Like She Do Me
Episode of "Working Class Hero"

A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction Story

Author: Jason W Thompson <jwt6577[at]>

January 17, 2001

Disclaimer: Once upon a time there was a guy he wrote a story with characters and settings he didn't own, but he put a disclaimer on his story and that made it a little less illegal. BTVS and Angel are owned by Joss, Fox, Mutant Enemy, and the WB. I don't own anything except the situation characters are in. "Don't Let Me Down" Was written by John Lennon, performed by the Beatles and is property of Apple Records under Capitol EMI.

Category: Darla/Xander

Spoilers: General for season 5 and Angel season 2


Summary: In need of comfort, Xander has turned to Darla. But can you love someone with no soul?

Rating: Rated PG-13.

Distribution: Ask First.


Dedication: Dedicated to Bri, Mary, Duchess, Dale, Nate, Stone Cold, Aslan, Vega, Jen Zimmer, Louise, and Sairs, who have allowed me to bounce my ideas off them, and Krac, cause she has the evil bunny slippers. All stories in this series are dedicated to the memory of the true "Working Class Hero" John Winston Ono Lennon (1940-1980) because he's imagined a world I want to live in.

>>Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down<<

Xander looked around his apartment nervously. The sun had finally settled beneath the horizon, and darkness had spread across Sunnydale. She'd be here soon, as she had been every other night for two months. Darla had come to be the best part of his life. He was officially insane. Darla was a vampire, hell she didn't even have a soul.

He was a hypocrite.

How many times did he rail at Buffy for being in love with Angel, for kissing Angel, for having sex with Angel, for not killing him? Certainly more times then he could count.. So what does he do, grief stricken at getting dumped by Anya, he crawls into bed with a vampire, and not just any vampire.

Darla, Angel's mom, according to reports the Bitch Queen of Vampires. The demon so tough that not even Hell could keep her. The woman so beautiful that he couldn't stop thinking of her. The friend so understanding, that he risked his life by allowing her into his home. The lover so incredible, that he'd thrown Buffy and the others off her scent again and again.

He was a traitor.

Every person she killed, and deep down he knew she was killing. He wasn't naïve, he didn't try to fool himself into believing that she was living fangless like Spike. Every person she killed, to some extent was on his head. But then again, he didn't care. The others didn't know she was here.

She and Xander had come to an early understanding, as long as she didn't go after the others, he'd make sure they didn't know she was around. He told Darla Buffy's usual patrol routes. If she had wanted to, she could have set a trap and killed Buffy any night of the week, yet she hadn't... At least not yet.

At first, it was just sex, no real emotion. Anya had returned to her demon ways, and so he was finished with her, and Darla had fled LA in confusion over her feelings for Angel. Through each other they had tried to escape.

It worked too, it worked really, REALLY well. When they were together those first couple of weeks, they were animalistic. She'd barely be in the door before their clothes were sailing in every direction and they were fucking with a frantic need.

He had thought Anya was sex starved, but Darla had all but broken his body. She'd leave in the pre-dawn twilight, Xander's exhausted and battered body in her wake. That all changed after while though. He had been trying to regain control of his breathing, when he looked up into Darla's eyes and saw something he hadn't expected. Pain. Not the physical kind, but the same emotional pain he saw when he looked in the mirror. At that moment, everything had changed...

>>Nobody ever loved me like she does
Ooh, she does
Yes, she does
And if somebody loved me like she do me
Ooh, she do me
Yes, she does<<

After that night, they didn't merely fuck each other into a coma every night. They actually talked. They started to learn things about each other, other than the scar at the small of Xander's back or the small mole Darla had on her upper thigh. He actually began to believe that there was more person than demon in Darla. The person that was Darla, was amazing. She was smart, she was traveled, elegant, graceful, agile... Okay, so there were advantages to Darla being more than human. And that was most definitely one of them.

Xander paused as he worked the cork of the bottle of champagne, "I'll be damned..." He chuckled, "I'm in love with her." It wasn't an earth shaking, bolt from the Gods, revelation. He had merely come to the conclusion, and that didn't make it any less fantastic. His smile faltered, "Oh fuck... I'm in love with her." The cork shot out of the bottle and crashed through the prize of his "Babylon5" plate collection. He shrieked in horror at the shattered remains of Ambassador Kosh.

>>Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down<<

Darla crossed the street on her way to Xander's. This young man had become so important to her. He'd allowed her to forget everything had happened. The emptiness she felt after Angelus had killed her the first time. The pain of having her mortality torn from her twice more, once when those Wolfram and Hart bastards brought her back to life. And the second time by Lindsey, when he had Drusilla turn her. That, she repaid, when she killed every last one, Hammond, Lilah, and lastly Lindsey. She had enjoyed killing Lindsey.

She rarely enjoyed killing that much, not killing just one person. Burning down a village, killing a church full of priests. Slaughtering a schoolyard full of children, that was the only way she got off on killing as much as she did when she tore Lindsey's blood from his throat.

>>I'm in love for the first time
Don't you know it's gonna last?
It's a love that lasts forever
It's a love that has no past <<

She fled from Los Angeles when Angelus almost killed her and Drusilla. Drusilla ran for Devil may care. While she found herself in Sunnydale, with every intention of killing Angelus' precious Slayer.

She might have too, had she not decided to sleep with a dark haired man she met in a bar. When it came time to kill or turn him, she hesitated. She couldn't kill him, she didn't know why. She needed him too much. From the beginning everything in her needed him.

At first it was merely physical, mindless, animal sex with a warm body. They complimented each other so well, he knew precisely what to do to her. After while she learned why, the former and once again Demon Anyanka.

The Patron Saint of Scorned Women had lost her powers and apparently wanted to live life as a human. According to Alexander, Anya had acted like a sex maniac while they had dated, he also said that from a seemingly harmless remark on her social ineptitude, she was angered and regained her status as a vengeance Demon. It was only after a near death, that the Slayer destroyed her power center again. Anyanka left the Hellmouth not long thereafter.

But now, Alexander was her lover. He was almost more than that. In all her life and unlife, she had only remembered caring for Angelus the way she cared for Xander. If she didn't know better, she'd say she was in love with Xander.

She stopped in front of his apartment building. She had intended to leave Sunnydale last night. But when she tried to tell Alexander she was leaving, she found it would hurt too much to leave him. She couldn't leave him, she didn't have the strength.

It was funny, she may very well be the strongest vampire on the planet. But she was too weak to leave a human man. Maybe she was in love with Alexander.

>>Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down<<

With a smile, Darla entered his building. She walked up the stairs, and was half way down his hallway when she heard him cry out in terror. She picked up pace and met his door with her shoulder. She crashed through the door. "Alexander? Alex!"

Alexander came around the corner, "Darla?" Darla looked around the apartment, looking for signs of attack. While she looked, Alexander watched from the kitchen, "Are you okay Darla?"

When Darla found no sign of attackers, she crossed the apartment and pulled Alexander into a crushing embrace. "Don't scare me like that."

Alexander's voice was strangled, "I'm sorry."

Darla nestled her cheek against his chest. "It's okay. I guess I've just come to some conclusions tonight..."

>> And from the first time that she really done me
Ooh, she done me
She done me good
I guess nobody ever really done me
Ooh, she done me
She done me good

Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down<<

Xander stepped back, "Actually, I have too." He led Darla into the kitchen by the hand, "Unfortunately, those conclusions, caused me to cash in Ambassador Kosh."

Darla smiled down at the shards of gold plated, painted porcelain. "I'm sorry. So what were your conclusions?"

Alexander smiled and took out two champagne glasses and filled them. He handed her one, and kept the other. "Well, conclusion number one, keep my thumb over the cork of the bottle. Two, move the B5 plates out of the kitchen, and three..." Alexander blushed and looked at his hands. "I... I love you Darla."

Darla's hand went nerveless and she dropped her glass...


Willow and Dawn scrambled up Xander's steps. They had been coming to visit Xander, when they noticed a far too familiar blonde woman enter his building. "That couldn't have been Darla could it Willow. Right? I mean I thought Angel and Buffy killed her four years ago. Right!"

Willow clamped her hand over Dawn's mouth. "SHH! We have to be quiet, if that was Darla she might hear us." Coming in sight of Xander's apartment, they saw the door was broken in. Then they heard glass shattering. Without a thought to safety the pair ran to the rescue of their friend.

What they saw and heard shocked them to no end. "...Love you too Alexander." Then Xander leaned down and kissed Darla and the too embraced.

Dawn feinted, while Willow shrieked, "XANDER!"

Xander and Darla sprang apart, "WILLOW! I-I-I... I can explain."