Halloween Fiction

Author: LordAnhur <vassagoj[at]yahoo.com>

A/N: I am giving Xander some more geek friends. They don't all have names but they all exist as the voices in my head.

Chapter 1

Xander was standing in the costume shop two weeks before the wonderful Holliday called Halloween. Even with all his Scooby duties he had still found time to be part of a weekly AD&D game, and his group had decided to go as there characters. The big problem was that he was the DM, how did he pick a character when he did not have one.

Luckily he had a solution, he would go as one of the gods from the D&D universe, I mean the dm is a god right. Thanks to finding some cash in a staked vamps coat he could go with a costume instead of being the 2-dollar king by walking around with a DM screen.

Xander had gone trough his books till he found the perfect costume, 'thank god for illustrations.' He had hear this new place, Ethan's, did custom work. All it took was Xander showing the book to the owner and his outfit would be ready on the 30th.

Xander arrived at the Summers' household all ready to go, he was decked out in long purple robes with golden runes all around him. In his hands he had a long staff with a eye symbol on top, and the final part was the white wig on top of his head. Tonight was going to be a fun night he thought, boy was he right.

They were all sitting in the library, 'library, ha these few books don't make a library.' He thought.

"Xander the girls tell me you were some sort of wizard. Are there any lasting power in you."

"Giles Giles Giles I was not just any wizard I was the lord of all magic. I was Boccob, the Archmage of the Deities" Xander said as he levitated all the books off the table.