOT kill or attack Santa Clause but we will try to save Xander."

Buffy smiled a happy sun is shining type of smile. "Thanks. So where do he lives."

Giles "That would be north pole in a dimensional pocket right under the ice."

TT frowned "And how do we go their."

Giles sighed. "I have no idea."

Dawn grinned. "I found this in a book with a spell inside. You need 1 Witch. 1 child that really really like to visit Santa clause and you can teleport to the gate of his realm."

Giles carefully studied the spell it was a real spell a invitation teleportation spell ritual type. "I see. I think jenny or you Willow could do this. We only need to find at least two children under the age of 13-14 willing to travel there."

Buffy blinked where would they find two brats.

Dawn grinned and waved her hand. "I know two. I know two." She was happy singing.

Thinking about her friend Marry.

Joyce frowned. "Buffy Keep Dawn safe and do NOT play with any polar bears. But first all of us are going home and find warm clothes.

Xander is family we will NOT abandon family."

Buffy protest froze with moms agreement she could do nothing.

And she really like to pet a polar bear being a slayer it would probably be safe. But mom said no and with Dawn beside her she did not have the guts to do it Dawn would tell her if she did.

Life was just unfair.

At the same time.

Xander paled as the Van speeded along in Lunatic speed inside the troopers where happy singing along.


Randy Travis
King Of The Road

(Roger Miller)

Trailers for sale or rent
Rooms to let...fifty cents.

No phone, no pool, no pets
I ain't got no cigarettes
Ah, but..two hours of pushin' broom
Buys an eight by twelve four-bit room
I'm a man of means by no means
King of the road.


Xander almost screamed as the Van speeded straight to a Oil platform only turning in the last second the driver.

Musy grinning happily and his troopers were happy singing along with the playing CD.


Third boxcar, midnight train
Destination...Bangor, Maine.

Old worn out clothes and shoes,
I don't pay no union dues,
I smoke old stogies I have found
Short, but not too big around
I'm a man of means by no means
King of the road.


Zig and Zag between a group of military cruising ship in like drunk driver they continued Musy hade firm grin on his face concentrated completely on the driving.

Xander blinked. "And they think Im crazy."

And the troopers were singing along.


I know every engineer on every train
All of their children, and all of their names
And every handout in every town
And every lock that ain't locked
When no one's around.


Xander felt that by now he was to jaded but he still paled as a huge mountain suddenly came rushing towards them. Or them towards the mountain. Musy did not even slow down just press a button and pushed the speed.

And the troopers sang along the CD.


I sing,
Trailers for sale or rent
Rooms to let, fifty cents
No phone, no pool, no pets
I ain't got no cigarettes
Ah, but, two hours of pushin' broom
Buys an eight by twelve four-bit room
I'm a man of means by no means
King of the road.


The last second a door opened in the mountain and the Van drove inside stopping with only a feet away from one of the thousand of Sleds the big Reds used to deliver the gifts.

They were home.

Xander blinked he could see lots of sleds and over in a corner he could see a rain deer walking by.

He had a strange feeling that pretending to be one of father Christmas Elfs was a bad idea.


Jonathan bow down. "Your will is mine. Master." Finally he had meaning in his life. Finally he had a destiny.

The Dragon growled. "Then Rise Sir Jonathan my slave and My friend and help me learn find me the knowledge i lack."

Jonathan nodded. "It will be done." He said as he walked out from the cave. From this point on he would call no human master.

He would never again bow down to any human or demons He knew his own strength now he was more powerful smarter.

Only the Dragon deserved to be called master he was happy being its slave.

Finally he had a future a destiny no more struggling hardship he had a future a reason for his existence to serve his master.

The Dragon watch his human slave walked out. He made a good choice consider the short time he had.

It had taken lot of talking and explanation before the human accepted to blood oath becoming his slave of his own free will.

Now the human was stronger he would live longer.

As long as he liked to serve him he would live.

In an age of information the Dragon consider taking a nerd as a slave was a wise choice indeed.

Chapter 8
Elf Hunters...

Xander sighed as he was guided inside by the Elfs. The handcuffs locking his arms behind his back and the guns stopped him from trying to escape right now.

Around him was wonderland it was the only way he could describe it Elfs and more elfs.

And then he saw the strangest thing he ever seen a whole room with gymnastic exercise equipment.

Five big fat guys with long white beard was trying inside.

Xander froze. "They look like."

The Elf Mush nodded. "They are part of the Big Red team.

You think Santa can deliver present to all the kids by himself only? No its a team work. But you will meet Big red yes you will."

Xander blinked. "Telling me that i will meat Santa dont exactly make me afraid you know. More like you Can i get a present?"

Musy growled sometimes their reputation as Good guys made it hard to intimidate the bad boys.


Dawn and Marry was sitting in a painted circle on the floor. Both girls had big smile on their face they would finally see Father Christmas.

Sitting next to them was Buffy, Jessie and Willow.

Slowly Willow started the chant Dawn and Marry going along their hope and dreams held firm in their mind. To see Santa.

With a flash the travelers were gone leaving only Snow blowing down on the floor of the library.

Joyce sighed. "I Hope Buffy dont go and play with any Polar bears."

Giles nodded. "Quite i know i should not say things like this but i dont think the day could be more strange." Suddenly.

Ding Dong.

As Giles opened the door he paled.

Outside was a giant of a man dressed in a black suite about 226 cm more then 7,4 feet tall.

And an Elf girl.

Giles blinked. "How may i help you?"

The elf girls smiled. "Hi Im Selia Xander fianc�and this is my friend your dimensional counterpart Giles the Barbarian."

Giles looked up at the grinning mountain of a Barbarian and fainted. Joyce sighed. "That was not nice. Well come inside. Xander have told me so much about you two."

Giles the Barbarian nodded. "Well where is he Im just dropping by to say hello and get some blue prints on a camera."

Selia nodded. "And Im here for some snuggling. Where is he?"

Joyce smiled. "Im sorry but Santa and his elf have kidnapped him."

Giles blinked.

Selia looked irritated. "Who Santa " She was angry and ready for the kill.

Chapter 9
Elf Hunters...

Snow was falling around them shivering in the cold they button their jackets.

Buffy trembling of cold turned to Dawn. "Alright where to next."

Dawn blinked. "That way to the pole mountain." She said pointing at the wall like mountain in front of them.

Buffy, Willow and Jessie blinked in front of them was the polar region only snow ice and more snow not ONE single mountain as far as the eyes could see.

Jessie. "Eh Dawn what mountain?"

Marry blinked. "Dont Joke with us THAT MOUNTAIN." She said pointing at the mountain clearly visible in front of them.

Willow grinned. "Its magic only a child can see it. We are to Old Buffy. They have to guide us or we will miss it."

Buffy sighed. "Alright lets go then."

Later Dawn was irritated Buffy and Willow, Jessie walked straight thru the mountain like it was a ghost.

They had moved back sitting down and thinking true Dawn was Frowned thinking as hard as she could. "Willow in the book they said that a child must lead an unseeing adult. What exactly do that mean."

Willow thought for a second. "I think the magic dont work on Us if we are blind and guided by children."

Jessie sighed climbing a mountain in the Polar region with a blindfold was NOT his idea of fun.

Buffy almost growled. Then stopped. "Ooo Ice bear." She said pointing at a cute cuddly polar bear with cubs that was walking by them.

This journey was rather fun she liked bears they were funny.

Minutes later Dawn and Marry was holding the hands of a blindfolded Buffy, Willow, and Jessie.

This time the mountain was solid and they started to climb to mountain wall to reach the Valley of the elfs.

Somewhere else.

Xander rolled his eyes. "Dont worry Im not going to do anything." He said.

The guards growled a bit but allowed the handcuffs to be removed.

Smiling Xander bow down. "Its a honor to meet you Sir. I am Xander House Aled Clan Aled of the Learam Elfs in Alarin. Thats a country in an alternate reality."

Santa Clause the one and only Father Christmas himself nodded. "Do sit down."

Xander grinned happy. "Thanks."

Santa study him. "Your English and familiarity of this world make it hard to believe that you are from an alternate realty."

Xander laughs. "Believe me i have hard time believe that myself. But let me tell you what happened it will be hard to believe but its the truth if you like and can do cast a truth spell on me."

Santa nodded waving over an Elf.

Soon Xander under the truth spell started to tell his story the adventure the fight and the struggle in an alien world.

The fire in the pit was glowing casting a dim light the younger elfs were listening with rapped attention.

Laughter and fear was felt as he spun his tail in true Tirak and Elven way as dramatic and exacting as possible.

The Chocolate made by Mrs. Clause was spreading a wonderful smell.

Like a long and beautiful song his story was finally over

"Hoho ho. Now that was ONE wonderful adventure my friend." Santa said smiling. "But claiming to be ONE of my elf is a criminal offense."

Xander blushed. "Im sorry i did not know you existed and."

Santa smiled. "The version of you was a wonderful child always nice and friendly with his awful parents.

I was so sadden when he was stricken from the Christmas list. But the fact remain we can not have you claiming to be one of my elfs.

So what are we going to do. I am not going to punish you. But we have to do something and becoming Darkwing would not be fitting in this world."

Xander nodded that was true.

Around him the elfs now 9 adult elf troopers and about 30 young elfs the cutest things he ever seen.

All ponder what they would and could do to get out of this situation.


Giles the librarian watch his dimensional counterpart Giles the Barbarian currently reading a book and drinking a cup of Tea from a cup that looked incredible small in his gigantic hands.

Giles the Barbarian must have sensed him watching as he put down the book and grinned. "I got upgraded in to this shape. Kind of irritating the others got knowledge of reading and all i got was this body and the skill to use it. But i so missed reading in the beginning. Now i can read Elven and Dwarfish and some human languish Dwarfish is a strange."

Giles the librarian listen fascination as he began a discussion with himself about books.

Joyce shook her head. "He is arguing and talking to himself and never believed i would see a non crazy person do that. So how long have you and Xander been together?"

Selia grinned. "Well its been now almost 3 years. He is the first elf that make my heart beat faster. It will be hard when he finds his first human."

Joyce blinked. "What."

Selia explained. "Almost all Elf have a short stormy affair with a human one time or another time. We fall in love marry even and live faithful with the human until he or she dies of old age.

Xander is young it will happen and when that happen i will step back and let him have his love i know when its over he will come back to me."

Joyce frowned. "Did you have?"

Selia nodded. "When i was 18 it was this wonderful human knight i fell for he was almost 40 old in human life.

He died only 30 years later i was so sad still am that i never manage to have his children.

He had a spell on him to prevent him from father any more kids."

Joyce nodded. "You love him."

Selia smiled. "Im elf i will always love my first human. So will Xander but when the stormy heat of the human love is gone he will come back to me. I can wait a human live so short life."

Joyce nodded. "I dont know if Im should be sad or not."

North pole.

Dressed in white camouflage the five highly trained School youngster sneaked around in the Valley of the elfs closer and closer to the huge castle of Santa Claus.

Buffy waved her hand. "Stay down." She said slowly sneaking up to an Elf.

Romik sighted Polar bear guard duty was SO boring.

Then suddenly a pair of strong arms grasped him around the neck and pulled him down.

Dawn almost screamed. "Dont kill him Fluffy."

Buffy growled. "Dont call me Fluffy. And he is alive."

Marry dried some tears. "You should have been that cruel. Look He has your Finger prints on his neck." She said looking at Buffy like she was dirt.

Buffy watch the elf he really looked more cute then dangerous and he had large fingerprints of her hands on his neck.

Both Dawn and Marry was looking at her like SHE was an evil Vampire. Life was not fair. "Im trying to Save Xander."

Dawn nodded. "Yes but must you ALWAYS hurt others." She never could take Buffy ANYWHERE.

Buffy turned and watch her friends if any one of them would laught then they would fear her slayer powers.

Willow swallowed her giggle.

Jessie pushed snow inside his shirt to stop himself from saying anything.

Dawn and Marry put the sleeping elf in a more comfortable position. And see that he was warmth were he was sleeping.

All while giving Buffy the evil eye.

Finally they were at the castle walls.

Willow pointed at a door. "Think you can open that?"

Jessie grinned and nodded.

His uncle was a 'locksmith' that always hated the police and he had learned all he could from him.

Short moment later the door said Click.

Jessie blinked and blushed. "Oops it WAS unlocked."

Short moment later the door said Click.

And they walked inside.

Dawn "Dont worry Xander we will save you."

Marry nodded yes.

Suddenly Buffy froze. "I think they know we are here."

Willow frowned. "What?"

Buffy pointed to a TV where a sign was seen. -Intruder searching after Xander the Elf kindly ask the closes Elf for directions.-

Willow blinked. "Do you think its a trap?"

Jessie nodded. "Yes it must be."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "HELLO CAN ANYBODY HELP US FIND XANDER?" She screamed.

Marry nodded finally a smart non Aggressive Summer.

Buffy. "No they will find us."

Suddenly a Elf girl stuck out her head. "Hi intruders. The Xander is probably in the courtyard training OR in his room right now. Would you like me to help you their?"

Marry nodded.

Dawn growled at Buffy. "Put the Sword DOWN now."

Buffy. "But but its a trap."

Dawn. "They are NOT evil Vampires why would they trap YOU?"

Willow. "They kidnapped one of us."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Xander is also ONE of them. Obvious they had some internal affairs."

Careful and on their guards Willow, Buffy, Jessie followed the elf girl.

Dawn and Marry was skipping along happily talking to the Elf girl.

In the court yard they could see Xander.

He was dressed only in training pants and was holding a large staff and fighting against a fat jolly old man with a huge beard holding an equally large staff.

Surrounding them was probably hundreds of elfs cheering on the old guy.

Suddenly both of their arms and staff become hard to see as they attacked each other moving at full Santa speed and Hyena boosted Shaman speeds.

The Click Clack smack of the staffs were all that was heard.

Buffy almost jumped in the fight when she saw Xander lifts from the ground by the power of the old mans staff.

But Dawn held her back. "Look Buffy they are not fighting its a training match Xander is smiling so is the old guy."

Buffy nodded some how she never imagine seeing Xander fighting Father Christmas.

She blinked she was seeing double or more.

Lots of old fat man that looked similar to the one Xander was fighting were standing around.

The elf girl smiled. "Father Christmas cant be everywhere so we have special teams the Big Reds that helps him."

Buffy blinked that made some kind of sense.

In the fighting ring the Fight picked up another notch.

Jumping Xander avoided the staff only to get a bud Spencer smack by Santa clause. Spinning five turns he fell down.

Santa Claus laughs his jolly laugh helping him up. "Now that was good exercise."

Xander nodded clearing the pain from his head. "Yes your Good with staff."

"XANDER." Dawn screamed interrupting anymore talk.

Xander blinked. "What are you doing here? And where are TT?"

Buffy rolled her eyes. "When he found out their was a limit number that could come and the younger person had better chance to succeed he said something about going to England and kill his father or something."

Xander blinked. "Ooh. Well i hope he have fun."

Father Christmas grinned. "Well lets go inside and talk i know My wife would love to give you a cup of chocolate you must be freezing."

Dawn and Marry nodded watching the one the only bringer of gifts.

Their hero.

Buffy sighed one times in her life she believed the universe was possible to be understood life was simple and easy to understand.

Then Then she become the slayer and nothing made sense anymore.

Willow ponder as she walked inside if Jewish really was the right belief for her.

Jessie grinned some of those elf girls was extremely sexy.

Life was really good sense the Slayer came to Sunnydale he really had the chance to meet and flirt with lots of cute girls.

And Willow would be surprised and shocked over the number of times he actually scored.

He really hoped their were no demons protector of scorned females if their was his Casanova ways would probably give him problem.

Xander stood up bruised but not hurt and walked after them.

Life after he become friend of the Slayer really had become fun and interesting finally his suspicion that you never could explain life or make sense of it was proven true.

The elf girls sighed that huge elf was So so sexy a real male stud muffin of an elf.

Dawn "Mr. Santa what Im i going to get for Christmas?"

Only a jolly old laught was her answer as they disappeared inside the castle.

Chapter 10
Old friends...

"Bloody hell what are you smoking?" Spike said looking at the other Vampire.

He shook his head. "Hell-Mate its true their is an Elf a REAL ELF on the Hellmouth. Saw it myself he attacked and destroyed five vampires he were toying with them."

Spike sighed. "You Spoof it must be a trick no way an Elf can be on the Hellmouth." He then blinked Dru had said something being afraid of a bad elf coming with gift for them. "Bloody hell."

The other vampire nodded, "right. So what are you going to do?"

Spike suddenly grinned. "Elfs are immortal right. I bet their blood is stronger then a Slayers blood. I like to see a half pint of a elf take on me the Big Bad himself."

Then the Door opened and a scrawny teenager a pure geek walked in.

"I heard that a vampire Seer Drusilla is in town my master like to talk to her."

Spike blinked. "What the hell. Who is your master blood bag?"

Jonathan blinked as he turned and watched. "Who my master IS between me the seer and my master. Not you unless you know the seer Drusilla."

Spike stood up. "I bloody know her what make you think that you will survive geek."

Jonathan smiled before dropping one fang on the ground in front of Spike.

Spike. "What your a dentist or or." He suddenly become silent as the fang started to grow soon a warrior looking like a Cross between a lizard and a human stood in front of him.

Armed with sword shields and revolver.

Jonathan grinned. "I have bodyguards a whole army bond to my will fang boy."

Spike slowly lighted a cig as he started to grin this was interesting. "What kind of guarantee can i get that you or your master dont hurt Dru."

The Warrior stood their watching the vampire with cold emotionless eyes in its soulless heart.

Once again warrior born from Dragon seeds were walking earth.

Jonathan smiled. "Non except my master need a seer dusting her would be a wasting a treasure. My master dont like destroying a treasure."

Spike grinned. "If your master could heal her she can see things for him."

Jonathan nodded. "My Master says that i will pick the two of you up tomorrow night." With that he gently touch the Warrior turning him once again in to a harmless fang.

He was glad no fight had happened the moment after they killed something in a battle Dragon seed warrior become truly alive with a soul and willpower of themselves.

Having a Warrior like that walking around in Sunnydale would be inconvenient.


Juliana Travis or JT frowned the kid was obvious crazy but he knew things only she should know about her childhood.

TT smiled. "Trust me swallow that drink and you understand the rest. Your Wiccan friend already said its harmless right. And i have letter proving me sign by Rupert Giles."

JT frowned. "What the hell if i die it might irritate Daddy." She said swallowing the drink.

TT smiled waving over a bartender.

JT growled in pain as memory altering spells and control spells suddenly vanished and she remember the things dear old daddy had done in the name of the family name and in the name of power.

TT took a zip of his juice. "So your version of Daddy is just as a big asshole as mine is right?"

JT growled but she nodded. "Fuck cant believe he assassinated my boyfriend."

TT nodded. "I cant believe you joined the navy they are a joke."

JT growled. "Army," as she looked at her 'baby brother' TT grinned. "Special forces."

The Witch Lena JT friend looked interested. "So is it true he IS a Male version of you but from an alternate realty."

JT nodded. "Yea and he is right Dad have brainwash me. Precisely as he must have done to HIM."

Lena watch the younger man. "So how old are you?"

TT smiled. "I was born 34 years ago. Thanks to a magic spell i was reborn for less then 3 years ago in a brand spanking new 18 year old body. So 21 or 34 years old take your pick. Because Im doing a work for the PTB they made me look younger or made me younger i not sure."

JT sighed. "Man you have a confusing life brother."

TT smiled. "That i have sister dear that i have.

But its rather logical if you hang around the Slayer, The chosen of chaos some one that works for the PTB and are blessed by the chaos gods."

JT looked. "Your crazy he or she is evil. The watchers have a standing order to destroy the Chosen of Chaos."

TT shock his head. "No got it straight from the Big guys. The chosen IS not evil.

He can be good OR evil. Why they fear him is because he can destroy unbreakable prophesies by being close to the other champions."

JT nodded. "I see. So even IF he is good having him near the slayer would be bad."

TT nodded. "Yea the more powerful prophecy that are in the work the more chance things could go strange for good or bad. Right now the PTB is hoping for just that. So far its working." He took a deep drink from his glass. "Boy is it working Santas elf kidnapped him."

JT blinked. "What," she stared at him.

Lena wonder if he was crazy. Her spell said he were sane but.

TT just shrugged. "Took us by surprise i tell you."

Nothing was said after that.

Then a small giggling sound was heard.

TT frowned "What the."

JT stopped giggling. "If he is working directly for the PTB in hope that his present will break or twist prophesies on a good way. It must be REALY powerful prophesy right?"

TT nodded, "yes."

JT "And chaos always chose a strange way right. And prophesy that the PTB need help to change must be really really powerful."

TT nodded, "yea. Wonder what the effect of breaking those prophesies are?"

In Sherwood forest the woods trembled as an ancient power slowly revived took his first breath of life in over 10,000 year.

The Dragon spirit of the Britannia body was alive again.

His body and spirit once again alive.

Fire danced inside of his mouth as he rested his head reigning his powers.

Lena blinked the magic in Brittany had always had a special 'taste' and an almost sentient feeling guiding witches. An effect the witches said was because of the living Spirit But now the whole magic field trembled and become stronger she had a strange feeling that an old age was reborn in a new shape.

"Probably waking dragons," she said.

TT and JT blinked.

TT then sighed. "What ever. Like to kill Dad JT?"

JT ponder for a moment then nodded. "Right lets go."

Lena "What you cant"

TT smiled. "He killed her boyfriend sure we can."

Lena sighed. "No killing is wrong and boring."

The two siblings froze as she said boring word. "What are you talking about?"

Lena grinned. "Mind spells. Capture him and I can put a mind altering mojo on him. Like he did to you but one that puts him away in a madhouse permanent."

TT and JT grinned that was more fun that killing the asshole.

Quentin Travis smiled as he read the report from Sunnydale.

An Elf they really should hire a smarter spy.

He wish Giles would die like he suppose to do so that he could be replaced with a loyal Watcher.

The door opened as the butler stepped inside. "Sir your daughter rang she wonder if she Lena and a friend from her military time could stay over for the night?"

Quentin sighed. "Fine fine make the arrangement."

The butler nodded. "Thank you sir." He said politely inside he was thinking asshole i hope you get run over by a train.

North pole.

Father Christmas looked at Xander. "So what are you going to give Dawn for birthday gift."

Xander grinned. "I was thinking a Dragonet."

Father Christmas blinked. "Excuse me."

Xander. "But they would be to hard for her to keep it alive. So then i was thinking a Sword." He sighed. "But thats to Slayer kind of gift.

Then the idea came to me to give her this." He said showing Santa a small simple ring made of bone.

Father Christmas study the bone carefully. "What material is this?" Xander grinned. "Its carved from a heaven Dragon claw. It have a magic spell inside of it that give the one using the ring a Magic subspace pocket that could hold a 1000 Kg of things. Any thing the bearer of the ring can lift she or he can put inside the subspace pocket."

Father Christmas smiled. "Effective. Can it store living things."

Xander shook his head. "No but anything Dawn could lift by herself she can put inside the pocket and Vampires are NOT alive. So she could use it as a weapon pocket the vamp during the night take him out during the day."

They took a sip of chocolate.

Xander then looked away to the ball of marshmallows. "So what about my name?"

Santa study the young elf. "As long as you only hunt the evil i will allow you to be my gift to the forces of evil. It will make the demons a bit calmer during Christmas if they believe you or others like you exist."

Xander grinned. "Sweet. Could i get a van like the your troopers have?"

Santa. "No you can not."

Xander pouted. "Please."

Santa "No."

Xander study the marshmallows. "What about a motorbike like that?"

Santa sighed this would be a long long night. "No. Beside you have to return to Sunnydale according to our report the Slayer of Slayer Spike is in town he is an evil vampire."

Xander sighed Spike. He knew about Spike. Time for Death boy to understand that HE really should clean up his own mess or become dust. "Well it been fun. It will be fun see the rest of the gang experience travel in the van."

They laught at that.

Chapter 11
Going back...

Buffy, Willow, Jessie, shivered in fear as they walked out from the Elf driven Van.

Jessie sat down kissing the ground he was alive alive.

Musy looked surprised. "Humans i even drive careful not under Mack 4 even."

Dawn and Mary grinned happy with the wild ride.

Xander nodded having more training hiding his fear. "Yes they are just not used to high speed travel."

Musy sighted "Well its been fun here is my mobile if you need any help." He jumped in the Van pushed in a CD with Rednex playing -Country Road- then suddenly the Van was gone.

Xander grinned those crazy elfs in their time stopping van.

Dawn eyes gleamed happy her belief in Santa clause was proven.

Her belief in Xander as one of his elf was proven.

Life could not get any better then right now.

Xander smiled Father Christmas said that he should give the girl the present a bit early this was a perfect time. "Dawn. I know its month to Christmas but traditionally you open present after Santa been in town. And i guess Buffy got her present a bit early so i decide to give you your gift." He grinned Santa manage to help him find a good gift to Mary also.

"And as you Mary help saving me i also have a gift for you."

He gave the two young girls two small packages.

Buffy, Willow and Jessie looked on in badly hidden envy.

Dawn blinked a ring made of bone. "Its so beautiful." She said.

Xander nodded. "Its also magic put the ring on you finger."

Dawn nodded. "What now? Am i invisible?"

Xander "No. Lift this stone in you hand. And say -pocket this-."

Dawn frowned. "Pocket this." Suddenly the stone was gone. Strangely she could feel the stone. Like she could feel things inside her pocket. But it was weight less.

Xander grinned. "Its a portable Subspace pocket it can hold a ton.

But you can only put things inside that you can lift but a lot of small things can be put inside." He frowned "Aaa right say -pick pocket- and thing about the stone."

Dawn grinned as she said the word. "Thanks," she said.

Xander smiled. "The ring is made of dragon claw and extremely hard." He then turned to Mary. "I have a special gift for you." He said giving her a small compass. "It will always show you a safe road home.

Or help you find places of myths and legends that otherwise are hidden for you mortals."

Mary face lighted up in joy she always dreamed of being an explorer when she grew up.

Xander hid his frown Santa said it would be a perfect gift and that the girl would was born careful she would not use the gift until she was ready for it.

Turning around he said to the rest. "Well lets go home Im tired. And we have a new big bad in town. Spike the slayer of slayers." With that he started to walk home.

Somewhere else...

JT hugged the Butler. "Thanks Jeeves. You sure you can find a good nursery home for dad?"

Jeeves nodded. "Of course my lady i will do my best for him."

JT grinned so did Jeeves. "Thanks Jeeves. You do know that you always been more a dad to me then he ever been."

Jeeves nodded. "I just wish i could have help you more when you were young."

JT "If you did he would have killed you."

The two of them watch the drooling man that was Quentin Travis and they smiled finally he would no longer hurt them or other.

TT knocked on the door. "Well sister lets go away."

Jeeves raised an eyebrow. "Sister is their something i should know." JT smiled. "You know how my Twin brother were killed after birth."

Jeeves nodded. "Yes the doctor lost his license because of that."

JT smiled. "TT over their is from an alternate realty where the doctor killed the baby girl not the baby boy. Time moved differently in his realty."

Jeeves carefully walked over study TT. "My god its true you are so like your father and mother. The eyes are your dads."

TT hugged the old man. "Thanks Jeeves. Like sister said you were like a father to me."

Jeeves nodded. "So i exist in your reality also?"

TT nodded. "I would never have survived with out you. Dad was less nice to a boy then he was to a girl."


Lena the Wiccan smiled. "So where to next."

TT smiled. "I think Sunnydale OR what do you think?"

JT nodded. "I think SunnyD would be good i like to see your friend the elf myself."

And they were driving off to the airport finally free from Quentin Travis their father.


"I see," Giles the librarian said. He looked at Giles the Barbarian. "It was the Watchers council Quentin Travis had a stroke or something and is currently in mental hospital raving mad."

Giles the barbarian nodded. "So they are calling you back."

Giles the Librarian nodded. "Election of a new council. Can you help Buffy when Im gone?"

Buffy frowned she did not trust that huge mountain of Giles imitation. "Why do must you go Giles."

Giles the Librarian sighed. "Quentin madness is most likely natural but it might be made by magic and that means it could be a political assassination.

Because of that no one inside the councils higher positions vote can be used to chose a new head of the council.

So we field watchers are called in to chose a new council."

Giles the Barbarian nodded. "I will stay and help Buffy. I can even whip her in shape."

The door opened. "I dont CARE Dead boy YOU WILL do what i say or you are dust blowing in the wind." Xander said as he walked inside. "Hi Giles and Giles."

After him came an angry vampire Angel.

Giles the librarian cleaned his glasses Giles the Barbarian cleaned his dagger making other nervous.

And both spoke. "What are you fighting about?"

Xander spoke. "Angel over their IS Dru sire meaning HE can find her where ever she IS hiding HE can find her and dust her.

And Spike is always near Dru.

If Dead boy had any brain activity he would take his responsibility and Help US dust those two. Doing it himself would be stupid letting them escape would be irresponsible."

Angel sighed. "They are mine i sire them its its like having children you cant just dust them."

Xander growled. "They are murdering innocent children raping destroying. Trust ME Dru and Spike will be dust.

And you will help me or I will dust YOU AND THEM."

Giles the Barbarian sighed. "Both of you quiet down. Angel help him. Xander stop threatening Angel."

Angel nodded and sighed. "Well tonight."

Xander shook his head. "During morning we dress you up in a sun protective armor then you guide us to their hiding lair in protection of sunlight."

Angel nodded. "I dont like it but its a good plan."

Jessie grinned. "Can i come with you?"

Angel. "I dont."

Xander stopped Angel talking. "Jessie you can come but obey order and remember what you have learned from us in the fighting art. And we suit up in the light body armors."

Xander nodded. "Well lets plan for the attack then."

Jonathan smiled as he guided the crazy female Vampire and her boyfriend inside the dragon lair. "And this is my Master. Feel free to attack him like you were planning Spike."

Spike had dropped his cig as he watch in shock how the gigantic bus size dragon statue suddenly moved like a cat eyes older then times looked in his soul. "Bloody hell."

The dragon turned his eyes away from Spike leaving him feeling like a bug.

The dragons voice vibrated in the air. "So that is my seer. Good good. Now look at me Vampire and give me the future you see."

Dru shivered then started to talk fast reveling everything her prophetic ability could see.

The Dragon nodded. "Put the Vampire Dru in the cage Jonathan nodded and guided Dru away."

Spike. "What you said he would not hurt Dru."

The dragon almost smiled "I would never hurt a treasure like her. But from this point on she is my seer. If you go now vampire you will live."

"Spiky help me save me or i be a bird in a cage." Dru whimpered in fear as Jonathan pushed the door close on the steel cage.

Spike swallowed the dragon did not look easy to hurt. "I come back for you." He said rushing out.

Jonathan frowned. "Is it wise to let him leave sir?"

The dragon spoke again. "I put a curse on him. He will never find his way back here or be able to tell any one about me."

Jonathan nodded. "Well Sir by tomorrow i will have fixed the Internet uplink but i think i need help to carry the computer and tools you asked me for.

The dragon grinned. "I will give you the help you need."

Jonathan nodded as he started the work of giving the dragon an internet uplink.

Chapter 12
Be werry werry quite Im hunting a rabbit.

"You sure she is this way?" Xander whispered. Something with these caves were wrong something familiar it was spooky.

Angel closed his eyes. Before nodding. "That way."

Buffy grinned her Nimh sword held tight and ready for action. "Dont worry Xander Angel we will dust ANY vampire thats With Drusilla."

Angel nodded. "I know. Its just. The Sire child Bond of vampires are strong she like my child."

Xander sighed. "She is Angelus child Angel.

Decide are you the same or different individuals. Now be quiet."

Xander really felt bad vibes from the cave.

Something old.

Something familiar but different.

Something dangerous.

Something predatory.

Something powerful.

Something that made his Elven Blood sing.

Irritated he did not see that the cave floor was unstable his friends Buffy not really used to tracking did not notice anything.

Angel to emotional busy with separating Angelus feelings from his own did not notice anything.

Then suddenly the cave trembled and they fell down in a hole.

Screams was heard then it fell silent with a huge SPLASH was heard.

Angel was the first one up to the surface of the cave lake dragging Xander and Buffy with him.

Coming to the shore of the cave lake Angel froze.

Their in front of him Dru was sitting in a beautiful gigantic bird cage. And under the cage was a statue of a dragon it was incredible probably steel with bronze and gold and jewels as eyes.

And the size of a bus.

Angel. "That belong in a museum its incredible." Its eyes was so natural that it felt like it was looking straight at them. Angel really really was impressed.

Xander Looked up as he spit the last of the water out from his lung. His elven eye was blocked overwhelm by a presence something that would only happen near a Dragon or god. Looking up he froze almost wishing it was a god. "We should run now."

Angel blinked. "NO First we dust Dru then we can run."

Buffy wonder what it was that made Xander want to run.

Suddenly the statue moved. Silently like a cat it rolled it self out and stood up on its four legs.

Its wings folded up shaking a bit before folding down like a cloak or a jacket around its long body.

Angel swallowed nervous feeling like a mice looking up in the face of a hungry Tiger.

Buffy eye gleamed in a crazy Slayer urges overwhelmed her brain fear center. "Slayer i Im."

The Dragon ignored them as its voice echoed around the cave. "Dru is my Treasure her Powers is mine to use. No one steals or destroy my treasures."

Xander nodded. "Well keep her we must go now."

At that moment something snapped and broke.

It was Buffys sanity.

"Aaaaarg DIE you overgrown Iguana." She screamed as she attacked the dragon.

The Dragon roared in fury sending waves of fire down on them.

Angel felt the urge to cry as he followed Buffy trying to keep her alive.

Xander cried as he joined the other in their doomed attack on the dragon.

Angel manage to survive the fire as the water in his jacket isolated him while he rushed thru.

He attacked the dragon side only to get knocked down by the tail.

Buffy ran like a bat out of hell her hair was burning eyes were glowing in a crazy Slayer fury.


By pure luck she ended up underneath the Dragon her sword did two cuts one slashed the neck on the dragon giving it a small bleeding wound the other stabbed the dragon in its paw cutting off one claw. Then the Dragons other claw struck her sending her flying backwards.

Xander did not have that much luck Fire raged around him burning his hair and ears. His armor protected him from serious damage as he rushed out from the burning fire.

Eyes glowing tears flowing and swords waving he attacked the dragons tail slashing the tip off with his Cinneach. He jumped throwing the his Carwellan sword towards his true target.

The Dragon blinked something was painfully inserted inside his mouth. Raging the dragon build up another burst of flames.

When he notice exactly where the sword was stabbing him.

The ball of hot gas exploded in his mouth rocking his head back.

Teethes huge shark like teeth went flying like shrapnel cutting him up in the mouth.

He roared as he used his power to speak. "Clever Elf clever." His voice echoed.

Buffy stood up her head was smoking she looked like a derange skinhead. "Your going down Iguana." And she attacked nimbly jumped the claw slashing she manage to stab the dragon in its ribs.

Dru smiled as she helped Angel up he had manage to knock her out of the cage. "Did daddy come by for a cup of tea so nice."

Angel growled lifting his jacket he pulled the 44 magnum free aiming he emptied the magazine on the dragon.

The bullets flied his aim perfect but they stopped only a feet away from the dragon as its magical shield stopped them from impacting.

Xander growled as he attacked again his sword slashed once before the tail snapped him like a fly snapper.

A huge splash and he was swimming again.

The Dragon roared in anger he was still physically week after his millennium of death sleep and this attacks really hurt him.

With a roaring he let his magic explode up destroying the roof of the cave.

Angel dived towards Buffy and manage to save her from falling stones.

Xander jumped free as tons of stones fell down.

The Dragons jumped up his wings driving up in the air and away from the mortals.

His blood oozing its deadly acid on the ground.

And that morning those living in Sunnydale could not close their eyes and explain away what they saw flying away in the light of the day.

A dragon was flying over the town majestically it ruled the sky and then it was gone.

In the cave Xander glared at the happy Buffy.

Angel glared at Buffy.

Then suddenly Buffy froze. "Guys," she said in a weak voice "Did i with out any reason attacked a dragon?"

They nodded tiredly and burned, No more captain hair gel for Angel anymore or until the hair was outgrown again.

Dru smiled happy as she prepared a cup of tea. "Crazy slayer like a cup of tea and Miss Edith can have a cup of tea with Mr. Gordo and we will be so happy."

Xander flinched.

Buffy to tired to even care just sat down. "Tea would be good now." She said emotional empty as the instinctive rage of the slayer left her and the brain started to ask question like -are you fucking crazy or what-.

Angel tiredly sat down on the cave floor.

Xander beside him. "I will never tell anybody about this adventure if you promise to do the same."

Angel nodded. "What about Buffy?"

They looked at Buffy right now she was like a robot barely present her hair burned away so was her eyebrows small scars was visible on her scalp.

Xander was not much better off, healing magic would cure the scars. "I think she will try to forget this."

Angel nodded. "What happened?"

Xander frowned. "I have no idea no freaking idea."

Dru clasped her hand. "The slayer took over and her brain said good night good night sweet child"

Xander sighed. "Make sense i guess."

Beside him Angel nodded.

Beside them Dru and Buffy was drinking tea. Dru talking happy and Buffy moving like a robot mentally still in GaGaGa land.

Silent fell then.

Xander sighed. "We can't dust Dru."

Angel blinked. "Why."

Xander sighed again. "You dont destroy a treasure stolen from a dragon its not traditional. You think we could find a big cage to hold her inside."

Angel stared at the elf beside him.

Buffy finally started to giggle a feverish crazy giggle.

Dru joined her this was fun.

Chapter 13
Health care.

Xander sighed. "What can we do."

Giles the Librarian recently returned from England frowned. "I i dont know."

Giles the Barbarian on visit from the primitive world he and Xander now live in. "If the Watchers finds out that Buffy is crazy they will send a team of assassins."

Xander growled. "We can cure her." He said with conviction.

Dawn sat their listening shivering in fear and sadness as she listen in on the discussion hidden from their eyes and ears.

She could See Buffy happy playing with her dollhouse like she was a 7 year old child not a teenager 17 year old.

TT finally spoke his return had been less happy then he expected but its the Hellmouth. "She snapped the stress become to much for her so she returned to childhood. A good Psychologist could possible help her. I do wonder why she snapped what was the final stress factor that drove her over the edge. Thanks to Xander and me our hunting of Vampires she hade more easy time."

Shivering Dawn stood up and spoke. "Strangeness. Buffy always believed in a perfect world white Fence house 2 children husband the work.

Becoming the Slayer destroy that world but still she had some order some stability she still felt that she knew how the world worked.

She was the biggest baddest and deadliest fighter in town."

Xander nodded "I see. And then i come along almost as good. Then she finds out about the Elfs working for Santa more strangeness, then the dragon.

The stress of all strangeness and uncertainty drove her crazy."

Giles nodded. "I dont know what we could do."

JT smiled. "She need to talk to a doctor. They can help her."

TT grinned. "Or or she need to talk to a Philosopher. I seen in Norway they have Legitimate Doctors in Philosophy cure those with problem."

Giles frowned. "I dont understand."

TT smiled. "Its like this a Priest helps you overcome religious beliefs problem cure you of your uncertainties.

A Psychologist cure you by helping you overcoming trauma healing it. A Leg Philosophic cure you by helping you develop a NEW way of looking at life and universes."

Xander nodded. "I see Instead of curing the patient of the emotional pain they help the patient remove the reason for the pain."

TT grinned. "You got it. But i still think it would be useful if we could find both a good shrink and a Philosopher and make them work as a team with Buffy."

Giles frowned. "I but where would we find one or two even."

Xander grinned like an evil maniac most moved far away from him. "I say we kidnap them."

Joyce "Xander we cant do that."

Xander smiled "We can.

If i know what Im searching for I can find a two that can do the work Father Christmas information network can help me and Musy and his team of Elf troopers can drive us their and back.

Its simple we kidnap them prove the existence of demons, vampires, and elf.

Then we explain that Humanities most important defender the Slayer have a problem only THEY can cure her of.

And its time for them to decide if they like to help us save the world by saving a hero."

Giles the Barbarian nodded. "A great plan. I wish i could help but i must return to our world tomorrow."

Giles the librarian still frowned a bit. "I... well its a plan i only hope the Watchers are not listening in on us."

Xander looked at each of them. "So its a plan then any objection?"

Giles the barbarian. "I say kidnap."

Giles the Librarian. "I never taught i would say this but Kidnap away."

Joyce. "Do what ever you need to cure my baby."

Dawn. "Save my big sister"

TT. "Kidnap."

JT. "I Im to new but Kidnap sounds fun."

Willow Blushed. "Its is wrong but kidnap."

Jessie grinned. "Kidnap. This is SO cool could we demand ransom also."

Xander. "No ransom."

Jessie. "Crap."

Angel. "I say kidnap."

Selia. "I would love to find out what a mental doctor do so i say kidnap. DO they cut open the head to shrink it?"

Dru. "And then we can have a tea party for the doctors."

Giles both of them frowned and the librarian spoke. "Why is she not dust yet?" He said and both of them looked irritated at Angel.

Angel. "I i was planning on dusting her. Really." Even Dru looked skeptic on him she wagged her finger. "Liar liar pants on fire."

Angel blushed. "Xander forbid me to do it."

Giles looked skeptical at Angel before turning to Xander. "Really did you say that?"

Xander blushed. "It Kind of. We DID steal her from a Dragon that consider her HIS treasured Seer.

And and YOU DO not destroy a treasure you stole from a dragon.

Instead you find a way to use it.

She can see the future maybe we can find a use for that?"

Dru grinned and hastily wrote down some number. "Look horsy runs like this."

Xander looked down. "No way Grease lightning can win fifth race tomorrow. Are you sure? See Giles we already have use for her would you like in on the bet? Im betting hundred and fifty."

Giles 1-2 started to clean their glasses and daggers.

Joyce putt a hundred dollar.

So did Angel but he bet twice the amount.

After a Short call the bets where in.

Xander. "Alright i call Santa information center and ask them for help in this."

Dawn looked up. "Xander how long time will it take before they come and help us?"

Xander sighed. "I have no idea they said it would take some time."

North Pole...

"Sir this came in from Agent Gift in Sunnydale." A young elf female Officer in the Information agency said.

The commander looked over the information paling before nodding. "Right Send me Musy and his team. The rest of you wake up the psychic i need information on the best possible team of Psychologist and Philosopher that to cure the slayer mental problem."

The agents in the room nodded and soon crystal balls were glowing in magic power. Computers were glowing as Hackers were analyzing searching after names in hidden governments files over the world.

Musy came inside the sergeant gave a salute before asking. "Sir what happening? What do you need my team for?"

The Commander smiled. "Agent Gift or Xander as you know him Need you help. Your team and HIS team are going to kidnap this individuals." He said handling over a list to Musy. And a file explaining why.

The elf nodded confused. "Yes sir." He said as he started to read the file on his way out.

The commander sighed. "TIME."

One of the elf. "One and a half hour Sir."

The commander shook his head. "One and a half. Thats lousy We should have found the information in only a half hour."

His men looked depressed but they knew he was right they were a still bit summer rusty.

Musy and his team jumped in the Van the world shifted to black and white around them as he pushed the peddle to the meddle and they were on their way.

The music playing Evanescence Bring Me Back To Life.


Joyce sighed. "Well Would any body like a cup of Coffee or tea before going home for the night."

Then suddenly Ding Dong. Ding Dong. Was heard from the door bell.

Xander blinked and grinned his nose could feel the smell of Santas Elfs Must was here.

Chapter 14
Health care.

Xander grinned as he put down the file. "Lets drive and get the doctors."

Musy nodded. "Lets move out troopers."

Followed by Selia they jumped in the van...

Musy took a CD from his large collection put it in the player and as Toy Box song Witchdoctor started to play the van world shifted as it faded out from normal time and Musy pushed the speeder and they where on their way.

Selia twisted in fear as the van finally stopped on the streets of London. "D.dda.. Dododo you do always travel like that."

Xander gave her a twisted grin. "No they are special."

Selia nodded weakly that monster thing they called a van was the most scary thing she EVER been inside.

Musy just grinned he loved seeing the effect their van had on newbies.

Xander looked around. "The address is their so the doctor should home should be over their. James Croker Doctor"

Musy and his crew nodded.

And the elfs was on their way.

James Croker curse. "Typical." He sighed no brandy left and the Police they had a stupid profiling work for him to do.

Another drug using teenager or other kind of sicko for him to analyze.

Why could nothing challenging and exiting mission happen to him.

"Your Needed." A musical voice said from behind him and he could feel the smell of chloroform.

Well at least this would not be a boring day. Was his last thought before he faded off in darkness.

Xander grinned as he lifted up the fat doctor and they sneaked out.

Selia shiver in fear as she jumped after Xander inside the Van.

Musy grinned pushing the next CD in the player.

-I Drove All Night- Started to play in a high volume waking the now tight bounded doctor.

James Crocker blinked Trekker he was kidnapped by fools with a Vulcan complex.

Then the world outside the van shifted in to black and white James froze stopped saying anything as the van suddenly speeded up the zig and zag between the building in a speed defying realty.

James blinked around him the Vulcans wanna be were singing.

And the Van speeded along out over the Atlantic sea.

James being a man of scholar and learning and logic. In school he had learn and read lots of book of myth quite useful when he needed to talk to patients that were crazy. But he was a successful psychologist and profiler because he trusted his instincts.

And like Sherlock Holms said once you eliminated all other the only thing remaining must be true.

"You your Elfs." He stammered.

Xander nodded. "That we are. And we need you help.

The champion of mankind have a mental problem and you are one of two doctors that can save her."

James quite down a silent maniac grin started to form this was so crazy but at least he was not bored anymore.

The van Suddenly stopped.

They were outside Alaska where the Philosopher lived.

The Elfs sneaked out leaving only Selia and James behind James looked up. "You look scared."

Selia nodded. "Yes Im from another realty we dont have Cars their only horses and i so much rather ride those."

Mary Leona sighted as she corrected her students work.

Then darkness fell.

Unseen by all the elfs sneaked out carrying a sleeping Philosopher to the waiting car.

Xander grinned who knew kidnapping was this fun.

And the van was on its way again.

Chapter 15
Health care.

Mary blinked as she woke up. She was not sure but she believed that some one had kidnapped her.

Their was certain things that made her believe that other made her confused.

Reason 1. She had handcuffs on her hands.

Reason 2. She was in a strange place with headache.

But some thing was confusing her.

Confusion 1 Dr James Croker an old 'Friend' of her was handcuffed beside her. And he looked almost happy. But she always suspected that he was a pervert.

Confusion 2. The Van was filled with Elfs honest to god ELFS creatures from Myth. OR maybe Vulcans creatures from TV in either case it might be a Alien/Mythology creatures Abduction instead of a kidnapping.

Sighing she decided to ask a question hoping the answer were not one of the classic fairytales explanation 'We need you to save the world' kind of things. "What is happening and why are you kidnapping me."

The Big elf turned around smiling at her. "We need your help. The Champion of humanity is have gone crazy and we need you and James help in curing her."

Mary sighed. "So if she is not cured the end of the world then?"

The elf looked sad. "No to save the world we must kill her so a new champion of humanity is called in power and can defend humanity.

But the Champion the slayer of vampires is a 17 year girl MY friend i love her like a sister."

Mary swallowed she could feel the elfs emotions of grief and sadness transmitted. "I i see. One question your eyes are you an Empathic transmitter? Or can you transmit thoughts also?"

Xander blinked. "I i Huh."

Musy smiled. "She asked about you 'elven' eyes."

Xander. "Ooh My kind of elf is from a complete different realty then These guys.

And I send emotion with my eyes and i can sense Others emotions if they look at me. It take training for us to block this ability.

But i cant send thought or read minds."

Mary nodded. "Interesting. James i think his transmitting ability might be far more then he himself understand."

James nodded. "I see what you think about. But i say concentrate on the champion first then we can see if we can help our young Star Trek reject."

Xander blinked. "I i dont need help."

The two doctors looked at him with a superior look of disbelief in their eyes.

Musy Grinned. "Lets go to the North pole we have the information and proof about vampires, Demons the works their."

And he push the CD player. ON.

James paled and close his eyes.

Selia paled and closed her eyes and hugged Xander close.

Mary blinked as the world faded in to black and white outside and the Van suddenly started to speed up to Mac 5.

Bohemian Rhapsody By Queen started to play as the elf troopers started to sing along with the music.


Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see
I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
Because I'm easy come, easy go
A little high, little low
Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me


Musy grinned as he drove the Van in full speed over the Atlantic ocean.

Mary face turned pale as the Van used a wave to jump over a ship.

And the Elf troopers and Xander was singing happy along.


Mama, just killed a man
Put a gun against his head
Pulled my trigger, now he's dead
Mama, life had just begun
But now I've gone and thrown it all away
Mama, ooo
Didn't mean to make you cry
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters


Selia looked up from her position hugging Xander. The world moved faster then she ever could imagine but the beauty of the speed finally captured her fear and promptly buried it.

Musy just grinned as he drove under an Oil drill platform.

And the elf troopers and Xander sang happy along.


Too late, my time has come
Sends shivers down my spine
Body's aching all the time
Goodbye everybody - I've got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
Mama, ooo - (anyway the wind blows)
I don't want to die
I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all

I see a little silhouetto of a man
Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango
Thunderbolt and lightning - very very frightening me
Gallileo, Gallileo,
Gallileo, Gallileo,
Gallileo Figaro - magnifico

But I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me
He's just a poor boy from a poor family
Spare him his life from this monstrosity
Easy come easy go - will you let me go
Bismillah! No - we will not let you go - let him go
Bismillah! We will not let you go - let him go
Bismillah! We will not let you go - let me go
Will not let you go - let me go (never)
Never let you go - let me go
Never let me go - ooo
No, no, no, no, no, no, no -Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me
for me
for me


The van jumps and they are driving on the polar ice closer and closer to the polar entrance to valley of the elf.

And the elf troopers and Xander start head bang. To the music.


So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye
So you think you can love me and leave me to die
Oh baby - can't do this to me baby
Just gotta get out - just gotta get right outta here

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah
Nothing really matters
Anyone can see
Nothing really matters - nothing really matters to me

Anyway the wind blows...


And finally they are their.

Mary looked at James. "They are crazy completely crazy."

James nodded. "Yes but the young man said something that might explain it. To fight demons you must be crazy."

Mary blinked that actually made sense. Any one fighting demons must be crazy to believe in them OR if they exist actually fight them.

Later In Sunnydale...

James sighted putting the File of Buffy down. "As i understand.

Buffy had a werry firm grip on the realty using that she hide her fear.

When her Power as a Slayer came the first crack in her perfect world happened but she recover not healing but manage to continued.

Then her Father left them.

That stopped the healing and the coming to Sunnydale she had a literally hell the Master running loose friends dieing and then the elf come along help but at the same time proving that yet another of her beliefs Santa do not exist is Wrong.

Then He get kidnapped.

And the rest. This make the situation that are now. She literally hides regressing to a child behaving and even talking like a small child."

Mary nodded. "We need to get her to talk probably game sessions focusing on telling stories first to ease her give her something good to focus on.

Then heal the pains and traumas while i try to help her evolve a new way of looking at life something that would give her the stability she needs and at the same time making it a flexible world belief."

James nodded. "Her infatuation with the good Vampire Angel i think might be a another desperate attempt to find something stable and unchanging in her life. Its possible that we could hurry up the healing process by focusing her obsession on him or one of the elf."

Mary. "But Xander have a fianc and," she sighed. "A vampire cant be good for her."

James nodded. "Yes she need some one stable. Neither Xander or Angel IS good choices. But i think the crazy evil Vampire Dru might be useful in her healing if we try to help her mental problem at the same time as we help Buffy.

We can use Buffys competitive urge to hurry up the process of healing."

Outside the room Xander was listening on the argument and battle plans. Joyce frowned. "What are they saying?"

Xander. "I must have misunderstood or they plan on making Buffy fall in love with Dru."

Joyce blinked. "I dont think so."

Xander nodded. "Stupid thick walls."

Buffy room...

"Im princes goldy lock." Buffy said. "Do you like to play with me?" Dawn smiled. "Sure Buffy what do you like to play."

Buffy grinned. "YAY lets play party. Mr. Gordo can be a prince."

Dawn sighed she really really wanted her big sister back.

Buffy blinked. "Why are you crying?"

Dawn smiled. "No nothing Im just."

Buffy hugged her. "Dont cry Gordo can be your prince too."

Dawn giggled. "Thanks i love you to Buffy." She really wanted HER Big sister Buffy back.

Later that night...

Spike growled. "So what happened next?"

Jonathan frowned. "They manage to drive my master out of town. He is fine but," he sighed. "He lost Dru and according to his honor he cant take her back himself it was a fair fight.

But he told me to tell YOU hopefully you might kick their buts and he gave you this five dragon seeds they will be loyal to you for exactly 12 hours after that they will do what ever they feel like."

Spike grinned. "Tell him thanks."

The teenager nodded as he walked out.

Spike stared at the five teeths soon we would have Dru back.

Chapter 16
Halloween coming...

Finally the doctors had worked over Buffy for almost two months and they had some small progress.

Some days she was her old teenaged self before becoming a child again.

They explained it that she was hiding the craziness was to much for her.

Xander sighed and then Giles had told him that he suspected that the Watchers council was spying on them and if they did then an Assassin team might be on their way to kill Buffy.

On the good point they knew that he was the champion of chaos and they also knew that the Power That Be hired him to bring change or the evil side might win.

So any team of assassins had order to stay away from him as they needed him alive and bringing change with him.

Xander grinned one good thing was that the Doctors actually was correct Old legendary writing told tales that the elves of the past had almost telepathic abilities.

According to the legend found among elven and the Dwarfs the Elfs lost their skill during the war with the Dwarfs.

Most of the old Elves died when the Dwarf manage to destroy the flying island the elven were living in.

Traumatized they were lost and scared.

Xander did have a theory about that flying island.

Things that added up.

Like the similarity of Humans and Elves.

Like the way the Suffering was working.

Like the fact that legend of the Tiraks say that the Elven RAN away instead of fighting the demons last time they attacked the world.

The flying island must have been a starship powered by magic.

Xander grinned and according to the legends they might be able to find proof once they return to his new home world. He really looked forward to that. Not only Legolas but also Spock.

Xander suddenly blinked and grinned He almost forgot about this.

He had a feeling that the power that chose him as avatar of change might be angry IF he stopped the villain.

But if he change the rules a bit twisted the game. Yes that would be possible sadly a certain factor of change would have to be needed to be involved.

Xander eyes gleamed in joy time to do some changes and strike a victory for the side of good. "Hello their Ethan. Are you planning anything fun tonight. I do hope so. My master would like that." He said letting his camouflage as human drop.

The Chaos mage froze where he was standing cleaning the window on his store. "What are you? Who what ARE you?"

Xander rushed forward gripping the chaos mage in an unbreakable neck grip. "I am Xander Chosen by Chaos, Formerly Human now Elven warrior of the Learam. All because of Janus the one whose champion i am"

Ethan could sense the truth and he started to grin this was just to good. "I see. Im sorry sir i did not know. Lets go inside and talk."

Grinning like a two pair of maniacs the two walked in to the store.


Giles was nervous. "Are you sure Xander this this."

Xander looked up. "I am sure and you cant tell ANYBODY. This night will be bad but the skills and ability they gain will help and more important Janus will look favorably on US if we allow the spell to work."

Giles sighed. "Are you sure?"

Xander nodded. "I dont like it. Believe me the risk is to high But we are going to get a sweet deal of this.

He have promise a gift will be found that can close THIS Hellmouth permanent."

Giles eyes looked shocked. "Do do you know what or when?"

Xander shook his head. "Nope If we are lucky we will understand When and what it is. Until then we have to keep our eyes open.

Janus will not play unfair Giles the object is something you should know about OR Can learn about from your books.

If its a object it might be a person or."

Giles sighed. "I see. Well you are right it would be a great boon to the side of good."

Angel so far being silent nodded weakly. "You right this is a to good opportunity to miss out on."

Some hours later...

Dawn smiled. "Cant believe we are going to do this."

Xander grinned. "It will be good to get your mind of Buffy Dawn." He turned and looked at the others. "Dont worry i will pay for any costume. As long as YOU Willow chose something other then the Ghost costume."

Jessie grinned finally something else then the Boo.

Dawn giggled at the red face of Willow.

Selia frowned. "Something up Xander what?"

Xander sighed. "You might need to know this. I talked to the god that chose me.

He said he would make something turn up in the future that can close THIS Hellmouth permanent. But the price for that is that i have to turn my eyes close to a joke he will give Sunnydale. I even have to help him set part of it up."

Willow paled. "What is it?"

Xander shook his head. "I cant tell you exactly as i still havent seen the but end of the joke completely."

Jessie nodded as he open the door to Ethan costume shop. "If its a good it might be a complex and long way before you understand the joke."

Xander nodded glad his avoiding explanation worked.

Selia hugged him. "Dont worry Im sure nothing really bad will happen." She whispered. "Your worried face tells me one thing. We are part of those that the joke will happen to right?"

Xander nodded hugging her back. "Im sorry but."

Selia sighed. "The chance to save many life and its not directly deadly right."

Xander nodded.

Selia smiled. "Then let me get dressed up i never done that."

Ethan came forward. "Welcome welcome Xander. I was hoping Giles would drop by."

Xander shook his head. "No he said he be by later tonight. Maybe the two of you could watch a show on the Telly or something."

Ethan shook his head. "ON Halloween no way its a night of magic and wonder a NIGHT you do not need to be your boring self You could be a magic knight. A champion of the weak a prince or princes Anything you heart desire will be yours for the night.

Let your fantasy free and have fun."

The teenagers and children smiled at the passion in his voice and Larry grinned what the fool said was true maybe. He put the Pirate costume back to many pirates.

This night he would shock the world. His eyes locked on a beautiful Dress of a princess time to go drag-Queen.

He could always claim that he lost a bet.

With that Plan in action he acted.

Xander smiled the costume shop was full of heroes costumes and semi heroes and a small number of villains.

He almost dropped his jaw when he saw Larry grab the costume Buffy had and ask if they had a bigger version that he lost a bet and had to cross dress.

Over on the side Dawn grinned as she picked up a pair of elven ears or Vulcan ears.

Looking around she study the costumes a Robin hood costume and the ears she would be a perfect wood elf.

Jessie study the mask orc. *hmmm* Na Xander probably shoot him..

But that that was perfect. He grinned that was SO perfect the guy was so perfect if he could get Willow help it would be more then perfect. Gripping the Shinto costume and a small wooden sword handle with no sword attach Tenchie Masaki was ready for action.

Blushing Willow walked away "No i will not dress as Ayeka or Washu. Washu IS 12 Im i i wow that."

Ethan grinned. "The Greatest witch of them all right"

Willow gripped the costume it was perfect tonight Lina Inverse would walk the streets of Sunnydale.

Selia raise an eyebrow. "Sure i can dress up as Ryoko if you like." Xander blinked.

They turned and watch him.

Sighting he frowned a bit before grinning. "Then i dress up as Yosho thats the grandfather when he dont drop the old man mask. Its fitting Jessie I am older then you."

Ethan heart almost stop beating in joy the amount of chaos they would unleash.

Grinning a bit he remember that a the girl that dressed her cat up like a Moon cat from sailor moon.

If he hurry he could get a Rabbit and dress it up as Ryo-Oki the starship Cabbit.

Xander looked at Ethan his face was calm but his eyes, Xander shivered it felt like the Chaos mage had an orgasm or something.

Not good.

He knew the bastard would NOT betray him but still.

Watching the others he shiver.

He as Yosho.

Selia as Ryoko he was glad that no one was dressing up a rabbit as Ryo-Oki.

Jessie as Tenchi.

Willow as Lina Inverse. The Dragon spooker, The Enemy of all that lives, the flat chested sorceress.

Dawn as elven forest elf with bow and all.

Of some reason he believed he just knew that Janus would really have fun tonight.

Jonathan smiled. "So cool that a Ranma outfit right."

Ethan nodded. "Yes."

Jonathan. "I take it. Sweet i go as boy Ranma."

Cordy frowned. "That costume what is it?"

Ethan smiled. "Its from a cartoon a female Amazon name Shampoo."

Cordy frowned. "Well i take it."

Ethan grinned he already sold a Ryoga costume so the Lost boy would be loose in town.

And he sold a costume of Gourry Gabriev to a green haired guitar player. So Lina inverse would find her love.

He frowned yes Oz that was his name.


Xander swallowed his fear as he pushed the small reader glasses in their place. Time to act like a true prince of an intergalactic empire would. Soon Yosho Masaki would be in town.

Chapter 17
Halloween coming...

An invisible wave of power flooded Sunnydale bringing chaos and changes.

Giles sighed as he watched Ethan stand up. "So it have began."

Ethan grinned waving his old friend over to a crystal ball. "Better then TV ripper." He said.

Giles sighed he really felt this was wrong but Ripper inside of him was ecstatic.


Yosho blinked he felt a bit strange turning around he could not recognize himself.

Last memory they had just come back to the Earth and the shrine after visit to Jurai prime.

"Grandpa." He could here Tenchi voice say.

Yosho looked around smiling something was off with his grandson but what he could not figure out for the moment. "Yes Tenchi something strange is happening."

A Red head girl sneered and walked away mumbling something about finding food.

Yosho frowned feeling that he should know that girl.

Tenchi grinned relief as a familiar sensation came over him.

"Teeenchii." Ryoko said as she hugged him pressing her breast in his face. "Im so scared"

Yosho sighed. "Ryoko i do think he need to breath. Can you contact Ryo-Oki. Ryoko."

The space pirate frowned then nodded happy. "She is on her way."

Then a small girl with pointy ears walked up to them. "Xander, what happened?" Dawn the elven archer said still staring at the in the air floating Selia.

As silence was her only answer she looked directly at Xander. "Xander what is happening?" She complained.

Yosho frowned. "Im sorry girl but Im Yosho not the Xander person you believe i am."

Dawn blinked. "But You are Xander you were going dressed up like Yosho and now now." She stared in the distance where a fireball destroyed a car. "Now you are Yosho."

Yosho blinked then he felt it two presents inside of him almost grinning welcoming him to the club of living inside of Xander.

"I see." He said after the spirit explained some basic facts.

Lina Inverse grinned that that demon just in case it was still living "FIREBALL," and the Lamborghini Diablo was no more,.

Its owner was running like crazy away from the witch.

"Ranma go on date yes?" A female voice said suddenly glomping her in a fully body hug.

Lina Inverse growled she was not in to girl girl kind of sex. "Fireball." She whisper.

Shampoo was happy hugging her Airen female body when suddenly Bomf A small but painful fire ball exploded in her face tripping her.

When she could see again "Aiiii Your not Ranma you have smaller breast. Why you tricking Shampoo." She fell silent as the Ranma look alike was holding up a huge fire ball.

Lina Inverse growled "Not only Lesbian you claim i HAVE SMALL BREAST." Shampoo knew saying this would be wrong but of some reason she could not hold quiet. "Yes," she said in a small voice.

Lucky for her years of martial art training saved her bacon as the raging Witch tried to barbeque her.

Dawn blinked as Cordelia with smoking hair ran by them Willow raging behind her sending fireballs flying screaming something about having breast.

Selia grinned and started to float after them.

Dawn growled this would be a long long day why did she travel away from her trusty home in the Sanarie forest.

'Xander' blinked. "Dawn according to spirits inside of me you also are dressed up."

Dawn blinked. "No Im not a Im a proud Elven archer i was dressed up as myself."

Jessie-Tenchi frowned. "So what going on?"

"Mjaue," the rabbit like Cabbit said as it looked up on them.

Selia-Ryoko hugged her partner the living shape shifting starship and friend.

"Hi Do you have any idea where we are?" Ryoko-Selia asked.

The Cabbit shook its head.

In the distant explosion could be heard.

Yosho-Xander sighed. "I think we better go and stop them from killing each other."

Arriving at the place a wild crazy battle could be seen.

A red head was throwing fireballs ice arrows and other deadly magic weapons of destruction in a speed that was mind boggling.

Against the girl Dawn said was Cordelia. And she was dodging as best as she could.

A young man well trained martial artist was fighting a blond sword fighter that hold a glowing light sword.

Dawn whispered. "The unarmed fighter is Jonathan a guy from school." Yosho nodded and pulled the Tenchi-Ken free from his belt. He then notice that his Grandson Tenchi also was holding a Tenchi-ken.

Two master keys they really was not his body.

Igniting the lightsaber like sword he yelled. "STOP THIS FIGHTING NOW."

The fighters stopped staring at the two interlopers.

Gourry Gabriev growled. "He hit Lina." He said pointing at Jonathan. They looked at him.

Jonathan-Ranma. "She was trying to kill Shampoo."

They looked at Lina-Willow.

Lina-Willow. "She she said i had small breast."

Even Ranma shivered that was so so the bad thing to say to ANY girl. Shampoo shivered. "Shampoo sad but shampoo said is true."

Tenchi-Jessie clapped his hand in a prayer of the dead sighting.

Selia-Ryoko. "Burn her burn her." She screamed to the witch.

Yosho. "Miss Lina as a Witch surly you could find a more fitting punishment then killing her. Or dont you have the ability to be creative."

Willow-Lina growled then stopped her eyes was now glowing in a evil light. "Creative you like to see creative."

Shampoo-Cordelia shiver she had a bad bad feeling about this. Great-great-grandma always said never ever anger a witch or a mage they are cruel in their vengeance.

Willow-Lina waved her hand. "Shrink."

Shampoo-Cordelia blinked that did not feel painful at all but why did she feel so weight less in the front.

Tenchi-Jessie groaned that was a crime her beautiful impressive breast was small like the Lina girl.

Shampoo Screamed in shock her breast they were small almost invisible.

Yosho grinned. "Well Now that nobody is trying to kill each other could we talk."


A growling Lina-Inverse-Willow restored Shampoos breast under protest.

They stopped as a scream in fear filled the air.

Standing up they started to run towards the screams.

Ranma-Jonathan was their when the famous. "Die Ranma." Was heard and Ryoga came crashing in.

And the two started to fight.

Dawn sighted as she watch Ryoga-Andrew and Ranma-Jonathan dodge it out in a fighting with skill that would make a black belter look like an amateur and a fool.

Both boys looked like they really enjoyed themselves.

The rest continued to the place of the screaming.

An ugly princes stood trembling in fear.

Larry the Queen. "Demons demons." He-she said pointing at cars.

Lina Inverse nodded. "Dont worry they are easy to destroy. Look Fireball." And a new BMW exploded.

Larry the Queen blinked then started to scream. "WITCH WITCH WITCH." Lina Inverse nodded. "Yup why?"

Dawn sighed this would be a long night.

Selia-Ryoko frowned. "You grandpa. Ryo-oki said that a gang of monster and real undead are attacking a house nearby."

Yosho frowned. "I believe we should go their and save them."

Selia nodded. "I can carry two of you."

Shampoo grinned. "Shampoo can roof jump she move fast."

Yosho-Xander nodded mostly to himself. "Take Gourry and Lina. We will follow."

Selia-Ryoko nodded gripping the two.

Yosho looked over to Tenchi. "Remember what i told you about the light hawk wing ability to boost your body to move fast?"

His grandson nodded.

"Then boy lets run."

And the two started to run in an almost car like speed.

Shampoo blinked before boosting her own strength with her chi jumping up on a lamp post and from their up to the roof and from roof to roof she made a short journey of a long one.

Gasping for breath they arrived outside a small house.

A gang of demons and vampires real demons were attacking ripping the house apart.

A blond Vampire growled screaming something about Dru.

Yosho frowned. "If you value you unlife monster then walk away."

Spike frowned. "Its the Gift. Well Im not impressed Elf i have a army what do you have a bunch of kids in funny costumes."

Yosho smiled his 700 years of sword experience was impressive but he never lost his most valued ability.

He never underestimated or Overestimated a enemy.

He knew his friends were far more dangerous then they looked.

And unless the vampire was hiding his skill and powers they had already lost the fight.

Igniting the Tenchi-Ken Yosho-Xander listen to the voice inside of him telling him about the slayer of slayer.

Grinning a bit he watch the demons and vampire before talking "Girls that demon named Spike loves to rape females using railroad spikes to nail them to the ground torturing them and raping them."

Spike shrugged. "A vamps got to have some fun what of it?"

Lina Inverse growled she had the urge to unleash a Dragon slave on the evil monster.

Shampoo growled she would teach the vampire what an Amazon warrior was.

Selia-Ryoko growled. Not even as a pirate did she torture anybody.

Dawn the elf frowned grabbing her elven long bow where she was sitting on the roof where Ryoko dropped her off.

That vampire would die.

Yosho grinned. "You had your chance undead now face your death."

And the fight was on the vampires and demons charged them.

Gourry sword dusted vampires burned Demons as its fire blade made short work of the undead.

His short girlfriend said only one thing but many times. "Fireball fireball fireball." As she sent a rain of fiery death on the demons.

Yosho-Xander grinned Cutting stabbing and slashing his way to the now pale looking afraid spike.

Dawn arrows where raining down dusting vampires but not Spike he manage to grab the arrow in the air and save himself.

Yosho-Xander nodded to himself Spike was dangerous faster then any vampire he seen so far.

And the fight was on.

Stab cut slash. His light hawk sword went. And Kick his foot was.

Dodge roll jump. Spike went avoiding the sword but he missed the foot that kick him in the face.

Yosho grinned as the vampire fell down he slashed the sword aiming for the head.

Spike growled kicking up dirt in the face of the elf as he rolled around away from the sword.

Yosho-X desperately whipped the dust from his crying eyes. He could see spike jumping down in to the cloaks.

The vampire manage to runaway frowning he looked down he could se the dusty imprint of a vampire arm on the ground.

Spike manage to runaway but he would be called stumpy from now one.

Tenchi-Jessie smiled he had dusted and cut down more then nine demons being a prince sure was more fun then a shrine priest.

In the store...

Giles nodded. "Thanks for the cola. You are right this Is better then TV."

Ethan nodded. "Sadly it will not last much longer. The energy they used right now shorten the spells life."

He did not explain the cases of permanent transformations had also made it shorter.

A wave of fatigue rushed around Sunnydale as they regained their true self in most cases.

Xander sighed well having Hyena boy, Sex crazed Soldier boy and a +700 year old alien prince/priest in his head was not his idea of fun but.

Selia blinked. "Xaaander," she said hugging him. Then blinked. "Why am i flying?"

Xander groaned.

Ryo-Oki she shrugged hoping some one would give her a carrot.

Harmony blinked then looked down on her beautiful Were cheetah body. Inside the knowledge of Brittany Digger stilled lived.

Sighing she decided to find some tuna to eat and to see if her stud muffin was awake.

Jessie smiled creating a light hawk wing making a sword of it. "Its not as strong as Tenchi in the cartoon but still deadly he said."

Xander sighed he was afraid of this.

Inside he could feel the same power less strong then Jessies but still strong.

Willow blinked then grinned she was a real witch.

Cordy eyes narrowed. "You burn my hair i will. Do nothing." She finished as she saw that Willow was holding a huge fireball aiming at her.

Xander nodded. "It looks like some of the powers and ability have been kept. Less powerful then they were during the possession.

But still quite powerful."

Dawn growled she had the feeling Xander knew this would happen she then tried to remove her falls ears.

"NO no no Im an elf." She said and started to cry as only a 12 year old elf could do.

Giles sighed. "You better run Ethan others might try to kill you for this."

Ethan nodded. "Well its been fun see you later. Dont hurt the true chosen one."

Giles smiled. "Yes well see you. And i will not hurt your chosen chaos bringer."

And they parted for now.

Outside the Summer home Xander sighed this would be difficult to explain he hoped Giles was their to help him.

Or maybe he could claim he did not know the true nature of Janus joke.

Chapter 18
After Halloween.

Xander sighed. Life was unfair and he knew that they had every right to be angry with him so why did it hurt so much that they were angry.

Giles had forgiven him.

Selia was not even angry she knew the name of the game and was even impressed.

And she did get some nice ability she could now levitate slowly drift thru the air as long as she concentrated.

Joyce. She was furious the screaming and cursing she did had him shiver in fear.

But her youngest girl had turned in to an elf girl so.

Willow was disappointed and distrusting but she claim she wasnt angry but she no longer consider him Xander any more.

The spell did gave her a deeper understanding of magic Wiccan and a new type of magic Giles did not understand anything about.

Xander knew exactly what it was The same type of magic that was in the world he now called home.

He just did not understand completely why it worked here. Was it the presence of dragons.

Jessie he was not really angry or so. But he was distant less flamboyant.

And the power he got was incredible.

Sure it was NOT as impressive as the Manga version of Light Hawkwings but still impressive.

He could channeling energy and create energy fields.

Create a light sword or an energy armor that protected like a full body Kevlar trauma armor.

Xander was not sure but he believed a gun could shoot thru but it would take heavy calibers.

In theory you could even use it to fly it was called wings of the light hawk for a reason.

Xander focused and a single field of energy formed between his hands. He himself also could create those energy field Light hawks wings. Or what ever he could call them.

But Jessie could form 3 energy field at the same times.

He could do 3 different things at the same time.

Use one wing as armor.

Use one wing to fly.

Use one wing as a sword.

Then Dawn. Xander felt like crying. He had been so happy finding a good deal that could close this Hellmouth that he forgotten about the consequences.

She was now an Elf.

Dawn had tried to dress like an Elf like a Female elf from HIS world would dress.

And she did become one.

Xander could see the typical ears of a Learam elf.

Dawn shifted between happy depressed and confused.

And her lack of control of her emotion made it completely impossible for her to move outside the house.

Any one she looked at could feel her emotions like a raging river.

Ding Dong the door bell rang.

Xander sighed and stopped his brooding and open the door.

"Hello Alexander Aled." Joyce said grinning a bit seeing his painful face of hearing his full name.

Xander stepped to the side a silent invitation.

Joyce nodded as she walked in she was carrying food a Brownie cookie according to his elven nose dog like ability.

"Why did not stop the chaos mage Xander?" Joyce said.

Xander swallowed. "Because i/m afraid. Children is murder everyday by demons and vampires. This Hellmouth is THE Hellmouth it the main focusing point for the First Evil.

If it open the end of the world will happen Joyce." He sighed looking at her letting his all his emotion be felt.

"I dont want the end of the world i do not. Janus offered me a deal a key to how to stop and permanent close the Main Hellmouth IF i help him have some fun." Xander said. "Janus is a strange God. He dont like demons or vampires.

But he loves to see humans struggle and grow stronger to improve them self.

A demon invasion would just destroy humanity and that is not fun in his book."

Joyce nodded. "So in other words you think he will give help us."

Xander nodded.

Joyce frowned. "But according to what you said. In his fun he must have a hidden goal."

Xander nodded. "Jessie is change his children will possible have strange abilities.

Jonathan knows ALL fighting arts on EARTH and probably is master in them all.

He is already is trying to create a hybrid a martial art of martial art.

Harmony have become a real Were-Cheetah of a type that make Giles completely confused."

Joyce blinked. "Will this be good or bad."

Xander frowned. "Both good or bad Joyce. Janus only gave them the ability and skills hoping that they will make changes to them self or others and that things will improve for good or evil he do not care only about the change."

Joyce sighed. "And being his chosen is not your choice right?"

Xander nodded. "Actually Im a chosen OF the chaos gods. Gods in plural. Joyce. Lucky me Being the Chosen of chaos is not permanent IF i survive long enough they will chose another individual. OR if i stop adventure and stay home avoiding anything strange they might change who is the chosen one."

Joyce nodded. "I see. Well let us eat and tomorrow you can come for dinner Im not angry with you anymore. Disappointed Yes but not angry."

Xander nodded. "Some how Joyce that is worst."

In silence the two eat their food thinking about the changes that happened for good and for bad.

Joyce looked at him. "Dawn do no longer belong in our world. Her only hope is among Santas elf but i do not think she would like it their. But If she could eventually follow you to YOUR world would you call her family then."

Xander grinned. "I would adopt her in My clan Joyce. I owe her what ever position in my clan she liked except head of the clan i would give her."

Joyce smiled. "What if she asked to be your wife."

Xander. "Well she IS to young for that and Selia have my heart and i will marry Selia.

But some elf have more then one wife or husband and Selia IS over 60 years old Im barely over 20." He said wiggling his ears and grinning with a lusty eyes at her.

Joyce giggled. "You bad boy you."

Xander stopped grinning. "Joyce Honor and duty IS far more important to me then you know.

What i did to Dawn was stole part of her life away from her I stole her chance of LIFE on This world.

If she demanded the right to my life i would be honor bound to let her and i Would do it."

Joyce swallowed. "Your joking right?"

Xander cold sad eyes was the only answer she needed.

"I see well dinner tomorrow." Joyce said as she decided to have a talk with Dawn.

James Croker grinned the state of denial in this town was incredible. Anything strange and they denied it. You could sneak out an Elephant and no one would see by painting it pink.

According to the Watchers archive it was a side effect of the Hellmouth.

He felt like a teenager again a new exciting level of existence had open to him a new truth and proof of existence of both good and evil.

James was tired working with Mary trying to cure the mental problem of Buffy was hard and Halloween incident transforming her sister to an elf was more strangeness that literally gave them almost a month setback in helping her.

But the fact that a new world had open for him one of magic mystery made up for a lot of that.

And the fact that he had dressed up himself during the Halloween.

Fat drunken he was but he still had fantasies and a sense of fun so he had dressed up like his favorite cartoon character Jon Taliban from Night stalker.

The full moon had a new meaning for him lucky his kind of werewolf had full control over their animal side and the transformation.

Soon the full moon would arrive again he could feel it and then Angel the good vampire, Xander the elf and him would hunt the taste of Vampire dust the rage of the beast and the glory of the fight would be his again.

The Psychologist shivered inside hoping that he never would think that about humans.

Chapter 19
Assassinate this.

Giles sighed it never rains it pours. He lifted the phone and called a number. "Xander would you assist Buffy in training Im washed out."

On the other side Xander froze the code word they agree on was said the Watchers council had send assassins to Sunnydale. "Im Sorry Giles i was planning a shopping trip." He said answering according to the code word that the assassins would soon find them self a feet shorter.

Giles smiled but said in a disappointed voice. "I see i will remember this."


Xander grinned Watchers hide out Nr 4 and he had jackpot.

Wrapping himself up in the light hawk armor drawing his sword and gun Xander sneaked inside the house.

Inside he could see four thugs and two watchers one male the other clearly female.

Thug 1. "Yeh so tonight then."

Watcher snob 1. "Yes strike tonight would be for the best.

Consider the dangerous individuals the bomb is the only solution. Are you sure its strong enough to kill everybody inside the house."

Thug 1 grinned. "Aye learned it in Belfast it kill them. Sure Im not going to use it when the Elf boy and the watcher is inside."

Watcher snob 1 shook his head. "No the PTB needs him alive."

Thug 2. "The Slayer and the other civilians is another story they are dangerous."

Xander nodded, yup right place. To start with the gun or the sword. Tuff choice.

Grinning he walked inside the room holding the sword in a relaxed shoulder position. "I think that all of you will be dead with in the next five minute Unless."

They froze in shock then.

Thug 4 moved with lightning speed drawing his gun and fire one shot.

Xander grinned inside he was begging that his Elven leather Glass armor and Light hawk armor would work.

Ka-ching. The sound rang out as the 22 caliber bullet bounced of the armor and shield.

Xander looked down the shield had buckled but held the armor not even notice it. "And i believed English were a polite people." He said his eyes clearly stated the Thugs soon gruesome death.

"Now Is their any reason i should let any one of you live?"

Thug 2 quickly reach for his 44 magnum. As his hand blurred in the speed Xander whole body seemed to disappeared his eyes glowing green and the sword flashing out in two quick cuts.

Watcher Snob 2 she screamed as the Thug fell down dead his head and arm cut of from the body.

Xander smiled where he stood now in the centrum of the room. "Buffy and the rest is Family. I attacked Dragons to protect my family. I have fight in a war where thousands of enemies and friend died.

Killing you i would not even loose sleep over.

Now whats your names?"

Watcher snob 2 suddenly found her voice. "For the best of the world a new slayer must be called. Its the only way."

Xander turned and watched her carefully. "By blowing up the house.

Murdering her 12 year old sister. Her mother. Probably her friends and doctors. Is that really a good way to play?"

The Watcher blinked. "I its for the best of the world sure you understand?"

Xander grinned. "If you had planed on using a sniper rifle probably." He let the sword point towards her. "But murdering innocent when a rifle would do it its just chicken shits asshole that do that. And the question still remains why should i let you live?"

Watcher 2 staggered back. "We are from the Council of Watchers you would not dare kill us."

Xander looked at her. "Then you are a fool." He let his sword stab her between the eyes. And she fell down dead.

Thug 1 almost jumped. "Bloody hell."

Xander nodded. "Like i said. Give me a reason to let you live. I protect my family."

Watcher snob 1 frowned in fear Wesley Wyndam Price first mission were quickly going down in a bloody mess. "I i Im sure we could come to an agreement."

Xander turned towards him. "Whats your name? Talk say the right word and you live."

The watcher swallowed. "Im Wesley Wyndam. And." He blinked he honestly could not find a good reason for the elf to let them live. "Their are no reason for you to let us live is their."

Xander grinned. "You are smart. I think you will live i could always use a smart man to help Giles during research. You live and until i trust you. Your new name is Book-Slave understand?"

Wesley nodded pale. "I i see."

The thugs swallowed their future looked pale. "What about us?"

Watcher 4 said his time in the British secret service he often faced death.

Xander shrugged. "You are really to dangerous for me to let live so why should i let you?"

Thug 1 frowned. "You could use us."

The rest of them nodded.

Xander smiled "Would you honor your word" Xander could feel their eyes shifting and Thug 3 spoke.

"Sure we will no harming you or your friends."

Xander sighted "Did you know my kind of elf are Empaths. You lied.

But i think i have solution to that. You will even help me more then you ever could imagining."


Thug 1,3,4 looked around this did not look good. They were sitting inside a large golden cage and beside them was a vampire.

And they were bonded.

Dru waved at them. "Hi lunch." She said happy.

Xander grinned. "Remember Dru they have to last a long time.

Are you going to help me see the future now."

Dru nodded happy she hade dolls to play with.

Giles cleaned his glasses. "That was kind of cruel."

Xander nodded. "Bombing Summers house is worst in my book.

Now Dru will work With us and tell us what she see."

Wesley looked paled as he followed they outside. His feet were locked in a foot chains.

Xander looked at him. "I what you to tell me the name of the bastard that told you to do this. Im sending him a gift." He said tenderly playing with the bomb.

Chapter 20
A new argument...

Two days later.

"Hello." Xander said in a jolly and happy voice.

Dru grinned. "Time of the gift is closing and i like to fly with the bird my elf."

Xander frowned. "Time of the gift really. And we will see about letting you fly Dru." Sitting down outside the cage where he had Dru inside he looked at the 3 still alive Watcher Thugs they looked miserable Dru had drained them to the brink of death then let them recuperate.

One she had used as sex toy and he was the only one looking well.

Xander shook his head. "Hi guys. Let get you out of here."

Dru grinned and moved away as Xander opened the door letting the assassins out from her cage.

After chaining their feet to the wall Xander gave them something to sit on.

"Guys would you look at these Photo for me." Xander gave them a large number of photos.

Photo 1. Black and white of an Old fat guy.

Photo 2. Black and White of a young soldier looking man dressed in uniform.

Then Photo 3-12 was of Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Joyce, Marry Dawns friend, and Mary Leona and James Crocker.

The thugs was looking surprised.

Xander smiled. "In Photo 1-2 some of the worlds are some of the world most hated men. During their trial they said to the Judge, 'They were ONLY following orders,' Just like you were planning on following the order of the Council blow up the house so it be blamed on bad guys.

The guys on the photo 1-2 Worked for Adolph Hitler they were just following orders not caring if it was wrong or right."

The Thugs looked sick and angry. But Xander held up a photo of Dawn YBER cute photo of her playing with a guitar her small elven ears were wiggling in frustration.

"She is 12 year old. Because of an accident she become Elf like me. A child innocent have never hurt anybody. And your order were to BLOW up the house she lived in. Murdering her. This." He said Holding up the photo of Marry. "Is Dawn friend also She is incredible smart and ONLY 11 year old. A child genius.

She practically lives with Joyce and Dawn as her mother and father work outside Sunnydale.

You would have murder her also."

Xander stood up. "I let you study the photos a while think about it. The Watchers duty is to protect the world to GUIDE the slayer HELP the slayer NOT murdering her when she is sick.

And not go around murdering innocent children and mothers."

The Thugs looked a bit sick and green by this.

Xander walked out. "I be back later."

The leader called out. "Why why are you showing us this?"

Xander turned around. "Because Im not an evil man. Angry pissed off yes. But i like for us to find an alternative. One where me and you both live.

I do not like to kill if i can find an alternative i will do that."

The Thugs frowned. One of them spoke up. "Why you put us with the Vampire then?"

Xander. "Dru is a seer she can see the future and she is GOOD. But she is also crazy and evil as they come. Letting her have fun with some murderer make her happy and she give more help to us."

With that he walked out.

Thug 1. "Do you believe him Harry?"

Thug 2 Harry. "I think so according to our file the PTB have hired HIM to bring changes positive changes.

He is not a white knight that for sure but i think he is playing on the right team."

They nodded and Thug 2 said. "The slayers grey Knight he he."

Outside Xander groaned. Grey Knight what an awful name.


Wesley Wyndam Price watched from the top floor unseen Giles was standing next to him.

Down stairs Dawn was sitting beside Xander learning to play the guitar. (Joyce had forbidden Xander to teach her the Bagpipe)

Dawn giggled. "This is hard."

Xander nodded. "Just relax the music is more easy now as an elf then as a human."

Dawn nodded and they continued playing.

In the kitchen Joyce smiled. "So what exactly is it a Mentor?"

Selia smiled. "Its an old and loved Elven tradition. An older elf chosen by a younger elfs father or mother to be a kind of a Godfather/godmother.

The mentor teach the younger tings like music, Weapon and help the younger elf with school work and is kind of like an older friend."

Joyce smiled. "That sounds wonderful but is it not hard to find a good mentor for all elven children."

Selia smiled. "No Elven do not give birth often it can go hundreds of year and hundreds of tries before an elf get pregnant.

Its far more easy for a male to make a human pregnant.

Children between a human and an elf is can be completely humans or completely elven.

So the Mentor position is one of honor and it always exist a large number of potential older elven to chose from."

Joyce nodded. "I see. So Music, Fighting, survival, and help with the school learning that it."

Selia nodded. "Yes and often riding buying the younger elfs a horse or something similar if the young one like to be a warrior a sword. And if they are of opposite sex the student is 18 they have the right to ask the mentor to teach them about sex."

Joyce frowned. "Learning about sex when they are almost adult that a bit late. We have sex education much more early in school."

Selia blinked. "They let the children have Sex in school."

Joyce froze. "Wait a moment. In school they only learn the Theory.

What exactly is it that a mentor might teach a 18 year old Student if she ask for it?"

Selia smiled. "The practical part of sex. How you do it, whats most fun in bed for you and your partner.

Its not unusual for an elven to marry her Mentor my mom married her Mentor my dad."

Joyce blinked whenever she believed the elven culture figure out then they dropped something like this.

Outside she could see the guitar lesson continued laughing and funny joke were flying around the room Marry had joined them trying to play a small flute.

Joyce knew Dawn had a serious case of Puppy dog love on Xander. She hoped they had not told her about that part of the Mentor student act.

She did trust Xander it was Dawn she did not trust.

In the Kitchen Selia smiled.

12 years young only 6 more years and if they were lucky Dawn might still be interested.

Selia frowned shaking her head ever sense the Ryoko possession she had been interested in Xander and in girls.

That was a new thing for her would probably make life interesting.

And her flying ability that was clearly a good thing.

ON the top floor. "What do you say?" Giles asked.

Wyndam Price. "I Im sorry."

Giles cleaned his glasses. "Well once Xander feel he can trust you he will let you go."

Wyndam nodded. "Did you know he compared me with SS troopers."

Giles nodded. "I know. He once said to me after finding out that i never trained Jessie and Willow in fighting or in Magical skills.

That IF this was an army i would have been shot as a traitor.

He was right i should have but i forgot about them. Lets go."

They left.

Down the stairs.

Dawn stared at Xander. "Really?"

Xander nodded. "Yes really we are going to teach you the suppress your eyes meditation technique.

And the fastest way to learn that is doing it while relaxed.

A warm bath or small sip of wine.

And i dont think."

Suddenly Joyce came walking inside.

"You could use the Wine or Whisky in the bar."

Xander blinked. "Joyce a warm bath work fine she is a bit young to drink."

Joyce shook her head. "No way you are going to a warm Bath with my child."

Xander nodded. "Of course not Selia would do that."

Joyce frowned seeing the happy smiling Selia whispering something probably perverted to Dawn that smiled extremely happy. "No Dawn and you just have to use alcohol."

Selia. "If you like i can teach you all about diving from heights and deep diving."

Dawn nodded happy then mom suddenly freaked out forbidding them.

"But i want to learn how to deep diving." She said her ears twisting in irritation.

Frowning Joyce. "Alright you can go to the bath but Willow is coming with you."

Selia nodded wondering what exactly made her freak out. She would never ever hurt or do anything perverted with a child.

Humans they never made sense.


Xander grinned. "Jessie where have you been?" He froze. "And what happened to your arm?"

Jessie grinned. "Hi bro. The arm was a training accident.

Me and Willow experimented with the light hawk wings. Their limits and so on."

Xander nodded. "What did you find out."

Jessie grinned. "The faster a object moves the more ESY it is for the field to stop the object. It some how absorb the energy of motion.

Guns is almost useless, Some slugs can penetrate as they move subsonic."

Xander frowned. "Really i thought it was a physical barrier."

Jessie nodded. "It is but the shield also transfers and transform energy to protect. If a bullet is fire from a close range the shield will not be able to steal its energy and then only the physical part work and that can be penetrated by a 44."

Xander nodded. "Anything else."

Jessie nodded. "As a weapon it have a impressive cutting ability."

Xander nodded that. "Still you have 3 energy wings right?"

Jessie nodded. "I can combine using one as a shield, One as a body armor and the last to create illusion camouflage."

With that Jessie suddenly disappeared the last Xander saw was his grinning mouth then suddenly it was gone.

Xander blinked his ears manage to pin point him with out even trying.

Jessie voice "Ouch. My foot. Stupid plant."

Xander sighted it would have been more impressive if he were not so clumsy. "I think you me and Dawn will train more in balance."

Later in the basement.

Xander walked inside. "Hello. So what do you say?"

The Thugs frowned. "We leave you and your friends alone. We promise." The leader said.

Xander smiled. "I liked to here you say that one by one."

And they did. Xander knew his elven eyes were not really a sure empathic ability but the thugs did not know that.

"Well i let you go then." He said. "And remember If i finds out that you guys come back and hurt any one of my friends and family I will torture you to death."

One by one they walked out carrying and drinking orange juice.

In England...

The watcher council was paled.

They had NO idea how the bomb had come inside the room and the note made them even more afraid.

Archibald nodded. "it looks like the Elf the PTB stopped the hit team we send out and gave us back the bomb. He also reminded us that IF we hurt his friends OR try hurting them again he personally will skin us alive OR next time the bomb he will be using will work.

I say Everybody for Ignoring The elf and let Giles be in full command for as long as Slayer Buffy lives say AY."

The room echoed of Aye.

Archibald nodded. "Well lets just find out what the title THE Gift the elven Xander have actually means."

A small man standing in attention raised his hand. "Sir thats why Im here for i i was spying on them in Sunnydale and a Van filled of Elf Teleported by listening in on the conversation it they were claiming they worked for Father Christmas."

Archibald frowned. "I think the Elf were making fun of you they are known as tricksters." Inside he was almost laughing Father Christmas some believed in anything.

Chapter 21
Its not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning...

A month after last episode.

Buffy was walking outside first hunt after her breakdown.

She was not really up to speed yet and in time of crisis she felt the need to get a protective hug from anybody she felt was adult.

Giles, Mom, Even Selia and Xander.

And sometimes she hide in her room playing with Barbie dolls. James her Psychologist said it was completely fine a safety vault to keep her from going nuts again.

But she would kill any one that found out about it.

Or probably just beat the crap out of them.

Silently she walked down the graveyard the vampires seemed to have become even more stupid lately.

Unknown by Buffy Vampires were a predator of magical abilities they could feel the power that said she was the slayer sweet sugary blood.

But they could also feel other things like if a person was a virgin or the different between older and younger person the innocent of a child was something they could feel.

Right now Buffy mentally shifted between her true mentally self of 17 years old during the fights.

And a separate mental identity as a young innocent 8 year old. To make life more happy and problem free for her.

The vampire could feel here were a virgin one with Childlike mental ability.

They were lured to her like fly to honey, Mocking her believing she would be frighten helpless an easy prey.

Even some of the smarter vampires that actually avoided the Slayer tried to make food of her.

Naturally she was literally cover in Vampire dust when she came back home.

Dawn grinned as she sneaked outside. Marry and she would go to the movie she finally got her own shade spell that hide her elven eyes. And she got from Santas elf a hiding spell that made her look human except for children they could see straight true that illusion.

Irritated why did they had to ask HER for gifts.

Dawn sighted the life of an elf was fraught will perils.


"Let all go to the movie lets all go to the movie." Dawn was singing as she and Marry was walking up the streets. ON their way to see the latest Disney movie.

Suddenly a van stopped un-noticed beside them.

A big strong soldier frowned as he watched the two girls walk by on the screen of a small TV.

"This cant be right." Reilly said.

Foster his second in command frowned. "What?"

Reilly pointed. "This according to the camera scanner that girl have an illusion on her."

Foster looked over and nodding. "Yea what the hell. She looks like Spooks love child. But cute."

Reilly sighed. "Or she could be one of the legendary Elf or Fey We believe they are a demonic creature.

Anyway what ever she is. She IS a Non Human and dangerous."

Foster nodded. "I call the professor and the observation team."

Reilly nodded watching the two young girls well ONE young girl and one demon-elf girl. He hoped that she would not try to hurt the other human girl but for now he had to wait for the right moment to strike.

Somewhere else.

Spike growled with only one arm the other vampires first had not much respect for him but one of the vampire a worthless scholar he had thought but now he respected the small shrimp had said a ritual that would give him back a lost arm.

Scholar Ruddy the vampire. "I see here Sir." He said pointing at a book. "All you need is find a Human one with pure human blood no demonic or other improvements. The human must be YOUR size then the rest of the ritual is simple using this spell on him we then cut of the arm to and put it on your stump. As the human is sacrificed the arm will grow attach on the stump."

Spike grinned. "Sounds easy."

Ruddy sighed and hold up his own hand. "I did it my self once.

It took almost two week before i could USE the hand like my old one. And sometimes the hand actually tries to hurt me even dust me.

And when the hand get grow attach it hurts more then when its cut off."

Spike blinked. "So i have to wait two weeks and the ARM might try to hurt me."

Ruddy nodded. "Yes Spike. But according to the book and my own experience its a simple Willpower. If your willpower is stronger then the spirit of the dead human no problem.

If its stronger then your then it might dust you."

Spike grinned. "Hey Im the big bad no way a human can be stronger then me."

Ruddy nodded. "I would you like to find the human your self or should i do that for you?"

Spike frowned. "I think i let you do it."

Ruddy nodded. "Then i be going now."

Spike frowned. "Why Ruddy. Why are you doing this? Helping others its."

Ruddy. "I dont help you Spike. When i was alive i suffered from curiosity always reading always needed something to satisfy my curiosity.

Becoming Vampire did not cure me from my Curiosity trying to find a new arm for you is a problem its hard problem a real challenge.

It keeps my curiosity silent for a while."

Spike grinned. "So its selfish then?"

Ruddy nodded. "Yes and you do pay me and i need money. I have a private experiment going on. If you like to watch i would be honored to show you."

Spike nodded. "What experiment."

Ruddy grinned. "I have stolen two teenager and put them in a sound light deprivation tank they are floating around in warm water.

I am force feeding them substance that in theory should give them the gift of second sight. They been floating now for two months quite crazy the both of them."

Spike grinned that sounded like a fun torture.

Somewhere else.

The man sighed he always had the worst luck gangsters hunting him for a dept.

Police for some stolen cars.

Now he was hiding in a cave with the gangsters outside searching him.

Then something captured his interest.

A spear glowing with a strange mix of white and purple light.

Swallowing he grab the spear he could feel power flowing thru him Pure power of good and pure evil never mixing but both side still inside flowing empowering him.

The spear of the light bringer once wielded by the First Angel now known as the First evil was once again lose in the world.

The Thief grinned the gangsters outside would not have a chance against him he knew it.

In his heaven Janus grinned his promise was coming to Sunnydale now to see if they figure out what it was and how to use it.'

Chapter 22
Its the end of the beginning...

"Sir, Mam." Reilly said standing in attention.

General Smith smiled. "Relax and sit down soldier." He said in a friendly but commanding voice clearly stating that he was the boss.

Reilly smiled. "Thank you sir."

The General smiled. "Well why dont the two of you report your findings Margaret Ladies first."

Margaret Walsh looked up from the paper she was reading. "Dawn Summer age 12. In Two Weeks 13.

Mother Joyce Summer.

Father Hank Summer.

According to our computer camera Joyce is Human so is Hank.

We believe that the creature now pretending to be Dawn may have killed her and taken her place.

So far no proof exist that Joyce or the others know that they have a imposter living among them.

My suggestion is to abduct her how knows what we can learn from her."

Reilly frowned a bit. "The information my Team found out an Elf a real elf.

A male elf started to hunt the 'vampire' and demons little less then year ago. Death counts have also dropped to about to a half sense then." He frowned. "Their is also a rumor that the Elf that is called The Gift. Is working side by side with the 'slayer' a mythical champion of humanity. I have information on the slayer in the file Sir."

General Smith smiled. "Do you know why they call him The gift?"

Reilly nodded. "Yes sir this IS a bit silly. But according to the demons Father Christmas saw that the demons were hurting children so he send one of his elfs to Sunnydale to give them the Gift of death."

Margaret flinched as she giggled. "That really was stupid."

General Smith was silent. "I seen Vampire, Demons, Now Elfs.

Until i have solid proof i will not dismiss the idea of a Father Christmas." He frowned. "The elf fighter have been captured on Camera so we know he exist."

Margaret frowned. "In some myth some trolls and elves exchange their children with a human child. Maybe Dawn is a changeling."

General Smith nodded. "Logical theory. My hackers manage to find out that their is an adult Female Elf that live their.

We also manage to find out several of being claming that they were change by magic during Halloween.

Further A Doctor James Crocker a famous English psychologist and profiler is living in the Summer house.

Also a Dr in Philosophy Mary Leona. And a doctor in Mythology Rupert Giles lives nearby.

The young man Xander Aled an almost mirror like copy of a dead boy named Alexander LaVelle Harris but liked to call him self Xander lives in a house a nearby and have been seen training and teaching Buffy Summer and other teenager in fighting."

He could see the confusion on their faces.

Sighing he continued. "This indicate many things.

Their scholars is obvious helping them with information gathering.

The training in fighting is because most likely they are actively fighting the forces of darkness." He put a photo on the ground. "And Xander according to our long distant camera IS the Gift.

He is the elven the vampires fear."

On The photo they cold see Xander holding a sword as he was jumping around in a training.

On the other Photo the Elf was walking with no helm on his head.

They were identical except the ears were gone.

Reilly frowned. "So are we going to capture him?"

The general frowned. "No he is hunting demons and thats good. I think we should concentrate on him Jessie."

They looked down on the photo. "Why him." Margaret asked.

Smith smiled. "Because he obvious know the elven personally he been spotted talking to him and this person a Vampire that preys on vampires and actually risk its own unlife to protect human it do not even know.

What more fascinating about Jessie is this."

He said on the picture they could see the young man flying in high speed between the stones and cracks in the dessert.

Reilly. "What the hell?"

The General grinned. "Exactly he is not human. They clocked the speed the kid was flying in about 80 Miles per hour."

Margaret nodded. "So anything we need to watch out for."

The General smiled. "Only this girl Willow a real fire starter.

Rather harmless but the vampire believe that she is some kind of magic girl enemy of anyone that can burn and destroyer of expensive Cars.

What we found out so far is that she is a bit of a pyromaniac.

She been using a fire bomb to dust vampire.

Remove those bombs and she is harmless.

A young man named Oz is always near Willow and he is dangerous with blade weapons. Knifes and swords."

Reilly nodded. "We grab him Jessie the moment he is alone."

General smith nodded. "I give you two teams start making plans."

Margaret study the photo of Willow. "Did you find out where she got the ingredients to make firebombs?"

Smith frowned. "No i asked the spies to find out but so far nothing. Probably a home made mix."

Margaret nodded putting the photo down.

In the Summer home...

"Im so excited what do you think they are going to get me. Its like two weeks and Im 13." Dawn said her ears twitching almost waving.

Marry her best friend would soon be 12.

Grinned. "Calm down Dawn." She grinned she might be a year younger then Dawn but she was far more mature and smart.

Dawn nodded. "Its just so exciting I have an Agent of Father Christmas living with me and i got turned in to an elf so everybody is feeling sorry for me i just have to get lots of present. What are you going to get me?" She said her ears focusing her hearing towards Marry.

Marry tried really tried to stop giggling but all she did was start to laugh. "Im sorry its Calm down what made you this excited anyway." Dawn blushed. "Xander found out its my birthday and then he and Selia walked out to find me something.

I cant wait Im going to die before i ever become 13 year old.

Death by curiosity its not fair."

Marry giggled helplessly before she hugged her friend. "You are so funny Dawn."

Dawn growled she was not funny this is serious. "Wait a moment Your birth day is only a day from mine right."

Marry nodded. "Yes why?"

Dawn looked at her. "Because TT asked me about it before HE walked outside. To tell Xander i think."

Marry paled. "I i Im going to die what do you think i going to get. I hope think if i could get a journey to a magic kingdom or see a dragon or."

Dawn giggled she knew exactly what Marry felt.

The two young girls had fun until the evil monster came in thru the door.

"Dawn Marry Quiet down you have School tomorrow Both of you. Now sleep." Joyce said in her hardest voice. Inside she was smiling they look so cute specially Dawn her ears twitching in joy and fear.

Dawn sighted as she tried to sleep pesky elven body of her needed only half the sleep a human needed.

It was boring being the only wake person in the house in the morning.

If only Mom would understand that and let her be up late instead.

Chapter 23
Taking the initiative.

a week later...

Margaret frown. "Why did you bring the red head? Is this was you call trained fighter."

General Smith smiled. "Now now let the boys explain themselves Im sure they have reasonable explanation. Do you?"

Reilly nodded he knew that the general might sound friendly and a push over but he was like armored panzer tank wrapped in cotton soft on the outside hard and deadly and potentially explosive on the inside. "Yes sir we do, Following the Jessie kid we notice him and Willow meeting up to go Vampire hunting.

Willow girl waved her hands and a fireball was formed like magic and she killed the vampire.

The boy used this sword to cut the Vampire down."

He said pointing at a Katana/long sword like sword. Unknown by them a Carwellan sword that Xander had given him.

The general nodded study the sword it was fascinating cross between European design and Japanese.

Who ever forged that knew what he was doing Impressive.

Somewhere on a different world a 800 year old Elven Master Forger suddenly felt his pride rise.

Margaret Walsh nodded. "I see. Well we start the test on both of them. They probably are some kind of demonic creature."

Later. Jessie groaned waking up in pain more pain and even more pain. Looking up he first believe he was trapped in Washu laboratory then he remember he was NOT Tenchi and Washu would probably have a sexy uniform on her.

Not an ugly thing like the men and women working outside his room.

He was strapped down on a bed some kind of drug was being given him.

Focusing his powers slowly he finally manage to clear the drugs away from himself. "Who are you? What are you doing?" He said out.

Inside his stretch out with his power trying to reach the one other person with similar powers. It was hard as he never done that before and he felt the word be scramble but he was sure it was understood after all it was Xander he already had empathic ability.

After this he would train in doing this more.

Xander work room.

Xander sat up. "I i have to free the hawks." Xander said blinking he was sure that was a message from some one or thing but what the hell did it mean.

He had a strange feeling his elven ability some how scramble his light hawk ability in receive the information.

Just in case maybe he should check out if anyone was cruel to birds of prey.

Jessies Prison cell.

Outside the scientist wonder why the sudden spike of activity in Object: A001. Was about.

Margaret frowned according to this both him and the girl was. Humans. He had some strange DNA strings probably a human mutation. But still human.

She would have to dissect them in order to find out more.

Jessie frowned why did Xander not transmit anything back.

Hours hade gone by but no reasons.

Xander activity...

Frowning almost growling this was wrong.

How could they using beautiful Falcons and Hawks in cosmetic research when rats and mice existed.

HE Jumped down towards the window his sword slashed open sending glass flying down on the twisted cosmetic creating scientist.

Growling he let them feel his fury. "Hawks and Falcons keep rats and other pest down. For not using Rats and pest animals in your sick experiment Im The Father Christmas Gift against evil I will punish you."

Inside Xander groaned he knew going out to fight drunk was a bad idea.

Specially after Dawn and Marry had forced him to watch Sailor moon the day before.

He hade to out drink a friendly demon to find some information

The Scientist did not know if they should laugh or run like hell who ever that was he was drunk and waving a HUGE sword and was clearly NOT a human.

Jessie cell...

Some lab assistants rolled him out from the cell he decided to pretend to be groggy.

It was hard one of the nurses was So sexy and her pants was literally skin tight so what if she was almost 30 she was burning hot.

"Wow a girl like you could make me a happy man." Jessie said grinning up at the nurse.

The nurse blushed. "Aaa you should not say things like that."

Jessie smiled. "Why not its the truth Would you mind telling me where we going. And whats you name is?"

She paled. "I i sorry you and your friend are going to be be Dissected so we can find out how you do things. Im Shara."

Jessie blinked. "Ooo Bummer. Shara you would not care to give a condemned man a last taste of sex?"

Inside he was trying to figure out 3 things.

1. Who his friend was he was a bit groggy.

2. How he would get the nurse phone number she is HOT.

3. How he would get out of here with out killing anybody.

Shara turned pink blushing. "I I dont think so."

Jessie looked sad. "Its the freckles right girls think they are ugly." Shara. "No they make you look hansom rugged."

Jessie sighed. "Its nose right. To big right?"

Shara. "Its you age."

Jessie. "I wont get older you know."

Shara frowned she really could not do that but he would soon be killed. Last wish and all would be a Christian or something thing to do. Pressing a button she called her superior. "The elevator is being used to move some things i be a moment late in bringing subject A001."

Shara grinned as she rolled in the young man in an empty room. "Just be silent and i do hope you have nothing against some bondage plays."

Jessie grinned. "No i do not." As she leaned over kissing him he used his Light wings to open the strings that bonded him.

Still kissing the nurse he grabbed her in one smooth motion rolling her on her back. "I do hope you dont mind some bondage my beautiful." Time to test if his Light hawk power could be used in a more effective way.

She blinked.

Suddenly the sense of thousand feathers were moving over her body stimulating her breast and other pleasure centrum at the same time. The boy was sitting on her surrounded by a glowing light that flowed between him and her sending wave after wave of pleasure.

Jessie grinned it was working. Now who was his friend that they captured. His memory was a bit groggy.

Xander might be they did hunt together sometimes. But if so he probably be searching after him right now. And he heard no sound of explosions.

Angel No no. If it was him then dust to dust.

He paled. "Willow." Gripping the nurse in now a less friendly way. "Its Willow right?"

She nodded. "Yes more do more."

Jessie frowned. "Later help me find her."

Shara nodded no way this pleasure god would be killed. "This way."

Jessie grinned letting one of his three Light hawk wings form his battle armor covering him from top to bottom.

Then letting wing nr 2 form a illusion of a uniform.

And Wing nr 3 clean the air from any gas or radiation.

Now all he needed was a weapon.

Looking around he found a fire axe that he gripped hiding behind the illusion.

Aaa an Axe the perfect way to make a first impression last.

Shara blinked in surprised as he seem to change his dress and the way he looked but informed him. "You have to be careful they have sleep gas and nerve gas if they find out."

Jessie looked up. "Your not coming?"

She shook her head. "No i love to but. I have my duty."

Jessie nodded soon he were moving in to an operating room.

Down their he could see Willow doctors and nurses were planning on cutting her open.

Growling he jumped down dropping the illusion he waved his axe he killed two with one effective cut Kick one in the face breaking his nose.

As pandemonium burst out he formed an energy sword. And expanded a bubble of protection cleaning the air from any hostile gases.

"NO body hurts MY FRIENDS." He growled something he seen Xander do and it sure was an effective intimidation method.

Margaret Walsh paled but soon dropped dead when the young man axe impaled her.

Jessie looked down carefully freeing the sleeping Willow. "You Stupid." He said pointing the flashy sharp point of the sword at a soldier. "Carry her she hurt YOU are dead. Understand."

Forest nodded Shocked. He knew they were dead already. Their it happened hissing sound told him the gas was being released and around them scientist and guards and troopers hissed and fell down sleeping.

Jessie grinned. "Lets walk."

Forest blinked wondering why they were not playing with the sandman.

General Smith groaned. "She did WHAT?"

Reilly. "Sir it looks like she order the two dissected immediately." General Smith. "Stop her NOW. We have more use of them as allied.

Stupid scientist bitch."

Then the alarm went off.

Smith. "You dont think?"

Reilly. "No probably somebody breaking inside.. The elf."

Smith nodded. "Yes lots of trooper will die."

Then the guard rushed inside. "Sir the prisoner A001 and A002 is running away and they have Forest as hostage."

The general blinked. "How are the gas not working?"

The guard, "They they seem to be immune even Forest. Sir."

Reilly groaned. "I get a team to stop them sir."

General smith nodded then froze. "I think not Call the troopers back. We can claim it was a mistake and hopefully gain a powerful allied and LEARN how he do it. If it can be copied we gain a powerful weapon."

Reilly nodded as the order was carried out.


Forest was chocked the boy with his glowing sword where cutting down steel doors slowly but still it was like something from Star Wars.

But the sword were created directly from his hands.

Bullets had done nothing but make the kid angry.

The troopers that shoot at him did not know what happen suddenly he was roughing them and slashing them to pieces.

Then suddenly the Generals voice was heard. "All troopers with draw do not stop the prisoner from escaping."

Jessie grinned. "Smart guy."

Then the voice spoke to him.

"I am sorry Jessie our Scientist overstepped her bounds by capture you. If you are so kind to give us back Forest the man you forcing to carry the girl. And we forget about this."

Jessie study the trooper. "So the kidnapping organization like you back. They get you back once we knows what this organization is."

Grinning he looked at Forest. "Dont worry i would Never torture a human. But i might let a vampire turn you so i can torture the information out of your worthless kidnaper asshole. Torturing Vampires is something i have done lots of time."

Forest paled. This was not good.

The general listening in on with the help of cameras. That was not good.

Reilly "We have to stop him."

General Smith nodded. "Yes. But. Wait it looks like the girl is waking."

Jessie grinned and slowly helping Willow to stand explaining what happened.

Willow groaned. "Wait. CURE CLEANSE." She said healing and cleansing her body from drugs with her magic.

Jessie pointed and explain exactly what had happen.

Willow frowned Linn Inverse growled in fury then. "KIDNAPPER HAVE NO HUMAN RIGHTS." She hastily pointed her finger. "FIREBALL, FIREBALL, FIREBALL," sending small but destructive balls of fire not killing but severely burning the troopers that was hit.

"Now Jessie lets attack Im sure they have a computer somewhere. Time of Will-Of-the-Wisp to work."

Jessie grinned super hacker Willow. "Yes lets attack."

In the control room Smith looked up towards Reilly. "Is the self destruct bomb installed yet?"

Reilly shook his head. "No sir not yet."

The general groaned. "This is not good not good." He heard about the Will-of-The-Wisp a hacker that manage to create animated picture of the president dancing hula hula and installing them on the Secret service computer and they had no idea where and who she was.

Now they did. He still hade a copy dam funny. "Its obvious we should have kidnapped the young elf girl first and her sister."

Reilly nodded two girls that young would be harmless. But then Willow and Jessie were that young. And.

"FIREBALL." Willow screamed blasting another soldier in to sickbay. Jessie grinned slashing off arms not killing but making lots of handicapped individuals. "Take that you you Taliban fanatic." He screamed.

Later much later...

"Xander will really like this information." Willow said.

Jessie nodded. "Yes and the stupid thing IS Your duty is to protect this world this country. The same thing We and our friends are doing. You and your guys must be really stupid or over aggressive attacking us like this." He said to the general before leaving the pale man behind them.

Willow nodded. "If you need help call us.

At least We know what we are doing."

With that the two of them walked out.

Chapter 24
Taking the initiative.

Xander sighted he was tired and bored nothing fun and Jessie was angry with him.

How the hell could he have know that Jessie was in trouble.

Beside Jessie was 'stronger' in the energy field called Light Hawk wings then he was. Well had 3 energy field to use while he had 1.

Each wing was equal in strength but Jessie could combine them and make them stronger.

Or use one as a weapon the other as a body armor.

And now he was pissed of because he did not rescue him.

Xander sighed he was sure the demon he asked for information from yesterday must have drugged him.

Selia said he acted like an idiot the whole night.

But at least he manage to save a lot of falcons and other prey birds from a lab making cosmetics.

And he manage to save a cargo of Falcon beer a Swedish beer.

He looked down in the paper blinking As he read the front page.

-Man robbed post office armed with a spear police claimed he was wearing body armor protecting him from their bullets. Witnesses claim he was wearing T-shirt and jeans. More on page 12.-

Xander open the page. "I think that spear is our gift." He said to himself. Grabbing the phone he called a number. "Giles meeting at Buffys in two hours call the others. NOW. If you have books about old magical or legendary weapon bring them."

And the calling began.

Grinning Xander walked in the cellar to talk to Dru.


Giles waited then frowned. "I dont know anything Dawn."

Dawn blinked. "But i did not ask you."

Giles sighed. "I could feel your curiosity Dawn. Do try to control your elven eyes. Xander dont always transmit his emotion."

Dawn pouted sure stopping her emotional transmission she had learn but it was so hard to do.

Buffy giggled then shake her head trying to stop her child like impulse to tease Dawn.

James grinned putting his hand on her. "Its alright to joke around Buffy if it relaxes you. Dawn understand and if you go to far you could say sorry later."

Dawn nodded she knew her sister where not completely 100% yet. "Yes what were you going to say?"

Buffy blushing. "Nothing just making fun about how easy it is to see your emotion."

Dawn grinned nodding. "Yea its hard to suppress them it feels like like i dont know cold inside."

Giles blinked. "That might be the reason why." Stopped thinking thing over Selia and Xander both said that most humans were more passionate then the elves. Xander was an exemption as he had two spirit inside of him. No three spirits counting the Yosho the 700 year old priest/prince alien from the latest Halloween.

Then finally the door opened and Xander came walking inside carrying a large pile of papers and photo print out.

"I got it by George i got it" Xander said grinning and speaking in a phony English accent.

Giles sighed. "What Sexual transmitted Decease?"

Xander blinked/ "Giles told a joke... a Joke... its the end of the world."

They giggled as Xander sat down.

"N no Giles." Xander stammered out talking like he did when nervous. "I mean the way to close the Hellmouth."

Giles grinned two could play this game. "Really thats Great X-man." The girls and Jessie and James laugh.

Xander swallowed his smile. "Dont Call me that Rupert do grow up.

And its here look." He said showing them the picture he found of the spear.

Giles grabs the paper reading frowning a bit. "I see. Do you have anything else?"

Xander nodded. "Dru word she is not trust worthy i know. But i also got this enlargement of the photo." He said showing them a picture of the spears head. "The language i have no real idea about but i looked over some of your books and its identical to this one." He said showing Giles an example from one of his books.

Giles took a deep breath of air. "Do you know what language THIS IS." Xander shook his head. "No."

Giles nodded. "Its the Angelic language used ONLY by angels and Devils."

Willow frowned. "Why only them?"

Giles looked at her. "Because my dear Devils are Angels that turned evil. It say so in the Jewish holy legends and in the Christians."

Willow nodded as she remember. "Lucifer right."

Giles nodded. "Lucifer were an Arch angel that sat by the right side of god before his fall. According to the legends the stronger the angel the higher pair of wings it had.

A normal angels had ONE pair of wings Arch-angels The Seraphim had Six pair. The Cherubim had four pair.

Lucifer had 12 pairs of wings was one of the strongest of the arch-angels the Seraphims. He was the Light bringer. Only Metatron had higher rank."

Dawn looked curious. "How many wings did He have?"

Giles was silent. "Well according to old myth he had 36 pairs of wings and over three hundred eyes."

Dawn frowned. "How could he fly with that many wings no way he could fly he would look stupid."

Giles sighed. "Its a metaphor Dawn."

Dawn growled. "It still stupid one pair or four pair i could accept some bugs have that. But 12 or 36 that stupid."

Giles started to clean his glasses. "Right but we have to find out about that spear just that it have angelic writing on it is a sign that Xander may be right."

A voice where heard. "Sure the kid is right. Do you have any thing other then Cola. Aaa sweet Red bull." Whistler the Balance demon said as he walked out from the Kitchen.

Xander raised an eyebrow. "Welcome so what brings you here?"

Whistler smiled. "Just decide to drop by. Your present did wake our kindred the race we balance entity once worked for and will work for again."

Xander frowned. "The Dragons."

Whistler grinned. "Exactly. The spear you see is THE spear of the Light bringer IF a mortal with a good heart would use that spear and trust it in the heart of the Hellmouth. It would close completely.

Sunnydale Hellmouth is a special thing kids."

He said sitting down flirting with Willow.

"This Hellmouth was created BY Lucifer herself once in a mad attempt to open a permanent gate between hell and earth. She failed to much energy that almost destroyed this world.

Only the direct interfering of Dragons save the world but at a cost.

The dragons were hurt and died they put their last flair of life waiting for any one to give them a spark of Dragon magic to revive them again the gods and demons refused knowing with out Dragons they would get more power."

Willow swallowed. "So are the dragon good or evil then?"

Whistler grinned. "No they protect LIFE and choice exist. As long as that exist they dont care if GOOD or EVIL is ruling the world.

Think of the world as a computer list.

The creator the list owner and the gods the user and the Dragons they are the moderators."

Willow blinked. "Ooo so the dragons are really angry right now."

Whistler grinned. "You bet your sexy ass toots lots of gods and demons will be barbeque for not waking them."

Whistler grinned standing up. "One warning. Do not let a Chaos being or Dawn use the spear." He frowned smiling back. "But Dawn might be safe Janus used up most of her powers during Halloween so she is safe no one can use her to end the world anymore. But the spear might empower her again."

Xander nodded. "I see thats why she got permanent change during Halloween."

Whistler nodded. "You got it." He said before walking out and disappearing.

Xander could feel them staring at him sighing he answered telling a bit of a lie. No way that he would tell them that Dawn was no more then 11 year old anything else were falls memory implant.

"When Dawn was i not sure 10 or nine she got hurt might even had died.

A group of Monks protecting something extremely important decided to save her life AND hide the object they were protecting.

It was called the KEY.

With the KEY you could open the gate between ANY dimensions OR you could destroy the border between the gates.

A Hell goddess named Gloryficus have spend about two thousand years trying to find the Key and the monks last and only defense were to put it inside of some one they knew would be protected.

By the slayer."

Buffy blinked and shivered. More responsibilities.

Xander smiled. "Now Janus USED the power of the Key so Dawn dont worry your just a normal girl now. Well a normal Elf girl. Unless you use the spear who knows. But we will keep that away from you right?"

Dawn nodded.

Buffy also and hugging Dawn. "No spear near you no spear near you." Giles cleared his throat. "How long have you known this Xander?"

Xander sighed. "Its the reason i came here. No freaking way i let ANY Dawn die. Not even one with the Key inside of her."

Dawn grinned happy that he cared about her.

Jessie nodded. "Thats right your like our sister Dawn we love you.

All of us love and will protect you."

Buffy looked relaxed knowing the others power it felt an immense relief being lifted from her shoulder.

Giles. "Well be as it might but the fact is a killer and a thief is using the spears. And according to the myth NO one can defeat him in combat. He is invulnerable one touch with the spear and your dead."

Xander frowned the police believed it was poison but magic would do the trick.

"Crap. No fighting him then. What about magic."

Giles shook his head. "No it would not work he is protected by magic."

Jessie grinned. "Xander look at this." He said showing Xander a picture from the paper.

Xander started to grin. "Your right."

Giles frowned. "What?"

Xander gave him the picture. "Look what do you see?"

Giles sighed he hated guessing games. "A man fighting police crying and drooling or is that coming from his nose."

Xander grinned. "Tear gas, Giles. His eyes are poring and crap is flowing out from his nose. Tear gas do a great work cleaning out the nose believe me."

Giles looked at the picture. "My god you are right. But why did he not collapse?"

Jessie smiled. "Its tear gas he was blind and in pain not sleepy Giles."

Joyce nodded. "And the magic in the spear kept him fighting."

Xander. "Exactly so all we need now is sleeping gas."

Willow grinned so did Jessie. "The initiative." They said simultaneous. Xander blinked. "Hee the goofs that kidnapped you."

Jessie nodded. "We let them ask us some questions and answer them correctly and they give us the sleeping gas we need."

Xander nodded. "Great plan. But dont tell them about the spear more then they need to know."

Jessie nodded. "You coming Xander?"

Xander smiled. "I do love to. No secret organization kidnapped my brother and sister." He said letting them feel the love and friendship he felt for them.

Jessie smiled. "well that did not stop you from ignoring my call for help Goof."

Xander sighed. "I was drugged. I took ONE sip from a friendly demon friend and Poof my brain was gone for the night. And then your call for help came in. Beside my elven ability interfere with my Light hawk ability to receive message."

James cleared his throat. "I do not think so Xander i think IF the two of you trained you could become extremely powerful in transmitting your thoughts using either your elven eyes or the Light Hawk or both in combination. Trust me i believe i know what Im talking about."

Xander sighed the Light hawk wings was incredible useful energy field a tool useful in almost anything.

Ayeka in the cartoon used hers to create lightning.

Her Mother used her to become incredible strong.

Tenchi had raw power of 3 wings.

Of course in the cartoon the wings were far more powerful then they were in reality.

Dawn blinked. "Giles did you not say that Angels had one pair of wings or more then one wing pair depending on their rank."

Giles nodded. "Yes Dawn normal angel have one pair of wings a Seraphim have six pairs. A cherub have four."

Dawn grinned. "The energy you two use is called wings right. And You Jessie have three wings right. You Xander have ONE wing right."

Xander nodded seeing where she was going.

Willow frowned "Dawn its one PAIR of wings not ONE wing."

Xander grinned extending his ONE wing in flight position and made it visible.

Willow gasped.

From Xander whole body a glowing aura of light was seen and like the wings of a bird of light two massive wings were seen. "This is ONE wing willow i can glide thru the air or flap them flying slowly using them like this."

Jessie grinned extending his wings in the visible spectra.

It looked like he was surrounding by a burning pyre of light. Three pairs of wings surrounding him. His three wings pointing out from the side. "I can use one pair to glide thru the air the other two for speed and maneuvers."

Xander nodded. "Kind of like some kind of bugs fly. Their front wings is glide wings and the back pair is driving them forward in the air."

Xander let his single wing be absorbed again. "I guess you right Dawn we are kind of mortal angels now."

Dawn grinned seeing the stupid look on Giles and the rest face she was doing a sitting victory dance jumping around on the sofa her ears made flapping around like birds wings.

"Im smart your stupid Im smart your stupid." She was singing happy. Xander coughed. "Birthday in six days be good birthday in six days be good."

Dawn stopped. "Im good not tease the rest of them."

Jessie grinned. "You better this angel did not even KNOW he was a angel."

Xander smiled. "Then dont worry Bro your NOT.

But maybe angelic in some way. I think a dragon could tell us what we are."

Giles finally found his brain again. "Right well the two of you should go and ask the Initiative for information and some sleeping gas."

No way that he worship them even IF they were real angels.

Xander grinned he did not believe that they where angels. But in the cartoon. The Juraian power came from a living goddess.

So it was possible that they did have blood from an angel or god inside of them thanks to Janus meddling. Hopefully it was not his blood.

Jessie grinned singing. "Earth angel earth angel."

Chapter 25
Joining Forces...

General Smith frowned. "Agent Reinerr you seem to have a problem understanding MY situation.

First the two HST are part of a group that actively hunt down and destroy other HST that hunts humans.

Sense them started to do that the death toll in this town have lessen with almost 60%.

Second the two HST we captured were the weakest members of that group. And they literally played with our troopers when they walked out.

The Girl HST burned about 60 soldier so bad that they still is in sick bay no died from her.

But the guy HST cut down and killed Three soldier and over fifteen Scientist. And over 85 soldier are now lacking an arms or a leg and have to retire."

Agent Reinerr frowned. "If you cant control them we should take them out then. They obvious are hostile."

The general frowned. "Are you nuts whats chance do we have. They are bullet proof and IF we miss ONE the payback would make Custer end look preferable."

As Reinerr was going to respond the door knocked and a soldier walked in obvious afraid. "Sir sir. The the HST and some friends are here they ask to see you."

General Smith swallowed. "The boy HST."

The trooper nodded nervous. "He said he come in peace and are willing to negotiate for a a cooperation."

Smith nodded. "Let him in."

The trooper nodded then froze. "Should we check them for weapon?"

General Smith raised an eyebrow. "I dont think it matter they are as dangerous with out weapon as they are With weapon."

Agent Reinerr frowned. "Would you mind if i stayed i like to see them for myself?"

The general nodded. "Just DO not provoke them."

Five minutes later a grinning Jessie and Xander came walking inside.

Xander had for politeness sake revealed his elven ears and let his elven eyes be felt. But he did hold back his emotion only transmitting calm.

As they enter the room the general smiled. "Welcome."

Jessie smiled. "I do hope you are more friendly this time then the last time. Call me Jessie."

Xander let his eyes transmit emotion of anger and irritation as he watched the individuals in the room before he took control over his emotional transmission. "If you are Friendly call me Xander. If not Im Father Christmas Gift to evil death and a pain full one."

Something in the tone of his voice made the ridicules threat seem dangerous to the trooper and officers in the room. That and the IT was a ELF that said it.

General Smith nodded. "I see. One question Do you work for Santa clause or what?"

Xander nodded. "I am working for him yes but Im not from this reality. More answer from me you could get if i get answer from you."

Smith nodded. "I see. Why are you here?"

Jessie putt a paper file down. "This the Spear of the Light bringer. In the wrong hand it WILL open the gate to Hell. Think the END of the world. In ours hand it will close the gate in this town essentially make Sunnydale peaceful."

Smith frowned. "What gate?"

Xander. "Can you find the person holding it?"

Smith nodded. "Yes we can."

Jessie face was hard. "Boca Del Inferno. The gate to hell created by the light bringer himself the Fallen Arch Angel Lucifer, The devil, the first evil, The queen Bitch of hell."

Agent Reinerr snorted. "Your joking."

Xander let him feel his emotion. "Do you feel my emotion now?"

Agent Reinerr nodded weakly. "Yes."

Xander. "Their IS a gate to ONE hell in this town. It is the prime gate in Lucifers plan of destruction of earth. You are feeling my emotion right now do you feel any lies or hidden untruth."

Agent Reinerr shook his head. "No. How do you know this?" He said weakly.

Xander grinned. "Because powers high up asked me to close the gate and save humanity.

And frankly humans that kidnap torture and murder innocent individuals and OTHER humans because they are different.

Make me SICK."

Jessie put his hand on his shoulder. "Calm down bro."

Xander nodded.

Smith eyes looked at the now equally pale agent. "The criminal in question is in a car on his way to Sunnydale. Who ask you to close the gate?"

Xander smiled. "I was asked by the agent of the Powers that Be a group of angels that work to protect humanity from demons.

To change the future of this world and close the gate if i could.

A Balance entity working for the Dragons told me how to close the gate.

We need some special weapon hand grenades sleeping gas could you give us them?"

Agent Reinerr nodded. "You get them. Can you trust the balance creature or the dragons?"

Xander nodded. "Dragons mission and whole existence consist on protecting LIFE and change.

They dont care about good or evil.

If the Hellmouth ever open it would be the end of life. Can you bring us the sleeping gas grenades now?"

General Smith nodded and talked in to an intercom. "Send up nine sleeping gas grenade. Are all of your team like you?"

Xander grinned. "No Im a special case. "

Jessie. "Be nice they have been that tell them more."

Xander frowned. "Right. We have the Slayer the ONE girl given power by the PTB to hunt demons and vampires.

We have me an Elven fighter chosen by the Power of Chaos the Champion of change and evolution destroyer of prophesy.

We have Giles member of a secret organization the Watchers that worked to protect the world against demons for longer time then the written word exist. They guide and help the slayer.

Be warned the watchers are powerful and influence and quite vindictive.

Hurt their Slayer and you find out exactly how dangerous they are.

We have a trained battle mage. I think to know her favorite fireball spell."

The guard in the room swallowed nervous.

Xander continued. "And we have Jessie because of an incident with one of my Bosses he and i got some strange powers. Watch the cartoon Tenchi Muyo and you might understand."

General Smith frowned. "You do understand that your answer just given us MORE question right. What about the elven girl Dawn what is she??"

Xander sighed. "Same incident that gave us our power made her from a human in to an elf. Janus my boss IS a chaos creature some think of him like a God."

The Agent frowned. "If your boss is a chaos entity is he not on the demon side then?"

Xander shook his head. "No Janus is all about change growing stronger and having fun.

I protect the human life because its the right thing to do and its fun.

The PTB asked me because my greatest power is to bring change with out That power the gate of hell would have opened. I manage to push the date until later.

Now i have a chance to close it forever."

Smith nodded. "I see we have some theories that a dimension gate existed here. How can we be sure your to be trusted?"

Xander raised an eyebrow grinning. "I protect humans. I save life.

Your choice."

Jessie grinned. "Beside you capture more fly with honey then with vinegar."

Xander looked at them letting fear be felt. "One warning the Spear was used by the Light bringer when she was on the side of God and during her fall to evil.

Its the main weapon that Lucifer used.

We have protection from its effects. You do not."

The door opened and an officer came inside carrying sleeping gas grenades.

"Aaaa Him." the trooper screamed looking at Jessie and ran outside dropping the grenades on the floor.

Xander blinked. "Ooh man i knew you ugly but."

Jessie. "Ha-ha Very funny Vulcan."

Xander hid his grin. "Making a fun joke in this situation is highly logical."

The general rolled his eyes they acted like teenagers. He blinked. "How old are you?"

Jessie. "17 year i have lived. But thanks to a possession i have the memory of a Japanese guy that also 17 inside my head. So 17+17."

Xander grinned. "Well i was born 17 years ago but thanks to dimensional time difference i lived in 22 years, And i have a Vietnam veteran and elite soldier about 34 years old inside of me and a 700 year old blade master memory."

The general and Agent looked at each other. "Your joking."

Xander shook his head. "I never asked to be the chosen of chaos being that is literally the Chinese curse.

May you live in interesting times."

Jessie looked at Xander and spoke in Japanese. "-Should we give them a clue on who the Japanese skill and memories are-"

Xander looked at him speaking Japanese. "-I think that would be wrong proving that would be difficult and we might look stupid-"

Agent Reinerr sighed he knew Japanese and they spoke like native. "-You could give me a clue-" he said in Japanese.

Xander grinned, "-for you to believe you must understand that the universe is endless and anything you can imagining exist in ONE reality.

When we were possessed this Halloween we were possessed by spirits from a different realty in this reality they exist as Cartoons.

Watch the Japanese Tenchi Muyo and you might understand more-."

The General frowned he did not like it when others spoke foreign language he could not understand.

Agent Reinerr nodded it was time for him to buy Cartoons.

Jessie smiled. "Well this time its been a pleasure we must go now.

Could you call us when the guy enters Sunnydale."

The Agent nodded. "If you are willing to give us some blood sample and sperm sample."

Jessie grinned. "If Nurse Shara help me collect the them."

Xander groaned "I will not leave blood or sperm if you clone or make a child of me i refuse to let that grow up like a lab rat. You Jessie are a pervert. "

Jessie nodded. "And proud of it."

With that the two walked out.

General Smith looked at the Agent. "Im suddenly have the urge to go to church would you mind joining me."

Agent Reinerr smiled. "I would love to never been religious before but i think its time to become. Could you recommend a good belief?"

The general smiled. "Im a non practicing Mormon myself but that may change."

The two walked out it was time to find god or something to drink probably do both.

Chapter 26
Happy happy Birth day to me...

Its the day. The day the most important day in her now Exactly 13 year old life.

That was the ONE thing that went thru Dawn brain as she woke up in the morning.

It was Saturday no school today and she and her friend would meet up have a birthday picnic the cutest boys in her school class were invited and Marry and she had joined forces as it was only 2 days separating their birthday. Well 2 days and One year.

After the party the family would have a smaller party gift.

She just knew Xander would bring something incredible or at least something completely weird.

She barely remember to put on something as she danced down to the kitchen table smiling happy to Buffy and Joyce only reminding them about the birthday twice.

Buffy smiled she was somewhat irritated since Dawn become elf she had needed to sleep less and was to perky during the morning.

She was not a morning person.

No she was not a morning girl at all.

But today it was impossible NOT be happy Dawn was literally spreading the Happy bug around the house making them all smiling and joking.

Well except for the House guest and one of her doctors Philosophers Mary Leona she never said a word only growling unhappy until after she had at least two cups of coffee a sandwich to eat and one hour to wake up. Until that time she sat like a Coma girl eyes only focusing on the coffee.

Buffy had never seen ANY one that morning tired.

But even she smiled a bit probably after sensing the overwhelming joy in Dawn eyes.

Dawn grinned. "Mom Marry is coming in a hour shouldnt you go and get ready for the party."

Joyce nodded. "Dont worry Dawn i am ready i already prepared some food but the most is done by a catering firm. Xander hired them he said they are great." She grinned.

Knowing it was Musy and his team of combat elfs working for Father Christmas that asked if they could help in the party.

Initiatives HQ...

General Smith frowned a bit. "So what do you have for us?"

Agent Reinerr smiled. "I did check up on what and how the kid Jessie escaped and come forward with some surprising results."

Smith nodded. "What?"

Agent Reinerr grinned. "We might have one hell of a weapon here."

Smith blinked. "What are you talking about."

Agent Reinerr just grinned even more. "All of them Except Xander he already was an elf. Got some special powers OR skill when dressed up as different heroes during Halloween.

A Chaos mage did a spell transforming them in to what ever they were dressed up as."

The general paled. "Did Xander know about this."

Agent Reinerr nodded. "According to our information he manage to get a deal knowledge on HOW to close the Hellmouth if he allowed the Chaos mage to have fun.

But that not important the real important you are missing is THIS the kids kept their skills and abilities after the spell was over.

This means we might have a way to teach our soldier loyal soldier in a day what otherwise would be Years. All we have to do is find Ethan Rains."

The General nodded. "Fine I see that we start to search after him.

Did you find out who and what Xander and Jessie abilities come from." Agent Reinerr nodded. "This cartoon. Xander dressed Up as a Yosho a prince from a human kingdom on a alien world with special abilities. A 700 year old fighter and priest.

Consider the BEST sword fighter from his world.

Jessie dressed as his grandson Tenchi.

He have extreme powers and trained in the art of the sword sense childhood a born protector.

The girl Willow dressed up like. This girl in the Cartoon Slayers, Lina Inverse a Hero that have some what of an anger problem."

General Smith. "So they are technically elite fighters. With special abilities."

Agent Reinerr nodded. "And heroes all of them are by them self extremely protective of their friends and nobles but ruthless if anyone endanger their friends. This combined with the original personality might have change something inside of them.

I was specially worried about Willow but after study the surveillance tape i found out that she took great care NOT to kill anybody when she used her fireballs.

The original Lina inverse have less morals and some what sticky fingers when it come to Gold."

General Smith dropped his pencil a terrible suspicion dawn on him. "Are you saying that Lina Inverse is a thief."

Agent Reinerr shook his head. "No no she just consider her right to take anything the BAD guy own as HERS."

Smith sighed. "That explains it. My lifesaving a hacker stole it all. And some one have hacked in and transferred the payment for every trooper this month to Save the rainforest campaign.

I had to talk in the phone for hour before this Fubar was solved."

Agent Reinerr almost laugh. "To quote Lina Bandits have no rights.

Obvious that what Willow thinks of you."

Smith groaned "I have to talk to her. I hope she dont kill me."

Reinerr nodded. "Then this will make you more happy."

Smith looked up "What"

Reinerr grinned. "In case the Xander and team decide to attack us i have tried to find some that have an equal level of fighting ability and i found them."

He show some picture.

Photo -Andrew Wells- "Former Geek dressed up as Ryoga Hibiki now knows almost all martial arts in the world and are master on many of them. Become strong as a body builder over night.

And now days need a GPS navigator to find his way back from school." Agent Reinerr said. "We think we might be able to hire him."

The general study the boy photo before and after it was like completely different individuals the guy had beefed up his muscles had muscles.

Photo -Jonathan Levinsky- "Former Geek and friend to Xander and gang. Dressed up as Ranma Saotome knows about all martial arts in the world is master on most of them extremely skilled as ninja and sneaking.

He also gain a ability that HE believes no one knows about." Agent Reinerr dropped another photo on the table.

General Smith study the photo. "His sister?"

Reinerr grinned. "No him. He got a curse cold water turn him in to a she. And warm water turns him back."

Smith sighed it was ONE of those days.

But Reinerr was not done yet.

Photo -Cordelia Chase- "Former cheerleader and enemy of Jessie and Willow. She dressed up as Shampoo an Amazon princess and mistress of almost every Chinese martial arts that exist. Extremely good with maces and swords. And whats best Her dad is a crook we can offer her a deal work with us OR become poor street beggar." Agent Reinerr grinned.

General Smith head really hurt now.

Agent Reinerr grinned. "This is the best."

Photo -Bill Jackson- Age 12. "He dressed up as Captain America."

General Smith paled. "Your kidding."

Agent shook his head. "Nope the kid have the physic extremely well trained still only a kid but strong and will grow stronger. And he have the shield. And loyal to US of A."

General Smith sighed. "Any one more changed by this."

Agent Reinerr nodded "We found out that the cheerleader harmony dressed as a Were-Cheetah and well she now is the fastest Cheerleader on earth. Even if some Jocks already claimed that she already was that." He grinned a bit of his joke.

Smith frowned. "Were-cheetah is she dangerous for others."

Reinerr. "No only for her fathers credit card she is now the fastest shopper in town."

General Smith. "You think we could use her train her or something?" Reinerr shook his head. "No the girl is literally a walking brain-dead. But this Marry Seriko, Friend of the Elf girl Dawn she Did dressed up as the Tomb Raider Lara Croft. We could ask her for help.

And their are about fifteen James bond around the town Two Xena the warrior princes and one believe it or not Joxer.

The psychologist James Croker dressed as a werewolf and apparently is one."

General Smith frowned. "I i think it would be best if we stayed away from any one part of Jessies friends.

We could ASK them to work for us. But no forcing them."

Agent Reinerr nodded. "We got order from the President. Apparently some one is blackmailing him.

We believe its this guy he dressed up as the president but so far we have no proof."

Smith sighed. "Well i do have the information the guy with the Spear will arrive in Sunnydale tomorrow. What do you say we deliver the information in persons it would be polite."

Agent Reinerr nodded. "Yes its a wise thing to do. But do call first."

6 Minutes later...

"I see. Yes i will do that." Smith said putting down the phone. "No respect absolutely no respect." He sighed.

Agent Reinerr frowned. "What?"

General Smith smiled. "Dawn have a birthday today IF we are visiting even to exchange a word with Xander we better bring a gift or he get angry."

Reinerr frowned. "What DO you give a 12 year old elf girl for gift." Silent was his only answer. Obvious the general had no idea.

The Birthday party...

Joyce frowned. "Not that i complain it look kind of cute. But and handsome but strange how many kids is dressed up in full costumes." Xander nodded a bit weakly who knew Bond James had been that popular among the 10-13 year old in Sunnydale.

Dawn was giggling happy talking to Bill he was SO handsome and strong and big looking more like a 15 year old then the soon 13 year old he is. "Thanks i love it." She said hugging the small porcelain Cat he given her.

Bill smiled. "It remind me of you ears Dawn cute li, Lik, Like you." He blushed wishing his skill as Captain America had given him some ability to charm girls.

Dawn blushed.

Willow frowned but could not help giggle. "Thanks but you really are a bit to young for me and i have a boyfriend kind of. Whats your name."

The kid smiled a grin that in only 3-4 year would make girls weak in lust. "Anderson, Frank Anderson." Inside he sighed even his skill did not help him overcome the age problem.

Willow smiled. "Ooh Like James Bond. Which movie do you like the most?"

Frank grinned Bond he knew a lot about.

Giles serving food frowned a bit, Blinking then walking away. Fast. Marry smiled. "Its true 9 mm is far superior in caves then a larger gun."

William formerly dressed as Lucky Luke frowned. "You sure?"

She nodded happy her skill as Lara Croft told her so.

Being kids they soon forgot about their 'talks' doing something more fun Bathing in the pool.

Willow smiled as she and the other 'older' teens were helping removing the food from the table.

This party was fun.

She blinked seeing the some of the kids, William, Frank and Marry sitting and playing poker with impressive poker face.

It really looked like they knew what they were doing.

Bill and Dawn was splashing around water and. She frowned Dawn was not wearing her magic camouflage. Blinking she notice that none of the kids was surprised and a small Cat girl walked by before lying down in a sunny spot relaxing.

Willow frowned then shook her head she forgotten obvious more kids must have been effected by Halloween then adults or teenagers.

Over at the pool she could see Xander talking to a small and ugly kid.

Study the face she notice he hade stronger jaws then she remember the orc mask poor kid he was half orc.

A small kid probably only 13 walked up. "Could i get a glass of juice. Is something wrong Miss you look sad."

Willow swallowed. "N no its nothing."

The kid frowned tapping her on the arm. "Dont worry we that know dont blame you or him. I do not."

Willow blinked. "Huh. Then she remember she seen this kid before then he was dressed as Batman." She looked down. "You know?"

He smiled nodding. "Yes some of us figure it out and we know we asked and confronted him.

He told us about the deal closing a gate to hell. It did cost all of us but unless the gate close its only a question on when the world goes to hell."

Willow nodded still shocked. "Im sorry."

He smiled. "So are Xander. But i dont think you should be that." With that he walked away sipping his juice.


Most of the kids have gone home only the closest friends were left.

Ding Dong.

Joyce opened the door and blinked two men stood outside one dressed in full parade Uniform holding a small present the other in black costume literally screaming Secret agent also holding a small present.

And both smiling like it was something painful.

"Aaa Can i help the two of you with something?" She asked.

"Yes Mam Im General Smith and this is Agent Reinerr we come to humbly talk to Willow and Xander Aled."

Joyce blinked. "I will tell them."

General Smith walked inside. "This are for you lovely daughter."

Joyce walked away she wonder where or when she would find out her life was part of the Twilight Zone.

Moment later Willow came out her eyes still angry.

Agent Reinerr. "I am sorry The government of USA ask your forgiveness and promise to keep away from your." General Smith nodded. "Yes kidnapping you and and trying to dissect you was a pure mistake they overstepped their bounds."

Willow frowned she was holding a small but hot fireball. "According to the orders to kidnap Me and Jessie YOU sign it. And gave the crazy bitch the order to do experiment on us."

Smith groaned. "I never gave her the order to Dissect you only check you DNA."

Willow smiled evil. "And that so much better. As i recall THIS is a free country YOU broke the law. Witch means that the WHOLE organization the Initiative is an illegal organization."

Smith groaned. "We are black ops right. I am sorry we will keep away from you and your friends."

"Is this true. Do you kidnap innocent even children like me and her." A young voice said.

Willow looked down blinked seeing Bill Dawn friend standing their Frank and William and Marry and Dawn standing behind him.

She wonder where DID Bill get that big shield from and way did it have the American flag on it.

And why did the General and the Agent suddenly blush and look ashamed.

And how and why did she have a feeling that Frank and William was suddenly dangerous.

She did wonder if those two had dressed up as someone and who.

Then Xander came down smiling. "General how are you. Kidnapping any one lately." He was wearing a Kilt and two sword. Complete clan Aled parade 'uniform'.

Smith sighed. "We do not do that... Anymore.

A gift for Dawn as order. And the spear guy he be in town tomorrow we will give you his motel."

Xander smiled "That was nice."

Frank smiled looking at the General. "I like Dawn and i do like older sexy women like Willow. You hurt her thats not polite thing to do."

William nodded suddenly he had two six shooter in his hands. "You should know its not polite to hurt a lady."

A nervous Smith looked at Agent Reinerr. "what did they dress up like?" The Agent search his memory then he paled. "James bond, Captain America, and and Lucky Luck the fastest gun in the west."

William grinned. "You right sir." He said and the 12 year old put away his gun moving faster then the eye could follow.

Xander grinned. "Sweet. You know Dawn and Willow have lot of friends with strange ability and skills. Pissing us off would be bad.

We fight to save the world If we manage the Hellmouth will close for ever. Sunnydale will be a vampire free town."

Bill looked at them. "I love America Sir. But if America consider it morally right to hire people that kidnap and try to enslave others then America might be dead or sleeping."

General Smith flinched a short moment he looked like he was going to cry then he turned away walking out.

Agent Reinerr nodded a moment looking pale as he walked out.

Dawn grinned. "So whats the presents."

Xander smiled. "First the small things Dawn. From this moment YOU and your family IS adopted in the Clan Aled.

You are Mistress of the Elf House Summer Clan Aled answering only to Joyce and me.

I am Clan Aled House Aled.

Then this package inside you find a Kilt with the clan color."

Dawn grinned. "Is this meaning that you are my dad or what?"

Xander shook his head. "No only that You are part of the same clan. We dont need blood to be that. Each house is ONE family."

Dawn nodded.

Xander then. "Then this." He said giving her a small pearl in a necklace. "As long as you have this you could leave this world and go to the world of us Elven to Alarin its a hard life but beautiful, elfs dragons and magic is part of life. I do long for my return." Xander swallowed he really was home sick.

"I also give you a real elven compound bow made by a master in bow making and improved by me. Last a body armor so you be safe if you have to fight."

Giles blinked the elven had compound bows in that world.

Dawn grinned she was extreme skilled as an archer.

Soon more and more gift came out to her and to Marry.

Dawn blinked. "Willow this this IS to much i cant take it its like a fortune."

Willow grinned. "Dont worry no one can trace it and kidnapers have no right."

Marry just looked at the bank book Willow had give her. "Thank you." She said tears of happiness were flowing as she ran over and hugged the older girl.

Her dream to travel the world and visit strange and exotic places would be real. If she survived child hood.

"Xander in your Big Gift you gave me a paper all it stands is Collect. What do it mean?" Marry asked him.

Xander smiled. "It means that If its with in my power you could collect a gift from me." He had no idea what the girl would ask for. But James had and they did have a small bet five dollar.

James Croker and he had talked about gifts and his profile on the girl said she had extreme curiosity and travel lust the idea to visit a strange world would be irresistible for her.

Marry being the careful girl put the note away as she started to think what would she really like.

William grinned whispering something to her he also had the urge to travel.

Marry nodded. "Xander could we get a pearl like Dawn did. In case the two of us liked to visit or move to your world."

Xander nodded. "I get it to you by tomorrow." He looked at James. "Here you go Five dollar you were right."

And the party continued.

Somewhere else.

Cordelia watched. A martial arts tournament. She grinned this would be fun.

Nearby Jonathan and Andrew read the same thing and was thinking the same thing. This will be fun and hopefully some challenge would be exist.

The Tournament would be the talk of the century and some Hollywood agent suddenly found his 3 new movie stars for Martial arts movies.

Chapter 27
Calling the Cavalry.

General Smith sighed. "Do you feel that we are being overruled?"

Agent Reinerd nodded. "Yes sir. But think about it. Magic and demonic angelic and other things Its so far out from any thing we ever encounter that we dont even know the basic rules OF the game."

Smith nodded. "I know. Have you read about the rules of Wiccan magic?" Reinerr. "I found a copy why?"

General Smith looked at him. "Willow should NOT be able to throw fireballs like that. The Three fold law should have bitch slapped her."

Reinerr Nodded. "Then how?"

Smith. "I think she some how accessed some new kind of magic they seem to know about it but they have yet to tell us about it and its rules."

Reiner nodded. "So how do you think it will go.

Have you called them about the spear Guy?"

Smith smiled. "No that information is to important i order Reilly Finn to bring them the it."

Reiner. "Poor guy. Ever thought about keeping that spear?"

Smith nodded. "It probably would make an extreme dangerous weapon. And would probably more difficult to control then a Nuclear bomb."

Reiner nodded. "We must find some mage Wiccan or other exotic and hire them. Probably make our superior understand that this game have completely different rules."

Smith nodded. "And get Willow to stop stealing our funding."

Summers home...

Reilly Finn sighed before knocking on the door.

Moment later the women he recognized as Joyce opened the door. "Good day Miss or Mrs. Summer i have a file that Xander Aled or Rupert Giles is supposed to receive. Its from General Smith office mam."

Joyce frowned and stepped back allowing him to come inside.

As he stood outside just waiting she sighed. "Vampires and many demons cannot come inside unless they are invited a survivor in this town never if they cant come in with out a invitation they are not going to get one."

Reilly frowned trying to understand then he blinked and walked inside. "Sorry Mam i did not know."

She frowned. "I see the jokes they make about Military Intelligence is true you Act with no planning or no thinking about the consequence of your action."

Reilly blushed and got angry. "Now see here."

Joyce turned to him. "You know about Vampire RIGHT."

Reilly. "Yes but."

Joyce. "Then IF you are that smart then WHY did you not learn about them. The information is everywhere. Their are Vampire hunters your cameras knew about that you could have Asked about.

But did you NO just blindly following orders from badly trained fools that are your commanding officers."

Reilly swallowed feeling a bit pale. "I i never thought about that." Joyce nodded. "Do you know what vampires calls an uncreative Vampire-hunter."

Reilly blinked. "No."

Joyce grinned. "Fast food." Seeing his surprise she explained. "An evil vampire we had captured in a prison for information told me that.

Its a real vampire joke. Now wait here as i go and get Xander or Giles."

Reilly nodded. "Yes mam."

Then suddenly a Zombie or something looking like a Zombie walked by him.

"Gruga rhuuu." Marry Leona said stumbling towards the Kitchen and her Coffee.

Behind her Dawn came up smiling. "Hi Im Dawn. Do not worry It take her a hour or so before she wakes up in the morning. Would you like to play a with my a game on my Nintendo?" She said smiling.

Her elven ears twisting eagerly eyes in full Puppy dog mode.

Reilly smiled. "I i." Seeing the potential danger of tears he relented. "Of course i do. Mario brothers or?"


Reilly had fun. And he felt like a slime. No lower then slime.

This girl this CHILD was the one HE recommend capture for experiment. And the things her mother said to him were still ringing in his ears. -Fast food- and about blind obedience he remember scary images from the World War 2 death camps.

Things his own Grandfather had seen picture he had taken of things No one should ever forget picture of starving children and humans they experimented on.

He had seen those picture had nightmares about them and promise never ever to forget.

But he had forgotten just because this lovely friendly child was different.

Reilly felt sick worst then slime only hour ago he and other from his company had said and joked about the elfs what they would like to do to them and to Jessie and the Willow.

Just because they were different.

Then the door open and Xander walked in. "Hi Dawn having fun."

Dawn nodded smiling as she tried to look sad. "No he is evil and beat me up."

Reilly smiled. "Hey not my fault your not good in game."

Dawn giggled then gave him a mock angry face letting her tongue out. "Bleee to you meany."

Xander grinned. "Well let me talk to the meany Dawn."

She nodded and walked well almost danced away to the kitchen.

Reilly. "Thanks."

Xander frowned. "What the matter you feel sick or have some one died or." Seeing his surprise he explained. "Visual Empathy. "

Reilly looked towards the kitchen. "Did she feel it."

Xander. "No the ability to feel emotion comes have just started to work in her."

Reilly sighed. "I was order to give you this." He said giving them the paper. "And while i was here i discover that She and you are individuals and i i.

I realized i was like the Nazis during WW2 and that made me sick."

Xander nodded. "Come with me."


In the Basement. "Here man." Xander said giving him a beer. "Drink i said i needed your help to read the file so the general order you to stay as a liaison. You need it."

Reilly nodded taking a sip he really needed something strong right now. A shadow walked over to him it looked like a wolf man a werewolf slowly turning human it. "Hi Im James Crocker Psychologist you look like you could need one. Free of charge."

He said taking a beer from the cooler.

Reilly stared then started to talk about his Grandpa about his work and about what he discover and how sick he was with himself.

Hours they talked crying and beers was flowing and in silence a small shadow was hiding listening crying and finally understanding about the evil that people can do when they act with out knowledge. Dawn desperately wished she never started to spy but she could not move now so she stayed listening wishing she were somewhere else.


Xander waned to Angel. "Listen If you touch that spear it might kill you OR make the demon to powerful. IF he stabs you with it your dead. I cant touch it either as it would make the chaos aura i have to powerful. The only ones that can is Buffy, and Jessie.

No magic user should put their hands on it, it can literally take control over them."

Willow raised her hand. "Oz can hold it."

Xander looked over at the sleeping boyfriend of Willow. "Are you sure he looks like a he is in coma."

Oz smiled. "No just listening"

Willow nodded. "He do that a lot. But he not asleep."

Xander nodded. "Well Buffy, Oz, Jessie. No body else. Now Angel you take these sleeper grenades and throw them inside the room."

Angel nodded simple plan nothing could go wrong. And he started to sneak.

The rest put their gasmask on and slowly sneaked after him.

Inside the room a man woke up the spear singed to him warning him.

He rolled over grapping his gasmask no way he be victim of gas again. And then Gripping the spear.

Then the door opened and two gas-grenades rolled in and it filled the room.

He smiled waiting and then the door opened a dark dressed man looked inside. "Die Copper." He screamed stabbing the man with the spear.

Angel hand was like lightning in its speed he pushed the pointy end away from his heart but he could feel a small sting on the hand and then he rolled back screaming in pain his fingers turned to dust then his hand and slowly his arm.

Xander looked surprised as Angel literally rolled out screaming and in front of their shocked filled eyes turned to dust. "No no No." He said he and angel from his world and he and Angel from this world had become friends.

He growled. "Span out be ready for anything DO not attack."

Then the spear wielder rushed out waving his spear in a lethal cutting motion.

Only His fast reflex with his sword saved his life but the Carwellan was destroyed cut in two like a paper by a knife.

Buffy circled around trying to attack from behind the end of the spear stabbed out she barely manage to jump over it.

Jessie powered up his Light Hawks wing forming a armor with two of them and a sword with the last one.

In a spark the spear was stopped a moment.

Sweet was poring down Jessies head pain in his hand like he never felt before as the magic fought the energy of his light sword a living part of his soul.

And he was loosing.

Xander focused creating his own Sword he stabbed the spear fighter rolled away parrying his attack in a lightning fast motion.

Jessie fell down on his knee breathing hard. As he recover his strength.

Meanwhile Xander notice that each time his sword touch the blade it hurt so he started to move fast in and out.

Buffy stepped back frowning a bit before grabbing her own two Nimhs swords and attacked lighting fast in and out driving the fighter back.

Willow grinned and an opening came. "FIREBALL." And a ball of fire when flying towards him only to be parried by the spear and barbeque Oz that stood beside her as a body guard.

He groaned in pain lucky his sword Gourys sword protected him from permanent fire damage but it still hurt like he had been sunbathing to long and burned his whole body.

Finally Jessie stood up now he let one of the wings power up his speed one creating his armor the last his sword. In a burst of inspiration he stabbed the energy sword in the earth commanding the dirt to stick to the blade forming a protective aura around the blade.

Then he attacked.

Finally no pain.

But the spear fighter powered by the spear still moved equally fast as they did.

And HIS gasmask did not stop his motion.

Then Xander tripped the fighter snared as he drive the spear down.

Xander smiled so this was it the end. Well it been a good life.

A loud Klong. Was heard when the spear collided with a shield.

Xander blinked Captain America. No wait that was Bill Dawn 'boyfriend'.

Bill groaned his arms held up his shield a magic created indestructible shield held the spear away from him. "NOW." He screamed. And his team attacked.

Bursting out from the bushes William draw his one of his six shooters firing in full speed of Lucky Luck.

It sounded like a UZI in speed.

No one even notice when he reloaded the gun between each of the six shots with spare charge he had in a bag on his side.

Sweat was pouring down his hands would soon start to shake continuing shooting in full speed was hard impossible even.

The spear fighter parried the shots. But always the kid with the Shield was their trying to and succeeding to slow down his movement.

Then Attacking from above was Mary and Dawn the two friend started to throw water balloons filled with glue down on him. Mary and Dawn grinned hoping that Bills plan would work.

Anderson Frank Grinned as he joined her from the side throwing glue balloons. "You tried to hurt the beautiful Willow that really uncivilized of you." He said in perfect English accent. The Bond inside of him really liked the red head even if she only thought of him like a child. But just wait soon he would be grown up and then.

Xander stood up a moment he wonder what they were trying to do then he blinked the Gasmask. "All of you step back."

Bill nodded. "Unit Stand back now." He slowly moved back protecting the elf and himself with the shield.

William sighted his hands had started to cramp up and he was almost out of ammo. Around him small hills of shells sat smoking on the ground.

His hand was shaking overworked as he sat down. "That was not easy."

The spear man growled his gasmask filled with glue and his feet sticking to the ground turning slowly pale he ripped the gasmask off. Only too see new gas grenades by his feet.

Sleeping the criminal fell down unconscious.

Bill nodded. "Great work Avengers Assemble." He Said waving his shield.

His unit happy and tired rushed up standing in attention in front of him.





"Guys i am SO proud of you. Group Hug." He said and they hugged.

Xander grinned. "Well thanks."

Bill turned around. "And you. That was a sloppy work. No back up-plan and just rush in." The 13 year old said. "I heard a lot about your brilliance. Obvious it have gone to your head OR you had pure luck. You should have more care about your unit than this."

Xander swallowed the pint size Captain America was reading him the riot act. "I i.. your right i believed. i"

Bill nodded. "You underestimated your enemy."

Buffy ignored them as she gripped the spear from his hand she could feel the power of good and evil raging inside of it a short moment she was tempted but then the Slayer inside of her raged and stopped her from falling. "Lets go." She said in an empty voice.

Xander frowned he did not like that tone of voice.

Bill nodded. "Go your unit needs you."

Xander grinned. "Thanks. Your right my victories did rise to my head lately."

Bill nodded as the elf walked away. He grinned as Dawn gave him a deep hug and a kiss.

Beside him he could see Frank talking to Willow trying to charm her. Shaking his head he grabbed Dawn by his right hand. Seeing that Mary and William was holding hand he grabbed Mary free hand and they walked away in the sunset.

Singing poor longsome cowboy.

Frank seeing that hastily hurried up to join his unit on their victory party at Summers home.

Coca Cola was waiting.

Chapter 28
After the fight...

Xander sighed as he sat down next to Joyce. "We have the spear. Angel is dead. Well dead dead not undead."

Joyce sighed. "You succeeded right."

Xander smiled. "No Joyce I failed. I forgot about making a backup plan i was overconfident I literally send Angel to his death."

Joyce swallowed. "I see. So your god perfect you know everything and never make mistakes."

Xander blinked. "No i. I get it the voices in my head say the same thing.

Learn from your mistake dont do it again. Do i sound crazy now?"

Joyce nodded and smiled a bit. "Dont worry Willow, Jessie, and many others have voices in their head now days."

Xander sighed, "I hope it was worth it i really really hope so."

Joyce frowned. "So how did you manage to do get the spear if you failed."

Xander grinned. "The Pint Size Avengers saved us."

Upstairs a 'Wild' party was going on.

Coca Cola was drinking Popcorn was eaten and MTV was playing. And computer games were used.

The Pint Size Avengers were celebrating their first victory against the forces of evil.

Sam Reinhold smiled he was really glad that he did not have to use the backup plan involving fire and a gas tank.

1 day Later...

The gang walked in to the library.

Giles blinked then stood up. "Xander what are the kids doing here?" After Xander and the gang came six kids.

Xander sighed. "They were the one that saved us Giles.

Beside I said that they should stay at home but they refused.

What can we do if we dont allow them to help they will hunt by themselves and probably end of as vampire food."

Dawn nodded.

Buffy looked pale and tired. The two of them had a long screaming argument that she lost.

Frank flirted with Willow.

Willow looked embarrassed over the attentions of from the child.

Oz was trying not to laugh.

Giles Sighed. "I see. Well lets see i have search the books after anything concerning the Spear and i found depressingly little."

Mary put her hand up waving. "I i found something."

Giles looked irritated. "Yes what did you find?" In the tone an adult use when children interrupt something important.

Mary smiled but Xander could feel her irritation. "I found this its in old Jewish really really old. Predates the 10 commandments and all."

Giles looked at the text. "I see i cant read this."

Mary rolled her eyes. "Right and you call your self scholar. It is a bit hard but simply The spear might overtake the MIND of those that are weak and it can kill the user IF the enemy he or she is fighting is TO strong."

Giles nodded studying the paper he was a bit rusty. "I think you right. Im sorry about my tone of voice."

Bill nodded. "We might be children sir but we do have the skill and ability and the burning urge to help."

Xander nodded he did feel a bit sick this was all his fault. And their was nothing he cold do forbid them and they would start hunting by them self he could see that in the eyes of Bill.

"So Giles how do we use this thing?"

Giles frowned. "This Hellmouth is an artificial creation by the first evil right now its literally glued together with magic. In order to close permanent it we have to open it and then the spear wielder must stab the spear in the center of the Hellmouth.

Xander sighed. "That would be a problem. The demons would not likely sit still."

Giles nodded. "We have to plan this really good."

Bill nodded. "Bunker up on holy water also." He frowned turning to Sam "Would it be possible to build holly water grenades and Wood fragment grenades."

Sam the 12 year old batman nodded. "I already have some tried out. The Wood fragment is dipped in holy water and quite effective. But i think we could do better if we manage to steal OR build some firebombs and some fire throwers."

Xander blinked then grinned. "Dont forget we can not win a holding war against the forces of hell."

Bill nodded.

Sam blushed. "I forgot about that."

Bill. "Your right. We have to concentrate on a tactic probably a point attack with the spear bearer in the front. You need more fighters."

Xander nodded. "I will see what i can scare up."

Frank frowned. "Me and Marry would not be much use in that kind of fighting."

Sam nodded. "That would leave me, Bill, Dawn, William capable to help you guys."

Buffy shivered.

Xander looked sick.

Giles was going to protest but stopped. "We should call the general." Xander frowned. "I know but how many fighter do he have that can actually fight with any real weapon that can hurt demons effectively." Suddenly he grinned. "Cordelia, Jonathan and Andrew. Each of them would equal five normal fighters."

Giles nodded. "So we have a plan of action then. Do you think we could get them to help us."

Xander shook his head. "I have no idea."

A voice from the door stopped him. "I will help Elf boy." Cordelia said as she walked inside with a sneer on her face and a hostile look towards the flat chested sorcerer named Willow.

"So will i." Jonathan said. "And i do carry with me an army." He said holding up a small bag. "Dragon seed. Each one become a formidable fighter that serve ME or my master the dragon guardian of Sunnydale."

Buffy blushed. "The one that i drive away right?"

Jonathan nodded. "You attacked him while he still was hurt most of his power busy waking the other dragons to heal himself."

Xander grinned things look finally good.

Cordelia turned. "What are the kids doing here."

Xander. "They saved our buts yesterday i rather have them where they can help and we can protect them then seeing them sneaking around hunting by themselves."

Cordelia nodded but frowned a bit. "You should be in kindergarten not fighting." Inside she was grinning teasing them would be fun.

The 11-13 year old looked angry at her and sat fuming.

Chapter 29
On the Sideline a Side story...

AN: Explanation: To destroy the Hellmouth the gang need to OPEN it. That take time to find a safe way. Its exactly Six days sense last episode...

Inside the HUMVEEs the kids were talking loud about girls in class about movies about TV shows and other important things.

And asked if they were their yet every five minutes or so.

Two Radios were blasting out music from two different channels It was looked rather normal except for the fact that they were all dressed up.

And the driver looked a bit tired.

And angry.

And finally. "Keep it DOWN or you have to run you Over charged Midgets." Jessie screamed.

The kids quiet down Marry started to cry she hated when friends yelled at her.

Dawn started to comfort her and looked angry at Jessie.

Jessie sighed. "Im sorry but for the last 2 hour you have talked yelled talked you have Two radios on at the same time on TWO different channels. I told you to listen on ONE only but No.

Now i have a headache. Im sorry for insulting you Really sorry dont Cry Marry its the pain."

Bill the leader cleared his throat. "I sorry to i forgot that old guys can stand sound like we do."

Jessie looked like he wanted to strangle the micro version of Captain America. "Im not old," he said.

Finally the kids quiet down.

The rest of the drive was quiet compare to before. Only one radio was playing the kids kept quiet a bit.

Finally their Jessie blessed what ever god kept an eye out for heroes that he survived this journey and he would literally kick Xanders asshole for tricking him to baby sit them on one of their 'Missions'.

Bill smiled. "Right according to the information you Sam got the ship will arrive at exactly midnight. Our only chance to destroy the slaver organization will be about two after they Unloaded the ship and before they started to load the slaves."

Sam nodded. "Good plan Captain." The 12 year old version of Batman said.

Bill nodded. "Well i think it would be best that You Jessie keep on a distant this IS a training mission also we need the training. If we need you we call you."

Jessie nodded. "I will be close by." He said fading away as his armored cloaked him.

Dawn scratch her 'Robin Hood the elf' uniform. "SO where should i be then?"

Bill grinned. "You will be next to Lucky the two of you will shoot any body using a gun. Be careful no killing right?"

The two shooters just rolled their eyes at the idea that they would kill by mistake.

William was dressed up like a Cowboy bandit. Yellow shirt black pants and white hat he only needed a horse and he would look like a micro version of Lucky Luck.

Slowly Bill started to make the plans with input from Frank and Sam the three made a formidable tactical unit.


"Wake up Marry." Dawn said. Her friend woke looking surprised where she was. She was dressed like Lara Croft but with a mask hiding her face.

Then they started to sneak away towards the ship.

Silently as only James bond could sneak Fran was first he was dressed in a Tuxedo and a mask his gun in a shoulder harness.

On Their first real mission he really liked to look good.

He silently opened the door and waved the stealth master inside.

Sam their version of Batman face grim sneaked inside and was soon gone in the shadows of the ship.

Then came Dawn and William disappearing in the shadows.

One by one they sneaked inside unseen or noticed by even the rats in the ship.

And their are lots of rats in a slavers ship.

Captain Murisha Nimsa a Japanese gangster grinned the drugs was unloaded and no problem from the police so far. "Alright that went fast.

Gather up we talk fifteen minutes coffee and smoke break before loading." He might be a cold bastard but an alert crew was an effective crew one that DID not make a mistake that brought the police down on them.

His men gather around him drinking coffee and smoking.

Then suddenly a small throwing star shaped like a Bat pierced the Captains knee sending him crashing on the floor.

And a kid dressed like Captain America walked out looking mighty Angry. "I do not like drug dealers or Slavers so i think we are going to kick your ass right now." He said.

Nimsa. "Shoot him." He said pulling his own gun free. Kathong.

And an arrow had pierced his hand and gun.

Gun shot was heard and he could see his men guns be shot away from their hands.

Destroyed guns clatter around.

A Child dressed like a wild West desperado was walking forward a huge grin on his face and two smoking Colts in his hands.

Then the fool put the gun away.

A young child face hidden in a cloak looking like Robin hood. Walked up putting a longbow like thing away.

The captain growled. "Attack them they are kids."

His men growled and charged them.

On the ground the captain wonder why the kids wasnt nervous.

Then a voice was heard. "You going to love this."

He looked around and froze a floating head was next to him it looked like a teenaged guy grinning. Then he fainted.

Jessie had problem not laughing as he talked to the captain leaving ONLY his head visible the rest of him invisible. What a wuss.

Bill grinned gripping his shield he attacked.

Dawn let her sword out time to cut a line of work for these guys.

William closed his fist and stood in a classic boxing stand.

Marry stood back guarding that no one would escape.

Sam ignored the fights as he sneaked inside the ware house their were five bandits inside their and they were all his.

The First slaver jabbed his fist at Bills head only to hit the shield breaking his hand.

Bill grinned send a kick in the foot breaking that also.

Then rolled around letting the shield collide in the chest of another slaver he could hear the sound of ribs breaking. "Crap to use to fighting Vampire sorry about that." He hoped the guy did not die.

Dawn grinned her sword held in a classic attack position a Screaming slaver behind her holding the stumps that was his hands.

The slavers surrounded her which was fine with her as she prepared to dance the dance of death.

Slash, Cut stab kick.

And three more slaver hands where now permanent messed up. Still alive but they piano they would never play again or be able to learn.

William grinned the slavers afraid of Dawn tried to attack him.

And a huge brawled started kick, Dodge, boxing, boxing.

Frank came in from behind helping him protecting his back.

The two made short work of the slavers.

Frank style was harder he broke bones while William knocked them down.

Jessie grinned happy where he sat drinking coffee the kids were impressive.

But then Xander had trained them and they already had skill thanks to the Halloween.

Screams of fear was heard from the ware house. Jessie sighed best to check up on 'batman.'

Batman walked slowly in front of him the last of the slavers were running in panic. The Dark knight of Gotham slowly walking forward no mercy was seen in the darkness that was his eyes.

His Batarangs was dripping of blood.

"Ooo god dont dont kill me," the slaver screamed as what he believed to be a small demon walked towards him. But so far the Cross had not helped him.

Jessie blinked seeing the bloody parts that was slavers inside the building. He wonder which version of Batman Sam had dressed up as.

Probably one of the darker versions.

Bill would not be happy.

Outside the fight was ending.

The last of the slavers was down.

Bill grinned. "Put them in the hold. I See that the coast guard, Police and news stations come and witness. And stop their bleeding Dawn."

Dawn nodded and put first aid stopping the stumpy collection to bleed to death.


The gang watch how coast guards and police surrounding the ship that who fog horns were screaming.

An anonymous phone call had made the news crews arrive only moment before no way any bribed Police could make this go silent.

"Well done team. Sam did you have to kill them?"

Sam nodded. "Yes. I had other choice but they did not deserve it"

Marry cried a bit she did not like his cold blooded ways.

Dawn hugged her close.

Grinning happy Frank smiled still hugging the slave girl he saved. "Well beautiful would you like to join me for a simple dinner?" The beautiful 16 year old slave girl and runaway grinned. "Your a bit To young kid but if its only dinner Im with you. Names Faith not beautiful." She was really glad that she been saved before they raped her or what ever they were going to do to her.

But she was really confused about being saved by a group of child pretending to be superheroes.

And doing a really good job in pretending.

One even manage to pretend to be an elf. And so far the ears looked and moved like real ears.

Then suddenly a teenager her age suddenly become visible beside them. "Right kids lets go home. You did have fun right?"

They all nodded. They DID have fun.

Frank pointed. "She is coming with us."

Jessie looked at the beautiful girl he got to hand it to pint size bond he had good taste. "Allrigt you can come if you like. But you must hold quite and we will put you in school.

If i have to suffer so do you." He said seeing her frowning.

And the Humvee rolled back.

Faith whistled impressed. "Wow they cost a fortune you must be rich." Jessie grinned. "Not my car i stole it. But We are rich a friend stole some money to make us rich."

Faith blinked. And grinned.


General Smith frowned. "Who have my car."

The soldier. "Sir you sign a paper that Trooper Tenchi should get it for you."

Smith blinked Jessie. "Crap Why why DO You guys DO this to me. I need my baby back." He screamed wishing they kidnapped his wife not the love of his life his car.

Chapter 30
On the Sideline a Side story... part 2

Willow grinned as she put down the computer. The final part of the stolen gold. Money from the Initiative was finally posted each of her friends and extended friends were now rich and part owner of big companies.

Soon she would transfer and hide the money and they would inherent it from dead non existent family that according to the computer lived in other countries and just died.

Sighing she cleared the computer watching the hospital files Marry Ederloon Dawn friend home life did worry her it was so like hers.

Mother and Father always away traveling caring more about work then their own child.

She something could not be solved by computers she sighed.

Chapter 31
On the Sideline a Side story... part 3

Cordy smiled a thin focused Smile. "You are sure the Turn to cat curse is cured."

Andrew listen with interest turning in to a piglet was not fun.

Jonathan nodded. "Yes the dragon cured change the activating from now one you WILL the change. Its a controlled ability not a curse. You are Animorphs."

Cordy nodded. "Right. Aiyaa this will be fun." She said.

Above them was a huge sign -MARTIAL ART TOURNAMENT- Free form full contact.

Jonathan grinned nodding happy so did Andrew he itched for a good fight.


Xander sighed. "I really think this is a bad idea."

Dawn frowned. "Why?"

Xander. "Coca cola, candy, hot dogs, More candy ice cream. You know how Hyper Sam gets after ONE Cola."

Dawn looked with worry at Sam their own half size Batman. He really was jumping in his seat eager to see the fights start. "I i Your adult Xander Im sure you keep us under control."

Xander groaned as he helped her carrying the food snacks and sugar rich candy to the Pints Size Avengers.

They had all joined up to see the Martial arts tournament.

After all Cordelia, Jonathan and Andrew were going to fight.

Like a pack of hungry piranhas the kids jumped up and grabbed the food then just as sudden they were sitting down again looking like small angels.

Xander blinked. "HEY Which ONE of you stole my coffee?"

Sam held up his hand. "Sorry Sir. You better buy a new one i drank yours." His eyes were already twitching like a hungry Zombie hungering for some kind of carnage and mayhem.

Xander looked over to the other side.

Joyce, Giles, Jessie, Willow, Selia, Buffy, Faith.

They had all abandon him to Baby-sit the brat pack.

He could feel the heavy finger of death slowly moving towards him then Run like hell seeing the kids. And he wished he could run after him.

Bill Smiled. "Xander come sit here." The half size Captain America said.

Xander nodded sitting down next to Dawn and him.

Xander grinned Bill was smart kid if Dawn lost control over her elven eyes Xander could help her.

And Bill might like to talk tactic and strategies for small units.

"Who do you think going to win." Dawn said her big eyes shining in curiosity.

Xander frowned. "I not sure. Jonathan or Andrew is a good bet. But Cordy have trained more then they have and seem to really loved being the Amazon princes Xian Pu. Or shampoo. "

Bill nodded. "Yes she manage to get training from Both Andrew and Jonathan. And you."

Xander nodded. "Dont forget I got more training and tips from them then they got from me.

The only advantage i have over them IS power.

In skill they beat me with out trying."

Sam frowned then sneaked away he was sure he saw a criminal.

Bill smiled. "Dont forget Creativity. Only Jonathan IS creative among them."


"Do not Worry Jean Im sure we find a perfect side star in here. They are Great fighters and thats what you need right."

Jean nodded. "Dont call me Jean some one might recognize me." He growled.

A silent voice suddenly spoke. "To late Mr. Jean-Claude."

Jean. "Aaaa." He screamed in chock turning and finding a 12 year old grinning evil at him.

The 12 year old. "If i get your autograph i will give you a tips of 3 Great young fighters that literally could wipe the floor with you and have great movie potential.

And i will not scream you name and get the rest of you fans to notice you."

Jean growled. "Do you know what they call a blackmailer?"

The 12 year old nodded. "A lawyers."

Jean grinned. "I give a dam autograph. By the way how the hell did you get in here its a private balcony. The door is locked." He asked writing the autograph.

The 12 year old grinned. "Now that is a secret." As He picked up the autograph he gave them a small note of the contestants.

Jean and his agent looked down on the paper finally seeing three named circled. "What can you tell us about? He gone." The agent said.

Jean nodded. "Where did he go? And how Did he disappeared."

They looked around even leaning out.

Then Suddenly A voice from behind scared them. "Excuse me have you? Holly your your. Excuse me Sir have you seen a small kid 12 year old May listen to the name Sam."

Jean looked back seeing a tall man standing their a small grin in his face and awe stricken eyes. "Yes we saw the kid. And who are you?" Xander swallowed. "Im Xander Sir i i suppose to baby-sit him and others a." He was interrupted.

"Xander he back again and Marry likes you to help her find the Toilets." A small kid dressed in a silk shirt black pants and fine shoes. He looked up at Jean grinning madly. "HI Im Andersen Frank Andersen."

Xander groaned. "Get back now Frank. Im so sorry for the interruption."

With that he walked out.

Short moment later.

Jean Claude Van dam looked at his agent. "That was strange."

"Ooo god i cant believe it its true its true." A young girl said literally jumping up and down.

Sam grinned. "Told you Dawn and Bill its him."

Bill nodded in shock. "Wow we like seen ALL your movies."

Jean groaned. "So you belong to his group." He blinked then focus his eyes. A short moment it looked like the girl had Elf ears.

Probably the coffee. "You like autographs i believe?"

Bill and Dawn nodded in happy.

Bill frowned a bit as he study his treasure autograph. "You should work on your kicks. You tend to signal the attack to much."

Jean looked at the kids they all nodded.

Dawn. "And the way you hold battle staffs is really bad."

Sam. "And the way you use guns in the movies dont feel real."

Dawn blushed. "We must go now Goodbye."

Jeans Agent sighed. "That was strange."

Jean frowned. "And what they said is things real fighters i train from have told me."

The agent blinked.

First Battle...

Cordelia smiled as she walked up in the ring.

Her opponent was a small Japanese kid trained in Kick boxing.

She frowned the protective they had to use did slow her down a bit.

The Judge. "Begin the Fight. NOW," he said.

The kick boxer attacked first sending a fast kick testing her reflex. Cordelia stood still. Or so it looked.

The Audience blinked did the kick miss her head.


group 1.

Joyce. "What happened? Buffy "She."

Group 2.

William smiled. "She is almost fast."

They stared at him the fastest gun the world calling some one fast was impressive.

William rolled his eyes. "I said almost."

Group 3.

The agent "What happened?"

Jean leaned forward in his chair. "She dodged with her head really fast then up again."

The agent blinked. "You sure. Dam that fast."

The fight.

Cordelia smiled this time leaning down before jumping up spinning in the air she landed behind the tai-boxer she gave him small kick in the back of his head. "You lost boy."

He stumbled and fell down.

But soon stood up. "I i give up."

Cordelia smiled. "It was fun a good fight." She said.

The judge blinked. That was fast.

Xander looked around and paled. "Where is Frank."

Sam grinned waiting for the moment Xander was going away to find Frank.

Xander looked around. "You guys stay here. Specially YOU Sam"

Sam nodded. "I be good.

Growling Xander walked away.

"I raise." Frank said.

The cleaner growled. "I fold."

The Cop. "I fold.."

Frank grinned as he cleaned up the two fools of any candy they had. "FRAAANK." Xander screamed as he burst in.

Frank paled. "Oops the babysitter."

Xander. "You come right NOW."

He nodded and they walked away.

The cop. "Fun kid but poor guy."

The cleaner. "Yea hope their not many of them."

Finally back Xander sighed. "Where is William?"

Sam smiled Pointing at a sign. -Rodeo riding-.

Sighing Xander walked out from the arena to drag the half size Lucky Luck back.

Fight two...

Andrew looked bored.

He was facing a brown belter in karate.

Not even dodging or taking a stand he slammed his hand in a bud Spencer open hand slap over the opponents face sending in flying.

The Judge blinked. "You win."

Group 1...

Joyce "Ouch He will feel that in the morning.."

They all nodded.

Group 2.

Dawn giggled. "Man that guy fights like a black belter."

Bill grinned. "He had a brown one. Not even beginner level."

Dawn sighed. "They should have more really fighter."

Group 3.

jean "Hire him You got to hire him. And probably the girl. Yes the girls Hire her. Dont care what they ask pay them."

The agent nodded.


Xander groaned...

ON the horse arena William was currently riding Standing up on the Saddle with a lasso waving in the air.

As the horse was galloping followed a small cow.

With a perfect throw he capture the cow jumping down from the horse. The audience applauded. A old Cowboy grinned. "Dam Kid in nine Second that must be a record."

"William WILLIAM. You come back this moment." Xander said. "Im sorry Sir he sneaked away"

William blushed. "Sorry its the babysitter."

Grabbing the kid Xander walked inside. "I am Angry but i am also impressed and proud Nine second Dam you are good." Xander said.

Seeing William smile. He talked fast. "Remember Im still angry."

William nodded.

Back at their seats Xander sighed. "Where is Sam?"

"Here Xander." Sam said holding more coca cola ice cream and other foods. "I was out and got us more food."

Xander study the half size batman he just knew the rat was lying.


Fight nr 3.

Jonathan walked inside.

His opponent a girl Kung-fu.

Jonathan stood still hands in the pocket grinning his best Ranma lazy men standing on work kind of smile.

The girl got angry and attacked.

He dodged.

She attacked he dodged.

She attacked he tickled her.

She giggled. Then Attacked.

He stole her bra.

She blinked. "How did you do that?" She still had her shirt and all on her.

He grinned. "A true master know no limits."

She growled and attacked attacked attacked.

And she hit the judge.

"Stop." He growled.

The two fighters separated.

"Why are you not hitting her?" The judge asked Jonathan.

"She a dont Even have Brown belt. Its embarrassing." He said.

The judged. "So you give up?"

Jonathan. "NO i will hit her then." Growling he walked to the girl.

Kung-fu girl. "We can we talk about this."

Jonathan hand struck out lightning fast one strike after the other.

The girl giggled madly screaming in laughter tears falling. "I i i give up stop."

Jonathan smiled.

The girl giggled madly before gathering herself.

Group 1.

Giles. "That was strange."

Willow. "Do you think i could get him to try that on me?"

They stared at her.

Willow. "it looked fun."

Group 2.

Dawn grinned. "That IS SO fun. He did it to me once."

They nodded.

Sam nodded. "And to me. It really ARE Fun."

Group 3...

Jean. "Hire hire hire."

Agent. "Sir we dont need 3 kids in the movie."

Jean. "Then change the scripts. My character could have 3 cousins or something that he teaches how to fight or just change it."


Xander "Where is Bill?"

Dawn paled. "In the toilet. Really."

Xander sighed. "Right." As he walked away.

Sam grinned. And sneaked away almost disappearing in the thin air.

Xander sighed. "Could not stop your self right."

Bill frowned. "They were trying to trying to steal money from kids. Threatening them bullying them."

Xander sighed. "Right now come back."

Bill nodded and they walked away leaving five terrified 18 year old punks trembling in on the floor and a grateful 10 year old that found a new hero.

"Where is Marry and Sam?" Was his first question.

Dawn pointed. "Marry walked over to Giles to ask him something. And Sam i dont know."

Xander sighed he was a adult a grown up Elf with the spirit of a 700 year old priest/prince from a alien world and a Vietnam soldier and a hyena inside and yet he felt like crying like a baby.

William frowned. "Sir where is Frank?"

Drying his tear Xander started to search again.

"Would you like a another ice cream Faith?" Frank said.

Faith grinned. "Sure." The kid sure was fun to young but the way he never gave up was just To cute.

Jessie sighed. "You know she is MY girlfriend."

Frank nodded. "For now for now."

Faith giggled that was just to cute.

"Come here." Xander said grabbing Frank in the belt and carrying him away like a bag.

Frank frowned. "This is not polite."

Xander growled. "Running away making my day hell is not polite either."

Frank nodded. "Well i try to be polite then."

Xander put him down. "Then I am polite." Inside he knew he could not trust the half size spy.

Frank grinned glad that he only promised to TRY.

Xander sighted but where IS Sam.

A ghostly voice whispered its world of doom. "Thief stealing is wrong" The thief dropped his tools turning around finding a kid dressed like Zorro holding a real sword against his neck.

The thief blinked he tried to grab the sword only to get two fast raps on his knuckles and a scratch on his nose. And the Sword was back at his neck.

"I see you are in the area" another kid said this one dressed like batman.

'Zorro.' Nodded "So dark night you are guarding this today."

Batman nodded. "Two on one."

Zorro grinned. "Sounds like a picnic."

The two dark nights turned towards the now afraid thief.


Xander sighed. "So you are Leo De Lavega."

Leo nodded. "I live in the outside of Sunnydale. Sam and me are friends i visited during Halloween. I know about his batman thing."

Xander froze. "Did you dress like any one." Fear pumped inside of him.

Leo smiled. "I was dressed like an ancestor of mine use to dress.

Ethan helped me dress up."

Xander sighed. "So no hero for you."

Leo grinned. "Yes no hero thing for me. I just know a bit about poetry."

Xander frowned. "No i dont believe you. You have a sword inside your jacket."

Sam frowned.

Leo paled.

Xander sighed. "So what do you do?"

Leo looked at Sam that nodded. "My ancestor was a local hero in old LA. Zorro you might have read about him in history books and movies. They never found out who he really was."

Final fight 1...

Cordelia walked up. Just her luck to face up against the living juggernaut that now day was Andrew.

The two fighters stood ready everything was silence.

Cordelia grinned. "The protectors slow me up. Do they do the same to you."

Andrew nodded. "I say we drop them. And promise NOT to sue anybody IF we get hurt."

Cordelia nodded. "The camera most have listen and recorded. I will not sue anybody IF i get hurt fighting with out protecting."

With that the two dropped their baddest armors.

The judge looked around seeing no other choice he screamed. "Fight BEGIN... NOW"

And the two blurred moving so fast that they barely was seen they attacked in full speed.

Cordy kick jump dodged hit hit.

Andrew growled as he dodged.

The judge jumped for protection as Andrews fist manage to break one of the side pillars of the arena.

Cordy slammed her fist in an Amaguriken attack her fist blurred as she struck him two hundred hits in a second.

Andrew went flying landing on his back he rolled up charging Cordelia like a bull gripping her by her hair he lifted the Cheerleader up slamming her down hard.

Cordelia gasped in pain but rolled up.

She dried a bit blood of her face and grinned. "I will not loose lost boy."

Andrew growled. "Dont call me that Bimbo."

And they attacked.

Anybody not knowing them was now firmly believing it was mortal enemies.

But their was two fighters loving the challenge of a real fighter the love of the art and the fight nothing really matter then a worthy opponent.

Jumps kicks rolls.

Finally Cordelia fell down hard.

Andrew took a deep breath. "You alright Cordy?"

Cordelia grinned. "Give me a hour and remove the stupid birds."

Andres laughs. "You fine girl."

The judge swallowed. "Andrew wins."

Slowly the watchers started to applaud.

Andrew ignored them as he helped Cordy up. "Lets get you fixed up." Cordelia grinned "If i hade my mace i would have got you"

Andrew nodded. And the two walked out.

Group 1...

Jessie "Yes Andrew VS Jonathan it will be a bloody fight."

Giles nodded. "They sure like to fight."

Group 2...

Dawn "Can we go and check up on Cordelia."

Xander was about to say yes. "Where is Frank, and Bill and Sam?"

Leo grinned. "In the toilet."

Xander sighed. "Right. Dawn take the others to Cordy. And then back here. NO exploring."

Dawn nodded but crossing her fingers behind her back. "I promise." She hoped William could show her the horses.

group 3...

"What did i think about what you seen so far?" Sam said..

Jean. "Aaaa dont do that. And how DO you sneak up on me?"

Sam grinned. "Just say its a ninja secret. "

Jean nodded. "They are great."

Sam smiled. "You have not seen anything yet. Wait until Andrew and Jonathan fights. And remember the 3 of them are friends they just like to fight and win."

Jean blinked. "I i see."

The agent eyes study the young man things like ninja kids the movie was rushing thru his mind a second before he shrugged it would never work.


Final fight.

Jonathan walked up.

Andrew walked up.

Complete silence was spread around the arena.

Jonathan bowed. "I will not sue anybody if i get hurt with out the protectors." He said removing them.

Andrew grinned. "The same." His was already gone.

Jonathan took a martial art stand the first for tonight.

Andrew did the same.

The judged. "Begin when ever you feel like it." He sighed then rushed out from the arena he had a bad feeling.

The two rushed against each other arms swinging no kicking yet.

The fighters could not even follow the movement of the two.

Then the kicking started and the Arena platform trembled by the skill and power the two used.

Fifteen minutes later.

The Arena platform was crushed and Andrew finally fell down.

Jonathan smiled tired but he DID win.

Five minutes later.

The judged finally found his voice. "Jonathan winner".

Group 1.

"WOW" They all said except Giles. "Bloody hell."

And Buffys. "I can do that." She rolled her eyes. "I learn from them slayer ability easy to learn. I can do that. NOW after they teaches me how."

They nodded that would make more sense.

Group 2...

Xander grinned. Some of the skill he had with sword learned from Yosho was in that level. But in hand to hand he still had lot to learn.

Dawn blinked. That was so awesome.

Bill nodded. "I think we have hard training to do."

The Pints size avengers nodded. They would get better then that.

Group 3.

"I know hire them." The agent said.

Jean nodded. "And find out who the hell their teacher is he got to teach me."

Xander was tired as he walked the group out.

Dawn looked worried.

So did the rest of them.

Sam even held Xanders arms leading the tired elf to the cars.

Joyce blinked the kids were literally guiding Xander he looked like five hard years rolled up in one day. "My god are you allrigt Xander?"

Xander. "I I Im so tired Joyce." He said literally collapsing in Selias hands.

Joyce looked angry at the kids. "What did you do to him?"

Sam blushed. "Nothing. Not much."

Dawn blushed. "We kind of run away sometimes but not long away and He really should not worry about us."

Joyce groaned. "I think he was more worried about the rest of the world. Get inside we are going home."

Selia smiled. "Come now here. Standing up against a Dragon you can do but kids. This is pathetic."

Chapter 32
Coffee breaks...

Joyce smiled. "This really is a good idea Selia."

Selia nodded. "I thought a day out with the adult girls would be great Joyce. What do you think Mary?"

Mary Leona the Philosopher nodded. "Yes."

They sat silent a while Coffee, seeing a theater show it been a great day so far.

Selia. "Do you hate Xander Joyce?"

Joyce paled. "No. No absolutely not... yes." She said looking down on the table.

Selia looked at her a short moment before hugging her. "Why Joyce.

Tell me why."

Joyce cried. "Dawn Bill and the other kids. Every time i see her sneak out to fight i i hate him.

Its his fault he made the deal with Janus and it changed my baby."

Selia nodded. "You do know why dont you."

Joyce nodded. "To close the Hellmouth before the world is destroyed." Mary Leona. "He risked his own life more then once to save Dawn And Buffy."

Joyce nodded. "I know but when i see. Im a terrible person."

Selia smiled. "No you are not. Xander hates himself for what he did. He believes its was necessary but still he hates himself."

Joyce nodded. "I know. Am i wrong hating him."

Selia took a deep breath. "As a mother you have every right.

But as a human living on a world at war between demons and mortals. You really do not have that right.

But Im Elven i grow up among the Sanarie we learn that sacrifice is part of life and part of any war."

Mary Leona. "You have the right i say. But consider this. Hating him. Will it real HELP you OR more important Will it help DAWN?"

Joyce looked at her with question in her eyes. "What!" she said demanding an answer.

Mary Leona took a deep breath. "Xander is willing to die for those he protect and those he calls family. He do anything for you, Dawn and Buffy. Hating him would only drive a edge between you all and in the end that edge might destroy him and the protection he gives you children."

Joyce nodded weakly. "I know and i try i try."

Mary sighed. "Then why dont We help you. Why dont me Selia and you sit down and have a heart to heart talk with Xander clear up any hatred you have. Is hate all you feel about him?"

Joyce shook her head. "No i like him. Jessie is like the son i always wanted and Xander have become like a brother to him and like a son also so."

Selia took a sip of her coffee before talking. "You feel guilty for hating him right?"

Joyce nodded. "I do."

Mary smiled. "Did you know the kid Sam the batboy. His dad used to beat him.

I checked the medical record and had Willow hack some files.

He dont do that anymore.

Sam Put him in the hospital two broken bones in the legs.

One broken arm.

He told the police everything about how he beat his kid up how he was spying on Sams big sister and was planning on having his way with her. Sam and his sister now lives with Bill."

Joyce stammered. "Really i i did not know."

Mary nodded. "Most of the pint size Avengers had a bad home.

Marry mother and father are travelers. A pilot and a doctor in geodrilling. She literally raised herself.

Dawn and you are the only real home she have.

Frank live with his dad.

His mom is died two years ago and dad cares and tries but is partly handicapped a brain damaged from the accident that killed his mother. William he have a good home. But his mother and father always said he should do better in school he was never good enough for them."

She sighed. "Reading and exploring their background James and me cried Bill is the ONLY one of those kids that have a good home and even his home is strange.

An old military family he knows about at least five relatives that died serving their country fighting for freedom and hope.

His family dad and mother knows about the captain America thing and actually are proud.

In a way he grow up among a family of fanatics worshiping US of A.

Every one of the Jacksons family have served USA in the armed forces. The only argue about is which part of the forces he would join up once he was old enough. Army, navy, air force."

Joyce sighed. "So what you are saying is that My home is the only 'normal' home those kids have."

Selia nodded. "I think thats one reason they manage to forgive Xander so fast."

Mary grinned. "Its kind of fun and sad that your home the closest thing to a normal family they have.

And hate Xander.

No the kids absolutely worship him thats why they gave him such a hard time.

They were testing him seeing if he still liked them if they were themselves.

And he do the kids now knows that Xander will love them no matter what."

Joyce dried a tear. "Learning this i i think i will be able to stop hating him only hate what he had to do. You still think talking to him is a good idea?"

Selia nodded. "He will be hurt but after you hugged him and said this he will heal and grow stronger. He knows Joyce hiding emotion your emotions from a elf like is hard almost impossible HE knows about your hate.

If you talk to him he will finally heal and so will you."

Joyce nodded. "Will you two be with me?"

They nodded. Marry. "Tonight?"

Joyce smiled. "Tonight." Inside she was trembling this would be emotional hard for her and Xander.

Summers home...

Buffy blinked. "Whistler what are you doing?"

Whistler grinned. "Hi ya Buff. Come with bad news."

Buffy sighed. "What?"

Whistler pointed towards the spears hiding place. "Any one using that thing to close the gate will die. Save the world but die.

If Xander use it chaos will happen and who knows what will happen nothing good so he is out of it. The same if Dawn use it.

Only some one born in this world can do it Buffy.

Your choice.

Jessie, Willow, Giles, Cordelia, Jonathan, Andrew.

One of the kids.

Or you Buffy."

He said looking at her.

Buffy sat down. "So i will die then?"

Whistler nodded. "If you use it.

If some one dont use it soon the first will open the gate and this time the dragons will not be able to close it they are to weak and it will be the end."

Buffy nodded. "I will do it. I just wished i you know had a chance to love Angel i really loved him."

Whistler smiled. "I can't help you with that but i can let you talk to him in your sleep."

Buffy looked up. "Really?"

Whistler nodded. "Really just go to sleep and you two will talk."

He felt like a dirt bag telling her this but it was necessary. He watched the wall of her room he could feel Dawn in their listening crying and trying not to be heard.

She needed to know this also. Poor kid.

The death of a sister or the death of the whole world life was unfair sometimes.

Chapter 33
Gathering forces..

Giles close the book with a loud bang. "Thats that."

Xander frowned. "That it would be so simple to open the Hellmouth." Giles shook his head. "Not simple. It will only work if the PTB is with us."

Buffy looked down. "They are Giles. Whistler have told me that. And i need to use the spear only then can we be sure the gates closes."

Giles nodded. "Yes right a Champion that was rather obvious."

Bill blinked. "What the dangers?"

Xander. "Million of Demons that will try to rush us IF we have bad luck.

The one using the spear most likely will die.

Other then those two i cant find any more dangers."

Bill rolled his eyes. "A Walk in the park then." He said grinning.

Xander looked over the 'half sized Avengers.' "I really like you to be far away. As a back up team."

Bill ponder a moment before answering. "You are right. Sam, Frank, Marry your main weapons is guns or small throwing starts. That will not be good in this tight area of fighting.

Dawn you know swords you with me and William. And Sam, If you can get Leo De Lavega to join us he is good with the sword right.

The rest of you prepare to shoot and kill any stragglers demons going out or running inside."

Sam nodded. "I can get Leo this is precisely his kind of fighting but remember Zorro is NOT a team player."

Buffy flinched she did not want her baby sister anywhere near but how could she say no.

Xander frowned "I cant say no right."

The kids nodded.

Xander study the floor. "Im going to talk to the General. His trooper can clear the area around the school and then when we open the Hellmouth he can give us support fire the first moment."

William. "Sam and me have experimented with bullets. We have some that can hurt demons most demons."

Xander nodded. "That would be helpful. Do you think the Initiative could arm them self with those in time?"

William frowned. "I dont think so its mostly consist on silver crucifix melted down around a wooden core thats been submerged in holy water OR an explosive mixture that put them on fire."

Xander blinked and looked at the Sam the small Batman grinned an evil grin. "Thats brilliant work. Never ever go evil." Xander said.

Sam only grinned.

Later. The private home of General Rodger Smith.

Ding Dong. The door bell rang.

"I get it Dad." Brittany Smith said the 18 year old girl rushed down hoping that it was her boyfriend.

Opening the door she paled outside stood the a picture from a nightmare.

A tall? THING/Elf? male obvious handsome dressed in a battle armor two large swords hanged from his shoulder a cloak shielded most of his head only the face and the ears was visible.

Brittany backed back in fear the thing followed her removing the cloak hanging it up on the hangers.

"Thanks." Xander said "Now i like to talk to your father. Unless he is a pervert AND a commander of a unit of Kidnapper. In theory that would explain a lot."

"DAAAAD HELP." Brittany screamed in fear he obvious was an alien that was planning on murdering dad and rape her. She grabbed a nearby chair waving it in an aggressive ways towards the elf/alien.

Xander raised a eyebrow.

Rodger came running down and paled. "What are you doing here?"

Xander grinned. "Rodger Rodger is that a way to great an OLD friend. Like me?"

Suddenly a female came running in from the kitchen waving a huge gun. "Freeze Mother fucker." Margaret Smith screamed.

Xander raised an eyebrow glad that he had the light hawk armor on.


General Rodger smith. "Honey its all right HE is not an enemy. And i do not want him to Become a enemy. That is something bad."

Xander nodded. "Yea with my friends being enemy is bad. Well hello Ladies i am Xander from the House and Clan Aled From the Country Alarin in the world Mundana, Clan prince, The Darkwing of vengeance hero of Samar, Brother of Sword, And Father Christmas gift of protection to the good and death to all evil." He said bowing down in a warrior bow. Eyes glowing green and the armor glowing suddenly a pale blue shine as he made his Light hawk wing visible.

Margaret frowned. "Father Christmas. Darling is that thing Crazy?"

Xander grinned. "Margaret Age 10 X-mas gift a toy train that your brother stole, Margaret Age 12 X-mas gift a toy gun a 44 magnum.

Brittany Age 9 a Barbie doll.

Brittany Age 11 ticket to a movie show.

Brittany age 12 a small silver bell necklace." Xander looked at the girls shocked faces. "I could go on and named your husbands most loved gifts from my boss."

Brittany sat down ignoring that their was no chair behind her.

General Rodger Smith groaned then blinked. "You never claimed to be Prince before?"

Xander shrugged. "I am kind of. As clan chief i can be elected to become the king and that is a 100 years work unless the clans decide Im useless. Lucky me Im from a small clan so the chances are small."

The general blinked. "I see. What are you doing here?"

Xander. "Come to talk to you. D-day is closing in. We now can open the gate and close the Hellmouth permanent.

Down side IF we have bad luck a couple of million demons might come visiting."

Rodger frowned. "My wife and my daughter IS not cleared for this information."

Xander smiled. "Well YOU are not breaking any order. I am telling you if the girls are smart they will learn and survive." He walked up. "So lets talk business."

Ding dong.

The door bell rang.

Xander sighed and concentrated trying a new trick he let his Light hawk armor create an illusion around him of an older version of General Smith.

Brittany and the rest blinked.

Grinning Xander opened the door. "Who are you young man?" He said in his best Senile old military voice.

The young jock probably a football player and a vampire Xander could smell it and feel it the demonic taint in his eyes. Smiled. "Hi Im Stephen Im here to see Brittany Sir."

Xander hid his grin. "Brittany. Brittany. Ooh My granddaughter lovely child. Did you know she had problem wetting her bed until she was 14 years old.

And is such a bright and smart child."

The Vampire blinked. And groaned. "Here now old man."

Xander frowned. "Old man. You should know young Puppy i was fighting protecting this land during the WW 1 and WW 2 and i was their saving private Ryan."

Behind him Brittany looked in panic at her father that stood like a frozen statue wondering both of them wondering what to do.

Xander had fun. He grabbed the Vampire suddenly by the neck. "Now lets get you in young man." He said pushing the vampire first in to the side of the door face first and then dragging the stunned vampire inside. "Im sorry. You know i was world Champion in Weight lifting 1941. It was a good year."

The Vampire took a deep breath trying NOT to attack the Old idiot right now.

Brittany. "Hi hi Stephen. We should go now."

Xander grabbed both of them by the shoulder. "Oh no not yet young love this days. Let us eat something first. Its so fun talking to youngsters today."

Stephen growled and vamped out. "Die old man die." He said grasping after the old fools throat.

Xander easily dodged and kicked the vampires knee tripping him.

He relished the illusion.

Grinning. "That Is a vampire. If you Smithy had told them about them how to recognize them and always wear a Crucifix or a Jew star Brittany life would have been much safer."

The vampire rolled around. "I i i The gift. You the gift."

Xander nodded studying the Vampire. "So i will give you a choice between two gifts. A pain less death or a Death by torture."

The vampire swallowed. "Painless death sir."

Xander. "Why did your sire send you here? And who are your sire?"

Stephen the vampire swallowed. "Spike is my sire. He notice that these guys were hunting vampire so he decided to turn the general and his families. To get his hands on weapons. Against you and the other hunters."

Xander smiled. "Thanks. With that he stabbed the vampire with his stake dusting it." He turned around. "Like i said. Be smart inform you family. Now you have Spike a vampire that so far killed 2 slayers by himself and earned the name Slayer of slayer.

He is a vicious master vampire that liked to torture by using railroad spike and got his name Spike from that. "

General Smith nodded. "I i will tell them."

Margaret. "Rodger he just murder Stephen."

Rodger. "No honey Stephen was already dead that was a Vampire a real vampire that he killed."

Xander nodded. "When a new vampire is created the human soul is trapped inside the undead body inside its tortured by the acts the demon that IS the vampire do. Killing a vampire is freeing the soul from pain eternal."

Brittany started to cry her boyfriend was dust on the floor.

Xander hugged her looking at her with as much caring and friendship he could bring up by thinking about Dawn, Selia, and his friends.


Smith nodded. "I will help you. So who is the special unit you have." Xander sighed. "The pint size Avengers. A group of children that got the skills to fight demons and vampire."

Seeing Margaret frowning and angry face he continued.

"Remember that the report in the paper and TV about a slaver and drug smugglers in the harbor." He said.

Seeing them nod he continued.

"That was the Pintsize Avengers that decided to destroy the smugglers. They are 6 children between 12 and 13, The smugglers where over a hundred.

One have the skill and ability of the fantasy character Captain America. One have the skills of Lucky Luck He Can shoot faster then a UZI. Thats only some of them the rest are just as dangerous."

The girls blinked.

The general nodded. "We know about them. So i will give you the troops you need. And see that they are under YOUR and Bill command."

Frowning a bit Xander then grinned. "I think it would be best IF we cross trained letting the troopers see how good us kids are in fighting they might get a bit respect. Of us.

And William need a new gun his Six shooters is good gun but imagining him with a real modern gun. And IF you have any moral ignore them. After all you did that when you kidnapped Willow."

The general nodded. "I will see that its done."

His wife and daughter looked at the elf that now stood up. Their self image and belief of the world had serious crack.

Xander smiled tossing them a pair of paper.

"Doc James Tucker a famous Psychologist. He knows about the demons, Vampires, IN this town, He can help you.

And Doc Marry Leona a Philosopher specializes in helping other developing a new way of thinking or solving problem of beliefs.

Both of them have put up office in this town.

If you are Smart Smith you let your troopers use their service.

They really can help.

And do not even think about kidnapping Dr Tucker that would be bad."

With that he walked out.

Brittany looked at him. "Dad why would you kidnap Dr Tucker."

Smith sighed. "i will not Honey. Its just that Dr Tucker is a Werewolf."

She blinked.

Smith smiled. "You know that girl in the golf club you are so angry at. Harmony she IS a Were-cheetah."

Brittany blinked. "Wow so the rumors are true SHE is the fastest Cheerleader in school. I believed they meant that she was easy a fuck."

Smith sighed they had not kidnapped her but instead ASKED her friendly and got what they wanted.

His soldiers that interview her and actually manage to get her to give them some blood and tissue sample had proven that she was the fastest cheerleader in more then ONE way.

One of them still smiled a goofy smile when ever you mention her name.

Chapter 34
Gathering Weapons

General Smith was talking in the phone.

"Yes sir. No sir. Mr. President have you read the file at all. "

President. "Demons Vampires and gates to hell do you really want me to believe that?"

General Smith. "I do not care if you believe. What i do know is that creatures that Looks like Vampires IS existing and turning other humans in to Vampire like things.

And that creatures looking like Demons exist.

Whats worst is that their is a gate between dimensions in this town to the home of those Demon like things.

The gate is closed barely and we have ONE change to close it permanent."

The President. "I see. My adviser said i should believe you.

So what do you need."

General Smith. "Thank you sir. I need some blessed crucifix made OF silver they have to be from a real church thats way we can be sure. Some priest ready for blessing duty real believers.

And Two atomic Bombs. One really big one in a small missile. As small as you can get it."

The president. "Thats a strange order."

General Smith. "You read the file. The demonic things and vampire really hurts by things that are 'holy' Christian, Jew, Wiccan, Any religion symbol hurts them. And blessed silver you can make bullets from"

The president sighed. "Alright what about the Nukes."

The general grinned. "Sir we are going to nuke hell."

LATER...Much later...

Xander grinned when they were good the Pintsize Avengers were really fun to be around.

And now when the Scooby gang was with him he had a blast.

"Alright gather up." He yelled.

As they silent down he pulled out some object from his subspace pocket. "Jessie this is for you." He said casting over a beautiful Katana.

Giles gasped. "Where did you find that?"

Xander grinned. "Yosho was over 700 year old Giles, The best swords fighter in his world and he really knows about swords. How to use them, how to evaluate them. And how to forge them."

Jessie grinned testing the balance it was perfect.

Willow frowned. "Xander you and he can create the a light sword why use a normal sword."

Jessie. "Will it take time to shape the light sword. If we instead Empower a normal sword it go much faster.

And a normal sword power up BY the light hawk wing is actually much more effective."

Xander nodded. "He right Willow ever wonder why it take longer time for Jessie to create a light sword then his light armor."

Bill grinned. "He power up his pants and shirts so they become armor. RIGHT?" He yelled happy.

Xander and Jessie nodded. "Yup that we do."

Giles nodded. "Well lets go then." He was wondering how Xander manage to forge a Katana it should have taken months.

Jessie hang the Katana on his belt as they walked to the army base of the Initiative. But he was wondering if Xander made some other weapon. After all If Xander used the Light hawk wing to forge the Katana it would only take some hours or so.

He really wished he knew how to forge a Katana.

The guard frowned a strange group was coming up to the gates.

He was recently arrived to this place but even HE knew that this group had nothing to do in this place.

It was 9 adults most of them wearing swords and weapon and strange armor and 7 kids. Most of them wearing weapons and dressed like super heroes.

No his Mother had not given birth to any fool. "FREEZE." He said aiming the rifle.

The guard chief rolled his eyes. "Did you read the order this morning?"

The guard still aiming the gun. "Yes sir waiting for Civilian fighter Xander Aled and allied troops."

The Guard chief pointed out. "Thats them."

The guard still not lower the gun. "They they are teenagers. And they have illegal weapons."

The chief nodded. "And only two of them manage to kick OUR butts and walked out of here sending half the troops in to early retirement. So do you really feel like aiming a gun at them is a good idea."

The guard swallowed it was basic reading for any trooper this day he more or less forgot about reading it but was told by others.

Something about them kidnapping some one and they got angry and lots of troopers got the nick name Stumpy because of the lack of arms and legs. He did lower the gun really really fast.

Xander shrugged as he walked in. "Hi Joe."

The guard chief nodded. "You two up for Poker tonight."

Xander nodded. "Selia?" She nodded. "We be their gun store five as usual." Xander said.

The Guard chief grinned. "Great then maybe i can finally charm you Selia i still say i would be much better for you then Xander."

Selia giggled and Xander rolled his eyes as they walked by.

Giles blinked. "You know them."

Xander nodded. "Yea i found out about the game one night as i was sneaking in and stealing things. So i ask if i could join them."

The new guard gun twitched. As he looked angry at the Guard Chief.

He was just smiling.

Unseen by any one William used his full lucky Luke speed to steal the ammo from the guards just in case.

Later On the Targeting range...

William grinned in front of him was two beautiful guns. "Wow," he said.

Xander nodded. "Specially forged. Six shooter i use the light hawk wing to reinforce them on molecular level. You had problem with the old ones right?"

William nodded. "They keep on breaking."

Xander smiled. "Its your speed. This one you have no problem with i think."

The troopers just looked in shock as the civilian gave a pair of guns to a KID.

The only thing stopping them was that the General was their.

Xander grinned. "Now why dont you show us how to use them. I think you can find the targets."

William nodded putting the new Six shooter in the holster. "Begin." He said already loaded them unseen by the speed he moved in.

He had the bag fully loaded with extra ammo in quick reloads.

The general grinned. "First target and keep them coming.

A long line of small targets on a rolling band started moving.

Suddenly Explosion was heard rapid sounds like from a UZI and faster then the band could move the targets was hit.

A voice from the speaker. "I i dont believe it. He hit every one."

The Soldier swallowed they not even seen the kid move.


Xander grinned. Holding up a bag and emptied it dollars was pouring down on the floor about 10,000. "According to the personal file. Mr. Franklin and Lacos is the ruling Champion in fighting."

The two nodded as they stepped forward.

Xander. "I made a deal with the General. IF the two of you manage to beat My one chosen fighter. Then the two of you are EACH get 10,000 dollar. Remember IF you hold back you will lose and get nothing.


Sam walked up on the arena the small 12 year old dressed as batman made the trooper laught.

Xander. "Thats my champion. Remember 10,000 if you win. Toilet duty if you lose."

The two frowned then looked at Sam. "Sorry kid you or us."

Sam smiled evil pulling a small Bola from his belt sending it flying to the first one as he charged the other one.

Most of the troopers paled.

Trooper 1 "Augh i did not know a arm could be twisted that way."

Trooper 2 "I dont think it can."

Trooper Franklin. "Aaaa my arm my arm no." Snap. "You you broke it."

Sam. "he he he," giggled as he walked away.

Xander frowned. "That really was not nice."

Sam shrugged. "He made a deal with a judge. Avoid prison for some really bad crimes IF he joined the army. He deserved it."

Xander shake his head. "Well If Cordelia, Jonathan could join me and Buffy then we can show them what a real fighter can do."

Saying that he pulled out a bokken.

Cordy grinned she was far better with swords and mazes then unarmed. And Xander well he kicked her butt with a sword. Unarmed well such a nice butt to kick.

The troopers blinked they would Never ever say 'that must be trick filming no way a human can move that fast' again.

After the show General Smith smiled. "These guys and girls will train you for THE mission. We are going to close the Hellmouth, a Gate to hell once and for all. During that mission the gate will be open and demons might escape.

These experts are on the front we will be back up.

Any one of you that manage to impress them Might join them on the front. Remember that. I like to see as many of you as possible.

After all THEY are teenagers self trained Civilians.

We get paid i expect as many as possible to be their with them."

The troopers hade some mixed feeling. Sure it was embarrassing looking like fools and amateur by teenagers and civilians.

But fighting on the brink of hell was dangerous.

But it was their duty.

As the training began Xander sneaked away.

General smith. "Here is the plan Xander."

Xander grinned. "Wow. I say we use some missile first the explosions should clear out anything in the way.

Then we fire Big mamma in the belly of the beast."

General Smith nodded. "Fifteen minutes or."

Xander frowned. "Take 30 minutes. If the gate is not closed by then we all go to hell any way."

The general nodded. "30 minutes then big mamma go boom right." He smiled. "You know kid i wish i had more bomb the idea of nuking hell make me really happy."

Xander grinned.

Chapter 35
Gathering Weapons

-16 year old Xena copy robs bank in Central La use Chackram throwing disk, Sword and gun. Five police officer in hospital. More on page 15-Xander sighed as he put the New-paper down.

Just like he expected some of those possessed had become other things then heroes.

Well nothing he could do about it right now. "Selia what are we going to do today?"

Selia grinned. "Well you have training with the kids. Then some training with the troopers. Then after you and me are going for dinner. And after that if you still have any strength wild wild sex."

Xander nodded. "Sound like a good plan." Some how after gaining the Light hawk wings he had always the strength for more sex. It was luck that Selia abilities from being Ryoko had given her some extra endurance as well as a flight ability.

And recently discover also an ability to teleport up to 100 m distance. Xander suspected that she might have other abilities.

The Jacksons Home.

Outside the American flag was waving on the flag pole as it always did except during days of catastrophes.

Bill scratched his head tired but Dad had said he and Sam should be up early this morning. He really did not care about that so much but.

Sam growled tiredly his 'batman' skill had NO way given him the urge or ability to appreciate mornings.

No a Good-morning were an awful evil monster. Like Vampires.

Night was what he liked. "Why what so important that your crazy dad must wake us in the morning?" He said with hate that only a tired kid could talk in.

Bill blushed. "Hi dad."

Freddy Jackson the dad of Bill frowned a bit. But sighed. "Well the reason i called you two. This early is that I like to give you a gift each. And i like to see your reaction to them."

Bill blinked "A gift."

Sam looked suspicious. HIS original dad the one he putt in hospital to save himself and his sister from being abused, would only give him gift when he needed to bribe them. "A Gift TO me?" He said suspicion dripped from him.

Freddy Jackson nodded. "I know your not my son yet. But if the court agree and you like to you might also become my son.

But you ARE a hero a true American hero just like my boy And This is something i think a REAL hero needs.

It is an Americans duty to help a hero its patriotic thing to do."

Bill sighed and whispered. "This could be embarrassing."

Sam nodded. The whole Jackson clan was 120% patriotic to the ideal of USA. Every MALE Jackson sense 1805 had served time in the Armed forces as militarynavyair force. Or if they were handicapped as voluntary fire fighters.

And every female Jackson had found a Soldier to marry.

Having their son turn to a living and REAL version of Captain America the ONE and ONLY cartoon that all was allowed for children in the Jacksons home.

Even if lately in respect for HIM they had agreed on letting the cartoons of Batman to be read inside the house.

Sam agreed this could be bad.

Freddy open the door to the Garage where the rest of the family and even two uncles that knew was waiting.

When they both was inside the uncles and Daddy Jackson walked to a blanked and pulled it away.

Underneath was two beautiful Cross motorbikes.

One painted in the USA Flag.

The other one Night black.

Both had strange headlamps.

Sam jaw and mouth was so open that he could not only could catch fly but probably an Eagle.

Freddy grinned. "A true champion of freedom needs some wheels. Sons boys. I wish that the two of you had been in a proper age like 18 and joined up in the service the true way to serve our glory country. But now the fate called you to serve USA in a different way.

That will not make us any less prouder of the two of you."

He dried a tear trying not to think about the REST of the Jacksons reaction to the fact that Bill would probably NEVER join the military of USA. And they would not know about him being a REAL hero.

"So me and the boys." He said after collecting himself "Decided to give you something to drive on."

Bills Uncle Jericho. "Grinned. The helmet have IR goggles and the lamps are IR light. Invisible for the naked eye but with the goggles it will be as bright as the day.

I also got the two of you some sneaky throwing daggers.

Not that you should depend on sneaky Bill you are a champion an example of the good in man. But you might need it.

And you Sammy do use the sneaky way so i taught it would be good for you."

Sam nodded happy as he started to explore the bike. "I i. I dont know what Im going to say." He said trying to stop his tears.

"th... tha... thank.. thanks." He stuttered out before running out to hide his tears.

Bill looked down. "His one dad never gave him gift Dad.

Crying even in happy his real dad would have beaten him up.

He is afraid of showing others male tears only his sister can see them he trust her."

He frowned. "And he trust Xander. Xander have seen him cry."

Freddy nodded. "I see. So he is glad then."

Bill nodded. "Like me overjoyed."

His older Uncle Pontus, Jerichos and Freddy brother frowned. "Is the scumbag alive. I talking about Sams dad."

Bill turned his eye. "I think so Sam broke bones in his arm legs and put gave the police evidence to put him away for good."

Jericho frowned. "I What about his mother"

Bill "She rather not get involved turned a blind eye to what ever her husband did. Why?"

Jericho. "I Think i will ask my wife to have a talk with her."

Bill sighed. Jericho have married female professional Wrestler one that served jail sense for fighting on more then time.

She really was a friendly and great with kids.

But hurt a child near her and she go ballistic.

Pontus grinned. "Thats great." The bitch needed to be hurt but as a male he could not do it, it would be wrong.

But nothing wrong with asking the wife to beat up a bitch.

Shaking his head Bill started to check up on the bike.

Summers home...

Joyce frowned. "I AM going Buffy. Their is nothing more with that."

Buffy felt like crying. "But mom it will be dangerous."

Joyce nodded. "Thats why i will be with the sick crew helping any wounded. I am not a front line fighter. But i do have training in first aid and rescue."

Dawn twitched her mother was going to help save life during the opening of the Hellmouth as a first aid nurse.

The whole group of summer girls would be in harms way and their was nothing she could do about it.

Carefully she sneaked out to Marry she might like to do something.

Somewhere else...

Spike grinned. "Yes the Big bad is back." He looked at his new arm it was perfect fit. Suddenly he froze.

The arm tremble. "No no your MINE." He said and finally wrestle the control back from the soul of the former owner still trapped inside his now undead arm.

Spike grinned. "Not perfect but good."

The scholar vampire nodded. "Like i said willpower. The good thing is as time grows your willpower will improve. With that comes other abilities like mind control."

Spike grinned his arm trembled he could feel the anger and lust to dust him from inside the arm. But his willpower was suppressing it and it grew more and more powerless under his strength.

"Now i will find that Elf bastard and hurt him."

The scholar raised an eyebrow before he said something. "The elf is formidable but i heard that he is friend with the slayer mother. Why not hurt two for the price of one. Kill the slayers mother."

Spike frowned then grinned. "You bloody right."

Time to make plans.

Chapter 36
Preparing the Field of honor...

General Sam study the blue prints. "Well thats irritating."

Agent Reiner frowned. "What?"

Sam smiled. "Both Xander and the Kid America said those walls have to be destroyed. We have to rip apart the library."

Agent nodded. "No problem we have it done in a day work."

The General smiled. "Any other problem."

Agent Reiner smiled. "Yes we found out that the mayor is apparently a Wizard trying to become a really demon."

General frowned. "Any problem?"

Reiner smiled. "No we kidnapped him and put him in deep sleep.

He seems to be immortal so we let our doctors try to find out what make him tick. If the magic have change anything inside."

The general twitched that sounded painful.

Xander walked over. "So how go the planning."

General Sam smiled. "Fine. We have the battle plan ready. Did any one of our men cleared you high standards."

Xander blushed. "Well. You know how you really love the idea of a super soldier."

General Sam nodded feeling fear in his heart. "Yes."

Xander grinned. "You have them. Fifteen male soldiers and Two girls. Are now Were-Cheetahs."

General Sam flinched. "How we have not even begun trying OUT the were blood we have in bottle yet."

Xander laughs. "Harmony apparently found out about your weekly medical checkup making your troopers free from ANY sexual sickness. She really like sex and Well. Biting during orgasm."

Agent Rein groaned. "And the female troopers?"

Xander shrugged. "She is know as the fastest Cheerleader in Sunnydale for a reason you know."

The general. "So in other world Were-cheetahs can now be based as a Sexual transmitted Disease."

Xander nodded happy he could see the two of them started having a pain full headache. "See it from the bright side guys.

You finally have your super troopers. A bit furry and with a bite."

The two sighed as he walked away happy grinning.

General Sam blinked. "Why did HE know about it and we did not?"

Still walking Xander turned around and answer the question.

"I am a shaman seeing the Were infection IS simple for me.

They will not know it until after more then five full moons have past.

In theory IF you find a Mage or Wiccan that knows about the Were-magic they can be cured." With that he left.


Joyce put the paper down. "What do you say about going for a movie?" She said asking anybody inside the room.

James Croker frowned. "As long as its a child movie Im in." The psychologies had long time found out NO one liked going to a movie with him if it was a normal movie because he always ended up doing a profile on the hero and villain.

But child movies cartoons then he could relax.

William and Marry looked up. "Pleas could we go and see the Beauty and the beast?" They asked.

Dawn looked up. "Ooh Mom why dont you go and let them see the movie me and Bill have home work to do." She said blushing.

Joyce hid her grin. Knowing that Xander was in the house and trusting the half size version of Captain America. "Well then its William and Marry and you James." They all grinned.

"Lets go to the movie." Joyce said.

William blinked. "Wait let me make some sandwich to eat."

He ran inside to the kitchen.

Joyce blinked and walked after. "That might take time i better help hi." She fell silent just watching the kid gripping a knife throwing up a Sausage in the air and started to work in full Lucky Luke speed.

Up flied the Sausage followed by a Pepperoni. With a snap paper thin slices of Sausage and Pepperoni fell down perfect on the bread resting on the table.

Sam ignored that as he ripped lose on the salad sending parts flying and landing on the Sandwich.

Joyce twitched she barely saw his arms move then suddenly the sandwich started to grow as food after food fell down on it in perfect sliced parts. "Where have you learn to do that?" She said when he finally wrapped the sandwich up.

William grinned. "Jonathan show me. He can do the same thing when cooking food."

Joyce nodded turning her eyes she saw the kid had manage to clean up the kitchen. Except the Sausage that he forgot about.

Grinning she put it away.


"Spike Spike." The minion screamed.

The Vampire master sighed. "Sorry love." He said. "What?"

The Minion. "The slayer mom and some kids are going to the movie."

Spike grinned. "Call the others tonight we eat out."

The girl vampire sighed. "Spike can i torture one of them?"

Spike nodded happy. "You can have one of the kids."

With that the pack started to move out.

Later much later...

Marry and William was happy singing songs from the movie the two 12 year olds was holding hands as they walked happy.

Behind them Joyce and James walked talking about things of more adult nature.

Joyce frowned. "I did not know that."

James nodded. "It true. Im a Bisexual a closet gay in a way. Thats why my i have five X-wives."

Joyce. "Why dont you come out and live life like you know other gays." James sighed. "Cant i still like females and you know living in the border between heterosexual and homosexual its kind of like a no-mans land the gay community do not accept you and."

Joyce nodded. "Ooh And its better being seen as a failed heterosexual then a failed gay."

James nodded. "Yup."

Joyce smiled. "And becoming a werewolf on tops of that. Looks like you life is as messed up as mine are."

"Dont Worry about that Love." Spike said lighting a smoke. "Soon you have no life to worry about."

Around him his minion moved like a pack of wolfs surrounding their prey.

Marry and William backed up beside Joyce and James.

Their hands already grapping their guns and stakes.

James focused his willpower to release the beast. "Joyce stand back." Joyce nodded.

And with a Howling roar James turned himself in to his Werewolf shape. With a growling voice that shocked the vampires. "Lets rumble boys." His teeth shining in the night and claws ready for slaughter.

Spike frowned. "A werewolf that can talk. Wonder how you taste."

"You never find out." William said.

He and Marry had drawn their guns and stakes.

Spike grinned. "How cute the kids have weapons and a baby stake."

The Vampires laught.

Spike started to move. "Take the wolf down first."

Like on a gong bell the brawl started.

James charged right in slashing and biting Vampires as fast as he could.

William let his first stake fly and then his second and his forth and his sixteen stake and then he was out of stakes.

Spike could only blink as 16 vampires suddenly was dust. And the kid was grinning.

He was just charging the boy when a -BOOM- Was heard and he felt a small tingling feeling in his head.

Then all was dark.

Marry grinned her bullet had shot straight thru his brain. Even a vampire would need hours to heal that.

William smiled and letting his Lucky Luke speed rave the rest of the vampire soon was on the ground twitching as their body tried to repair themselves.

Grasping a stake the four friends started to dust the hurt vampires. Joyce frowned. "Where is Spike?"

They looked around the slippery bastard manage to sneak away.

Floating face down in the dirty water of the sewer Spike felt bad he was really hurt. Part of the brain refused to heal probably a blessed bullet.

Something he would need to dig out. And for that he needed help.

Crawling and swimming in the mud he moved forward he would get his revenge.

But next time he hire some one to do it.

Some where else...

"Why are we here?" Leo asked his friend Sam. As they sat on a cross bike watching a small house beneath them.

Sam dressed in a modified Batman costume lower his monocular. "The Xena wannabe is inside of their."

Leo took a deep breath. "Are we going after her alone."

Sam frowned. "No no. Im studying her waiting for the right moment.

Beside the banks she hits was all owned by a South African company. She and her father were run out from their most of what they own was stolen just because it was found out that ONE of their forefathers during the 1700th was black."

Leo nodded. "Revenge."

Sam smiled. "Right. I trying to find out a way to get HER to work for US. Im no Xander i dont know what to say. Or how to say it."

Leo nodded. "If we could find her a partner a Gabrielle."

Sam grinned. "Willow."

Leo frowned "What"

Sam smiled. "Its a perfect match both of them like to steal from criminals. Beside Im sure she could talk to the girl."

The two smile dark knights grinned and Zorro and Batman was gone as the bike moved away in full speed in hidden by darkness.

Later in Willows home.

Willow blinked. "You want me to do WHAT?" She yelled.

Not only had the Batman kid broken in to her room in the middle of the night to ask her to be come friend to a overaggressive swords nuts girl.

But he a had the other Batman wannabe with him.

She had NO idea how Xander could stand these guys.

"Snow storm." She said aiming at the two.

Shivering in cold and cover in snow the two Dark Knight started to walk out from her room.

Sam nodded speaking to Willow. "We can talk more tomorrow hopefully you are in a better mode then."

Leo De Lavega Muttered a bit to high. "She probably have her periods Grumpy and bitch like."

Willow growled. "YOU you YOU FIRE."

Sam "RUN RUN RUN." Leo "Eeeeeep."

And the two 12 year old Dark knights was running away with an angry Willow after them.

Chapter 37
Heroes like family...

Willow groaned. "This will NOT work." She was currently dressed like Gabriella from the show Xena.

Beside her the two fools Or Dark knights nodded enthusiastic.

Sam grinned. "I know it will work. Anna is Xena obsessive and thanks to Halloween SHE have the skills of Xena. Right."

Willow nodded. "Right." She said in a dry voice.

Sam continued. "So even IF she dont believe you to be Gabriella seeing you Dressed like her would give you the chance to talk.

If not Fireball her."

Leo nodded. "Yea you good at that." He said with irritated voice the burn on his rear was still painful even after Willow used a healing spell on them. "Stupid girl." He said silently.

Willow looked at him hard. "I will do it. But you two. Next time i will NOT heal you after i fire-spank you."

She walked away towards the building in the background she could here Leo mutter something but she could not here what it was. But she felt a urge to fireball him again.

Leo. "Stupid flat Chested witchy red head."

Sam moved a bit away in case Willow could hear him.

Knock knock.

Willow knocked on the door of the cabin.

Suddenly the door opened and Anna opened the door. Willow did remember seeing her in school she was part of the Xena club and reserve in the gymnastic team.

As Anna open the door she stared in shock then slowly started to cry as she hugged Willow. "Gaby your reborn also."

Willow blinked. That when much more peaceful then she believed it would. "Hmm Excuse me Anna."

Anna looked at her curious. "Call me Xena Gaby Im so glad you here." She said giving Willow a deep kiss.

On the hill spying.

"Uuh twice the girl worms." Leo said.

Sam sighed Leo could be so childish sometimes. "I think it look hot."

At the house

Willow felt her legs go week now why could Oz not kiss like that.

"Mamma." She wonder a moment what to say. "Ha he ho." Yes now she remembered. "Kiss me." No that was wrong. Let Ooh wait she did.

On the Hill spying.

Sam. "I am SO glad i have a camera i think Oz going to like this."

Leo nodded. "Huh huh." He frowned "I think i like a copy."

Sam nodded. "Im going to give all the guys a copy."

At the house.

Anna grinned. Lifting willow up in her arms and carrying her inside. "I missed you so much Gabby."

Willow blinked she was heterosexual right. "Hmmm i can we talk?"

On the hill.

Sam "Crap we have to sneak closer to get better picture."

Leo grinned and the two sneaked forward.

In the house.

Willow swallowed. "I i am not Gabriella but i need you help."

Anna eyes turned hard. "What do you mean." She had her hand on the sword.

Willow swallowed. "Let me show you and dont hurt me." Seeing the warrior girl nodding she took a deep breath. "Fireball." A small ball of fire was burning in her hand.

Anna study the ball. "Your a Witch."

Willow nodded. "And me and my friends are going to try permanent close a gate to hell. The PTB. Powers that Be a group of gods gave us their support but to close it permanent it must be open and."

Anna study her. "You need warrior."

Willow smiled "Yes. We already had to stop the gate from opening three times these past years. And now we have the means to permanent destroy it."

Anna/Xena nodded. "I can sense that you are telling the truth."

Willow nodded. "Yes. Are you going to hurt me?"

Anna smiled. "No Gabby. I will not."

Willow blinked. "Im not Gabby"

Anna smiled vanished. "Sure your not." It was obvious Gabby memory had not survive the rebirth but she could recognize that kiss ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. "Hi Im Anna the reborn Xena. Would you like to be friends."

Willow nodded carefully she could feel the warrior had something planed for her. And her lust filled eyes did nothing to make her feel comfortable. And why was it so hot in here.

"Ooh yea my 'friends' are probably nearby."

Anna frowned. "Tell me more."


"Crap why dont they DO anything." Sam complained.

Leo nodded. "Stupid girls never do anything fun."

"Stupid girls." A hard voice said from behind.

The two dark knights turned around seeing Anna/Xena standing their holding her Chackram in her hand.

Sam blinked. "But but you in there."

Willow smiled. "Illusion."

Anna smiled. "So you think she is a bitch."

Leo looked at Sam then back at Anna. "Yes. Why?"

Anna grinned. "That was NOT a nice thing to say." She said pulling her sword free. Her heavy double edged sword was free in a moment.

But so was Leo Rapier he single edged lighter but longer sword more suited for stabbing and thrusting then cutting and cutting.

Anna smiled. "So think you are a fighter. E Garde.

And they started to fight.

Sam raised an eyebrow. "She was playing with him not any more."

The two fighters was going for full this was something they were not spoiled with a challenge.

Anna had the size advantage strength and endurance.

Leo had the advantaged of training against other that had size, Strength and endurance and Skill advantage.

So they were pretty much equal there. The main problem was the size of his sword it was a bit to long for a child.

Willow sighed. "They are having fun."

Sam nodded. "This could take time."


They were sitting in Annas van a stolen one as they drown down to SunnyD.

Anna grinned. "Aaa stop whining kid."

Leo growled where he stand. "You didnt have to spank me." He whined his butt already hurt after Willows fireball.

Sam rolled his eyes. "If you could keep your mouth closed then maybe she would not have hurt you."

Leo nodded. Stupid girls but he kept his mouth closed for now.

"You wait Anna until i get bigger then Im going to show you what a swords master can do."


General Sam felt happy actually with this news as he talked with Xander. "Alright we keep the Xena bank robber free and unmolested and unarrested for now.

And IF she joins us closing the Hellmouth i will personally see that she is pardon for any crime."

It was a fair deal after all the president had agreed.

He sighed. "Xander We tried the Halloween spell to get soldier to become super trained in moment but."

Xander nodded. "But what"

General Sam sighed "It did not really work that well. Would you know why Giles refuse to tell us and well."

Xander nodded "Two things. First Its a chaos god ONLY if it gives him something interesting to watch he will grant it.

I believe that you chose character that would be easy to control and had great skills."

The general nodded.

Xander smiled. "That from a god of change is NOT interesting.

The second thing thats needed for the spell to really catch is the right mental background.

Each of us that had the spell skill and abilities stuck have ONE thing in common we longed for change.

We needed something new a change a walk on the wild side.

Improving ourselves or changing anything better then what we are."

The general looked curious at him.

Xander nodded. "Just ask James. The kind of guys that the spell would stick on his essentially the kind of types that is unsuitable to be empowered.

We are the lone riders the ones that walked our own way do our own things. I recommend that you do not continue with this type of experiment."

The general nodded. He just knew that the egghead would ignore the warning.

Xander smiled. "So how the preparations going?"

The general grinned "The bomb we are shooting in hell is a modified MIRV About five warheads in one payload. With a delayed explosion 30 minutes."

Xander smiled. "Thats great. And the first missiles?"

General. "Simple Anti personal missiles. The type is classified and forbidden according to the Geneva convention. They are design to clear out city areas from military or civilian units with as little material damage as possible."

Xander nodded. "Well i cant think of anything more then."

The general smiled. "No the players are ready the game is set now we just have to see how is the winner."

Agent Reiner nodded. "We can only hope."

They sighed.

Xander then pulled up a bottle putting it on the table unseen and unnoticed he pressed a button.

"I was saving this for later.

Its from MY home world.

A Tirak drink The Black Dragon.

It make Tequila looks weak and harmless.

We of the brother of Swords the elite units consist of Elf, Humans, Tiraks, and Dwarfs, have adopted this as our drink.

Before going out to a war and after a large battle won we take a drink celebrating our brothers and sisters alive and dead and for victory."

With that he poor 3 drinks and stood up. "I offer you friendship as my Brothers of the Swords. Let us drink for our victory. For family for friends for the future."

The General swallowed taking his drink so did Agent Reiner. The first real show of friendship.

"Brothers." Xander said and swallowed his drink. A Shiver was seen on his face as the strong drink came down in him. "Aaaaaaa."

The General grinned he felt like his body was filled with Fire and ice spice not existing in this world burned him and froze him alive in a both painful and pleasure way.

Agent Reiner coughed. "Now that strong." He felt cold and hot at the same time and liked one more. With a huge bang he put the glass down.

General Sam nodded. "Strong really strong." He said.

Xander grinned. "Care for more?" They nodded.

Reiner. "Could you tell us about the Brothers of the Sword."

Xander nodded. "Sure in a way everyone at the gate fighting will be part of that." And he began telling them the story of the birth of the brothers the training and the strengths and the new fighting legend that was born.

Captain Mendoza froze outside the General room he and the secretary were listening on the speaker. "Should we tell him that they forgot about the speaker and its transmitting."

The secretary frowned. "If they say something thats classified i like to hear about the brothers."

In the training hall. Jessie grinned Xander had invited him before. The rest of the room fell silent as the tale of death bravery and heroes in a world of dragons and magic was told.

Selia smiled Xander had really learned how to tell a tale.

Sure what he said WAS the truth well mostly the truth But he now knew how to tell it in an interesting way.

Chapter 38
Starting the fight...

Giles sighted. "Alright be ready. The ritual will take exactly ONE hour. Me and Amatera and Rachel will start now."

With that the man dedicated his life from bringing hell to earth started the ritual that might do bring it their.

With him he had two witches from England that the Watcher council had send him together with a good luck you better not fail for all of us.

The Gunner sitting underneath a huge load of missile sweated even him untrained in magic could feel the power building.

General Smith looked in awe from behind the TV station power flowing around the 3 mage. Around him was the sick personal the medivac teams ready to save the fighters if needed.

You did not need to be an animal to smell the fear in that room Smith could taste it in the air.

Around him the badge of Brother of the sword were shining Xander had given them all a big speech manage to fire them all up given them bravery and guts when it was needed the most.

He sighed some men he would kill for others he would die for but that kid he follow to hell and this time it was no joke he really DID follow him to hell.

Jean smiled as he drove in the BMW.

He decided to ask the kids if they like a part in his new movie himself.

And possible learn some martial arts tricks.

He blinked a military guard post was rerouting the traffic away from Sunnydale. A big sign saying Toxic spill danger were posted.

He ponder that a moment hoping no one had been hurt.

Then the soldier walked up. "YOU have to turn around Sir."

Jean blinked. "You wouldnt happen to know where Cordelia Chase and Jonathan IS?"

The trooper a man never really liked the movies blinked something was familiar with that man. Probably one of Xander crew they all were strange and undisciplined. "Your part of Xander fighters. The gang are at the location already Sir." He asked.

Jean blinked then remember the 'babysitter' and the kid ninja. "A Yes i am. Could you point me to where they are i am a bit lost."

The soldier sighed as he gave him a map. "Just follow the road to Sunnydale high. Boo Open the gates. Now drive hell is coming with in the hour you better be there by then."

Jean Claude Van Damne blinked as he drove inside the forbidden area. What the hell happened and why hade he the feeling continue driving would be a mistake.

He cursed his natural curiosity and continue driving.

Mean while at the gate. "O man." One of the guards said. "Thats Van Damne. And i forgot to ask for his autograph."

The other one guard sighed. "He probably did not have the time. Its prove it you never know who the really heroes are."

They nodded. Looking at the BMW driving towards hell.

From that day and to the future both knew which Movies they would watch.

Xander drained his last cup of juice. "Ready Jessie. Bill."

The two nodded.

Already fully armed and armored.

They walked away towards the gate.

Suddenly a BMW stopped.

Xander blinked as Jean Claude walked out. "What are you doing here?" Jean looked at the guards and soldiers moving around and blinked was that a Nuke sitting their and kids in armor with real weapons.

Yup he decided that twisted the truth a bit would be wise. "Im here to talk to Cordelia, Andrew and Jonathan. They said i could help."

Xander nodded. "Ryo get the man some armor. Do you prefer Swords or Axes."

Jean blinked. "Swords sir."

Xander nodded. "Would a katana be good?"

Jean nodded carefully as he put on the armor and Katana they given him. A real Katana something strange was going on and he had the feeling he would be in deep shit if they found out about him being here.

Xander growled silently. "Im grateful for your help sir we need as many fighters as we can. But Cordy, Andrew, and Jonathan should have told me." He sighed. "I just post you with Frank and Marry team.

They are Medical evacuation unit 1. You get lot of action among them but they could need another strong back."

HE waved over two small 12 years old and four adults troopers all carrying armor and short swords.

"Jean here will join you. Frank you in command. Now i have to run the missile will fly in less then nine minutes and i have to be ready for that." With that he run away.

Jean-Claude blinked as the kid study him. "Hi."

Frank shook his head. "You so bluffed your way in."

Jean shook his head afraid that some one would cut it off or something. "No i Im suppose to be here."

Frank sighed. "Right i so believe you. But now you are consider your self drafted. Lets get to shelter for now."


"I WHAT" Cordelia screech in the small shelter near the Hellmouth.

Xander flinched. "Or not. He said you, Andrew and Jonathan asked him here."

Andrew looked at Xander. "That was a strange thing to believe."

Xander blushed. "I seen stranger things. So none of you ask him here." They shook their head.

Xander sighed. "Well he in the thick of things now."

Then Giles and the witches started to run for shelter.

And the world tremble and day become night as the Hellmouth opened. A huge glowing circle burning of brim fire formed in the above the ruin of the school library.

Jean-Claude. "What the Hell is that?"

Frank voice spoke ghostly and scary. "The Hellmouth a gate to a dimension so bad that human believed it was Hell. "

Jean shivered in not because what the boy said but because all around him seemed to believe in that.

The world trembled as small demons started to fly out from the mouth. Screaming banshees of death raged.

Then the thundering sound of rockets and KSP were heard.

Gatlings rack of small anti troops missiles rain down on the demons and sliced them down the huge anti army personal missiles when flying one by one sending earth shattering explosion down in hell.

Then the Big birds started to fly Six MIRV missile loaded with smaller Nuclear warheads each carrying five nukes.

As the tail fire of the last missile entered hell Xander screamed the order. "Charge."

And the heroes attacked the demons outside the Hellmouth.

It was a hundred against ONE battle.

The troopers USA best and brightest snipers used did their best to equalize the odds.

Xander raged his eyes glowing in the twin power of the Light hawks and the raging fury of the Hyena.

His sword cut down demons by the numbers but still more would come. Beside him Buffy stabbed cut and destroyed each slice would kill.

ON the other side Jessie was holding his own glowing in the power of the Light hawk wings he blasted cut and stabbed his way clearing a path for Buffy.

Behind them Willow let fireballs and ice arrow fly as fast as she could. Dawn beside her Sword and auto-reload-crossbow in her hand.

Selia on Willow other side her huge elven Lyfali glass sword was made for this kind of battle.

Cordelia holding a Chinese Sword in each hand, Andrew holding a huge battle mace, And Jonathan using a Bo-Staff were giving their support the 3 martial art masters soon teaches the demons that their was more easy prey in other places.

All around them was the Dragon seed soldier just as alien and strange as the demon they were fighting.

But still it was not enough they were not loosing any ground but not gaining any thing.

Then Bill nodded. "READY NOW." And his unit nr 2 charged.

Consisting of some soldiers and some of the specials individuals like him and his friends.

And William started to shoot as fast as he could holy bullets, Explosive bullets and anything in between cut down demons.

Five troopers stood beside him giving him new guns to shoot with.

And they barely manage to hold up with his speed.

Anna the Xena girl gave up her Battle scream sending her Chackram flying before she jumped in to the battle.

Sam grinned from the side lines. "NOW its our turn." About sixty troopers the best they could find in fighting nodded and they charged.

Beside him Leo De-Lavega grinned as the two Dark knight stormed in to the carnage.

More troopers stormed in Musy and his Crew of Elfs with them as they they started to clearing the path killing any demons still recovering from their wounds.

Jean-Claude "look that flank is unprotected. The monster is running away at that direction"

Frank grinned "No its a escape zone. If the demon knows they where trapped they would fight harder."

Jean nodded. "I see."

Mary growled. "Patient Hurry."

The evac team cast themselves in to the battle to save a down soldier.

Xander dodged a Polgara Pure blood five times as strong as the local version a true monster.

His light hawk empowers blade made barely a scratch on is armor.

He could feel his rib scream in pain as the demons bone spike cut open his body armor scratching him deep.

Then the Demon roared in victory but was interrupted as a small backwards slice from the Slayer cut him on the hand and the magic of the spear killed him.

Xander rolled up on his feet. Using the Wings of the Light Hawk clear his cut and healing him.

As he continued fighting.

Jessie grinned. "Bro when you party you really party."

Xander laughs.

Selia came crashing in to the ground her left arm broken.

Xander was just beside her helping her up.

"I Im alright. Keep fighting i run to the medivac." She said.

Her arm tingling strangely.

Frowning she could se a strange red glowing light.

"Or i just keep fighting Xander my arm its it healed up." She said in shock.

Xander nodded. "Ryoko she had some healing power obvious you have a version of that."

Growling a demon attacked them and the fight continued.

Buffy rolled away from the attacking midget demons fifty of them barely a feet tall but her slayer sense screamed bloody dangerous.

She let the spear work its magic again cutting stabbing and fighting only fifteen feet away close yet so far away.

Growling in fury. "Die die die die." She charged.

Willow frowned she would have to do something or Buffy would die. "Darkness that Flow beyond the river of time i pledge my self to darkness DRAGONSLAVE." Willow screamed hoping that the spell would work.

Suddenly all sound was gone not one word was heard or COULD be heard. Then the world trembled as Willow was swallowed by a pillar of light.

As suddenly a huge pillar of fire shoot out from her hands destroying everything in its path.

Bill eyes turned big in shock and he barely manage to rolled out from the path of destruction.

Demons screamed in pain as they were ripped sunder by the power of pure destructive chaos.

Xander shivered he could feel the power of that spell screaming in a familiar way to him powerful and destructive.

It was the Bad side of chaos a spell that was the magic version of a nuke had been fired.

Outside. "Holly fuck."

What the only thing that was said.

Above them a dusty smoky swamp cloud was formed.

And the rest of the school collapsed in gravel.

The spell continued taking out five house before its stopped.

Then they continued fighting any demon trying to run away.

The battle outside was not as hard but still dangerous lots of trooper had been hurt and wounded was everywhere.

General Smith growled as he continued shooting demons.

Xander carefully stood up. Around him was silence the demons in front of them was burned away. On the side was some shell shocked demons. The explosion must have been aimed up and on front leaving them Shocked but alive. "Buffy the gate."

Buffy blinked shook her head and ran to the gate.

Anna rushed over to Willow. Her Gabby looked pale her hair white and eyes not moving.

At the Gate Buffy stood one side in hell the other on earth as she started to cut and stab the gate screaming as the power of the spear ripped attacked her destroying her body and mind.

A short moment She was The LIGHTBRINGER First ANGEL of god. She had his power of good and evil.

Then the power rushed over her burning her from inside and out.

The spirit of the world sang a song in happiness as the prime gate to hell was ripped sunder forever closed.

And the body of Buffy fell down her hair burned to ash that slowly fell down.

A ghostlike shape of Buffy stood up a pair of warm arms hugged her looking up she cried in joy. "Angel."

"Call me Liam he said." And they faded away to paradise or where ever they would go.

Dawn fell down crying hugging Bill.

One by one the demon rushed away the sun was burning them and with out the power of the Hellmouth they were growing weaker and would soon be easy prey.

Xander watched the dead body of Buffy tears falling he had succeeded and he had failed. He knew about this but he also knew it was this or hell.

Watching around him he could see the dead.

Sam their 12 year old Batman. His ribs broken head almost ripped of. Arnie Brave trooper navy Seal a true hero Dead heart eaten by a demon.

Flinching Xander watched the dead in his mind their faces was like drafted in stone.

And tears falling.

The wounded.

Willow her soul burned by the power of her spell.

She would recover but Xander did not believe her magic would ever be as strong again.

Bill the brave Captain America. Comforting Dawn as she hugged him.

His arm was broken and he just kept fighting.

Andrew broken jaw. But other then that he looked well.

Then the trooper Xander looked at them more then fifty soldier hurt or dead. And so many who names he did not know.

It was like the battle of Samar again.

A voice woke him up. "Hi brother are you allrigt?"

Xander turned around blinking. "Jessie but your dead vampire." He fell silent as sorrow overwhelmed him. Eyes turning grey blind for anything except the grief in side of his soul.

Jessie paled a sea of pain was all he could feel when Xander empty eyes looked at him. "Selia SELIA something wrong with Xander."

One by one they rushed over.

Selia gasped. "Its the Sorrow the sadness the curse of elven. We have to help him out of here."

Jessie growled. "What happened with him."

Selia. "Normally around 150-200 years old elf become paralyzed by the bad things they experience in their life. And they stay like this for between a year to five years.

Completely in coma if you feed them they eat if not they starve to death.

Afterwards they wake up with NEW strength new Love of life. Or or they go out and die."

Carefully they guided Xander out he moved like a sleep walker. Not caring about anything his mind gone.


Summer home.

Joyce. "Is their anything we can do?"

Selia shook her head. "Just wait."

Dawn shivered not liking the way his eyes looked at her so filled with pain and suffering.

"Why did it happen now?" She asked.

Willow sitting in a chair her hands still trembled wished she could do anything her magic powers were burned she believed after investigate her self that she might regain about 3/4 of them If she was lucky.

Jessie sighed. "Why did it happen?"

A voice interrupted them. "I can answer that for you." Whistler the balance demon said.

Beside him a man dressed in snake skins pants and crocodile skin pants stood.

His eyes where that of a reptile.

Jonathan paled. "My master." He said bowing down recognizing the Dragon.

Selia stood up waving to the others to silence. "What happened and can we help him?"

Willow smiled. "My master decided to help you cure you of the bad side of the Curse of Sadness as a thank you.

Xander, YOU Selia and you Dawn he did not manage to do that completely it is a survival mechanism that have been twisted becoming a weakness of your elven.

And he can NOT remove a survival part just the curse.

Thats the good side.

The bad side is that you will still fall for the TRUE version of the sadness it will only last a Month not a year like the curse version do.

And you will wake up with new strength and Joy of life."

Selia sighed... "Thanks. But why he is to young?"

The dragon spoke. "In his mind he have three spirits that partly merged with him.

As advisors and friends. The burden of them have aged him inside combined that with the battle he was overwhelmed."

Whistler grinned. "One last thing. The PTB will start activate more then one slayer from this point on. They like YOU Giles to go to England as the chief of the Watchers.

The council knows that we would like to see that.

So if you claim your right they will not interrupted."

With that the two walked out.

Later. A month later.

Xander laughs the burden of pain was burned away. He stilled missed Buffy but now it was not a staggering pain but a sweet sorrow.

"So ready to go home now?" He asked Selia.

She nodded. "Are you sure?"

Dawn nodded. "Yes. I am. Mom i i will miss you always but."

Joyce smiled. "If you stay some military fool might try to kidnap you."

Dawn nodded hugging her mother. "Cant you come with me?" She asked. Joyce sighed. "I could Dawn but. I cant. I have life here and do you really think i would survive in that world."

Dawn shrugged then sighed. "No you right. Are you sure Bill?"

Bill grinned. "Sure i am adventures, Glory and the American way a place of adventure and a place for heroes. Im coming with you Dawn."

ON the other side William and Marry nodded a chance to see a new world to adventure and to live a real life.

The urged to travel was deep inside of them and with their friends beside them they would finally be in a world where no one would consider them freaks or future lab rats.

Specially William was worried about that he seen the way the Eggheads working for the Initiative looked at him and the speed he could shoot with.

Xander looked at Jessie. "I will miss you brother. Sure you will be safe?"

Jessie grinned. "Yes i am. The Watchers keep the military out of my hair. And with my beautiful slayer by my side what ever could go wrong."

Faith the slayer rolled her eyes sure her boy toy was cute loyal in a way but he was a complete playboy.

In a way it was lucky he just had TO much stamina in bed she wonder if she could find another girl to help her tire him out.

After good by was said.







Faded away back to Alarin to the world of elf, Dwarfs, and to a world standing on a brink of a war a world screaming after heroes.

Jean-Claude Van Damne sighed. "Well that was just TO weird to make a good movie. Coming kids?"

Cordelia, Andrew, Jonathan all 3 of them nodded and they followed him to a future as Action movie stars.

Chapter 39

12 years after the Battle in Sunnydale. In the world of Mundana and the country of Alarinn.

The bagpipes played their songs singing their welcome for him as the Hevea dragon was flying towards its goal the castle.

William smiled as he pulled the rains on his Hevea Dragon. The horse size dragon like animal roared as it slowly came down. "Calm Jolly Flyer calm yourself." He said as he jumped freed him self from the saddle safety rope.

The smiling face of Xander came walking towards him but before he could say anything a small golden haired blur jumped him hugging his leg. "Uncle William."

William smiled lifting the 6 year old elf Boy. "Hi their Jessie.

And how are your mom and dad?"

The boy frowned. "Do you have a present for me?" He asked adult always asking stupid questions of course his mom and dad was well he saw them this morning.

William laughs. "Of course i have. I get it to you after dinner."

Xander took his hand. "So how did the patrol go?"

William sighed. "Bad Xander. The border land all over Asharien its a battle zone but you know Asharien they are tuff and starts to fight back. But Cirfalien is under a siege they will fall soon their are traitors among them demon worshiping fools.

A good surprise is that the priest of and Knights of Marthaia have asked for shelter among us."

Xander nodded that was good news. The Marthaia worship a War god the god of blades. Their fighter fought ONLY with Swords, Knife and axes. No other weapons would they dirty their hands with.

But they were among the best in close combat. "Thats great news.

Did you find any news in Jargia."

William sighed. "No Marry decided it would be best if she explored that separate i was almost ripped apart by a group of demons and had to run away they hunted me for a month.

I have not heard anything from her sense that Xander."

Xander grinned. "Then i can calm you. Mail from Samar said that. She is fine and safe in Samar fortress her Hevea Dragon broke its wing and she had to seek shelter in their. Dont worry your wife will soon come back to you.

And congratulation your finally a dad."

William blinked. "What?"

Xander smiled. "Your good by at the border was a bit hot then you expected. She gave birth to a baby girl one month old."

William grinned. "Thats great news. I going to ask for a time the baby."

Xander nodded. "I have both of you tucked away in the Fortress dont worry."

Jessie sighed nothing fun happened and Jolly Flyer just kept sleeping. He finally saw something good. "Mom Dad." He jumped up finally some body to save him from boring adult talk.

Dawn smiled lifting her joy in her arms. "Hi their champion kicked any demon today?"

Jessie grinned and. "Yes mom it was THIS Big between the eyes." He said showing them with his hands.

Bill smiled as he ruffed his boys hair. "I still think it was a rat my brave fighter manage to slay but Im not a expert am I?"

Xander shake his head. "Probably a evil giant space hamster."

Jessie nodded yea space hamster that sounded evil.

Bill smiled. "So now William finally got his spawn when are you and Selia going to get kids."

Xander sighed. "Well i already have two kids. You meet them one is the elf with Kragg blood. The other is Kragg."

Bill nodded he remember them they more or less said hi dad by dad.

But then they were Kragg barbarian and the tribe was more important then him. If he remember right they were currently serving as officers among the Brother of the Swords.

Xander continued. "We elf have a hard time making babies. But we have the time. So sooner or later."

Life was good. Hard but good. The demon war was going one for full and countries were destroyed but he had hopes.

They were holding their own and even recapturing some areas from the demons.

Hope and Rupert the child of HIS version of Buffy had made a great different in the war.

Rupert had already got a child by himself and the sign show that she would be a slayer also.

And the local version of Joyce the elf slayer was currently in his castle 8 month pregnant.

He had hope.

Earth Minnesota 12 years after the battle...

Jessie groaned. "Dont you go their. This is NOT a Hellmouth i SEEN a Hellmouth. This is more or less a Rift a hell rift. Demons and crap may slip out but a army can NOT."

Malin the Slayer shrugged. "So its still hard. How do you expect me to go to fight the evil and hold up the grades?"

Jessie sighed. "Buffy manage to holding grades while fighting ON a Hellmouth. IF she can do it YOU CAN."

The girl growled. "THEN maybe I AM NOT THAT SMART AS SHE WAS." She screamed as she rushed out.

Jessie growled. But a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Let her go honey." Faith the slayer said.

Jessie nodded. "I cant understand the girl. She give us five times as much problem as my own kids to.

And she fights me every way.

If i say the sky is green she believes is brown."

Faith laughs. "I know whats she go thru. I was the same a bit before i married you and Tara."

Jessie nodded. "Im sorry for the way i acted." Thinking about that he looked at pair of photo.

She grinned "Im not. It was a stage you had to go thru. Your thinking about them right?"

Jessie nodded. "I still miss Joyce. She died of Cancer kind of strange after all that happened. And all we did."

Faith nodded feeling the old sorrow in her soul. "I know." She become like a mother to me i loved her.

Jessie smiled "I wonder sometimes what Xander and the gang is doing." "Dad" Alex said as he rushed in.

Jessie nodded at his now 11 year old son. "What kiddo?"

The boy swallowed. "Look dad." He said. Focusing the boy started to glow with the power of the light hawk wing.

And one full wing slowly emerged then one more and soon he had the 3 wings like his father.

Jessie swallowed powering up his own wings to get a better sense.

Slowly one after one of the wings started to glow he could hear Faith gasped in shock her boy had the wings and even more in shock as the illusion of age was literally dissipating from Jessies face as the illusion of growing older was gone.

Sensing out he could feel it connecting to him making him stronger like a network and he the hub was his children Faith Son Alex and Taras twins the Minnesota wrecking crew.

And further out he could feel more. He blushed realizing the kids he had before marrying Faith and Tara during his unfaithful days.

Nine more kids.

And deeper he sensed and gasped. HE was evolving growing paths to form more wings.

Meditation he could sense it. Each of his wings would make it possible for nine kids or grandkids to use ONE wing.

And for ONE to use 3 wings.

As the number of kids grandkids would grow so would the number of wings.

And he could feel eventually he would have the power of 10 wings.

And their would be 90 individuals with 1 wing each and 10 with 3 wing.

The wings he had already slowed his ageing down to about 1/3 of normal aging.

With 10 wings he wonder if he would stop ageing or just grow older extremely slow.

"Darling Call Tara we need to talk. I have to call Giles in London." He said then as an after thought he put back the illusion making him look 29 year old not like a 21 year old that he really looked like.

Alex frowned. "Dad will it everything be fine?" He asked.

Jessie nodded. "Dont worry champ. Why dont you go and get Aunty Willow and Aunty Ann-Xena they might help in this. And put the wings away." The boy blushed and stopped glowing like a flash light.

Faith sighed. "In better and in worst right."

Jessie nodded. "Im sorry."

She grinned. "Na not your fault."

With that she walked out to make some calls.

Jessie sighed General Smith had told him things about vampires with microchips things that made him afraid.

It was time to make up prepare for things.

Time to talk to his contact in London and strangely his contacts in Japan friends he got during a party five years ago.

hell 12 year after...

The demon sighed. "Wow. Not much left is it."

His slave nodded. "No sir. Over their is the castle of the First.

Lucifers home a human bomb a nuke i think landed right on the roof. When it did go Boom she go boom hurt by the destruction of the Hellmouth and her spear she did not have a chance."

The demon lord nodded. "Well good news for me. But i wished that their would be something left i could use to get the power i need."

The Slave shrugged. "It been 12 years sir. Most is raided by other demons."

The Demon lord nodded and smiled.

"I still can some use the steel and iron in this area is filled with magic of her death and that can be used as weapons. Easy to forged deadly and will not cost me anything."

With that the demon lord walked back to camp he had a hell to take over one day he would be the true ruler of hell.

Something he and many other demon lords were fighting each other to become devastating everything in their path for that glory.

24 years after the Battle in Sunnydale. In the world of Mundana and the country of Alarinn.

Bill sighed he felt tired. "How are you Selia?"

She looked up. "Afraid. What if he is dead?"

Bill looked out. "I dont think so Xander is to tricky to die so simple."

She nodded. "He been gone now for a month. Where IS he if he not death?"

He looked out. "I have no idea."

The demon war was not going well the border of Talamur was flooded by demons and the kingdom ruled by undead was hard pressed by the demonic powers.

Alarinn it self was constantly fighting border fights and the Brothers of the sword was down to only a fifth in number.

The massacre a Month ago in the Dwarf canyon had for the moment broken the order.

And Xander was gone.

Fear ruled.

The only thing saving them was HIM he and the shield had become a symbol of life and freedom and justice.

"He will be back Selia after all He have his kids would never forgive him if he did not." He said.

Selia nodded. Her price and joy. Twin children two boys now 11 year old and both had the strange power of the light hawk wings.

But she wonder where Xander was and if he was alive.

IN another realm.

"Are you fine." Willow the hell goddess said.

Xander nodded. "Quite. But surprised."

Willow smiled. "Ooh dont get to surprise. I am still evil still take joy in destruction and torture of the innocent." She turned around. "But YOU saved my life during my human life. Saving you and nursing you back to health is my way to say water under the bridge"

Xander nodded. "I still do believe something good exist inside of you." She frowned. "Doing the Star wars routine will not work Xander i am evil."

He grabbed her. "Maybe but you always be Willow to me. MY willow. My friend. Demon or not thats what you are."

She smiled. "How nice." With a wave of her hand Xander suddenly fell down back in the normal world.

Looking around he realized that he would have a long way to go before he was back in Alarinn.

In her realm Willow sighed some where deep inside her she could feel her good parts. It was still their slowly dying but still alive.

For her it was to late she was doomed her soul was gone and she was slowly becoming nothing but a monster.

At least she would become a monster of Honor and one that would always respect an enemy that impressed her.

Earth London 24 years after the battle...

"Get the fuck away from here." Jessie said his wings now all nine of them were glowing with the power of a raging storm.

The man babbled as he crawled back. "You you are an American its your duty."

Jessie walked towards him. "America Military kidnapped MY Baby girl and killed her in a sick experiment. You thank you lucky star that i manage to stop her brothers from killing the president as a payback."

Jessie turned around. "If the America have ANY problem with the civil war and the cyber mages America have to fight that battle them self."

Alex Jessies oldest boy snorted. "Filthy honorless Baka." He said still longing to go back to Japan his new favorite land that literally adopted him.

The man screamed out in panic. "But they are using Vampires."

Jessie nodded. "Vampires with Microchips that been the government strong hands until now. Finally a hacker manage to Turned you assassins on you.

We will not send ONE slayer to help you. You created this freaks of nature and technology YOU deal with it. OR we will. The French and the Japanese now have the bomb and are quite willing to use it."

The man shiver in fear. "But but If we 'deal' with it our vamp trooper will be killed. The only way to stop them all is to kill them all and with out them."

Jessie nodded. "With out them nothing will stop the civilians from ripping the government apart for its crimes. Not my problem any more." The government the last 11 year had been nothing more then a puppet show more and more despotic.

Today outside of USA they called it the land of the Unfree.

36 years after the Battle in Sunnydale. In the world of Mundana and the country of Alarinn.

Xander hugged Dawn and Selia. "It still hurts." Dawn nodded it been six years ago and Bill had died as he always liked in the heat of the battle before he become TO old and to tired.

She had fallen for the Depression and been in coma for a month before walking.

His death hurt and always would she suspected but she went on and two years ago she remarried to Xander as his second wife.

Down stairs she could see the Brothers of the Swords, and the knights of Marthaia.

As well as the champion of Makhta Line after line of warriors marching out to stand tall and fight the demons. They truly was the world greatest.

Down she could see her oldest boy holding his fathers shield as he sat on his Hevea-dragon.

"I wish i could join him and help him."

Xander kissed her. "No you duty is now here. Your pregnant you know. Both of you." He was relived with pregnant wives and a father had the right to stay down for a year to protect them.

And most of his troopers were relived they needed his tactical abilities more then his skill in the fight.

And with two wives he was finally satisfied something inside of him said FINALY.

"Uncle Xander." Mandy said.

Xander smiled the young human girl still looked 19 or so. But was almost 30 now. She had surprise them all when she suddenly popped up from nowhere almost dead sign of being dissected alive.

Only the greatest of elf magic had saved her life.

Then they found out that she was the child of Jessie and Tara a witch from earth.

She had escaped a certain death chancing that she could copy a dimensional gate spell and she did it.

Xander nodded. "Yes Mandy what is it?"

Mandy frowned. "I need to borrow some soldier we need more of Rusha berries."

Xander frowned. "Alright thats medication right?"

She nodded. "I need some one to keep the monster away. Rusha bush only grow nears giants spiders you know."

Xander nodded. "Will do will do." Inside he was smiling Mary was the kindest girl he ever seen not an evil bone in her body he wonder how if mother really was like her.

Earth London 36 years after the battle...

Jessie smiled as he walked together with his wives. "Finally peace." Then nodded the war had been awful but they finally found out about demons effecting the mind of many government in the former USA.

Now the country and the world was rebuilding awful Bio weapons released in the air by the crazy president of USA had killed more then 50% of humanity but they finally found a cure.

The Light hawk wing.

The lightest move could completely cure some one from that sickness.

Investigation how they did it the doctors manage to find a elixir that copy the effect and cure was spread.

But him and his children were now consider angels of mercy.

Savior of humanity.

The fame was some what a birth.

Specially after he discover that most of his boys had problem with being happy with only ONE wife.

He wonder if it was a side affect of the light hawk wing or not. In the cartoon it came from Every prince of Jurai had two or more wives.

He looked at his wives.

They still looked like they did when they were 20.

At least in his eyes anybody else would have seen a young 24 year old man walking the streets with two old 50 year old females probably his mother and her friend.

48 years after the Battle in Sunnydale. In the world of Mundana and the country of Alarinn.

Joyce the elf cried. "I will be allrigt." She said.

Ghulik King of the Samar frowned. "I do not think so girl. Seeing your daughter death by old age is not an easy thing to do."

Joyce nodded. "I will miss her."

Ghulik frowned. "What about your son in law." He said pointing at the Angel cleric the man now over 70 year old looked so confused and lost that it broke her heart. Buffy was literally his life and light. Beside him stood his first born Rupert and Hope now them self almost 50 years old.

Joyce nodded. "I will see that he is alright." Times like this she hated her elven blood. "Xander will you take care of the kids?" She asked.

Xander nodded? "Dont worry Joyce." Kids they were adult but he still thought them as kids.

Ghulik grinned. "I take you and the kids to the pub."

Silently they walked away both warriors and friends silent not talking about the war or the sorrow of friends and family lost.

Xander nodded as they sat down. "Its a hard life here. But consider the alternative i have hope." He grinned. "According to the Dragons the gates of the demons realm will close in only twenty more years."

Ghulik grinned. "Thats good." Both for the moment forgetting that the war for the moment was on a going good only for the demons.

Earth London 48 years after the battle...

Jessie stood alone looking at the hospital in their his wives were sleeping both of them forbidding him to see them old and dying.

Foolish girls they could never grow old. He loved them.

"Dad." Alex said as he walked up to his dad. "Its over now they died a moment ago."

Jessie sighed then blinked as he felt something. "No. Im going to die." That man had stabbed him he could feel poison poring inside his body killing him.

Alex. "Come now dad your stronger then this. Grieve them mother would have kick you butt if you just gave up."

Jessie sighed. "Bone head. I AM dying that man stabbed me with a poison thing." He said pointing at the now running man.

Alex growled and cast a dagger in the leg of the man. "Dad is their anything i can do?"

Jessie sighed. "Im keeping me alive using my wings. Its take all 10 of them and my full power. The moment i slip or sleep i am dead.

Could you take me to see them before i let my self go."

Alex nodded waving over a one of his guards to drag the criminal away.


Hugging both of them Jessie stood up looked over the E-mail every one ready and he pressed enter sending them away to his children and grandchildren and friends.

With that he let his power free.

In a sparkle of light a huge bird if light was seen then nothing more as Jessie the hawk of light faded away to dust.

Alex shiver he could feel the how his own Light hawk power shiver as the web connecting all those with the power shivered and one by one their powers were going away.

Then like a flaming burst almost painful Alex could feel how he shivered as he started to glow in power as the power of the 10 wings was his.

One by one his brothers sisters and nephews and nieces regain their powers the Webb was remade with him as the new Light Hawk

Standing up he closed his eyes spoke like his father have done before to all of them. "Our Father the Light hawk have been assassinated. We have to find out i am now the New Hawk of light and my first order is this DO not strike out in aggression until you found evidence.

Any hacker any detectives among you start search after evidence. I will contact you when i find out more."

With that he opened his eyes. "Let us talk to the assassin."

And Alex now the ruler of the mightiest family on earth walked out. Soon a war would start one that would end with him as king of earth. And the birth of an empire traveling between stars.

400 years after the Battle in Sunnydale. In the world of Mundana and the country of Alarinn.

"Hello to you all and tonight we have a famous guest." The Tiraks Program leader a beautiful female Tirak Tirak said to the Cameras in the studio. Marusa said.

"Let us give a roaring welcome to. Xander Aled the hero of the demon war and twice serving time as King of the Learam Elfs.

The elven Light duck."

Walking in like a king 10 wings surrounding him glowing like a cloak Xander walked in calmly. "I am glad to be here madam."

The interview was like million others he had done it barely take any surprise for him.


Marusa. "What do you think about the news. Our reporter from Space station Samar reported it for less then four hours."

Xander frowned. "I am sorry i might be a bit old fashion but other then the fact that we have five space stations and two experimental Faster then light ships i dont listen to news that often. Im an old elf boring elf." Xander lied it served his purpose to pretend to know less then he did. But fact was he had no knowledge of the latest five days he had stayed meditation cleansing him self from the burden of the past.

A self created Suffering one that was possible to break in a crisis.

Marusa blushed he might be old but he sure did not look like that. "Aaa i see. And its nine Space stations not five. And we have sixteen ships."

Xander nodded looking completely surprised. "Ooh all that in only one year."

Marusa smiled. "It forty years sir. But the news is we made contact with humans from another world humans with similar powers like yours. Humans claiming to be from an alien world named Earth Empire."

Xander froze. And stood up he looked in to the camera. "Earth after all this time and in the same universe. Tell the world government i need to talk to them."

With that he walked out. Earth after all this time.

Unless things were done the right way war could be the result.

The TV studio fell silent as the old man still looking like a 25 year old elf walked out with new strength and purpose in his movement like a young dog eager for the hunt.

At that moment all knew the King of Alarin was on the hunt again.

Around the world shiver in fear and expectations was felled change was walking the world again.

The End