Iron Fisted

The Watcher

Author: Mike McD <o163210[at]>

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Some one needs to learn his place (C/X/W).

Distribution: Anywhere, just let me know.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor do I own any other characters. This is a work of fiction written for fun and enjoyment.

Author's Note: In my opinion Cordy's death scene in 'The Wish' is the most erotic scene in the entire series. I just had to include it in my 'Iron Fisted' world.

Chapter 1

They had been fuming ever since he had first arrived and for more reasons than one.

When Buffy's eighteenth birthday had come Giles had (as promised) told the Watchers Council to stick their 'test' up their ass.


The Council in its infinite wisdom fired Giles and sent his replacement.


The whole situation had the Scoobies fuming. But for Willow and Xander there was an extra reason to be pissed off at the interloper.

They were used to seeing men drool when they saw Cordy, she was drool worthy and a man would have to be blind or gay not to notice her.

But Wesley was infatuated with her. He'd turn into a bumbling mess of an Englishman similar to Hugh Grant but without any of the charm. He'd steal glances at her, looking away when she looked in his direction.

For the last few weeks Willow and Xander had watched with growing fury as Wesley worked up enough courage to make his move on Cordelia.

It didn't matter that she would shoot him down in her usual painful and humiliating way as she did to any other looser that tried.

What mattered was that Cordy was THEIRS.


Xander and Willow sat huddled at the table muttering and occasionally throwing icy glares in Wesley's direction as he went about his business in the library. With Buffy and Giles chasing down information on the Mayor's ascension, Cordelia was stacking books and occasionally helping Wesley.

The last straw for Willow and Xander was when Wesley enquired what Cordelia was doing with the rest of the night.

They exchanged a look and decided that it was time for Wesley to learn his place.

They waited until Cordelia had handed Wesley a sword to be put into the book cage then they acted.

Before Wesley could come out of the book cage, he found the cage door slammed shut on him.

"What's going on?" he demanded to know.

Willow taunted him with the key.

"You're in a big cage."

Her tone of her voice was a thin veneer innocence covering something... darker, more primal.


Xander was behind Cordelia, pinning her up against him, one arm held her around her waist, the other caressing the underside of her breasts. She could feel his erection pressing into her ass, his hot breath on her neck, the lust emanating from every pore of his body. Cordelia's body automatically responded with a rush of arousal.

Willow looked over at Xander, a playful sparkle in her eyes as she saw her boyfriend with their Cordy.

"Not too bright, Book Guy." Xander observed to Wesley.

Wesley slammed against the cage outraged.

"What are you doing? I demand you let me out of here!"

"Quiet!" Willow growled "Watch and learn."

Xander's smile was wide and predatory.

"So you're a Watcher, huh? Watch this."

Xander's mouth descended on Cordelia's neck, kissing and nibbling it. Wesley's eyes went wide in shock at the sight and his helplessness to do anything. Willow smiled at him, then turned around and started kissing Cordelia on the other side of her neck.

Cordy's legs nearly bucked and her eyes rolled back as the sensation made her give a low moan of ecstasy.

Together, Willow and Xander kiss, suck, and nibble her neck knowing full well what effects they were having on her. Xander reached his arm around Willow's head and caressed her hair as they shared their lover.

In another world another Watcher witnessed a similar sight for a different reason and a far different result.

Wesley whimpered, hapless and disturbingly aroused as he was forced to watch Xander and Willow demonstrate their 'claim' on the statuesque cheerleader.

The library was silent save for the sounds of kissing and Cordelia's low moans.

Willow slid the top of Cordelia's dress down her shoulders and down to her waist. Seconds later Cordelia's bra was off, exposing the large and erect nipples that adorned her full, firm breasts. Willow's lips started lavishing them.

For a self-confessed breast gal like Willow, Cordelia was Christmas and Hanukkah all rolled into one.

Cordelia's eyes were closed and Wesley forgotten as she was lost in the tidal wave of arousal and lust that was building inside of her. She felt Xander's hands slide up her legs, under her skirt until they came to rest on her g-string. His fingers snaked under the lace and he slowly pulled them down over her ass and down her long tanned legs. Lifting one foot then the other she stepped out of the g-string.

"Look who's wearing her birthday present." Xander said holding up the sky blue g-string. Willow took the g-string, relishing the feel of the damp satin.

"I think someone's pot is beginning to boil." Willow observed. She reached down and cupped Cordelia's pussy feeling its heat and moistness. She slipped one finger, then two, inside her.

"Oh yeah, Xander. She's cooking alright."

"Really?" he murmured. Willow held up her fingers, glistening with Cordelia's juices. Xander sucked them clean, relishing the flavour.

"Mmm... Tastes good. But I think it's time to add some meat to the pot."

Together they manoeuvred Cordelia to the front counter. She was bent over, hands resting on the counter with her legs spread apart. Her heart raced as she heard the sound of Willow unbuckling Xander's belt and pulling his jeans down. Cordy felt Willow guide Xander's cock so that the head of it brushed apart the outer lips of her pussy.

"I love this part." Willow confessed. Xander gave a little chuckle.

"You love all the parts."

Cordelia gasped sharply as Xander drove his cock deep inside of her from behind. He paused for a moment to savour the sensation before commencing a fast paced thrust in and out of Cordy's drenched pussy.

Willow was kneeling down between Cordelia and the counter so as to get the best view of Xander fucking Cordy. There was no sound save their heavy breathing and the smack of Xander's hips against Cordy's perfect ass.

This wouldn't be a prolonged session Willow knew. She watched Cordelia's breasts jiggle with every thrust and Xander's balls slap back and forth.

Willow loved to watch them.

Cordy and Xander's breathing grew more and more erratic and Xander's thrusts became harder and faster as they sped towards their orgasm. Willow decided to push them over the line together.

The sensation of Willow's tongue as it ran across Cordy's clit and Xander's balls sent an explosive jolt through the pair. Cordelia screamed as her pussy began to spasm around Xander's cock, which thrust deep one last time before shooting wave after cum.

Cordy slumped against the counter panting heavily, her legs barely able to keep her upright as her powerful orgasm began to fade. Xander carefully withdrew his cock from her and nearly collapsed when Willow licked their juices off its length.

Xander did up his pants while Willow helped Cordy with her bra and dress.

"Have fun?" Willow asked innocently. Xander raised his eyebrow.

"Let's get Cordy home then I'll make sure you don't feel so left out this time."



With a giggle and a kiss on Xander's cheek, Willow lead a still recovering Cordelia out of the library.

Xander scooped up Cordelia's g-string from where lay and grabbed the keys to the book cage off the table.  He went up to the book cage and studied the trapped Englishman for a while.

What Wesley had seen left him speechless. Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead and a dark, wet patch on his pants added to the humiliation.

"Ours." Xander proclaimed.

Xander gave Wesley a smile and tossed both the keys and Cordy's g-string at him as he left. Wesley leant his forehead against the cold metal mess of the cage and closed his eyes. He sighed.


The End