Xander Rising

Heaven next door to the right

Author: John "hatten" Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

Inspire by "Ares rising story"

This is a Separet Side story to Xander Rising.




Surronded by fruit tree of evry kind from banana to appel trees was a small hous with a large werranda benith the hous lai a Gazebo just betwen the hous and the small lake where song swans gently floated.

The hous hade a large sign namning it -Caffe: Heaven Next door to the right- Witch all in al was kind of fitting as the Caffe stod between the gods part of heaven and the dead part of heaven. In a no mans land where bouth the dead and the gods often walk side by side.

Some call it the Eulysiand field other the Seldom hunting ground. Any how it was peacfull absoulty lovly noone in his right mind could be bord or tire of it.

"This is Soo boring" Ares complain their he satt side by side with Discord in the Gazebo peacfully feading the swans.

"What do you mean Ares" Discord said. growling Ares look at her "THis NOT ONE good war in hundreds of years. Now all that mater is Guns bombs and other booring stuff"

Discord "The prize of progress" as she camly drank her coffe Ares trew a bit of bread at a swan looking pleas with him self when it become unconcius. "Progress My ass this bombs and guns take the glory out of war. Its not personal anymore its its its" Ares angy lookt up and with a voice of hate "Politic"

Discord smile "It always been about politic in the end" she reminded him. "I know but during the fight its a bout bravery its about heart love hate suffering and wonderfull felings of hunger and need" Ares said looking down "Now days its just politic i am a old nobody today"

Discord "Maby you should start looking in other areas of figthing" Ares "Eee what are you talking about" Discord roold her eyes "Get in contcact with the grass root Ares. Look at the big Citys the gangs the cops And the viglantes"

Ares "Gangs are they any fun" Discord "Like hoards of barbarians. Then the Cops brave wariors and the viglantes man you should look at Punisher or the Phantom"

Ares "Whats Strife take upone this" Discord "Hehe is totaly in love whit LA and other big towns"

Ares alowe part of his godly mind link in up with the devine computer that helpt the gods keep a tapp on the mortals life and desteny *Leets see up load file on gangs, Cops and Viglantes* he mentaly order.

Short wile later a big pile of papper where appear before Ares that slowly started to read. A smile slowly started to grow on his lips.

The girl working came forwards "Can i get you anything els sir" She ask her costumer.

Ares lookup "Hu o no thank you Betany. Or wait could you give me second pice of Angelcake its truly is devine" Smiling the ArcheAngel Betany walk out to the Kitchen to get Ares a pice of her Angelcake.

Smiling Discord "devine i say" while she look at the rear end of the dissipairing Betany.

Some days later Strife where playing bowling whit a cople of mortals while he slowly and stedy manipulated their hate towards their cheif. "So you say that not only you have to risk you own life evry day delivering mail in gang land he have the balls to revmove you lifeinsurence"

The mail mens growled "Yea he did" Strife smile as he roll in a nother strike "Well if i where you the term go Postal would cover what i would do"

The postal workers looking down felling their hate and longing suddenly finding a possible way to be realest. "We dont have guns" one said angy.

Smiling Strife begian to remove him self while still listning. Another of the postmen "I know where to get one if we have the mony" on said.

Number tre "Mony is not a problem it would be esy to steal some drugdelers chas." The first raist his head "do we even have anything to loos" the other shaking their head "Bether to go out with a Bang not a whimper"

Strife Smiling said to him self "He Shoots and He scoors yay me" A laughing voice almost got him to fall over "Strife that whas bloody briliant"

Strife turn around "Ares what are you doing her" Ares pict up a bowling ball "what do you think i am doing"

Strife look relive "phuu i belive you hade more work for me" Ares suddenly got irritaded "Of cours i do stupid"

Strife "Ooo so you dont whant to bowl" Ares "No i dont stupid... whait it actualy look fun yea i do"

While bowling with Ares they talkt.

Strife "So whait a minut you planing on reorganize the hole war office" Ares nodding "Yuup atleast in this dimension as War have begcome more politic then actual personal i was thinking of alowing other take over that part of the mortal interaction. And me and my war gods will be handeling War on a more personal leval back to basic so to speak." whatching as his bowling ball dusted the pins agien he continue. "More Cops and gang action Viglante helping and soldier handling. Instead of general and kings or presidents"

Strife suddenly smile "Se whe get to have fun agien" Ares "Absolutly their is a chatch"

Strife "what chatch" Ares "I talkt to Zeus and he send me stright to the Creator" Strife "What the Creator involve it self"

Ares "Jup and the Chatch is this i must find a new God of bravery some one born in this time and age and one how weeknees is loyalty and love, This will be our new brother and a war god or goddes."

Strife "Loyalty Thats suck." Ares "Appearently its somthing we have to have ass part of the new face of fighting"

Strife "Weel atleast we can go back to basic" Ares "yea but how in Earth am i going to find a one like that"

Strife "Dont Janus and Kishijoten owe you some favor" Ares "You think a chaos god and a luck goddes can help me"

Strife blushing "Well yea if yo ask bouth of them to help you find the perfect guy or girl i think you will" Ares "Hmmm, i dont like asking Kishijoten for help she gives both luck and bad luck you know"

Strife "But thats was perfect a guy/girl like the one Creator demanded IS bad luck and its is good luck fining him or her"

Ares Look chockt "You are right" Strife "And if i remember right its becuse of Kishijoten the song -Luck Be Your Lady Tonight- exist"

Ares "she tend to have a way with us males" Strife "Yea and womman to acording to mom" chockt Ares stair at Strife "Daam and where was i when that happen."

Strife "Hey that my mom you talking about"

in the corner the mailmen finaly hade their battleplan ready and storm out from the bowling hall.

Ares look ower to a provd Strife "I gues you are the one to thank about the term go postal" Strife "Jeep my whay of reminding the goverment that the postelworker do need more payment and respect. But latly i have more and more concentrated on abuse children in schools"

Ares "Children in school are you crazy they cant do anything wort notic" Strife "Dont be to sure plenty of them can get their hand on guns"

Ares look disspeliving at Strife "i dont belive you they more likly to shoot them self then cause any mayham or suffering" Strife "I will change your mind i have a guy in Texas right now that will totaly impress you"

With a sparkling light the two gods dissipair only a vocie could be heard "Do you think Discord would like to go Bowling Strife"