Making Friends again

Final - One big happy family.

Author: Norgco <norgco[at]>

Rating: NC-17 for sex.

Summary: Faith is back from the 'looking at the fish' universe. Her further adventures, and a party.

Final story for this series.

Disclaimer: I own none of it, it is all Joss

Feedback: Did anyone like it? I plan to close off the other open stories, if I get no feedback I may just shift to writing SG1 Samantha/Janet stuff.

One of the tunnels under Sunnydale

Blood sprayed over the dark slayer as she continued the slash that had removed the first demon's arm. Rather than try to stop the blade and raise it she used its momentum to hack through the leg of the creature closest to it. THEN she swung up and took its head off while it was focusing on the pain it was in. Having eliminated the hand to hand threat, and bought time for the others to reload, she waited for her lovers to catch up.

Xander was normally her personally trained backup or 'wing man', as he liked to phrase it. But he was hindered by the long tubes over his shoulder, and the heavy pack on his back. It was a tight cave mouth, without room for more than one Slayer to swing a sword properly, so it was less of an issue.

"Buffy, you have a Fayoral demon coming up fast from behind, recommend you intercept it as it comes around the turn 5 yards back, Willow out." Came Willow's voice, telepathically. She was in a clearing directly over them, guarded by Kennedy and Giles, doing the witch search radar thing. All of them were being taught, it was a simple white magic enhancement, after all, but really it needed someone dedicated to only that role, and the red head was the strongest and most experienced. "Faith, Xander, you have a clear run to the firing position, which is 20 yards and a turn to the right Willow out."

The blonde fell back to complete her task, and the dynamic duo walked on to theirs. There was a large chamber ahead, with several entrances and a central stone altar for human sacrifices, etc. The tunnel they were in connected with it 10 feet up the wall, giving them a clear shot at the ceremony. The gear was unloaded quietly; the former zeppo could feel the cool air on his back suddenly as the sweat cooled. The tubes were LAW rockets, courtesy of Reilly Finn's connections, obsolete 1960's anti-tank rockets.

Useless against modern tanks, but, like the two satchel charges, each with 25lb of C4 explosive on a three second fuse, perfectly adequate for tonight. With everything prepared the couple waited for the show to start.

"Faith, Xander, Buffy is about to arrive at your position, Willow out." A warning to prevent a friendly fire incident. Faith still had nightmares about the deputy mayor, after all. With the elder slayer present they watched the demons arrived, then the high priest in a very colorful set of robes. When the chanting started Faith took one launcher tube, Buffy the other, and then, after checking no one - no Xander - was in the back blast area they fired at the priest.

"Fire in the hole." The construction manager shouted as he hefted the first satchel into the crowd to the left. Then he repeated it to the right, and the trio ran down the way they had come. They slowed only to rig the trip wires to the other booby traps in the tunnel. Agent Finn and friends had the other exits covered, and from the sounds of firing were having a busy night of it. When the last of the panic stricken mob was burning, gutted meat the whole tunnel complex would be sealed with explosives by army engineers. Teamwork can be a wonderful thing.

Xander and Faith's place, later

Since Faith had returned from the alternate reality the other two Faiths' had taken her to she had been a little apologetic to Xander. She had, after all, had sex with alternate versions of him, which seemed fine at the time, but now very like being unfaithful. She had not had another man since taking up with him, after all.

Plenty of women, of course, Faith being Faith, but no men. That the alternate him's were all still Xander had seemed fine in the heat of post slayage lust, but with time to think about it, she felt bad about it. So, she did what she believed any normal, reasonable, woman would do under the circumstances. She begged his forgiveness while supplying him with lots of beautiful, sexy women. Sometimes she didn't even take a test ride first, to ensure they were up to her rigorous quality standards.

Well, she thought she might do that if there was ever a woman she COULDN'T get into bed. Could she help it if she was irresistible?

Buffy Summers was on all fours, with Xander pounding away behind her and Kennedy in front, positioned by cushions to be a comfortable pussy eating height. Willow was with Faith, positioned on a couch where they could get a good view of the proceedings and slide their vibrators inside their wet cunts. Willow enjoyed seeing her love pleasured, and was an awkward bulk in her eighth month of pregnancy to do much about it herself. Faith just enjoyed a good sex show.

Kennedy enjoyed sex with women; any woman would do for simple sport fucking. But she loved the Wicca with all her heart and soul, partly from the feeling of acceptance she had really had from no one else. Her only previous serious girlfriend had left her after she had described a scene like this as one of her fantasies. That she could arrange an orgy like this - and the whole thing, from guest list and entré's to toys and sex positions was her idea - and be accepted meant more to her then she could say.

And had the other times she had set up such parties too. Faith was totally in awe of her imagination and kinkyness, apparently. It was good to have a talent at something other than killing things. Right now the young potential was too close to orgasm to think about anything but Buffy's tongue on her clit. Finally she came, shuddering and shaking and loud, fortunately the room had been soundproofed after noise complaints. Sliding off her perch she went to take a quick shower.

Xander and Buffy were still at it when she got back. Buffy had announced she was apologizing to her old school friend, for ignoring and never thanking him one day in the magic box. She had explained she was, looking back on it, a terrible person for not trying to find some way to do it earlier. But, after much thought, and with Faith's permission, she had agreed that she had only one thing to offer him to prove how much she respected him.

"Xander, and Faith has agreed to this, I want to be your living sex toy." She had said, in front of the whole-assembled Scooby gang. Dawn had done a double take, Giles was choking on his tea, and Anya just said 'about time'. "All I have to offer you, other than my gratitude, is my body, and I want you to know that I am yours anytime, anywhere, anyhow."

"Assuming she's not slaying vampires at the time, of course, because it would be hard to do both at once, even for a slayer." The former Vengeance demon had added in way of clarification. As an 1100year old it seemed totally reasonable to her, it was how all the princesses rewarded knights who rescued them from dragons, etc. She knew, she had lived through that era, after all.

So it was not the fact that the bottle blonde was letting the male slide his penis into her that puzzled her, it was that she seemed to be enjoying it. The rich girl was never more aware that she was the only actual gay woman in the group than at times like this. Willow SAID she was gay, but she was clearly bisexual, as was Faith. Buffy and Anya were both trying to work out what they wanted, but displays like this proved to the youngest present that lesbianism was not going to be a realistic final assessment.

The first time she had seen heterosexual sex she had nearly been ill. It was an embarrassing memory, and she was now able to watch Buffy's tits bounce back and fourth with pleasure undiluted by the fact that a man was causing it. She had, after all specifically arranged this as a mixed sex get together, and she had had all girl ones in the past. Buffy came, then Xander, and quiet returned.

"If anyone who wants to take a shower will do so quickly, I can have supper on the table in 10 minutes." A buffet spread, easily re-heated and able to be nibbled at later, had been prepared by Watchers Council catering staff in England, at Kennedy's direction, and teleported in by them when they arrived earlier in the day. "I hope everyone is looking forward to round two afterwards?"

"Does the number 69 mean anything to you?" Was Willow's response. It was a good night on the hellmouth.