Making way

Author: drmillson <drmillson[at]>

Series: The reeducation of Buffy Summers (Part 3)

Rating: nc-17

Disclaimer: these characters are owned by a whole lot of people who are not me...i own my imagination, though...

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Pairings: b/f/x overall, b/f this part

Summary: faith teaches buffy a special lesson

Spoilers: up through 'storyteller'...that's everything i've seen so far...i'm not telling any secrets here...if you didn't know faith was coming back, go back to your cave ;)

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Author's Note: this is my very first attempt at femmeslash...hope it passes muster

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It's also not quite pwp, but not quite a major plot, so let's say pwlp: porn with light plot...if you don't like it, who cares? ;)

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Faith opened the door quietly, moving quickly toward the bed. Xander entered the room behind her, trying not to wake the sleeping blonde in his arms. Reaching the bed, he slowly lowered the petite girl, placing her as gently as he could. Her face formed a small pout when he let go and stepped back, but the girl made no other movements.

The dark haired slayer leaned over the bed, pulling the blankets over the blonde. Satisfied that the girl was settled in, Faith reached down and swept a stray lock of hair from the other girl's face.

*Damn, B,* Faith thought, *you're even more adorable asleep.* She turned and looked toward the other brunet, seeing a look of wonder on his face. *Guess I'm not the only one who thinks so, either.*

Motioning for Faith to follow him, Xander walked back out into the hall. Pulling the door nearly closed, the younger slayer smiled up at him. He took her into his arms, placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Xan," the brunette whispered into his chest.


"I think we should keep an eye on B tonight," Faith said softly, her uncertainty bringing a smile to Xander's face.

"I do, too," he chuckled. Feeling the tension melt from her body, he continued. "Let's go get our stuff."

The pair separated and began walking toward the stairs.

Xander stopped suddenly. "Faith, I forgot something," he said as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"What's that?" the girl asked, a trace of worry in her tone.

"This," he said quickly as he closed the distance between them and captured her lips in a kiss.


Buffy opened her eyes and sat up. Trying to clear her sleep-fogged mind, she looked around her in the darkness. *How did I get here?* she wondered. *The last thing I remember is being down in the basement with Faith and Xan-*

The reality of what had happened in the basement between the three of them came rushing back to the blonde as she sat there on the bed. Buffy remembered the heat she had felt, both from herself and from the others. She remembered how intense it had been, feeling Xander throbbing within her while Faith had stroked and suckled her flesh. She also remembered not wanting the feeling to stop.

*I never wanted to be anywhere else again,* Buffy realized.

A slight rustling sound caught her attention. She was surprised when she recognized the sound as that of someone moving under a blanket. *Who would be sleeping in here?* Buffy wondered, quietly inching her way off the bed to investigate. Even with everyone who was now living at her house, she had always had her own bedroom to herself.

Walking toward the sound, the small blonde stopped when she found two figures sleeping next to each other on the floor. It was too dark for the slayer to see who they were, but she had no doubts that it was Faith and Xander. Both would want to make sure the older girl was alright.

Buffy smiled as she stood there watching the two sleep. The sounds of their slow, steady breathing filled her ears. She did that for several minutes, before a yawn overtook her. Laughing softly at herself, she turned back toward her bed, but then stopped. Once more, the blonde looked at Faith and Xander.

As quietly as she could, Buffy lifted the blanket that covered the sleeping pair. There was enough space between the two for a third person. The older girl lay down and then carefully pulled the blanket back over them. She lay there smiling for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth offered by the bodies on both sides of her, before she fell asleep.


Xander awoke to the feeling of warmth. As his mind began to clear of sleep, he realized that someone was huddled up against his chest. *Faith feels so warm,* he thought drowsily. His arm was draped over the girl, his hand cradling her head, his fingers in her hair. *So soft,* he mused, as he began to caress the girl lying in his arms. "Mmmm," he groaned contentedly, opening his eyes.

The sight of Faith smirking at him caused Xander to stop his movements. Looking down, he discovered a very much blonde girl in his arms. Buffy frowned, and nuzzled his chest, seeking the gentle touches that had stopped. The brunet looked over at the other girl and smiled sheepishly.

"I thought it was you," he mouthed to her. Lifting his hand from Buffy, he reached over to the younger slayer and stroked her cheek lightly.

The look on Faith's face when what Xander meant sunk in burned into him. He'd never seen such joy and affection so openly displayed by her. A small tear escaped the corner of her eye, and he lightly swept it from her. The brunette smiled at him warmly.

A low moan caught them both by surprise. The blonde opened her eyes and looked up into Xander's smiling face.

"Morning," he whispered.

Buffy rolled onto her back and stretched, trying to chase away the last of the sleep from her body. To her left she found another smiling face, as Faith raised her eyes to meet the blonde's.

"Mornin', B," the dark haired slayer said quietly. Her smile turning into a more lecherous smirk, she said, "You up for something, B, being dressed liked that?"

Ignoring the soft chuckle from Xander on the other side of her, Buffy lifted the blanket and looked down. "Dressed like wha---" The words trailed off as the blonde found herself to be somewhat lacking in the clothes department. Pulling the blanket quickly down, the older girl turned to Xander and asked, "Xander! Why am I naked?"

"Relax, B," Faith said, taking the other girl's chin and gently turning her face toward the brunette's own.

"Relax?! How the hell can I relax, Faith?" Buffy hissed. She started to sit up, but quickly reversed the motion when she found the blanket was too tight to follow her.

"Buff, look at me," Xander said slowly, trying to ease the blonde's rising anxiety. When she looked at him, he continued. "You were asleep, and we didn't want to wake you. I carried you up here, and Faith made sure no one was around to see anything."

The blonde continued to pout, but her anger lessened. She couldn't stay mad at them even if she wanted to. Last night had taken care of that. She jumped in surprise when Xander leaned down and nipped at her lower lip.

"Xander," she said, too quickly, "what are you doing?"

"That pouty lip looked too good to resist," he told her. His warm smile caused the older slayer to flush, which was noticed by the other girl on the floor with them.

Faith raised her head, making eye contact with the brunet. "Um, Xan? Didn't you need to get up to shower?"

The question took him by surprise, but the wicked smile that crept over her face let him know what was on her mind. *She wants Buffy to herself for a while,* he thought. *Can't blame her for that.*

"Uh...oh, yeah," he said, trying to come up with some reason the little blonde wouldn't question. "Gotta go shower. Then...breakfast! Gonna make breakfast for my slayers." He didn't miss the two looks of affection that his last words gave rise to. Slipping out from under the blanket, he stood up and headed to the door.

The dark haired girl caught up with him before he opened the door. "Hey," she said softly, turning him toward her, "you forgot something." She pulled him down to her, the kiss building a drawn out fire between them. When it was over, Faith smirked at Xander and said, "Oh, and Xan, take your time."


"See, B," the younger girl said silkily, "aren't you a lot happier up here on the bed." She looked down at the blonde, while continuing to graze the girl's nipples with her own. The brunette's arms were to either side of the other girl, while her legs were together between Buffy's own. Faith moved just enough so that the swirling contact between the two was kept constant.

"Uhnnn...huunnnhh," Buffy moaned softly. The younger girl had been teasing her like this since Xander had left the room. Each time the blonde tried to speed things up, the other girl would back off and tell her to just let it happen. *Since when did Faith become patience girl?* she wondered. "Please, Faith," she begged, "more."

Dropping her head, the once rogue slayer licked along the other slayer's jaw, all the way to her ear. "It's not always about getting off, B," she purred, pausing to flick her tongue into Buffy's ear. "Sometimes it's about getting there." Faith sat up, drawing out a huff of disappointment from the other girl. *Fuck, B, you're really wanting this, aren't you?*

Placing both hands on Buffy's thighs, the brunette slowly raked her nails along the soft flesh, stopping at the blonde's knees. Faith watched as the gooseflesh appeared in her wake. The girl was shivering from the contact.

* you have any idea how much I want you?* Buffy thought, trying to keep some control over her reactions to the younger girl. She looked up at her, her beautiful face smiling back down. The older girl's eyes traveled downward, roving over the inviting breasts that hung so perfectly before her. She wondered what they would feel like in her own hands, if the skin was as soft as her own. Moving farther on, Buffy admired the tight stomach, the navel she would love to explore with her tongue.

Faith watched the other girl eyeing her body. *Yep, just like I thought. B's getting antsy. Good, she needs this. Time to turn it up a little, see what she does.*

The blonde jumped when the younger girl began the slow fingertip torture again, this time moving up towards her thighs. She closed her eyes, enjoying the ticklish feeling. "Uhhnn," she moaned as the brunette grazed the edges of her pussy, teasing her without mercy.

Buffy's skin felt hot to Faith's touch. She could feel the other girl's arousal, could smell it in the air. The dark haired girl wanted nothing more than to ravage the blonde, but that wasn't the point of this. Buffy needed to be brought out, and Faith aimed to make that happen.

Unaware of the other girl's thoughts, Buffy decided she'd had enough of the slow build routine. It was time to take charge. She sat up, took hold of Faith, and threw the younger girl down on the bed before climbing over her.

Faith grinned up at the blonde, then was caught by surprise as the girl took one of the brunette's nipples between her thumb and forefinger and began to roll it back and forth lightly. Her eyes closed and she felt the other girl take her lips in a searing kiss. The blonde nibbled and sucked and pulled at the younger girl's full lips, bringing a series of small gasps from her mouth.

*Fuck, B, where'd you learned that?* Faith thought as the older girl worked her way to the other's ear, assaulting it with teeth and tongue. Faith began to wonder if this had been such a good idea after all, but then realized what she'd just thought and would've slapped herself if Buffy hadn't been making her feel so good.

Impatient to sample more of Faith, the blonde took one of the brunette's nipples between her teeth, flicking her tongue over the tip. Releasing the nipple, she moved to the other breast, kissing her way. Buffy sucked at the other nipple, taking it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it.

Faith's hands made their way to the back of the older girl's head, her fingers twining among the strands of blonde hair. "Ohhh, B," she groaned. "Sooo goooood." Buffy licked along the underside of each breast and Faith dropped her hands back to the bed, clutching at the blanket roughly.

The blonde slayer licked and kissed her way over the other girl's heated flesh, lingering over her bellybutton. The brunette began squirming as the other's tongue rimmed the small opening. "Fuuuuck," she hissed, her back arching off the bed.

*Mmmm, yummy Faith,* Buffy thought, leaving the girl's navel and trailing wet kisses down toward the girl's clean-shaven pussy. The sight and smell of Faith's treasure had the blonde unconsciously licking her lips. Looking up, she met the the brunette's eyes, and saw the fire in them that she had made.

Buffy kissed Faith's inner thighs. She knew the younger girl was growing impatient to have the blonde dipping into her wet center, but the older girl knew a bit about teasing, too. She began to lick around Faith's pussy, never getting close enough to suit the other girl.

*Geez, B, quit your teasing,* the dark slayer thought. *Come on, not getting off here. What the...? What are you...oh...ohhh, that's it...*

"Ohhhhhhh, B-b-b-uuuuuuffffyyyy," she screamed as the girl bit the inside of the brunette's thigh, then moved directly to Faith's throbbing clit and sucked it into her mouth.

Buffy lowered her head, lapping all along Faith's pussy. The girl tasted very sweet, and the blonde liked it. Moving back to the tiny bundle of nerves at the top, she inserted two fingers into the brunette. She gasped at the slick heat that surrounded her fingers, as she explored the interior of the younger girl.

"Fuck...fuck...f-f-f-uck," Faith chanted, grinding her hips against the other slayer's lips and fingers. She hadn't expected Buffy to be so good at this, but she was far from unhappy. "B," she hissed, getting the other girl's attention, "use three."

Buffy complied with the dark haired girl's request, pumping her glistening fingers in time to the rhythm Faith had set. She leaned down and rapidly flicked her tongue over the girl's clit, setting off a series of tremors that shook the entire bed. Deciding to finish the other girl off, Buffy took Faith's clit into her mouth and suckled at it as if she were nursing. The added sensation proved to be enough to send the younger girl over the edge.

"Oh god...oh fuck...oh god...oh B...," Faith panted, before her climax drove into her and made her scream. "Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh"


Standing outside Buffy's bedroom door, Xander chuckled softly. "Way to go, Buffy," he said to himself as he turned toward the stairs to go make breakfast for the two slayers. His slayers.

The End