It's Not Easy Being Green

Author: Ed Scott <EScott92[at]>

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of who are me.

Summary: Sequel to Laughing at Second Chances. Xander is finally Chosen, and he doesn't want to be.

Warning: Crossovers: DC verse

Pairing: X/Harley Quinn

Rating: PG 13

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Previously on Laughing at Second Chances

"No, not really. You were just growing up. You were going in a direction that I wasn't. It's ok, I understand it. I didn't like it, because it was lonely. It would have been nice if you included me in your lives, but I have a new friend now. I will be applying for a job with the Sunnydale Construction Company on Monday. I am going to try and see where my friendship with Harley goes. But most importantly, I want the three of us to be friends again. You two, I mean you three, are the world to me. My life means nothing if you all are not in it." After he said that, he was assaulted by three screaming women. They were trying to hug him to death. Xander did not joke about this. His mind was on permanent shutdown. He just stood there and enjoyed the hug. Right now, all was right in the world.

And now…

Chapter 1

It has been a good month for Xander. He got the job with the construction company. He joked about the foreman asking him to fill out a shirt. His relationship with Buffy and Willow was progressing nicely. They started hanging out with him more, and they even started to like Harley. His relationship with Harley was going quite well. Her smile lit up a room, and her humor was enjoyable, yet confusing at times. He liked jokes, but he never understood the squirting flower. Now the pie in the face and the whoopee cushion he understood.

It was a Saturday, so he was going to have a bowl of Fruit Loops while watching cartoons. He never got tired of watching Elmer Fudd shooting Daffy Duck's bill off. As he was putting away his dishes, his phone rang.


"Hi Xander. It's Harley. I was wondering if you wanted to meet for coffee. I want to know how my favorite construction worker is doing."

"Ok. I'll meet you at the Espresso Pump in ten minutes." He put his dishes away, grabbed his wallet and left his apartment. On his way to meet Harley, he was whistling the Looney Tunes theme song. When he got to the coffee shop, Harley was already there with two cups of coffee. Xander walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek. She liked Xander kisses. They meant a lot more to her than the kisses the Joker gave her.

"So, how are you doing this morning?"

"I'm doing better now that you are here, Xander. The nightmares aren't as bad as they once were. I only woke up screaming three times last night. At least it's not the five times it was last month. There was that one night when you held me when I had the nightmares. I felt protected. Are you sure there is nothing I can say to convince you to move in with me? Or maybe is there something I can do to convince you." She winked at Xander. He choked on his coffee.

"That's not funny Harley. You know the last time I was that involved with a woman, it ended up with her not trusting me and eventually trying to kill me. When we do move in together, I want it to be for the right reasons." He had his coffee in front of him, when something flew at his head, bounced off it and landed in his coffee. Putting most of it on his shirt.

"Alright. Who threw that at me?" No one answered. He looked at his shirt, and complained. "Oh man. I just took this shirt out of the laundry. Now I have to go home and get a new one. What the hell hit me?" He knew there was something in his cup, but he wasn't going to drink it to find out what it was. So he took his coffee home with him.

Harley followed him home. She had been there before, so she knew where he kept the towels. While she was getting Xander a clean shirt and towel, Xander dumped his coffee in the sink. He put the plug on the drain so whatever was in the cup would not go down the drain. When he emptied his cup, he noticed a ring. He grabbed the ring, pulled the plug and washed the ring off. It was a green ring with a weird symbol on it. He thought he recognized it, but he could not remember. At that moment Harley walked in with a clean shirt and a towel.

"There you go, Xander. What's that you got?" Xander showed her the ring. She immediately recognized the symbol. "Uh, Xander. That's the ring of the Green Lantern. And like the Slayer prophecy, the ring will only leave after the latest bearer dies."

Xander ran to his bedroom to get the communicator that Clark Kent gave him last month. He turned it on and started talking into it.

"Hello? If anybody is on the other end of this line, please pick up. This is Xander Harris in Sunnydale, California. I need to talk to whoever picks up this transmission."

"Mr. Harris? This is the Flash. What's going on?"

"Well, I got something while having coffee with my girlfriend. I'd rather show you in person. My apartment building is on Boulder Street. I will be outside waiting for you. Since it is public, would you please not be in costume. I do not want to attract attention."

"Ok, I'll be there in fifteen minutes. I'm in Vegas. Luckily for you, I'm not on my honeymoon."

Fifteen minutes later, Xander sees a red blur go by him and into the alley by his apartment. What exited the alley was a red-haired blue-eyed man wearing a red shirt and black pants.

"Mr. Harris? I'm Walter West. You can call me Wally. I understand that you have something you need to tell me?"

"First off, you can call me Xander. Second, I think one of you lost this." He tossed him the ring. Wally caught it easily. When he looked at it, he was confused.

"This isn't right. I just got off the phone with Kyle when you contacted me. Last I knew, he wasn't dead. I'll find out what is going on. Hey Kyle. Have you died recently? No? Well, there is a kid here with your ring. Or, there might be a dead Lantern out there somewhere. Have you heard anything about this? Man that sucks. So, what do I tell him? Ok I'll do it. You are not going to like this Xander. Apparently, the ring has chosen you to be it's new bearer. You are stuck with it. Kyle will be here in a couple of hours to teach you how to use it."

"Why was I given this ring?"

"Well, some planet that had a Green Lantern on it blew up, along with it's bearer. And the ring came all this way and chose you. Clark told me about you and your situation. Judging by the look on your face, you're not liking this idea being chosen. Why not?"

"Wearing a costume and being a superhero is just like putting a target on your back. And if any of the idiots that you superhero types fight, then it will be just more work for me and my friends. Could you imagine what would happen if one of them opened the Hellmouth? All of us combined would not be able to stop them." So Xander took the ring, and threw it away as far as he could. It came back to him and hit him on the head. "Ouch."

Chapter 2

Two hours later, Xander was sitting outside his apartment building when he notices a green flash go across the sky. 'Damn it. If these superheroes keep showing up, someone will think there is a spandex convention in town. And where the heroes go, so goes the villains. We do not need those assholes in this area trying to end the world.' Xander stood up when Kyle landed. When he landed, Kyle made his suit disappear.

"Mr. Harris? I'm Kyle Rayner. I'm the Green Lantern. Now I'm a Green Lantern. Normally, there are one a planet. For some reason, there are two."

"There was one Slayer. Now there are two. So I know how you feel."

"TWO Slayers? How did that happen?"

"I happened. The current Slayer was prophesized to die, but since she is my friend, I didn't buy it. She was dead for a minute when I found her. I performed CPR and brought her back to life. She was dead long enough to call another Slayer. That's enough Slayer talk. Now, are you going to show me how to use this thing?" He showed Kyle his ring. "Before we do anything, let's go to my apartment. This way, we won't be interrupted."

"First, you put it on your index finger. Which hand is whatever you are comfortable with. When you do, you have to state an oath." Xander did. "Now repeat after me.

In Brightest Day
In Darkest Night
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight
Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might, Beware My Power
Green Lantern's LIGHT!

Xander was enveloped in a green light. It started at his head and worked his way down his body. As the light went down, it replaced his clothes with a green and black uniform with the ring's symbol on his chest. The outfit was finished with green pants, black boots and a black mask. The mask barely covered his face. Why couldn't the mask be something like Batman wore? "Nice suit, Kyle. Now that I'm in this, what do I do?"

"The ring responds to your thoughts. It can create anything you think of. Think of it as an ancient version of the T-1000 robot from Terminator 2. That should give you the basic idea. That's just for offense. For defense, you can create shields, walls and protective barriers. You can also use your power to move things out of the way. In what will be the coolest thing to you, you can cover yourself in a protective barrier and fly. Even travel to other worlds. Here, help me move some stuff out of the way, so we can practice. I've never trained anyone, I had to learn on the job."

They were about to start when there was a voice coming from Xander's bedroom. "Hi Kyle. How have you been?"

"Do I know you, Miss?"

"You might have heard of me, but I know all about you. I'm Harley Quinn. The Joker's ex-girlfriend." Kyle quickly put on his uniform, and aimed his ring at Harley. He intended to blast her into unconsciousness. But the beam never got close. Xander put up a shield around Harley. In a stroke of genius, he angled the shield in the middle to bounce Kyle's beam back at him. He stopped his beam before it hit him.

"What the fuck are you doing, Kyle? Yes, she did wrong. She's trying to make amends. I went through this with Batman last month. I know Tim was your friend, but the only way to get to her is through me. Now, let's get back to my training. Harley will just watch. I know you don't know me, but since we are both Green Lanterns, that should be enough for you to know that you can trust me." Kyle nodded at that. "You do not need to threaten her, Batman already did that."

"I don't need to train you. You putting up that shield that quickly was enough to tell me you are the right guy for the job. I'll be seeing you around." With that, Kyle went outside the apartment building and flew away.

"Damn it. He forgot to tell me how to take the suit off. I don't want to go around dressed like this all day. Might as well try and figure out how to fly in this thing. I'll try taking off from the ground. At least that way, I won't hurt myself." Xander thought about it for a minute and thought about what he saw when Kyle arrived earlier. 'Ok, there was a green ball with a beam coming out the end. Could this be what propels him? Only one way to find out.' He got the barrier up with no problem. He just could not lift off. He even tried jumping and that didn't work. 'Why can't I fly?' Then, Xander used his power to push the barrier. He was amazed when he noticed that he was flying. This was the second greatest feeling Xander had ever felt. He was really excited and thankful that all the residents of Sunnydale would just ignore him. All but two people ignored him. The first was Harley. She was happy for Xander. The other was a teachers assistant at the local college.

'What type of HST is that?'

Chapter 3

Xander was on top of the world, literally. He was enjoying the freedom of flight, but he thought he was drawing attention to himself. So he landed on top of his apartment building and walked to his apartment. If he met any of his neighbors, he'd say he was on his way to a costume party. The only thing he couldn't figure out is how to get the costume off.

"How do I get this damn thing off?" The thought of removing his costume caused his costume to be removed. "That's it? That's how I take my costume off? That's a jip." The walk to his apartment was a good one. When he got inside, Harley was there smiling at him.

"Have fun?"

"You bet. Now that I figured out how to fly, the rest should be easy."

"I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty to call Giles and tell him you had something important to tell everybody."

"What? You went over my helmet?" Xander had to fight off laughing.

"Ha Ha yuk it up. Giles seemed concerned when I told him. I hope he didn't take what I said the wrong way."

"What did you say, Harley?"

"Well, I said that you met the Flash and the Green Lantern. He thinks something major is on the way."

"No kidding. That's what I thought when I got this ring. I bet you right now, he's going through his books looking for prophecies of doom." Little did Xander know that he was right.

When Xander and Harley showed up at Giles' apartment, all his books were scattered all over the place. He was alone, and wished that Willow was there to help. He looked up when Xander and Harley showed up. "Hello, Xander. Harley. Are you here to tell me what is going on?" Xander smiled at Harley, and started putting the books back on the shelves using the ring. "Good Lord!" At which point Giles fainted. Xander put a comfortable surface under the fallen Giles. He didn't want the man to hurt himself again.

Five minutes later, Willow and Buffy show up. They see Xander tending to a fallen Giles, while Harley is in the kitchen making tea. "What happened to Giles? Who attacked him? Who do I have to kill?"

Looking up from his position, Xander said, "He fainted. I showed him something he was unprepared for. When he wakes up I will show you two." At this point, Harley enters with a cup of tea. She waves it under his nose. The aroma of his Earl Grey woke him up.

"What the bloody hell happened? What did you do Xander?" Everybody looked at Xander.

He stood away from his friends to get some room.

In Brightest Day
In Darkest Night
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight
Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might, Beware My Power
Green Lantern's LIGHT!

The change was instantaneous and shocking at the same time. "Say hello to a Green Lantern. The other Green Lantern is still alive. At least on this world. One of the other Green Lanterns out there died. And this ring chose me. And right now Buff, I now have complete understanding of what you went through when you were first Called. You didn't want to be a Slayer and I don't want to be a Green Lantern."

Willow spoke up first. "Why not, Xander? You're a superhero now. You have a power. Isn't that a good thing?"

"No it's not, Will. Vampires and demons hunt Buffy because she's the Slayer. Do you know how many crazy people out there will come after me because I am now a member of the spandex club? Add on to the fact that we are on a Hellmouth? This power will bring more trouble than it is worth."

"Then get rid of it." Buffy was feeling threatened. She was no longer the most powerful member of the Scooby Gang. "Just throw it away."

"I tried that already. It returned to me and hit me in the head. The only way I can get rid of it is to die. You don't want me dead, do you?" Everybody shook their head no. "Good. Now we have to be on the lookout for any new Big Bads. The only reason I can think of for me to get this ring, is that something major is headed this way, and this ring is to help out."

Giles was impressed with his thinking. "That's a brilliant deduction, Xander. I shall look in my books and see what might be headed this way."

Xander's Apartment

His phone rang four times before the machine picked up. "Hey Xander. It's Clark. Look, I know you two did not hit it off, but I think you should know that Batman had his back broken. From what Wally told me, Batman might want to see you again. Even if he says he doesn't. You can contact me at the Daily Planet. Call me soon." Clark hung up.

Giles' Apartment

There was a major research party going on. So much help was needed, so Willow called a member of her Wicca group named Tara over to help. Tara knew of what Willow did, just not what everybody else was. When they told her, she took it quite well. She didn't faint or run away.

"Well, it's nice to know you didn't react the way people normally do. Why is that?"

"My mother raised me in her beliefs. I've known about magic all my life. I knew of Slayers, I just never met any. The same goes with superheroes. Now what is it you are looking for?"

"We are not really sure. Since Xander got that ring, it stands to reason that something bad is headed this way. Or it might already be here. There is nothing in the Codex that states anything about what is happening or might happen. I'm very confused." Giles cleaned his glasses.

"Well, it's almost five. How about we order some pizza and get ready to patrol tonight. You mind having some Superhero company tonight, Buff?"

"Nah. I'll be ok. You should take tonight off." She didn't feel like being upstaged by Xander. 'It's not fair. Why is it there are now two superheroes in this group. Why couldn't that ring have chosen me? I say again, it's not fair.'

Chapter 4

"So, Harley how would you like to go to LA for dinner tonight?"

"I'd love to. How are we going to get there?" She asked with a sly grin on her face.

"Why on the Green Lantern Express of course. I figure we fly over, have dinner, meet some friends and have a fun night out."

"You have friends in LA?"

"Well, they're not exactly friends. More like my ex-girlfriend and some acquaintances of hers."

"You're taking me out to dinner in LA and you're going to introduce me to your ex?" Harley was getting upset. Even Xander could see that he went too far.

"Calm down, Harley. She's involved in fighting the good fight. I'm a superhero now. They might need my help. If she sees me, we will just argue all the time."

Harley started to calm down. "Alright, we can meet your ex. But you owe me an expensive dinner. If my night is going to be ruined, I at least want a good meal out of it."

Xander felt relieved that Harley calmed down. Xander gave Harley a taste of how they are traveling to Los Angeles when Xander flew her to her apartment. "I'll pick you up at seven. We should be there by seven thirty. I'll see you at seven." He gave Harley a hug and flew off. As he was telling Harley when he'd pick her up, he wanted to say that is if you're ready by then, but he thought it would be better not to upset one of the women that knows your secret identity.

Xander was getting dressed when for some reason, he decided to look out his window. He noticed that there were five guys in Army camouflage and ski masks out side his apartment building. He hurriedly got dressed for his date, then hurried to the roof of the building to change into his costume.

In Brightest Day
In Darkest Night
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight
Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might, Beware My Power
Green Lantern's LIGHT!

Xander put the protective barrier around himself and lowered himself to the ground behind the soldiers. "Good Evening, soldiers. What's going on?"

"We're here to take you into custody."


"You are a hostile sub-terrestrial. We are taking you in. Stun him!"

Seeing the costume, and more importantly the symbol on his chest, the second in command said, "Belay that order. We're sorry, sir. At times our captain isn't too bright. It is an honor to meet the Green Lantern."

"I'm glad that you know who I am, but I'm not the Green Lantern that you think I am. I am one of many throughout the universe. I'm assuming hostile sub-terrestrial means demon. I fight them while the other Green Lantern fights demons of the human variety. You might want to do your research before you go attacking people. Especially those that are superheroes. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and pick up my date in fifteen minutes." Xander flew off in the direction of Harley's apartment.

"What was that crack about me not being too bright? You know I can write you up for that." Riley was visibly upset.

"I'm just trying to save your skin, boss. The Green Lantern knows Superman. You want him busting into the Initiative to get him out?"

Riley thought about it. "You're right. I'll have to tell Professor Walsh that it was a superhero I saw and not an HST."

"Very good, sir. Now if we can get back to what we normally do? We might want to keep in mind that he can help us if things get too bad."

"I'll think about it. I'll add it to my report. Let's move out." The five soldiers blended into the night.

Xander arrived at Harley's door at exactly seven o'clock. He had a red rose in his hand. Under his costume, he wore a light blue polo shirt and black dress pants. When he would take off his costume, Harley should be impressed. He hoped.

Harley answered the knock to see Xander in full costume holding a red rose in his left hand. Harley was wearing a full length green dress with emeralds in her ears. Xander sensed a theme. He was impressed at how beautiful she was. "Aren't I going to see what you are wearing in the restaurant? The rose is a nice touch, though. Well?"

"I'm glad you like the rose. I got into costume to talk to some Army jokers who thought I was a demon. So, instead of getting out of my costume and back into it, I'll just stay like this until we get to Los Angeles. It's a nice night out and the smog indicator is low. So the journey should be a pleasant one. Are you ready?"

Harley grabbed her purse. "I'm ready. Let's go." They went up to the roof of the building. Harley put her arms around his neck as Xander covered them in the barrier. As they took off, Harley couldn't believe what Xander said. "To infinity, and beyond!"

Chapter 5

Angel Investigations

Cordelia was at her desk reading People Magazine. She was bored out of her mind. No one has called for two weeks. Not even the Powers That Be. Having spent three years off and on fighting vampires, she knew that something big was on it's way. And she hated that. She just hated that.

While she was in the middle of a crossword puzzle, Doyle, the group's seer, entered. "Hello, Princess. Any calls?"

She put her pen down. Doyle was starting to grow on her. Like a fungus. Or like Xander. She hadn't decided which yet. "None. Have you gotten any calls?" Doyle figured out what she meant by that. He hadn't had any visions.

"Sorry, but no. But I have heard at a bar, that a group of demon supremacists are on the way into town to take out a group of half-demons. These supremacists are called The Scourge. They are the demonic version of the Nazi Party. They want all humans dead. Or, at least those that are half-demon and half-human."

Suddenly, Doyle was hit with a monster of a migraine. In his vision, he sees a young man in green and black arguing with Cordelia. "Oh, boy. Sometime tonight, you will be seen by a young man in green and black. And you two are arguing. What about, I don't know. But I can tell you that this is very important. That was a monster of a headache."

"So, we wait for this guy and Angel kills him. Is that it?"

"Guess so. Now all we have to do is find some half-demons that The Scourge are trying to kill. We have to get the innocents out of the country before they are found."

Some Classy French Restaurant

Xander was looking at his menu, and he regretted never being awake during French Class. "Can you read this? It's all Greek to me. And I can read Greek."

"Not really. Why are we here?"

"Well, the last time I took you out, I took you to an Italian restaurant. I didn't think it was a good idea to eat in the same type of restaurant two dates in a row. This is an important date. I'm celebrating my new non-paying job, and the fact that I have decided that I will move in with you." Harley almost knocked the table over to give Xander a big hug.

"Really?" Harley couldn't believe what she heard. "You're really going to move in with me?" She said that last question with hope in her voice.

"Of course, Harley. We are involved with each other? Aren't we?"

"Of course we are. If Pam could only see me now."

"Pam who?" Xander wasn't jealous. Just curious.

"Pamela Isley. She is known as Poison Ivy. She is a fanatic about the environment. We became friends while we worked together." Xander knew what she meant. As long as Pam doesn't do anything, to anyone or try to get Harley to be a crook again, Xander will have no problem with her being friends with Harley. Just then, the waiter showed up and took pity on the poor Americans that can't read French.

They did not eat much of their meal, it made them sick just looking at their food. They paid their bill, and walked out hand in hand. While waiting for a cab, Xander leaned into Harley and told her, "After we see my ex, we'll go to McDonald's. Is meat supposed to be green like that?" Harley laughed at that. They both made a mental note never to eat at any French restaurants ever again.

Xander and Harley walked into the alleyway of the restaurant. When no one was around, he changed into his outfit. Harley wrapped her arms around his neck, and they flew off in the direction of Angel's office. The only one to see them was a vampire that was dusted by three local street kids. They arrived on the scene too late to see the Green Lantern fly off.

Xander loved to travel this way. He loved it even more with Harley around his neck. They touched down gently outside the building that held Angel's office. He did not want to freak out Cordelia, so he took his Green Lantern outfit off. He turned to Harley and joked, "I hope she doesn't mock what I'm wearing. This is better than what I used to wear." He knocked on the door.

There was no answer. He knocked again. Same result. He tried the doorknob, and found it was unlocked. This is strange considering it is Los Angeles. He went to the desk to see if there was anything that would tell him where they might be. There was a notepad on the top of the desk. On the first page, it said there was a cargo ship leaving the docks at 11:30. "Why do boats leave in the middle of the night? You'd think no one would realize there was something in the boats that someone didn't want the cops to know about." Harley just nodded at that.

No matter where Xander went, he would know Cordelia's voice anywhere. From a distance, he saw Angel, Cordelia and another guy he had never seen before helping a bunch of people onto a boat. Angel shook one of their hands as they boarded. Just then, they were attacked. Xander and Harley ran as fast as they could.

Two of the attackers were chasing Cordelia. When she turned the corner, she noticed that her pursuers were shot by a green light that pushed them into the ocean. She turned around to see a guy that Doyle described and a blonde too tall to be Buffy. "What the hell was that light?"

"And you're welcome too, Cor." "Xander? What are you doing in that costume?" Doyle looked for Cordelia and saw her yelling at the guy in his vision. He ran to defend her. He stopped running, and slowed down to walking, when he noticed the guy in green leave Cordelia and fight to help Angel.

"Are you alright, Cordelia?" The concern in his voice was evident. He really cared for her. And Cordelia finally realized it.

A demon was about to blindside Angel, when he noticed his feet were no longer on the ground. He was enveloped in a green light. The last thing he saw, before passing out, was hitting a wall at 100 mph. "Need any help?"

The two Scourge that were fighting Angel stopped. "We're not here to kill you, vampire. Just to keep you occupied long enough for our bomb to go off."

Xander grabbed one of them by the throat, and drowned him. When he took him out of the water, Xander looked at the demon and demanded to know, "What bomb? What does it do? How do I disarm it."

"There is a bomb on the boat. When it goes off, everything human within a quarter mile radius will be gone. Even those half-breeds down there. This is our first move." Xander picked both of the demons up and shot them into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He ran into the boat. When Xander left, Angel was joined by Cordelia, Doyle and Harley.

Cordelia walked up to Angel, and asked, "Where did Xander go?"

Angel was stunned. "Xander? Where is he?"

Cordelia looked upset at Angel. "He was in that green suit you idiot." Then she turned to the blonde. "Who are you?"

Xander rushes into the boat and finds the bomb. It was too far away for him to have the wires pulled like in the high school boiler room, but then again he wasn't a Green Lantern then either. He pointed at the bomb, and encased it in green light. As he was moving the bomb to shoot it out into space, it exploded.

The explosion knocked Xander back, but he did not lose his concentration so the barrier held. He had never felt this kind of power before. So to steady his arm, he grabbed his wrist with his right hand. He put his right foot behind his left so that he would have a solid base from which to work in. While he was doing this, everybody outside came to see what Xander was doing. Cordelia broke the silence. "He looks like a green Billy Zane from the movie The Phantom." Only Harley understood that reference.

The sweat was pouring off of Xander's brow. 'Man, this is harder than I thought. I am going to be wiped out after this. Me and Harley will need a hotel room when this is over.' He was determined to make sure the explosion never escaped his hold. He poured all the power he could into his beam. It was working.

He finally got the explosion down to where he thought he could move with it. "Get the hell out of my way!" They saw Xander was running at them, so they got out of his way. They followed him outside. "Hey Angel. Do you see anywhere in the sky where there are no planes?"

Angel looked up and noticed there was a lack of aircraft for Los Angeles at 11:30 at night. "Just shoot it straight up. There are no planes in the area." Xander trusted him, which is a first for either of them, moved the beam into the sky and shot it until it was out of the earth's atmosphere. When Xander let go of the beam, the explosion lost all it's power without any oxygen to feed it. Xander collapsed. Harley ran to him to comfort him. Cordelia was concerned as well, but because of who she is and who he is, she couldn't show it. Doyle was amazed when the green outfit disappeared. He would have said he'd never drink again, but he has seen too many strange things for that promise ever to be fulfilled.

Harley looked at Cordelia. Do you have a couch or something for him to lay on? He's going to be out for awhile." Cordelia heard the concern for Xander's well-being in the woman's voice.

"Sure, there is a couch you can use. While he is resting, are there stories I could tell you about Xander. And they're really embarrassing too." Harley laughed at this while Angel carried Xander to his car.


Chapter 6

Initiative Labs

Maggie Walsh was reading the report that Riley gave her. "Are you sure this is everything? Are you sure he isn't an HST?"

"Yes, ma'am. Graham identified him as the Green Lantern, although he said he was A Green Lantern. Not THE Green Lantern."

"There are two now? Are you sure he wasn't this," she looked at the report, "Kyle Rayner?"

"Yes, ma'am. The Green Lantern we saw was too young from the photos the guys in research showed me. He said he was a demon hunter, and Graham suggested that we call him in should things get too out of hand."

Professor Walsh thought about this. "This Green Lantern is too unknown. He can say he is a demon hunter, but how do we know for sure?"

"The guys in research told me that you do not get chosen to be a Green Lantern unless you are of a certain moral character. None of us here would ever get chosen. Also, the ring that the Lanterns wear, are sentient. You can not control it, and should the current bearer die, the ring disappears and goes to another planet. That is all the information that research has."

"Is there anything you can tell me about the bearer of this ring?"

"No. I have no idea who he is, but I do know what he sounds like. I'm sure if I heard his voice again, I'd know who he is."

Satisfied with Riley's answers, Maggie dismissed him. She rested her chin on her hands. "How will this affect my research on ADAM?"

Angel Investigations

Xander woke up on Angel's couch in his office. He had been out for three days. Harley never left his side, except to go to the bathroom. Buffy, Willow, Giles and Joyce all stopped by to see Xander. They covered for him at work. When Xander opened his eyes, he saw Harley sleeping on a chair next to the couch. 'She looks so cute. It's a shame to wake her up.' He didn't need to say anything to wake her up. His empty stomach growling woke her up.

"Xander! Oh good. You're awake. We were so worried about you. You have been out since Friday night. It is now Monday morning. You do not need to worry about work, I told them you had a family emergency in LA and would be back no later than Wednesday. Willow brought you a change of clothes. Get dressed so I can feed you. I'm so glad that you are awake."

Xander took a couple of breaths before standing up to get changed. "I'm glad that Willow brought me some new clothes, but I really need a shower. And I don't think Deadboy has a shower here. So, we'll say our thanks to Angel and the gang, then we'll fly back to my apartment so I can have a much needed shower." Xander held the door open for Harley. As Xander walked through the door, Cordelia went to hug him, but Xander held up his hand to stop her.

"I'm glad I'm awake too, Cordy. But, I smell. I'm heading home to have a shower. I just wanted to thank you all for watching over me while I slept." With a grin on his face, Xander went to Angel and hugged him for all he was worth. Knowing that Angel's enhanced senses would come through. Xander will never get tired of annoying Angel. After releasing Angel, Xander went to the center of the lobby.

In Brightest Day
In Darkest Night
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight
Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might, Beware My Power
Green Lantern's Light!

Everybody was amazed at Xander's transformation. Cordelia was regretting ever dumping Xander, seeing as how his Green Lantern costume showed off his physique. Even though they were once in love, she knew that Harley owned his heart now. When Doyle saw Xander transform, it shocked him so much, he fell into a chair, saying he needed a drink. Angel started to respect Xander more. He knew of the Green Lantern and how one becomes a Lantern. And he knew that if Xander was chosen to be a Green Lantern, he deserved to be one. Xander gave everybody a sloppy salute. "See you all around." With that, Xander and Harley left Angel Investigations and headed for Sunnydale and for Xander, a much needed shower and meal.

Wolfram and Hart, Office of Lindsey MacDonald

Lindsey was going over some paperwork, when his phone rang. "Hello? Yes? Really? I'll get on to it. You might want to let our Metropolis Office inform Mr. Luthor that there is a hero that lives in the Los Angeles area, and that if he has anything going on on this side of the country to be extra cautious. This guy was dangerous before he got that blasted ring." He hung up his phone and went back to work. It was going to be hard keeping this Harris guy out of their hair. He could bring this whole law firm down with the support that he has.

Xander's Apartment, that night

After a shower and a seven course meal, Xander was relaxing on his couch while holding his girlfriend, Harley Quinn. He was about to kiss her when his phone rang. "Damn it! Just my luck." He picked up his phone. "This better be good. Oh, hi Clark. What? WHAT? I've been unconscious since Friday night. I'll tell you about it later. Tell him I'll be in on Friday. I have to work. See you then." He gently hung up his phone. When he turned to Harley, she knew the expression on his face was not good. "Batman just had his back broken. Some bozo named Lockup released all of the inmates from Arkham. He figured out who Batman really is. When Bats was so tired, physically and emotionally, Lockup broke his back. I'm headed to Gotham on Friday to see him. I'll be gone that weekend, I'll be back Sunday night. Why don't you spend time with Buffy and Willow? Make it a girl's weekend out."

Harley instantly agreed. She remembered what Whistler told her in Purgatory. He said to stay away from Gotham for five years. She was told to keep a low profile for a few years so Batman wouldn't find her. But he did. She realized it would not help Bruce with his recovery if she was there too.