Like I've never heard that excuse before

Author: Jujumaster <ironskul[at]>

Rating: G

Disclaimer: All things within are the things that belong to someone else.

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Chapter 1

"That does it Xander," Willow said, "your report is done. See, didn't I tell you that school work was fun." Willow was gushing at the thought that Xander was finally taking an interest in his studies. "I'm going to go and check on Oz. Are you going to come down and stay with me for a while?"

Xander smiled at his long time friend before answering her question that he knew was just a plea for him to provide company for the long night ahead of her while wolf sitting Oz. "Sure Will, I'll be done as soon as I get my stuff together."

Xander went about collecting his things as Willow left to go to the library to check on Oz. The sun had gone down a few minutes before and he should be locked away safely in the book cage in the library.

After collecting his things and making a pit stop in the mensroom, Xander made his way down the empty halls of the school to join Willow and OzWolf in a long night of boredom. But being Xander he stood by his friends no matter how dangerous or tedious the task..

Just outside the library Xander heard Willow scream out! Bursting through the double doors of the library, Xander barely had time to time to bring the books in his hand up to block OzWolf's attempt to tear out his throat. Xander fell to the ground from the force of the impact. He was winded but he still put up a good struggle. Blocking Oz's snarling attempts to bite him while simultaneously yelling out orders to Willow. "GET THE DART GUN! SHOOT HIM! SHOOT HIM!!"

Willow was already in the process of grabbing the dart gun from it's hiding place and bringing the weapon to bear on her boyfriend. With a "thwwip", the dart imbedded into the wolfs's soft flesh quickly rendering him unconscious.

Willow helped Xander roll Oz off of him. They both took a minute to relax before dragging an unconscious Oz into the book cage and making sure it was securely locked. The rest of the night Willow tended the wounds that Xander had sustained fighting off Oz.

The next morning Willow asked Oz why he got out and Oz simply stated that he must not have pulled the door to the cage closed.

The scoobies made their way to the first class of the day; English. Taking a seat, the students moaned when the instructor said to pull out their reports and he would be around to get them.

Every one handed in their reports to the teacher, that is until he got to Xander. "Mr. Harris. Where is your paper?" the teacher asked condescendingly.

Xander looked at the man and without hesitation said, "a dog at it."

That response got a few snickers from the class, but the teacher wasn't amused. "Like I've never heard that excuse before. An F for you Mr. Harris," the teacher replied before moving to the next student.

Xander just stared angrily at Oz, who was currently sliding lower into his seat while purposely not looking in Xander's direction.