Halloween Eyes

Author: Daenerys <mwalthew[at]hotmail.com>

Rating: PG

Summary: Halloween turns out not to have been such a blessing

Spoilers: Yes

Disclaimer: I own Xander and all other characters mentioned. I also have some prime rainforest real estate in the arctic circle. Email me your credit card number and ... Seriously none of it's mine.

Pairing: None

Feedback: Feedback good. Flames bad.

Xander stared down at the gun as he moved toward the till, feeling rather foolish. Going as a soldier felt like a cop out. The only reason that he was doing so was his current money situation, with the fatigues he had at home it was the best he could do, and still have a recognised "costume". Just as Ethan was about to ring it up though, he saw something else. Still less than two dollars, and more recognisable as a "real" character, and it appealed to his innate self-geek. Xander smiled.

November 1

"Uh, Giles, about last night, we may have a slight problem."

"Yes, what is it Xander." Giles looked slightly annoyed. You could see the thoughts run in his head that only Xander would have any problems with the night's events. He attracted trouble like moths to a flame.

"Well, it's not all bad. Some of it's actually really good. I mean I seem to have retained some of the memories of this guy. I seem to have huge engineering skills and memories, as well as some fighting skills. Should help me find a job in construction later on even"

Giles smiled. "Well that doesn't sound to bad. Quite good actually. I must admit to being amazed. It's not often that good things happen from chaos, but it is unpredictable, that's the entire point. So how is this a problem. And, just out of curiosity why are you still wearing that thing."

"That's the problem." Xander slowly removed LaForge's visor from his head, revealing colourless eyes staring blankly in Giles' general direction. "I'm blind."