MIB - Special Agent Ex II

Author: MH <www.weezergirl[at]juno.com>

Summary: Xander has a bad day at work

Disclaimer: See prequel

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Spoilers: None.



This was just not his day.

There was a traffic jam a mile long. All caused by a senile old hag that was gettin' on every ones nerves, especially his.

Then there was the 'meeting' he had to attend at headquarters. A meeting that was interrupted by several unauthorized personnels breaking into the armory.

A few rookies got themselves killed, trying to act like heroes.

But a few of the better trained agents were able to contain the outbreak, with a few well aimed shots to vital organs.

A few being Jay, Elle, and Ex himself. Although he was still considered a rookie, since he had only been recruited for a little over two months.

Then Ex bumped into a 'runner', who was trying to leave the planet with illegal equipment, traveling without proper documents.

It had ended with the runner dead, Ex covered in blue slime, and both vehicles destroyed.

The only good thing out of it all was that he at least had his Ray-Bans on, or else he'd be trying to wipe slime from his good eye.

And the worst thing of it all : he was getting a partner...

The boss wouldn't even give him a name. Ex would just have to wait and see.

"I'm getting too old for this shit,"Ex said.

And he prepared himself for the long walk to his apartment.

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