Learning about Faith

Author: John 'Hatten' Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

This is a Side story to 'Finding Faith' And starts after episode 17. And it go side by side with the main story.

Disclaimer: I don’t own a thing except a _|^^|_ and a funny personality.

I could give you the Funny personality some say its malfunctioning lately... :)

Chapter 1
A beginning

Buffy sat down beside Xander. She carefully looked over his shoulder as he was lying around in their bed reading something. "What are you doing?" she asked.

Xander smiled "Reading i ask Dad to help me find out what kind of magic Talent Lisa have. And what kind of option i have in finding a teacher"

Buffy nodded "And"

Xander "Thanks to Adam she have a loot of option. He is willing to sponsor her if she help him when he needs it"

Buffy nodded "Sounds fine"

Xander "it do that trade by trade no more."

Buffy "So what kind of magic can she learn."

Xander "This is a bit of a surprise to me." Xander said "But she is a multitalented in Mage ability cable of learning more then one type of magic."

Buffy nodded "So tell me"

Xander "Blood magic, Rune magic and Transmorf"

Buffy blinked "Explain"

Xander "Blood magic is most use to give extra power to normal magic spells. But it have some powerful ability it self. Healing poison and poisoning some one. To use it its more a question of focusing you will and drawing blood you own or others."

Buffy frowned "Sound kind of evil"

Xander "Blood magic ritual often use sacrifice animal or human. But it can be use to heal or help others. Its one of the rare types of magic that can cure cancer and even sickness."

Buffy smiled "That's good. What about Rune magic"

Xander "Its a DA real magic we are talking about powerful and you have to become a mini Giles to even become powerful in that"

Buffy "Huh what are you talking about."

Xander "Million of different runes some only half gods and gods can even use. And words symbols you must learn combine with mental focuses. So if Lisa like to become skilled she need to study extremely hard. If she like to become powerful she needs a huge library. Just Copy the symbol don't work even written down they are magic you have to copy them by hand"

Buffy giggled "She will not like sitting in dusty library"

Xander smiled "no she will not. But the last one is a funny"

Buffy "huh what are you talking about"

Xander "Transmorf is a school that almost unheard about among pure bloods humans. Dad said that the Finn must have Fey or Elven blood in them some where down the line"

Buffy "ooh maybe that's why the weapon reacted on Reilly and not the rest of us."

Xander nodded "probably."

Buffy waited and waited and got impatient "So what can a Transex do"

Xander smiled "A Transmorf. Can change his or her body become animal or even object. They can even do those nifty shape changing skins you seen in Nidaviir."

Buffy nodded she seen one cool an eagle skin you just put on and suddenly you where an eagle. "Yeh so a Transmorf do those"

Xander nodded "Yup. But Dad said that she must have more mana energy in her before she can even begin learning Transmorf school.

So Blood magic and become Miss scar or Rune magic and become Miss Giles"

Buffy smiled "Poor kid" she carefully kissed Xander neck. "What else"

Shivering in pleasure. "I I found a date when our Dads both can come we we could do the the" Xander stutter.

Buffy "Do what" as she stuck her hands in side his pants and carefully massage his balls.

Xander "Marry marry Aaa Careful" Xander grab Buffy shoulder and flipped her over. "Well missy if you don't stop right now i will ravish you" Xander said in playful tone.

Buffy smiled "Ravish me big boy" and gave him the mother of all kisses.

Down stairs

Joyce "Hmm i do hope they use condoms." beside her Faith was sleeping silently in the sofa.

Wesley "Indeed i say a soundproof room would be useful"

Joyce nodded "thought about what i ask."

Wesley "I think it would be a good idea Faith needs a mother and i cant be that i don't even understand her half the time.

The fact that NSA was willing to sponsor you to a new and bigger house would make it possible"

Joyce nodded "they decided because of the shooting incident it would be simpler to protect me by buying a new house."

Wesley raised his eyebrow.

Joyce smiled "technically I'm in and Xander and Buffy is in the Witness protection service. They simply use the dollar to buy a house instead of moving us around and the paper pusher is happy"

Wesley nodded "I see. Better see that the walls are reinforced"

Joyce nodded "Xander and Mr. O'Leary have gone true that. It will be a work as a safe house for initiative operators also. Meaning Xander"

Wesley "Why are they buttering up to Buffy and Xander"

Joyce "Politic hoping that Thor and Loki will help them in return.

In a way they do that"

Wesley nodded.

Beside him Faith started to whimper in fear tormenting by a nightmare.

Wesley put his hand on her head calming her.

Joyce could hear a week -thank daddy- from her.

Wesley "I really don't understand during sleep its like she is a totally different girl. Fearful open and soft"

Joyce "its protection she been hurt in so many way that she standing on the brink of breaking. Loki told us about it she will rise or fall it all depend on us now to prove that some humans ARE good"

Wesley carefully studied her face the scared 17 year old looked more like a afraid 5 years old whimpering and hugging his hand for protection. "I see I'm not good at these things."

Joyce "That's why I like to help she needs me but mostly she needs you to be strong and so she can depend on you"

Joyce could see fear in the watcher eyes and nervously. "Do you know the curse of the watcher"

Joyce "No what."

Wesley "To gain scholar ability to find occult knowledge with extreme skill and ability we all go true a magic ritual that increase our memory and our luck in finding the right books. But it come with a price our own emotion become hard to express and our ability to deal with others emotional problem become difficult as best. I'm quite loss at how to deal with Faith Joyce"

Joyce blinked "Only a male organization would consider using such a spell"

Wesley "Power never come with out a striking a balance in Wiccan magic"

Joyce nodded "It looks for me that you caught the wrong end of a deal. I think its best the two of us explain about that blessing and curse for Faith"

Wesley "you really things that is for the best. She might lose confidence in me"

Joyce "More like she understand your difficulty and not blame her self for them" Seeing his confusing "Just trust me"

Chapter 2

Xander was currently on his back panting in pain as his broken arm put it self back together.

The Einherr a mighty Fighter name Odd huge man with red hair and his trainer just shook his head "Your a Were boy a broken arm should not slow ye down up with ye"

Xander groaned "You trying to kill me first my neck and then my arm"

Odd laughs "You in you Hyena body those love bites don't hurt ye permanent. Learn boy and ye don't get them. By the way you have a sword a training sword and I have a freaking stick. Use the sword boy"

Standing up Xander growling did a fast attack waving his sword in a complex pattern leaving no room for maneuver or escape and absolutely no way he could attack him. Xander felt proud. Odd did a simple back step and ram his iron stick hard in the groin.

"Eeeeeeeee" Xander whimpered as he fell down.

Odd sat beside him petting his head like a dog "Ye did good lad but you forgot the down part. An enemy with no feet's can fight. And protect you family treasure better"

"I hate you" Xander said.

Odd laughs "Good then you might take me serious"

Teaching werewolves and other were was fun you could be so much more brutal and they just came back for more. Or ran for the hills. Odd had the distinct feeling that Xander would not run and that would be fun.

On the side Garm sat studying the teaching method Odd used similar to the one his own dad had given him but Odd sure was a better fighter.

The door opened and inside walk Buffy, Kendra and Giles after Wesley, Reilly and Lisa and the rest came after.

"Xander are you allrigt?" Buffy said running up to Xander. Giving Odd a dirty hateful look.

Giles study his young charge his were-hyena clothes was filled with blood all his and the way he held his groin was painful.

Garm spoke up "Its allrigt Odd is training him in advanced Were-wolfs methods."

Buffy "But he must have been bleeding and he hurt"

Garm "Pain is a good teacher. Odd will not give him anything that hurt him permanent. My own Dad taught me the same way when i was 12."

Xander voice was heard it sounded more like a girl then a boy "I'm fine... No I'm not but I will be fine"

Odd laughs "You sure will boy" With that the dead warrior of Valhalla drifted away to the realm of the dead until next time.

Giles cleaned his glasses "For once I'm glad I'm not a were. You called us here"

Xander nodded "Yes Lisa." Finally his voice was back to normal and it felt like his nuts where also back in place.

Lisa flinched seeing the bleeding form of Xander looking at her. "Yes" Xander smiled friendly sadly Lisa only flinched more. "I have found out what kind of magic you can do"

Lisa eyes looked curios. "What."

Xander smiled "Giles the Mystic Sword of Draganta could you give that to Reilly"

Giles nodded and took the ugly red and yellow flame pattern sword forward.

Reilly grasp it and the sword suddenly looked sharper and week flames started to burn on its blade.

Xander smiled "It is as suspected. Put the sword back you may be able to use part of the sword power but only a pureblood human can use its full power and bond with it"

Reilly frowned "its the Were thing right"

Xander "You family the Finn have Fey blood in you. Probably generation back one of your mother or daddies was an elf of Fey type."

Lisa "Really"

Xander nodded "Because of that YOU Lisa can learn 3 different and powerful magic types."

Lisa looked curios "What kind"

Xander "Blood magic"

Giles frowned blood magic was often use by dark witches to avoid the three fold rules.

Xander "Rune magic"

Lisa "but I'm bad in spelling and writing"

Xander smiled "You have to study hard then. And its more a icons then a alphabet you have to learn"

Lisa nodded not really understanding but knowing liking it or not she would.

Xander "Last after you learn the basic of Blood OR rune magic Transmorf magic will be possible for you to learn!"

Giles "Remarkable are you sure"

Xander nodded "Hey i can move with out pain"

Buffy rolled her eyes "that's good puppy," she said still hugging him.

Lisa "So when am i going to start to learn."

Xander "First you have to learn to find and focus Mana energy and I or Garm will take you to Valhalla for those classes during Saturday and Sunday. In a month or so you will be able to do it and then the real classes begin. You will have to chose between beginning learning blood magic or Rune magic. "

Giles "I see. I think Blood magic would be out of the question as its a dark art"

Xander "NO Giles both schools have powers to heal or destroy. Blood magic is one of the rare types of magic that can cure Cancer. Sadly it often misused by Dark magic user. Here on earth most knowledge about the good side of Blood magic is lost"

Giles "I see interesting"

Faith decided to interrupt. "So this is the training you go thru.

Count me out then"

Xander smiled "ONLY were-hyenas and were-wolfs go thru that brutal training. You slayer go thru a different type you don't need the extra motivation of pain to improve"

Faith smiled "really"

Xander "Yes try it faith the Amazon is a former Slayer."

Faith then looked "They are so good why don't they help us out"

Xander "They are both dead and cant really be here unless something like the army of hell are using earth. A training visitation is acceptable but stretching the rules"

Faith looked at Wesley trying to get his attention.

Buffy rolled her eyes "Wesley she want you to say something"

Wesley "really that why you where looking at me faith"

sighting Faith nodded "Yes Should I train with them"

Wesley "I I think so Kendra do and she have lost her Slayer powers" Faith nodded "All right time to learn how to kick but and take numbers"


Shaking the hands of the Agent. Joyce looked at the mansion it was a think of beauty a former vampire home yes but cleaned up and purified by Wiccan magic, Christian priest and a Jewish. And of course by asking Thor to bless it.

"This will be a lovely home," she said already planning out Buffy and Xander bedroom and private area the dinner room and the main kitchen.

The government sure kept their words this time.

But Thor had said that the friendly guy name Duncan had help to pay up some extra.


The door rang and Opening it Duncan could see a tall man with curly dark hair standing outside. "Hello I'm Loki the father of Xander" he said.

Duncan blinked he heard a lot about this fellow from Methos and the rest most of it was not good. "Hi its a pleasure"

Loki smiled and walk in "Thanks" he said hanging up his overcoat.

"Thor told me that you seem to have been cursed"

Duncan "What are you talking about"

Loki smiled "Yes their it is a small but powerful Gypsy curse. She probably fueled it with her life. What ever did you do that made her that angry"

Duncan paled "She wanted to marry me but i said no"

Loki "Gypsy jealousy. Well I can remove the curse it take a lot of strength and be a bit painful OR i could transfer it to this necklace it would be painless but any one carrying the necklace would be cursed as long as he or she have it"

Duncan smiled "well i can except pain. What do the curse do"

Loki "Its stops you from finding love and happiness anytime you do its conspire to make bad things happen"

Duncan "So what she said was true I will never find true love"

Loki "You will after I remove the curse"

Duncan smiled "Go ahead"

Behind them Methos listening he really did not like Loki memory of those that suffer because of him was strong even if they were over five millennia old now.

Duncan yelled in pain a moment and a dark cloud shaped like a female rose from his body.

Loki grasp the ghost "No you don't bitch. I will personally take you to hell" he said grasping the soul and putting it in his pocket. "Well see you later and good luck with you love life"

Loki walk away behind him Duncan slowly started to breath normally.

Authors note : In the Highlander story A gypsy DID curse Duncan to be unable to find happiness in marriage. :)

Chapter 3

Kendra and Faith sat side by side now trying to steal the paper from the other.

"NO did you not listen Faith" Kendra said Pointing at the paper.

"You can NOT put the same type of magic more then ONE TIME"

Faith "But Ken the dagger has HEALING magic as in cuts physical trauma. This is Cure Sickness its NOT THE SAME SPELL"

Kendra blinked then "GARM GARM TELL HER SHE IS WRONG"

Garm "Actually Faith is correct in this"

Kendra frowned "LISA LISA"

Lisa sighted they behaved like kids and she was the youngest one. "No she is correct it even say so in MY book"

Kendra "Allrigt you are correct."

"And" Faith said with an evil smile.

Kendra sighted "you can chose the Movie during Video night. But please just ONE Wild West movie"

Faith "no no way no how absolutely not"

Kendra "this sucks. Lets see the rest of the rune-stones"

Faith smiled smugly a small victory but a victory nonetheless.

The rest in the room let out a breath of air finally peace and calm.

Kendra "now let see We must have two power stones. And Three magic special effect stones."

Faith nodded. "So cool Look that would be useful."

Faith said pointing at a Rune stone of ice cool.

Kendra "for what keep you Cola cool"

Faith "YEA"

Garm "it can freeze the blood of your enemies even Vampires would get hurt"

Kendra looked surprised and exited. "That's nice."

Faith look a bit green "Eue that's evil"

Kendra blinked "That is evil a magic Rune stone that create Acid to poison and burn you enemy"

Faith "Yeh i DO not want that in my dagger."

Kendra "But the Rune stone of speed sound good double you speed it say" Faith "Yea but look it also half you endurance"

Kendra looked irritated "that's not good"

"No its not" Faith said. "But look a Stone that can make you move silently wonder why they have dose"

Garm looked up from his reading "Assassination it use for and hunting."

Faith smiled "Sweet thank honey"

Kendra "lets just list the stone with out the long winded explanation and so we get a good look over."

Faith nodded and soon they where writing.

Power stones need 2.

Magic Rune stone buy 2 each.

Stone of Silently move.

Stone of Acid. Create acid inside the wound of a enemy.

Stone of Ice cold. Freezes the enemy.

Stone of healing. Heals physical wounds. Stop bleeding Stone of curing sickness. Work with some potions Stone of Bleeding. Make the enemy bleed more.

Stone of Cursed luck. Give the enemy bad luck.

Stone of Fire. Put the enemy on fire.

Stone of lightning. Make the weapon Electrical.

Stone of Blessed luck. Give the user good luck.

Stone of Fear. Other fear the user.

Stone of Bravery. The user fear nothing.

Stone of shadow or invisibility.

Stone of vision = Night vision.

Stone of mages. = help you focus magic.

Stone of ghost body. = Give the ability of a ghost.

Stone of hearing. = Give you perfect hearing.

Stone of fresh air = Clear dust and gas away from the air.

Stone of Aura sight = You can see others aura making it possible to see if a person is telling the truth or not.

Stone of Danger = give an extra warning sense. May limit existing abilities in danger sense.

Stone of guiding light = instead of a flash light.

Stone of Darkness = create an area of total darkness.

Stone of true flight = Make the weapon extremely good as a thrown weapon.

Stone of Strength. = increase you strength but half your endurance. A human would most likely consider his strength double a Giant or Slayer would just think a small increase in strength.

Stone of Speed. = Double you speed but halving you endurance.

Stone of Endurance = double you endurance make you able to fight longer with out getting tired. Great if you use the Stone of speed or strength.

Wesley looked them over "well the fire and the ice stone cant be use at the same weapon."

The slayer and the former slayer rolled their eyes.

Wesley continue "But you have quite a option in here"

Faith "it don't matter look at the prices the cheapest one is over 100 grand in Dollar"

Jarod laughs "Don't worry the Watchers council and the Center have a worthless bank security they will pay you"

Kendra "No we just have to chose which combination we take.

If only some one could advice us"

Faith nodded the circus freaks here in Sunnydale would not be useful. Specially those she called family and friends Kendra included.

Seeing Kendra look she could see she was thinking the same.

They sighted wondering what to do?

Chapter 4
Forging a new dagger.


Xander sighted happy as he drank small drops of Kvazir a Dwarfen drink rivaling Coffee and Milkshakes.

Having the great wake you up quality of coffee and don't take much room inside and the sweet taste of paradise of Milkshake.

Dwarfs was truly genius.

Orin smiled at his godson "I see you still fond of that"

Xander nodded "Coffee just DONT taste that good."

Orin nodded "I tasted what you use as wake up. Tea is fine but it is not Kvazir it is not"

Xander "Yeh what was it made of"

Orin "A special type of fungus that grows in the depth of earth. Wee grow it in the cave tunnels"

Xander blinked drinking fungus. Well tasting that good Yeh Fungus.

Buffy smiled as she walk over. "Faith and Kendra is save and sound at the mage store. Poor them"

Xander nodded "So how long do you think its going to take."

Buffy "I have NO idea. I told the secretary to ring us up as soon as they were finish"

Xander nodded "Well lets talk about the Wedding Orin you ARE coming right"

The old dwarf nodded "aye Laddy i not going to miss you big day no way"

Buffy smiled and hugged the old snow-white runaway. "That's good it would not be the same with out you"

The dwarf smiled.

Mage store

"Are you STUPID you don't need that. NON of the magic steal you endurance why take a endurance stone" Faith said.

"No I'm not stupid" Kendra said with irritation. "Look i DO not have Slayer Endurance or recovery like you do"

Faith "I see a extra boost to give you an advantage"

Kendra nodded "not stupid at all. That Sword guy said it was good also"

Faith looked over seeing a some one with a sword walking out.

"So what's was it you are going to take then"

The Dwarf in front of her look "Yes do tell so i can start putting them inside. Remember one power stone for each Rune-stone!"

Kendra "ON my Dagger i like Two power stones as the Dagger work like one already."

The Dwarf looked "You are sure it do that"

Kendra nodded "Look for you self"

The Dwarfs study the marking on the dagger "I see it is prepared for one stone already and its have room for five more"

Kendra rolled her eyes "YES NOW i like 1 Fire stone. TO activate when i say 'flame' and de activate with flame"

The Dwarf nodded activation phrases was put in by the smarter ones.

Kendra continue "1 Shadow stone. That will activate when i say 'Unseen' and deactivate with 'know me' the last stone Endurance will activate when ever i draw the dagger."

The Dwarf mage nodded "Fire, activate: Flame. De activate: flame.

Endurance, always active when the dagger is hold.

Shadow. Activate: Unseen. De activate: Know me."

The dwarf looked up at Kendra "If you drop the dagger the Shadow spell will stop and you will be seen. The same as the dagger it will stop being invisible. Is that what you like in you dagger"

Kendra nodded "One question can i change and re-arrange the rune stones if i like to buy new ones. Or have alternate setting"

The Dwarf nodded "You can But doing that would destroy you old Rune-stones. A master Crafter can remove old ones with out breaking them but its hard work to do"

Kendra turned to Faith "NOW what will you do that So cool"

Faith smirked " Ice Cold, Curing, Shadow. In my dagger"

Kendra "But the Dagger already have a healing spell inside of them" Faith nodded "Yea a HEALING Spell not a Cure spell"

Kendra nodded "yes but still"

Faith "Hey my friend pointer help me we talk it over and i think this is the best idea i really don't like to kill a human even by accident and ice will hurt but not kill or burn.

The Curing and healing will keep them alive as well as dust vampire with more easy."

Kendra nodded. She seen the wound her daggers healing power could do to give it extra like that poor vamps. She heard that Curing spell almost works like a sickness slowly killing the undead if it was strong spell.

Faith "Ice cold rune-stone. activation 'Snowman' De-activation: 'Snowman' Curing rune-stone. Activation never off. Can you make it so that where ever you touch the Dagger you are affected"

The Dwarf nodded "No problem."

Faith smiled "Shadow rune-stone. Activation: 'Go Ninja' De-activation: 'Go ninja'. More easy to remember if you use not that many command words"

The Dwarf nodded. "Well if you lady is ready me and my team will start putting them inside.

Ice cold Curing Shadow.

For you Faith"

The dwarf said seeing faith nodded he continue "Fire Endurance Shadow.

For you Kendra" the Dwarf said seeing her nodding he stood up.

"Give me the daggers and i will put the stone inside. It be ready in five hours you could sleep if you like the sofa is use to it" the Dwarf said as he walked out carrying the two magic daggers.

Faith and Kendra looked at each other Xander did have trust in the dwarf so way not make the cat inside of them happy.

Soon the two slayers slept like babies waiting for their daggers to return.

Chapter 5
Traveling arrangement...

Xander shook his hand with a firm and friendly shake "Hi Mr. George" he said to the mysterious man responsible for coordinating the power of USA.

George gave him a friendly smile "I came to talk to you about that realm you exile other to."

Xander blinked "Yeh go ahead ask"

George "What can you tell me about it?"

Xander "its a planet earth size. No sentient creature except human side species that are dieing. They are one of the reason Odin allowed me to exile humans to that planet.

We are hoping that earth humans and they will have offspring their by saving them."

George nodded "And except them what else?"

Xander "Only a limited weight can be taken with you if exiled. Its so that any one trapped their will have to build their own future from scratch. The Gate I use is also enchanted magically by Odin any sickness is left behind and the person is immunitized to the sickness of that realm. Most of the exile will be force to live a stone age life so we gave them an edge.

Now why did you ask about this?"

George scratch his neck "I told you before that i have volunteers that like to escape earth. Could you exile them?" He asked.

Xander blinked "Maybe I should ask them before and only a limited number."

George nodded and waved forward a young man obviously a fighter not a soldier he looked more like a street rat of African American or Latino American origin then a soldier.

"This is Mr. Guteria. He saved some cops and become the number 1 enemy of the mafia in New York. They even framed him for a crime he did not commit. We know that sadly we cant prove his innocence."

Xander "So you like me to send him away. Why not to another country?" George "Mr. Guteria always loved the wild life camping and things I ask him and well ask him your self."

Xander "Yo Guteria. YOU sure you like to go away its a one way trip?" Guteria answered "Yeh great adventure and all. One thing could the gate cure Aids."

Xander nodded "Yes the sickness would be left behind."

Guteria "Then me and a girlfriend would like to go"

Xander smiled "The two of you just have one small thing before i can exile you. Think of it as a test of competence"

Guteria frowned "What would you have us do"

Xander smiled "new clothes that don't break so fast warm and rain clothes, A hunting knife and find some one to teach you how to make a fire with primitive methods. The two of you will be given a compound crossbow to hunt with."

Guteria "No shotguns."

Xander "No ammo to buy."

Guteria "Well if that's the 'test' i think i could do it. But my friend she is to sick to walk long distance."

Xander "Well you have to teach her i see that the two of you get extra food so she can regain her strength"

Guteria "If you can cure sickness why don't you give it out to all"

Xander "Its ain't a cure. Its Magic it works with sacrifice and balance. A small twist in the magic make its possible by removing you right to go home a really bad thing i can offer you something good in return good health as a balance thing" Xander smiled "Nature hate unbalance."

Guteria nodded "I see" he still looked grim but not angry.

Different place

Lisa slowly waved her hands painting small runes on the wall with invisible paint. "So its done."

Dawn "cool test it."

Lisa whispered "Open."

Suddenly the door opened up by it self.

Dawn "YES now we can begin operation Ghost house. Faith or Giles first?"

Lisa smiled "Sweet. Giles he is less scary."

Dawn nodded now the fun would begin.

Lisa "Remember it only work on non locked doors."

Dawn "Yes i remember."

Hidden behind them Faith and Kendra sneaked away "Giles less scary" Kendra giggled.

Faith "What he just a old guy."

Kendra "You have NOT seen him angry cant wait to tell him about those two."

Faith smiled this would be fun. "Let him sweat before we tell him." Kendra smiled make up sex would be fun "Yes lets do that" she said as the two walked away giggling.