Happily Never After

Author: Danii <debrabantknight[at]yahoo.com>

Summary: Xander and Willow have another battle ahead of them. A crossover drabble that anyone is very very welcome to play with, if they so choose. Feel free to have fun with some of the variables even. I'll reveal what the crossover is at the bottom, for those who don't know. Post-"Chosen"

Ratings: PG

Disclaimer: I own no one and nothing. This just randomly occurred to me while reading tonight.

Distribution: Um, feel free. Just tell me where it is and let me know about it.

Ships: none

Dedication: To Grossclout and Whitewerewolf, who have always been wonderful and supportive and amazing. Bless you both.

Feedback: It makes me happy.

Chapter 1

"We need to book a flight to New York…like, yesterday."

Willow frowned at the phone. Well, she was frowning at Xander's comment, but he was in Africa, so the phone was the best she was going to get.

"Why, what's going-"

"He's coming. They're prepping Woodland for the invasion right now. The old hag gave me a call just now letting me know about it since they've got the entire 13th floor working on keeping things quiet."

It was unimaginable. It was just so unimaginable. They'd been there for so long, and now, just after all of the trouble with The First and the Slayers and everything else, this was happening. As you empty one side of the boat, the other fills; unfortunately, either side can sink you.

God, it was really happening.

"You shouldn't call her an old hag. She's been very…helpful." Willow managed to get out, either unable or unwilling to deal with the ramifications of what Xander was trying to tell her.

He humored her. "She tried to eat us."

"Well, she was just kinda returning the favor!"

"Not now." And it was like an iron gate slamming down behind her, denying her any hope of return.

"W-Who's there?"

"Everyone. All the honchos are in, except for Bigby who's doing who knows what up at the Canadian gate…this being why we need to get there now!"


"Don't 'Xander' me!"


"Don't do that either."

She couldn't keep the whine out of her voice, as hard as she tried to. "But we deserve a break! We just saved—"

And she stopped, because he was very pointedly not saying anything. She knew well enough how to follow the breadcrumbs when they were laid out for her.

"I know it'll never make up for Home, but…"

Willow sighed tiredly, not really defeated since it wasn't an argument, but at least ready to book the tickets from Africa and Brazil. Then another thought ran through.

"Have you heard anything about—"

Now it was Xander who was giving a tired sigh. "Blue's in the hospital last I heard. He should recover, but he got worked over pretty bad by the enemy."

"Oh Goddess!"

There was a very distinct silence again.

"I'll be at the airport in an hour."

"The tickets will be there and I'll meet you at LaGuardia."


The End

If you didn't know, this is a crossover with *Fables*, a LOVELY comic series that I just adore to death. Check it out if you'd like to know more, or if you love old fairy tales and don't mind looking at them in a brand shiny new light. Hinted spoilers for the latest comics, though only broadly hinted at. Xander and Willow are a certain two kids from the woods, since I've seen the witch mentioned but I haven't seen them yet. My favorite character, Bigby, didn't get much of a spotlight, but maybe there'll be other drabbles. Hope you enjoy and if want, feel free to play with the concept.